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WTC Melting Steel Refuted: Kevin Ryan

How a MONTANA Democrat Won the Governor's Mansion

Researchers help define what makes a political conservative

Chipping of People (Us) as in Under your Skin

Pentagon's $20bn war internet will 'cure world hunger'

Profits and global warming: A match made in heaven

Ted Rail (OUCH)

Fired off a LTTE to the Akron Beacon Journal

Did lawyer-observers on Election Day miss fraud incidents?

Mark Fiore funny animation

Another shameless blog plug...

Democratic Victory in Iraq is near

Herbert, NYT: Feed the Billionaire, Starve the Students

Why Can't Voters Be as Diligent as they are Sports Fans? (Nader)

AP reporter Eye Whitness of shooting civilians in Falluiah

A refresher course in fascism

More reaction to the US election (Norway)

The right strives to 'fix' the black mindset

Fallujah is to Iraq what Hue was to Vietnam

Harley Sorensen : The Hillary Bait And Switch


Bush voters don't want to face reality

The Sudden Decline and Fall of the GOP

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Krugman on the CIA purge (from a few weeks ago, PK is on vaykay)

Ok, finally got my blog up

Poor health care for Vets in Omaha

Why Powell Had to Go

The Bellwether State. George, do you feel a cold breeze from the mtns?

Salon: If at first you don't secede

Clinton Library/Museum opening this week: Bush speaker for event

Do you support your country even if what it does is evil?

Progressive Theology: "What's Wrong with America?"

about to run out of oil, & nowhere near having another technology...

Kruse International (Auctions cars in Auburn Indiana)

Be a Santa in NY for charity

Starve The Corporate Food Beast, Save Your Health

Urge Senators to block Gonzalez.

Please post Congressional Switchboard #....n/t

Please call your Senators to stop H-1B VISA increase

It's HERE! The "Economic Activism and Progressive living group"

the new brown shirts, has anyone seen this?

where is the media list now?

Expand AAR, GoreTV daily! Here's how -->

How to get AAR on air in my town?

Any advice on where to shift retirement funds to?

US domestic resident, not that much $$, how do you?

Morgan Stanley: Bush's "deficits as far as the eye can see"

Micronesian Islands Foundering Under Mountains Of Trash - Guardian

Logging Protesters In Cambodia Hit By Grenade Attack

NSW Premier Pimps Coal-Fired Plant On Eve Of International Climate Confab

Kentucky Greenwash Group Touts The Future Of Energy - More Coal

Maine's Governor (Baldacci - D) Joins Fight Against Roadless Rollback

Scientists Warn Of "Uninhabitable" Areas Of Australia @ Climate Conference

Toyota Delays Hybrid Lexus Release Until April 2005 - 17.5K Orders Already

US "Actively Engaged" On Climate, Sez Deer Scott

Yellow River Inflow Dropping Continuously Since 1990s - China Daily

Water pump in West primes earthquakes

4 Years After Court Order EPA Won't Impose Mercury Limits On Cement Plants

Restore Hetch Hetchy

Loosen the colonial chains - Taiwan China

If you lived here, you'd already be home. [GRAPHIC IMAGES]

Subject: DU poll......CNN

Rational tactical missile deployment

Searching for weapons going too far in PA?

Do you own a gun? - Post a picture of it ...

56,000 members?

shall we update CU once the elections are finalized?

Request for New DU Group: John Edwards Supporters

Could we get Lynn Cullen's radio show added to the page please?

donated again is it too late to give a star to someone else

please elevate 9-11 forum

Are raffles ok in the Marketplace forums?

I'd like to request a 'Request A Forum' forum, please.

If you donate to get someone a star, and they get it from someone else...

Just because I don't donate doesn't mean I don't care

How do I add more forums to "My Forums?"

any further news on a high school forum?

Dear skinner, or who ever :-)

Slow it down!!! The boxing glove is going WAY too fast!

the star the star when? when?

How can I get a picture to actually appear in the post?

i like the new layout, BUT

I've been having problems logging on since midday. Anyone else?

Where did the national media list go? n/t

Kerry Lawyer says they didn't look for Fraud! A Must Read/Skinner, et al

Hi. In the last week I have talked several friends into joining......

Skinner: Donation issue

sorry to bother you , but..

Al Gore Democrats / Al Gore 08 Group - Endorsements Obtained

Freeper Cleanup Needed in Aisle 4

We're looking to form a Mark Warner forum.

Request a "Leftwing Propaganda Machine" Forum

After Arafat

Long walk to freedom; Mordechai Vanunu interview

Yasser Arafat brother dies in Cairo hospital

B'Tselem: High Court 'rubber stamp' for IDF house demolitions

Play It Again Bush And Blair

Jailed leader may stand for president

French consider naming streets after Arafat

NC: Recounts, Protests Mark 2 Council Of State & 1 State Senate Race

Seattle Gov. race: Gregoire allies win in court (provisional ballots)

Numerous election problems reported by European Organization

Montana: 2 only votes separate opponents--recount to follow

Article on problems in Ohio

Election Day in Philadelphia

Voter sign in

Remember to Volunteer for the next election!

1980-2000 nearly 10% of Maine recounts overturn the election!!

After reading many posts about recounts.

Media Ignoring Election Fraud: Today in Florida Newspaper

Americans ask for global forgiveness for re-electing Bush

Is Carville being disingenuious?

BBV site is down...

Is ther anyway to check votes in Ohio after the Lockdown? Thrown out??????

Rats elect president in Florida...

Looks Like Colin Powell is Leaving

It's time to admit Nixon was wrong to "concede gracefully".

Carvile -- AHHHH

Has anyone looked at Oregon?....

"Election Fraud" or Not, BUSH IS A FRAUD

ROVE vs. DADE comes before overturning Roe v Wade

Military vote tallies...

Did lawyer-observers on Election Day miss fraud incidents?

Info on Indiana and problems with ES&S.

I don't think this guy believes Kerry is working behind the scenes

Then and Now

Summary of Where We Are Re- Votes, Election?

My name is Ken Blackwell and I need to guarantee a Bush win in OH

I don't care whether Kerry has given up or is working behind the scenes.

I wish we could make these holier than thou right wing nut jobs

Does anyone know how the hearings in OH went?

Karl Rover Election Day Theory

Re: the CIA/military-industrial connection to E-voting?

Great Flash Animation for Depressed Democrats!

Discrepancy Between CNN and Canadian numbers

How to hack the vote

Accepting Our Shades of Purple

RE: The Case of the Diebold FTP Site ....

The Case of the Diebold FTP Site - UIOWA Professor Detailed Research

"Florida Panel Approves Election Results"

Ohio Recount: Cobb/Badnarik now need $5,360 to reach their goal

This isn't going anywhere good.....

Voting Irregularities Worth Pursuing

Bush's wins on Democratic turf fuel conspiracy cries

* Supporter Called Out on Craigslist - How Some Handle The Current Results

NM - Absentee and Provisional Ballot Rejection Rate - 50%+

Is there any way to check for people Voting Twice (Florida Snowbirds?)

What Kinds of Fraud Would be Undetected by the Ohio Recount?

Greg Palast Interview on 90.3 Roundtable Albany NY 11/23-24

Question for Application Developers / Programers ???

So OH area folks, are you volunteering to observe the recounts?

Looking for a Web Developer for Recount Stuff

Ohio Recount 2004 Committee Hearing in Cincinnati Thursday

How many overvotes :& undervotes in entire USA? OH was 92,000

"Name-swapping" on Ohio ballots - fraud or standard procecure?

What happened to all those boxes of ballots

David Shuster thinks we are 'dark Internet conspiracy theorists'

Where is the NAACP/Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton?

Canadian War Resisters Support Campaign...For Refuge in CAN--Sign Petition

I LOVE this pic from Apologies Accepted

Warren County, Ohio - Are they still counting votes?

Complete tabulation of voting methods, vendors by population in state.

Urgent Action Alerts Re: Vote Fraud And Recount Efforts!

Status of the Cobb/Badnarik Ohio recount fund.....

Glibs reach their recount dough count (Keith Olbermann) - Still Blogging!

Schuster on Hardblogger: a flawed analysis

More from Mr. Fisher --


Sutton has an interesting position on the election results

Especially if you're in Ohio, please contact the ACLU of Ohio

need link to debunking of Cam Kerry letter

Has this been updated?

"How to Hack a National Election for Dummies (Bush)"

there is something different about this election

The Previsional Ballots Would have to Go

What if exit polls were wrong because ObL tape influenced too many

a question for anyone who was following Ohio election results..

Not a peep about recounts in NYC. No one on street even knows about them

Cuyahoga County numbers?

if we're really serious about proving election fraud . . .

This Election is Not Over -- With Exciting New Math Calculations!

Yet another red/blue demographic map (CBS/WP)

What I don't understand about Warren County

Counting Ohio provisional ballots (David Shuster) - Break Down Of The #'s

Let's say by some miracle Kerry wins Ohio

Simple Math Revisited - What do you MEAN not enough votes?

The Ohio Recount is Going Forward!

Are you reading this?

Election Petition

Just listening to Randi Rhodes - How's this for an Idea?

Beyond "conspiracy theories," election irregularities get scant media atte

Anyone know about this "apologise to the rest of the world" website?

Transcript - Cuyahoga County typo

Where are the American Patriots?

The vote goes on

Voter complaint hearings

someone look at this info about missing absentee ballots

Impoved/Upated RECOUNT LINKS/FRAUD FLYER.... (P.M. me for MSWORD version)

Gregoire reclaims the lead in WA. Governor's race.

Ohio provisional ballot totals?

Do we want the truth?

Florida Numbers - How many absentee and provisional votes counted?

a very scary election fraud/Bush article

Green Party calls for volunteers and contributions for Ohio recount.

Warren County, Ohio is doing a recount today!!!!!!!

Recount: Palast vs. Manjoo

NEWS: GOP Vote Suppression: A Crime Against the U.S. Constitution

You guys are sure optimistic!

Is there an organizational breakdown of those involved?

New mainstream (sort of ) media piece- Boston Phoenix

Cobb-Badnarik need contributions for the mobilization

Wasn't Ohio going to begin to count provisional ballots last weekend?

information overload!!! - what do we know?

One minute update on Kerry staff involvement in Ohio

Toronto Star: "Web abuzz with vote-rigging tales"

Holy Scary!!!!!

Part II: To believe Bush won the election, you must also believe...

The Florida Optical Scam Machines stole it for Bush

GOP trying to steal seat in TX house


canada says polls were right. and they show you why

Peacefully Protest Crimes Against Democracy -Sign the Petition

Recount in Ohio -- thank you, Greens!!

Neil Bush is in the software industry QUESTION

Tech and math gurus: What traces would electronic fraud leave?

NEWS: Was the Ohio Presidential Vote Stolen? (PR Newswire)

If the recount is unsuccessful, shoud we push to repeal 22nd amendment?

Anyone ever feel like Bush is the new Hitler

Who knows Republicans that crossed over to vote against the Shrub?

Interesting Results From My Home County (Pinellas, FL) and Home Precinct

Voting machine glitch changes election

Beyond "conspiracy theories," Media Matters


The Ohio Recount...When Ohio Flips for Kerry

NM could flip for Kerry (it has tightened dramatically) 11/15


A little report and gossip and such from the Columbus Ohio meeting...

It's 9pm Election Day. Exit Polls show a Kerry win. Strategery time.

Kerry Lawyer says they weren't trained to LOOK FOR FRAUD! Breaking!

Voter Suppression on a Massive Scale

Copy of: NC: The Full Unofficial Audit: The Case for Tampering

Hetch Hetchy

Its been too long ... when's the next meetup?

Kiffmeyer nailed by Independence Party candidates 11/10/04

Start a pro-technology movement in MN?

Voting Machine Minnesota should get: the AutoMARK

His master's voice: Normie Coleman awaits instructions on tax reform

Norm: I have votes for NRSC chair.

Elmer L. Anderson died tonight

Eden Prairie brown shirt tries to run down Move On Volunteers

Moving to MN

Kiffmeyer has essentially unlimited power

Minneapolis Star Tribune finally publishes a letter on Election Reform

His master's voice Part II: Normie "angry" at UN

Wait 'Til You All Hear This

Firefox installation trouble

sharing my victory over a dell computer and its goofy bios


Need help again... now restoring my hard drive

What are the best computer brands?

Ohio Voters tell of Election Day Troubles at Hearing

Please email the ACLU of Ohio to ask them


An appeal to Ohio DUers (DANGER: NOT election related :-) )

Weird dream that Arlen resigned

Politician Thomas Foglietta, 75, dies

I want Casey to run against Sanitarium

Texas Comptroller Eyes Governor's Race

does anyone have a list of local business' that support liberal causes

Okay, it is time. I'm asking for all your help, ideas, thoughts,

Can we make it the best, most fun fund drive ever? ?

Richard Morrison is asking for support for Hubert Vu. Is this real?

Contribute to Hubert Vo's legal costs! FUCK TALMADGE HEFLIN!

the Trans-Texas Corridor - Governor Goodhair might be toast

Yes! Democracy Fest 2005 to be held in Austin!

Change afoot for Wisconsin elections

Wisconsin's voting equipment -- Who makes it?

So where is Thompson's resignation?

Today's Gregoire Volunteering in Seattle is at the Westlake Ave HQ

Anniversary of Ia Drang 1965 (Landing Zone X-Ray)

Questions for future Canadians, Frenchmen

does anyone know or remember what this was about?

Haunted Empire


Do you have any thoughts

Need DUer link help pleeeeease! (links-Iraq troops/cops poorly trained)

I'm watching 'JFK' again on TNT

I'm Getting Tired of Seeing *'s Face on DU Every Day.

What happened today? I was off the grid. People here are sad.

Faces of the Fallen

Letters from Vermilion, Ohio..

How long until the Europeans ask our troops to leave?


A note from Director Emeritus of Democrats Abroad

An appeal for help from DUers

Anybody heard David Suzuki on Peter Werbe tonight? He is so inspiring.

Why is DU quiet?


CSPAN has people talking about fraud on

bush; American lives aren't worth 90 days.

CNN now--press conf. from Germany--wounded soldiers

DU doesn't slow down for very long -- 3 or 4 hours early morning hours

Bush Admin. sinks EU health directive

The Fallujah massacre

Statistical Methods

"God Almighty's Gift of Freedom is on the March"......

The internetsssss seem slow today

Suggestion for CSpan call in lines

Blogs Impact...

"keep your friends close and your enemies CLOSER" did anyone watch

previous post

Let's help Steve at C-SPAN out. He needs suggestions for guests

I think that during the next four years, the unfortunate people of the

Americanism, Familyism and the New Orderism

Dave Broder has finally gone off the deep end

Byron Dorgan on C-Span now...making good points

Bob Enyart - The poster boy for the Dominionist Agenda

Dem leaders...

CIA Agent Details Nuclear Terror Threat

Should you kill your neighbor? A few questions for GW Bush

The lunatics have taken over the asylum.

I love my dad but he's so stupid, what should I do?

Night of the Long Knives: Hitler and Bush Demand Loyalty in same way?

I blame it all on my teachers! They were the ones who forced me to think

Welcome to the new cold war

How to contest a rigged election through exit polls: Georgia (Asia)

Alert: Anonymous author of "F the south" website coming up on AAR

Welcome to the new cold war

Vigil for Human Life

Noam Chomsky on with Amy Goodman now (9:45am EST)

Did anyone hear that Geo. Tenet is writing a book?

Whitehouse Purging CIA

I'm looking for help from all my friends at DU.

New Republican slogans

The Bush Administration

DU this poll! Sorry if it's a dupe


Praying in school

Do The Kids In Your Neighborhood Refer To Fundies As "Muffinheads?"

Christmas without Ashcroft and Powell is sad for cartoonists

Religious Whack Jobs want to change name of Route 69

What is this about a CIA purge?

The Great Political Implossion

Fwiw, Arafat's Death...

What izzit?

Fighting now in Baquba and Mosul

Election Day 9PM. Exit Polls show Kerry a clear winner. Strategery Time.

This kind of sums if all up with the MSM:

Straw questioned on Guinea 'plot'

Drilling in Alaska Ok'd

How the Dems won Montana - Focusing on being Dems

The New Brownshirts...

Dick...Cheney (VP Gone WILD!)

So- I just saw "JFK" again.

"Black Mourning & Resistance Ribbon" Death of Democracy .......

The U.S. under George W.Bush resembles nothing so much as

Rats deserting the ship, or Patriots forced to walk the plank......?

"Let's Act in the the Democratic Emergency"

Why the hell do we need to legislate things like Abortion, Homosexuality

Too Late, Colin... the blood is on your hands!

URL for my page that counts down the time until W leaves office.

Just cancelled my Newsweek subscription. Reason given: Why should I pay

Can Someone Explain The Whole Tax Incentives For Offshoring Business?

WARNING: Click at your own risk!!! GRAPHIC IMAGE OF CHENEY, DICK

Via Condios Colin, don't forget to take your so called respectability too

if they did such a great job why is everyone leaving the bush admin?

THE GOD GENE: How Faith Is Hard-Wired Into Our Genes

An "I donated and so should you and a log in to brag... I love all of you

An Ideological CIA Will Kill Intelligence Gathering

Little Rock Tops List Of Meanest Cities For Homeless - AP

What. A. Scam.

I'm asking for my holiday gifts to be donations to political causes

Congratulatory letter to President George W. Bush from Dr. Bob Jones III

Putting some perspective on secessionist and tax protestor movements...

I look at the behavior of key players in two completely unrelated events.

The Scotty, the Liar Show is on cspan-1..mon 9:42AM pst

DU Reported to Homeland Security Department

On Judgement Day, will w be forgiven for the thousands of dead innocents?

Most Republicans Hate All Muslims

Insurgent or Patriot? You decide.

i'm waiting for Condi and Rumfilled to resign...

BBC World that attrition rate of US troops 50%

How will foreign intelligence react to the CIA "purge?"

We've run out of qualified American Born Men? Elect a WOMAN, not Arnold.

I feel like I'm waking up from a 30-year nap.

If you know any fundies, ask them if they believe the earth is flat,

We're Sorry World (WARNING: Graphics intensive, slow load)

Ok final group idea

The backlash-persecution of Evangelicals is coming........

"Activists: Chernobyl Radiation Lingers"

Ominous; I guess freedom of speech doesn't apply to us...

Lumping Christians Together: An Analogy

"Reports Point to Proof of Global Warming"

Condi Rice for Next Secretary of State?

Are the base of both parties EVER happy with their Senate and House leader

At its core, the Republican Party of George Bush believes in nothing

Converge on Ft. Benning, GA: November 19-21!--SHUT DOWN THE SOA!!

"U.S. Pump Project May Be Linked to Quake"

"Does Backlash Loom Against Opinion News?"

Something that scares the hell out of me. How can we stop it ?

Unnerving Flashback: Iraq, 1917

The Iraq War is the opening salvo in a long drawn out campaign

Oh my god! Bush blows it again

How do you interpret this song?

Is THIS our problem?

Prayer thread: Time to ask God for forgiveness for Bush election

Okay...who put this Elk hair in my gas tank?

Wal-Mart's next victims

The "Red states ARE full of ignorant goobers so why deny it" thread

man sets self on fire in front of WH - breaking

GW's Motivation: Crapping on his Father?


Right on! My Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey just joined the BBV Fight!

Retort to religious homophobes:Feel free to suggest additions.

*'s attempt to reach out to the Democrats - Danziger cartoon

UPDATE:election silver lining - progressive woman still ahead in San Diego

must read Asia Times: "all of Iraq will turn into one Fallujah"

Dick Cheney's Other Big Secret

87 Broward County Military ballots counted KERRY 51 bush 34

TOONS | Weekend roundup

A. Gonzalez: the Hispanic C. Thomas, with a big, fat chain of evidence.

From BARTCOP: Bev Harris got settlement that SHUTS DOWN BBV investigation?

Calling them "Ignorant" is kind considering the options

Canadians will Save Singles

The Arnold Amendment is really about Mel Martinez

Iraq War has killed more civilians than 30 yrs of international terrorism.

Prediction: Say hello to Secretaty of State Dobson

Number of US soldiers killed in Iraq is approaching 1,200

EPA Pesticide Study Endangers Childrens Health

"Melting Swiss Glaciers Threaten Alps"

Future of America's middle Class: Competing in "reality shows" to get by?

DU this poll on Kerry

Salvation Army bells fall silent outside Target

Looks like we won't have old Billy Safire to kick around anymore.

Let's start an "I believe Bunny" campaign

Alberto Gonzalos' Appointment

Wanna be an FBI agent?

Fasting for Fallujah

WSJ: "We were wrong to describe FOX as pro-Bush"

"More people die each day in US shootings than in Iraq . . . "

Specter thinks "Scalia, Thomas, Bork are all extreme and that's nonsense"

Producer who broke into 'CSI: NY' fired

OK, is anyone else getting "Worldwide Islamist Conspiracy" crap?

I want a new reality TV show called "The Senate"??

I want to put forward the proposition that Universal health Care,

Smack those corporate media whores, Randi!!

Anyone else see this bumper sticker yet?

"Drilling approved for Alaska oil reserve", "Oil tumbles below $46"


The low self esteem of conservatives manifests itself in

Stores seem to refuse to carry this book right now, so I had to order it.

I REALLY want one of those Daily Mirror covers!!!


DU: Beginnings.

CSPAN - 630 PM EST - Digital Future: Blogging

Okay call me Dumb BUT what the HECK is going on? How many people

18 FT GREAT WHITEeats woman whole - S. Africa

Mission accomplished again!

Idea -- Dating website for Americans who want to marry Canadians

Can Powell make his resignation retroactive

A letter from the Home Office (London, UK), to the People of America

My new name for repukes...repubots...

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice...

a quote

Time for Randi!

Californians: Why are Arnold's ratings so high?

A not-so-covert swipe at Condi?

Finally, a true criminal gets his

Creationists are at it again | biologist rebuttal - Updated, edited!

Bush & Powell...I feel a lot of love in this room...NOT!

I know..I the troops...blah blah blah..but what do we do

Colin Powell is a disgusting excuse of an American

Its Monday. My gawd - I just can't wait until Friday's Bushco data dump

The new justification for invading Iraq?

Does Your Doctor Write More Prescriptions Than You Need?

Good Riddance, Powell

The Republican Dictionary

Breaking: Condi is Sec of State

Freedom is on the march [Vol 1]

"CBS Airs Gutsy 'Category 6' Miniseries"

Hostettler mounting campaign to change the name of Interstate 69

Prosecuting a man for murder in this war...

Doctor is haunted by siege of Fallujah

What do you make of the photos on this page of Fallujah,

Man Sets Himself on Fire Outside the White House

Congressman doesn't think 69 is devine.

With all the incompetence leaving the administration these days imagine

Hold on folks. We haven't kicked enough ass to start sacrificing ourselves

AP Photographer Flees Fallujah

Apologies accepted, the world's answer to sorryeverybody

dupe... delete

DNC Chairman

If most of the IRAQIS are dead, is it still an occupation . . .

Iraq Tells Media to Toe the Line

sorry about the double posting

self deleted

Has anyone heard what happened to the Allawi cousins that were kidnapped?

Hardball is covering the soldier shooting the Iraqi

weird dream...woke up yesterday looking at front page headline

Did anyone see the prairie dog toon in Chicago Tribune

For the love of god please sign this petition! Dean for DNC chair!

Kevin Sites

a thought on "supporting the troops".....

Everytime I think about moving to Canada...

More backdoor draft....

CNN doing a singing tribute to Powell...

WEST WING taking on..........

Can we make it the best, most fun fund drive ever? ?

We must remove God from our Government & our Politics

Wahoo! Gregoire suddenly ahead in Washington by 657 votes

Why are we murdering Iraqi's? They are not the Real Enemy..

Rice to be new Sec. of State

DU Economic Activism and Progressive Living Group is up and open

I got your "liberal media" right here!

The Petition Of Alberto Gonzales

Breaking CNN: "Did a US marine execute an Iraqi?"

Evidence of Electoral Fraud in the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election: A Read

political test if youre interested

Zogby site article on voter fraud potential

Wanna gaze into the pit of hellfire? Freepers delight over execution

Only 1527 days, 7 hours, 59 mins and 40 seconds until the Divider is gone

Ok this is the first of three group suggestions, Kerry group.

Tavis Smiley Show (NPR) now talking about journalists refusing

Dear pResident Bush: ....CHECK THIS OUT>>>COOL and FUNNY

Come on Texas, DONATE TO DU! You are being matched for 30 more

Is there a link for the execution video yet?

Sorry if this is a dupe but here is an amazing site

With DU down, I learned two things..

Crooked Timber blog?

Internet Health Report, Internet Traffic Report

Anyone else having trouble getting on DU



Dude, what happend?

Subject: So It's True - People Do Rise To Their Own Level of ......

The Politics of Victimization

Need a Book Recommendation

So where is Keith Olbermann tonight??? n/t

Pictures from Fallujah (graphic)

FANTASY ALERT!!!!! What if.....

Who is this woman in Keith's chair????

The "Economic Activism and Progressive Living" group is HERE!

Got a response to my e-mail to Helen Thomas

TDS seems to support a third party

Has anybody else sent a phone card to the troops?

Korean anti-American Video

Egads!!! He's smoking.. What will we tell the children?

Yikes! Keven Eubanks can't sing worth a

Just realized...I don't have to change my email signature

With DU down, I learned two things..

Free Republic : Republican who rallied at Joe Lieberman Home Getting Sued

Malloy's message very powerful tonight...

Rice as Secretary of STATE? A PROVEN LIAR representing our country?!?!?!?

CBC News "Deadline Iraq, Uncensored Stories of the War"

Iraq-1917. Iraq-2003-...

how long does a dnc chair serve?

Malloy sounded as if he was crying.

Good news! Cobb-LaMarche campaign is giving thanks to everyone

Holidays I just don't get (aka,lying to children,celebrating genocide)

Where can I get a Live Free or Diebold sticker?

What kind of power over the CIA does the executive office have?

Secretary of State Condi Rice: Will It Make Things Better or Worse?

Damn John Stewart is cold tonight, watch it!

BUSH crew is killing American CHILDREN!

I wish John Kerry would report for duty already.

This isn't going anywhere good.....

Our "Moran" man goes global....

This adm. is getting wierder and wierder

Buyers regret and shock therapy

IRAQS ARE NOT TERRORISTS..." repeat this often... and it might start to


Mike Malloy -- Wounded Soldiers at Walter Reed Still Need Phone Cards

Neocon reaction to execution: Boycott NBC!

Werbach Nails "Nov 3 Theses" on DNC Door

Was Malloy just crying?

Apologies Accepted positive response towearesorry

"Frame the Debate" Group is up and running here:

If we were to replace the word "Liberal".....what would you suggest?

Any interest in a Small Business Owners/Entrepreneurs Group?

MY theory: CIA purgings, resignations means one unthinkable thing...NUKES

Republican personality disorder? (serious)

"Scary Senators" Meet the five new 'dangerous' GOP senators

As a commonwealth, Pennsylvania can secede much more easily.

PHOTO: Dead child "insurgent" in Fallujah?

"Media Ignoring Election Fraud "....

Shooting None Combatants

Ambrose Bierce defines: Corporation, n. An ingenious device for obtaining


philosophical: WHY would you purge the CIA?

Animal Cruelty

Cleveland Rocks!!! Company Boycotting Bushies.

What should Democrats be working on for the next four years?

Need Help Locating Online Video

Andrea Mitchell on Tweety: sounds like State Dept next for purge

I just read a quote that has changed the way I think about class & oppor-

This goes all the way back to the Operation:PAPERCLIP Nazis imo

English punctuation question...

I'm not buying the CIA "Purge" stories. That's just spin

If there's anything more disgusting than a freeper

Anti-choicers keep posting pictures and posters of "aborted" children

Scary, Scary Bumper Sticker Sighted just outside DC

Should Republicans Refuse Social Security Benefits?

"The K Street Project" = project to deny any democrats access to Gov't

True Or False: Another Terror Attack Right Now Would Benefit Bushco.

I don't want to do holidays with my repuke family this year. Anyone else?

A White Rose for Fallujah

Nemesis(Freep) in Dire Need..Sued for harrassment of Joe Lieberman in 2000

My email exchange with THE repiglican realtor from GA

"The wicked are not always clever, nor the powerful always right."

Fortress America

Religious fanatic? Blame it on 'god gene':

440 people will determine the future of the Democratic Party

PDA Update - Building the Progressive Democratic Movement

Dogs eating bodies in the streets of Fallujah

Do you think the FBI or the SS troll these boards?

Charlie Rose on the Voting/Election Anomoly 'Rumors'

Rice And Her Deputy Hadley Advance- Wizards Come From Behind The Curtain

136K votes have "set the agenda" for the next 4 years in media

Malloy just asked for people to send phone cards to the wounded soldiers.

Racial and Religious Slurs

Should ALL War Footage Be Shown No Matter How Graphic?

TOONS: Gag on the AG edition!

About the Troops, Blue VS Red

Alberto Gonzales and Condi Rice----Write Your Senators

RECOUNT IN OHIO A SURE THING Recount is Funded!....more

Thanksgiving is a celebration of genocide. Flame away.

Kerry failed because he didn't stand up for what was right.


I've just watched, on the news, one of your marines shoot an unarmed,

It's 2020 and you have the POWER

George Tenet: Condi Rice "was incompetent,.....didn't do her job"

Ok second of three DU group ideas

Baking a pumpkin pie at late night

Best quick meal using Pesto.....

Suppose I wanted to mail a bundt cake?

My "Qwik" Curried Peanut Butter Soup Recipe

George Stroumboulopoulos - yea or nay

Dropping the Prat ...

US urged to help slow Arctic thaw

Witness Says Police-Vest Maker Ignored Safety Concerns

Air Force Releases List Of Contracts Related To Disgraced Official

Spitzer's ULR Suit Intensifies Spotlight on Insurance Industry

Euro Zone Plans Currency Defense

Connecticut Issues Subpoenas In Insurance-Industry Inquiry

Iraq Officials Gave Business To Bks With Saddam Dealings

AIG Is Near Closing Settlement with SEC over PNC Financial

Expected Plea May Aid Boeing Probe

SEC Sued For Failing To Release Corporate Documents

After 6-day siege, Americans declare control over Falluja occupied

CNN now--press conf. from Germany--wounded soldiers

Civilian cost of battle for Falluja emerges

Clashes Sweep Iraqi Sunni Muslim Heartland

As Corporate Fines Grow, SEC Debates How Much Good They Do

Not Just Tilting Anymore

Microsoft to go on Hiring Spree (in India) - Google is Hiring! (in India)

Coin toss decides election? Ahmmm... Ok...

pls delete dupe

Members of Cuban Troupe Say They Will Seek Asylum

Bloggers question election results

Religious fanatic? Blame it on 'god gene':

Iraq vote could be delayed

Fighting Breaks Out in Falluja After U.S. (Air) Strikes

CIA Agent Details Nuclear Terror Threat

Allawi's Relatives Freed by Kidnappers

US strikes kill 20 Baquba rebels

New Border Security Technology Faces Test

Checking all ballots takes time

Former Officials of Hollinger to face SEC Charges

Colin Powell resigns

Powell Resigns

Charges Dropped After Woman Uses Fake Bush $200 Bill

Marriages become casualties of Iraq war

MSNBC - No Link - more resignations coming

Web Abuzz With Vote-Rigging Tales

Four Secretaries To Resign Today

Salvation Army bells fall silent outside Target

NYT: Watchdog Follows Iraq Money (Bunnatine Greenhouse fighting demotion)

U.S. Targets Fallujah Underground Bunker

#4 Cabinet resignation: Rod Paige (Secretary of Education)

Native American Church Abuse Lawsuit Dismissed

Powell and Others Poised to Leave Cabinet

Election apology starts net feud

Elections Organizers Battle Security Fears

Tories Demand Answers on 'Coup Plot'

US: 'Apology for Bush win' website is a big hit

Powell and Three Others to Leave Cabinet (Latest)

Timber sale to benefit schools, county, township (Ohio)

Top spies threaten to leave the fold over CIA reform

Treasury Sec Repeats Strong Dollar Policy

Rules of War Broken in Falluja Assault - Amnesty Intl

Nerve gas death was 'unlawful'

WP:Death Sentences at 30-Yr Low in US(DOJ doesn't return call for comment)

Saboteurs bomb oil pipeline, northern wells ablaze (Kirkuk)

Civilian Dies in Iraq ( Mercenary Bites dust)

Wounded U.S. Troops Detail Fallujah Fight

Snow seeks to shift focus away from dollar slump, US deficits

Bush Pushes to Keep WMD From Terrorists

Martinez says goal as senator is a free Cuba

Galloway rocked by Saddam claim

Feds Won't Test Nuclear Waste Casks

Radio Tags to Vouch for Drugs' Legitimacy

Power PlayKremlin clampdown on Yukos hasn't stopped the dealmaking frenzy

Senate GOP moderates predict a pivotal role

Dollar-Euro Rate Sparks Crisis Fears

Relief Convoy Said Turned Back in Fallujah

Seven Iraqi policemen, 30 rebels killed in Mosul clashes

Hungarian Lawmakers Reject Iraq Extension

LAT,Brownstein:GOP's Future Sits Precariously on Small Cushion of Victory

Relief convoy turned back from Fallujah: Red Cross (Monday)

WP, Pincus: McCain Backs CIA Shake-up

Senator Schumer Won't Run for Governor in '06

Drilling approved for Alaska oil reserve

One minute update on Kerry staff involvement in Ohio

Bush taps campaign chief (Mehlman) to head GOP

A not-so-covert swipe at Condi?

US accused of torture flights

Lords to vote on hunting ban for Britain

AP Photographer Flees Fallujah

Man immoliates self near White House

Man Sets Himself on Fire Near White House

CNN (TV now): Pentagon investigating whether Marine executed an Iraqi

Chile identifies 35,000 victims of Pinochet

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 15 November

More violence erupts in Iraq

Another Incident at White House, Fence Jumper: MSNBC

US Treasury: Debt limit must be raised this week

Fighting Across Iraq Kills More Than 50

Nuclear weapons workers get chance at compensation

Civilian Worker from Northeast Arkansas Dies in Iraq (Mercenary killed)

Fannie Mae Delays Quarterly SEC Filing

Presidential Election: And so the sorting and discarding of Kerry votes b

(Ft. Wayne, IN) General Electric to layoff nearly 200 local jobs (to Mex)

(Iraqi) Doctor is haunted by siege of Fallujah

No. 3 for Today: USDA's Veneman Has Tendered Resignation

No 2 for today - Spencer Abraham - Energy Sec Resigning

ABC: CIA Turmoil Endangers U.S., Former Agent Says

Wounded servicemen describe Fallujah fight

Rice Is Top Candidate to Replace Powell -Sources (Reuters)

BBC (Breaking Monday): UN probe backs Iran nuclear claim

WP: Reaction Mixed Around the World

11/15/04 DoD Identifies Marine Casualty (#1194)

U.S. Pension Insurer Says Its Deficit Doubled

Darfur attacks fuel genocide fear

WP: Moves Cement Hard-Line Stance On Foreign Policy

USA Today: Media soul-searching after Bush's victory

Buttiglione outs his EU successor as a Freemason

Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff in Baghdad

U.S. citizenship no bar to terror screening

Lord Black is charged with fraud

Marines Look to Fallujah Reconstruction(while the dead lay in the street)

Black Watch may pull out of 'Sunni Triangle' within days

Court Steers Clear of Cockfighting Case

AP :: Schumer to Drop Governor's Race

Saddam's regime scored $21.3bn

Recount in Ohio A Sure Thing; Green Party Campaign Raises $150,000 in 4 Da

CNN TV: 2 more top CIA offficials turned in resignations this morning


Zarqawi Tape Calls on Rebels to Mobilize - Web Site (Reuters)

Voting machine glitch changes election

Colin Powell is resigning

New safety warnings for abortion pill

11/15/04 DoD Identifies (3) Marine Casualties (#1191, #1192, #1193)

Safire to Retire from 'NYT' Op-Ed Column

MSNBC Breaking: Man sets himself on fire outside White House

US officer charged with murder of Iraqi

Georgia School Chief Turns Herself In

Bush and Blair accused of mangling English

US does not pay back favours, says Chirac

A city lies in ruins, along with the lives of the wretched survivors

Nuclear Anti-Terror Fears over Mexican Border

WP: Rice's NSC Tenure Complicates New Post

Britain, France and Germany Announce Accord With Iran - NYT

Breaking: NBC Says Marine Shot Dead Wounded Iraqi Prisoner

I'm back from my vacation!

Why is the "discussion topic" clicky thing at the top of the Lounge there?

Can you be on someones

I just nominated JohnKleeb's post for the homepage, then I sent him

I watched "The Kids Are Alright"

I'm freaking out-- going to bed-- don't ask me a goddamned...

Are you gonna play the "Santa Claus" game with your kids?

Is anybody working in the computer help forum?

Has everyone seen "Keep your Jesus off my Penis" Yet?

Question...kitten training.

argh, I need to get my crack back!

Somebody plagiarized me!! Can you help with an appropriate quote?

Mmmmmm late night baking a pumpkin pie

Anyone know the name of the Anderson Cooper theme song?

Did anyone comment on Cold Case's gay wedding tonight????

argh! I need to crack my back!

Anyone else want to vomit when they see ANY Old Navy commercial?

I just bought Arrested Development on DVD

Choose my sig line

Because it bears repeating... "Arlen Specter... you mah bitch!"

What are the rules for copycat threads?

Today's Boondocks sums up how we all have been feeling : lmao

Anyone else want to vomit when they chug a bottle of ipecac?

Ok...deep breath...ah, screw it. Arrrggghhhh!!!

DU Late Night AIM Chat


people are saying DU is snoring 20 answers

Silly question...

Thank you for the lounge

What? There are copycat threads of "rules about copycat threads" threads?

Sun Micro's Answer to the Linux Invasion

People are saying DU is boring .... so 20 QUESTIONS!!!!


What do you have to say to those who watch us closely but don't post?


Can you ever forgive anyone no matter what they did?

Whose pig is this?

Who wants entertainment?

Dukebush loves his Maralyn Monroe Wig

what, they are rules for copycat threads?

I thank whoever got me a star-I can poll again!

That movie with Jeff Goldblum, "Mr. Frost" is CREEPY!

Christmas shopping: Best bullet proof vest?

When will the depression go away?

Best Wine

Who is saying that DU is boreing!

Weirdest thing happened!

Ok...harder movie quote: "When you're slapped you'll take it and like it."

Should I adopt this dog?

When your a noob,does it seem like

Whimpy DUers cannot guess the name of a city in Texas??????

Does my new housemate think I'm Jewish?

"That's not very sporting, using real bullets..."

"At last I can start suffering and write that symphony."

Scratching Tallinn, Estonia off my "to visit" list:

Last one: "C'mon, buy ya a know, a drink."

The "Why is this Man Snarling?" CAPTION

previous post

World's Largest Golf Course To Be 1400km Long

Be extra nice to Gryffindor_Bookworm . He bought me a star!

Need Elementary Ed Teachers' advice:

Why do I keep making stupid mistakes?

Happy Birthday, Sam Waterston!


Police Assist Burglar During Break In

Bongwater Beer

Fish Survives Four Days In Man's Fridge

"C'mon honey...let's go get Nathan junior."

Stealth star giving is FUN!!!

Beavers Make Dam Out of Stolen Money

High School Talent Show Turns Political

Ohio Woman Runs Rescue Mission for Rats

'People, God given unto thee these 15 Commandments!'

Reprint of Mormon Text Has a Twist: It's Not Free

CIA's 'Anonymous' coming up on AirAmerica

Who wants a star?

Students Choose Pimping As A Career

Woman Uses Fake $200 Bill (With *'s Pic) - Charges Dropped

I'm done with my 7 page paper!

CD Trade In Offered After Ashlee Simpson Lip-Sync Performance

A very special Happy Birthday to "For Paisan"!

Woman Runs "Rat Rescue Mission" (This You NSMA?)

I wasn't on much over the weekend. What did I miss?

When I come back from my shower...

More MST3K!

On my trip to DC last week, I saw Tim Russert at the airport

Gooood Morning DU!

"Here you go, Chubby...go buy yourself a spritzer!"

Charges Dropped After Woman Uses Fake Bush $200 Bill

Anti-Obesity Pill Might Fight Drug Abuse

Helpful advice for the folks who've posted to

The ODB is dead?!

Just contributed to DU.....

"If Jesus came back and saw what was being done in his name

Special military draft declared for blue states

Charges Dropped in Bogus $200 Bush Bill

Think I'm getting the flu, so this afternoon, I'm going to all of the

My New Motto:

Speaking of the Florida Swamp Ape


Funny Xbox live conversations...

Jackson Attacks "Racist" Eminem at Rally

So I watched 'Harold and Maude' for the first time last night.....

Man Accused Of Biting Police Dog - Dog's Ear Nearly Bitten Off

Have you seen Enjoy The Draft?

I'm up. I'm very up. I've just never been... up with people before

Radio Station Crew In Trouble For "No Smoking In Cars" Hoax

May I vent for a moment?

Woman Claims To Have Seen "Florida Swamp Ape"

Where can I find anti-Bush/GOP Christmas cards?

Need help finding author of quote - from long, long, ago

I bought a new video game over the weekend.

The rapture, well nearly

Beavers make dam out of stolen money

Best French Quarter Restaurant for quiet dinner...?

Jimmy Buffet's Latest offering - not Jesusy enough, says fundie group

The slippery slope of the

Happy!!! Happy!!!! Joy!!! Joy!!! Packers at the Top in their Division....

Bumperstickers bound to piss off fundies....

My review of CBS Movie Category 6: Day of Destruction - IT SUCKED.

An "I donated and so should you and a log in to brag... I love all of you

I'm wearing my 1996 Wu-Tang shirt to class today is that corny?

How much of politics is determined by irrational psychological forces?

Sad sad day for COIL fans....

Gather 'Round Kiddies For Matcom's Joke Of The Day!


Beavers find stolen money: Dam!

anyone have an extra GMail invitation?

chicken soy nuggets!!!

RINO's fucking RINO' this what is shaking up the GOP?

What happens if you donate for someone that another person

I watched the "Dawn of the Dead" remake last weekend...

Now I haven't smoked for 5.5 hours

Attn all profs, teachers, ta's et al....

Help - West VA ad claiming liberals would ban bible

I just got a pop-up that said my comp has been infected with spyware

I am a Fireman. My Name is Marky Mark

Nation of A**holes.

Jail beckons for Man after electric fence kills trespass dog

GWB song - "I'm Gonna Piss on a Hornet's Nest"

Help! The Lounge won't clean itself!


I Called in Sick to Work Today!

Gratuitous Kitten Posts?

Jesus loves you. Refinance now!

Has anyone else lost their sense of humor since the, er, election?

U.S. to send 30,000 mall security guards to Iraq

I'd like to thank...

Tech question for people who burn DVDs (HELP!)

Do you think Cheney is next?

Question abot shortwave radios..

9 more posts to go for 1000-------How to approach it?

Should parody We' with We'

Help! My apartment won't clean itself!

Dropping Of 39 Million Shoes?

Far too young to be going gray

What do they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Iraq ?

First person without a star

DUers-any web designers?The "I am not afraid" project

Hint for movie quote trivia posters from a world class cheater...

That band you like is rubbish.

What groups have you added to your forums?

My avatar is gone!

Review: The Jones Soda Holiday Pack (Turkey flavored soda!)

urgent gardening question

Like who is the most way cool republican teen idol ?

Help! My oven won't clean itself!

you get a star! you get a star! you get a star! you get a star!

So I Read The Dictionary For The First Time Last Night...

We are all made of star stuff. - Carl Sagan

Wow...midlodemocrat just gave out 4 stars!

Better Actress,Sandra Bernhardt or Ethel Merman?

Round 4. Anyone still playing???

Round two. First person without a star who can guess

Wanna have some fun? Transform DU's text into valley girl speak.

So I Read The Phone Book For The First Time Last Night...

BURNT THE HELL OUT OF IT... now what to do..???

First Person without a star (Round 3)

I saw Ghost in the Shell II - Innocence -Yesterday!!!!!

Better actress, Sandra Berhardt or Eliza Dushku?

Round 5. Ready people?

Do you have celebrities crushed and your spouse doesn't know about it?

First person with a star to answer this question...

Ever had a really VIVID dream that just haunts you hours after you awaken?

How do you take your coffee?

Does that picture of * above us HAVE to be smiling?

TV Show About A Homeless Man?

So I watched the Holy Grail for the first time last night...

How are Gateway computers?

Stars still needed for non-rich DU'ers

The Deep Thoughts of a Bush Supporter

Going to hear Al Franken

RevolutionaryWorker: HTML and Javascripters, test my web page please....

So I watched my first Traci Lords movie last night.

Hey, finally! A thousand posts!

First person to answer correctly gets a star:

LOST fans

I am over halfway to 1000 posts, Ask me anything!!!

Just got my Xmas cards from the printer!!! How do you like them??

I didn't win a star.

Jokes, Jokes and more Jokes

Help! Where can one shop online, then go pick it up?

"My God, it's full of JARS."

Do you have spouse crushes your celeb knows about?

the apotheosis of big dick cheney....

Mustard or Mayonnaise?

Actually, U2 didn't get paid for that iPod commercial...

Is it just me or the donations graph is going WAY faster this time around?

My God, It's full of Bars!

Jane Monheit

Stirs Still Needed For Non-Dairy Creamers

We need a t.v. show about women working for peanuts.....

My god it's full of copycat threads. n/t.

Would this make you want to vote for a party?

Do you have any Orange Crushes your spouse doesn't know about?

My God, It's full of Lars!

why change my name? and, what kind of penalties are involved?

Do you have any celebrities or celebrity spouses you'd like to crush?

DAMN, I was gone from DU for like, two weeks!!!

like my new avatar?

I want to make love to Aimee Mann!

Do you have any spouses your Crushed Stars don't know about?

John Balance, R.I.P.

My garage, it's full of cars!

My God, it's full of SARS!

My Red Light District - it's Full of BARS!!!!

ADVERTISING : We NEED more DONORS to start a FRANCOPHONE group on DU !

Flash: Spam gibberish now using Yo Mama jokes

My God, it's full of STATS!

Anyone else watch the John Mellencamp special on A&E?

I need an AOL intervention....

I'm so freakin' happy!!! I FINALLY got rid of my browser hijacker!!!

Mustard, Crayola or a Nail Clipper?

Would you like a grilled crayon sandwich???

My god! It's full of copycats!

Toe Jam or Belly Button Lint?

My Monica, she's full of CIGARS!

The "Don't Let the Door Hit Ya Where the Good Lord Split Ya" CAPTION

Working to change the name of I-69? Is this guy serious?

Producer who broke into 'CSI: NY' fired

I just wanted to point out that the college that took its name from my

One of these things is not like the others.

Brazilian girls on the beach!

NFL news- Eli Manning to Start Sunday for the GIANTS

Anybody want a star? Answer me this....

Holy shit, I just got a great surprise for my birthday!

Giving my new avatar a spin...

My God, It's Full of Gnats.

Aw, heck. I don't know about you guys, but I miss ODB already.

I just came back from Sweden, My God...IT'S FULL OF LARS!

Republicans are like...

High School Age Hookers Now Cost As Much As $1,155

Great H. L. Mencken quote


It happened again! Another DU fund drive, another layoff!

Do you have any Commander Crushers your spouse doesn't know about?

My pot-bellied's full of HAM!

My God! It;s full of brats!

It had to happen.

True Confession: I love listening to 80's radio on net, except....

Is Walmart

How do I get Air America broadcast in.....

I'm starting a Republican Zoo..Help me fill it..

The Democratic Song

Denial, denial, denial.

10,000 posts!! *Big old back-flip-whip-back* TA-DA!


How will I survive without DU when I am in Colorado???

First person *with* a star to answer this question

How about a Kitten Photoshopping for Beginners group?

Yeah...we'll see if this theory pans out.

"Make me beautiful duet!!!!"

I was at the dentist today, and had visions of Cheney

Resume question

My Car, It's Full of Trash

First person without a star to tell me...

First 2 to nametheir favorite Foo Fighters Songs: I'll buy your stars!

I have a confession to make.

I'm so happy (Clinton Presidential Library)

Pirated software used to create help content in Microsoft's Windows XP

Sean Connery met with bush this morning, did y'all hear about this?

High School Class Rings Now Cost As Much As $1,155

Name seven Presidents who didn't win 50% of the popular vote.

My E-Mail Inbox - It's Full of SPAM.

hey Itasca park?

Ok What was up with fashion designers in the 70s?

Looks like the scramjet launch won't happen today....

If you were from the planet Cheron...

poor sis-just got ordered to bed rest for maybe two weeks

"My God, it's full of stars."

Name a Butthole Surfers cover that's better than the original

It's official. I need a life.

First person *with* facial hair to answer this question

I'm completely discouraged about cleaning my house

What's the worst part/aspect of your job?

no cavaties, no cavaties

Let LIvE GIRLS fulfill your EVERY conservative FANTASY!!!!

18 FT GREAT WHITEeats woman whole - S. Africa

The Rats Are Deserting The Ship

Anyone else want to vomit when they see the U2 commercial for iPod?

Everybody's giving out stars

Second Attempt. Jackson Pollack: Genius or Drunk with Cans of Paint?

Anyone out there make greeting cards for a living?

Ten Ways To Mispronounce Barack Obama

Round 3. First person without a star who can name

This is my 1000th post and I'm going to make a promise------

Today I am 35 and I haven't smoked for 3.5 hours

where do these high post counts come from?

Anyone hear of the Steinitz Puzzlers?

It sucks when nobody likes you because you're a very popular DU member.

Starbucks: Evil corporate whore or Mmmmm... delicious?

Please help me break 900 posts in the next half hour.

Everybody sucks but me. There. I said it.

So...I have some forums in "My forums"

Sheesh - with all these "It sucks" threads,

What Would Barbra Do?

Formula to figure your DU contribution?

It sucks to be...?

Are we ready to play, people?

Just received from Lisa: One pristine copy of "Sisters," by Lynne Cheney.

anyone else having trouble streaming AAR again?

Lionel files for bankruptcy (Toy Trains)

Photo of the Day!

I Offer You An Xmas Musical Experience - TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA

Finnair TV commercial for your viewing pleasure

Lionel files for bankruptcy (Jefferson)

What ever happened to the High School group thing?

attention men who have wives/girlfriends who shop too much

Australian Pink Floyd

I fought the law, and the redsox won.

Why don't you have a star?

If you don't like Mr. Scorpio............

When at last I am killed and eaten, my body shall taste foul indeed

What do DU'ers do? Work,student ,what?---

I just checked out a book about uranium.

I don't seem to have anything to say today

Anybody up for some troll baiting while the Mods are at dinner??

Liberal versus conservative. The dictionary says it all.

It sucks when you realize I was totally joking about a crush

Did Randi talk about the shooting?

It sucks when you like a DU member who

You can have a star, you can go far

Look what i found! A hippie shop!

It's your favorite whining cigarette quitter again

Can you suck your own toes????

Favorite drink when it's cold outside? I''m sipping hot cider laced with

BREAKING NEWS: Condoleezza Rice to replace Colin Powell

Chick Peas - They're Not Chicks, They're Not Peas

How fast will this thread die?

It sucks when you get instant pudding on your toes.

It sucks when....Aw forget it - EVERYTHING SUCKS!!!!!!

Anyone like the band Pulp?

I LOVE Christmas - who's with me?

I just made brownies, ask me anything!

So I watched __________for the first time last night...

Condi briefs the State Dept. on how she handles W.


I have crabs


What *REALLY* was in Uncle Dick's pants??

My officemate thinks he'll be able to buy a $130K house for $112K.

Spam this joint!

I have lobsters

help out a newbie... how do i put a picture in my post?

Damn My US History Professor!

Just heard the new Neko Case CD,

Great explaination of current politics!

What will Bush do after he sees God again?

A trubite to John Ashcroft!

I.... Hate..... Christmass

CAPTION the star-crossed lovers...

How could anyone hate thanksgiving?

It sucks when no one likes you just casue you're the Princess...

Question about workplace discrimination lawsuit.. opinions please

Career Decisions (I need help)

"Garden State" or "Eternal Sunshine" - best pictures of the year

did anyone else have trouble opening up DU tonight?

Is Powell's departure..

Ahhhh home sweet home...missed ya kids! where ya been?

Hello? Anybody home?

Ugh, typical fundie on "trading spouses"

testing 1,2,3,

My new sig image--when they come back.

Who broke DU?

Damn - was I productive...

What happened to GD?

City mouse or country mouse?

What were your symptoms during DU withdrawal


Are User names allowed to have Question Marks ?

A "Mac" toolbar bar for your PC

When I couldn't load DU, I did a Google search on DU - found some....

One more time! DU Sen. Normie Colman's poll!

I'm eating a pound of Tootsie Rolls- ask me anything!

So what exactly happened to DU? Server crash? Virus?

So what exactly happened to VU? Too much horse? Virus?

"Im a poet and I didn't know it" According to this Rethugs website

I hate thanksgiving

If you'r drunk as a skiunk on monday night check in !

Remember that guy they used to call "WILD THING"?

LOL! I'm a jackass!

Funniest Movie ever that made you Pee your pants

Who wants to see baby pictures of my little guy?

I haveb uh moudth fuhul ub Marieeunberree Puhie!!!

Did that freak anyone else out?

I'm listening to The Meteors

My cellmate thinks he'll be able to "buy" a $130K house for $0.

I just checked out a book about Uranus.

I just made instant pudding. Ask me anything!

Holidays that lies or celebrates genocide.

Who's going to take one for the team and change their name to...

FREE STAR: Ok, I'm taking anarchy1999 up on his (her?) offer!

Favorite homo-erotic sci-fi books?

Just saw a commercial for "Blade Trinity"

Name a Bob Dylan cover you don't like better than the original.

Battle of the Musical Giants: Bob Dylan, The Beatles or Muddy Waters?

How about the Beatles covering other people's tunes?

Using a Brita filter to turn cheap vodka into decent vodka!

Proposal: DU Artists Group!

Better Actress,Sarah Bernhardt or Eleonora Duse?

Restless legs

Crackheads, check in!

So.....what's everyone doing for (American) Thanksgiving?

Political compass

I I I I I'm not your stepping stone

Ever notice how Condi looks like Chuckie?

The first person without a star to post in this thread


I LOVE Thanksgiving! - who's against me?

People's names....

DU Chat tonight, try to come if you can

So, who in the hell donated on my behalf? I have a star and I didn't!

Kill Bill dilemma

"Mama always loved weddings...

Cheney Shuffles Cabinet

So I watched The Big Lebowski for the first time last night...

Star Trek or No star trek

Christian Principal Fired For Having Himself Whipped In Front Of Students

Need a democratic message for my Christmas Card Greeting this year:

Should I decorate my house for Midwinter this year?

Speaking of Things That Won't Clean Themselves....

I have cramps

I just passed Victoria's Secret at the mall... My God, it's full of BRAS!


My sister found a skunk in the garbage bucket

This is why I watch 'Desperate Housewives'!

It sucks when you like a VERY popular DU member

How physically fit are you?

It Sucks When You Don't Like a VERY Popular DU Member.

First person without a star... (Round 2)

Name a Beatles cover that's better than the original.

How Can I Euthanize An Ailing And Dying Fish?

Apparently, I am not a real woman

Airbrush: before and after

i googled my DU user name and got this

Apparently, I am not a real person

If you liked Jethro Tull, you'll love...?

Soooooo....what happened about Mars?

The Ultimate Poll

So I Read The Obituaries For The First Time Last Night...

What politicians have you met

Anyone else having trouble accessing web mail?

Martha Stewart's Real Prison Diary:

Group Proposal: TV Lounge - Need Ten Members to agree...

Funniest movie ever.

A new 1420 calorie burger was unveiled today.

Do you have celeb crushes your spouse knows about?

Adoption Notice

I hate writing 50 page papers

what companies do you boycott for animal rights reasons?

Hi veggies! Want to help me out?


Yay! I'm curing the local raccoons of mange!

What Percent PETA Person Are You? (It's a quiz)

Anyone know what song is used in the Bacardi Commercial...

Graphics cards and World of warcraft

'Music Is Not a Loaf of Bread' (Wired interview with Jeff Tweedy)

Need some help understanding the ending of Matrix - Revolutions

West Wing Question

Sure do miss Luther Allison

Robert Langdon in DaVinci Code Movie will be played by...

Better show about rich teenagers from California

Best movies/books that warn against fascism!

Which is better PS/2 or X-Box???

sweat lodge

What is the difference between a group and a forum. I almost didn't find

fundie hypnosis

A Science & Technology Forum - how COOL!

Boffins unleash robotic cockroach

Conservatives Plan New Assault On Cal. Gay Partner Law

Israeli Court Recognizes Gay Partner Rights

An appeal for help for an important Ohio GLBT problem

Study Examines Teens Of Gay Couples

Is this the official gay agenda site?

Conservatives Plan New Assault On California Gay Partner Law

At the Center (NYC): Where do we go from here?

Pope Tells Protestant Churches To Bar Gays

Campus GOP Leader Under Fire For Homophobic Attacks

Hey Fellow Queer DUers! Does Your Vehicle Have A Rainbow Sticker...

Gay Drain

Which organization best represents the GLBT community?

Question for GLBT forum.

Tice appears with *, Vikes lose three in a row

Here comes Eli!

I'm going Rock Climbing at Table Rock in NC this Sat, Nov 20th.

Any Dogster or Catster people here?

My beautiful 3 year old golden!

Do you let your dog on the couch?

Okay--we've examined the charts for * and for Cheney

Stelleascope circa 10/01 (long but no link available)

Ascension Study Group: Evidence Thread >> LINK to MR thread

I think we may have to disallow discussion of alternative healing.

Any Astrologers out there with anything for Dec.13th?

Feng Shui

Need help with cancer nausea issue before Skinner closes the group

"Book of Life" link & info for newbies :)

The Art of Prosperity - Live an inspired life.

What ever happened with the absentees, provisional, etc

Election Day. 9PM. Exit Polls predict a Kerry win. Strategery time.

Arnold For President - It's a Plan

Determined Pissed Proud LOUD

Kucinich recieves O.O.A. honors from Rev.Lawson

Dem Think Tank calls for Senate to pick Durbin and Kennedy as leaders

James Madison's Summary of the First Amendment

When does the Blackwell recall effort start?

NYT on Lakoff :: Why the Democrats Need to Stop Thinking About Elephants

So what is up with the Senate attempting to make a filibuster illegal?

Bush`s God drives a Humvee.

Why we can't sit back and wait . . .

"Pay any Price, Bear any Burden!"

Colin Powell just quit! Cold Pizza on ESPN2 right now!

I've just solved the voting recount problem. Simply and elegantly.

Here I thought they were just dumber than dirt

Well, who will replace Powell and now CNN reported 4 others to resign

Bush's new cabinet:

17 Reasons not to slit your wrists by Michael Moore

WSJ's Harwood: Electoral College Gets One

New Orleans: Navy and Marines Recruiting from Homeless Shelter

Given the lucidity of this article

What do you think of my bumper sticker idea?

Powell could have been a hero

Colin Powell = Fred McMurray character from "The Caine Mutiny"

Join in the Frame the Debate Group

I'm betting it's Danforth

How "moral" is the war in Iraq ?

Who's Next?

Florida Panel Approves 2004 Election Results

Colin Powell releases new book rather quickly

Here's Reid & Dems first chance:

With all the news about Powell and the others today I noticed something

Spencer Abraham, Rod Paige, Ann Veneman also to resign: CNN

Election apology starts net feud

A Rant

Web Abuzz With Vote-Rigging Tales

Schumer Will Not Run for NY Governor

Cite examples of the miserable failures of John Ashcroft, Witchfinder and

NC DU'ers: Was Erskine Bowles a good Senate Candidate?

Randy Meier on MSNBC has been Terrific this morning Re: Resignations

Should we try to unite our Party against this immoral war in Iraq ?

My strategy for winning the next presidential election :


Remember that video of W's "one finger salute"?

An attempt to unsmear the word "liberal"

Did Kerry take Lava Rocks from Hawai'i?

How we win

Will Powell Write A Book....

John Edwards' Forum is up :)

After eight years of Bush what would the US populace want from a new

Are we in the midst of a new "Great Awakening?"


See the pattern? bushco appointed people to the first term cabinet

How the Liberals Will Promote Blue Churches/ Sissy Christians

Craziness in The Second Term Gonna Be Worse!!

Do you really think the American people would vote for Arnold ?

"Bloggers Still Tracking Votes in Wash."

Serious question: Is the Democratic Party still viable?

So what's the deal with the "Oil for Food" program?

Big 'Richard' Cheney

"Bush Paints Rosy Picture of Iraq Situation"

I met a young lady in Washington Natl Airport last week

Cobb-LaMarche campaign thanks everyone for recount donations!


Looking for a Web Developer for Recount Stuff

Truth hurts - try this

Building the Progressive Democratic Movement

Colin Powell: Lame Dork

I need a Dem-friendly bank

President Conan

An article about Thereza, our First Broad...

Randi is on fire today!

GOP wants news orgs to abandon exit polls

Does anyone know if the Libertarian Baradnek has raised money, or is

Rice 'likely' to take over for Powell

Who will write the first book of all of these people resigning?

What is the status of the Black Caucus Elector Protest?

What issues are important to "progressives"?

only 42% of weekly churchgoers voted in 2004: same as in '00

Which SCOTUS justices are likely ro retire in the next 4 years?

Ohio Recount Is On!!!!!!

New "Don't Blame Me..." bumper stickers

Howard Dean or Tom Vilsack for DNC chair?

what do we do if the party refuses to swing to the left?

All These People Are Leaving Because SOMETHING VERY BAD IS COMING

A call for "Urban Identity Politics"

Donna Brazile for DNC chair

"Frame the Debate" Group is up and running!

Moderate, Centrist, Repukeocrats UNITE!

How do we win the Rural voters?

Feel like stirring up some fundie trouble for BushInc?

Brian Schweitzer (Montana Gov-Elect) for PRESIDENT?

Diebold Florida Voting Machine - Amsterdam Testing

What would happen if we wrote to European nations

Breaking: Several Bush cabinet members say they are not resigning

Know thine enemy: James Dobson wants to be a player.

Need to get info on an Israeli hardliner

Don't know who I fear most, the shrub administration or

Low bandwidth? Want to see the media clips we're all talking about?

Sister's friend is arriving from Germany shortly

Breaking: All grownups to leave Bush administration.

How will the Senate Dems handle Condom-Loser Rice's SoS nomination?

The men that wrote the Constitution had it right-

Should Wesley Clark run for a HOR or Senate seat for Arkansas in 2006?

Does anyone have a Bush "Loyalty Oath" from his rallys?

Anyone have the article where Condi called Dub her husband?

Randi Rhodes ranting about client state, she was on fire tonight

Colin Powell should rot in hell.

At last some good news

Witch Hunt at the CIA

I have just seen something that has made me sick to my stomach.

Paula Zahn reminds me why I only watch PBS

Contact List for DNC members: Urge them against Vilsack

Subject: So It's True - People Do Rise To Their Own Level of ......

Has everyone seen this site????

Can we get to a point where we can take a critical view of ourselves?

His Red Right Hand

Christian Dominionists Have Bill in Congress - Const. Rest. Act HR 3799

Here Is Someone I'd Like To See Palast & Soros Get In Touch With...

Chuck Hagel to seek 2008 presidential nomination.

Is Rumsfailed next?

Remember a company named Harken? Thought it went away?

Damn it all I'm angry

Reclaiming the Democratic Party - Paging Dr. Dean

Great questions for Fundies...courtesy of Gloria Brame

The political genius of George W. Bush (Carlos Watson is a fool)

Condoleeza Rice will be under oath this time.

War is a Moral Issue (graphic)

I want to be DNC chair

Is our economy in trouble?

Lieberman: No Howard Dean at DNC!!

Have there been any wishlist pres. tickets for 2008 threads yet?

I will probably be flamed for this but,

email to the GOP

Do a lot of DUers really think BUSH won?

where we set up, played - before the primaries?

Please tell me what Condi Rice has done to deserve another job

NEEDED: Statistics on Child Poverty, Homelessness, Health Care, etc.

Anyone think Howard Dean's too "out there" to run the DNC?

Anyone else sick of Nancy Pelosi?

Green Party calls for volunteers and contributions for Ohio recount.

George W. Bush: Making the World Safe for Toads and Snakes!

Were the phony ACT-UP/Kerry "supporters" ever ID'd?

Part II: To believe Bush won the election, you must also believe...

Should we push through a PBA ban with the exception to the mom's health?

You know what really scares me...

Which party will experience civil war first, the repubs or the dems?

The elephant in the room: GOP schism (Moderates told to Get Out)

Holy Moly! O'Reilly Just Recommended Bill Clinton For Sec of STATE????

Would Dean being DNC Chair be a Good thing or a Bad thing?

Bush/GOP: Declare there is treason in dissent.

Perle just called Colin Powell "articulate"

What's worse Sacrificing Dem Values Or Loosing and Getting Conservative

93,136 extra votes in Cuyahoga County Ohio alone???

Senate Minority Leader: Who do YOU want?

One thing Bush has done right

How to starve coporate media

Grover Norquist: tort reform is the means to the end of the Democrats

Do Republican brains lack the capacity for empathy?

Let's get this other ball rolling! sign petition

DEAR pResident Bush...COOL and FUNNY>>>check it out

Forming a Governor Mark Warner group.

anyone else catch this sly reference in Olbermann's blog?

The Perfect Election Day Crime Exclusive

The Arnold Amendment smokescreen

Is this argument valid--RE: the electoral college

Stop blaming Christians for Bush's victory

WSJ's Al Hunt: No Easy Answer To the Democrats' Culture Woes


Kerry 2008?

I've enjoyed all the latter-day attacks on Kerry and his campaign

AAR is almost worthless

If the new head of the DNC is 'moderate,' how will you feel?

Annoyed with electronic voting? "Votergate" is a must-see

In this thread, we list the things we MOST miss about the 90's.

It is time for a big anti-war protest in several cities and