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Archives: November 20, 2004

A letter to the Editor of the Des Moines Register....

In Iran, students urge citizens not to vote

The Pope & the Chimp: A cartoon

Vilseck community mourns four of its own killed during battle for Fallujah

Jeff Cohen on the Media and the Election

Orlando Weekly: Was it hacked?


My LTTE in Chicago Tribune today: Fighting in Iraq

The right is the only show in town (UK Guardian)

Abortion rights attacked

Groundhog Day (NYT re */Iran)

McCain Mulling 2008 Run?

Cleveland Plain Dealer citing Drudge as credible source

A Reform Insurgency (DLC)

Post election analysis just plain wrong - Atlantic Monthly

I don't believe that veterans are being fooled by the Bushovite...

Evil Propagandist Carlson Tucker on PBS redefining "Leftist"

Terrorizing those who are praying…

The (Potential) Silver Lining in the Democrats Implosion

Allies split by US plan to crop-dust poppy harvest

Interesting Article From Mark Crispin Miller

Washington Post: Mr. Bush's Better World

Tactics of the Crescent Moon

Shocking Disconnect Between public opinion and Govt policy

Dowd: Absolute Power Erupts

Barbara Ehrenreich "Raising a Fuss", Newsweek (+interview)

Consumer Watch | Bill steps all over right to fast-forward

NYT: In Falluja, Young Marines Saw the Savagery of an Urban War

Friedman: Postcards From Iraq (He's back to naive on Iraq)

Proof that Americans were also involved in 9/11

Is Ohio paying price for swinging the election?

"Tom DeLay is Bleeding," David Brooks, NYT

Activism--Simple , affordable and FUN!

Winning Tactics: Time is Short So Use Methods That Work-psy ops primer

DeThrone Delay (Action Alert) - Clean Up the House

Clean election petition Go NATIONAL FOLKS Click link and kick

FOX News promotes Torture Video!

Evil Propagandist Carlson Tucker on PBS redefining "Leftist"

Beijing calls on US to stop dollar's fall (Role reversal)

How to prepare for the upcoming depression?

IEEE study correlates employment to H-1B Visa

Bush unlikely to back ocean reform

Stable ethanol/biodiesel/diesel emulsions.

Lee Yuan-tseh will deliver goodwill message to China

Heavyweight quits PFP to support DPP

The Great Firewall of China

Information restrictions magnify severity of China's AIDS crisis

Chen claims Taipei told Japan about Chinese submarine

RPMA: Revolution in Political and Military Affairs

Who visits other hunting and firearm related web sites?

Illinois gun owners score another victory...

Did you get my snail-mail payment yet?

I liked the "Media" forum.

Is there any way to fix the time for us Aussies?

Want to send a message to newbie who doesn't have private message privileg

About a Recently Departed DU-er

ok i have a question about topics moving to the top

State & Country Forums

Thanks for this on the front page..........

Hey! Where's my old drinking buddy, Grovelbot?

Native American Media Links

Could we get a ruling on whether or not the 2004 election is over?

would someone PLEASE tell me why this thread was locked?

How many posts before a new DUer can receive PMs?

with your growth I fear 1000 donations is too few, it works out to less

I need to have posts toseveral threads redirected:

Al-Manar allowed to air in France

Once again...I suggest a Barack Obama supporters group

Procecute Blackwell for Obstruction, get an injunction to get him out

European DUers: help us out!!

Any jobs in Ohio?

New pledge of allegiance under shrub...

Votergate 2004?

NYT: No More Sham Elections

Republicans Already Going After Abortion Rights

New Hampshire recount update from Nader (Friday)

F*ck the South

Red Herrings for Repugs

How to Win - Step One

What amazes me is Repubs can believe beyond doubt ....

Ohio Provisional Vote Count Update

Seattle PI -- GOP Worries About Ballot Security

It's time to pull together, and FIGHT!!

How long before the trail is too cold to get an honest count?

Rove has been planning this.......

OH punch card ballots: Who sells them, who orders them,

Are We Still Fighting?

Please sign Kerry's Petition for Childrens Health Insurance!!

Tom Hartman reports on Bev Harris's Florida Investigation

Question about Diebold

No Recount of Punch Cards in OHIO - CSPAN NOW!!! - BAD

Caltech/ MIT Voter project in bed w/ Bush and extreme right wingers?

Minnesota precinct report

Was my vote counted? (New BigPath Ad - FLAG Version)

Here we are, waiting...

Current litigation documents filed in 2004 Election

How I Stole Your Election by George W. Bush *

Again a blind eye to Republican shenanigans

Can a DU'er confirm this? Jeff Fisher website is hacked?

Could we organize a white house march?

Jeff Cohen, Ex-Senior Producer "Donahue" Re: 2004 Election & Media Slant..

Jeff Fisher: Hero or loon?

Besides statistics, graphs, gut feelings and the smell of rats.

COME ON WEIGH IN!!!! Nader and Kerry working together?

We need to raise funds to place ads in major newspapers

While we are all waiting for anything to happen heres a blast

I'd like to know feelings in regard to Kerry's recent note.

Voter Suppression Challenged by Ohioans, Allies

What Would Democratic Elections Look Like?

Ohio Presidential Results to be Challenged In state supreme court

Latest news on Ohio Provisional Ballot count 11/20

Constitution sez: "Lower representation of states who eff up elections?"

Question about Coburn, the new senator from OK

Potential Whistleblowers?

Just got a letter from Kerry!!

I feel very alone. I do a Democratic TV show. Our guest today

Cybernet is all the same company? I need Du'er research help

The corporate war against democracy

Whistleblowers: Come to DU. BFEE? We have a witness protection program.

Those that are at fault of fraud

Is there any strong evidence of irregularities or fraud

would protesting get their attention?

This should be enough to CONTEST the election in OHIO

letter from Kerry about vote

Drip...Drip NH Recount shows Straight Dem Party votes miscounted!

Columbus Dispatch article on "overregistration" (Oct 24)

self deleting old story. I'll leave the context up though but old story

Sign Nader's formal petition to impeach Bush! (link)

Questions linger…

Ohio: Call for plaintiffs, observers

2004 Exit Poll "Red Shift" As Seen In Vote Numbers


We should all be outraged...

I have a question about Sinclair video - how it got stopped

Ohio can CHANGE pollbooks & summary sheets?

2000 FL: Double-punched/butterfly; 2002 GA: Diebold; 2004 FL: Optiscam

Only 16,664 more votes added to FL's final results

Blackwell Violates Ohio State Law?

This is Why Recounts are Good: NH House Recount Show New Winner

Which states have STRAIGHT PARTY voting?

IF we start our own party


Series of 4 BigPath Ads/Flyers on "Was My Vote Counted?" Updated

SOLID Proof of Vote Suppression in OH, Lines were "engineered" by GOP

To those of you who have e-mailed Olbermann about votergate

Some reasons I'm convinced that * LOST

Ohio Presidential Results to be Challenged

186 uncounted Absentee Ballots in Johnson County , Iowa found while

shaking up the democratic party, 1968 style

Ohio pollworkers go to FBI with fraud, get referred to SOS Blackwell

Reward for Proof of Voting Fraud Raised to $200,000

Why are ALL of our Dem leaders silent (Kennedy, Waxman, etc.)?

Election Fraud Map

To John Kerry

One reason (Among others) I am convinced Bush really did win.

Ohio recount by Cobb looking to raise $21,600 by Monday

Lawyers to challenge election in Ohio-Cleveland Plain Dealer

Ohio counties w Registration exceeding 100% of the voting age

Hot!! Jeb Bush>Jeff Fisher>Straight School>FBI Cybernet bust.

How did Betty Castor beat John Kerry in FL?

National campaign: Just Prove It!

Well, 60 Minutes, we asked you to look into Diebold/BBV one year ago.

Dems vow inland blitz

Californians, Can we start an initiative, to require

DeLay vote

Spread the word... MN vote tally system is very unsecure

MBR removal

I have this little app

computer question...

How do I burn a DVD from a downloaded ISO file?


More media consolidation, Cincy Enquirer parent buying HomeTown

Franklin County received $5 to $10 million in federal funds, but

What is the make up of the Ohio state Supreme Court?

Ohio: Call for plaintiffs, observers!


Is anybody ready to remove Ken Blackwell from office.

Pittsburgh Metro region economy is worse


Who will run for Dem nomination against Santorum in '06?

Anybody in Austin thinking about dropping Statesman subscription?

Moore learns the ropes in D.C.

About those Kerry yard signs.......

The Apple Cup

CIA prepared to put special agents' lives at higher risk

The House of Reps Congratulates the Boston Red Sox...(our Govt in action)

I Have A Story for Larry King! Ratings Bonanza Guaranteed!

Amending Title XIX of Social Security Act (interpretations anyone?)

House Prayer of the day (nov 18th)

Damn, that was good soup.

Norman Solomon visits Mike Webb this hour -- streaming

I need help with a song....

Smart Security and CIA 9/11 report

The big Fix 2004

There are more power stuctures in America than just the government.

RU486 up on the chopping block again

Another awesome anti-war song...

Melee in Detroit.

Bump up for another DU thread.. 360 Wants to know what you

Who saw this TV/MSNBC early this evening about Bushe"s kissings

Are Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter the model of family values or what?

Ronnie Earle: The Dragonslayer

You read it here

Values, the Pope, and the Chimp

Will NYC get nuked for turning down the Bush twins?

Progressive Christianity in 200 Years

I've just now watched the "new" version of the Mosh video

I think America needs to rebuild Route 66

George HW Bush job in CIA was investigate voter fraud?

This headline came out right before the election...

Who's the bigger thug?

Hilarious/sad/scary/depressing emails sent to CBS News' Dick Meyers

Nightline:very interesting.Very wierd.Very important?

Looking for some info

What businesses have NOT been targeted by a freeper 'boycot'?

My take on bu$h and Iran

Watching the movie, "Chocolat" Wow! What a poignant message

every 5.7 hours this month one american soldier has died

Economic issues vs. social issues

Fess up: Who in here loves Jesus and thinks he'd be one of us?

Valley Girls

New legislation aimed at taking over global media (scary!)

To-do list before the inauguration

I mislaid that "Dubya Looking for WMDs" URL.

Clinton/Jennings "Primetime" video clip

i'm very sad to see Tom Daschle go

Heads Up! New propoganda campaign launched

Why does W always have to hold onto the handrails?

Anti-abortion push begins in Congress

W: "Me first, I don't care whose library this is" - pic pushing Clinton

Kerry's e-mail

self delete

I am staying with the Democrats. I ain't leaving.

DU's 4th Quarter Fund Raising

Do NOT vacation at the Grand Canyon. Fight this...

Its going to get ugly during the ** admin...fasten your safety belts

Pentagon funds universities to contribute to war....

I love My Country

Bush and Putin discussed Russia's new nukes. Why weren't we informed?

Since elections lead to rage, should we just ban them?

Counter-inaugural 2005 Protests

Need some info from my fellow Military DUers...

So what's Bush gonna do about the economy?

Is Bush hated all around the world?

Special Ed. bill - The fly in the ointment.

I've always wondered ...

Beware my friends of the "AL GORE TAX" !

"Volunteers Needed for Local Draft Boards"

1 Human Fetus is equal to... (According to the RW)

John Kerry would have been a great liberal President.

The terrorists won

If indicted, I will serve

What will happen when the ignorant 60% (bushbots) realize the truth...

Listen to the BS the repugs are claiming on CSPAN

Love it or leave it

Where Is Bev???

Shame on MSRNC & CNN.. they are back to their "regular" programming

I saw Pat Robertson's ugly smirking face last night.The only thing that

The U.S. under Bush has thrown down the gauntlet to other countries.

Is George W Bush the Antichrist Mabus?

Opinions on political parties, elections, etc...

Repubs stole and are stealing last night and today...Fox is talking about

Maybe we need to reeducate people

John Kerry: What should his next step be?

Where can I find the latest George Lakoff "Frame"?

Anyone know a "Poster Girl" for the fight against Bush???

Is anyone else praying for the Rapture to come?

Warning: Concerning the "Guy James Show" today!!

Why does the media lie about the economy?

Government Mandated Drugging of Kids!?

JFK and religion

The Bill Clinton "Perjury/Felony" Myth Debunked

Here's how misinformed our young college grads are for the real world.

Let’s Get Real

Who do you think will be in good shape in the Bush Depression?

The theme song of the Right-Wing

Re: Mike Ruppert thread this week!

I just saw a t-shirt with Bush's picture and "international terrorist"

Oil Jumps More Than $2 on Winter Worries

Happiness is Crushed Buckey Nuts

Send this to republicans...

What's the point of having two parties now?

Nader spokesman calls on Dems to do some soul-searching... Recount in NH

Gold Star

Boring Life!!!

Why i'm considering leaving the Democratic Party

Look at latest figure (100) of US killed this month at

Can a DU'er confirm this? Jeff Fisher website is hacked?

Joe Farah: "The ACLU must be DESTROYED"

our tax dollars are training & equipping Thai police officers

Decorate your house with BLACK LIGHT this year:

Will you be going to DC to protest Dubya? Counter-Inaugural 2005

Why do we support Clinton so?

Negotiators Add Abortion Clause to Spending Bill (no, no, no!)

since we are invading & murdering in mosques, does that mean our

Attn: Floogeldy

Is Bush any less of a criminal because he hasn't been convicted of a

Bush to make foreign policy address at 2:55 EST Today n/t

US Deaths in Iraq are @104 this month. At this rate, Nov's deadliest yet

Freeper woman at Customs: "Blue Staters not wanted in OUR country"

Attn: Floogeldy

When U.S. mainstream media talk about the threat posed by Saddam

How to hedge against falling dollar -- any suggestions?

Lawyers say Canadian PM would be complicit in war crimes

Torture photos from Abu Ghraib prison don't come up in Google image search

Open Invitation


3 Pacers, 1 Piston suspended "indefinitely"

Which Team Are Iraqis Really Rooting For?

The Refundicans are coming.....

Oliver Willis: Brand Democrat

Support DU -- Magnetically!

Proof the Federal Marriage Amendment is idiotic

We've come a long way, baby.

Guy James comments on Rush Limbaugh

Putin plans powerful superpower coalition!?

11/20---Latest OH provisional ballot update

How I Stole Your Election by George W. Bush

After Bush re-election: German Greens shift further to the right

Does it bother anyone else

A New Way To Starve the Beast: www.sorrywe'

Why aren't the Young or College Republicans

how much time is Young Buck looking at?

Senior Thesis Paper: My daughter needs your stories DUers

Should straight party ticket voting be eliminated?

If you like to search

Entire Class suspended for Food Fight (2 days old)

A list of great things the ACLU has done for Christians

IRS is investigating at least 60 503c's for interveining in campaigns.

Don't SHUT UP!

Help My house is being attacked by Lady Bugs

What can we do to protect Exit polling data from being eliminated?

Why does Tom Harkin have a bandaid on his forehead?

Barney made another desperate attempt

OK, I caved and changed my user name

toon: problem with prescription drugs

Cult of Personality 2 (Photos)

Bush's lead grows in Ohio

I see the US aggression against Iraq as a desperation measure to

America's AWOL opposition

Is it just me?

''Evil triumphs when good people do nothing.'' -Unknown

Bush's speech on CNN to Apec members is getting stone cold silence

LTTEs: Renewed Calls for Liberals to 'Fall in Line'

The "It's hard work!" Republicans block 9/11 bill: "It's hard to reform".


Negotiators Add Abortion Clause to Spending Bill

Official "Guy James Show" thread. Please keep kicked!

"If one party is shameless, the other can not be spineless"

Kerry e-mail to me tonight

How the HELL does this shit happen?

Top 11 reasons to be patient and count every vote.......

Raising the Debt Limit: A Disgrace

N.C. College Instructor Suspended For Showing Moore's '9/11'

Why don't the Fundies try to ban VASECTOMY?

Indian tribes 'fleeced in $66m lobbying scandal'-- DeLay Involved.

Where did the term "Grand Old Party" come from

$388 billion spending bill, you're not going to believe what I just saw

Light at the end of the tunnel

Something unusual regarding the Free Congress Foundation and it's...

anti-abortion tacked on to spending Senate vote

Shouldn't Repubs be for legalizing drugs?

Survival in the coming years?

"Red America"

Do you care about your children's future

Email and say why Bloggers should be People of the Year

American Political History

Happy Birthday Bobby Kennedy

Will it be our freedoms that this child hates us for when he grows up?

I do not support the insurgents in Iraq

Does anybody have a copy of that Bush family photo in the bathtub?

If anything happens to Byrd

How do we cause a mutiny in the GOP?

Check out CSpan 2--Big Brother alert

Eminem has declared the new hippie movement uniform

Can someone upload video of Howard Stern on Letterman please?

Why do our corporations support the GOP?

Homeless mother charged with endangerment after leaving kids in storage un

I'm watching CSPAN, but it's a discussion on the election, some BBV

So it is at 907

Self serving ignorance

Fees for electronic bill paying

I have a question about Sinclair video - how it got stopped

Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse (from Wikipedia-contains morbid pictures)

So what ever happened to that 60 Minutes story on the forged Niger docs?

Book Rec. for a Libertarian?

Google Plans New Service for Scientists and Scholars

Anybody watching the Senate on CSPAN re. the OMNIBUS Bill?

LATEST GOP talking point: it's Clinton's fault you lost"

A depressing realization

T-Shirt and Swag Mavens! Get on it! Brand Democrat!

"TV evangelist Pat Robertson is threatening to mobilise millions..."

Get this

Where does your political compass land?

who is worse? Rice as Sec of State or Gonzales as Atty General

Does Anyone Remember

Difference between Dr. Billy Graham and Pat Robertson?

"When God is on your side...almost anything is permissable."

Watergate is now a big joke.

Front page NYT - Finally acknowledges a casualty by name

Caption this

A link you all MUST visit! (and it grows every day)

Anyone notice the race-baiting "mugshots" of NBAers on Sludge?

sending amputees back into service?

Why doesn't have a daily update?

Rebellious Republicans?

The Big Picture

for you bored folks. cbs: 48 hours mysteries. repugs gone wild.

A Chance to see John Dean


In the Spirit of

How many have lost it ALL?

Bill Maher seems to be in some segments on MAD-TV tonight

Thank You so much for your clear information....

Does Anyone Know How to Email Bob Costas?

Dolphins Proving Extremely Valuable to U.S. in Arabian Gulf

Now here is a fun idea just send Skinner to take over the DNC

The NBA brawl is just another diversion...

Has anyone seen read this eVote Fraud paper by some students at Berkeley?

Save the preconceived babies!

Buried Story

Curious -- Bush's ring -- what is it from?

I am from California and I work to see feinstein defeated

If you support John Kerry, add the JK forum to your personal list. n/t

Kinsley on The Iraq War Paradox : It Hurts, but Don't Stop

National Bible Week (Senate - November 16, 2004) November 21-28

Just saw a rather disturbing video clip on Arab TV.

Submit ideas for exhibits at the future George W. Bush Library.

Can someone tell me what this may really mean?

Washington Post prints bitterly homophobic magazine supplement

Inaugurations do not a president make; votes make a president, & Diebold c

Need Input to Understand Gay/Lesbian Issue...

Anybody watching the CNN Presents show on evangelism?

time for "IMPEACH BUSH" bumperstickers

Ok, so Bush would like to eliminate other taxes & just have sales tax...

"The Democrats held the Congress for 40 something years and I'm...

Would you support a complete unilateral disarmament of our nuclear weapons?

HOW THE PATRIOT ACT COMPARES TO Hitler's Ermächtigungsgesetz (Enabling Act

Bush destroying college students hopes and dreams

Erich Blumrich is my hero for always speaking truth to power

Help Need!! DU this poll for me, please!!!

Testing...Testing....1, 2, 3.....LOL! Can you hear me now???

Born on this date, November 20, in 1917. U.S. Senator from West Virginia.

Reagan Starved Poor Kids!

" Psychologists must be in heaven"

Today, a co-worker actually said this to me....

David Brooks -- Adam Sandler or Diogenes?

Should God have a wife?

Does anyone have a link to the cartoon that made Rush blow a gasket?

Help me DU. What's the deal with Costco?

DOD sez: insurgents have given their consent to be killed

DUCK & COVER! | terrorists are not scary enough anymore...

I'm sick of the Clinton and Kerry bashing threads

"If this goes on ..."

America is living out that scene in Goodfellas:

Sign Nader's formal petition to impeach Bush (link)

Brad Radcliffe's article is spot-on

Going to be in Hell this Thanksgiving!

Did anyone see the NOW segment last night on the Indian gambling?

That W.'s presidency is bad is NOT self-evident.

State will test tax on mileage (Oregon)

The "congnitive dissonance" essay on the homepage is really good.

I just saw the College Republicans whining on CNN Headline News.

Will Iran be the excuse for reinstating the draft?

Why can't we inaugurate Kerry as the Internet President?

Take action: Boycott corportate donors to the republican party!

Did The Bush Twins Send Porn to Scott Peterson?

Abu Ghraib analyzed by a CIA MKULTRA survivor

Clinton: Love him or hate him?

The Electoral College is a vestigial remain of Slavery.. It's gotta GO..

OMGAAAD!! Porter Goss says he is not qualified for CIA post!!!

Anyone here using solor energy in your home?

PHOTOS: "To the leftist traitors, we're not sorry and fuck you!"

DU bumper sticker

The economic opportunities for most of our people are going to diminish.

National fury targets Sly

legal help to go after Hagel

Anybody watching the Kennedy Assassination Hackjob on History Channel?

I'm visiting my Mom-Just got in an outrageous fight w/ my Stepfather

I'm real sick of being called a "racist"

Fascism - is this where we are headed?

Hey, remember Karl Schwarz?

A question to people who are Pro-Life

Is North Korea Really A Threat?

France New U.S. Enemy 31% Americans Say

Why Democrats hate and fear me (barf bag alert).

Cooking with the Big N -- anyone seen this show?


Question about Ham

This group ROCKS! Group wave....

Liberals or NDP?

I have a question regarding southern Ontario


Junta frees scores of prisoners

Putin Calls for International Conference on Iraq

Jeff Cohen on the Media and the Election

Troops Invade Baghdad Mosque

Negotiators Add Abortion Clause to Spending Bill

Family, activists seek answers in death of Haitian minister

Russia to launch space mail for extraterrestrial civilizations

U.S. Stands by Powell Comments on Iran Nuke Threat

Man pardoned more than 40 years after stealing car for return to base

Complaint in Congress over Gingrich-era call taped in Florida

Marine's pregnant wife shot while he was in Iraq


Reputed Bonanno chief indicted for murder

Bush nominee's work for Enron at issue

Europe 'should have UN seat'

Report: Iran has gas for weapons

House inserts anti-abortion provision into must-pass spending bill

Microsoft, Dell in Software Pact with U.S. Air Force

Insurgents Hit Police Station in Baghdad

LAT: Greenspan Issues Warning on Dollar

US may boost troop levels in Iraq

One US Soldier Killed, Nine Wounded in Attack in Baghdad

People worldwide have no faith in leaders

Int'l conference on Iraq ready to open in Egypt

Fraud allegations focus of 9th recount (The Tribune-Seymour, Indiana)

NH: Recount costs Rep Dario Carrara House seat in District 2

Latin America looks east to fill voracious Asian demand

Staff revolt gathers pace at UN

Corruption runs deep in Abramoff/Scanlon

Indian tribes 'fleeced in $66m lobbying scandal'

GOP preps stage for Bush agenda

GOP preps stage for Bush agenda

National fury targets Sly

Asia-Pacific summit opens in shadow of "war on terror," nuclear proliferat

Attacks, Fighting Break Out in Baghdad

Russia Calls New Missile System Defensive

Report: China Releases Tiananmen Protester

Phone links Thatcher to alleged plot

Mosul simmers

GOP governors choose Guinn as chairman

More toll booths coming to Texas highways

Online memorial aims to list all Holocaust victims

Woman Hostage Freed

Iran has gas for weapons

US Drops effort for treaty banning cloning

Miners urge Peru gov't to clamp down on protests

Marine Killed Hours After Son's Birth

Spy Agency Reform Thrown Into Doubt

'Good Chance' of Iraq Elections in January (setting up possibly delay?)

Shoving Match Breaks Out at APEC Briefing (AP - Bush/Koizumi in Chile)

Peru Says Won't Free U.S. Woman Whatever Court Rules

Bush unlikely to back ocean reform

Some College Republicans regret donors were "misled"

12 headless bodies found in Mosul...

Broad Influence for Justice Dept. Choice

Saudi finance chief unruffled by high oil prices

(Maryland) Governor's Press Aides Ask State Officials To Keep Quiet

Latin Americans Back Cuba, Venezuela on Terror

Creditors to Write Off Most of Iraq's Debt

Impending Change to Kill Fillibuster Rules Led by 700 Club

Iraqi Police Attacked, U.S. Forces Hit Back (insurgents back, not broken)

Destroying it to save it?

House Approves $388 Billion Spending Bill

Defeat for Bush, rebellious House GOPs derailed 9/11 legislation

Tension rises as China scours the globe for energy (we got competition)

Quake shakes Costa Rica

Bush forced to bodyguards' aid

APEC Countries to Standardize Trade Pacts

Chavez Pushes Anti-Terrorism Plan After Bomb Attack

DMV Director Supports Taxing Drivers by the Mile .. (Arnold's new person)

For One Family in Falluja, a Simple Drive Turns Deadly

Illinois Rep. Weds Ex-Dictator's Daughter

US tries to prevent panic over BSE scare

House Leadership Blocks Vote on Intelligence Bill

WP Bill Gives Lawmakers Access to Tax Returns

U.S. General Says Zarqawi Harder to Nab Than Saddam

Georgia Crematory Operator Apologizes, Offers No Excuse

Civil war possible after Iraq elections: US' top soldier

Some Doubt Stocks' Value as Prices Rise

Plane with 47 aboard crashes in N. China

Cleric says anti-U.S. resistance in Iraq a duty

Bill Clears Way for Government to Cut Back College Loans -NYT

Congress Passes $388 Billion Spending Bill

Intelligence Overhaul Deal Falls Through

WP: Kerry Urges Democrats To Fight Values 'Assault'

MOTOWN MELEE - Pacers Get Into Ugly Brawl With Pistons Fans At End Of Win

Defeat for Bush, rebellious House GOPs derailed 9/11 legislation

Deal Reached to Enact 9/11 Intel Overhaul

MTV Censors Eminem's Performance At European Awards

Chernobyl 'caused Sweden cancers'

Ohio Presidential Results to be Challenged in the state Supreme Court

Navajo Republicans rarin' to go

Tax Disclosure Buried in Spending Bill (Worst than I thought Repug ONLY

Bush: World United Against N. Korean Nukes (mentions Iran)

NYT: Violence Surges Through Central and Northern Iraq

G20 Divided Over Dollar Slide, U.S. Mum

Soaring Interest Compounds Credit Card Pain for Millions

Local Dems back Howard Dean to lead national party

Bush to Assess War on Drugs in Colombia

CBS Refuses to Pay Fine

Blair plans increased anti-terror powers if re-elected

Bush Comes to Aid of Secret Service Agent

Beijing calls on US to stop dollar's fall (Role reversal)

Will the governor (Schwarzenegger) redistrict the state?

S.F. grocers might be charged 17¢ per sack -- and pass on the cost

New attack launched on Electoral College

Powel Reveals on Iranian Nuke Program, Puts US in Trouble

Huge arms cache seized near Afghan border

I just donated - please join me!

I took every cent from my friends tonight.

The Parrot

58585 user registrations.


In Memory - A free graphic

I'm drinking a beer and writing a paper...


His name was Dookus Paulson, his name was Dookus Paulson...

Who should take the most blame for tonight's Pacers/Pistons fiasco??

Dude, what's up with the stocks?

What's the Name of That Lake?

Can someone explain how the "Draft" works?

A thanksgiving "prayer" without any "god" reference.

Here's why I hate FAUX News

The Punks on ESPN are defending the Punk players

GAH, I'm Addicted To Buying Band T-Shirts!

question about different political forums

Watching the movie "Chocolat"? WoW!

"AHHH!" - I said earlier tonight

"Counting the Stars" game . . .

"Counting the Scars" game . . .

oops, wrong forum . . . deleted by poster . . .

As a paranoid republipuke how are you secure ?

Ah! Dream job alert!

Anybody heard Charlie Mars?

About Annthrax appearing at Boston College...

When you refer to your friends as "Yo" what is the inspiration?

I just watched footage of the Pacers/Pistons brawl...

Where does the dirt go in one of those Dyson vacuum cleaners?

Any PJ Harvey fans on DU??

Ron Artest

Did anyone else see "National Treasure" tonight?

I just saw the movie "saved" last night

What is your favorite vowel?

Good comedy movie lines - pre 1980

What is your favorite bowel?

What is your favorite towel?

Ah, delete

Think you don't like R. Lee Ermey, self-styled marine caricature?

Ok, so what do I do?

I can't stop laughing at the Pistons/Pacers brawl footage

How many threads can you kick in 1 minute.

What is your favorite towel?

Be the Rain

Poll question: Rate 2008 hopefulls

ST enterprise

What is your favourite McDowell?

I don't know if I should be worried or not...

Would you feel comfortable going to this gynecologist?

Any insomniacs around?

Here's what fundies do on Sunday afternoons:

The true villain in tonight's basketbrawl:

These FBI agents must work in red states...

"Girl on the Wing" is the greatest pop song of all time

Favorite late night snack?

A little late night joke

I feel awful,Fuckin Government

If you can't join 'em, beat 'em.

The Adventures of God Man

Any feminists here, poets etc

sleepy doggy pic!

How do I get the flash to turn off on my camera?

Well b-ball fans, this is what you get to see now at a NBA game

Happy 3rd Saturday of November

The Adventures Of Bibleman

All of MP3 Dot Com .... Right or Wrong?

Everyone make sure your smoke alarm is in working order!! I'd even

Have you ever gotten your ass kicked by Jermaine O'Neal?

Happy Saturday morning, DUers!!

i'm 3 posts short of 2k. What should I do about it?

I wanna say two things - 1) Good luck to all the hunters tomorrow!!!

when it comes to retrieving cars from the drink, there's a right way . . .

All I Can Say About The Brouhaha At At The Auburn Palace

Too Smart for 1st Grade

Any Lawyers around?? I got an important question!! PLEASE HELP!

if you're not stoned, you're wasting your life

Who has insomnia?

Why is the guy in the spank smiley smiling?

Which is your favorite Powell?

If you're not a drunk, you're wasting your life.

You know, I think there was something wrong with Wesley Willis.

remember, guns don't kill people, um, uh, aw, fuck it!

Bronx pol pushes for mandatory bike licenses

My "palindrome post" - 3993

Any of y'all know who these two lovely ladies are?

Since football leads to pornography, should we just ban it?

Which Pacers player would you most like to punch you in the face?

anyone else watch Animal Precinct on Animal Planet?

It's the Lazy Saturday Morning Dan Thread

Any women above 18 that can give a bit of advice to a 22 male?

Don't think sorry's easily said. Don’t try turning tables instead

'Malice at the Palace' -- Is Bill Clinton responsible?

I am listening to Rachmaninoff's "The Island of the Dead, Op. 29."

Had a really crappy last couple of days. Could use cyberhugs. (long)

on a lighter note: Stray house on the highway

CAPTION this....

Ron Artests wallet

OK, I've got a serious question for DUers who know anything about koans.

Caption: Does my bum look big in this ?(#2)

What is your favorite foul?

Uh-oh, I just checked, and I am a member of the 700-club.

What is your least favorite foul?

Okay, I have something to admit.

For some excellent tunes, listen to

my boyfriend's roommate recently moved to an empty room upstairs

What is your favorite howl?

Worst song from the 1970s?

Watching Super Size Me . . .Manhattan - Thats a lotta burger!

Any one see Conan O'Brien last night?

When you first read this subject line... was Ah-nuld touching you?

Favorite Movie Posters

What Should Be The Punishment For Ron Jeremy?

Do you have asthma?

When You First Read This Subject Line...Was Your Hand Touching Your Mouse?

I've started a couple of Wikipedia articles.

What is your favorite bowl?

Techies - beware of low-end ATA RAID controllers.

Straight Women! Serious question

The answer my friend...

"Why does the bride smile when she's walking down the aisle?"

Best use of electric piano: "Just The Way You Are" by Billy Joel

The Internet before pop-up ads and spam emails....what was it like?

Does anyone know of P2P that does not have spyware?

Liberal Gearheads/Automotive culture nuts: serious question...

Ray Lamontagne - new cd

Am I being scammed? Collection agency..

sorry guys, another question - topics moving to top

ELF: Oppressive Film Reinforces Heterosexist Indoctrination

2 days left, should I change my name to:

Blame Anything You Want On Clinton

I love FDR!!!

Since basketball leads to violence, should we just ban it?

I am SO friggin' tired of hearing about MATT PARKER

Unquestionably the GREATEST use of the word "what" in a motion picture

HA HA! Yale is getting their asses handed to them by Harvard!

Boring Life!!!

I am SO friggin' tired of hearing about WAT TYLER...............

did anyone see the brawl at the Detroit/Indiana game???

the ants are my friend

Hey Everybody! - Bush Sucks


I love Joe Bonamassa!

Hackers: Yea or Nay?

I'm gonna flirt with everybody in here!

AH! Dammit, KIA, change your damned logo!!!!

Anyone know how to add captions to pics on Photobucket?

DU Preference for Kilborne replacement

A quick weekend shout out - Thank you to poster Jen6!


Don't mess with her, or she'll eat you too.

Worst. Resume. Ever.

Anyone got a Salton Yogurt Maker to unload?

Happy 79th birthday, Robert Francis Kennedy.

I'm adding songs to my ipod

I love Jo-Jo The Dog Faced Boy!

All my threads die

Freaking roommates

Since my palindrome post (3993) didn't work, I give you my 4000th base ten

Pepsi Holiday Spice Project

Scariest movie ever- HALLOWEEN - on Sci-fi now.

Oh MY God. I just realized that I am free all weekend.


Oh MY Gawd. I just realized I am cheap and easy all weekend.

Oh My God. I just realized I said Oh My God

Shit. Another fricking sports brawl

All salad, no bowl

YES! I got AIndependentTexan to change his name!

OH MY GOD! I just realized that I'll be married all weekend

Car Enthusiasts: I'm restoring a Woody soon. YEEE!!!

My mood is black. Help.

Oh my god I just woke up

I got an issue

Is the Strychnine Juice messing with Pentecostal Freepers brains?

If you were a puppy, what kind of puppy would you be?

I'm cocooning but I need ice cream. What flavor to buy?

OK, I caved and changed my user name

Looney Tunes DVDs!!!!!!

DU Scientists/Biology types: help me identify lab bottles:

What Groups have you joined?

Pictures from last nights riot in Detroit

Anyone know what happened to SUS?

The "Oh My God" Mid-Term (funny)

Pink Floyd runoff

Monty Python Vs. Mr. Show

Help My house is being attacked by Lady Bugs

I love Joe Strummer!

I want this puppy dang it!!!

Nov 20 and my peppers and tomatoes are blooming.

Comfy Sweater, Key Lime Pie or John Coltrane?

What should my avatar be?

What dog are you? I am a sloughi.

So. Who else is brining their turkey this year?

Since winter is approaching, it's time for that all important question:

Dave Mustaine - Genius, Asshole, both, or other?

Anyone with a DVD burner might want to check this today.

So, how much would you pay per lb for a turkey named shrub?

Billy Corgan - Genius, Pretentious Bstr'd, both, or other?

how to deal with tailgaters?

does The OC fucking suck?

Do You Like Voting In Polls?

I am going to have my male dogs fixed- is it the right thing to do?

I paid 5 bucks for a 15 lb turkey....was I ripped off?

Ohioans: Are you seeing a lot of EU licence plates?

Undeclared, obvious, or ambiguous?

Is Drop Dead Fred a piece of crap, or a misunderstood masterpiece?


How'd you come up with your DU username?

If we were to have a HUGE DU fistfight - what's the best location?

OSU Beats Michigan, mom in ICU responds

So. Who else is boning their turkey this year?

I just finished drinking a gallon of water

Who is up to taking the Holiday Challenge with me?

Proposition: Groupe Telephone de DU

Cartoons for People Who Appreciate Sick Cartoons

Leon Russell is a genius!

OK, I've got a serious question for DUers who know anything about loans

Rove puppet 2004 vs. 2008

What should I do with my hair?

Anyone own/seen the .Airplane DVD "Come Fly Jefferson Airplane" ?

I'm giving my replacement a lesson in why it is important to listen to me

oops, jukes committed a *faux pas*!!!!


Ouch...looks like OSU laid the smackdown on Mich

"Elvis Triumphs When Good People Do Nothing." - Devil Dog Dem-

I come from the land where the oceans freeze

post #1000. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. now i can go to work!

How old are you?

Where are the good image sites?

Astrology - Quackery or Truth?

Someone in my apartment complex is practicing tuba

I'm Listening To The Voices in My Head. Ask Me Anything

I'm not going to Rumba's sister's for xmas.

Sack Vacuum

Phrenology - Goofy Pseudoscience or Utter Bullshit?

Is Right Said Fred a piece of crap, or a misunderstood masterpiece?

is this the worst band you've ever heard?

Target sale is still on. LOL!

This hairstyle: Yea or nay?

Whatever happened to Tom Turkey?

I'm gonna take Rumba's place at her sister's for Christmas

I'm Listening To Eminem's New CD- "Encore"-Ask Me Anything

I have a question.

I'm going to watch "Bananas" on DVD. Anyone want to join me?

Bike fall

A little delicate advice for esteemed Mr. [Mike] Tice (Must read!!)

Where's the birthday greetings?

Damn, I have been mealing all damn day...

Who do you want to be today?

Go see National Treasure for a patriotic boost

Please welcome my hubby, Malocchio!

Who Was/Is The Worst Pop Entertainer

i got a star!!! now what?

What kind of thread do you prefer ?

Would you really want to live to be 113 years old?

Naughty garden gnomes?

"That's why you ain't allowed at the First Baptist Church no more."

Should I change my name?

My schnauzer has been using my office for a bathroom...advice needed

All people who are deep-frying their turkeys this year check in...

OK, I've got a serious question for DUers who know anything about moans.

Major mechanical failures are seriously ruining my day

I want to continue helping the folks looking into voter fraud...

How has your life changed in the past four years?

Major bodily failures are seriously ruining my day.



Any DUers Energy Self-Sufficient? Care to share your story...?

Duke Wins!!!

It Is Now Time to Praise Gordon Lightfoot...yes, Gordon Lightfoot

I'm gonna fight everybody in here!

Ukrainian woman sues Internet matchmaker for $434K, claims date abused her

Why do i watch The Lawrence Welk Show?

This is just sooo wrong

My Mom's in the hospital

Cat photographers....I have a question.

Everyone welcome my husband! I finally got him to register on DU!!

It's Saturday night, and THE SOUL EXPRESS is on the air!

What do you do with the boogers

Here is a great opportunity to help poor people and the Rainforest!

Queen of the Damned is on right now.

'Cuz IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Wanna Beeeeeeeee


Paris by Night

How many friends do I have? You don't know! Ah ha ha ha ha....

What does this hand gesture mean?

The BIGGEST pot smokers I know vote republican........

Quick! Pull my finger!


Saturday night live tonight

Melon smashing

Do you ride the bus to work?

Have I now become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

OH MY GOD! I got a star and can post now!! aske me anything!

Yo newyawker99! MILESTONE person!

It's official: I've overdosed on Bruce Springsteen music.

First post using my new computer!!!! After months of research


Post your Thanksgiving plans here!

I had this idea, so I made a T-SHIRT out of it

Help - problem with Maltese - acting erratically.

Jesus turn on Bravo

Joe Cocker covers REM's "Everybody Hurts"...I have my doubts.

I saw Polar Express 3D at an IMAX theatre today

Which idea seems most sinister?

I'm gonna log on to Morpheus. What songs should I download??

Crazy French Bastard

Need help with wording for new bumper sticker


Is there a place I can get a shirt w/ bush giving the finger?

The racists are coming out at Yahoo over the NBA brawl...

I finally heard....

I have not eaten anything today! Ask Me Anything!

Bill Maher is supposed to be on MadTV tonight

I have to know, and I have to know now!

If i ever hit the lottery this would be my car

only the British

I'm on my sixth "Plum Sake and Vodka martini"

What is a pentecoastal churcb?

Ever catch something out of the corner of your eye

MAD-TV w/Bill Maher

Spinner rims-trendy accessory or curb feelers for this generation?

Which level of Hell are you going to?

10 more and I'm out of the club!

Do other non-DU spouses think we're a little "off"

Is The Roaming Gnome Going Back In The Closet?

Any foreign duers worry about being arrested while attempting US entry?

Who's been to Maui?

If You Were Just 10 Years Younger ...

This is Spinal Tap on IFC (yay)

Halle freaking luyah

Poll question: This hairstyle: Yea or nay?

My dishwasher ate the honey bottle cap. No really. It's gone.

Car chase fans - Bullitt car chase scene on now!

How Smot are youse ?

It's Saturday night. I'm single. Wanna know what I'm doing for fun*?


Will this stop us from being a pill-popping nation?

Ever catch the corner of your eye on something????


What's your all-time favorite comedic movie?

Okay, I broke down and went and got a new name.

Good Night from the Front Range

I have not been eaten by anything today! Ask Me Anything!

If you can change your DU username without penalty before Nov 22....

What is the deal with this emoticon?

How would YOU vandalize this billboard?

So if one changes their name, does the Ignore list get updated too?

What Should Be The Punishment For Ron Artest?

Do you think I should change my name?

Everyone who hates turkey check-in!



I spent the day helping a friend move into a new apartment.

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I'm not going to my sister's for xmas

I have to know so please tell me

Have I now become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

Do you carry a handkerchief with you?

Kerry has one. I want one too. Dammit.

What toe is your favorite toe?

Flamewar breaks out in Canada forum


Why does my heat need to be so tempermental?

Sports Illustrated: "Artest should be kicked out of NBA"

what are you wearing right now?

Should we all honor Reagan and use ketchup as a vegetable for Thanksgiving

Anyone unable to access DU for several days?

What is your favorite fowl?

Psychiatry - $0.05

Randi Rhodes Fans, Movie "Network" showing on TCM...

Random Movie Quote Thread

Hey Lurking DU newbies! Come out and say hi!

Okay.. what really happened at that Pacers-Pistons game?

Central Indiana DU'ers Check In !!

saying ma'am is it regional?

Ever hitchhike?

I just finished knitting this, anyone want to comment?

How many posts do I have? You don't know! Ah ha ha ha ha....

Ok, people. 200 donations to go.

What song are you currently listening to?

after much thought I changed my screen name

I got a visit from the FBI today

What Professional Athlete Would You Most Want To Hang Out With?

Just watched "Super Size Me" Never eating fast food again.


Are you superstitious?

U2 is on SNL....

Here Are My Favorite Christmas Albums... What's Yours?

Yea! I passed 300 posts tonight and didn't realize until now!

Incidentally, The Libertines rock.

The Spongebob Movie rocked!

Have You Accepted Jesus Christ As Your Lord and Savior?

Flying Circus Or Fawlty Towers

After 34 years, ZZ Top's still got it


Billy and Mandy.....Most subversive kids cartoon ever?

Thank GOD there won't be a single fucking Repub at my Thanksgiving

I Don't Eat Dark Meat

Pink Floyd's best album

My Dad Is Getting Really Pissed At Me Right Now!

Do you patronize kids and their crappy art?

Wish nuxvomica a Happy Birthday!!!

Ever "named" your car?

Worst song from the 80s ?

I now officially believe anything I see in Ninja movies (pic inside)

"Sideways".... a GREAT flick

Peter O'Toole sent me a FAX

If we were to have a HUGE DU blowout - what's the best location?

Woody Allen:Tortured Genius or Has Been?

Here Are The Newest Additions To Our Family: Woody And Soon-Yi

What college/university do you hate the most???

Glinda: Good Witch or Enabler?

Golden Girls fans ?!!! First Season DVD November 23

Favorite Billy Wilder films?

Yes!!! PeeWee's Playhouse boxed set coming out...

Just saw the movie "Sideways", recommeded.

River we hardly knew ye.....

Classic movie trivia--anybody want to play...

The gay community needs to set up their own church

What do you think of the Buddhist concept that life equals suffering?

We liberals should set up our own church

Christian bumper sticker idea...

Christians: Do you believe in Christ's divinity---why or why not?

Geological Demolition Derby: New View On Tibetan Plateau's Rift Valleys

Pink locusts swept through Cairo

BBC: Nasa launches cosmic blast hunter

Repelling cosmic rays with magnetic bubbles

Another Stonehenge Found in Russia?

GOP Tells Gays To Stop Harassing Boy Scouts

Here's what Brock Lesnar is up to now:

Oh my! Anyone watching Vandy-Tennessee?

Pistons/Pacers update

video poker strategy

What's with all the fighting in sports all of a sudden?

My Molly

Pomeranians and cats?

I'm seriously contemplating getting a puppy . . . I just don't know

Yet another cat food question.

My new Grey

House inserts anti-abortion provision into must-pass spending bill

Okay, what happened around Friday, 11/12?

Starlight News: An Expensive School

Does being born with a moon in Aries really mean THAT?

Who else here also felt a REAL forboding when * first came on the scene

Anyone have any experience with or knowledge about essential oils?

The Gall bladder flush

"No Jesus, No peace; Know Jesus, Know Peace" bumper stickers - BARF!

Why was god invented?

Another, rather amazing number....

What's the weirdest religion you know about?

The Petition

John Kerry's Friday 11/19/04 message. Sign the pledge.

This looks like a good group

John Kerry needs to step into the spotlight and lead the party.

Here it is guys: John Kerry pics post. if it makes you too sad, don't look

Chimpy's Fave-O-Rite Bible quote: 2 Chronicles 28:5-8

Free trade Agreement with United Arab Emirates

Accomplishments of the 108th Congress

Prematurity Awareness Day

A fiscal U-Turn: Back in the hole and still diggin (house of reps)

Arms Sales to Pakistan! (House of Reps, Nov 18th)

Immigration Concerns-Big government means a few elite rulers

Agreement Between US-Japan on Social Security - Message from Bush

Commons motion to impeach Blair gets go-ahead

rethuglican version of "FREEDOM"...sounds just like Hitler's version

"Red Morals" compendium website

bill to protect reporters shielding their sources - tell your senator

PLEASE sign Wes Clark Petition! for POTUS 2008


How old are you?

WP - Kerry Urges Democrats To Fight Values 'Assault'

So...when will BUSH SIGN FORM 180???

Regarding the Recounts - Props to the Kerry Team

Bush World cartoons

New Attitude at DOJ - an a new seal

The Democratic party isn't what it was 40 years ago

New GOP Senators + CNN stories = horror of horrors

Open Source community needs to take over electronic voting software

Can we THINK for a moment?

AIDS Fund Payment Slashed-----U.S. to Contribute $200 M. Less

“Mr. Pootie Poot, The president’s on the line…”

Who would take Delay's job if he is forced out ?


I Wasn't Aware That George W. Bush Was A Moderate Republican

Spot the dipshit in this photo:

Republicans are looking for revenues like they're looking for Easter eggs

Between 1998 & 2003, The Carlyle Group had $9.3 billion in contracts

The Kiss with Condoleeza

This is what I believe....

A letter I sent to the county democratic central committee

I Would Be President-Elect Right Now

We're Losing the Game at the Line of Scrimmage

In today's radio address Bush applauds America's "free press"

Does anyone still think the Democrats should be going to the right?

Why do Dems find their backbone after they lose an election?

This is how DeLay responds to "bipartisan" efforts

US soldier found dead on a kitchen floor in Iraq

Free "Blogs" for Progressives/Liberals/Democrats

do issues still matter -- really?

This is well worth considering...

Abortion Clause added to Spending Bill

Al Sharpton would be president - elect right now.

Dennis Kucininch Would Be President -elect Right Now

Wesley Clark would be president - elect right now.

Jesus wouldn't be president-elect if we had run him

For Northern Floridians...Air America

Republican Morals lead to basketball violence

Commons motion to impeach Blair gets go-ahead

Why do we only hear who the GOPers are targeting

Sorry Everybody

My Mom would be president-elect right NOW.

Why Pres Bush Won Reelection (House of Reps)

UGH!!!!!!!!! CNN doing story on church support of candidates.

remember this?

What should my magnetic car ribbon say? Iraq-nam? Impeach Bush?

Brian Williams on Leno

Lets face it---we are not very good at dirty election tricks

A prayer for the postelection *humor*

Smart Security and Pres Bush's 2nd term (Woolsey, House of Reps 11/16)

Watched Chaplin's The Great Dictator last night....

Does DU stand for Dean Underground?

Crappy poetry time

Troubling Economic News (House of Reps 11-17) where is media??

Global Climate Change (House of Representatives - November 16)

Today's Laura Flander Show Line Up - 7PM to 10PM -

Help Need!! DU this poll for me, please!!!

Democrats' Choice: Dig in or Work With GOP (duh!)

US Jobless Rate Misses 'Hidden' Unemployed

The limits of Federal power: Read this & understand your education there.

Who is to the left of Kerry who can win?

CA Missions Preservation Act (House of Reps)

The Christian Right Way - How they love women - let us count the ways

George W and The Father of our Country

Pelosi has Ears. Kicks Bug Boy's Butt. She's Listening.

We're getting there!!! Thanks Jesus. (pics)

Howard Dean would be President-elect right now.

Maddie? as compared to Condi? please discuss

Walter Cronkite sounds off on Iraq war at Fisher Island forum

Turn on C-Span 2 Now: Dems kick ass on IRS provision. Awesome

Mandatory Mental Health scarey is this?

Republicans Lose Battle With Republicans

On abortion and appealing to right to lifers: Look into my daughter's eyes

Prove my vote counted...

Ask Yourself This Question

Picture THIS commercial on TV:


Just got this email re:Katherine Harris vote on Tom DeLay

DU can help find the sleaze in the spending bill!

I make it a point to tell my Wingnut co-workers.

Need feedback on letter I just wrote re: open source election software

A History of Alarms

appropriations bill vote

Anyone see Durbin talking about the hidden proposed IRS rules...

Kerry on the proposed National Sales Tax: "Every day will be April 15"

Bush's lead Secret Service bodyguard "clashes with Chilean Police"

Self Delete

Here's the Tax Disclosure section verbatim!

C-SPAN 2 Thread #2

Which is the more important fight?

No Attorney General of The United States of America should deem the

Senator Patrick Leahy (D) "pleased" with Bush apointee Gonzalez

Winning Tactics: Time is Short So Use Methods That Work - psy ops primer.

Who is to the right of Kerry that can win

Soft, furry Democrats that want to get home for the Holiday turkey ....

Bush admin hurts environment while simultaneously busting the budget.

Sponge Bob surges ahead of O'Reilly...

Enjoy this picture of Pickles looking like, well. . .A LUSH!!!

MAKING VOTES COUNT : Improving Provisional Ballots

we can dream, can't we?

Has anyone seen read this eVote Fraud paper by some students at Berkeley?

An couple important lessons from 2004 we need to learn

Another bit of info to brighten our day !

Is Smirk a wee bit DRUNK and too close to Pres. Arroyo in this pic?

Your political philosophy?

Reagan was responsible for 9/11

As Some Nazi Publishers And Broadcasters Found Out

I still think Kerry ran away. Convince me I'm wrong.

"Evil Triumphs When Good People Do Nothing." - unknown-

Finally talked to my mom...she voted for Bush

Did Clinton get more than 50% of the vote in any "red states"

McCain now worried about proposed Iraq spending. "Hold me!!!"

Repost:: Michael Ventura, Austin Chronicle

Who said this? Can you guess? It may surprise you!

"We're barely bright enough to chew our own food."

I've heard that GWB laughs at evangelicals

2000 FL: Double-punched/butterfly; 2002 GA: Diebold; 2004 FL: Optiscam

The following DEMS had no problem with abortion restrictions...

"Homey, folksy" Bush gets a YACHT in his new Man Date spending bill

15 Potential Nominees, Who's Your Pick?

You people act like OUTSOURCING wasn't an issue. NAFTA is GOD'S WORK

Republicans have no shame toward the deficit. Tax $ for tattoo removal.

SHAME on these Democratic Senators! The first nail on Roe v Wade is placed

We cannot let our leaders get away with failing to filibuster Gonzales

A new trial - no longer from a preponderance of the evidence?

The message is clear to Mr. Kim Jong Il: Get rid of your NUCULAR weapons

Don't Read This If You Don't Want To Go Absolutely Insane

what's going on in the Senate right now, live?? 5:43 p.m.


We have to quit falling

The Counter Clinton Library

They won't need to Reinstate the Draft

Harkin: Vilsack gaining support for DNC chair

Rasmussen: 51% of dems want a "more centrist" candidate in '08....

Inaugurate our own President.....

The party's only hope is to Cryogenically Freeze Barack Obama

America's Lie (to the tune of American Pie)

Why is DU making me feel ashamed to love Bill Clinton?

DU moderates! What are the values on which you hold firm?

Just finished the Family...

Impeach Bushitler NOW

Future of the Democratic Party

Rubin to Dean: Stop criticizing NAFTA and outsourcing.

German/Aus. presses = all over Ohio voter fraud/disenfranchisement (links)

Newbies and Lurkers Speak Up: What would you advise for the Dem party?

Sign the petition to remove tom delay!

Brand Democrat. These are great!