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Archives: November 11, 2004

PITTS: A good time to recall a moral man

Me to Tom Friedman at NYT

Perverse pleasure is the best revenge

WSJ: Companies Sue Union Retirees To Cut Promised Health Benefits

Makes you proud then sad then mad. Well me anyway..

Mo Dowd on new AG Alberto "torture is fine" Gonzalez

Freedom is an illusion

The stolen election of 2004: welcome back to hell

Wake up and smell the Pitts! Leonard Pitts editorial...

Arianna Huffington-The Architects of Defeat-For Kerry's team, the econ.

Conspiracy Theories About Election Flood Internet

Voting Fraud Comments on the Web - Math says Fraud - why doesn't media?

"You Call This a Party?" - Frustrated Ben Tripp on Dems

Screw It, I'm Staying (

Nutcase Higgins references DU in Sun-Times

There's No There There: Stan Goff

remember those STUPID republican Wolf Ads?.........

Global Eye - Game Boy

So, what now? (Very long)

"Don't Let the Bastards Sap Your Vitality!" MUST READ!

TNR: It's John Kerry, Stupid: Bad Messenger by Martin Peretz

Naomi Klein (NoLogo): Rocket the Vote

Elizabeth DiNovella (The Progressive): Interview with Medea Benjamin

Bush Snatches Victory thru “Virtue” of Harlot--

Image: Democracy's End

i'm not sorry i agree with ted rall, again

Human Rights Watch: Attorney General Nominee Undermined Rights


With Honor and Duty

Is Thomas Friedman changing his stance on Iraq?

Salon: The curse of Bush II

U.S. Tries To Corner Fallujah Insurgents

(DLC joined by)"Third Way" Plans to Focus On 'Moderate Majority'

North v. South cancer, why do West Coasters care?

Blinded By Science

Is God in the Bedroom?

A Modest Proposal


Ramsay Clark Demands Bush's Impeachment

Frank Rich: On 'Moral Values,' It's Blue in a Landslide

Face it, we lost. But we can win!

It's Not the Values, Stupid

Social Security Plan to confiscate excess returns from private accounts!

For those in Northern New Jersey/New York area

Keep working on exposing the election fraud, and also do what

Living in the Hyphen-Nation - Nov 17th, Saint Mary's College

Anti-Bush Rally Scheduled Across From White House Thursday

HANNITY and LIMBAUGH don't see us coming but we are

Want To Stick It To GOP Supporting Corps? IT'S EASY!

HELP AMERICA RECOUNT.ORG-explanation of who & what - say YES-send $$

San Mateo Election Protest Rally Sunday Nov 14

Sign up @ VotersUnite, deliver information to your county elections office

Moveon - vote fraud action call


C-Span interrupted the AEI shill this morning to say that there was

Schieffer hopes Rather's news legacy transcends scandal

Who is Tweety?

messages to Cleveland TV station not showing Private Ryan:

'The West Wing' charged with profanity


Last Letters From Home on HBO East'll weep. n/t

Wind power could cause local climate changes

Pressures Grow Relentlessly On China's Yangtze River - Guardian

Nature - Misguided Development of Indonesian Peat Swamps Powers Warming

'Scientific American' Names Top Tech Leaders

Weather Channel Premiers "Alaska Meltdown" 14 November

Inuit Demand US Climate Action At Reykjavik Summit - Reuters

Oh Boy! It's Smart Truck 3 - Bigger Than Any Hummer!

Leavitt (EPA) Claims Mandate for Bush Environmental Agenda

China's Filthy Energy Sector Exacts Local, Global Toll - BBC

We're from the US Government... (from Pat Oliphant)

VIOLENCE IN HOLLAND: Jihad Behind the Levees

Some thoughts on cognitive dissonance re: weapons proliferation

Official Notice: I hit post 1000 in J/PS

Are all the NRA members this irresponsible?

Are Ya Laughing Now?

A Democratic Pro-Gun Suggestion for 2008


Admin review request please

Another "fuck the south" thread...

related review request

There seems to be an outbreak of sex threads in the lounge

Uh Oh Skinner, they're onto us.

My sigline.



Wondering about a "post election" statement

i lost my donor star........

New registration problem.

Hey guys, just something I'd like to say

I lost my star, but I would like to donate during a fund-raiser.

It seems like we're up to our eyeballs in trolls here tonight

a question re a post I made

As a heavy Lounge user I like the idea of pulling it from Latest Threads

Is there a place to read more about DU conventions and other things

Arafat. Terrorist or Freedom Fighter?

Were there not Israeli terrorists before 1948?

Nuclear Whistleblower Held in Church Raid

Tens of thousands of Palestinians take to the streets

Obituary -Yasser Arafat

Turner prize nominee takes on Israel's Wall

Israel Arrests Nuke Whistleblower Vanunu for 'Leak'

What Arafat should have done is what Gandhi did. Nonviolent protest.

Yassir Arafat: 1929-2004


Editors of The Nation: Yasir Arafat

Arafat the monster

Slain cameraman wins Peck award; James Miller

What are the best books or films on 9/11?

CNN Poll: 9/11 cover up?

9/11: PHYSICIST!!! Michael Elliott!

e-mailed Guardian

From and the Boston Globe - dismissed?


It's pretty ironic that

Framing the message

So I just talked to a local election law lawyer re: petitions.

Vdare article says * increase in Hispanic vote is a lie

Dubya - the Movie (warning, 19.2 M file

Ohio Supreme Court

E-voting machines American made are not safe, Americans say

Senators & Congressman that won in 2000, 2002 & 2004 (Are they legal?)

in virginia looking at the numbers only 69% of eligible voters showed

MSNBC - congressman demanding a GAO investigation is not nuts

We had a "Stolen Election meeting" in K.C. at Public Library

We should have all written in DEAN for president

Thom Hartmann on Democracy Now: The Ultimate Crime

self delete dupe

Finally broke down and cried tonight, a week later....


Can someone who knows Ohio answer a few questions?

On this day in history..

TRIAD GSI The Election System People! Who are they?

Email from Bev Harris--New Mexico numbers

Is anybody hand-recounting a congressional race?

**Did anyone send NM 2004 to Media?***

What's up on the ground in Florida?

What real action is currently being taken?

Internet post-election rumors missing one little thing: evidence

Orange County discrepancy--8,400 VOTES!

How much fraud is needed to change an election ?

Diabold source code!!

Kerry "unconceding email" was a hoax by repuke tricksters

Mainstream Media, The Blackout and Diversions Continue

If Kerry won OH (he did), you can be sure he ALSO won the popular vote.

There's a brick wall at the back of the theatre

Link to Olberman videos?

Ohio Democratic Party

The following resolution was considered by the DNC Resolutions Committee

great gallery of pictures

Conspiracy theorists? The ultimate betrayal by Kerry and the DNC

Is this how BushCo controls the federal judiciary?

The ULTIMATE Flip-Flop

Sarin gas - military industrial complex will stop at nothing.


OK, people, you all have your theories. I have mine.

Cobb and Badnarik formally requesting recounts...

Bush Won Because He Is A "Strong Leader"?

Who's the worst of the new Senators?

where are the absentee results?

That pesky 16-bit bug

We had problems with a vote count in 2003 Primary on ES&S Machines

What is the status of Nader's recount bid

Sorry if I sound too insistent on this

CLark county Nevada

A Stolen Election? The Nation's Article appears on CBS News

I've got an idea!

just received this moveon email: investigate the vote (petition w/link)

Moveon is Onboard

Turnout for '04 is 52%. for '92 it was 55%. This can't be right

They did it again, they stole another election (

Investigate Votergate (A RALLY!)

This seems to sum it up prety well!

It's time for a nation-wide recount!!!!!!!!!!!!! n/t

Is there going to be a NH recount?

shall we go to the sets of NYC Newsshows?

Help with odd results in Florida

I Smell a Rat - Freezerbox Magainze

**Donate Thread for 11/11/2004 - Please donate and keep this kicked**

If Zogby wants to get his predictions right next time

Contact the commissioners of Warren County OH!! (the "lockdown" county)

It would take only 5 PRECINCTS with the 32,767 rollover to reverse Florida

Latino vote expert disputes exit polls - People's Weekly Wortd

Bev Harris says they are recounting Florida...

Recounts done by concerned Americans, not by the top 2 politicians

Hate radio and Faux will begin their offensive today or tomorrow.

Does BBV have enough funds to recount Ohio?

ES&S headquarters is on JOHN GALT Blvd.

Email from actor Peter Coyote on voter fraud

How much longer til Ohio's provisional ballots are counted?

Concerning the investigation of fraud, you are feeling

Reality check time.

Gathering some steam...

Keith Olberman Is Not Alone At MSNBC - Election irregularities (David Shus

DU mentioned in Washington Post

Deniability mechanisms and conspiracy theory

Online Media Could Help Randi With This Media Blackout Issue - A Proposal

I've updated my CafePress page!

Caption this picture!

Ohio Vote Totals - With Some Subtractions...

Quick Logic (To Help Us Keep The Faith)

Does anyone have access to Lexis Nexis?

4 Million Bush Plurality - A Tinfoil Platform

Diane Rehm on Exit Polling NOW! Internet Broadcast (10-11AM Th)

WTF do you want? Do you want Kerry to come out and shout ALIENS and FRAUD

Are we doing everything we can?

Keith Olbermann mentions IdaBriggs

Can someone summarize the votergate issues --

Silence of the Dems

Question on EVoting for MSAccess folks

Has Anyone Touted JOHN EDWARDS for DNC Chairman?

Did we miss this? DNC PRESS RELEASE

No matter what

A Message To All DU'rs

Kerry Campaign Lawyers Checking Ohio Vote

Nev. Controller Impeached Over Campaign

Recount Funds

Reconstructing The Crime

NADER CALLS FOR RECOUNT - Link& article (2 hours ago)

NBC now covering up voter fraud story

Link for donating to the Ohio recount

Diebold technical system info with an analogy to cooking

Are things getting tight in Ohio?

Alert NC Duers and BBV people!!

Letters to the Editor from the Neanderthals!

Help America Recount

If you believe

NBC with Brokaw just had a report

Guys, I think Kerry won Ohio

David Cobb and Michael Badnarik TO RECOUNT OHIO

Kerry's spokesman just said THERE WAS NO CONSPIRACY!

Have Your Cake and Eat It To - Olbermann

I have been out most of the day. What news is there on NH and OH?

Bev Harris on Randi now!!!!

Internet theories on election abound

Any video available for Olberman tonight?!

The DU Vote Fraud Compendium has been

JFF: Celebrity Death Match - Who Wins?

My prediction

Olberman: Green Party demanding a recount in Ohio!

Election fraud hysteria - Salon 11/12

McAuliffe's Statement:

duplicate thread in wrong forum. sorry

Petition to Investigate the vote at

We need to contact Soros for help!!


Time to set up rewards for turning people in on voter fraud

Ohio secretary of state suddenly changes provisional ballot rules

93,000? Need clairfication on Ohio numbers...

Excerpts from A Concession Speech You'll Never Hear

Vilsack wants to run to "preserve IOWA's first in nation status"

Equipment counted straight-party Dem votes as Libertarian

What percent of America used touch screen voting???

As Fast as Blogs See Vote Fraud, Web Is Proving Rumors Wrong - NYT 11/12

Washington Post's Sloppy Analysis - ConsortiumNews

Olbermann tonight

"Conspiracy Theorists"

Hardball Chris Matthews Will Be Getting In To The Mix Friday Night!

ATTENTION DU: Turn on the mainstream news and get to work!

Bad News from Wired News

IMO- People should stop whining, stop dragging us down and get to work.


My own private protest - November 3rd

Left Wing Claims Exit Polls Were Accurate, Bush Stole Election

Media Exposure Is Starting To Take Off!

Repost: I have come to the conclusion that Kerry is my new President!

Anyone have the Thursday Countdown video online yet?

Has anyone looked at these New Mexico Numbers?

The Unexplained Exit Poll Discrepancy--250 million to 1 odds

From a local Democratic contact::

Very very sorry

Kerry's lawyers to Ohio? Maybe he's decided to fight, after seeing...

Looking in Diebold Source Code is the WRONG Place to look

Question for Florida voters...

interesting article regarding kerry's "absence"

The real election results

Green Party is raising money for Ohio recount

A report on the election from an Attorney that was "on the ground" in Ohio

Is there a hypothesis on how Bush could have cheated?

Please vote! U.S. Election irregularities page to be deleted on Wikipedia.

Could it be like Malloy implied?

Do any e-voting systems leave a paper trail?

Ohio's Secretary of State-Blackwell

Kerry fight behind the scenes........

Internet hubbub on the fraudulent election on NBC news. Coming up!

Has anyone checked CA numbers? anything suspicious? Reason I ask

Wacky conspiracy theorists?

New Mexico had over 100% puke voter turnout.

NPR - Voting Irregularities - Emails

Jeff Fisher: It's the Bay Point School, stupid!

How much MSM (Main Stream Media) news have you watched since 11/02/2004

John Kerry has not SURRENDERED!

voter fraud flash animation

International Media is slowly picking this up!

Where did Bush get nine million new voters from?

Phila. Daily News on the "stolen election"



Press is locked-down! SUPPORT FREE PRESS!

Sick of "not enough votes" - some SIMPLE math

Rule By Theft "Electiongate" Black Commentator

Easier than Ohio- only 42,000 votes will "flip" Nevada, NM, and Iowa

In hindsight Dean could have won...

Did the OH election officials lie about meeting with Homeland Security

VOTERGATE is potentially the BIGGEST CRIME IN US HISTORY! And.....

Bush wins by 5% in Florida yet his Latino vote in Florida was down 15%!!!

Iowa- How'd we lose in a non EV state? Did we really lose?

Don't crush that troll hand me the pliers. Plenty o'desperate newbies here

What is the official story of this presidential election?

Caltech Study On Exit Polls - Is This Why The Media Backed Off?

HELP WANTED: DU needs a DU BBV cleanup crew... sign up here..


San Mateo Election Protest Rally Sunday Nov. 14

Gov. Sees State Budget Help in Japanese TV Ads

L.A. DUers SUnday 14th.Uni Temple need help

Diebold suit settled

Should we run a hot movie star for governor in 2004?

Good job CA grass roots people

Pawlenty and Coleman

Let's DU Normie Coleman's poll on extending the tax cuts

any DU'ers in WBL?

Stabenow about to become Senate Democrats' #3 (behind Reid and Durbin)

Blackwell spam, anyone?

Any chance of impeaching Blackwell?

HELP AMERICA RECOUNT.ORG-explanation of who & what-say YES-send $

Questions about provisional ballots in Ohio

WPTT 1360AM Pittsburgh picks up F'in Neil Boortz to replace O' Reilly

Hey PA......

WPTT replaces one windbag with another

Rick Santorum at the public trough

What to get invovled in the Texas Legislation Process? And don't know how?

Dallas elections judge REMOVED on election day?

HOUSTON-Must see TV tonight (Thursday) 6:30pm

It brings a smile to my lips to state that Wisconsin voted for Kerry for

Rossi maintains lead; Gregoire holds out hope

WTF? Principal feels need to "apologize" for Veterans for Peace speech?

Gregoire needs help this weekend!

Quick question...

How to tell if you live in a red state ??

Will there be ramifications

Does anyone believe that there have been minimal deaths of ..

Majority Report conpiracy theories all night long....

I went freeping in the park one day, in the merry, merry month of May

Do something Democratic, help people in this time of need

I got nominated to be vice-chair of the Dem party in my county tonight

Aron Brown is quite a drama queen. He has his gig down.

If we "lost", what did they "win" ??

Old George Carlin on US Warism, Adult Language...

Why Kerry lost the election...he lacked an embarrassing, obnoxious brother

Scary Times, Even for a Preacher

Dems can win many seats back two years from now if...

for our veterans

Can a Du'er confirm this?

Who thinks that Gonzales's position on torture and murder of captives

Okay here goes , My name is Valerie Nemeth and I am from Canada

I'm an American. I'm killing thousands of innocents in Iraq.

Video of beheadings found for sale at Tampa gas station

I couldn't help but wonder how many Democratic oriented Americans were

Mock the Vote

I am surprised the duboard is indexed on google

Fuck Bill Maher!

The issue of democracy versus money: accountability versus profibility

Earthlink/Mozilla email issues: monitoring emails?

New Blog "Our Conscience" on Church and State..Like the name?

5 Most Outrageous Senators Of New Senate:

Are we getting the latest and complete news from iraq?

Operation Blue Christmas

The Democratic Party's Problem With Religion, From a Secular View (LONG)

OMG - I almost posted a poll on Arafat here.

Scott Ritter on Mike Webb show now

Help? Explain how references to Bush the anti-Christ hurts Dems, please.

Homophobia... We have another civil rights movement on our hands

A leftover bumpersticker I saw today!

Anyone else think what we need is......

Wonder what Martin Sheen aka Pres Bartlett would have done had some

Why does Pat Leahy like Gonzales?

Falwell is at it again...

Howard Dean With The Quote Of The Year

OMFG! National Review pushing Zell for Secretary of State

Do you really want to make their lives a living hell ??

Is anyone else thinking of packing it in and moving if the Dems

WSJ: Companies Sue Union Retirees To Cut Promised Health Benefits

Media images of Bush victory announcement?

"Dear Limey A**Holes . . . " Letters from America.

Eyewitness account in Fallujah


being born again: just what the hell happens when you're born again?

RNC to be headed up by gay man? Mehlman...let's do this!

Maureen Dowd challenges Zell Miller to a duel

Colin Powell is in central America for what?

Have you guys seen this?!?!?

Guardian/Steve Bell cartoon; Falluja Check it out!

Just found this out, kinda interesting if true

Better primary schedule--a different take

NPR: Sarin found in Fallujah?

Where the fuck is the Falluja coverage?!?!?!?!

Castro takes a bad spill; Arafat kicks the bucket...

education/knowledge are the keys

Mike Webb has Scott Ritter on right now. Very Interesting. Heads up.n/t

Also on NPR: WHO OK's genetic manipulation of smallpox virus.

What is the cost of Fallujah?

This Veterans' Day/Remembrance we wage war:

Veterans day

Anti bushWar Protest Vigil TODAY, Lafayette Park, D.C. ...NOON!

The Antifreeze is in my car now,,,it just has not been sealed

I really thought Clinton would make Middle East Peace

DU this CNN POLL on Gonzales

Anybody see this in yesterday's Orlando Sentinel? No central tabulator?!?

If Mehlman is gay, then full page advertisements in

have you hugged a Veteran today?

John Kerry for Senate Minority Leader...??

Election over means lower the terror alert and bomb Falluja

TheoCons are innately violent--the proof's in the jewerly--

When will firefighters, paramedics, ambulances, doctors NOT have to help

Plausible scenario? Ashcroft stayed until after the election to help Bush

HELP AMERICA RECOUNT - explanation of who & what - say YES-send $

I have a different take on the elections. I see it as the last gasp of

Been avoiding DU for over a week

Just how aggressive was Walsh in his Reagan/Bush investigations?

Unique, perhaps momentous Blood for oil picture

Alberto Gonzales on Executions

Rep. Nadler puts up web form to collect voting irregularities

I don't hate Christians or Morals, I hate hypocrits and Jerry Falwell

DUing Polls.....

Where will the *Shrub Library be? (And isn't it- - -


A Note On The Presidential Election in Ohio - Congressman Kucinich

Last tuesday highlighted the difference between the 'Kerry' and 'ABB' vote

A different view of Red v Blue

Washington Post article on "conspiracy theory." If they'd treated Watergate

Assignment: BBC Pakistan/Militants.......Listen if you want to find

Simon Rosenberg... for DNC Chair

I finished "Don't Think of an Elephant" last night ..

The RAPTURE couldn't come soon enough for me

A Letter to Senator Joseph Biden RE: AG Nomination

Is the DU still "underground" ?

nevermind seems as though this has been deemed anti-christian flamebait

Anyone know anything about the Muslim charity ''?

The good side of global warming. (sarcasm only)

What "if: Kerry wins the recount in Ohio??

Man-hating, lesbian feminazis

***Election Stolen but NO money to donate?*** Do THIS!

What happens if Secretary of State of Ohio, Blackwell says:

The Republican Party is the Coyote Party....

Olbermann blog: Keith slimed by Coulter


They are turning: Hannity Listener "I feel like I've been brainwashed"

Are the Democrats so beaten down that they will refuse to fight ?

What killed Yasser Arafat?

2006 elections imp. - Key prov. of Voters Rights act to expire in 07. link

Mind if I set a spell on your porch ?

Yes, ladies and germs, for only ten cents a day ...

ED + 9. When Are You Getting Your Physical, Dubya?

Republicans flee into streets in Jimmy Swaggart frenzy....

Some Say U.S. No Longer Feels Like Home

A Thought on Veterans Day From Wilfred Owen

Did anyone else hear this on Democracy Now! ?

On 'Moral Values,' It's Blue in a Landslide

when people call you a commie, ask them if they've even read Marx.

Why does Rush Limbaugh hate the Trees?


The new scarlet letter is an 'R'...

Bush has to appoint a Chief Justice quickly

straw has broken this camel's back - goodbye Washington Journal

I just noticed there's an Al Pieda website!

Do you think any Repubs are having second thoughts about voting for Bush?

Falwell & Robertson

"World waits as Texan Cowboy ponders his next target" Pretoria News.

Dirty election jokes from Republicans, who say they won on moral values.

America needs Mental Floss real bad..when will J&J Start making it and

wager: How long will it be befoer there is another....

Huh ?. . .CBS news radio just

Anyone thinking that Underground Nuclear Testing is back on?

Imagine that you are at the grocery store

Hillary hints at 2008 run

The media will not save us.

MSNBC Flash 18 Marines Killed in Fallujah

US Oil Output Lowest Since 1950 - (hurricane Ivan)

They lied about the building lockdown in Ohio!!! and they are BUSTED!!!

It's a Question of Morals, eh?

Bev Harris harassed by the Secret Service.

Air America commercial with Dame Edna is so funny.

Ayatollah you so - carrying the Xtian right to the extreme

Architect of Abu Ghraib Torture is Bush's Pick for Attorney General

Al Franken kidding? Jenna & Barb joined Armed Forces?

Are there really more of them than of us?

Karl Rove is SO OBSESSED with gays and gay marriage

WPTT 1360AM Pittsburgh picks up F'in Neil Boortz to replace O' Reilly

Let's talk about "Political Capitol"

To all DU Vets and their families

Citizen Hearings in Ohio to Probe Election Starting This Weekend!

Who were the real Saddam supporters?

Today is Veteran's Day. They died and sacrificed for our freedoms, yet

Black box voting down?

Courting the Center - how liberals and centrists should fight the Right...

To The Dem Strategists, Don't Fool Yourself About The Fundies

GE sets tongues wagging in India

I can't believe Bush is going to privatize SS.

"Values": why Michael Moore, not Howard Stern?

Please cut & paste this letter and send to

They are actually going to print this!

ABC affiliates dropping "Saving Private Ryan" like tainted meat.

Scary Times, Even for a Preacher

Move On Petition for Election Investigation

Bruce Schneier: The Problem with Electronic Voting Machines

Is today 4/1? Franken sez the Bu$h twins joined the USMC.

Franken "interviewing" pillow used to smother Arafat

BBV people, I need help re: DRE's and optical scans/do op. scans suck too?

What's with this "Family Values" spin, anyway?

A poster to save lives

How many of us are still thinking about LEAVING THIS COUNTRY or never did?

My Psychotic idea to attack the Republican Party

what does "God Fearing" mean ?

Bad Blood (in Florida , madcow)

NPR wouldn't let Michelle Norris do ANY political reporting 'cause husband

Kerry Lawyers sent into Ohio!

An open letter to Chimpy McFlightsuit

Getting our message across-Left vs. Right

Vote Fraud in Senate Races too?

I might be moving back to the USA. . .

The scariest thing I have *ever* seen on the web

$100,00 Reward for Vote Fraud Evidence

"The antichrist is in the world now. He has just not been revealed."

First step in taking back America: deciding what's important to America

the Rude Pundit talks rude about Ashcroft (not for the timid)

Anyone else feel like a dem in limbo between extremes.....

Where were the swing voters and the undecided?

Anyone have that photo of Bush from the Guardian?

I was thinking about leaving this country

Must See - clip of (D) Rep Tim Ryan (Ohio) regarding Draft

Catholic DUers: Anecdotal reports of parish pressure to vote Bush?

First draft of Kerry's concession speech has been released

Victims or Heroes: what's it gonna be?

Rating Yahoo stories

Living More with Less

Yahoo News: Nader calls for US election recounts

Nation's Poor Win Election For Nation's Rich (-The Onion)

Just got an email from MoveOn.....topic: Vote fraud

Ok. I've got some questions on the Rapture that I need explained, please:


Maureen Dowd has called out Zell Miller to a dual

When did Jonathon Alter lose the rug?

CORRECTION: Rove caught smiling at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

I want an investigation of Move.on...

Riverbend of the "Baghdad Burning" blog posted yesterday.

Bush Didn't Win 44% of Hispanic Vote —The Smoking Exit Poll

NYT: US Marines Use White Phosphorus For Cover

The bastards are rewriting history in the worst way!

This is the sound of an AK-47 being fired at you...

totally creeped out by totalitarian SLIDERS episode...

does God give people tracts of land?

If 2004 were a mystery novel: the mother of all conspiracy theories

American Life League Is Still After Pro-Choice Public Figure Catholics

what's the opposite of political capital?

I reject notion of explaining an issue in 5 words or less

Post your favorite right wing meme in this thread....

American injuries in Fallujah much higher than reported by Army.

Is there some kind of um, strategy, to end this war in Iraq?

Here is one example of our honorable "nation building" in Iraq:

'A Pittance of Time' - moving song and video of remberance...

I'm really addicted to the "Sorry Everyboody" site.

Bush spent 70 minutes talking with the Plame prosecutor.

"Our long national nightmare of Nixonism-Reaganism-Bushism is almost over"

Send Mrs. Edwards a Get Well wish here!

Important Event (Religion in U.S. Politics) in NYC next Thursday 11/18

First post

What MANDATE???????????

Dems. say Applebee's is Answer to Party Problems

voter fraud

Info for anyone who knows someone who's "draft age"

OWN the Outrage (Not Election Related -- Gay Marriage)

The way everyone is traumatized by the election...

14 bases in Iraq?

Let the Republicans have their family values, we've got something better!!

How can we get rid of the current DNC leadership?

How they are trying to demoralize us

Red V. Blue Comparisons

Confusion about recount

So MoPaul..

Lest we forget what they said: Iraq war will be a "cakewalk"

DU this CNN poll

anyone read Confessions of a cultural elitist?

Democratizing Iraq? Government report says Bushit

Florida DUers: Jeff Fisher - Credible or not?

Easy, Cheap Way To Help Wounded Troops For The Holidays

Good example of the Bush voter mind...

How many post do we need before

Cartoons for everybody . . . Asscroft, etc. Keep it kicked . . . Investigate the Vote

buddy home on 2 week leave from iraq

DU call to action. The foreign media.

Now That Arafat's Dead

A easy way to deal with stress:Lesson 1

Stephen Bezruchka, MD: a surgeon general for the next Democratic admin.

Here is one example of our honorable "nation building" in Iraq:

Forget Christian Fundamentalists

Regressive (NOT Conservative) TheoCons...

Speculate on Iraqi Currency!

Martin Peretz is an ass

Important PROTEST the 2004 Election - DNC Headquarters, Washington DC

Accidental dupe

Wanna be scared? Read Gonzales' 2002 torture memo

what happened to the new forum. CGCS?

How the nation will end up if the Republicans go unopposed

The futility of framing as a tactic for the left.

A Question for the Economists and such

Re-branding the other side

"World Geography & History from a Christian Perspective"

Support for Elizabeth Edwards

It Can't Happen Here

An email I just received from Elizabeth Edwards

Investigate the Vote - is back

Why have the networks decided I can't see Saving Private Ryan?

How can the international community reach out to ordinary Americans?

APME Comments Suggest Gonzales Won't Be a Press-Friendly A.G.

Insurgents are now in MOSUL...must lay siege and air strike

OK, why are we in Fallujah again?

DU Nader/recount yahoo news story- it's being freeped

Proof that America is turning into a Fascist country.

The Fallacy of Red vs. Blue states

It seems that my angst ridden posts per day have gone way up since..

How long before Karl Rove hails Bush as The Second Coming?

post your favorite Freeper pics here (inspired by

Axis of Evil - Meet the new Republican senators.

Pregnant baboon runs loose at Bush airport

Did anyone else hear Howard Dean's commercial on Air America?

Reframing privatization

Gonzalez has Bush fundies already crawling out of the woodwork.

We really need an organization of Dem Professionals and Tradespeople.

Networks Are "Fearful of the New Congress"

Map Showing What Stayed the Same, What Changed 2004 vs. 2000

I'm lost listening to Randi Rhodes. Hold my hand.

Right-Wing Timeline

SAMMYBLUE's Top Ten Conservative Idiots of the week (Vol #2)

Framing and emotions

I don't understand why we are being monitored by Agent Mike

Texas starts the indoctrination of kids early

Vive Le Bush! This is what Kerry would have faced:

MoveOn: Investigate the Vote

Red State vs. Blue State media

What does BFEE stand for?

Looks like our man Keith O is making all the right enemies.

Inaugural Tunes

I heard Al Franken say that the Bush girls had joined the marines

I need help understanding what privatizing social security means

Can anyone tell me what VNS media network?

Local News featured CNN 9-11 Conspiracy story

Southern primaries sooner?

Anyone here have experience w/ "Homeland Network"

AP quoting a Fox embed re: finding 5 victims in a locked house

People who lurk among Freeps: are they ridiculing weresorry pics?

Republicans = Pharisees

My own personal experience with republican "family values"....

Help America Recount

Getting into bed with the Fundies is like getting into bed with the Mafia

Voting "irregularity" alleged in my tiny county:

Veteran's Day In School

PHOTOS: The official "We're not sorry!" gesture

Website points out Fascism problem

As I knelt at his grave, I wept with rage...


My Fearless Political Prediction For 2025 AD

"Blood on the Moon"..Where Was My Church When The Right Hijacked 'Values'

Vilsack wants to be next DNC chairman to keep Iowa's 1st-in-nation status.

Islam Online News reports "US Troops reportedly gassing Fallujah"

LINK to E-mail the Sect of State in Ohio

Living with PTSD.

Saving Private Ryan - WCVB Boston

Time to set up rewards for turning people in on voter fraud

Bev harris, will be RECOUNTING FLORIDA

My local TX, ABC station is not showing Saving Private Ryan, instead..

Tanks A lot!

New political slogans..

"Get Your War On's" Front Page!

Defeats usually contain a measure of success.

I think the problem with the Christian evangelicals is their

Foster Kids on Mind-Altering Drugs?

Gonzales: among the first justice obstructers in Plame case

To Contact Elizabeth Edwards .... from the Springfield News Leader

I just got an E-Mail that says Kerry is considering Un-Conceding?

Where are all the new DU-ers coming from?

A challenge to every DU'er without a star..

another great Ashcroft editorial cartoon

"Kerry Campaign Scrutinizes Ohio Ballots" from today's Plain Dealer

Inauguration Protest????

Would RONALD REAGAN Have Won in '72?

Marins in a Mosque

Calling all upstanding and professional DUers

Be sure to tell your friends about *evil grin*

So after a search scarry stuff!

Historical Overview of Party Politics in America


I propose something different,...I propose a "Month of Silence".

Who is even more motivated to Win in 06 and 08 than before last election?

Republican Moral Hypocrisy Is Out Of Control!

Charlie Rose, Friday, November 12, 2004

ALERT NC Duers and BBV people!!

"Don't give up on it, Keith"

How many American lives is Iraq worth ?

OK I admit I am watching the "news" tonight for the first time since V-Day

Bev Harris on Randi Rhodes today (thursday)

Could Kucinich beat DeWine?

3 Radical Clerics planning Jihadi Army in USofA - Fatwa -

CIA Critic of free to talk.....

David Cobb and Michael Badnarik TO RECOUNT OHIO

The big question...

Did Kerry EVER mention poor people in the debates?

Has anyone else ever heard of a media lock down on an election before?

1,400 Dead, and 8,300 Crippled G.I.'s since victory declared

Do the fundies want everyone to homeschool?

Faith gone wrong...Christians need a Jimmy Carter, not a George Bush

CAN DRAFT BE RIGGED? We need to start looking at this...

coming up. . . votergate analysis on

What did Randi say about this Alliance site today?

Help David Cobb get OH recount - $10 per precinct

More people voted D than R (Senate)

Question on how US war deaths are announced and counted.

Veterans' Day request to DU Veterans

Avi Ruben finds security hole in Diebold Source Code!


Help please- can someone provide the wonderful link for the post from

Productive Ways to Deal with the 2004 Election Results

On a day when more reservists have died since we invaded Iraq the what is up with their obsession with gay Republicans?

How to run successfully when they label one a liberal.

Michael Moore plans Fahrenheit sequel

About those 337,000 new "jobs" in October

Sure wish things were different.....

Randi Rhodes just asked for a dollar from all of us

Outsourced! American Eagle billing phone bank connects to India

Please help me make a list of the conspiracy theories of George W. Bush

Since I was never in combat, I don't consider myself a veteran.

Bill Maher Slapped w/ $9M Palimony Suit

Did Kerry ever mention handicapped people during debates?

Can we ever recover? (My own ideas of how)

The Fog of War is on Starz now (7 pm est)

NBC "news"...calling evidence of stolen election "conspiracy theories"

NBC now covering up voter fraud story

Celebration time: Gay Hispanic woman elected Dallas Texas sheriff

Don't forget to watch OLBERMANN

Have a chuckle, in between your Ulcers...

Federalist Society Convention on CSPAN right now

So, where is Howard Dean these days?

Recounts Protect the Integrity of Democracy

Everything is just simmering, waiting to come to a full boil -

Did any known or suspected voting machine errors favor democrats? Any?

(Religion Alert): Debunking the Rapture Theory ...

somebody reported OH sit-in org. to FBI

Tony Blair arrives in Washington for meeting with Bush tonight.

Do we need a Progressive Party?

"But for now, the Army is meeting its recruiting goals."

Is there something slightly disturbing about the Not Sorry gun nuts?

Did we miss this? DNC PRESS RELEASE

I would like to offer a reward to the media

Who were the only ones to fly the flag today on our street?

Wounded in Walter Reed need phone cards.

Wes Clark is an Idiot

Listening to "The World" on public radio, quoted a soldier

Regarding the impeachment in Nevada

Why they aren't showing Private Ryan in Pittsburgh? Too many F-words.

86 years later, Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys remember.

How Blackwell sabotaged the democratic vote in Ohio

More Moore? Some Dems are Down on Director

I have come to the realization, Kerry is my president!

Every DUer - Please, please sign this petition

Moral Values flyer

I live in TX, and a week before the election...

If you believe

I don't care about the Peterson Trial!!!

seriously, how can Evangelical bush lovers be reached?

"In the days after the theft of an election..."

what's that sneaking up on us from that creepy forest........?

My neighbor has a concentration camp tatoo on her forearm and I asked her

How many people hear made post and sent e-mails before Nov.2 about.?

NEWS: "Pomp and pageantry set for inaugural"

IDABRIGGS!!! Your name was just mentioned on the Countdown!!!!

Happy Vet's Day, vets!

Just an Idea that might work

Save the preconceived babies!!!!

Ted Strickland for President

I feel better now than i did in 2000, must be this forum,thank to all. n/t

Bev Harris on Randi Rhodes @ 5:30 PM Eastern time!!!

I've just had yet another Republican parent tell me they are

List of "ULTRA BAD" Repukes (Help Me!)

Here is what Wes Clark really meant on Chris Matthews about Gays!

NC: man fired for stating opposition to the war

Biggest Election F story: Errors that NEVER favor Dems

Anybody watching this "Letters from Iraq" show on HBO

How Bush's margin was inflated...

Private Ryan Saves War

My "Soapbox Alert"

The Freaky Shit We're Up Against : Bob Jones Sees Bush Win As 'Reprieve'

There's still 4-5 MILLION votes uncounted folks!

Conspiracy Comes In 2 Flavors: Tinfoil & Organized Crime

SIT-IN PLANNED FOR Sat in Columbus, OH -- at Statehouse

Rove bitter because no man has ever made a pass at him.


Private Company Still ‘Controls’ Election Outcome

Found this on the web: .MOV showing Bush's mental decline...

HELP! need intelligent response to freeper relative argument!

Need info on Manhattan residents and September 11th

Chris Matthews is jumping on board with the voting scandal!

I am a warrior!

Help! Remember a thread with a link to a prof. saying exit polling being

I bet Asscroft was the Plame leak

When are we going to get a cause of death for Arafat?

when the draft comes back how many republicans will come out of the closet

The DU Vote Fraud Compendium Thread has been

any five people can request a recount apparently

Is it possible NBC cleared the way for them to now attack on Voter Fraud?

Where are the BOB WOODWARD type reporters when we need them ????

Lie Girls (You've gotta see this!)

Lots of new persons on the boards tonight

Support the troops -- cuz BushCo doesn't

Ruling could end luxury yacht tax deduction


A 51 Percent Mandate?

Bush can't even get the Iraq elections straight

Skull and Bones historians, I have a question...

Should we get involved in getting an Ohio recount?

Moving Rightward On the "Moral Values" Debate Is Not A Roadmap For Victory

Would a reward offer result in a black box whistle blower?

Wes on Tweety -- Wants standardized voting

AOL to Red States: We Don't Want YOu

New words we need to use against conservatives

So I'm experiencing nausea and a headache, should I blame...?

Anderson Cooper CNN Covered the fraud tonight

Has anyone looked at these New Mexico Numbers?

Bush Snatches Victory thru “Virtue” of Harlot--

I just took the strangest Zogby poll.

Something that concerns me about overturning Roe v. Wade

Culture war began w/ slavery ...Our STANDS on the issues are irrelevant...

How to respond to the Bush won by 5 million popular votes?

As Fast as Blogs See Vote Fraud, Web Is Proving Rumors Wrong

Peak Oil: A Reality Check

Odd Story from Iraq

has nader paid the $2000 yet?

Red State...Blue State...A Funny (kinda' )Comparision

It seem like our latest offensive in Iraq has made Iraq Worse?

Think Kerry Is Not Involved In This Fight? Think Again

Does anyone have a link to becoming a conscientious objector?

New conspiracy theory: ACLU got * reelected!

On HBO Tonight - "Last Letters Home" in honor of Veterans Day

Idaho Elects It's First Lesbian Legislator!

"We're committing genocide in Iraq"...

Think Kerry Is Not Involved In This Fight? ..... Think Again.

I am outraged! My 82+ mom and 84+ dad cannot get a flu shot!

Saving Private Ryan - I Just heard the F word on TV

Randi has a website that will get us a RECOUNT IN OHIO now has a petition they are sending to congress!

Wes Clark Hates Gay People!

This is probably old news, but my local ABC station

Did I just hear an ad for FARENHYPE 9/11 on Air America?!

On Veterans Day, I just want to take time to Thank the DU vets!

Opt out forms for midddle/highschoolers to military recruiters

Cat Lovers, Avoid This War Report

LIMBAUGH and HANNITY won't even see us coming...but we are!

Federal Government spends $2.3 Million to "study" Prayer

Cam Kerry email a rightist hoax

Radical Cleric Falwell Plans for 'Evangelical Revolution'

please make Dr. Phil stop

Colorado DU'ers: We need to win the Colorado governorship.

I'm going to be ill.

Let me vent a little bit, I DESPISE Rick Santorum

Help, my Husband is sick of my election talk

Anybody see that AEI Liar on CSPAN this morning?

Dick's DICK???? This is too strange

Extra Special VETERANS DAY Truthseeker Thread

Help David Cobb with Ohio recount - donations needed

I'm going to Iraq in January 2005

I've converted a Republican!

When Abortion Becomes Illegal

"The inaugural is a rich, symbolic, highly visible target"

Average IQ: Blue X Red, I Rest My Case

Donate the right side of a dollar to the Salvation Army, and add a note

mr. bush's fall will be glorious and awful to behold......

Rage Against the Machines--New ISO Uploaded

How has the emergence of BUSH affected your personal relationships?

Wealthy liberals refused to invest in AAR and other ventures.

A "sorry everyone" picture worth seeing, from Argentina

Veterans Day TOON Addendum

I'm a Changed Man, Thanks to This Election

I'm surprised the Tulsa ABC affil is showing Pvt. Ryan

OH MY GOD!!! (from

With Honor and Duty

If Republican are so anti-Gay why do they...

Parents of School-Age Kids: What Kind of School do Your Kids Attend?

Somewhere in Iraq, a soldier is reading this on Veteran's Day....

Save it for Sunday school

Support the troops? I'll save my support for this one.

Ohio DU'ers: We NEED To Win the OHIO Governorship!

MEME: "Regressives" NOT "Conservatives"...

MSNBC still promoting "Noone was really for Kerry."

I am a LiberGreentarian

amy goodman on possible ohio fraud/ fbi lockdown

Voting Irregularities Forum Emerges -

anybody have tonight's olbermann video?

Another Election Chart

Theocracy on the march...New appointment Alert !!!

It's selfish, but Kerry's loss has RUINED TV for me ..

Just a lifelong Texas Democrat's thoughts on "converting" fundies

It's stupid for us to apologize to the world for Bush's election.

Send Get Well cards to Elizabeth Edwards at

Anybody else think Maher lawsuit is retaliation by Bushco

I'm having a hard time today not becoming overwhelmed with rage and hatred

Something I just stumbled across

A liberal co-worker left the PNAC site up for the boss to find...

A thousand Fallujahs

a few words to make you a little prouder to be a liberal

Is ** going to reinstate the Draft?

I Know a Secret -- I Know a Secret -- Want to know what it is?

What can be done to restrain Blackwell?

Which of these 'Tin Foil hat' theories do you actually think are true?

I'm Jewish and I work at McDonalds

I think Democrats/Progressives deserve answers from John Kerry

How DO we end red state welfare?

"Lawyers are terrible communicators."

DUers - I love the fight going on over at 100%ers

Did Kerry mention Pygmies during the debates?

The best election interpretation piece I've seen

Just say, the recount favors Kerry, then what?

Going Bush Lite didn't work this time.... Isn't it time to take a stand?

I think I'm going to resign in this fraud game

Is anybody else sick of form letters from Kerry principals?

ABC News: Some Say U.S. No Longer Feels Like Home

Check in HERE when you've donated to the recount effort.

How will YOU react when your son or daughter is DRAFTED?

Matthew Shepard: Gay Bashing or Mugging Gone Wrong?

Official "" photo-remix thread! ON YOUR MARK ...

Is Alberto Gonzales of the PNAC wing of the Bushista party?

Let's all send a Get Well card to Elizabeth!! (Keep it kicked, folks!)

Christopher Hedges, ex-NYTimes reporter: The draft is imminent.

TOONS: Picking up and carrying on edition

The Imagery of FASCISM:

Help! My son is hostage to the MONKEY!

Was the killing of the Dean Candidacy why we lost?

Yahoo! Gets Sen. Barack Obama Photo Caption WRONG

I am appalled at the sight of so many people here

I salute you

Lest we forget

In Flanders Field

Remember, you heard it first on Radio Skin ...

US soldier, two rebels killed in Baghdad attack

Number of Foreign Graduate Students in U.S. Falls

Counties vary in handling of provisional ballots across Alabama

Yasser Arafat's wife has led a life of luxury in Paris

Prisoner abuse trials moving to Fort Hood (Abu Ghraib)

Major Troop Increase in Iraq Not Needed, Bush Says

Marine Major Guilty in Prison Abuse Death

Bosnian Serbs sorry for Srebrenica deaths

Iraqi hostages found (alive) in Falluja

Anti-Gay GOP Candidate In Standoff With Police

Kerry's lawyers are headed to Ohio to speak to election officials.

Former Sen. Krueger Hospitalized in Texas

Egypt Prepares to Receive Arafat's Body

DU under attack at HundredPercenter

Diabold source code!!

FBI Probes Theft at Democratic Fund

Palestinian Leader Arafat Dies at 75 (DUPE??)

Conspiracy theories about presidential election flood Internet

The President is too busy to call, Spain told

Martha Stewart pleads for legal aid

E-Vote Firm Agrees to Pay State (CA-Diebold)

The unlikely sheriff in Bush's backyard: a Hispanic lesbian Democrat

Las Vegas street preachers and casino owners make uneasy peace in 'Sin Cit

Fallujah Wounded Arriving by the Dozens at U.S. Military Hospital in Germa

Kerry campaign lawyers checking Ohio vote

Baptist measure to promote Christian schooling quashed

Bush at Tomb of Unknown Soldier

Palestinians Attack Settlement After Arafat Dies

Newsday trimming work force by 100

Philip Morris Hid Link to Research Facility -Study

Huge Explosion Hits Central Baghdad (11/11/04)

Elizabeth Edwards' Cancer Has Not Spread

FBI Probes Theft at Democratic Fund

Blair primed for first Bush talks

UNEMPLOYMENT initial claims increased to 333,000

IAEA cites South Korea for hidden nuclear activities: report

N Korea 'wary' on nuclear talks

Left Wing Claims Exit Polls Were Accurate, Bush Stole Election

Tuscaloosa AL: Bomb Threat at DAYCARE Network

(Gr. Rapids MI) Possible layoffs at Siemens Logistics and Assembly Systems

A 51 Percent Mandate?

US military estimates more than 500 insurgents killed in Fallujah

New York Post: 'INTENT' STAR FAINTS ON THE SET (D'Onofrio)

Layers of Aircraft Stack Fullujah Skies (Myers hardly, if any civilian ..

Layers of Aircraft Stack Fallujah Skies

Bodyguard Says Minnelli Made Him Have Sex

Dozens more Kerry supporters flock to Florida therapists

Bill Maher Hit With Palimony Suit

CNN is going to...

Bush's Iraq policy aide Blackwill joins Haley Barbour's lobbying firm

TV stations canceling 'Ryan' telecast

18 Americans, 5 Iraqis Die in Fallujah

Avi Ruben Finds Security Hole In Diebold Source Code

U.S. Launches Second Phase in Fallujah (over 164 wounded flown to Germany)

Bush Honors Fallen American Soldiers

Iraqi Prisoner Abuse Trials Moved to U.S.

Dutch Police Hit By Siege Grenade

Arrests Made in Alleged OxyContin Ring

U.S. Sees Chance of Peace Hinging on Arafat Successor

New rebel tactics emerge in Fallujah (Sarin also found)

Climate report leaves U.S. policy unchanged

Veterans kept the military's secret, some until death (vet mistreatment)

U.S. Says Hundreds of Insurgents Killed (no mention of the 315 in Germany)

Survey: Format Influenced Voter Priorities ("moral values" in polls)

Police Remove Checkpoints Around Capitol

Iraq Deaths Comprise Many Reservists

Bush Honors 'Hidden Heroes' in Military

Assembly panel: Impeach Nevada (GOP) controller

Get ready for more Moore

WTO rules against US gambling ban

Brokaw now

Online Liberals: We Wuz Robbed

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 11 November

And When The Tanks Go Rolling In...Los Angeles!!

Floriad Recount

Terror hits Haifa Street , Rebels take charge of neighborhood

CIA agent publicly chides White House for terror war - Defying protocol

U.S. doesn't want its campaign in Fallujah to be lost on airwaves or Inter

Chile Issues Report on Pinochet Torture

Fallujah Wounded Arriving by the Dozens at US Military Hospital in Germany

N.C. head of college GOP to question fund-raising tactics

Olson Predicts Firestorm for Next Justice

On speech circuit, CIA's ex-chief tiptoes around wisdom of war

Illinois Senate Will Vote on Human Cloning for Stem Cell Research Bill Em

Insurgents Try to Flee Encircled Fallujah (maybe)

Iraq Rebels Hit Back Amid Falluja Battles

Iraqi Armenians link explosion near Armenian Church in Baghdad...

Indian vote draws Clinton, top Democrats to airwaves

Saudi releases six militants who took up amnesty offer

U.S. says Falluja battle won't break insurgency

US to stay in Iraq for up to three more years: former top US general

Santorum's(PA) residency questioned (Over Cyber School his kids)

18 Soldiers who died last 2 days in Iraq 2/pictures + hometown

Clashes break out in Iraqi oil city of Baiji

Bush Could Use Political Capital on Immigration

Cream Returns!

Troops raid homes of Sunni leaders

Elderly Veteran Killed in Mass. (Veteran's Day) Parade

Bill Maher Hit w/ $9M Palimony Suit

EU-Iran Nuke Talks Remain Inconclusive/News Int'l., Pakistan

New insurgency confronts US forces

Alabama Republicans set agenda for 2005

(More than 650) US soldiers in Iraq hit by (flyborne) parasite (in Iraq)

Veteran killed while getting ready for parade

Fresh violence flares in Mosul (lg. parts Mosul under Insurgent control)

Iraq seeks to curb press freedoms

A Thousand Fallujahs--Asia Times Online..

CIA Officer Quits Job to Criticize Agency

Wonded veterans face new fight to secure government benefits

WHO recommends smallpox virus alteration

Israeli Police to raise alert to 'war level'

New rebel tactics emerge in Fallujah

Hearings Widespread Voting Irregs that Call Thousands of Votes into ?

Iraqi Gov't Warns Media About Coverage

A thousand Fallujahs

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq (1,155)

Ex-Adviser Reportedly Hurt Embassy Aide

CIA agent publicly chides White House for terror war

U.S. to Consider Naming Mideast Peace Envoy -WP

Insurgents on rampage in north Iraq city of Mosul

Tanks Greet Protestors in Los Angeles

Nuclear whistleblower Vanunu arrested in Jerusalem

Clinton Says Arafat Missed the Chance for Peace

Party chairmanship interests governor

Satan hides in a hospital (US war crimes; cluster bombs in the streets)

Two Marine Helicopters Shot Down in Iraq

Bush May Call for Major European Role in Post-Arafat Peace Effort -NYT

GOP consultant: Bush win is bad news for moderates

NYT: Choice of Gonzales May Blaze a Trail for the High Court

Arctic thaw could open vast oil and gas region

Political Debate at Minn. School Gets Ugly

Ex-Adviser Reportedly Hurt Embassy Aide (Blackwill, prospect for NSA job)

Gonzales nomination angers abortion foes

WP: Bush's Hard Line Loses Cuban Moderates

Fallujah creating a humanitarian ‘disaster’

MSNBC - Ohio— The recount of 2004 (David Shuster)

NBC: Internet theories on election abound Updated: 6:48 p.m. ET Nov. 11

(Green & Libertarian) Presidential Candidates To Demand Ohio Recount

NYT: AARP Opposes Bush Plan to Replace Social Security With Private Accoun

Canada to US: We're Not Your 'Drugstore'

Frist urges Democrats to stop filibusters

BBC: Falluja troops under heavy fire

Nader calls for US election recounts

Kerry campaign lawyers checking Ohio vote

Equipment counted straight-party Dem votes as Libertarian

Rumsfeld Says Hundreds of Iraqi Insurgents Killed

Moore to shoot sequel to 'Fahrenheit'

As Fast as Blogs See Vote Fraud, Web Is Proving Rumors Wrong -NYT

Former US President Jimmy Carter calls Arafat a "powerful human symbol

CIA Critic of U.S. War on Terror Resigns

Marines Believe they found sarin nerve gas in Fallujah?

Presidential Election: Investigate the Vote

Pageantry Planned for Bush Inauguration

New Group to Tout Democrats' Centrist Values (3rd Way's Moderate Majority)

Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?

Guess what we are getting our right wing inlaws for Christmas?

Maybe there's a God above

Breaking News: Arafat Still Dead.

I introduced Drunk Barber to the Daily Show tonight

Well, there goes the Beatles reunion.

LOL! You guys watching Conan?

I just got elected vice-president

I went freeping in the park one day, in the merry, merry month of May

Just for fun

H.G. Wells' Time Machine.

a universal among liberals...

Pretty funny item from Landover Baptist....

OK -what is the deal with the lady getting the bouquets on Letterman?

I'm watching Mama's Family

OK... who's been feeding my dog Gassy brand Pinto Bean treats?

Starting a new blog on C/S separation, help me think of name...

I came to a bad realization

I am off to bed. My sleepwear should be

That song "Green Eyed Lady" by Surgar Loaf

"you know, the NAZIS had pieces of flair that they made the JEWS wear"

You have got to love The Onion

Oh dear, what can I do? Baby's in black, and I'm feeling blue.

My father is Jack Schitt.

I just farted. Is that the October Surprise?

I've got it: Boycott FAUX Country and forever.

A Hell of a story


Trigonometry: between three people?

Random, late night, political science quiz...Fun for the whole family

RWers don't support Gay Marriage, but do they support Gay Divorce?

Trucker slang 101

How do you want to DIE ???? oy heavy ...........

So, I think I just cut off my family.

delete post

Anyone else miss seeing Kerry on TV?

It's 2:30 AM, and I'm starving.

I Hate Computers


Ruby Keeler

Q 4 Diet savvy people: How long after workout should 1 wait before eating?

Goooood Morning DU!

I just had the best breakfast ever!!!

OK I did it I'm OUT

What if I were to tell all of you to go to hell?

Ugh, why do I bother with GD and GDTBA?

Laptop Problem--Advice Please?

Good lord what do I do? I've been asked out for the very 1st time...

Haven't seen any Halo 2 threads. Anyone?

My name is jpgray, and I want no physical contact whatever with you

Florida Third Grader Charged With Sex Crime

Happy Veteran's Day

I'm a septic - ask me anything!

This Veterans Day/Remembrance we wage war:

Five Year Old Girl Saves Infant Sister From Dingo Attack

Iowa: The Hawkeye State Has Become The SUV State

Judge Who Starred In X-Rated Video Resigns

testing Mozilla Firefox

Pig latin from spam

I'm addicted to sex and I'm not getting any, is there treatment for this?

I am addicted to Sex in the Suburbs...Is there treatment for this?

Anyone have wireless internet access? Totally confused about it

a heartfelt thanks to all our DU Veterans from Big McLargehuge

The Antifreeze is in my car now,,,it just has not been sealed

Okay I am admitting it I am a Daria Fan ...

Jesus speaks through the Republicans

I had the weirdest dream about being a Bush Twin Lookalike.....

Ausssie's "Sexpo" stirs controversy with Remembrance Day opening

Female Inmate Confined To Jail Cell For Refusing To Cut Long Fingernails


DU docs: Care to try some diagnosis? (jaw pain)

GET OFF MY LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Simpsons" producer: "The Simpsons" staff hates the "Family Guy"

FINALLY!!-The Laci and Conner shrine/memorial

Happy days are here again!

Old but good..."An open letter to the citizens of the USA......"

I Attended My First Ever Yoga Class Last Night - Ask Me Anything

Who Secretly loves the Lawrence Welk Show?

Flashing with the Queen!!!

Arafat death - conspiracies, * did it, and some fun

I'm listening to the audio book of "Hannibal" during my commute...

Don't turn right at this sign:

I'm checking out the telescope I just bought

A Tribute To Our DU Veternarians

Cartoon: Steve Bell, Guardian

Enlighten me! What does :) mean in computer language?

Hunter Attacked, Badly Beaten By Angry Buck

Why am I so tired?

HTML Gurus! Help me! I'm too stupid!

Who likes to get up early and enjoy the morning?

Fuck the South!

I also need some Biryani recipes, please!

Favorite God of Bread

Beast Man Cafe open! Today's special: Lion Cut Blend.

I'm flying my flag today.

I can order any movie from Blockbuster, what should I get??

heh heh - I used "torus" and "kristallnacht" in the same thread tonight

Caption: Poodle's comin'

Who is more dead? Arafat or Reagan

Do reading glasses from drugstores ruin your eyes?

Any Ambient music fans here?

So, the inappropriate response from my visiting parents was...

It was this what done Arafat in

Most important/influential Movie of the last year?

Any Ambivalent music fans here?

I'd like to build the world a home...

Bodhisattva, would you take me by the hand

Navy Corpsman Poem for Armistice Day--- Vietnam Era

I Love the Smell of Steelhead in the Morning.

Would you stop doing that ALREADY??!!!

Any world that I'm welcome to...

Funny and yet disturbing- CALL LIvE GIRLS!

Liza Minnelli accused of sexual harrassment.

Should I change my name to Commander BunnyPants?

What should I change my name to?

Eek, my star disappeared!

You are irrelevant! ROBOSAPIEN is here!

Ever bake Nana in your oven - is it worth a try?

Having a feel-like-giving-up kinda day

Mt. St. Helens sure LOOKS like it is doing something...

Ever bake Grandma in your oven - is it worth a try?

I love the smell of Steelers in the morning

What should I change my name to, part deux?

In honor of Veteran's Day-three Army stories

I have a new sport...

I'll Pimp-Slap The Next Person Who Says I Smell Like Dihydrogen Monoxiode

Ever bake alaska in your oven? Is it worth a try?

I Love The Smell of Steely in the Morning

Squirrel: The Other White Meat!

If your cable compnay started offering stations on an ala carte basis....

You Know You're From Maine When...

I love the smell of steelhead in the morning.

Author Chang found dead aged 36

I Love Cheerleaders!

Couple of fun on-line games that will test and entertain you...

I Love Cheeseburgers!


Adult site that really isn't...(very funny)

Air America commercial with Dame Edna is so funny.

My thought of the day

Steelers question: what do they do with Maddox?

What one or two words would perfectly describe your mucus taste?

Saw the Pixies last night -- they're even better 15 years later

A thread about last night's episode of "Lost"? Didn't see one...

Man Held In Police Lockup Sets His Own Pants On Fire - Burned

If any Les Miserables fans...

Is there any file-sharing program I can get West Wing on?

High Speed Chase Ends When Man Gets Stuck In Pile Of Shit

Today is Dad Adder's birthday!

DUers with Cafepress stores! It's Winter please do Sweats!

Dean's Democracy for America-I have tried twice to register for their

Scenes of the Surreal

You have to have a goal to aim for

Questionable Judgments

Saw Bob Dylan last night

I found them! The people that voted for *

Chemistry between 2 people

How are these lyrics Un-American?

People with Issues

I don't know...does this look like a gay couple to you?

I am surprised the duboard is indexed on google

America's Real Gun Problem

The actual first draft of John Kerry's Concession Speech

Where the hell did this earworm come from?

Our tax dollars hard at work!

Wipe that look of disdain off your face and CAPTION

What does an earworm look like?

Names in the News

Enemy at the Gates on TNT right now.

I hit 800 last night!!

To the veterans, god bless you all

My new motto? Draft Young Republicans!!!!

Fucked up dream that is still bothering me...

I could never be anyone but Cheswick

Least Competent Criminals

I think my cable just went out

The cover of this week's Time Out New York

Who has spouses/partners that don't care if you spend time at DU?

3 hours off graveyard shift, listening to Miles Davis

Man Gets His License Suspended For 100 Years


I think Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlate lost this election for Kerry..

My new avatar -- I mean it sarcastically, but is it going to annoy/confuse

Song of the day: Chad & Jeremy - Adesso si

Are there any Canadian Veterans on DU?

So my hospital lab blasts Fox News and only Fox News all day!

It's my birthday and I'm bored.....

NewsMax T-shirt, it's funny and arrogant at the same time.

Hey, internet. Give me a reason.

CNN's finest hour...

Liberals eat salad and DIE!

Another Republikan in action:

Let's bring back an old favorite: Whats your favorite Coltrane Album?

Santana wins Cy least there's SOME justice.

Hey guys, maybe we should all leave

If you want to destroy my sweater....

My husband's best friend reports to Iraq in just a few weeks!!!!

Negativland fans! Time to vote!

DEMMAN is no more, I am commander bunnypants

I just want to say for the record that U2's best album is "War"

Is it a sin to bang out mindless posts just so I can reach 1000?

More Republikan "Values"

Nations poor wins election for nation's rich--Onion

Lounge Lizards, here's some great stuff from GD you HAVE to see


Comic Book Fans: Is anyone else reading Identity Crisis?

Was Santa ever in the military?

how soon is too soon

Bodyguard Says Minnelli Made Him Have Sex

I finally saw a "Dog the Bounty Hunter" where he gets rocked

English teachers help me!!!

AW GEEZ, Randi! TMI!

And we wonder why we lost?

Anyone know how I can boost my PM reception?

New York Post: 'INTENT' STAR FAINTS ON THE SET (D'Onofrio)

post a kitty picture or some dog pics NOW !!!!!!

Hi, I'm new.

What's the funniest kind of picture on ?

Anyone know how I can boost my AM reception?

If Pagerbear had a Cafepress store, what would he sell?

Need Cover Letter Help - 11/Nov/2004

Repeat after me, Alexander the Great was gay, not bi, gay, not sexually

Just when i was having fun watching Star Trek

A easy way to deal with stress:Lesson 1

The Gamesters of Triskelion

Woman sues Bill Maher, says he reneged on offer to marry her

how soon is now

This is my 900th poo, pass me a flask

Who went to remembrance/memorial day services today?

Bad Week in Louisiana for Barnyard Animals

Update on Richard

Lesson On How to Share Your Faith

Real cereal or not real cereal?

Anyone know how I can boost my BM ejection?

Is this what a bible thumper is?

Someone please make these politically themed products...

We now live in a Mulletocracy

Merlin wants you to know that...

Theater or Theatre?

I come here to get some things done and get about you?

Calendar or fruit?

The latest Chick Tracts are up!

I just thaw a song. I just thaw a song.

The missing link in our own evolution!

I just saw a thong, I just saw a thong

{random thought}I love yogurt, but "nouriche" tastes kinda funny

Let's all move to Massachusetts.

Writers, have you used script writing software?

Ever wonder why

The subversive art of Ron English

NO! I won't be joining the 11:30 walkers (blanket office e-mail I sent)

Pregnant baboon runs loose at Bush airport

Hysterical Anti-Bush video game by a child of the 80s

I just bit a....long. I just bit a long.


Anybody got any spare valium ?

Just returned from a week in Savannah

Sorry for the stupid question,

Advice to anyone planning on moving down south...

Ever bake Naan in your oven - is it worth a try?

Favorite Euphemism for Cocaine?

Can I have a lot of thugs?

George Bush and Bill Cosby have a conversation on the Moon

What's for dinner tonight?

Can I have a lot of drugs?

Repeat after me, Liberace was gay, not bi, gay, not sexually anbiguous,

vision the soaring eagle above asscraft

The Peasants Are Revolting!

I just lit a bong, I just lit a bong.

FIRST Pictures of Jeb and Dubya (Being Born)!

Do you Double Dip?

On Veterans' Day

I want my money back!

Thing. Thing a thong.

City foks, educate me

Crappy music videos

Which is the stupider movement: Ex-Virgins or Renewed Gays?

Tinfoil hat construction, maintenance, and proper usage (dogs included)

Which is the stupider movement: Ex-Renewed or Gay Virgins?

Canadian Punk is alive and well, despite being Dead Chretiens

Cooks of Indian cuisine - I need a good Dal recipe

I can't find the site ''

Okay I missed the start of Randi's show so how did she get in the hospital

Do I have a mandate?

Guess who this is

Bang a gong, get it on, bang a gong...

Jane's Addiction song...for a Pixar movie. It hurts, it hurts!

Shout-out and Welcome to AuntJen!

Repeat after me, Debbie Reynolds is gay, not bi, gay, not sexually

I gots to watch me some more of that there Japanese TV

Hmmm...That's some long lasting salsa...

Gary Busey whips out his ferrets for George

Repeat after me, Reynolds Aluminum is Gay, not Bi, not Sexually Ambiguous,

Have you ever done anything this stupid????????

What's Your Favorite Paul Anka Song About a Pregnant Woman?

I got bored, so I made a couple (nonpolitical) pics- incl. 2 DU logos

Missing "Sorryeverybody" ? Here is is again

What is your all-time favourite stage or film musical?

apprently French are aware of "sorryeverybody" that's good

Ahhhh... Tomorrow's Friday, classes are done, I've had my supper...

For the most forgotten Vets... nurses... Saigon68 was one, I know

War on Terror and Gays Continues: Threat level to be increased!

Any one else on LiveJournal?

I'm eating a salad. How long until I die?

Best one line from a rock lyric (poll)

I Screwed Up----There's always one fool in every bunch

Back with a new name.

What is your favorite duet by Elton John & Kiki Dee?

Why can't Freepers come up with any original ideas?

Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child

BTW....Shrek 2 sucked ass....

AUNT JEMIMA: Terrorist, Freedom Fighter, Insurgent, or Hero?

Tosser Hugh Grant Retiring From Acting

On Veterans Day~~To Ira Hayes

My 100th post! Wanna buy me a drink?

I was just watching "Catch me if you can"

"The Bachelor" Dumped Cindy!

Where is that Sirius for $50 thread ($100 off) thread?

What morning show do you watch?


Can I share a nightmare I had last night?

Ketchup or Catsup?

Which Is It? (Return of a DU Lounge Classic)

help, somebody please point me to the Gallery?

My neighbors just earwormed me with the "I'm Lovin It" jingle.

Here's to all the pilots who served our nation.....

Tivo users: what is this one-minute off shit the networks are pulling?

So who do you believe

I purged today

Which admin is the greatest threat to national security?

HEy Hey just figured it out !

It's alright ma

Too bad oxy Rush was caught..he'd probably have od'd and been dead by now

I've got a serious pee addiction

Can this (apparently not) sorry sod learn how to use a computer?

Is this a kissable face, or what?

I wish this week from hell was over.

Cybersex Goes Wrong

I really hate when the first Simpsons season is played in rerun.

Something freepers fail to remember about God and Jesus.

I'm officially running on fumes now. caffeine? doesn't work.

To all trolls - the real point isn't that the war was wrong

Mary-Kate needs your help to score some crack

Worst Way to Buy

Is there a better way to say "Pussy Willow"?

What's Your Inauguration Day Song?

Gentlemen, have you planned any dates that you are especially proud of

Do you believe in sin?

Who here's watching out for Shadow People and Black Helicopters?

Maybe if she just met a nice boy who treated her well...

Why was Olbermann talking about the Enormous Egg?

More hangman

My bf finished Halo2 in 12 hours of play time

asthmaticeog needs your help to score some crack

If you found out the FBI had a file on you, how would you react?

Ahhh, Du is returning to normal

I should be doing my homework

WTF? Look at this ad for "Scott Peterson alerts"!

Let's play Hangman!

Which is the stupider movement: Ex-Gays or Renewed Virgins?

Just for a goof

Well, my mother and I had the inevitable post-election fight.

Diseased? Disabled? Just speak against them and heal thyself.

Bruce's "Star Spangled Banner" available online

What kind of revolution should we have?

DU this Dilbert Poll! Pick your favorite weasels!


I am so PISSED that I can't watch "Saving Private Ryan"

John Melencamp live by request on A&E

Did anyone else watch Drawn Together last night on Comedy Central?

hello - I have not really talked to anyone all day - pls talk to me - LOL

Thanks to Skinner I am no longer Disappeared.

Were Al Franken and Randi Rhodes weird today?

What's the Best Way to Protect Your Rights?

Why did everybody go and change their names!?!?

Here's a thought...Why Private Ryan is not being shown

visit "MoveLeft Media"

I just did the Running Man and the Lawn Mower to the amusement of

No wonder fast food is so horrible

Paging the DARING DrZeeLit!


Best bumper sticker EVER!

Reply #69 gets a prize!

Am I a poll whore?

Stupid smarmy bush-voting asshole picking on my kid.......GRRRRR

Who wants a nice, big, thick

yay, the siglines are back!

What was the best Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Episode?

Guten Abend Shrub Jugend!! Heil Shrub!

Psalm 2004

Fifty nights until New Year's Eve!

Don't go Slackin on Your Bush-Hatin'

my therapist's solution for post-election blues??? LITHIUM!!

I Just Noticed That Drudge Has Fallen Off of My Drop-Down Bar

GTA San Andreas or Halo 2


Another reason why I like dvds...

What is your favorite Blake's 7 episode?

I splurged today

Mouse Balls?

A happy link . . .

Cry, cry, sniff, sniff. I miss my baby. :(

Just can't take it

How to get fired, get a million dollar raise, bonus and 30 month contract

My Take On Privatizing Social Security

What is your favorite Love Boat episode?

Question for dumb neocons reporting DU to the FBI..etc......

Poker on TV: Please, make it stop

What is your favorite Dangermouse episode?

2 am Pacific, and I am so bored.

Well, I did it. This is kind of like getting drunk and getting tattoo

L.A. DUers (sorry to post this here) SUNDAY !!!!!

my chicks are hatching! The eggs are "talking" to me!

Leaving New York

Pictures of Virtual Women

Hey! My ABC station is showing Shaving Ryan's Privates!

What was your favorite ST: Voyager episode.


To the gentleman upstairs who left his laundry in the communal washer:

my local tv station refuses to show "shaving ryan's privates"!!!

Who's the goofiest looking DEM leader?

Gulf Coast DUers Meet Up

A challenge to every DU'er without a star..

My Thursday night is SAVED! Bible Mad Libs!

I am addicted to Sex in the City...Is there treatment for this?

post your favorite Freeper pics here (inspired by

Complete this Sentence

Many new DUers are posting to this thread...veterans

Does Anyone else ever kick a thread from page 20? Like one that had

No hugs tonight

How do I post a photo here?

3rd day of antibiotics for bronchitis. I'm sick of coughing!!! Waahhhh!!!!

"Make you fresh and healthy!"

the new freak duckie out thread

I listen to the same woman crying several times a day, each and every day.

Check out this amusing election poem

Medicaid threatens to terminate girls nursing care

Oh god no!! I abandoned Pat Robertson without realizing it!

The world needs a Shel Silverstein biography.

Something for Remembrance day

DU Uniformed Services percentages

Ah, computers are grand, ain't they?

Will someone tell Kleeb that being creeped out and scared are different?

Remember wondering what Hitler's rise to power was like?

Are kids today really this lazy? They need "stink blasters?"

Anyone else having weird dreams or nightmares?

I have a question about girlcotting.

Is there a better way to say "Pussy Whipped?"

Ah....a cup of mulled wine, a down comforter, and kitty cat.....

Am I ready for The Daily Show again? I'm skeered.

if you thought Yojimbo was good

LIVE streaming street-cam from Key West

I have a question about boy

I have a question about cotting

Is Arafat still dead?

Testing ImageShack

3000 posts for 101er! In 5, 4, 3, 2,

We need a Mating forum!

The Official November "I Love Led Zeppelin" Thread

Who has the link

we need a baiting thread

We need a grating forum.

does anybody here take or know anything about armour thyroid medicine

Fighting for peace,

" I heart Halliburton"

We need a berating forum

WAY COOL! We're honourary Canadians!!

I've got a serious tea addiction

We need a new forum for discussing new forums

I just want some damn cake now!

Yes, Arafat's dead, but his new CD is coming out next month.

We need a skating forum!

Anybody remember the cartoon/Comic book Battle of the Planets?

So Sgt. Pepper took you by surprise?

Did I just see a "The Big Forums >> The DU Lounge"

"The Manchurian Candidate" always makes me cry

We need a baking forum!

Naproxen - Ever take it?

I considered giving general anesthesia

Evil. Republican. CHILD.

Dillinger Escape plan: yea or nay?

God help me: I'm hooked on the MTV show "Laguna Beach"

Speaking of war movies,who liked "Platoon"?

Veterans' Day! Who is (are) your favorite veteran(s)?

Confession: I didn't like the movie "Saving Private Ryan"

DU Angst or PMS?

I considered granting a general amnesty...

Gentlemen, have you planned any dates that you are not especially proud of

I am going to see Jethro Tull in concert on Saturday

What is wrong with my kitten?

Please Do Not Read This If You Have Any Taste At ALL

Favorite Julianne Moore flick.....

I have a question about boycotting...

DU Gamers - Question

A Face Only A Mother Could Love...

Election Malaise

There's still something called "Manners"

Another *shrub joke for you

DU Marksmen - I have a question....

"Private Ryan" is pre-empted from the Cleveland CBS station

What is your favorite "Star Trek: The Animated Adventures" episode?

Am I the only one who remembers "The Mud Monster"?

If any of you have any expertise in Sexual Discrimination Law...

Teacher arrested (joke)

i feel stupid asking this, but...

Need help planning a trip up north in January.

What will Ashcroft do now?

Will we be sent to the Ownership Camps ?

Wine please :)

I get you all liquored up and still no sustained flirting!

Migrating an attorney's office's entire network to Linux! Ask me Anything!

Need your help with an ill cat.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show--anyone know if it was originally a stage

ew... Tucker got a tick!

The nightly freak Kleeb out thread!!

Birdie Lovers: Again, why is my Tiel's......

Any Jim Boggia fans here?

George's Man date--FOUND!


Gentlemen: Have you ever planned an escape that you are not proud of??

Lots of new persons on the boards tonight

Should Bertha Venation change her name?

We need a dating forum!

You're all invited to a cocktail party

Protests, Prayer Vigils To Greet 'Kinsey'

Cat Lovers, check in! Really touching picture...

My traditional Lounge flame war over Armistice Day vs

Best one liner from rock song lyric:

Mean Ol' Uncle Zomby's Contrarian Thread


Favorite War movie?

Go ahead, laugh at me. Mock me. I'm going to confess something here

Hi. Has anyone every had to deal with a dog

attention hysterical tin foil hat, nut job, conspiracy theorist liberals

avitar issues

Who here thinks George Harrison took it well when Clapton stole

Hollywood Keeps Eliminating the GAY Parts From Movies, WHY?!?!

Help me push past 100 posts! Ask me anything

What region of the US/country are you from?

Would you all laugh at me if I said I have no idea what this game Halo is?

If you could say "Get over yourself" to one person who would it be?

Are any DU'ers from Phoenix?

Uh Oh, some good god-fearing citizens reported DU to Homeland Security

Cream Returns!

Worst Way to Die

Just ordered my iMac G5 from Apple !!

Whoops..and he's one of "ours"... a TEACHER

Favorite Breed of Dog

Best Black Adder series

Where are all the new DU-ers coming from?

What is yourfavorite Star Trek: The Next Generation episode?

Bill Maher Hit With Palimony Suit


Say something nice about another DUer thread!

HELP WANTED: DU needs a DU BBV cleanup crew... sign up here..

Any interest in a General Literature or Book Discussion Forum

"The regressive policies of conservatives will harm everybody."

One last question before bed...

Celebration time: Gay Hispanic woman elected Dallas Texas sheriff

The issue of democracy versus money: accountability versus profibility

Repub Lite Moderate Democrat vs. Fascist Nazi RIght Wing Republican

DU Research Idea: Collect Voter Discrepancy Accounts

Re: abortion, ask republicans if they are willing to increase taxes...

I think we need a ribbon....

Ashcroft asks Supreme Court to block assisted suicide.

Election 2004: The Democrats stormed Fallujah armed with a picnic basket

If the dems ran Zell Miller the RNC would say he was too liberal

Do you feel defeated, powerless, outnumbered?

Okay, this may be a bit tin-foilly and I may be more than a little

RUMOR: Thousands of Trial Lawyers Preparing to Go to Ohio, Florida


how we win? change our image on taxes

Veteran's Day send e-mails, e-cards and warm wishes to Veteran's you know

"Kerry Campaign Scrutinizes Ohio"

Coming out as believers in true progressive values

Who specifically started this "Bush won because of moral values" shit?

Let them overturn Roe, give them their flat tax, abandon gays, give up

***For Those Who Want Sirius Radio For Only $50 Dollars***

Elizabeth Edwards if you read this please extend my Thank you

MEME: "Regressives" NOT "Conservatives"...

“The leadership of our party has a cultural disconnect,”

John Kerry sends a Veterans Day message to veterans.

The perfect nominee for '08 is easy...

Great Letter to the Editor Today RE: Bush Re-Election

Don't Give up Gay Marriage, Give up Taxes

My LTTE of Bakersfield's conservative news paper.

Would Al Gore have Beaten Dubya

Important PROTEST the 2004 Election - DNC Headquarters, Washington DC

Go after Gonzales--YES, and spend W's "capital" while we are at it.

Are You Ready For "Fahrenheit 9/11˝?"

Will There Be Protests For The Inaugural?

Randi Rhodes just asked for a dollar from all of us

Just got an email from Elizabeth Edwards - new email address

DAMN, DAMN, DAMN. . .the Chicago Sun-Times goes after us, the DU!!!!

A easy way to deal with stress:Lesson 1

Anyone got any good MP3's of Dean, Gore, Clark, Clinton, ect?

Dear Bloodthirsty Friends -- I received a "personalized" virus today.

okay, I'm stupid. I thought bush had more electorial votes then 286

Who is more of a leader of our party? Clinton or Gore?

The latest idiotic petition from the Radical Reich

RFK, JR. possibility for ticket in '08?

Put The Recount Theories in With The Next Plame Thread

This isn't "civil disobediance"'s criminal stupidity.

NBC now covering up voter fraud story

Progressives and Regressives.

How do other veterans feel about Veteran's day

Do you think they will actually overturn Roe v. Wade?

Has anyone looked at these New Mexico Numbers?

It's getting cold

Things the Democratic party can do without

HANNITY and LIMBAUGH don't see us coming but we are

Why sitting back on Gonzales nomination is INSANE

How do you feel about Simon Rosenberg being the Dem head?

Any Mp3's of Wes Clark or Al Sharpton?

Sinclair first REPORTS lies about 1 war—now COVERS UP the truth of another

The 2008 field for both parties

You Blue Staters Have Power!!!

Sorry, dupe post (eom)

I have two problems with the DLC

The Gonzales Nomination


When was the last time we elected a liberal president...

Action, folks.

I just love having a petulant little moron as my president.

Gay Marriage or Swift Boat Vets of Liars? Why did Kerry lose?

Wes Clark on Hardball tonight! We'll hear some truth--finally

Ken Mehlman to head Gay?.

Charming ancedote that happened to my friend today

I Am F*cking TIRED Of Being Conflicted On Veteran's Day!

Die-Hard Democrats--Know your options!

The Progressive Revolution: Putting an end to Liberalism

JK's Involvement in Investigating

"We must put an end to the tax on the unborn."

Eliot Spitzer 2008?

The road to '08 begins with '06 Governors races

What about Ed Rendell in 2008? He was the head of DNC prior to becoming

New Dems formed to get corporate donors, be free from party base ideology.

Nation: "Progressives: Get Ready to Fight" by Borosage and vanden Huevel.

Gone To The Dogs (a poem)

Let them overturn Roe v. Wade

Think you know what the DLC stands for? Think again.

TODO: Go to the Coronation of Nero and...

New Post-election U. S. Map

Might Russ Feingold REALLY Run For President?

I vow this: if the Democratic party moves any more to the right

Thinking outside the box: Should the Dems introduce their own amendments

ROVEBOLD Machine stole America!

If you read no other book this year, READ THIS ONE!!!

Three books that explain why Democrats are LOSERS!

Hey, remember checks and balances? That was actually a pretty good idea...

VotersUnite is a great new organization...... please check it out

Investigate the Vote - is back

I want to fight

Why is everyone so afraid of the F-word

It's not who votes, but who owns the voting machines that matters.

The DU Vote Fraud Compendium Thread has been

HELP WANTED: DU needs a DU BBV cleanup crew... sign up here..

FUNDING THE RECOUNT -- See this before you donate