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Archives: October 6, 2004

What was Peter Jenning's problem?

Interesting that no NBC person moderating a debate.

If the mainstream media was truly liberal

Just how many danger levels are there?___n/t

Font size

How can I make sure that I am registered?

Houston, I HEAR YOU!

Cheney ducks questions, Gwen lets him slide

National Guard hands over MORE Bush Papers

I posted a post earlier, My fault I mentioned the other site.

Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney...

Kerry Blog: Photo proof that Cheney and Edwards met at Prayer Breakfast

O'Reilly on Letterman now (11:19 cst)

bush support on oprah. (well I hope he is)

Malloy listeners, do you have a link to Uncle Mike's story???

I'm Working on My LTTE

Why aren't the Creeps Freeping?

Air Force pursuing antimatter weapons

Edwards didn't attack on Energy Meetings.

Rodney Dangerfield died.

The worst moderator in the history of televised debates?

Scholastic Books . . . going over to the dark side? . . .

If you are drafted, will you go?

Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell are F**king Swine

Letterman just CLOCKED Bill O'Reily !!

Did you notice in closing... John Edwards Thanked the V.P... but

The media is trying to keep this race tied!

I am shocked by all the DUers who thought Edwards lost or tied

Wingnut Sees Pic of Gun & Suppositories & Thinks of Me

Buy the 'Fahrenheit 9/11' dvd and share it.

Freeper thinks JE outed Crashcart's daughter

Bill Kristol on Greta (Fox News)

Med Students: Sexual relations with patients OK -- revenge of the OB/GYNs?

Indian Health Agency Barred New-Voter Drive, Democrats question...-WP

Candidate: No Pregnant, Single Teachers

Meeting was not first for Cheney, Edwards

Former CIA official looks to leak the truth

Sealab 2021: Oops, dart in your ass!

Watching Iron Jawed Angels... History just keeps repeating....

Unbelievable! Leno has Dennis Miller on AGAIN!

I did it! I'm so excited!

"I love Joyce! She's my favorite author!"

Next week's Top10 Cons. Idiots List: What earned a spot from tonight's...

Whew. I backed up 3000 photos tonight while watching the debate

Tonight's ear worm, courtesy of Yahoo Instant Messenger Radio

I dont mean to start another Yankees Vs whoever war, but Joe Buck poed me

When Cheney made the crack about Edwards' experience

Best tool for cleaning out my ears

Damnit more yankees shit

Remember how Dick Cheney Referred to in the debate tonight

Happy Birthday to me.

Tonight's baseball factoid:

In other baseball news, Orioles had their best season since 1997

Yankee Fans Do Not Despair

Which baseball team do you want to go all the way

I respect Rodney Dangerfield

You know what's ironic?

Faux: Edwards got a $400 haircut and a pedicure before the debate

Faux: Kerry to get Brazilian bikini wax and back shaved before next debate

Media type Cheneyfiles eat there own puke,

Edwards KILLED with CBS's undecideds and Kerry gained support in ABC's!

Mike Malloy: "Have I mentioned this evening...

Ticket Flipping and Style vs Substance

Americans got to see who is REALLY the president and

That's great. Edwards is winning in all the online polls

Didn't Mike Barnicle get caught lying in his columns? Why is he a pundit?

Damn swiftvet ads are everywhere tonight.

Rahm Emanuel and 3 schmucks are on Charlie Rose.

Yahoo VP Debate poll. WHO WON? 63% Edwards, 32% Cheney, and 6% Tie.

Cheney was strong, but ...

Lets change the debate rules

TRANSCRIPT of Tonight's Edwards/Cheney Debate

Remember that Cheney got the format he wanted and Edwards

Where have all the Freepers gone, gone to Democrats everyone

How Dare Cheney minimalize US casualties!!

I don't think the country can take 4 more years of this kind of experience

It's true, Cheney totally checked out Kate Edwards' ass!

Wonder how much spittle, vomit etc needs to be cleaned up in Freepland?

The final word

Have I become to partisan?

What happened to the 2 day rule?

Does anyone know who/when the debate will be re-aired?

how many times did cheney lie? will media talk about this?

Edwards beat Cheney. And Cheney beat Bush. Bush team lost 2x tonite.

Shocked the Cheney defered so many answers

Media's rule on picking a debate winner......

Cheney: "I called Senator Edwards ... we had a very friendly chat"

Well I missed the debate

Undecided voters disagree with DU bedwetters and hand wringers

Wasgington Post has fact-check on debate "mis-statements"

what was the most maddening moment of the debate?

Cheney's response to halliburton:

Wall Street Journal Poll

Freepers Freeping out about straw polls

LMAO! "Cheney won." Look at THIS.

I have to ask... why are they called "freepers?"

My honest opinion: Kerry/Edwards are leading by far in the debates.

Criticizing Edwards performance is counterproductive

Conservatives can't handle the truth

Unfair advantage for Cheney

O Reilly Coming Up On Letterman- Asshole Alert

New name for Cheney: Don Vito Cheneyone

Has the Vice-President candidate ever debated the President before?

Need help on KOtv.....Tulsa

Cheney's lies are being picked apart! Damn, this is looking bad for pukes

An a$$ whoopin belongs in a Boxing ring. I'm happy with Edwards perform-

Cheney: Iraq soldier casualties counted as coalition casualties

treating the iraqis as part of the coalition

The Biggest, Funniest, Absurdist Thing in the Whoooole Debate

O'Liar to Dave, "You watch the Factor every night?" Dave almost blew chun

Problem with cheney is that everything he said was false and has been

PBS Poll

Bollocks! Those RNC "flipper" a-holes are standing behind the MSNBC

For the Nth time - Kerry/Edwards are NOT badmouthing our allies

Has Cameron reviewed Senator Edward's Nails?

If the Vice Presidential debate mattered

Favorite Debate Moments

So we seem to have our re-occurring problem with the media.

I Love America

Ass Check in 1 min on c-span1

Time to "Gore" Cheney with the "never met" lie photo.

CNN is "five minutes" away from showing Cheney-Edwards photo


Now to convince the Freeps a vote for K/E is a vote for Bush on 11/2

Skinner's Poll links should be voted on

Cheney Edwards pick going on CNN in about five minutes!

CNN Aaron Brown..

SEE Edwards and Cheney next to each other on the

False emails/LTTE from the freeps...

WTOV 9 poll

Edwards won the debate early on.

Cheney Hammered Edwards where it hurt: Lack of experience in Goverment

Was this a Nixon/Kennedy debate?

FOX News distorting their reporting of distortions in the debate

Here's Our Chance DU'ers...Keith Olberman Is Asking For A Photo

Ron Reagan said "Sort of like a landslide" about our votes on polls.

Cheney-Edwards picture coming up on CNN

CNN Aaron Brown - Just showed National Breakfast Prayer

Picture of Cheney with Edwards from long time ago

CNN showed VIDEO of them sitting NEXT TO EACH OTHER!!

Bill Kristol on Greta (Fox News)

Please show restraint in starting new threads!

Was cheney talking to the hands? I didn't see him look up.

Cheney seemed intimidated by Edwards' charm and looks.

Cheney Lied b/c his record is indefensible

Now that *Cheney* admits no ties between 9/11 and Saddam

The $200 billion cost of Iraq...

In Case You Missed It, John Edwards Sealed The Election Win Tonite.

I watched the Debate at a Dem HQ and people LOVED Edwards.

The online Polls! Wow!

Would you believe Wall Street Journal poll Edwards 94 The Dick 5

Zingers JE forgot?

A poll we did NOT DU shows Edwards winner by over 90%

CNN showing the prayer breakfast VIDEO (12:51 EDT)

After hearing Cheney's voting record.

Will Kerry get a boost?

I'm sorry but.... It wasn't a draw and Cheney didn't win

Who won the debate? (online poll results)

THIS JUST IN... VP Dick Cheney is going to star in "Memento 2," a sequel

Cheney Caught In Enormous Debate Lie

If I'm this worked up (angry) over the media spin for the VP debate....

Another bad day for the Grim Freepers.

Cheney blew it with his anger.

I JUST got a hilarious call from a friend!!!!

Edwards did ok, but not great. The debate was a draw (sorry).

The Image of the debate which will last longest

repeat on c-span1 at 10:00. Ass check comming up soon

Cheney voting against MLK Day

3 salient points that John Edwards missed that could have killed Chene

Will there be a "major offensive" for each debate?

Its amazing, only MSNBC is whoring 100% for Cheney

Did I miss something?? gw* outline notes at 1st debate?

If Cheney Would Lie About Someting As Minor As Meeting Edwards

after 90 minutes, I conclude that Cheney just looked TIRED

Cheney: HIV/AIDS hurts business

My post-debate discussion with my Repub. Fox-watching father

Who is posting that Edwards lost?

Aaron Brown "about five minutes" from showing Cheney lie

Factcheck.COM forwards to!!!

Yahoo News Debate Poll buried in Article:

I didn't think it was possible for bush to look like MORE of a dumbass

If it were possible, bush now looks like even MORE OF A DUMBASS!!!!

Cheney's Avalanche of Lies (my rough report on the VP debate)

The debates are like a breath of fresh air

My honest assessment

Do you know why Edwards didn't call Cheney out on his lies?

What Viewers Saw

How long has Bush held a public office before he entered the W.H?

"This is the first time I've ever met you."

For the Nth time - Kerry/Edwards did NOT vote "for the war."

Edwards looked Cheney in the eye several times - what was he doing?

Edwards was in total control of Dick Cheney's emotions.

Truth first casualty of Cheney debate style

WaPo: Cheney vs. Edwards

The man who foresaw skyrocketing oil prices

At the right moment Edwards pounced (Newsday...Breslin)

M. Ventura: Bush and Nader Cut From the Same Cloth

NYT: The Running Mates Debate

Joseph Stiglitz: Bush is dead wrong

Gene Lyons--Big Loss For Bush

Pastor Bush

The Nation: Ten Questions for Dick Cheney by John Nichols

LA Times: Edwards Woos Another Jury

Cheney's Avalanche of Lies by William Rivers Pitt

Mexmissages and such.

Gallup Polls- Conditioning for Vote Rigging? (Gallup is owned by RW donor)

Republicans Accuse Micheal Moore of "Voter Bribe"

Election Spoiler May Turn Out to Be a Libertarian

Runners Advance-Edwards keeps the Democrats' rally going

Bush Bobbleheads...great op-ed in the Chattanoogan

Defensive, defensive, defensive

Who Won The Debate?

The War in Iraq is a Sham

Cheney's whopper (Joe Trippi)

Gwen Awful

Bush is dead wrong

The Trickle-Down Vote.

Tom Oliphant's: Cheney Proves His Irrelevance

James Ridgeway (Village Voice) thinks Cheney won. WTF!!!

For Whom Would Jesus Vote? God only knows

LATimes: Edwards Woos Another Jury

LA Times: Blood on Our Hands

Dogs Eat Iraqi Dead In Samarra

Beaten Afghan Brides -Kristof

just sent this letter to the denver post

Bush over prepared for debate?

The joy of watching American common sense rear its head

Rewriting History: In his debate with John Edwards, Dick Cheney ...

Haute Con Job by PMI Gross(Bush Inflation report is too low, GDP too high)

Analysis of leaked UK cabinet documents

This is a Massacre, Not a War in Iraq

who won the debate

The Unfeeling President

Non-Partisan Sites for the Undecided...


I am ready to get my butt out there.

Join the Kerry Phone Corp. Help get 1,000000 canvassers on the streets!

Lend a hand to

Westmoreland County Cookbook Sale - Sales benefit Democrats

Bernie on the media ignoring the insta polls

ABC is now whoring for Chenney

'Diary of a Political Tourist' - Alexandra Pelosi

Tweety's mea culpa on Imus right now!

Cheney / Edwards debate - quicktime video and mp3 here

Jim Baker offspring...

CBC's "unauthorized" Cheney bio website is up

Is the Media Frightened?

Kerry most likely gonna be on the o reilly factor. Youre thoughts?

Is anyone recording the CBC Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney?

Chris Matthews

Edwards' numbers on insurance and health care costs

A Clash of Goals in Bush's Efforts on the Income Tax(Rich get tax free Inv

Bloomberg's Berry: PIM's Gross article on fake high GDP and Fake low


Will there be a devaluation of the greenback?

Lohnersatz - negative taxation in low tax brackets

Are the Neocons actually Ayn Rand's "looters"?

Hydro-Quebec Awards $1.5 Billion (US) In Wind Power Projects

Send comments to save Utah wilderness

Science mourns DNA pioneer Wilkins

Mindanao Topsoil Loss 2-4 Centimeters Annually

Svalbard Still Ice-Free At 80 North As Of 1 October - National Ice Center

Check out

New enzyme theory rewrites catalysis

Winter heating options - Kerosene vs Natural Gas

The Abiotic Oil Controversy (Richard Heinberg)

Chen sorry for snotty remark

'We won't demonise Mugabe'

US supports Brazil's Security Council candidacy.

Afghan Race Shaping Up as Battle of the Modern and Traditional

Do you support posting polls that have been posted many times before?

"Gun Shop Debuts Credit-Card-Sized Shotgun"

What about a courtesy notice to clean out post-poll cookies?

Just perfect last night, guys.

Why was my thread locked?

Where do I find the DU glossarry?

Iconoclast lets you subscribe on line now. I wasn't sure if I should post


This was not a dupe

on your yellow sticky, vis à vis the cnn poll

can you post this for me in the gallery?

List of online debate polls: making it tougher for the freepers?

Skinner, I Hope You Guys Are Taking Notes.

Honest question?

Litmus test for the debates

Skinner, here is link from last night

What would Israel do without UNRWA?

Israelis committed to US plan

Tank shell wounds complete family

Top PM aide: Gaza plan aims to freeze the peace process

UN: 24 Palestinian children killed since Sept. 28

Report: Palestinian suspected of role in killing of Hamas man

Israel continues onslaught in Gaza

IDF kills girl, 13, on her way to school

Two girls, two shots to the head

I'd like some feedback on this. Could it be possible?

Hopsicker Cointelpro 9/11 part 2

Unthinkable Question: ...But just how sure are we OSAMA attacked us?

Poll: Could 9/11 have been prevented?

OK everybody can be cool MJ is with us

I saw Obama Tues. evening in Naperville

Bob Sirot Subliminally Endorses Bunnypants?!?!?!?!?!

Cheney coming into Gainesville Airport at 3:30

Had my bumpersticker ripped off at UOP tonight!

Bankruptcy judge orders Lockyer to dismiss suit against Enron

PE: Prop. 70 spurs rift in GOP

A look at fund-raising and spending on Calif. propositions

House Democrats say Schwarzenegger hasn't delivered federal funds

Proposition 68 backers end campaign, pursue lawsuit

Aggressive raccoons strike fear in the hearts of Carmel residents

found the best new radio station in San Francisco

Just saw Outfoxed, and Franken better run!

Minneapolis ordinances

Did you see Soros' two page ad in the Star Trib today?

I just donated $75 to Teresa Daly, Democratic

If you are in CBC-TV range-The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney

Edwards in Detroit Saturday

Detroit Free Press Marathon

Another lawsuit against SOS Blackwell--Ohio Voter Protection Project

LTTEs needed for Cincinnati Enquirer for Parker column on draft

Got This in the Mail

Ohio Congressional campaign - wanna manage it for a day?

John Kerry coming to Elyria this Saturday !!!

Need help in Ohio: blackwell again

Moore Visit to Carlisle Cancelled Because of Illness

Westmoreland County Cookbook

How many famous Pennsylvanians can YOU name?

Just saw part of tv ad for Dallas Cowboys in Arlington

ack!! Survey in DALLAS!!

Jefferson County - Anyone know of debate watching party

Report on Debate party, south Houston

Austin---Democracy for Texas Meetup Tonight Oct. 6

Breaking! Texas Media Watch is BULLSHIT!

DMN endorses Katy! for District 106! Another Democrat!

Alan Pogue and Israa in Austin Sunday 10/10/04

DeLay's downward spiral

Hey Tom, Strike Three!

Felix Alvarado District 12-Fort Worth

Dallas: wow, it's raining like crazy!

How funny (or embarassing to live here) is this!!!

Jacko, Jeffers, Hart, Webb or other?

At long last, have you left no sense of decency?

How was the debate?

Don't denigrate Iraqi Contributions ....

I didn't know Cheney voted against Meal for Wheels for Senior Citizens

Ben Ginsburg - "Intuition and deductive reasoning" contacts

Moonies knee-deep in faith-based funding

Iraqi casualties count? Dick should go tell it to the Pentagon.

WIMBLEHACK! . . . (you guys will love this! . . .)

Daily Show was awesome tonight, as usual

Dear Mike, Iraq sucks

Did anyone hear Cleta Mitchell contradict herself on MSNBC??

Face it people just really hate Dick Cheney

Did Edwards hold back on purpose?

I laughed when cheney

Are We Gonna C The Big Dog Soon

The Rapture, my friends, seems to be imminent . . .

RW Pundits on Letterman and Leno.

I only saw the first 15 minutes of the deabte....

So we bomb a buch of Iraqis

Kerry and Bush get a haircut

Blowing up Zarqawi: How the coalition transformed a fringe fanatic into

Quite frankly, the BBC world news in Italy is crap.

I just watched "Outfoxed" and I'm FUMING!

So, how does everyone think Charlie Gibson will do on Friday?

Poll in Local paper

In future debates, we must have at least one in which several

I missed 3/4 of the debate and the media afterwords. Fill me in.

2 Israeli and 1 US scientists awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry

So far, the score is 2-0, our side. The big KO is coming soon!

It would have been funny if Edwards said this:

Why not one question on the environment??

Ok.. anyone have quotes from cheney connecting iraq to 9/11

It was clear to me that Cheney came to the debate expecting us to

Cheney's reaction to being told he was lying about not meeting Edwards

What excuse will keep Bush from next DEBATE

fox news poll has edwards in the lead

GMA pushing the "Cheney Won" BS..................

Dosage adjustment needed

"Soodam" was a weapon of mass destruction & it's Edwards' fault

I'm PERMANENTLY Disabling ABC from my television...

Typeless...I'm just totally typeless...!


Indian scientists mull over UFO

Cate Edwards coming up on Morning Sedition (AAR)

Republicans Accuse Moore of Vote Bribery

China, Iraq, and North Korea....

"Take Em' Out Dude!"...U.S. Warcrimes Caught on Tape.....

Mother Jones video: "Conversation With a Conservative"

Toby Keith's bus shot at, driver injured

Edwards should have said...

Cheney's 5 deferments....

At the end of two debates, look at the results from the Republican

Howard Stern is making an announcement @ 8am EST

Watched Channel 40 in F.Smith

Daily U.S. Casualties 10/6/2004

Picture - Cheney/Edwards at breakfast in 2001?

I wish Edwards would have responded to Vader's...

The biggest stories out of this debate are Cheney opposing MLK holiday,

Mt. St. Cheney Belches more Ash and Steam, Scientists Concerned

Is US military reporting casualties accurately ?

This is Odd - Drudge

Breaking: Howard Stern signs deal with Sirius

Caller On C-SPAN Forgets We Live in a Democracy

NYT: Gillespie, McAuliffe mock Joe Lockhart post debate

here's proof bush linked Saddam with al Qaida

Brother of Bob Shieffer (CBS) baseball partner with George W Bush

Any other progressive entertainment I should list?

Gwen Ifell: "Well, that's all you've got"

Does anybody have any info on Fahrenheit 9/11?

VP and Mrs. Edwards on the program "THE VIEW" tomorrow

If the WSJ says it, It must be true!

Another "major speech" when Lynndie goes into labor?

The chimp vetoed a DRAFT Bill?? To squelch rumors that he will reinstate

Can Kerry beat down Bush on this topic as well...?

What about AMERICAN TORTURERS (and their families)?

Keith Olbermann's breakdown of the debate

CIA report on WMD in Iraq....

Did Shrub release all of his records?

Wolf Blitzer's "Ground Level" Set... Whose Horrible Idea Was That?

bush to read speech written for him by nazis to make up for the debate

How 'bout Tweety's comment..

Atrios is DA BOMB (re: Limbaugh court defeat).


C-Span 2 is lively right now

Folks, figuring out the media isn't that difficult

a "debate" format I'd like to see-

19,213 dead on Bush's watch

Cheney Quayles himself

Hey Asshole in Chief wanna know what hard work is? lemme tell ya!

"Court: Limbaugh Records Properly Seized"

DU this CNN Poll!

Daily Howler

200 Billion or 120 Billion

I'm on my way to the Dentist wearing my K/E button and

I think St. Helens is erupting again


Isn't the choice really just this simple??

When Bush says "You voted for the war in Iraq", why doesn't Kerry reply:

I was Wrong: Polls Matter, and We Can Make a Difference!

Who won the debate? MSNBC POLL

What's up with Bush refusing to take his physical ...

Anyone here own an AVENGER OR SEBRING?! (Freepers)

This South Bend Tribune poll needs some DU lovin'

Final Report: NO WMDs

WTF is up with ABC...

Sympathy for al-Zarqawi Grows Among Iraqis Amid US Airstrikes

If the little bushturd's meds are a mess

John Edwards: Real Compassionate Conservative....

Which cartoon character best represents the candidates?

Damn! Close to 2000 people have voted on the Yahoo story re: Cheney's lie

When Will the Repugs Stop Hounding the Clintons?

Senator Byrd on now / C-Span2

the EPA is not our friend anymore (a lead lie)

What is the official policy on using nukes?

Good and bad from Drudge (no link)

banks got $29.3 bil in ATM fees - Greenspan is happy

More Corporate Greed: Unsafe goods go abroad

Russert said on Today show Cheney and Edwards had met

I'd like some feedback on this. Could it be possible?

If Peak Oil is real- should there be government regulation on use?

The guy who wrote "Dick -- The Man Who is President" has the 'who won question' poll back up. Here's the

"Cheney's Lies are too obvious." It's too good to be true....What's Up?

Who Was It That Called "Fact Check Dot Org" A Republican Site?

Dear Mike: Iraq sucks (letters from GI's to Michael Moore)

Interstate Banking Sux: Checks take longer to clear: Bank One

Local morning radio hosts plan to humiliate Democrats backfires

City politics

What exactly is the Kerry/Edwards plan for Iran and Korea?

after 90 minutes of cheney

The militiaman and the child-Interesting photo (no warning needed)

need address in iraq to send aid for the iraqi children please help!

The lack of WMD, will it be enough to send * packing?

Fox News Clarifies Scalia "Orgy" Gaffe

Here goes Al Franken, closing his show.

smirk & snake cheney don't seem 'into' the debates, hhmmm.....

Judicial Watch now gunning for DeLay

Go back to sleep America; your government is in control.

Zach De La Rocha....A Prophet ?

Howard Stern to join SIRIUS Radio in 2006.

Dear Dad, Iraq Sucks (* Sucks) letters to Micheal Moore from US Soldiers

Senate Candidate: No single, pregnant teachers in classroom

You won't believe the question in this poll

All this talk about "God Bless America"

Fantastic list of "news" programs, and their e-maill addresses

It never ceases to amaze me how....

CNN.COM just like Bush - Don't like the result, try try again.

LOL...Caption This !!!

Best Cheney Bumpersticker

OpResearch HELP?! Larry Abraham - the crap that the GOP believe

Ask the Iraqis: Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?

Creepy Chimp PIX

Why would nader turn down an invitation to participate in a 3rd

Court:Limbaugh Records Properly Seized

please delete someone beat me to this - must type faster

Anybody got the link to the Dead Soldier's Mom being arrested

Would Kerry have waited YEARS to investigate 9/11?

BBV: Counties scramble to sign up new voters

Small Vote Manipulations Can Swing Elections

GOP wants Michael Moore locked up ..No Kidding !

Help me write a LTTE.

this is funny! we are crackpots????

"Official: No WMD stockpiles in Iraq" (Yeah, no shit.)

F 9/11: scene missing on DVD

looks like bushkkko got away with 9-11, scott free


The Repugs WANT to lose this election - here's why

So We Invaded A Country that Couldn't Defend Itself?

D*mn......Al Franken a NO SHOW for WPR

This morning's 'photo op' Bush shows up late for debates!

You can manage a Congressional campaign for a day

maybe bush thinks HE'S the Messiah............

101 Reasons Not to Go to War with Iraq

Seriously, does anyone think that Cheney's health will hold up?

Very interesting PBS POLL

Lest We Forget, Cheney: The 'Steamroller' Behind the Iraq Quagmire

LOOK, I mean LOOK at this guy, he looks----FRENCH!!!!

Momentary Lapse of Tinfoil Hat regarding October Surprise

GOP lawyers obsessed with Vince Foster case; get a load of these fools

Is there a rift among the neocons, as this article suggests?

I really, really, REALLY wish Bill Hicks were alive....

Israel to Soothe Battle Trauma with Marijuana

Poll in Local paper - Update.

If * stabbed someone to death and the repukes didn't want to

DU'ers I have a question?

Why are Kerry and Edwards always accused of missing so

FahrenHYPE 9/11 on sale now!

Who's watching the news? Are they showing pictures of Cheney and Edwards

Is There Proof Time Warner and GE want * To Win?

About all these "Small businesspeople" Kerry is gonna hurt....

A day in the life of a conservative...

Transcript: Vice Presidential Debate

Gen McPeak? I don't know much about him

Have You Seen This E-mail ?

BBV - Oops - they left Bush/Cheney OFF the ballot

Porter Goss (NEW CIA Director) In 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

What was that ladies name that was channeling Chalabi?

DAMN!! Ken Mehlman is one ugly...

No details, please.. We're Americans..

Al Franken's Crying on the Air

Rate this story a 5--Secular Iraq Women Take Up the Head Scarf

Did anyone else e-mail Olberman??

Pardon or prosecute? What will Kerry do?

I just completed an on line Zogby poll

would someone read this and explain to me how the church

BBV - Tulare County - Spanish sample ballots say Nov 4th

BBV - Mistakes on San Bernardino County Ballots

Help finding the video bit of Bush at UNITY press conference.

Tell Congress to Call for an Outside Counsel and Investigate DeLay

Scapegoating the CIA

Stern BURNED Clear Channel owned XM satellite

BBV - Even the press has figured that Ohio 2004 = Florida 2000

Picture of new credit card size gun

Hey, Hey Paula

Attn: Scott Ritter and David Kay coming up next on CNN!!

With Conan O'Brien moving to 11:35 in Five Years...

Dennis Miller is hiring...

If the president lied about WMD's, you can't believe ANYTHING he says

CNN's "Senior Political Analyst" Bill Schneider must go!!

Disgusting: Cheney off the Hook for 9/11

How many permanent military bases are we building in Iraq?

CNN new poll numbers of the debate.

Feedback, please! My "debate postmortems, volume two":

Anyone else having trouble accessing Yahell message boards

You Clueless Liberals & your "September 10th Mindset"......

Do you ever consider some/all of our presidents as mass murderers?

Request: Audio/Transcript of Sabah on OPRAH

PPI (DLC partner) says RFID technology should not be regulated.

Dobbs has Sen Warner stammering!

Government terrorist warnings boost President Bush's approval rating

Rewriting History - By Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball

Is Rush Limbaugh being targeted because of his political views? DU a poll!

BBV: Op-Ed From VotersUnite

How well prepped will bush be for Friday's debate?

As A Democrate...Why?

I watched more Faux News last night than in my entire life!

Jimmy Buffett for Prez (after Kerry) LOL.....wrote "margaritaville in 6

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

If we can't trust cheney to get a web site correct, how can we trust him

another 'is poor widdle rush being treated unfairly" poll

Poll shows Bush holds hefty lead in Indiana

Hannity reneges on college students; lies to them and costs them big bucks

Check out Florida Election Ballot

Being Nothing: George W. Bush as Presidential Simulacrum

I just received an email telling me I can still request an abs. ballot.

Please direct me to PNAC document


Debate Strategy

So, in view of todays news regarding WMD's in Iraq, someone

Any relation to "Bush"... ?

Another poll to DU

Rush Limbaugh seems to be putting the pounds back on since his

The scariest vehicle in recorded history. Bar none.

1.7 million new jobs? Bush just said that many new jobs had been created

I like phone banking like I enjoy eating rocks

Did Edwards sandbag Cheney?

DU a health risk?

F/911 is out on tape/DVD...but has anyone seen it in stores?

Stay Away from Northern Kentucky this weekend

If we could pass a law.... (said local teens)

About "The Reagans"

I admit, I lurk. . .

Question: Why is todays WMD report not big news on DU?

Just heard Arthur Schlessinger interviewed

These are crazy times...

Court: Limbaugh's medical records properly seized

Have you ever employed or would you employ a domestic servant?

What The Hell Happened To NBC News ???

Conflicts Of Interest

Read This and Curse DICK Cheney

The curse of Cheney.

Hard to believe but true- Delay actually got scarier looking (had surgery)

LOOK OUT! Price of crude is $52.10 now.

Troll under the bridge, Cheney. Jon Stewart on now!

VP debate reminded me of George Bailey and Old Man Potter!

Statement by Ralph Nader before the Skull and Bones HQ

What kind words did Edwards say to Cheney?

OMG! Listen to this recorded phone call I got in Florida.

EDWARDS WINS!!! - Olbermann

You can try out Florida's new ballot

Anyone know if Chris Rock was ever a guest on the DAily Show?

F9/11 Number One on Amazon, but on CNN

Ohio family angry at Bush* over soldiers death.

Some good looking women in the Al Franken audience.

Need help compiling a list of the great white collar crimes of our times.

did anyone see OReilly on Letterman

Will chimp do another do over after the debate with Kerry this Friday?

I flicked off Dick for all of us today

Jingoist Marine Mom called C-SPAN with results of

wow Mike Malloy keeps giving shout outs to us on Air America

O'Reilly Poll, "Has his coverage favored one candidate over the other?"

Article about Howard Dean at UCONN today.

WMDs: "Wait Until Charlie Gets Back"

Allawi's history

Would you still watch The Daily Show if it moved to network TV on FOX?

I just watched Fahrenheit 9/11 again.

Gossip about Dirty Old Man Cheney from my cousin ...

Bush will surely start pushing religion hard and heavy soon.

Inexplicable bumper sticker I saw today.

Jay Leno has 2 perfect Bush voters on.


Tweety at it again

Roger Waters interview: George Bush is obviously a deeply frightened man

60 Minutes -- Good report on life in Bagdad -- Iraquis

I received a call from one of my major customers yesterday

Can someone post some good links to fun dem. sites?

Interesting "Sound Off" in my local, Nebraska, paper.

I hate Dr. Phil, but Kerry is doing very well on it today.

Please DU this poll

The "Be All End All" proof that FReeps are delusional - Cheney is "HOT?"

The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney - on CBC Fifth Estate

CBC - Fifth Estate Unauthorized Biography of Cheney

"Candidate: No Pregnant, Single Teachers" or gay ones either


Njghtline 10/6: The Wounded (60% have brain injuries)

don't forget potential felon limbaugh is now an OFFICIAL bush advisor

With apologies to Muhammad Ali,

Meet our new intelligence service, The CIIA.

Why is this used as an insult?

Dr. Phil Show with Teresa and John Kerry AWESOME!

Is This True? O'Reilly To Dick Morris, "Get Help" Re Hillary Obsession?

New Halliburton-Sept 11th Findings; Seeking Formal Investigation

Would you rather see Shrub win this time?

Visit this website:

Michael Moore ill with pneumonia 10/06/04

Three military service academies report drop in number of applications

OMG ! C-span covers MASSIVE CORRUPTION by bush* housing officials

Perle's Head About to Spin Off!

If we cannot guarantee enough flu vaccine

Are neoconservatives dumb?

Did anyone see this last night?

One of the best moments for Edwards last night....

Business school professors to Bush: You policies stink

Banned by Free Republic after ONE post!

E Howard Hunt: "Deaths? What deaths?"

Any Brecksville, Ohio DUers? Mayor Hruby is a Bush tool.

The blessed freedom of Afghanistan's women

Cheney Lied About His Senate Attendance

From Howard Dean: Sign the petition: No draft

A call for reason and respect

I think MSNBC is getting ready to dump Dennis 'GOP Cabana Boy' Miller

Video?? -- Take them out, dude: pilots toast hit on Iraqi 'civilians'

To those who called the debate a Tie, explain how.

Alan Keyes' Gay Daugther

When will Bush lose it... Publicly...

CONVICTED insider trader ...served 15 DAYS (faultless days???)

The World Currently Blames Bush, But If He Wins-- Blame Goes to Americans

Embed an RFID in every gun and other weapon

So when are we going to begin mandatory drug tests on each administration?

Cheney's Record as President of the Senate

Ann Coulter must be a very unhappy person.

Lying is a privilege

Nonfarm Payroll and Unemployment Rate Predictions

Hey Liars! What Part Of NO WMD Don't You Understand?

I saw a really offensive bumper sticker today.

Attn: DU Vets, Civil Servants, Social Scientists and Professionals....

Anyone catch the Throne Speach n/t

Would you buy a used submarine from this person?

The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney - on CBC Fifth Estate

Hey, you spotted dick munching imperialists! We want our sub money back!

LA Times - Cheney and Edwards Have Met Before

Teens spurn tobacco, embrace pot

Israel holding UN workers

V.P. DEBATE: The Truth Squad (Detroit Free Press/AP)

Edwards keeps Cheney on defensive in debate

Truth first casualty of Cheney debate style

LA Times: Cheney and Edwards Have Met Before

(AP) House Quashes Draft Bill

At the right moment Edwards pounced (Newsday...Breslin)

Kerry: Bush, Cheney must admit misleading nation

CIA Report Finds N O Conclusive Zarqawi-Saddam Link

Israel continues onslaught in Gaza

Democrats corner Cheney over Saddam (India)

Inspectors conclude no WMD in Iraq

Uncommitteds Tab Edwards Winner--CBS

Labor Activists Invade Bush's Campaign Sites

Spinning Out Clear Winner Even Before Debate Begins [NYT]

Venezuela responds to US overture

House overwhelmingly stomps out bill that would've reinstated

EU paves way for Turkey to join

WJLA owner's fitness contested - Allbrittons and Riggs Bank

Both sides land solid hits (Pittsburgh Trib. Review)

Moore in 'noodles for votes' row

Court rules Limbaugh's medical records were seized appropriately

TV station (Fox Spokane) decides against airing Republican's ad

On ABC radio. Limbaugh records properly seized

Court rules Limbaugh medical records were seized properly

The Veep Debate: We Won .. (bus. week)

BAE denies £60m Saudi slush fund

Car Bomb Hits Iraq Military Camp; 10 Dead

Introduction: The Making of a Whistleblower Special Agent Turner vs. FBI

Ras 10/6 3 day tracking: Bush 47.2, Kerry 46.9

And the winner is... Edwards!

U.S. Inspector at Odds with Bush on Iraq Weapons (official testimony)

Soldiers allegedly used electrical cord in Iraqi general's death

Philippines mulls withdrawing diplomatic staff from Iraq (due to violence)

Take them out, dude: pilots toast hit on Iraqi 'civilians' (DoD inquiry)

Limbaugh loses appeal in court (CNN)

Insta polls show edwards wins vice presidential debate (xinhuanet..China)

WTC families want remains out of landfill

Confirmed: Saddam did not have any WMD

US to admit no WMDs found in Iraq

CNS News: Cheney Meant to Say '' - OOPS!! HAHAHA!


Ex-Enron exec makes deal, will plead guilty to fraud (Despain)

CBS: Uncommitteds Tab Edwards Winner

Iran Ready To Begin Uranium Enrichment Within A Few Months -- Official

Gate Gourmet announces layoffs (100 jobs - Dallas area)

Bremer Now Defends U.S. Actions in Iraq

U.S. Report Undercuts Bush War Rationale

US changes Korean redeployment plan

House Republicans click delete on draft rumor e-mails

Los Angeles Times: Republicans Glad to Lose on Bill to Start New Draft

Belmont County Soldier Killed In Iraq # 1064

Bush is dead wrong

Kerry/Edwards will put an end to Drug Advertising....Not reported ?

UN employees demanding staff pullout from Iraq

Government Warns of Sharply Higher Heating Costs(oil new record $51.85)

Group targets anesthesia error

Moonlight Basin comes clean: Resort turns itself in for EPA violation

WMD Report Proves Saddam's Intent - Blair

Arab American group endorses Kerry-Edwards

Iraqi Ports Blocked, Polluted by Hundreds of Shipwrecks

US vetoes resolution calling for Israeli halt to Gaza operations

House Opposes Military Draft Bill

U.S. Sees Samarra as a Model Operation

Missile defense is speeding ahead, but will it work?

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 6 October

Cheney inadvertantly sent viewer to wrong web site

Iraqis' interest in upcoming elections waning, new poll shows

Cheney's claim of not meeting Edwards backfires on vice president

Report: U.S. Spent $1.2B to Rebuild Iraq (less than 7%)

No WMD's eh? Maybe they lied to us about Osama & 9-11.....

Construction begins for inauguration ceremony

Former Enron exec admits lying about cash flow

Bush Chides Kerry in Pa. After VP Debate

Regulator Wants Riggs Records on Jet, London Apartment

(Maine Supreme) Court hears Nader case; to rule by Tuesday

Tory amendment could see government fall

Saddam and the French Connection

Secular Iraq Women Take Up the Head Scarf

Baghdad looks ahead - to bid for the World Cup

Bush 'a threat to world peace:Bianca Jagger

Iraqis' interest in upcoming elections waning, new poll shows

FEMA Worker Charged With Using Disaster Funds To Get Sex

World Guide Tips Aim to Improve U.S. Image

Block on Cuban Scholars Sparks Protest

Australia:Huge Iraq grain contract confirmed

FBI probes possible computer breach (Pa Dem cong. candidate)

Oil Tanker Shares Sail to Record as OPEC Taps Gush

Bush Running Out of Time on Comptroller Replacement

LAT: Breaking Their Silence (Families of U.S. troops)

Ethics panel rebukes DeLay second time in a week

Absentee Voting Awareness (Thune's nephew committed ELECTION FRAUD)

Altered voter forms spark FDLE inquiry (Florida)

Hurricanes Reveal Hidden Beachside Bombs

Edwards responds, says president is 'out of touch with reality'

Senate Candidate Apologizes for Comment (Pregnancy Update)

W. Calls Chirac 'Jackass' - Authors

Senate Approves Intelligence Reorganization Legislation

More raids hit alleged Fallujah insurgents (Another child dead)

WP: Report's Release Comes at Bad Time for Bush

NYT: Kerry and Religion: Pressure Builds for Public Discussions

The Unraveling of a Terror Case Spun From Thinnest Threads -NYT

Howard Stern signs 5 year deal with Sirius

France Was Ready to Send (15,000) Troops to Iraq, Book Says

To Torture or Not? -Bush backs ‘rendering’ suspects—then backs off -NwsWk

Nuclear facilities of Iran

Patriot Act Raises Canadian Privacy Fears

Official: No WMD stockpiles in Iraq

Saddam Sowed Confusion About Iraq's Arsenal as a Tactic of War

WP: U.S. 'Almost All Wrong' on Weapons

WP: DeLay Draws Third Rebuke

Insults fly as debate gets personal

Cheney gives web link during debate that leads to George Soros site

Karzai's Running Mate Escapes Bomb Blast Unhurt

WP: War's Rationales Are Undermined One More Time

France deals mortal blow to the terrorist organization ETA.

eBay executive to work with Homeland Security

Greensburg(PA) Kerry rally disrupted

WP:Both Sides Critical At Fannie Hearing, CEO denounces Regulator's report

Fallout from a House ethics probe(DeLay)

Cheney-Edwards Debate Draws 43.6 Million Viewers

(OH)Officials Warned Not to Defy Ballot Order (SoS Blackwell at it again!)

Sharon Aide Nixes Palestinian State (most candidate statement in a while)

Killer flu recreated in the lab

Terror detainee claims torture

WP Poll: Kerry Gains on Bush:President's Lead Narrows to 49-47 Among L

About 6,000 prisoners held in two Iraqi jails without trial (kids, elders)

Newsview: Retooled Bush Speech Has Zingers

Prosecuters can use Rush Limbaughs medical records(Dr. shopping)..MSNBC

US Iraq Weapons Quotes ( AP)

WP: Swift Boat Veterans Float Nader Some Money

Cops Cuff 8-Year-Old For Fighting (FL)

Pet dog kills 5-week-old infant

The Invisible Injury, Troops Returning From Iraq With Brain Trauma -ABC

Sharon aide's revelation about Gaza plan will embarrass Bush

Policy Analyst Is Said to Have Rejected Plea Deal - Larry Franklin

Cuban dissidents take protest to Revolution Square

An October Surprise for Bush and the FBI?

A Q&A with Fred Whitehurst, the first FBI whistleblower to go public

Three military service academies report drop in number of applications

Moore responds to Republicans

Two for Two

The Motorcycle Diaries

LOL.......Living in 2004

What union was Cheney really in

Oh yeah! Feels good.

I'm very torn as far as baseball goes (Twins and BoSox fans, PLEASE READ!)

Rodney Dangerfield passed away today at the age of 82

Here's a funny poll

Crashcart caught trying to influence the audience....

Father Springsteen, Rev. Young, Brother Stipe and Deacon Fogerty...

I'm a fan of hip-hop but

Ice Cream Man!

Is it really Cheney in the now famous Edwards-Cheney C-SPAN appearance?

Saw "Shaun of the Dead" tonight and was much amused. (SPOILAGE)

Clinton is the Beatles President! according to George Harrison's sis.



Man-shaped pillow for solo sleeper..(what? no woman shaped pillows)

I KNEW it...

Slint reunion possible (pitchforkmedia)...

Bush and light bulbs

Howard Stern

Testing the new sig. This is only a test.

Early morning laugh.. (made me laugh outloud)

Englishman reckons HE’S got the biggest cock in Britain

Cats do NOT always land on their feet

Gun Shop Debuts Credit-Card-Sized Shotgun

Texas Minister Gets Probation For Biting Police Officer

Brits sell Canada a used submarine.......Sub catches fire on way home...

CAPTION the real president

Baghdad Blogger/Salam Pax Interview

Funny Rodney Dangerfield Joke...

The "This is the Big One, Lynn!" of all CAPTIONS

Did you notice that the woman who sang the National Anthem

Post your Zell Miller "Bipartisan" Examples here.

Bryan Ferry booed as he pays tribute to his 'brave' son - Guardian

AHHHH! Cuts off penis...and the dog eats it! YUCK!

This election is going to fucking kill me

I need a drink or three... :(

Can I just say...

Drunk Man Dozes Off In Sex Shop - Sparks Alert

Dick Cheney seemed like the kind of guy I'd like to have embalm me!

Man's Death Cuts Power To 4,000 Homes

What the hell is with the pointing thumb thingie?

RIP, Mr. Rodney Dangerfield

Oops! I Wore My Underwear on the Inside Today!

Having Sex In A Bar Bathroom Isn't Indecent Court Says

This infection is going to fucking kill me!

Anyone know how Ivy and Daina are doing?

After watching the debate last night, I've decided to vote Bush/Cheney

Edinburgh's 50 best jokes

Beware the Beast Man's six months and five days on Democratic Underground

Take a look at the new Forida ballot

The CDs to buy this week and next week:

Review: Springsteen, friends rock fantastic for a cause

Another great CAPTION.... My hand. I can't feel my!

Howard Stern moving to Sirius

Damn M5.8 epicenter was practically under my house

Online poll: Cheney, 666 votes

How many people believe the media and how many have minds of their own.

CAPTION the really scary man...

Osama bin Pippen

Republican integrity

what's in your carousel?

Need help-I have some books on my mind....

Bush to show up at next debate in flight suit

Perhaps I am a miscreation

I beg you - please give me a new earworm! Or, just shoot me.

Interesting ebay auction

William Shatner's new album released today! . . .

What's for lunch ?

Right Wing Pigeons

Anyone notice the horrible lighting at the debate last night?

Anyone pick up the new Tom Waits yet?


What's the answer to the poll question?

Have you gone to the website Cheney told us to visit????? GO GO GO GO

Cockteases acceptable for Republican men?

Just heard this group called "Beethoven" today. . .

Need some help

Just heard this group called "The Beatles" for the first time today.

Just heard this group called "The Rolling Stones" today...

Just heard this group called "Pink Floyd" today...

Bush is speaking a couple miles from here

Need first hand info on radiation treatment for cancer

I just heard this new group 'enough with the copycats already' today!

Is it just me, or are these guys creepily similar looking?

Is John Edwards looking for older interns?

Check out this new Cartoon/Video about W.

I just heard this new group "quit griping about copycat threads" today

Just heard this group called "AC/DC" today...

Just heard this group "The Supremes" today

Why Can't Drudge Find A Beard?

Greatest JOURNEY song ever!!!

Last night I dreamed Kerry WAS the president!

whoisalhedges' one year on the Democratic Underground

Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Movie.

Ignore please, checking new sig photo

Ok, in honor of Rodney Dangerfield...

Just heard this band called Van Halen today...

Do you actually consider Foreigner's work "songwriting"?

Attention lurking freelance writers: If you call me by the wrong name,

Last night I dreamed Matcom WAS a large dancing purple hippo!

Cops: Woman sold rocks to rioters, used cash to pay cable bill

If you want my body and you think I'm sexy come on honey let me know

S&M, M&M, or Eminem

SMiLE debuts at #13 on Billboard

Bush's Mulligan

Great Rodney quote right before surgery

Does anyone have the link to check political contributions?

joke - about bush's "rebuttaL" today

LOL... This one is too good not to CAPTION

My first time with Dylan

OK, the next person to seriously debate the debate in the Lounge gets

New “Smart Box” (inside the car) Can Warn Drivers, Issue Tickets

Fine tail

Is it fair to compare terrorist groups to computer hackers?

CAPTION.... Haliburton? Whatever do you mean? I have no

Just heard this band called Anaal Nathrakh today

Half Of Residents In Canadian Town Implicated In Sweeping Pot Raid

and btw, Luke and Lorelei made love....

Celebrity Death Pool - 10/6/04

Seperated at birth?--the one true father edition

CAPTION 3 people who have never been in the same room at the same time

It appears that I have created a monster.

Self-defence with a credit card-sized shotgun? $100 US

PHP Gurus wanted! (formmail.php)

Subliminal Pictures...

paging Mrs. COLiberal

I have a High-school work experience student starting tomorrow

"subservient president" parody presidential game got a media mention!


As I walk through this wicked world

How far is this from reality? Electronic voting!

My campus has gone insane....

Accused killer let out of jail after winning election

All Along The Watchtower.

Type "chickenhawks" into

Needed - good remedies for poison oak

Nip/Tuck. Wow.

Bush Has Happy Fun Time!

J-Lo(Jennifer Lopez): I know the secret of a long relationship

What is wrong with this picture????

Canada in legal fight to deport US flying squirrel

Edwards shook Cheney's hand then had to wait 90 min. to wash it.

We brought our kitten home Sunday.

Unbelievably Shrill

Latest Footage From THE GREEN ZONE

i have a question

Mathematicians aid war on terror

Satellite question

CAPTION 2 people who have never been in the same room at the same time

Tiger Woods ties the knot

Hey Overseas Guys/Canada/Mexico - any MLB video feed somewhere?

Hmmmm....wonder if this could be real?

i've come to reaLize that hanging out at DU

(blank) is/isn't, are/aren't (blank), SO STOP SAYING THAT!

just let the boss man know I have 2nd interview tommorrow

George "Whatever" BUSH

Humorous debate images

Caption this Snarl Debate Photo.

Unbelievably krill

What the Fag?

Hey I am more important than a cheesteak.!!!!!!

19-year-old LeBron James becomes a dad

Unbelievable Grill?

The $100 Philly Cheesesteak

Thank You GD2004 - From A "Freeper Disruptor"

Check out this excellent satire on the Republican convention

Interesting Photograph

Any Joss Whedon/Buffy/Angel/Firefly fans out there?

My need to rant

Chatroom fun!!


To the fallen monkeys of the war

Unbelievably Krull?

Life and Times of Harvey Milk on Sundance

Well, my company has cancelled annual flu shots

Rodney Dangerfield is Dead?????

OK, I'm really sorry that Rodney died

People you know who have famous names, but aren't the famous person

Poker Night: Bourbon or Beer?

I just got my absentee ballot--I'm voting for Kerry-Edward today.

Monkeys who died of SARS in China given a memorial

Brochures promoting cow manure tossing recalled

I need to throw my homework and do your mom.

I did your mom but not your homework.

Is "you have an enormous stick up your ass" offensive?

Just heard this group called "Dio" for the first time today.

Should I colour highlight my hair?

last night I dreamt someone shoved me

Just announced on ET Dick Cheney just signed a 4 year

If there WERE a second Vice Presidential debate...

It's impossible for you to respond to this thread with a clever remark

Cat Therapist fees start at $85 and $325 for a house visit

Bush Cheney Campaign breaking news release:

I'm having oral sex tomorrow. Help!

I'm having 200 ft. Jesus tomorrow. Help!!

I'm having Oral B tomorrow. Help!

Is anyone planning to go to DC for Kerry's Inauguration?

Grrrrrr...Why do small children have to scream when they play?

I need to mow my homework and do my lawn

Man Pours Gas Down Toilet, Causing Blast

What's the worst thing a sibling did to you?

Work sucks - I could use some advice/input?

My room mate is killing me!!!!

You got it ALL!

Question for any Tony Kornheiser fans.........

Half Of Residents In Canadian Town Implicated In Sweeping Pot Raid

OB-GYN's out there - You try loving my GF - I'll kick your ass.

Does New Order Influence Personality?

Does Birth Order Influence Personality?

What are you doing this weekend?

BJ McKay and his Best Friend ___________

Do you have an listmania list?

What will Dumbyass do all day after he's booted?

Buckhead: Its a picture of Cheney and John Ritter.

These pictures will scare the hell out of

What's the MOST necessary resurrection of a song or movie?

Google to offer book searches as new service

Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!! I just got my absentee ballot!!!

Is "you have an enormous ass" offensive?

I need to mow my lawn and do my homework

I have a Bush Orwell bumper sticker here at work

I'm having Oral Roberts tomorrow. Help!!

"I can't decide!!! I can't decide!!!!"

Unbelievably Krall?

*EMERGENCY* PHP Gurus! I need your help!!


Post your favorite Rodney Dangerfield "Caddyshack" quote!

Who else owns a Juke Box?

I'm having Oral Hygiene tomorrow. Help!!

7th_Sephiroth is.....

Anyone for a game of Pin Ball?

Amusing ad placement in MSNBC story today

I am feeling so fucking schlocky today. Ask me anything.

Kit pics!!!!!

What's worse: Britney Spears or her fans?

Do you think Bush was dumb enough...

Why is all my stuff suddenly breaking?

I am feeling so fucking Rocky today. Ask me anything.

I'm having Orel Hershiser tomorrow. Help!

Country Music?

Had an astrological chart

Argh, I hate studying...

Freeper F/911 Video Store Freakout Story! Funny!

My F 911 DVD came today

has anyone read anything about Backlash from

Who was the better guitar player on the Layla Album?

Any word yet from DoNotRefill?

"And you don't stop: 30 years of hip hop" documentary on VH1 tonight.

Mac whizzes I need help here.....

I'm having Orville Reddenbacher brand Popcorn tomorrow. Help!

The Pigman is one step closer to the big house(non mansion)

Oh Ladies, anyone else use The Firm DVDs?

LOST is on

Does this require a supreme bitch-out?

I bowled like chimp debates tonight...:-(

'Hunting of the President'

aaahh Sean Hannity cancels appearance in St Louis

I met Theresa!

What Dipshit will do after Kerry moves into the White House

cheese whizzes i need help here

Share your Mexican recipes!

Kids must be our hope for the future with regard to LGBT rights!


Saddam gets his own NBC reality show!

So the Dark Tower series concluded pretty well, I thought.

Greatest World Series Moment.

Soft Claws. Anyone use them on their cats?

Warsaw mayor set to ban "world sex championships"

Betty Bowers nails it!

A short hello, and a question for Boston DUers

I having been doing battle on my local politics forum and just want to say

Favorite Movie Theaters!

Gun dungeon dudes--what kind of over/under 12 gauge should I buy?

Tulsa area DUers....


Couldn't find remote/decided not to watch T.V.

Does anyone here have lucid dreams?

We're going to the 10th inning at Yankee Stadium

So it appears I'm becoming friends with my drunken barber

So, I saw the Pixies last weekend...


Favorite epithet for the right-wing so-called 'christian' crackpots?

Alright, who's the mod with the stick up their ass?

I think I failed another test today.

Anyone see "The Bravery" piece in Rolling Stone this week (New Hot Band)

Bob Scheaffer on Daily Show-How cute is he!?

Good Idea

Two pictures of my puppies!!!!!

Anyone want to curl my toe hairs?

Anyone Know anything about Autumn Olive?

Am I the only person with alopecia areata?

Daily Show time!

I am convicnced all cats are now communist

Baseball Playoff Thread. 10/6/04

Any DU'ers from Downey, CA? What should I expect?

Any one know where I can buy a Dick Cheney mask?

Name a neat word

"Jaws The Revenge" Dear, Sweet, Jeebus...

Alabama Wild Man

Newsday on Rodney: He Had A Million of 'Em

Post the dirtiest song lyrics you know...

What was your favorite Dangerfield movie?

Rules of Marriage

A friend of mine is having a!

Happy birthday Puck! (kitty pics)

Was John Edwards Tough Enough Last Night?

After Kerry wins I hope this guy goes to see Bush at the White House

My cat FINALLY took a SH*T!!!

nini is at work!

great band on conan tonight

just bought f 9/11 at wal-mart

Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me

Worst. Song. EVER!

Favorite Character actors. Whether you know their names or not.

My eyes!..... my eyyyyyyeeessssssss!

Man Gets Married For The 53rd Time - Remarries His First Wife

Which do you prefer: Freeper Troll or Freeper Disruptor?

Check out my "hard working" cartoon

Now that I have Windows XP SP2

This erection is going to fucking kill me

Subject lines you're sick of seeing

Anyone want to paint my toenails?


Programmers: Using any offbeat languages?

californians.. ever get flocks of Parrots??

I'm having oral surgery tomorrow. Help!!

I found just the right Xmas gifts for Matcom and Underpants

Origins of Rap question:

What's your favorite freeper, et. al., nickname for us?

Are high school cheer leaders supposed to be sexy?

Going to Europe!! Need help/advice!!

Check it out: "The Goldwaters Sing Folk Songs to Bug the Liberals!"

What gaming system would you buy for a 7 year old boy?

Any Red Sox Fans Out There?

So,,, when President Kerry is sworn in.. doesn't * have to be there?

Best Post-1977 Independent Record Label.

Just heard this group called The Grateful Dead today...

Worst Post-1977 Independent Label:

Kilt pics!!!!!

Debate between a DUer and historical figure you'd most like to see?

Post your sixth grade memories here!


Pics From NYC Du'ers Watching Debate and Playing with Kittens

It's Happy Birthday for the Hotties time

The Real Bush! Proof of how he really thinks...

We Haven't Done a "Looney Tunes" Thread In a Long Time

Zomby's Three Years on The Democratic Underground

So I finally gave the "SHut the fuck up" speech to the co-workers

Arrivederci Roma

Does anyone else trip out over one word or phrase

Cardinals are whoring for *....

The Sad Saga of Yankees-Haters

Hugs needed here

NC get-together, Friday, October 15th. Special Guest: Charo!

"A Pyrrhic victory: A victory gained at too great a cost"

Report: Saddam (was) Not in Pursuit of Weapons -(Undercuts Bush Rationale)

Transcripts of latest Cheney speeches?

WTRF poll

Dumbya, a Liar?

WSB Radio Poll

I might have a heart attack...

Must connect "I've never met you" to aluminum tubes

Bernie Ward talking about the debate!

Did Edwards explain the Global test question?


Why no mention of Edwards revealing Cheney's horrific voting record?

Just DU'd a Zogby poll

Brian Williams just showed Cheney lied (again).

I did not have meeting with It's not the sex, it's the LIES!


Second Presidential Debate.

It may have been a mistake for Bush and Cheney to only have supporters at

MSNBC is acknowledging Cheney's "never met Edwards" lie.

I used to think this was a draw...

Just like in Chess, Cheney with the white pieces had a HUGE advantage

FOX 45 poll

Who do ou think won this round?

Any new "real" polls out besides CBS and ABC?

Any idea on debate ratings? (BTW did networks play it?)

"Pie in the sky" GOP Talking Point?

The Deadman Walking Factor in the VP Debate

Despite what MSNBC has said, poll

LOL - MSNBC trying to explain why Edwards is winning so many polls

Did Cheney smile even ONE time????

Cheney Reminded Me of Bill O'Reilly


It is my opinion that Edwards closing statement won the debate for him

VP debate celebration will be short-lived....


Does Kerry have backup plan for Iraq?

Winston-Salem Journal poll

Edwards might have won this thing.

Video link to the Debate?

What the hell is going on at

Didn't get to watch-who won and who did the press say won the VP debates

Disenfranchised Republicans

I want Ron Reagan to have his own show, dammit!

Read the whores, whoring it up for Darth Cheney.

Skull&Bones Alexandra Robbins on Coast to Coast now,

Who is the drunk woman on the MSNBC debate panel?

Compare Tweety tonight to last Thusday night

A win, a draw, whatever

The only time I have ever liked Cheney

The harmless lie and the killing lie. Let's emphasize the right one!

My sickbed experience of (not) watching the debate.

Story of the Debate: Dick lied

How much a bounce will this debate give Kerry/Edwards?

Accuracy of online polls....

Edwards killed him on style alone.

Holy Crap, Brian Williams doing a 'Daily Show' style video montage!

The Iraqis our forces are killing are some of our side's casualties

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the next VP of the US

I'll sell you this new auto for $100... ($87 billion "flip flop")

Cheney acted "annoyed" with the whole thing

WHEN did the DOD start listing Iraqi Casualties??? (cheney the dick)

Split Screen versus Single Screen

Has always been Soros' site, or did he buy it tonight?

Big surprise--Candy Crowley regurgitates republican spin memo

Mark Halperin of ABC News on Charlie Rose...says "Edwards looks

Fox Radio News Declares Cheney Win

When cable news starts lying about the "winner" tomorrow...

Pollingpoint survey

Please don’t feed the trolls.

Is Bush gonna be pissed at Cheney or Ginsberg or Rove ?

CNN's post-debate poll question cowardly and insipid

No Freeper reaction threads tonight?

Easy 1-liner $87 billion Response

Had my bumperstickers ripped off at UOP tonight!

Are the Freepers not up this late or is this a sign of the end times?

The Unreported bush Scandal; total lack of domestic security

Blatant Lying

I've been trolling Freeperville, They are from a town very near here.

Biggest news from tonight is Bush/Cheney are unwilling/unable to change

How about we remember that we have an election to win here.

Kerry & Edwards BOTH LIED!!!

Close races in MO and OH (SUSA polls for Wa, Mo, Oh, Ca, and NC)

CNN Aired Picture of Cheney and Edwards taken Together Some Time Ago

If Edwards debated Joe Lieberman, who would win?

"Voting for/against 87 Bil" RW talking point: Why hasn't this been

My favorite part of the debate was at the end when Edwards

Paul Begala's "take" on the debate. "Darth Cheney warns the world"

Amusing RWers Dialogue Anticipating Fri Debate

Repub Bloggers Anticipate Friday's Debate

DU this debate poll!

Hey Chris Matthews

Kerry did not vote "FOR THE WAR"

My favorite part of the debate

All three candidates embarassed Bush

I'm watching the debate for the third time - Edwards keeps lookin' better


Top McCain aide defects to Kerry

After being delighted last night and voting in the online polls...

Rewatching the debate

What a very sorry commentary on America

For DU'ers: who won the debate?

First time since '68 where the turnout will be greater than 60%?

Christ! WP already has an article up listing Cheney's MANY LIES

Denver Post needs some love..........

How many DUers here have debate experience?

Front Page pictures looking good

the thing to remember about the VP debate....

The media consensus is that the debate was a draw

Fox actually reported truthful information for once

Very thoughtful review of the debate by Josh Marshall (TPM blog)

GAFFE! BC04 accidentally emails their talking points to the press corps!

William Saletan of Slate details Edwards ass kicking of Cheney!

Holy Cow...CBS radio news was just HONEST!!!!

Imus putting the screws to Cheney

Vote in The Pantagraph Poll (They want Michael Moore to apologize)

During the debate, I wanted Edwards to...

ABC admits poll numbers on debate were skewed - more republicans

Kerry makes congratulatory call to Edwards after debate

No that I've slept on it...

Edwards is even winning the AOL poll


ABC News poll is fascinating for a few reasons:

The Dems Need to make a Commercial

Did we count Korea's Dead? Vietnam's dead? Afghanistan's dead?

Rate the debate on

one of the few polls Edwards is behind in - please DU it!

GOP Math...

The wire down W's back

Liz Cheney...Runs in the family

Evidence is refuting the few giving Cheney the debate -- let threads sink

Cheney's Lie & Axing Iraq from 9-11 & "War on Terror"

saddem was a hemorrhoid---osama is a cancer

The Official Dick Cheney Debate Excuse Thread

Lyrics to Dan Bern's "Bush Must Be Defeated." Gets in your head!

Definitive Binary Dick Cheney Poll

Definitive Binary Dick Cheney-George Bush Poll

CNBC poll

Cheney contradicted Bush on Iran

Lynne Cheney shows off Dick's dick after the debate.

I have a question about senate attendance

Lincoln said it best

"FU" Cheney gives a "non-answer" for the JOBS question.....

i never met you until tonight

Funniest comment by Russert

MSNBC pundits said Cheney won? Huh? Are they nuts?

Freeped poll in South Florida-Sic 'em

Last nights debate was a perfect segway into Friday nights debate!

Did anybody else notice this last night?

Who Are You Going To Believe -Me Or Your Lying Eyes...., we're behind!

Side-effect of Shrub's lousy performance:

Imus points to 800-lb. elephant in the room

Elizabeth Edwards confronts Cheney over his lie

Is the Media Inadvertently Setting Bush Up to Bomb in Debate #2??

More on the Tallahassee, Florida registration scam

A Purely Objective Observation About Dick Cheney

Carlos Watson from CNN say's Edwards won

Our talking points for this debate

Well, now, NPR...

Hardball Panel Had Already Made Up Their Mind Before

cheney's attendance record?

Excellent article showing Cheney's LIES at debate

We had a bunch of knee jerker's last night saying Edwards lost

Electoral-Vote: Road to Victory

An unspun debate opinion

Cheney Drops the Ball

Let the negative posts about the VP debate sink!

John Edwards is something almost new- whereas

Don't forget to DU the Fox News poll......

Tulsa, Oklahoma = Freeperville, USA?


Who won last night is less important than these two things:

I am of the opinion that * and Cha-Ching are trying to lose this election.

Best moment of the debate..........

LTTEs needed to refute Kathleen Parker column on draft

New Mexico goes Blue

This Greensboro, NC Poll Could Use Your Opinion Edwards "mostly right" about Halliburton!

Oh no CNN showing video of Cheney and Edwards together.

In one word, how would you describe John Edwards' performance?

Thank You GD2004 - From A "Freeper Disruptor"

It's Depends On What The Meaning Of "Met" Is...

NYC DUers Watch Debate

Even if it were true, what does it say about the President of the Senate

Jerry Perenchio: Hollywood Republican

Freep in progress tracks Kerry momentum!

I am sorry for ever "liking" Tweety or McPain

More beautiful words...I have never heard...

Wooo hooo, Al Franken is going to be on Wisconsin Public Radio

My take - Edwards did a fine job and most important - continued the big MO

now to finish off the corpse

Edwards to Cheney: Bite me!

LTTE New York Times -- pandering

Edwards made only one mistake last night.

Intelligent/Competent vs. Bumbler/Mumbler

On the "coalition with Iraqis"

Initial reactions from the 'Hardball' panelUpdated:

Why would Cheney bring up El Salvador to compare with Iraq?

Call c-span Journal-New York Post Washington Bureau Chief

Doesn't winning have to do with what the majority of the public thinks

Isn't it funny that ABC news didn't instant poll, and CNN changed theirs?

The guys in charge of our country were forced out of their hidey-holes --

Cheney had met Edwards three previous times

You know, Cheney didn't seem to agree that being in charge is "hard work"

Cheney: blatant lies

Exactly how did Cheney "energize his base", as r/w pundits are spinning?

Edwards has won every poll I've been into this am- including Fox and my

Limited discussion of Poland last night...did they FORGET POLAND???

At Least Now We Know Who Was President These Last 4 Or So Years

HA! wtol in todedo took down their poll

has anyone told cheney yet

The real is pretty scathing about Cheney

MSNBC Talking about the Iraq report coming out today on when the

Cheney saying he met Edwards for the first time last night was Awesome!

Cheney "not" meeting Edwards funny, considering Cheney's energy meetings

Even the Facist "World Net Daily" has Edwards kicking Dicks ass!

DU this WP poll

Ann Coulter- You SUCK at being a HUMAN. Had to get that out of my system..

NY Newsday poll is freeped!


Tweety looked rather glum being interviewed this morning, especially

I kept waiting for someone--- anyone--- last night on Matthews'

Dick Durbin is exposing the 'never met' LIE (10:05am)

My Favorite Line fr Edwards last night was "Can we take four

Undecided-voter focus group results, anyone? post links here, please

When is the Big Speech by W(hatmeworry)?

What is this (p)resident's fixation

Sun Sentinal poll needs alot of help

Jennifer MillerUNwise needs to shut her flapping lips.

Edwards solidified the Minority vote tonight

I voted in every online poll I have seen. I suggest you all do so too.

Pat Leahy - "When Cheney goes to the Senate he meets with Republicans."

Is bush's speech being carried nationally?

Good news from

Check it out. Easy way to send letters to editors.

Salon.Com hands Tweety & Co. their ass!

Can anyone tell me if MSNBC has stopped showing Bush's

POLL: Edwards even sexier than voters remembered

Uncommitteds Tab Edwards Winner!!!

Ifil Awful: "What about THIS GOP spin point?" Repeat.

Saddam destroyed weapons in 1991, report says

Best news of the morning...

Edwards wins among Uncommitted

Help us cuberats: is * speech being carried on NETWORKS or just CABLE?

DFL response to VP debate . . .


Couple of thoughts about the debate

How long are they going to give this moron free advertising??

Who else thought that the question about telling about yourself

IS this bush's major speech going on now?

reading comments on the debate

why such weak response to Brush's speech

Mulligan speech on now...OMG, he IS trying to redebate the debate

Post Cheney Screw Ups HERE!

Smirk just stole Kerry's "stop our dependence on foreign energy" WTF?

Edwards made a major point that has met with Media silence

Ya know, if anyone can watch Bush on these 3 major channels

Anyone see the part where Dickhead tried to say Edwards didnt pay taxes

Freepers Are The Only Ones Buying Bush's Mulligan

PLEASE vote in this is VERY close

How to allay your kids' quite natural fear of Crashcart

Is there anybody here that still thinks Cheney won?

Bush tees up from the ladies tee

Moose on the Loose (ex mcCain aide backs Kerry)

Bush* speech is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT political

Bush is using pretext of "major speech" to batter his "opponent"

Seizure of Limbaugh medical records proper!

Photo of Edwards and Oil Slick Dick

Any reports yet on how many people watched the debate?

Friday is the day Kerry MUST

Win can turn the VP debate into a major win

This Poll needs DU HELP!!

Overlooked tidbit in CBS Poll: 24% "scared" of the idea of Cheney

Slate pronounces Edwards the winner..."cleaned Cheney's clock"

"There are NO DO_OVERS IN POLITICS"(/tom hanks in League of their own)

A better answer to the "wouldn't Saddam still be in power" question

What A Clown Bush * Is...

Bush knew about hijacked planes ahead of time. OWN UP TO THE TRUTH.

Rush's case being discussed on CNN right now.

ARG Poll: Florida 47% Kerry - 45% Bush - 2% Naddled - 6% Dunno

George Bush Wins the Debate...6 days too late.

The effect of the first debate is "kicking in"

Does Cheney's composure and articulation in debate hurt Bush?

The Idiot In Chief Is On TV

Can Someone Fill Me In on Bush's Mulligan Speech?

Sorry, dudes. I had a better time last night than I did on Thursday.

Bush LIES: "My opponent has announced the Kerry Doctrine"

Needed ASAP.

For those watching the Bush speech: Was I Right?

Tomorrow's Jobs Report

CNN's poll dodges the issue of who won.

Did CNN's Daryn Kagan have to discuss the Rush story this morning?

Pushing the Dubya = Yosemite Sam meme. . .

CBS(scientific poll) Edwards clear winner with uncommitted voters

The Pentagon doesn't want you to vote overseas

Fox beltway boys support Chaney's lie!

Major speech my ass!

CNN headline news report on the debate.

If dropped in a toilet, would Dick Cheney float?

Kerry/Edwards needs a better answer on the $87 billion question

The debates were a huge mistake

CNN has an online story about the online debate polls

This is obviously a campaign speech. What justifies giving Bush airtime?

I adore the main menu on the FAHRENHEIT 9/11 DVD...

Bush gives major speech in PA and CNN follows up with...

Edwards didn't make any friends with Network types by telegraphing the

Second Cheney-Edwards meeting picture:

If Bush loses on November 2nd what will his excuse be?

Another Cheney lie exposed: Stating Iraq/Al Qaeda linked

Economist Poll (10/4-5) K 47, B46, N1 (Registered Voters)

from: Campaign Manager Ken Mehlman

Missed the debate, haven't caught any post-debate spin: How'd we do?

U.S. Inspector: Iraq Had No Banned Weapons Stocks

Cheney admits to being a slacker

News outlets are in full force today.

The debate was a draw. Edwards won anyway.

You can post your comments on the debate

Do you think Kerry would have had an easier time if he voted for the 87B?

Post-debate poll/ LTTE rapid responders, don't 4get to empty your cookies.

Good news just keeps on coming Kerry Has a 7.3% Lead Bush in PA

ARG Poll: K 48, B 45 (RV) K47, B46 (LV)- Abramowitz: "Race is Tied"

Findings Undercut key Bush rationale for war ..the hits just keep coming..

This got missed in the debate truth-check

Rasmussen: Kerry 47, Bush 47

When it rains it pours(Kerry now leads in PA,FL,OH)

How can you tell such a stinker of a lie and not think people will notice?

Uh Oh! The bad news for Shrub keeps rolling in

Another Cheney Lie? "Coalition Body Count"

What if we get the trifecta this election?

why don't we call them on 1.7 million jobs in 12 months? That is pitiful!

Could someone help me find the ad of the woman on the park bench...

Al-Zarqawi may not be behind Iraq attacks

Mulligan speech is like an Evangelical meeting

Why Kerry Selected Edwards

Cheney Lie Count...add 'em if you got 'em

ARG: New Hampshire 47% Bush 47% Kerry

some repug- friendly spin for letters to editor

CNN Schneider: Boring Major Bushole...

Morning After Scoring: Olbermann penalizes Cheney for "untruthfulness"

Cheney has unilaterally DOUBLED THE DEATH TOLL in Iraq

Bush's "Mulligan" Speech admission they are behind and running scared

The Vote That "Was Due To Dean" Is A Cheney Fantasy

CNN Press Pundit Poll

LTTE concerning Cheney's contemptible conduct.

Charlie Rose Post-Debate Show - Edwards looked young???

This administration has no idea about what is about to hit them

Bush's Mulligan - A joke

After the debate i continued reading America the Book

Bush/Cheney '04!!! New campaign slogan!

Rasumussen - better and better


Their arrogance, their blind lust for power, and their contempt for the

Another nail in coffin. Allawi admits it is worse than he said

Who had the debate pciture with Darth Vader instead of Cheney?

The GOP world of total mass distortion for massive profit!

EMERGENCY! This is Dems Will Win - I need a photo of Karl Rove, copyright

Kerry takes lead in new Democracy Corp poll 49-48

One thing I've noticed: Edwards looks really good in the media clips

Who cares if Edwards didn't trip up Cheney - WE WON!

The debate: Key words. Spread the message.

For the NEXT debate...

The REAL VP debate issue

Cheney at the debate

Another poll to vote on-didnt see this one here

Josh Marshall gives his take of last night --"debate not about Edwards

The American People are being asked to TRUST Foxes in the Chicken

Gotta love George Soros

My idea for Kerry/Edwards

If You Can't Acknowledge Cheney Was *Good* Last Night - You Hurt Us


Wexler (D-Fl) vs. Cheney's Edwards surrogate now on CNN.

Suellentrop: Cheney Drops the Ball, Lets Edwards' Charges Stand

Think how awful Gephardt would have been last night.

If Frank Zappa were alive today, he'd be Michael Moore on steroids

Edwards vs darth vader

CNN's early show reports on Cheney lie about never meeting Edwards

David Corn was on FNC

DNC Releases New Reality Check Video

Attack, Deceive, Repeat | Ctr for American Progress

Bush/Cheney '04 -- "Because things aren't quite as bad as they seem."


Couldn't one say that bush's entire campaign theme is "Mulligan"


Tweety's Blatant Whoring

what about the 3 or 4 times snake cheney declined to answer/reply???


Who won last night? The answer has been on TV since the debate ended

Here's the beauty part...

If Kerry Is Orange, Bush Is RED!

Won or tie, doesn't matter. Heads up!

Ban Political Commercials after Debates

They thought they had the money and the propaganda.....what went wrong??

Howard Stern to join SIRIUS Radio in 2006.

Bowtie Boy weighs in: Tucker Carlson and "Who cares about Halliburton?"

Another cheney lie; very interesting one

the lie.........NOW, the dems have to get out

Finally!! Rush weighs in on the VP debate

Help! Need Edwards/Cheney voting record info!

Jack Ass From Real Clear Politics Shows His True Colors..

Edwards to make statement on Dimson Speech

Dick 'toe suckin' Morris explains why Bush sucked at the debate.

Faux just retracted Carl Camerons screw up. They pulled the article.

CNN VP Poll up again!!!

Help with meetings thing

I can hear them, but I can't see them? - W's speech

So, anyone interested in a friendly wager

OK folks, it is time for the Kerry campaign to come back into Missouri

Hand Wringers and Naysayers Unite

My Electoral prediction

what the hell is this about Kerry "giving up on virginia"?

Oil Closes Near $52 on Winter Fuel Fears .....(up 60% this year)

Self Made Man

CNN's muLLigan

Edwards: Bush 'Out of Touch With Reality' (Wed PM speech in Fla)

AOL poll

Has Dick Cheney always been a lying politician

Tweety on NBC saying the media has an Obligation

Debunking the "first meeting myth"

QUOTES from people who want my VOTE:

Cheney coming into Gainesville, FL this afternoon

Exposing Cheney's CHEAP LIES is even more fun than watching him lose


Syracuse Poll

My Theory on why Nader is running

Please DU this one

Bush/Cheney's lame talking point -- "Our Iraqi allies."

Snapshot the polls and create sites with links to the results

Cheney's BIG Mistake Last Night -

New Post-VP Debate 'toon is now up!

Wake up, soldiers!!! Time to win Round TWO!!!

The media can go screw themselves

Fox is proving it's freeperland...

VP DEBATE: Cheney KO'ed...By GOP - John Nichols

Kerry now ahead in Ohio, Florida and PA

DU this poll-Edwards has slim lead

Humor as brought to you by Freepers in regards to Bush's chances in OH

cheney won

Duelfer Report on WMD WTF?????

Will someone show me a compilation of the lies?

Rasmussen: Kerry/Bush now Tied 47% each, Bush job approval down..

They sent 40,000 [US] troops into Iraq without the body armor they needed.

The problem with the GOP "Halliburton Defense"

Where are the 9/11 widows

So, Rummy was supposed to be VP

Did you write a letter to the media?

For what it's worth-Debate Scorecard

Edwards did a great job!

Cheney's record (scary on civil rights!)

Gwen's debate question about hiv/aids -

Democracy Corps Poll: Kerry 49, bush 48

Edwards to appear tomorrow on "Live with Regis and Kelly" and "The View."

Marion County (IN) Absentee Voters: CHECK YOUR BALLOT!

Kerry Gains Edge Over Bush in New Mexico

Kerry Edwards floor plan revealed!

Federal Workers Used as a 'Prop' in Bush Reelection

Cheney's Senate attendance -- great diary at Kos

Yet ANOTHER Cheney/Edwards Picture

"Coalition of the Willing" : Current List?

Edwards' Senate attendance record

What was the response at Free Republic to

Blog post of the week (by a Repub lawyer no less)

Bush this a.m. "That's his allies. Abandon his strategy."

This Is Dick. See Dick Lie. Lie, Dick, Lie!

"Mr Vice President, you're still not being straight w/the American people"

Who was the biggest loser last night?

Stop watching CNN and MSNBC

US inspection report out. No WMD on Faux news.

Edwards' missed opportunity: "What qualifies you to be a heartbeat away?"

Randi is on - very funny start - commenting on Edward's

Every news website top news story: Iraq no WMD's, threat was waning

Fox poll - Cheney winning

Cheney's lies are getting lots of post-debate coverage.

Cheney's Mammoth Blunder: Sent Viewers to Soros Website!

Media getting pissed off about us contacting them!

I Am Off To See The Winner of Last Nights Debate!!!!

Fullscale freep in progress

HA HA HA- - FUNNY! sends web surfers to!

The media just doesn't get it...

Iraq will have "free" elections? What about US?

People, we really need help on some of the polls

Remember the 2000 debates.....

Can I see that picture of Cheney and Edwards meeting

Attention! Researchers I need your help

Don't Let Bush In on the Secret!

ATTN; Voters Of South or Central American Descent:

52 52 52 52 52 52 52

Ballot Tricks in Michigan?

Need Help Re Global Test.... "We're just getting started"

Smirky Snarly '04

Cheney's feeble attempts to seed doubts about Edwards' ambition

Has Bush About Tapped Out All Support He's Going to Get??

God I can't stand Wonkette!

Join Forces with the Freepers ?

Okay. I have this email here from a Freeper-type. It's a flash-slide show.

A simple response to the "Global Test" rhetoric.

It's Spinpossible!!!

Cheney's "Senator gone" comment.

Physics Today: Bush vs. Kerry on National Science Policies (Q&A)

Kerry Press Release: Bush's Debate Mulligan

CNBC Poll - DU it, but more importantly, email your comments:

"Boxing Commission" reconsiders, names Edwards winner

Rasmussen Reports 47-47

Who exactly will be in the "Townhall" debate audience friday?

Kerry needs to tie Bush's tax policy with America being less safe

Just think how devastating Edwards' win would have been if

Am I the only one that remembers reading a thread last night.....

Networks owe Kerry an hour

san diego media debate polls..


The CNN Memory Wipe didn't accomplish much.

Is George Bush insane or just stupid?

Why haven't we attacked North Korea? Global Test - Slam Dunked


And for my 1000th post...

Kerry on Dr. PHIL....NOW....Central Time.

Repubs preparing bunker strategy?

Post-Debate Truth Squad on Paula Zahn Tonight ...

Gwen Ifill and Condi Rice are gal pals.

The October Surprise is yet to come

Common ground talking point with a Repub

Call for U.N. to withdraw staff from Iraq

Well then......Ask the Whitehouse!!!!!

Delicious: The lie he LEAST had to tell, and it's getting the most play.

Cheney made a fool of Chris Matthews. Payback time

Does anyone know when/if the debate last night will be re-aired on TV?

When will the Bush admin start removing the K's from their keyboards?

Cheney lied a quick google search proves it.

Should we just try to list the things Cheney didn't lie about? Oh wait.

To email Dr. Phil re: Kerry appearance

does anyone remember Bush in the town hall style debate ?

Anybody see Cate Edwards interview on MSNBC ?

Bwah hah hah! I just realized - it's all up to Chimpy now!

The latest CIA report on WMD is devastating

Cheney - dueling quotes from last nite...

Russert Asks Cheney About Iraq/9-11 Connection

Deleted by poster...dupe

Please vote in this poll

Three debate points left hanging that need to be addressed.

Halliburtan employee to bite bullet for debate mistake

A Sampling of John Edwards' Short Distinguished Record

Vietnam Dejavu

So That Cretin Lynn Cheney....


WHY POLLS ARE SKEWED: do you have ONLY a cell phone?

From ( clip)

An Open Letter To Dick Cheney

Good Debate, but why didn't he hit Cheney with more facts?

Latest State Polls. Kerry leading in Florida, Pennsylvania. NH ,Even

C-SPAN Video problems...


RNC Call Tweety a "Democrat" on their Website!

Check out the new DNC video! "Cheney vs. Reality"

Cheney's Saddam-Zarqawi Lie

90 minutes later a new race

Will massive drop in gas prices be the October surprise?

Don't Forget Edwards on "Live With Regis And Kelly" and "The View."


CNN poll is all freeped up. When I vote, it takes me to the weather page

WARTIME - not a time to give away ammunition

Schneider and Woof Woof whoring for W big time.

He Has Ice Water Running Through His Veins - PIX

Clearly Prayer Breakfasts not helping Lynne Cheney be a good person

John & Teresa Interview w Dr. Phil : Anyone know Dish Channel

Man! I Thought Cheney Was AWFUL!

Crossfire: Tucker Carlson looks like someone glued his hair

Michael Moore on the lam - funny

Kerry and Teresa on Dr. Phil today

Debate focus is all wrong! Cheney's success bad for Bush

Cheney's shitty Senate attendance record, via

Shrub is all about the number 4!!

OK, Things look, well, OK. BUT WE CANNOT RELAX NOW ! ! !

"October Surprise" seems more likely with each passing day...

Doubts about Edwards win? Read Editorials in WaPo, NYT, LATimes

* in the 2000 Town Hall Debate

Tea Leaves: Kerry On Domestic Now; Bush Stuck In Tired Attack Mode

Florida Election Ballot

DNC Press Release: The Reviews Are In: Edwards Exceeds Expectations

AARGH!! I just read all the post-debate reaction on MMFA.

ICR: LV Bush 51% Kerry 46%; RV Bush 50% Kerry 46%

Which vice presidential candidate would you rather

Call CNN to complain

More on earpiece during debate - photos

Is Bush Impeachable......Seriously.

Olbermann Will Be MustSee TV Tonight

TODAY in Iraq, 10/6/04: MORE news photos you need to see....and share

DNC has a great video up - "Cheney vs. Reality"

Charges against RNC protesters tossed

OK so where is this "significant Bush speech" today???

"bin Laden Captured"<<<<<<

I just received a call from a friend...

WTF about the CNN poll?

Listen to today's TO THE POINT. Things are looking good!

Most vile, digusting moment in last night's debate

ABC/WaPo Tracking Poll: * Sinking Like a Rock! (LV Bush 49% Kerry 47%)

How many Kerry volunteer points do YOU have?

DOS on and

Kerry takes lead in two new polls(Economist and Democracy Corps)

DU AOLHell Poll, it's not in line with what the others say about Edwards

Cheney BETRAYED the social conservatives/christian right

"Blood in the Water!" When Lanny Davis can slay Dragon Repugs & Wolf

New polls out today

Would this be good, bad, or neutral for Kerry?

*'s DESPERATION in the air in Pennsylvania posts disclaimer for Cheney goof in debate story!

Stern BURNED Clear Channel owned XM satellite

Matthews as Gollum

How can I find my local Dem. HQ so I can get some stickers...

Edwards hometown help

Not too late to vote on this one - urgent

I need an article with Cheney connecting Iraq to 9/11

Kerry on Dr. Phil -- watching now, one great quote so far:

Yahoo story on factcheck.COM/factcheck.ORG

New Dem group running TV ads here in Oklahoma

Business School Profs to Shrub: economic policy has taken a dangerous turn

Did the Freepers steal the list of online polls or did DU steal

Debates Available "on demand" cable

vote here -- Wolf Blitzer Reports

Cheney lied on al-Qaeda/Saddam link? Check out Bush's lies on this!

Rate this story a 5--Secular Iraq Women Take Up the Head Scarf

GOP Pissed at Chris Matthews...

South Bend Poll...needs help

Wasn't Edwards's closing statement brilliant?

UN helpful or hurtful in the cause of peace? (lou dobbs poll)

So, is O'Really going to name the debate winner tonight?

cheney hides from senate democrats

I had the DAMNNEST weird dream/vision a little while ago...

Good News - New Zogby State Polls

CNN Lou will talk about US election rigged!!!!

NBC News running bit on protest being stifled in name of Homeland Security

NBC nightly news socked it to *!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm feeling good about a Kerry/Edwards win, except....

DU this poll about the safety of electronic voting. (Atlanta)

GOP 'absentee ballot' skullduggery afoot in Minnesota?

The Environment: Why hasn't it surfaced in the campaign??

Will Kerry Get Equal TV Air Time to Respond

Poll: Cheney Won Debate This is why it's important to hit the poll sites

Kerry Ad Slams Bush, Cheney

Here's my latest LTTE, once again submitted for your comments

Tweety Is On Playing With His Hardball

Poll needs DU'ing...

How smart is Edwards?

Kerry Should Say That Bush Sr. Used the Global Test

Cheney-Edwards Debate Draws 43.6 Million Viewers

Lester Holt on MSNBC Claimed E-mails Were Coordinated with Kerry Camp


What will Bush do when he's out of office

I need a list of why Bush isn't a true conservative

LMAO -- Go to ""

I'll say it.(at great risk I suppose)Our troops are dying for a mistake

Republican registration table was lonely.

Are our dead soldiers being shipped home in body bags?

Sam Seder just explained the $120 billion vs. $200 billion thing.

Cheney's Avalanche of Lies (final, with link)

Senator Gone...What about President Gone ?

Very cool contribution form from DNC - read!

FIRE Mark Halperin, ABC Bush Ubershill!

Possible * talking point!!

Key Thing for Friday Debate headline: "Cheney directs surfers to anti-Bush site"

Apparently Bush really, really wants to get spanked hard on Friday.

Why Don't Americans Care? - Mark Morford

I'm going to vote for Kerry tonight

Scott Ritter - American Hero and Patriot!

NEW CNN online poll???

Why Bush is hopping mad?

A few months ago, "Anger was a gift."

The Only Way bush Can Win

Edwards in Detroit Saturday

I guess one small silver lining here in Okla is zero Prez campaign ads...

Tweety has John Fund against non-biased Wa. Post reporter

OK -- I'm starting to get nervous now

Why do I see so many similarities between Kerry and Andrew Jackson?

A New Hampshire campaign update.

Bush and the "putting lipstick on a pig" line

Why is Kerry taking yet another day off?

Another Cheney lie from last night

Was that the weirdest surrealist speech today?

If the VP debate had been 30 to 45 minutes longer

Start making records of the comments of Bush's propogandists now

CBC's "unauthorized" biography of Cheney -- omg

DUers Who Think Dick Cheney Won...

DU bandwidth on debate nights... Check it out!

Gone from Afghanistan 7/28/04 after 24 years: Doctors Without Borders

Kerry/Edwards will put an end to Drug Advertising....Not reported?

When are we going to see the indictments in the Valerie Plame affair?

Bush's face is banged up again.

Do you think the Media knows it was played today?

RIght Wing Bill Schneider calls debate for Cheney

Sign ideas for Bush protest tomorrow

Kerry and Dr. Phil Photo

Yet another *-Cheney lie: The upcoming Afghan elections

I got to flash Dick Cheney this afternoon

Any sites with video archives of debates?

Wonder what it will be like to vote in's a link to Diebald

If we win is there anything you all will miss about Dubya and Dick?

Chaney's "lies" were a "means to an end"...which the media accepts

Edwards was PERFECT last night.

Rasmussen Battleground Polls for 10/6

Was Cheney in Gainesville today??

On the "Senator Gone" crack from Cheney ...

My primary candidate lost; damn I'm happy.

Should Kerry IGNORE BUSH And Start Attacking CHENEY????


I'll miss Friday's debate but will be looking to DU..

Bush's silly smirks and sighs,

Imagine if Cheney came to the debate street wise and pimpen it

Who is Landon Howell??

How many DU'ers are there?

KERRY CAMPAIGN: Harvard Business School profs' open letter to Bush!


Anti-Fem Org. Founded By Lynne Cheney Picked To Teach Iraqi Women Politics

Who's got the best Kung Fu? Is it DU?

Anyone have a link to that fake commecial with the mom in the park?

Wm. Saletan in Slate: Edwards Kicked Darth Vader's BUTT

the NASCAR factor

Link to list of active online polls

For shame, Skinner. Removing a perfectly good propaganda arrow..

Upcoming Debate

Saddam's alleged al-QAEDA ties: Powell's UN transcript, 2/5/03

We could have had as many as 15,000 French soldiers in Iraq.

How HUGE will the Iraqi Veterans Memorial be?

anyone tell me about the thing?

Will Pitt - 'Truthout Overview' nightly audio.

Remember when Bill Clinton had heart problems and on Fox News,

Kerry should use the full names for A.Q. Khan and OBGYN when speaking. Let

Chris Moeller Joins Artists For Kerry Edwards

I've always been in the "Free Speech" corner on DU, but...

mushroom clouds > stockpiles of wmds > banned weapons > wmd programs > ?

Unbelieveable evidence of media irresponsibility

Tell us what Tweety is doing please.

Has anyone seen the Wall Street Journal Polls?

Did the 'moderator' pass up Edwards twice last night?

HEY! Where's the Posted around here?

Bush sound bites (HELP!)

Trippi: "I guess I have to go to some special “fair and balanced” school"

I'm trying to figure out Tom Coburn (senate candidate in Oklahoma)

New Campaign - We're 2-0.

Trade war erupts over aircraft

CA: too close for comfort

Ethics Panel Rebukes DeLay Twice in a Week

Black women should be SCREAMING about Cheney today!

This is cute: Freepers upsite because Chris Heinz is a member

Musab Al Zarqawi isn't in Baghdad,he's in Fallujah!

What is FarenHYPE 911 ?

Little Moonbeam's Political Analysis

Edwards' wife delivers tough security message in Charlotte

Did Chris Matthews change his view on the debates tonight?

CNN: No WMD's in Iraq

Diplomacy is hard to explain

Ugly is as ugly does...look at this high school pic of Cheney!

a good line for kerry?

Please Vote in this Poll!

New K/E ad. Shows *, sound is background Four more years.

We just got our new Kerry-Edwards sign

Has anyone been watching CNN Today? I've got questions about their polls.

New Bush debate and "sovereignty" audio clips posted on ""

Email in my Box: TX NG Training for Martial Law

Is the GOP trying to bugger the vote in FLORIDA?

New PA(keystone) poll to be released showing game over for Bush in PA

Pat Buchanan hosting Scarborough Country

Have you graded the candidates? CNN lets you

President Do-Over. We have a President who thinks he can take make-up

New meme to push: Bush = Yosemite Sam

Elizabeth Edwards.....Secret Weapon?

Have you all seen this electorial map:

Is Cheney in the Senate on most Tuesdays?

Anyone have a link to dirty old man Chain-knee checking out Cate's ass?

Hit this poll

Cheney's top 10 lies?

Photo of Cheney not spending any time with Edwards prior to debate. . .

Cheyne made my niece cry! - It's so nice to finally have one of these go our way!!

My cousin who is running for Congress I told y'all about (article below)

Why does Kerry say that Bush "lives in a fantasy world of spin"?

Be warned! This is what Bush is wearing to the debate Friday

Yipes! Yet another CBC documentary coming: "The World According to Bush"

Volunteer with "America Coming Together,"

Seems Dick did a double whammy against himself with

Fulton County OHIO Board of Elections will NOT issue provisional ballots

VP Debate Polls: a conspiracy?

DU this poll

VIDEO of Cheney checking out Cate Edwards (dirty old man) MIRROR!

CNN polls an attempt to get web hits??

Another Trip Down the Rabbit Hole

The Bush Bin Laden Flip/Flop

NSMA tinfoil moment. Is the shortage of flu vaccine the October surprise?

Another Edwards-Dick poll to DU

Tour de Colorado... interesting observations

The GOP is Coming Unglued!

I still say they should have had a Dance-Off in addition to the debates

When Bush & Cheney Say, "Quit Demeaning Our Allies", Kerry Can Hit Back:

Edwards didn't challenge Dick on his never met him remark because

Unthinkable Question: ...But just how sure are we OSAMA attacked us?

Isn't it about time for the Print Endorsements?

Brand New Research on Cheney's Lies - Daily Kos

Can you spray your Kerry-Edwards signs with this stuff?

Now's the time for K/E to hit Bush...

Bush's Dilemma. It's Hilarious.

Is the media frightened?

Bush said "I'm a compassionate conservative" today.

Dr. Phil - Why Are The Kerry's Wearing Yellow Bracelets?

Daily show...on NOW...covering the veep debate

Bush Campaign ad for black women to be paid to cheer at GOP events

went to (eeeeeeeew) there's NO MENTION of any speech

My top 5 cable news Bush Whores

Zogby results from

"Bush Makes Me Cry" onesies

Tweety showing Cheney's remark about not seeing Edwards

International Criminal Court

How to talk to a conservative, 1

Go get this poll please

Dean at CT Forum, Pitt campus, and Berkeley, Oct. 6, 7, 8.

What I did this morning

An INTERESTING thing happens when you vote in the Pundit Scorecard on CNN!


Edwards: Cheney won't forget THIS encounter!

Question: Will Bush* be on his 'Game' Friday Night???

Fellow DUer's... we aren't out of the woods yet.

Kerry Campaign Responds to Desperate Attacks with New Ad Recapping Debates

LOL! Sharpton on CNN

George Bush's mixed message.

Will someone please send me a link to the VP debate video?

Yet ANOTHER Cheney LIE form last night...

Best analysis Ive seen of cheney/edwards debate is here at

Is Kerry going on the factor with O"Reilly??

Just saw "Going UpRiver"


Don't You Wish The Wives Could Debate?

John Kerry coming to Elyria, Ohio Saturday for post-debate rally.,

Moore accused of vote bribery by republicans

Why is * "Stuck on Stupid" with the word WORK?

For those who don't know what MULLIGAN means:

Mother Jones Poll

Howie Fineman nailed it on Olbermann: It's BushCo slime vs. the truth

What would it take for the media to say "There's something wrong with *" NEEDS you............

Olberman is kicking Deadeye Dick's lying ass!!

Wouldn't it be cool if Bush is asked about loyalty oaths Fri?

Great photo from the campaign trail..."Save My Future, Vote Kerry!"

Poll-wiping might not be working out exactly as CNN had planned

AFL-CIO protests at B/C headquarters today over Overtime law

We just saw John Edwards


Cheney's most obvious,and checkable lie.

Are you better off? Consider these facts..

CNN Quick Poll Wiping: Clean Your "Cookies"

Cheney photo with Edwards is a hoax

Should Kerry address the Indumbent's lie about the $87 billion?

Show Yer Love For John Eddy!

Public Citzen Fiunds 3 MORE Cheney Lies From Debate

Bush/Cheney's New & Improved Campaign Slogan-

Keep the heat on Tom DeLay

Am I the only one who thinks they're not gonna nab Osama?

The Scientific Value of Unscientific Polls ( talks about DU)

If we took FOX, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and Headline "News" out....

Dirty Dick and his Dirty Deeds - CBC Documentary

Even if Cheney annihilated Edwards ,I still would have said Edward won!

Do "They" really want to win? Josh Marshall posts interesting observation.

NBC said last night, Halliburton the only company in the world

Ohio now 'Weak Kerry', pushes Kerry's EC number to 280! ?

So the polls say Edwards won , but some DUers are still saying he lost!

I discovered the October Surprise!

Have The Powers That Be Decided It's Time For Shrub To Go?

Prediction about the Right if Kerry wins

the mulligan speech - beyond pathetic

The Andrea Mitchell Cheney-put-Edwards-in-his-place thing.

This makes me SOOOOOO angry!!!

John and Elizabeth Edwards on The View tomorrow

Bush Is NOT COMPETENT ENOUGH To Pull It Off On Friday

Why OB/GYNs ??????

Why The Debates Read Differently To Us

Another lawsuit against Blackwell in Ohio...

David Brooks: If Bush Is That Bad Again On Friday He Loses Election

60 Minutes getting ready to Bust Bush on Iraq

NC Board of Elections announces record number of new registrations.

Not trying to bait, but isn't there some irony in this photo?...

France was was ready to send 15,000 troops...

Join the Kerry Phone Corp. Help get 1,00,0000 canvassers on the streets!

I'm REALLY worried about Friday!

OK, people. With the WMD report, it's time to get media on PNAC!!!!

Why did Cheney send us to Soros' site?

Bush crowd "seemed pumped on peyote"...

Just got in a big fight with my repug sister and brother in law

Bwahaha! Hannity the crybaby! (From ABC's "The Note")

Cute freepers turning against Fox

What points do you want Kerry to make tomorrow?

A DU Call to Action! - get Kerry 1 hour of UNINTERRUPTED AIR TIME.

Americans Are Dying for Dick Cheney's OIL WAR

I hope Kerry brings up shrub's "Mulligan speech"

"My opponent saw the same intelligence I did."

Swift Boat Vets Float Nader Some Money- Ugh!

Rasmussen National Numbers and his Explanation (Looks Good)

What the hell is with those RED states in the middle?

A line Kerry should use in the Friday debate

Edwards has a lifetime 84.8% voting record in the Senate - Cheney lies

Am I a bit too aggressive with getting people to vote?

*** HIT THIS CNN POLL!!! ***

Delay Strikes Again!! Republicans floor Rangel DRAFT bill--defeated 402-2

This was a John Edwards we had not seen before.

October surprise - WMDs?

Is Bush Wired? pics of bush

We're Famous! WorldNetDaily attacks Dems and DU for skewing online polls