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Archives: October 30, 2004

FDR's grandson assesses George W. Bush's performance

Bush's deadly blunder

Batman Effect

Link to streaming of Going Up River? A couple of weeks ago I

When you get a chance

Pizza, Pool and Politics (Manchester, NH, Saturday)

Chairman Rooney Needs Your Assistance Regarding 9/11 Mailing

seen "ray" tonite

Elizabeth Edwards on Tavis Smiley on PBS now 9pdt nt

Did Bin Laden break US election law by contributing to Buddy Bush's

List of Bush lies about Iraq explosives is up on


Sports and Politics...

My neighbor is voting for the first time!

Katharine Harris putting the moves on Rick Renzi...

Arab oil friends come to aid of * family again.

Walter Cronkite must be a member here at DU

Russ Baker says Bush wanted to invade Iraq if elected in 2000

I loathe some people...

Which Minority Group Will Be Elected President FIRST?

FOX: "Does the New York Times use reportage to push a political agenda?"

Man, bin Laden is fuckin loony, lives in a make believe world & kills ppl.

My Yard Sign was just Stolen 3 hours ago

Another wonderful photo

Boy Did I Just Get A Chill...

OK, the BBV thread and the guy who called into the Malloy Show

4 days til I break out the champagne and Bush Pinatas

"Reap What You Sow" flash ad about Al QaQaa and Media Coverups

Was Abu Ghraib a case of terrorism?

Why in the hell did the DoD ping me after signing on to DU?

UN stakes its credibility on Volcker investigation

Kerry endorsed by The Jersey Journal of Jersey City

Japanese emperor's comments cause stir

Africans: Pro-Gay U.S. Church Follows New Religion

Heinz Lawsuit Records Ordered Unsealed

Faith Through Fright, Shows Aim to Save by Depicting Hell -WP

Man Jailed for Alleged Cheney Threat

Another ammo site was left unguarded

Bush rips Kerry's "shameful" attacks

In Response to Poll, Daschle Backers Amass

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Available Online Nov. 1

Flood of mail-in votes will slow tally (in CA)

Kerry Campaign Blows Up at Fox, Threatens to Throw Fox Off Plane

Was Osama Lip-Synching In That Video?

Retired Professor Hunts Ghosts in Tenn.

Can't help it 'bout the shape I'm in - I can't sing, I ain't pretty

How to Identify that you are choking...

I need rest-take an Ambien, sleep 8 hours, revive to fight another day

Awesome Kerry in Orlando today on CSpan 1 NOW!!!!!!!

what did Belzer say about Coulter on Bill Maher?

Clouds Taste Metallic is an acid trip recorded on plastic

Can anyone read lips?

HELP! I have an EARWORM!!!!!

Is there going to be an archive,

Just watched * documentary

Don't you love it when your dog just comes ambling in the room

How do you make video files?

I LIKE red wine

Idea for T-shirt...

Anyone here know much about recent DANCE MUSIC?

Man, my knee is killing me...

Can someone with knowledge of photoshop

Who are you on Will & Grace?

A Large Information Database on Controversial Groups

Any Macusers Wi-Fiers here?

Just passed 500 posts, and voted tonight - ask me anything twice!

Which other DU personality most closely resembles your own?

Are all the challenges to voting only occuring in swing states?

Articles with pictures of Bush and OBL .....PRICELESS!!!

The Environment & The Death Penalty

Another reason why I'm sorry the Sox won

PResident dances around the truth is going to so cry like a baby

My take on polls

Despicable beyond belief: Bush refused to have Kerry briefed on OBL tape

Wow, a Friday without a release of more Bush TXANG records!

Republicans for Kerry...

Looking for suggestions to show mother what * is really about

* said "we are fighting the terrorists over there so we don't have to

Kerry rerun is now on CSPAN!

I really like John Kerry

People are not afraid of OBL anymore

has anyone heard anything about the rest of the OBL tape?

Schedules for Kerry, Edwards, Bush, Cheney

The Lie about the munitions missing in Iraq.

Fascinating the way scrubbie spins...

A tragedy.

B* quote on Kosovo Exit Strategy

Kerry Needs to Stay on Message

Kerry, Edwards,Kennedy, Gore and Clinton kids hit Florida

What is Fox News' angle on the OBL tape?

protesting bush* (PHOTO) inside a bush* rally....bushies go wild...

Looking for suggestions to show mother what * is really about

Teresa's Lawsuit Records Unsealed?!?

Waaaah! Stop Crying. The election isn't over.

Turned a Nader Voter and got three undecided at work to vote Kerry

It's amazing what IGNORANCE will buy you

Technically speaking, what defines a land slide?

Bush-backer arrested for assaulting girlfriend who favors Kerry

Yea!!! Just turned another Republican voter!!!!!

this OBL-GWB graphic from is good

Tinfoil hat: bin Laden tape a plant to "co-opt" our talking points?

Josh nails it on Dems & bin Laden

We're going to win.

Arkansas report

If Bush “wins”, it means the election was stolen in Dieboldian Cyberspace.

Eleanor Clift Article "Ending The Fantasy"

Ann Coulter was HORRIBLE on The Bill Mahre show!!!!!!

11% Of Bush Voters Switching To Kerry This Year (NYT)

The Wizard of Oz Administration...

TedKoppel to voters:"Don't let Osama bin Ladin play with your head"

Are we depressed?

Kerry campaign threatens to throw FOX off their plane

Bush admin admits making mistake letting OBL get away

I'm going out on a limb--the OBL tape will make NO difference

EXCELLENT Wes Clark Comments

"Reap What You Sow" flash ad about Al QaQaa and Media Coverups

Wow, that secret service guy that follows Kerry around looks like a badass

Laelth's Election Projection

Holy Shit. Walter Cronkite just said Karl Rove set up the Bin Laden tape

Bush is a Disaster for Foreign Relations

MUST LISTEN TO: This American Life about RNC Fraud

Leaders question Bush's faith (seek to excommunicate??)

Four More Years? (Scott C. Smith,

The Separate Realities of Bush and Kerry Supporters

Kristof writes a good column - Bush in His Own Words....

Kerry Couldn't Be Worse Than Bush - LTTE

"The Hammer: Tom DeLay, God, Money, and the Rise of the...

Eleanor Clift: Ending the Fantasy (trashes Duhbya, picks K to win)

Zakaria: TV, Money and 'Crossfire' Politics

Meet President Bush — theological Rorschach test

Good E&P Analysis of Media Coverage of bin Laden Tape

Good article from Melinda Henneberger

A courageous Democrat

Medicines Without Borders - from a drug company executive

Indians in Mexico Mark Day of the Dead

WSJ oped: 'Bushism'

Bruce Springsteen: No Retreat, No Surrender

Common Dreams: Kerry Wins

Outsource US elections to India?

Ellen Goodman: A Post-Bush Mind-Set

Goodman: A Post-Bush Mind-Set

G.O.P. to the Poor: Don't Vote

Osama Has Bush Over A Barrel

Friedman: The Apparent Heir (Weird way of endorsing Kerry)

The Homecoming

Frank Rich (NYT): Decision 2004: Fear Fatigue vs. Sheer Fatigue

Dowd: Will Osama Help W.?


The New Yorker- This article has made the best case against Bush

Boston Globe: "Bush steps out of a Graham Greene novel"

Fixin' for a Fight - neocons v. conservatives

Moms for Kerry, Today, Rosemont, PA 3PM, Christie Brinkley, Lauren Hutton

Activism: Play "Mosh" or "No, Retreat, No, Surrender" and other pro-Kerry

URGENT!! Beware of an overvoting trap that will cost your vote!

Mosh is our anthem! Thank you Eminem, this song is the one.

11 Year old giving up trick-or-treating for Kerry/Edwards.

help call voters MOVEON

Wake Up Everybody

CNN, refusing to put story of latest US deaths on web page.

Question about

I just cancelled my cable TV today

Starbucks Seeks More Socially Responsible Coffee

Bulk modulus of biodiesel (BD) described as cause of increase in BD NOx.

HELP, Info needed on Kerry's position on The Balkans

Why doesn't Washington State in the "State and Country Forums" have a...

is it safe to assume there'll be an official 'election results' thread in

I debunked this claim but the thread was locked!

What do I do about posts in my name that I did not write?

Okay, I think I did write the questionable post.

btw, AAR is broadcasting Morning Sedition :-) nt

Can DU Set Up A Clock?

I would forever be in your debt...

If I could reach through the internet, I'd slap this asshole.

A New Member Wants to Join and Pay after the registration lock.

Skinner, wanted to share a statistic with you

Posting question

Question re: the locking of the "Tim Grieve of Salon" thread

Arafat May Be Suffering From Leukemia

France's history as Arafat ally

Prosecute Arafat in Paris

Bush behind 911, Bush behind latest Osama tape...

On 9-11, Bush wasn't the only one with glue on his butt

Obama may turn out to be the first Black Senator with clout

Santa Monica or West side election night parties?

CA Dem Party: Yes on 72 (email)

Prop 66. Just learned that the Prison Guard Union is being warned

Cali predicted BIG for Kerry

Join us in Davis November 2

Radio show with "Fire Dreier" campaign cited by RNC

Too many canvassers in Des Moines

I just hugged Max Cleland

Tickets for Sunday Kerry Rally in Manchester NH: FREE

We should vote for Governor in Presidential election years

Great sign at the Rolling Rally

Woohoo! Rally! Parade! Duck Tours! World Champions!

From the New Brighton police reports...

I'm thinking we need a 'telephone tree' in case DU goes down..

Just saw a kinder, gentler Mark Kennedy ad

Fooled again: Pioneer Press to endorse Bush.

Mike Tice at Bush rally?

So I just got a call

Did a transcript of Patrice Battaglia's fiasco on KSTP ever get posted?

A Big Day in the 12th

freeway blogging sunday


Received training this morning to be a poll challenger on Tuesday

Just saw Michael Moore speak at University of Akron

Need something to make you smile? Attn: Dayton DUers

Mosh is our anthem! Thank you Eminem, this song is the one.

I wish I was in Ohio

Sign in Dayton suburb reads "Communists for Kerry" -

Take It Back

Most fun I've had volunteering for Kerry: Visibility in Greensburg, PA

ACT, ACORN, PA. Democrats and AFL-CIO all visited my house today

Goodhair snubs the UN

Another shameless attempt at ink

Early Voting Turnout in Webb County

Harris County Democratic Headquarters numbers, please.

Bill Clinton called...

Hey Austinites, keep your eyes peeled. I might be on the TEEVEE!

Central Texans Flood the Polls

just got this from A-AS

Texas early voting turnout

Has anyone heard this? Electronic voting defaults to * ?

URGENT!! An Overvoting trap will cost a Kerry vote

Now up: Jef Hall debates Tom Petri

Kerry rocked Appleton this morning!!!!

What are the latest numbers on the senate race?

Milwaukee voter fraud

My husband just put up a bunch of signs

KOMO News/Seattle P-I Poll: A.G. Race Extremely Close

Police bustup of Timesup! environmental group gathering in N.Y.

Tell if I am wrong but, would it be a good idea for Kerry

I think it's possible the tape is fake

Okay, paranoia time...


Vermont Progressive Party

Redskins curse?

Happy Days Are Here Again - Jim Hightower

The OBL tape release is just like Carter's failed rescue mission that was

So let me get this straight

U.S. opposed bin Laden tape airing...(GWB didn't want the boost?)

I don't see how the new OBL tape helps Bush.

Just saw an interview of Walter Cronkite on The History Channel

"...each STATE which does not harm our security will remain safe."

Excerpts from Usama bin Laden's Speech


Was Abe Lincoln gay?

Swiftvets set to humiliate themselves and allies!!!

Cheney Wants Corporate Regulation... of Citizens

I just have to share a rwingers excuse for not getting bin Laden

Bremer was NOT in Iraq during the explosives time gap

funny how you can kill 100,000 people & no one notices

The Trifecta of Failure

The Technology That Could Fake the OBL Tape

why did i just get home from work?

President Kerry

Hastert warned Sleeza about missing explosives and.

greetings from osama bin laden..........................

Anyone watch CBS Marketwatch this morning?

Please, DU these Wisconsin polls: who are you voting for?

Anyone else nervous about the OBL

Opinions on Tom Daschle

Is Laura Ingraham sexy ?

What is Palestine be without Arafat?

Bernie Ward is saying what I've been trying to say...

Bush's "trifecta" joke, Are there video clips?

Why isn't there more excitement around DU about the "hobbits?"

We're excited about "hobbits" and yet no one believes yet in "Chemtrails"

After living through these three plus years of the * pResidency

CBS Nightly News

Suspicious new GWB Dead Letter emails - DU'ers. pls. help check them.

TPM: Democrats susceptible to "weak-kneed-ism"

Thanks to Osama Bin Laden I Finally Get It

Something to keep you going until Wednesday...

Dish has messed up my standard sub sevice before, but . . .

Who are you more afraid of?

Gee, just WHERE is the money gonna come from?

Yasser Arafat's doctors say he likely has leukemia

Bush surrenders control of US Marines to Foreign Government!

Nicholas Kristof New York Times

GOP to the poor.Dont vote.Great editorial

In the long list of criminal misamangement of this administration,

Bush is a paper tiger.

When Bill won, repubs went into Hyper Evil Revenge Mode....

A different type of drug test question

"Bin Laden tape will energize much of his followers"

Compare/Contrast chimpy* and Kerry yesterday

Did we invade Falluja?

My email to several leading Democrat supporters

Sidney Blumenthal and Daily Show writer on "This is Hell" --streaming

WH, Poppy say all 5 in Knight Ridder story are wrong on Project PULL

If Bush gets in, I am afraid there might be an initiative to declare

FSTV - Free Speech TV

Comcast cable enrollment ends on Wednesday...

Flashback, February 2001: Bush's first military strike on Iraq

If the margin of victory for Kerry is ten percentage points or more

IFC showing Fahrenheit 9/11 Movement/Time right now

17 US Marines imprisoned on Thursday??!!

Newsmax tv special

This is gross. ---> PIX

Which Republican, if ever elected President, would be WORSE than *?

Could 2004 be like 1994?

Ann Coulter photoshopped for a special halloween shock.

Shrubya's victory salute

'The Boss' sings for Kerry in Miami

Garbage From Repukes...See What I Have To Put Up With?

check out .. interesting n/t

Bush, Cheney, Rummy PINATAS!!

Iraq war was planned in advance

Any ideas about a communications "backup" for Tuesday?

FIlm festival for progressives in Willimantic, CT on Sunday, 10/31!

Was OBL responsible (in any capacity) for 9/11??

Son worries about parents' votes (alzheimers... but voted in Ohio)

2000 Florida election cases

I bought my bottle of Korbel champagne for Tuesday night...

Did anyone see "Real Time"

think of how great America would be if we followed these tenets:

Someone here a few weeks back started a thread about abuse.

"Vote for Change" Concert tonight on Sundance Channel

Why is the NAACP being investigated

Pull-out, beef-up, or replace our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Ohio State University Poll: who are you voting for?

I need some help, maybe re: VOTING...

Could Jerry Garcia have foreseen the BFEE when he wrote this?

On now (1pm EST)...MSGOP shills for Bush by broadcasting "victory" rally

"Scientists Develop Clean Diesel System"

Front page of Yahoo - Vote Repuke Ad

Bin Laden's message repeated...again, no one hears.

If you didn't see it, Sundance re-broadcasts tonight

Stolen Honor being broadcast in Fl. right now???

What will be the first Article of Impeachment filed against President

Bu$h*t's Pardons

Scenario: We pull out, Arab Coalition goes in?

Welcome to all the new DU crowd.

self delete

A Poem for George W. Bush: "Ozymandius" by Percy Shelley

Great article: "Liberal? Right wing doesn't own the Bible"

I am now accused of being a freeeper

Just called my local GOP to order yard-signs...

Snail Mail address for ABC News needed ASAP

Kickass protest song--free download!

Why is "Stolen Honors" now playing on KXPG in Portland, OR ?

Easy way to make a symbolic statement about Iraq

Cronkite Inclined to believe Rove behind Bin Laden Tape

We hold these truths...

Neocon agenda

BIN LADEN IS BACK BUSH, YOU FAILED!! Kerry has been right all along...

Probe before the new major offensive ends in disaster.

Republican bloggers preparing for Armageddon (so to speak) if KERRY wins

Max Cleland and Mario Cuomo on "The Guy James Show" today

Iraq: One Giant George W. Bush Death Camp

How Kerry Differs From Bush On Iraq

9/11 = Freedom To Attack ANY Country, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

April 23, 2003 - Iraqi reconstruction to cost US 1.7 billion

Mosh is our anthem! Thank you Eminem, this song is the one.

Flashback 11/02: Chalabi, US plot to divvy up post-Saddam Iraq oil wealth

Bush repeats his "countereterrorism" response

Give Shrub a Brain .. have some fun !

Human Rights Watch Says It Warned U.S. Military of High Explosives

The one dimensional man.

How can the media just ignore 100,000 dead Iraqis?

"Blindfolds for *bush" cartoon

What Terror Alert level will we be at on 2 November?

Tom Ridge on MSNBC now

60 Minutes Tomorrow Night on Our Still Unprotected Troops

Speaking of 9/11 and bin Laden......

Ridge on MSNBC NOW...babbling n/t

Monday night on Sundance Channel - WOW!!!!!!!! Way anti-Bush!

How many people listen to AAR


How Will You Keep Up With The Election?

Osama bin Laden is an UNGRATEFUL WRETCH!

The Bin Laden Tape

VERY Bad. We Lost 8 Marines in a "Probing Foray" into Fallujah Today!

The question is does Bushco have Bin Laden now?

Saw an abortion related flyer today. Didn't rip it down.

Kerry Pic?

right wing radio fills the airwaves in OH

AAR - Hey Marty is on - good show!

Are these polls set up for a bush election fraud?...It seems to me

C-Span's descriptions are pissing me off

Wish we had a photo album on this site. Looking for 2 photos of JK . . .

Bush* has no right to criticize Kerry's pre-911 record:

How weird is this?...NPR prog on now, reporter tags along with canvasser

Is Our Military Getting Sucked Into A Terrible Trap?

Wow! Two major polls say Kerry had very good night Friday!

Cheney claims no continuing connections to Halliburton?

C-SPAN2: Gawd, I hate it when RWers play the underdog card

Jeez, our local RW rag censors Doonesbury

Keep your strength up - cheesy biscuits recipe - quick and tasty

Best use of a Bush bumper sticker

50 Bush 44 Kerry Nader 1 Newsweek poll on MSNBC.

Need pics of OBL (comparison shots - fat osama/skinny osama)

Hey freepers and trolls

by definition, the Anti-Christ would have to be a Christian, right?

Inspiring words for today...

With OBL in play, Dems must play 'CIA report' card

Bush's Security Disaster: Osama - Healthy, 8 US soldiers in dead Iraq Sat.

Tales of a Canvasser

Just think, If Ahnuld was able to run for President

I can't get enough of those Kerry with a baby pics ... Awwwwwwww

Help! Who has the link to the video of

Lee Hamilton's address at Wake Forest University's Convocation (10-28-04)

Joe Trippi is full of shit.... MSNBC says bloggers are ignoring Osama tape

A vote lost for Bush and one gained for Kerry...

I just set up a firewall this AM, and I've been repeatedly

DU this Genext Poll

Why is that piece of sh*t osama still alive!?!?

"Freepers are stupid." "Oh yeah? prove it." "OK, here."

Post your entertaining Pro-Kerry, Anti-* video links in this thread.

Time for a laugh! This is HILARIOUS!

What happened with the Freepers "Big Expose" on Kerry:)

Operation Truth: Hear It From The Troops

Voting with Ugly

Vote For Change Concert on Sundance Tonight

Can the federal govt nullify an election or election results?

Wore my Kerry 2004 pin to the grocery store and was told by a woman that

Both boards down?

Just saw "Stolen Honor"

My wife's sister doesn't believe the US committed attrocities in Vietnam

Poll on CNN's web page

The all-singing, all-dancing, Nazi stage show :D

My personal experience with Bush

Any Business Law Types Here?

I am going canvassing in Wisconsin tommorow...

CNN Reports: Headless, Asian body found in Baghdad...............

Bought a black hoodie today.

Sad story of Right Wing "victim"

Who wants to bet if Kerry wins the media will be all over him like...

MI Man Charged With Threatening Cheney

Official "Guy James Show" thread Please keep kicked!

Did Elizabeth Edwards use donor eggs?

Why are DU'ers attacking each other so much lately?

Avril Lavigne call Ashlee Simpson "pathetic"

Any aircraft mechs out there? I just got an email showing

I am sick and tired of * saying "Give me another 4 more years and we will

The right-wing argument that pushes me over the EDGE.

Ashcroft Seeking Control of Voting Rights

Relax everybody - Nickolodeon poll picks Kerry 57 to 43

America is scaring the hell out of the rest of the world.

ANOTHER weapons site unguarded, looted in Iraq

Need a quick debunking of stupid email joke from repug relative

Tucker Carlson Calls it for Kerry in Sunday's Washington Post

Let's give everything to win

Successful "Republican trap" - revenge is sweet!

Revealed: The true identity of "Assam the American"

Oh gawd, the stupidity of people

He ain't my brother,he's heavy.

Eminem is on SNL tonight! You thinking what I'm thinking?...

There is an excellent analysis of polling trends in the seven or eight

It's hard work being a fucking dolt.

CNN's Carlos Watson: "Kerry has the edge to win"

Will "Outfoxed" Piss me off?

Fox just showed a rally of * in Orlando...playing Springsteen

One whole hour of CNN southern baptist shit. Where's fairness doctrine?

Fuck me. Scientest,ambassadors,talented celebrities back Kerry.

I honor my relatives that died in previous war. Bush twists any critisism


I am heteoro sexual but I consider homosexuals as my brothers and sisters.

I hope everyone saw Richard Bezler heckling Ann Coulter on Real Time last

Is our children learning?

What was cut from the OBL broadcast?

Star-studded MoveOn rally in Philly! (Jessica Lange! Al Franken! More!)

Oops - Wrong Forum - please delete

Republicans Endorsing Kerry

ifilm ...a gift

Just Screamed At By A Repug On My Phone!

Something I noticed about the touchscreen voting machines

Thoughts from Ohio

Regarding the election: Last time I felt this jittery about something...

No Bushes in Pottstown, PA

The decline of IQ and rise of GOP-stupid people love Bush

MARK my words: DeLAY's Political Career is TOAST.

Real Time repeat is on NOW!!!!

Michael Moore is on IFC now!

i agree with walter cronkite

Ohio Lawmakers Call for Secretary of State Blackwell to Resign

Bush supporter photo

CSPAN : Must see... Bush on the Couch authorJustin Frank. is really laying

Hey Skinner... how about an "I think I voted" icon?

What will Bushco do between 11/2 and 1/20/05 if Kerry wins

Kid dressed as an Islamic terrorist just trick-or-treated....

Is America a dying nation?

I got my sister and her hubby to pledge their vote to Kerry

Sinclair running a prayer program advocating *

The Queen is Green

Michael Corleone on the subject of insurgents

Captain Josh Rushing

My 100th post - and it's good news.

Activism Alert


Ann Coulter right now on Real Time

Reminder...SNL tonight. Eminem's the musical guest.

You know what pisses me off.? Us being nice.


which channel is the best to watch the election returns on? C-span?

I am a catholic.

Terror Drills on Election Day In your State?

Great Picture at White Rose Society

Good, bad, up, down, what the hell is your take on this????

Ga. Voter Arrested for Wearing Costume

REMINDER: For your friends who are worried about switching horses

Wal-Mart Cans Carlin Book (cover parodies "The Last Supper")

What was that on Sundance just now with Dean, Matthews, Cynthia Nixon

Live Kerry-Edwards Chat (lots of us from DU on there!). Come on by!


Saturday's Non Sequitur toon looks at military recruiting

Swing-Staters: What's the weather going to do

Texas is going democratic!

Two dozen national parks are threatened by repeal of the roadless rule

Just heard the rebroadcast of The Dick's

FU*K SNL Watch Clinton on C-SPAN

I am expending EXTRAORDINARY amounts of time on DU behind this election.

OBL on SNL too funny eom

8 more military die in *'s illegal war

In twenty years or so, what will W tell his grand kids? His old friends

I absolutely, completely, wholeheartedly adore John Kerry.

sick of the media lies? sign this petition: Bring back Fairness Doctrine

Hey! Kerry is NOT a Boomer! What does this mean for America?

Calling all mediums, psychics, etc. What is your prediction?

Anyone that has not yet looked at this site must!!


Well, It's Bible Belt Halloween or PI Halloween. This country's nuts!

Southern Baptist fuckers on CNN now.

Get off DU and go watch SNL.....that's an order!

Kate O'beirne makes me ill..

George W. Bush vs. Richard M. Nixon

Make sure you know this number when you vote: 1-866-OUR-VOTE

here's why Bush's SS privatization plan is criminal:

Lets talk about all the people not voting for Bush

Novak does not look too good.

I waited 3 hours to vote in Florida today.

They stole our John Kerry Sign.

I can't wait for tomorrow! Mike Moore in Boca!!!!

8 marines died today.

Osama is a monster, but we created him. When will we ever be

God Forbid - But If We Lose...

Some advice for brand new DU posters, if I may.

PA Taxpayers spend $100,000 for Santorum's kids in VA Cyber School

The Definitive Election Outcome Projection Map

Why the popular vote matters

"Vote for Change Tour" on the Sundance Channel right now.

Will the voter challenges in Ohio by the GOP, tip Ohio to Kerry?

After reading up on the My Lai massacre, can someone help understand?

Photographic proof of Schwarzenegger GROPING! Arnold can be sued in GB!

Predicted rise of Millennial Generation arrives in the NICK OF TIME!

Question; can the lying, stinking piece of pig poop pardon

Bush is Methodist.

Who do you think Deepthroat was?

When did they steal America away from you?

80% of the U.S. Constitution is derived from the Bible

Here is WHY the Bin Laden video is a fake É

Tell the truth; Are you nervous?

"It's not like we ran over a neighbor."

NAMI Alert: Access to Polls for People With Mental Disabilities At Risk

NYC DUers! LAST CHANCE for the Question W Revue is MONDAY!

ENGLAND OCT-30-2004 'Hannibal Lecter' Sex Monster On Loose

Was Abe Lincoln gay?

After invasion, U.N. inspectors "begged" to secure weapons sites!!!

Bethlehem facing most layoffs in city's history

IAEA Head Seen Unswayed by U.S. Hostility to New Term

State (FL) firms admit to outsourcing

CNN Breaking: Arafat most likely has leukemia (& suffering dementia)

WP - Group Says It Warned U.S. About Explosives

Death-bed confession of the spy who got away

Reporter saw insurgents loot Qaqaa arms depot

Cheney oil firm faces UK inquiry

Army Extends Iraq Tours for 6,500 Troops (AP)

Britain's Princess Alice dies at 102 (Queen's aunt)

Subject: Soldiers' Votes Could Decide Election

[Duplicate - Nevermind] - Fire on Edwards' Plane Delays Visit

Residents React to Challenges of Voter Registration Status (OHIO)

PB Post: Kerry squeaks ahead in Florida

Part of 9/11 Report Remains Unreleased; An Inquiry Is Begun

Looting witnessed at Al Qaqaa in November 2003, 6 months after Saddam fell

Official: Arafat Doesn't Have Leukemia (mmm was it something

Small Fire Causes Edwards' Plane To Return To RDU

Kerry Says U.S. United on Terror, Hits Bush

Italy's Buttiglione Ends Bid for EU Commission Post

Bin Laden Tape Puts Pakistan in Quandary (

Suicide car bomber kills U.S. soldier in Iraq

Kerry hits Bush over delay in issuing hunger report

Black Watch to target Iraqi gangs

Blast near TV office in Baghdad

FOX NEWS: Feds Decide Against Raising Terror Alert

Protester arrested at elections office

Army Extends Iraq Tours for 6,500 Troops

U.S. Forces Hold Tribal Leader in Baghdad

AP: DOD warned about Halliburton contracts

WP: Clinton Stumps for Kerry in Nevada

Terror Tape Shakes Up Bush-Kerry Campaign ( Condi is back to work??)

Jazeera defends airing latest Bin Laden tape

Kerry Has One-Point Lead Over Bush - Reuters Poll ( Zogby)

Bin Laden Tape Puts Pakistan in Quandary

Bin Laden Tape Puts Pakistan in Quandary

Al-Jazeera: Got Bin Laden Tape in Pakistan

Italy's controversial choice for EU job says he's stepping aside

Cheney: U.S. Must Continue Terror Fight (more wisdom from slick dick)

Tampa Tribune: Enough Voting Machines?

AP: Bin Laden Tape Seen As Bid to Sway Vote (world response)

GOP files election complaint against LA radio show hosts (re:David Dreier)

Sp Times: New ads featuring bin Laden criticize Castor

AP headline:U.S. Warns on Terror; Alert Stays Orange(title false)

Pol (R) gives away flu shots

Kery faults Bush on prosecution of war on terror [for spurning allies]

Arafat's doctors rule out leukaemia

Kerry: U.S. Should Unite vs. bin Laden

WP: Road Rage Victim was SHOT FROM BEHIND, U.S. Deputy Killing

Indians in Mexico Mark Day of the Dead

U.S. Extends Iraq Tours for 6,500 Troops (Bush loves our troops)

Part of US September 11 commission report has not been released: report

Kerry Promises to Repair Bush's Mistakes

Pundits spin Osama tape for Bush

Reporter Saw Insurgents Loot Qaqaa Arms Depot

Britons Prefer Kerry to Bush for World Safety

Stations pull program featuring Kobach, pastor

70-75% turnout here? (Lancaster, PA)

St. Paul Pioneer Press: Nader votes could mean Bush wins

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - At least 1,119 U.S. Soldiers Have Died

FBI Glossed Over Abu Ghraib Abuses

Yucca Plan May Sway Nev. Electoral Votes

Patriot Act fights terror not Canadian privacy rights, says U.S. ambassado

Top Officer Objected to Halliburton Deal

U.S. Policies on North Korea Criticized (by China & S Korea )

Woman Can Pursue Schwarzenegger Complaint

Part of September 11 Commission Report Has Not Been Released: Report

AP: Colo. Teacher Kicks Student for GOP Shirt

Labor Department Memo Suggests Bush to Win Election

Bin Laden tape: Kerry Urges Against Partisan Feelings


kerry campaign claims race stable on final weekend.....for kerry..

US to seek ouster of IAEA chief

(10/30/04) Glance at Lawsuits and Voting Problems

U.S. Newswire: Tape's "Real News" Ignored: Bin Laden Confirmed Alive

AP: U.S. Leaves Terror Threat Level Unchanged

Hurricanes displace Florida voters

"Black Watch" receives Explosive Welcome ["gentlemen's agreement" kaput!]

Pakistan "gives Al-Qaeda refuge" ("OBL is being given safe haven")

Kerry pounds Bush for failing to kill bin Laden

Transcript of Greenberg, Devine, Donilon, Lockhart Call

R.E.M. rocks the vote

8 (Eight) U.S. Marines Killed In Iraq! Breaking News!

Moore to Have Cameras at Polling Places

Body Found in Iraq Not That of Japanese Hostage

WP: In '04, GOP Is a Target Missed

strib: 2 suburban high schools jump off the bandwagon

Schwarzenegger suggests possible interest in run for president

Woman shocked by claim on Web site that she was slain in Iraq

WP: The Choice: Different Instincts About Leadership

Missing explosives still unexplained

Cherie Blair lambasts Bush over human rights

Sparks couple take vote battle to state high court

WP: Expatriates Feeling the Urge to Return and Campaign

Transcript of the Lockhart Call on the Republican Response...

WP - Va. Still in Play, Democrats Say

Queen Elizabeth intervenes in heated debate - U.S. and global warming

Witnesses: Iraqi forces fired on civilians, leaving dozens dead or injured

In Iraq, U.S. Officials Cite Obstacles to Victory -Sunday NYT

WP: U.S. Hopes To Divide Insurgency

Study of pesticides and children stirs protest (corporatocracy and Bushco)

'Papa' Bush jabs at Kerry, hails his sons' performances

This G.I.Joe won't go: ex soldier resists backdoor draft into Iraq war

UN inspectors say entry denied

Embattled Texas Republican DeLay Running Hard

Vets Launch Operation Truth to Expose Bush

Bush: Voters must answer "who do you trust?"

Kerry most popular in state's (CA) coastal areas

AP: Chelsea Clinton enters political arena by stumping for Kerry

Sneaky Spyware Becomes Internet Scourge

Seatlle PI: Administration's own actions fuel rumors of DRAFT

Bin Laden speech in its entirety (Swedish Newspaper)

Summary: Looters Overran Iraq Arms Site (Muthanna desert complex)

Do you consider my username homophobic?

What has become of the Lounge?

I don't understand the Congratulations threads at all

Good Stuff. Check it out

So did the latest never ending thread die finally?

Win or lose, I'm going to see the Cramps on Wednesday!

tuesday 2004!

OK DUers I'm on my way to my 1000th post

bush can group


I love President Kerry.............BUT

Thanks to all you DU automotive helpers last night

I hate Bush as much as anybody, but

Ok, So if Poppy Bush is Don Corleone then...

Whatever happened to the Fri/Sat night movie threads?...

Fuck you I' m drinking with my buddy darrel

"M" coming up on TCM now (2 a.m. EDT) nt

I just realized I am over 400 posts........

I am a woman in love...

I've decided to oppose the alien UFO threat when I retire

How to make a real shrunken head --- (real recipe for Halloween. no joke)

Elijah Craig is my new buddy!

aloo hip hop... uh...ers

politics suck ass!

who needs a turkey!

HELP! How can I confirm the origin of a hotmail message?

Come tip-toe through the tulips with HEyHEy

Good night DU

ici eh why dogs rock

Who wants to be Queen for a day?

Do you leave the seat up?

$20 says I could whoop Wonk's ass in a street fight.

TV theme songs that pop into your head every once and a while

Ad-Aware users: it's time to get Ad-Aware SE

fuck it/me dun now

You Have Bad Taste In Music

will it feel like the Liberation of Paris?


Ghost Website

our FOSTER greyhound may have a "forever home" today

Watching Maher interview Coulter and I have a question...

Inside you're burning

Damn - Erasure are great.

Ahhh, nothing like taking a leak in your own back yard.

golf fans - did you see Darren Clarke on 17th at Valderrama?

What do DUers know about Voices of Iraq?

I wanna say to my sisters and my brothers

Woman lits self afire in abortion protest

Fall back tonight

America......F*ck Yeah.....

Roll Call

Are The Strokes the new Rolling Stones?

It's another ROBERTA FLACK appreciation thread

wow - here's another sports quiz for you:

K DUer's I have a bad problem here..

The Lyrics to Mosh, by Eminem.

Post-election plans?

Oval Office transcript found

I wish there was a MASTER list that all the GOTV groups used...

Azeri to wipe the smile off those Breeders Cup colts tonight?

Bush Twins put out video. Funny, funny, funny- on so many levels.


I had a nightmare... I accidentally voted for Bush

This guy makes Alan Keyes seem like a moderate....

Eminem couldn't release "Mosh" earlier than he did.

Porn site "" has "Natural Bush Girls" as 1st listing ;+}

Milwaukee DUers: My Partner is Volunteering in Your Fair City This Weekend

Pink Vs Purple

Mark my words: Josh Holloway from Lost will be the next big star

I want to see black DUers "moshing" in the hood

Nader debates puppets, cop the DVD for $20.

Red Sox "Rolling Rally" : The SHILL Keeps A Low Profile.

Me with the Boy-king at the podium!!

Why are my DU original posts the KISS OF DEATH?

So, if it's alhedges naked in a bathtub with a purple hippo, it's OK?

We May Lose MA, ME, NH, VT, RI, CN

In dog parks, size matters - Small-pooch crowd fights for turf

We're excited about "hobbits" and yet no one believes yet in "Chemtrails"

conversation at the Oreilly dinner table

Duran Duran fan? My wife has a few spare tickets for the Atlanta show

Fahrenheit 9/11: A Moment in Time... Watching it now on IFC

Are you STUPID? Evil Educators have CORRUPTED our youth! I am the wisest!

Anybody here going to the MoveOn rally in Philly with Al Franken today?

40-50 MPH winds - what should I do?

How come the rest of the country is having more fun than Hampton Roads?

Working Class Hero !!

Dog retraining question.

Here's the deal

I wish that I would have attended Sunday School

Someone stole my Kerry/Edwards yard sign!

After Kerry wins, everyone that voted for bush should.............

OK. I'm busted. After 1000 posts I'm outing myself as a Freeper.

Is Jim Rome a Dem or a Repuke?

Is Mr Scorpio the "Quiet Storm" of the DU lounge?

dammit, i had to vote for a repuke today.

Dad and I are voting today.

Why did/do people hate Eminem??

What's this: NO televised Michigan/Michigan State Game!

Today's pet peeve - people who post all in caps

The Official "Yankee Fans" who hate Curt Schilling thread

Which do you find less tolerable in your acquaintances?

Yeaaaaa Go me, I got new freeper email. Warning, as always profanity

Happy Halloween treats for Freeps, Trolls, and rethuglican lurkers

Saturday morning 20 Questions?

5 Million+ Flooding The Streets Of Boston Right Now In The Rain

I had 2 fillings put in today.

Repug family gathering today ... wish me luck.

George Carlin on Inside Actor's Studio on Sunday!!!

A four word thread

Does anyone use Vonage or VoIP at home?

Any Greyhound adopters on the board?

My Soundtrack (CD/iPod mix) for Election Day; what's yours

OMG! OMG! OMG! Who wants flapjacks?

Listen to "Carwash" remake...

A textbook example of why I hate Republicans

any comic collectors out there?

Election fatigue

OMG! OMG! OMG! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Oh, Vincent Gallo, you putrescent little glob

Say it with me folks! FOUR MORE DAYS!!!

So if it was a man naked in the bathtub with a 10 year old girl, that's OK

I'm getting dry eye from staying on DU....

F the CC

Bacon Appreciation thread!

Kerry due to speak in our downtown in 5hrs.

Kerry wins 60.6% of the vote at my brother's middle school

i don't know how to be a wife, I'm only13 years old. (Great Balls of Fire)

I will now seduce the ladies using Barry White Lyrics.

Does DU have an IRC channel or chat site?

A Saturday morning Gay and Lesbian question?

Drive from LA to NY in a convertible in a few minutes (video)

Gold Dust Dubya (with apologies to Fleetwood Mac...)

"Oh you sad man. You sad, sad man."

Which scenario would hurt you worse?

No Bar tonite. I'm taking MrsScorpio to a fancy Chinese Restaurant

Official DU "Me Too" thread

th_Sephiroth buys an x-box, it rains toads

Why isn't there more excitement around DU about the "hobbits?"

How does this grab you for an ice cream flavor?

Gender role expectations in marriage


Keep your strength up - cheesy biscuits recipe - quick and tasty

I'm on the radio from 5:00-5:30 Eastern Time!

I will now seduce the men using Paul Lynde one-liners.

I'm going to the Central West End Halloween Party

Eminem musical guest on SNL tonight.

Calling DU chemistry majors or PhDs....

anyone have a large picture of bush after he fell off his bike?

Velvet Revolver is growing on me.


Dang - stupid hangover

Cookin' with Kitten.............

Just got back from the Red Sox victory parade

OK, going to a Pimp N Ho Ball 2-nite. What are ho's wearing these days?

"if you picked John Kerry you would win $130 for every $100 you waged"

Quiz: Which Desperate Housewife are You?

Outsourcing mercenaries

OMG! OMG! OMG! ask me anything and I'll give you flapjacks!

My favorite freeper quote of the day....

"The Butterfly Effect" - If you have seen this - WATCH THE DIRECTORS CUT!!

Quiz: What classic pin up are you?

Is tonight Daylight Savings Time?

I acquired a one time truth serum

I just set up a firewall this AM, and I've been repeatedly

SAW - Mini review.


Birthday dinner out Outback! WOOHOO!

got this in my paid mail

Halloween Weekend On Radio Enigma

CSPN 2 'Bush on the Couch" now

voter supression/ petition linls

Hilarious flash movie! Political spoof based on Pulp Fiction

"Fahrenheit 9/11: A Movement in Time" See it!


Playing a concert in my jammies!

Is it too close to the election for us to wear our Hallowe'en Freeper mask

Pickled Quail Eggs

I can't eat...

Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it....


Uh oh - the dog got me....

I've never seen the movie, "Halloween"

Hey Hip hop know-it-alls. Help me out!

Should I go to a Halloween party dressed as a giant condom?

Should I go to a Halloween party dressed as a giant condo?

Should I go to a Halloween Party dressed as a giant condom?

That's when I reach for my revolver!

Congratulations, misunderstood weird cat cults!

Official DU pumpkin thread!

By the way...

If you are in your twenties and contemplating marriage/kids...

OMG! OMG! OMG! Who wants Jack?

Republican celebs....

Name the movie reference

I've been a total slug today.

GOP votes to ban Halloween .

I just voted 25 times for Kerry!

RHYTHM & BOOS: Rockers Make An Unholy Alliance With Zombies, Slashers And

Do you consider my username toadophobic?

Do you consider my username nomatophobic?

Do you consider my username ursophobic?

Do you consider my username underscorephobic?

Do you consider my username vowelophobic?

I don't understand all the threads that don't understand threads

Hey everyone, I was just on the TEEVEE!

Who gives better treats ? Dems or Rethugs?

Should I go to a Halloween party dressed as a giant conundrum?

Eminem is on SNL tonight. Mosh, or not?

Quiz: Which Monty Python & the Holy Grail Character are you REALLY?


DS1 Would Like To Say "Hello" To The Lounge Tonight!!!

I need the WORST pictures of Bush you can find!

Asshat claims 75% of population thinks Dems will try to steal election

Help please! Anyone have this picture?

For all us old rockers...Sundance replaying "Vote for Change"

My sweet Mariko.....The best friend I ever had.'s almost Samhain already?

WS - Game 5 Predictions

Bush Goes For A Jog (Bush Joke)'s almost Glenn Danzig day!

To get your mind off of politics for a sec...

Some funny things seen in different places

It's time for Ghost Stories post them on this thread for Halloween

Just bought a new car (finally)...ask me anything


trick or treat-ers just showed up

Go to Bed OR play Tetris?

superdish users

Hey! You!! Mr. Derek Jeter!!!

New "Mojo" mag has Johnny Cash cover story & free 15-song "Tribute" CD

Is it just my PC or does Real Player and AOL SUCK ?!?!?

Anybody like having fun on a right wing nut board that requires no userid

Does anyone else have Live Journal (.com)


My Kitty Has Become a BAD BAD CAT!

playing ray charles on air america Kerry Washington on now

hey patriots fans...

bush stinks - Kerry thinks! bwahahahahahah

A note from my neighbor's brother in Ohio.

I went to our office Halloween party as Conan the Barbarian

Watching "The Hunting of the President:"

Am I on everybodys ignore list?

Bob Boudelang on the 'Magic Cube' Crisis


Wanna see a movie and can't decide which one... suggestions?

Tuesday is national abstinence day NO DICK!! OR BUSH!!

What's your favorite kind of beer?

Fenway on the Hudson?

I just rented and watched "Wonderland" and "Elephant"

Should my 1,000th post be made in the Lounge?

STUPIDEST thing you ever got while trick or treating....

Oh, G-Mail, how you suck tonight.

I'll be right back...I'm going to go put on my fat pants.

Dear God, stale ass tastes so BAAD!

Ok, seriously, help a girl out...

Wanna be a member? Wanna be a member?

I am TRYING to stay away from the Halloween candy!!

The ultimate Halloween horror can be found here:

Dear God, bass ale tastes so BAAAD...

Favorite cast member of THE WHITE SHADOW

Psycho is coming on TCM right now (10;15pmEST).

Anyone else having trouble with the spellcheck?

You know, if you google "Bush must go!"....


Favorite Sweathog

Screw all of y'all, I'm setting my clock forward.

SON OF A BUSH - Public Enemy

I have a couple questions regarding Mozilla Firefox:


NFL: Most Dominating Defense Ever...

I wore my black hoodie while precinct walking today--ask me anything!

My daughter is dressing up as a Bush Supporter for Halloween

Has LynneSin showed her fanny yet?

Seeking advice on an antisocial kittycat

I'm Richard Nixon. Ask me anything.

My 700th post! Now, would someone please tell me…

No cat threads in the Lounge's first page. That's clearly unacceptable.

GOt me a big Halloween party tonight....

Anyone been to Silver City New Mexico?

Holy cow, UNC just beat Miami?

Halloween candy..... ugh.

There has been 22 new registered DU members

Post your favorite fart story

I am so frikken' annoyed

I love the new Google page.. Cool!

It's Halloween, but the big kid in the middle of this pic freaks me out...

I just had to stop watching because "The Passion" is too bloody

New 404 messages

OMG! OMG! OMG! Ignore me NOW, or I will ask you things!

Does anyone have a download of Springsteen doing WAR?

The flattening of underwear with pleasure...

Chefs 'n' cooks: Have you tried Maldon salt from England?

Hey Messrs Bush and Blair

Did you ever turn your clock ahead and really screw up time?

All 3 florida teams lost today--UF, FSU, and Miami. An omen

Say you're in charge of Picking Kerry's Cabinet....

I'm about to debate a Freeper...

Any Methodists in the lounge, I have a question.

It's mischief night tonight...

Should I have some Powers Whiskey, or stick with beer? If so, two , three?

TELL ME you're not sick of this entire family. Go on, I triple-dog dare ya

Any Sims 2 fans here?

Two years later, rapper's killer still at large

How long do these SNL dry spells usually last? 2 years? nt

Made a big mistake at the Mediterranean restaurant tonite...


Having ethnic!!

In Detroit, Tonight is DEVIL'S NIGHT

Interesting, odd B&W silhouette photo of Kerry from Reuters

Hey.. This is my 500th post.

The official "another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody" thread

All Soul's Night....

I just shaved off my hair. Ask me anything.

1000 Posts - Ask me fucking ANYTHING

I just saw Michael Moore in Columbus, ask me anything...

DVD Problems: A DVD will play on my laptop but not the DVD player

The Greatest Michigan/Michigan St. Game ever... Not on TV. I am PO'd

where can I host mp3s and movies gratis

SNL time

WTF?! Woman at Blockbuster has a hissy fit over Gandalf the Gay!

Fuck SNL!

Is there a reason why we still use Daylight Savings Time?

Election night playlist

What does 'QED' mean?

You do you think is a singer or group that is/are highly underrated?

WWWWHHHHHHEEEEEE!!!! I saw Al Franken speak tonight in Philly

My Halloween confession

What is up with people with poor hygiene habits?

JoseMcGillicutty has never seen "Real Genius", should I marry her?

If you bought candy for Halloween...

I'm 52% Tortured Artist....Take the test

Triangle area DUers... anyone out there???

Wanna read the rantings of Freeper Fundies???

Weird cultists; only in the Lounge?

Are any DU men going to be our pull toys this year?

Can anyone explain The Red and Green Show to me(PBS)

John Kerry, not a legitimate Christian!

Anyone else hiding from the trick or treaters?

New tricks fool caller ID

Popular Freeper Colleges

I'm watching "The Passion of the Christ" and I swear it makes me want to

Visit my blog, "MoveLeft Media."

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember the "DNC Graveyard"? Well, he added a Kerry tombstone.

I'm a diehard Redskin fan, yet I must join the Mrs. Grumpy bandwagon

55,000 DUers!

A Fark thread just for HEYHEy

Does Anyone Know What This Logo From KILL BILL Is? ***PIC***

Good Gawd A'Mighty! Freeper Trolls and CU'ers have been making fun

Don't forget, at 2 am, turn your clocks back an hour. Then, at 2 am,

OMG! OMG! OMG! Ask Me Anything So I Can Ignore You!

Who here has seen the Ford Truck commercials with Toby Kieth?

I just realized I am over 400 pounds...

omg help....i suffering writers block and i have to e-mail this

Caroline Kennedy to Bush: Leave My Father Out of Your Campaign

Clift: Signs point to a Kerry win

Salon writer Tim Grieve proves that he is completely full of CRAP.

I feel like the nightmare is almost over.

Rove's release of Osama tape will be excuse for election theft

Defeating Bush will put an end to 35 years of Bush-Cheney-Rumsfelt


Amazing early voting figures coming out of Miami-Dade County

Too early to start making the PRESIDENT Kerry t shirts??..

James Roosevelt Jr. to Bush: Leave my grandfather out of your campaign

FDR's Grandson Not Happy With 'War President"

That "Yes Bush Can" site is awesome, they ditched * in the worst way

Democrats vs Republicans in Election Attitudes...

NASA photo analyst: Bush wore a device during debate *** ENHANCED PICS ***

Samll uptick for Kerry in MSNBC poll since OBL tape

No Stolen Elections....anyone know of this?

feeling a little ignorant here...what or who is a tin hatter? nt

Springsteen Song at the end of Kerry's rally in Florida ?

Perfect, serendipitous timing for Kerry's new "Your Hands" ad....

"That mongrel will not long mock a Kerry Administration!"

Isn't there a web site where you can get all the state polls...?

Well, I'm signed up to canvass on NOV 2! taking day off!

Okay, this is what I think JK should say. . .

Beware anything that calls itself a Democratic Voters Guide

How Did It Come To This?

yesterday Kerry was in Columbus, OH

Question on "missing" ballots in Broward

Have faith

Bush campaign is abusing Bin Laden tapes

GREAT IDEA! Placeholders for people in line to vote!

Greatest week in political history?


What other tape is Fox talking about?

Good News (IMHO) Colorado prop 36........

New Hampshire lawmaker accused of tampering with Kerry sign

Roadrunner Video Helps Coyote's Campaign

I'm watching Richard Belzer on a Maher re-run. This man is on fire!

"Newcomers might make the difference in N.H."

Thanks DU for your great suggestions to send my mother

PLEASE REVIEW: A very rough chart of Bush / Osama / Explosives Connections

In case anyone is looking for all of President Kerry's military records,

Bush loss on Tuesday ends the Bush "dynasty"

Who do you think will not win this election?

did you hear Hannity attack Greg Palast Friday?

Bernie Ward..Didn't OBL look Good? wonder what spa he's been at?

I'm going to the Kerry rally in Appleton, WI at 8:45am this morning

Listen up folks, we're gonna be fine!

Pennsylvania military ballots get extension to Nov 10, Repubs want longer

CALL TO ACTION: We've got to spin the ObL tape OURSELVES...

Bush on OBL - not concerned

Anyone who thinks OBL will hurt JK listen here NOW!

This “Bin Laden” sentence structure is totally different from elaborate

Quick response to Sh*t Boat charges of treason----stop rumors early

What do you think is the overall media spin on OBL so far?

Cheer up! Rumor (from DailyKos): Zogby will show Kerry +1

Looking for a recent news story about Bush-supporters being ignorant

The Swiftliars big "scoop" is supposed to be that they

Jim Hightower: Happy days are here again!

The Sh*t Boat Vets have some sort of Oct. Surprise planned for wkend in DC

Jeb being warm and fuzzy again in FL... (learned from his brother?)

If more stories about voter suppression come out, Kerry should say this

email i got from a friend... abortions up under bush!

Blistered feet for Kerry!

Tora Bora; More JOURNALISTS on the ground than US troops. SHAME!

Chimp: "We have the terr'ists on the run!"

There WOULDN'T BE a new OBL tape, if BUSH had done his JOB.

"I'm really not that concerned about him.."

GAWD rightwingnuts are SOOOO STUPID!!! Moore = "traitor" coz F/911

Interactive EC Map - new info - looking even better!

Can't sleep, nervously nauseated all of the time...

Broward elections supervisor: 6000 absentee ballots missing, not 58,000

Oh GREAT! Just what we need-Look at this RADICAL in Minnesota

Osama is tanned and rested and he's ready to hit us again !

Former conservative NH GOP Sen. Bob Smith endorses Kerry

He's George Dumbya Bush and he approved this mess!

Kerry's on Sabado Gigante tomorrow,longest-running variety show in the

"what kinda country we live in that we gotta have TWO parties?"

12 Ways the Repukes are stealing Ohio

Bush has turned Iraq into a terrorist factory.

Bush Caught Using Corporate Welfare to Bias Elections (swing state booty)

After the inauguration, I hope Kerry asks to speak to the UN and

Kerry takes lead in Zogby tracking


Nov 2 through Jan 20 will be a vulnerable time

George W. bush is a COWARD.

Can somebody please explain Hawaii polling for me

Anyone seen the "positive" ad by Bush campaign ??

Does anyone know who translated OBL's tape?

instead of holding rallies should kerry, be using other forums?

Cincinnati Ohio

Did I DREAM this, or hear OBL tape is from Sept?

* Campaign uses Images of WTC in Flames for Fliers

Slogans for the Kerry-Edwards campaign (humor)


Hi. I'm Osama. I did 9/11, Not Saddam.

Is America better off than 4 years ago ?

Anyone see Kevin Costner looking like a dumbass last night

Feeling good in Florida!

dickhead cheney lying again....

Freeping RWWs; how's it feel to have the whole world know yer STOOPID.

Stupid freepers care about one thing only.

October Surprise of 1980 is no rumor!

Nightline--Richard Clarke say's Osama wants Bush to win

Kerry up 48-41 among "newly registered"

Anyone watching GMA--"undecideds"

Kerry in Miami last night with Springsteen to cries of "No mas Bush!"

Alert the Media! Kerry was right about US losing OBL at Tora Bora!

For those talking to voters this weekend: Article on Supreme Court

great electoral vote analysis from user on Kos

One of our big money guys working to legalize pot in Alaska-On ballot

This is war !

(Photo) Look at this voting line!

OBL didn't endorse anyone - he was like Nader

Breaking News: 8 Marines Killed in Fallugah...

Air America Radio is broadcasting right now, FYI

OBL Tape will be one day story. Capture or Attack would be different.

MSNBC online breaking news 8 marines killed in Iraq NT

Craig Crawford predicts Kerry/Edwards Vicrtory

Early voting

Man, do I feel good about Kerry winning on Tuesday!

How will the talk shows(Sunday) spin this?

Send Yahoo feedback on this RNC Ad

bushCartel; Kerry should SHUT UP for 12 hours. I don't THINK so!

Damn 8 U.S. Marines Killed In Iraq

Is Eminem's Mosh getting actual air time regularly now on MTV

deleted nt

Early voters - How did you feel voting for Kerry/Edwards?

Christian Republicans for Kerry....lookin good

Voter registrations triple in WAUKESHA, WI, with days to go

OBL Speech: Does anyone read Arabic here ?

With the Repuke thugs challenging votes in Ohio and Florida....

Cable "news" not reporting 8 Marines killed in Iraq. (9:50am EST 10/30)

G.O.P. to the Poor: Don't Vote

CNN--more Marines killed in attack on Falluga

Note to Self - "Push the f***ing CHAD completely through hole"

. . . and take JEB with you!!!

Another great picture of John Kerry.

fake voter registration notices

Just saw 2 Bush or pro-Bush 527 ads in Northern VA on CNN

Just saw MoveOn Pac commercial...referencing gwb's WMD joke

Slate's Election Scorecard - 272 kerry / 266 shrub

He has failed the nation miserably and now it's time for him to fade away

Kerry Has One-Point Lead Over Bush - Reuters Poll

What will YOU be watching on Tuesday?

George Bush is a phony and a coward....

What are your predictions for Tuesday?

Laugh Of The Day: Freepies Think Osama Is Going To Save Georgie!

CNN: more marines killed in Falluja battles

Is Bush 'Uncle Sam' to Al Qaeda ?

Nobody's saying s/he isn't voting K-E because they outed Mary Cheney now.

Cheney oil firm faces UK inquiry

DU My local paper's poll

Where can I order my "Support the Troops and President Kerry" sign?

Al Arabiya: does anyone want to TRANSLATE this ?

Questions raised about Bush's mental and physical health

Transcript of bin Ladin's speech - best one I have found, on AJ

Hey Bush, Why is Ossama still taunting us?

"Bushies are trumpeting their worst failure as cause to reselect them"

GOTV tactic for youth demo, DO THIS!

Tom DeLay attempts to take credit in solving train disaster.

Hubby told me Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld) is

Eleanor Clift - Bless her heart

New Yorkers ---- Vote For Kerry on the Working Families Party Line

Sen. Bob Smith (R-NH) endorses Kerry?!?!

Just on CNN - send an email to WAM@CNN.COM

My Friends, this is a time for Perfect Moral Clarity. Do not waver one bit

Candy of CNN is a Big Girl.............Not that there any thing wrong with

8 More Marines were Killed, this looks like a big attack

Dishonorable discharge press conference Monday.(October surprise)

Bad News: Eight U.S. Marines Killed, Nine Wounded in Iraq

Poetic Justice: Bushco are 9-11 whores, and 9-11 will be their undoing

Bush better on "Terror"???

OBL: Bush had glue on his Butt with the Goat Book

Predictions for Tuesday thread

TIPP Poll: Kerry gains 8 points in 4 days...


I'm a poll watcher Tuesday

Making the OBL tape work to our advantage ...

Kerry Leads in FL

Petitions: Great Place to start and find online petitions

The thing with OBL is we don't know how it plays with undecideds

We will turn our boats into the attack

I'm hand painting a new KERRY/EDWARDS sign, since mine got gone last night

Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

Questions raised about Bush's mental and physical health

Bush is shown as slow to act during 9/11 by our enemy and is also

A 12 Hour Truce?!

Talking point to quell Bush remark "shameful"

Anybody Got The New Newsweek Poll Yet...

Kerry Has One-Point Lead Over Bush - Reuters Poll

If Kerry doesn't hit back HARD today, he doesn't deserve to win

MY GOTV idea

Chimp's Radio "Appeal" -- Where DOES he stand, what DOES he believe

If all of the planes had left on time

Roosevelt's grandson: Bush as "War President" insult to my grandfather

deleted nt

How many media sites only have Chimps photo?

Wildcatter who came in from the cold

Bush will never be legitimate ! Period !

Election by litigation

FAUX News poll - put you vote in

Swift Boat Liars, Freepers, LDotters, and Zell are being PUNK'D!!!!!!!

Why would Newsweek have a MOE of 4, 4 days before the election

On the morning of 9-11, Bush wasn't the only one who knew and did nothing

My letter from the FCC re: Sinclair


Is it not clear that God wants...

Upon a second viewing of Fahrenheit 9/11-great article!!

my latest LTTE on OBL, feel free to copy & use

I am praying the bushie only gets the bible belt, and kerry

ignore this post. I made a mistake

Huntington, West Virginia, paper endorses Kerry!

Zogby: Kerry 47%, Bush 46%

Small Fire Causes Edwards' Plane To Return To RDU

Does anyone have the link to look at the last polls of 2000 and see how

Repubs are convinced of the inevitability of a Bush win...

I think the OBL story was not as hurtful to us as I first thought

Poll of Polls: It's breaking towards Kerry.

Speechwriters: How should Kerry address Bin Laden tape?

Is Kerry or how often is Kerry running upbeat messages on unity?

Rasmussen Bush 48 (47.9) Kerry 47 (47.1)

Saturday Rasmussen is up, for those who care about polls!

Not to Swift Boaters claim to have copy of Kerry's military discharge...

Bush is one of us, say French

The signs are pointing to a big turnout and a Kerry win-Newsweek/Clift

Gallup Poll 4 years ago today Bush 49 - Gore 42

From The You Can't Make This Shit Up Files

Newsweek Poll - Kerry 45% Bush 48% RV - Bush Approval 46%

I got a letter of repremand last night at work

17 US Marines imprisoned on Thursday??!!

A little perspective: October 27, 2000, Newsweek poll had Bush up by 8!

Clinton Was The LAST President To Ever Walk In An Inagural Parade

Troops in survey back Bush 4-to-1 over Kerry

Will Kerry gain respect from Iraqi's? Will they accept his leadership over

Hopefully, John Kerry becomes President 82 days from this moment.

So I woke up this morning sorta understanding what OBL was saying

WHOA-Rasmussen Tied

Nuts. Rain likely in PA & NJ on Tuesday

How are you celebrating Kerry's win? Here is what OKC is doing.

Good news from rasmussen: * job approval lowest since september

Ralph's Dark Side: Mr. Nader and the Newmanites

Media isn't discussing the historic Orlando Sentinel endorsment

John Kerry Attracting More Cuban Voters

Rasmussen track w/leaners - Kerry 48.3% Bush 48.8%

Jim Hightower: Happy days are here again!

Chimp Helps Bin Laden; Bin Laden Helps Chimp. Time for it to STOP.

George W.'s Magical Mystery Tour

Is there a Rovian Manuever still ahead?

Brooks - The Nuisance is back - Email this POS and remind him what * said.

I thought Kerry looked more intimidating than Bush in Bin Laden response!

5 Reasons to vote for George Bush:


2000: Most voters think Bush will defeat Gore (55% - 34%)

watch Greg Palast's video "Florida Voter Scandal 'Caging Lists" here

Two of the most accurate pollsters of 2000-1996 both have Kerry winning

PLEASE REVIEW: A very rough chart of Bush / Osama / Explosives Connections

Final week of election 2000: AWOL led in 39 polls, Gore in 2. (AWOL lost)

What is the provenance of the OBL tape?


EV update for Oct. 30: Bush 259 - Kerry 279


I think we should reconsider the Supreme Court deciding the election.

Four Polls In One Link

Free Way Blogging--Questions?

Newsweek October 27, 2000: Gore - 41 AWOL - 49

Media Doing Nothing But Dishing Out Bad New for Bush this Morning!!

Link To 2000 Polls Close To Election...

A freeper a work was bragging that "Osama is helping Bush"

Chaos and death in Iraq (tragic as it is) has bumped OBL off the news.

Rasmussen: Kerry gains 1.2 points; Chimpy's JA down 1 point

Eight US Marines slaughtered in Iraq today

Went to a Kerry Campaign IHOP

Anxiety becoming a big issue. 4 days to go., how do you feel?

Anybody else surprised that Ridge hasn't issued a TERRA- Alert

Bush vs. Gore polls for 11/5 & 11/6/2000

Jenna and Barbara, it's time for you to volunteer.

VOTE on MSNBC "President Bush or Senator Kerry? Who will hunt for OBL?"

John Kerry gains ground over missing explosives

Couldnt Osama have been one of his many brothers acting like its him?

Election Model and Zogby: Polling coincidence, confirmation or conspiracy?

Survey of news websites re Bin Laden

Overcome by disbelief at the TYRANNY of our leaders - HAVE STRENGTH!!!!

Anecdotal Waiter Story

PLEASE READ THIS: newsweek acknowledges ALL POLLS SUCK

Just another day in "freedom on the march"

Boy it's troll city here today... freepers must be desperate

OMG! This is good! Funny, funny, funny!

Where should I watch the election returns?

(DU this poll) "Who will hunt for bin Laden more aggressively?"

Trends indicate Kerry win in PA, OH.

This candidate for president knows how to hold a baby! Terrific photo!

Rasmussen-Presidential Tracking Poll: Bush-Kerry

CNN poll on effect of OBL tape ---VOTE

Newsweek poll is GOOD news!

When will the RW harrassment machine start in on President Kerry

Gloating on Wednesday is not...repeat NOT good form

Kerry leads AWOL 47-46 (Zogby Saturday tracking)

How does the Senate look? I know that the House is out of question...

Gut Check Time--What Battleground States are We Going to Win??

Vote on CNN: How will the bin Laden videotape affect the U.S. election?

Kerry's victory will be clear enough to declare him winner by WEDNESDAY

Heartwarming scene in Keene NH today.

I Thought Bush Said He "Wasn't Concerned about bin Laden????

The Florida Voting Machine

Part of US 9/11 commission report will not be released b/f election

Hey George!!!!!!!!! C-Ya! .....3 More Days.....3 More Days....3 More Days

I am very afraid and I need advice from some of the elders on DU

WTF?!? "Stolen Honor" playing in Denver infomercial

Winning the mind game

Newsweak Poll Internals.. wanna take a wild guess?

On Tuesday ev. take as many screenshots etc of numbers as they come in

Election Night Timeline...Post The Time Your State Is Called

I am FURIOUS that OBL is still ALIVE

AWOL provoked Kerry on OBL. Now Kerry is banking the boat again. BAM

Bush on "principle & core convictions from which you will never waver"

CNN Poll: Which candidate will OBL tape benefit?

"Bush* Orders ACTION To Head Off New Al Qaeda Attacks!"

Notice the self adulation in AWOL's commercials and theme song?

Molly Ivins on C-SPAN 2

Top Ten Reasons to Defeat Bush

Bumper Sticker Count

Deleted message

Fox News panel predicts narrow Kerry win

Post anecdotal evidence about new voters and nonvoters, pleez

Kerry up by 26 in Colorado!

Bush, Kerry Hold Tie in Electoral College

"Brain Scans May Unlock Candidates' Appeal"

Imagine Gore Running for Re-election with Bush's Record?

Kirsten Dunst just called me

The Beltway Bozos Look Very Glum 1:35 P.M. ET

Kerry opens lead in Florida

Battleground Strategy from Here

We're gonna win this!

Maybe I'm due for a tinfoil hat or a long rest...

Caption Kerry!!

Is Bush a traitor to America?

just got a call from the Summit County (OH.) repugs

Are any Spanish speaking DU'ers making calls?

A moment of silence for the 8 Marines and 62 Iraqi civilians killed

Did you see Bush pat Arnold...?

Does anyone know what the breakdown of electorate is?

Newsweek - Bush up by 6

Bush is tough on terrorism

No one has ever been elected with AWOL's 46-47% job approval

Early Voting and Exit Polls

Will Bin Laden Tape effect the market in the next few days.

This AM alone, I got 6 calls from pro-Kerry organizations. 0 from *.

Charity softball game

ARGGGGGG!!!!!!!! State race is SO damn ugly here!!!!!!

If you haven't seen the Bruce Springsteen Kerry intro

"How long? How long must we sing this song?"

troops not being fed?

Stations pull program featuring Kobach, pastor

You guys wanted Kerry to attack on Bin Laden......And he is

First it was Stolen honor, now its 'Unfit to lead" this weekend!

C-SPAN 2: Peter Bienart vs. Ann Coulter

Freepers at work refuse to talk about OBL. Sheepish and ashamed.

Bill Clinton radio ad!!!

At a campaign rally, Republicans recite the "Bush Pledge."

I know I am crazy to listen to Limbaugh and Hannity but.....

Yahoo News: Group Warned U.S. of Unsecured Weapons

Great reads today

Ultimate irony - Freepers looking to Osama for salvation

Hysterical post from Kos about CNN on 11/6/00

Eight Marines killed in Fallujah today -- and Bin Laden is fat and happy

Kerry Needs To Pound Bush On Osama

GOP files election complaint against LA radio hosts

I thought Osama was DEAD! Now it's clear Bush dropped the ball!

I am making a new yard sign using

Lets just put them two in a boxing ring & get it over with!


Understanding the polls: volatile election pending

Bush in a Landslide!

Will you Fight or will you back down? how dedicated are you?

LOL: Neooxycon 72 Hour Strategy revealed: PRAY

Can The Newsweek Poll Join The Gallup Poll In The Hall Of Shame?


Freeper Madness Six

Not feeling stressed out enough? Watch the seconds tick down...

Bush loyalty oath

For those who can't tell OBL apart from Saddam...

Kerry innoculated himself by steady OBL hammering...

How are our chances of getting the Senate back?

Damn I can't get off the computer. I ate Breakfast an lunch at my PC desk

Part of US September 11 commission report has not been released: report

Great Site on Information On Polls (Bias, Swing, Current Results)

WTF? Bin Laden's ALIVE? Then why are we in IRAQ? We aren't tailing him?

I want your pledge

i'm under the impression that the DU forums are under DOS attacks.

Foreign Views of OBL Video : a gloating survivor of Bush foreign policy

My Experience Voting

Fact Sheet on Dixville Notch, NH voting history

Just so you know, new Newsweek poll oversampled repukes (R36%, D33%, I31%)

Catholics Against Kerry should read and heed this:

Please help reassure me about something!

Here's something funny to keep your spirits up: "Fuzzy Math"

How's Kerry handling Osama tape today Saturday?

Well, I'm off to the Kerry rally in Warren Oh....

Playing around in Paintshop Pro ...

WaPo Pollster on Fox just now said "Last night was a good night for JK"

John Kerry in Iowa: "You have the power"

Please pass around new webmercial

I may have (re)converted my dad!!

Everytime I see Bush speak...

If Republicans can't see how desperate Bush's campaign is...

Delete my ridiculous post - sorry.

Kerry in IOWA on MSNBC now 3:11pm . n/t

Drug Price Gouging OK'd [Go Bush Go! (away)]

Check out the Yahoo most-emailed stories (against Bush)

Check it out - Freeper 'NavyChief', is backing down on his 'threat'!!

Why their needs to be laws protecting the mentally disabled vote: a story.

Help with phone canvasing

to disarm this weapon of mass destruction that we call our president

Faux News Has Mathematician Predict Outcomes

Newsweek: Bush 50 Kerry 44 (LV), Bush 48 Kerry 45 (RV)

Kerry 55% junior 35% - Aljazeera poll

Hahahaha! New Fox Poll - in last 24 hours Bush DOWN 3% LV from last poll

Boot shootin boooogie

Man sets "Republican Trap" for Kerry sign stealers

MP4 (QuickTime) of Kerry w/Springsteen in Madison on 10/28

say it with me now KERRY WILL WIN!

please DU this MSNBC poll

Tom "Flunkie" Ridge about to hold a conference where he will say that

Osama Gave The GOP Its Victory In 2002. And Now...

Why we REALLY should pay no attention to CNN Polls!!! GOOD NEWS

south park. analysis :: only idiots, bigots or unthinking vote for bush.

If the GOP calls you on the phone, keep them on the line


New Hampshire lawmaker accused of tampering with Kerry sign

Are the reThugs sending in those bogus registrations in Ohio?

I was at the beauty salon today and an

So where is Ridge?

Gosh DARN That John Kerry and Those Liberals In Congress!

My honey just got called by Laura Bush

Mosh is our anthem! Thank you Eminem, this is the one song


Ohio Poll - Please DU it

Words I want to hear all the pundits say late on November 2, 2004.

I Am About To Begin Calling My First FLORIDA Voters

OK here's my beauty salon experience.

People look at these Polls they show a favor to Kerry

How soon after Kerry wins will the Pray for the President site go dark?

Tom Ridge is on MSNBC saying "We are secure, no threat, everything is ....

i went and got my haircut yesterday...

republicans for kerry links

Bow Tie Boy predicts Kerry win.

"Bush Blew it on bin Laden" - great article from

Confirmed: Faux news poll shows the chimp losing ground

Craig Crawford on MSNBC right now; Let's see if he switches to Bush

State-by-State Predictions - ADD YOUR INPUT!

Fresh show on AAR - campaign strategy

NRA Ad Falsely Accuses Kerry

Kerry way ahead in new MSNBC poll

Could Osama be in US custody already ... and reading from a GOP script?

Please DU this Newsweek Poll

Do you think Roger Ailes coordinates with Rove?

billy grahm

Bush Seeks Limit to Suits Over Voting Rights

My last email from MoveOn Pac about activities was 11 days ago.

One-stop shopping for Yahoo News links - follow link & instructions

Beware of gloom and doom polls and post.

OBL tapes causing a freeper meltdown

DU Action Request -- Republican Ad

Saw Corzine this morning at a local Stop & Shop

We at the DU need to formulate a "to do" list for President Kerry

Sing it LOUD, sing it PROUD!


Ladies and gentlemen, the 44th President of the United States

Which poll results are most likely to get people to vote?

If electoral colllege counter is right, then Kerry is in good shape

GOOD NEWS!!!!! Kerry ahead in 6 battleground states by recent polls!!!

Prosecutors find many disputed addresses exist (Milwaukee)

Interesting exchange w/neighbors this AM re: vote

Stop it with all the 'I know a Republican who's voting for Bush' threads

Virginia will be the new Florida - FOR BUSH

WWWD ....well he'd read "My Pet Goat"....see the video/stills here

Great Kerry Sign!

Zogby Battleground has Kerry ahead in PA and FL. Game. Set. Match.

Protect Your Voting Rights- DNC

This is the sort of ignorance we're up against.

My Prediction: Kerry gets 311 EV - Gore states plus OH, FL, & NH


delete please - sorry, old poll numbers apparently

Rebroadcast: Vote for Change Concert --- Tonight!

What the F did Bush do after 911 that demonstrated "great leadership" ?

Anyone Talking About the "My Pet Goat" reference by OBL-I think it's huge

My Republican mom in Maine refused Bush/Cheney signs

The pollsters DON'T take into consideration a HUGE Democratic turnout!

WAPO Poll In Ten Minutes-Predictions


Rebel yell: I shouted "Bush Sucks" at Bush-Cheney supporters on our

A story about a house and a b/c sign that makes me chuckle...

know what I really like about a Kerry victory? . . .

We Should Go Over To Freak Republic And Tell Them Bush Is OBL's Biatch...

AP NEWS SHOWING IT BIASED we need to hit this mistake hard

What States Are Doing Early Voting Again?

Last Minute Edwards Campaign Rally Fills Arena in Raleigh, NC!

I wonder if DU would do me the favor

Rasmussen, Zogby, Faux and WaPO ALL SHOW TREND TOWARDS KERRY

Undecided but leaning Kerry neighbors have voted for...

Colorado out of Reach now?

In 1992, it looked like Clinton's team knew they won at like 2pm on

Hey Tuesday, can you hurry the hell up? property tax in Central Florida went up 600 bucks in one year

Raleigh,NC: Last Minute Edwards Campaign Rally fills NC Stadium !

George Bush's girly-man concession speech.

Thank you, DNC & PA residents

Pictures of Al Gore and Alexandra Kerry campaigning in Hawaii

What time will you know?

Democracy Corps Partial poll after OBL tape - w/leaners Kerry 48% Bush 47%


HELP! Anyone got a web page I can get some stuff posted on?

Just got my first repub message call

Hubby just got another letter in local rag. He said our grandson joined us

bin Laden cites FLORIDA 'voter cheating'. Why was this scrubbed??????

S.C., Va. "NAACP" warns voters who owe parking tickets they face arrest

Early to bed, early to rise, fight like hell and organize!

Texas early vote

Just went to a free showing of Going Upriver...

All right already,,, Bill Clinton is callling, I have to take the message

Bush staff calling tape gift for campaign [THIS IS SICK]

Average Household Age Voting Size of Kerry vs. Shrub

WAPO 49-48 Asshat Has A One Point Lead

RNC Message: Be Nervous! But not TOO nervous.

Anyone know the link for that VISUALIZE movie?

George Bush at the Red Sox Parade!! (Photo)

Redskins underdogs by 2 pts - as much as I like underdogs...

Are Naderites finally coming to reason?

Curt Schilling stands up Bush*

If you haven't volunteered, you are missing a great experience.

I'll Bet It Stinks In Freeperland

BIN LADEN OFF ALMOST all the major news organizations front web pages

Does anyone else here think I'm crazy to think Rove had a 'play' in

Craig Crawford just said on MSNBC that the Bush people are telling


Scathing anti-Kerry messages on my voice mail in FL. 3!

I just watched the best anti-Shrub ad ever!

Get-Out-the-Vote. Take Tuesday off if you can.

AOL Poll Results for OBL videotapes effect on election

this is sad . . . poor ole Ralphie-Boy has finally lost it . . .

Signed up to drive voters to the polls Tuesday

Joe Trippi - The Downhill Spiral Continues

breaking news: Kerry attacks Bush for not finding Bin Laden

Real Men Know How to Handle Babies (Photos)

Bush/Cheney = 3 DUI's

BLAST THIS TO THE MEDIA!!! Osama tape "a little gift"

New AmericanResearchGroup poll: B 48 - K 48

Tucker Carlson Calls it for Kerry in Sunday's Washington Post

More evidence Newsweek is a steaming pile of dung

Tallahasee update: lines around the corner and down the street

WTF is Trippi's deal?!

Kerry - "I will...bring our troops home"

Salon Premium offer - proceeds go to America Coming Together (GOTV)

Apparently, the OBL tape was edited by Al Jazerra (Bush threats deleted)

Did Gallup come out with their

Heads Up : C-SPAN to air Big Dawg and Teresa rally in Santa Fe at 7:00

Folks, this is a time for liberal compassion.

I.R.S. Decides to Review N.A.A.C.P.

Dennis Miller says "Stay're too stupid to vote!"

I have blisters on my feet from canvassing today, and

Desperation: Greg Jarrett on Faux talking about postponing election.

Scenario: Long lines, polls close leaving hundreds of thousands of voters

I;ve got a feeling. A feeling deep inside. Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

Can someone explain why "Democrats" would say this to the press?

Save Joe Trippi

HOLY FALAFEL! 80,000 people in JoCo Kansas voted so far!

Kerry Should Start Talking Mandate

Fox Headline: "Economy Looms Large in Election"

If you find yourself waiting in a long line-up to vote -- rejoice

Franklin D. Roosevelt's grandson

Good job, Kerry campaign with OBL Tape

Bush's Damning March 2002 Statement

Dr. Abramowitz Says Bush Is Not Well -Click

I just watched a piece about THK and the Heinz Foundation ..

Election Night Indicators - Part 2 (When will you pop the cork?)

Bush approval at 46% in latest Newsweek poll

AAR Ring of Fire interviewing RealVoices creators now.

Heads up - 60 Minutes Sunday night!!!

Race Stable On Final Weekend; Polling Memo from Stan Greenberg

An interesting little demonstration in North Little Rock today.

ARG poll of New Mexico: K-48 B-47 N-1

Reverse the Curse? Now let's Reverse the Course!!

Polling memo from Stan Greenberg: Race Stable on Final Weekend

Question about Bush V Gore for the "evil" trial lawyers among us

I want to donate to Nader because this is the funniest thing ever....

dicking around with alert levels

Clear Channel has anti Kerry billboards

CNN Only Showing Newsweek Poll...

I Saw Kerry THREE Times This Week!

Email from Anne Lewis

Need A Laugh-Click

LTTE: Florida me review before I submit...

Breaking News!! Kerry Wins!! Kerry 331 Shrub 207

Desperate freepers asking God to avoid * defeat

Faux News softpedalling its poll showing Bush slipping-- so funny

Post-Osama Polls Encouraging

voter supression/ petition linls

Randi Rhodes (on rerun) just said "Air America is the CIA"

The Bin Laden tape has had little to no impact on anything.

I can't bring myself to believe this really means anything significant but

Bill Clinton just called me:)


Show your pride!!!!

This picture is just dying for captions ...

Alright if you don't laugh at this you find nothing funny in this world

Capital Gang, anyone?

Let's Discuss WAPO's Internals..Kerry Leads In Every Region But The South

Are New Mexico polls getting scewed by underrepresentation of hispanics?

GOP Files Complaint Vs. L.A. Radio Hosts

ARG poll of New Hampshire: K-47 B-47 N-2

THK and President Clinton in Santa Fe, NM on C-Span

PHOTO: Minority Bush supporter demonstrates his standing in the party

My experience at the post office today...:(

URL that needs to be distributed: DNC Guide to Voting Rights

Is this guy pro-Bush or anti-Bush?

Some PAX stations are showing Stolen Honor

How many times have you voted?

Kerry should use Still the ONE when he accepts bush's concession

Ok, all you undecided, time to close the book on BushCo

Will we ever be able to put our country back together again?

It's war! This is the final battleground.

More "helpful" commentary from Trippi the sleazy opportunist

Think Kerry will make it to 99.9999% by Tuesday?

I have a new view on how many Americans may view Bin Laden tape.

The Rude Pundit (Warning no cursing) just ramming?

Just for the record: Yale endorses Kerry

SINE of the times

New Zogby state polls from Kos

Print these and hand them out everywhere

"What Did John F. Kennedy Ever Do But Get KILLED?"

Kerry should respond to Bush/lambeau crack thusly

oops | DELETE dupe please

Still no video anywhere of the premature confetti explosion?

When Kerry wins we need to attack the media and never let up

Bin Laden's tape intercepted by Bush Co. in Sept. and only released Thurs?

More Good News-An Electoral Overview

Saturday in Ohio: A Slacker Rises

Harris Poll Results (God what a long questionnaire)

President Clinton's On C-Span

Anybody listening to "This American Life" on NPR? (I am in Kansas)

Waited in line 3 hrs to vote today,

What's the Frequency, Kenneth?

Download F911 free, here:

Go to Howard and click on Great American President

Bush Campaign goes for the stampede strategy

Rove's October surprise backfired!

DU this Poll - LAST CHANCE!

New Talking Point Needed for OBL Tape... Here is One

WTF! Stolen Honor shown here in Florida on CBS!

OBL tape contents vs. existence.

I'm Goorge W. Bush - and 48% of you approve of me.

America the Beautiful is dead and gone.

Pundits spin Osama tape for Bush

The difference between Bush and Kerry rallies

Can Bush make it to 47%? Part II.

Needed: Flyers for Election Day

Camille Paglia endorsing Kerry...Salon interview..

CNN Front Page Photo that Idiotic Guy w/B+C Stickers over his face

The Bush Administration Unveils Secret Method to Kill OBL

There Is NO WAY Kerry Will Lose The Popular Vote!

No surrender

RealVoices ad - HOLY **** devistating ad

Ick. Is everyone getting a huge Vote Republican ad on Yahoo?

Personal encounters re: voted/voting for Kerry today

So what did Bush say about OBL's slaugther of 3000 --- a "big gift"?

Who are these unnamed Democrats Adam Nagourney is always "quoting"?



State-by-State Predictions - KEEP ADDING YOUR INPUT!

What time will we KNOW On tuesday?

Big Dawg and Teresa Heinz Kerry coming up on CSPAN!

Kerry Gets Bin Laden Bounce

NBC News reading from Karl's script

Do you think a lot of people thought Osama was dead?

Republicans Urge Minorities To Get Out And Vote On Nov.3

Kerry still polls well on National Security even if it's below Bush*

I just saw this TV ad on local tv - very powerful


"Election Minute" on *FOX*

Britons Prefer Kerry to Bush for World Safety

Repuke scum Kasich : OBL tape has "stopped the bleeding" of Bush campaign!

OSU / Moritz College of Law - Election Law Website (with daily updates)

What is going to be the best channel to watch election returns?

Helen, Helen Thomas...C'mon and sit up here in the front row...

Freeps say Bush Administration *coordinating* SBV actions

Say you want a revolution? Well its time to vote!

Zogby showing Kerry ahead

Endorsement Tally: Kerry 186, * 151


What has America learned in the last week?

Well, something positive if Bush pulls it out...(sick humor)...

Rising Kerry: up 3 more points on msnbc poll

I was out at a huge event today. No one even breathed a word re: OBL tape

AP: White House electoral race nearly tied

Election Scenarios Game:

Just thought of all these very helpful to Bush talking points.

bush and osama - if you can't beat'em, join'em

Breaking News: Bush writes bin Laden thank you note for "little gift"

Bush takes a six-point lead after new bin Laden tape

2004 Presidential election, we will know the decision when?

Some interesting new numbers from SUSA

Springfield (MO) News-Leader Chooses Kerry

Unusually biased AP story on the last days of the campaign

Only two democrats ever won the paper endorsement race

Determined to vote

three thing I want to know

Rasmussen Battleground for 10/30 (Mostly Good News)

electoral college lottery

What new Newspaper Endorsements are due out tomorrow?

The "BIG GUY" called today

Is the RNC completely disorganized or really on the ball?

"Revealed: Blair's secret mission to woo Kerry"

May 1945 Battle of Berlin: Bush and Repug-Nazis Fight on....

OBL Alive and well = Bush's incompetence on the war against terrorist


Did Kerry Knock and Drops today for 4 hours

LOL! My co-worker told me his Repuke friend thinks Bush'll win big

LINK TV beginning @ 7pm eastern Nov 2nd will cover elections

Aww... I made a Bushie mad

Freepers in total meltdown over OBL tape blowback

Here's how wrong the polls were in 2000

Why does 1100 dead young Americans carry no political baggage?

I'm going in...WISH ME LUCK...

What polls were partly taken after Usama tape?

"Protect your right to vote"

Election '04: a referendum on the intelligence or stupidity of america

Better That Osama Is Making Videos There Than Fighting Us Here


Kerry & wife on Larry King, CNN, LIve NOW

Are the terrorists in Iraq emboldened by bin Laden's freedom and defiance?

John and Theresa on Larry King now. 9:32

"The only prayer threads DU has is when they pray for our troops to die."

Verbal exchange at McDonald's

Repeat after me:

Has the state of Minnesota moved off this planet or just the

Campaign Ads down to a trickle today in New Mexico??? Almost 0 for Bush

Richard Dreyfus on CSPAN

Attn: Southern NM--WES CLARK in Las Cruces tomorrow (Sunday) at

PHOTO: Bush boys today, winking & smirking in Florida

New theme song for Repubs

Don't Tie up your phone listening to Laura's Message!

wonkette on the folly of trying to second-guess what effect UBL

Bush is secretly talking about postponing the election.

The GOP's own Nader nightmare

How do you guys get the LAtimes EV tracker picture here?

Setting the stage for a Monday night surprise

Anyone catch Roger Simon of US NEWS on Dobbs last night?

Will Osama Help W.? Mo Dowd chimes in, and nails it.

Do you think a lot of people thought Osama was dead?


CNN Live phone topic: Do you think OBL is Trying to Inluence...

C span Piers Morgan opening can O Whoop ass on *

Hey all you "Activist/Involved" Kerry-Edwards "Campaign Canvassers and

I thought Cheney was going to Hawaii this weekend?

Polls tightening up : WP, ARG,

Anyone watching C-Span - Oxford debate Norquist vs Dreyfuss

Faux news and Rita Cosby

Is Sinclair sneaking in the Kerry smear film this weekend?

If you are a Democrat in a Big Republican district

At Least "Mo the Ho" Dowd gets her pre-election column right...

Anyone see the alleged Newsweek poll having Kerry 6 pts up?

John Kerry's on Univision now on tape

Kerry 61%,Chimp 39% in MTV "Pre-election"

"Security Measures" at AZ school polling places?

Am watching CNN softening OBL message . . .

Will Bush make it to 47% by Tuesday?

Bush's Ultimate Failure to Haunt Him on Election Eve

Washington Redskins home football games and the election...

Minnesota Poll: Kerry opens a lead

Fox is reporting shrub ordered 4 acres be given to Florida church

Just saw a "Vote or Die" sign at the Auburn vs. Ole Miss game n/t

By ten points, 46-36 percent voters say OBL tape helps Kerry...

Top Bush campaign official giddy over bin Laden tape

Thomas Friedman endorses Kerry... kinda...

I'm seeing a lot more Democrat/Kerry commercials here in El Paso

Advice to President Kerry from Paul Krugman

Transcript - Greg Thielman on NOW with Bill Moyer - Last night

Fun While It Lasted: Just Got Kicked Off Not-So-Free-Republic

Kerry has lead in Dade, poll says

Prof. Sam Wang Predicts Kerry Will Get Over 300 Electoral Votes

CNN: Real Voices Ad...WOW!

Special on John Kerry on MSNBC Right NOW!


C-span 2 now, Dem debating Swift boat vet O'Niell...

DU This Newsweek Poll:General Election

I got my very strict christian sister and her husband to watch F9/11 just

The threats to the bushies confirms my belief that Bush caused 9/11

Hip Hip Hooray, Dennis Kucinich is coming to Maui, Hawaii !!!

I'm not one of those "cute and cuddly" liberals...

Poll shows Hispanic voters clearly favor Kerry

Important petition for the Fairness Doctrine. Stop lying partisan media!!

C-SPAN Big Dog Now. n/t

College GOP group fundraising may be ripping off seniors

official Kerry campaign says race is stable with kerry looking great.....

Camille Paglia's voting for Kerry---BLECH!

Help, need info fast. The food for oil "scandal" what are the facts?

Any idea how the crowd sizes have been the last 2 days? CNN seems to be

EXACT quote of Walter Cronkite re: Rove, OBL

F 9/11 How is it doing at the rental stores this week?

Just got back from the Kerry rally in Appleton, WI

Salon: In Appleton, "Kerry made the point many were waiting to hear"

umm - yahoo! has a vote repub**c*n ad on its home page...

Sat Next To Repuke Tourists At "Real Time" Taping Last Night

Bush Mocks Kerry for Lambeau Name Gaffe

GA Voter Arrested for Wearing Costume

Republicans Endorsing Kerry

Jews likely to vote for Kerry

What would happen if Bush catches Bin Laden AFTER he loses the election?

If Laura Bush calls you, don't hang up

How many Repugs have you won over by showing them F911?

The "BIG GUY" called today

Swing state mania

Susan Estrich on FAUX was talking about voter turnout.....

The Big Dog Kicking Ass On C-SPAN

Good omen in the McDonalds today.

Bin Laden Video = Mission UN-Accomplished (funny picture!)

Found out there was a Repub spy at our poll worker meeting 2 weeks ago!

Interesting Reactions In Tulsa Today

FR is saying that Stolen Honor is being televised in it's entirety

AP: Democrats said their private surveys... momentum for the president

Edwards as Bush's VP? Gov't in Exile?!

President Clinton in Santa Fe.

Wow, a bumper sticker I hadn't seen before . . .


mason dixon at it again - never saw a Bush lead it didnt like

I need a new quote that rips shrub a good one.....

Nader...please go AWAY

why hasn`t Kerry mentioned the

Missing the Evidence on Missing Explosives: Reports ignore videotapes

Ladies and Gentlemen, Jon Stewart...

it's too late now for anymore bush* surprises....

I've sworn off all pundit shows, pre-election. Could someone watch

So, John McCain thinks OBL vid is "very helpful to the president"...

I'm just obsessed with this 58,000 missing ballots thing

How I think turnout is the key to winning. (actual theory)

Freepers Try To Come Up With Q&As To Defend Bush From Euro Press


very nice Mosh desktop wall paper

How many newspapers endorsed Gore, Bush, in 2000?

The Case for Treason Against Dick Cheney

Bush League: Why MLB Owners Support the Prez (more theft)

John Stewart's Comments on the Missing Explosives - video clip

Chimpy on "Sabado Gigante"-El no habla espanol??

Anyone see the Wolf Ad lately? It's stopped here in New Mexico

from Kos: Conflicted Evangelicals Could Cost Bush Votes

SNL skit slams Teresa

Anymore news on Andrea Mitchell's report that the OBL tape was edited??

DU this poll - does OBL tape help Bush or hurt him

DU this CNN Poll

SNL McCain Toon---mercilessly skewers Chimp! n/t

Hilarious Ed Gillespie lie about newspaper endorsements...

Kerry leads 52 - 41 among early voters in IOWA


Early Election Night Indicators - between 8:00 PM - 9:00

Who's the most Christian prez? Bush or Carter?

John Kerry 'shrine' near Dayton, Ohio.

FAUXNEWS ALERT : "U.S. Officials Consider Raising Terror Threat Level"

PLEASE DU CBS POLL !!! Did OBL tape help or hurt Bush?

Salon: 60 Minutes Blockbuster Sunday Night – al-Qaqaa

The unbelievable truth: "Tucker Carlson calls it for Kerry"

New (10/30) ARG Polls: NM and NH

Lawnchairs for the voting lines! Placeholders, too!

Usama Bump for Bush Vanished by Saturday Night. ABC Poll

Hot off the presses: 10/30 Zogby state polls (Good News FL, Bad news Ohio)

Stories From An Early Voter

Rasmussen judged one of most inaccurate polls in 2000!

Bush: "The most dangerous threat to American children" NOT UBL, its Emenem

Driving around playing Mosh really loud with Kerry yardsigns on both

Sunday TV Planner

The official "What time John Kerry will be announced President" pool!!!

Ok, seriously, help a girl out...

Nazis and the Republican Party - this is a REAL article, read

Debka (?) Bin Laden Spotted

Paid Republican canvassers stealing Kerry signs and

Let's say Bush wins Iowa... (A thought experiment)

I just realized something people have not talked about. 18-25

Bush camp: "We want people to think 'terrorism' for the last four days."

Tom Ridge says OBL tape may mean new attack imminent.

WHY did the U.S. EDIT the tape, WHAT is missing, WHO did it & WHEN?

I voted for Nader

Salon to Kerry: "Go after Bush the way he should've gone after OBL"

New Iowa poll; 48% Kerry 45% Bush...looking GOOD!

Last E-Mail to the Freeper's of the World has Kerry up by 1 - 10/30

PHOTO: The next President enjoys a beer in Iowa

Heads exploding in freeperland

NO matter what happens in this election, we fought like hell.

Remember those neighbors I wrote about here who are voting for *

Cronkite says Karl Rove was behind bin Laden tape

Who is in favor of abolishing the electoral college?

Scary image of * on CNN page...

Have you ever seen the Dems so united? I mean, seriously...

Chimp's * last minute campaign song--please advise! (Needs new one!)

The reason Bin Laden tape seems to be hurting Bush...

Moore to Have Cameras at Polling Places [He is making us proud]

Cuomo kicking ass on Fox right now...

What did you do to help Kerry today? Please stand up to be recognized.

Tom Friedman's Backhanded Kerry Endorsement Column

Justice Dept Suppressing Bush Lies and Possibly LIHOP

Oh my lord, listen to this...

Third Debate Affirms First Two: Keyes Wins Again (not The Onion)

The one undeniably excellent thing about Indiana

Novak called Dems "Scumbags" on Capital Gang!!!! Shields had to...

Bush team calls OBL tape "a little gift"

My fearless predictions for Tuesday

John McCain crows: OBL tape is "VERY HELPFUL to the President"

The right-wing is dead wrong - Osama wants Bush elected

DU Alert: Reuters-Yahoo Poll Closing Time Map Dangerously Deceptive!

STATE-BY-STATE PREDICTIONS -- Add your input here!

DUer Request for Action - Re: Limbaugh on NBC election night