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Archives: November 14, 2004

Goodman: Sex Ed Silliness in Texas

The Army's long arm (Army is desparate for cannon fodder)

Clark: Winning in Fallujah Is Just the Beginning

Washington Post's Sloppy Analysis - Been Debunked!

Helen Thomas questions bombing initiative in Iraq

Maureen Dowd castigates meaness of Religous Right

The challenges begin

Margaret Hassan: A Personal Tale

NYT Editorial: Making Votes Count: About those election results

Graphic war footage from Fallujah and Ramadi (You are warned)

WTC collapse : Not caused by melting steel says U.L.

Servicemembers baptized at the cradle of civilization

The Ground War (David Shuster)

Sermon Excerpt from today's Mpls Strib: made me cry it was so good.

About Those Election Results

Homocide Bombers attack in Fallujah

NYT: Decades Later, Rosenberg Case Again Ignites Passions

Dick Cheney and the Self-Licking Ice Cream Cone

Archive of Working Opinions - - (a treasure trove)

The C.I.A. Versus Bush

Contempt for gays unites black and white christians

Salon: Welcome to Canada! ("but we're not as blue as you think.")

White House Orders Purge of CIA 'Liberals'

Seymour Hersh predicts war in Iraq will plunge U.S. economy into downturn

Another good LTTE re: "Moral Values" from today's NYT

Better Dead Than Red - Dan Savage

Arizona Daily Sun: Re-consider DRAFT "now that election is over"

Americans Need Not Accept E-Voting, nor Presidential Results


How the blue states can deal with the red states.....

GOP Boycott

a couple of ideas,

It takes 9 McJobs to cover the cost of an average Social Security check

Where does the money for FDIC come from?

Question about US exports

Walmart: Helping destroy America one job at a time...

AP: more evidence of global warming

35 Japanese Firms Combine To Purchase GHG Pollution Rights

Japanese Environment Tax Plan Weak, Riddled W. Loopholes - Yomiuri

They're Big! They're Expensive! They're Catching On In Europe!

Endangered Species: House, Senate set to make ESA reform a priority next s

Prince William Sound's Fading Orca Pod Provides Lessons For Scientists

Powell had it backwards

Abbas Escapes Injury in Gaza Gunbattle

Fallujah war crimes! Aussie TV shows what you ain't seein on Murkin TV

Graphic war footage from Fallujah and Ramadi (You are warned)

The Fifty-First State? by James Fallows

LA Citizens' Grand Jury Condemns Government Role in 9/11 & Coverup

Dear Administrators: A favor please...

How are polls posted on DU?

"Ask the Administrators" cannot be the place to ask for a New Group

What about those smilies?

front page problem :

I second the idea of a flag/icon for "empty" posts

Missing avatar?

Thanks for the new forums Skinner

Why is the 911 forum shut down?

I guess I need to apologize

Whats up with My Forums

Are you Guys Okay? I just read this ( tell me it is not so)

Homeschooling Group

Homepage notice of RECOUNT/ FRAUD Investigat. updates is urgently

does the thread starter count toward the ten needed to start a group?

World History Group request

How do I register opposition to a proposed forum?

Low-priority request, but still a request.

Request for a "Frame the Debate" Group.

I just donated again

donation offer

Donation Question.

I was just curious as to when the new "Starve The Beast" forum

Skinner ... did you e-mail me yet.

Request for "Classic Films" group

Request for Economic activism and Progressive living group

Request re: discontinued and archived forums

OK, this is either a really sick idea, or the best thing that could happen

GOOD GAWD AMIGHTY! I'm being asked to empty my pockets for

Group for African American Issues

is there a TABLE function on this board?

Musician's Group Request

Whaaaaaaa!!! I want my star!!! I want my star!!!

My husband keeps receiving DU email at his email address

Regarding this Bev Lawsuit stuff this is really all my fault

New DU Group Suggestion: Peak Oil

Spanish Group Proposal

We need to stop sending military aid to Israel.

Palestinian election date named

Two security personnel killed in Arafat mourning tent shooting

Help me explain the conflict to a non political guy please

WTC Melting Steel Refuted: Kevin Ryan

CNN: Which questions do you want them to investigate?

WTC collapse : Not caused by melting steel says U.L.

How was fraud committed using Opti-Scan and other machines?

does anybody know what this is/who this person is?

I know it's heresay but regarding Blackwell

E-voting critic issues challenge to hackers (no takers)

Last questionable ballots viewed, final county vote tally ready-Palm Beach

NEWS: PreK???

Election 2004


The Register mentions Florida Fraud (UK)

Looking for Voter Reform, Groups Keep Eyes on Ohio

WA: Dems allowed to call voters with rejected provisional ballots

South Dakota and Daschle

Guess what case Klock represented Katherine Harris in? The Florida

NC: Candidate may file suit over handling of provisional ballots

Greens and Libs need $ for OHIO RECOUNT fees!


Look what's on Nancy's page!

Any ideas on who won the military vote from over seas?

Has anyone analyzed the loss of federal senate &/or rep seats

Major bugs found in Diebold vote systems-Wash Times


Seen this?

Can a poll whiz check these CA numbers?

Truth About "North Carolina Fraud"

Ohio: LA Times and Greg Pallast

What is a fraud audit? . 'We Have Truth'..Update from BlackBox site

Ohio Recount Needs $30k by Tomorrow! (Link)

BBV - Diebold Source Code!


Alaska pdf file Election results (Gems)

State of Alaska (Gems)

Arizona LaPaz co Election Results (Gems)

Bunning senate race fixed?

Arizona Navajo co. Election results (Gems)

Arizona, Yuma Co. Election Results (Gems)

Borderlandnews Election Results (Gems)

FL, NM, NC Provisional ballots being tossed: Law is unclear

Olbermann on vacation?

California Placer Co. Elections Results (Gems)

Help! Trying to make sense of recounts. Nader, Cobb, Badernik, Allliance

California, San Joachin co. Election Results (Gems)

California, Lassen co. Election Results (Gems)

California, Fresno co. Election Results (Gems)

California, Siskiyou co. Election Results (Gems)

Colorado, Boulder co. Election Results (Gems)

Colorado, Boulder Co., Election Results (Gems) 2

Colorado, Broomfield co. Election Results (Gems)

Colorado, LaPlata co. Election Results (Gems)

Colorado, Larimer co. Election Results (Gems)

What is the Florida recount going to accomplish?

Colorado, Douglas co. Election Results (Gems)

Dickinson co. Election Results (Gems) (State?)

Colorado?, Douglas co. Election Results (Gems)

Florida, Citrus co. Election Results (Gems) (pdf)

Georgia, Chatham co. Election Results (Gems)

Georgia, Clayton co. Election Results (Gems) (pdf)

Georgia, Coweta co. Election Results (Gems)

Georgia, Clayton co. Election Results (Gems)

Clay co. Election Results (Gems) Not sure which state

California, Marin co. Election Results (Gems)

Ah.. here's the place! ...I'm SO close! ...NeedHELP!

Florida, Flagler co. Election Results (Gems)

So when do they start/finish counting in Ohio?

Keith Olbermann is underattack

I hate to say this, but do you think some of our Democrats knew

Any one alse looking at the way the fraud is downplayed?

Florida, Brevard co. Election Results (Gems)

For my 4000th post

Exit Poll Discrepancy could be explained by voter disenfranchisement

On NBC right now...12:32 EST Discussion about the Vote fraud

Know how I find the file "Nodehopper" put together

Someone needs to turn this into a TV commercial ... has this been posted here yet?

I am not a troll and I resent that completely

IMPORTANT..... Will someone please look???

Radio: Was the Vote Rocked? Or Mocked? Tune in - 6:25 pm Central

Tony Blair just said that we had a "democratic" election.

OK we gave to...

Bus barricades & Armed Guards: Iraq? No. Election Day Ohio!

NEWS: Keith Olbermann's Dan Rather moment (!!!!)

Alachua County, All Races, All Precincts Results (Gems)

OH Vote Supression: 250,000 votes still uncounted

I know why Kerry stopped fighting

It's official - Olbermann's on vacation..

It's not a "conspiracy"'s an "agenda".......

Nevada Repukes poll challengers....

Ohio voters tell of Election Day troubles at hearing

Illinois Republican seeking funds to investigate vote fraud

Has anyone made a COMPREHENSIVE "report" on this INFO?

What is the status of the Black Caucus? I understood that they would

Castor lost to Martinez by 1.1%

Ohio rethugs might be prosecuted

Link to some suspect Ohio counties.

Final edition of my Caltech/Mit VTP story up and linked to dailykos

Electoral College Meta-Analysis (

I read in the Columbus Ohio Dispatch today.......

Feedback please about this RECOUNT FOR DUMMIES flyer I'm making...

2 NC candidates request recount--Feds to check out flaws

Second lawsuit filed over San Diego write-in mayoral race

My anger is getting to me... It clouds my thoughts...

New vote-fraud site and petition at

OH Vote Suppression: Fewer Machines in Dem Precincts!

Help Is On The Way - Implications Of A Stolen Election

For those who would like to know how it might have been done

OH Audit Report: Kerry's lawyers being run into everywhere

New Scientist BBV stuff - Wireless enabled Diebold machines?

Military Ballots in Broward County, FL

This will break your heart... if you have one!

Our democracy is over and we're the only ones who know about it

Detailed "How to Hack the Vote" Instructions, With Screenshots!

Florida certified their votes today!

Must Read from the Zogby site: " I Smell a Rat "

Are we done with Florida? ????

OH Vote Suppression: 92,000 optiscan/punchcards didn't record vote

The Ground War (David Shuster) - His "big deal" With Election Numbers

Anyone have the raw number of machines

Public hearings in Ohio 11/13 & 11/15

In New Mexico, Bush vs. Kerry Is Still an Issue

OH Suppression: Minority precincts given unreadable punchcards!

If Nader Saves Democracy, All Is Forgiven

**GEMS election results**

Apparently, these "vulnerabilities" are old news....nothing to worry about


Ohio Recount Green party fund - less than $30,000 to go.

The Greens are still short for their recount . Can you help out tonight?

14% undervote in NM without a paper trail.

I have a mission for everyone here

Keith Olbermann blogs about his "firing"

Think back to why you came to DU in the first place.....

FL Dept of State has changed the Election Results Again!

Jeff Fisher - sounding real and real scary... Reader Beware

American Coup II - Latest Update (November 15th)

Ohio Analysis of Absentee Voting...


Did Kerry win the military vote? (Please post stories here)

Stopping AHNOLD should be our state's #1 priority...

Iowa Marine Killed in Iraq from "Non-Hostile" Gunshot Wound

All's quiet in Provincetown tonight

Barney Frank tonight in Newton - "What happened in the election?" etc

Anyone have the screen shot

Anyone go to the "No stolen elections" rally at the Capitol on Sat?

I hate it when the Packers beat the Vikings with a last second field goal.

The MN DU picures are up!

HTML Help & Practice thread from the Meeting Room

Semi Hidden Files

I seem to have trashed my IE6

Can I clean out my e-mail (outlook express) and dump it all on a cd ?

Wake-Up Ohio web site could use your support.

Good News Ohio...Blackwell OK's ballots w/o birth date

Hey Ohioans. What do you guys think of Ted Strickland for governor?

I'm Calling BS: Buggies at polls-The Old Order Amish voted in droves

Dallas area need some info,please

Bush celebrities

If any one here needs a star let me know

Sunday the 4th, Monday the 5th, Tuesday -- Help Gregoire WIN!!!

Working America

Why didn't we hear more about...

Suggestion: DU Book Group

911 happend because some "thought" we were bad.

The Unknown is a Dark and Fearful Enemy...

EA Sports' shameful labour practices...(Preview of what's to come)

Does anyone know when the House Dems are voting on min leader?

Fundie Couple Accused in Plot to Sacrifice Kids


We Need Freethought/Rationalist Chick Tracts...remember those little comic

Las Vegas Sun: "Soft-spoken Harry Reid to face biggest challenge"

Two bright spots in CNN's exit polls...

Principal is whipped to punish two teens

anyone interested in a Lacy Peterson forum?????

How can we stick it to Katherine Blackwell?

I love this: Marge Schott was a huge dubya/GOP supporter

I'm bored. Anyone know any cool websites?

Heres my little peace of mind /rant on (a Worth Reading Rant)

I'm just gonna call him President Crotch from now on.

Right-wing moralists launch censor war (Sunday Herald)

hey w . . . jesus calling, I said CEASE FIRE, not SEIZE FIRE

Thinking about how far this country has moved to the right is depressing

How many Iraqis killed in Fallujah had tickets to the usa nt

this is real nice ------


US wounded in Falluja hits 412

Dominionism and our nation's beginnings

Hey w, the BornAgains are at the door, & they want PAYBACK

A woman caller from Texas just CLOCKED on the fundies!

When Bush said 'internets' he knew of plans for new military internet

Sp Times: Rural vote gave state (Florida) to Bush

Iraqi Farmers Aren't Celebrating World Food Day

C-Span caller just made my millennium Thank you Ms I love you!

How can we paint the Rs

Moral Values and the HOOTERS connection!!!!

shall we pray for the dead in Fallujah, or just say Fuck em?

Pat Robertson's mid-1980s collapse was intentional and orchestrated!

Let Me Express My Disgust With Those Here

Remember a Bush quote: he told the Israelis a couple of years

Want some honesty? (Falluja)

Originally posted in the lounge last night, sorry for the cross post

CNN World- 419 troops wounded and tranferred to Germany

MTP James Carville and Mary Matalin on this morning, don't bother

Ignore the fall of the dollar. Ignore the current account deficit.

What happened to restrictions on 527s, like no ads for 60 days before

"This is God"

Minority Leader

Talking point alert: CIA told Bush "slam dunk"

Why I LOVE living in Chicago!

100,000 Iraqis dead. This is a conservative estimate.

An Orwell quote that has stayed with me for weeks now.

America is dead.

US forces refusing to let Red Crescent Aid into Fallujah

Ldotters welcome being spyed on by Wal*Mart

Are your kid's schools censoring reactions to the war in Iraq? This one is

How Liberal or Conservative are you?

***NWS*** Another ANTI-BUSH / IRAQ Video.

you won't be able to stay in your chair after reading this - Fallujah

democrats new strategy, say yes to everything

Is anyone interested in a Military Families group?

How many have died since "mission accomplished"?

Scapegoated Sixties

More racist bullshit from the pro-China "Taiwanese" far-right.

Why do we have to reach out to the "stupid" voter.

I like what reporter Larry Chin had to say: (22 words)

Must Read from the Zogby Site: "I Smell a Rat"

More "Freedom and Democracy" for Iraq

Post-Traumatic Stress: These Unseen Wounds Cut Deep

no Iraq draft

For people in the Redneck states

updated progressive priorities-4 things

Why didn't John Glenn ever run for president?

Puritanism, not Fascism

this morn on c-span: Jerry Falwell on his 'Faith & Values Coalition'

Front page of New York Times full of pics of soldiers' faces --

One Panhandle man dead, another critical after eating raw oysters

A Government of opportunists, by opportunists and for opportunists.

Vice-President .....Huh..????? AP/Yahoo does it AGAIN

"Red State" farmers benefit most from federal disaster aid

Changing U.S. Constitution to allow foreigners to run for President

What Would A Nation Of Bible Believers Look Like?

How awful, 58 soldiers killed in Iraq according to "This week" on

Could we please stop re-fighting the primaries?

If It's Sunday "I Don't Want To Meet The Press"

Anyone else having posting errors? Like the following

Is * GUILTY of genocide?

Where is Kerry?

I agree with Carrowsboy --Walmart is the most offensive store Home Depot

Considering the LBN threads and certain GD ones, is anybody so depressed

Republicans now denying Moral Values theme: Old Bait and Switch

Bush to Purge "disloyal elements" in CIA, making it even more political

Weapon of Mass Deception showing in St. Louis today at 3

These are happy days for Pentagon contractors

Sarasota, Fl. public school is going religiously insane

Oklahoma DU'ers!!! This guy a repub?

How to easily expose a Right-Wing Cabal and fight the Right.

About Southerners.

OK...Which is JUSTICE for Scott Peterson?

I believe in aristocracy,

Demands for loyalty to the president = American fascism?

My Cable "News" Addiction Has Been Cured

Buffalo News Readers lay into The Bush Crime Family

My name is on the no-fly list

Need the web address for that Capaign funding site

"the denial of water to Iraqi civilians" = Article 14 war crime

Today's Benson cartoon about Gonzales "confirmation hearing"

Author of Imperial Hubris tonight

Today's B.C. strip is particularly repugnant

On CNN they described a Local Soldier killed I Iraq as "Died Protecting

Proselytizing in VA schools: Rick & Mick

I am a bigot

Raleigh News and Observer book reviewer says Fear

Have We Started the Third World War?

Been gone since Friday what have I missed?

Relaunched - cartoons you won't see in Newsweek

Why does the news, either in the written form, or on TV ring false?

Today's "Non-Sequitur."

Man so upset he sought second mortgage to pay for OH recount

Anyone find it hard to care anymore? Is it too late now?

Anti-gay-marriage ballot initiatives and "values voters"

What do you suppose popular unrest would look like today?

the Evangelicals are driving me away from Jesus

Keith Olbermann speaks--Today's Blog

request for a political cartoon group

We were warned by more than one of what was coming.

Actual photographic evidence that Democrats pray

Warning: Post Contains Extreme Rage Against the Democratic Party

Are any Republicans disturbed by the American Mullahs plans for America?

Harry Lampert, creator of comic superhero The Flash, dies at 88

The media got the memo - destroy all Dems on the "morals" issue (link)

more from dearest riverbend

Cornel West KNOWS

How about a group for non-Dems who popped in to form a coalition

Should there be an atheist group?

Any news on Allawi's 9 month pregnant relative threatened w/ beheading?

Sometimes even a blind squirrel will find a nut…

I don't like southerners because they are bigots

Messed up? Oh you bet..Tammy Bruce

Spam gripe-why do RW spammers assume everyone on their list

Update on Flu Vaccine situation

She weeps while telling the story

U.S. forbids humanitarian relief convoy to enter Fallujah

OH vote commission taking SWORN testimony :& Affidavits

Anybody see the 2005 Mustang "Anthem" commercial?

Global Warming May Open Vast Arctic Regions for Oil and Gas Exploration

anecdotal evidence on how thinly the military is stretched today

Why couldn't a certain website wait until Recount donations collected?

I wish AAR had a nightly news show. 6-7 pm, maybe?

how bad do Americans want it to be?

Care packages for 'ANY SOLDIER'? Forget it!

Vote F911 film of the year (currently tied with some new comedy)

So Umm... About the skills draft... What exemptions are possible?


Democrats MUST Be More Credible on National Security

They're not sorry -- but they will be!

A Spanish Group Propsal

Hubby just asked this what does the C stand for in

Choose your Gileadean dress color

"Not a choice between war & peace..."

The Bush Game,play right now.....

Next Time, we need WAY fewer consultants and strategists

Apt words from Thomas "Liberal" Jefferson

Perhaps an odd question

May I please have $28,443 for Ohio Recount?

I Need A Link on A Specific Casualty Count in Iraq

It Takes a Village.

UPDATE ON FALLUJAH: Mujahideen Reject Ceasefire, Wipe Out US Column

Meet the new Iraq; same as the old Iraq. "Freedom" my arse.

New DU group proposal - Disabled Activists

Drinking water contains traces of nine drugs, new study finds

So who owns a bicycle? We can take down the oil beast

"A Thousand Fallujahs"

Any Lutherans in the house???


I was ignorant until I moved to the South

Reserve Troops Renewing Call for Pay Relief

Opening SNL skit hilarious....

The Plight of Afghani Women is still awful!

Does anyone else expect Iraq to become a game of whack a mole?

Michael Scheuer, CBS, said two words that the repugs will play

Groups who still need money for recounts and audits:

Wow. We all drank the kool-aid and didn't even know it!

We are religious progressives, and we can help, if you will let us.

Which TiVo should my husband get me for my birthday?

Progressive millionaires. We have them!

The Broadcast Decency Act of 2004 - S.2056

CIA defections/firings: Will they lead to repression or impeachment?

Moronic Republican cartoonist

500th Post

What Democrats can learn from 2004

a bumper sticker for the future

Right-wing Traitors…

Bob Graham, Intelligence Matters, on CSPAN 2 now...10:10 PM EST n/t

Rights group blasts 'racist' US media - Imus, Scarborough, and Cafferty

Still time to DU Sen. Norm Coleman's poll! Do it!

What I want for Christmas...please help


Could television news become obsolete?

Ok look at this

Chris Floyd on the election: it was "gamed"

The word "God" not allowed on TV! Argh!

expect a visit from warren buffett

The strategist and the enabler..

time to get the war crimes trials started...

Mods please: A fair question that would interest many members........

What happened with the Valerie Plame thing ???

EFF Urges FCC Not to Mandate Surveillance Regime on Internet

Blair Places 'War on Terror' at the Heart of Election Campaign/New WMW

If I see his face anymore

Just amazing how much chaos this war has caused


"What, Bush voters worry?" Bush "remarkably calm" despite Dollar's woe

P&G Actively Recruits Homosexuals for Jobs

Thoughts on leaving the Democratic Party

Bush e-mail hoax


Here's how I think Blackwell will attempt to elude a Recount in Ohio...

Time to check in again, "HIPPY'S"!!!!!

Fundies say Abortion bad.......but kill the ones already born!!!

At what point does the US become a 3rd-world country?

Kerry, Soros, MM, Moveon, STAY OUT! We citizens will audit vote...

Georgia military base honors Wehrmacht POWs

I just saw "Last Letters Home." Don't ask me anything.

Specter attack intensifies

Starting a politics Shoutcast radio station online?

I'm not sure if I'll return

Now the US is running "Torture Airlines?" Nice.

Humbly asking for your support... Need help please, fellow DUers

Keith Olbermann is underattack

Its a shame that DU cant move on to another form of media

Bin Laden and Red States: Arabic Translation Issue

Hi-Larious smack-down of Wilgoren/Okrent/NYT

Skinner, we tried to do this last time on the fund drive. Can we have

I have a mission for everyone here

let's keep this real. we've been moving to the right

Here's the link to Cheney's Scud picture. You've been warned.

Marine Pictured In Photo Unfazed By Sudden Fame

Falluja Pictures Blogspot

when does the Counter Clinton Library open?

**My little Anti-Bush, Anti-War Slideshow.....**

Are You Like Me? Are You Praying for a Watergate-Style BushCo Meltdown?

Attitudes towards Hetero- and Homosexuality

The Alberto Gonzales Email Glitch Is Fixed

The Petition Of Alberto Gonzales

THIS is Why We LOST This Election!

Survivor: The Apocalypse

What core beliefs make us a liberal?

What is this BS about Applebee's?

Can we start an African American Group on DU

Are you watching 60 Minutes? "Anonymous", retired CIA OBL expert on now

Left Coasters, lookee what I found regarding secession.

I visited Canada yesterday...

any interest in a Globalization or Free/Fair Trade Group?

What can you guys tell me about Bill Frist?

We should have had UN election observers.....

Proposal for New DU Group: "Intelligence Matters"

"most serious threat to God's green earth that we have seen"

Fundamentalists... as much as a threat to America as Al Qaeda?

Americans have no reason to accept 2004 election e-votes

what do Progressives need to work on to WIN?

Chilling: Repuke fundie pharmacists refusing to fill birth control

Ideological Blind Spots Doom Democratic Party to Becoming Irrelevant

Proposal for New DU Group: John Edwards Supporters

Which Social group should get the boot in order to beat the Repukes?

New law makes it illegal to save seeds in Iraq

History channel...about the French resistance...what irony!

PHOTOS: My "We're not sorry" picturebook!

Liberal Democrats, those disloyal to Bush being purged from CIA!

If you don't like Southerners, you are a bigot.

Bev Harris, Jim March turn down California Qui Tam settlement

I look forward to the day...

Go Tell It On The Mountain

Antibreastfeeding forces strike again in Texas (remember what

Rage Against the Machines -- Download My BBV CD--Copy and Share!

hamburger samich

Deer cubes

This forum has come at just the right time for me!

Buy those pumpkins while you still can!

Help! Am I SD&P Group or C&B Group?

Favorite football snacks?

lamb stock simmering on the stove now....

Cooking & Baking Group first group to reach two pages

YUMMY Christmas cookies!!!!!

Looks like this forum is a real winner. Thanks Skinner.

Any other bread bakers out there?

Arroz con pollo tonight.

What's a good spice to put on rice to match it with Mexican food?


Anyone have a good recipe for bourbon balls?

Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread

Who's with me? 86 the Green bean cassarole this Thanksgiving

Please give me any hints/suggestions for Thanksgiving dinner.

What's with the clear cutting?

We seem to be less patriotic and yet more concerned for our vets.

Proposed bill would give softwood duties to U.S. lumber companies

duplicate post - sorry

German POWs buried in Georgia to be honored

Video of Tanks at anti-war protest in LA

EU Seeks End to Diplomatic Freeze in Cuba

Veterans, not the rich, need breaks, Dem says

Troops see more strife in Ramadi

70 Injured U.S. Soldiers Taken to Germany

Trial Linking Professor to Terror Delayed

Nevada likely to benefit from Reid's promotion

Rapper O.D.B. Collapses, Dies in Studio

County wants investigation into voters who tried to vote twice

Gov't: Al-Qaida Threat Still Significant

S Korea farmers clash with police

Palestinian election date named

Looking for Voter Reform, Groups Keep Eyes on Ohio

Gun battles as insurgents take Mosul police station

Iraqis dispute U.S. progress in Falluja

AP: Ads to Back Schwarzenegger for President

Ole Dirty Bastard (Wu Tang Clan), dead at 35

Palestinian elections set for Jan. 9

NYT,pg1: Safety Group Closely Echoes Rail Industry (gets fed funding)

Judges balk at speedy deportations

Israelis to Ban Weapons for Palestinians

(Baghdad's)U.S. hospital scrambles to treat Falluja casualties

BostonGlobe-Kurds' separatist ambitions pose challenge to Iraq unity

New tax law could help big spenders

Iran to Announce Decision on EU Nuclear Deal -Reports

Soldier killed, three wounded in Iraq - U.S. #1177

Japanese Princess to Marry Gov't Official

Soldier killed, three wounded in Iraq - U.S.

(Iraqi Communist Party) Official Gunned Down

Obama off to Washington, `Thank you' tour of state wraps up

Iraq Officials Fire Thousands of Policemen

Bush Facing Domestic Challenges


Specter 'fuming' over homosexual snub

How do bloggers impact political news?

This is a Wonderful Thing...

Gunfire erupts at Gaza mourning tent for Yasser Arafat

UPDATE ON FALLUJAH: Mujahideen Reject Ceasefire, Wipe Out US Column

CNN: Large explosion in central Baghdad

Three marines die in booby-trapped building in Fallujah: officer

Blair places 'war on terror' at heart of election campaign

DoD Identifies (2) Marine Casualties #1180 and #1181

Falluja relief convoy appeals to UN (US troops preventing aid)

Iran Agrees to Suspend Uranium Enrichment

Teen Accused of Trying to Aid Militants

Falluja residents desperate for food, water, aid

Abu Mazen Survives An Assassination Attempt

DoD Identifies Marine Casualties # 1175 & # 1176

Bradley crew's shift: 19 hours in Fallujah shooting gallery

Iran Agrees to Full Nuclear Enrichment Freeze

Protesters march in central town against Fallujah offensive (Baquba)

NYT: To Avoid Divorce, Move To Massachusetts

Woman's Body Found on Fallujah Street

U.S. helicopters, tanks hit Iraq city of Baiji

US troops tackle die-hard Fallujah rebels, threat of Mosul assault looms

SENATE MINORITY LEADER: Reid set to assume leadership post

Insurgents Fire on Poland Embassy in Iraq

LAT: Losing Its Middlemen, Senate Shifts to Right

Lawmakers point fingers on intelligence mess

Assault on Fallujah 'Ahead of Schedule'

GI Death Toll In Fallouja Battle Reaches 31

Retired general speaks out for weapons control (fears Iraq like Vietnam)

Iran Agrees to Full Nuke Enrichment Freeze-Diplomats

Iraqi Shia leaders condemn Falluja attack

'Still days to go' in Fallujah blitz

Attacks Spread Through Iraq's Sunni Areas

11/14/04 DoD Identifies Marine Casualty (#1183)

General Praises Speed of Fallujah Success

Drilling lease sale stirs roadless-area rage (Denver Post)

School Talent Show Draws Secret Service

LAT: These Unseen Wounds Cut Deep

50 US Soldiers Killed in Last Five Days

Hi, LBN posters! Please include some text when posting news links...

No 10 (Downing St, London Gov) refuses to confirm Bush visit in February

Researcher Alleges Harvard Was Warm to Nazis at University Events in 1930's

Woman Fined for Bungling Mexican Anthem

WP-Trouble Spots Dot Iraqi Landscape

After Election, France Rings Late, but No Hard Feelings

Despite Warnings, MerckTook Long Path to Vioxx Recall (CEO huge GOP donor)

Boston Globe: Rebuilding Fallujah will test US next

(James) Dobson shifts power to focus on the politics ("Thank you, Lord!")

WP: The Economy In Real Life: Ground Level Views of What Needs Fixing

US forces hunt Fallujah rebels, block aid

Anti-Obesity Pill Might Fight Drug (and Alcohol) Abuse

Fallujah Battle Deepens Divide in Iraq

If drink or disease destroy your liver, just grow a new one

WP: Coming Out for One of Their Own (gay Oklahoma teen and his hometown)

Military hospital's workload doubles

Iraq vote could be delayed

Senators Want Whistle-Blower Law Enforced

Goss Reportedly Rebuffed Senior Officials at CIA

As Hummer photo op showed, governor can be all about appearances

WP: The Skeptic (Chuck Hagel may run in 2008)


LAT: China Barrels Ahead in Oil Market (deals, alliances "rile" U.S.)

U.S. has no clear plan to aid Fallujah civilians

U.S. Says Aid Convoy Can't Go Into Falluja Today

Florida Panel Approves Election Results

NYT: Southern Democrats' Decline Is Eroding the Political Center

Zogby: American voters say urgent moral issues are peace,poverty and greed

Rights group blasts 'racist' US media

Frist: Specter Must Prove Himself for Post

AP: Does Backlash Loom Against Opinion News?

Civilian cost of battle for Falluja emerges

NYT: Montana Democrats Reflect on Success (how Red State Dems did it)

Tiny Antennas to Keep Tabs on U.S. Drugs

Canada beckons left-leaning Yanks

Iraq: Fears of serious war crimes in Falluja

AP Photographer Flees Fallujah

Eyewitness: Ghost city calls for help

No need for aid, say marines

Dollar's Decline Is Reverberating

Teamsters Find Pensions at Risk

Psychological trauma seen in US soldiers returning from Iraq: report

Powell says US has no plans to invade Iran

Penn Hills studying Santorum residency issue (New Report)

Ohio voters tell of Election Day troubles at hearing

I don't take astrology seriously at all...

How good are Averatec laptops?

Steeeeeeeeeelers beat Browns, 24-10 to improve to 8-1

Can't we all just get along?

I haven't adjusted to all the new forums yet

Ahh-NFL Football- The REAL Opiate of the masses

Proposition: Groupe Francophone de DU

Isn't this just Sooo weird?

oh baby, baby it's a wild world

I get tired around the same time every night.

Any Electricians?

Post election syndrome

OMG, start rolling joints & wearing psychedelic bell bottoms

"If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter" Proust

We are the people our parents warned us about.

you think chappelle will release a cd with the musical guest performances?

I have to go take a leak, and none of you are going to stop me!

Danny and Gillian on Viagra

best way to brush up on a foreign language?

Is it just me, or did Maya Rudolph get implants?

Wold's best is so Gross .. eww

I know this is the lounge but you have to read this, it will buck you up!

I think that I could be silly

I've had a random night tonight...

Jesus, I had to get away from the GD forum.........

HEYHEy thinks he feels old

If it burns when you urinate, is that a bad sign?

I had a great time at my party!

Here is what athlete's foot fungus looks like

George W. Bush is a douchebag

i just thought i`d say this for the hell of it

ok so who exactly is the youngest DUer now

So I yelled something to the young couple in their *-stickered car...

Anybody every see a movie projected DIGITALLY?

George Bush is a douchebag

You know you live in the "boondocks" when


At what point do you have to wear gloves?

I'm so sad

ALRIGHTY 500th post

Everyone , there's a new kid on the block !

Can I have MORE than ONE web browser?


I'm thinking about changing my sig line. Please Help!

Just found this... Not sure if it is a Dupe or not....

I'm bored. Anyone know any cool websites?

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

I'm close to 8,000 posts now.

anyone interested in a Lacy Peterson forum?????

WHY aren't you asleep poll # 666

it is too serious and intelegent in here at 2.03 p.s.t

So if YOU got robbed at your workplace then your check got docked...

I miss the "old DU names"..can't "insta-recognize" anymore.

If pirates ran the world ...

Robo Dump 1.0

"There's no indigenous life forms on LTV 426. It's a rock."

Mac OS X users: Is Firefox better than Safari?

Dick Cheney did NOT die, people...

A great film clip for your enjoyment; still fun to watch even if our guy

How many cups of coffee do you drink each day?

I'm thinking of playing poker in a casino.

Can St. Bernards and Chihuahuas be even considered of the same species?

Winning the red states. New memo:

How to smash a home computer

need some help with a "chewing" dog

Ahh! Help me, I'm so stupid!

Met an older Jewish woman who voted for Bush because

Funerals and weddings.

I just finished spitting on my wood - ask me anything

I just read that we were mentioned on The Daily Show

Warning, if you remember Band Aid/Live Aid you'll feel old

Home Improvement Reality TV???

Ehm, someone that I recently 'met' claims to have been a member

Songs you'd hear at a republican karioke party...

"all they offered me were ax-murderers and lesbians" - jane wyman

I'm thinking about changing my underwear. Please Help!

I just finished splitting wood -- ask me anything

Keep your Jesus off my penis...I'll keep my penis off of you...(video)

I'm in San Francisco. Everytime I come here, I want to move.

OBITUARY: Bastard, Old Dirty

Can I get a link to the gallery? I sent in a photo. Is it there yet?

Favorite ODB nickname

Students flock to miracle calf

DU Lounge Theme Song:

For inspiration and hope for the future - read this DU thread

Skinner's got a fugly dog.

" You talkin to me Mr. Limpett,you talkin to me ? "

Questions about leaving cats home alone...

I recently registered at a conservative site

I'm listening to music to frighten fundies! Don't ask me anything.

If you're going to buy gifts this season, consider

New DU Group requested: The Cult of Skinner.

Questions for a school project I am doing (Genetics and Ethics)

My 6 Year Old Nephew is in TROUBLE

I'm listening to Springsteen right now...

Find the punctuation error in this CNN headline...

In honor and remembrance of Election 2004, I am renaming gov't orgs:

teach1st's bachelor tip of the day

Ol' Dirty Bastard, R.I.P.

Abort Bush!

I led carolers in song and was kind to children

I am accessing DU via emegency back-up power!!

Just a wish

Does anybody know why I make such silly comments?

I hereby proclaim my allegiance

Do you wanna know what is REALLY annoying?

Stupid Celeb Gossip Post: Cameron Diaz

I missed today's Mclaughlin Group

Howdy Doody, Man or Myth?

Can I just gush for a minute over the Episode III trailer?

Risking starting a flame war, I have something to say about Southerners.

I hate all DUers without a STAR next to their name

I found out I am NO fun a parties when sober

Just back from Diana Ross

Dookus' frugal tip of the day

Here's an example of why I love DU

Poll: Bad Avatar Ideas...

just posted at sorryeveryone

You know northeasterners you guys arent the only cold ones here

Gay Wolves will eat your babies.

HEY. anyone heard from playahata1?

Any eBay experts out there?

Should we start a "Bush Loyalty" group?

Do you turn your computer on and off regularly?

My favorite thing to do on the weekend. What's yours?

I will eat your babies.

Resource needed: How can I find out how much hair >

Country star Tim McGraw is a democrat

We saw SAW yesterday.

I am about to collapse on my face, ask nonameneeded anything

Pink Floyd "The Wall": The Greatest Rock Album Ever?

Serious question for red/blue/whatever state DUers

Any Farscape fans in here?

Brooks and Dunn will eat your babies

Sugar-free Jelly Bellies!! they are awesome.

BEHOLD: Sexy Dancing Female-Bodied Asian Boy

Found my husband!!

4:00 p.m. and I'm just starting my day.

Finally I get my 1,000 posts vanity thread

How do you get flames on your post icon?

I'm scared!

I saw WILCO last night...Woo-hoo!

Why don't we have the exact post numbers instead of "1000+"?

Tom Hanks to star in Da Bears movie!

iPod Users!!!! How do you burn CDs with songs stored on the iPod?

Is anyone else having a string of bad luck since the election?


I'm bored. Ask Kleeb anything.

Steelers - Browns Thread

I am now Ellen Forradalom


I love you, DU! Don't know what I would do without ya!

Something for all you FRIGID Nor'Easterners....

Dubya is the Kwisatz Haderach!!

Why Did You Choose Your Avatar?

Ok. Headed Out To The Patriots Game

I just listened to Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen.

If You Happen To Be Religious...Why?

Is there anything better than...

WB airing 'Born on the 4th of July' right now. Better to have

Red Vs. Blue

The I am not "shraby" thread

the KC chiefs are a bunch of repuke bastards who deserve to lose every gam

Who the hell is going to feed me on Thanksgiving??????

Any yuppies around?

Any chippies around?

I might suggest a procastinator's group


Update on the rat in my garage

Another Beautiful Day Without Snow

It's that magical time!!

Anyone interested in a Military Families support group?

Question about buying a new computer.

Advice needed: how upfront to be in onine personals

I propose a HUMOR AND SATIRE Group!

Moonbeam's Frugal Tips of the Day!!!!!

Can anybody tell me where I can find weather info. for the past week?

It would appear I have "joined" the 700 club -

people who suck

proof TV shows on DVD are getting a little out of control

Most controversial/bad Sports call (or uncall) by ref, ump, etc.

406 days until Christmas 2005!

I hate all DUers with 1000+ posts

MVP's awarded this week. Who in AL? NL?

Jezusland must have a capital. Where should it be?

Any Survivor Fans Here?

The Detroit Lions Fan Support Thread

What is your favorite type of snow?

people who rock

I'm going out for Thai food---

Hypothetical here

name change

igpay atinlay (Pig Latin) forum for DU.. who wants in?

I propose a Copycatters group

famous movie quotes modified for DU....

You're so vain. You probably think this thread is about you.

FYI - I Changed My Name

Donate to DU.....

Why do republicans/conservatives always assume we are all France lovers

The Greens are still short for their recount . Can you help out tonight?

Bumpersticker sighting today: You CAN'T be Christian AND pro-choice!

Are there ANY decent free web space providers left out there?

We can't all just get along!

Any Grovelbot sightings?


Anyone watching the MLS cup on ABC?


let us discuss INDIAN CINIMAH

Duckie, I was the one who told the police that you stole the car

Thanks to all who donated in my name the last 2 fund drives.

Do NOT buy the Shrek 2 DVD!

Vote for Jon Stewart

Last Letter Home

Just donated! Probably first one to do so!

For any Computer nerds


Wow. Grovelbot looks like he's had some work done...

My babies changed colors today

Remind me to never, ever argue with Wayne

Risking Starting A Flame War, I Got Something To Say About Northeasterners

Willing to swap an Audigy for another decent sound card.

Really living in a senior moment

A weird thing happened on the way home, and I didn't find out I got here.

Ain't We Got Fun? The new national anthem of the

Brooks and Dunn

1,000 POSTS -- Ask me anything!

Wish I could take and post a picture

If I see another Cortislim commercial, I am going to BLOW MY BRAINS OUT.

The Bengals are beating the Redskins 17 - 0!!

The upside to having kids when you're really old?

I found the WMD's! They were on my kitchen counter!

What will become of the lounge?

I'm bigoted against people who are bigoted against meatloaf.

Does GrovleBot need a...b/f or g/f?

How Would You Like To See A SKEPTICS And Rational Thinkers Forum???

Why you should go braless when you're old..

if you dont like bigmeats, you are a loaf!

Why you should go underwear-less when you're young...

If you don't like bigots, you're a meatloaf.

youre bigoted against bigots if you dont like meatloaf

Whoever gave me a star, thanks.

Anyone else watching "American Dreams" ?

My day was good

Stars needed for non-rich DU'ers

If you don't like bigots, you're a bigot.

Anyone here know anything about writing grants?

What's for supper?

-- --- .-. ... . / -.-. --- -.. . / ..-. --- .-. ..- -- !

As god as my waitress, I thought turnkeys could fry

Anyone else see Anna Nicole Smith on the AMAs?


Firefox gurus HELP!

Do you worship any other god before Grovelbot?

Ever listened to Bach's "Actus Tragicus?" It is too beautiful for words.

Color icons indicate new message

I found the perfect xmas cards!

Simpsons! No spoilers!

Free Preview of New Microsoft Office 2005

How can I tell if a letter is authentic

Say it with me!

I wanted to start a 'write an ode to something' thread

If you're an offbeat Jackie Gleason role, you're a Gigot!

sitting here listening to Josh Groban. love Italian/French love

Update on the Kerry voter who lost her job Friday and a remarkable DUer:

Anyone getting ready to make some Lutfisk in the next couple of months?

What song are you currently listening to?

Musician's Group Mission Statement- YEA OR NAY

AWWWWW.. GOPisEvil is going home now

Wake me up in early November 2008 ok?

Just love those Swiffers

100 Nuns

How does this stupid thing work?

Mmm.... A plain doughnut microwaved for 15 seconds.

Tom Hanks to star in "Da Vinci Code" movie!

I haven't watched the news since 11/2- How about you?

Can I sue a homeowner's Association for emotional distress?

Second child shocked by Taser stun gun within weeks


"wise fools"

Mmm.... A plain doughnut microwaved for 15 minutes

What is best way to capture streaming audio?

Who has Thanksgiving plans they care to share?

Proposal for a Spanish DU Group

so now that du has/is being investigated by homeland security...

The Band members of Flock of Seagulls are bald now...

The first two DUers to quote me some Dio lyrics get SARS!

Someone gave me a STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ass gods, ask my witness. I thought Torquay was fly.

Look a Bush you never hear about!


hackers are busy tonight


Any hippies around?

500th Post

The Song "It Was a Very Good Year." Sinatra or Ray and Willie? Which

Why are Liberals such elitists?

In this thread, we shall mock and insult the "grouper sex" constituency.

Anyone else watching Huff?

New music - Far Horizons

So ESPN College Football GameDay is coming to Salt Lake City next week!


Grovelbots Sexuality...


Ernesto's family gives him a break! (pathetic ol' fart alert)

I thought someone was going to start a musician group?

In this thread, we shall mock and insult the "group sex" constituency.

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag, and Smile, Smile, Smile...and

Sucks to my Assmar.

It's Still Cold!

Anybody Else (Besides Me) Detest Matt PUDGE?

good educational toys for a 2-3 year old?

Bob the ball

Did anyone watch the end of TLC's Haunting in Connecticutt

Do you have a "real-life" ghost story to tell?

Sunday night cute pictures

a question on feeding stray cats

GOPisEvil has made it back to Austin

black dracula is now a congressman from virginia

WARNING Before you eat fast food again watch this

Here's a picture you guys might like

I don't know how to swim or ride a bike, Ask Me Anything!

I'm now OFFICIALLY a star-bellied sneetch!

Slackers are busy tonight

How old were you when you stopped believing in the Senate?

Anybody else love Vermont Country Store?

Have you been a "Nielsen family" in the last two years?

If I see his face anymore

I scored a 67 on the Canadian immigration test and a 67 is passing

In Vino Veritas - so ask me anything!

A Cat Question -

Oh man, don't mess with the Spanish police!

Cool Clock (An oldie but a Goodie)

The first two DUers to quote me some Meat Loaf lyrics get stars!

New Sealab 2021 about to start!

Pizza, fruit loops, and coffee

An yone watching the AMAs?

I love NY (at least, Manhattan, so far)

So Toronto DUers - you shall meet your fate against BC in the grey cup!

DU has been reported to Homeland Security. Is the agent investigating YOU


I was on swim team, ask me anything that has to with my irrational fear


Sunday Night Zomby Lovin'

Dog Toy or Marital Aid

Should I Date This 24 Year Old Guy?

If you are the stalker, is the person you are stalking the "stalkee?"

Darmok and Gilad at Tenagra.

Is this the place for introductions?

I went to my first spinning class today!

visit my friend's blog!

Will the housing market go bust?

How did you find the lounge?

If your hard disk failed the next time you boot your computer..

Who is your favorite Stewart?

How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa?

Coke or Pepsi?

I realized that I think like a child and I need to apologize

I need help on how to split a file into either 2 rar files or 2 zip files


How many 2004 released albums have you bought up to now?


I just saw "Last Letters Home." Don't ask me anything.

Answer and Get a Star

problem employee question

Who's your favorite sports team ?

"As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly..."

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Anyone ever had an 8th cervical nerve entrapment?

The word "bra"...

If you don't like meatloaf, you are a bigot

Photoshop/OSX Mac question


They don't call him "Dick" for nothing:

O LORD.....The Bush Psalms........

OK, only 3 % of men who deny they molested their kids are truthful

When will I hit 10,000 posts?

Okay, who needs a star?

Anyone ever make their own liqueurs?

Is it weird to tour cemeteries?

More baby pictures!

What are your hobbies/interests?

Anybody else hate Henry VIII?

How old is too old to sit on Santa's lap?

What is your opinion on Private vs Public Insurance

Report on the Jethro Tull concert

I hate all DUers with less than 1000 posts

How do you know if someone has you on ignore?

Can you wiggle your ears?

What do you do for Thanksgiving?

I Went to "Bellydance Superstars"

Harry Lampert -- creator of DC’s Flash in 1940 has died

All time favorite TV show "Get a Life"

Don't forget -- NEW SEALAB tonight! (11/14)

"Tom Goes to the Mayor" (Mr.Show alert)

Polar Express: Pure magic

Just to make you sick of 100 best lists...100 best Scottish records.

Lost - TV Show

every year during the holidays,

Closing Statement at Plymouth UCC

Unitarians, Religious Scientists and the Like check in!

For those who believe in souls...

Zogby Shows Voters MOST concerned about War, Poverty, Greed, NOT What

Catholics Check In -- Orthodox Also Welcome

Religious humor thread!

what can be done to make the religious left more politically powerful?

The Insiders (AARP article exposing drug company sins)

Who has stayed in a job just for health coverage?

BBC's Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets

You have to see this picture of Bush

Straight and I have a question.

Forbes: NHL exaggerated financial losses. Well, duh.

NASCAR Darlington Thread

The Baltimore Ravens Had The Most Interesting Formation I've Ever Seen

I just watched an AWESOME basketball game.

Players ejected from Steelers/Browns game

I would really like to see some west coast football games (NCAA or NFL)

Auburn or Oklahoma?

Anyone here like Liverpool or the English national team?

Paying college athletes

Surviving the Holidays with your Dog - Manners aren't just for kids...

Any good cures for a dog that "marks?"

Our new puppies - First week home

need some help with a "chewing" Dog

Any exotic pet owners here?

Thanksgiving with a Parrot

Anyone else dealing with an elderly pet?

U.S. Researcher Says Finds Atlantis Off Cyprus

Reposting Garrison's birth chart.

Astrologers or those interested, in the DC Metropolitan area

Metaphysical Studies

Election PT 2- a different perspective

here is a link to get newbies started in spiritualism

What is Paganism or Neo-Paganism?

Question from a Seeker.

"Didn't Anyone Ever Teach A Republican How To Balance A Checkbook?"

Politics and Political Operatives

Can you please help us expand our mailing list?

BBV - Diebold Source Code!

BBV - Diebold Source Code!

Can someone take a look and screen capture?

OBN: Was the Fix In?

Serious Strategic Question: Should we gloat in certain situations?


Do you fit the definition of "progressive"..?

I've found my new post election bumper sticker

Ross Perot and the balanced National budget

A great film, still fun to watch even if our guy did lose: Enjoy.

arm the truth!

Democrats.....stop following the crowd.

Another interesting page from it out

Sorry To Be So Stupid - But When It Is Said The Press Is On A Lockdown ...

Blessed are the self-righteous. For they have inherited the Republican

Proposal for New DU Group: John Edwards Supporters

Is Bush's purging of the CIA going to help him get into Syria and Iran

The Democratic State of Montana

The Computer Code for Stealing an Election - Revealed

Return of the Flip-Flop!!

*'s mandate?

Clark supporters! Last chance to see Florida convention pics & more

Bush's Hard Line Loses Cuban Moderates

Extreme Puke Alert: 'Declaration of Expulsion: A Modest Proposal'


"The purpose of a political to win elections."

Bush sees Patriot Act renewal as key goal

Coverage of Ohio election-related meeting

Time for some soul searching.

Fifty soldiers dead in five days?

The word is getting out now... Two old ladies at Macys...

How would you design the democratic primary system for 08'

SO....Close! Been looking for weeks now- need help!

HOWARD DEAN for 2005 JFK Profiles in Courage Award

Focusing On 2008 Is the Only Thing That Keeps Me Sane


David Van Os on the election & future of Democratic party.

Please contact the DNC and ask them to make Howard Dean Chairman!

June is 43rd Anniversay of Port Huron Statement: DU Nat'l. Conference?

Fun! Definitely worth watching. And STILL our guy lost!

Advisers urge Kerry to help set Dems' path

Just remember Saddam was bad and the people swimming for safety . . .

Senate 2006 - Prospects?

Dr. Frist-Mengele Orders Specter To Get in Lock Step...Or Else...

Fighting the "elitist" label for Democrats - it's called "Illinois."

TV sex is new battleground of divided US

More interesting information on the DNC chair...

Kerry Returns to Capitol to Meet Leaders

Focus Group post mortem on election C-SPAN now!

Downstate Illinois just as crooked as Chicago

Cheney is not going to last four years, who's going to replace him?

Question For red Staters:Help From Blue Staters

Add your "Statement of Principle" for the Democratic Party....

Great story on 2004 campaign behind-the-scenes

So, America wasn't ready for a Jewish VP or Part Jewish President

Red States Shouldn't Be Dictating "Family Values" To Anybody

"Don't Think of What's the Matter with Elephants in Kansas!"

I'm tired of People I work with/for keep talking about Roe/Wade.

CIA Liberal Purge: Prelude to 'Night of the Long Knives'?

Forgive my language

Who should DU support for Pres., in 08?


To Fraud doubters - Do you honestly believe they wouldn't cheat?

Vote Hearing tomorrow (Mon) in Columbus, OH on irregularaties:

Good Olbermann article on voting reform.

So, what then?

Wouldn't the death penalty be appropriate if we were to find

Is Al Qaeda being studied as a business model in Economics? Que le

The Chimp orders KGB style purge of the CIA

I can tell you who we should blame for us losing the election

Impeaching Bush: How to jumpstart the Movement

"Anonymous" author(?) on 60 minutes now in central time

Polling the Peckerwoods

A suggestion for dealing with sold out media people

What's with the donation board? Has no one contributed to this

I want new Democratic leadership

An actual case of bush voter acquaintance called me tonight

7 questions about elections in your area

I love our admins and I give to DU. But I hate the smirking chimp on ...

Bush/GOP: Declare Earth is Flat.

Wish someone could explain how this has made America "safer"

I believe now is the time to start challenging the draft.

Lost another one to BushCo -- a "soured friendship" story

New voter map :)

Who do you see as the de facto leader of the Democratic Party?


Group proposal - Disabled Activists

We are systematically wiping out the city of Fallujah


The Greens are still short for their recount .

Damn ! Four more years of the smirking Chimp !

The REALLY scary thing to think about is................

From Keith Olbermann's Blog

Damn, that Josh can nail it.

I told you so..It's Arnold, Arnold , Arnold....

Ohio Provisional Vote Count Begins

When Democrats introduce Jesus Christ as their next candidate

I donated $50.

What are the lessons learned ?

Want to change people's opinions of the war in Iraq? Change the framing.

So what ever happened withthe recount?

here's a thought -- let's promote the arnold amendment

Should I continue to argue and go away feeling sad or

Could we win on the SINGLE issue of preserving a women's right to choose?

did anyone here read Rolling Stones Kerry interview from it's 10/11 issue?

a question about southern red red red states

WaPo: Speculation On Warner In '08 (Reporter cites DU as source)

This has been a tough day for everyone.....

Our challenge in Florida: State Democrats glum and glummer

What best describes your feeling on 3 November?

Do right-wing Republicans believe in democracy?

Potential 2006 candidates for (Florida) governor at a glance

I would like to thank....

The Biggest Single Reason Why BBV Works....

Support the Arnold Amendment! Yes it helps our party...

Need Your Help in Starting ONLINE Liberal Radio

Do you think DUers serve as a representative sample of Democrats

Religious Right Puts Republicans In A Tight Spot!!!!

Sound familiar?? "Beware the leader..."

I hope Obama is a suspicious of this as I am...

Does the Democratic Party need to change or not ?

How long before I can care again?

A true patriot who loved his country would not have run for president.....

Just watched NOW with Bill Moyers - incredible show -

2008: A Liberal Candidate?

So I'm driving on I-95 today when I see a car with a bumper sticker that

I just hate the thought of Roe v Wade being overturned

What do WE know about Cheney's "Energy Task Force" meetings?

Republicans now denying Moral Values theme: Old Bait and Switch

what will it take for us to get to be more assertive?

Boys Town....Republicans.....Bad things....Omaha???

Two Videos created by myself and a friend. Very powerful.***NWS***

Christian Nation??????!!!!!!!!

GOP headed for civil war

Kerry has $45million in recount money?!?!

A site on how to spend your money in a socially responsible manner?

The Alberto Gonzales Petition Email Glitch Is Fixed.

The Petition Of Alberto Gonzales

My updated list of progressive groups you can work with. Add to it.

what would you ask W if you could get him under oath?

Lieberman says they have formed a "moderate Senator" coalition....

The Arnold thing is going to be used to make immigrants hate Democrats

My take on McCain.....he folded under physical pressure in Viet Nam....

Heard an interesting take on the abortion issue

How To Defeat The "Arnold" Constitutional Amendment

My Platonic Candidate for President

FRAME THE DEBATE Group proposal

Our next round of candidates needs to be uniquely pro military

Why did we pick Kerry

Are you happy with the DNC leadership?

Dean at Dartmouth: "Where are the works of the Republicans"......

I feel so disheartened I want to leave the US

I'll Introduce myself

Must Read from the Zogby site: " I Smell a Rat"

Does anyone really think the election is going to be reversed for Kerry ?

Secession movement