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Archives: November 13, 2004

New rebel tactics emerge in Fallujah

On 'Moral Values,' It's Blue in a Landslide

Kerry Wins!! (Bob The Angry Flower)

Is gun control really dead?

Die, then vote. This is Falluja (Naomi Klein)

Election System Still Fundamently Flawed

Big Media, Some Nerve

Secrecy Cloaked During Election Campaign

Iraq: The Unthinkable Becomes Normal

Carl Hiaasen: Thanks a lot, Ohio, we sure needed that

let the war between the cia and the WH continue!!

One sniper holds back 150 Marines

Die, then vote. This is Falluja : Naomi Klein

The Count cartoon

PB Post: Conspiracy delusions hold Democrats back

Fatalities in Iraq


Boots on the Ground

The EPA --led by Bush Appointees--Will use Poor Kids as Guinea Pigs

Congratulatory letter to * from Bob Jones

Iraq's Allawi Is a 'Straw Man' and a 'Criminal,' Says Sy Hersh at NYU

Will Hutton (London Observer): When America sneezes ...

Greg Mitchell: No Embeds at Landstul

The C.I.A. Versus Bush (Brooks/NYT)

McGovern, again ahead of his time.

Out on the Street, Losing Iraq -The New Yorker

War Crimes in Fallujah: Alexander Cockburn

Strength in numbers: Bush's victory isn't close to a mandate

Iraqi Farmers Aren't Celebrating World Food Day (Pay Monsanto, or starve)

Dowd: Slapping the Other Cheek (MoDo on the RW Fundies)

Little-Known Historical Origins of U.S. Church/State Separation

Call Congress to stop increase in H-1B and H-2B caps

Clark party Saturday night 11/13 in NYC!

Don't let Bush reverse protection of dolphin-safe tuna packaging, E-mail!


Question: So I have a Dem-leaning VISA card, but bank is Zions, which

Save Matthew's Legacy: Protest ABC's 20/20 (11/26/04)

Propaganda technique comment/question

CocaCola overseas growth down. No connection to Bush

Canadian Dollar Holds Above 83 U.S. Cents for a Second Week

Poll question: If we had real social security and socialized medicine

Anybody else pro-nuclear energy?

Ozark Hellbender in serious trouble


Heya hatrack.. look what I found.. the perfect sig pic for you

Anyone support an alternative transportation discussion group?

Best environmental groups?

Do Republicans care about the environment?

Venezuela agrees to supply oil, products to Costa Rica, Dominican Republic

Paladin Buys Timor Sea Oil Field Stakes From BHP for $150 Mln

Words From Iraq - blog collection.

F*ck Hemingway, Where's the RDX?

Turkey signs first agreement with North Korea

Things that make you go hummm ....

Outsourcing Means NO HIPAA?

I was a real asshole in that other thread.

WP: (VA) Gun Group Puts Policy Goals in Public View

My thoughts on guns

Deer hunt update.

Metaphysics/Philosophy group.

When are we going to see some new hate mail?

when to update Campaign Underground

Polite reminder to newbies to post some text from articles?

How do you remove a forum from "My Forums"?

where did the economic forum go?

I love Esther! Can we have her back once in a while?

Suggestion for movie to add to the main page

Slap me if you want to -- Name Change

MySQL error on Campaign Underground page

I love the new layout!

I know you guys are super busy

I think the job threads should be watched carefully in that they have the

Campaign Underground: can we include state legislatures in the update?

Skinner, The Southern Pride Group Is Already Instigating a Gourmandine War

Can we have a forum or group for discussing the FUTURE of the Democratic

I just want to say...

We need a tool to choose what shows on the "NEW" list

I had a post delete that I object to

request for forum called - Meeting room

You guys have really sparked up the forums

Idea. If body of a post is textless, any way a symbol or n/t can somehow

can we get a lockdown? n/t

What happens to the Mission Statements?

is registration back open yet?

The Personal Forums are the worst thing that could have happened

I think the new forums will add great value and have a question.

Request for "Stodgy Old Professors Group"

Question about stars/donations

Star Trek Forum

New DU Group Request for Approval

Request for Rural Issues Group

Palestine Greater Than Arafat

Follow the money

Forever Israel's optimist, Peres clings to his hopes for peace

Bin Laden's inspiration

Behind the Camp David Myth

Help Durbin become min leader by calling Senators on Mon

question about the exit polls

Website serving newspaper industry...

Charlie Rose to discuss the electoral fraud issue tonight

At first I thought little of it....

Summary of the Voter Fraud Theory

Urgent Request from - Florida Voters and Lawyers

NEWS: Amid Charges of Vote Suppression, Activists Look for Larger Fraud

What's the best site for updated election results?

NEWS: Park City resident's analysis of Florida vote fuels controversy

Need district results in Minnesota


What’s the Matter with the Incumbent Rule? By John Zogby

Good NY Times LTTE

NEWS: Hill seeks 9th District recount - The Courier-Journal

My letter to Tom Zeller at NYT, he had an article today in tech.

Major bugs found in Diebold vote systems

NEWS: Letters to the Editor:

The Quaint Mr. Gonzales


NEWS: For some, Ohio still is not decided (DU Mentioned!)

Counting of the ballots begins today...

Avi Rubin is on C-Span NOW at 9:04 AM!

Is there a way to post an excell spreadsheet? nt

Don't shoot me I am only the messenger ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION

a blog about 2004 election discrepancies, "Something's Rotten

123 allegations of voter fraud from around the nation:

internet hysteria

Maureen Dowd on c-span 2 now (book tv)--Now

In 2004, The Country Didn't Turn Right -- But The GOP Did

The decision could come as soon as Monday.

change the term that is used in the news reports

My Open Questions to Journalists - Where Are You?

Anyone have evidence to refute this article from St. Petersburg Times?

The next movement: BAN MACHINE VOTING!!

I want to buy punchcard ballots, where do I go?

Yahoo/AP picks up computer "glitch" story in Indiana (Accuvote system)

NO change in evangelical electorate in this election

Please tell me if anyone ever explained this very troubling

The Dems take on King County

Zogby post election BUSHIT survey

Please don't remind how dumb I am, I'd just like to know if

Nader Recount: How will they recount Diebold's e-voting system?

If this fraud story dies, it's Kerry's fault

Debunking the Debunkers: Palast says Kerry won Ohio!!!

Everyone think about it....

Help: statisticians needed right away to help debunk debunkers


New form to spam your friends, w/ compiled links to info

swift B liars get press, bloggers against D. Rather get press

Status of provisional/absentee vote counts in Ohio

***News From Bev Harris - New BBV Thread*** (also see her site!)

Help! Just saw a thread with/link to downoadable "Count the Vote" Flyers

I'm so proud

The HELL with a recount what we need

Voter Fraud Charges Out West

Welcome to the Arrogant States of America

Vote Fraud Theories, Spread by Blogs, Are Quickly Buried

NEWS: 11/13 Why signing the Petition to Congress to investigate...

Today's Cincinnati Enquirer: ''For Some, Ohio Still is Not Decided"

Democrats Prevail in Washington Ballot Lawsuit

Nothing else matters

anyone looked at Palm Beach County?

It's more the American People & the media's fault that this might "die"

Sorry, but weren't the votes supposed to be counted today in Ohio?

Voter Fraud Charges Out Wes

Can Somebody Please Post a Funding Update?

AARP Voter Guides - check your state

Does anyone have a link to the chart comparing IQ to blue/red states?

If We Can't Raise 110 G's for A REcount We Should Fold Our Tent ...

Was my vote counted? (New BigPath Ads)

INDEPENDENT mathematicians,statisticians et al: Critique the probabilities

Live poll on fairness of election on

Recounting Electronic Voting Machines

Has everyone seen the letter on about voting problems

An error in Kerry's favor....

Open the curtain and see what Bush won. Fabulous prizes, more!

More Great News From Bev Harris!!!

VotersUnite! compiling voting problems

Move on or Forget It???? Not Me!

Presidential race still not decided in NM

Offer of Reward for Evidence of Tampering)

November 3rd Theses

Hardee county, FL shows 118% turn out



NEWS (blurb): Florida county wants investigation into possible voter fraud

Press "lockdown", How The Washington Post censors the news.

I have a question

How will a recount help us? Aid my understanding.

I heard on the radio last night that NY was 46th in voter turn-out.

Lousy exit polls? Jeez, they look pretty good to me...

Research Paper puts odds at 1 in 250 Million that Exit Polls were wrong

Please look at this spreadsheet and tell whether I'm paranoid.

Finally, the Olberman Transcript from Friday night...No talk about

Greetings! From the last bastion of truth, the "blogosphere"

FullCountNoRecount raises a good question guys. Here is his thread

Zogby: Urgent moral issues peace, poverty & greed (Dean is right again!)

In California We Passed Ballot 59 and the Governator Responded.

E-mail I'm sending to politiians and media

Are there any states someone would

Red/Blue by State Election Results Map:

Oh, my goodness

People being shot in cold blood...

Fight media lockdown. Download fraud flyers (link) stick in Sun. papers...

Franklin County Ohio results analysis

even if we can prove fraud, won't shrub still win?

Hey Ohio DUers -- where are our angry mobs?

NYT Editorial 11/14: "About Those Election Results"

ooooo, sneaky senario.... No one gets Ohio....


MSNBC's Countdown with Oberman - ordered to take vacation!?!

Is anyone watching donna brazille on cspn-2?


Nader at the beginning of this election said be patient you will see

Ohio recount funds moving up

CIA tampering/fixing elections

URGENT from BBV - need DU help in debunking NYT article

Easy Code for Fraud (Why We Need Nationwide MANUAL Recounts)

Absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence

The people who say move on or Forget it

FLASH!! BBV plans to audit Florida, Nevada, New Mexico

Ohio Recount Green party fund - less than $40,000 to go.

How many hours/wk did you volunteer for Kerry/Edwards during October?

Machine Recount Shrinks Republican's lead from 1,674 to 9 Votes!

New Letter From Kerry. What do you think?

Could this be what happened with the 3893? Feedback Pls

The 3893 extra Bush votes in one Ohio Precinct--by WhiteKnight1

How did I lose 26983 votes in NM?


Call Feinstein and Boxer on Monday & tell them back Durbin for min leadr

BBV update-Minnesota District 6 - no specifics but Bev Harris

That was *great*. As usual.

Need help transferring data

Networking question...

FTP Server suggestions?

Hello people who I will bug constantly!

How do you dispose of old computers? I have several in the basement.

Is there a link from the SOS office that gives the latest on the count? n/

DU made the Front Page of the Cincinnati Enquirer!

Rendell to pick Allentown for baseball, sources say


Anyone up for breakfast/brunch in Austin this Sunday?

The largest sell off of Old Forest timber in history

My civil rights case is gaining momentum now.

Want repukes to start passing gun control legislation? Easy

How about a forum on the Occult-- ghost stories, UFOs, conspiracies

Merry XMAS from Uncle Sam

A Big Thank you to the administrators

There will NOT be a draft.

Has Anybody Heard Of This "PermaCulture" Bank??

Lousy exit polls? Jeez, they look pretty good to me....

Falluja resident tells of trauma

Urgent Request from - Florida Voters and Lawyers

What's The Name Of The Great Underpants Outside Trousers Song

Answers to questions about my BBV post.

How about an Atheist/Agnostic/Free-Thinker Group on DU?

Link For The Great Pacifica Interview With Cobb RE: FraWd

Listening to Christmas music

Help me find post! DEMS beat GOP in total US Senate pop vote!

Why do you oppose the war?

Late at night and I’m into irony….

Do you support common (socialist) defense of our country?


Is 33-36 thousand enough to live on? Need some answers.

My number ONE mission (after Kerry is prez) is to rid the world of RUSH

Republican leaders get new name, "aristocrats" DU mantra!

Ha! that's a good one! We're "dancing on the graves of dead soldiers"?

So the battle over Fallujah is going well according to Bush.....

I'm New Here, And People Here Seem To Hate Opposing Views

It's bad. It's very bad.

Jerry Falwell's 'Moral Majority' is being revived

Anyone notice a lot of people voted Prez but not US Rep?

What is GD for now?

Reality check from Ralph G Neas ...

I'm marching on Los Angeles today!!!

Only in Kansas...Take the DIVORCE Quiz.

Sp Times: (Florida) Democrats put on brave face for '06

***LIST OF COMPANIES TO AVOID..... it starts NOW***

It's official! The votes have been counted! The winner in a runaway

Fundamentalism Is On The March

Bob Dylan still subversive?

A Homeschooling Vent

I would like to start a WRITERS Group. Who's Up (down?) for that?

Question about Democratic Party Meet up Groups

Has anyone else noticed that W

The world no longer respects this country

New Rule: the Liberal/Conservative dichotomy is dead . . .

Free Speech Zone Lawsuits-what is the latest?

Gonzalez - looking for edification...

Whatever happened to the 250 posts before you can start a thread idea?

Uh, excuse me Senator Kerry....if you're not using your millions for a

exclusive DU toon - The Count

CIA top official holds balance, faces weekend of profound decision

Disability Issues and Activism forum!

The empowering of the Faith Based community

Is anyone watching Krugman on Cspan?


Why is the Dollar taking a nose dive?

Uniting Behind One Common Goal

Pre-9/11 World Trade Center Power-Down...

on NPR "What do you know" (Feldman ) had one of the best comic takes

Republican Dictionary - when the say X they really mean......

So when will * take that physical?

How's this sound for fun?

Coping in "Redneck Country"

The reason Senate Democrats lost in the south this year

dubyamovie starring Don Knotts

True Americans...

Lugar, Hagel, McCain should demand Porter Goss's resignation

52 Dead Soldiers in 13 days - Who's REALLY GUILTY today?

Anyone have a link where I can but those black bracelets?

Where Republicans go between elections

(Chief?) Justice Scumbag Scalia prefers mob rule over the Constitution

Goodman: Sex Ed Silliness in TX (textbooks: marriage in,contraception out)

Westport, Aberdeen, Wash. so racist Coast Guard woman removed

Stephen Kappes is pivotal in CIA intrigue

FRANK RICH: "On 'Moral Values,' It's Blue in a Landslide"

Protest in Seattle

A little background on Keith Olbermann

What on earth could the Chimp possibly be saying to these soldiers?

What the Democrats Missed at the Populist Revolution By Thomas Frank

Anything new or good on Countdown 11/12?

"judgemental" progressives??

Wow, Drudge is really sleeping today! Nothing so far on Cheney!

If Cheney steps aside, a peculiar Electoral College situation arises.

Mother attempts to sacrifice children

DU these online surveys

labor union leaders angry want a split

Not "privatize"... "Corporatize"!

Joe Glover pissed Mary Cheney on stage for post election photo-op

GREAT Way To Stick It To Repug Banks-FIND A CREDIT UNION!

Which Yahoo headline to believe????

Republican/conservative websites and discussion forums?

Voter Profiling

Iraqis will never forgive this- never. It's outrageous- it's genocide

If we had real social security and socialized medicine

NATO secretary general: Europe 'lags behind' US on terror

I'd just like to thank the Liberal Christians. Those on DU & the ones who

Military Blog? Photo's from Iraq? Afghan? Etc.

Discretion Is The Better Part Of Valor

Gotta love Fox: 1200 "Terrorists" killed in Fallujah

Cheney, the first RAPTURE Recipient?

What happened to dick Cheney anyway? I found nothing recent on google

Has anyone seen the movie

Our "Bad Vibes" Permeate Freeper Chain-Knee Prayer Circle

Why did Bush come out in favor of civil unions at the last minute

Fuck boycotting MBNA, I'm wasting their money!!!

"Appologies accepted"

Hey Bob Dole

An hilarious look at the Bush-Blair conference from PRAVDA.

Could someone clue me in to the significance of the year 2012?

are all newcomers republican jerks?

I swallowed my revulsion for Mel and watched Braveheart last night

Anyone interested in having a Science Forum in the new DU Groups?

the thought of w, a heart beat away from actually being PRESIDENT...argh!

On CNN now... civilians all left before battle

Bold prediction: Bush vs the religious right

Michael writes from Iraq, angry his tour might be extended

Do I not Get it? Am I missing something?

Need your help. I am searching for mp3/wav of bush quotes.

mass resignations at CIA: where there's smoke, there's fire

what ever happened to that John Kerry guy?

Wait a minute... Hunting?

Isn't there a thread somewhere about Unitarian Unversalism?

The future of the CIA: a river of revenge

I can't wait to see what INdTV will be like

Mike Malloy Saturday

Who would launch a terrorist attack in the blue states: Bush or foreigners

the Peterson verdict is the new hammer on abortion rights, friends

Don't eat the Soylent Red!

Worst day to start recounts in NH! Day before Thanksgiving...

Progressive vs. Liberal

Rock The Moat!

Bush's Legacy - "You forgot Poland"

From William Pitt to Paul Krugman

Prophetic question

Leftists Shouldn't Complain

Removing Bush/Cheney stickers form repug cars

Tuesday will decide the Gonzales nomination & seating Bush electors

the Media hype about finding the 'SERAN' gas in Iraq, turned out not to be

Is this confusing to anyone else?

Official "Guy James Show" thread----Please keep kicked!

My retired fundy mother "too busy" to look into evidence...

CIA Official Quits So He Can Tell Truth About Agency

Anyone interested in a "Music with a Message" DU group?

What is the deal with the provisional ballots in Ohio?

Is it just me or have grocery prices gone up since the election?

"We didn't want occupation or terrorists, and now we have BOTH."

Time to let bygones be bygones

Progressive Rural Dems - we need to hear from you

Protecting Possessions For City's Homeless Strains Resources

BBC embedded reporter explains how we I.D. insurgents vs civilians

American Nazis insist they are NOT the lesser of two evils

be nice to dick cheney

Question about Limbaugh

Four solutions for Fallujah

The Petition Of Alberto Gonzales

Hugo Chávez's new book is FINALLY available on

Bunch Of Drunk Fuguing Elephants Rampaging Through Northeast India

Would anyone be interested in starting a jobs networking DU group?

Democratic consultants, listen up!

Messages of Doom, Messages of Hope...

Assault on Fallujah: Some LTTE from the UK to the BBC

Jim Henson's take on the election

James McMurtry has released a politically charged

Contradiction - U.S. Says Troops Occupy All of Fallujah

Gut check time

So Massachusetts, that hotbed of immorality that sanctions Gay Marriage

Onward, Christian morons...

Today is "World Kindness Day" - Funny, I didn't see anything about it ...

This is what will become of Saddam Hussein

Laura Flanders is online talking about the hearings in Columbus, OH today

Isn't it frightening to know...

'Abu Musab al-Zarqawi' escapes... again

When will Eliot Spitzer run for President?

Something that made me go...Hummm

High ranking CIA official resigns

Wes Clark, WP Outlook:The Real Battle, Winning in Fallujah Just Beginning

Wesley Clark's article in WP Sunday Outlook, and Q/A Session

Words of Wisdom

Help with a reply please, sent to me "God why didn't you save......

What the hell are they beaming about?

got loaded with my buddy home on leave from iraq

While we waited anxiously and fretted over the outcome of the election...

Dear Media People

Re-colonization: our last best hope

Just cancelled my subscription to NEWSWEEK

The Real Battle - By Wesley K. Clark 11/14/04, Washington Post Op. Ed.

Empower yourself. If you contributed to the DNC the last month of the

PHOTO: US military denies claims that Mosul outpost was looted!

Rapper O.D.B. Collapses, Dies in Studio

Is strictly owned by Clear Channel?

The fun people you can run into in Columbus GA!

Black bracelets to protest

Tell me your thoughts

On DU how do you make text look like it's on a sheet of paper?

How Many Are Tuning in to Fox News?

Baby children are dying in Iraq. Our young men with no legs.

I'm paranoid.

Vietnam and Iraq: Really, do the Comparison

God I Feel Like I'm In Hell

Do you think Arafat was poisoned?... but by whom?

Hi I'm new... And am finally able to post on my own

Listen live to IndiePlace politics radio

Anyone else fall into a psyc depression?

Roe v. Wade: What's your nightmare scenario?

Ldotter's take on O.D.B.'s death (as only they can)

More Than 100 Journalists Killed This Year

The Repubs are probably happy some of us say Kerry won

Announcement re: Black Box Voting investigations Sat. Nov 13

Who will Act?

Rick Santorum ripping off PA taxpayers to the tune of $100,000

Anybody familiar with 'Yes Minister/Prime Minister' (BBC) ?

So, is bush spokesmanazi Ken Mehlman GAY OR NOT?

Zogby articles says issues were peace, poverty and greed, not gays.

Commentary: Where Do We Go From Here? (defeats in blue state of CA)

We must not let the media "normalize the unthinkable" (John Pilger)

I've decided that I will not give to, any charities associated with Jesus

Didn't people on this board state all the things that the Democratic

Official Bob Boudelang appreciation thread -- His column's been hijacked!

ATTAC: Is it time to get a US group rolling? Or are we too rich & lazy?

Organic, cruelty free and free-range products

Helen Thomas: Attack on Fallujah can't be justified.....thank you,Helen.

So we flattened Falujja t o save it. Deja vu.

Where is John Kerry???????????

Who will replace Dick Cheney next month


How Many Think That We Are Living on Borrowed Time?

The Weight of Evidence In The "911 Con" is getting seriously heavy

What Event Will It Take To Wake Up This Country?

Sometimes we're as dumb as Repukes...

Omg! Can I eat anything any more?

"Don't insult them!! Don't insult them!!"

Why all the exit poll statistics spewing around DU are crap

President Kerry

Dean would have lost by a Dukakis Margin

First step of the plan complete NEXT: installing Rudy Gulliani as V.P.?

It Ain't No Accident

What is the greatest democracy?

Tucker Carlson showing photos from

Democrats deserved to lose

Is it a waste of time to try to 'REACH' the born again bush voter?

Anyone interested in a "Classic movies" forum?

Funny RW post from Yahoo! boards.

11-Year-Old Girl Suspended For 'Dangerous' Cartwheels At School

"Finish them off and don't let them have babies"!!!

"Some people rob you with a gun...some rob you with a fountain pen..."

New DU Group Suggestion: Peak Oil

Anyone interesting in a "Re-cycling/Frugal/ Dollar Stretcher Group'??

September 11th and conspiracy theories

Survey: Most U.S. Protestant ministers believe salvation comes only throug

New people are coming to DU for a reason...

If the new AG thinks the Geneva Convention is"Quaint"...

Proposing a Rural Issues Group

Well, Post Election Health-Care Shock

What would you say makes Americans 'American'?

FWIW: 3pm EST on CNN - Electronic Voting Problems

"Conspiracy Theory" vs. "Ludicrous Speculation"

I have listened to Eminem "Mosh" about 100 times

Hate to be impatient...but what's up with the Starve Beast forum?

Help: the thread on the Ohio area being shut down by the CIA and

Revenge for the theft of Democracy - Boycott Diebold

C-SPAN talking about electronic voting machines !

When Did The Media-meme become "Bash EDWARDS"?

Kerry's Ex-Girlfriend Writes Graphic Novel

Steps to refuse war duty

New DU Group: Natural Sciences - Astronomy, Archeology, Paleontology etc.

Do you believe we can still change the world?

Calling INDEPENDENT mathematicians/statisticians - post your analyses

DU Political Research Forum?

URGENT: BBVers needed to debunk NYT article

Suggested new group: Parapolitics

A call to march against the rigged election

North/South cooking challenge

Trader Joe's!!!!!

Garlic- Rosemary Pork Tenderloin with Apricot Mustard Sauce

Need recipes for special diet- no wheat, dairy

...then there was...the Wine Thread (to be folllowed by a beer thread?)

Stuffed Green Peppers

I'm on a low salt, no sugar, minimal carbs diet

Christmas Cookies

Easy chicken gyros

We Southerners challenge you to a "recipe-off!"

Cheap meals! What to fix when you are broke....

Worst Cooking Show?

I'm happy that this group seems to be really going over big. When I

New series of 'The Now Show' on BBC R4

Ten killed, 120 hurt in Philippine train derailment

NYT: Disguised in Iraqi Uniforms, Rebels Kill a Marine

Scientists: contamination leading to abnormalities

NYT: Vote Fraud Theories, Spread by Blogs, Are Quickly Buried

A Legitimate Recount Effort in Ohio

Deputy Chief Resigns From CIA

Internet(s)--the plural!!--dare i ask if W. knew this military project??

Democrats win in court over ballots (King County, WA)

DoD Identifies Navy Casualty # 1170

Guard Shoots Student in Foot at La. School

Iran Says EU Nuke Negotiations in Final Stages

WHO: Flu pandemic threat looms

US troops halt aid convoy outside Falluja

CIA Agent Details Terror Threat

U.S. Orders Airline Passenger Data by Nov. 23

U.N. Report Slams Use of Torture to Beat Terror

Militants Take Control in Parts of Iraq's Mosul

Shi'ite mayor of main Baghdad suburb killed

Coin toss fills seat after tie vote at polls (Florida)

Two more Sunni clerics arrested in raids by Iraqi forces

Dutch soldiers to leave Iraq in March

U.S. Troops Attack Holdouts in Fallujah (412 in Lanstuhl)

Pardon plea for Irish volunteers shot in trenches

Spitzer acts against second firm in insurance inquiry

CIA official quits over terror failings (Scheuer story)

Is anyone watching Krugman on Cspan?

11/13/04 DoD Identifies Marine Casualties (#1172 and #1173)

(3,000 Buffalo, NY) County workers warned of layoffs as hearings begin on

Conservative Lawyers Voice Abundant Joy

AP's leader says Internet represents the future of news

Captors accuse U.S. of delaying UN hostages' release

Four U.S. Helicopters Hit by Insurgent Gunfire; Crews Return Safely

Airlines told to submit passenger data for test

More than the usual summit rhetoric?

International support for Iraqi election essential: Bush

State (NH) approves Presidential recount for Nader (It's on!)

President bites back and stands up for his 'poodle'

Democrats Prevail in Washington Ballot Lawsuit

Mosque woman caught out

Catastrophic Conditions in Falluja--Al Jazeera

Brazil signs lucrative deals with China.

NYC to Build Memorial to Flight 587

Mosque set on fire in Netherlands


Trials of Terror Suspects Halted

Baghdad Airport Closed Indefinitely-- Allawai

Deputy Chief Resigns From CIA

NYT: For First Time Since Vietnam,Army Prints Guide to Fighting Insurgents

Mortar attack in Iraq city Samarra kills two, injures eight, police say

Cheney rushed to hospital----on Fox

Cheney Protects Rumsfeld's Job Until the Spring

Fresh Falluja assault launched

Unconfirmed, but if true scary as heck

Disguised in Iraqi Uniforms, Rebels Kill a Marine

Iraq is burning with wrath, anger and sadness (Dahr Jamail in Baghdad)

Jailed Palestinian Wants to Succeed Arafat

Arnold reverts to old recipe in Japan

Jail Berlusconi, says prosecutor

Flu pandemic looms as major global crisis

Good News From Bev Harris!!

70 Injured U.S. Soldiers Taken to Germany

CIA in Turmoil, Deputy Chief Resigns--

Texas cobbler killed while working in Iraq

Cuffing Bush and the FBI

Presidential Race Still Undecided in New Mexico

60 Minutes will air new analysis of ObL's tape. New fears he has nukes.

Bush Paints Rosy Picture of Iraq Situation

Mugabe congratulates Bush

Aid Convoy Reaches Falluja, Gunmen Stay in Mosul

Democrats call voters in Washington state (to get their gov votes counted)

Newspaper: S.C. Civilian Killed in Iraq

(Thousands of) Protesters (in Bahrain) rap attack on Fallujah

Sen. Clinton Says Husband's Library Will Contrast With Bush Records Polic

Vice President Cheney Heads to Hospital! ** BREAKING! **

Red Crescent hits barrier as it struggles to bring aid to Fallujah.

Black Box Voting Breaking News

Iraqi Red Crescent aid convoy enters Falluja

Global warming a dire threat, ex-presidential adviser says

(He Said / She Said) Fallujah is getting out of the U.S. control

Dutch raid 'Kurd training ground'

Zimbabwe plans more youth camps

Tucker Carlson showing photos from

Iraqi authorities begin evacuation of wounded civilians from Fallujah

Bush administration moving ahead on forest and salmon (logging and roads)

Reuters: Islamist Groups Vow to Spread Fight Across Iraq

U.S. plans to sneak tiny radios into N Korea for its info-starved citizens

Foreign fighters now reviled by Fallujah residents -Knight Ridder

AP: A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq (1,175 U.S. military have died)

Girl, two, survives three-week home alone ordeal

Protesters in city decry Bush's policies

Iraq says Fallujah offensive over but Zarqawi slips the net (AFP)

Rights Lawyers See Possibility of a War Crime In Iraq

Rioters rape Europeans as they flee from Ivory Coast

Texas secretary of state submits resignation

Looters go on rampage in Mosul

*** BREAKING: ODB (Old Dirty Bastard) Rapper dies in studio

US to build wireless network for future warfare (for a "God's-eye view")

Ten contractors injured in attack at LSA Anaconda

Dems Say More Funding Needed for Veterans

Eyewitness: Ghost city calls for help (Fallujah reporter Fadhil Badrani)

Taking it to the mean streets-You break it, you pay for it-Taking Fallujah

Weary GIs endure relentless combat

Bayer to lay off 430 workers

Sex overload : Companies find erotic ad campaigns (RMN)

Pa. Pays School Costs for Senator's (Rick Santorum's) Kids

Bush Paints Rosy Picture of Iraq Situation

LAT: He Fights On With Dwindling Supply of Smokes(Marine in photo)

Iraqis dispute US progress in Falluja

Right-wing moralists launch censor war (Scotland Sunday Herald)

Group says judge should put stop to Alto prison rapes, assaults

Crippling unemployment fuels insurgency in flashpoint city of Samarra

Trade Issues Sour U.S.-Canadian Friendships -NYT

Hotels use extravagant packages to lure guests attending inauguration wants U.S. election results investigated

"Terror Threat Said to Be Still Significant" from AP...

Dems Say More Funding Needed for Veterans

Presbyterian Church receives arson threat over Middle East policies

(Broward) County wants investigation into voters who tried to vote twice

Iraq says Fallujah offensive over, but Rumsfeld disagrees

N. Korea Criticizes 'Hostile' U.S. Policy

Girl Bounced from School for Cartwheels - BS Alert!

Police: Couple Planned to 'sacrifice' Three Children on Church Altar

Proposed bill would give softwood duties to U.S. lumber companies

Marines Finding Surrendering Fighters (misleading headline)

Atlantis Hunt Reveals Structures in Sea Off Cyprus

Iranian agents captured in Falluja

Wary Texans Keep Their Eyes on the Compound of a Polygamous Sect -NYT

"Democrats requesting vote recount in 9th District" - Indiana

Dean Disputes Media View that 'Values' Swung Election

WP: Calif. Stem Cell Initiative Could Backfire Nationally

(Miami) Police Tasered truant girl, 12

CBS News Fires Producer Over Arafat Special Report

For some, Ohio still is not decided (cincy enquirer, DU mentioned)

Dick Cheney released

Dale Jones, former Halliburton leader (dies)

What Wal-Mart Knows About Customers' Behavior -NYT

CA Group to Air Ads to Back Schwarzenegger for President

Microsoft to double size of India facilities.

Britain knew in advance of Equatorial Guinea coup plot: report

CIA plans to purge its agency

U.S. Says Fallujah Mission Accomplished

Bush monument set to be unveiled in Houston

Goss Reportedly Rebuffed Senior Officials at CIA

Letter to (probable) former boss...

I don't think I could have found Scott Peterson guilty. With no blood

I'm New Here, And People Here Seem To Hate Opposing Views

No offense to the Southerner's here, but this is....

Of comedians/impersonators, who does the best Shrub?

To quote Chomsky

Turning 30.

Did you do "Hands Across America"?

anyone have that bushnazi picture? (nt)

Could Machines Inherit the Earth?

Newsflash: goodnight

I want to start a web page

Looking for the Liz Edwards thread

Thanks DU people for all the new Group boards. And of course...

Ooh geez...look what i found

One of the Best 3:36 Minute Films I've Ever Seen

Let's give a post-election shout out to Newyawker99!!!!!

Raise your hand if you haven't read anything by Noam Chomsky.

Anyone from Ogden, Utah here tonight?

Crisco wristwatch...

The Farting Preacher .....Bwhahahaha

Need advice. Three stooges just came in....

"I just wrote a hit play...what's wrong with a little drinky-wink?"

I'm listening to the new U2 album...

Movie to see this weekend?

How can I appeasse Thor? There's lightning outside and I can hear

"Those were the days my friend. I thought they'd never end."

So....I saw "Saw"....WARNING- SPOILERS!

Have you stopped having sex with pigs?

Nation''s poor win election for Nation's rich

The silver lining in a 2nd * term, or how I learned to love the bomb

Dating a Republican Girl

Hilaaarious..esp. if you live in Australia or California..End of the World

Help me understand the greatness of "The Sound and the Fury."

So my mom and dad went to see Bette Midler tonight

egad! . . . my star hath elapsed! . . .

You gotta love Johnny Cash.........

I am getting married tomorrow!

A question about Jesus's descent into Hell.

Need Advice, Three Strange calls just came in

best reason i've seen yet to leave the country....*semi-sorta risque pic*

A question about Sylvester Pussycat's decent into hell

I'm changing my username to "without penalty until Nov. 22"...

I am meeting a couple of DUers tommorow afternoon, ask me anything

OK Folks this is post #900

I am not getting married tomorrow!

life's a bitch and then you die

Would an atheist room be proper for the religious forum?

Damn! It's 2:30 AM???

DU Room Suggestion: BARFING

I pick up the phone and it is the anoka county sheriff's department

I just want to state for the record that I find nothing more stupid....

how does a person go about finding when their star expires?

How about a musicians group?

Most fucked up movie I've ever seen on HBO-East now

This is not a cheap joke

Who else is up at this hour?

My cats are tiny psychopaths

HAHAHA! Funniest photo I've seen in awhile. "Sorry Everybody"

Can we get a GTA: San Andreas update

Testing a new look

Was Pierce Brosnan a Republican?

Ok I HAVE to say it: don't we have better hackers than them???

Want to start a WRITER'S GROUP? Who's on board??!!!

When does a "kid" cease to be a kid and become and adult?

So the "My Name is _______ ________ _________" thread...

This week's Private Eye cover

Who owns a diesel vehicle?

There are tons of $1 copies of /Blair Witch Project/ on VHS.

Awesome article on biodiesel - using algae

Should I delete my cookies?


Should I toss my cookies?

Gold plaque reveals secret of lost city after 1,000 years

We need a group for DU expatriates.

Shell shock at two-headed tortoise

I'm having waffles w/ peanut butter and honey...does that make me...

cat and dog have found new "toys"

Beneath the Planet of the APes on sci-fi

Moore to make sequel to 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

What would be the perfect 2004 election mixed tape?

In honor of a DU Veteran who died this year can't even keep within its own sections!

Mencken on Democracy

COmcast just aired a commercial telling people to vote!

Someone did something very nice for me

Happy birthday benito!

W dress up doll. Hehehehe,,,, It be funny.

St Joseph Aspirin AD - is that Potsie singing the jingle

Luc Besson's "Leon" (aka "The Professional"): Creepy or Cool?

thank you thank you thank you to whoever gave me a star!

I hate the University of Phoenix

I am riding the Polar Express today!

I am riding the Polar Subway today!

I am riding the Lightning today!

"....This is Fluffy. he's the destroyer of worlds."

Yard eggs over easy, sauteed potatoes in butter and olive oil,

Let Us Now Praise Jebediah Springfield.

Putting The Election in Perspective


SorryEverybody.... From what I deduce, they already have 8,600 pics

my user name is tavalon

Need list of DU approved FREE Internet service providers

so... ya know Cat Stevens?

I'm off to the Farmer's Market --

One State, Two State, Red State, Blue State

American population and voters

*sigh* 4" + and STILL snowing

It's what my shirt says that makes this photo complete:

Let Us Now Praise Buffalo Springfield.

Who wants to start a new group that proposes new groups?

my 3 year old...

Doea anyone have a link to those awful "jesus helping win sports" figures?

Anybody here collect Recordings of Illegitimate/Indeterminate Origin?


Maureen Dowd on C-Span2 Live -- Mmmm..yummmmeeee

Cats and Kittens - Images

I'm humiliated that we'll have a banal ex-frat boy as dictator...

Watched "The Clearing" last night....

I am riding the Polar Local today!

I'm looking for a picture. HELP ME PLEASE!

A little help needed.

Shit, now I've got that stupid "Let the Eagle Soar" playing in my

What do you like and not like about DU?

I'm going into GD.

I quit smoking, but I really want to smoke...

Quick rant!

Face, meet sidewalk. Sidewalk, meet face

Married DUers: Question on Merging Finances with your Spouse

I took a vote of my cats, dogs, fish and they refuse to be ghettoized....


Fastest selling pencil holder in Iraq

Batman & Robin vs Green Hornet & Kato?

Pinkie Rings on Men?

I changed my avatar

What are movie critics "smoking" these days?

Do You Prefer Male or Female Pets?

Do you score?

Say Something Nice About The Princess

Damn! Went over 5000 posts and didn't know it!!! Urrgh!!

What kind of drunk are you?

You gotta love Greg Palast :) :)

Club in Upper West Side Manhattan fo my 2 twenty something daughters

Damn... must be a donor to post in the DU groups forums.

Please never ask me hockey questions

We need the date of DU registration next to our names

Just re-discovered "Keep the faith" by De La Soul

Am I the only 35-year-old who loves Daria?

Duped Myself

Chocolate Fondue.....

Do you snore?

How do you like my NEW sig line?

Address Labels From Charities....

Hollah if you likes you some Mo Collins

Tech question

How about a group where people can post pics of cute animals?

Big East Champ contenders, my ass!..............................

Freeper Driver's Application

People who like those brandy-filled chocolates they sell at airports UNITE

Ive made up my mind

My husband, the pacifist, says WW II could have been won non-violently

This snow is KILLING me

Okay I'm sorry, but the Thermals just rule.

I have a staaaar!

World Music Fans: Anyone know Salif Kieta?

Aaaaaaarrrghhh look at Fenway Park now!!!

Had a plain bagel w. butter and Smucker's Strawberry Jam & coffee

People that want to Show-Off their stars Post here!

Too much cheer from the rear? New Fart Filter Seat for Tailgate parties

I just took a picture of matcom's house. BWAHA

Kill Da Wabbit Kill Da Wabbit Kill Da Wabbit

Caption this Cheney pic.

Help! Encouraging words needed. Kind thoughts most appreciated. :)

New DU Group: Yaks and Coffee

CAPTION the uninspired mascot

Hang the DJ, hang the DJ, hang the DJ hang the DJ...

Y'all. the Dick has been taken to the hospital...

NOOOOOO not the Who,,, Anybody but the Who!

My Kitties!

Best Photoshop 7 instructional book for hard-heads...........

News Headlines in the Year 2035!

Looking for a TEACHING job. Somewhere. Anywhere. Any tips?

I have to quit smoking. ....


Woody Allen -- brilliant artist or sick bastard?

Who do you think is right me or my friend?

What is the most pressing problem for 2005?

One more post...

"Woman Stop Grabbing My Ears, I Know What The Hell I'm Doing!"

HELP!! What's an economical humane way to get a rat outta my garage?

What should Modem have for lunch today?

When is "middle age" nowadays?

DU Don Knots Forum/Mayberry on cough sryup

Andy Griffith: Brilliant artist or Sick Bastard?

Hamster wheel sawed through support pole!

Any Soft Boys fans in here ?

Moonbeam_Starlight is the best thread starter - they always have

Required Reading post November 04

Eminem's Encore (Deluxe Version) is out!!

Bar nuts: Who wants some homemade seasoned almonds?

codegreen: Brilliant artist or sick bastard?

I'm an animal lover but this is freaking ridiculous(RANT!!!)

Confession: My family is personally responsible for peak oil

First Kiss?

Can anyone help me???

hey eyesroll

DU Women in your 30's- Is this great or what?

Carol Channing: Existential Performance Artist or Freedom Fighter?

Howdy Doody - Man or Myth?

There's a Rat in My Kitchen - What am I gonna do?

The Incredibles

hello out there

What should I get?

I've got hiccups!

What exactly are my upstairs neighbors doing?

Need suggestions for PS2, N64, or Gamecube platform games.

Charges Dropped in Case of 'W' Dollars

What in the...? Was my star just on a three day bender?

this is the first cat i've seen in a long time that i thought was cute.

What was the best Star Trek Voyager episode?

"VP Cheney rushed to hospital. Bush notified, ready to assume power."

I think the republicans would like to be Morlocks

is it a cat or Jesus?

Anyone here ever stay at Steamboat Springs, Colorado?

i have a perforated eardrum, ask me anything

Ok, Macintosh users, answer me this...

"The Iron Giant"

those smilies

Topics fly off DU like shit off teflon

War Eagle (10-0)

What was the worst Star Trek: Voyager episode?

What was your favorite NewsRadio episode?

I'm off to see Diana Ross

Just saw Primer

The new fashion statement:

The eternal question: Your preference, young and skinny, or old and fat...

Let's talk cat food! What do you feed your freeper relatives and why?

Robert Plant - Rock God or Aging Hippie?

Does Sheryl Crow have any talent whatsoever?

Let's talk Cat Food! What do you feed your cats and why?

Can you play a DVD (Wide-screen) on a regular TV

2nd tier: Raclette or Cheese Fondue?

It's my birthday and my 1000th post!!!!!!

can I ask a very silly question?

What's better to take kids to? Incredibles or Polar Express?

What a nice diversion - TSO on the tube

So I was sitting here reading DU the other day...

Viewer Alert -- The True Story of Alexander the Great

I admit it, I'm lazy - How about you.

Hey what about the Baller Bands?

Some people lack intelligence

Anyone else here using the new Firefox browser?

Anybody with heart votes love.

I Give Up On The GD, GD: Politics, & Camp. 2006 & 2008 Forums!

is this a date?

Damn it you people are boring today!

Is this a date?

For those tempted to waste their money on CortiSlim...

I have an ill llama

Anyone have hints on keeping an old apartment warm?

Who else is sick and tired of the Cortislim commercials?

New Grandbaby....

DU hates Star Trek

I met DUer LeftPeopleFinishFirst today

Breaded Deep Fried Mozarella sticks: Devilish delight or Heavenly snack?

Do the new DU Groups preclude posting on Group subjects in the Lounge?

My cocker spaniel had a weird fit!

Coming up at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time: my radio show, THE SOUL EXPRESS!

Do those eHarmony spots annoy anybody else?

Ethics conundrum -- HELP!!!

I'm listening to Siouxsie & The Banshees

Woody Allen's new girl friend you choose !

Does anyone else's dog do this?

2 day turnaround website contracts - gotta love em

Science marches on; now I can have just 4 periods a year!

Aristus, bos

Leo the Cocateil..

Do you think we'll ever get our GD back again?

Program Note for Who & Spinal Tap Fans

Has your pet adopted your value system?

WooHoo! I got Puddin

The Cashmere Sweaters At Costco!!

Woo-Hoo! I got Nothin'!!

Have you ever heard of the little limburgh law?

Fastest Sinking Thread Contest:....apparently i've blown it.........

could you...would you...boink a republican....?

Help a girl out and post your favorite recipes here

Need Catholic help.

Janis and Grace

Ensure-Old people's liquid food.

Really bad ideas for DU Groups:

DU Musicians...something great happened this week...

Anyone here have an internationally adopted child?

Heating pad and Ibuprofen Appreciation Thread.

Anyone down with a cartoon group?

Anybody hip for a sci-fi group?

Rejected TOM SWIFT Titles

I just got a call from Dr. DemoTex from London.

I have a dilemna

Is anyone going to be around on Thanksgiving?

Gotta have more Cowbell! thread

humbugs check in-- who's finding the early xmas threads...

How long have you waited for sex

Another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody

Jim Beam - Young people's liquid food.

'Master and Commander' = DEPRESSING

I just watched "Fargo" ask me any thing .....

Ray Charles does the best version *ever* of "America The Beautiful"!

*** BREAKING: ODB (Old Dirty Bastard) Rapper dies in studio

Master and commander--- worth a watch or what?

Band Aid Returns, 20 Years On

How fast do you read?

ohhhhhhh, good. old navy christmas commercials already on the tv..

Lets Talk Pet food! whats does your freeper relitives feed you and why?

I am DU's greatest threadkiller! -Maybe not-


Bill Hicks Lives! Group

Vietnam Era Trivia: #1--Who said

Saturn Devouring One of His Children

Today I changed all my spare bums....

Cheney Makes Deal With Devil, Takes O.D.B. Instead

H.L. Mencken was psychic -- breaking news.

Gotcha! Bet no one here was a fan of "Faulty Towers!"

I'm listening to Marianne Faithfull

When in Wilmington DE - Mikomotos for the BEST sushi

Chocoholics of the world UNITE!!!

Who's watching the Harry Potter movie on ABC now?

Heh, que paso?

What was up with the Smurfs? :)

Here, find the red and blue states

I am a Christmas Fundamentalist

Book recommendation. Escape to a small town in Kentucky

DU Room Suggestion: SURFING

Just wondering

Can you Pass the 3rd Grade? (quiz)

Dick Cheney, s.o.b.


Best "Best of..." CD available for Christmas?

The Number OF The Beast

Woo-Hoo! I got Dave Chapelle Tickets!!

Remember Fraggle Rock!?

SNL: I can find you more votes in Ohio!

From the bottom of my heart: a most sincere thanks

Live, the band

Who else is sick of Christmas already?

Which holiday movie gets you in the mood?

How come everyone in arthritis commercials

If ever there was a fucked up non-political political flick, it is

What Muppet are you? (quiz)

Pick a new theme song for the Republican Party

Today I gave a bum all my spare change.

advice on how to fix a leaky faucet on my own?

The Palmetto Bug that outsmarted me last night

Question Re: Kittens?

I hope I convinced my friend to call her dad to drive her to the ER...

"24" on FOX.

Ever feel that you've plopped down in some strange universe

Maybe it's just me... Anyone see the new FRIDAY'S commercial?

Gone With The Wind...some things never change

Yet Another Celebrity Passing....

computer/internet question

cleanse me please, I agree with Zell Miller

Congratulate me! I'm the uncle of newborn TWINS!

Saturn Devouring One of His Children!

Does the clock in your dashboard indicate "AM/PM?"

Here's a nice picture of an apple...

A sad passing


Favorite Brando movie....

Damn!! I LOVE James Taylor.....even after about 35 years of

i see a purple hippo, sleeping polar bears, a short bus

Is it just me or is Enzyte "Bob" and his penis problem.....

These are the people I help from here on out:

Can we seriously have a sleep group

I just love Jean Shepherd's "A Christmas Story"

Post your favorite George Carlin Quotes!

Young DUer freaks out HEyHEY

Watching "The Control Room"

OK, it's FREEZING in here

Hey Matcom, if I come to Boston, are ya gonna show me around town?

"Who Watches the Watchers?" Star Trek: TNG.

Did someone say kitty pictures?

Favourite Cheese for Cheese Fondue

Guys--visual stimulation. How important?

SNL reminder: Liam Neeson/Modest Mouse tonight!

Heathen DU'ers check in here

How many posts can you go without receiving a reply?

And now, DS1 Studios presents.... Cat eating Doritos!

I just love bagpipes

DU youth, say hello here! (12-20)

WORLD HISTORY group interest thread

Anybody remember "Damn Yankees" (the movie)?

Best Movies for Liberals?

Woody Allen - Brilliant or Overrated?

Anyone have any words of wisdom or support 4 me?

Describe your home interior in three words.

Need some advice: Should I move out on my own?

Rapper O.D.B. Collapses, Dies in Studio

Charlie Chaplin: Brilliant artist or sick bastard?

"Coming to America" Music

DU room suggestion...Pagan/Witch/Wicca

how much do moral values cost?

SHIT!!! Ol Dirty Bastard is dead!

Have you ever been with your dream man/woman? How did it turn out?

Any former navy folks ever been on this boat?

New group: Childfree DU'ers?

I'm 48 years old-and you? Just curious as it seems

Did you change your username during this amnesty

I'm looking for a good soybean burger recipe. Anybody got...

Iron Chef : Portabella - Post your favorite recipes

What are your favorite animal rights advocacy groups?

What do you miss? (If anything)

Favorite Soy Milk...

Favorite veggi restaurant? [Pls post city name in subject line]

Religious reasons for becoming vegetarian

Voice of the Voiceless

Need help from other Marilyn Manson fans on finding an album...

First Bush and now Baywatch. God must hate me.

The art of appreciating Horror films.

Hugh Grant Signals End to Acting Career

How about a Fellini post?

Ain't she cute!

Book vs Movie....opinions

Which show got cancelled before it had a chance?

Which is most unforgetable character/actor combo

A fascinating analysis of the election -- "farm desert theology"

we must remember that not all Christians are fundamentalists . . .

The perils of outsourcing medical documentation

FDA Bars Critic From Meeting

US could shoot down Euro GPS system if used by China

Were marriage licenses created to prevent interracial marriages?

are we buying into social conservatism's arguments?

Caution in Court for Gay Rights Groups

Save Matthew's Legacy: Protest ABC's 20/20 (11/26/04)

Name your favourite LGBT Movies...

Anyone else watching the WTA tour championships?

Hey Big Ten(11) fans

Congratulations to Martin Truex Jr. NASCAR Busch Series Champ!

Despite my moniker, I hate hockey

MICHIGAN vs. OHIO STATE - the battle is on!

I love my fur babies!

Our babies...

my furry friends

Lost and Found.....or to the Pound?

Our family:

Hi you all. Here are links to photos of my 2 cats

The "kids"

Best quality pet foods?

Here is my favorite Demon picture....

My cocker spaniel just had a weird fit!

Post your funny pet pics here!

My spoiled girl

Mudras for healing

Does anyone know anything about cell salts?

metaphysical~spiritual movies......

Is there any interest in forming a Science/Astronomy forum?


Two Predictions about Election/Selection give me hope for the Recount.

Astrol - Okay , so let us begin. Let';s talk about PLUTO.

Iran to abandon nuclear weapons program in a deal with EU

The exit polls weren't lying, it is the voting administrators who are....

If the Party Moves any Further to the Right, we'll be a permanent minority

Quindlen on Dean: his real interest is the welfare of the people.


Private Military Firms (PMFs) in Iraq, why is Bush outsourcing to....

What Do You Think of Evan Bayh for 2008?

Nice pic on the front page of the LA Times today -especially for Islamics

Anybody get Kerry's Thank You / Sorry We Lost Letter from the DNC?

I think we should seriously consider moving to the right (hear me out)

Check out the new Blog I created on C/S Separation.

A Legitimate Recount Effort in Ohio

I can't emphasize enough how tired I am of seeing Bush

To believe Bush won the to believe in the tooth fairy.

3 Letters to the Editor on "Moral Values" from Southern newspaper

Gay Marriage Analogy: Loving V. Virginia

Bush Diplomacy at work

what do I tell my partner -- when she says she's given up?

Who will be Kerry's Secretary of State?

Avi Rubin on C-Span NOW at 9:05AM re Touchscreen Voting!

A Letter To The People in The Red States

Check out NC vote numbers Gov. and President.

I think the reality of the world has just hit me.

Why Dean would have lost this election

See the money map - money contributed as a proxy for votes

A Merry Xmas to the Liars


all the maps i have seen showing the red and blue

Ashcroft blasts judges

Rudy vs. Hillary ... 2008 ... the script begins to form.

No good evidence religious right turned out. Good evidence White Women ...

Krugman's on live cspan2..7:05 AM PST...sat 11/13

HL Mencken quote

The "I told you so" thread

DU is not alone. It's now common knowledge. Bush stole it.

Krugman said something very important this morning that slipped by.

So when will * take that physical?

Why We Lost

Don't let Bob Shrum come near another election EVER AGAIN!

VAT tax plan..Latest GOP strike against the poor?

Bob Jones III congratulations letter to Buxh


"I wouldn't call Jerry Falwell a decent person."

Which RAT leaving the GOP cabinet will take him down

Just like the Kremlin. Cheney can't come out. Has Cold.

Dean Denies DNC Chairman Rumors

The Unexplained Exit Poll Discrepancy

'Evangelical Christianity Has Been Hijacked':

440 DNC members vote for chair -- let them know what YOU think.

A DU salute to Boulder High School for supporting students' free speech!

MEME: Conservatives are Pro-BIRTH, not "Pro-Life"

American Idiots were sold two lemons

If the Democratice Party Does NOT Move More to the Right...

How Should the Gay Marriage Issue be Handled?

To Christian DU'er's. Take Christ back from these idiots!

I think, we get some very large very intimidating

Wishy-washy pro-lifers piss me off.

Cheney Taken To Hospital!!!!

Create an ANTI-FASCISM fighting manual. Work smarter, not just harder.

Dick doesn't HAVE a heart, people.

compilation of voting problems

To Al Franken: Don't you think it's about time you discussed the FRAUD?

Toilet paper manufacturer refuses to sell to red states

Why are the pundits on Fox referring to Cheney in past tense?

So what happens if Kerry miraculously wins Ohio?

Good News From Bev Harris!

It's not possible for the Democrats to be in the "middle"

Cheney admitted to GW Hospital

Hey, does DU have any goals now, do we move on to getting

Black Box Voting Website updated

Something I wrote about Diebold last summer

If America cares more about image than issues, who would win more easily?

Stupid CNN: Cheney caught cold on recent hunting trip, WTF??

So if Cheney dies before Jan 20, what does the Constitution say happens?

Elizabeth Edwards for President?

Fallujah "captured"--now what?

Bait and SWITCH...rudy on deck???

OK Giuliani lovers. Here's why he can't be Veep.

Is anyone in your family gay?

Guy James reading TruthIsAll's

New Donkey blog manages to insult Dean supporters AND the DNC.

Anyone Who Talks About 2008 Is a Troll?

I'm waiting for Al Gore and his commandos to storm the White House

Maybe we should use the bad husband approach against Repubs

From William Pitt to Paul Krugman

Forget about the deep south, focus on the southwest

Democrats push for better veterans health care

Joe Trippi for DNC Chair


Andy Card is being cleaned up for something

Let's pony up and send Cheney a few cartons of cigs & some Happy Meals

FRIST for Veep

A Call To Action

All quiet in the recount capitol

To stop Gonzales you will need to act on Monday. Tuesday will be too late

Bob Graham introduced S.2313 in 4/04 to amend HAVA. It went nowhere!

Would someone wake me up in four years please?

Free banner for your web site


The Petition Of Alberto Gonzales

Great new educational flyers on voter problems

Provisional ballot problems.. Someone help me understand

How about an election audit on the DNC?

NPR Reported Cheney in Hospital for Tests

Will we help greens raise enough for the RECOUNT?

What Ever Happened To "Political Judo"?

Dean for DNC chair? I thought we wanted to BUILD the party.

What About The Military Vote? Will We Ever Hear How

NYT David Brooks has Mea Culpa to John Kerry in column

for those that doubt someone in the controlling party didn't steal this!

Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee? Bet the Repugs don't...

Bogus exit polls? Jeez, they look pretty good to me

INDEPENDENT Mathematicians, statisticians et al: Critique the analysis

Lynne Cheney on Late Edition tomorrow...(get ready to vomit)

More Exit Poll Grist For The Mill...

Bold Prediction: Howard Dean will not be the next DNC chair.

A parable, in one act

TNR: Going Long...strengthening party resolve...not going so left.

DU mentioned in Washington Post Article

Mo Dowd Bitchslaps the Cabal of Christo-Fascist Freaks

Exit Polls Aside - wanna see how easy Hacking the Vote is?

Why Do Democrats Lose The South?

I reject George W Bush

Puke Alert :: Faux Feminist Tammy Bruce Spewing Nonsense on CSPAN

Update on Cheney from FAUX -- something's fishy.

Right now the Dem Party is close to where Hoover was in 29.

I'd rather be Dead than Red! *see link*


Why ISN"T Bush worried about Osama?

Yea, right Mr. Schwarzenegger

Black Box Voting

So, Where Are We At With Voting Fraud - Seems Too Quiet

You know who should NEVER work on another Dem campaign?

I'm not the biggest Clinton fan but he did win twice

Is This For REAL???

Kerry really won OHIO. READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1992 Presidential election

Black Box Voting Breaking News

Pictures of Bush making stupid faces?

OK, who/what is Josh Marshall talking about?

What EACH of us do at this point in time can be MORE important than our

2 more years of * should just about do it.

Who is it gonna be? a cheney replacement....

How does your grocery store contribute? Dem or rep?

My Beat Bush 2004 website is expiring soon -please visit to bid farewill

Trust me. The whole world knows he stole it. Including the mediawhores.

Get out the information: Chicago

In retrospect i think that the issue that killed us wasn't moral values.

So my local hemp/hippie store had a William Rivers Pitt column posted

Which is less Rethuglican: T-Mobile or Cingular?

Hating our enemies effectively

The Nader blame game.

Will Karl Rove Run W's Successor's Campaign?

Dean: Bush appealed to homophobia, sexism, and racism to win.

Let me introduce myself.

My letter to Senator Durbin re: Alberto Gonzales (long)

Could Richard Gephardt have won some of the red states

Lighthearted poll for the straight women and gay men of DU

Progressive Democratic Summit, Saturday, January 22, 2005