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Archives: October 5, 2004

Graydon Carter Shows How Bush Makes Lies Seem True ...

Who's Your Daddy? (

Military Times’ New Survey Shows Widespread Support for Bush. But...

I'm coming to Ohio this weekend for 2 full days of campaigning.

did the freepers apologize yet?

Let's all post what "hard work" really is !

It must be me but

You can forget Poland.

Registered 8 voters and pissed off freeper in the process. Woohoo!

Letters from soldiers to Michael Moore (His new book)

Does anyone have the audio of Michael Moore on Howard Stern?

Are vigilante border patrols legal?

FREEPER Hypocrites

CBS radio news leads top of the hour with the DRAFT issue and

i just watched unfinished symphony

Howard Dean on Letterman RIGHT NOW!

Can you imagine a US paper with this on the front page??

Royal flush covers loo blushes

Bush signs tax bill in 'swing state' of Iowa (fourth tax cut in four years

Republican grip starts to loosen in Little Havana

LAT: No Voter Apathy This Time Around

I'm BROKE!!!! Too much shopping at Amazon

Howard Dean on Letterman RIGHT NOW!

My god, a miracle has come forth to us this night!!! We must rejoice

Should I write an Op-Ed piece in my college's newspaper before proposing

Próbować i kopiować ten jeden!

Royal flush covers loo blushes

I'm in too deep

Things that should never, never, never, NEVER be purchased on EBay

No nursing home in our future!

I just made my girlfriend some tea THAT'S hard work man!

I assassinated an Austrian Archduke, thats even harder work :D

today backwards thread this posted I !Spoo

Favorite Blues Brother's quote...

Do you have to register to vote for every election?

Shameless Gratuitous 100th Post

Damn the guitar player for Franz Ferdinand is HOT

How should I rot away my brain cells?

Anybody watch "The Dog Whisperer" on National Geographic?

I can't relate to John Hughes films

Damn the guitar player for ABBA is HOT

Hey bushie boy, I just took the GRE this THAT was hard work!

I just ate an apple and it's hard work

Grateful Dead question

Any Gene Kelly fans out there ?

People going near Mount St. Helens: What's their deal?

Damn Archduke Franz Ferdinand is HOT with lead and sharpanel in his body

Do you have jelly meat?

Do You Have Smelly Feet?

If you missed Olbermann using "Faux News" graphic

Will Crashcart stick to his guns tomorrow?

Uniter not Divider And then some.

If polled, we expect Cheney to cream Edwards tomorrow.

Tomorrow night watching debate: Think Edwards-Obama 2012!

This is balance?t

Have you seen 9l11-In Plane Site?

GWHB (Poppy) coming here to Okla according to local TV news

Interesting Voter Registration Numbers - Kentucky

High voter turnout..if allowed to be valid spells trouble for Bush..

Will the links to the polls be posted again after the Tuesday debate?

Nightline running show on Veep debates right now

Black Pastors Backing Bush Are Rarities

Edwards debate should help Kerry in Wisconsin

Chimp, rove, hughes, cheney prepare for the all important debate on Friday

Should I let my 10 year old watch VP debate? F word risk!

Edwards hands dick his head.

Hey bush (you moron)...YOU FORGOT POLAND!

A good news story re: overseas voting

Why isn't the media covering Edwards as much as Cheney?

map of attacks in iraq

Bremer turning on Shrub??? Rats leaving a sinking ship??

Pre-Iraq war intelligence question


Wore my Kerry/Edwards Button Today...Target is Anti-Free Speech

Awesome video. Watch and send to everyone you know

Polls with 38% Republicans and 30% Democrat for example....

Wow...Letterman was NOT throwing softballs to Dean tonight.

Kerry Actually DID Win the Debate…Before He LOST It! << bs alert

Dear Mike, Iraq sucks

The Nuclear Bomb That Wasn't (NYT)

Bremer supports Kerry's criticism: "Planning failure in Iraq"

Mom of soldier killed in Iraq dies

Again USATODAY misstates the Social Security/Medicare situation/solution

Darth Cheney meets Luke Edwards

The Nuclear Bomb That Wasn't

Rumsfeld Sees Lack of Proof for Qaeda-Hussein Link

What Edwards Should Say (Rude Version): (not for the faint of heart)

Dissecting Cheney

What the Neocons will do in a 2nd Bush term if elected.

A Future Worth CREATING....yes that's right.... CREATING

'Team America': A Movie to Offend Everyone

All should read this letter from soldier talking about purple heart band-

How "intellectuals" influenced Bush Amin. on Iraq War

A Republican General for Kerry

Krugman: The Falling Scales (from the eyes of voters on * Thur)

Molly Ivins: Our Petulant President

Bush and the Bobble Heads

America's #1 Christian Commentator weighs in on 'Wife Swap'

Bremer Criticizes Troop Levels

The Coming Energy Crisis? (Oil Industry warned of Iraq war consequences)

NYTimes on the tubes, Condi

Voter Registration Problems and Republican Sec. of States

Event in New Orleans, Friday October 8

MoveOn's Cindy Sheehan ad - Not coming to Texas?

anti-Bush banner campaign

New BigPath Flyer: You Allow Cheney to Cling to Hussein/Al Qeada Link

Why is USATODAY AGAIN reprinting Bush lies about Social Security?

Will F 9/11 help MORE on DVD?

The search for America's worst campaign journalist has begun.

Who had the best "news" coverage of the VP debate?

Who had the best footage/presentation of the VP debate?

How would you rate Gwen Ifill's performance in the debate?

Time is ripe for an alternative tv network on the internet?

Republicans Try to Dilute Provisions in Tax Bill(keep loopholes for Rich)

Unemployment zero = Inflation? Ways to avoid infla. wanted

Saudi’s final production peak will be in the last quarter of 2004.      

A Nobel for Explaining How the Nose Knows

Endangered Steller Sea Lions Slowly Increasing In Alaskan Waters

Arctic Sea Ice Extent Again On Track For New Record Low - NSIDC

Chemical concentrations rise in polar bears

A mountain man in the 21st century.

Saturday, October 9th, 2004: Can John Howard be defeated? (Australia)

US IL: Mayor Says Marijuana Prosecutions A Waste

US OR: Measure Calls for Marijuana Dispensaries

Wacky stuff happening on the forum 3:00am EST

Wacky at 3:45 a.m. Eastern here, too --

Skinner can you post that Media Polls thread again so that we can .....

One question about deaf issue


The Kerry/Edwards Campaign needs our help....

I don't see anyone's sig line

I wouldn't try to nominate my own thread for the homepage even if I could

Good job guys!

Contrary to what bunnyj says about no slowdowns tonight.....

Possibility of temp upgrade to DU for election night

Idea for new forum: Book Discussion

Just a small suggestion . .

Senseless in Gaza

2 Islamic Jihad members killed in IAF Gaza strike

IDF: Indictments to be filed against 13 UN employees (Annan to check out)

Arafat: I'll become a 'Nelson Mandela' after state is established

Israel's 'malicious propaganda' endangers UN staff (+ IDF "clarifies")

Israeli Military Backs Off U.N. Claim

Palestinian who killed 10 Israelis in shooting attack arrested

The REAL 9/11 Inquiry

Has anybody heard about this?

Flight 11 survived the North Tower crash

Flight 77 and Vilgilant Guardian

FYI Chicagoland DUers--Obama appearances on 10/5

The fix is in again - Florida will reject thousands of new voter apps

Art Auction to raise funds for Mike Byron-Please donate!

Could someone summarize the Gavin Newsome SF gay marriage thing for me?

Tipton Rally Report


i met mike jones today - ha


Tonight: Edwards and J. Santana triumph over the forces of evil

I just gave $50 to the Patty Wetterling campaign

I can't get AAR on the new frequency.

Sigsn and bumperstickers: the good and the pathetically bad

Detroit News VP Debate Poll

Late night John Edwards rally Tuesday, October 5 after debate @Case-Univ

Anti-War March to the Open Forum at CWRU Tuesday

"Vote For Change Tour" Review (Dave Matthews Band Show - Dayton 10-2-04)

Really interesting email about Sign Vandalism from a friend of mine.

dralston is at the debate!

Westmoreland County Dems Check in!

Poll: Dent, Kerry winning Valley voters

Anybody at James Taylor/Dixie Chicks Friday 10-1?

Free DVDs for Swing States - looking for people to hand them out

Anyone seen Frost's new ad? The gloves are OFF!!

Any pictures from deLay protest in Austin?

We need your help!

Southeast Houston-help?

Dean returns to Austin!

You only thought you had fun at the 1st Debate Party in Dallas at Gilleys!

Houston Area DUers: Meet & Greet for John Martinez, Democrat for Congress


Thieves cart off 70% of Kerry signs

Are Randi Rhones and Greg Pallast doing each other?

Best Internet Service Providers***Which ones are they?

Bernie Ward program starting now - 10 P.M. Pacific Time

Not A CNN Embed Report: The Situation In Samarra

Did you support the Afghanistan Invasion?

Iraq = Waco

Concert Critic claims Dems Didn't Applaud Dixie Chicks Travelin' Soldier

ROFL - Faux Memo to Employees about their fake quotes

A Statement From Defense Secretary Rumsfeld Re: Iraq/Al Qaeda Ties

Suit targets judicial canon

Tonight is is good verses evil.

Someone Answer this Question for me...

WORST EVER portrait of Clinton.... and Bush!

The head Skank Ho Ann Coulter on Imus..

If I were John Edwards, I would pose the following question to Dick

Question re: stem cell research and Dems

Think edwards will bring up haliburton tonight?

It happened again

Did anyone catch what Imus was saying this morning about Hannity?

Another bullsh** email

So what has Bush accomplished in Iraq today?

So what just happened on AAR?

2004 Nobel Prize in Physics to 3 US scientists

Imus comment....anyone watch Scab-borough last night?

Did anyone see MTV last night with the IRAQI Civilians and Ohio Students??

Under the control of Chaos Economics.

It is hard work to think about the consequences of your lies. It is hard

"We never had enough troops on the ground.".....L. Paul Bremer

LOL, anyone else see Olberman flash "Faux News" last night

Bush campaign takes a page from the Democrats playbook.

My copy of F-9/11 has shipped! Yesterday!

Cornell study: terrorist warnings boost * approval ratings

Why are we still so gullible and ready to buy media spin?

Just received my DNC card, congratulate me!

remember: John is debating THE REAL PRESIDENT tonight

Was war the only response?

Bush hides Flag-draped coffins; America has right to see them...

The Bolanos Brothers, Arizona and on to the Midway, October 11th.

I say: Give Mick Foley his own show on AAR!

there hasn't been another attack since 9-11, therefore.....

When referring to cheney call him the co-president

"Credibility is our Lifeblood"

We can vote in New Mexico today!

OMG -- Even The FREEPERS Think Keyes Is Nuts!

Rumsfeld is covering his ASS!

Usually they belittle their opponents ... this time they feminizedhim

I think the debate was the first time

Fire Dan Rather

Can anyone get me a copy of the Armed Forces Specialty Code??

Semi-humorous overview of first debate...

Edawards better capitialize on Bremer's and Rumfeld's lastest remarks

hey mr. bush- THIS is what your HARD WORK does to soldiers

Three months ago, on a business trip to Sweden with some of my

What makes anyone think the rest of the world will let Bush have his way?

John Edwards to be on TCM on Oct 7, to introduce a film.

List your examples of Republican Campaign Terrorism

BBV: Court finds for Online Policy Group

Bills to protect whistleblowers...WH opposes!

Observations about Kerry vs. Nader/Green support

Early Freeptard - Who here remembers the guy from Stripes?

Surprise or April Fool?

how SCARED do you think bush is about debate #2 friday?

NYDN Details Rove's Past Dirty Tricks

Block the freeping of this Kerry ad

Job-cut plans jump in September

Senator Lautenburg is on Senate floor talking about BREMER!! Now!

The Media/Attitude Days Before War

CONCLUSIVE PROOF Iraq had no WMD's just prior to our invasion...

Uh, oh. A freeper suddenly is confronted with the same type of

E-mails sent to Micheal Moore from U.S. soldiers in Iraq!

LOL! Look at this Fox article on polls. Unreal.

What I'm saying to reactionaries from here on out.

Latest * record indicates Killian memos a set-up

Do I get a little credit for helping the Iconoclast?

Voting in New Mexico today....

I may be making headway with my Conservative dad!

Judicial Watch got papers on Energy Task Force?

"If Republicans lose congress-Bush* may find himself in a criminal docket"

C-Span: "Cheney is calm, soft spoken and never loses his temper"........

Did Michael Moore say I could burn many copies of F-911 on my DVDRW

In their own words

Heard on MSNBC..."Kellog, Brown & Root"

Wow, wanna get real angry?

Better Cheney metaphor?

CIA review finds no evidence Saddam had ties to Islamic terrorists

Fahrenheit 9/11out today for rent! 90 mins of extra stuff.

Bulletin Board Wars!

Definite link between Rummy and Saddam

Axis of Weasels

The latest round of stupidity on our part.


Madison Woman's Obituary: Please Elect John Kerry

Haitian Rebels Behead Opponents

Proof FBI subpoenas library records. (Washington state incident)

Bumper sticker idea

Richard Clarke Working on a Fiction Novel (Political Thriller)

move on has a new forum

Florida Fish Can Be Risky As Food

Need ammo: Publicly financed campaigns.

I blame * entirely for this

i may be wrong

Is it possible to copy Fahrenheit 9/11? Or is it encoded?

Woody Guthrie, "All You Fascists" -- still relevant... unfortunately

Does anyone have a number I can call for (Important)

Mondale on Al Franken now (2:27 eastern)

Latest * record indicates Killian memos a set-up

Maureen Farrell: The New Right and Old Wrongs - The Quagmire, A to Z

Cyber Czar Deletes Himself: Hair on Fire? System Blinking Red?

Mt. St. Helens sends up biggest plumes yet

Police: Female Guard leaves with inmate during escape

Cheney Edwards tonite - a few thoughts

Defense Dept is lying about what Bremer said yesterday

uh-oh. someone's book is being buLk-buyed to #1

Why our side will win? Article.

George W. admits the U.S. was not founded on Christianity!!!

What's with the Prilosec OTC shortage?

Dear Dad, Iraq Sucks - Soldier's letters to Micheal Moore

CSU Republicans Set Dangerous Precedent

A reply from Lands End...

Question for DU musicians...

Mother collapses, dies days after son killed in Iraq

Last Iraq Watch for the year --On tonight

Rummy couldn't have been clearer.

excerpts from michael moore's new book at commondrreams

Hold the networks accountable if they allow Coulter to promote her book!

Who is Jerry Bremer?

Rumsfailed tells the truth.... then says he was "misunderstood"

Anyone have a link debunking as a credible source?

Presidential "Thank You" Post to a Freeper Board

Video of Cheney debating Lieberman...

Nixon movie

Who Served and Who Didn't in our Government...

Everyone here, say a prayer or send good vibes to John Edwards

"You're no Jack Kennedy"

coulter makes fun of dean's brother's death in new book

Lindsay Granham fence sitters

Debunk Help Needed

walmart selling coulter's new book, but not michael moore or jon stewart's

Boom time for billionaires...

Rudepundit as Edwards debate coach? ( warning profanity laced)

SLUDGE in a tizzy over Bush attack by NBC! LOL!

Chinese Military Reports, 'America Is the Enemy!'

C-SPan2 NOW (4pm) Lautenberg is HAMMERING Cheney

whats with the Flu Vacine.. shortage.. ??

Ex-key aide to McCain gives support to Kerry

When terror bell rings, George Bush smiles

Louisiana gay marriage ban UNCONSTITUTIONAL, tossed!

Did anyone save the DNC email before the Kerry debate?

Bush/Cheney HQs in Tennessee hit by Gunshots

I'm not quite sure what to make of these,

DU this poll: Is the media biased to the left or right

Anybody know What Candy Crowley's background is?

"WHITE HOUSE SILENT on Bremer Troop Request"

The MORE Fox News you watch, the LESS you know. An actual study released.

Looking For Democrat Baby Gear

"killer flu pandemic is overdue"

EErock and EEron

Cheney & Bush Mislead About Hussein/Zarqawi Connection

I'm George W. Bush, and I approved........

Make sure Kerry wears a hat on Inauguration Day

Is Paul Bremer any relation to Arthur Bremer?

Hackworth thinks its getting drafty

Since 8:10 PM last night,

Could someone please post GW's resume again? I have Kerry's "resume" here

Jesus Christ, Randi Rhodes just nuked that guy!!!!

Ann Coulter was just on GM. What a hack

What's this FahrenHYPE 9/11 bullsh_t???

A TP Covered Cat, Sittin Upon A Yak, At A Supreme Court Orgy...

Gee with all the removal of information on Goverment websites...

Leslie Blitzer on CNN just now said

Call me Mo St. Helens, cause I'm about to blow.......

Mother of soldier killed in Iraq collapses, dies

In Reponse to *'s Debate Rhetoric, I just posted a Bush-UN-Timeline

Edwards has NO chance against Cheney tonight

I have a confession about the debate last Thursday night:

Got my copy of F-9/11 today.

I just donated to the Crawford, TX newspaper that endorsed Kerry...

99 yr Old Woman still politically active in ALABAMA.

I'm descending into the lion's den tonight ...

Funny about the news story that the US is 12th in literacy rates in

Can you point me to Washington Post article

were you raised by fundamentalist charismatic christians?

Killer question from Edwards to Cheney...(the experience thing)

Ann Coulter and sane alternatives

My Response to Michael Moore , on buying the 9-11 dvd

Everyone tell Elizabeth Edwards we love her and John and we wish

how are the senate races shaping up?

Nader to Hold Press Conference at “Skull and Bones”

Rahul Mahajan: Collapse of the Antiwar Movement

Po Land sign....did you see?

This is funny

Freeper: "We wouldn't need a draft if Clinton hadn't dismantled 2/3...

Edwards verses Dr.Doom!!!!!!!

No Smoking Laws

You are not going to believe this photo. Really.

Quagmire: My Son Returned From Iraq Last Night For R/R...

Isn't Cheney polling in the 20s for favorablity??

Will Dicks head split?

Then & Now Quotes From Bush Liars

When crashcart hits the stage tonight it will be undeniably clear

Govt. awards Right Wing Female Crackpots to help Iraqi Woman

W: "I lie"

BBV - Washington County, WI prints some absentee ballots

Two birds - - - one stone

BBV - Wisconsin - Late Absentee Ballots

Rant: Oh, this is rich (Yahoo news story: poll has Bush up by 5)

Did anyone else get a free outfoxed DVD this week?

Arafat: I'll become a 'Nelson Mandela' after state is established

Our armed forces recuiters should

Edwards-Cheney, the David Vs Goliath of Debates

H.R. 163

Can't buy "F-9/11" in our town. Nope.

Did I just hear that C-SPAN...

55 Reasons To Vote For Bush and Republicans In 2004

Daily show on now.

I hope Edwards leaps up at the table and screams "BOOO!" in cheney's face

Another debate review before it happens!!??

My New favorite debate brew

Okla elec utilities raising rates to "protect from terra"...

The Battle of Algiers.. Rent or buy this movie to understand Iraq

Cheney is 10 months older than I am. He looks like 70+ to me, and people

Getting psyched for the debate tonight...

Salon: Did Cheney break the law on 9/11?

Hit the Pinata - Tear this pre-war military report apart!

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire Dubya Doll

Reminder, Bill O'Reilly on Letterman tonight!

To that idiot who represented the pugs on crossfire: it is not Airaq

Help me with a freeper please! How did clinton help create jobs?

I've finally convinced my FORMERLY freeper g-f to vote for KERRY!!!!

How do you run a convention on a record of failure?

Is Farenheit 9/11 available in VHS as well?

Is this man WELL enought to debate tonight?

News Avalanche (bad news for Bush fans)

Have you ever taken a poll?

Edwards, Cheney Debate Media Blast?

Wow! That Paul Bremer story sure has legs!

Now on DVD: The Passion of the Bush

What did YOUR Senator vote on yesterday? Click here!

Michael Moore in underweargate! These poor souls need to get laid!

Tulsa cops no longer investigate misdemeanors, only felonies.

Coming soon to a democracy near you!!!!

Not on AP yet, but local station just said Chapman was denied parole..

My emails today to Specter, Santorum, Platts,Byrd re NID

I just voted in NH

Rodney Dangerfield dies

Chafee Not Supporting Bush

Today in Iraq, 10/5/04: MORE photos you need to see....

Help! My co-worker's son is in Iraq. Anyone help me with this?

Is the main stream media starting to come around?

Contest to find Worst Political Journalist in America (you can vote)

Let's Rumble!...Kick cheney's butt....

the logic of "fighting them there instead of here"....

WSWS: The historical basis of socialism

HS students use Bush/Cheney signs to spell "Kerry" on FB field!!!

Dick Cheney is a Piece of Shit

Prayer Invitation for Tonight's Debate

It's starting where's the debate thread? n/t

Looks like Congress is filibustering CSPAN

I bought F911 today my wife and myself just got finished watching it

Bush said "all-volunteer army" in the first debate...

is the daily show live tonight as well?

What is the best channel to watch the debate on?

What kind of faces can we expect from Dick tonight?

Hey Lynne Cheney, any orange suntan jokes this evening?

The Daily Show was great last night, Desmond Tu Tu is the cutest old man

Edwards calling Cheney a liar to his face.

M****RF**K Dikkk Cheney

Comic Rodney Dangerfield Dies at Age 82

"The generation gap will help Cheney tonight"

Anyone else listening to the V.P. debate on Air America?

Have I mentioned tonight...

Gwen Eiffel falling for "global test" BS???

John Edwards has a great

Does a person's religion really matter?

John Kerry eats kittens

damn here goes the mean cheney

"Inconsistency." Here we go again!

VP Debate on CSPAN 1 now nt

what was the last question? something about their strategy being naive?

I just bought a copy of Fahrenheit 9/11 for my local library

Look at the photo CNN is using for the debate.

John is slamming him on weapons

Notice how the mod. didnt let edwards rebute cheney???

Which channel has the split screen?

We've got another one-topic speaker on our hands

"You probably weren't there to vote for that"

so now we are so concerned about he iraqis???

CHENEY: "I never claimed there was a connection between Iraq and 9/11."

Cheney's sounding like a broken record. This crap ain't working for him

Cheney wants a global test about Iran...

FLIP_FLOP.....Cheney wants a global test for Iran...

Edwards is talking to cheney.. isnt that against the rules?


FLIP-FLOP ..Cheney wants a "global test" for Iran

This is gettin' nasty!!!!

FLIP-FLOP ...Cheney wants a "global test" for Iran

These are the FACTS

Dick Cheney - DOVE

Edwards is kicking Cheney's butt.

You SUCK Cheney,here's the link for Iraq deaths 50% US my ASS..

Cheney is evil incarnate but he's holding his own right now.

Why are they always giving the evil Muthafucka the last word???

the Saudi's pay 25,000.00 to suicide bombers too, are your buddies next?

Edwards was a little high on Iraq costs...

"That's part of my job as Vice President"

People in Israel are blowing up

Edwards: "Let's crack down on Saudi Arabia"

I hate this

This debate will be alot tougher

Cheney concerned about taxes on rich corporations...

Cheney is a Dick...

Edwards: Cheney did business with sworn enemies of the United States

We have many trees benefiting from Healthy Forest Initiative..

"Well, it's all you got!" LOL! That's the line of the night!


Cheney just got slapped

A taxonomy of LIES.

Cheney's record vs. John's


last I checked, 'domestic' didnt mean gay marriage - it meant health/jobs

Boy, that was an unbiased, objective comment by Eiffel...

Wedge issue time!

The ASBESTO King has been asked to talk about Edward's

He's dancing around about gay marriage


Well why doesn't Cheney want it both ways about gay marriage, Gwen?

My roommate's dog and cat have the right idea.

Now I know who Cheney reminds me of!!!

Cheney is trying to give a shit about AIDS victims

Cheney is doing well as a debater!

Do Kerry and Edwards control Mass's state legislature? What kind

get rid of the bad doctors and the rates will go down

Edwards likeds domestic issues better!!!

Oh, goodie! A question on medical malpractice.

Gwen Republican should be FIRED What utterrly blatant favoritism!

Cheney claiming GOP perscription drug bill was good for America? WTF?!?

Condi Rice didn’t do her job. Gwen Ifill doesn’t want you to know that

I want John to go across the table and bitchslap Cheney

Question for Gwen: What qualifies you to be a "journalist"???

Sorry folks. Gwen's a lightweight token like Condi...

Cheney/Bush solution........Don't Get AIDS.

Where is the silver tongue?!

WHAT???? What about GW's political experience?????

Cheney vs. Edwards.... Another drubbing by our nominees? Comments please

Cheney: I have no political aspirations....

Edwards broke the rule about using Kerry's name??

Edward's mouth is not in sync with his speech..

FUCKING FLIP FLOP? what is the deal with this debate?

Cheney keeps cupping his microphone

On the issue of flip flops: Edwards tells the truth CHENEY LIES

States May Ban Abortion if Roe Overturned

Gee could it be because of your fascist tilt there isn't co-operation?

And boy are YOU guys consistant....

Bumpy Road Ahead to Peaceful Samarra/Jordan Times--New WMW

Edwards, your prep is showing


We do not have to "win" tonight's debate.

Cheney is so full of it, it was oozing out of his ears

Fuck you Chris Matthews! "Will the liberal press admit Cheney won?"

MSNBC Poll - Edwards wins by 78% so far

CNN poll has Edwards at 85% - CBS TV called it for Edwards

If Cheney is Mr. Hyde, who was Dr. Jekyll?

Is a certain Tom Clancy movie a prophecy?

Without using "Democratic" or "Underground" explain why you like DU.

BBC on PBS declaring Edwards won

Cheney Lost Big Time.


Edwards kicked ass on that response about gay marriage amendment...

The NBC TV Polls Are The Exact Same Freakin Poll :-D

Halliburton!! YES! This is the money shot, baby!

Edwards won debate news 5 out of cleveland 77% to 21%

DU this poll please...

Smacking down a College Freeper: SAMMYBLUE STYLE

Did anyone else notice Cheney using the yellow pad

MSNBC Poll Cheney 25% Edwards 75%

Cheney is insincere. His words mean nothing.

Anybody have a link to Edwards voting record?

Comments on Tonight's Debate

Jordan sells 16 aircraft for Iraqi Air Force

GAROFALO: "Gwen Eiffel stunk up the joint." poll -edwards 98%!

Could someone summarize the Gavin Newsome SF gay marriage thing for me?

Leahy says Cheney comes to the Hill Tuesdays to meet with Republicans

I love John Edwards and I want to bear all of his children!

Heard last night that all of the detainee's in GITMO

Hit the Fox News poll.

Anybody have the MTP transcript with Dick making the 9-11/Saddam link?

Cheney turns people off...

GROSS!!!! I can hear Cheney breathing!

i'm tired of spin

120 billion/130 billion and government accounting tricks

The American Replacement of Natural Disaster

Meals On Wheels, Headstart, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Message from Cheney: Be afraid

Sinclair Broadcasting poll - edwards 85%, cheney 15%

Thinks Nader, Votes Bush? Help, please.

Col. Hackworth says the draft is coming.


What is the deal with the moderator? PBS employee?

Make sure you hit the CBS poll......

so cheney never linked saddam and 911, eh?

Mike Malloy: "Stunning defeat for Cheney"

Case Western has UGLY cheerleaders!

AP: Mother of soldier killed in Iraq collapses, dies

George Bush has succeeded.. He's finally "just like his Daddy"..

How do you run a convention based on failure?

Zell Miller - standard-bearer for reasonable Dems everywhere

Ann Coulter - Upcoming appearances

This woman is goofy..

"The Grief of Baghdad"- the 16,000 wounded American soldiers

we have 50% of the casualties?

Do you think this poll will air on CNN?

Paul Slapping Around His Guest Co-Host on X-Fire

Mike Thompson toon rips Chimpy and his supporters

Pro-life talking points

Hey lurking Freeptards - It's official! The world H-A-T-E-S Bush!!!!!!!

Bawhahah,Edwards winning poll on FOX news---Hahahaha

FEMA Disaster Drill Set For Election Day.....SCARY

My impressions of the VP debate (plus, the suspicious video edit)

Salon: "NeoCons set to take over "Anonymous" reports

My voter registration experience (or why we're gonna win in a walk)

How the hell does a tax cut stimulate the economy?

Send this to ANYONE that's a fiscal conservative

Who do YOU think won the VP debate (honest answers)...

Administration Chooses Anti-Feminist Group to Train Iraqi Women

Media Keeps Voter In The Dark (Top 25 Censored Stories) - Progressive Pop

RATE A 5!: Thirty States May Ban Abortion Within One Year

Are we a nation where adult men who refuse to grow up?

Please be sure to check out the State and Country Forums at least once

I'm falling in love with John Kerry.

Could this be the next Hummer?

Why is Haiti so poorly run?

-House Crushes Military Draft Bill

Could YOU do a better job as president than Bush?

I'm going to be VERY direct

"Super Size Me"

Self-Righteousness or Sanctimony?

Tomato or tomato?

LMFAO - ...

Federal bilingualism demands too high for some

Question for Americans

What the HELL is wrong with Robert Kilroy-Silk?

Sooo, have the tory's convinced you with their conference message?

CBS radio news leads top of the hour with the DRAFT issue and

Biometric security solution of IBM

Man Mistakenly Cuts Off Penis, Dog Eats It

WSJ: Kerry Catches Up After First Debate

Not A CNN Embed Report: The Situation In Samarra

Exclusive: Saddam Possessed WMD, Had Terror Ties

Global Headhunters Scout Out Hot Indian Job Market

NYCLU Accuses Police Of Illegally Fingerprinting GOP Convention Protesters

L. Paul Bremer admits the Iraq fiasco is our fault...UNBELIEVEABLE.

One US soldier killed, two wounded in Iraq roadside blast #1064

Cheney, Edwards to head to Florida after debate

State Republicans File Complaint Against Dave Ross - Seattle P-I

US aims to block aviation plan

WSJ: Political Debate Over Jobs Intensifies

'They. Are. Women.' (re: Canadian Supreme Court)

Four U.S. Soldiers Charged With Murder

NYT: Republicans Try to Dilute Provisions in Tax Bill(to protect shelters)

Iraqi clerics express doubts over elections

Poland to set date for withdrawal from Iraq soon - minister

WSJ: Debate Tips Leaning Voters Toward Kerry, Poll Finds

Medicare bill a study in D.C. spoils system

To Musgrave, pickpocket ad full of lint (RMN) (Repub whine)

Blue-collar wages decline in past year (in Pittsburgh)

U.S. job cuts at eight-month high in September

Puppet oral sex goes against grain for US censors

Pro-Aristide protesters threaten to behead Haiti's police and prime minist

OAS chief faces graft allegations

As registration deadlines fall, hints of voter boom coming true

Latest * record indicates Killian memos a set-up

Survey: U.S. to Rein in Holiday Spending .......

U.S. struggling with fighting unfamiliar guerrilla war in Iraq

Woods 'to tie knot'

Democrats Use Ashcroft's Name To Motivate Voters - St. Lou Post-Dispatch

Car Bombs in Ramadi Kill 4, Spark Clashes

US 'bugged' France's Chirac calls

Shots fired into Knoxville Bush/Cheney headquarters

Kerry: Cheney Should Admit Iraq Mistakes

U.S. Warplanes Bomb Vast Baghdad Slum

Miami Herald: Botched forms exclude many voters (FL)

Iran says it has missile with 1,250-Mile Range (Reuters)

Former CIA analyst begins series of talks in Green Bay

Comic Relief condemned over Burma link

E-mail scam plays on US elections

Dollar Weakens Against Euro; Services Index (unexpected) Fall in September

Ex aide to McCain gives support to Kerry

John Kerry press conference coming up at 1:15 pm edt from Iowa

WP: Unsafe Products Reaching Retail Shelves, Consumer Reports Says

White House expects upward revision to jobs data

New 527 Ads to Hit Swing States

Al-Qaeda remarks 'misunderstood': Rumsfeld

November Crude Oil contract breaks $51.00!!!!

Australians rally against the conservatives

Poland to set date for withdrawal from Iraq soon: Minister

Young Iraqis get bitter lesson (class less than half full after bombings)

MSNBC: Bremer Releases Statement Stressing Support for Iraq Strategy

GOP campaign urges post debate spin

US flu vaccine supply cut in half

Bush camp rattled as Kerry closes in

US job cuts at eight-month high in September

Officials wary of record opium crop in Afghanistan

Iraq Wants 90-95 Percent Debt Forgiveness

Iraqi Police Discover Five Decapitated Iraqis

Amendment Banning La. Gay Marriage Tossed [Dupe . . sorry!]

NYT, pg1, LEAD STORY: Poll Finds Kerry Assured Voters in Initial Debate

Lead levels in water misrepresented across the USA

Kerry Pounces on Bremer's Remarks on Iraq

Job-cut plans soar to 8-month high

Dupe, disregard

GOP Campaign Urges Post-Debate Spin (email to freep online polls)

Three Iraqis dead in attack on US convoy in Mosul

WT: Bush readies 'significant speech' to rebut Kerry's debate attacks

Guantanamo General Expects Release of Prisoners

British FM visits Kurdish leader

Bush-Cheney Office in Tennessee Hit by Gunshots

White House officials undermine case for war

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 5 October

Kerry Urges Bush, Cheney to Tell Truth

Spain cuts U.S. troops from national parade

Regents Donated Only To Republicans (Texas) - Daily Texan

Feds Probe Clinton Campaign Violations

Haiti: 300000 homeless, death toll tops 2000

Mount St. Helens vents more steam (NEW Tuesday morning)

Kissinger defends past policies on South American dictatorships

Pentagon: About 200 Hurt in Iraq Last Week (US casualties)

Army Worries Cuts Put Training at Risk

Not on AP yet, but local station just said Chapman was denied parole..

Amendment Banning La. Gay Marriage Tossed

Iraqi Premier Gives Sobering Account of Insurgency

White House on defensive after Bremer talk

Rasmussen 3 day tracking - Bush 47.9/47.0 Oct 3 4 point spread

NEW book from FRANCE claims US bugged Chirac phone calls

Rumsfeld Says He Was Misunderstood on Iraq-Al Qaeda (flip-flop)

Panel to Probe Use of Iraq Oil Revenues (Now probing Bush/Halliburton)

Prosecutors drop case against former Alabama governor, top aide

President Bush hot box office in British theater

Houston Chron: Budweiser adds caffeine to entice young drinkers

Pakistan agrees 10-day truce with al-Qaeda fighters

Judge tosses same-sex marriage ban

Gay activist killed in Sierra Leone

No new draft, Bush declares

Siegfried and Roy's home shot at in 'hate crime'

Rodney Dangerfield dead.

U.S.-Iraqi Forces Launch Major Offensive (yet another)

Republicans Accuse Moore of Vote Bribery

Kerry puts Cheney in the cross-hairs over Iraq

Ireland issues passport for British hostage

Officials Warn of Major Flu Shot Shortages

Powell to Visit Hurricane-Ravaged Grenada

CIA Report Finds No Conclusive Zarqawi-Saddam Link

Ohio is on drugs OR.....

CIA report finds no conclusive Zarqawi-Saddam link

Did Ifill just call him "Mr. President"?

House votes to break up San Francisco based-9th Circuit appeals court

Rodney Dangerfield has died

State GOP- MichaelMoore illegally offered underwear in exchange for voting

When Cheney Met Edwards - Talk Left

U.S. Iraq Military Deaths - 1,061 members of the U.S. military have died

New EU justice chief defends views on 'sinful' gays

Iraq inspectors prepare to report

Thirty states ready to ban abortion if Roe overturned

Krispy Kreme Closing Ohio Plant

Congress Overturns Trucker Rules Decision

White House on Defensive After Bremer Talk - AP\Yahoo

Hot presidential race boosts Michigan voter numbers to all-time high

Congress Republicans seek vote to end military draft speculation

Venezuela seeking arms, perhaps MiG-29s

GOP's Peck Angry Over Beane Sign - LOL !!!

"Did Cheney break the law on 9/11?" Vanity Fair to report on Commission's

Bush camp rattled as Kerry closes in

Helicopter sent to aid submarine

Woman Dies After Son Killed in Iraq

Spain Snubs US As France Joins the Big Parade

BBC BREAKING: US-Iraqi troops in new offensive ( South of Baghdad )

Cherie begins Ł90,000 American lecture tour to help pay the mortgage

Rumsfeld comments on Iraq spell trouble for Bush campaign

White House Won't Say if Troops Sought

10 Iraqi Policemen Killed South of Baghdad

Cheney and Kerry clash in only vice presidential debate

CIA review finds no evidence Saddam had ties to Islamic terrorists

Leahy, Once Cursed by Cheney, at Debate

Israel Kills Islamic Jihad Leader in Gaza Strike

Foe of 'Radical Feminism' to Train Iraqi Women

China warns of 'ecological catastrophe' from Tibet's melting glaciers

Fla. county special voter machines on hold

Latest job cuts outpace last year's: Chicago firm

Iraq Survey Group to concede defeat in search for WMD

Bullies Storm Republican Office

National Guard hands over more Bush papers (yes, more)

Rumsfeld Sees Retaking of Samarra as Model

Michigan GOP says Michael Moore tried to buy votes with underwear

Ex-key aide to McCain gives support to Kerry

Poll reveals US Islamophobia

CIA ReportCasts Doubt On Quaeda-Sadaam Link

Bush postpones pre-election doctor's visit

How US fuelled myth of Zarqawi the mastermind

Two US officials embarrass Bush on Iraq

Three Bush officials probed in Boeing tanker deal

Shots fired into Knox Bush/Cheney headquarters

Oil Sets Record on U.S. Supply Outage (oil at $51.00 per barrell)

Comic Rodney Dangerfield Dies in L.A. at Age 82

Small Town Library Takes On The Feds (WA State)

US injunctions against pirated goods

'Che's Trail' in Bolivia Traces Guevara's Demise

You wanna see a funny-ass smiley???

IT'S OFFICIAL: Cheney is winning....

Jabba the Hut ALWAYS loses (images)

my girl should not call during the debate

I know I should be watching the debate, but...

Does anyone else use Mozilla?

What do you guys think of the movie, "Tron"?

Dreading tomorrow moring.

never mind -- please delete

Anyone know some controls for Tony Hawke's pro skater four on mac?

It is hard goddamn work to make something this PRETTY LOOK like a

Iridian Radio

interesting comment

Man Mistakenly Cuts Off Penis, Dog Eats It

Robert Greenwald > Michael Moore

why not

My god I've stooped to new lows - I'm starting Kurt Warner this week in FF

Is Elton John having a nervous breakdown?

HBO's Family Bonds is genius.

This is one poll you have to DU: On a right-wing blog site

Is it my computer or is DU running with lag/loading pics tonight?

On way home from the bar tonight I listened to "Monster/Suicide" ...

I gave up smoking 8 months ago and it didn't bother me a bit,

info needed on typical attorney fees for custody & divorce

Looking for something stupid Clear Channel did...

Come on baby, Light my Fire

Update from the Ministry of Silly Walks, and Dirty Looks

From the Ironic Times...

Mistaken Identity (a joke)

Mmmmm... I love the scent of a real man! (Caption)

Tornado Damages Man's Home - Workers Find Cache Of Child Porn - Man Jailed

It is good verses evil tonight.

4 AM Drinking glass o'wine...ask me anything, but make it fast!

I found a cell phone on the street, how do I found the owner?

Gunman (Freeper) Opens Fire On Home Of Siegfried & Roy

Slowly, I turned....

In re: whirling dervishes-some background

Actually heard a funny sketch on the radio - KC, 997 KYYS

Who let the dogs out? They did it themselves...

Souped-up beer to include caffeine, ginseng

Can someone tell me what is it with Poland that's funny?

Elton John: 'Madonna should be shot for miming'

Prog metal fans - new Nightwish album out today

My brother got me the Jon Stewart book for my birthday.

i just woke up from a really wet dream

I see dead guppies....

"I see dead puppies"

i just woke up from a really strange dream

There is no I in team but lots of BS in bush

Director's Cut WORSE than the original: (SPOILERS)

How do you pronounce 'aunt'?

My dad's just been elected Earl of Vancouver by the Dutch Senate!

Flame me just because. . .

Wingnut Claims Kitty KELLY Affairs with CLINTON *and* Barney FRANK's Sis


How do you pronounce 'roof?'

If Kurasowa was still alive, decided to remake Rashomon and change things

How do you pronounce "pecan"

What's another word for classy or upstanding?

Royal flush covers loo blushes

Crushing news for HK bank customers

Item's stolen from George Harrison's sister

Where can I get the "Bababooey" versions of the STAR WARS & EMPIRE themes?

I saw a REALLY bad movie.

Thank you DU - you people really are the best!

Eurocrats leave Wales off EU map

Anyone know the name of the jean company with the great label?

Hey DU Pagans and Voodoo artistes...

Hundreds offer a new home for Red

So, today I go see a man about a job

Basement finishing - need flooring suggestions

i'm wearing astros today

Who is the most influential comedian(s) of all-time

What's your favourite cover song?

Young, untalented celebs coming out of woodwork

LIFE mag is back as a Parade-type insert with NY Daily News? - I'm sick.

"The View" has been on the air for EIGHT years now.

Orchestra's salt mine debut

re: Aliengirl

WhoHOOO. four free beer nickles!!!!

what do you call cheese that's not yours? god bless cheesy jokes.

Puppet Sex In Movie Causes Ratings Rift (NC-17)

caught this weird image from volcano cam yesterday before it blew

Gas over 2 dollars a gallon?

If Kurosawa was alive and decided to remake 7 Samurai and change things

I burned my hand with a lighted cigarette and now i want to help burn vict

gaaah, developmental biology is eating my brain!

New Tom Waits CD "Real Gone"

Should Edwards Rochambeau Cheney tonight?

The Signboard Cyborg of all CAPTIONS!!

how many movies are in your netflix queue?

who's the funniest comic around today?

Black is White

Just got my F 9/11 DVD

Fish is delicious!

Does anyone really use the twist ties that come with trash bags?

I just got polled (in NY) ask me anything!!

My Grandmother passed away yesterday.

Cheney IS the Hypnotoad

The Dodo appreciation thread!

Who is winning, captainjack or Beastman?

The 'Darned Near Choked Myself ta Death' of all CAPTIONS!!!

Fish smells so bad

Noob to Mac OS needs help

How come nobody loves me?

Will Dick tell Edwards to "Cheney off"? And will the FCC fine him for it?

i'm wearing red socks today

The Yawning Boy

i'm going to do everything naked today. roommate's aren't around.

What color is your car?

Will Cheney physically attack Edwards live on TV?

First inning, first at bat and Pujols hits a home run! Go Cards!!!

Do you think Cheney will pull a Janet Jackson on live TV tonight?

Chimpy's latest screenplay: Lord of the Rings of Freedom

I feel like crap. I want comfort food.

Day 1 of the Number 7 diet.

Why are there no lumberjacks in the city?

Dr Phil / Daily show

Dirk Benedict is way underrated!

If you were a large pice of machinery, what would you be?

i had coconut curry chicken at house of pho in boston yesterday

i'm going to post 100 threads today!

Woods 'to tie knot'

Great moments in security screening

the official ipod thread

Device Called The "Sound Princess" Drowns Out Embarrassing Toilet Noises

Republicans - evil or misguided?

Have you seen the new G5 iMac?

i've never been polled. don't ask me anything.

mac's are so beautiful. and so useless.

"Vote For Change Tour" Review (Dave Matthews Band Show - Dayton 10-2-04)

do you know what a 'pinko' is?

So I went to the shelter today

The Toto appreciation thread!

And The Chicken Tastes Like Wood

I really miss these guys

I'm surfing in the cafeteria, eating lunch....ASK ME ANYTHING!!!

Quick! Post your best Southeast Asian recipes before its too late!!! do you get the log in to "take"??????

what's the best film of 2003?

Jesus vs Gandalf

Pixar's "The Incredibles"..."A Part-Human, Part-Cartoon Species"

Driver Calls Police When Cruise Control Gets Stuck At 120 mph

Thousand-year-old British skull shows cranial surgery.

In honor of my Grandmother - its cheesey dirty joke time!

The Hear-No-Evil of all CAPTIONS!!!

Let's Go Angels!!!!!

The Crowd Pleaser of all CAPTIONS!!!

Now it's time for Name That Mayor!

Spider-man, Spider-man, does whatever a spider can

Who else saw the 1996 Japanese film "Shall We Dansu?"

I can't post polls! What color is your hair?

will there be a sequel to lost in translation?


unemployed video editors against *(video)

i'm taking a break from my 100...i'm actually 25% to STARTING 100 threads

Just watched all 6 parts of Angels in America

Robots- good or evil?

CAPTION the new actor in the upcoming Dracula movie

Putting Internet animations on videotape?

does anyone know the name of this movie?

When Bush said Jesus is his favorite philosopher

I just swiped CatWoman's pilfered copy of F-911!

100 is a lot harder than i thought.

I FU#@$@!#! hate movers

Bob just loaned it to me, but I ain't givin it baaack!

CAPTION the ex-almost-emperor Bremmer

CAPTION the low head count

Do You Have Jelly Meat?

No More Bush *Careful, some skin*

Late Nite comedy - some great stuff

Looking for Phil Parlock photoshop with *'s face in place of little gir's

Medieval surgery stuns the experts

some folks trust in reason

F-911 now mine

What do you think is the monster in the woods on Lost?

"Director's Cut" better than the original:


does anyone know the name of THIS movie?

Listening to the Mike Malloy show from last night...GREAT GREAT!!!

Cardinals have hit record breaking 5 home runs in Game 1

Plug in and CAPTION

What's the best overall thing to take for a cold?

What's brown and can be found in the Hundred Acre Woods?

57% of my way there...

CAPTION the dynamic duo

Jennifer Lopez on "Inside the Actors Studio"

COOL! Check out the New DC baseball team hats-My mom is getting me one

Rather bizarre choice of civic mascot, I'd have thought.

I just ripped off John Kleeb's copy of F9/11!!

"Don't be a girly-man, vote for Bush"?!?!?!?!?

My Email Is Making Me Confused!

Yet another great debate "remix" video


Looks like England has it's own version of PETA

The official Colin Hay thread 2.0




If PMs were counted as Posts

Dah..67 more to go and people seem fidgety at my grab for fame!


I've been walking around since lunch with a piece of poop on my shirt

The official "Sabotage captainjack's attempt at 100" Thread!

ok enough threads about stuff on shirts. Everybody take their shirts OFF!

Any good spyware removers out there?

why did roonkymarshall get poop on his shirt?

What's your favorite picture of chimpy? Select from these options:

Geez CaptainJack, leave some air in the room for the rest of us.

And in more important news...

BTW. The Red Sox won 9-3 tonight!

What should I do when the pizza guy is late...

Gmail invites anyone?

My cat is snoring..... LOL

DU this poll

Bushisms AUDIO website (not to change the subject!)

So, what was on TV tonight... I fell asleep... did I miss anything?

Colin Quinn is doing a piece on that teacher who hung a picture of GWB

I am sending this letter to every newspaper tell me what you think

Funny picture I found at Bartcop

i live in boston and i hate the SOX i'm so sorry

Illegal music

Does anyone know the answer to this riddle?

Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney to collaborate on new album next year

Eh?....3 maybe 3 1/2 not quite FOUR MORE CAPTIONS

OK, I finally "get" Jude Law

my October Surprise prediction

I've been walking around since lunch with a piece of pasta on my shirt

I'm proud...A village in Texas is gonna..

Gordon Cooper, NASA Mercury Pioneer, Dies

damnit. i have to stop! i'm throwing in the towel!

Wedding questions

argh, should i continue to 100 or stop? if you hate the idea, pray tell...

Flame me because I call it Coke!

Well, OK morning turned into terrible afternoon...

The true story of 'The Curse of the Bambino'

The official Colin Hay thread

Its HARD WORK sitting here reading these posts. OK?

If Bush were a piece of art, which would he be?

There's something amiss with the MLB Playoff Schedule.

I finally get to see Farenheit 9/11 tonight!

The greatest breakfast cereal of all-time is:

What John Kerry will REALLY do to our Christian Nation!

Football Picks.....Who's going to win??

Sitting here in the caf, I've come to a realization...

George Carlin on RELIGION

Has anyone noticed that the Libertarians are just the new Green party?

Has anyone heard of "PF SQL"?

10/2/04 SNL

Female dog question.

If *ush were an Iron Chef, which one would he be?

Bless me, Father.....

Help! How many US Presidents were Lawyers...

Mrs Matcom Just Came Home With F9/11!!!!! (a report)

Where Are You Now, When We Need You Most, Rage Against the Macine?

help with speeding ticket (risk 4 points)

My pal PeeDee is still limping after a week---???

I'm Baaaaaack! Sorry if the next 75 threads will annoy you

I Just Bought TWO Copies of Fahrenheit 9/11...

what's a good internet site to stream the debate from tonight

Older Brother Accused of Cushion Fort Prison Abuse

Mark David Chapman Denied Parole!!!

I just told my boss if he pointed his finger at me again...



Is Robb a dingbat?

Am I cool or what?

Why does Tom Brokaw always sound like he's drunk?

Looking back almost 4 years ago

Is Cheney Blofeld, or Dr. Evil?

what are you going to name your kids?

America's Robot Jobs Outsourced to Foreign Robots

Denver Post or Rocky Mountain News??

Cheney arrives at the Ohio Airport

I just bought F 9/11 for $12.00!

Who is the bigger liar?

Can women be wankers?

Veep Debate: The Drinking Game

Fake gynecologist operating in self storage business nabbed

Oh, bother

"Gas station"-"service station"- or "Convenience store"

dislocated contact lens for more than 24 hours

I would NOT be surprised if Cheney has a "heart attack" tonight

Four months today

My cat got outside again...

Rodney Dangerfield dead.

Baseball fans: What did you think of the ESPN baseball announcers?

Prayer Invitation for Tonight's Debate

Should I try to get a price match?

Does Eminem think he has a hot ass?

Finish the sentence : When Kerry wins on Nov. 2 , I am going to ...


This Thread Makes 5,000 Posts. Show me some Scorpio Love, Children

I"m going to take a bubble bath and read my new book "America (the book)"

New Bush ad attacking Kerry

Who is retired here and what are you doing with your time now?

Do you hate Republicans, or do you just hate Bush?

Which isMore Useful: Members of *'s Cabinet or a Bunch of Crap from Yours?

N. Carolina has TWO more registered Kerry/Edwards voters today!

Can you believe this crap? "Republicans Accuse Moore of Vote Bribery"

A TP Covered Cat, Sittin Upon A Yak, At A Supreme Court Orgy...

It's Week #4 for DU's Fantasy Football League and....

Houston Chron: Budweiser adds caffeine to entice young drinkers

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead!

The Bush campaign is dead!

OK, i like cats and cake but this is just wrong

Well, it's level two again

Rodney Dangerfield dies

My GOD(if there is one after this)!! I just saw page 99 in Jon Stewert's

Benny Hill is dead!

I'm in L.A. enjoying the DOUBLE LOSS of the home teams!!!!!

So- who's up for an old-fashioned slaughter?

Groucho Marx is dead!

Don't buy HAL computers

dangerfield, janet leigh, who'll be the third?

What should I give my friend who's in the hospital?

Rodney Dangerfield one-liners & jokes.

This just in -- Generalissimo Francisco Franco


Mickey Mouse is dead

The wicked witch is dead!

Freddie's dead

I think it's good that

Smoochy is Dead

Raul is dead.

I wanna see chenee take a swing at Edwards, and then

He's dead, Jim

Bela Lugosi's Dead!

What will you be quaffing for the debate tonight?

Drop Dead Fred


Don't buy HP computers

Freddie's dead.

Edit: Ok, I don't see one, I'm startin' an AIM Chat for the VP debates!

Two Votes for Kerry/Edwards and Barbara Boxer

I have about 20 earworms in my head now. Ask me anything and I'll answer

I prefer The Weather Channel

Why does mal-wart say they sell things for less?

Songs that make you want to get up and shake a leg

Official Post Debate Freeper Excuse Prediction Thread!

Razzafrazzin' Ethiopian restaurant!

Wow, I am feeling much more relaxed with this debate!!!

Whoa, anybody else's stream just go Tron?

The Debate begins

Anyone have links to online polls

What Edwards could not bring on stage....

This rant is funnier if you put Chris Rock's voice on it:

Oh no, Edwards must be losing.

There are millions of aphids flying around my back yard

Watching F 9/11 and the Lila Lipscomb scene...

Is Cheney present for the debate?

Paul is dead


Luke Skywalker(Edwards) is wearin' Darth(Cheney) Vader's ass out

Hard to find Albums

Were they separated at birth?

Have You Been to China?

Ask away. Help me to 6,000 posts!


What color is your cat?

I'll never sleep tonight!

I just got my Michigan absentee ballot today. Tell me, how should I vote?

IT'S OFFICIAL: These boards are too slow now

2 Questions for you tennis players

Oh well, who wants liver and whey muffins?

Pastor Gets Probation for Biting Officer

This will drive you nuts for a while!

should marijuana be legal?

Rodney Dangerfield has died

Best popup blocker?

Aren't the "dead" threads a little disrespectful?

What's on the menu for your Debate Dinner?

Chapter 21 of my book

Post your favorite Rodney dangerfield lines here.

Favorite song that features death (or dying) as a theme.

shouldn't Cheney be required to go through a mental detector tonight?

Any Canadian DUers hear that IDIOT broadcasting the Yanks/Twins game?

Sigh... This time last year, I was in Tahiti

My mom (82) just had a stroke.

are fat cats cuter than slim cats?

Dick Cheney frightens my kittens

This Is My 2000th Post. Now Let's All Sit Back And Watch It Drop Faster

What songs make you cry?

TWINS WIN...Yankees suck!!!

I'm in love with Bebe Neuwirth

Escaped Hamster - suggestions?

Any shortwavers out there?

Does your local mal-wart sell F911?

What famous people have you met/are related to?

VeeP Debate Drinking Game

I'm slow, but it just occurred to me about Dubya...

Esoteric but excellent movies! Please add yours!

I am feeling so fucking cocky today. Ask me anything

CONTEST: You know you're in trouble when--


When you're drying your hair with a towel...

What was the least necessary remake?

You all deserve much credit for my continuing survival, and not only mine

Can anyone recommend a text for an overview of Latin American history?

Announcing a Very Special New DU-er -- My Wife

what brand of cigarette do you smoke?

"White Room" by Cream...

What is the "cutest" song ever?

"Which office are you campaigning for? I thought Bush was President"

Soldier killed on birthday

Why "W" doesn't go to church - and why didn't we know about it?

"Kerry Signs Stolen" vs "Bush Signs Stolen"

Do you care whether Iraq is a democracy or not?

John Kerry's foreign policy stands "are dangerous for world peace"

Woah.....F9/11 DVD Commercial just now on local CBSTV chan in Tulsa

How long would it take a dominatrix to paddle...

A must read: Edwards' cool levels debate field

Question about registration

Voter fraud in Nevada revealed, guess what party?

ABC's L.A. affiliate just lied again on 11 P.M. News

Funny proof Kerry won debate.

This "live" online vote needs some help....

Bush, doing his best "spoiled and petulant child" impression at the debate

Must see butt kick.


USA Today runs extremely biased poll against Kerry

When are we going to see the My Pet Goat TV ads?

"Well, actually, he forgot Poland...." -- George W. Bush, 9/30/04

Bumper stickers I want

Excellent AFP "Combo photo" of Edwards & Cheney tells the whole tale

Personal observation after walking my precinct lately....

Is Ohio, Secretary of State Ken Blackwell backing down now?

Kerry promotes stem cell research - Alex Keaton switches parties

Analyzing Cheney

GWB - politics equivalent of lip syncing

MASSIVE voter registration in VIRGINIA on the last days (3 articles)

Great news inside WaPo poll

Ray Taliafaro reading letters from Iraq now!

Bernie Sanders on radio-most important election in our lifetimes.Are you

Bush*-Cheney site has poll and contact URLs up now.

Why the Christian Right is Wrong

GOP ultimatum! Chaney must sit during vice presidential debate or no 3rd

excellent response for Kerry re: $87 billion

Kerry Rep Walks Out On Sean Hannity

Repub Congresswmn, Musgrave, hires atty, attack ad hurts her feelings

F-ing Blackwell on CNN endorsing Bush (OH Sec of State)

I am going to see John Edwards

GOP cries foul on IL/WI drug importation--Kerry needs to pounce!

Uncle Dick coming here tomorrow. Why, I don't know. I guess

So, do we get to view the EMT's

Funny line in the Boston Globe about tonight's VP debate...

Professor Sues Pentagon for Coffin Photos

Bush shows desperation; says Kerry's foreign policy ideas are "dangerous."

flood999's thought for the day

GOP mailing claims Democratic candidate, an Iraq vet, 'weakening' terror w

a question I'd like to hear tonight

St. Pete Times endorses Betty Castor!

DU'ers be prepaired the chimp is desparate[Chimps Do over]

Krugman on debate: "Sound heard was scales falling from millions of eyes"

My impression of the GOP post-debate talking point/spin memorandum

WSJ sends Iraq correspondent on vacation till after election

Bremer and Rumsfeld come clean

A response from Newhouse News Service! MUST READ.

How can Kerry/Edwards keep from beating Bush/Cheney

MSN / Slate on Bush's arrogrance: "He needs no validation"

Did Kerry notice Bush making those God-awful faces?

Vote for Change concert?

Rumsfeld flippity-flop, WTF???

Even if Kerry wins, America will be hated

What Red States Are In Play? What Blue States?

Stem Cell TV spot

Bush: I see what is happening in Iraq on TV

Krugman, as usual, gets it right

A note about the record Voter Registration numbers

Going for the Scary Witch vote: new SVL ads need response

From the Straight Dope by Cecil Adams-election facts

Unfreep this Poll

U.S. troops risk their lives to guard Halliburton contractors

This is powerful.

Exclusive preview of tonite's debate

Kerry live on CNN - economy nt

Presidential Coffee Cup Poll dead heat

Voter Registration Sweeping the Nation

each of tonight's debaters have pros and cons

It's not just "527's" now.! American Spectator Mag advertising Anti-Kerry

To work off some anxiety before the debate..

freeper friend reaches out (i guess) via this Lame emaiL

Another thing to call the TV whores about re: campaign coverage

Some responses from people who donated to Crawford paper

Boston Globe: "Global Test" tactic turns against Bush

Cheney Debunkered! | Ctr for American Progress mailing

Kerry should give Bush another chance; propose a fourth debate!

House GOP fight to retain tax loopholes for the rich and corporate

Bremer & Rummy really set up Heartattack Dick nice for t'nite's debates

LTTE 6 to 1 against bush*, in the Billings Gazette! MT may be a surprise.

Boston Globe: Questions for Cheney

*'s Mixed Message

Has Cheney been questioned in public since he took office???

Freepers Hit Rock Bottom -- Pathetic!!

M. Moore or JRR Tolkien...are we in the battle for Middle Earth?

Dean in NH Wed., Pitt campus Thurs.,at Berkeley in CA on Friday.

Real Newsweek headline...HONEST..."Dick Cheney ready to rumble"

The Bushies vow to attack John Kerry daily

WARNING! Put the Children to Bed Early Tonight! -Dick-PIX->

What'd be the nat'l reaction to the bombing of black polling places in...

Saaaay, ain't "gravitas" one a them froggy words?

Interesting Point From Debate?

George Bailey vs. Mr. Potter -- How many ladies know what I'm saying?

Will Edwards kids & wife come onstage after the debate tonight?

rude pundit says Edwards should say:

Should Edwards question Cheney's secret energy meetings?


Heard on my local news yesterday.... regarding Bush appearance

Needing the email list posted last week before the debate

Ladies: you may get killed this year if you try to vote.

Bremer Quote Perfect For Kerry To Call For Powell's 'Overwhelming Force'

Good Timing for Bad News

Iran Says Its Missiles Can Now Reach 1250 Miles

Is debate at 7pm est?? n/t

Please fill me in -- Why no Cheney-Edwards handshake?

Kerry to get Czech honour -Whooboy read the 2nd paragraph

bremmer more troops

Bad timing - tonight & Friday debates up against Yanks-Twins playoffs

The numbers are Ohio voters will comprise over 10% of the total

Does Kerry need to have an Inner-faith conference?

Don't give up on your pro-Bush friends and family members. (success story)

Richard Morrison needs your $$ support! Defeat Tom DeLay

10/5/2004 Rasmussen: Bush 47.9, Kerry 47.0

Have you volunteered door-to-door?

Cheney::OLD and in the WAY, ...Edwards:: Young and Cutting EDGE

Debate #2: Friday will be a real test for DU (et al)

Do you think Bush will thaw out Osama at his Mulligan speech?

Dumb debate #1 question

Steve Bartman is to the 2003 Cubs as Ralph Nader is to Gore in 2000.

First thing Edwards should do at the debates

Bush-Kerry Virtual Tie

Dick Cheney: Master Litigator

My advice to Edwards for tonight

what time is the debate today? I heard 6:00 pm edt?

Are they selling F9/11 at WalMart?

Cheney's Strategy...

When does the debate actually start tonight??

Rasmussen: Bush 47.7%, Kerry 47%

Young Democrats Refused Entrance

How many mothers has Bush "loved" (consoled)???

U.S. Poised to Take Back $1.1 Billion Despite Bush's Vow - WaPo

Just heard on Air America

Need close up pic someone posted of Kerry pulling pen out of pocket...

Who served and who didn't

Debate ju-jitsu

Rassmussen: Bush* 47.9%....Kerry 47.0%

List of news outlets to de-freep after the debate

self-deleted -- duplicate posting

My reply from Land's End

There's no way the media will declare Edwards the winner tonight

CNN's Jeff Greenfield actually compared Cheney to Yoda...

Kerry says I can do this or that. He needs to use the phrase I WILL do

Why did Kerry vote against the 1991 Gulf War, anyone know?

Did Bush really go fishing on the day of the last debate ??

ARG Poll: Kerry 47 Bush 44 Nader 2

Bush is on the defensive for first time in a long time....

Help defreep swing states newspapers' bbs

I helped an elderly Bush supporter this morning

Permanent war is the PNAC plan

Issue revived: Were we misled into war? (another look at the 2003 SOTU)

New Fox News Poll Chimp 47% Kerry 45%

dear mr. bush, why don't you just walk away from all this?

Rumsfeld flip-flops right before VP debate!!!

Is this a current/accurate reflection of the electoral vote?

For the debate, Cheney is an expert in the following:

LTTE in my local rag re Bush is a Christian. Rebuttals anyone?

Bad sound??? What is their problem?

My Question for Dick Cheney

I need 500 volunteers for Luzerne county PA ACT

Tipton Iowa Rally report

Rally today at GOP HQ in Orlando for AFL-CIO

In every single poll the big debate loser was Nader

pre-2004: Don't vote? Don't bitch. 2004: Don't volunteer? Don't bitch.

I'm getting the message that the election is hinging on the VP debates?

Walter Mondale on the Al Franken Show

Huge voter registration surge in Guilford County, North Carolina

Cheney's dirty tricks

Could this Bremer news be any more perfect?

How big does the margin of victory need to be to avoid charges of fraud

DEAD GI's MOM - Collapses, Dies

My greatest fear for the VP Debate.....

Very funny pre-debate "Hallibuttal" from the DNC. (LARGE GRAPHICS)

How to bring up Poland

MEDIA BLAST -LizW's "Bush's Mulligan speech" set for tomorrow-COME ON!

What if Dick Cheney did, become the pResident?

DU'ers spread this. Letter from Solider asking for our help

"You should be ashamed to be a Democrat."

be prepared for Gwen Iffel's bias

On A Scale Of 1-10, How Confident Are You In Edwards?

Edwards should bring up secret energy meetings

Would someone PLEASE tell Dumbya and his campaign the name of his opponent

Move On Local Media Blaster...Enter Your Zip Code...

Tonight, we need to redouble the effort post-debate...

I figured out Gillespie's secret....

vote on msnbc...bush is winning right now

Cheney/Rumsfield mislead on Hussein/Zarqawi connection - media say NADA

The "underestimate, and then claim success" game: Ivan recovery, too.

Kerry Press Conference coming up

Wanted: DNC/KE04 Debate Spin

Threes of colllege republicans protest Black Panther co-founder

Is there any way the Monkey can monkey with the Oct 8 job numbers?

Nice pre-debate banner headline on the Oregonian "Street Final"

U.S. Job Cuts at 8-Month High in Sept.

Irrefutable proof that John Edwards will be strong & unflappable tonight.

Does little-Dick Cheney even have a chance?

Electronic Voting For Floridians Now Online!

This is so sad that it's funny!

We May Get Our Wish in Debate

Are there online sound files of Bushisms

What Time is the Debate?

67 year old grandpa gets BACKDOOR DRAFTED

Handy Rolodex Page of MEDIA CONTACTS for making post-debate comments.

Kerry Press Release: More Evidence that Bush Misled Nation into War question

Having a hard time convincing anyone to come over to our side?

If Edwards doesn't deliver tonight

Well, it's almost October surprise time.

New MOVEON ad will rip your heart out

John Kerry on the Attack

If Ya Need Some Pre-Debate Anger - Turn To CSPAN 2 - Zell Up !!!

Edwards: Attack, attack, attack like there's no tomorrow!!!!

Rethugs closing polling places in PA democratic precincts

Debate Fantasy: Hold B/C Accountable for 9/11

North Carolinians Anxiously Await Cheney-Edwards Debate

Kerry Press Release: The Edwards Tax Returns: The Facts

Bush calls Kerry's policies "danerous for World Peace." HA!

Is Dick Cheney broke?

So THIS is the October Surprise: Major offensives in Iraq, likely to ...

Should Americans Be Asked How Comfortable They'd Be With Cheney As Prez?

Tales from the Voter Registration Madness Marathon

Michael J. Fox: A very personal issue - Actor voices support for Democrats

DU'ers fox is up to no good again[Fox BIASED at work]

DU this BABY! GOP controlled Newspaper Debate poll...

IMUS: "Cheney belongs in handcuffs, Bush is like mental patient"

Somebody please explain to me again why we don't require ID to vote.

Kucinich on Crossfire now!!!!!

Why hasn't Kerry been running on this theme all along?

2 Things

watch out! rethug copycats strike

Tom Vilsak leaves Woodmuff speechless

Bush-Cheney Office in Tennessee Hit by Gunshots

Bush-Cheney Office In Tennessee Hit By Gunshots

Doing the Numbers--How Many Muslims are Pissed?

Christmas comes early for Bush (mid-October). What does Santa bring him?

DU this poll.

on tax breaks .. i did the math

Is the DNC being a little overconfident about the debate tonight?

Got a response from Antonia Zerbisias - i.e. her editorial about the debat

Brian Tracy

KUCINICH is on Crossfire...NOW!!! Kickin' ass!

I wish John Edwards would look at.........

Rasmussen National Numbers and Premium Data for10/5 (3:15 PM EDT)

Help DU: WSJ editorial hammering Kerry's character

One thing I want to here Edwards say to Cheney...

Post-Debate Call to Action: McAulliffe

Bush Mischaracterizes Kerry's Health Plan

PICS of the stage and desk for tonight--and Edwards at a Town Hall Mtg.

Someone posted a ' Pope thinks Bush is the Antichrist ' link

A frank exchange of views

Post debate spin Scorecard[Democratic underground DON'T LET THEM FREEP it]

For the Folks Who are Undecided!!!

Gallup on CNN: 62% of Republicans are freaking morons

ABC: LV Bush 51% Kerry 45%; 76% of LV Will Watch VP Debate

Ad Idea: "Deprogrammed: BushCo Officials Finally Level with the Public"

Will the debate be rebroadcast?

What time is the VP debate on tonight?

Advice to Edwards from The Nation: Use Halliburton

Just saw swift boat liar John O'Neill

Edwards Democrat: His Middle Class Message

* coming to Wilkes-Barre, PA tomorrow, at Kirby Center, ticketholders only

They hate us for our...windsurfing! What is it with Cheny/Freep obsession

veep debate drinking game

DU this - Republicans attacking Fahrenheit 9/11

Voter receipts raise question of fraud

Let's give him a nickname......NO HOLDS BARRED!

Can someone refresh my memory about the 2000 VP debate; who "won"

Went to Montreal for the weekend. THEY HATE BUSH!

If kids could vote, Cheney would be dressed like Bozo tonight.

All this talk of Halliburton, I think Edwards

Five National Polls Were Released Within The Past Forty Eight Or So Hours


Drudge Report homepage is a hoot now.

Has any religion or religious leader criticized Bush?

We Really Should Have a Plan B

9/11 happened on Bush's watch

I say Edwards has to slay this dragon like a man

Is this sad? "Election Booths in Schools Draw Concern"

Woo. Dan Rather covering Bremer's "insufficient troops" story.

Mexxed Missages? Let's Gather *'s Mexxed Missages

Fill up the tank of your car on or before November 2nd, because...

Kerry so OWNED Hannity this afternoon!

Call to action from DNC

For the debate, Edwards is an expert in the following:

Edwards and Cheney are like George Bailey against Mr.Potter.

Didn't Cheney Head The VP Selection Committee And Nominate Himself?

Freeper Tinfoil Hat Award for this story

Our registration surge isn't worth 3%, or anywhere close

Great line from another Rumsfeld "misunderstood" statement

Dean and Dole to debate on Oct. 20.

Anyone else think Edwards shouldn't focus too much on Halliburton?

Iraq elections won't take place in January

So, is there going to be a 7-second delay for the VP debate tonight?

Rummy the flip-flopping stupid liar & the incredibly stupid rightwingnuts

Which networks are airing the VP debate with split screen

For 18 mos after 9/11, WHO harbored 200 al-Qaeda terrorists in Iraq?

The "hard work" meme

Wimblehack tournament underway

Got my Two new DVDs from Netflix (Fahrenheit 9/11 & The

Just HOW STUPID are the freeping rightwingnuts??? INCREDIBLY STUPID.

80 stolen Kerry/Edwards signs turn up in the hands of ROTC

Edwards Cheney Media Blast?



Last Thursday, everything was so focused here.

Bremer handed Team Kerry an incredible weapon today. Was it deliberate?

PEOPLE Please Do NOT Forget...

We have 28 days. Don't let ANY divisive tactics of the right sidetrack you

False alarm - MI Absentee form problem already fixed

Network of Choice for tonight's Monster Debate?

In Reponse to *'s Debate Rhetoric, I just posted a Bush-UN-Timeline

Kerry-Edwards, We love you!

Irrefutable Evidence That the Tide Has Turned. WE WILL WIN!

NYT: Bush Campaign Asks Supporters to Flood Web...

July 2003: "Bremer requests more troops as violence, tension escalate"

ARM yoursleves with this Damning CHENEY quote which surfaced today

LMAO... Hardball campaign sign: 'Ignorant white rich kids for Bush!'

List of networks showing VP debate tonight?

Shouldn't Cheney be required to go through a metal detector tonight?

This is CHENEY's Oil War

SurveyUSA: Ohio LV Kerry 49% Bush 48%; LV NC Bush 52% Kerry 45%

Tubes for Boobs

***IMPORTANT: Foreign Policy Talking Points for Edwards-Cheney Debate***

AJC - Voter registration turnout massive in Georgia yesterday

I'm nervous about Edwards! A lot is riding on him

Edwards: Out of his league or Baby-Faced Assassin?

Really stupid Republicans!

I used to have integrity, until...

TNR: Dems Are Winning the Ground War!

Anyone else think that Mount St. Helens will blow during the debate?

Bush "internals" must be tanking. He is giving a "significant speech"

Chas. Rangel: have there been any threads

A bold, unlikely, but freakishly possible suprise that could take place..

Job Cuts Surge in September - Hiring Plans Tank


ut oh for Cheney! CNN just reported debate prep

All Forum Members Read This

Wow - Kerry signs EVERYWHERE

What is this crap about John Kerry not courting the Black vote?

GOT MY EARLY BALLOT - need all you all's help on who to vote for president

Focus on the base.

From colorado dem

Tonight's Debate

EXCLUSIVE!!! Bush's Debate Notes

Soft Repug/Dem???

I have a picture showing subliminal advertising on Fox

Damn, Bush Is Getting Shredded All Over the News Today

Low Expectations: How Cheney Can Win Tonight's Debate

How many vice-presidential debates have you seen

Southern Mississippi - Voter registration heavy!

Remember Cheney's endorsement of Arthur Anderson's accounting practices?

updates on protester types in cleveland tonight at:

V.P. Dick Cheney to speak in Gainesville Wednesday


The chanting behind Tweety...

John Kerry>RFK

Gwen Ifill-any opinions, pos or neg?

Bush plans a speech to make up for debates

Edwards needs to say "Our plan will rescue Cleveland from being the..

What will be Edward's poll percentage tonight?

Time to impersonate the Freepers!


My prediction: Cheney will try to soften his image tonight....

Help us in Texas!

A little preshow music to put us in the mood

I know that this is something they are trying to attack on

Okay...go with me here...Bush is going down,based on Scarborough, Killer.

If cheney dies of a heart attack during the debate who would be *

Our Secret Weapon: The Landline-less

5 Sec Delay

Rasmussen Battleground Update for 10/5 (5:25 PM EDT)

Activism for tonight - Important keep kicked!

Why is Anderson Cooper only standing in front of Bush/Cheney signs?

Interesting point just made on MSNBC

Washoe County Voter Registrar reports fraud, fingers nat'l GOP operatives

HAHAHA..Drudge is in a huff over this pic from NBC news

if you're seen this forgive me, Cheney & Halliburton history

Ahhhh... a fat Mr. Burns versus Edwards' easy smile and warmth

Halliburton is U.S. Policy. There is no way U.S. spending is personal

John Edwards Will Destroy That Fat Tub Of Goo

Paul Krugman implies that John Edwards must expose Cheney's

Another Republican for Kerry

If Cheney goes after Kerry, Edwards can use it against him.

If Cheney has a heart attack and dies during tonight's debate.....

Ed Gillespie of RNC just handed us the BESTEST gift!!

Cheney hid out his term in the second government bunker- Dr.Strangelove

I consider myself insulted again by the DLC.....this is unnecessary.


Should I vote by absentee ballot? What are the pluses and minuses?

cspan2 has the debate room on now


I hope this isn't a dupe, but has anyone checked out latel

"John Kerry Came Home And Accused ALL Veterans of Unspeakable. .."

Count the minutes. Rebuttal time is up to the moderator.


Gee do you think Gwen Ifill willbe Cheney friendly?

KICK ASS JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Mods... Once Again !!!

How can they be for Shrub?

Cheney's screw-up order after 9/11!

what the fuck is up with Tweety tonight?

10,000 fill O'Dome to hear filmmaker, Michael Moore

32% of Americans believe Saddam planned the 9/11 attacks

Edward won't mention Halliburton until Cheney does

Update on Crawford newspaper-How our efforts are helping!

Cheney was a f***up in the business world, too.

Bush to give a televised speech tomorrow night to rebut Kerry from debate?

? # 1: Didn't Ben Ginzberg have to resign his RNC post?

I just saw a picture of Cheney in the sun..

Inverted cross on Paula Zahns earing's. OMG Devil worshipers on CNN

E-mail Shepard Smith; he said he gets no e-mail from Kerry supporters

Who will be angry if Halliburton is not mentioned?

CIA Says No Iraq-Terror Link

Just curious, the Bremer and Rummy statements, what do you think?

WTF: MORE Bush National Guard Records just released..drip, drip, drip

Almost time for Edwards to hand Cheney's warmongering candy arse

ALL Edwards has to do is look "Presidential." People hate Cheney already.

ARG, we love you, but Kerry leading 48%-45% is NOT a tie.

Question about swift boat liars in PA

DU this!

I'd love to see David Gregory moderate a presidential debate

VP Cheering Section during debate

Prayer Invitation for Tonight's Debate

Lynn Cheney looks like a nervous 'possum.

AP: GOP Campaign Urges Post-Debate Spin

Edwards should say this after question of Cheney's experience vs. his

Postponement of the Bush physical is UNACCEPTABLE. What is he hiding?

? # 2: Is Scarborough not a total jerk?

Got it, Cheney will attack Kerry, minimizing Edward's

Listen to this LOUD to get pumped...

800 Bush-Cheney signs on CNN

AP Kerry Baby Pic of the day. "Save my future, Vote Kerry!"

Halliburton filed 30 lawsuits per year

Which is the best network to watch the debate?

Debate thread, I have not seen one yet

It's estimated that 97% of all eligible MI voters are registered to vote!

Hex on Crashcart Cheney

Oilslick Dick theme of the night...


I can't stream CSPAN. Never had a prob. before. Anyone else? nt

Damn, no split screen

AAAAAAAAAAAAAndrea Mitchell Just Said On MSNBC...


" win a Global war..." --Cheney

Damn John is looking good

The "all-important" Opening Handshake (body language)

Does Chest Painey NOT look like shit?

I am not liking this's a press conference with one reporter

Wow - Edwards give crashcart no ground...

Edwards is addressing Cheney directly?



Dick Cheney = Mr. Burns "Excellent?"

C-SPAN2 is spilt screen n/t

it's over already

The Hallibuttal

Edwards is a breath of fresh air compared to Lieberman

And here it is folks, Cheney/9-11/Iraq

Let's ALL welcome Oilslick dick - pics, quotes, links, greetings HERE

El Salvador Red Herring and Edwards didn't bite!

U.S.-Backed Warlords Big Threat to Afghan Elections (article)

WTF? No discussion period on that last question??


"We're going to tell America, the World, the truth."

Edwards is not even breaking a sweat against Cheney.

watchin with the sound down; cheney looks pissed and angry

El Salvadore- O.M.G!!!!!!!! What a lying sack of shit!

John Edwards for President 2012

Edwards kicking Crashcart's ass already!

I hope Dick has a doctor nearby....

Anyone finding it boring?

"I'm not questioning Kerry's patriotism"


Country before Party

UH OH--Oilslick's at it again..."VOTE BUSH OR YOU'LL DIE!!!!"

Resumes for sh*t shovelers. HA

If this keeps up, JE needs to say at some point...

Here's a link to the split screen view

Did Dick Just Repeat The 'Body Parts' Faux Pas !!!

Go to your window, open it up...

Oh, it's getting nasty.......

Cheney can't win this. The deck is stacked against him.


Dickhead is a different shade of white on each network

Hallifreakingburton on the table

Stay on the offensive Edwards..

When is somebody going to point out that Abu Nidal was not in Baghdad.

Edwards said HALLIBURTON!!!

Anyone else notice Cheney's voice trembling?

Edwards hasn't taken control

John, John, PLEASE, please

Dickhead is getting a little hot under the collar. Anybody else notice?

Instead of watching the debate, I'll just read your subject lines.

Cheney is getting pissed. He is checking Edward's note taking. Ha, ha ha

Debate? - What's Edward's lapel button?

Edwards dropped Halliburton

Some Democrat... Someday Soon.. Will Have To Give The 'Randi' Response...

Cheney admitted Iraq not part of war on terror!

More like it

VP debate---First 20 minutes My first impression

Cheny would not respond to the charges that he voted against the same

Abu Ghrab...Abu Ghrab...Abu Ghrab...


cheney rarely looks at anyone but the moderater

The Halliburton blast!

The Coalition Casualties

All I Can Say is That Edwards is on the Attack. Good!

Most of the Iraq deaths Cheney is talking about are caused by the US

Celsius 41.11

well, i see where bush got his smirk; when is the fbomb gonna drop?

John Edwards must keep hitting Dick

Edwards mentioned bu$h* homeland security flip-flop

When will they mention Guantanamo...

Our IRAQI allies?

Flip Flop mother fucker...

Unilateral Sanctions?

THIS is NOT an accident!!!!

Cheney not mentioning President Bush


Why is Cheney getting so much time to talk???

When does Edwards kick Lieberman in the nuts?

Cheney has mentioned gwb ONE time...who's the real prez?

Why Doesn't JE Slam Crashcart on the $87 Billion?

They should have rated this NC-17

O'Reilly flip-flopped on picking debate winner

cheney - lol. And they said Kerry needed to talk in sound bites?

KE Rapid Response: Cheney on connection between iraq and and 9/11

The Dickster is going OVER time with EVERY question

BLAM--Iran nuclear program proceeds on "THEIR WATCH"


jeezus halliburton, enron and ken layin one sentance


Cheney has completely avoided the Haliburton question...

Bush taking a "rare" break today! How funny!

GO Edwards on the TRUTH about Enron trading with enemies n/t

ZZZZzzzzzz Cheney's putting me to sleep nt


Crashcart just called Halliburton a "SMOKESCREEN"

Post Debate Focus.

Oh, now Cheney says they're "Working with France"

WELL, THAT'S ALL YOU GOT MUTHER FUKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every thing is Kerry's fault...

Well that's all you got

Edwards needs to move off the dime. He's sounding like Bush

30 seconds is "all you got!" HA!!!

Wow, weak response from Cheney on Halliburton charges

Cheney is muttering under his breath and being catty. How is that good?

Dammit, JE rambling about kids at a pizzeria in Israel.......

I think Edwards is getting up on his feet now...

Edwards is calling them out on their LIES. Constant LIES.

HEY cheney!!! It's factcheck.ORG not! Maybe you need

We Agree Dick: Voters SHOULD Get the facts about Haliburton!

Fuck you Cheney!

Cheney scares me....he just looks bad.

"F@#$ You" Leahy is in first row!

Let's hope he gets on track with domestic policy.

Could Cheney drive up his unfavorable rating any more? I think so!

McAuliffe gives Halliburton Hospitability gift bags to the press - debate


Email your congratulations to



How does Edwards do it?

Go Edwards!!!!!

Could Cheney attacking Edwards backfire?

If Cheney spends most of his time presiding over the Senate,

Edward is making Dick snort. His jaw is clenching. Cheney just lies.

Cheney smirks as Edwards brings up domestic stuff

WTF? Defending Halliburton by attacking JE Senate attendance

Cheney is a nasty man

Cheney is not answering accusations. Is that the strategy? n/t


This is an historic debate....

Edwards is Holding His own...and getting in some good blows...

Holy Crap, he nailed Cheney on his senate record too . . .

Edwards just sounded off about Cheney's dismal House record.

See Dick Cheney perfectly at ease with his lies


NCLB>>> let em brag

Nelson Mandela

Cheney is playing right into his high negatives


Edwards NAILED Cheney on Halliburton

Cheney's collar is getting tighter and tighter and he's about to

Self delete

Cheney just said truth about Halliburton is a 'smokescreen"???

Im scared......

Cheney on Jobs? HA!

Haha, what a way to piss off Cheney..

"His record speaks for itself, and it's not very distinguished"

Cheney avoids talking about jobs...

Cheney's talking about jobs and education, and digging himself

Does Cheney sound like a broken record?? n/t

Cheney just looked like he had a heart attack

Cheney is way, way over the top with the nastiness

Question on jobs...Cheney smokescreen

Cheney is avoiding jobs like the plague

I can hear Cheney's heart laboring


Body Count? Coalition Casualties Never Count Iraqis.

Very proud of John Edwards!

Cheney talking about domestic issues is almost hilarious

Edwards IS the baby-faced assassin!!!!

did edwards say, mr president

Edwards kicking ass against the puppetmaster

The VP debate is MUCH better..Cheney actually seems semi-lucid!!


Dick Cheney on Education? What the F*CK?

Look at This Poll: MUST See

Can't take four more years of this

Ok I have NO doubt now: cheney has been the man behind the curtain

Pony up, who's contributing in honor of JREs performance?

Was that question about jobs?

Mr. President I don't think this country can take 4 more years of this kin

I love and I want everyone to hear this.

Edwards NAILS Cheney on personal records

They got me off the tax rolls. NO JOBS

Kerry/ Edwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheney's attack on Edwards just cost him

Cheney is steady as a rock

Crashcart's getting spanked.

There he goes again, its Kerry's fault...


I DARE Cheney to try and pull out the KE "gas tax increase" lies

More freedom under Cheney? Not under the PATRIOT ACT he supports!

Edwards needs to hit him on the Patriot act now

Edwards will win...

I think we all know who runs the country after this debate

What about the jobs, Dick?

I don't trust you, Cheney. You look too evil to me.

Is Chain-Knee running out of gas, or what?

My Independent Friend's Take on the Debate So Far:

"I don't think Americans can take 4 more years of you"

Go Johnny GO!!!!!

How can you trust this man? Does Cheney look trustworthy to you?

'Your question is about Jobs?'


Listening to Edwards REALLY makes me want to vote for Cobb or nader

holy shit...I don't think the american people can

Cheney called against the release of Mandela.

Woo hoo- Cheney on Gay marriage

and now dick goes for a sip of water

Cheney has no VISION. Just distortion and dead-end LIES

Edwards looks like John Kennedy; don't ya think?

We don't value just wealth, We value work!!!

"Freedom doesn't mean freedom for everybody"

and cheney has mentioned the prez...once

Edwards Just Convinced My Friend With This Line


You KNOW there's something F'd up when DEM'S want to get back to a smaller

Why doesn't Cheney appear in my mirror

I guess we know who the president was these last 4 years

cheney got edwards on first time i have seen you

what the fuck kind of question is that ...she better back it up with

Two against One Debate

I am really glad Cheney's not my dad

WTF was that, no lie so nothing to say. OMG

SHIT! Cheney just completely skirted the gay marriage issue

Did Ifill just call him "Mr. President"?

I love the look on Edwards face when she asks Cheney the trial lawyer

IMPORTANT NOTE: What does "Crashcart" refer to?

Edwards calls gay marriage issue "BS"

Rate the Cheney/Edwards Debate in Real Time - keep kicked


Dems asked Pat Lehey to sit in 2nd row at Debate. He's the F**K OFF reciep

Cheney's theme for the night?


Free Republic must be in meltdown by now!

we need to do a background check of

Cheney Just Admitted The Repubs Have Used the Gay Issue to Divide

Don't trip over the trolls....


Holy shit! NO ANSWER

We don't just value wealth, we value work!

Edwards brought up the 17% Medicare premium increase

25 bucks to DNC if edwards asks about the ebay

Cheney's ready to go. He's pounding his notepad on the table.

Who'd believe him after 'I never said connection between Iraq & al Qaida'

Edwards is kicking ass...

Cheney is a sloucher also...just as bad as the Shrub

What is wrong with surgeons, GP why are OBGYN the only ones the like?

Edwards has longer resume than BUSH!!!!

Cheney just lied, claiming he's never said Saddm was connected


Forgive me but I just have to know...

Gwen... Funny You Mentioned 'Heartbeat'...


If CSPAN's website is busy, Here's a derect link to the debate...

HALFTIME: Is it me, or is Edwards absolutely kicking Cheney's ass?


This debate is BORING.

When George Bush asks ME to sign on??


Edwards should just say...I have more experience than the imposter

I gotta say it, Cheney sounds good.

It's official, Cheny is clearly the most boring person alive

10 Minutes left! Lets get our media blitzing engines FIRED UP!!

Cheney attacks the Iowa Caucuses , we need to use this to win the state

Against Meals on Wheels, HeadStart and King's B-day????

Thank God there are two more presidential debates

Damn, I was hoping he would block his mic over the whole answer...

Here comes Cheney's "I'm a likable fella like Edwards"

Ooh! Did JE just use DC's gay daughter against the fundies???

This is a nasty fight!

finally, Edwards gets to rebut the 'tort lawyer' attack!!!

Cheney has an American flag pin on his lapel. What is Edwards sporting?

baited question "without using John Kerry's name"

Cheney hand movement blocking his microphone

Edwards just lost me

Gwen's questions have played

Next Question to John Edwards: If you were a tree, what kind of tree....

The buttons mean nothing!

what rule did he break--he can't use John Kerry's name??

I pledge not to ever visit DU on November 2nd.

How can some of you say Cheney is winning?

I'm sick of this Commander In Chief shit!!

Olbermann doing debate live blogging on

Do you think they should have the 7 second TV delay on Cheny

Freerepublic is down!


Edwards won foreign policy.

Edwards is doing GREAT. The "unflappable" Cheney is flapping tonight.

Cheney "carried a ticket" in the IBEW

To Complain about Gwin Ifill



Goddamnit! He's flustered!

Never mind, this a dupe. Please delete.


let them come to my school to see the NCLB in action@!

WTF? Cheney gets the first AND last question?


Cheney Tired, Flustered on the Health Care Question!

I think it's a draw, but Edwards is new to people...

Cheney is laughing at health care issue?

Of course if we use media logic. Edwards just needed to demonstrate

I am confused...first cheney says they didnt' vote,

Edwards' Gay Marriage Answer: A Train Wreck

Grade John Edwards .

Medical Malpractice!!! JE Could Point Out

More OB/GYN talk from the GOP!!! OBSESSION!!!!

Most important for after the debate:

People don't vote for VP

John Did What He Had To Do

Cut The Shit All - Edwards Needed A Grand Slam, He Bunted To First At Best

EDWARDS is sooooooooooooo winning this!!!!

Edwards closing statement is Good!

How will the mainstream media call the debate?


Edwards will enjoy a bounce from his appearance

Why all the negativity?

So Gwen uses a question about Edwards experience?

gWEN Ifill reviewed f911 in a very snide and condescending way

No real winner to this debate; but Edwards did what he needed

Good finish by Edwards. Not a dominating performance like Kerry, but good

That fucker didn't even thank Edwards...

Cheney says he's a good VP because he's about to die

Cheney is Out-Dicking Nixon

Cheney you smarmey fucker

Cheney's talking about democratically elected governments!

Cheney: I have NEVER met John Edwards

ohhhh "It's hard to know where to start"...WHY do he and Bush say that

Cheney doesn't thank Edwards!

I have to agree with Matcom. Edwards did fine, but didn't knock it out

Cheney's Mumbling Drone Is Insulting. If He Can't Be Bothered

Cheney's closing statement

Edwards won.

Andrea Mitchell already whoring for Bush Co.

Hope John E gets an honorable draw; let Kerry shred Bush again on Fri..

MSNBC results so far: Who won the debate?

Cheney is using Fear again in his speach!

You have thirty seconds to respond, Mr. Vice President

Edwards won the debate on the closing remark

Edwards closing statement was masterful

Saying it is a draw does not mean Cheney made good points...

Nobody 'won' this debate

Let them call Kerry "Lurch"......

Cheney won foreign policy.

Edwards Winning 63% to 36% in Alabama!!!

Brace for the whoring

Cheney shows his MEAN SPIRIT AS USUAL

CNN poll is no up!!!

Scarborough is such a tool!

Cheney had to stop Kerry's momentum

The Hands Give It Away - John Edwards Wins!!!!

Some reason I can't get to polls from the links!!!

Cheney didn't thank Edwards..


it really doesn't matter that I think JE tied with DC at best.

Saxby Chambliss on C-SPAN II being interviewed

Talking point: Cheney Shows No Class.

Cheney denounced/ignored all his wild campaign claims

Matcom and others. why did Edwards need a grand slam?

Kerry was better than Edwards...

Cheney pulls it out at the last minute, with a DYNAMITE closing statement


cheney got neutered somewhere along the line tonight

I don't know much about Gwin Ifill, can I get some background on her?

Well ok then, who won?

Where are the polls?


Fuck the spinners. There's a great baseball game on

Gwen Ifill stinks...

"This is the first time I've met Edwards"

MSNBC Saying Edwards was "obliterated"

What channel are you watching for the Post Debate? n/t

Brace for the whoring

Want to volunteer to get-out-the-vote?

Edwards could have won this thing had

Edwards is taking on Joseph fucking Goebbels and he's holding his own

Ifill is atrocious

has anyone heard a media source criticze Gwen Ifil yet???? Besides Janeane


"Unable to stand up to Howard Dean"- is this the new meme? nt

Credit to Edwards for doing far better than Lieberman.

42% Edwards 29% Cheney 29% Undecided - CBS Undecided poll

What was your Favorite Edwards line tonight?

Edwards Totally Rocked!

Every Poll so far - Edwards 785-84% !!!!!!!!!

CBS Panel says ...

Dumbasses at FoxNews says this is the only VP debate of 2000

JE 41% DC 29% Tie 29% (CBS instant poll)

JE is WAAAAAAY ahead in ALL of the polls I've voted in! n/t

Ok here's gist of the email I just sent to about 300 media contacts

ABC at it again!! Their scientific poll weighted 38% R , 31%D

I'm surprised by Tweety Mathews Cheney nod

Cheney was better....

CBS will have their poll of "Undecideds" up in a minute

Edwards leads Cheney in CNN Poll 85 to 12 percent!

PBS and Jim Leher -- comments clear winner. "Kerry Mo" still going


It's Cheney's MUMBLING, Stupid. People Who Believe In Themselves


Question about Edwards' Senate Record

CBS news poll of uncommitted voters is Edwards 42% and Crashcart 29%

Edwards didn't do as good as Kerry did last Thursday BUT


CBS's uncommitted panel said Edwards won.

Tweety already whoring for BushCo.

Gwen has fucked up the debate. Probably on cheney's instructions.

In All Honesty, This Debate Was Closer

Edward 61% / Cheney 34% on Yahoo poll

It is simple Edwards WON cuz Cheny didn't make it a blow-out.

MSNBC just ran a swift vets ad here in CT

CBS VP Debate poll ....Edwards wins it!


Tweety is an arse!

Debate easily summed up: Positivity vs. Negativity

EVERYBODY but Tweety and Scarborough said "tie" or EDWARDS


Ann Richards/ Larry King Live 11 p.m. ET. After the debate .

CNN Quick Vote Edwards 82 Cheney 14%

CBS: Edwards 42% Cheney 29%. Two down, two to go!

Fascinating....after 30 min of pondering, here's what I think -

seems like only MSNBC thinks Cheney won!

Gergan on Larry King calls it a draw

Ron Reagan to appear on MSNBC now

Where do we send email to complain about this moderator?

Where the hell was the energy policy?

Page 1 WP: Saddam posed little threat

Cheney 43% Edwards 35% (ABC News instant poll) n/t

It's a draw=Edwards wins

PLEASE, I am too nervous, who's winning?

Edwards is CREAMING Dickwad on all the active polls Skinner linked!

Okay, so Edwards missed nailing Cheney on this quote

Jeff Greenfield..."Enough is enough...this is a joke!"

Fox News poll is up for your participation

how did the repukes present let Cheney block his mike throughout?

Thank You John Edwards

Fox poll is up!

My assessment of the debate

Guess the split screens won't be allowed again.

We here's the way I saw it :

Cheney had met Edwards before

Edwards is crushing Cheney in the CNN poll! 82-14

Debate Repeat on C-SPAN 1 now

When Cheney Met Edwards - Talk Left

CBS online poll up

All Local Station Polls show same result!! Whats Up?

Me? I can't wait for the domestic half of the debate

CBS News:Undecided voters give it to Edwards!

Cheney big lie: I never said there was a connection between Iraq & 9/11.

It looks like a majority of the polls are voting for Edwards big time!

Cheney appealed to his base tonight...

Wall Street Journal Poll

All Edwards had to do was NOT HURT Kerry

Poll- Peter Jennings said they sampled more Repubs

Does our momentum continue after this debate?

Video of CBS Undecided post debate poll up

New name for VP....Dicky the Ducker....


As an attractive woman, I wish I were as pretty as...

Terror Alert! WH has non-specific evidence of an imminent attack!

I missed most of the debate...Question about Cheney/Haliburton

JE is even winning on Faux...

cnn calling it a draw

CNN-Carlos Watson say's Edwards won

Why Edwards won the Debate -- The Issues

"I did not have sexual relations with that man, Saddam Hussein."


From what I see.. no minds were changed tonight..

Cheney's most annoying mistake

I can't vote in MSNBC Polls. Anyone else?

READ about debate

The world will little note, nor long remember

Thank you Senator Edwards

Lehey on CNN now. VP only meets with Pubs when he comes to

Edwards is to Cheney as Bush is to Kerry: There is a HUGE Gap

DUer's how is Kerry in a Town Hall setting?

Check out today's Iconoclast Editorial....

Bottom line. This was a test for Johnny E. and he sure passed it.

How would this be for a comeback?

"Cheney did better than his retarded boss". This will hurt AWOL even more

Are Cheney's lies obvious to Mr. John Q. Public?

Cleveland's NBC affiliate poll needs help

If a few days the net result of this debate

Thank You John Edwards!!!

If a few days the net result of this debate

If a few days the net result of this debate

If a few days the net result of this debate

Kucinich just interviewed on BBC news

excellent real time blogging by Olbermann

poll: should arnold schwarzenegger be allowed to run for president?

Once again press incompetence will be the subject.

Taegan Goddard another call for Edwards

Cheney- "I Don't Know Where To Begin". HOW Many Times Did He Say That?

rapid response from Joe Lockhart

Sullivan and Kaus on C-SPAN2 NOW

how Edwards could have KO'd Cheney

I love Ann Richards

You have to give Darth Vader some credit:

Edwards Did Great Against President Cheney

Leahy: cheney only meets with republicans

Andrew Sullivan Says Edwards CRUSHED Cheney

andrew sullivan EVISCERATING cheney, but Mickey Kaus is whoring

The soundbite of Edwards reciting Cheney's record is DEVASTATING

BUSH/CHENEY WIN the Flip-Flop Award

C-SPAN replay now, WITH split screen.

"We Can't Afford Four More Years Of This Experience!"

Ann Richards - "Edwards will win in the polling"

Screw Halliburton....bring up PNAC

People don't like DICK.

The debate wasn't "boring." CHENEY was boring.

If this is seen as a draw then we've done well

Holy Cazowie--Anybody else see CNN results?

Andrew Sullivan is on CSPAN 2 singing praises for Edwards

Cheney was SPEECHLESS on Halliburton thievery and corruption

At least Olbermann at MSNBC is on our side--

Screw Tweety! MSRNC Poll 71% JE!

Edwards won the debate. We can't expect a Kerry knockout everytime.

CUT THE CRAP--You think Cheney would fold like Bush? Edwards was GREAT!

ABC News defends Halliburton no-bid contract - DU them!

Again we miss the chance to destroy them on Zarqawi

The Fox poll is doing it again

Was Cspan the only channel to have a split screen?

In closing, Cheney said ..."the NEXT president"

Was Cspan the only channel to have a split screen?

Cheney's Closing Comments Sucked...That's why he lost

Edwards won the debate. We can't expect a Kerry knockout everytime.

How come Chris Matthews hasn't stated their poll results....

check out cnn and pbs polls ..WoW! Visit fox

check out this post on a board that is 90% cons...

LATIMES: 96.7% for Edwards


KE Rapid Response: Cheneys Halliburton did business with Iraq, Iran


I think this was a Kennedy-Nixon in '60 moment

Did any media run undecideds interviews/focus groups after the event?...


Ok maybe I'm crazy, but I really enjoyed the moderator tonight...

Can you believe it - a Republican lies

OMG CNN changed their poll question because Cheney was getting whooped

hardball: Edwards69% Dicky 31%...but who's counting?

Edwards kicking some major butt in ALL the polls- even FAUX News!

It's like Deja Vu all over again!!!

Pat Caddell on to bash Democrats on Faux News

Brace for the whoring.............................................On DU!

CNN just put up their vote poll.

So when did Nightline join bush/cheney campaign?

Cheney bragged about elections where voters were being SHOT AT

I can't figure Tweety out.

cnn: Edwards 77%, dicky 18%.. But who is counting?

ABC polled 7% MORE REPUKES than Dems

cnn poll still there

Does Cheney have mental Problems?

First half, Cheney held his own. Second half, Edwards dominated.

Cheney: A Boss who doesn't know his employees?

Cheney's "We'd do it all again" blew it for AWOL

Don't matter what the polls/talking heads say

Spin machine, what is Edwards attendance and voting record?

I find it ironic that the only thing to humanize Cheney is a lesbian

Edwards did what he needed to do and then some.

Debate ups and downs...

Got a "Mulligan" response from Aaron Brown. (I wrote back.)

Pass it on - Dick Cheney is a pathological liar

Anyone seeing Cheney bowing out for "health reasons?"

Mrs. Edwards REMINDS CHENEY ON STAGE that JE and him met

Get your Cheney Iraq/911 connection transcript here!

ABC Poll: Cheneydick 43...Edwards...35

Just when I started to like Scarborough.......

Matthews: "There is NO CONNECTION between 9/11 and Iraq."

Hey, I hung out with Del Sandusky tonight and watched the debate with him

Iraq: Cheney would do it again the same way if he went back in time

Hey what happened to that "Significant speech"? of Fubya's?

Cheney and El Salvador

LYING Dickless Cheney met John Edwards !!!!

online polls lopsided: Edwards demolished Cheney

FOX NEWS POLL - 50% Senator Edwards, VP Cheney 49%

Cheney's closing statement - on split screen, JE's head snapped forward

Here is what we know...

freep alert on fox. fix please.

Larry King "undecided" caller. LMAO

I MUST Be Crazy... I Thought Edwards Did Just Fine !!!

Andrea Mitchell is a WHORE

Jim Lehrer kicked Ifil's ass. Oh, the VPs at worst a draw for JE

need help in this poll-too close

Tweety just baited Ginsberg and made him look stupid

some polls from swing state PA

Does Cheney have mental Problems?

For being a "pro", Cheney kept covering his microphone up

Easy come back on the "Edwards never showing up "

MSNBC results so far: Who won the debate?

You DUers who say Cheney won! Reconcile why Cheney's getting out-polled?

Poll - Las Vegas, NV - LINK fixed

Cheney Looked Constipated

Cheney looked and sounded SCARY -- EDWARDS better on TV screen --

UnFREEP This POLL for Edwards!! -- WKYC-TV Cleveland!

This is a slaughter. This is better than what Kerry did to Dubya.

Deleted message

ABC Poll Explained by PBS Charlie Rose! Disparity Explained!!!!!!

I hate to be the bearer of the raw truth but..........

Here it comes...Tweety to discuss online poll results!

Kerry can seal it on Friday night.

CBS News poll: Edwards wins 41 - 29

NPR helps Bush AGAIN this morning.

We have a illegal scam going on right now by the freepers[Alert everyone]

"Cheney didn't remember meeting Edwards because he is not important"

I saw a look of resignation in the face of Cheney tonight

Why did Cheney feel the need to lie about meeting Edwards?

I don't know what fucking debate you people saw

Will Freepers voting Edwards backfire...

Cheney thanked Ifill but not Edwards

"the question on Israel, though Mr. Edwards didn't talk about it much"

Why did Kerry oppose the first gulf war?

ABC Poll:Bush loses support during debate


I'm at school, How did JE do?

MSNBC panel saying Cheney obliterated JE

Documented proof that Cheney met Edwards before tonight!

Schieffer on CBS ... this was beautiful ...

John Edwards totally disappointed me on the Palestinian/Israel issue.

I saw a look of resignation in the face of Cheney tonight


I love Ann Richards!!!!

I am going to do something dangerous, tell the truth...

Lieberman on CNN

I don't know what debate you guys watched!

Why. WHY did the Dems send Lieberman on to praise CHENEY???

Cheney was not aware of the aids epidemic among black women!!!!!

HEY! Unka Dick....remember this????

Did Cheney do better than JE?

Jon Stewart say Cheney ATE Edwards whole.

JE disapointed me big time. Flame away if you wish, but he sucked.

freepers advocate everyone voting edwards

Please DU this Ohio debate poll!

Tweety just flatly stated that Cheney won.

Edwards crushing Cheney in the MSNBC poll: 71-29

LIE: "I never said there was a connection between Iraq and 9/11"


Well there's 90 minute of my life lost forever

My mom..the average person watching...

One Cheney Lie


GOOD NEWS in first "real" polls!

Sorry but..........I thought Cheney won the debate.

The Thing. Motherf*cker looks just like The Thing.

The unofficial, who-won-the-debate poll...

Cheney mentioned factcheck.COM....not .ORG


The real loser of this debate: THE FRICKING MODERATOR

Edwards wins with his likeability, youthful energy, and good looks (in

PLEASE HELP list cheney's LIES and links to refute them! We need our own


Clear-eyed view inside from apolitical friends who watched

Hopefully, Edwards won't open like Lieberman did in 2000


anyone else notice cheney checking out edward's daughter after the debate?