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Archives: October 4, 2004

Bush and Reality (Herbert, NYT)

Action Alert: Viacom Chmn. (CBS owner) says "GOP Better for Our Co."


It Was Flight 77

"Restricted" Kroll Rpt Ties Iraq policy to US politics

Guantanamo has 'failed to prevent terror attacks'

Kerry should take a risk, push debate rules to limit ("cheat")

Do you think Kerry will advocate for Tibets freedom and

Shrub has a condition known as Bradycardia.

Freeping rightwingnuts are the BIGGEST FLIP-FLOPPERS in history

Um... Any Marketeers Awake ??? - Is Yahoo Bonkers, Or...

Reactionaries think of the Vietnam War just like Nazis thought of WW1

Al Franken and Paul Krugman List Bush's Mistakes in Iraq

Iran warns Iraq of Israeli agents in Kurdish north

NYT: An Invigorated Kerry Courts Ohio, and Some Swing Voters...

I hate sinus infections! They must have been invented


new Aqua Teen Hunger Force is on

Alright everybody, time to go to bed now. Move on, there's nothing to see

I'm up late data-entrying voter reg. cards. Ask me anything.

I'm not sure why, but this spam subject line cracked me up

Are you afraid a terrorist may try to kill your beloved kitty?

I want to be taunted

My puppy's gone

Sex after a 40.

Sex after 40 seconds

Do you remember your first DELETED post on DU?

Favorite malt liquor?

Best thing about Kerry getting elected...

Kerry Endorsments: Real Interesting..Pres. of Fox News????????

LOL on freerepublic!

I just got back from seeing Going Up River, I was taken back to one

Jeb Bush releases instructions on how to vote on a Diebald machine.

IDEA: I've figured out a way to storm the FReep

Kerry bumper sticker stolen..They hate my freedom!

If Kerry says Smirk is wrong, made errors & mistakes, doesn't understand

PA KE Campaign Rally on C-Span NOW

In the next debate...Kerry should

Does anyone else feel Lorne Michaels should apologize to Kerry

Do you think anyone's told Smirk he got his ass kicked in the debate?

Verification wanted: Bush's nickname

This may put the "cheat sheet" talk to rest

C-span now: a preview of the Cheney-Edwards debate.

Every time I see the opening handshake I.....

Kerry Debate 2 Rope-A-Dope Strategy-Bring up Bush's Texas record

What did Kerry say to Jr?

Anyone pick up on this set up by Kerry?

Brokaw said this.......

Idea for a Kerry Ad ... comments please ...

More Troubles for Diebold

Cheney protects firms, creates victims, while Edwards defends rights of pe

Absurd Frenzy Over Fiasco at CBS News

Leak Probe: Next Target

Gary Younge (Guardian Utd): Divided against itself

France Bashing, Again!

Faith Without Works.. Policies have proven to be neither compassionate ...

Why would anyone vote for him?-2 great LTTE's

LA Times editorial - Congress, Read It This Time (Patriot Act)

Oil: The real threat to national security

PINR:: Oct. 04, 2004: Russia-E.U. Relations

USATODAY reprints Bush Soc SEC/Medicare scare Article as "analysis"

Riverbend: Samarra Burning...

Harper's Cover: 9/11 report described as "whitewash"

Next wave of Al Qaeda leadership

The Muslim Brotherhood, Nazis and Al-Qaeda

Conservative Chapman: In debate, Bush acted like he got "pole-axed"

How U.S. Income Tax Cuts Are Really Tax Increases (on middle-class)

The Anti-Empiricist Imperialists

America: Divided against itself

Deceptive or Delusional?

Samarra Burning... (Information Clearinghouse)

The Real Media Bias

This is a Massacre, Not a War in Iraq

Marty Peretz: Kerry Haters for Kerry

San Diego Union Tribune's Goldsborogh: The neoconservative ascension

Kerry needs a better attitude about killing people!

The Global Test It's called reality. Great Article

Back-room dealing a Capitol trend -1 of 3pt series, Boston Globe

VP debate: Darth Cheney meets Luke Edwards

Bush no friend of the environment

NYTimes: In the Senate, Raising a (Quiet) Republican Voice Against the Adm

It may be time to graduate from the Electoral College

Salon: Ready for his close-up (John Edwards)

Alter - Your Gut Only Gets You So Far

Was Allawi’s Speech a Crime?

"Taking Back Democracy" a Mother Jones interview with Howard Dean.

Security Moms Should Look Closely at Bush

NYT: "Kerry, Newest Neocon"

Dear Mike, Iraq sucks

NCT letter: Mary Poppins politics from President Bush

The State Department's extreme makeover

How to Talk to Ann Coulter (If You Must)

Bush in Farmington Hills, Michigan- Wednesday

Take Action - Gwen Ifill Question Cheney about Haliburton

A voice for Change is giving away DVDs want one?

New Bush Face Incoherent Incompetent Danger to Society No Clue Thing

What are some good activism ideas for stay-at-home moms?

USATODAY reprints Bush Soc SEC/Medicare scare Article as "analysis"

If you are in CBC-TV range-The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney

CBS, ABC and NBC have all refused to allow...

Were the debates a massive indictment of the media.

SNL video of Kerry-Bush debate?

DU this poll: Is FOX News fair and balanced?

Lou Dobbs is the man!

Air America Stays on Air in Maine highlights debate "importance spin" by CNN.

How U.S. Income Tax Cuts Are Really Tax Increases - Bloomberg's Wasik

Wingtip to Wingtip at 45O mph! 3O Feet Above the Ground! Sideways!

Oz - PM Howard Promised Oil Co. Financial Help If They Sued Greenpeace

Oil, oil, toil and trouble

Another Brazil Forest Plan - Area 2X Size Of Portugal Gone In 10 Years

Dirty River Linked To Cancer - Shanghai Daily

Wolverine Makes 550-Mile Trek From Pocatello To Yellowstone

Bosses Order Fishery Science Rewrite To Ship More Water South - SacBee

'Combover' Engineers Given Ig Nobel Awards

Environmentally Ill

Ozone Hole 20% Smaller Than 2003 Record Size - Reuters

Secrets of smell land Nobel Prize

Hermaphroditic Fish, Heavy Gender Imbalance Found In CO Rivers

a peak oil ramifications question

Peak OIl "We Did It!"

Spend $700 more for 94% efficient furnace to save $60/year in natural gas?

India reeling after series of explosions

Yu wants Japan to be regional power

Thai PM launches war on drugs

A Shiite-Sunni Islamist 'high command' may be forming

(Greenland) Precious material find raises independence hopes

Rice, Hadley learned of Israel spy investigation in 2001

Blood Brothers (Sudanese Identity Crisis: Vasagar, Kimani, Wax, Smith)

What is the "Byrd Amendment" to the National Intelligence Reform Bill?

If ONLY Bushit had listened to his father.........

"Anytime a person has a weapon, everyone's in danger''..a crappy report

i want to apologize to the Pro-Gun democrats of the gungeon.

Just to let you know...Great "Top Ten" this week....

Top Ten! ROFL!!!

Can you create a message with links for donations

Let's see who the Thread-Enders are! Let's see who Provokes Discussion!

This may seem like a silly question and maybe premature, but...

How did Vargas art become a sex thread?

The mods are cookin' tonight

You've all GOTTA watch this

Now that the media endorsements are starting up....

Members of Hamas 'on UN payroll'

Kill a Turk and Rest

Gaza Residents Run Out Of Space to Bury Dead

Defying Army Offensive, Hamas Rockets Hit Israel

Past NORAD interception times

anyone want to help out Kerry in Wisc, Ohio or other nearby states?

Chicago is registering 5000 new voters PER DAY and 'has been

WLS & Terry O'Brien...Pitch Your Bitch Here

Get out the vote begins now, can you vote early?

California Cuts Its Population Projection

Pat Morrison Speaks My Mind: And Arnold Could Be Its President

California sharply reduces future population estimates

UC Davis Quake Map Scorecard Proves Successful

Wit and wisdom of Iowa "NASCAR dad"

Can people in IA vote early? See if you can here:

Let's get ready to get Let down!!!

So how can we get the word out about 1200/1430 AM?

Patty Wetterling is on the air

Signs disappeared

A delirious Pawlenty took comfort at Kerry's water stop!

Detroit Free Press Endorses John Kerry

Bush in Farmington Hills Wednesday

Kerry-Edwards T Shirt at Lexis Nexis....given to my partner

SOS Blackwell may be in more trouble

Chester County Kerry HQ Dems (PAVictory), if you read here... Thanks!

Fmr. NH Gov. Jeanne Shaneen to be @ Ship University Thurs

How is the race going between Richard Morrison and cockroach?

Dallas - Keep your fingers crossed, details for Debate Party for Friday

WOW! Austin: a 24% increase so far in Travis Co voter registration

Lubbock (or surrounding areas) sign in...... I have a question/problem

Ill., Wis. launch prescription drug import program

The Sign Elves Visited

Mariners to Melvin: You're Fired

I just moved to Yakima from Seattle

My best friend hates Gregoire: what do I say?

Is it just me or does Seattle have very few good breakfast joints?

Thank you to the Mod(s) that toasted Canadianfundie

A Tepid Mea Culpa from the Big Three

Libertarians warp conservative Joe...

I met a man with real character today

The hardest question of the day ...

Just saw Hijacking Catasthophe...

Dean guy after the debate... here's my opinion of Kerry.

Anyone ever notice this common Repuglican weakness?

Good Lord Help Me

The big contradiction of Freepers.

outside of safeway....

What's the deal with Kerry and the Diane Sawyer interview?

Kerry's performance was doubly devastating to Rove because of his

Are people like Bush, Rove, Rumsfeld and Cheney really like us?

New Sam Shepard play "takeoff on Republican fascism"

Another weird political dream. I gotta quit having these.

2 US scholars wins The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2004

Wanna see something cool?

Freeper Madness

into the new Fiscal year with 1 of 13 fiscal bills passed, they want to

Has Nader been bought off by the Bush gang?

WP profile of CBS/Rather producer: "Mary Mapes's Darkest Hour"

I hate to see a grown man SNIVEL don't you?..................cartoon

What is this crap about Kerry not mentioning Poland as an ally.

can the 'war' be spoken of in terms other than 'winning' or 'losing'?

Scott Simon on NPR

Bush wants to CUT the Veterans admin budget next year

Kerry or Edwards needs to ask why all the top security people always quit

o'wrongly spins like a top

bush earpiece transmission caught on newsfeed June 2nd?

I'm in the Edwards V.P Debate commercial !

I am afraid even if Bush loses the election, he will order some sort

OMG Tom Coburn, Republican candidate for

Well the last hope for the Repugs is Cheny. Question is can Cheny not lie

When the Dem's win the Presidency and both houses,

Last year, what was the deal w/ the 3,000 chemical weapons suits in Iraq?

Is there any way we can demand / influence Exit Polling

Novelty farting dog sparks US terror alert

The One Thing that Bush signed

Bush on the examining table

they can't lower bush's low expectations any lower

Like bush in the debates, the repubs are MELTING DOWN

Sex toy causes air security scare

TOON bonus!! | In Their Own Words... (This Modern World)

Selling indulgences "lucrative & media-friendly buisness for JP2"

Imus is shocked, SHOCKED! that anybody thought he was a Bush

Military targets high schoolers to fill ranks

how can w possibly make up for his shitty debate performance?

Killing Osama

The Mystery of Bush's Bright RED Face

Eckhart Tolle

FOX Busted Again: Had to Post Another Retraction

My Kerry Edwards magnet bumper sticker was stolen

WSJ Reporter's Private E-mail: Iraq "a disaster" (and Worse)

For the 2 people that haven't read this yet . . .

More Troubles for Diebold | NYT editorial...

Has the Daily Howler been hacked?

Ignorance can be cured. Stupidity is fatal.

Bush is a Dick! Watch the transformation here!

New poll (USA Today/CNN) shows Kerry leading...

We Deceive, You Decide | Ctr for American Progress on Faux...

"Freeway Free Speech Day" to defeat Bush

What the heck is a "neoliberal"?

Fox for Kerry CBS for Bush

Breaking MSNBC: Mt. St. Helens erupts again

"samarra burning" by riverbend

There is no such thing as a sure thing...but...

who will blow first, mt. st. helens or bush...............?

Did Condi Rice really say that?!?!

Apple offers presidential debate via iTunes (Free Download)

What is a ditto head. Al just said some guy was a "resident ditto head".

I was Zogbied!

Cheney The Flip-Flopper

Freepers pretending to be clever

Tin foil hat thought for the day.

Hey... are we listening to Franken or Lake Wobegone? N/T

Al has his dittohead friend with him, live on stage

Russian blog report on US Samara attack (65 US dead)

MSNBC has a crew on hold waiting for Martha to report to jail

Kerry would stop production of new nuclear weapons.

Why is CNN breaking away to show John Ashcroft

Michael Moore in NYC Tomorrow. Union Square, 1:00 p.m.

Fox News Channel admits reporter posted fake story about Kerry

We need to remember that Bush and his evil gang are an aberration,

Devil's Advocate: Doing Opposition Prep in my previous thread

When John Kerry made Bush look like a bumbling fool in the first

Could Ann Coulter Be a Man?

Things In Iraq Really Bad...Says Grandma

Late German Fascists Fuhrer claims that Fox and the NY Post are lying to

CNN Anchor Nicknames

Michael Moore says he was offered the Killian memos

The Daily Show guest line-up for this week (and other news)

BBV: Beta Test the Florida E-Vote system

Got My Copy Of F 9/11 This morning....

House told to alter intelligence bill

Inside the (very confusing) mind of a freeper

Is down?

Who will Bush pardon?

The Repuke Senators are going off on Kerry over the "Global Test"

Isn't it about time for a Terror Alert???

how many anti-choice wack job zealots are there in the US?

Seems lately we've been rough on the "newbies"

Insurgents widen campaign of intimidation against Iraqis

WAKE UP DUers!!! Less than a month left, the Media is not going to flip


Limbaugh called Jesse Jackson a ‘Chocolate Chip’


Now more than ever, TURN THAT SHIT OFF, the polls are lies, the "news"

Whats the story with * not taking a physical?

Should Edwards say what should have been said long ago

The Travel Channel should change its name to the Vegas Channel.

One year ago in the NFL

1978 revisited, $210 billion in outsourcing, and crossing the Rubicon.

Al Franken Today - Could You Understand The Verse When We Sang

PALAST on Randi NOW! n/t


has anyone called GOP headquarters and asked to speak to my pet goat?

I need some bookmarked info please

Anyone know when absentee ballots should arrive by mail

Netflix now shipping "Farenheit 9/11"

Anybody hear this?

Randi's screaming this time . . .

Will you still hate Bush after he loses?

if you vote for bush/cheney, you'll probably DIE

Remember: all the repub big wigs have stated, there will be NO DRAFT

Michael Moore on Howard Stern now 7:15 EST

Email from soldier in Iraq

A Painfully Honest Queston: What do we do with Islam?

Got FIVE very positive comments on my new tee-shirt today!

If we agree that the media does nothing but lie, why believe their polls?

In 2000, a second grade teacher told her class if their parents voted Gore

C-span Event....Vetwife,,Got through it..Update on the happening !

How is this possible? More votes than people.

Anti-war demonstration

Poland to Pull Out of Iraq by 2005

Wealthiest Americans pay 43% of all income taxes

Support Crawford's Brave Newspaper ... With Advertising!

When there is a three point plus or minus in a poll does that mean

Kerry talking point: "I can speak in complete, coherent sentences"

Hard work!

HEADS UP--"Military Families Speak Out" on the NewsHour tonight!

Harper's: Baghdad Year Zero: Pillaging Iraq in pursuit of a neocon utopia

BBV - Ohio - ballot printing errors

Howard Dean says US energy policy helping to finance our own attackers.

when WAS the last official terror alert?

TODAY in Iraq - October 4, 2004: Photos YOU should see and send around

BBV - Iowa - 3rd absentee ballot mistake

Gop convention summed up in this video

"We're not dumb...we know"

CNN reporting that Gordon Cooper has died

Heads up: Countdown to do story tonight on Fox News & the Cameron Story

Al Franken endorses Amendment 36 for Colorado!

Are you wearing a "Livestrong" wristband?

After Kerry is sworn in should he continue with the troop withdrawals

While working today ....

Free $5 Gas Card

Poland to pull out of Iraq, ha ha ha

DU this poll: Is FOX News fair and balanced?

Majority Report-Did Bush really say he wishs Democrats had been aborted?

Shakespeare and Bush...

Who is moderating the town hall debate next Friday?

I just got invited to be a Billionaire for Bush this weekend

If an elected rep changes his votes to coincide with the

Anyone got good Democratic soundbite Mp3's or Bushism mp3s?

False Issue: Homeland Defense/Terrorism

If terrorists hate freedom, why haven't they attacked the Netherlands?

Santa to become Danish citizen

STRANGE & BIZARRO!!!! Mushroom Clouds In Utah

Dean will be on the Late Show with David Letterman

The $87 Million vote explained , so even George could understand it

If I can dare to speak as a non-American about your election

Coming up on Olbermann- Carl Cameron & FOX Fake Kerry Quotes

the Palestinians & Satan are PREVENTING the return of Jesus!

is the use of Profanity the sign of a weak mind?

Air America is FINALLY on in Boston -- TODAY!

Boston Globe: Energy bill a special-interests triumph

Just bought, The Hunting of the President

Why Bush mentioned the ICC in the debate....

Repubs (and Rove's) mssg to Blacks: "You can't rise as a class..."

Atrios is multi-finalist in WaPo Best Blog contest

a mini-report from OK


If Cheney does well in the debate doesn't he risk.............

With apologies to Nancy Reagan, I am starting a new Just Say No

UN "World Domination" VS PNAC Plan - Will Religious People Pay Attention?

9 out of 10 troops in Iraq will not vote *, from Christian Science Monitor

What are the solutions to the Iraq war?

Iraq factoid i found interesting

Man wears "Bush is the AntiChrist" plackards in Portland Maine

Why did Bush use the phrase "valley of peace" at the end of the debate?

Has Anybody Kept Track Of How Many People Have Died While We...

Sitting here watching my TV

We all make mistakes....

Dear Supporters of Abstinence Education,

Has anyone been to the Hall of Presidents at Disney??

our tax dollars to go to the Moonies (did you know?)

Four American soldiers have been charged with murder

Stephanie Herseth: Another Whore For Liberty

Name a U.S.or world leader who inspired you.

So had Powell resigned? Mike Ruppert said he would...

New Zogby Online Presidential Poll now on!

How I'd like Kerry to address Bush's "Bad message to our troops" bit

The Two Faces of Bush website has new audio.

Just heard on the radio...

Whenever you go to a book store or Walmart etc.

Omg (Zeus), Rick SANCHEZ Is Subbing for Aaron BROWN!!!!!!!!

BBV??? Who actually controls how "errors" are made?

Politically-motivated ticketing

Why trying to sway (some) Bush supporters is important

Bush is an asshole... why do wanna be assholes follow?

Civilians Bear Brunt as Samarra 'Pacified'

Over and Over The US Bombed Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos , Who "Won"?

Not forgetting Poland: Polish troops to leave Iraq in 2005. Oops

RE: Debate #2: I hope * has what what it takes.

Why doesn't Drudge have the FOX fake quotes story plastered on his

Do all Republicans feel obliged to drive huge SUVs?

Edwards needs to confront Cheney on his lies. I don't see anyway around

Should California Leave the Union?

So is this Bobby Kennedy on PBS nation-wide right now?

"Big Tent" huh?

Damn, another day of being broke and robbing Peter to pay Paul

Does the Democratic Party need to be fundamentally changed?

It's Daily Show Time

Howard Dean on Letterman tonight. n/t

If Kerry wins, one of the people he can thank is

Will we see an increase in heroin use in the U.S.?

"Rumsfeld: No evidence of al-Qaida-Iraq link"...

Malloy's fabulous tirade about 'insane' Condi yesterday

John Kerry with one of my favorite actors

unfinished symphony

Let's tell some Freeper jokes!

It's 10-4-04 Do you know where your Truthseekers are?

So, now they say we won't show up to vote.

My Last 2 Thoughts On Thurs. Nite's Debate (1 Physical, 1 Political) !!!

OMG!!! Did you hear AL Franken on the road in BOULDER!?!?!

Right now-Listening to Mike Malloy for the first time. He has a nice

Do you agree with "abstinence education"?

had a great experience at wal-mart

For everyone that may have missed it the last couple of days. Must HEAR!

How the powers of the Patriot Act could be used against the Right

Thank the Goddess Mike Malloy is back!

Any Place To Get Good MP3 Clips of Dean, Gore, Kerry, Sharpton?

Are you old enough to remember: MADE IN THE USA?

Am I seeing things here? (Possible Bush earpiece)

BYRD ALERT - C-Span1 now 12:48pm Eastern

Great Pics of the Next President

Gail Norton on CNN now...1:39...

Exclusive: Saddam Possessed WMD, Had Terror Ties

Can someone help me settle an argument that I had with a crazy freeper

Who should fill in for Novak on CNN?

Appointment in Samarra

Has the US ever cut taxes in wartime?

DU This Survey...By Gallup Oganization - IMPORTANT!!!!

WSJ reporter gets suspended for saying living in Iraq sucks

This Culture War Makes Me Feel Sick

September 2004 Job Numbers

Somebody Please Catch Me Up On The "Bush Love Child" Story

550 detainees from Guantanamo to be released

If Jesus ran against Bush.


WOW....perfect timing...huh? WMD docs

Am I the Only One Who ISN'T Buying "Fahrenheit 9/11"?

Well, my daughter is officially a Kool-aid drinker

It's Hard Work to be a Worker in America...It is just plain Hard..

DU this Newsweek poll

What have others' experiences been in talking to fundamentalists?

Why "Tweety"?

I clicked a topic here at DU and got a Porn site this afternoon

What makes people turn into fundamentalists?

Citizens of IL and WI now able to purchase Rx drugs from Europe and Canada

Michael Moore was offered the Killian Memos for F911

BBV - Did I see too little and learn too much?"

Okay Everyone! Heads UP! ACTION ALERT. See this thread:

I love Desmond Tutu

Where was the 704th?

BBV - Johnson County KS, buys 1305 new touchscreens

Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD Over an hour of Extra footage

Worst Liar Ever? I Vote Condi

Lefty DVD's RULE!!! (a lefty looks at Amazon's top 25)

More outsourcing: talking to Earthlink rep I wanted to pull my hair

Has anybody followed up on this yet?

Question for Women.

BBV - California Ballot printing errors

Abortion Rates since * in office?

Damn, I miss the Viet Nam protests!

Does anyone know of a good URL for the Rove self-sabotage story?

Should Califronia Secede from the Union?

I'm watching the RFK documentary--and my heart is breaking once again

The History Channel should change its name to The War Channel

Political ideology poll - what do you consider yourself?

Serious Q: Why do some seemingly good, intelligent people support Bush?

A message to lurking conservatives....

You're the freest country in the world but less than half of you vote.Why?

Kerry's position on Iraq is...

"There is no legislative process any more" - report on GOP Congress

Constitutional Amendment on Foreign Born Citizens running for President

"WE DID IT" (Ruppert: G7 Acknowledges Peak Oil a Reality)

U.S. Businesses File Four Times More Lawsuits Than Private Citizens

"It's HARD working HARD on the HARD work..." | the debate TOONs!

CBC- Cheney on "The Fifth Estate," 10/6, 9:00pm Pacific Time

U.S. plans to infiltrate Northern Countries

Cdns, For whom would you vote?

Mom or Mum?

Former Blue Jay Cerutti Found Dead

Bush momentum falters following debate

Deadline for OAS Secretary General

Post-Election Changes Loom at FCC

National Marriage Equality Express Leaves Monday

Nine killed in US air raids on Fallujah

Afghanistan's landmark vote darkened by 957 killings

AP News Alert: Explosion and gunfire on a main Baghdad street...

NYT: In Russia, Dissent Grows Over Moves to Curb Autonomy

Nader to stop in Portland as part of campaign swing (There's a fee?)

WP: Alleged Leader of ETA Is Captured in France

Italy sends back island migrants

Choctaws mum on lobbyist ties

'Psycho' Star Janet Leigh Dies at 77

The Muslim Brotherhood, Nazis and Al-Qaeda

Iraqi-Americans to spread 'good news' to U.S. bases

"Samarra Hospital: Dead Mostly Women, Children"

Wingtip to Wingtip at 45O mph! 3O Feet Above the Ground! Sideways!

Powell to Arrive Monday in Brazil

Senior Iraqi official gunned down in Baghdad

Khmer Rouge Tribunal Approved

Tribe says it will sue lobbyists over huge fees

NYT - Internet Grants to Schools Halted as the F.C.C. Tightens the Rules

Oil: The real threat to national security

Majority of Dead In Samarra are Women & Children

Out of Hiding in Samarra

Brokaw, Jennings back Dan Rather

Polish troops to quit Iraq by end 2005: Kwasniewski

SpaceShipOne Wins $10 Million Ansari X Prize in Historic 2nd Trip to Space

SpaceShipOne takes off toward X Prize goal

Past haunts CIA choice

Paraguay Tri-Border Area Is Terror Haven

Thousands march against war, Bush

Polish Defense Minister announces Iraqi troop pull out timeline

Activist group blamed for voter roll goofs

Coalition (Howard) grabs lead: poll - Australia

NYT: Internet Grants to Schools Halted as the F.C.C. Tightens the Rules

Iraqi President condemns US air assaults

Militants Said to Have Killed 2 Hostages

Car bomber targets Baghdad Green Zone (Monday 10/4/04)

Car bombs rip through Iraq

Lula's Party Wins Six Capitals; Sao Paulo Mayor Heads to Runoff

(AM New York/Newsday) Is FOX News Faux Real?

SpaceShipOne captures X Prize

Detroit Free Press endorses Kerry

Kerry Promotes Expanded Stem Cell Research

Post-Invasion Chaos Blamed for Drug Surge

Mount St. Helens Erupting Again

In Rural USA, Republicans Win with Guns, Abortion

No reprieve in sight for besieged Gaza

Gaza Residents Run Out Space to Bury Dead

Poland may pull troops out of Iraq (in January)

NYT: On Baghdad Streets, Loyalty to Rebel Cleric Fierce (inside Sadr City)

Arabs in Florida Angered by Bush

Sex toy causes air security scare

3,000 gather for Dump Bush rally at Caras Park

Peru president loses temper on TV after vote video

On Baghdad Streets, Loyalty to Rebel Cleric Is Still Fierce

Supreme Court won't hear terrorism case

AT&T to eliminate 5000 jobs (CNBC 2:25 est)

Goss Choice Will Not Take Head CIA Post

Briton charged with plotting bomb attack

Hezbollah: ‘Secret jail’ housed in Ministry of Interior (Iraq)

New York Senate candidate's ad features challengers together on gay weddin

Twin car bombs in Iraqi city of Mosul kill three, wound 12

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Baghdad

Al-Qaeda leaders in SA: CIA

Senior CIA Appointee Withdraws Over Shoplifting

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 1,058 members of the U.S. military have died

Kerry Accuses GOP of Suppressing Voting

CBS Poll: Kerry Bounces Back

Kerry Accuses GOP of Suppressing Voting

Costa Rica leader asks OAS chief to resign

Supreme Court rejects Commandments case (Roy Moore is still fired)

Teresa Heinz Kerry "hints" at a draft plan ?

Citizens of IL and WI now able to purchase Rx drugs from Europe and Canada

Economists predict solid US economy under Bush or Kerry

No. 3 CIA Pick Was Caught Shoplifting

Bush Seeks to Regain Momentum - Taxes, Security/ (Also Hillary Joke)

FCC Pushes Online For Digital TV

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 4 October

A letter from Guantanamo: In full

Court Weighs Legal Rights of Mich. Poor

Insurgents widen campaign of intimidation against Iraqis -KR

Rumsfeld doesn't expect civil war in Iraq; says there was no hard evidence

In Rural USA, Republicans Win with Guns, Abortion

CBSNYTIMES: Bush 47%-Kerry 47%

Troops in survey back Bush 4-to-1 over Kerry

Temple-Inland cuts 1,500 jobs

Samarrans angered over broken promises

HOLY SHIT--turn on Olberman NOW!!!!

From Beginning, Knight Ridder Was Right on Iraq Nukes

50,000 trapped by Israeli assault on Gaza

New Website Claims Bush Will Back Out of Third Debate

A Shiite-Sunni Islamist 'high command' may be forming

Condi's Quandary

Kerry Calls Stem Cell Policy Unscientific and Political

Leadership confronts mavericks (rule change would give Frist new power)

Annadale man continues crusade to declassify 9-11congressional report

Brazil to Limit Uranium Plant Access as Powell Visits (Update1)

ABC/WaPo: Kerry Gaining but Bush Still in Lead; LV Bush 51% Kerry 46%

North Korea Reacts to U.S. Bill, Says Washington Is 'worst Violator'

Dodd Says Bush Admin. Uninterested (Hostile) In Passing 9-11 Reforms

More than 180 Former U.S. Ambassadors from Republican and Democratic ...

Conservative group targets Bush over immigration Could election lightning strike twice in Florida?

U.S. Retail Gasoline Rises as Diesel Sets Record ($2.05 per gallon)

WP: The Advocate As Politician (Edwards)

Kerry dismisses criticism of 'global test' remark as 'pathetic'

Robertson: If Bush 'touches' Jerusalem, we'll form 3rd party

X-Prize WON!!!!

Sharon Bush backs down on legal action against author (Kelley)

JFK's Daughter Slams Bush Education Record

Springsteen Adds N.J. Show to Vote Tour

WP: Impact From The Shadows (Cheney)

Pension failures foil 6-figure retirements too

Budget Pressures Threaten Gains in Health Insurance for Poor, Children

Inspector's Report to Detail Iraqi Plans to Undermine Sanctions...NYT

Halliburton Set for Spotlight in VP Debates

Kerry ads draw on Saudis for attack on Bushes

Soldiers Charged in Iraqi General's Death

NASA Confirms Gordon Cooper, Astronaut, Has Died

Bush charges Kerry 'dangerous for world peace'

Landmark Calif. Sentencing Law Back Before Voters

Americans are signing up to vote in record numbers: report

Guardian Weekly re-launches in the US

WP/Milbank: The 'Hard Work' Issue Isn't Taking a Holiday


Air Force pursuing antimatter weapons touted publicly then gag order

Mondavi wine company lays off 360 employees

WP: Bremer Criticizes Troop Levels

Poland: Minister says troops to withdraw from Iraq at the end of next year

Cuba policies have some rethinking their support for president

U.S. Treasury near debt ceiling limit

Middle School Teacher In Trouble Over Presidential Photo?

GOP Mailing Claims Democratic Candidate, An Iraq Vet, Of...

Mexico refuses to treat american citizen without medical insurance

Rumsfeld: "No Strong, Hard Evidence" of Saddam-Qaeda connection"

Quietly, the right shapes its agenda -The Hill

WP: Partisan Politics at Work Criticized (Fed. employees used as 'prop')

Republicans Now Facing New Flip-Flop Accusations - GANNETT

Black Pastors Backing Bush Are Rarities, but Not Alone -NYT

Tornado Reveals Child Porn Cache - CNN

Wal-Mart to Open, Expand Up to 295 U.S. Stores Next Year

United's pension woes: sign of bigger issue(Biggest Default in History?)

US envoy accused of being the power pulling Karzai's strings

Kissing up to Kissinger The reporters who loved Henry and what they said.

'I saw dogs eating the body of a woman'

Professor (Ralph Begleiter, ex-CNN) sues U.S. for coffin photos

Tell ZW Your Favorite Bedtime Story!!

What are your favorite crackpot theories?

Just finished re-reading "It can't happen here" by Sinclair Lewis

Ugh... I feel like shit.

Octavio Paz

anyone know much about drug tests?

I hate this insomnia!

Ever try putting bread in the microwave for 30 seconds?

Buster Keaton films all day Monday on TCM starting at 6am est!

I just went to watch my mom play hockey.

Anyone dig The Venture Brothers on Adult Swim?

a spider just repelled from my ceiling..

Oscar Wilde denounced as the devil by his lover

Worst gut bomb from the fast food places.

What's the best fast food you've ever had?

Who Here Is Guilty of Procrastination?

List your ideas of what Bush was thinking for seven minutes on 9/11.

Man Finds Deep Fried Bug In Bag Of Potato Chips

So, just what was it that Kerry took out of his coat pocket...

"Psycho" star Janet Leigh dead at 77

New Florida Online Ballot

Mourners Listen To Funeral Through Car Stereos At Drive-In Church


Who killed Laura Palmer

‘Humming’ sex toy shuts Australian airport

Give Bush a Bible to use for reference at the remaining debates.

Replacements Fans, HELP!

2 Questions: Is SNL finally taking a side, and...

Man (Drunk) Has 6 Year Old Drive Down Highway

Mother Has Remained Pregnant For Almost 20 Years

The Great Debater cartoon

NFL: and this week's "Joe Gibbs Outstanding Coaching Award" goes to....

Bill Mahrer's show

Bush had surgery over the weekend.

Soldier Ordered To Stop Running

i was in the world's scariest nudie bar over the weekend

Checkin' my new avatar

SpaceShipOne flight - live video links needed!

The Daffy Debater of all CAPTIONS!!!

Sex toy shuts down airport

Vibrator shuts down Australian airport (humming/vibrating in trash can)

We're working hard's hard work

2004 IgNobel Prize Winners (Awarded while we watched the debate!)

Heading to Amsterdam- need advice

Smile doesn't suck but it is vastly overrated

Anyone got some GUM?

Should I go out for Chinese today?

What's your favorite sandwich?

Hot water in the toilets?

Brian Wilson's "Smile" sucks

X-Prize has been won

Would you like to have fun?

BOO! Pumpkin carving time....

Steve Bell cartoon, "There is no occupation"

Saturday Night Live..... anyone know if it will be replayed?

Why are people so against Smiling today???

John Woo to Direct & Produce HE-MAN

I'm applying for a Fox writing job--Wanna help?

What country should I invade?

Saw End of the Century last night

I have officially switched over my Cubs avatar to the Pistons avatar

Is it my imagination but........

Phuck! Red Sox Fans! We are screwed! Celzic of MSNBC.COM picks

Washington D.C. Du'ers

Songs with "It's hard" as part of the lyrics

Going Upriver getting rave reviews

AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh -

Other uses for aluminum tubes?

Woman's Obituary Asks To Elect Kerry - Freeper Hopes She Burns In Hell

Going to Philly next week. What should I do?

a pal is driving me nuts with his 'wish i could quit smoking' bullshit

Toddler Survives Fall From Third Floor Balcony

Band In Trouble For Stage Antics After Setting Thong On Fire

I am Tired, Hurt and Angry.

Thank you God!

Does anyone know of a trustworthy PHONE CARD which will deliver access

Band In Trouble For Stage Antics After Setting Bong On Fire

Anyone familiar with Eckhart Tolle

Has anyone read "Sacred Contracts" by Caroline Myss?

So many newbies, so little time

Cubs Fans: Have you forgiven Steve Bartman yet?

BMI's Top 100 Songs

I need some mindless threads to post in...

Anybody else have their threads locked

Question: What happened to that lake at the bottom of Mt St Helens?

Elton off of Madonna's Xmas Card List


Bored, bored, superbored. Ask me anything and I'll answer in haiku.

Who else loves autumn?

I fucking tolerate George Lucas.

Teacher Hangs Pic Of Bush In Her Classroom - Walks Out - Police Called


You! Yeah you! OUTTA THE CLOSET! Naah, not THAT closet (Your bad records)

The Groove Tube: Trivial Pursuit

Windows 2000/2003 Servers Gurus - help!

Greatest British film ever made


The Jeopardy Answer/Question Thread!

Yoo hoo, Paragon..

Cubs Fans: Sammy Sosa

Been "out of it" for a while. What did I miss?

Middle East humor!!

Start Xmas shopping early - buy this lovely Ronald Reagan wall calendar!

Man Mistakenly Cuts Off Penis, Dog Eats It

Anyone remember the laundry detergent tablets?

Mt. St. Helens: Epupting NOW?! Webcam picture updating regularly.

WARNING: Looking at this pic will give you a wedgie

Robbers Steal $900K of Chocolate in U.K.


Man stabs prostitute after 'penis joke'

"Saved!" comes out on DVD tomorrow. Buy a copy to circulate among friends!

Slow day on DU..ask me anything; I'll answer in Pig Latin!

My plan for peace in the middle-east.

My girlfriend dumped me last week

I like all of you very much. Thanks.



Boobies are cool

Has ANYONE heard from DoNotRefill?

courtesy of my freeper brother( actually has a heart?)

Slow ride, take it easy -Anyone seen the Hardee's/Carl Jr bull riding ad?

How much cooler are white cars than other colors

iPod users are music thieves' says Microsoft's Ballmer

Does anyone else love OPUS

Garden State Soundtrack... What a breath of fresh air.

Do you sing in the shower?

Who else can't wait to watch Edwards for 90 minutes?

Yaay! 3 machine gun robberies in my area Saturday night!!

"We heard there was an old Romanian with 'chicken necks' around here"

Betty Bowers' campaign buttons :-D

People on cellphones in the back of a live TV shot:

I fucking hate my fantasy football team.

Ex-KGBer Putin's secret revealed

I had to be a jerk to a reporter today...

Need a chuckle? Check out this beer commercial

Damn - I think Randi just popped a vein on her forehead....

Mark Racicot....................

I"/\/\ BROED!!!!!! DI'L7 TALK lIEK THIS FRO 3 0MINUTES~~~!!!!!!!!!!!

Time for true confessions -- a.k.a. "that was me."

Which is the greater invention?


YES!!!! Exactly

Grudge Match! Its Crunch Time! The Keebler Elves vs Cookie Monster

How many of you have heard of John Titor?

Well, Here I Am In Sunny Philadelphia

anyone who nows how to do such a thing...can you make this pic smaller?

Randi is so funny.. she just went OFF an a repuke about OBL

Should I tell a possible job I'm interviewing somewhere else?

Did anyone watch "Desperate Housewives" last night?

Should the DLC be tarred-and-feathered?

The Bill Clinton Song

Writing a book. What can I expect?

Big shout out for DU'er ReadTomPaine

Who else loves bottom?

Local news commercial just on re: tonight's debate

Is 'Malcolm in the Middle' truly funny? - you really should see these tits

WARNING-Graphic...Savage Animals attack innocent .......


Simpson. Homer Simpson.

What did you think of "Boston Legal " last night?

Today, I will Listen to Hannity

My cat's name is mittens

CAPTION the man who knows he's toast...

You know, a town with money is like a mule with a spinning wheel.

Is there a changing of the NFL guard?

Excellent CNET article on "Why you should switch to Firefox now"

RealOne Player for Mac OS X affected by security issue

Polish Moolahs

This video is HILARIOUS!

CBS News--Awww,I want that doggie!

I became a DUer one year and one day ago.

High School Library Yanks Book For Girls After Mother Deems It Pornography

How many "traitor bitches" live near Freep Central: Fresno?

Lost and Found alert in East San Diego County...

Well, I watched my handiwork on our Campus TV station just now...

Bit-Torrent song, Don't Vote - Billionaires for Bush - great!

Hitler spotted at pro-Bush rally.

The onion, what do you think? the Iraq hostages

It's DU fantasy NBA league time




About that mysterious "bump" under the back of *'s jacket

Which microwave quickie food?

Oops! I wore my underwear on the outside today!

Oops! I wore my outerwear on the underside today!

Are there any big appliance retailers who are Dem contributors?

Does anyone mirror DU so that I can get to it during the day?

I found Jimmy Osmond in Provo!

Oops! I wore my underwear on my head today!

I Have a Crush On a BOY!

Flagpole Sitta

Has anyone tried the Firefox 1.0 preview?.................................

Tater Tots!

I know that I might be overreacting and I know that I just might

Finally! You too can read "Hamlet" in the original Klingon!

Dreading tomorrow moring.

locked out of your car? did you know this?

Hey, Can Someone here at DU send me an Email?

As a Packer fan, I must confess...I love the new Nike Michael Vick

I have to concentrate when I eat

I Have a Crush On a GOY!


The "Sharp as a Mashed Potato Sandwich" of all CAPTIONS!!!

Martha Steward in Prison...hows' she doin'?

If three Baltimore Ravens are in a car, who's driving?

The "Third Time's the Charm" of all CAPTIONS!!

Well, actually you forgot the CAPTION

If I get Sirius Satellite Radio.....

Omg (Zeus), Rick SANCHEZ Is Subbing for Aaron BROWN!!!

Monday Nite Football- Al Michaels bragging about

My Family Hates Me For My FREEDOM!

Numbers game. Let's play along!

Help me pick a movie for tonight

"Freepers Hate Me Yes They Do - Cause The Bible Tells Them To"


The hitchhiker's guide to CAPTIONING

today would have been buster keaton's 109th birthday

Couch Tater Tot!

Go Chiefs

Here's a typical dumb fuck comment I just heard at work:

It was a BEAUTIFUL day in Big Sky MT today

Is anyone else getting "The Week"?? (its an advertisement)

Just posted a buncha Freeper jokes to G.D.

Gay Latin Villiage? my home town?

a cute computer toon

What would you do?

new Hannity advertiser Circuit City (big repuke donor)

Voice over IP?


Bill O'Reilly OWNED


Things I've learned while visiting Montreal

Has anyone seen the theatrical version of The Butterfly Effect?

DU Chat!

I must admit

Patriots Fans: Would you trade loss to Steelers for Kerry win?

It's that time again: time for Colin Quinn to kiss Moonbeam's ASS

Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rythm of the War Drums.


It's almost 11 p.m. EDT, what time is it in London?

I'm so sad

My buddy and I registered over 75 today for Kerry in Tucson, Arizona

I found Jimmy Hoffa in Paris!

If you just can't vote for Kerry, there is an alternative to Bush & Nader

Why the HELL do people watch that show called Fear Factor???

Who wants to take the Polar Express with Zomby?

Leno for once had a funny line.

Michael Powell on Monday Night Football.

Separated at Birth?

Livin' in Compton, California, CA; his Uzi up yo ass if he don't get paid!

Don't forget - Fahrenheit 9/11 comes out on DVD tomorrow!

I'm rocking my new Doc Marten boots today...

How was everyone's day?

Giving a shout out to the people I know-post here for MOONBEAM LOVIN'!


World Series Picks (Controversial):

How the HELL do they eat that stuff on Fear Factor???

Oops! I wore my underwear backwards today

UFOs - I had a friend say that lots of people believe we got our start in

Vibrating Sex toy shuts down airport

My son sings while he does his schoolwork...

OK here is something that is bugging me...

Green Day's "American Idiot" ROCKS

Should I junk my Apple Macintosh LC III?

'Psycho' Star Janet Leigh Dies at 77

I fucking hate George Lucas

Today is 5thGenerationDemocrat's birthday!

Who's generally more attractive: Men or Women?

I have a neighbor whose dog

Anyone see Desperate Housewives last night?

Gaaaaaah! Idiot Freeper Co-Worker

Conversely should the smoking age be lowered to 15

This is...THE single most nauseating, tacky, ridiculous thing ever

My religion professor brought up an interesting point tonight...

Sick fun with The Sims

best Office Space quote?

Fight Breaks Out Over "Who Would Jesus Vote For" In Election

Sex, Toys + Chocolate

DU Webmasters - need your help with something

My mother is bad for my blood pressure.

Vote For Kerry In This Nudist Poll.

USA vs. CANADA - The ULTIMATE Showdown!

Man Cuts Off His Penis Accidentally - Dog Eats It

Should America's legal drinking age be lowered to 18?

Frank Luntz wears a hairpiece

Fooling around at the office

Find patron saints here

Do you DU more than you Work?

Is Ambien too strong of a medication for Pithlet? Poor thing....

What are your favorite online wine resources?

What would a 13 year old want from China?

Who's the un-funniest, most bland comedian today (just in general)???

love continues to mock me


Fuck old people who support Bush

Details on Chicago DU Gathering -- 7 p.m. Tuesday (or when you get there)

Best. Movie. One-liner. Ever.

Best funny name for a band

George W. Bush: "Coward" will stick if he cancels any debates...

FREE presidential debate audio on iTunes music store!

As we were watching "Going Upriver"

It's time for moderate Pubs to rein in Bushco -- no Rove tricks

Terror Alert! Autumn leaves might cut skin and kill people

Meme: If Bushco. Cancels Debates or otherwise gripes about 'cheating'. ...

Any lawyers for Kerry get the call to arms?

Is anyone else as giddy as I am about.....

hey brain-dead dems

California Democratic Party says:

Gallup has Bush and Kerry TIED among LV???

Florida ballot

The race is still Kerry's to lose.

Proof Freepers are hypocrites[We freeped freepers before they could]

So many Americans don't even know the definitions of "global"???

Could we retake the Senate?

Do You Realize That if he pulls of a 3-Fer, Kerry...

Frontloading Political Discourse with Plutocratic Arrogance

John Kerry's "Mystery Object" at the debates solved.

NY POST reviews FOX video of debate. Kerry's "cheat sheet" is a BLACK PEN

Tax Cuts for the Rich v. Protecting the Homeland

Kerry is preparing for the second debate, Bush can't.

Reporters "hooted" at "Of course I know Osama bin Laden attacked us --

People we have Freeper meltdown [Let the sounds of joy echoe]

Military Aviary: Hawks, Doves, Owls... and now Seagulls. is now officially LIVE.

About those "DON'T VOTE" billboards -- maybe this is it

Michael Moore spoke In Tampa Sunday --- drew more than Guliani same day

My version of the October Surprise....

feingold / micheals debate on locally right now...

Should Kerry use the bible

How should Kerry respond to the liberal label?

A delayed revelation about the Thursday debate

One more reason for people to get a Kerry bumper sticker

Does anyone catch the Hotline Polling segments on CSPAN?

Giuliani on TDS: "Pillars of terrorism"

How do I verify my absentee ballot?

George Bush has the IQ of ........

Uh Oh! Imus now thinks that Kerry is going to win

Men evenly split

The last minute complaint about timing lights was a ploy! ;-)

When does Fahrenheit 9/11 come out on DVD ??

Damn! It's been 5 days and Bush has still not won the debate!

Amazingly apt post from The Shrillblog

Fewer Viewers for Remaining Debates?

Another conservative moron....

The military repeatedly lies about bombing children but Iraqis know better

Mr. Safire's latest spin led me an insight

Help me focus on why defacing Bush signs bothers me...

Beheaded or Vote for Bush

You forgot Poland.

WP: This is weird (VP Debate Analysis dated Oct 6, 2004)

Democrats will control the Senate: 52 - 48

The Dow is up for the second day in a row after Kerry's strong

People are crying (Kerry speech on now)

Please delete

Response to "Dissent is Unpatriotic"

does Bush doubt the loyalty of the troops?

Kerry on CNN Now - 10:15AM

Concerns about 2nd debate moderator (Texas Ranger Kin?)

do you guys feeL better now about kerry?

Bush Family Values

Kerry needs to hammer away at "loss of overtime" issue in next debate.

Last week's experiences in Japan: for the first time ever

Okay the TRUTH about the Va. campaign-VOLUNTEER!

Can we trade Lincoln Chafee (RINO) for Zell Miller (DINO)?

Poll: Who does Osama want for prez? on Doonsbury/Slate site

Freepers are attacking freepers. I'm so loving this

Tucson's *Arizona Daily Star* Endorses Kerry

How many red states remain in play?

Bush to Sign Tax Cut Bill in Iowa (swing state)

From the official Kerry blog: "Math is hard work too"

Bush's "good point"

if * is so popular why do his supporters get so hostile?

Yes, it IS HARD, you try being stupid for a whole day!

"Kerry got asked the easy questions"

Kerry speech on CNN, A woman stood up, had to leave but told Kerry

The story about Bush's bastard

Just received this email from my brother...

Condi tells the truth

Is Bush deceptive or delusional? great read

I got a Kerry/Edwards yard sign; "Cops for John Kerry"

What will Republicans think if Bush loses them the House and the Senate?

The Big 4 - K/E + DEAN + CLARK

So were Democrats surprised with Clinton's 92 victory?

MoveOn has been circulating INCORRECT Voter Registration Deadlines!

I hope Edwards brings up Halliburton-Iraq-1998

Everyone go and see "Going UpRiver" let's generate 'cult-like'

Anybody Else See The New 'Swift Butt' Ad This Morning ???

New DCCC video - "Miserable Failure"

Heinz Kerry assails Bush policies

Why has Kitty Kelly's book

Kerry and the Sportmen vote in PA

With so many threads about K/E sign stealiing suddenly apperaring,

F911 out tomorrow, can't wait, lots of people waiting to watch it

Do You Agree That The Winner Of The Next Two Debates Will Be The Next

What Kerry tells * pre debates.

Kerry Courts Arab-Americans Alienated by Bush

Artists Raising Funds For Kerry

Michael Moore is coming to Nashville.......

The 2nd Debate is now crucial...

Reuters resports a statistical dead heat, which means Kerry by 15 probably

Colorado has it's own Phil Parlock, Larry Liston, stolen yard signs

Crawford Newspaper has seen the light

Headliners & Legends - Kerry - I was surprised to see..

Zogby: Tied up again.

Cheney-Edwards is a sit down format?

On second thought, if Bush skips a debate, it will be the third one....

Edwards vs. Cheney = David vs. Goliath

Post debate focus groups had more Republicans....Media Matters.

Media echoed Bush-Cheney '04's "global test" attack ad

My mainstream Republican activist friend admits to DESPISING Bush*

Saw on CNN ticker KE pulling 2/3's of staff out of VA

Anybody catch Imus this morning?

What little things have you done to help this campaign?

Question about debate "agreements"

Kerry needs to reference 14 bases in Iraq to state side base closings

Going UP River is out now

Senator Byrd on Senate floor....NOW...on C-SPAN 2

Insta-polls ---thoughts

Bush's prep for the second debate. Ideas?

Edwards Needs To Bring This Up

LEADERSHIP debate video

B* lays claim to all his flip/flops

DUPE - Sorry All

Ohio S.O.S. Blackwell must be beaten (er-defeated)

America's Lost Respect

In Florida, Chimpy has lost support of two GOP voting blocs

Liberal media scavenger hunt!

OMG Tom Coburn, Republican candidate for

With one sentence, Edwards can win the South on Tues. night:

Funny things freepers say

Imus is on Huge Anti Bush Rant!

liberal media spin tainted the who won polls

When Republicans post campaign signs in illegal places,

Anyone remember the final WINDMILL debate in ANIMAL FARM?

Question for the Math Wizards

Get the word out about PROVISIONAL BALLOTS!

Bush's reference to the "summits" - Did anybody notify them?

Detroit Free Press Endorses John Kerry...

What Cheney will try to do tomorrow

MSNBC has an online voter registration site

List the topics you want Edwards to bring up against Cheney here!

I think this will be our "October Surprise"

Belief that Bush lost the debate is GROWING!!!!!!

Unlike *, Kerry doesn't run away from Black people moves to the middle of an Egyptian River

Anything new on Phil Parlock?

The 2nd Pres. Debate: What is the topic/agenda? Does anyone know?

Anyone remember the Final Push for Clinton 92?

Now this lady is highly PO'ed

Good News: BigPath Flyers Being Used in Dem Guerilla Campaigns

Need a Kerry Ad on Stem Cell Current Ballot Access Status.

Dump Bush rally draws 3000+ in Missoula, MT.

Edwards needs to remember he's debating a shrewd criminal

Bush aide removes something from podium after debate.

From Atrios: Philadelphia Weekly endorsement.

checking your voter registration

Did Bush I try an October Surprise against Clinton?

Tomorrow night you are going to witness the next errr next POTUS!

My Conversation with a Repub

Why I Trust John Kerry

Q: Name that Draft - A:The Bush Draft, silly

Bernie Ward On MSNBC...Destroying Armstrong, Again...

How many blue states remain in play?

(Florida) Overseas voters get two ballots (for real)

Do you agree, voting is better than armed rebellion ?

86 year old NYC Granny assaults * supporter

Cool- my meme is being picked up... has changed his methodology

Here's hoping the right-wingers keep up the "Kerry Cheated" claims

Need help RE: Bush debate notes

The Freepers can kiss my ass

Jesus wants to love you

George Bush says being president is hard work, Let's give him a rest.

World view of the Debate


New poll (USA Today/CNN) shows Kerry leading...

I may be a socialist, but I'm still a Dem first. Constitutional crisis?

Bu*h in Des Moines

why is carl cameron still on the kerry campaign

Official sign that Bush had a bad week: Ashcroft holds a press conference

I just had to post

Another newspaper blaming us for emailing during the debates

How many vacation days has Bush taken so far...

Just Trotted Ashcroft Out On CNN To Let Us Know How They

is there a Vietnam video of Kerry burning a village?

Kerry Press Release: 180 Dem and GOP Ambassadors Endorse Kerry

Chicago Student Voices with Keyes and Obama on C-SPAN 1...NOW

Stained Blue Tie

Kerry labeling * a rich man during debates was the beginning of

Election Night Victory Plans

Don't tell the Freepers

any info-voter application must use black ink only ?blue ink trashed

Ask not for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for Emperor Bunnypants on Nov. 2

Breaking: New Terror Alert to be Issued if Bush's Loses the Debate on Fri.

Seeking volunteers for a small research project

Who thinks Kerry might say he likes HARD WORK during the next

BlackWell just got told off on CNN

I have a friend who has never in her life seen a Presidential Debate

Got a disturbing IM

Local OKC Talk Show Host Calls Democratic Senate Candidate PUSSY

Freepers STILL beating a dead pen


Hurricane Warning..

When are the next debates? (veep and Potus)

Novak writes Bush backers have cause for worry

Feds Quiz Az. Muslims Before Election

How Edwards should respond to the experience question

I need an MP3 of the last debate!

Dexter Lehtinen email Please help me with facts to dispute.

How many freeper excuses for *'s debate loss have there been?

Mark your calendar: Kerry to do BET interview this Thursday

Registrations up in Oregon

Kerry will not win the second debate.

Arizona voter reg. deadline is midnight! Register online here...

Which one is most prone to make you shake your head?

Bush is a communist unless he proves he isn't

Wishful thinking or is the media turning on Bush?

DU this world poll

It's hard work...when I'm the president...errrrr...

"cautiously optimistic" about Nov 2

Any idea when Media endorsements may start coming out?

Cheney is the most overrated piece of crap in U.S history!

If we can't get their vote, we can make them feel stupid

Kerry thrives in town-hall event (News Report from Youngstown)

Vote NOW for early, big Kerry lead!

Pew Poll: Bush 49%-Kerry 44% Among Likely Voters (Debate only +1 RV gain)

Link to Bush threatening to veto $87 billion if his tax cuts were used

I hope Edwards is able to bring up the Supreme Court tomorrow.

Ha Ha, A TPM reader catches a boner of a mistake in the NYT Weekly Review

Bush Went Biking and Fishing Last Thursday Morning

the ear piece in W's told him to shut up, and he said let me finish n/t.

impartiaL debate anaLysis - "he just kept repeating himseLf"

Edwards should mention Cheney's "go fuck yourself" at the debate

Bush's Debate Face: A Silent Dean Scream?

New Kerry ad entitled "Stem Cell" will begin airing this week. (pic )

Stem Cell & Michael J. Fox with Kerry--Nice Pic & Article

Any parent/grandparent who votes for Bush after watching this video

Rice Defends Comments on Iraq Nuke Threat

I Can't Help Myself- See Drudge's Picture Of Kerry...


"Remembering Poland is hard work"

Insn't it interesting the freepers can't get over one debate?

ABC News / WaPo Poll: 51 Bush 46 Kerry

Republicans DESPERATE--commercials up the wazoo!

One-sided Woodruff has trotted out Marc Rascal, GOP ho...

why do so many republican candidates run ads on talk radio stations when

Bush, Catholic Voters, and the "No True Scotsman" fallacy

Protest against Iraq war on C-SPAN now.

October Surprise- Osama bin Laden

For a guy with a 10 year old daughter, this editorial cartoon cracks me up

Why is everyone so surprised at Bush's performance?

FANTASTIC new Dem mailer just for us in Ohio (long)

Kerry visits Hampton to discuss stem cell research

Bush charges Kerry threat to world peace

Kerry - Stem Cell Research today - rally with Michael J. Fox and other

OSU: Dean Rallies Kerry Faithful

New Kerry TV spot released today on stem cell research

Pew: Kerry Wins Debate; LV Bush 49% Kerry 44%; RV Bush 48% Kerry 41%

Don't underestimate Cheney

They're calling "Global Test" the "Kerry Doctrine."

Edwards - Cheney debate

Bush dares nations to launch missles (nukes?) at America...

Finally realized who Alan Keyes sounds like:

A must read (Knight-Ridder's pre-war article)

Is Kerry The Best Debater You've Ever Seen?

Upcoming Debate... Kerry and Taxes...

If you want to be uplifted , read this .

MSNBC reported * said Kerry is a danger to world peace.

Is "Pathetic" the New Anti-Bush Meme?

I just got an undecided to go with Kerry!

Could Cheney possibly make a convincing response...

Need help finding Cheney's congressional record of voting

Rumsfeld: No evidence of Iraq-Al Qaeda Link!

NH Poll

The continuing saga of the stolen Kerry signs! Fratboys caught

For The Love Of God-Re Bush- Kerry Horserace Polls...

You Forgot Poland! - Heh.

Why is Kerry narrowing his playing field?

I'm HAPPY we're NOT ahead

terrorists will poison MREs at the kitchens in TX??

Man Randi Rhodes just totally lost it with a freeper - Go Randi!

Outfoxed now Online

Why is everyone so jubilant? The polls aren't that good. See todays

Poland pulls out...Bush & Blair have each love video

Heard on Ed Schultz today...

What was the Party ID on the latest Gallup poll?

WTF?!?! - Rueters pulls story!

Has anyone else been watching FauxNews lately?

If Iraq was Football "A Humorous Analogy"

HEADS UP--"Military Families Speak Out" on the NewsHour tonight!

For all those who are sick of "W The President" bumper stickers

Hey Drudge and Freak Republic Morons - You Owe Kerry A Big Apology

Yo Canadians! What time does the Fifth Estate air on CBC?

Any facts to refute this Bush* lie?

Kerry gets 180 Endorsements Today


'Global test' - maybe it's just because I'm a programmer

"Stem Cell Research stops a beating heart"

USA Today piglet says Cheney has it all over Edwards in the debate

Old CW:"You forgot POLAND" NewCW: "You forgot Palau" LOLOL

Kerry Accuses GOP of Suppressing Voting

Quicktime clip of GOP convention meme

I'm Convinced: Stem Cell Research = Waste of Time. Everyone Die Quietly!

NEW CBS POLL: 47 - 47 (LV)

Cameron's fake Kerry story capped FOX commentators' manicure fixation

New CBS/NY Times Poll

Today, 10/4/04, is the LAST DAY TO REGISTER in these 13 KEY states:

Hello, America! It is NOT okay to have an incompetent president!

Bush-Cheney 2004: Don't Change Horses Mid-Quagmire

thousands flock to local city elections office on last day to register

I pulled off my tinfoil hat and those thoughts just started...

Tuesday night, wishful thinking comes true!

Should we vote a straight DEM ticket?

Will Kerry Mention Poland In Friday's Debate

Did the Bush handlers screw up by having the domestic debate in OH?

To Edwards: Cheney eBay's economy = National Sales Tax

The polls may be a rigged game but we knocked Bush down some 11 pts.

WOW! Paula "Bush" Zahn actually sticking up for Kerry!

What's your #1 hot button issue this election?

A peek inside the subconcious mind of the swing voter tomorrow night

Which George Bush will show up at the debate, nice guy or spoiled brat?

Nader takes 17 electoral votes from Kerry and gives Bush a win.

Kerry's going to win - Pigboy blamed the media all day long!

Didn't anyone else realized that Kerry used "global test" because...

The Kerry doctrine - draft 1

Up the River was great, everyone should see it!

The election wildcard - surge of new voters

Presidential debates during a war

"Well, Dick, it seems you've been given some faulty intelligence"

How many people have you helped bring over from the Dark Side?

Deleted message

Are we underestimating Cheney at the debate?

If you watched outfoxed,is Cameron the reporter in the movie

MPAC Endorses Kerry

Time for a TERRA alert! We haven't had one of those for a while...

Kerry and Bush should debate naked so nothing can be hidden

TPM: ABC/WashPo Poll still shows a measurable Bush lead

MUST SEE video culled from the GOP convention - forward it!

Has the October Surprise started?

Didn't have a message board??

Edwards plan is simple.

The $87B question. It is imperative

When Cheney hits on Edwards' inexperience, hope he..

I just gave a hundred bucks to Kerry's GELAC fund.

When will the press stop using "likely voters" for all their f***king poll

Arabs in Florida Angered by Bush

Bush, Kerry in a draw, poll says

Have you noticed lately how ANGRY republicans are?

any chance * will come through thursday?

Was today Tax Cut politically motivated?

Today this right wing nut job walks into my husband's

Devastating ad idea (Bush's arrogance)

I wish that Edwards would level Cheney's kharma in the debate. (NC17)

Questions you'd like to see a "town haller" ask of Bush?


I saw the COOLEST car in the parking lot at the post office today!!!

When are absentee ballots counted and does anyone see the results....

Crossfire: G Gordon Liddy is the co-host

THAT'S the ticket! Pass this on.....

More unanswered questions about "Likely Voters"

OHIO Voters Give KERRY Another Look and Like What They See

Is anyone else trying to call to ask Ol' Bob on Larry King if

Alan Keyes attends dinner that he wasn't invited to attend

In Going Upriver they play the Nixon-Colson tape about O'Niell

Zogby: "There is also no doubt that Ralph Nader is hurting Kerry."

And then there were 7: ICR, Pew, ABC, AP, Time, NBC, FOX

Obama already on the job...

Howard Dean, Pat Buchanan face off on Oct. 19...should be great.

I lost my phone banking cherry!

Alert: Franken Coming Up On Scarborough

Who Was Right About the "Global Test"- Jefferson or Hitler?

UPDATE: My girlfriend has changed her mind, is voting for Kerry

The NYTimes Has a Very Discouraging Electoral Map

Kerry's gay conundrum

Will Bush own up to the twin deficits?

Nasty, Deceptive New Bunnypants Ads

How much money is this Presidential Election going to cost?

Go Chiefs

I think we've DUed this poll already but DU it more: VP Debate

Freepers track me down from LTTE; send mail to my home address!

New Website Claims Bush Will Back Out of Third Debate

I want a bumpersticker that says: "Don't forget Poland" is there one yet?

Hannity is so funny: Make Kerry answer for his senate record.

information about town hall debate

A "gift" from Rumsfeld...and a question to you all.....

Oh, the joys of power brakes!

has this been discussed at du yet: bush was the one cheating!

"Gays should not teach, DeMint says in debate"

Any links to the SNL skit, or Jay Leno, regarding the debates?

Nader's Motivation?

I think that a good ad for the DNC to run would be.....

Al Franken coming up on Scarbourough

What should Edwards wear at the debate?

Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee-RI - not voting for *

Heard on Marketplace this evening....another talking point for Edwards?..

OK I don't usually give debate advice, but Kerry and Edwards

'Like Captain Queeg: Is Bush going bonkers?'

The Battle for the Deathstar, I mean White House

So what happened with those Bush love child rumors?

HIstorically speaking, are the 2nd and 3rd debate audiences smaller?

'Bush and reality'

Frank Luntz wears a hairpiece

When will Kerry's poll numbers show him winning EV's?

A Curious Inquiry while doing Voter Registration Tabling

Daily update on The Daily Show

Bush's mouth: one side up/one side down

Cheerleaders For Bush site still using tilde web address

Faren HYPE 911 ?? ......Oh boys, boys

Jimmy Breslin: 'Bush ignores value of a straight face'

10 Questions for Cheney the Dick

I need help planning a GOTV.

Rep. Tubbs Jones tells off Ken Blackwell on national television:

Kerry Ads Draw On Saudis For Attack On Bushes

bush=Star Treks' Friendly Angel

Jay Leno takes CheatGate into the mainstream

I hope John Edwards is talking to Wesley Clark

HEADS UP: Howard Dean is on Letterman tonight!

What are you doing to get Kerry elected?

"Republicans depending on Cheney to halt the ticket's slide in momentum"

Christian Coalition offering Voter Guides to Churches

Next strange topic from W/E. Fundies on Sunday.

Stem Cell research is a dead end.

Letterman: "If this had been a game show, Bush would have..."

Edwards could wipe out Cheney with inexerience counter from"Head of State"

Will Bush learn from his debate mistakes?

Will Cheney lie, fabricate and mislead in the debate?

Would you agree to a Bush 2nd term if we gained control of Congress

Charles Rangel (D) and his military draft bill

Letterman SLAMS Bush with two monologue bits

Kerry had a "Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator Capsule"

The Kerry wave

Deleted message

Bush Shoots Self In Foot With Hardline Cuba Policy

The Letterman show should be grea tonight

Why Edwards will rule in tomorrow nights debate

Disappointment in freeperland...the Kerry "notes" was a pen!

There is something going on bad for Bush..the media is caught in a shift

Lost a friend to the DARKSIDE! wtf?

I really think Cheney is screwed

Why do people think that a Nader voter would vote for Kerry?

I just watched "The Hunting of the President"

Cheney has been as insulated from direct criticism as bush

Outrageous Editorial: Some People Don't Belong in Voting Booths?

Has there EVER been a more incompetent, corrupt administration in history?

Illinois/Wisconsin join forces for drug re-importation, not good for Bush!

Doctor says Bush suffers from Dementia. link to list of The Coalition countries gets 404 !!!

Luntz lies about GOP work

American Academy of Family Physicians compares health plans

Today I Like Gallup Better Than Zogby

Bush campaign: N.C. all but won

Why is bush* terrified of the Town Hall debate format?

Questions for the President

Kerry 49% Bush 46% ... Bush In Free Fall / Like Father Like Son

Edwards will annihilate Cheney, It's easy.

Why is the media saying b*sh did so bad???

Other than the 2000 VP debate, has Cheney ever debated anyone?

France Bashing, Again!

Christians for Kerry

Poll: Who do you think will win the VP Debate?

Cheaney-Edwards: DU is overconfident

Crybaby and Colmes are having

Rasmussen Battleground Update for 10/4

USA Today: "Troops in survey back Bush 4-to-1 over Kerry "

New Website Claims Bush Will Back Out of Third Debate

Emergency! Need Truth Hounds...

DK slamming bush/cheney on Anderson Cooper right now!

Bush Lies About "Global Test"

Hilarious homemade ad: "Seriously!"

Does Kerry have a trap set for Bush ??

Shrub's sole strategy for Friday's debate (and what Kerry must do)

Its not the CAN DO Approach, its the "CANNED" Approach.