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Archives: November 2, 2004

Day of the Dead: The Haunting of the White House By Cynthia McKinney and

Safire --- hah!

E&P Calls it for Kerry

E-Voting Tests Get Failing Grade

We await their arrival

I Vote Because... by Bennet G. Kelley

WSJ's Alan Murray: Election Isn't Likely To End the Battles Dividing Ameri

Daily Iowan's Oct. 29 headline error inexcusable (poor little repukes)

Go Team! by Raul Groom

The Work Doesn't Stop on Election Day ---- Gov. Howard Dean, M.D.

Fear and Loathing, Campaign 2004: Dr. Hunter S. Thompson sounds off

Bill Bennett endorses Bush

Molly Ivins: We run this country (You're the act like it)

GOTV in your car today, MOSH, COME ON!

November 3rd: Now What?

Screw the Exit Polls ! I don't care how much we're up by !!! GOTV !

1st we take the bridges, then the nation

Networks deliberately not calling Kerry wins.

FAUX preparing the firewall as we speak

Freepers eating up the FOX bias/photos, they think it's real.

I am not watching cable news or cable at all.

Locusts Plague . . . Cyprus? Windborne Pests Appear On African Winds

China Bans Import Of Scrap Electronics - AP

Clark's Fork/Blackfoot River Dam Removal Ready To Begin

Things grow better with Coke

Falling Reservoir Reveals Buried Treasure Of Glen Canyon - NYT

Scientists Project No Arctic Summer Sea Ice By 2070 - Financial Times

China’s Muslims to the rescue of Henan’s Hui minority

USSC to hear case on town's failure to enforce RO

Vote with the NRA- vote Easley and Cooper in North Carolina

Remember to vote today.

Assault weapons ban looking VERY dead right now

Fookin Speedy Mon!

Improper placement of a topic?

Do people on my ignore list see my posts?

VERY impressive election home page, guys.

Already 5 "Did you vote threads" threads in GD2004--

Hey, Skinner

No need to respond; so far, EXCELLENT performance!

USNewswire just released contact #'s...

Voter problem hotline for Ohio

We should have had a poll to guess the number of long-term

I'm not sure if this is in your 'scalable DU' plans

The ultimate case of bad timing - my star expired YESTERDAY!

FYI, a typo on the home page. Great work!

DU is looking less and less like a blog....

good luck today/tonight mods and admins

Please, please, please deactivate the Lounge for tonight.

Have you given any thought to writting a book on the last 4 years...

Note for 2008 Elections, Make Exit Poll rule known about two weeks

Sorry. I didn't see the exit poll rule.

What happened to the large font size???

I received an e-mail threat...

a forum for military and family maybe?


Just want to say "Thanks"

Server is rockin tonight

Troll in Election Forum -- Looks Like Mod Got Him.

Could a mod look at this thread, please?

Can we get a "Praise the Mighty Administrators and Moderators"

You guys are unbelievable!

Level 4 is sooo freakin' fast

Just a suggestion

Without post counts, it's harder to be sure of the trolls

Could we get the posts # back please? Overrun with freepers!

any chance of getting the "my posts" function back?


BTW, great job you guys are doing tonight!

Can we get post counts back?

Is There A "Level Five"...

DU admins are gods.

Admins, mods, what do you expect us to alert _on_ tonight?

French doctors say Arafat improving, rule out leukemia

peace campaigner detained in Israel

Part of 9/11 Report Remains Unreleased; An Inquiry Is Begun

List of Chicago judges to vote for/against

My co-worker in Madison County doesn't know what precinct to vote

Anyone listen to ManCow?

Wrigleyville Goose Island tonight at 7:30...

I just voted and i must say...

It's official... Alan Keyes is a national fucking joke!

Melissa Bean winning!

Anyone else in Will County?

Is anyone watching Keyes "concession" speech.

Have there been any reported voting problems in Illinois?

Will any state beat Illinois's percentage for Kerry?

Election Results Tracking Page

Dixville Notch and Hart's Location, New Hampshire

Iowa Electronic Markets moving (again)

Excellent realtime Wisconsin site

I probably shouldn't post this, but...............

NY Times exit polls

First results - Harris bar in Paris - accurate since 1920 - Kerry wins!

Are they including early voting with exit poll #'s? n/t

Aside from the usual caution about exit polls, remember has an update on florida

A Different World Here In California

Ain't got no cable

"That magic moment" has arrived !

How do you get the check mark next to your name?

We'll see if the exit polling matches the Diebold machine tallies!!

Anyone get any "leaked" results? eek!! I cant stand waiting!!

Very good news on turnout percentages

The children know!

don't know if thiis is a dupe...

Mehlman in panic mode?

Oh no. Bad news everywhere I look. We're losing this one, folks. BADLY.

Thank you for allowing exit polling.

Numbers from wonkette

We don't need no stinking exit polls! It's the turnout, stupid!

Zogby's final election day predictions

HILARIOUS (and heartwarming) blog from the Albuquerque Tribune

Exit polls are an indicator but what if they don't match in key

4 p.m. update on kos! (from Slate)

Delusional Republicans?

It's like you're a kid on Christmas Eve

Presidential Election Tracking Page here (by a DUer)

We have all known all along that American's are

Thank you Howard Dean!

Zogby: Kerry 311, Bush 213

Why you should vote if you aren't in battleground state...

Any new exit polls?

Voted for the first time...

Michigan, Florida, Ohio and Hawaii election results here... has Kerry 71% likely to win the WH

Schedule of Poll Closing Times

Anyone here brave enough to watch Fox?

I've never seen this big of a voter turnout before

The energy here is unbelievable today

Random good vibes and thoughts from a random guy...

Home from work now and here for the duration!

Report from Columbus OH - from a friend

How was your voting today? (and where)

What early state returns are you most interested in?

Expect news of Bush meltdown to be sudden and massive ...

WooooHoooooo!!!!! ONE MORE VOTE

10 minutes till the first poll closes...

Tucker Carlson seems a beaten man...

proof of big turnout here in so california...

I am Green Party and I voted for Kerry so shut up!

Lots of long faces on Faux News

Kerry will win popular vote too....this huge turnout leaves no doubt.

Worldlink Live Election coverage

Just drove by my precint in St. Pete. Florida, as of 6:55pm......

Someone please explain what the hell this means?

everyone get the c-span link?

I sense dread in Ohio and FL.

KY, IN, GA to bush (but we already knew that)

20 million more voters in '04 vs '00 - if they swing Kerry, Bush is toast

Kerry up by 1% on Missouri!

Drudge,Fox (on orders from Rove?) peddling phony Philly voter fraud story

Media Matters for America has a summary of presidential results at

CNN calls Kentucky, Indiana and Georgia for Bush

Virginia "too close to call"

Georgia Voting

When do we get to tell Freeps to quit whinning and just GET OVER IT?


7:05 PM EST: Where We Are

BULLSHITT WOLF, you cocksucking whore!!!

Michael Moore: 1,200 videographers monitoring outside FL, OH polls

Whatever happens, thank you fellow Howard Dean supporters!

Vermont.............goes to Kerry....whatta shock :-) saw it on abc 7

Bush Party HQ: Repubs are "philosophical"

Nader Voter Last time - Kerry Voter this time??? Or What???

Dumbass T. Kennedy on CNN calling it for Kerry. Dont he read Walt Starr's

My local CBS station is whoring for the Repugs, UGH nt

CBS saying * got west virginia

CNN says WV for *...

West Virginia called for Bush (CNN)

Laura Phones the Movers

Please, check the latest posts before adding another "WV for Bush!" post.

USA results according to

AOL News: Bush Wins GA, KY, IN

Tweety calls Ohio "TOO CLOSE TO CALL"

CNN jacking off over the "Florida Miscall" in 2000 ...

CNN exit poll in OH: Kerry ahead by 2 among men, ahead by 6 among women

Slate Exit Polls (12:34 PT)

7:30 EST: Where We Are


South Carolina and Virginia "too close to call"

Rather's making me frigging nuts like he did

7:30 pm Update from Slate

NC is "too close to call" WVA "too early to call"

quick!.... somone cheer me up

Check out VA on C-Span

Florida Results...

cnn just said that miami dade counties wont count absentee ballots untill

Strange Call...David Briggs from KS, KS? WTF?

Miami, FL: 60,000 absentee votes won't be counted until Thursday

Zogby : K 311, B 213

NAACP Taking Detroit to Court

Folks, you're going to have to become a little more patient dealing....

OHIO Results Arriving!

15 minutes to Ohio

Best real time results map link?

PA absentee ballots not to be counted

The Big Loser Tonight Isn't Bush - It's The Corporate Media

Exit poll info: Kerry leads 82% for those most concerned about economy

sorry, posted in wrong forum ignore

Ohio can stay open past poll closing times....

CBS calls New Jersey for Kerry

watch CBS, Dan Rather is great ! He is very hyper but seems fair :-) nt

MSNBC calling NJ and IL for Kerry!


OH! Hear the BOOO on MSNBC!!

Dennis Eckart in Cleveland just said on local TV Kerry up 20%

MSNBC Just Called Illinois for Kerry

Any news on New Jersey?

Insufficient data for Missourri

On your marks...


MSNBC guest -- "30 Repub, Get-out-the-vote vans had their tires slashed!

7 states to Kerry

K=77 vs *=66 CNBC

Ed Gillespie: STFU!!


Polls to remain open in PA for people in line at 8:00PM. This could mean

kerry wins NJ, MA, DC, ME, MD, DE, and IL

I apologize for Indiana

Closing Time map?

CNN- The following called for Kerry:

More exit polls! More! More!

Pennsylvania Senate: Too Close to Call

NBC calls Florida for * ?

CNN - Kerry 77 EV * 66 EV

Don't You Think It's a Coincidence that the Big Three States


Maryland for Kerry.

Almost 7pm CST

Missouri too close to call!!!

Presidential Election Tracking Page update: Kerry 77, Bush 66

I BET the reason for so many 'Too close to call'


Brit Hume

Howard Dean on MSNBC 8:08 est

Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi for *

who else plans on smoking some great big victory cigars in a few hours?

does anyone know how kerry is going to do with the states that close at 9?

CBS Calls NC for * (nm)

Mongiardo ahead in KY! 61% reporting!

CBS Reports Bunning down in KY by 4% with 65% of precincts reporting

WV goes to Bush!

Ohio at 62,000 votes

CBS: Bush takes North Carolina

First Ohio results: Only 12,572 counted (UPDATED!!)

Just wait till MA, CT, RI, NY, ME start pourin in!

Douchbag Bill Owens

Spector going down???

What is happening to North Carolina?

What's with TN??

CNN claiming the 'fix' is in (FL)

CBS just called Virginia for Bush - 13 EV

What is Going on in New Hampshire?

Numbers are screwy

Tweety = teh suck


Just wait till New York hits!!!!

GOD DAMN IT! Virginia just called for *

anybody feeling FABULOUS??!!!


YES!!!! Kerry's DOING IT!!!! NJ, IL, MASS. etc. etc. RIGHT ON!

OMG I am shaking for these Ohio results

a look at what's ahead....Fox already calling it tied at 74-74


Missouri is in play

Ohio with 1% reporting: Kerry 56% and Shrub 44% ... eom

NBC calls Ok for Coburn!!!!

Arkansas: Too early to call

Get ready to get fucked by Jeb. CNN reporting bush leading in I-40(sp?)

I can not eat

CBS Bush gets VA

5 hours queues in OH - Dems asking for other voting methods

New Jersey is Kerry country!!!

Carville Matalin over?

I hate this State crap. The Presidency should be won by the Popular vote!

OMFG!!! INCREDIBLE exit polls in NH!!!!

Schieffer on Cbs

NC to evil empire (AP news alert)

Freepers Starting to Crack

Federal Judge allows paper vote in OH

do these numbers reflect absentee/early voters?

Can someone give me a list of the Blue counties in Florida?

Shit! I was hoping we'd take a red state by now!!

CNN Results Site

Smirking Chimp Is Back Up!

RNC already spinning - on 4 channels

Damn: Coburn wins OK Senate

WTF, WV called for * (CBS)

ILLINOIS- 82% for Kerry, Bush 18%

CBS: Florida can't be called due to southern counties

Is Florida toast yet?

Florida will go for Kerry

Great link for latest result - St. Pete Times

Ralph Reed not looking happy on NBC.....

Notice all the GOPers are spinning, but the Kerry people are quiet?

Bloomberg says the campaigns both think Kerry will win 4 swing states.

NBC:Discrepancy again betw. exit polls and returns again

Kansas - 50 to 49!! Holy Cow!

What Kerry still needs to win

Cheat sheet, hour by hour what to expect....

Close in Bama

I was a volunteer at the ASU debate

Are early returns mostly rural?

Too early to tell in Hillsborough County FL

CNN's got it at 102 Bush 77 Kerry

Local news presidential race

Kerry wins NY, RI

When do they call NY?

* ahead in MI ?!

fuck leslie blitzer and woof woof.

Zogby's 5pm EV call - Bush would HAVE to take FL, OH, CO to win

Why oh why does CNN show bush so far ahead

9:00 - No surprises

I know this may seem like wishful thinking


I would like to know why the new states at 9PM are too "close to call?!"

How's Zogby's Final doin'?

Is CNN retarded or am I?

OH 50-40 *?!?!

Kerry's doing great in PA so far.

WTF: Jeb called Rove that certain counties

Goo Kerry!

Nebraska Split ???

Thank god, CSPAN has finally started its coverage

Broward County Florida coming in


Here's a suprise - the South is voting *

Raleigh "News & Observer" has not called NC for Chimp but NPR did!

They are not going to call Florida or Ohio

Presidential Election Tracking Page update: Kerry 112, Bush 155 No proble

Is Ohio the new Florida?

CNN has called Virginia for Chimp

CBS has Chimp at 108 and Kerry still at 77 - Why are we so

Let's think ahead

global moniters find errors...are we surprised??

Kerry wins NY and RI; Colorado Too Close To Call

West Virginia only 3% of precints. * 51% Kerry 49%. How can they call it??

BBC has interesting numbers, EV Kerry 112 - Bush 157

God damn the electoral college system to hell!


Modified Zogby shows K over B in 14 out of 16 FL-OH-CO-NV-scenarios

What's the swing vote?

OK Kids - California brings 55 Electoral Votes!!!!

Does the popular vote count make anyone nervous?

Karl Rove is gonna try and steal this thing

new florida (9:11 est, how ironic)

Please tell me I'm not going to need a shoulder to cry on, please

What are the rules on when a network "calls a state"

Blech! NC goes to Bush....

So far Zogby dead on

Daschle "Too Close to Call" in SD

I'm so sick right now. I hate this.

Here's how is calling it so far:.....

What is the law on keeping polling places open late?

Board of elections in Cuyahoga says.... (Cleve Oh)

I'm starting to get depressed

We are going to win, but what this election tells me is that our country


I'm starting to get optimistic

Fla Senate Race, Castor just pulled ahead of Martinez

Why arent they calling PA?

Slanted Reporting by the Media?

Why aren't they talking about & factoring in New York now?

These red states are making me so mad!!!

Florida breakdown by county

Obama takes it !

I'm predicting 279 to 259 for Kerry

If want to believe Exit Polls: Kerry crushed * in Suburban Philly Counties


20,000 votes for Nader in Fl so far.

Fla Voting, just heard on local news

Why is Gulliani on CNN?

Fuck it! I was going to wait and have that drink later

I'm almost afraid to ask, but why isn't Nader even showing up?

Are we into another 4 years, please tell me no

Bush is going to speak!!

Direct link to Florida Dept of Elections

Post tonight's wacky "Dan Rather-isms" here.

It's stupid that they can't call NH or PA for Kerry yet

Well I'm proud to tell you that I helped hand the state of NJ to Kerry.

Ahem. Missouri anyone?

How is bush doing in Poland

Betty Castor just took the Senate lead in Florida

Is Arkansas gonna go Blue?

That @#$%*&^! Map better start turning BLUE soon!

Kerry leading in PA

Franklin County (Columbus Ohio) Update

Keyes got 21.2% of the vote in my chicago precinct

Early New Mexico 7:45 mountain time

What's up with Michigan?

Sultan Bush is of Faux News now

So it looks like Montigardo didn't win.

CBS Calling LA for Dumbya (NOT unexpected)

Ralph Reed was just asked for comments in Fla..LIAR

god-dam the polls

Trillions of dollars at stake for the BFEE. These fuckers will stop at

F'in' North Carolina...

FL, PA and Oh...they knew they were swing states

* surrounded by China dolls?

Why haven't they called NH yet?

Youth vote DID Spike

Rudy is running for '08 on CNN tonight

"Moral values" voters in Ohio choose Bush 83-17??

Chimpass is grandstanding at the White HOuse right now!!!

250k absentee ballots in FL Dem Counties not counted

Michigan and Wisconsin scare me.

Please stop the regional (red state) bashing showing Kerry ahead in Missouri!

So WTF is wrong with the voters exactly?

HELP !!! How did they call Delaware for Kerry ?

Florida early votes...

If you were drafted into WWI, would you want these DUers in your trench?

Just an update from Fla's Big Three Counties

Are the Kerry people saying anything?


Vanessa Kerry on ABC

Miami-Dade 83% reported and we're still down 4%.

Florida Reporting Status: Palm Beach and Miami Dade Still at 0%

Minnesota current votes

NM, 8 pm Mtn Time: Bush 61% Kerry 38% (4% precincts reporting)

Let me help you people freaking out- out

no reports on

Chimp looked harsh on CNN


Where is Maine?????

Who the hell in FL voted for Nader this year???

Illinois still the most lop-sided state for kerry

Uhhh it looks like Orange County Florida's going Kerry...Yaaa

Let's not forget the history of voting in the south.

CBS reported people STILL in line in OH

next step is succession....

How would we know if FL's electronic voting machines are changing votes?

Im Dying here! Anyone know anything about the absentees?

Electoral Votes: 193 Bush in Red states -- 112 Kerry in the BLUE states

WTF? Yahoo just had Missouri colored light blue ...

PA 300,000 more for Kerry than * - Call it for Kerry!

Presidential Election Tracking Page Swing State report - RELAX

trouble in florida- orange and osceola going bush????

Will CNN stop calling stuff with only a fraction of the precincts

Tavis Smiley on ABC railing on Dems

Kerry won 78% of the gay/lesbian vote

Kerry won A FLORIDA


I think I'M GOING TO THROW UP (nt)

so even if EVERYTHING is the same as last year

If we get OH and PA but lose FL we win right? nt

Florida is looking alot like 2000 Now...

Reminder: Daily Show is on live, and it's hilarious!


Someone please settle me down....

what happened to West Virginia?

CNN just called Missouri for Bush

did anyone honestly expect this to be settled tonight?

New York Times calling states very conservatively

Nader is f***ing us in New Hampshire again

German News quote Bush: I think I will win!

I think the networks are purposely holding out blue states.

Good News From Minnesota!

MICHIGAN 55 Bush 44 Kerry?

Bush IS gonna speak ABC

IOWA - Kerry up by 9 pts with 3% reporting.

What is this bullshit?

New Hampshire - where are you?

Will the media call ANY states for Kerry?!

Why is Missouri called for Bush and Pennsylvania only leaning Kerry

Joe Lockhart spinning the numbers on CNN

Kerry leads WI

THANK YOU, New York!

YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Doggett WINS his new Tx. district !!!!!

What did the exit polls say about Florida?

Sorry kids. I'm going to watch "Cross of Iron" and cheer up.

Minnesota - Kerry up by 8 pts

Ohio is KERRYS!

Kerry LEADING In Colorado, According to Fox Station!!!!

by the projections of the polls as of 9:30 CDT and past wins

Florida: Broward is in and we're STILL behind???

just let me get this off my chest.....

Zogby sez... Bush needs Florida, Ohio AND Colorado to win

CNN Joe Lockhart says FL Broward County, 75% counted, 200,000 Kerry lead

Ohio and Florida results pages

why are people panicking?

CBS: Senior Kerry aides not confident FL or OH

CBS Gives PA to Kerry

PA goes to Kerry

WTF is up with PA???

Call Pennsylvania for Kerry already!


MSNBC just declared PA for Kerry!

CBS projects Kerry wins PA

CBS calls PENN. for Kerry

MSNBC calls PA for Kerry~!!!

Is THIS possible tonight?

Kerry just took Pennsylvania MSNBC

PA for Kerry

Arizona Bush 55, Kerry 45

Geez, you'd think PA would be big news or something

cbs called Penn for Kerry (NT)

NBC Projects Kerry in PA

CBS calling PA. for KERRY!

Have we lost anything that we did not expect to?

On AAR: "NBC is calling PA for Kerry." 7:50pm PST

MSNBC calls PA for KERRY!!

CNN calls PA for Kerry!!

CBS just called PA


Pennsylvania, Finally!

MSNBC Calls Pennsylvania For President Kerry!

Everybody CALM DOWN!!!!!

i fuckin hate cnn

Kerry leading in 3 bellweather counties in Ohio

Are the Libertarians the new Greens in this election?

12% of votes counted in Minnesota Kerry doing well

Kerry inches ahead in NH

So umm, did Kerry win PA.?

CNN projects PA for Kerry

Presidential Election Tracking Page PENNSYLVANIA TO KERRY


Why aren't the networks calling PA for Kerry?

Dan Rather is goanna give me a heart attack!!!!

PA called for Kerry? n/t

FLORIDA: Miami-Dade- shouldn't we be leading by more than this?

WTF? Boone County Iowa 2,200 for Nader?

Looking for results by state showing %reporting & totals so far.

what took them so long to call PA?

Palm Beach returns at 52.9% for close to an hour - SUSPICIOUS !

well, raise your hand if you thought it would be a landslide.

NBC: WA and CA for Kerry


MSNBC calls PA for Kerry - EV now Kerry 185 Bush 181

NM: 9 pm Mtn Time: Bush 52%, Kerry 47%, Nader 1% (31% precincts)

EV now 199 K 207 *

Did ARK Just go White

CNN California Kerry, Idaho for *

what percentage are Florida's early and absentee votes?

Kerry 199 Bush 207

When are they going to call Minnesota for Kerry?

Too few votes are in for a clear winner nationwide

Travis Co. Tx Goes to Kerry... Too bad we couldn't deliver more.


Specter held onto his seat................)#$%U#_$*@~~!!!!

Lake County Ohio - Kerry 14,883, Cobb 14,883

Chill people... CA, WA and OR have yet to come in

Kerry ahead by 12,000 in Iowa...21 percent reporting...

OK, my colitis is going nuts here. Please, be over (and in Kerry's

i just love it when they call a state with 0% reporting!!!!

I predict: OH will go to Kerry. Believe it.

Mike McCurry just said on PBS "We WILL win two of the three...

Darn! Jon Stewart is over...

why the heck is MSNBC electoral votes tally different from CNN?

Bush gets Florida

It's all about Ohio

Josh Marshall reports a wave of Republican lawsuits in Ohio

Potent Potables Tonight?

What will it mean if Kerry loses Ohio AND Florida?

Tucker Carlson just went from insane to downright delirious

We may have to look at the smaller states for a win

CNN called it for CA- we got that sweet 55!

Anybody have numbers on early voters in FL? They aren't in the totals.

Who else hears the cavalry approaching?

Have the cities in Ohio been counted?

Time To Call Michigan For Kerry

hey trolls, stop calling florida for bushie.

Presidential Election Tracking Page KERRY 188 BUSH 197

Detroit comes in.....Kerry jumps ahead

Kerry currently up in Mich, Minn, Iowa, and NH

Time to face facts...

Kerry 205 Bush 203 EV when you consider Michigan!

So Mrs. Beast just told me Faux refuses to call PA for Kerry

Has Madison or Mill. in Wisconsin reported yet?

So, with CA whats the EV count at right now. 8:18 PST?

Kerry in lead in MASS by 20%

Are the Zogby predictions still on??

Florida or Ohio... Will we get either one?

Florida count hitch


Rudy and Arnie were a BUST!

I dodged a bullet

If we win Ohio, this thing is OURS.

cool graphics

Polk County Florida - 10,000 more Democrats and the

How is Yahoo! coming up with 210 votes for *?

It's down to Ohio, and the numbers aren't moving........

Akron and Canton Ohio

No results in yet from Seminole County FL?

Don't worry about popular vote currently favoring the chimp

Is Colorado looking good?

Okay, say something to cheer me up

Kerry Dominating Oregon

Bush won Arizona

Glad I'm Old!

Washington State goes to Kerry

Students at UMiami STILL WAITING to vote!

Florida early voting

Exit Polls in Ohio

ABC just gave FLA to *

My precinct in Wisconsin

State of Washington is close.

Kerry starting to lead in Wisconsin!!!


What is happening in New Mexico?

C-SPAN has Kerry overtaking Bush in WI and MN for the first time n/t

Honestly, I think Florida is lost

self delete

We need to compare exit polls in different states with results

Interesting FL reading

Nevada early voting results in: 52 Kerry - 37 Idiot

Joe Lockhart on PBS says OH and FL looking good

Good news Wisc.: Kerry passes Bush

msnbc: please get this asswipe ron silver off the air

FL just went to Bush according to ABC News.

Why the f does faux still have Kerry at 144 and * at 210? WTF

Anyone notice Kerry winning NEVADA?

Wisconsin? Helloooooo???


Can somebody tell me the REAL story about FLORIDA?????

Fla to bush ABC

Updated homepage?

ABC gave FL to BUSH!!!!

Keep Your Chins UP!!!!

I need to be told that we can win Ohio

5 counties in OH show will they go? Do they matter?

Approximately how many absentee & early voting ballots is Fla.waiting for?

Oregon to kerry

Rather on CBS says they're projecting FL for Bush*, giving him 246 EV to

Turn on Al Franken live on Sundance

Kerry should not concede Florida, no matter what

Where is the proof for "early votes haven't been Counted in OH/FL"

Why not call MN, IA, and WI....

ABC Calls Florida for *

Are they going to steal this one too?

I see some posters saying Florida early votes are not included yet.


Kerry ahead in WI

Any Links for the OHIO 9 hr wait / improvised paper ballot debacle?

In the "for what it's worth" department...

F*uck: 39 votes are missing for Bush to win...

If anybody has access to a county-by-county count in OHIO -- please...

Remeber when America voted to have balance of power?

Judy Woodruff is a DOWNER. Florida is still tight

CBS calls Florida for Bush

Yes, we need Ohio. Still, remember it is not over even if Ohio...,

For those of you who are nervous...

Do we have lawyers in Ohio?

My call right now K-279 B-204

It's ohio now

Follow Ohio returns by county at this link.

turned off tv

CBS called Colorado for Bush


I know there are no suprises yet, but I am totally digusted that *

NPR just called FLA for chimp

Let's do the math without Ohio


good god, this is worse than 2000....

Bush Ohio lead cut from 175,000 to 80,000

Long lines in Ohio - does media ask/say why?

Florida will NOT be called until Nov 12 - absentee ballot malfeasance

OHIO: Bush 44% Kerry 56%

Ohio is our only chance

MSNBC is starting to write Kerry's epitaph

Wait..didn't Kerry win WA?


What is happening with New Hampshire?

Any theories as to why exit polls not matching actual numbers in FL and OH


Ohio, Ohio, Ohio

So far Zogby has called every state accurately...(hint: Kerry wins!)

Did BBV cause this nightmare?

Cuyahoga Co Ohio 50% still out. Cleveland! Ohio! nt

quasi-official "early votes in florida accounted for or not" thread!


We're still not catching up in Ohio

urban OH precincts not reported yet ...

OK...Can someone tell me how were going to win Ohio?

I can't put up with Bush for another 4 years......

Anybody else having a lot of difficulty believing the vote is this close?

The latest Waterman Poll shows

Where the HELL is Greg Palast!!! They stole florida again!!!! Now Ohio!

What happened to the youth vote?

We live in a nation of idiots.

something is wrong


Al Rantell predicts a Kerry victory!

East Bay (San Francisco) report

faces club at sacramento...

Election day question

Streaming Election Results website

Good morning California. How are you doing this morning?

San Diego County - How'd it go?

CA prop 66. Will murderers and rapist be freed?

How did you guys vote on 63? It means a lot to me, personally. nt

California Propositions - results....

Donna Frye in San Diego

Will Guy Houston get ousted?

Robo call from the Gov saying exit polling has less then 1% lead for JK

Lancaster moving smoothly

Big lines at the polls in Salem

Massive Lines in The Suburbs!

A buzz in Hyannis

North Shore, Essex County . . . large turn-out! n/t

Western Mass. Small Town - Looking Good

This morning.

Jefferson School in Uptown is running smoothly.

SW Minneapolis - Repuke challenger kicks "Voter Assistance" van out of lot

Bloomington precinct 15 in and out in 20 minutes

NE Minneapolis, I was in and out in 20 minutes.

Machine not counting in New Brighton?

My Roomies and Me, and other Election Day stories (long)..

Just got back from GOTV

Highland Park busy

Should we decide to elect someone as District 5 soil and water supervisor?

Precincts begin reporting in MN

I love my area of St. Paul

More republican hijinx in MN

Holy Shit WCCO just showed Bush up in both Minnesota and Wisconsin

Wetterling ahead 51%-49% (on Ch. 4)

Exit poll data gives edge to Kerry in Minn.

Surprise celebrity guest at Minneapolis Dem volunteer center

What's up with Air America on AM950 tonight?

Black Box Voting Machine In Inver Grove, MN

Alerted the Minnesota DFL after voting,

Shout out to PassingFair for working the MoveOn table at precinct

Detroiters-I'm going to the Cadieux Cafe tomight

From the front lines in St. Clair Shores...

Royal Oak Precincts 17 and 20 ... high turnout

High turnout statewide says Director of State Bureau of Elections,

Macomb Co elec official predicts 75-80% turnout

Any good place in Ann Arbor to watch returns come in?

Michigan SOS - Website for voting results

This will be that last year I can vote absentee in MI, Guys

Exit polls 8pm

Good News in Waterford

They want to steal Ohio? This is how to fight for it:

Stage fright here

Can precinct worker ask your party?

Turnout in Richfield Ohio - Voted 6:45am

Ohio Papers Determined to Cover Polling Places, Despite Sec. of State Ban

Just voted in to volunteer!!!!!!!!! Please Come!

Any reports from the Portsmouth/Ironton area?

Go out and MOSH!

An uneventful vote today in Cleveland.

former oHioan here..

Has anybody here been "challenged" yet?

How is voting going in Ohio? Is the GOP cheating?

When will Ohio get to vote that sack of shit ...

ohio folks give us some feedback...n/t

BBC News is reporting that the polls in Ohio will stay open an extra hour

just back from voting in my little burg.....

Early report from Washington A, Washington Twp., Montco

Local tv Channel results? ? ? What they don't count each ballot

What's going on up in Clark County?


I say "Finger," you say:

Turnout High in all the right places - South central PA/Adams County

Damn it - Allegheny County Poll had no Provisional Ballots!

No problems in Easton

fresh from the trenches

In Morningside, Pgh polling place, not a single * sign was seen!!!

9:50 15% reporting, kerry and hoeffel still ahead 60%ish

AP Alert: Spector wins

OMG! What a fiasco!

hoeffel doing surprisingly well, hope the afl-cio feels like

Lots of pages on Travis County election information site down

Report From The Field: Bexar County (San Antonio)

This just in

computer in Austin

I just got back from Voting in Haltom City, Texas

From Spring Texas

Small victory

Repube 'trickle down' hate, too

GOP Defeats 3 Veteran Texas Democrats

Anyone here from Amarillo?

Delay gets to keep his job!

Party at my house, after Sen Kerry is Pres Elect

Woohoo! Got my star!

People are still bashing TX.

Make the right choice Conservatives & Republicans/Vote Bush Out

3 swing states

2 hours of "Visibility"

WPR reporting high turnouts in northern counties

Just Voted! How were the lines for you?

Heh...NPR in Milwaukee interviewing people...

CBS calls Senate race for Feingold

Latest Belling slur "wetback", yet he stays employed...

Now we truly know Rossi IS a fascist

My encouraging voting experience in Washington State

How long are you having to wait to vote?

Confession: I didn't vote straight Democratic. Did you?

I will be doing Montel Williams show for multiple sclerosis at the Improv

*. and Cheney will be added to felons list before 2008.

November 2, 2004 has arrived Go get those Fuckers!!!

Ewww...Letterman Top 10 "Dirty Election Joke Punchlines"...pretty risque

Since the election is tomorrow I bid you all a fond farewell

Guest on Mike Malloy from...

Sundance Channel Rocks!

Anyone read this?

headsup Denver! F 9/11 on channel 57 public access NOW

My neighbor, a life-long republican ...

Anybody know where Kerry rallying points in N. Virginia will be tomorrow?

What election? The NBA SEASON Starts November 2nd!!!

Why Kerry will beat Bush

We will be praising *ush tomorrow night.

You will have the rest of your life to reflect on today....


Jon Stewart replay on now

so, Poppy has an ulcer and Babs is having a breakdown?

I have a Election law question.

Tomorrow I vote....

If Rove's history is a guide, expect anything tomorrow.

Damned even polls eh?

DIXVILLE NOTCH results--A TIE!!!! (EDIT-Hart's Location)

JFK Presidential Library and Museum Celebrates Red Sox Season with Kennedy

What Bush Threw Away

Lets hope the unemployment rate spikes up tomarrow!

Tonight I shall sleep.

Regardless of the court challenges, Kerry MUST claim victory

does anyone know what song Howard Dean used as his campaign song

Does anybody have to words to the song they play at the Kerry

Electoral Vote Predictor 2004: sorry if this was post.

JOKE - Whats the difference between vietnam and iraq?

Anybody notice that Faux "News" gave POS Bush a free infomercial today?

The Case Against George W Bush (with links)

"The country we carry in our hearts is waiting..."

As if I need another reason to doubt jerry falwell's "Christianity"

Why does letterman keep saying John W Kerry?

I left work early at 2 am, ask me why?

chris matthews

If Bush wins, does it spell disaster for the Republican party?

If you hate America so much, why don't you move?

well as we push for victory here in Az I hope for the best

Ok, let's go get those Bush Bastards. Today's B Day!

So anybody still think there might be a little MIHOP activity tomorrow?

Bound For Freedom

A Tibetan Prayer for today courtesy of my dental hygienist.

Well looks like we weren't attacked, and they...

Remember Valerie Plame

When Kerry wins, what will that say about Pat Robertson's god

Do you think the media is saying "too close to call" for ratings?..

Today's UK front page headlines - no pressure, guys

People are camping out in fromt of their polling place tonight!

Power to THE PEOPLE---F--k a bunch o' nazis!

Will Time Zones and herd instinct make Kerry a winner early?

Polls open soon here in New York.

Man, I really really like Elizabeth Edwards!

Kerry 1, Bush 0

The prospects for peace and freedom in the new century will

5: 15 A. M. On the East Coast--Can't sleep

Time to got vote. Wish me luck.

Fox and Friends Eff up

I'm Wil Wheaton, and I approved this message

Can I start an official "Thank You!" thread?

Email from Aunt in Pennsylvania

My voting experience

I'd like to say a special good bye to Richard Bruce Cheney.

For my 777th post I want to thank all of you!

Well if the trend in my county continues...


Why is voting so difficult in the States?



After Kerry wins, will Hannity cry like the sissy he is ?

Chris Matthews on Imus (MSNBC)

Freeper Confusion

I now understand how the Italian people felt when they deposed

Great turnout in Southeastern PA so far!

I am GLUED to this website!

I'm heading off to Kerry-Edwards headquarters.I'll be back tomorrow.

Do all the US companies only send their Democrate employees abroad ?

Voted in Waltham, MA

Been voting at this precinct for 14 years

Top Ten Ways to Make Sure Your Vote Counts

Do all Black people get provisional ballots..?

Voted in Albert Lea!!!

Alerted the Minnesota DFL after voting,

HELP, please...

Boycott General Mills? I think so- Response to Sinclair sponsorship

I can see them coming and going

It's going to be alright, this morning I saw a rainbow.

That Dean advert for Yahoo!

My farewell letter to Shrubya... what's yours?

W stands for Women???? wtf is that??

Tinfoil hat? CSpan's fire alarm went off

Did the guy behind ever reveal who he is

George, you have incurred the wrath of the people. That, in a

I'm WEARING the BLACK HOODIE in the spirit of ELECTION DAY & Taking back

Good luck to all my American friends today

I am willing to make a bold prediction today. All the terrorism,

Long line, you know...its really hard work..really hard

Along with the victory of our top guys we need to make sure of the

At the end of the day today, when John Kerry and John Edwards

Ron Reagan is great on Stern today

Neither Rain, Snow, Hail or Thunderstorm will stop the turnout.

How do I get the I've voted avatar

This time tomorrow I will have finished off a bottle of champagne

PNAC dollar bills?

Me and My Family......

Backup Discussion Board List (?)

Some Forgotten Victims of Iraq....

CNN and Faux give * a Free Ten Minute Campaign Speech.

Me And My Family....


come on young americans, take it over the top!


Along with the victory of our top guys we need to make sure of the

imus looks like a crack head

Will DU members wish happy birthday to my republican Kerry voting Brother

My 95 year old friend

Tidewater Virginia - Long lines at 6am

Is anyone voting for the first time tomorrow?

3 More Votes For Kerry From West Virginia

"Sudan army surrounds Darfur camps" Cuts camps off from humanitarian aid!


Fox News....being Fox News

My First Post

Kansas City - I voted right after 6 a.m. and

Voted. Kansas will go to Bush, but I did vote for Kerry and all dem

Voting Report from Miss. Gulf Coast: High Turnout

An election prayer.

FreakRepulsive election day reminder of sick mindsetwhat we're voting out!

A good reply for threatening emails:

I am having a hard night- family members' behavior

I'm off to volunteer

Score Another One For JFK :)

A bit of wandering mind today.

I didn't realize quite how paranoid I am with this election.

Let's ROLL!

The freepers must be shitting in their pants right now.

Isn't that just peachy

Anyone noticing that "EVERYBODY thinks Reagan was great?"

"All you fascists are bound to lose!"

BIll C. just on Randi RHodes...LaPort Ballots in Plam Beach

If you believe the polls, check out electoral vote webpage...

Ohio DU'ers! DO NOT put up with these bs "vote challengers"

"This is Arnold Scharzenegger calling to pump you up to get out and vote"

Just returned from voting.

voting activity...

Great video reporting of setting up JK's stage in Copley Plaza in Boston.

meanwhile someone just blew up

I just voted in Columbus, Ohio

I Voted

Bush Doesn't Want to Win

Just got back from waving my Kerry sign!

Please Lord, Bless John Kerry and John Edwards.

Howard Dean: "The Work Doesn't Stop on Election Day" column

Air America should read FreeRepublic posts on the air today

I Havent Changed my Shirt in FOUR DAYS

I know I'm not the only one that's just AMPED today. I'm also confident.

Hateful message chalked on asphalt at my college

is freeperville experiencing this level of utilization?

Here's the E voting machine for Wichita/Sedgwick County....

I just convinced my daughter to vote K/E!!!

QUESTION: Did Dick Cheney Stay in Hawaii?

Boortz was out of control and more despicable than usual today.

Bush*: "I feed off the enthusiasm of the people."

When *ush loses today....

Senator comes home to Boston !!!!

Ignorance is BLISS..

Any info on the Votetronic machines?

How bad did I screw up? Provisional ballot issue.

Imagine a No Bush America (I just saw this, sorry if it's old news)

Glen Rangwala's MiddleEastReference site gone ????

Kagan to become Limbaugh's #4 -US News & World

Orlando NBC online polls (close on presidential poll).

Guess what else I did for Kerry

Michael Savage on the NAACP

Great Poster Someone Sent Me

Tomorrow, when the world celebrates

Ok, My wife and I have voted. Anybody know of any rallying points

A day that will decide the fate of the world

Ineligible voters going Unchallenged (MN)

I just voted to FIRE Bush!

De-Freep this MSRNC Poll, Please!

Rather's Pithy 2000 Election Sayings

CAPTION THIS.....Chimp Kissing

Beware the risen people...

Did anyone hear Bob Kerrey say * was negotiating with the Taliban 9/10

To all retired unaffluent Republicans...

web poll: Will your vote be counted accurately? Yes=74%

Just Voted In Northern Virginia after waiting 1 hours

Just Wondering... Where Has Asscrack Been ??

is there a web site that has voting practices from around the world?

Educate yourself - All about Joseph Farah

I Believe I'll change my party affiliation to Republican after

You know Bush and Thugs are scared when they are

After Kerry wins the election, can Bush be given an M-16, a helmet

Chimes of Freedom

WOW.. look how PATHETIC and DESPERATE the freepers are...

RW shill Neil Boortz predicts Kerry the winner...BAWAAHAHA

Valley Village, CA

OH court that overturned challenger decision: HACKS

Voted in Orange County, CA

To those who can vote

I was just listening to Rush

A note from From Michael Moore

this is funny-- Kerry on TV and

One Thing We Should All Know Is Certian

WHAT will win out today?

Why does the Media hate Democracy

What should we send to the poor Freepers to console them for their loss?

???? for Houston area DUers

can't read the 'report voting problems' forum - makes me crazy with rage

I Think it's time for some DEMOCRATIC CHALLENGERS.

CNN, Armstrong Williams, "Democrat extremists comitting acts of

Let's not pat ourselves on the back yet

PHOTO: Bush invokes special Lynndie England salute on Election Day

Women for Kerry -- great pic from Philly

I voted Today...

I just voted third party for President...

Curious Voter Alert Line Results

JK on CNN 12:45 CT...looks great

Ohio update

The defining characteristics of the 2004 election:

poverty indicator...a weird omen - realpolitik at work.

I made peace with my Republican dad this morning

FBI flew to India last week - they knew about pending Osama video

Some guy in Freeperland is stirring the sh*t

One - and only one - election day post RE: civility

Took my daughter to vote for the first time this morning...I'm so proud...

Molly Ivins vs David Brooks

"republican? GEDOUTTAHERE!" | a brooklyn election day story

Take a minute to have a laugh today

SEE YA! Don't Let the Door Hit You On The Way Out.....

Bob Kerrey just said it did not bother him that Bush read Pet Goat.

I need some quick help with economics/national debt etc.

Put your Voting Story HERE - makes US feel THAT MUCH CLOSER TO WINNING..

I feel good

Now listen, DU

mock election in school today

How do I get my I've voted sign?

U.S. Soldier Kidnapped in Iraqi City (isn't this a first?)

Art Bell is voting for John Kerry!

You think there might be a "December surprise?"

Doro Koch Bush is Dubya in a dress, lipstick and pearls

Daryn Kagan to wed Rush Limbaugh - uggh - objective CNN reporting

Who do you WANT the GOP to run in 2008?

Our Tarot Card Reading Tells us it's a Kerry Win!

Meanwhile, back at the Pig Farm

aight, who got a link to the latest poll numbers

I just bought a Kerry/Edwards lawn sign...


MSNBC: Judge- OH voters who are missing absentee ballots can vote at polls

How many feel of you feel better after voting?

An appropriate celebratory song

Now that I've voted, where can I watch the drama unfold??

Antidote To Facism: The Internet

What's This Lie About ?

Dean and Wexler on Randi Rhodes right now

What shall I toast with tonight?

What the hell is wrong with my wife?

Republican Defections | THE story of this election?

Did you know they toss out more votes in IL. than FL in 2000.

Some GD idiot just stole my sign!!

Limbaugh: "You Do NOT Unseat a President During Wartime"

Holy CRAP am I PISSED OFF!!!!!

Just voted on the largest ballot (physical size),ever. SoCal


My description of the Bush persona. Chauncey Gardner without

Take it for what its worth, Early exit polls predict Kerry will be victor

I'm off for 5 hours of GOTV in the Oregon rain..

Why would someone register to vote and then not do so?

Will someone please recommend a good champagne?

Landslide !

Allegheney, PA GOP HQ Without Power!!!

do you think we'll be seeing some different faces

Precinct Capitan's check in!!!

You Damn Right We Gonna "Lawyer This Thing" Up.

I Voted Today For the Second Time In My Life!

Should a Presidential Election Day also be a Holiday?

Today I saw a "terrorists for Kerry" lawn sign,

When will Ohio get to vote that sack of shit ...

can anyone re-photoshop that obnoxious crying baby logo for the democrats

My boss just went around only to those of us voting Dem.

During the past hour...

If Kerry wins will Bush start frantically appointing SC Justices?

CA prop 66. Will murderers and rapist be freed?

Any news on Illinois?

Doro Bush, *'s little sis was just asked by Lester Holt what it was like on AAR

When do the polls close?

any WV numbers inyet?

"The right to vote is only meaningful when you use it.”

Problems with Atrios and TPM

Why is Randi Rhodes telling listeners....

I kinda wish the mods wouldn't delete the troll posts today

poor judy woodruff on CNN is sooooo sad.....

One hope I have at poll closing time all over the US...

Preview: Pick the Cabinet for Kerry

CNN said that Bush said that he is at peace with whatever happens today.

The Short Shelf-Life of Political Humor | a sigh and....?

I don't want to pick on dumb people, but...

I voted at 6AM.

Think * is jonesing for a drink about now?

An important message from F-Land about Ohio

Republicans keep the House, Kerry wins- Libertarians happy?

If Bush wins, he COULD run a third time. Is this Correct?

Sugar Land, TX (DeLays Hometown) 7:30 a.m. report

drudge3 has updated his 'analysis' of the numbers

Feel a bit left out in these Repuke locked states??

5 PM EST Reaffirmation....KERRY IN A LANDSLIDE

Very alarming phone calls...

W, Rest in Peace (politically)

Boy. Just Imagine All The Shredding of Documents Going On Right Now.

The "Tin Foil Hatters" Saved Us From Further "Terrorist" Attacks.

Just got off the phone with my born-again Christian buddy.

I Voted More Than Once

Meltdown in Freeperville!

Is there any chance of the Dems taking back the Senate today?

Will Hannity, Limbaugh, et al. support the prez during wartime?

LOL!! David Gergan says * HAS united the country!

Holy Toledo, Bush* is gonna work all the way until 8:00 PM!!!!!!!!

Hey... There's a Football game on tonight!

Two candidates have taken 49 states

My boss is voting JK! Said she had one issue, the Supreme Court!

Why the young people are voting this time..

Does Missouri Still Have a Chance for Kerry?

Get out of President Kerry's house, you moronic shaved ape!

Just voted in CA

My Michigan polling place (Heavy Dem) runs out of "I voted" stickers.

Serious Question about women who hate Teresa...

Bob Barr lobbies for Kerry! Really!

OK people, let's bring this puppy home!

When Will Georgie Porgie Head For Crawford???

Sean Hannity choking back tears ...

What I'd like to see from the new Kerry administration . . .

maybe i won't be playing leonard cohen's 'everybody knows' tonight

Bush had no mandate, yet still governed like he did

BREAKING: Charles Barkley says he'll run for Govenor of Alamaba

"Dont Stop Thinking About Tomorrow" Remember the feeling you got

Like father , like son...4 years and he's done ( I hope) n/t

listening to Shultz, Ed Shultz

Young Voters

Will Hannity congratulate President Kerry?

Any early reports from Texas...How is Delay doing?

I just got a recorded call from this two bit republican hack

Zogby prediction

What can B*sh do between now and Jan in terms of EOs?

Teachers. How was your class attendance this afternoon?

All this "War President" crap is nonsense

After 9/11 someone said, "the US is a sleeping giant until

Somewhere in Texas

Can a presidential pardon be blocked?

Where'd they get the Crosseyed guy on CNN. They couldn't find a non

Best quote of the day so far!

This nation's future is at stake.

Kerry Mandate: Restore wall btw Church and State?

Good site for media updates from Boston........

***Important message from President Bush***

The polls are still open! Make sure all your non-pod-people friends...

Funny polling place picture...

Is Daschle going to lose?

Do Faux think the game is up?

Do We Really Want To Go Back To The Clinton Years?

Why the Republicans blaming 9/11 for the economy downfall?

Talking Chicken teachs Arab kids to use AK-47 (too funny)

Corporate 3 Strikes

Stiffed by a Freep today at work!

Fat lady sighted, sheet music in hand.

John Kerry's first major message to the country should be:

FOUR more HOURS....FOUR more HOURS....


DU...give yourself some credit!

Do you think George is more afraid of losing this election or...

Remember That CIA Report Due out Tommorow

What Will Be Happening At The White House after the defeat

Hannity is trying to prepare his kool-aid drinkers for the worst.

Photo: The Kerry's Off to Vote!

Election Results on your cell phone?

I hope Zogby is right!

These talking heads are going to have to do some soul-

Will there be any surprise states tonight?

It's midnight in Germany, and DU appears to be nearly empty of posters

Is there a DU IRC chat anywhere?

Very light turnout in my polling place (Riverside County, CA)


When will results start coming in?

Voting done, now serious drinking

Kerry Should Appoint Al Gore To The Supreme Court

does anyone still have those screen shots from last night?

Lou Dobbs introduces Robert Novak as a man "known by several different

Paul Krugman just emailed me...

When will Bush be pulled aside and told the harsh facts..

Does this happen to anyone else?

I'm buying champagne on the way home...

Has there been any update on Bab's nervous breakdown?

my daughter voted for the first time today!

At work today, my supervisor jokingly asked me...

THE JUDY WOODRUFF SONG (To the tune of "Judy's Turn To Cry")

Getting more and more worried these people are about to pull a diebold

faux news update

The VOTE Heard 'Round the World!

Ah, thanks, Kos, for your Guardian article "The Good Doctor's Medicine"

Wow...CNN looks like the set of Jeopardy!

Okay everybody, at what time tonight will the cable TV whoring peak?

Republicans are ignorant

The margins of victory must be beyond the capacity of republicans

My freeper mom just conceded!!!!!

RW Big Mistake....They PISSED OFF the BLACK FOLK!!!

Jon Stewart leads "most trusted anchor" poll

If Rove handled Democrats, would he still be a "genius"?

If it goes for Kerry...are the "boys in white coats" preparing straight

Pa... 2 polling places will be open later than they were suppose to be.

Bret Hume Is Wearing A Blue Tie! Should We Let The Weasel Slide Over?

Why do the networks need to predict the vote?

POLL: what are you gonna do tonite to celebrate?

Boy, MSNBC is talking A LOT about Virginia

Could this be the end of a Repub. presidency for a LONG time?

Oh, I see, now FAUX is yucking it up

DU this nifty little report card poll

WV goes to Bush. as per CBS n/t

i live in VA, and i accept flowers and candy

How is it Yahoo! is calling states already?

Georgia still has long lines just to let people know

ABC ONLY network talking of Gay Marriage

Where is teh best place to watch this stufff...

will Novak die in prison?

WOW! CNN must be psychic!


Where can you get those yellow jackets??


No Matter What, I Can't Wait for the Daily Show

Air America knocked off the air - anyone streaming?

Jan Schneider leading Katherine Harris in Florida

I love watching Dan Rather on election night

My suggestion to all of you.....

Generations of Voters

What is the issue that you are most concerned about in this election?

Questioned by the French tv, Perle seems to be very pessimist

My girlfriend got vistited by Freep-teens

Just voted

My belief that Rove is on the phones

How does one understand the electoral college

I wonder what would happen if

MSNBC just called a dozen states,

Does Anyone Know If NBC Decided To Still Use Limbaugh

who will deserve credit if kerry wins? (besides kerry)

* takes Virginia...

ACK! I can't stand it!

I'm on the edge on my seat.

What were you doing 4 years ago tonight?

People in Iraq are dying because of lies yet "gay marriage" is an issue of

They are trying to supress west coast voting and Hawaii by calling early

OMG! bu$h is leading 102-77

MSNBC guest -- "30 Repub, Get-out-the-vote vans had their tires slashed!

Snap out of it!

Kerry ahead in NH and Missouri for the time being.....

to our gay friends on DU and in Georgia,

Outside of Chimpy who makes your blood boil just at the sight of him?

Repugs only know attack when they are wrong & back the wrong horse!

CNN and other media morons are calling states such as VA, NC, SC where

Ohio 3% reporting 52% to 46% Kerry

My experience holding a Kerry sign at a very bush poll in TN

ha ha From Bartcop's page - This yellow dog knows what to do

Paper, Touchscreen or Optical Scan?

Josh Marshall's site down?

These assholes are driving me nuts, all spinning bullshit-

I'm officially over CNN

So did you see the early LA results on MSRNC?

Is the Daily Show really on for two hours tonight?

BREAKING NEWS: CNN projects Bush will win Louisiana.

pat robertson's "bush victory" prophecy?

Wasn't Gore leading at this stage of the game...

Zogby is So Far right On

Hey Dolstein, looks like I owe you $100. My lovely state has

Day 3: Pics from the book, 2/15: THE DAY THE WORLD SAID NO TO WAR.

It's very slow here tonight.

Hope I don't get flamed here, but...

I'm watching MSNBC and listening to Air America.

Watching election returns this early is like staring into the sun...

It's time to: Get Up, Stand Up!!!!

171bush 112 kerry sorry numbers just changed

Do you have any respect for people finally voting for the 1st time?

Freeper version of visibility

However Florida goes - PROPS to Broward County!!!!

history channel showing a Stalin bio documentary

AP: Nader Less of a Factor in 2004 Election

Kudos From Canada & All The Best Tonight....

Does anyone think the election will be finalized tonite?

Kerry needs a rally?

It's not OVER YET!!!

176 bush 112 kerry its still ok

165 BUSH 112 KERRY stay clam

CSPAN caller just said that CA might go for bu$h.

win or lose tonight

buck up, people.

everyone relax and watch the west coast even things up

God this thing is going so slow. Its like watching paint dry.

Tom DeLay won.

how hard is it to move to canada if youre a student

NBC now projecting MO with Bush, but the St. Lunatics were giving

North Carolina needs to purge it's idiot population.

OMFG! Take a break-DU Comedy Central for a breath of fresh air!!!!!

"If Bush Wins Again I Fear For America"

How can we get the networks

Bev Harris will be on Coast to Coast with George Noory tonight

PA predicted fo Kerry....CBS

College Republicans

My baby's daddy!!!!!!!!

Polls in California

I freaking HATE Katherine Lanpher!!!!

Why does * have 203 now?

Look out! Cynthia McKinney's back!

Be cool

Kerry's Win in PA

So preoccupied with the election, I just fell down a flight of stairs.


Know how, when you're REALLY hurt, Morphine won't get you high?

Nader=Alan Keyes

I've been pretty quiet tonight but now I have to speak up

South Dakota Senate Race

OMFG! This is so goddamned transparent, I could vomit!

Funny thing i saw on cnn

I'm Sorry. This Is So Surreal That I Just Gotta Laugh Now.

Take a 3 minute stress break! I have just the thing.

Something is Very Wrong Out there....NC numbers don't add up...Media

Keep positive people! We are still in it!

How About A Moratorium On New Members

Bush has gotten all he will get!

Give Nader credit for this.

Republican voters should be prepared to join the armed forces

Been lurking for a LONG time.... COME ON OUT LURKERS!!

Diebold will fix OH for Dumbass

Is our Nation smart enough to choose it's leaders?

8:10PM PST....Zogby Prediction Still Holds True

NPR saying that the pubs will hold at least 51 seats in the senate.

I know we will pull it out on the west coast!!!

I'm staying awake all night!

This is depressing me

A little pic for you worrywarts out there before beddy-bye time.

Is This A Sick Media Trick

Religion is killing this country- what will it take to break it's grasp?

if anybody is feeling tense try this slap shrubya

Faux is reporting 210 to 144 for *ush

Clearly neither side can claim a sweeping mandate...

If we somehow lose, does anybody feel like quitting? I DIDN'T THINK SO!

Doom! DOOOM!!!

Look: It not the people in this country,It the voting system.BBV. n/t

Affirmitive Action

Why haven't we heard from New Hampshire?

I this is the youth vote then they are just asking for a draft

Oil. Oil oil oil oil. Oil profits. Oil. OIL

SO, are they hacking the modems after all ???...

why is everyone freaking out?

This whole fucking country is nuts

Quit trashing the youth vote. Seriously.


September 11th, 2001

Bill Kristol: *Actual* Bush vote 4-5% better than the exit polls....

I live in a nation of absolute fucking morons

Canadian Election Coverage vs American Election Coverage

Anyone else put a bet on the outcome?


OHIO OMG!!!!!!!1

MSNBC guest -- "30 Repub, Get-out-the-vote vans had their tires slashed!

Polling station hours likely to be extended

ACLU Sues Over Late Absentee Ballots

Breaking: DU users of LBN give rave reviews to the Mods: developing

Day of the Dead: The Haunting of the White House By Cynthia McKinney and

Writer hit by police at poll (West Palm Beach)

Most new voters in areas that went for Gore in 2000 (Ohio)


Three die in gas pipeline accident in western Kazakhstan

US ; Armitage going to South Asia

Bush, Kerry Sprint Toward Finish Line

OHIO Totals Already Posted!!!!???

US military cast ballots by mail, fax and email

Rove on Fox News Right Now!

Cost of 2004 Elections: $4B and Counting

Retired General backs Halliburton Whistle-blower

AP: Lack of poll workers may cause delays

Presidential Election Handed Off to Voters

Court OKs Voter Challengers at Ohio Polls

Both sides ready to litigate in Florida

Kidnappers Release 2 of 4 Iraqi Guards

G.O.P. in Ohio Can Challenge Voters at Polls

US claims journalist killed in fire fight

It's no joke, it may be W, with Edwards in Veep Seat [NYDN]

Republican election suit rejected

U.N. Sends Nuclear Inspectors to S. Korea

Two killed, 11 wounded, in car bomb attacks on Iraqi security forces-Mosul

Suspected car bomb kills at least five in Baghdad

Some weather problems for Election Day

N.H. Cast Nation's 1st Election Day Votes -they tied!

Anti-insurgency hot line set up in Iraq

Sudan army surrounds Darfur camps

13,000 Ballots Rushed From Voting Site, Must Be Recounted

Two killed, 11 wounded, in car bomb attacks on Iraqi security forces

Cheney heads to Jackson (Carpetbagger. Go back to Halliburton)

Zarqawi Group Shows Beheading of Japanese-Web (on US flag)


Ballots delivered before mail-truck mishap

State to pay in teen's death (Thanks Jeb Bush)


Iranian Nobel winner sues the US

Yahoo news: Lines of Voters Try to Cast Ballots Early

AP: Car Bomb Kills 8 in Baghdad

Egypt rejects charges IAEA chief helping it with secret nuclear program

Voting 2004: This time it's personal

More Concerns About Weapons, Expertise Available to Iraqi Insurgents

Gunman kills Dutch film director

Fallujah militants say U.S. attack to be bloody

Citigroup fights 'baseless' claims in Parmalat lawsuit

Drudge Debunked: Early votes in phily machines came from LIFETIME counter

Layoffs begin today for Vought (253) aircraft workers in Stuart (FL)

U.S. soldier kidnapped in Iraq

Fed Court Clears Ohio GOP Reps to Challenge Voters' Eligibility

Daily Endorsement Tally: Bush Has a Big Day, But Kerry is Still Eking Out

IRS Investigating over 60 Charities on Political Activities

A Change in the Airwaves After Election?

International observers test their mettle in US elections

Vandalism is sign of the times Election tension creates mayhem for politi

MSNBC's Voter Alert Page - Shows # of Calls To Voter Alert Line

Heavy voter turnout across the region (Pittsburgh SW PA)

Marine major faces court-martial in Iraq prisoner abuse case

Judge Partially Grants Sen. Daschle Requst (sic)

Hazmat Incident Forces Evacuations At N.J. Elementary School!

Bomb Threat Made To Central Phoenix Polling Place

Saddam's Family Dismisses Defense Lawyer

Zogby - "Watch PA, VA, CO for surprises"

50 years of trip-wire weirdness end as US leaves Korean border

U.S. job cuts top 100,000 (for October)

Zogby - "Watch PA, VA, CO, Florida for surprises"

European press voices anxiety, dread over 'mother of all elections' in US

bin Laden aims to bankrupt USA (WaPo)


Spectacular attacks stop Iraq north oil flows

ABC takes a cut at Faux and Drudge!

GOP doing all it can to keep minorities from voting (Jesse Jackson)

Ohio tally may take weeks

Flynt: 'I'll flee if Bush wins'

Drudge reports 2000 votes already on voting machines. (don't overreact)

US. Soldier Kidnapped in Iraqi City

Reuters: Iraqi Rebels Hit Ministry, Oil, Security Forces...

Poll watchers descend on Nevada

World looks at U.S. election with uncommon intensity

Dem memo may violate ethics rules

UAE president dies

This time, networks to make calls cautiously

Kerry Leads In Four Pivitol States - Zogby (!!!)

Turkey refutes reports on agreement with US on Kirkuk

Exit polls snapshot (2:00 pm) Not Bad !!

Explosives from Iraq found in Nagpur

Final Pre-election Harris Polls: Still Too Close to Call but Kerry Makes M

MSNBC AIR: OH Fed Judge Rules for Dems

It looks like GOP has the House locked up

Group Challenges Sinclair Licenses!!!!!

Bush Wins Vote in Tiny N.Hampshire Hamlet (All 11 registered repugs voted)

14,000 Florida "Felons" Barred from Voting (via false GOP challenges)

Early voting problems reported around New Orleans

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 2 November

Stock Market retreats quickly; exit polls predict Kerry win

House gets ready for 269-269 (GOP rule change for EV tie-breaker votes)

Heavy voting reported across Iowa

Marines prep for a shifting enemy (Fallujah Offensive Within Days?)

Report: AOL to cut 700 jobs

VNS early exit polls

One Louisiana camp confident, other hoping to confound pollsters

Paper denied access at polls

Bush insists Bin Laden won’t influence US election

Captors threaten to handover British hostage to al-Zarqawi

Confusion Greets Voters in Some Precincts (Ohio - Cincinnati Enquirer)

Many Disabled People Unable To Vote

International observers watch election in Albuquerque

Supreme Court allows Republicans to challenge voters at Ohio polls

Zogby calling election for Kerry

Federal Court Overturns Ohio Ban on Reporters in Polling Places

John Kerry’s lawyers wear smiles, ties -The Hill

Report: CARE Hostage Faces Transfer To Al-Qaida

Man Comes Forward As Web Site Originator (

Check out the LONG>>>>> Lines in Georgia on CNN now N/T

U.S. stocks jarred by early call favoring Kerry

1,000,000 copies of Eminem's Mosh served by

GOP Posts Thousands of Challengers in Ohio

Rest of the World Drawn Into U.S. Race

Court OKs Party Challengers at Ohio Polls

Venezuela deploys troops in disputed poll states

UN Refugee ship "Tampa" boarded in Los Angeles

Palm Beach Slams BushCo: Bush bunker collapsed

Americans Turn Out in Droves to Vote

Judge orders GOP to halt poll tactics

Rock the Vote Irks Republicans

Bush friends Putin and Berlusconi together on US election night

Bush Philosophical at End of Campaign

Second Election Appeal Reaches High Court

Russian Scientist Surrenders Arms-Grade Plutonium

British Lawmakers To Vote Whether To Ban Smacking Children

Bush votes and calls for decisive end to election (LOL)

Allegheny County Keeps Pittsburgh Voting Open Until 9:30 PM!

2004 Not a Breakout for Youth After All

Kerry Takes Lead in Online Futures After Poll Reports

Woman Takes 5 People Hostage at N.C. Plant

Turkey Plans Possible Iraq Incursion

... and is it fair for bear hunters to use pizza bait?

Reuters disputes US version of cameraman's death

U.S. Voters Wait for Hours to Cast Ballots for Kerry, Bush

(Patti) LaBelle Can't Think About Bush Winning

Large turnout expected as Californians face massive ballot

How can we get the networks

Four Jordanian drivers kidnapped in Iraq: report

Philippines troops clash with Muslim separatists in south

Solana unveils Mid East plan

Kerry Overpowers Bush on Black Vote

US Marshal Charged With Murder

Report: Dutch filmmaker murdered

Republicans Retain Control of Senate

Electronic Voting Machine Woes Reported

Breaking: ABC reporting Bush is calling reporters into the White House

Texas Executes Man on Election Night

Breslin Files Last Regular Column

BBC Breaking: UAE President Shaikh Zayed has died

National Guard recruit goals fall short

Most Indian-Americans favor Kerry

Al-Jazeera calls new video of CARE hostage 'too graphic' to air

I will be doing Montel Williams show for multiple sclerosis at the Improv

Woman Accused of Swerving a Mans Penis

Dixville Notch should be voting soon

The Dixie Chicks at John Kerry's Inaugural Ball


My 100th post!---Newbies, check in and be counted.

I demand a recount in the New Hampshire primaries, Hamm won


Bush League (contemp christian country against bush)

I just scared a black bear out of my driveway

I'm sorry for my "shitty" thread


I Demand My Ham Sandwich BE GIVEN BACK!

I demand that the Ham Party be on ballots nation wide

"The Donnas" on Letterman Tonight!

500 posts?! I gotta get a life.

I think Bush is gonna cry!!

CORRECTION: Dixville Notch voted 21-5 for Bush in 2000, this year 19-7

On my 501st post I bid you all g'night and dreams of a DAMN GOOD tomorrow!

Good Night DU

Remember Why You Are Here

Did anyone around here catch the OHIO Rally

I demand the Hamm brothers be eaten by black bears, while I count my gold

What election? The NBA SEASON Starts November 2nd!!!

Springsteen....CSPAN " No Surrender"

We will win this one

Quick..comedy central...its it now..n/t

What is this Dix Ville's Crotch?

Cold leftover Falaffel

Just Got IM'd after being on line only 3 minutes

I was gonna post something here - then I got high

What is a freeper circle jerk ?

A Great Falaffel Recipie

Ok, freepers. This is your last chance to come out as you planned.

I've decided not to vote tomorrow!

How I will spend my election day

The first genuine picture of me for DU (in honor of the coming victory)

What election? The NBA SEASON Starts November 2nd!!!

I'm so happy I might get naked. I also think I should shave something...

I'm gonna throw some red meat to my base...

Call Me A Flip Flopper .....

I got me some Amish shoo-fly pie!

It's quiet...

I think I'm an existentialist, don't ask me anything!

Help with pictures of Kerry

Trick-or-treaters get beer tossed in bags

Has Ben Affleck been doing any campaigning for Kerry recently?

Who's house?

I went to my best friends bar tonight.....It's a Democratic/union bar

what is this dixville notch

Any new Election Day Bumper Stickers?

Electronic paper!

Who will not be voting Nov. 2?

Keyshawn Johnson: Female reporter needs spanking

I am up late and miss my kitty......

Are we going to have an AIM chat room for election day?

DU'ers on Livejournal, check out my election day post!

Dan rather keeps calling my erection "Hot and tight"

Someone freakin tell me to go to bed

A church-house gin house...

What is your favourite site on the net?

Dan Rather keeps on calling my confection, a confection

It would appear my secret's out

My stuff

Hey DUers...

Ok I just broke out of the hospital

No Stolen Elections - take the pledge

Here's number 715! I've passed the Babe

Listening to the new Queen Latifah album...

good lord ...

GOT NYQUIL ? ask me to shut up

GOT NYQUIL ? ask me to shut up

It's the hippie Star Trek episode! It's the hippie Star Trek episode!

Happy Election Day from wacky OHIO!!!

Do roasts exist?

hey! i have a *great* idea to stop voting machine screwups...

Ghost Pictures and Observations

Dan Rather keeps calling the election "hot and tight"

I can't sleep!

Steve Bell on who may be watching the election!

Bugs and Armadilla's of Crawford Texas, BEWARE!!!!

Favorite Liberal Quotes

i cant study, i cant sleep. its election day.

why are republicans so fucking immature?

I can honestly say I've never despised a single human being

On the eve of battle.

What's so civil about war anyway?

I'm ambivalent. Ask me anything. I'll either answer or I won't.

Why is today important? Because ...

Between Packers,Red Sox, and Tarot cards its in the bag..

Vandals glue shut Australian betting shop doors

Happy Election Day, you guys. Get out and do it to them ...

And the Tarot Cards Say?

This is Myself and My Unicorn Princess on Trick or Treat night

ok since Wv has "no electioneering" laws, this is what I created

Anyone else here too pumped up to sleep?

Jesus loves me...

Best wishes for the election tomorrow from Australia

I've got to let it all out!

I am out of here, I am going to go vote.

here we go

Well, time to make some RabrrrrrrCoffee. Who's in?

This is my Profile on AOL.

DU this freeper poll!

BBC Website users' views on the election.....Some people are idiots.

The most important day of my life.

I'm having Garlic toast & Beer for breakfast

Cast my Kerry vote this morning!

Good morning DU! Can you smell change in the air? I can!

Tucker Eskew is a

Here we go!

Is anyone else reminded of 1992 right now?

I've exercised, showed, dressed....

Yeah, the President sucks.

People used to live entire life in same area...

What do Ann Coulter, heroin, and the CortiSlim lifestyle have in common?

I miss early 90s hip hop!

HOT DAMN!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile in Freeperville

Quote for the day

Does John E. O'Neill wear a toupee?

Rabrrrrrr it's time for your poem to Carl Rove

Finally, the time has come!

Go Johnny go ! GO GO !! Go Johnny go ! GO GO !! Go Johnny go ! GO GO !!

I just woke up with this George Strait song stuck in my head- a good omen?

Shrub a Dub Dub

Newsday Endorses Kerry

I'm porn watching later and have a precoital headache

I'm poll watching later and I have a sinus headache

Out of the Mouths of Babes.....

Looking for the video of Bush trying to think of mistakes.

John Kerry locks children inside Skinner boxes!

Need election day support/therapy-My family is nutz!

Who else voted in pajamas?

Will Hedges unmask?

"get your cLuck on"

Did the dipshit just say "prognosticator" on CNN?

I'm in bed alone AGAIN

i'm wearing a kerry t-shirt at work today

Ron Reagan on Stern now

My 6-year-old voted for Kerry yesterday

Can someone help me take this mask off?

What will be your celebratory song if Kerry wins??

After we win Skinner should....

Incidentally, It's OK to Eat Falafel...

NPR totally and completely sucks!

Anyone else take PTO this election day?

it's so hard to choose who to vote for

Post Your Positive Thoughts Here! Spread the Love DU!

I voted for Kucinich

A conundrum.

Election Day Playlist

Who's pissed?

Voting is for old people.

Should I head over to the Hotel Marlowe

When you get caught between the moon and New York City


Who else is turned on by all the knob-twiddling and lever-pulling?

Happy Days are Here Again!

Election Night Survival Guide:

Volunteering as soon as my mom arrives to babysit; need vibes!

This is the fire.

I was almost confronted this morning at the polls

Is there a backup hangout planned for us junkies in case

The Nazis are coming! The Nazis are coming! CAPTION

"Mr.Keyes, there are flights available right now"


Every presidential candidate I've ever voted for has lost -- should I....

A Victory Celebration Party invitation for *everyone* in Orlando

Tomorrow night, Barbara Bush will...

Ohio is funny

Mama T is going to be a GREAT First Lady!

My Boss Just Got In After Voting in Colorado Springs

Cartoon: Steve Bell/Guardian

I want to walk into the polling booth and yell "You're fired!" as I

I voted for Kerry!

A Repug ex-friend of mine sounds wistful today.

Bush Administration PTSD

Haven't seen Josh_Strength today. Where's my baby?

Are there any threads specifically about today's election?

TENSION RELIEVER - My funny Dan Quayle/CSPAN story

The sun just came out!

I was surprised today at our polling place

Caption: "Scaring American voters since 1996"

Ok.. I just alienated half of my town

Everybody check in and look at this picture if you get discouraged!

I just passed the US citizenship test - ask me anything

Are you allowed to vote if you have been drinking?

Good luck from Norway - please read

Limbaugh and Kagan to marry? (vomiting sound)

vote to save traditionaL marriage!

Top Ten Punchlines To Dirty Election Jokes

Tomorrow is my birthday: I want a beaten Bush, gift wrapped, please

go buy the new APC cd

Please, think of the kittens.

I was sixth in my precinct to cast my ballot. Ask me anything.

I saw republican fear today!

'Suspicious-looking' avocado triggers bomb scare

Do Ghosts Exist?

I'm too agitated to work. How am I supposed to get anything done?

From the "too little, too late" department -

I have band practice tonight and two of the guys are repugs......

Who did Tweety vote for?

someone pintch me please

Text messaging help needed.

Those people that say "Kerry is scary" - You know, it's a good thing

I just drank coffee for the first time

A Fantastic New Martini!

Here's a game to break the tension . try your skill at Trebuchet.

The Special Election-Day Best Movie of All Time Poll

I voted

What I'm wearing today...

A friend called to thank me for motivating her to vote-first time in years

Okay, I've been up since yesterday afternoon.

what do the "x" marks in the left hand column mean

President Kerry should nominate Anita Hill for the Supreme Court

Well, I'm off to vote during lunch hour., and will...

Daddy's taking Garrison to vote today.

Write the headline.... in tomorrow's newspaper:

Going to the movies to see "Ray" after voting. See ya later!

george always says "a" wrong

Planning Victory Dinner

Bill Frist---Cat Murderer

Hail to the Redskins!!

I'm heading out to canvass for Kerry

I'm listening to my Les Miserables CD.

You knew it was coming sooner or later -- "THE IRAQ WAR: The TV Series

What is a flame?

Yo - where's Matcom?

Just a reminder

A personal thank you to the following people who have since passed on

DU- I want to take this time to thank every one of you. Its been crazy but

Trivia question- Which President got Americans eating BBQ?

Just got back from passing out sample ballots, ask me something

I was taking a little cat nap

Some amusing results just in.....+ a voters' guide:

I am voting straight dem today!!

The *OFFICIAL* completely-non-election-related thread.

I Can't Believe It's Finally Here!

Post a pic of yourself with your voting receipt!

Velma just called me from her precinct - holy shit, y'all!

Is there some sort of election or voting thing going on today?

The "Stages of Grief" CAPTION

One small drop...

I'm crying right now.

I just fired my Insurance Clerk.

Better film to feature a severed ear as a plot device?

Any returning voters see any black hoody masses voting?

Lost Control, Gave Finger

Allow me to be the first to say:

Congratulations JONI MITCHELL!!!!!

Who else is sick of the "God Bless America" commercial on AAR?

You Deserve A Break Today!!! (AFTER GOTV & Voting!)

any one seen the Loretta Lynn/ Jack White video?

I am all butterflies in my stomach!!!

Guess the Adelphia Guy Didn't like my porch sign!

These will be among the happiest words I ever say to my daughters

ok... I'm off to save Democracy

Bob Mould's "I See a Little Light:" perfect soundtrack for today.

I just took out the trash...

Life is just a bowl of cherries...

I got a letter from the local RCMP sergeant for this editorial....

11/3/2005 (hope) - George W. Bush - 2 time loser, one termer!

My mom just said Kerry wants to get rid of Social Security.

I'm crying right now.

What should I replace my

The "Dropping All Pretenses" CAPTION

Plaidder Family Checks In And Rallies Round!!

Is there anywhere I can download Mosh without the video...

Catholics For Kerry - say a prayer with me now. -Hail Mary, Full of Grace

I got the misery and I feel so guilty

Anyone listen to Howard this morning?

Caption the Chimp!

Whose bright idea was it to do street sweeping on election day?!

Office firewall

cheese wheel ballerinas inside 74

I did not vote.

I'm going to try to weasel my Canadian ass into a vote

If Kerry wins, I'll give up....(insert poor habit here)

I just choate-ed

Important: report all bowel problems in this special thread!

I've already told the "powers that be" that I won't be in tomorrow

I just bloated!

I am NOT a disruptor- ASK ME ANYTHING!

Who's Polling Poland?

A coworker just told me she voted for the first lady and that was Laura

I'm a parrot, ask me anything...

This is how I feel today.

Groan....yet another comic book film with a "completely new" origin

Songs for George.

so, just Let me introduce myseLf

What have been your party preparations?

20 questions before bed.....

I love Kevin Smith

For my 1,000th post, tell me... would you have sex with Bush and Cheney?

How do I post a picture

I think there's going to be some bad news tonight, unfortunately.

Latest sexist poLLs

Post Here If First Time Ever Standing In Such A Long Line To Vote

Be carefull the grammar patrol is out in full force today!

I just voted for *

Hey I would vote but there's this here law that says I cant

DU this poll (sort of)

Which CD should I Play?

Election Day Surrealism Thread

I go home in one hour!!!

When George loses tonight..will he have a "pretzel malfunction?"...hahaha

I'm Going Home - Leaving Work - Can't Take It Anymore

Can someone photoshop some bars in front of this face?

for those with dish and other providers- tune in

About to head to the liquor store...

I'm Going To The Movies Tonight

I saw a great bumper sticker today...


Anybody have a valium

Didn't you guys say that Bonnie Raitt was a republican?

Heeeeeerrrrreeeeeeee's RANDI!!

No Way, I REFUSE to vote for John Kerry today.

GTA: San Andreas progress thread (NO SPOLIERS PLEASE)

The "It's Finally Sinking In" CAPTION

My DAD voted Kerry!!

Did George Bush vote for himself?

The "Last Refuge of a Scoundrel" CAPTION

4 more hours before the polls close, friends.

browser problem (IE...of course!)

ToGWB: Last-minute message from Dear Leader

What are you making for our Kerry Victory Party tonight ?

Check out my Election Day cartoon


Another song for today...Here Comes The Sun...

I just saw someone argue with the grocery clerk about the offensive beans.

If you take away the Bible Belt, the GOP would never win national election

The rhyming game!

Hows the vote in Alaska? The marijuna issue.... who'd you guys vote for?

I'd step over my own mother for a Boston Creme Donut right now...

Which is better? M*A*S*H* the movie or tv show?

I'm havin' a good day!!!!!

Report here for your Election Day group hug

Choose Sean Hannity's New Tag Line

Check out my pimp new icon.

I just bought Slayer 'STILL REIGNING' DVD - Don't ask me anything

Yay! Only 2 more hours til I cast my ballot.

Great Chicken recipe for celebration dinner tonight!

People are ethuistastic for Kerry here in Virginia

I'm about to lose control and I THINK I LIKE IT!

Overheard my neigbor's tv: turnout is huge!

On Another Note: I'm In The Middle Of Reading The Da Vinci Code

What is your most vivid Election 2004 memory?

My 8 yo niece almost broke my heart today

I'm not voting at all.

New record for voting outside a district!

Citrus Heights Pursuit Ends In Backyard Pool

Hey Comic Book fans! Separated at birth?

from what you've heard / seen , who is winning?

Word association game.

I couldn't resist...I went to freeperland...

Report here for your Erection Day group hug

bye baby bye

Does Dimson still have Saddam's pistol >

Vanessa Kerry called me


I just voted for the first time in my life

Need a good laugh?

Anyone seen the movie 'Saw' ?


Grand Theft Auto fans give the election to Kerry!!!

OK here goes my Wife is going to do a Tarot reading to see the Outcome

My tiny retirement investment plan is always losing money.

I'm staying up until we get the results - who's with me?

Incredible rate of posts in GD:2004- less than 8 hours worth in 20 pgs.

Ok guys before I head back up to the school to do more work

Chant with me

I don't care what anyone says,

What is Barbara Bush doing right now?

One more vote against Bush!! Hoo-hah!

Have I missed any juicy "unmaskings?"

60 posts to 4,000....who wants to validate me?

When should I pop the cork?

All right Ladies and Gentlemen - I'm leaving to VOTE!!! See you in a few

Slap the Canidates!

What's with all the Garth Brooks impersonations on CNN? Check Crossfire!!

I love Move-On

FYI: Dish Network Channel 100 Election Coverage

The Next Time You See Me, My Avatar Will Have CHANGED!

¡¡¡DOGS 4 KERRY!!!

The Official "Hi Bertha" Thread

Just saw an amusing ad for the election coverage tonight on dutch TV

Whos gonna get some

Will someone please recommend a good champagne?

Help me think up new name....

DU is running very smoothly.


Think * is jonesing for a drink about now?

Help me out with dinner....

I HAVE to Post Something Non-Election AND Non-Sports, So....

Is Skinner a Flip-Flopper?

It's all over now Mr. B

I voted for Kerry! (I think????) Wartrace, Tennessee.

Do You Come To DU Mostly For POLITICAL Or PERSONAL Talk?


So what is this I keep hearing about "the biggest erection of our lives?"

What shall I toast with tonight?

My tonsils SUCK!


Bit Torrent client suggestions

Twelve-year-old girl drove truck, led Chino police on wild chase


Hey Barney,

KleoKat Votes 4 Kerry

I just ate a packet of salt. Ask me anything.

I just voted and wanted to check in and say thanks.

Hey... There's a Football game on tonight!

I use "LOL"

10 posts 'til 2000. Ask me anything non-election related...

Rock the Vote!

I'm lost! help me find my way back to the political threads!

3 word Story

I'm a bag of nerves & I have mid terms today

I can't believe we're an hour and a half away from the first polls closing

Why can't everyone vote like we do in Vermont?

Do you like my new avatar?

What exactly is a 'douchebag'?


Will we get to see a Bush concession speech?

Are we winning?


Does anyone know anything about Saint Bernards?

Just goes to show... Don't doubt the Redskins predictor

Why did God make mothers?

KERRY wins my APARTMENT: So goes the nation!!!

Slap the Chimp!

new Hannity advertiser Pizza Hut

Just when you thought the Toad couldn't get more obstreperous...

Give * a brain game. - "Kill a few minutes waiting for results."

I am getting ZERO WORK done today!

How badly will Bush Screw America while a lame duck??

From the Guardian: US presidential election 2004: quiz

I'm Ralph Klein - Ask me anything!!!!!!!!

Can I play "The Revolution Starts Now" YET?


Awesome pictures taken on campus today...


Thank you DU and members

One of my employees just called me, 20 minutes before she is supposed

Bye everyone for now

I don't think we'll have to wait after tonight.

New bumper sticker...

Whilewe wait....songs about Boston and Texas

What is the file name for the I Voted avatar?

Dinner and a movie

Awesome message in the window of a UWSP Residence Hall...

My very last Michigan ballot

What do you think Bush will do when he realizes he's lost?

Is It Just Me... Or Is James Carville Not Looking So Well For His Age?

President Kerry's first new job

*Opens Cryogenic Chamber - Casts Vote*

I've noticed something about our avatars today.

I will miss you guys SO MUCH tonight!

I'm more psyched about Dan Rather's nutso commentary than anything else.

When did Jonathan Alter (Newsweek) lose the toupee?


Okay... I Admit It! I'm A Gloater.

Should MrsGrumpy change her name to something less grumpy if

Notice anything different about my avatar now?

Talkin Bout A Revolution - Tracy Chapman

One other thing about tonight...this is going to push our post counts...

I'm popping Valiums in my mouth like their tic tacks

Are the results from early voting being figured into the exit polling

Anyone seen my sock?

Play the Game: Give Chimp a Brain

As soon as Bush gives his Concession Speech... I am going to

Clinton on CSpan2 Right Now

Got any poll challengers that need their asses kicked?

soooo....When's Election Day, anyways? n/t

How long did it take you to VOTE?


For our friends here who couldn't vote

Minor league hockey?

Are we drunk yet?

My Co-Worker Went to Vote at 12:00


Okay, a REAL poll for those who couldn't vote:

Okay! Everyone give a big round of applause to the mods.

Okay, so in reality Alexander the Great was gay

My mom who lives in Illinois VOTED

Should we be gracious?

I just had the most fun!

big party in hoboken- liberals only

I have a victory can of Vernors chilling away in anticipation of our win

Leslie Stahl Looks Like A Giant Paxil...


PLEASE Join In The Fun!

For my 5,000th post I have a very important message.

I am still a commie-liberal-pinko-bi-feminist!

What is up with Leslie Stahl's hair?

Four more beers! Four more beers!



Blah, I did something on ebay that is interfering with my otherwise

Oh, the DRAMA! When will the first unmasking occur?

Oh livejournal!

It's my birthday today.......


GAME TIME: Picking teams - Which state gets picked last.

I posted this poll because:

OK, Where is Everyone Going in the DC - Baltimore Area Tonight?


OK bye everyone, time to go home, I'll miss ya'll.

I can NOT believe I forgot

So I converted to Firefox & removed Explorer but now my jpegs won't open

Rabrrrrrr's prediction for how the freeps will spin this victory

I worked my ass off in a Republican precinct & the results are

I stood on a corner with a Kerry sign in a tiny conservative town

That's it, I am going to Explode

My son just joined the Navy.

i thought a beer or two would dull the pain,

Got an amusing email from a friend in CA


Peter Jennings still has it.

my cable company doesn't offer GOTV

Anyone ever play online backgammon?

Yeah! I totally SMOOSHED that bagel!

Need help with online game player username

YO!! I got my UCONN Huskies hat on! Lets win this BABY!!! Red Sox hats ON!

Katie bar the door! Post your "Ratherisms" here...

DU medical professionals: Diabetes questions

OMG! Bill Owens and Lindsey Graham are transexual twins!

Kittens at my sister's place

Bakersfield, CA -- I voted!

Acrylic Paint, meet Acrylic Sweater...

Hello from the NC DU election party!

What election coverage are you watching or listening to?

My cats just picked the winner!

Non-election related catastrophe involving a possum

I just witnessed the fastest lightening speed reaction from mods ever!!

I've put the champagne on ice - GIVE ME AN EXCUSE TO OPEN IT!

Which beer should I choose for tonight?

The song for tonight. The song for forever.

Here! You've Just Been Given A Magical TV Remote Control...

OK, So what's so special about today again?

Two more for Kerry

THE OFFICIAL "ZEN" THREAD...(for those who are nervous)


lord save me, my room-mate just came home with a dog.

Thankyou George Bush for my love life!

My BP is 150/106. Maybe I should not watch CNN?

aaaahhhhh! aaaahhhhh!

Anyone see that shit head on CNN just now?

I have my OWN Predictor that Kerry is going to WIN...

Damn...the DU team is kicking ass tonight

It's a Rainy Night Here in Georgia and I'm a (&^#(*^^#) Basket Case

What was your dog bred for?

CNN: Fuck this Shit

How you guys holding up?

I feel good ..... I talked to CATWOMAN!! Wanna talk to me?

Franken's wearing a poncho! Is that a real poncho, or a Sears poncho?

My wife just promised me some Victory Lovin' if Kerry wins tonight!

I ordered Suse Linux 9.2 this morning, ask me anything!!

Should I take Xanax or Excedrin PM

A suggestion

I Miss Being Able To Hide Threads

I'm pacing,

History Channel running shows tonight on Hitler and Stalin

I wonder what it is like at Keyes HQ in Illinois

My anti-insanity cookoff therapy continues.

DU is telling lies about me!

What the hell is the Dixie Chicks' hairdresser thinking?

I Loathe The Way Bush Shrugs When He Giggles...

What's everyone drinkin'?

Is that a real poncho, or is that a Sears poncho?

OK, a few pictures of Berlin Election Parties

Select your method of self-medication for election anxiety

Daily Show live coverage starting now!

TOO CLOSE TO CALL?....Darn! My mind is too close to call NOW

Feeling much better

Anyone else a nervous eater?

Let's have a sex thread!

I feel so NAKED without being able to click the "My Posts" button!

Dear Travis Smiley...

It's Pat Buchanan's birthday today

Is the level 4 DU cooler than the regular one?

I HATE when I lose my beer.

Lots of perverts here... with your "xxx" posts.

I like having "xxx posts". Makes me feel naughty!

LOL. I actually thought this would be settled tonight. Good night, friends

Is Randi Rhodes on AAR?

FUCK!! Should I Go To Bed Or Stay Up?????

Alan Keyes is now quoting Scripture. Get the fuck out of my state, ok?

I'm not SUPPOSED to be worried sick about an American election goddammit!

Daily Show!!

CHAIN SMOKING 4 THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'Porn-name game' to help ease the pain of election day!

Went to the movies. Saw RAY. Can you give me an AMEN!

Can I just say, I love Al Sharpton!

Det.'s Ben Wallace just put back a Rasheed miss with so much intensity

my next door neighbor died...

After driving three hours home from PA, I am enjoying

I'm off to bed.

I just got in from work, folks. We GI's are feeling ready for a change

Goin' into the 4th quarter down by 9

Bye bye you useless sonofabitch treasonous bastard

It's the fucking "Liberal Media", isn't it?

Official Kerry vs Bush Ohio thread

If * wins,

On this election night 2004 I'm ashamed to admit that I'm a...

Alright. I'm gonna pump my breasts and go to bed.

Gore Vidal on live on Pacifica right now....

I had a nap. Please tell me why all the xxx instead of

Hey, where's all my beer? Two in the fridge, none in the garage. Crap.

So preoccupied with the election, I just fell down a flight of stairs.

Know how, when you're REALLY hurt, Morphine won't get you high?

Who's up for a 10 ounce Hendricks Gin RabrrrrrrTini(tm)?

DU chat tonight

Thank you Canada, for This Hour Has 22 Minutes

Are the 'xxx' post counts


So what happens at Level 5 DU? No text?

I must go buy alcohol. What's it gonna be, boys?

My son married today in Boston before Bush* could stop him

Thanks for the advice on the Xanax

In Illinois

Sick, disgusted, furious-- and I think we're going to WIN!

CNN has Pennsylvania BLUE!!!

Are you guys ready to witness the destruction of the GOP?


Kerry is a strong finisher!

What's everybody smokin'?

I want to PUKE

Sigh. Another stupid computer question -- please help


Fuck it. I'm going to bed. What DVD should I watch?

Like my new glasses?

How many beers have you had so far this evening?

Who else is liquored up?


And then... the vote

Happy Days Are Here Again

DU Election Night IRC Chat!

I say we take off and nuke the country from orbit.

I HAVE To Post Something Non-Election So.............

New Bush/Cheney yard sign (truth in advertising)

Fellow DUer's, my Dad had a heart attack last night,

I'm drinking a Heineken right now. Ask me something, anything!

Did LynneSin's naked behind ever get posted???

CatWoman and Ms Uly are watching the returns in my living room!

Voter Supression at the University of Pennsylvania

Huge contrast between the Kerry and Bush rallies tonight on CSPAN

So did any of the media panelist make a call for who would win?

EXIT the junior senator from Massachusetts......ENTER

LOL! JK is going to massacre the Boy Prince!

Has anyone found any Kerry celebration graphics - icons, animated gif, etc

Here's one reason I will be relieved when * loses tomorrow

I'm actually starting to feel positive

MTV poll calls it for Kerry by 11 points

Shrub Live in Dallas

What is the first thing Kerry will do after he's done campaigning?

FWIW, Newsmax right-wing pundit predicts Kerry victory

bush's Dallas crowd doesn't look very big on C-SPAN

Republicans Cheering Wild 4 W: "Sometimes I Mangle The English Language!"

Is there going to be a state by state count somewhere

Like a bad case of herpes

Reagan has grown balls, finally getting vocal

I have a lot invested in this election....

* just said the biggest reason to vote him in

Our Reaction to a Kerry Win

Sunrise'll be seeing a lot of that sunset side now!!

Kerry speaking again....

Say it with me......YOU'LL LOVE IT !!

when is jfk retruning to boston?


60,000 at Kerry's rally tonight. How many at bush's swansong? n/t

Kerry's Cleveland Rally on NOW on C-SPAN

How bad is the weather supposed to be in Ohio tomorrow?

Who Else ISN'T Going To Sleep Tonight?

Our Reaction To A Kerry Win

If Kerry wins, who deserves the most comeupance?

George W. Bush Ain't No Cowboy

Republicans to challenge DISABLED people in BROWARD

Has Hart's Location voted yet?

Dixville notch a tie.......................THUD

Dixville Notch has voted !

malloy talking about DU thread Dixville Notch right now!

Ron Reagan -- personification of enlightened liberal

War Room on IFC now n/t

Dixville notch spread in '00 was 16 votes.....Tonight it's 12!


don't forget your hoodie's tomorrow we mosh

An Election Spoiled Rotten

Phony Dixville Notch results still GREAT news!

Dixville Notch a TIE!!!!!!

A final look at the trash we're taking out (big pics)

Dixville Notch not a tie! 19 to 7 to Chimp - Ron Reagan just

Correction on Dixville Notch

Colorado is closer than you'd think! Two polls

Dixville Notch was 19 Bush 7 Kerry

Kerry Almost Doubles Bush's Recount Funds

My pledge to DU and my country on election eve

A Cabinet Post for Al Gore, please

DU this Freeppoll

Hart, NH vote is TIED!

Freepers implode over Dixville Notch! LOL

I'm going to bed now, but I just want to thank everyone at DU and

Anybody know how Hart's Landing voted last time? NT


Hart's Location - 15-15 Tie (1 Nader) Dixville no report yet!

What Bush Threw Away - WaPo

CSPAN...Springsteen concert...Thunder Road

Want to be where the action is?

There's one thing I want to say before I go to bed

Just Got IM'd after being on line only 3 minutes

Are we to assume the total now is 34-22-1???

Freepers feeling not so good after Dixville Notch

Bush fights harder for his job than for your job!

What happends if when you wake up in the morning

The media sure is doing their part in trying to surpress the vote.

I want to thank everyone here...Have a safe election election

Reagan grows some big ones on MSNBC, now VOCAL

Did Bush just say...

Kerrys' are live in Cleveland

733,094 More Registered Voters in Texas than in 2000

The repug stratagery: Keep Florida and Ohio close enough to dispute

My prediction...

More fun, Hart's Location historical election results

Ted Koppel traveling with Kerry campaign tonight. Omen???

Any local evening news go to polling places for those already in line?

4 voters switch from Bush to Kerry in New Hampshire (14% swing)

Early voting updates?

THANK YOU to the young folks!

Freeper visited by the FBI (probably lying)

Amazingly, Kerry is sounding as impassioned as ever on NO sleep...

Results from Bedpost Notch, Vermont! A Tie!

I raise my glass in toast to all at DU

God Bless John Forbes Kerry

'Support for Bush is about resentment'

vote ohio poll,we need it!

Bush and Kerry on CSPAN

Bill Sneider and Greenfield

Californian needs work tomorrow!

The Intersection Of Stupid And Evil [GOP DIRTY TRICK]

"Bush's Brain" on Sundance Channel right now!

Are you people watching Frontline?!?!?!


President-elect Kerry

I'm going to get on my knees and pray

For fun, Dixville Notch results from History

how the hell do I sleep peacefully tonight?

no stolen elections

There are evidently too many Red Sox fans here.

DU this election. Go to this site:

found this on kerry blog/election spoiled rotten

I'd like to officially donate....

Oklahoma Senate Poll needs help too...

Is Terror alert to flip CA still a Shrub back up plan?????


The maggots are trying to make people believe that when Osama Bin

If African Americans are cheated again in Florida...I pledge

Re Real Time:: Kevin Costner, Ray Belzar, Wes Clark

Did we ever see the final Democracy Corps poll #s? link inside

On "Exit polling?"

Something's amiss...THINGS ARE TOO QUIET

Call Me A Flip Flopper .....

Come back Woody Guthrie, come back to us now....

Anyone considered that riots could occur??

bin laden is lefthanded or right hand?

It's quiet...

Good cartoon: "The Choice"


"Common Cause" asking voters to write and share voting experiences.

Bob Kerrey is the NEW ZELL MILLER!

GOTV: Us and Them from

10,000 in Milwaukee rally, according to those in the know

Watch, Listen, and Pay Attention!!

What would happen if Bush or Kerry passed away tonight?

Bush's Brain

Why GWB will win tomorrow.....

The Real 'October Surprise'

Elghindi bribed FBI agents, dumped stock 9-10-2001

Are voting lines/times as long in other places?

I thought Battleground was off by 5% in 2000?

What's IMUS prediction will be this morning

Please, just one more time. KERRY IN A LANDSLIDE!!!!!


New letters from the dead letter office...

The raging Cajun is awesome!

DU This poll...


No Stolen Elections - take the pledge



Could we win Louisiana?

MSNBC TV Right Now: Who Will Be Next President? DU this!

OHIO Vote Supression: Backlash Effect?

Ohio results already posted...bush won.


Last Ditch Wage Slave Get Out The Vote Effort

Aw Shucks, Jest got me one of them thar EMails

W's gone all Dorian Gray

I can't wait to see ZELL's head explode!!!

Question about GOTV in Saginaw tomorrow

GOP voter suppression phone scams in Las Vegas

Theresa LePore is determined to suppress the nursing home vote

4 those not sleeping.....

From my sister in San Diego:

GOP will challenge 35,000 Democrats in Ohio at the polls using Jim Crow la

Ralph Reed just said Republicans Won Voter Registration Battle in FL???

Question: So what if you are registered more than once?

To relieve stress, watch Mystic River in support of our Bahston boy.

Josh Marshall: Feeling jittery? Don't be.

Txcn (Texas Cable News)

Help Me Feel Good About OHIO

300 Protesters @ SMU

Everyone check your local sites for election totals!!

Get ready for some fun! Disruptors already flooding GD:C-2004

Um, what is up with Ohio results ALREADY reported???

Cleveland rally rebroadcast at CSPAN at 5:15 Eastern

The Purging of votes just like in 2000 starts as we speak

today we take back our country . . .

OHIO Totals Already Posted!!!!???

"Hour-by-hour guide of what to watch for"

Warning: in 2002 the early election day "insider numbers" were terrible

Tampa Bay FL DUs

PHOTO: Statue of Liberty endorses KERRY!

Yesterday or so, the idiot Lou Dobbs said...


Bush's Margin May Be Smaller in TEXAS!!!

Current electoral vote predictor 298 Kerry 231 Bush

Ohio voters: 1-866-OUR VOTE!

RNC to stick 3500 THUGS into Ohio polling places

WTF? Ron Silver- Why is he on TV-What Did he Ever Do?

Oh NO!!! Kerry LOST!!!

GOP challengers: what happens if they take up too much time...

Tucker Eskew is a

jeb *

BOOGA-BOOGA from the NY Post

So what happens if there are riots in Ohio?

Today Is Now: David Corn is stoked

Did I just hear McAullife right on Fox?.......Holy shit !!

Raining pretty good in Houston right now Rain all day yesterday too

Find-Voting-Place Link, Music Video Link, etc

Wake up America... It's Tuesday morning!

FOX NEWS just reported a Federal Court just put a stay on the 2 lower

Do your best today to make sure like minded friends VOTE!!!

Why is this day not a holiday? Why do people have to work today?

remember BUsh saying millions of protesters are "focus groups"?


Voter CHALLENGES In Maryland Work This Way....

New report from Miami Beach, Florida voter protection effort - Read on!

At The Intersection Of Stupid And Evil Republican Treachery

"family values" assholes that pick on "liberal" Massachusetts? SURPRISE!

remember today is "National Abstinance day"

I feel like America is returning to the days of Kennedy idealism.

Final Marist Poll-Includes Yesterday Kerry 50 The Evil One 49

Carry these important phone numbers with you to the polls

Incredible heartache and pain today! - Bush favored in early returns

power outage in missouri...

BRING CAMERAS TO THE POLLS! disposable, digital...

The Jim Crow Republicans just stole Ohio. There will be violence.

I hope it's a landslide. It needs to be a message. To the Republican

Part of 9/11 Report Remains Unreleased; An Inquiry Is Begun

Stupid question answered: Polls open at 6am in Chicago!

The World Is Watching...

If all goes well, Bush will get what`s coming to him today.

Freepers are preparing mobs like in 2000 [It's a Secret]

Marc Maron - "If Kerry wins i'll try and believe in god for 6 months"

Bad prez, bad prez

From Michael Moore - election day checklist

My Silly Little Math...

Good Morning, y'all! It's 5:30 EST and I'm off to vote

Automatic Recount Requirements

Will Time Zones and herd instinct make Kerry a winner early?

I was voter 01 at my poll this morning

NH expert; KERRY!

NH voting now

From Air America: Bush's biggest worry in losing the election....

Why would there be long lines in NY this morning?

OHIO: Bush to visit Columbus today (?)

All-Day RAIN for KY, OH, IN, PA, etc.

Freeper on KGO..Kerry supporters will vote Bush when curtain closed

I'm glad Guliani is on stupid Imus talking up Iowa and Minnesota..

What time do polls close?

45% of Americans see bush as NOT LEGITIMATE.

Anyone else just dying to hear Bush's concession speech tonight?

It's sunny in Pittsburgh and time to retire the Chimp. Hoo-Hah!!!!!!!

Turnout estimation suggestion:

What results are you keeping a close eye on?

Printed out the last polls at RealClearPolitics

Wake UP DU!! It's Time To Make HISTORY!!!!!!

Doesn't a candidate rally risk vote suppression? Seriously....

Well, I'm off to be an election judge. Thanks to everyone at DU

our Democat says....

They just said that Bush is going to Ohio again today!

Just returned from voting for Kerry!!!!!!!

6:30am est - 200+ ppl in line in Midtown Atlanta


Somebody Teach Tim Russert Math...

Thank You, Dr Howard Dean, for making tonight possible....

My 999th post!! Good Luck Mr. Kerry!!

(Apologies to the Magistrate) "LET'S GO GET THOSE BUSH BASTARDS"

(956) 725-BUSH

Separated at Birth

Early long lines at polls = NATIONAL terror of P. Diddy's Vote or Die!

6:00 am in Lubbock and...snowing! In November, in Lubbock!

Did anyone see Lynne Cheney exploiting her

Just voted-Cincinnati-HUGE LINES!

I'd like to ask all DUers to do a moment of silence for prayer or

Damn, I just found out I have to vote on a Diebold machine.

Nancy Skinner SMACKING on CNN!!

I just kicked *bush out of office!!!!!

Just voted for Kerry in Ohio and double checked my Chads!

The World Is Depending on Us to Defeat Bush

Go baby! Go baby! Go baby! Go baby! Go baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Need advice here, and fast

The polls have opened in the East. Our Day of Decision has arrived!

John Paul Stevens holds Ohio in his hands. (article inside)

Suggestion for long lines - if you can help the folks waiting.

Interesting Houston early vote results

Any more visual clues from the * hotshots?

Report from Pittsburgh's 15th Ward

Mrs Carville in Iowa


what's the least awful network to watch for politics?

Kerry's being interviewed on MTV right now

I need to report a voting problem!

"Cost of 2004 Elections: $4B and Counting"

just voted here in Virginia, a really big turnout!

Are There Challengers to Voters in Cleveland?

Has * declared himself the winner yet?...just checking....n/t

Ohio harassment

Hope Has Arrived. THE FINAL MOSH..

James Carville on CNN

My poll worker said it was the busiest he's ever seen it.

Just voted in NC----voted at 7:15 after waiting in line 35 minutes, and

Kerry to voters in Ohio, this morning: “Today is decision day”

CSPAN has an election results page that will be active 3pm ET

Election Day Pep Talk

I'm confident, but scared.......... POEM I WROTE!!!!!!!

Voted in north-central NJ a few minutes ago.

Guess the number of Kerry votes

just voted.... big turnout for small town in Indiana

Updated St. Crispin's Day Speech

1/2 hour and then I go stand in line in DENVER

Is Inclement Weather More Likely To Deter Republicans Or Democrats?

Start making "Sore Loserman" signs to counter the challenges

Brokaw interview with *.

Wil Wheaton joins the stand

I must admit shock it is this close. Losing faith in American values

Just voted for Kerry in New Jersey

If you voted early, (before today) check in here!


By the way, I was at my precinct at 6:30am, 14th in line, about 100

Just had a call from my son in Tampa.

Do we have a report from Ohio on the weather?

Republican Poll Challengers: Any reports on what is happening?

what the freepers are up too this AM....

Repug dirty tricks in Louisiana

Attention atheists, please pray for a Kerry victory

Who gets the electoral votes if a state ends up in a tie

We need an umbrella/trashbag loan brigade for rainy poll sites in OH, etc.

I'm about to head to the polls and I just want to say

I never received my absentee ballot in Florida and had to sign

A Kerry victory...

Did anyone else hear about Volusia County

Good site for final state polls?

While standing in line to vote this morning, we all spotted a trash can,

our small town Ohio fire station has a line out the

I voted in Michigan

Funny thing in this heavy Repug north La city.. no sign wavers

Hotline Guy Says It All Comes Down To Florida...

Lines already in Ft. Worth, TX...

Zogby? Did he post any tracking numbers today?

I knew it. My neighbors are trying to vote at the wrong precinct.

A nice reminder about voting...

2 votes here from Michigan, everything seems ok

post election cheat sheet guides here!

Huge turnout at my polling spot in Northern Virginia

* just violated no-campaign law - ?!

Good luck, America!

Good Morning Everyone; Just got back from voting.

Ohio, Portage County

Thanks for the new front page!

What time will the winner be announced?

I may have switched over a "weak bush " voter tonight

I voted!; used the "fill circle of candidate" ballot for the first time...

"Why Kerry will beat Bush" - Jimmy Breslin

Stop the lying media!! Once again, the exit polls of 2000 were ACCURATE

where does shrub stand. . .?

Washington DC turnout - photo

6:15, rainy, cold

Now it's time to say goodbye

Hit the MSNBC poll up, its been reset


Crying at the drop of a hat. Anyone else?

What were the zogby numbers for today

Long Lines in VA in (photo) -- Landslide Alert!

I don't trust them.

Will "Jews for Buchanaan" in Palm Beach County write in his name

Matthews said they will know by

Anyone know when the networks will call this; 8pm or 11pm?

Richmond, Virginia -- HEAVY Turnout

what's * so happy about...

75+% turnout predicted for Colorado Today.

I was #1 at my poll in Alabama. I vote for Kerry from a Red state.

HUGE voter turnout in Illinois!

Norwegian paper endorses Kerry

Remember: the wider the margin Bush is beaten by...

My God. The reports of the people at the polls.

The deed is done (7:15 AM EST, Irvington NJ)

Mathews said he'll announce Ohio 'results' at around 7:30PM EST

Please, quit hyperventilating about challenges

Gully washer in Houston!

Brad DeLong: "Proud to be a Democrat"

I just voted in PA!

This warms my heart from PA - Dem GOTV strong

CNN had a scroll saying Kerry would be

BUSH made the Geneva Conventions irrelevant...US soldier kidnapped today


report from brandon area of Florida

"Who do you trust?" Poor George, setting himself up for a fall.

How is this even going to be close?

I voted in Pa .. very heavy turn out.

Thug president just said he's making another stop in OHIO

We need all stories from OH

Share your polling place pics here!

Air America reporting FLA voting problems

Larry Sabato say's the winner will be

Bush going to Ohio Sound like desperation to me

Small town North Carolina......

B'Ground Staters: What are you seeing at the polls?

Report: Precinct walking in Dayton, OH

Report from suburban Bergen County New Jersey

Bush may be trying to start a riot in OH with this last visit. Shameful!!

My 2004th post - Hope Is On The Way

"It Would Be Easier If I Was Dictator".

Imus going off about Cheney's "Lesbian DAUGHTER"

What excuses will the pundits use to explain the election

Still STOOPID (aka "undecided)? 50 Reasons to BOOT bush.

The Imus show is really making me feel good

message to volunteers

All those who can't vote (too young/not American) VOTE HERE!

Imus just said "wait up if you want but Kerry is going to win"

Bush is an idiot

Visualize Winning - Flash Video

Court OKs Voter Challengers in Ohio

A Scripture For Today

I was vote #202 in my precent (NC)

Today The GOP Loses Their 4th Presidential Election In A Row

WOW!! 45% of registered voters in my county

report from NY pollworker

Setting off to NH

Just got back from voting here in Massachusetts

Shall we have our obligatory prayer thread?

Voting for Kerry is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

Vote for Matthew Lynch

Final Polls are in but what are Futures Markets saying in real time?

Official 2004 Election Thread #1.

What's this about someone being paid with crack to register votes?

Belong to a non-political message-board?

When is Tom Ridge going to up the Terra Alert

No republican has won a Presidential election since Rush went national

'intimidating American Indian voters': judge says Stop! (sort of)



Most 'Religious Right Baptist' person I know is voting for Kerry

Howard Stern: W is the only guy who couldn't find oil in Texas!! LOL!!!

All those who don't have the right to vote, check in here!

Is Jonathan Alter fair?

Is Jonathan Alter fair?

What Media will you watch for Returns?

It's not Election Day's 'CHENEY' Bush Day!!!!

Long lines in Colorado...wife working poll says over an hour at 6:30...

My wife is working polls in Parker Colorado, says hour long lines...

Reported: 1.5 hour line at 6:45 in Mecklenburg County (NC) this AM

Caption this Bush rally photo

bush* : "It's a matter of trust" - are they giving us the election?!!??

In, voted, out, in 5 minutes at 8 am.; the usual >

Mathews just said that 97% of Republicans support Bush*.

Voter 911 Trouble Tracker here (1-866-OUR-VOTE)

Precinct 213B - Apopka, FL looking good

1 hour+ wait in DC!!!

Jeesh looks like its raining in all the Dem

Just voted ...OMG

Sun-Sentinel:Few problems as voters cast ballots in Palm Beach County

A little message from The Beastie Boys

Long lines in Arizona

Already voted, or disabled? Help GOTV and make votes count...

FL - Orlando...Reps threaten to call cops on Dems handing out literature

Question about Optical Scan/Arrow Filling Ballot......did I screw up?

My white, middle class neighborhood just got swarmed with kids

Report from MO

Saw a nice scene this morning


My kids are voting for the first time today.

Lines in Denver, CO

Bush looks insane on the cover of the NY Post

DU this election.

Just got back from voting.

Long Lines = De Facto Voter Intimidation Favoring the Rich

Where's the party in Minneapolis?

What states do you wish Kerry had more seriously contested?

My wife and I cancelled out each other

I saw a nice scene coming into work this morning

Lines out the door in Oklahoma

Cleveland Ohio - 6:30 am: HUGE lines already!


I just voted and I feel . . .angry.

Took me two to vote this morning (Florida)

Teresa voted in Fox Chapel (Pittsburgh)

Edwards just on CBS early show.

Nazi-lite in South Dakota

I saw a nice scene coming into work this morning.

Final Zogby Poll : Exact same as in 2000, except NH

Stupid Bush Quote

WAPO POLL-Kerry Leads In Every Region But The South

Ohio Duers, please keep us informed.

Harris final poll, too close to call, but Kerry making gains

It's Raining in Michigan. I Stood in Line. I Voted.

Gotta vent

"Long lines" stories welcome but tell us your state & if it's unusual

bar codes on voting roll sheets - what do they signify?

Volunteer On Election Day!


"... But Still I Am One."

PICTURES of our next PRESIDENT........enjoy!

Congratulations, President Kerry!

I can't believe it's finally here!

Let's do this for President Al Gore

Colorado Sec. of State - Brother In Coma - Left CO For One Week

Something's happenin' here.

Anybody have observations on whether lot of young are voting??

I got my avatar! I got my avatar!

nevermind...was a test on Ohio servers

To calm frazzled nerves...

How I GOTVEd on my way to work this morning: MOSH, COME ON!

First in Line in NJ -- Dumb schmuck messes up new machine

Any freeper suicides/hand wringing/crying today?

Based on what I've seen and heard locally

Long line this morning, never before here.

Gingrich just predicted 400 electoral votes for * on npr

If an electronic vote is stolen, and no one sees it - does it exist?

FL - Orlando...Reps threaten to call cops on Dems handing out literature

The song for today, as true now as it was in 1988 when it was written

WTF? Channel 8 Tulsa

Fancy Clothes and Overalls, by Wade Edwards

Punchin' That Chad

The TV Pundits

Voting Machine Problems ALL Over South Louisiana

I was a young voter once. In 1976.

Beware, one last effort to demoralize us

Polls looking busy here in Florida

State Poll closing does not end until 1 am -Alaska - So Senate up in the

What to look for hour by hour on election night....

A thread for people starting to worry/get nervous?

"Duval polling disputes continue on eve of vote"-FL

I just voted for Kerry/ Edwards....

youth - 18-28 year olds - how many are voting today??

Tomorrow Morning!

Is the secretary of state in PA Republican or Democrat?

GOTV tomorrow- are you in?

MSN NBC said voters won't wait in long lines what do you think?

Just voted in Maher, Colorado

Me and the wife VOTED! 2 more for President Kerry

Just voted in my very Republican neighborhood in Jersey

Judge orders GOP to halt poll tactics - Daschle sues to stop 'intimidation

Large turnouts in Rhode Island

The guy on CSPAN kills me!

Huge turnout at my polling place in Indiana, PA, normally a republican

NYT Electorial Map Looking a Little Bluer This Morning :)


Voting and Returns Information by State

Can you feel it?!?!?! It's more than an election, people, we are part of..

my mother says FAUX reporting votes planted in PA for KERRY not *

Freak Republic paranoia in overdrive

35 minute line in the Delaware County, PA suburbs

Ohio's Blackwell Strikes Again

New York Post updates cover !!!

I'm At Work- Somebody Make Me Get A Grip!

Just finished Election Protection to canvass 'til 4pm

I voted, Silicon Valley CA. Three words: "Former President Bush"


As I waited in line to vote, I thought of Richie Havens' incredible

Drudge has got the siren out, claiming voter fraud in PA

Reds Staters: What are you seeing at the polls?

Bush's concession speech

Off to vote then phone bank for a few hours

Even if Bush wins (he won't, though!) there is an unstoppable movement now

In all the years I have been voting, I have never seen the turnout that

I VOTED!! Long, long lines in NH - large town.

c'mon sweet virginia

I just voted in Oklahoma - Yippy-Skip!

Not all Republicans are evil

I love my "I Voted" Avatar!!


Mrs. rush(Kagan)On CNN ThisMorning

Can people in hospitals vote?

Walmart only showing Foxnews in stores today

People from Minneapolis: Who is recommended at the bottom of the ballot?

1 hour plus waits in Illinois!

They're Throwing up a Smokescreen in PA

LOL, PA freepers say they're being invaded by New York

for the first time, my wife isn't cancelling my vote

Great Poem

Michael Moore says large young people turnout in Florida

This is unbelievable. They got the votes wrong in NH early voting AGAIN

2 inches of snow in Republican Lubbock, little wait at the polls

their talk show mouthpieces already smell defeat.


My vote story

Long lines in Western Pa. - (Post-Gazette)

Help in Broward Co. PLEASE!

A thread for people starting to smile/get excited?

Breaking on MSNBC....Philadelphia

Faux says Philly voting machines in question IMPOUNDED!!!

has any one seen www.electoral I can not access

CNN HN, Just ran a 3 minute piece on Junior, and 15 sec on JK.

Report: Dayton OH

Of all the voter suppression going on...

Are The Youth Turning Out???

Fight the Repuke "FUD" strategy

Huge lines at my polling place in Madison, Wisconsin

Fight the Repukes' "FUD" strategy

I just voted in Columbus OH, 40 minutes line and getting bigger!

MSNBC Anchor just called John Kerry - "The President"

I prefer some skewed msm attention to voting "irregularities" than the

this kerry machine gotv is absolutely AMAZING!

I get the feeling that the Dems saved their money for GOTV.

MSNBC - PA fallout NOW

Chip Reid on MSNBC just said a lot of the 'challengers' aren't showing up.

DU MSNBC Poll for Kerry

I just had a stranger knock on my door

Rush-listening co-worker is pooping a brick!

My Mom is a .... KERRY REPUBLICAN!

Remember: Republicans NEED you to stay home in order to win.

If you have a Boston Red Sox hat wear it to vote!

Has heavy turnout EVER helped the Republicans?

OMG: * on CSPAN just sounded like he was giving a concession speech...

"What? That maniac's not going to win."

WTF - Is * first Prez to still be campaigning on election day?

Undecided voters (on MSNBC) go for Kerry.

Remember: A big turnout could also give us Senate and Congress.

"What? That maniac's not going to win!"


"I'll take the one on the LEFT"

My Polling place is across from Planned Parenthood

What are you people doing at DU?

Kerry Speaking at Rally in Copley Square Tonight; Details Inside

Factoring in dirty tricks, which state do we have the best chance at?

It was a ghost town at my polling place

Fayetteville poll report--11:22 am

Mum or Tattinger?

Turn it up!

Will we have some useful numbers before 6:30 pm ET?

Ohio court overturns decision and allows GOP challenges

What did the poll data look like for McGovern?

top story right now is record turnout everywhere!!!!

Who is your vote going to cancel out?

The factor that never made it to the polls

MSNBC Panel of Undecideds- Goes for Kerry

It sucks being in Washington State

Laura Bush admits to George's and Her Drug Use!!!

Tried to go to says I'm forbidden?

Subtle "National Security" scare tactice by Rove, FEMA test today

The sage that is Jimmy Breslin


It's that time

Paul Wellstone, This Vote Is For You.

For Those Of Us Working Today - What Are The Spinning Heads Saying?

MSNBC panel of 3 undecideds, including 2 Repubs, all break for Kerry

The * just voted for himself in Crawford Texas...

Nov 2d: Day of The Dead. Remember Them When Voting

BREAKING ON CNN: Philly 'votes' likely NOT fraudulent.

Hubby just voted; small Texas town

What a Loser Looks Like: Chimp photos from this morning

Map of national voting problems, updated every few minutes.

For punch card voter people--make sure the card slides in freely!

Record. Voter. Turnout.

If you're not working today ...

Expect Drudge leaks of exit polls about 3 PM.

Christie Brinkley ripping Bush on Imus Show

Oh, what a great phonecall I just had! A bolt from the blue!

Kerry to speak live on TV any minute now

Straight Party Ticket In N.C. Does Not Include Presidential Vote

Matthews Says They Will Know by 3:00 This Afternoon

Salon: "Springsteen dedicates song to a 9/11 widow" (Kristen Breitweiser)

State Poll closing does not end until 1 am -Alaska - So Senate up in the

Bill Schneider on CNN, now he's KissinDemButt

loads of college kids with I Voted stickers!

How bad is it in FL and OH?

The Voting Rights Act should be applied nationwide

I am heartened to hear that no one here is being intimidated..

Already voted, or disabled? Help GOTV and make votes count...

I love it that no one but the wingnuts is talking about Kerry's discharge

What will the total turnout be?

Should we assume the heavy turnout favors Democrats?

Exclusive Photo of Bush's Campaign "War Room"!

We need to thank all the other Democratic candidates, too.

Well, I'm one of those "cube rats"

Nigerian prophets see Kerry win

My name was called at the polls, after i signed in

Tucker Carlson: Winner will have a mandate

Best Spinless Partisan Pundits...

Could someone provide the link for looking up polling locations?

First Presidential election, reporting from CA

Drudge: Wrong on Philly From the Daily News reporter Theresa Conroy:

Which Network will break and call it early?

kerry camp says things look GOOD so far

Joe Lockhart on New England Cable News says

OK, Puffy just impressed me...

Don't fall for the head games

Al them I voted Avatsrs are great

Could we have a Drudge-free zone today?

Silly question, but want to make sure.

CNN preparing to post numbers in 3h27m

Hey * is finally right! FREEDOM IS ON THE MARCH

If Kerry wins big, will all the voting problems get swept under the rug?

First time voter here...

there's something happenin here

Franken on AAR: "My LAST chance to go after Bush"

Rasmussen's final projection (It's good for a laugh)

Touch Screen Malfunction At My Polling Place

I'm feeling great about NC

Just voted. Looks good for JFK here in Annapolis, MD

Michael Moore's pre-election words to George Bush & John Kerry (11/1)

Why does the DU home page say this?

Breslin's last column for Newsday going naked on why Kerry will win

Our Armies of Compassion shall march on Washington!

Alexandra Kerry is on Air America NOW!

I got challenged! Here's why!

Donald Trump: Icing on the cake?

I just voted - Balto MD

Wouldn't it be funny if chimp cast a vote for Kerry?

Early polling results leaked: Anyone here anything?

The right-wing, radical, divisive politics of George Bush hurt Repubs ??

Lines, Lines, Everywhere are Lines.

I love our mail ballot system....

Last Minute GOTV Shift: Opinions?

There's still time to make a difference. GOTV

I wish I hadn't voted early.

Update from Blanchard Oklahoma


ABC's "The Note": Bush campaign becoming "wistful."

I kept a Republican from voting!

What kind of voting system does your polling place have?

Can somebody more knowledgable post key early signs to watch for tomorrow?

Oregon "turnout" predicted at 85 percent or more.

Three Republican Callers in a row on Diane Rhiem go KERRY!!

the DNC called and left us a message with the WRONG polling place!!

Media not allowed to vote?

Kevin Drum and Sullivan (ugh) raise a good question..

Already voted? Go here and vote again!!!

MSNBC Special.....I finally "got it"

Seminole County, FL (near Orlando): no SIGNS !!!!!!!

what areas will have the highest voter turnout?

Nice Long Lines In Sierra Madre California

What Mother Nature thinks of Tom Delay's Redistricting in TX

i'm too excited, i can't go to any of my classes. i've skipped 2 already.

MSNBC are looking for a few good citizen journalists!

"Why You Hould Vote For Me Today" -John Kerry

Can we have a thread just for good news?

Which champagne to toast President Kerry ??

Something To Make You Laugh Out Loud On Election Day


Just heard 10:12am: Kucinich to be on CNN soon re: Kerry Cabinet spot

Just voted in Maine

Bergen County NJ - turnout in my district 40% as of 11:30 am EST

Talked my sister into voting Kerry in Colorado.

Early Return Keys: VA, PA, NJ, FL...

So assuming that we win, what happens to Bush

Here in PA ... the story is long lines

Thank You To ALL Democratic Primary Candidates

dont get excited with any story, they need to pan out first

I have a question about turnout numbers

Joe Trippi reporting high youth vote in PA

Shrub is whipped.

35,000 people who refused a registered letter from the RNC can't vote

NJ Voting experience

Bush on CNN looks defeated

The Internets are slow today

Bush Casts Vote While Kerry Campaigns

Ohio Papers Determined to Cover Polling Places, Despite Sec. of State Ban

Ok give it to me straight DUers, no bullshit, who's it gonna be?

Okay, a bit late, but I'm finally optomistic!

Feeling BETTER THAN EVER about President Kerry

My Cat's for Bush*??

Just got this in e-mail

Stand up, keep fighting

Kerry 262 EV Bush 261 EV

They keep telling stories about Presidents who have lost on CNN

Latest Harris poll points to Kerry win!

Military retirements coming tommorow...

Bush still campaining in OHIO!

John Kerry's plane landed here in MA

GOP illegally trying to stop election [ Freepers are the one spreading ]

How Do You Spell Relief?

Bush just gave a concession speech

REMEMBER to thank poll workers

Do you realize Repubs aren't challenging Repub voters which means

* should tell the repukes after he loses not to contest anything...

This will be like UK 1997...

From Tucker Carlson and the WP:

Voter Alert Line calls: State by State map.

[PICTURE] - Bush votes at the Crawford Volunteer Fire Department in Texas

MSNBC says high young voter turnout in WI...also challenges in Milwaukee

it is LEGAL to wear your KERRY gear into the polls in Virginia.... tied up.

GOP loses challenge in Ohio, No poll challengers

Forgive my ignorance...but what are the yellow X's about?

MSNBC's Voter Alert Page - Shows # of Calls To Voter Alert Line

Unofficial PANIC THREAD!!!

There is only ONE POLL that counts today....remember that.

When should we start seeing exit poll info on the networks?

CNN: Pennsylvania machines inspected and certified OKAY

AP - Bush Accidentally Votes For Kerry

Freepers out their post election plans

Caption the Chimp!

A little bit of good news from down South

How's turnout in Wisconsin, fellow Wisconsinites?

CNN Is Covering Kerry Like He's O.J.

Power of Mischief

Anyone see any Exit Polling going on

Big turnout on campus at the University of Oklahoma

This is what Democracy looks like! Now vote!

My Republican Dad gave me great insight on "Challenges" last night!

Fraud Allegations Mean Bush Will Lose

DU this MSN poll !!! (Different than earlier MSNBC)

On minority voter repression: a story of fighting back

Bush just gave "almost a concession speech" on MSNBC

Josh Marshall says republican private polls sliding to Kerry...

For those interested, nice map showing closing times

Compared to yesterday ...

The F5 Appreciation/Worthlessness At Work Solidarity Thread...

RW Bloggers Desperate: Claiming that K/E Pollster Predicts Bush Win

I had a question on my ballot about curbing the Patriot Act (MA)

A report of hidden poll places

Presidential Election Tracking Page here (by a DUer)

CNN reporting the white house reporting about reports

Final Harris poll Kerry leads FL +4,OH+4,PA+2(SWEEP)

I'm in New Hampshire and I'm turning this state BLUE!!!!!

From the home of the Rodney King beating trial

Did pukes put too much "faith" in fundies?

I was a poll monitor in NH this morning. So far so good!

Making Sure the Bushits don't steal this election!

“This Time We’re Watching”: Youth Groups Planning Emergency Response to Po

Are Zogby's latest numbers based on phone poll or exit poll?

There's something about going to the polls in person ON election day....

Good article on voter turnout at UW Madison (from early afternoon paper)

Touchscreen voting machines not to be used this year in Alaska

Is Cheney watching with Bush tonight???

Best Kerry Quote of the Day!

Urgent must read

Quick questions for you DUers, PLEASE answer if you can!

Things that are different this year from other elections

Peaceful in Miami Report

Dear Lord...

Stern is awesome today

My corner of Ohio - looking good

It feels like November 3rd, 1992 all over again.

Whats the turnout like in AR? Poll Freeped

MoveOn call list emergency!!!

Who Else Voted With Paper And Pencil? Where Did You Vote?

Life is sweet . . .

Final The Economist Poll (from Oct. 29 - Nov. 1): Kerry 50%, Bush 48%

Has faux called it for bush yet?

Why on earth do we have new poll numbers during election day

What states' polls close first?

Just got inside from some sign waving in heavy rain (WA)

DUer Request for Action: Easy, Cube Rats Can Do, Too!

Is there a chance to get WI blue?

Top Ten Ways to Make Sure Your Vote Counts

Why doesn't FL all close at once?

CNN now. Armstrong Williams fomenting violence.

Well, I'm's up to the swing states now.....

Know anyone unsure about Kerry over Bush? Show them this!

Terrific GOTV News At Midday - KEEP IT UP!

NewsFutures Prediction Market - "Bush Wins" probability drops below 50%

ha! this pic of George!

Compare this place to Freeper Land...

Our Lawyers are Meaner than their Lawyers!

Google your polling place

2 Reports from Florida and Ohio......

If shrub steals the election again, will there be riots?

Very cool picture

President-Elect Kerry on CNN now.

DU this poll Bush* 54% Kerry 44%

DEBUNKED -- ignore the thread

12:55 minutes before the last poll closes on Niihau Kauai

Ron Reagan on Howard Stern-both are beating up *

MSNBC: Kerry just cast his ballot.

who actually thinks record turnout will help the Chimp?

Inspiring mp3 pep talks to perk us up. From FDR to Wellstone, Obama & Dean

President Kerry. I have two kids to put through college

Kerry :"This is the strong close"

Air America report from DNC waroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Afternoon weather updates anyone?

I'm Wearing a Kerry/Edwards Button and an "I Voted" Sticker at Work Today!

MOSH #1 Video on election day!

Shouldn't election day be a national holiday??

Fox News Reported Vans Rented, had tires slashed

How do I post a picture

MSNBC via NBC News reporting that it 60% turnout is.....

Kerry much more eloquent than Bush

A converstation with my bro

Good article about exit polling: DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO LEAKED POLLS

Coles Co., IL County Clerk: "I've never seen this many voters!"

My Kerry sign was *finally* stolen

Kerry Just gave his the country will come together speech

What's the News on the New Jersey Turnout?

'I Believe in the Promised Land'

Tear down that W, all!

My 33 year voting record is still squeaky CLEAN!

What is the best unbias network to watch returns?

When it comes down to it do you think the Democratic Party

Anyone seeing black hoodies at the polls??

What rumor will the Repubs spread before the evening voters go to polls?


Its been 16 years since America elected a Republican President

What are the rules with bringing small children to the polls with you?

I don't know if my vote counted...any poll workers here?

RNC robo-calls warning of secret Dem plan for a military draft

When George loses tonite..will he have a "pretzel malfunction?"...hahaha

CNN showing Nevada electronic voting machines - printers

No Stolen Elections! Campaign



Repukes & Media will try to De-Legitimize the Vote due to "irregularities"

Put in 5 hr shift at Dem HQ in NC. All is well.

Zogby - "Watch PA, VA, CO, Florida for surprises"


I would like to take this moment to thank Rush Limbaugh...

Air America: We Have Record Turnout (from CBS guy)

Almost as good as getting rid of Bush...

Ohioans please check in and update with your observations...

Why This Soldier is Voting for Kerry [Pass this story posted at dailyKos]

So what's the procedure as far as posting exit polls?

Has anyone mentioned........?

keep encouraging your co-workers/friends/family to vote

Exit Polls Mailing List

Intelligence sources have found stockpiles of Women Mobalized Districts

BEWARE of pundits calling election early by exit poll results--TPM says..

Al Franken on AirAmerica sounds VERY confident

How are the slates doing?

CNN: Repubs in Ohio have won - challengers now at polls in Ohio....

This is NOT a Horserace!

I don't understand. Are we not adult enough to see exit poll data?

All quiet on the western front (LA)

My take on the media today, Whores will be Whores

So who was the last incumbent to watch returns at the White House

Insana predicts "definitive result late tonight, clear winner, done deal"

I'm feeling really stupid

School is getting out in FLabout now. Time for teachers to go to

Iowa Election Markets...Kerry up! The trend is our friend!

Passive-Aggressive Optimism Poll

Tucker Carlson on CNN... pls verify

Election day should be a national holiday

Who's getting any work done today?

Grrrrr......Argument with my dad about people at polls...

Need Help Answering My Freeper Stalker

Just got a call from a friend in CA

Shrub is a uniter not a dvider!

New from Freeptard Land:

Howard Stern - Serious Show Today?

When should we start seeing some exit polls ?? n/t

Funny Freeper Gloat is running an Election Day Blog

Working the polls / GOTV in WA state

It's The Blessings Thread: What Are You Thankful For, Right Now?

DU - Give me something good, I just got back from hell

Why does Guam vote for President?

Bush looks sick as a pig


Is it me or does that anchor guy on MSNBC look like he is

CSPAN Election Results Map is UP!

Voting Machine Confusion In Philly Cleared Up

Just ran out and picked up a bottle of Champagne.

has anyone been Diebolded?

Any photos/videos yet of Repug hasslers?

Last night I saw the most awesome Campaign ads ...

Guiliani said we're going to get attacked again..

New Yorkers and Californians -- PLEASE VOTE!!!!

Wouldn't it be funny if Bush lost by the most in the state

my precinct (ft worth tx) is at 53% now...

Guy parked beside me at the poll just cancelled out my vote damnit.

Navy fighter pilot cousin voted for Kerry. He says Bush really has no

I've got an un-fixable voting problem...

On the lighter side, Air America Radio featuring the Grateful Dead

Lines in Cleveland.....

I don't like the picture of Kerry that CNN is using on their website.

Audio of GOP robocalls -- Democratic "Secret Plan" for Military Draft

I was ordered to remove my Kerry button

Republican family in line in front of me reminded me why I'm a Democrat...

More GOP hijinx in Philadelphia - GOPers challenging absentee

"You Are The New Day"

Just turned ENTIRE Billings MT Dem HQs on to DU

Randi Rhodes on fire from the first minute

Joe Trippi: "I have never witnessed such energy among those under 30"

Not only does Texas execute the retarded republicans question their vote

Link for Kerry in Dayton - final rally inspiration!

QUICK POLL: Should we permit members to post exit polls on DU?

Final Marist Poll Kerry wins with 50 percent of the vote

Exit polls here - sourced from Atrios who sourced from mydd

Market tanking, Bush tanking at

Change of policy: Exit polls are now permitted.

I'm so confident about todays win...

Center City Philly In Party Mode

Hannity going nuts on his radio show....

Boner Turnout! LOL!!!

Thank you George W. Bush

latest homemade Repuke yard sign "Blame Terror, not Bush"

Has anyone been filmed by Michael Moore and his crew?

Have YOU ever voted Republican?

Good news from Cincy!

church used for polling place???

Who's feeling a BIG Kerry win...cast your vote here

Rep Robert Wexler (D FL) is on w/ Randi Rhodes

J. Alter coming up on MSNBC, listen to see if he gives any clues

PHOTO: Bush talks to press, prays for Rapture as only hope

I Will Begin Drinking...

Woohoo, one of our more quiet students, said she was voting Kerry today!

Freepers going nuts over exit polling...

We ought to thank BRUCE too

Posting from the MoveOn PAC bunker down in downtown Denver

Why is CNN saying this?

HEADS UP: Hot stuff from Zogby

Will Bush Admin. officials be indicted and convicted for any crimes?

Ashcroft delays hearing into voter registration fraud

Ok, I was in class for the past 2+ hours, WHAT DID I MISS

Voting in a small coastal Alabama town

NO FRAUD in Philly...Drudge was just WRONG AGAIN.

For next Attorney General: Elliot Spitzer

I don`t feel one bit sorry for Bush.

The Candidates as Women on Personal Ads

For next Chief Justice: Mario Cuomo

Randi Rhodes say's Florida will go Blue

Yikes! Assaulted by a freeper in suburban Pittsburgh!

I can't wait any longer

To early to celebrate!

Political oddsmaker website: IT'S KERRY!

CNN: any insider scoop on the "marching orders" ?

Line?? The Traffic Jam to Even Get There was a Mile Long!!

Ohio Voters - Photograph the Thugs!

Great pictures of the next first family


What's going on in FL?

DU AOL's online "exit poll"

take a gander at buzzflash's headline right now...

I MOSHED for 90 minutes all over the minority precincts that ring

Final Poll numbers to compare against tonights real results!

OK. Well since the exit poll embargo has been lifted at DU, I have to say:

I would have GLADLY voted for Bush...

one of President Kerry's first acts...

Bleachers7 from Florida

In memoriam: Sen. Paul Simon... Sen. Paul Wellstone... add your own.

Time to Go for the Throat, Ignore Exit Polls

How's turnout in rainy OH? PA?

Will Kerry's coattails return the Senate to Democrats?

Can we please only have ONE exit poll thread?

Just voted in MA. 90 minute line!!!

A Dem is suggesting we take the House - are these hopes reasonable?

Exit polls usually get worse for Repugs as the day goes on.

Just made my 65th Rock The Vote call

The chimp is T-A-N-K-I-N-G at tradesports

Weather in Ohio looks crappy

Imagine the shredding at the WH, the Pentagon, the pardons list . . .

Was out all day, can't watch TV- can someone summarize what's happened?

Shout Out to " Nicholas_J" !?! How Those Digits Crunchin' ???

Can't post exit polls - but GOP has not taken early lead like they usually

Good news in Duval County, Florida

Al Franken just made me cry

SCOTUS Bad Karma

Saw a young voter in front of me in line, was told he could not vote!!

To Get Accurate Poll Projections

Too many volunteers, not enough jobs

ARRGH! My senator just trotted out Zell Miller!

Freeper meltdown over exist polls

Can you imagine what Bush's concession speach is gonna be like?

Colorado going to Kerry?

Freaked Out!

Bob Kerrey says Kerry should cave in case of recount battle

Current Exit Polls add up to Kerry 297 EV Bush 241

Exit poll thread

Anyone watching the talking heads since the exit poll data came out?

How do you get these exit polls?

Please DE-FREEP this poll

Don't Count Your Eggs Until the Chickens Come Home to Roost.


Attorney General Al Gore presiding over Criminal Investigations

I'm crying right now

Freepers mad at Drudge for exit polls!

DAMN IT KRUGMAN!!!!!!!! why is everyone hiding the true Bush deficit?


Our Grain of Salt looks better than their Grain of Salt.

Freeper meltdown over gallup polls

I Think My Republican Boss Just Conceded.

It will still be sometime after today before bush leaves office

Any challenges or lawsuit scandals yet?

From Fox News: Supreme Court is meeting with only 8 Justices

just got slammed by a * operative

Exit polls + Kerry was WAY up in early voting in competitive states.

Slate: Updated Exit Polls (3:34pm ET)

I saw Kerry voting today on the news

voter fraud conspiracy should be a capital crime

Do these Exit Polls include the early voting? If so, be WARY, people!

Judy Woodforbrains Says This Could Be Biggest Turnout Since 60

Fox is only network doing non election stories

New Jersey as the deciding state?


Fewer job cuts in Oct. - BUT layoffs remained above 100K

Dailykos has 2pm exit numbers

Iowa Electronic Markets: REP04-Crash intraday

The folks at National Review don't believe the exit polls

O'Reilly In Meltdown Mode

"Early exit polls showed Gore +3 in FL" --- That's what Gore WON BY in FL

Just talked to a reporter friend in N. Philly

NY DUers! Get a free Porno DVD for voting...TODAY!


Reminder - exit polling doesn't include the military & other absentee

Bush left Texas and is in DC

Slate exit polls- OH & FL: Kerry 50, Bush 49. YIKES!

Randi Rhodes show is kicking today...

Exit polls snapshot (2:00 pm) Not Bad !!

Were You Watching The Cleveland Kerry Rally? Did You Catch This Moment?

When The States Go Blue (Kerry Theme Song Today)

Hannity, Rush, Savage Weiner, going nuts

Maybe I am just being Paranoid (I hope so)

Funny thing happened when I went to vote.

Anecdotal but sweet

Bush: "I'm running because I've got more to do."

OMG...The Liar pants on fire mobile was just in the

CNN poll of Bush supporters...

You shouldn't post exit polls till AFTER


CBS Headline: U.S. stocks jarred by early call favoring Kerry

FReakRepublicer concerned about "coordinated psyops campaign"!! :)

From the field: INCREDIBLE turnout in Illinois!

Kerry Sign-holders: Saw you at 436 & 17-92 (Orlando) YAY !!

Turnout data from

Bush is tired. Quits and goes back to the White House.

from Freeperville,,Reasons why they are not worried LOL!

Donald Trump calls it for Kerry on FAUX NEWS

2 4 6 8 Who do we repudiate?!

This is like South Africa 1994

Was out holding signs and waving near our local polling place today.

Update from Boston

If it's TRULY a landslide...let's all watch Faux News tonight!

Randi Rhodes just stated that Calif. poll OPEN till 11pm! Not true?

I just had a Kerry Volunteer

"CAN'T WE MAKE MY RED STATE BLUE?" Come sing along with me.

Avenging President Gore

Does Anyone Have Early VIRGINIA Numbers?

You can bet the Repuke media will show fundie Muslims celebrating

who decides to vote for someone based on the design of a yard sign?

WTF is he doing in this photo?

new record: 68% of electorate voting

Another sweet story

Surprise celebrity guest at Minneapolis Dem volunteer center

What to watch for soon : VA polls close at 7:00 and OH and NC at 7:30

You say you want a revolution - well, you know...

Inbreds over at Freeperland Worried About Us Making Fun of Them

Put Michael Moore on Mt. Rushmore, not Reagan!!

If you're thinking your vote isn't needed, please read

Is It Too Early To Start A Presidential Pardon Pool?

This clinches it folks.

Power to the People!

Pennsylvania: African-American precients 102% of expectations

Words to think about


Whoa! 1 in 7 voters today did not vote in the last Presidential election

Turnout Bergen Co, NJ - 50% as of 1:00 pm EST

Turnout & performance report from Kos

Voter turnout may reach 125 million

So. Rush still gonna be on NBC tonight?

Some turnout percentages from Kos (pretty good news)


Campaignline just changed their odds - Kerry ahead for the first time

450 voters in first Hour at Kaneohe, my Small Town Polling place

ALL 4 Hosting Crossfire WOAH!

All you doubters, see this:

To many people are here doing the Victory Dance. It's not over

Dear Freepers:

Political Oddsmaker dares to favor a Kerry win

Hunter S. Thompson: "Kerry will win big today. I guarantee it."

How to make a quickie poll tracker in Excel

Church kids swipe Kerry signs - Youth minister,pastor apologizefor scaveng

In S.D., Is it reasonable to hope that Daschle will hold seat?

who else saw how cnn is going to report the results tonight? wow

Hannity is about to take calls ready to have some fun?

Will Laura have to give back those guilded crowns for the Lincoln Bedroom?

Judy Woof Woof looks like she's gonna puke

Denials at Little Green Footballs

Will a post 5pm male surge help bush?

Start warming up the paper shredder, Karl...


Are Reagan Democrats finally

Excellent GOTV Story from Michigan.

Fox Announcers don't look happy

Make One More Round Of Calls...

* -> Badnarik -> Kerry

Kentucky voting setup/workers are TERRIBLE.

OC-Mission Viejo- voters not being told about provisional ballots

Approaching 5pm on the East coast... time for a GOTV surge!!!!

did anyone get called this morning to vote...?

In Austin, TX.. Leaving work now to vote...


On, the whole map just happens to be blue.

Arkansas DUers..What is up there?

Got home from work at 3PM ..had CNBC on for an hour..until closing bell

NH polls busy and crowded with Kerry supporters!!

More GOOD NEWS from FL Exit Polls

Mrs. Greenspan looked

Pouring Rain

Any info on New Jersey and Virginia?

Great news from Florida phone bank

Well if I was a Republican and got off work at five I would not even

A note on my return from the polls

Job #1 for Kerry

Update Me, I have been at School!

Oviedo, Florida...10 miles from Orlando (Election report)

Are there different exit polling #, or just one set?

Help finding analysis site posted here last week...

"Road to Victory" graphic from BC04 Web looks more like "Road To Defeat"

"Going the Distance" from Rocky...once again.


I guess WE DIDN'T GET OVER IT huh?

The DOW just sunk from +60 to -3 in the past hour

5 PM. Time to leave work and go vote.

The talking heads know something...

were you this optimistic on the morning of Election Day in 2000 and 2002?

I dont like this exit poll crap

look at NOVAK! (on "Xfire")

I've created my own war room.

2:00 PM (ET) "VNS" Numbers, according to kos

almost 500 people having voted or in line in 1st hour....

My very first political bumper sticker: Kerry Edwards !!!!!


Ok, who told the Fox guy to go Cheney himself?!?

Prediction: Tomorrow You Will Hear The Term "The Bush Curse" Coined

EXIT POLLS: What You Should Know...

To watch or not to watch BOREilly tonight

Exit polling: Kerry making big inroads among Hispanic voters in Fla.

Scare at Time/CNN Building in NYC

Crossfire is acting like the election is over...

Novak saying best move...Swift Boat Vets

U.S. stocks end mixed in late-day sell off on poll talk, good for Kerry

Local TV in NoVA reports voter turnout 64% TWO HOURS before polls

So Who Is Going To Wear The Trashcan Tonight?

Quick, W! Find Osama before it's TOO LATE!!! K.

I will not smile until there is iron-clad confirmation of a Kerry victory

Specific Electoral Vote Predictions

Will FUNDIES Say "It's God's Work"?

Mrs. Bush calls for "fair" vote

When This Is Over We Need To Expose The Crappy Pollsters

CNN says Rudy G had trouble voting!

Too Late for a TERRA alert?

Freeper meltdown [They are already drunk just like Chimp]

DU this CNBC poll, Kerry behind 4 points. Thanks! GOTV!

Are we now doomed to another eight years of peace and prosperity?

Do you want to see some good news ?

there are two moments when we can celebrate

There's A Meltdown At Freak Republic (Redux)

I just called 80 people in FL via

Bergen County NJ - Kerry substantially ahead in absentees

I just took a stroll over to freeperville, massive denial

Anyone watching Charlie Gibson?


Are you more likely to vote straight ticket during a Pres. election year?

When will the early voting be counted? We think Kerry is ahead in FLa,

Freeper now having heart attacks

Kerry's beer at the the oyster bah

*'s Job Approval (SWING STATES!!!)

Eminem = 21st Century's Thomas Paine

Utterly dejected : Just saw a recent video snippet of Chimp on CNN

ROFLMAO Freepers take comfort in AOL Online Poll

Why it's important to GOTV (report from freeperville)

Official I HATE BOB NOVAK thread...

Bush is at the White House start the Get out of our House Rally

What will be the first battleground state called?

Warning: They did this to us in 2000 too ....

How Is It REALLY Going? (NO Partisan Fluff Please)

"Yummy Turnout Goodness" from Kos

These Exit Polls are an attempt to make Dems complacent

Just voted in NH, no Bush energy whatsoever!!!

DAY-UM that vote felt good!!

Zogby has updated their page

Calling the West Coast.....

I suspect a lot of straight ticket voting in PA

oh my God all they have is blame

A Field Report From Orlando (Pine Hills) Florida

I just came back from voting. The proudest vote of my life.

Voters we canvassed in Cleveland today were pumped! 90% that we


My poll watcher story

The judges who affected Ohio

STOMP Bush like the BUG he is. Send him a message. Don't stop voting!

Maryland election official cites concern over Diebold computerized system.

Notice how reporters make Kerry voting for himself...

LOL, Spike Lee just called my 18 yo son - "Yo, yo, yo, it's Spike Lee

Will we take back the House?

Is it true that the pundits wear their "colors" to show who they support ?

Please no more "I'm Crying" posts!

Anybody on the ground in California ?? Voting experience ??


"Great shot kid! Now don't get cocky!!"

Something to lighten the mood,

After watching my 18 year old daughter

Beautiful NEW Exit Poll Numbers

All VOTERS check in!!!!

Turnout Dumont (Bergen Co) NJ as of 5:00 pm EST - 74%

If a freeper falls to the ground in agony and angst, does it make a sound?

I am CRYING, just sitting here looking at reports of record turnout



The rethug war room looks BAAAAD!!!

Honestly who are the republicans going to run in 2008?

Can we stop gloating and posting freeper threads?

First polls (KY, IN) close in 35 minutes!

Cheney on w/ Hannity

New exit poll numbers (est. 5pm)

Exit polls don't show early voting. Fla not really 50-49

I am worried about Republican cheating

Voting question....first time I am voting late!!!!!!

The big D

Randi Rhodes!!!! Hey Hey GOODBYE

Everyone MUST vote no matter what the polls say!!!!

Zogby calls it for Kerry 311-213 EV's w/Colorado and Nevada too close

Attention: DUers with Anti-Bush names: Think up a new one.

GREAT voting experience with an omen!

THIS FROG is about to CRY because my FELLOW US NEIGHBORS

Zogby Final Numbers

Any word on popular vote?

Richard Morrison on Ed Schultz now. DeLay's opponent.


Deleted message

MSNBC Just Did It Again!

"We're exercising great caution...."


Zogby Final Prediction: Kerry 311, Bush 213

How'd you like to be John O'Neill right now?

Just on MSNBC that Bush speechwriters have written two speeches

Tucker said it. I believe it.

Coke Watch: how long before Chimp goes back to the blow?

Zogby - Final Prediction has Kerry 311, * 213

Has everyone seen the home page of this site?

Wonkette - Frank Luntz predicts Kerry Victory!

exit polls

I Propose a Toast to the Democratic Underground

Can we post exits now? If so, here's the Electoral College outlook.

Kerry has won my apartment: so goes the nation!

Get this: Freepers think that Bush is WINNING!

Tomorrow I plan on listening to Limbaugh

Hannity Is Telling His Listeners to Ignore the Early Results

My votin' family rocks!!

Is Sandra Day-O'Connor thinking "Oh, this isn't good....."??

My Prayers for Freepers to Become Honest and Caring Thread

Exit Polls Smexit Polls.....VOOOOOOOOOOOOTE!!!

I'm gonna party like it is 1776!

Charles Barkley just said he voted for Kerry

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Duval Co. FL estimating 95% voter turnout!!!

Wisconsin tire flattening smells like a Rove stink

I Voted For Bush*

I'm very used to having the American people disappoint the shit out of me.

Hubby and I voted. Our small fry came into the booths with us. I love

Sinclair Execs calling Dial-a-Hooker

Gee Matt Drudge is always with Hannity on Election day

Truthout Blog Will Be Reporting From Kerry Party in 15 Minutes

10 Years to the day since "The Contract on America".

Kudlow about to have a stroke.

"The War Room" on IFC right now....Awesome reminder

So what does Bush/Kerry NEED to win? says bush will carry FL and OH, I think it is BS

Any Kerry parties in Hollywood, CA

How long before Nader takes credit for Kerry's victory?

what are the exit polls in "safe states" saying?

Yesterday there was a printable map on DU where you could

3 exit polls - please let's GOTV! (WARNING: exit poll numbers inside)

Anyone checked out the Yahoo news boards today?

Called 4 friends in NH this weekend: 3 voting for Kerry!

Screw Limbaugh. I wanna hear WIENERBOY tonight!

"Damn their warnings, damn their lies... They will see the People RISE!"

Look what’s happening out in the streets

My sister who hasn't voted in any election in 12 years voted today

Is under attack?

Charles Barkley say he voted for Kerry

The uphill fight is impossible to predict now

Just heard on Ohio


Anyone think chimp will barricade himself in the Oval Office?

Woah! Campaigns and Elections Mag tips their hat to Kerry...

Did any of you see Christie Brinkley on Imus this morning?

Question for DUrs

What percentage of DUers might NOT vote?

Slate pulled the updated 4PM exit poll info. They're back to the 50/49

Tell Bush To Get The Hell Out Of Kerry's New House...

Mort Zuckerman calls it for Kerry... about 300 EV's on CNBC.

i want to see the look on cheney's face

59 mins till the Polls Close! n/t

Boston Local RW NUT! Jay Severen(sp?) - Looking For Land In New Zealand!!!

Freepers only have a Magic 8 ball [it is the only poll they trust]

Can anyone confirm that slate and the networks are using there own exit #

How soon do you think * will sell his fake ranch?

One of my Republican students sent me this multi-forwarded email rumor

sheesh...did you catch the line they showed in Fulton Co(?) GA on CNN

Kerry Takes Lead in Online Futures After Poll Reports - Bloomberg

Has anyone created any post-election banner graphics they want to share?

Dr. Frank Newport predicts Kerry Win

I propose a toast to John Kerry supporters

AP: Kerry Sticks to Lucky Election Day Routine

The only good thing about a Keyes candidacy...

Massive sell-off of Bush shares on

Chicago Sun-Times: "Unheard of" turnout

Poll Closing Times -

Alright which DU'er made this post at freepervillie?


FR is deleting threads INSTANTLY

Judy Woodruff not looking well at all

Who needs to be held accountable?

VNS early exit polls

Just saw the most spectacular voterline on CNNI

is it safe to turn on my TV yet?

Is Woofwoof a fanatic?

Secret Freeper Voodoo Thread...

I just had a scarey thought

International Observers Turn the Tables For decades, groups from the Unite

Polls are now CLOSED in KY and IN!

Guilani in 2008? No way!

Anybody worried the reported results won't match the exit polling?

will jebco steal FLA again?

I have a morbid curiosity about who among us will "unmask" tonight...

They Are Predicting A CLEAR WINNER TONIGHT!!! Because of Turnout!

MSNBC.COM reporting results?

Conrad Black resigns from Hollinger

Lou Dobbs: Guests trashing *

Will West Virginia go Blue ?!?

Put your Voting Story HERE - makes US feel THAT MUCH CLOSER TO WINNING..

Happy (for us) report from Lou Dobbs show

I'm heading down to Copley Place!!!!!

Murdoch Exploits 9-11 for Kerry Smear

Hugo Chavez lost the exit polls by a wide margin.

Report from PA

Some numbers on the Florida Hispanic/Cuban vote

Fairness Doctrine Reinstatement: First Order of Business !!!!!!

7 minutes til Tweety

People. Have we won it? yes or no?

Talked to two Republicans I work with - THEY'RE VOTING KERRY!!!!

I donated $50 to DU today

Great shot of a GOTV effort in Philadelphia today from back of P/U Truck!


Freepers are worried and now they see the signs

Here is the 2008 Republican Nominee for President

my sister in Duval County, Florida, just called me

Ok...I need a drink...who's with me...

President Kerry... President Kerry... President Kerry...

Amazing news from Polk County, FL

Check out the LONG>>>>> Lines in Georgia on CNN now N/T

I'm not crying

Look at the body language! Carville and Begala ECSTATIC!!!!

Hannity forum idiots are in denial

Wait! Let's get our emotions in check!

Are networks and cable news

oh my -- wolfie is wearing blue

Exit polls have a MOE everyone. They are fallible.

The lights are on; watch the cockroaches scatter...

foxnews website has called Indiana, GEORGIA, and Kentucky

Get your poll closing times, blank states map, state EC numbers here!


CNN Internals as of 6:20pm!

Drudge has siren up and claims tied in Ohio and K+2 in FLA exit polls

Bush stock crashing at

4PM Exits from Slate

Historically don't Democrats vote late?

Holy crap! CNN shows voting line in Georgia...


Which prominent Democrats deserve the most thanks?

CSPAN Election Returns Map

KerryPhone: Reminder Call to Vote. Post your experience

Screw It. Let's Celebrate..

Wolf Blitzer

A Message from Italy

Who's got the best coverage? CNN or MSNBC

I voted on DIEBOLD this morning!!!

JFK. We Owe You Everything!

What is going to be the sweetest perk of a Kerry Presidency?

Local news in Florida has Exit polls Showing Betty Castor

Bush concession speech text!

Zogby calling election for Kerry

I just voted for Kerry/Edwards, and man, it felt GOOD.

Ft. Leonardwood, MO military did not recieve absentee ballots

Anyone been to a polling place in the last hour or two?

Good News from FL - Kerry more Cuban/Hispanic votes than Gore

how does a large turnout help Repukes?


You Need To Add The Early Votes To The Exit Polls..

I voted in a Catholic parochial school. Right under a crucifix.

GOP setting stage to steal it...

People: can we chill on the "WE WON!!!" posts until we actually win?

MoveOn Pleads for more help in Ohio

Drudge On Hannity Now Blaming the Media!! Shocked

What will we call Nov, 2, 2004 when Kerry wins?

MSNBC: I want to see Andrea Mitchell's head explode.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU so much, George Soros.

When you add in the early voting, how far ahead would that put us?!

A freeper family friend just called

Freep- Early trouble in Virginia

7:00 ET- What I'm looking for

"Bandwagon" vs. "suppressing the vote" question

Anyone know what is going on in Virginia?

Should We Pray For George Bush...

Talking Points Memo - Josh Marshall - site down?

Wife and I voted Kerry

Iowa - Robo call from the Gov. saying exit polling has us up by less than

NBC Exit Polls:

I would not urinate down Nader's throat if his heart was on fire--Carville

Just talked to a friend in CA

Freerepublic site down. Hee. Hee.

Bush leading 30k to 25k according to CBS

Bush people are saying to ignore exit polls

Early KY Senate Results: HOPE IS ON THE WAY!!!! where is Karen Hughes?

whats that site where you can do your own electoral vote studies???

Can someone tell me what's going on in Florida?

Exit polls do NOT reflect early/absentee voting

electoral map

Clinton's 1992 victory speech on C-span 2

Should We Pray For The Freepers?

I love Buzzflash!!! Lots of great news

Listening to You - My Tribute to JK, JEand most of all, To DU

Andrea Mitchell Looks Very Tense Tonight- Coming Up on MSNBC

Lou Dobbs just said

Question: Are the absentee and early votes totaled yet?

Hill races. Keep us up to date on what is going on in your state!

Let us thank all republicans who have prayed to god

Lets Not Worry About Florida

Will you vote for the 'Better Life' party?

We are going to win

"It's too soon to tell what these early voting results mean

Ky Pundit for Chimpy said BoyGeorge like Churchill

Matthews: President showing deep concern

Current, desperate, Repub talking point (they know they have lost):

I voted early (7am) and it was 8-1 men instead of women

PLEASE send numbers for the work-bound n/t


What's up with Ginsberg on MSNBC???

If Kerry takes Virginia

On CNN: Wes Clark, reporting for duty --- in Nevada

NEW Slate update Nation 51-48, Fla and Ohio K+1, Wisconsin K+3

I Propose A Toast To The Howard Dean Supporters

I just got home from the polls...why does DU think we are winning? I do..

Kucinich For Kerry Rally on Maui

Just heard on the local (Boston) news

Did you wear your Black Hoodie to the polls?

It appears that Daschle may be a goner

I Think The Pukes Should Have A Santorum-Buchananan Ticket In 08

Just got home after 2 hours on the Kerry Street Corner

NEWSFLASH: First Exit Poll Results Favour Kerry

Crossfire today: Carville re: Nader "I wouldn't urinate down his throat...

Tucker Carlson says people

Brokaw: Exit numbers are skewed toward one candidate

I think they are going to steal the election again........

Tom Brokaw looks absolutely giddy

80% turnout in some counties in Florida?

Dammit! Would somebody please tell me

Karla Faye Tucker will finally laugh today at the Butcher of Huntsville,TX

First states close in 2 minutes!!!!

C'mon people let's sing!!!!

Andrea Mitchell.. she is unusually ugly tonite.

ZOGBY Predicts: BUSH 213 KERRY 311

Someone have a link to that thread with all the state election pages?

I voted for the first time today

CNN cannot project VA and SC

Kerry "spiritually dead"

Good to see DU is up


GOOD NEWS!!! From the Florida Panhandle..FREEP CENTRAL

Kerry won VT!!

CNN and FAUXNEWS cannot project winner for SC and VA!

In honor of rainy day and DEM turout..SATIRE SONG!!!

New Wonkette exit polls

News from the Financial world

What's Up With Yahoo Posting * AP Stats Bush Leads Popular Vote?

Can someone clear this up...Are the networks all doing their own exit...

Leslie Stahl looks like Fright Night

I can't turn on the tv

Big Dawg circa 1992 on CSPAN - 2 for a nostalgic moment!

It's NOT over! It's STILL a race! VOTE!

WHere are the Virginia Numbers???????

I have to share this phone call I just received.

Anything yet from New Hampshire?


Folks, the SHOW is on Faux News.

I'm Sorry... But I Gotta Ask... ARE YA FEELIN IT YET ???

six minutes into this

Not able to get most cable channels..tell me a good channel to watch??

Is there an IRC chat tonight?

Repube 'trickle down' hate, too

Rather: "Insufficient Data" does not mean it's close

I think a huge gratitude of thanks are in order for Michael Moore!

Kerry 304 --Bush 224

Oh good god.. (NBC-9, CO)

If Kerry wins, which * supporter will make you happiest...

Campaign buttons are NOT de facto evidence of "electioneering"

Freepers Deperately Cling to Hope in AOL Oline Poll

Vermont!! MSNBC calls it for Kerry.

WFT?? PA absentee's not to be counted tomorrow morning n/t

If any state is too close to call, will the Republicans "steal it?"

Why are the early MSNBC election returns from Repub states?

David Gregory on MSNBC talking about shrubco "nervous"

Are we being setup by FOX News?


Watch CBS tonight.

Senate Races :: Exit Poll Roundup

Any Reports From Freak Republic...

Tonight we find out just what percentage of America is f**king crazy!

Poll Closing Times

I'm watching the Hispanic Channel. They don't fuck around.

Are Exit Polls Being Leaked to Smother West Coast High Voter Turn-Out?


Biggest Silliest Dumb-Ass TV Election Night Gimmick.

Folks, I don't think they can steal it now!!

Pitchfork Pat : "We may be out of here earlier than you think."

judy woodtits dressed in all red tonight...showing her true colors


What states have been called?

Bush up early in VA, 60% to 38%....2 precincts reporting, .08% of vote.

CBS is telling us they'll be VERY cautious.

It's amazing how the MSM...

CSPAN Map...

PLACING myself on call....who is in TALLAHASSEE?

The "Lets Pay Homage To The Boy Genius Karl Rove "Thread

I thought OH closed at 7pm?

Were there any terrorist attacks today?

Do the exit polls count the early voting?

Ted Kennedy: Tonight is Kerry's night

Drudge on Hannity Show - Pensacola Christian College Turning Out For Bush

'sense of discouragement among top staffers at WH' - David Gregory

"Skewed exit polls?" Are we about to be DIEBOLDED?!?!?!??!?!!?!?

11/3/2004 - Kerry wins, how's this song parody


Wrtie George Bush's Concession Speech!!

Please, dear DUers--cite your sources!

The ONLY race I'm focusing on tonight is the presidential race.


MSNBC Exit numbers mixed

WH Concern Started in the Weekend: Tweety/David GREGORY

How are some states being called already? Aren't people still in line?

Gov. Lingle must GO!

my fingers are crossed. please, please, please, please, please

How is Barak Obama doing?


How many incumbant Presidents retreat to the Whitehouse...

Just in: the majority of Ga., Ky. & Indiana is populated by Stupid Folks!

Drudge: Bwaaahaaaahaaaaa!

Florida .3% in...

Judge blocks counting of Philly absentee ballots!!!

It. Is.Not. Over. Yet.

Sen. Kennedy says Kerry has won the presidency...

I thought I heard Dean tell Randi he would be on NBC tonight.

Its Over

Reuters: VA still too close to call

Ain't It Nice How The Networks Showed... 'Restraint' ???

Tweety to announce OH...coming up

OH too close to call

John fund on MSNBC has a herpetic lesion

LOL. The first Georgia tally just came up on CNN...

Everything to close to call. This is not over folks. we could still

VA, NC, AND SC too close to call

Where is the best channel to watch the returns?????

WOW....40% vote in and Bunning is

Somewhere out there right now someone is casting a ballot for Bush!

CBS!!!! Kerry wins 74 - 26 among voters who considered Iraq key issue...

Zogby today at 5:00 PM EST: Kerry 311 electoral votes.

Rove at 5:15 PM: Less than 30% chance for Bush win.

WV called for Chimp

Presidential Election Tracking Page update: Kerry 77 Bush 66

WA voter here. Voting as soon as wife gets home

Latest and last exit polls (OH BABY)

I'm running on pure adrenaline right now. I'm gonna be up all night.


The polls in FLA close at 8:00pm

Virginia!! Only 1% precincts reporting...


if carson or salazar win, will Kerry get that state too?

Please resist making trivial posts....

Am I the only one nervous as hell right now ?

First exit polls give Kerry the edge in battleground states


Please, Please CA, WA, OR, Nevada and, vote, vote...

Are we being ambushed?

What will Lame Duck Bush do?

OH: Projection next on MSNBC (nt)

wife just told me electronic machines in harris county are bad!

I dream of a Blue Texas.

OHIO OMG!!!!!!!1

Come On Left Coasters, GOTV!!!

Kentucky: Mongiardo ahead by 8% with 33% reporting

hey look at the's the day after...!!!

Mongiardo Up Over 7% With Almost 50% Counted


Matthews on MSNBC - Kerry/Edwards Signs Everywhere

I feel a little more optimistic than I did earlier in the day

I Wore My Black Hoodie Today. Did You?

it is still GET OUT THE VOTE ! We don't want to get overconfident nt


Jim BUNNING is going DOWN!! Yeeehaawwww!!!

Just found out that NADER is a write in candidate in

where can I get min to min updates

Ignore Zogby and VOTE!!! We need the POPULAR VOTE TOO!!!

Early Kentucky results 17% reporting

GO NH!!!!!

May God Damn George Walker Bush and all who vote for him

FAX Found in White House Briefing Room....

CSPAN map GA 68/32 Kerry...but it's red?

CNN wins the "Most TV Monitors" prize.

If Bush does lose this how do you think the "Bushies"

Kerry's Victory Song?

Just found out that NADER is a write in candidate in

W.VA called for Bush. Damn!

Kerry Takes Lead in Online Futures After Poll Reports

I'm Reminded of Truman...


Cable news. What is the point?

Add a few % to the early returns tonight for Kerry...

I'm sticking with CBS tonight!

Virginia too close to call!!!

What is this garbage on ABC?!?!

C'mon Tar Heel state! make me proud

Will FLA and Ohio go to Bush?

cnn hear the dodo about dem move on

this calling states right after the polls close is irresponsible . . .

Guys: states won't be called unless the difference is HUGE

Republicans challenging absentee ballots in PA

NEW SLATE #s looking great, but fuck Nadar (We could pick up Nevada)

Yeah VERMONT, First 3 Elec. Votes for Kerry.

Dan Rather's and discuss 'em here

who is seeing weird shit of Bush ahead on CNN/MSNBC bottom screen

Why the FUCK are they showing Wheel Of Fortune on my CBS affiliate??

Republicans sued to not count absentee ballots in Philly

CNN: FLA and PENN will be to close to call at 8pm

Jon Stewart will be on for an hour and a half tonight--don't miss TDS!

how many Dems do you know are voting for the Chimp?

Coal and Guns?

I do not like this talk of losing the popular vote....

NOVAK : Repug officials pessimistic about Ohio win for *

this is a boring election return night....

Ohio Results

Reporting from LV, NV - Local CBS affiliate letting voters know

KERRY running EVEN in NC because of YOUNG VOTERS

CNN: Rove working the phones from the WH

FRANK LUNTZ Reportedly Says Bush "Too Far Behind to Catch Up"

Wolf Shows Georgia with Bush 38% Kerry 62% but CALLED for Bush

WTF...*39 Kerry 3...??

Hey Floridians! What way do these counties NORMALLY lean

Indulge: Visualize Winning.

CNN: Bush might not concede FLA until Thursday

MSNBC: First time voters in Ohio 13% they broke to Kerry 56-44

This waiting for Dem states to come in is giving me a freaking ulcer...

CNN exit Poll of OH: Kerry +2 among men, +6 among women!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please cell phone your poll monitor friends, etc. NOW

Try And Stay Calm. THIS is how these THUGS are going out.

Can we get a toast and three cheers for the Admins?

Political Science 101

AZ local news: still hundreds of people waiting to Vote....

tallahassee report on the ground: 80% turn out in black church

OMFG! More polls coming in 2 mnutes! DEAN on MSNBC

MSNBC -Matthews said Dr. Dean will be there

Note on Virginia results

Howard Dean coming up on MSNBC...

Florida results


Miami-Dade - predictions



The first question goes to HELEN THOMAS

Jersey and Maryland Blue

NJ and IL for Kerrry

CBS News2 In Chicago just called it for


How does Indiana/Kentucky come in before Massachusetts, New York?

Fox projections have Kerry w/ 78 and * w/66 in states where polls

CBS-Kerry gets NJ, IL, MA

CNN - New Jersey for Kerry n/t

Go Joisey!

Should we use "Sore Loserman" if it comes to that??

HAHA So much for NEW JERSEY!! Stupid Hannity

Kerry 52-48 in Ohio,Cleveland Ch. 3 exit polls they are very impressed

I think Repuke Jim Douglas won in VT. :-(

Track VA Returns Here : RESULTS SHOWING NOW!!

Those watching MSNBC notice...

MSNBC guest -- "30 Repub, Get-out-the-vote vans had their tires slashed!

CNN National exit poll: Kerry ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone have a link

What is everybody doing right now?!?!

Damn, who gave Dan Rather the amphetamines?!?!

If Obama won (and I hear he did) then it's a net nonchange.

I am praying to GOD!!!

Come on NH

how can they call states without

National exit poll with 11,000+ sample: KERRY AHEAD BY 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!


YES!!! NJ, IL (nt)

Is the "Follow OH results here" site certain people keep pimping legit?

Yahoo has NJ for Kerry

Just heard on CBS Jeb called George with some good news..

Novak Just Conceded!!!!

Kerry LANDSLIDE in New Hampshire!!!!!!!!!


Have A Fire Going - Put Paper Voodoo (B/C-repigs) Dolls in


CBS's map is showing * 80, Kerry 77.

CBS: Kerry leads among new voters in Florida

Anything else called from 8pm yet?

Mikulski wins big in MD

I have no nails left....What is going on in Ohio and Florida?

This Election Is Like The Dream Sequence In Fahrenheit 911

N. Carolina to *. no surprise. suprise was how close.


Jebbie called * and told him some FL counties they lost 2000 going * BS!

FLORIDA : Independents support Kerry by 25% points!

why the hell does nader have 6000 votes. what is wrong with people

Damn CNN whores. .. "the majority of NJ voters are worried about

Is anyone nervous about Bush watching results in the White House?



Russert on NBC:

CNN: Kerry 77 Electoral Votes, Bush 66, 3% nationwide precincts reporting

The CT Senate section on DU is WRONG its Dodd and Liberman not Orchulli

"Constrained Ecstacy" according to Mark Green at Kerry's headquarters

Go Doc! "There's a long way to go tonight, so get out and vote"


Schneider on CNN re: New Jersey

Something screwy's going on in Richmond...


WE are ALOT FASTER than stupid Freepers

My freakin' living room/office area looks like a campaign war room

CNN: Jeb not with GWB in the WH tonight but in Fla

Here comes the official KY race numbers:

less than 10% of youth between 18-24 have voted according to...

And there goes Virginia.


CNN: Can we just f**** turn it off ? CBS is MUCH better !!!!!!!!!!!! nt

Rather calling VA for Bush


VA Goes to Bush

VA bought lots of those electronic voting machines,

we worked our BUTTS off in Florida the last four weeks (its in the bag)

Ohio numbers looking good - link



Why are the whores making a big deal about WV?

OH gay marriage/civil unions ban passes.

Josh Marshall TPM: Kerry opens a lead in Ohio

OH FUCK, CBS predicting Virginia for *.

Anyone want a hit off my bong?

Are you watching the Whoring for Shrub on Florida?

Here come the florida numbers folks! This is the big one!

If your polls are still open don't watch GO VOTE! Get the people there

CNN results are vacuous ...

Please God or whomever is there, PLEASE save our country tonight!

CBS: NC to *

this election is showing how REAL Americans do it . . .

ALABAMA Results just strted coming in Bush ONLY ahead 50-49!

Psycho Bitch Katherine Harris struggling early

FLORIDA latest

VA, NC, SC, FL - leaning Bush?


Just got back from volunteering (in Ohio)

I'm Not Going To Bed... Are You...

It's time to accept it: WE WE'RE WINNING!!!!

Deep Insider Info: KERRY WINNER

Obama 87 Keyes 11 (?)

CBS Reports Jeb Bush Claiming They are WINNING GORE COUNTIES

Ohio: Lawsuit demands that people in line be given ballots

Ok...let me have it...Kerry 77 Bush 66...

Cleveland.........STILL Voting

The VICTORY that DU is directly responsible for...THANK YOU!

Kudos, by the way ... everything on DU running smoothly so far!


Question about the expat vote

How do CBS polls in Ohio become the EXACT opposite of dailykos?

I HATE the way the networks are reporting this...

FL: Even if * is doing better than 2000...Remember Gore WON by 30,000

Are Freepers freaking over NJ?

Why doesn't CNN list how many precincts are in for each state?

CNN showing popular vote % rather then electoral college

Why haven't they called NH

Current Florida Results

How are we doing in FL?

Court Cases on Voting in FL now on CBS

Fuckers In Florida


Presidential Election Tracking Page update: Virginia, SC NC to *

I don't like it that the media is "locking up" the big 3 (PA/OH/FL).

So far no upsets or switches either way from Gore/Bush. NH could be


Pennsylvania should be safe for Kerry

Crap, Virginia went for Bush

Cripes, W is STILL calling me to vote for him. Just got 2 repub calls

SKY News: MO too close to call

Still HUGE crowds in Southeastern PA!

This make no sense

Feeling Anxious About FL? OH looks pretty damn good!

I AM Noticing Suspicious Postings on FL

Kansas is close at the moment...50%bush 49% KErry

Maine goes to Kerry

C-SPAN has PA looking really good . . .

Could someone tell me how CSPAN can "call" a state w/ 1% reporting?

Am I the only one noticing these numbers keep changing ?

Can we STOP with the victory threads PLEASE????

Allegeny County, PA (Pittsburg) open 'til 9:30!

Fuckers are trying to steal Pennsylvania

Calm down Wolf NC is not a surprise

Does anyone know expected overall turnout?

Ken Mehlman and Florida

Ok, let me ask a question...

exit polls vs results we're getting now

Yeah, but don't forget...

CNN: Bush doing better in Fla tonight than he did in 2000

West Virgina is now 50% Kerry to 49% Bush

Well, IF we lost VA...

local news in WI- only 30% of Madison in right now.


How did Carson lose to that guy.

I thought they were doing away with exit polling?

Some good news

We have LOST THE SOUTH. Only Florida looks to be in play


I will say Kerry has for sure taken Ohio,based on Ch 3 Cleveland

"Deliverence" type guys in WV and southern OH

People if it still looks close in VA, NC , It's not. Exit Polling

cbs has orange county, florida going for bush... NOT ! nt

is this right???? each channel wants to be first with the news, so they

double post

Newsday :No numbers yet, but scrolling on the top of page

NY closing in 10 minutes sweat.

In Brevard County, FL ( melbourne), people are STILL voting nt

CNN: Bush Bot is declaring victory

reporting from Virginia District 8....LANDSLIDE FOR KERRY !!!!

Has Bush won any states that he didn't win in 00 yet???????

Ohio giving out ballots in the line. At Dems request.


Hah, Faux News is MUTED in my area !!!

Republican Returns in FL, NC, VA Better than exit polls

Why the hell are they calling some of these close states like VA

I will be totally shocked if Orange County, Florida goes for * nt

Absentee ballots?

BBC: Kerry has 2% lead in Ohio

On behalf of VA, I'm sorry. We did our part.

Connecticut switching to Bush?

Why are the red states and red counties the first ones being reported?

Mongiardo/Bunning now 50/50

Novak just lauded the hell out of Coburn.

Independants Breaking 60 percent for Kerry

9:PM states we will know if we are in the running or not

WTF? Rather just said that the election could turn into a Bush landslide

Have we been duped?

why is CSPAN not showing election coverage- instead Gore's concession?

gay marriage ban passing in OH :(

Calling Coburn win w/ ONE percent in Oklahoma (senate)????????

WHY IN THE FUCK are the new states too close to call?

Everything Going According To My Model So Far

Weird question: can the folks in the Aleutian Islands vote in peace ?

so who thinks it will be decided tonight...?

CNN exit polls: comfortable Kerry lealds in WI, MN, MI

Oh, damn...they're calling NH Senate for Gregg.

Ohio Secretary of State's site - look at Lake County numbers

CNN says Colorado Amendment 36 will not win! No Split!

c-span using real time figures from ap - no projections

NBC: GOP feeling better about Florida

permanent kick ? GET OUT THE VOTE nt

latest repub meme...gwb "over performing" along the I40 corridor FL

Texas is 64% to 34% so far right now

Yeah - Kerry leading in Missouri - Went shrub 4 years ago

NBC has Bush up in Ohio (5% reporting)

It's the turnout stupid

Florida @ 41% reporting

CNN calls ME as a split.

Book it: Kerry will win FL with 51%, OH with 51%, PA landslide

How the heck does Nader have 20,000 votes in Florida?

media coverage is WORTHLESS. They won't call any non blowout states

We lost Texas

Whoa Hoeffel leading Spector by 24,000

Al Franken at Kerry HQ Right Now in Boston

Novak says he "hears" Ohio going to Kerry

GO HERE, it's VERY GOOD!! Look at the results here!!

Helicopter views (Channel 12 News) in Palm Beach County

Everybody please remember that

The MSM has an interest in creating suspense...those advertising dollars

Presidential Election Tracking Page update: Kerry 112, Bush 155 No proble

CBS: Bush 108 EV away from winning.

Check Bob Woodward on CNN

Damn Bunnings going to pull it out

Novak: Bunning's going to lose

Yes! Blanche Lincoln wins!!


How soon till Russert and Brokaw turn Democracy Plaza

We aren't even to 100% yet these numbers are changing

Kerry will pull off the first big win of tonight

VERY cool UI on CBS analyst board ...

Let's not panic....California still has yet to vote.

New York, Rhode Island go to Kerry..many still too close to call...(MSNBC)


Don't worry folks soon they will call NH for Kerry

Wonkette--- PA and Ohio widening for Kerry, Fla and Wis 50/50

Update from Wonkette

Huge counties in FL not yet counted, with BIG HISPANIC SHIFTS to Dems

Who else is sick of Guillani?

Any word about Iowa yet?

Look at this in Louisiana Something is screwy

Specter behind in Pennsylvania??

The South is going for Bush. Is that a huge surprise??

104 million in Ohio 114 in Florida : TV adds n/t

Feingold wins

YEAHHHHHHHHHHH! Arkansas Senate and House race kicking ass!!

why'd indiana go to Bush?

Why is anyone posting partially counted results? They mean CRAP

Struggling with depression re: red states

DU Servers doing a GREAT JOB...and also West Coast polls open for

NH will be the first "switch" state they call...

Everything is fine... relax

What's the news from Arkansas?

If we lose Florida AND Ohio, we're done

Question...when are the absentee ballots counted -nm

MN results so far: Dead heat, but Kerry has a 114 point lead.

Why Are People Upset About Bush Winning Red States?

Does Guliani require surgery to have his lips removed from Dubya's hind-


Bush 98% -2% in California

Zogby - Kerry only needs ONE of FL, OH or CO to win

Look what the media is doing to us.

If We win OHIO AND FLORIDA, The pukes are done

CNN has Kerry leading in Arkansas right now

It's bipolar night at DU

MSNBC: Bush Campaign now claiming Exit poll data is not accurate?

Hi, Dems! I just woke up from a coma. What's DU been up to lately?

NH leaning towards Kerry.

Wait till 85% is in on FL , OH before yo ustart freaking

Catalog good and bad OMENS here (Warning ye who haven't voted: Spoilers)

Yahoo just changed Ohio from leaning Kerry to leaning Bush

KY - Bunning will win over Mongiardo...up by 13,000 votes...2% left


Do the numbers for FLorida include early voting?

Guardian state-by-state guide

Pennsylvania voting still not finished

25 states have been called -- and not a single surprise

Still hope for Indiana governor's race ...

What the hell is happening in Pennsylvania?

Dirt Don't Vote! Networks should show population weighted map

Texas is at only 3 percent of precincts in and it is 62% to 37%

CNN has OH at 53% * /47% Kerry

Give Me SOMETHING on PA And OH!!!!

Kerry forgot Poland Bush 100 percent Kerry 0 percent

Wonkette: PA and Ohio margins widening for Kerry; FL 50/50


CBS: Bush 162, Kerry 112

KOLR has McCaskill leading Blunt in the MO Gubernatorial race ...

Small(rural) counties reported first: don't pay attention to early returns

Poland leaning Bush



Why are people whining when most of the states are below 10%?

Request permission to call out Freeper disruptors tonight

Big juicy succulent MIAMI-DADE and PALM BEACH counties not counted yet


WHAS Louisville calling race for Bunning

Where's our stronghold in OH? Toss out some Dem-heavy counties.

Being a bummer and expressing concern are two different things.

Ugh, sounds like they're calling SC senate race for DeMinted

Kerry will surge past Bush in FL

Feel Depressed?

Philadelphia News.....

How is Bowles doing?

Faux calling it for Kerry...sort of

Yahoo says Bush leading in Michigan.

What's the word on New Hampshire???

Everyone (including me) needs go outside, breath, and have a drink

What Percent of the States Called for Either Candidate...

Isnt russert a tool??

Kerry creeping up in Florida... and no Miami-Dade #'s yet.....

All I ate today was a handful of M&Ms and I went 10 hrs w/out a bathroom

The Media are playing us like cheap fiddles

The media KNOWS what the exit polls say...time was they would report it



Keep the BLue States and win NH and OH

Kerry catching up in ORANGE COUNTY FL, the one the Repukes were crowing


OHIO (What is wrong with you people?)


I went up to my dem headquarters to watch the returns and

Please chill folks. Many voters in Florida are still in line to vote.

Broward County Fla Kerry 66% Bush 33% YES! 55% reporting

Kerry is within 150,000 - 170 in Florida - Palm Beach and Dade

MSM is Screwing with us---Go watch the Daily Show in 15 mins!!!

I'm Glad All The Closeted Freepers Came Out Tonight...

Reminder to EVERYONE here - please listen

NO NO NO... Amendment 1 in FL PASSED... Parental Notification of Abortion


A little question...

Randi says they might not count Miami

Florida numbers do NOT include early voting

MO: The 6% rule...

OBL: if * claims they got him, it's a LIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nt

Coburn 49%; Carson 46% (msnbc)

Some perspective

Makes ME feel better - LISTEN!

If actual votes don't match exit polls, are the machines wrong?

Ok, I'm turning off the TV, I'm depending on DU for election news

when is asshole going to speak


New Hampshire votes as they come in at:


If * tells us Al Qaeda is attacking, it might be a LIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wrong day to quit sniffing glue

countdown - 30 minutes until the Daily Show.

Bush 52-48 In Ohio.

while we're all on pins and needles, future CAMELOT anyone???

I think I picked the wrong day to quit drinking

folks, it doesn't look good

CBS just showed video of * in the WH quarters.....

Nader doing pretty good in NH

Bush wants to speak to the nation. What is he going to say?

Asshole is desperate...trying to influence last minute polls

How did we get so snookered people...

OHIO only 32% reporting in Cuyahoga(Cleveland) Kerry Leading

We used to dominate Congress

Senate Race Perspectives

Why does teeny-ass NH take so long to report? It's like the first

Rather: We were ALLOWED in...

The BBC Has An Interesting Election Map

LOL We are going to win FLORIDA!! LOOK AT THIS!!!

It's Kerry in the lead..then Bush pulls ahead..then it's Kerry pulling up


Why the hell is Bush about to make a speech?

George Bush is a lowdown son of a Bitch

It's just * sittin' in his livingroom with the fambly watchin' the return

If the exit poll #s don't

WTF!?! Bush will give a speech!

I quit drinking 30 years ago,smokeing too

does kerry get to speak now?

Kerry wins early votes in Bernalillo County, NM (Albuquerque)

So what did President Apostate* have to say, live, with polls open?

guy at the gas station gave me Kerry "victory" cigarette!

Josh Marshall said FL too close to call, while Repukes try to STEAL OHIO

CBS has said nothing about * speaking. I think this is RUMOR nt

I picked the wrong day to stop taking my Haldol

BBV Voting - news links - trying to get up to date

bush speaking now, MSNBC

Remember--the Florida count doesn't have the early ballots

People Need To Chilll

FL starting to close

Miami-Dade coming in

CBS reports some more "expected red/* states"

"Nothing unexpected"

Good night, all . . .

For the 3rd time tonight, WTF is WRONG with the media?

The Florida State of Elections Page has less votes counted than CNN..?????

Hello? Media? Pennsylvania???

I have a feeling that Bush is stealing Franklin Cty., Ohio. It was planned

republican assholes challenged voters in my precinct today

Does anyone have Ohio numbers?

jon stewart break time! n/t

Castor/Martinez 49-49



Tragedy: Some poor lady got to the polls ONE minute too late in Orlando nt

Why aren't the whores calling PA yet???

josh marshall says they are trying to steal it in Ohio

Why it's so close

Just got word that Florida absentee and early voting is not yet counted

KERRY UP 52-47 in Minn!!! Perk up everyone!

Everybody watch Daily Show--watch MSM start calling stuff

Obama on CNN

CNN - Obama about to speak

wow that was one helluva speech

Missouri is DEADLOCKED - * 50 Kerry 50. 16 percent reporting

FL : No votes at all for these counties : Collier, Escambia, Holmes

AZ Voters in line 4 hours turned away at 7 p.m. Police on scene

Delay wins

Kerry leading 53-46 in Minnesota - 7 percent reporting

Bush wins Arkansas

I've got to go to sleep. I can't take this....

An SAnswer And A Question....

Palm Beach County hasn't reported yet 75% voter turnout

Fox News panel is GRIM about Bush "cobbling together" a win

Arkansas goes to Bush

GOD I hate Bill Schneider!

can we do it without OH AND Florida?

*sigh* I'm going to bed early tonight

The percentage precincts reporting does NOT equal...

We lost Arkansas...




No Lake County votes in in Ohio

They're saying too many absentee votes in PA to call that state

Florida is not lost! Here is why... (w/ link now)

Man, people are freaking worse than 2002 and we lost then!

How Long Before Kerry Gets Off That Fuckin' 112???

Presidential Election Tracking Page Swing State report - RELAX

Right Now I am so angry!!!

Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Returns in Florida.

What is wrong with the state projectors?

CBS: tried calling them, no go. You have to email them, I think. I just

I'm Back.. Someone tell me some good news!

OHIO - latest results

We have Ohio and PA

How is there ANY way * would win Ohio? On CBS just now

self deleted

Bush going to speak to the nation!!?

Landslide in Pennsylvania

Bush wins Missouri

MO for Bush

Did ABC just call Missouri for the Chimp?

Sorry folks but I don't think we are going to get FL

Let's Start Our Emailing - We Demand Fairness

I an a lurker who would like to thank everyone who posts at DU

okay, just for humor, green bay/washington. green bay big lead


Last Hurrah

Settle Down!


My big shock of the night so far

ABC reporting * bringing WH press into residence wing

Youth Vote - 10% in 2000 ..... 17% in 2004

Why in the h*ll does the whole goll d*mn country look red to me??

when are you giving up?

Al Sharpton and William Weld live on the Daily Show.

Are "LONG LINES" the October Suprise for the Republican Party?

Damn. Looks like Martin Frost is losing. For real. DAMN DAMN DAMN

Damn, people, The Media is ALL ABOUT THEATER!!!!

Chill, folks...

the media is playing you guys like fiddles; they call all the states

DO we need to start email blasting the media and let them know

People, it's not over yet! Don't lose heart!

MSNBC says GOP claiming 3-4 percent UNDERCOUNT in exit polling??

Uhh, Is It Just Me Or Does The Media Need To Call Pennsylvania?

If we lose, we have to go after the religious fascism

With only 11% of TX precincts reporting, Kerry already has as much in pop

Does Anyone Else Smell a Rat ?

AAR says one WI station calls it for Kerry....yahoooooooo

Another thing to remember...EVERYONE IS USING AP POLLING

Greg Palast claimed 1 million votes not counted. What state(s)?

Have We Stepped Into The Twilight Zone?

Are the early votes being counted in Florida?

EARLY Florida voting NOT COUNTED yet

Tinfoil? but is the media holding back Kerry calls to affect western vote?


some encouraging numbers from exit polls from


people that are freaking about the count so far

Obama making acceptance speech now....

Official Cuss at the Chimp thread

Kerry now up by 8,000 votes ORANGE COUNTY FL. GOP was crowing before

The F*cking media is deliberatly holding off on Kerry calls

Well, Goddamnit...Carson giving concession speech (OK Senate race)

ABC News declares Specter winner in PA


Katherine (vote-whore) Harris just won her post.

I was expecting these record numbers to be our miraculous turnaround

Susan Estrich; "President Bush will lose the election"

Fla early voting?

I am watching NADER on c-span!!!!!!!

Peter Jennings: Close air support going on in Fallujah...

I think there's some screwy things going on in Ohio and Florida

Kerry will surge past Bush in Ohio - 160,000 votes from Cleveland area

Popular vote closing up - more populous (blue) areas starting to report

There's A Great Deal To Be Said For A Stiff Upper Lip

Is this Coup de eTa ? We are losing seats not gaining..NO WAY !

Collier County Florida.... numbers not matching

I gotta tell you, I just don't like those popular vote numbers!

Can we please wait till its over?


Won't know Ohio and Florida for a day or two

Bush Campaign: "We think there is a 3-4% gap between

OK. Who knows the real deal on when the early votes are counted?

Al Franken: we won't know tonight

NT Times has Kerry in Mass. Anyone else have any results

God I hope Zogby is right!

No post counts makes it tough for us - stay sane folks!!!

What is wrong with this MORONIC country??????????

MSNBC - Kerry winning all over, but they WON'T CALL THEM

Jeezus, I live in a totally fucking crazy state (OK)... votes for Repugs

Youth didn't show up

How many voters are in Palm Beach and Miami counties in FL?

FOX projects Bush win in WI?

oh my god.... I have to go to bed.


Still not worried...

Red Sox eom

Who else here has turned the fucking TV off?

Chill Out - Watch the Daily Show! Come on people!

Just Watched A PBS Segment on Election Returns

How can we get the networks

Palm Beach 52% reporting. It's not going to be enough.

Why we're behind in Ohio...

Read Marshall to find out what's going on in Ohio...

I Want An Answer Please-IMPORTANT....



Stewart on Daily Show: If you're not careful in Florida ...

It seems way too close for me! Am I delusional? eom

Great.. Ohio 2004 = Florida 2000

I hope that Joe Lockhart is not blowing smoke up our ass right now...

Everybody pleeeeaaassseee watch Jon Stewart & lighten up!!

Help!! I'm having trouble sorting this out!

I'm going to go take a nap. When I get up, the usual blue states may have

If Bush wins , there definitely is no God .

Did Osama motivate Repukes!!!?

I support Gay Marriage but DAMN that was BAD timing!!!

Bunning wins! WTF!

AAR: Al Franken said we will not know until tomorrow according to his

Why is Jon Stewart having Travis "Boycott the Dixiechicks" Tritt...

Penn goes to Kerry!



Oh man......................

Pennsylvania to Kerry!!!!!

Has anyone else noticed...

CBS calls Kerry wins PA

CBS just called Penn for Kerry!

Arizona to Bush Pennsylvania to Kerry

CBS CALLS PA for Kerry!

Please, please tell me Kerry;'s lawyers in Ohio are going into court..

Ohio, this year's Florida

The media is picking our President again ... this is not a democracy

I'm feeling good about Ohio. Here;s why......

The guys on PBS said something weird is going on

looks like everyone was too shy to unmask....

Screw (my state) of FL and screw you too Jeb

AGAIN Keep the BLue States and win OH and NH

Russert is delusional re: Minnesota

PA called for Kerry!

Too many trolls tonight.

Penn for Kerry

Never Give Up, Never Surrender !


Does anyone think, based on facts, we can win Florida?

YYYYEEEESSSS!!! PA. is ours!


Cnn calls Pennsylvania for Kerry . Chill folks , we're in this .

WTF? New Hampshire?


Why aren't the networks talking about lawsuits in Ohio

CBS, Kerry worried about Ohio, Fla.

Spector wins.

We can still win this thing....without Bushflorida


Pennsylvania for KERRY!!!!!

Pennsylvania still "hours away" from being called (president)

Bush will only get 27 more EV's eom

Sorry. Im losing it

How Many Votes Were Cast In Florida in 2000?

How can Missouri be called already?

OK fucking MSM - You damn well better give JK CA, WA and OR in about five

Why won't ABC call PA for Kerry? WTF?

Presidential Election Tracking Page PENNSYLVANIA TO KERRY

Compassionate Dems hand shrub the election...


Minnesota and PA going for Kerry

Have faith in John F. Kerry

PA called for Kerry: SO STOP FREAKING OUT


Fox: PA for Kerry.

CBS - Penn for Kerry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Chill people... CA, WA and OR have yet to come in

Because we need to see some cheer.........................................

Tomorrow, if Kerry does not win, I don't want to hear the...

we're gonna win wisconsin

how many votes are expected out of miami-dade, it's still at 50%

Reality Check: Must win for us

PA just called for Kerry - *: 193, Kerry 133, as per Faux n/t



Are we sure that VA is for Bush?

SKINNER - Turn Post numbers back on!



Kerry is ahead in Nevada

Gore states worth 8 less EV?

WTF is up with Wisconsin???

CA for JK - add 55

why is New Hampshire so stubborn?

Nader and New we go again?

California for Kerry Now? (On the CNN map)

Minnesota being called for KERRY

NH Going blue!!!

How Could Alfred E. Newman win the freakin' election???

Bowles in NC will probably fall, Hoeffel will beat Specter in PA

We waited 4 years for tonight....we can do 4 more hours right?

Don't give up on Castor

B 209 k 199 11:00 p.m. EST

Wait till DETROIT comes out!!!!

California, Washington State go to Kerry

California for Kerry

Folks the young vote was TIED in 2000, overwhelming for KERRY this year

NBC gives Washington and California to Kerry

It's like pulling my fingernails out.

Ca. For Kerry!!!! n/t

My optimism is dimishing.

Finally people: Bush 209 - Kerry 199

Media can keep REFUSING to UPDATE Kerry's EV; It'll be KERRY 300+

Idaho to Bush! I'm (not) shocked!!!

The only states that matter now are Florida and Ohio. Can we take either?

Bush took Idaho! Its all over now

Please stop looking at that bullshit CSPAN site!!!


Post here if you're relieved there's no huge GOP "sleeper vote"



Betty Castor is ahead in FL with 99% counted ! YAHOO !!!!!! nt

What's up with New Hampshire?

NBC on Florida: 1.6 Million Absentee Ballots NOT Counted Yet


NH trending Kerry again. We're up 4000!!!!

Faux still listing it as 197 -* 133 - Kerry

Washington called for Kerry.

well one good thing is people stopped posting those landslide

*197 to Kerry 188.

ok, Florida or Ohio?

Demint won...

All the posters asking about EV combos (can we win w/o Ohio) go here:

listen to rather:

What's the story with Virginia?

AZ called for Bush. 219 - 199

Have they called Oregon and Washington for Kerry yet?

Any news on Minnesota?

Im starting to worry -flame away

Want Some Sanity?

Suggestion: when you post a new development add the time with time zone


if this thing doesn't go well tonight...

Wake up people!!!

Anyone know if northern Ohio has been included in the results?

Minnesota 14% of precincts reporting Kerry doing well

Presidential Election Tracking Page KERRY 188 BUSH 197

*197 - KERRY 188

Please give me some good Ohio news!

KErry is GOING TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is everyone so crazy? WE ARE GONNA WIN!!

Does Kerry have any chance.....

California called for Kerry ...

Who's got some good news on Ohio?

I am going to bed, and I fully expect to wake up to President Kerry

Could Colorado make the difference for us?

I have over 8000 posts! I believe the reason that we are loosing....


Wolf is giddy over * and Judy is wearing puke red. I hate CNN!


the tide is turning!! the tide is turning!!!!!!!!

Keyes making his losing speech...

I'm so pissed at my fellow 18-24 year old's

Are the Florida numbers counting the early votes???

O.K., What States Did Kerry Get?

If exit polls contradict final results should we be suspicious?u


Kerry leading in Nevada

A shout out to the true voters.....

It's all up to Cleveland(Cuyahoga) to win Ohio for Kerry


No way Kerry is only up 2,000 votes in Montgomery County

Kerry lost Florida

Here is an email from my brother in Columbus Ohio

Friends GOTV in Cleveland and Columbus

Yahoo changes Michigan from Red to Blue

Ok the TV is officially off for the night here

If Kerry loses OH and FL but wins NH and NV and all 2000 Gore states...

How gullible? 21% of Americans say spam can influence how they vote!

"Hotter than a Times Square Rolex"?

Do you have a link for the NATIONAL POPULAR vote?

Please let Kerry get the popular vote too!

How do Columbus and Cincinnati normally vote?

Thank You Mods and Admin

Critical States are Wisconsin & Iowa & Hawaii & New Hampshire

Can anyone find the Florida county website

According to Sam Seder (Air America)

Cobb showing over 4000 votes but I don't see where they come from

So people STILL IN LINE in OHIO are going to be able to cast votes??

LIsten Up Folks

It all comes down to OHIO folks!!!! the ENTIRE Thing!!!!!!!!!

Can Someone Tell Me What the Hell is Happening With WISCONSIN?

have Florida early votes been counted

Can someone check my math. With OH, this gets us 269...

the pundits love it

It's always been Ohio, Ohio, Ohio

Anybody see Keyes' meltdown

Florida...85% reported...Bush up by 275,024?!? With record turnout?!?!?


I have only heard about ABSENTEE votes NOT Early votes (FLA)

Alan Keyes is the black Rodney Dangerfield of politics..

What about Colorado?

Early Votes not counted yet in Florida: CAN I have a LINK!

MN & WI both showing 55% KERRY!!!!

You really wanna know what's holding us back, people???

94% precincts reported in FL. * 52% 47% Kerry?

Their plan is to STEAL OHIO. Already trying to create an "air of victory"

New Hampshire

CNN called GA-12 for Barrow (D) over incumb Burns (R)

Relax a bit about Ohio. It's only half counted yet. People in line...

knee-jerk voters

College kids standing in line 3 hours after polls supposed to close...

35.78 % of Minnesota Precincts reporting Kerry up by 10

It's going to be a long night, folks


don't forget the 1 WV elector who is going to defect.

How's Colorado looking?

Any ACTUAL turnout estimates?

So do we take back the Senate?

How much of the Florida Kool Aid must we drink?


OOOOOOH, Media DRAMA, Comebcak kids come from 3 games down

OKAY, Florida Is Lost, WE CAN STILL WIN!

Burr won,

You know I'll bet this was what it was like back when radio was king

Kerry could win if all states but FL are in, right???


Florida: We are going to win here. The early voter turnout was 2 MILLION..

One more time: I need a "shot of reassurance". Thanks ! nt

ABC: Florida to Bush

How is Jeff Seeman doing?

There is something really not right............

Anybody up for a 269-269 tie?

Melissa Bean won against alcoholic right wing has been Phil Crane in Il.

Skinner was right

Hawaii should break to us if exit polls are anywhere near accurate

If we win OHIO, WISCONSIN, AND NH it's ours

Why are we losing Florida?

Who has a county breakdown link for WI, OH and MI?

ABC gave Florida to Bush (bullshit) but we can still win without it.

CSPAN: Kerry up by 10,000 in Wisconsin

Geographically, We are at a disadvantage in Florida

abc news call florida for bush!

Kerry Leading: Iowa, Wisconsin, Mich. Nevada & Minnesota (CSPAN)

why even have elections??

Ok, Florida may be gone--but all along we knew it would come down

The "youth vote" 18-29 failed to show up.

Idiot actor Ron Silver just said...

Are the Cleveland area votes being counted yet?


Remember Orange County Florida ??

How did we go from so up to so down????

ABC projects FL for Bush


Dont give up hope - things looking good

cbs called florida for bush, shit, i hope they are wrong nt

Pray for Ohio

abc calls Florida for Bush. Let's go Ohio. Let's go Ohio

Don't give up on Ohio yet.

Kerry just went ahead in Wisconsin

Oh Great--Dan Rather is on

What Did Zogby Say About Florida?


Any Predictions About When We Will Know The Result?

CNN project Dem losses in House and Senate

PRAY that Ohio is beyond STEALING MARGIN

ABC Calls Florida For Bush !!!

It was never about Florida. It's always been about Ohio.

Even if Kerry wins the Presidency,


What's the Word On the Colorado Referendum?

Has Ohio even finished voting yet?

They are up 300,000 fucking thousand votes in FL.

'xxx' is the worst DU feature ever

Senate races are a HUGE disappointment

I busted my ass (did you?)...i am going to bed...

This country is worse than a banana rebublic

Salazar up in CO (51-47). Need that pick-up!

please remember California is 55 ELECTORAL VOTES...

Ohio not looking good

Will the Democrats let Bush steal it? ...again?

My TV is off

How the HELL is a "man" with a 44% approval rating ahead right now?

We're going to have divided government.

FUCK! : In FL, Castor down by 50,000 votes with 97% in.



Rove says exit polls dead wrong

PBS: now they're talking about Kerry under preforming Gore.

Developing memes anyone: "the youth vote didn't turn out"....

What would guarantee a Kerry win if we lost Florida?

Ugh Florida just went to Chimp.

question about exit polls

Daschle and Thune (50-50)

Milwaukee County starting to report for WISCONSIN.

This Election is About Ohio, and Ohio Only.

AGAIN keep the Gore States and win OH and NH

WillPitt. Where are you?

I am not a freeper and right now I am about ready ot cry

I'm going to sleep, I've seen this movie before

Cable & B'cast media talking to GOPrs only!

BBV theft in Florida, Ohio, Colorado

Any reports from Michigan?

It's not just the */Kerry race, the congressional/senate races are off

Oh please, Cleveland. Help win Ohio for Kerry!

Did anyone watch New Hampshire? Important Read

that's it.. I will not read a newspaper or watch the news..

Win Ohio For....

Props to Eminem and P Diddy for attempting the impossible...

Legal update from Ohio (good news!)

CBS: Kerry camp says it will win Ohio by 3 pts.


Ohioans, Please list the counties with the major urban cities in Ohio

Why is this even close?


If this goes bad, they're gonna blame the Edwards pick

I believe.....

#'s in Ohio.....

Ohio voters standing in line up to nine hours...

Do Not Panic Unless Kerry Starts Losing These States:

So... Are They Stealing It ???

Anybody drunk yet?

Any news on why the exit polling was so fucked up?

send the youth NON voters over to fight in Iraq

how can a fuck wad that has 44% approval rating be

Ugh...Nader Got Over 30,000 Votes In Florida

It's not the exit polls that are wrong. It's BBV stealing votes.

I'm stunned. This just doesn't FEEL right.


I'm a Southerner, born and bred, and I'm damned ASHAMED of it right now

Chain Smokers report in...................killin' a pack right now

Kerry winning Exit Polls - FRAUD LOOKS PROBABLE