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Archives: October 29, 2004

Ventura goes to mat with Schwarzenegger

Nick Di Paulo just said that God "should take Michael Moore" .......

"Voting Problems" forum- Could we get GregD's great post pinned?

UN expert: Israel 'killed' peace plan

Palestinian mortar kills soldier, wounds 6 others in Gaza

Education Initiative Doing Well. Gambling Initiative in trouble

Explain why press uses "Rumsfeld suggests Iraq explosives were moved..."??

Alright, I admit it, I took the explosives

Poll Observers?

If my son gets to vote, it will be a miracle

What is up with Hawaii?

Red Sox fans -- Please help us respond to Schilling's endorsement of W

Jimmy Kimmel just showed the infamous footage Bush giving the finger!!

Song by Laramie Crocker: "I Want My Country Back" dedicated to Dean folks

The very first thing I want to buy on November 3rd

Holy S***! Heard the new Eminem song yet? Wasn't a fan but now i am!

Thank you, DU!!!

GOTV: suggestions to encourage full participation

I saw it in Missouri

Repub MN Congressional candidate mentions SSN Reciprocity with Mexico

Jimmy Kimmel just showed the infamous footage Bush giving the finger!!

Princeton: International students weigh in on election

Navy Drops Charges Against Commando in Abuse of Prisoners

CNN BREAKING NOW: Helicopters arrive to take Arafat to Jordan

NYT: Edwards Is Finding It Difficult to Shift G.O.P. Trend at Home

N.Y. Attorney General's Office Accepts Unprecedented 9/11 Complaint

NYT: Many in Europe See U.S. Vote as a Lose-Lose Affair

I just got around to changing my username

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed

It's 1998. Reagan's dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DU Post of the day

Hi - I'm new

"Become a Soldier...An Army of One"..Army commercial

Wheres the halloween action in Portland?

assnxndi8ei sjdai9euqdjsakccnnsac jiwfjiewvks wkdsfiewnkcds jaskjdisjiff

Hello all. This is my first day at DU!!!

"Oh my God...this place is a PALACE!"

Red Sox fans -- Please help us respond to Schilling's endorsement of W

Im not a new DUer... but you still can ask me anything

Where can I get a video of Mann Coulter getting (nearly) pied?

The Red Sox did beat Bush after all....

2004's Scariest (and Funniest) Homemade Halloween Costumes

check this out!

People who believe in god are STUPID!

I just had a huge cup of Earl Grey and I'm looking for a fight!

Whatever happened to Jakob Dylan

Where did the phrase "bleeding heart liberal" come from?

Where can you find a glass thermometer anymore?

Holy Shit. No baseball threads in the Lounge.

My name's Robb, and I'm a Dingbat.

Groups and first albums that made you buy anything else that they've done

I've beem hijacked!

Hi I'm old!

i'm a freeper...ask me anything!

food fight...right at *

What are the most "Over-rated" things in the world?

I'm getting an effing cold

NYT: Abu Ghraib, Unresolved

We need a bumper sticker of Bush giving the Bird

Does the President Elect have any executive power?

Regarding Al Qaqaa and all it's recent twists and turns,

Kerry Has Picked SEN. BIDEN for Secretary of State? - Times Online UK

My Stomach Hurts

Sign in Texas: Save America Without DELAY! (pic)

THESE Are The People Who Support Gee Duhhhh-bya......

What's this about Donahue and Hannity?

Kerry/Edwards forum still down what can we do?

How many lawyers/volunteers/watchers are allowed at the polls

Ted Koppel Nightline: explosives coming up!

Kerry BillBoard

What's This??? Freepers in Pensacola Worried Because John

Inspiring final Kerry Meetup before Election.

You Wanna Make A Difference?? Here's How!!

We'll know who wins after the Redskins play on Sunday

How many members of the Bush Administration

Latest NC Poll Bowles-Burr

If Shrub loses, will he move to Springfield???

DU Paula Zahn Poll

I am going to ask DUers to hammer Sean Hannity...

NYT: Video Shows G.I.'s at Weapon Cache

Recent Poll Results - OHIO

Mark Racicot on Larry King

The unmaking of the president

The Real October Surprise? (redux)

John Kerry is Presidential.

Do you think we will take back the senate this year?

CNN is so hypocritical. Where is the headline, or even an article on the

CNN Breaking News; Arafat being transported from compound

Holbrook to be Mideast peace negotiator. Excellent choice, President Kerry

Captions please - AWOL today

Officials: Election Day Plot 'Chatter' Down - FAUX

Why HI and NJ appear to be closer, but why in the end it won't matter

I'm really enjoying those with the sense that we have already won

GOP County Chairman hires PRIVATE SECURITY to guard giant Bush-Cheney sign

Freepers getting desperate once again!!!

Kerry wants Joe Biden as Secretary of State, McCain as Defense Secretary

NEXT on Nightline: Ted Koppel on the missing explosives...HE WAS THERE

Should Kerry get more "personal" with Bush?

A message for the people of Iowa and all of America

Anti-McKinney people, post exactly what you hate about her

Miami Herald Columnist just on Countdown

Mark of the Beast

Chilling quote from Andrew Sullivan

bush's unsecured explosives & their adventures with the troops

Why don't the networks pool their resources and have a 5000 sample poll?

On Sundance now...."God on our side: George W. Bush"

Could Bush win the popular vote and Kerry the electoral college?

Just out of curiosity, how would you really feel if Kerry lost

NASA photo analyst: Bush wore a device during debate

HEY FREEPTARD TROLLS! David Kay just handed Kerry the WH keys!

Missouri info

100,000 for Kerry in Madison today, 2,000 turned out for Bush

The Sad Post Election Right-wing Meme: Country divided and polarized

Bush should apologize to NYT

to the people wary of the possibility of McCain as SecDef....i say this.

Needed: the single best anti-Bush and/or pro-Kerry article

From the Miami Herald: Bush's numbers not so good.

BIG! Salon: "The looting of Iraq's arsenal," by a U.S. CI agent in Iraq.

Herbert: Letting Down the Troops

[PINR] Oct. 29, 2004: Syria

Krugman: It's Not Just Al Qaqaa

hunter thompson still kickin'


Born-Again Europe?

Excerpts from "The Importance of the War on Terror in Iraq"

Juan Cole: US Has Killed 100,000 in Iraq: The Lancet

A Soldier Speaks --

Image: A pile of neocons is divine justice.

"For God's Sakes, Vote Him Out"

Rocks in a candy store (Published in Cairo by AL-AHRAM)


American rebel vs American al-Qaeda (Eminem's protest video)

Salon: "We love your outfits on the trail!" (Bush Twins' Online Chat)

William Rivers Pitt "Believe" (A great read!)

Road Less Traveled By

Marxist-Lessigism: A Profile on Lawrence Lessig and his I.P. Revolution

"American Conservative" Endorses Kerry

Did court give Bush push into PULL?

Uncle Osama

A Naderite for Kerry. It's no time for idealism.

Attack Falluja on Monday and "find" Zarqawi?

Salon/ Memo to Kerry: Don't let Osama steal your thunder

Just realized it was already posted

Salon: Remembering Spc. Tomas Garces

Clarke making the point right now on Nightline

President has to be more than our pal


Peter Bergen: Tora Bora: What Really Happened?

Under-30 voters: 'George, you're fired'

Gore to campaign for Abercrombie in Hawaii on 10/29


Pledge of Action to Stop A Stolen Election

don't worry bout a thing!

Moms For Kerry, Rosemont, PA 10/30, 3PM-Christie Brinkley, Lauren Hutton

we've been thinking of setting up an online donation site for our troops

Run all BIN LADEN ADS !!! BUSH: "I'm not that concerned about him."

TAKE FOOD & DRINK TO GIVE TO VOTERS IN THE LONG LINES...PARTY! -- Bill Clinton for Secretary General

Progressive Democratic Summit

Please Sign the petition to support Indymedia

Is the media really trying to suck up to Kerry because they can smell

General Clark on Real Time Tonight

Laura Ingraham, Coulter's clone, Larry King's "bad seed" tonight!


Will media report electronic vote for Kerry recorded as Bush in TX, & FL?

Walter Cronkite interview on History Channel

CNN just cut Kerry off right in the middle of a sentence. I guess any

FOX ALERT: Military officer removed 200 tons from AlQaqaa on April/13/03

President’s Budget – Fiscal Year 2005

Why the price of oil is so high? The REAL reason......

Lots Of TLC For LNG Company w/o Experience, But With Neil Bush As Cochair

Udaipur, One Of India's Most Famous Attractions, Shrivels Under Drought

Battery Shortage Will Cap Ford Hybrid SUV Sales At 20,000 In MY 2005

The Green Backlash 10 Years On - Superb, Long Article By David Helvarg

Election-Year Environmentaism - Bush Throws Bones To Hunters

Since 2000, 280 Apps. For Power Plants Within 62 Miles Of National Parks

Biased "article" from CNET News

Can USN adequately defend against a Sunburn missile attack?

WTF??? Army Under NATO Command in Afghanistan

Can regular hunting ammo penetrate bulletproof vests?

Best NRA-voter cartoon ever!

Holy Shalmoli! When did we get the large fonts back?

Suggestion - Report Voting Problems Forum

What happened to the avatars?

New Policies?


I think if we don't aggressively stop dupe topics over the next couple

Question about deletions.

SUGGESTION: Delete (not lock) all negative threads NOW through election

Is there anyway to delete all the dupe OBL threads in GD-2004

There are problems in LBN and I had problems posting in "bugs"

I am trying to post a problem. hope this gets through

What's with all the bug's today?

A premature thank you

For an hour or more this evening, I couldn't get on DU.

question about homepage nominations.

'9/11 Commission Report' Sparks Two TV Miniseries

New Hopsicker and Schwarz Interviews

OBL was supposed to be the October Surprise - OBL in China Theory

"Who Killed Daniel Pearl?" by Bernard-Henri Levy

Mike Ruppert to be on Air America (Mike Malloy Show)

Was OBL responsible (in any capacity) for 9/11??

Osama Claims Responsibility (Once Again) For The 9/11 Attack

the RIGHT polling place:

the illinois rethug meltdown continues

Did Der Gropenator Write "His" Guide to CA Propositions?

Getting info about LOCAL ELECTIONS (rural San Diego county)

California Voter Information

California Democratic Party's Proposition Endorsements (and my personal..

Orange County Dem Victory Party

I just voted!!

Big rally

Kerry Coming to Manchester, NH this Sunday

Any details on the celebration?

the RIGHT polling place:

Early polling places will be open Saturday

Good morning fellow Minnesotans.

People Can Still Register on Election Day at Polling Place

Pics from Edwards at the U (warning: large files)

Minneapolis power outage?

St. Cloud Times endorses Kerry

Zogby makes MN red!

Tell me about your state House races, Minnesota

We are NOT going to let Minnesota go red dammit!!! Get going now!!!

Any protesters tomorrow (Saturday)?

Get Out the Vote with the DFL. Find an event by

Vote for the two women on the ballot for Michigan Supreme Court

the RIGHT polling place:

Predict the winner for Michigan/Michigan State game tomorrow

We can do it Buckeyes.

the RIGHT polling place:

Challenges tossed in Summit - challengers may be criminally liable

Great Resource for Info. on Voter Challenges and Election Law

Kerry and THE BOSS, Bruce Springsteen in CLEVELAND, MONDAY Nov 1!

Federal judge ready to hold SOS Ken Blackwell in contempt unless

Just a sort of 'heads up' for Montgomery County voters.


Challengers Banned ????

Bush draws 6,000 at Hara Arena (Dayton), Gets Emotional

Cleveland/Akron/Canton evilDUers - How long after Kerry is elected

Dear OHIO - I'm on my way from NE today :-) Long drive - great endeavor

How does one fill out a write-in ballot in Ohio?

Volunteer in Dayton/Montgomery County area

U.S. Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio, predicts lawsuits to follow election

Kerry/Springsteen at OSU -- pics

ID Required?

Moms for Kerry, Oct. 30th, 3PM - L.Hutton, C. Brinkley,Rosemont, PA

Moms for Kerry Rally in State College, PA

John Edwards to be in Greensburg PA this Sunday!!!

the RIGHT polling place:

Some Santorum (yech) news

Most of you know, but - today is the last early voting day in Texas

Signs in Texas: Save America Without DELAY.

Video Vote Vigil - Sign Up Now to Protect our votes

Shrub. Dallas. Monday. BE THERE.

Volunteer for Nick Lampson on Election Day

My Angelina County (TX) early voting experience.

the RIGHT polling place:

Dallas Area DUers! Have plans for Saturday?

Most of Us Have Already Voted, Right?

So how do you hold up?

Wisconsin evangelicals abandoning Smirk!

Kerry in Milwaukee Nov 1

the RIGHT polling place:

Do you have ealry voting in Wisconsin? nt

Drownings haunt Wis. college town

Washington Dog Phones 911 for Fallen Owner

Homeowner's Associations Suck

I hope everyone knows what their assignment is Election Day

What's With the Kerry Board?

I am pissed that other sites that cant be spoken and others like

Methodist Bishop Cautions Against Blasphemy in Bush Administration

There be Dominionists out there voting Bush, but no REAL Conservatives.

Isn't it amazing how right-wingers accuse us of trying to steal it in 2000

Dub's Doggies...

World Party

The Hunting of the President

wellstone asassination press conference?

Wow, just saw one of those phone chat commercials...


How about the gall of that stupid ass chimp asserting that the RDX

Here's why Cheney's going to Hawaii..

Want a scary reason to vote for Kerry?

How non-partisan is the National Journal?

Jimmy Kimmel just showed the * One Finger Salute video.

He (Eminem) will be on SNL this weekend

Bad Moon Risin' over the Capitol?

Al Qaeda tape may mention Bill Maher

Kerry will get us out of Iraq, one more reason:

Cartoon: Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat

Mad Magazine's take on bush

What's the over/under on how many times "AHNULD" says...

What will the morons do if Bush loses?

For the freepers, You fought the wrong war

100,000 people who won't get a vote

Tallahassee Democrat Zings!


U.S. military command Concern for Weapons:"did not give a shit"

two wolves, and a positive outlook:

I know this had to be discussed before can someone point me to the thread?

Scariest Halloween EVER............

Holy Sh*t! there is a God!! What a week!..

The Nation on "Team America"

"Mosh" playing on MTV,just started (Eminem)

9/11 doomed the neocons.........

KSTP video footage from Al QaQaa just shown on CNN international

The Fool's Poll- USA/CNN/Gallop

Bobby Kennedy Jr. is going to be on Howard Stern today

CNN censors liberal weblog?

Al Qa Qaa wasn't just some little weapons storage unit

BBV - E-mail reveals Postal Service may have mishandled Broward ballots

"This brutal ordeal is now officially over, I will never speak of it again

Now that the KSTB video proves facts, Kerry needs to HAMMER!

non voters should drop dead

Al Quada's new threat against the US

3rd Quarter GDP Prediction Thread

Freepers are spinning themselves silly over the KSTP video.

Help me understand

What's up with CNN.COM?

Local a girl claims she was fired from a national restaurant after her

As we were eating breakfast and watching the morning news,

The decline of American Civilization.

New Ohio Voters

For Bill O'Reilly. Remember when you were skewering people like

NYTimes story on KSTP/Al Qaqaa video page 1 above the fold

LAST weekend available for Terrorists to Influence our election....

So what did we bomb in Iraq?

I just had my 500th post!!!!

What did Olbermann say about O'Reilly settling last night?

O'Reilly compared his "ordeal" to 9/11?!?

Can you FEEL it??? It's HAPPENING.. the worm has turned... bush is going

Peak Oil Researchers: Some help needed


Idiot on "NIGHTLINE" last night.

See ya!

What was the result of the story involving woman "fired" for Kerry sticker

Bush's Prayer - My Mother switches to our side....

Where were all the munitions that the Iraqi people

We the people of this country will get our country back

So...Laura called yesterday.

Some very good news from Reuters...

my idea: Jon Stewart SHOULD be Kerry's Press wait...(list)

People I Used to Respect: New Addition

Turn on CNN...NOW!

Krugman on AAR: Bushco in Iraq - never looked for WMD

100,000 dead but not one word from media

New Hopsicker and Schwarz interviews

welp, so much for the Osama October surprise scenario.....

Bill Clinton called Tom Joyner this morning.

Kerry Live in Orlando,Fl NOW!!

Black Panthers should regroup and guard polling stations

Rumsfeld's $9 billion Slush Fund...where did the money go?

what happened to inbeded report?

I was 'flagged' as having an incorrect address at the voter reg. office

I just don't get it!

Do you think Bush would block a peaceful transfer of power?

Bush Foreign Policy hurts U.S. Brands

missing weapons new news

What would you do? Homeland Insecurity

Nat'l Review editor calls Ann Coulter "flamboyant"...

I've tried to vote twice in Palm Beach County...lines too long!

Bush did not accept Saddams declaration that weapons had been destroyed

the fake turkey , the fake president

Hello!? If they doctored Bush camapign ad pictures, how can we believe

bush/Edwards 2004??

If there were orders to "destroy" these explosives, there should be a

300,000,000 people in the U.S. and only 3000 died on 9/11

PBS Frontline: Rumsfeld's War will be available for online viewing

So, what about the OTHER 180,000 tons?


DU *PRACTICING* Catholics - what's you're take on Pope John Paul II?

I can open my Heniken!

Faux News is really getting worried about the missing explosives

Michael Moore coming up on Franken...

Are we about to catch the Bush admin in another big lie?? (Explosives)

two articles on Giuliani blaming the troops for missing explosives

"I dont know. I dont have that information. " Make those words matter!!

Faux News Alert: Soldier to say he removed 200 tons of AlQaqaa explosives

do you think people will believe this spin about the explosives

Bush's head is a Weapon of mass destruction

Homeland Security Agents Visit Toy Store

What happens? (election litigation)

I CAN'T OPEN AIR AMERICA !!! . . . . .

Jessie V. Comes Out Swinging! For JFK!!!

The press is unusually clearing the smoke screen

Pentagon gobble-de-gook on now

Nice threatening email

Ha ha. Franken's dittohead friend just endorsed Nader.

This guy on the press conference about missing explosives...

Michael Moore coming up on Al Franken's show

"Urgent Request for the Basic Necessities of War."

My head is spinning. Local NBC TV news showing satt photo "just released"

SBOP (Standard Bush Operating Procedue)...

boy the press conference guy looks nervous

i'm a freeper...ask me anything!

arch criminal DeLay opens his mouth and disses Kos

I finally understand the Bush* strategery.

These poor Pentagon bastards got hung out to dry by Rummy

Electronic Voting Machines in Florida cartoon - pretty funny

Bushists Building a "Yucca Mountain" for Humans at Guantanamo


Did anyone see the ABC embedded journalist from Minn.

What was the Colonel's full name?

Anyone catch Wolf "The Hooker"'s statement re explosives?

98,000 Iraqi civilians dead, including 40,000 children

Hows this for a good thought

Methodist Bishop Cautions Against Blasphemy in Bush Administration

When they look back at why bush lost

Douche and Turd

Franken mentioned Cheney lied about WMD - DUH

The US had an obligation to inform the IAEA about the explosives

Did anyone just listen to Al Franken's "Dick Cheney Halloween Story"

Why do you have to remove explosives from Al Qaa Qa bunkers to blow them

Census Bureau paying for SUV ads

Did anyone see the footage of Guliani blaming the troops for missing

reporter Bill Gertz and his wife are religiously insane

F 9/11 on TV!!!!!

Awesome Greg Bear Quotation.

doctored photos of trucks full of explosives COMING SOON!

Official al Qaqaa explanation announces free download!


Air America: Pentagon briefing about explosives that weren't under seal.

I performed an act of civil obedience last night.

If you get called by the Hill Research Consultants -- hang up.

CNN has the transcript of the Pentagon briefing if anyone is interested

The damage to the country has been done. It was predicted.

New Clinton sex scandal -- perfect timing!

Out of state voting

Did you see the Bank of America Motor Votor ad?

ES&S machines Broward Florida, some not showing Kerry as option!

Misogyny---Laura and Teresa (Great Article)

Also from todays Tallahassee Democrat

Keep him walking e-mail...

a bunch of letters praising Eminem's protest song/video at BartCops'

A Sad Story From The Frontlines.....

Remember all the "WMD FOUND" headlines at the start of the war?

Silenced by the President

Bush's confetti comes down pre-mature in NH! - PIC

NASA Photo Analyst: Bush Wore Device During Debate

Need the best looking picture of John Kerry I can find...

Thom Hartman on C Span this morning!

B.S. Article from CNet Tech News

Sites that Rove bookmarks

Question- Can Liberals and Conservatives stop hating?

Video of Bush drunk in 1992 from the Smoking Gun

"Please, do not believe everything you hear and read."

I'm giving up dealing with Repukes and cons anymore

CAPTION THIS......Girle and Girle Man

FOX payed all that money

Why I dislike Maureen Dowd even when she cuddles up to our side.

"Family Values Voters Guide" Guess who they support?

THE ANSWER TO TALKING POINT about missing = 1/1000 of "400,000" tons

What do the poles say today?

Freepers should be required to watch this

"Flier" in school -- "Jesus gave me a new life!"

Bill and Hillary have been asked to take part in interviews in Hawaii

Have you heard of 21st Century Act, or Check 21* banking law?

I need a to Bush's one finger salute, any link would be appreciated

I can't believe we're letting Bill O'rgasm off the hook so easy here at DU

What has been the whores reaction to the fat white guy in the terra' vid?

If your in a Airplane heading for a Mountain (Air Traffic Controllers)

Baptist Preachers Daughters Jessica & Ashlee Simpson are "sexy" Pop Stars

fox reporting osama to air on al jazeera soon tracks "the most contagious information on the web"

LOL! Be Careful of Copyright Infringement...


Rumsfeld's Purge

No more Osama bin Laden posts unless you've SEEN the tape.

Predictions on the ipcoming Osama tape? What will he say this time?

"Election Night Coverage Raises Questions"

Need some help finding some links, please.

The man is compassion personified...

Schilling Cancels Scheduled Appearance With Bush

Flashback -whatever happened with that 9-11 "short sell" stock incident?

A message to the troops from GW Bush*

Help get Iraq Vets' story into the media.

Social issues

truly scary Halloween costumes for the kids!

That Japanese Hostage Was Killed

Are all Libertarians totally wacky?

Dog saves woman's life by calling 911

These minor incidents of violence are not a good sign

Homeland Security raids small toy store in St Helens.....



Pentagon Priority Was Given to Iraq Weapons Caches Identified by Chalabi

I heard on Faux the tape said

What Is Conservatism and What Is Wrong with It?

Then-Gov. Bush told biographer he "needed" a war to be successful!!!

See the whole story about the missing explosives!

Need some help

A couple months ago I stumbled onto an electoral vote map

What will Bush do when he loses?

Fox is pathetic... Bin Laden Tape, stressing how it is good for JR

The real translation of the OBL tape

Bush Campaign Drops Song After Writer Complains

lame Rovian attempt to inspire fear....

pResident Budget - 2005: May I draw your attention to this paragraph:

lame Rovian attempt to inspire fear....

Celsius 41.11 has disappeared

Texas GOP Precinct Chair Endorses Morrison..NOT Delay! WooHoo!

Fun photo from protest in Broward county, FL

Does Anybody Have A Link to a transcript or Video of Bin Laden Tape?

The "October Surprise" bin Laden lives...

After Kerry wins, we should declare a massive war on Corporate control

Holy Crap!!! Eminem on SNL this week, all new

That was odd

If Bin Laden criticizes Bush,

100,000 number probably way off---30,000-50,000 probably closer

So * has been endorsed by Iran and now the al Qaeda...

Osama dismisses Bush as unimportant

super tinfoil hat theory.....

Do you think the OBL tape will expose freepers here at DU?

FBI investigation of Halliburton Iraq contracts...CYA?

have fun playing with the brainless one!

Not today, not EVER

How do we make the media accountable?

My photos of Kerry in Orlando today (looking good)!

Help! What is Kerry's Resume? Career highlights?

Does anybody here really think that was "Osama?"

It's hard to be a Republican

My opinion

Isn't this the first time that OBL has claimed responsibility for 9/11?

If anyone needs any evidence what a warlike mentality and actual

Daschle in Tough, Costly Election Fight

what i heard

DEBUNKING the pentagon SATALLITE BUNKER photos...W/pictures!

Why WOULDN'T bin Laden want Bush?

Clueless Freeps...

Please Sign the petition to support Indymedia

Why shouldn't ex-felons be allowed to vote?

F/9-11 Downloads where are they?

Is this really Osama? Has he been watching F-9/11??

Was bush pre-recorded just then?

Star WarsTheme Debate of Bush vs. Kerry

Bin Laden Tape: The Last Line May Be The Most Important

Moore vs Bin Laden

Al Jazeera synopsis of bin Laden tape

Well, the OBL tape worked...just look at all the threads on this board...

Fresh Air interview with former Marine Josh Rushing of

EEEWWWWWWW!! Bushes forehead!!

Television propaganda and Halliburton

Why is bin laden still alive?

The rabid right has done to the GOP as it has with the word "Liberal"

Holbroke is killing Wolf. Left him almost speehless. Trying to spin for

heelarious FU Freeptard page

Economic reasons to vote for the Democrats

"Bush Campaing Asked to Drop 'Still the One'!"

The O'Reilly Tapes (iFilm presentation)

This incident, like previous tapes of Bin Laden, looks contrived to me.

Has anyone posted side-by-sides of OBL? Last picture before this one?

With this vote, John Kerry, I thee wed

Registration challengers in Ohio may be criminally liable

"Bush is out there right this very second stumping & sweating & blinkin

Where is the joy? Eminem on SNL this Saturday!!!

Freep types way beyond insane, becoming psychotic on Yahoo boards

Do you think the OBL tape is authentic?

Can't wait to watch MTP on Sunday!

OBL definitely wants Bush to win. He knows full well that this tape will

anyone seen the animated antiwar music video by "chronic future"?

Yikes...tornado warnings just southwest of here...storms coming this way

Is there a link to the FULL transcript of Bin Laden's statement?

What leader said, in essence

Bush & Kerry are "two rich men of privilege." How so?

In Profiles: Would anyone use Yahoo Messenger or ICQ

Math: Winning with 22.9% of the popular vote

Are the Freepers celebrating the new Bin Laden tape?

TREASON : Using Bin Laden to influence our vote!

Worst fatality of * Admin...

Was Osama trying to imply that American people should commit anarchy?

Bin Laden is REAL

c-span 713pm shrub und der groper in ohio

OBL Is a gift Horse for the Kerry Campaign

OBL Tape: Who's behind it?

Why doesn't DirecTV carry the BBC?

OBL mocks Bush - sure this isn't the work of the CIA-they want * out

The Daily Show with Zogby is reruning now on east coast.

A frightening trend to come?

so Bin Ladin has tried to manipulate US elections in favor of Bush

OBL and the Power of Nightmares.

Kerry in a landslide baby!

My contingency plan...

What's with the remark "thank God" on the tape?

Nice people to be running your country -

THE DAILY POST: GIULANI IS GAY!!! it's official!

"JFK Satirist Vaughn Meader Dies"

Just saw a thread by Earl G,.....forget this one. Glad he started it.

If you were a muslim how would you feel at this moment

Did Bin Laden endorse Nader?

my kerry house sign experience today

more KSTP breaking now

Just saw the Al-Jazeera tape of Bin Laden

Please DU this freeper poll.

I stopped my company from attaching a Pro-Bush memo to our paychecks!

John Edwards on Cspan now.

The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!

How did Kerry get CNN to ditch Candy Crowley from covering his campaign?

Poll: Miami Jewish vote goes to John Kerry

Let's all listen to Bruce Springsteen music tonight!

Peter Bergen: more American journalists at Tora Bora than US troops

"The President of Good and Evil: The Ethics of George W. Bush"

Yay! I finally got the finger for my Kerry/Edwards DU Stickers

Check out this poll!

Was this a friday night news dump?

The media is showing America their bias today

Bin Ladin: "If Bush says we hate freedom...why we didn't attack Sweden?"

DU TRUTH ZONE: Post your Kerry Bin Laden quotes HERE!!!

Lurking Deaniacs...just watched inspiring DVD of 1st annual DemocracyFest.

Wild-Paranoid SPECULATION: BushCo down in polls cash in insurance policy

Roger Simon & Karen Tumulty on CNN -- Read This Shameful Transcript

"Cheney Calls Iraq, Afghan Wars Brilliant"


Is Osama Bin Laden a fictional character? Has anyone seen him ?

LINK HELP: Raiding Social Security to Make Deficit Look Smaller?

Russ Baker site.

4 minutes of CNN Cheers

I want to know what the hell this means.

Where is Bush --Why doesn't he respond to Bin Laden?

What will happen to Colin Powell?

Springsteen in Miami...Radiates the Real Message

Osama & Bush Are PERFECT For Each Other ...

Viewer Alert -- 10 Eastern on IFC

Lemme get this straight....

Got a Website? Help People Find Where to Vote.

Elizabeth Edwards on Tavis Smiley's PBS show tonight (Fri)

How Osama tape can help a Kerry land slide

Has anyone seen this yet?We were tricked by George W. Bush

Randi needs to chill

After Kerry wins, we are going to declare war on the vast RW conspiracy

What is on NOW tonight? Anyone seen it already?

Remember when the news whores wouldn't broadcast...

Here's some irony: 100,000 Iraqis dead/Saddam still alive!

I've Got This Image

It's nice to have a candidate who doesn't say stupid things

Bin Laden vs. George Bush (a rant)

So who does Osama bin Laden want to win the election.

Two former Bushies at work, in Texas, today..

100 Facts (documented) and 1 Opinion - the Nation

NAACP in hot water over speech

"Carlin's Book Gets the Boot"

Osama says he's responsible for 9/11 - Bush let's him run loose...

IFC NOW F9/11 a moment in time

A question for the family members of our military men & women.

"When you have a Family, you'll understand"

Just for the hell of it

Santorum update

Did anybody hear that the Chicago Tribune's head is stepping down?

Is it possible to un-pardon someone?

bin ladin tape denies bush's claim of Al Qaeda attack during election

I just made a last minute contribution to the Kerry campaign.

I Am Gazing At The Innards Of Democracy !!!

Bin Laden benefits no matter who wins the election.

I finally got to see Fahrenheit 9/11!

US on ice at Democracy Center..Good place for it to be since

Who Is Osama Campaigning For?

I want to bring up John Poindexter today.

LINK HELP: Mad Cow Disease in New Jersey, 5 Dead

Statistics, 2000 and now...

Something to make you smile

So on Olberman tonite he talked about the Redskins..

Every worthy American "value" I believed in,...


How do I get the repugs from calling?

Why George Bush Should Go Into Medicine After He Loses On Tuesday ...


Wow, Dim Son IS short!

Imperative: New commercial should show Bin Laden tape & Bush's comments

Who would have thought it? Supression of voters in America.

Bin Ladin Chides Bush Over "My Pet Goat"

How profoundly has the last 4 years of Bushit & Co changed you?



Explain to me OBL's reference to Lebanon

GUESS who helped the terrorists get the missing explosives,go ahead, guess

Anyone ever registered on a freeper site

The Weak-ly Standard, and William Kristol

Reminder!! Kerry in Orlando...great speech...on CSPAN 1 at 12:09 ET am

Help Me Compile this List

The Compleat Denial-O'LIELLY Settlement Digest

Help needed in Palm Beach County

So, what do you think should be done about Palestine?

Has anybody emailed Maher and asked why he keeps giving this psychotic

Pledge of Alligance to *

Friday night Malloy thread.

Federal, State or Local Government?

Will Bush pardon Ken Lay after he loses the election ? Who Else?

For anyone who has been to a Kerry rally

Awwwwwww! The sweetest Kerry pic > > >

Liberal Gun Owners - Check In !

I don't want to see bin Laden dead.

I Think It's the Saudis Again.

why was the O'Reilly Harassment Case Settled out of court??

May I make a plea to DUers for the next few days & especially on 11/2

WooHoo!! FAIRNESS DOCTRINE DOT COM -- Check this out

Abortion is a symptom of an anti-Life culture.

I think Media should not tell polls or opine until after the election

Kerry will be the next president but.........

Please....will our Democrats stop saying we went to war the wrong way.

Should Osama bin Laden be brought to trial, or just killed outright?

Good evening, DUers!

Students experience reverse culture shock

Dershowitz endorsement of Kerry?

Bushies middle finger

2nd favorite headline on Nov 3

Hey, Bush kept his promise about Bin Laden!!

Second West African Coup Plot Emerges

Anybody here going to the MoveOn rally in Philly with Al Franken tomorrow?

Holy Crap! What Is Going Down in Mosul?

Explaining Cheney's greed -- why he MUST win at all costs: asbestos

Is it just me or is our entire national life turning into a circus?

Another John Kerry photo thread (possible long download)

What do YOU have in common with John Kerry?

My prediction is Kerry will get 54 percent of the vote

Is Bush starting an insurgency?

Man i am loving the fact that the media looks like its FINALLY ...

UGH! Kevin Costner Has Hijacked 'Real Time w/Bill Maher'!

Are you listening to Bill Mahar on HBO?

People are Sensing the Winds of Change

My letter in NYTIMES

Ok, so what is so bad about tax cuts for the rich?

BBV:NEW STORIES: Are we insane? Voting without auditing?

Seriously, something doesn't feel right...

The Latest Bin Laden Video Tape Is A Fraud

Caption This !!! - 'I Think He's Starting To Miss It Already !'

"Cats Are Democrats" | an EXPLOSIVE set of TOONs

Who's got a Remembrance Day poppy?

Last night's Question Time.

BIG! Salon: "The looting of Iraq's arsenal," by a U.S. CI agent in Iraq.

RUMSFAILED: There is no 'secret plan' to reinstate a military DRAFT

Arafat just left Ramallah for Amman on his way to Paris...

MSNBC reporting Arafat being flown to Paris for medical treatment

Calif. Democrats File FCC Complaint

O’Reilly settles sexual harassment lawsuit

MN Law restricts media access to voting

Cheyenne news outlets receive threatening mail

NYTIMES: Video Shows G.I.'s at Weapon Cache

Study puts Iraqi toll at 100,000

(NY/NJ/CT) Gets Less Federal $$ for Taxes Pd ("cowboy capitalists" gain?)

Bush--"The American people are very wise.

Politics, Gas Fuel Battle Over New Mexico Forest

Salon: There is a house in New Orleans (on Sen. candidate Vitter)

LAT: Workplace Now Terrain of Politics (company efforts crucial to Bush)

BBC: Iraq deaths claim 'to be studied'

Three UN hostages alive, but may be killed: abductors' spokesman

Albright slams Bush over Iraq

WP: (Bush-)Approved Stem Cells' Potential Questioned

Manhood questioned in Kentucky U.S. Senate campaign

Schwarzenegger aide to face libel case over grope claims

Wounded in Iraq survive, but cost is high

WP,pg1: Wives of US Troops Share Pain, and Often Politics (2/3 for Bush)

15 Former Brokers Accused of Misleading Older, Unsophisticated Investors

Kerry Camp Seizes on Probe of Halliburton

WSJ: Some Retailers Are Cautious About Adding Jobs for Holidays

O'Reilly down, Hannity ponders the next shoe to drop(cartoon)

Region Readies for Electoral Storm/Florida

US wants Pakistan to woo 'good' Taliban

Report: Columbus contractor killed in Iraq

German politician faces new charges over massacre in Italy

P. Diddy launches Vote or Die! tour

LAT: Halliburton Contracts Bypassed Objections(new, undisclosed documents)

Americans Warned Against Saudi Arabian Travel

GOP Seeks More Time for Military Ballots

Election Eve to "Rock" with Kerry & Springsteen in Cleveland

Bombers 'ready to target Russia'

Rendell says he'll seek more time for overseas military voters

Former Beirut hostage runs for office, cries foul over terrorism smear

NYT: Ohio Court Battles Flare Over Challenges to Voters (10/29, not over)

protester heckle and disrupted bush* rally in Manchester NH...CNN live

NY Att'y Gen Accept Unprecedent Complaint Demanding Criminal Inq 911Crimes

Faux News Alert: Soldier to say he removed 200 tons of AlQaqaa explosives

Pope steps in for his friend Buttiglione

Bush and Kerry Locked in Dead Heat - Reuters Poll(Zogby)

FBI cranks up heat in Halliburton case

Consumer Sentiment Fades in October

US ambassador to Germany eyeing Rumsfeld's Pentagon job

Military was told of weapons looitng

Economic News - That Sinking Feeling

Chicago Mayor Steps Back From Gay Marriage Petition

Video Suggests Explosives At Site After Invasion

Aid workers say they told military about looting of weapons depot

Germany bolsters rights for same-sex marriages

Russia summons U.S. diplomat over Iraq arms claim

Rush just gave absentee instructions....

U.N. elections officials in Afghanistan kidnapped

(Ponca City, OK)Forty ConocoPhillips jobs to be eliminated (700 last year)

Russia's Liberals, Communists Hold Protest Rally Against Putin's Reform

Bad News Dogs Bush As Election Nears

NWCN anchor saw Iraq explosives after invasion


European Constitution to be signed in Rome today announces free download!

Specter in line to be federal court kingmaker

Fox news says Terrorist Adam Ghanan

Media Consolidation Seen on Menu in Election

CIA cannot authenticate ABC Al Qaeda terror tape received in Pakistan

Ohio GOP Loses Bid to Fight Registrations

Pentagon Seeks to Account for Explosives (comes up short)

Voters reportedly harassed at polls

Kerry to opt for the senator who copied Kinnock (Biden tapped for SoS?)

The Battle for Fallujah begins.

Vast amounts of weapons-related material missing, official says - KRT

Black Watch soldier dies

Fox is pathetic... Bin Laden Tape, stressing how it is good for JR

Eminem on SNL Saturday!

Bush Asked to Stop Using 'Still the One'

'Six dead' in Fallujah strike

Bin Laden threatens new attacks

Did court give Bush push into PULL?

Al-Jazeera Airs Videotape by Bin Laden

WaPo:Homeland Security Disavows Document Touting Successes

US spy plane violates Pakistani air spaceþ

William Rehnquist released from hospital Friday

Rendell agrees to extension for overseas ballots

Bin Ladin: Bush deceived Americans (al Jazeera)

ElBaradei Dismisses Timing Accusations

U.S. Prepares for Major Fallujah Operation

BREAKING Bin Laden Speaking NOW CNN

Homeland Security disowns(* appointee's) PR plan

Democrats target Harris, GOP eyes Boyd in Florida House races

Black Watch soldier dies in crash

BBC: Bin Laden tape to be broadcast at 20:00 GMT

AP: Castor keeps up attacks on Martinez for outsourcing jobs

Both Kerry and Bush to issue statements NOW re: OBL - I'm watching

"FoxNews on live all-day in 2600 WalMarts on Election Day"

Bush Campaign Drops Song After Writer Complains

The Qutar gov't. honors freedom of the press.

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 29 October

Alabama Congressional Candidate Injured

U.S. Forces Prepare to Attack Falluja and Ramadi

Pentagon Presents Inconclusive Evidence Regarding Missing Weapons

US fails to suppress bin Laden tape

Resident says confusion cost her tickets to Republican rally

Oregonian says he told military about looting of weapons

AP: Bin Laden excerpts (transcript)

Washington Post tracking poll, 10/29/04: Kerry 47 -- Bush 50

Bush Says U.S. Won't Be Intimidated by Bin Laden

Lear to layoff up to 219 workers in Marshall (Michigan)

AP: Group's anti-Kerry flier features school kids in gas masks

U.S. Marines Poised to Storm Falluja and Ramadi

Kerry: Americans' Safety at Stake in Election

Labor (Dept.) Memo Suggests Bush to Win Election

New York Daily News-What Zogby tells me:Kerry WINS

Bush enlists Schwarzenegger for star turn


With an expected Kerry victory, eyes turn to congressional races (NEWSDAY)

US believes bomb caused Marriott blast in Pakistan

Schilling Cancels Appearance with Bush

Clear Channel Earnings Plummet 60 Percent ....hahaha...too bad

Japanese Hostage Killed in Iraq - AP

Republicans Pressed To Halt Voter-Suppression Efforts

Labor (Dept) Memo Suggests Bush to Win Election

State Department Tried to Stop Airing of Bin Laden Tape

Bin Laden Says He Ordered 9/11 Attacks

925 felons in Florida plan to vote illegally, Republicans say

E-mail reveals Postal Service may have mishandled Broward ballots

Arkansas Legislature Candidate Drops Bid (R- arrest record exposed)

Southwest ponders assigned seats

Kerry: Americans' Safety at Stake in Election

Cheney oil firm faces UK inquiry

Reuters: Bin Laden Condemns Bush. New Attacks Possible.

Groups that support stem cell research oppose (CA) Proposition 71

WSJ: Will Nader Sink Democrats?

Huge Democratic turnout in early voting in Broward

Bush Says White House Race Boils Down to Trust

LA Times: Kerry Casts Bush as a Failed Incumbent

WP: Edwards Returns Home to North Carolina to Cast His Vote

Bush Agrees to Consider Textile Limits

Protesters, Republicans accuse each other in scuffle at Cuyahoga GOP HQ

NYT- (Former DOJ emp) Adviser in Lindh Case Sues Justice Dept.

Bogus letter calls out 'deadbeat' voters

Absentee ballot scam in S.J. (San Juaquin Co., CA)

Moore brings political frenzy to rally

Florida's population to increase on Election Day

Major U.S. Businesses Back California Tort Reform

Registration challengers in Ohio may be criminally liable

Native American vote could swing key races

Bloomberg backs Schumer

US asked Qatar, Al-Jazeera not to air binLaden tape(when did * know ?)

(FL) GOP May Wield Felon List

Bin Laden Tape Could Help Bush - Analysts

Tennessee Sets Record for Early Voting

UN human rights expert: 'Israel has killed the road map'

Kerry Hot air Balloon lands in Central Park, NY

Profanity in 'Doonesbury' Rankles Papers

WP/Milbank: Impact Of October Surprise Uncertain

NYT-Along With Prayers, Families Send Armor

IRS Investigating 60 Tax-Exempt Groups (many are churches)

Lobbying for Libya—and Bush -Isikoff (more fall-out)

Watchdog Claims Unscrupulous Coors Ad

Kerry Statement on Bin Laden Tape

Ex-OAS Chief Ordered Held in Costa Rica

Alaskans to Vote on Legalizing Marijuana

Soldier says he helped remove 200 tons of explosives from Iraq site

BREAKING Bin Laden Speaking NOW CNN , Thread II

Cheney Calls Iraq, Afghan Wars Brilliant

WP: Jeb Bush's Influence in Fla. Inspires Awe, Rage

Austin (IRS) Employees Fearing (2,000) Layoffs To Outsourcing

E-mail ties Cheney office to contract (MSNBC)

CNN reporting fire on Edwards plane

Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq ( 1,111 )

Bush campaign hurt by missing arms and Halliburton inquiry (& OBL)

Contractor From Georgia Killed in Iraq

FCC Orders End to Free Ads for GOP

As Iraq Elections Near, Pentagon Extends Tours of Duty for About 6,500

Fla.: Kerry Takes Commanding Lead in Early Voting! KERRY 56, BUSH 39!!

No Change in U.S. Alert Level Now, White House Says

Whistleblower Says Halliburton Contract Abuse Blatant

[Bush's toast] U.S. Q3 GDP increases 3.7% vs. 4.3% expected

Bin Laden: U.S. Can Avoid Another Attack

WP - U.S. Deputy Kills Driver In Dispute, Police Say

L.A. Times reports a major loss in circulation numbers

US deploys military satellite jamming system

Cheney to Make Visit to Hawaii on Sunday

NYT-Part of 9/11 Report Remains Unreleased, and an Inquiry Is Begun

White House argues to deny voting-rights lawsuits to public

Where can you get a glass menagerie anymore?

What does A&R stand for? (QUESTIONS)

Is Bunnypants hitting the bottle again?

h-3 to be smaller, more fuel efficient

SCARY Halloween costumes!!

Halloween costumes that'll get you a tootsie roll in the candy bag?

can you believe election day is actually coming up in FIVE DAYS?

Anyone have the images of JK and JFK looking at kids though the window?

*snicker*...Doonesbury has been running a faux press conference.....

This is me showing off my new avatar!

People who believe in dogs are STUPID

Off to Ohio in 10 hours - going to be kickin' GOP ass for the next 5 days!

who is more "liberal", Clinton or Kerry?

Can this poor child hope for a normal, happy life, now?

I fixed my computer!!!!

the alphabet thread

Anybody else drunk right now?

Extended Families Disappearing in Italy

When will the Red Sox win their next World Series?

Undecided Voters

Dennis Prager on Larry King

Cheney + Scarface = FUCKING GREAT

If Kerry wins

Can you believe erection day is coming up in five days? - oh wait

Mrs. Sandpiper goes in for Surgery tomorrow, good vibes appreciated

#1 Darwin lifetime achievement nomination

why do liberals tend to eat healthier?

Drug dealer gets tax break on stolen money

Couple Charged After Nude Display During Boat Parade

MTV playing "mosh" right now

I Won!! Me: Thousands! Fleas: 0

anyone else gonna go see the movie "Ray" tonight?

sigh... a good friend's daughter-in-law died this week

Photoshop enhanced children's books

Mr Bush's personal message to you (preview of Wednesday nite)

R. Kelly works drive-through at McDonald's

PHOX News!

Canadian university offers class on hockey literature

Town Urged To Live With R. Kelly

MEN! EVer accidentally zipped it?

It's the last Friday with Bush for us!!!! LET'S PARTY!!!!!!!

The official Bird lover's Bird Appreciation Thread --- Show the love!!!

Stupidest Halloween fad I've seen!

Town Urged To Live With Rats

Pray for me! I just made it to the 700 Club

Good morning!


Who wins Sunday(Tuesday)? Redskins vs Packers(Kerry vs Bush)

A great combination of sound.....

Sorry, I have to ask again: HOW do I make pictures turn up in my messages?

Notice anything different about me?

Hi, guys.

I just watched "The Best of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog", ask me anything

my lame paranoia about postal workers

Tiny Terror - A 6-pound Chihuahua ruled vicious

This one's all ProfessorGAC's fault.

Guy drops live wire in wife's bath to save marriage!

The lighter side of politics

I hate idiots...

Meat-hats! Who wants some?

Who is the illest?

Just got the Laura Bush phone call to support "our republican team".

Your heart: Does it catlessly manipulate you?

Where can you find a glass onion anymore?

I know I can be painfully slow and all....

Hey, ChavezSpeakstheTruth:

How do you clean a tie?

New Alicia Sliverstone comedy sounds like it's based on the life of Bush

CAPTION before sparks fly out of YOUR butt (LOL)

Halloween Ceremony Pardons Executed 'Witches'

I think we should all play Landslide by Fleetwood Mac every day

CAPTION the one man group hug

Pentagon says it doesn't look clear that Al QaQaa had big explosives. So,

How his naked ears were tortured...

What was your most memorable (in a good way) presidential election?

Mosh pits rapper against Bush

Who took Josh's jock strap??? JOSH VERY ANGRY!!!

I swear, I'm laughing my ass off here reading these posts. :-)

My First Poll - what's the best Bowie album ever?

O'Reilly down, Hannity ponders the next shoe to drop(cartoon)

Band Playing Tonight

Franken's "Lies and the Lying Liars..."

CAPTION Princess Sparkles

Oh,dear. My officemate is dressed as Karl Rove for Halloween.

I just had my 500th post!!!!

Stupidest Spam Ever.

Sweet - I'm back with a fresh cup of java - what'd I miss?

Greetings to DU from "Al Qaeda"

Pop star wants home sex movie shown in court

I just went over to the Christian Powerlifters forum---re: Schilling

Coffee's up! Who wants some?

Sorry...I am just DYING to show off

senator curt schiLLing?

Help! I need the phone of the Kerry office in W. Palm Beach!


The "What's That Smell?" CAPTION

Are you there, God? It's me, Margaret.

Woman Charged With Stealing Remains Of Boyfriend From Cemetary

Something made me smile today in lab...

Am I too old to start trick or treating?

Our costume contest is today....

Truly scary Halloween costumes!

I'm hungry...someone make me a falafel.....

University To Offer Course On 'American Idol'

Cartoon, Steve Bell, The Guardian

It's about damn time!

Sox Win Throws Curve to Barrymore Movie

BlondieK143 tormented Josh with evil feminine powers. Josh go home now

And so the time has come for my 1000th post

Your cat: Does it heartlessly manipulate you?

Anyone got a link to the photo of mAnn Coulter getting pied ?

The lighter side of politics

Everyone at my work has gone nuts today!! Am I the only one??

Have reactionaries lost all sense of reality?

Next time I visit, please smack me in the head!

What book(s) are you reading right now?

Stupidest talking point slogan ever?

Just in case anybody forgot...

Teeth affect memory: study

Do The Spelling And Grammatical Errors On DU Bother You?

Caption this photo


I work with a bunch of stupid, shallow, ignorant, annoying idiots.

What should I dress up as for my son's party at school?

Top 10, no, top 100 Reasons NOT to watch CNN


I passed 5000 posts and didn't even notice

Image Comprehension Challenge: Find the turkeys!

My Prediction: We will know at Kerry won at 8:00 PM on Tuesday.

I'm a stalker- who needs stalking?

"Hiya friends! Ralph Spoilsport here from Ralph Spoilsport Motors...

Spongebob is here!

Breaking News: I hate this guy.

Is Spongebob the illigitimate child of Kick_Ass_Bob and Gothic_Sponge?

Give Bush* a brain game...

Morning show Halloween costumes...some funny stuff

Funny Remix of Ashley Simpson's fiasco


Counting bodies like sheep - APC new video...very damning of bush

DAMN! I just found out I can't vote.

Fate screws Al Goldstein

Photoshop This Lobby Card


I can open my Heniken!

Analogy Time: FREEPERS are to DELUSIONS as [blank] is/are to [blank].

Let's play the name game

Election Day attire

Anyone having troubling functioning with this election stress?

"He's in the MATH Department"

When Will You Be Voting Tuesday?

Pimp Costumes on 11-year-olds. What do you think?

I'm not sure where this belongs... but on the way home we passed a church

Paging Lazarus

Great Kerry DVD to hit stores on Tuesday


Onion: Republicans Urge Minorities To Get Out And Vote On Nov. 3

Whats your Pornscreen name

Did Josh Strength move the missing explosives?

What was that song?

CAPTION the Lame Duck President...

Lights are on, but nobody's home CAPTION

It's an animal show in GD2004

Laura start packing....

Mozilla Newsreader Question


ARGH! PHUCK the landlord's G.D. POS CAT!!!!


A quick sports quiz - and no googling allowed...

Florida Black Bear Festival

I'm indecisive. What should I put in my sig?

Canadian DUers... is your cell company ripping you off?

The "Girlie Men" CAPTION

I have been watching Star Trek: Enterprise a bit more.

Video of Coulter getting almost pied

Dubya Dress Up...

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

Douche and Turd

Does anyone have a link of Bush* flipping the bird

New Dan Bern Song

Looking for a last minute Halloween costume? Step right in...

I just got Sirius radio! Ask me what I'm listening to.

Finally! The truth about Diebold and the Voting Machines!

"That's just 100,000 less Aye-rabs!"

Why would one have a fully loaded anti-aircraft weapon

Why I adore my momma (the DU lurker)

i hope it's permanent marker

9/11 Pentagon - plane or missile?

"Top 10 Conservative Idiots" for next Monday

Josh needs go take a little shot now. Will see fun puny liberals later.

THIS is how one holds a baby...

The "Explosives? What Explosives?" of all CAPTONS!!!

Who should Josh vote for on Tuesday? Josh undecided!

Can sockpuppets vote on Tuesday?


What my husband said to one of his Bush supporting students.

NASCAR driver Jeff (?) said this about Bush:

Just volunteered to work the Kerry Rally in NH on Sunday.What do I wear?

I have a job interview today....wish me luck!

At the count of 3, I want you all to tell me the name of my DJ: 1-2-3!!!

Brazilian seeks ban on human pet names

Who here has sockpuppets on DU?

she is selling faith on the Go Tell crusade

He did it again!

Caption the man at the end of the line...

You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals.

It's friday ya bastards!

I've decided. Nader gets my vote!!

Check out today's 'Bizarro'...sweet!

Theres no place like


What was Halloween like for you when you were a kid ?

Well well well. Shades of Parlock...

Boy, the Lounge takes a lot of out me sometimes. It's nap time.

I HATE HATE HATE my office mate!

So - who's got 2 computers at their desk?

Packing list for georgie.

Bush Asked to Stop Using'Still the One'

who pays for the server space for DUers to post "ASK ME ANYTHING"

It's Friday, ya bastards!

Have a great last Friday with Bush DU!!! Gotta go!

W's Personal Abortion in the '70s - is it true?

Wow! Management, don't screw with Roger Ebert!

My word! The talk like a stereotype caricature of an Englishman thread


Free DDT for all freepers ! Lift the ban for freeps only, please!!

I'm such a Lou Grant

I just donated $25 to DU

Got any good tips on cheating?

Will anyone actually see the "I Voted" avatars?

Prediction: New Bin Laden tape will debut at #2 on MTV

2004's Scariest Halloween Costumes (hilarious, pic heavy)

I am so bored it's not funny. Ask me anything and I'll reply in one line

Oh god. Massive paper cut.

Truth is to a Republican political speech as

I love the fact that Randi Rhodes always....

I'm on the internet!!!! Ask me anything!

I just voted. Ask me something easy. I'm tired...

I'm leaving work (and my internet connection) now! Ask me anything!

Town to officially pardon executed witches - CNN

Hear these songs,whether you love them or hate,and they stay in your head

JFK Satirist Vaughn Meader Dies

"man's best friend" saves woman's life!

Bill Maher wants George Bush to win (sort of)

Oh No! DU has it's dirty little hooks into me!

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy . . . 20th Anniversary Edition . . .

NASCAR survey

My friend lost her babies.

Is "Global Test" the best the Repukes have left?

I've got tickets to see "Ray" tonight. Ask me anything.

Whew... I'm back!

I love Fox News

The trolls are out en masse today.

Dog saves woman's life by calling 911

Picture of my Ali G costume at work.

friday! Friday!! FRIDAY!!! F*CKING FRIDAY!!!!!

Garrison is sleeping in his swing. Ask me anything.

I love Curt Schilling BECAUSE hes a self-absorbed jerk! He bailed on Bush!

Neil Young to release 16-track "Greatest Hits" CD + DVD Combo

I just spent 6 1/2 weeks pushing drugs....Ask me anything!

Eminem on SNL Saturday!

What Does Your Password Mean?

Hi, everyone!

Haha....Joe Piscapo onFaux News.....................

If you had $50.00 to donate, where would you donate it?

Brazilian lawmakers want ban on human names for pets


My head's going to explode.

My polling place is in a church

A message from the Bush Campaign

Goths for Bush

Dog Calls 9-1-1 For Injured Woman, Unlocks Door For Police

Swallowing Multiple Magnets Poses Danger To Children

The Big Dog called me today! Ask me anything!

I gave away the first set of kittens today...

A cat to just love: Matt the Flatt Catt

my pumpkin is bigger than yours

Please! Somebody stop the OBL threads... Get a room for Cheney sake...!

Did Osama just endorse Nader?

I can't find that thread about songs referring to birds. So I give you...

New release: 'Festival Express' 1970 tour - Joplin, Dead, The Band



There's Speculation Now that OBL was Wired........

my pumpkins are bigger than yours

Fuck the Bin Laden tape. It's Friday... Time to party

Fuck! Malloy was on fire last night!!! I missed it, was celebrating early

Hilarious Freeper thread


Best political music videos?

Okay why can't ghosts have babies

Halloween is early this year. We usually go Freeper on Oct 31th

Worst. Spokesperson. EVER. (CNN)

Freeper Lurkers: Discuss your plans for DU on Election Day here

We were in a car crash on Tuesday

Any sightings of the "Mean Girls" theory of Halloween costumes?

Help! I need the link to Bush's "Flipping the Bird" video

Covert freepers - email me, we have much to discuss


Infinitely Indexed Memory Bank - What movie am I watching?

I'm baffled...baffled I tell you!

Women digs up boyfreinds ashes, drinks beer

Take The Money And Run

I'm THISCLOSE to losing my effin mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Book actually special-ordered at my local Barnes & Noble

It's over

The Big Dog called me today! Ask me anything!

Everybody start your own JEEZE LOUISE thread here:

Did you know that putting a Waldorf salad into lime jello

I heard the * gave "the bird" to a bunch of reporters.

The picture of failure.

The devil made me caption him!!

I just got a new laptop!!!!!

An Evel break from politics.....

I'm eating Bush's Homestyle Chili. Ask me anything.

Caption: Look, Ma, I can wave and walk at the same time!!

BTW - The Patriots are gonna lose this weekend.

get your "Freeper Troll!" off your chest here.

Everybody start your own Bin Laden thread here: JEEZE LOUISE!!!

so what are you using for heartburn medicine now?

The O'Reilly Tapes (iFilm presentation)

This is for you mopaul, a Friday afternoon cat thread!

I got my internet connection back

Mr Scorpio's Bar is open!!! The party is on!!!

Happy birthday to THE INTERNETS!!!

The wind is blowing so hard here ...

List all the Bushisms* regarding Osama....

Help, I'm in the 700 Club. Ask me anything.

I'm back on my meds. Ask me anything.

Anyone know how to make an animated gif?

Is it just me or is the Freeper "insult" of DUmmies just lame?

Let's play the "Give Bush a Brain" Game!!!!!

Cum git Sum

I wish I was inside a giant peach

Dear GAWD, Call The FASHION POLICE, What Is Judy Woodruff WEARING?

OMG!!!!! OBL!!!! TWEETY BIRD!!!!! CNN!!!! FOX!!!! DAFFY DUCK!!!!

It's nice to say hello!

I don't see many "Mudslide" posts now

The Age of B&W..step back in time

Wonkette nails the Bin Laden Tape spin

What are you guys and gals doing tonight?

Yeah, verily, I say OMENS! Post your good ones here;

Spousal voting update: My wife IS voting after all, but not for Prez.

I don't know which one of you guys wrote this, but it's genius.


Anyone see the Grudge yet?

So round, so firm, so fully packed! (picture)

I don't see many "Slip-n-Slide" posts now

A serious message to all estranged parents

We (Brazil) Pledge Allegiance to the Penguin

Help! I have eaten all of the Halloween Candy!!

Christian rock spreads election-year gospel

So I'm installing Kazaalite. Should I install "supertrick" ?

Come along, follow me as I lead through the darkness

Bunch of amateurs and milksops tonight....

Lets play hangman!!!

My cat just had a terrible reaction to his annual shots

GTA: San Andreas is the best Sega Saturn game I've ever played!!!!!

Why had I not heard this? What's difference between Iraq and Vietnam?



Lizz Winstead on Comedy Central now (Eastern time zone)

What Movie Should I See This Weekend, There's Three Good Ones

Redbone's "Come and Get Your Love" - 1970s pop music at its best!

As I walk through, This wicked world

The Worst Thing About Halloween

For those of us who will be unaccompanied this week end:

On Faux: Lawmaker wants to ban human names for pets? WTF?

Baseball! Ok, why is it always the catcher who jumps into pitcher's arms?

My time sense is screwed up tonite

glitch n/t

Where The HELL Is LYNNESIN??????


Have you heard the remake of Lennon's "Imagine"

And now...for some pretty pictures of wolves.

The Prisoner is on BBCA in 20 minutes

what is the best anti-virus software? Is there any that's free?


I've decided on a costume for this weekend...

Thank you!

Viewer Alert -- 10 Eastern on IFC

What was your "Best" Halloween Costume?

Laguardia airport toilet graffiti says...

Anybody else looking forward to the time change?

Funny thing happened tonight!

Damn I hurt so bad....I had to have Mariko put to sleep.

WHy are people so stupid?

Where'd my mail go?

"In Your Guts You Know He's Nuts"

Headshot of Keith Olbermann

A poem written many years ago still is great today.

What's with the 'Ask Me Anything' threads?

Did I totally jinx Kerry tonight by buying a couple bottles of champagne

Give Bush* a brain

Kerry is gay... apparently

Punk lyrics vs. Hip Hop lyrics

I, MrsGrumpy, hereby promise to back your team this Sunday if you'll back

Well, that didn't take long to show up on Google news....

ARE YA READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? 19 straight days on ESPN!!

CAPTION OBL, and tell us why he keeps popping up when *'s #s

I want to see a thread jammed full of "I voted" avatars.

Liddy Dole is giving a speech on C-SPAN.............

Kevin Millar and Will Pitt: Separated at Birth ???

Pumpkin carving! (cute but blurry pic)

new Savage Weiner advertiser

Its my 400th post.......ask me anything!!!!!!

What shall we call Repubs?

That is one pug-ugly dame

Favorite Grand Funk Railroad Tune?

Okay. I just saw Boosh rip off a big belch, then chew something...

Composer Neil Hefti ("Batman Theme") born October 29, 1922.

So the Green party asked why there is a knob on the head of a mans

Anyone use BearShare?

Just back from the Courtney Love concert... everyone's safe

Websites, forums for dogs

HILARIOUS FREEPER PIC!! warning: explicit stupidity inside :)

I just got back from "Bat Boy: The Musical"

BOO! scary monsters or super creeps?

Anybody else on the CPUSA mailing list?

"Classical Gas" who else likes this tune?

Should I watch Bill Maher? He has Ann Coulter on...

I am going to quit posting until after this erection. vacation is over

Help! I need an answer! what is the name of the book/movie

Stop it already! TOO MUCH NEWS stimulation this PM!

WHOA! On JAG, a "Senator" just stated that the Iraq war was ILLEGAL...

my dog LOVES "Reunited" by Peaches & Herb....

Kevin Costner said "shit"

Anyone have a link to the pic of dog peeing on Bush/Cheney sign?

I've gone for hours. Did y'all miss me? Well, did ya?

Has anyone seen lately?

Hey Guys, Maher is On

Great hiphop? Help me

Yet another funny dog/kid "Awwwwww" picture

Is Kevin Costner on board or not?

Seen in the baby aisle at Target:

I'm making beer-can chicken, and my home smells like Busch Gardens.

Whats the longest period of time you've spent on DU at any one time

where can I download Kazaa lite?

My Angelina County (TX) early voting experience.

I'd like to send out a big "fuck you" to the trolls!


La$t Ga$p Effort...

Drinks on the house: just passed my doctoral prelims

Funny, they don't mention this in the Hummer ads

What should I be for a Halloween party?

Anybody want to take a rest off politics and talk about gutters?

Name a movie you like that you are embarassed to admit to..fess up

The Band The Last Waltz

you know, SAW wasn't that bad a movie :)

Why are many * supporters elderly?

I voted this evening while wearing a black hoodie.

I am going to quit posting until after the election

The cheese I'm eating is so soft, so creamy, so

Call me crazy, stupid and insane but....

Ann the Man on Maher tonight

Who's coming to Micheal Moore's Columbus, Ohio rally tommorrow?

Emma Peel and John Steed- more than just colleagues?

If you like to read 'series' mysteries, I strongly recommend this series:

Black Hoody Help!

How many DUers are also Farkers?

print,'% I only speak code.'

Liberal Test - I work with a bunch of Freepers

A bit of an 'oopsie' (picture)

What music should I ABSOLUTELY be listening to RIGHT NOW!?

Must see, so funny...

I will bet a years pay I don't get ANY trick-or-treaters.

Don't Think of an Elephant

What're you doing up right now?

I've hit a wall

I truly feel sorry for new members who are not trolls

Dish has messed up my standard sub sevice before, but . . .

I want to see DUers in black "Mosh" hoodies.

This Dropped Like A Stone In GD2004 So - WATCH THE DAMNED MOVIE!!!

Hi, everyone. My kid has pneumonia. I help others out on DU...

Anybody want to take a rest off politics and talk about guitars?

need a good simple spyware remover

Oh Jesus™ - please hear and answer me!

YAY! My universal remote works.


TV series you would like to see again

WOW DS1 has 20,000 posts! What a trooper!


What Does Your Username Mean?

Holy crap. I just watched "Mosh", the latest Eminem video.


who was the most influential guitarist of rock music?


Bush Supporters of the Week


Why is people are so paranoid about my low post count?

seen "ray" tonite

I'm a 33 yr old hetero and never had sex with a woman. Ask me anything.

Obscure TV shows you remember but you don't think anyone else does.

Chicago-area DUers: Who's interested in Nov. 7 get together?

Like rats deserting a sinking ship....

Bush Relatives for Kerry

Honolulu- protest Darth Cheney Sunday at 10:00 at the Convention Center

Milwaukee Black Voter League

Bush attempt to get Dems votes is a massive flop....

That's what happens when you go by your "gut faith. aka "assumptions are


creepy george (pic from today)

Any new state polls? nt

4 more days!!! 4 more days!!! 4 more days!!! 4 more days!!

Could the Media be giving GWB a little payback.....

Listening to Al Franken talking about Al Qaqa right now

If Neooxycons try to start a "Hot" civil war (when Kerry wins)...

Freepers are preparing to start a strike on Iran. [HIGH ALERT]


ALERT: Kerry rally on C-Span...1:56 EST.

Kerry Wins....the world comes back to us....

election day THUNDERSTORMS

should Kerry incorporate the phrase "wild charges" in his stump speeches?

Oh my, I have to record the Daily Show that was on tonight!

Kutcher: "I voted for Bush in 2000. Boy, did I get punked."

Mike McCurry just did a brilliant thing....

Bush's Major Speech on Friday

So what was that Nader press conference about?

Dean speaks to full crowd at Penn State. Only one protestor.

Freep friends are voting for KERRY!

What are the rules for going to Kerry's inauguration?

I don't think we'll know the winner on Nov 3

Everyone must come to my Cafepress shop on Nov 3rd!!!

Great Social one of our own..

Greg Palast BBC piece on caging available on Democracy Now

I wish there was an ad with Bush and Kerry in it together

Will Ahnuld consume the news tomorrow?

I hate this statement

Krugman sums it up nicely

The missing Iraqi explosives: was it LIHOP?

Bush can't admit mistakes becaue it would hurt the families...

DU this Poll - JUST WENT LIVE!

Guys, you are worrying about the wrong civil war.

If you know disgruntled Repubs who just can't vote for Kerry...

How will President Kerry deal with the RW media when in office?

Hey George! Where you gonna go after you lose the election?

What if it happens again?

DU this poll

We have Mosh -- look what loser Freeptards have for inspiration!


DU this MSNBC "Weapons" poll -- "growing scandal" or "wild charges"

PHOTO: Awesome shot of Kerry crowd in Wisconsin

Ugly Republican voter suppression tricks in Vegas

raise your hand if you're tired of posts about freepers

Any pictures of the Columbus rally last night?

Aljazeera's front page (re: missing weapons)

Sly In The Morning....Talk show on CSPAN..

Racially-Based Suppression of the African-American Vote (Must Read)

Dear silly freeping rightwingnuts; BUSH said Saddam could REMAIN IN POWER

Democrats kicking GOP ass in Broward County (FL) early voting

Anyone Else read Imperial Hubris....

Rate this a "5"

WaPost: Redeem the Vote Spreads The Election-Year Gospel

Latest internet rumor on al Qa Qaa...

Hey, my (rejected) prediction mirrors Kevin (CalPundit/WaMo) Drum's

Looks good for Kerry in NM! Kerry 7 to 1 ahead of * in yard signs and

Bad News Dogs Bush As Election Nears

"Change is in the air" - Dan Rather, Election night, 1992

Karl Rove must be drinking heavy tonight.

Salt Lake City High School students pick Kerry over Bush (54% to 34%).

Poor Rudy Giuliani

CBS Up to the Minute just said that the ABC video of the explosives is not

Satirical radio ad from lobbyist draws fury in Alaska senate race

I dearly hope there are a ton of indictments waiting for Rove on Jan 20

In a town with a Spanish name

KY Congressional Debate CSPAN2

Don't forget the OTHER think Giuliani said

CNN just had a pumpkin rotting contest featuring Kerry versus Shrub

Freeper meltdown and this one is a good one

CSPAN2 Replay of some WI talk radio show

How crazy is this election prediction?

NASA photo analyst: Bush wore a device during debate (Salon)

Washington Post homepage photo: VICTORY IN THE AIR!

Bush draws 6,000 at Hara Arena (Dayton, Ohio), Gets Emotional

President Edwards? NYT

It's Ugly Out There - By James Zogby

Attention NC DUers-important information about judges on ballot

Appeal to Evangelicals: Think Before You Vote

Schilling to Shill for * in New Hampshire

Detroit Will Be Laying Off Thousands

What Zogby tells me: Kerry wins

Fahrenheit 9-11 on TV and Online BEFORE Elections!

NAACP in hot water over speech - IRS Investigating NAACP

Zogby's Numbers Should Be Out Any Minute...

Should Kerry put on a Bush mask?

I Had To Post One More Time One Of My Favorite Bushisms Before Election

The scariest pumpkin I've ever seen.


Bremer's On TV Lying His Fancy Pants Ass Off

My mother-in-law is really close to voting for Kerry but......

Oh wow.. Imus is back on the Kerry Band wagon. Just said

Blast from the past - Nov 5, 2000

A Suggestion...

in an 18 month span who killed more Iraqis: Bush or Saddam Hussein?

Bwahahah! Freeps - whining! "Where is our Rover October Surprise?"

Today's Kerry-Bush Sparring Points: "Leadership" VS. "The Waterfall"

Battleground Poll: Bush 50% Kerry 45% (aided ballot)

Insider Report from the Campaign Trail

ARG POLLS : WI (K48-*47) ; Iowa (K47-*48) ; Oregon (K50-*46)

The Bush Draft - new ad running in Ohio by

Zogby calls it for Kerry on The Daily Show

Breaking News: Schilling Begs Off

Anyone who is heading out-of-state to help, check in!

A name-change proposition

Do I detect inconsistency among Ohio conservatives?

Bad News Bush: any predictions on what last 4 days have in store for Bush?

Imus: "I'm voting for Senator Kerry, that's what I've decided to do, BUT..

Welp, I'm off to Florida! Leaving IL in about twenty minutes, here.

Deception in Der Gropenator's/CA GOP's Voter Guide

Lauer Nails Bremer's ASS to the wall + No mention of ABC terror video

Senior NASA scientist's opinion re: Shrubbies Bulge

When is Kerry going to play with Bruce?

DUers, do you think it wouuld be a good idea to lobby to get

The Big Dawg's GOTV Tour

Want to guess which signs "Today" showed being stolen in their story?

The real question: Will Mary Poppins really show up to vote?

Excellent TOON! This week's Ernie Pook: "Meet the Pets"

Isn't there a federal law about using troops in an Advert?

Two Minute Warning

"Wrong Man for the wrong job at the wrong time"

Anyone with VOIP being polled?

Is MSNBC covering the explosive tape or are they still

If the truth were known, Rush Limbaugh is secretly hoping Kerry will win.

are singles under-polled?

question for people who only use cell phones

Freepers, they *want* to be afraid....

*ahem* Have you noticed that Teresa Heinz Kerry hasn't been seen

CNN "The election is over. Bush is done."

It's really nice watching the interviews with both sides representative's

Letting Down the Troops - Herbert

How many people will show up at the Arnold rally?

Paper publishes my LTTE.

Are you going to rub it in after Kerry wins?

Poll gives Kerry a 6-point lead in Oregon

Does Kerry already know? (pic heavy thread)

male dog and Bush sign?

Terrorists Only Have To Right Once (But We Did Secure SOME Weapons)

Who ever had the photo shop of "Whatever it takes," with the alien

Ventura speaks out for Kerry

I think we'll win MN this time, but...


Florida 2000 Redux: Where are the ballots?

Dammit, dammit, someone stole my K/E sign out of my yard!

DO you think Kerry is going to hit the explosive


The Timing of Stories


polling places in churches

Interesting read from the "other side"...

Some bad news for Tuesday (central PA)

NASA Scientist Says Bush Was Wired

Please, no more talk of landslides, there's still much to be done!

Troop votes. Who counts 'em?

Need DU Ideas to help sway neighbors to Kerry's side

Anyone else notice a rise in images of Saddam's statue toppling?

GOP: Florida felons already voting

Yes, John Kerry, We Believe! Watch JK's closing ad, "OUR HANDS"

Global Eye by Chris Floyd

"Behind The Scenes With Jenna and Barbara Bush" ("Vote for our Dad")

Which Candidate Is Controlling The Terms of Debate?

I.R.S. Decides to Review N.A.A.C.P. | how crazy is Bushco?

Kerry-Edwards site posted the "Wallpaper-Sized" Springsteen-Kerry pic

Attention LOUISIANA Voters!

NYT front page -- compare the rally pics

"Landslide" by Buckingham/Nicks would be a good Kerry victory song...n/t

Kerry isn't just defeating his opponant

" John Kerry speaks to a crowd of more than 80,000 in Madison, Wisconsin"

Let's Do It Dems! Let's Take This Fucking Country Back Next Tuesday!

Rights Groups Say Republicans Aim to Suppress Vote

Anneburg Survey Cited on NPR this AM

Bush and Condi Rice caught doing it on the Lawn

Music switch at Bush rally?

Questions about absentee ballots (Broward County, Florida)

Bush's policies destroying US businesses in Europe

Urgent: DU these websites who are trying to bury the KSTP Video!!!

It is a Landslide!

Carol Costello (CNN) just said Bruce Springsteen drew 80,000 and she

Matt Lauer Skewered Bremer This AM on Today

Good Luck DU!

Guliani, Kristol, & Ingram: Blame the troops, not Bush*!

Your Theories: What will George W. Bush be doing this time next year?

Kerry Landslide/Remember Brett Favre predicted in 1996 preseason, a Super

If you want to see who is still voting for Bush...

The Shrillblog: The FACTS Have Joined The Order of the Shrill!!

Sorry, Dupe

Saw three people handing out Bush literature at my Train Station

Fox is harassing Mohammed El Baradei !!!!!

Schilling: "I was wrong"

I need a quick list of things Republicans are doing to supress vote

Has anyone got a link to

Globe exposes risks in Rove's strategy

Fascinating news view from "Red" country

pic of Protesters outside of Broward County Elections Office building

Vile email about John Edwards need help

DU this freeped yahoo poll on Al Qaqaa video


October Surprise: Assault on Fallujah? Dominate Monday's news cycles?

The Quiet Effect of the Goo- "Americans less optimistic about the future"

Funny anti-Kerry LTTE in my local paper

Little research project: Let's umbilically connect Rush to Bush.

Started a new job today...

Is it illegal to wear numerous political signage when going to vote?

Fox censoring news KOS article

Need Advice On Early Voting (CA)

Former Nader endorsers urge vote for Kerry

heh--MSNBC reporter: Ahnold is someone who can "reach out"

Its Friday gut-check time

I got this from a Freeper Lady.

CNN Showed the Copper IAEA seal

Registration challengers in Ohio may be criminally liable

AP: Bad News Dogs Bush As Election Nears

What are you doing now thorugh 8pm Nov 2?

Pledge of Action to Stop A Stolen Election

4 more days!!! 4 more days!!! 4 more days!!! 4 more days!!

Surf's up!

FBI Halliburton Probe Needs to Expand Even More--

No Surrender is the most downloaded Springsteen song on iTunes.

How is Rove Planning to Tarnish Kerry's Win?

Help Freepers document divisive hate speech

Ed Goas(s) Is A Gooper Shill-Click To See Why

Riverbend Endorses Kerry (We made it her business when we invaded)

I certainly hope this place is vacant on 11/2

80.000 at Ohio state last night too?

* just looks beaten and worn-out.

Don't let Bush get away with exploiting 9/11! Contact the media!

Dupe-please delete

What's up with New Mexico?

F.B.I. Investigating Contracts With Halliburton

bush bulge is a device...says NASA physicist

Azzam the terrorist is Karl Rove???????? photo analyzing suggests it

Is there a single website that tracks the locations of our Dudes?

THIS Poll shows Kerry WINS in a SIX POINT BLOW-OUT!!!

* is campaigning on the bodies of the 9/11 dead again (NH)

Beware of the cornered animal Rove

Election season full of vandalism, sign theft

Repubs now calling Bunnings opponent gay??.....f......pathetic

Personal request to conservatives

Any Republicans worthy of a cabinet position in Kerry Administration?

Just saw photoshopped * adv

CNN's Bill Schneider says Bush has to spend too much time "explaining"

READ THIS AND Nov. 2nd PICK UP VOTERS and carry to the polls

Yahoo News: Halliburton Contracts Bypassed Objections

Has anyone made a flyer about the 380 tons?

CNN is a joke channel

Kerry Camp's Final Fumble (read it for entertainment value)

Is anyone concerned about post-election vandalism?

Time to call the Republican vote supressors what they are:

WTF? Just saw "pulled" photoshopped Bushad on CNN @10:20 a.m Friday!

Stolen election deja vu: This time we're watching

New Battleground: Hawaii

Speaking of Smirk-Chimp, here's another good omen for Kerry:

Caption this DORKY * photo with Girly Man

My repug brother voted for Kerry...WoooHooooo......

The Chimp is imploding.

* stumping in NH, pimping 9/11 *again*

Where da Big Dog at?

Let's start picking the cabinet. Post your suggestions please.

just like '92 re: MTV

Bush Administration is Another "Titanic"

What time is Shrub's speech?

I can't be the only one worried about overconfidence...

They said Chimp will not go after Kerry...

A thought as we come down the stretch....

Did y'all know that the "undeliverable" mail in Ohio was REGISTERED mail?!

Bush a Girlie Man?

Help needed in Palm Beach County, FL

I voted in Las Vegas; the mean age of people in line had to be 24

Sticker Wars - not bumperstickers btw

The answer to vote suppression -- jail time

Redskins Predict Outcome

Boxer leading Jones in CA and gaining in popularity

Plan B: October/November Surprise'

Zogby: Kerry had good day. Bush---Kerry tied

Vote-pairing Web site draws wide support, harsh criticism

Bush IS Nixon! Check out this close-up > > >

Bush* flipping the bird video.

Republican dirty tricks

Why all the cheerleading about Kerry in a landslide? Let's be realistic

FINAL CHANCE to contribute to DNC before 11/2!

Does Fox really think the "Azzam the American" video will bounce Bush?


For Bush, too late for honesty-LA Times

LBN, Pentagon news conference at 12:00 noon eastern...explosives

missing explosives:not a theory, but a question

It's just not his week: guess who was named top movie villian for 2004

Here's how I converted two Ohioans:

Will Peer Pressure Stop Vote Challenges?

Kerry LIVE & streaming at 11:22 eastern

The Planets Have Made Up Their Mind: Kerry Wins

Thom Hartmann on C-Span Now

A Message from John Podesta..

Is Rasmussen a message poll?

Kerry today: I *will* bring other nations to the table to help in Iraq.

empty seats at major bush* rally....PHOTO

What is the best website to volunteer for phone banking?

Tie in TIPP poll, if you care (46-46)

Message for Iowa

Trick or Treat for Kerry...

Silly Rasmussen

You know in my 20 years of voting I can't recall more interest in voting..

need some examples of closed bush rallies..

A president who can both defend America and fight for the middle class!

Everybody go out and buy an umbrella or slicker!

Salon: "Some headlines hurting Bush not directly related to campaign"

Doesn't the IAEA seal make it easy to PROVE what was in the bunker?


World Net Dailys 'smoking gun' is smoking dud

Bumper Stickers for W... Where have they all gone?

Is businessweekonline endorsing Kerry?

Two bit whore shilling for BushCo. at Pentagon

Why didn't Kay Report and Dulfer report have this about the Explosives?

CNN Poll: Is this election the most important so far in your lifetime?

This place should be SILENT until Election Day: Pledge Not to Post

Story about the Pentagon: My mom's friend's son works in the Pentagon

Pentagon/Soldier Press Conference on Explosives...

(Wi.) Father-In-Law For Kerry .. . Almost. Need help

Listen to Al today. He's saying it.........

Do this poll and check out the pics

explosives story about to be hijacked - from drudge

Anyone watching MSNBC waiting for press conference to begin?

Zogby to poll cell phones

My local news: ABC's Al QaQaa video PROVES Bush lost explosives

"Mad as Hell", are we going to let them steal the election?

That's It I give Up!

Barbara Starr NAILS the liars

Curt Shilling Cancels Campaign Appearance with Bush in NH!!!

Soldier is going to say he destroyed 200tons on APRIL 13 video is April 18

you mean to tell me NYTimes ran with the story without checking with the


Bush's policies destroying US businesses in Europe

Canvassing on Halloween

Ways to GOTV!! From the Unity Campaign

Ok, Pitt! How about "BUSH IN A MUDSLIDE" ?

Did I hear him say that they did it in a day!!!

New MSNBC Poll

My local news: ABC's Al QaQaa video PROVES Bush lost explosives

And no one guarding Al Qaqaa when he arrived to "capture the ammunition!"

C-SPAN 2 Streaming the Press Conference on the Explosives

votemaster at "" to come out of closet Monday

OK so are we gonna win or what?

KSTP-TV getting hammered as "hacks" on sister KSTP AM station


Flailing DeLay Continues to Attack (email from Morrison campaign re kos)

Remember - sign up at for the post-election action plan...

Ohio Dem elector problem fixed-Florida elector Rep.Meek problem continues

How's it going in Virginia?

Pentagon News Conference is very fuzzy

Insurgents claim they recieved explosives from US intelligence...

hahhaha press conf is dog and pony show!

How many soldier & civilian lives and limbs lost to unsecured explosives?

Can You Say Obfuscate......

Every once in a while Drudge gives us one...

Kudos to Major Pierson at the Pentagon Briefing

Remind you of anyone?

I'm giving Matt Lauer credit today

"They were plastic explosives. Shaped like squirrels."

Again Poppy coming to *'s rescue: *'s community service questioned

GOOD NEWS at my polling place!

Lafayette, IN "Journal and Courrier" comes out for KERRY!

Point 1 - the major removed ammo on 4/13 - NBC video was 4/18

The Chimp WAS wired?


Bushs own words of why the press conference is not good going to hurt HIM

OKAY I was out to lunch WTF happened at this press conf>?

Hey Rove: The puppies aren't eating your dog food anymore.

Freeper : My friend is voting for W because he is 'nice to laura'

KSTP reporter - 11:50 am CDT - dates were right (Apr. 18)

Bush: "Frivolous lawsuit = legal action filed by somebody else’s lawyers."

What are YOU doing between now and Nov. 2???

I just called Senator Nelson of Florida requesting he ask Glenda Hood

How to win an election (from a winning candidate)

The Al QaQaa story is officially dead now: HOLD BACK UP ONE!!


any way to get herskowitz on tv sunday?


HA HA HA... Shrub is just having an awful time these days!

Hey, Will Pitt - you made the Google News front page!

Hammer Bush* on this and we WILL win the election:

Faux News claiming a Soldier has come forth

The question is EASY to answer ...

Free Major Pearson!!

Oregonian says he told military about looting of weapons

FReeper: Why is Kerry so anti-military (because he is an Islamocommunist)

Bloody Bush: Iraqi civilian death toll 100,000+

Please keep us cube rats informed about the press conference.

Deleted message

Point 2: The major could not say if it was HMX(RDX)

Top 11 reasons we are safer after * allowed 380 tons of HE to be stolen

Would US have to inform IAEA or D. Kay if moved explosives?

If You Had Your Own Tabloid...How would you headline Nov. 3?

A MESSAGE from The Boss and Working America

After the press conference The Question is now

The Sunday talk shows will be all about the DESPERATE press conference

The Pentagon just succeeded in extenting the life of this damaging story

How do you know the "press conference" was a disaster?

Comprehensive Al Qaaqaa refutation thread?

Thank you KSTP for the video tape of "missing weapons"...

so the bush people say

Hot New Florida Poll With A Small Kerry Lead

Kerry Set To Win FL, PA, OH, and MI

African America to the Rescue

Poll indicates Bush, Kerry about even in Wisconsin

Giuliani video still on DU

Bush just had a "WHERE ARE THE GODDAMN BALLOONS?" moment!

"I didn't see any IAEA seals. I removed plastic explosives" LMAO

What was/is the Bush* Administration's plan for securing the Arms dumps?

IRS to Investigate NAACP: Dared to Criticize Bush!

What kind of day do you think 11/2 will be?

Great insight from my college age brother

They are saying they "destroyed" the explosives for one reason only:

Bloomberg News: Kerry Up 5% in Pennsylvania!!

Lie Girls - Oh this is FUNNY!!!!

The KTSP video is old news to DU, but it is being ignored elsewhere...

Coming up on Drudge: Explanation # FIVE for the missing explosives!

Bush refuses to take responsiblity

Biggest flaw in the press conference

"Dont' Change Stories in The Middle of a Debacle!" BA missed that one.

I will ask General Clark in person about explosives

'Still the One' composer John Hall is a donor!

The BEST part of the al Qaqaa scandal

They are really getting desperate now

"Henny Penny, The Sky Is _________"

Freeper Meltdown on Pentagon Briefing and media not covering it

Wal-Mart declines to sell Carlin's book

WTF...just got my 1st bit of Puke propeganda...wait'l ya hear what it is

Photo of Chimp this morning -- does this guy look like a winner?

analysis of the contradictory excuses for the explosives...

AP wire on the press conf re explosives in NY Post

Florida: Bush supporters should just give up now.

The Pentagon press conference was a DISASTER.

Poll: Kerry Leads in New Hampshire

Bush Supporters Say: It's All About the Kibble! (excellent TOON)

Kerry team to hire George W. Bush as campaign advisor!

This Morning In The Media...

You know all of this high fiving and laughing at Bush ain't...

Bush's shameless 9/11 ploy in Pa.

Drudge says solider to speak at Pentagon in next hour...hmmm?

Has anyone who has already voted been "exit polled"?

Will this press conference fiasco have time to influence voters by Tues?

Can everyone please post their pics of Kerry rallies with date and place?

PLEASE SHUT DOWN your paranoid thoughts on ROVE-EXPLOSIVES

Did anyone else notice Re Press Conference

The Daily Show was absolutely killer last night.

Zogby: Kerry 47% Golden Ass 47%

Yet another freeped Yahoo article, rate it a 5 please - Bad News Dogs Bush

Take Toby Ziegler's advice and STOP TEMPTING FATE!

Freepers attack Republicans for Kerry in NH

This tape could have only helped * if OBL had been caught

My 25 yr old, cell-phone only, previously non-voter, assistant just voted!

Michael Moore/Tom Joyner GOTV Miami Rally - Video Link

Check out the freeper reviews for Hersh's Chain of Command

Drudge has already taken the news conference off RED...

Press conference didn't undermine al Qaqaa story, it opened new wounds

Thirty states have laws giving workers the right to take time off to vote

What happened to Bush's supposedly "Very professional" campaign staff

Matthews just said this helps Bush.

"We always knew it was Osama bin Laden."

Kerry's WI Campaign: coincidence or fast action?

i did a good deed at work on GOTV

Voting Early In L.A. -- Big Turnout, Scary Machines.

Make your DNC.ORG Donation TODAY - Last Day for General FUNDS!!

BushCo lays a TRAP...Setup Kerry ...with the 380 tons of explosives


My early voting experience - weird and somewhat disconcerting

Bush's amazing consistently changing explanations

Ten Million More Voters

Could someone hook me up with a schedule for Kerry

Do you think the Pentagon is trying to hurt Bush?

Jews Disappoint the Republicans (OR Bush disappoints the Jews?) GOOD!

As far as I know, there is no deadline for GELAC donations, but...

Every Time I Think About This It Scares Me

N.C. DUers....we're meeting @ Whole Foods in Raleigh before Rally!!

Ha, Ha, Ha - Faux Propaganda Breakin News!

Job Growth By President from AFL-CIO

Government Requirs American companies to host terroriest websites?

Rush just gave absentee instructions....

Reuters: Media Consolidation Seen on Menu If Kerry Elected

Someone please explain to me why an invading force would not

THIS is how one holds a baby...

Oklalhoma early voting report...very heavy in my small town Wagoner and

Heads up - Bill Maher tonight

Early voting in Colorado

DU the O'Reilly poll

Final request for help from John Kerry. As the Boss say,"No surrender!"

Candidates now tied in the betting on

Hey hey HEY, this is important! Quote by US Army commander:

What is your favorite excuse for Al Qa Qaa?

Bush = Mr. Mackey on SouthPark. Terrorists are bad, mmmkay?

General Clark statement on explosives

From Daily Kos: CT Woman denied tickets to Bush rally because of her ride

ANOTHER Bush Campaign Faux Pas: REPUBLICAN Soldier banned from rally

look at the hatred on this guy's face

Speculation ... WHITE POWDER ..

Former Republican Senator Bob Smith endorses Kerry

DU one for Anchorage too please? :o)

Franken on * excuses - Plate Story

Thom Hartmann & Bernie Sanders on c-span now!

AAR: "Only Ashcroft can challenge election results" (wtf!)

Republicans for Kerry Versus Democrats for bush

Bush mailing use images of burning World Trade Center

News out of Florida (Duval County) Early Voting - Dems lead

everyone MUST see this: Doctored ad for BushCo, digitally placed troops!

List of Bush lies about stolen explosives (need help)

When do the next TIme, Newsweek and Gallup polls come out?

AWESOME cover of L.A. Weekly this week:

Need a new fresh scandal

Did they show Bush's major speech today?

Think about this: 58,000 ballots vanish like a fart in the wind,

MA in play???!!!!...

"Curt Shilling canceled appearance with Bush"

Will a Military Assault in Iraq or Mideast be a Bush ticket to victory?

Networks Refuse to Air Ad

"Dems busing voters from precinct to precinct" possible * BS

DU this Poll!

I saw Wes Clark today.

Who ever took the Al Qa Qaa weapons - we'd like them back now.

Whiney FReeper response about current state of explosives story

The Active Duty Military Vote

What's the deal with "Voices of Iraq"?

Rate it up: "Bad News Dogs Bush As Election Nears "

This kid is SMART! Cute photo

I'm getting a little tired of MSNBC's "Down & Dirty" story

Kerry Supreme Court possibilities.

Lockhart trounced Mehlman on CNBC with Ron Insanna

Caption today's * Picture


I can't believe we're letting Bill O'rgasm off the hook so easy here at DU


Overconfidence and Complacency are our Worst Enemies

The Argument Against Bush: Please send to Bush Voters

If Saddam were still in power he MAY have given terrorist arms.

Dean Staley (KSTP) is becoming a star

Kerry's Cabinet? Kerry's Supreme Court Nominees? Sorry this makes me nerv

TIPP Now Showing Race Tied

Operation Truth need our help getting this ad out...

Republicans inside the adminstration know its over, Going away gifts order

Al Qaa'qa Weapons Depot info from 2003 CNN article...

So the weapons were moved BEFORE the war, no wait..the Russians

Doctored Crowd In Bush Ad Is One Of The Most E-Mailed Photos On Yahoo

Here is the November Surprise

Freepers are Anti-American traitors. If you agree, please raise your hand


NY Observer Scathingly Rejects Bush, Endorses Kerry

Horror Movie

Dow Points to Kerry

I have solid proof that the polls in Ohio are inaccurate.

my theory on why CNN has been saying Kerry isn't talking about Explosives

Read the latest Josh Marshall blog entry

Easy to see which polls FR are freeping

Latest Wisconsin Badger Poll Results

SCREW THE REDSKINS! Dow Jones Performance Predicts Kerry Win

Administration admits widespread looting. After all, "stuff happens."


Current outlook for election day weather

Anyone seen the latest straw for wingnutz to grasp?


What we must remember about today's "explosive" press conference

What the heck is the "Susan B. Anthony List"?

Fahrenheit 9/11 on public access channel and can watch online

Which States Do You Need To See Blue Before Going to Sleep?

One thing: Ain't it great they are investigating this little weapons thing

OMG this Keystone Kops press conference is a FUCKING DISASTER!

GOP Hate Mail - How low will these people go

PLEASE somebody tell me they have a clip of Chimp's confetti incident

Schilling Cancels Appearance w/ Bush

Preznit no giv turkee to pent a gun ree porturs

LOL! Did you just see Frank Buckley on Judy Woofwoof?

War at the Florida precincts: Republicans using felon lists to challenge

Faux news poll: Kerry behind but good internals

Republican protestor at * event taken out--on CNN

Why does CNN keep saying Kerry is now steering clear of...

Cabal News Network: Schilling backs out under Dr's orders

From the Freeway Blogger: Nov. 2 is "Did You Vote" Day

Deleted message

CNN just said Boston Redsox pitcher AWOL on Bush

Protesters disrupt * in NH

Everyone must come to my Cafepress shop on Nov 3rd!!!

Kerry has this thing sewed up. Just get the remaining % to thepolls

Orrin Hatch: Ventilator Screens direct quote on CNN

Am I correct thinking that any and all polls are useless as of tomorrow?

Zogby polls, story in pictures

Here we go! Bin Laden tape coming soon...

Barbara Starr on CNN International: Pentagon press shaking their heads...

Pat Buchanan has returned to the dark side

Raciot on CNN

Yet another Rove miscalculation

Diebold voting machine sample:

Kerry on FOX NOW

CNN about to show Confetti gun incident

You realize that when Voters go to Vote November 2nd

The "Undecided" Vote - - Am I Wrong?

Here's how you know Kerry has the upper hand

Political chatter at Chipotle

"As long as I am the president, we will not be held captive by fear."

I suspect Rovian Tactics in this whole explosives story.....

Should voting be legally required in the United States?

October Surprise [ ALERT, bin Laden tape to air shortly]


Mock Election results from the school where I teach.

OBL Tape: WAY too fucking late, guys!

Dan Piraro slams Rove - today's Bizarro...

CNN shows confetti missfire!

Slate votes overwhelmingly for Kerry

Kerry needs to INOCULATE!

There haven't been any West Virginia polls in 2 weeks.

386 TONS and a Republican who is voting for Kerry at the Bush rally today

Question about being polled and voting early

Head of Ft. Bend GOP (DeLaid's home) endorses Morrison

Will Osama be wearing an EARPIECE?

did you see/hear Mike McCurry slap WoofWoof?


Hastert confronted Condi Rice on protecting ammo dumps?

sorry --- double post -- please delete

What happened to that other "terrorist" tape...

Faux News' October Surprise? Reporting Al-Jazeera has new Bin Laden tape

Count Novakula calls it for bush!

Who cares what bin Laden thinks?


"Dead or Alive." Welp, he's alive and he's still killing Americans.

Kerry Leads 45-38 in New Jersey

FOX about to remind the US that bush* STILL hasn't caught bin Laden

Does this soldier offer any PROOF of his story about the explosives?

Who else is suffering from battleground state envy?

Zogby calls it for KERRY !!!

I have had it with the WP!

In Wisconsin: I just drove my Republican mom to vote: She voted Kerry!

Who will be the junior senator from Mass. when Kerry wins the Presidency?

I just stood for 2 hours in line to vote in Colorado Springs...

About the 87 Billion that Kerry/Edwards voted against?

Kerry takes lead in Florida 48.3-46.7

What a way to end a horrible week for Bush!

Right on Schedule! new OBL tape announced on MSNBC

A Soldier's Story: A vote For Bush Won't Help Us

Repukes Intimidated a 91-year-old Kerry supporter on voting Kerry

oh, oh, Pat Buchanan getting really scared. thinks Kerry brining up the

It's fun for us Hawaiians, but NOT GOOD that the big guns are coming.

Krugman: "The right is already explaining away President Bush's defeat"

After Kerry wins, how do we avoid the next attempted fascist takeover?


Live chat for KERRY/EDWARDS supporters *NOW* through election

Eminem's "Mosh" . . . the complete lyrics . . .

Novakula about to predict the outcome

Just got home: Will this hurt us or Help us ? Honest opinions.............

Why is everyone so willing to believe

If Hitler were alive, at large, and on TV recruiting after WWll

Welp, OBL is still out there and looks healthier. Guess I'm voting Bush*

Photo: Bush supporters can't handle the truth

Bin Laden Tape

Looks Like Bin Laden's An Outake From Team America: World Police

Aren't you glad it's the 2nd this cycle and not later in the month?

The word for today: CEILING

Bin Laden on FOX now!

For those interseted in polls, ZOGBY live at Washington Post at 4:00 East

I'm Not Afraid Of The OBL Tape...

Former Sen. Bob Smith (R-NH) endorses Kerry. Yes, you read that right!

Historically one candidate makes a move in the polls the weekend......

Discussing Outsourcing with Republicans

It is Going to Get Ugly in Ohio


The October Surprise: Al Jazeera TV to air new Bin Laden Tape at 4pm

Response to Osama tape.


Freeper take on Bin-Laden new tape [Should we be worried if they are?]

Bin-Laden will call to vote for Kerry

People the missing explosive story isn't going away[STOP BEING NEGATIVE]

Lou Dobbs right back to the explosives

Repubs always turn to the same excuses when desperate.....

Wasn't * supposed to capture Osama? What's going on here?

DU Talking points we need to stress on Bin Laden tapes

Osama Bin Laden (scared to DEATH of a Kerry Presidency)

OK, gang...predict Nader's final tally

Video of Cheney caught flip-flopping on Iraq!

CNN reporter: This development can't be good for the Bush team

My state-by-state predictions - tell me where you disagree

Bush "pauses as confetti falls from the ceiling before end of his speech"

CNN, Bin Laden: Bush preferred to listen to a school girl's story

Repugs are nervous in Mississippi - plan to challenge voters

" bin laden is not important" - GWB

This Osama tape is a straight up Bush endorsement

Which campaign will exploit the Osama tape more?


CNN breaking "And along comes Osama...."

America reminded that Osama is still out there THREE YEARS LATER.


Freeeper Madness 4

Are we smarter than the JK campaign? Don't you think they saw this coming

Bin Laden - If you don't attack us - we won't attack you

But didn't Shrub say OBL was no longer a problem?

Well Bush* has 3 days to capture bin Laden. Not looking good. LMAO

Bush* dumps Cheney, picks OBL as new running mate !

Need Edwards to Respond to OBL Tape

Osama endorsing Nader?

The only issue in the Bin Laden tape is that HE WAS NOT CAUGHT

This is not Rove's October Surprise. OBL will not hurt Kerry

Did Bush let Osama Bin Laden go free so he would have this day?

DU POLL (Bottom Right)

America to Pres. Bush: Why are we still being threatened by

This guy is making tapes because B* CHOSE to shift the focus to

For the cube rats: ROUGH OBL transcription.

Kerry's Statement

Web advertising?

John Edwards to be in Greensburg PA this Sunday

Go TO AAR NOW!!!!!!!

BBBBBBut, SADDAM Is In Prison!!

"Official USE" of the President/VP Seal ?

This OBL crap could be a huge plus for Kerry....

OK -recess is over

Why is Bin Laden on my TV taunting me ?

Is this the first time OBL admitted to 9-11?

4 years later and 3000 dead Americans and OBL is still threatening us.

How many times has Bush mentioned Saddam compared to Osama?

Why didn't Bush go after Bin Laden when he had the chance? Why didn't

OBL makes the U.S. look IMPOTENT against terror. Humiliating.

My Dad has a Jim Bunning sign in his yard!! ACK!!!

Lets Think About This Logically

one great thing about this

Kerry team response: There's only ONE reason a new Osama tape is out

It doesn't seem like the media is spinning it toward an edorsement of JK

OBL tape endorses Bush.

WTF!?! OBL bashing bush for My Pet Goat!?!

OBL tape good for kerry...

Shrubby Wubby speaking live here in Toledo now.

Hey Kids; Bush Wasn't "That Concerned" About Osama...

Keep the SPIN GOING! (re: Bin Laden)

Anyone have the latest Senate race polls?

The Elementary School voted and guess who won?

"Bush or Kerry are Not in charge of your security" OBL

Osama to U.S.: I'm still here you Pet Goat reading pussies

Understanding mindless freepers...............

OBL: Terror attacks worse than planned because Bush read children's book

I want George W Bush to win on Tuesday!

Expect Bush* "dead or alive" footage in Kerry ads over the weekend.

New Democrat(ic) talking point

Bush makes deal to let bin Laden go free - Times of India

CNN translator of the Bin Laden tape is pointing out things

One-line response to freepers and repukes

Why is the HEAD OF AL QAEDA still out there TAUNTING AMERICA?

I'm picturing Osama watching Fahrenheit 911...laughing at Bush

How About This For a UBL Talking Point

The tape only helps Kerry - plain and simple.

Does anyone have the WHOLE OBL transcript?

Some Freepers make more sense than some DUers (no offense)

Kerry will handle this one with ease (r.e. OBL)

Oh the IRONY! "The weapons aren't there because we destroyed them!"

Donkey Rising: Kerry Running Stronger than Gore in 2000. Go, Miami-Dade!

Sirius Disorder now playing "Bush Must Be Defeated"

The repuke talking point the next 3 days: Osama endorses Kerry

Kerry's Two Responses To OBL Tape

Kerry Pulls Ahead In Florida

MSNBC-leaving off part of Danielle Pletka's title

does "Crossfire" realize how bizarre this looks?

Will they play more of the tape?

NO! NO! NO!... GOP instantly using Bin Laden tape to finish Kerry

I Don't Care How You Spin The OBL Thing..

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

It seems like everything is breaking Kerry's way.

Blitzer OBL makes threat to KERRY, BUSH and American people

The OTHER Terror Tape must be FAKE!

Isn't it odd that bin Laden mentions Palestine and Lebanon but not Iraq?

What we need to tell the press

This is so not good for *....even let out on late ANG docs

BIG! Salon: "The looting of Iraq's arsenal," by a U.S. CI agent in Iraq.

Is the WaPo tracking poll out yet??

Wolf is playing the tape on CNN and talking about it

"He's been marginalized"

OBL tape is good for Kerry, trust me

bin Laden using "Still the One" to energize al Qaeda, taunt U.S.A.

The Eminem video had OBL on a tv screen

Bush asked to stop playing "Still the One"

Osama's message to George Bush

Expert on MSNBC just made an astonishing verbal slip -

Couldn't the OBL Tape Really Help Us?

OBL is the Friday afternoon "news dump" -- because it is bad for Bush.

A "high five" from Kerry as he heads into the home stretch (today in FL)

OBL - In the first debate, remember when Kerry corrected bush about...


AP...Al-Jazeera Airs Videotape by Bin Laden


Should Kerry hammer Bush's impotence or just let OBL tape speak for itself

A dose of cold water reality - will voting machines cheat us on Tuesday?

Don't tell me you think this is GOOD for Bush??

Any news on the Cleveland "butterfly ballot" problem?

Al Qaeda energized by Osama bin Laden taunting impotent US president

I love the smell of Freepers burning in the morning

Following WilliamPitt's advice: we are gonna lose badly!!

This will not help Bush--reminds me of something from 1980

CNN: "Bin laden was comfortable, like he was having a chat with America"

Bush Asked to Stop Using 'Still the One'

Seriously, why do you keep watching FOX NEWS?

This is a test for Kerry!

Our Meme: Bush has had three years to hunt and capture Bin-Laden

For those of us w/o TV: what are Kerry's people saying?

OK, since everyone is gonna say what our position *should* be

Send this sample letter to editor - BIN LADEN

is OBL tape the October Surprise?

Osama bin Laden is still alive.

I was right... now ban me if you want

Osama Bin Laden: Bush can't protect the American people

Big Dawg coming to Arkansas Sunday!

CNN says Pentagon/Bushies "aware of content" of OBL tape?

Only way to pitch OBL tape: Osama is still at large!

F@#K Osama!!!! - GOTV! GOTV! GOTV! GOTV!!!

The last week of October, the week the wheel came off the

Well, all I got is that the Bushies wont be pullin' no OBL outta their

bush* slow to respond....again

MAJOR FREEPER MELTDOWN over translation of tape

Nice Job of Changing the Subject, Anyway

Flyer cars with this Osama Bin Laden quotes flyer this weekend


CNN: Pentagon "shifting gears" on explosives story.

Is the OBL tape KKKarl's October Surprise...

Osama knows Bush* is WEAK - we can't have that.

Kerry himself will issue a statement on the tape shortly

At least "the tape" upstages ah-nold's campaigning in Ohio for bush.

OBL actually wants the opposite of what he says he wants

There's Speculation Now that OBL was Wired........

Did Bin Laden mention the wolves ad?

It's time to elect a president that will get the job done.

OBL Tape: Don't let yourself get freeped...

War and Peace in the Grand Scheme of History

New Washington Post Poll: Bush: 50, Kerry: 47

We're beginning to see the WMD.

Bush said OBL was "weakened." He looked strong and healthy in video.

OBL Sez, "Can't we all just get along?"...

Fuck Osama Bin Laden! Fuck the Saudis! and

"Soldiers' Votes Could Decide Election"

Five word answer to Osama Bin Laden hubbub:

My LTTE on the Osama Tape.

Stop for a minute with the Osama tape "speculation."

Something about this OBL tape stinks.

Five words I never thought I'd say...

We didn't secure the WMD???

So many things going wrong for *. Are we entering the Twilight Zone,

Richard Holbrooke on CNN w/ Wolf

McClellan asked question on political implications of OBL tape

Bin Laden video comes out and Bush is still reading my pet goat

Kerry should make a statement directly to Osama: Your days are numbered

October surprise? It's getting into Friday evening and

Rasmussen Battleground Polls for 10/29

Raising the TERRA ALERT? DId Wolfie just say that???

OBL: Does he want Kerry or Bush? Let's go to the tape...

* could have killed OBL in Tora Bora. But HE DIDN'T EVEN TRY HARD

The tooth girl is back on CNN

The shill for the * campaign sounds like she is scrambling

Bin Laden's tape: The KEY is the media spin

"Bush Asked to Stop Using 'Still the One'"

So Where Are All the DU Election Night Parties in the DC Area?

Sorry Duers, This OBL Tape is TOO much of a coincidence.

"I'm glad that Michael Moore gave aid and comfort to the enemy"

if *I* could write Kerry's statement on the OBL tape....


Please explain any Bush positives re: OBL tape to me

Gee, everybody's talking about Osama. Knocked missing explosives off

Will the freeps blame bush*'s loss on OBL tape?

the obl tape is to take away attention

Blinky is back! (Bush statement on OBL tape)

How should Kerry handle his response to the tape?

Chimpy doesn't know what to say

Key words from the bin Laden video, "Bush" and "Kerry"

Kerry is the first to address our nation not chimp

Okay, where is Chistopher Hitchens, who declared OBL dead in his

List Righties quotes saying OBL is Dead here

I'm so a Kerry-

"The Planets Have Made Up Their Mind: Kerry Wins"

Randi Rhodes / David Corn: Any Mention of OBL

GOP Accused of Planning to Obstruct Blacks at Florida Polls

First campaign messages: playing it cool. OBL tape is just one more story

CNN just cut off Kerry for Bush******

Did * beat Kerry to the punch?


When the TRUTH becomes "aid and comfort to the enemy", your leader must be

BIN LADEN FREE = BUSH FAILED - Keep the message simple

Well, there's the October surprise.

Bin Ladin says Bush corrupt family stole election in Florida

One thing is clear after watching the OBL tape

Bush just got punked by bin Laden, with that crack about "My Pet Goat."

OBL did NOT have to watch F 9/11 to know about "My Pet Goat"

"President's mistakes give ammunition to Bin Ladin"

OBL: Bush Read Goat Book & Allowed Us To Kill More Americans

Help Win Colorado! - Move-on to buy ad time!!!

Want to bet Bush* doesn't mention OBL again before election day?


Let's kick Bush's ass, and then bin Laden's!


How many GDP2004 pages must i go thru to find a non-OBL thread?

In Florida, Dems Are Kicking GOP Booty (real numbers inside)

Excuse to "trace the tape"?

Was that the Governor of Iowa on Randi Rhodes?

Another Bad Day For Junior

Here's the Sen. Bob Smith (R-Insane) letter to Kerry

Polls close in 99 hours in Michigan

This issue is a draw

Lawyers filing lawsuits in Pa. over felon registrations.

Man, I've got a bad feeling about this.

When Kerry wins, will he become the next 'big dog'?

Could some one please explain to me ...

I hear there's trolls here today

FUCKING BITCH!!! Michael Moore giving aid and comfort to the enemy???

Blitzer: bin Laden must be referring to Michael Moore's film

GOTV fun

Could this week have been any WORSE for Bushco?

Osama = Moore = Kerry

Any word on turnout - thurs, friday?

OBL has to taunt the U.S. by tape

KSTP: Guiliani declares QaQaa explosives to be WMDS!

Who was the first network to play the tape of Osama ?

ABC's The Note Reports that Dem Women Hitting Florida tomorrow!

Let's Not Get All Emotional About The OBL Tape

Give away Kerry stickers with your halloween candy!

TP-the pledge of allegiance to President *.

An OBL tape is different from an OBL capture. IMHO.

BIN LADEN IS RIGHT one one issue ...

DNC ad: When did "Wanted Dead or Alive" become "I Don't Know"

Explosives before NYT article were in the news.. look at this

I just watched Unprecedented: the 2000 Pres. Election

Does Ashley Faulkner still feel that * is keeping her safe

WaPo Daily Tracking Poll: * 50% Kerry 47%

Logic vs. Fear (tin-foil hat)


If you're concerned about the OBL tape fallout, remember ...

tinfoil hat on: Anyone think it's interesting * spoke ALOT about 9/11

Diane whatever on wolfe just said

Just returned form early voting

10 min for a rerun of last night Daily Show when Zogby predicted Kerry win

Excellent ad idea to followup OBL tape from

Transcript of OBL's Amazement at Bush's Failure to React

Video Army in Battleground states - Michael Moore calling for Video Army

OBL Tape makes Weapons Theft even GRAVER

Laugh out Loud: "Bush event in NH" (read it, you won't regret it)

In the last days left, I want Kerry to face abortion head on

Fox news just stated: Osama wants BUSH!

DU'ers Getting Played For Fools By Rove Once Again.

Waahhh!!!! The new Bush ad.

Anyone notice those furrows on Bush's forehead getting deeper?

Fellow DUers, I'm tapped money. Please give!!!!

Some people are determined to worship Rove here.

If Karl Rove promised a surprise, and OBL popped up

The OBL tapes will probably

Labor Department analyzes Bush chances on OUR dime

So we now know OBL is alive and tons of explosives are missing

DU PAY ATTENTION: They are trying to cover up this story

So WHAT if the media says OBL is good for *. They also said * won debates

OBL Successful because of the failures of Bush

My thoughts on the OBL tape...

official trash Tweety thread

New GOTV flyers at BigPath - fun & different

Folks, Bush's Deal Is Falling Apart Before Our Eyes...

OMG, does Osama have the explosives!!!!!!!!


This tape should be hurting Bush

IM Pissed.. Tell the Media to Quit SPINNING OBL

Lou Dobbs poll

Once again, life imitates art. OBL / Bush and Caddyshack.

Another blunder brought to you by the folks who lost the explosives.

Choice Nov. 2 - Kerry, Bush or OBL?

Tulsa early voters stand in line hoping to avoid standing in line 11/2

I thought the Bin Laden tapes would have gotten more time on the networks

PAX TV pulling a Sinclair this wkend in swing states

How is the OBL tape NOT a positive for Bush?

Just ask ONE question of the media.

OSAMA BIN ASSET right on cue. I Don't know about you, but my

Tweety up next--with a boner to shill for BushCo.

I hate no one more than Andrea Mitchell. (nt)

pre-dbate OBL tape= helps Bush. Post debate obl tape = hurts bush

Islamist group: We have Iraq explosives [proof Bush has made us unsafe]

Deep breaths, everyone.


Just heard Hersh on WHYY radio...scared

BUSH partisans sent over to DU to pump up Osama story

Will there be less division in the country, if there is a clear cut win..

Where's the Kerry ad - OBL Not Bush's Concern?

Photo of smirking Bush and Gropinator giggling like a girlie man

OBL was supposed to be the October Surprise - OBL in China Theory

Bush Knew about OBL Tape This Morning

Roger Simon: "We all know who Osama's enemy is . . . it's George Bush"

Networks to test new exit polling system

Bush helps OBL

Let it sink in. Bush fucked up. He never got Osama.

Did anyone actually hear or read what OBL said?

Any video of the confetti drop?

Kerry's Meme for the Next 96 hours: BUSH GUILTY OF DERELICTION OF DUTY

Is "Still the one" very inspiring?

Yep. Clinton should have gotten him when he had the chance....

CNN says Bush approval rating hits 80% after release of OBL video!

Kerry has to take it to Bush on OBL-ask "Why is this man still free?"

Ohio and Michigan in the bag. Anybody got any new FL and WI polls?

Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN: analysis of OBL...

gimma a break, covering Ahnold on Tweety...

Bush mailings display images of burning World Trade Center . . .

CNN said WH tried to quash bin Laden tape

Yale's undergraduate student newspaper Endorses Kerry

FREE watch F 9/11 "My Pet Goat" reading here: UBL thanked Bush!

Most folks will listen to media spin re: bin Laden, not bin Laden himself

Is this "General Discussion: CNN"?

Moveon should run their OBL ad again

Neighbor just asked about my Kerry sign..

Tweety said * was "heroic" on 9/11? Did he save some people in the WTC?

It’s not just Al Qaqaa

The chimp and pickles and Ahnold are on CNN

bush is bin Laden's man! OBL endorses bush! Al Qaeda supports bush!


Bush and Arnold just did the Nazi salute that everyone is talking about

#@@%%!!! Why is Osama still out there?

Kerry Statement on Bin Laden Tape

CNN now: OBL helps BUSH !!!!!!

Limbaugh hosted VP Cheney and gushed: "[I]t's ... an opportunity and a thr

A&E Has John Kerry Biography On Tonight (Friday) At 9 Eastern

LOL Schwarzenegger campaigns on jobs in OHIO!

Hire someone who can get the job done! Fire Bush, Hire Kerry!!

Excerpts of Bin Laden's Video Statement - Chimp Sr. Slammed

I'm growing really tired of seeing threads that ask whether we should ask

Palast's Florida Caging story on BBC sparks firestorm

We should demand the fulll transcript of Osama

Did Bush Giving the Finger Make it to Mainstream TV Media?

Fight the tape with "the Bush campaign had a responsibility...


Can we please not have any more "Does OBL help/hurt *?" threads?

Bush's Incompetence Surprised Even OBL & Played into His Hands

Chimpy rally on CSPAN now, and he's playing the OBL card big time.

GOP precinct chair endorses Tom DeLay's opponent

Bush does the walk of SHAME

He's ALIVE!!!

Watch Fahrenheit 9/11 ONLINE!

Well......which is Chimp-in-Chief ?????

I just voted and my vote will be counted first

Springsteen on CNN live

Kerry / Springsteen Rally on CNN NOW! (LIVE from Miami)

May I start another Bin Laden "Hit parade" tape thread with a question???

I can not watch anymore.... I'm so fucking depress now. I really

Use Your Heads: Bin Laden Wants Bush Re elected

Who believes that the White House just found out about

My boss's boss, not knowing my politics, lectured me today on why I should

George Bush's Very Bad Day > > >

Eminem's video having inpact

if *I* could write Kerry's statement on the OBL tape........

(AP) Newsview: Bin Laden Tape Impacts Race

Wait, The Tape Was EDITED?

JK - MSNBC!!!!!!!!!

***ATTENTION DU: Instead of freaking out about the Bin Laden tape***

Could MSNBC whore any more for Bush??

OBL asked to appear by Saudi Family?

OBL tape is PROOF bush needs to GET OUT!

Bush Sucks!


Will this tape convice the stupid 45% that UBL did 9/11

New Zogby state polls

Hey dumbasses--do you still think Saddam did 9/11?

Kerry on CNN...nt

I hope Kerry doesn't listen to the pundits and Rove

Russert: Osama Tape is a Jump Ball !!

A Candidate Goes Positive in the Final Days of the Campaign...IF...

ZOGBY: PA, OH Looks Good For Kerry, FL will soon too.

New Kerry ad buy in New Hampshire!!!!!!!!!!

bin Laden sways mandate, not election

Russert say's Kerry up 60,000 votes in Iowa

If Bush is OBL's REAL ENEMY, WHY would OBL HELP Him?

I stand proud by my vote for Kerry now you should too. Stop being downers!

THINK folks - this is the opposite of the dreaded OBL CAPTURED

Um... Does anybody here realise that Osama Bin Laden is DEAD???!!!

If "Al Qaeda" Opposes Same Sex Marriage in Massachusets..

Repugs imploding!

Bush hasn't captured Bin Laden because he is an old family friend.

What the hell is happening at the bush* rally??? protesters are hanging

Bush Campaign Speech:

Michael Moore coming up on CNN Paula Zahn

LOOK, Osama is alive and well. Bush failed and miserably. KEEP IT GOING

Paul Zahn is havingMichael Moore on next...CNN

Fuckhead Bush misquoting Kerry. Just LIED to his Ohio audience

Ohio is Going Blue - See state polling lists on right side down a bit

A giant Bush flip-flop. Did I detect CONCERN for OBL

Osama Tape: Advantage Kerry

Anybody who thinks Kerry will win in a landslide seriously underestimates


Oh boy -- all three cable networks covering Ahnold speech live


Schrub Filp-Flop on OBL, failed leadership

If I see the words 'Kerry Landslide' in this forum one more time...

I am still in a fighting mood and we are gonna win on Tuesday.

Ron Reagan on allowing Bin Ladin to change your vote...

I voted today!!! Long line at Billings Courthouse

Why is the OBL tape good for Bush? Because people don't pay attention.

Zogby's Prediction

Which video will be most influential in election?

Summary of explosives issue


Bush and Kerry in Dead Heat - Reuters Poll

What should bush's new campaign song be?

I'm mad as hell - So I donated to PFAW

I'm sorry. I do not see the urgency or importance in the tape ??

The gloves are off. Bush fucking smeared Kerry on al Qeada just now

October in the Garden of Good and Evil (Rove, OBL, philosohpical musings)

I think there are a lot of manufactured "doom and gloom" posts tonight,

Dupe, please remove

Why does OBL his self, reminding everyone that he got awat at Tora Bora

A 15 Minute Tape Erases 4 Years of FAILURE?

the "Bulge Story" Hasn't Gone Away Yet

Thank you to all you DU'ers ! You have inspired me !

WHOA!!! Chimpy looks scared!!!!!

Edwards live on CSPAN now! (Fri., 8:15pm ET)


Osama "Weekend at Bernies" bin Laden...bush must be having a bad news week

Kerry senior adviser was on MSNBC - Kerry to issue statement

I don't see many "Landslide" posts now

Edwards on C-Span now

Kerry in a LANDSLIDE


Moore, Springsteen, Mellencamp, P-Diddy coming up on CNN 8:16pm EST

Breaking: Michael Moore coming up on CNN!

Bush already making excuses about OBL. On the DEFENSIVE.

MainStreamMedia: Don't trust 'em. They need monopoly-friendly BUSH

WOW the OBL tape sure is BAD NEWS for BUSH!


"This little guy wants me to vote for *." SPAM Email from NRTL

My boss and I were assaulted by Freepers while at lunch today

double post

Tennessee breaking records

Aid worker says military failed secure Iraqi weapons

OBL tape sure HURTS BUSH, reminding Americans WHO HASN'T CAUGHT OBL

Should we be emailing all the news stations about the OBL

There will be a Kerry LANDSLIDE

JK reaction to OBL in 10 minutes-Wolfie (about 5:30 EST)

One Thousand Reasons to Vote Against George Bush

I've been puzzled all along as to why Dubya made 9/11 >

Message to Red Sox Fans

Watch them spin Edwards & Kerry as negative

Reagan Economic Advisor Endorses Kerry!

Let the media know what YOU think about the OBL tape and * !!!!!

I don't believe this "new" OBL tape is real. Doesn't pass the smell test.

Welp, the little OBL tape doesn't seem to be working

Complete transcript of OBL's tape anywhere?

consensus that it "cuts both ways" is wrong. It won't cut Bush's* way


For all you Henny Pennies

Saddama Bin Laden on video? I thought he was in jail!

so who will unite us?

The Osama Clock: Just a Reminder

Bin Laden Resurfacing Highlights The Folly and Failure Of Iraq Policy

Are any American networks going to run the bin Laden tape at 4:00? n/t


possible witness to arms looting

Outrageous Flier being circulated in Milwaukee black neighborhoods

UN-FREAKIN'-BELIEVABLE! CNN shows Kerry, cuts to Bush

OMFG!!! Bush DID smoke bin Laden out!!


Male African-American Repug on CNN: wtf ?

Moore Next: CNN ZAHN 20:32 EST

Bushco's putting out a lot of fires these days

Sharpton on Fire!! : CNN

Howard Dean interviewed on BBC World on PBS

How George W Bush pissed off America ?

Picked up my GOTV - SWAT team packet today

Sign thefts

Bush rips Kerry's "shameful" attacks

60% of American's trust Bush more on terrorism. BUT that was because most

We need to get the video of this exchange from the Third debate

You know what? Administration is BURIED on Explosives story. HORRIBLE

The possible theft of the explosives magnifies the error of so few troops

Hey LOSERS, Are You "Over It" Yet?!!!?:

Freepers are Freaking: Republicans and Independents for Kerry!

Neocon radio guy on O'Reilly


I just returned from working the early voting polls

Anti-Kerry flier sees kids in gas masks


Zahn nails it: The public will be reminded OBL has not been caught

I got to give the media some credit tonight

Check out Oregon's numbers. Lots of people not affected by tape

Ohio repubs lose again on challenges


tape helps Osama bin Laden's #1 Recruiter>>>>>>>pResident bush*

The Cowboy Did Not Get The Bad Guy

Patriots undefeated, Red Sox win...........

Was Osama thanking George?

Orleans "Still The One" Not First Song used by Shrub w/out Authorization

How's This for a Weekend Meme: One Word: "Missing"

Hot dog! - Michael Moore rally in Columbus, OH tomorrow

Repeat after me

WHEN did the OBL tape play on Al-Jazeera?

Control the OBL tape spin by doing this

Cheney Calls Iraq, Afghan Wars Brilliant (For Cheney's Halliburton maybe )

NBC News: Dems say OBL tape kills Kerry's momentum

ALL DU print and put this up everywhere

To sum up today's news - OBL is alive

there is a reason why white house tried to block OBL tape

So Now That Bid Laden Released His Tape, The Question I Have Is...

It's all about perception. The OBL

Bush rips Kerry's "shameful" attacks (Kerry needs to fight back)

Is it me or did anyone else feel after hearing or reading the text

HARDBALL THREAD.......................

The author of "America's Right Turn" is on NOW w/Bill Moyers

New Bush Flyer

3000 dead, 3 years, 2 invasions, $225 billion, 1111 US dead,

CNN - Michael Moore on with Paula Zahn NOW on the West Coast 5:34 PM

This has knocked the 100,000 Iraiq dead off the radar


bush's "OBL dirty in a cave" same as bush's "Taleban are no more"

Kerry: "so you have to ask --why is the president so DEFENSIVE about OBL?

AWOL is trying to pre-empt Kerry's slams on OBL. Not going to work.

We can all talk about what's on TV, but who's given to the DNC this week?


Who else is going Door-to-Door Tomorrow for Kerry?

hey OBL, mock bush all you like but when KERRY is PREZ your ASS is GRASS!

Saw a woman in Costco with "K/E" written on the side of her face

Cheney out of control

DU this CBS poll: Does the OBL tape hurt or help Chimpy?

What's worse for Kerry?

We are leading in Iowa early voting

"a strategic error of the first order"

Paygo internets is hard work

DU Poll : OBL Tape Helps or Hurts Bush

I canvassed 2 precincts today.


Congressman Nadler (D-NY) HAMMERING Bush on Fox right now!

Anyone have Zogby's state polls for tonight

Osama's Not Caught, Iraq's Weapons Have Been Stolen, & Iraq is Not Free

NEWSFLASH: Hardball not "entire media" nm

NEWSFLASH: Hardball not "entire media" nm


Walter Cronkite & Bob Graham on Larry King

I didn't vote in 2000...

"This video shows the man that the pResident said he didn't care about"

Our message to OBL

Zogby did not hesitate in naming KERRY as the one to win



Who is traveling to a swing state this weekend?

Don't worry about OBL: He sealed the deal for my mom (R) voting Kerry

Bottom line. A question:

Please tell me why you think *bush is now a pop tart (or toast for us

Another poll post: Have there been any early exit polls done?

Now, Dear DUers, How was that. (Schilling Bows Out)

Any video of bush's "premature ejaculation"?

looking for link to maybe a paul newman ad on environment?

In case anybody needs a reminder about who lost OBL...

Did OBL make the tape because we are about to attack Fallujah?

Let's all be honest here. George W Bush is going to carry Texas easily.

Paul Newman with Kerry tomorrow in Cleveland!

Does Bush have a direct line to OBL?

Has bushco succeeded at making gay marriage a strong wedge issue?

ALL DU. This is a MUST see and Pass it on!

Listen to Daily Kos's 'Perspective' advice

Does anybody have one list of national media for emails

Please help persuade Undecided Voters...PLEASE!!!

Local PBS covering Bunning's name-calling of Mongiardo

Greg Palast on Hannity right now

Kerry on CSPAN now

My sister sent me a picture of bush and wants me to vote for him

We are so winning this election. I have been telling my family this for

State-by-State Predictions - Let's try to get a consensus!

The OBL tape is all the media has which is not blatant bad Bush news.

Charlie Cook is referring to Kerry in the past tense

Kerry is going to win FL, PA, OH, MI

UK Independent slams ROVE

bush: "He can run but he...he's NOT running? And he's NOT hiding???

If the OBL tape is the October Surprise, how'd they do it?

Did bin Laden "out" Bush for LIHOP???

Do Bush* rallies = PromiseKeeper events?

Every time I see him, I have more respect for Ron Reagan...

Viewer Alert -- 10 Eastern on IFC

Ya'all need a slap in the face and here it is!

My Angelina County (TX) early voting experience.

check out the video of Bruce introducing John Kerry in Madison . . .

ABC News just said that Kerry is starting to sound 'frustrated'

John Edwards in Greensburg PA 11:00am Oct 31. Tickets at this link:

Bogus Letter Calls Out 'Deadbeat' Voters

Bush knew about the OBL tape this morning. Why wasn't Kerry briefed?

Now that this tape is out

What OBL Tapes?????????


Bin Laden Bamboozles US Media

US Govt had OBL tape edited before broadcast - Andrea Mitchell

The first time I EVER voted was for Wesley Clark. He brought me here!

Rove: "Dems Have Politicized OBL Tape"

What is wrong with Laura Ingraham?

Have you heard this?!

State Department Tried to Stop Airing of Bin Laden Tape

Who Will Stand By Kerry AFTER He Is Elected?

We are on the OFFENSIVE on this OBL matter...the pukes HATE it

Kerry still smashing Bush in newspaper endorsements (incl. 41 switchers)

I love you Ron Reagan!!

why is bush* campaign still using song "You're Still the One"?

What was Clinton polling in 96 a couple of days before the election?

There's no point in worrying about something you can't do anything about

I do believe Hannity is having an orgasm right now

Ron Reagan: Cheney planning early retirement in Hawaii!

Will this site handle the bandwidth load of a Kerry victory?

Paula Zahn: tape hurts Bush

If W had a corn on his toe and JK mentioned it would he be politicizing it

BTW, 18 months since "Mission Accomplished"


Uh folks..OBL is Friday night and Saturday "news." Which means.........

Donnsbury uses go cheney yourself

Impact Of October Surprise Uncertain

CRAPOLA! Cronkite just suggested Rove/OBL cooperation!

OBL tapes no big deal

Twice as many Iraqi civilians killed as US soldiers killed in vietnam

Sounds like McLaughlin might hold his nose and vote for Kerry

The mind and ego of Osama bin Laden......

Could Early Voting Be Affecting The Polls In States Like Michigan?

Repeat of Kerry's Orlando speech will be on CSPAN 1 at.....

That was a great speech by Kerry on CSPAN in Orlando

Which religious zealot scares you more?

What the Hell is the OBL Tapes--I'm serious--you think America knows??

I'm convincing an undecided voter on a plane!

My Polling Place opens at 6:00am on Nov 2. Guess who will be there at 0600

Please give me some info on what is going on with OBL

Triumph doesn't have to worry Rove will cap him. Giuliani does.

This video should be Kerry's new ad

Former GOP Sen. David Durenberger: Kerry's health plan better

Lets Discuss Turnout! It's the KEY to this election so whats new?

Big Dog on MSNBC right now

What Kerry Should Say (my $.02)

Why is Kerry smiling and Bush frowning ??

No explanation needed

Could Someone Give a Summary of the OBL Tapes and Reactions.

New "Osama" Tape : BULLSHIT!!

Sorry Osama, but you've got to die and I hope Kerry's the one to get you!

Oh, how soon we forget, Mr. President (US Let OBL Go Article)

Who thinks it was wrong for the media to air ANYTHING OBL says?

ride it out, folks

Did anyone see Joe Lockhart on Paula Zahn tonight?

CNN Analyst says Al Qaeda wants Bush to Win

Kerry: "The safety of Americans is at stake"

Must See TV! IFC channel-Monday

Remember that Eminem is on tomorrow night on SNL!!!!

John Kerry voted to protect over 600 sporting firearms

Holy shit... State Dept. tried to block Osama video????

Don't forget, there's an extra hour of campaigning this weekend

Grabbing from the headlines???

President Bush is still misleading you --- bin Ladem

DU this CBS polls (Hurts or Helps Bush?)

Anyone watching NOW with Bill Moyers??? He's tearing up bush.

He looks very sickly, speculation about his health might be true......

OMFG - Now the Brownshirts are saying Pledge to * at Rally

The Bin Ladens Step In To Save Their Bush Family Friends

*message deleted by moderator*

slap laura ingraham please, bob graham has infinite patience

Bushies splatter chicken blood, guts across front door of Kerry supporters

OBL on the couch. Why did he release the tape?

*'s biggest failure came out today

Woah!!! Bill O'Relly and his guest...

The Bin Laden tape is a huge negative for Bush

Anybody see Matt Lauer skewer Paul Bremmer this morning?

Mike Malloy just talked on Air America about a topic from DU

Hope Kerry has Carville and other Clinton advisors

Well, this woman got up this morning and DID something!

Fate of Missing Iraq Weapons Unresolved (Remember them?)

Kerry should forget **** and respond to OBL

Heh, a GREAT LTTE in small community paper...

Gee George

young surfers for Kerry

I hope Bush loses. And loses WAY WORSE than his daddy did.

Gone like a fart in the wind

Las Vegas Sun editor: vote Kerry or we deserve nuclear dump at Yucca

The Bin Laden tape was clearly an endorsement of Nader

Russert on NBC: Bush campaign indicating they will lose OH ...

Bush went after the wrong terrorist at the wrong time. . .

Anybody hear about a plane carrying Kerry/Edwards supporters

WTF?? Another problem with Edwards' plane?

OBL's remarks about "The Pet Goat" (sorry if dupe)

Cool! Bon Jovi on CSPAN end of Edwards rally!

PHOTOs need caption...cheney scaring people on campaign trail

linkTV on now, people outsourced talk show

Cheney and OBL

ABC World News George Stephanopolous calls OBL tapes a wash

Memo to Kerry: Don't let Osama steal your thunder

House Candidate Has Record for Exposing Himself to Children

CBS News: OBL caps a rough week for Bush

Bush and Saudi's commercial, wow is that hard hittting/what, even

What's Kerry doing right that Gore did wrong in '00?

last time I saw this sort of thing was right before the LA riots

If you could only have one slogan what would it be?

What happened to Clinton?

Who is this woman on Charlie Rose show talking about religion

It's very possible we will not know who won for weeks after

Bush said Osama was "on the run" and has been "marginalized"

Bush Supporters of the Week

Went to Kerry rally in Miami tonight

Election Day Terror Drills --Cheney In Command?

"I'm here to pump you up" said Arnold

Help DNC get out the vote - deadline midnight tonight!

Kerry Should Say: Why Are We Wasting Our Time...


Idea for Election Night Coverage On DU

Kerry: "I will kill or capture bin Laden in six months." (I wish!)

Bush pledged to get bin Laden dead or alive. He failed! Osama mocks us!

Hey wait a minute...what time did the confetti blast happen at?

Richard Clark on Nightline NOW OBL video!!!!!!

Wes Clark talking about the fairness doctrine on Maher

Osama Is Not Scaring Me Into Voting For Bush

Will anyone pray on election day?

I just gave $ one more time -- join me?!

This IS about OBL, and it may have been posted already

I Like to apologies to the DU forum for my melt down earlier tonight

Osama is gonna just destroy Bush

My latest scenario...election night.

State Department Tried to Stop Airing of Bin Laden Tape

Wes Clark on Real Time: Bush was the one with the 9/10 mentality

I've lost a lot of respect for Kevin Kostner

Saw the Alex Pelosi film tonight - Kerry looked clever,

Osama to the rescue! Again!

MSMBC just cut off Clinton in the middle of it to show *. I hate the media

KFOX news in El Paso just reported that early voting...

Cool Zogby article - NYDaily News

Tucker Carlson just predicted a Kerry Win

Just got an email that * will be in Dallas on Monday

Now they're trying to say ...OBL was never trapped in Tora Bora

thought I would share.

Voting straight Dem on Texas electronic machines gives Bush for prez

"Osama Surprise!" - good for freeway blogging?

So are you going to drink booze on election night?

Tinfoil: "American Al Queada" tape manufacured to frame the pending OBL

Candy Crowley is a F*cking PIG!

FIRE ONBOARD Edwards' plane tonight caused an emergency landing.

Why I am not worried about MN, Iowa and Wisconsin. Take a look

I just voted !!

If Kerry were President bin Laden wouldn't be making any videos

PHOTO: Man, I am going to be proud to vote for this man.

President Edwards? (Another Scenario to this Election!)

Age 18 - 24 voters will swing the election to Kerry

Now is the time to hit Bush hard on OBL - lots of good graphics

Latest Ad from Kerry and it is a good one

IMHO- OBL tapes are timed to take focus off

All of the BIG 3 Networks Are Still Covering the Missing Explosives

Summary of polls at RCP: Kerry wins

I photographed my early-voting touchscreen voting experience

Fran Leibowitz on Charlie Rose


My argument with a bush supporter over abortion.

"Please Ignore Reality & Vote for George W. Bush" (Need Some Help, Please)

A Bush loss on Tuesday means a Bush autobiography 4 years earlier than...

another BULGE in Bush's jacket today??

WHOA!! Fla.: Kerry Takes Commanding Lead in Early Voting (from NEWSMAX!)

Stop The Insanity...

Osama Bin Laden Tape - TRANSCRIPT

F...IT!!!!!!!! tWEETY JUST CALLED bUSH A HERO! Gag Me!!!!

Is anyone watching Larry King? Laura Ingraham makes me ill

Assigned to Broward County as part of Florida K/E Legal Team

Ok, what's the 2 punch to follow the OBL tape? Is there one?

Everybody come and freak out about the OBL tape on this thread.

One question: Who is More Rational? Or -- The real reason OBL tape is bad

NOW w/Bill Moyers re-hashing all the Bush B.S. leading up to Iraq War.

Vote fraud in Ohio ? Repugs making me sick, it will backfire

CNET says bettings sites are betting on Bush!!

Folks, it's not going to be as close as they say. Kerry by at least 6.

Will Bad Weather stop you from voting ?

Those saying Kerry shouldn't attack Bush over OBL tape

Caller on Mike Malloy- scary...

Good news inside the WaPo poll - Kerry wins East, Midwest and West

Don't forget Bill Maher Tonight

Tell Chris what a real hero is...


I despise Schwazeneggar!!!

I think I like Kerry's approach of treating terrorism like law enforcement

Do you smell a RAT?!

interactive electoral map

Just had a conference call about polling. Kerry looks strong. (UPDATED)

The media is trying to give the election to Bush

An incumbent who can't break 50% is in real trouble; Bush can't break 47%

I can't believe we missed this and is the meaning behind Bin Laden tape

OBL Doesn't Fucking Care WHO IS PRESIDENT!!!!

Bill Maher "Realtime" Thread

Should Kerry take advantage of the OBLtape and use it against Bush ?

Osama Bin Laden Tape - TRANSCRIPT

I'm burning CDs of Eminem's Mosh and asking young Kerry supporters

Osama's Election Editorial

OBL tapes are turning into a referendum on Bush's record

McLaughlin just predicted Kerry gets the Electoral College

Republicans hate it when you say,"My Pet Goat"

Facts are facts. Look at the facts of the OBL tape

WOW, check out this CBS POLL and DU this SUCKA!

Big white beatup pick up truck with a gun rack in the window

HEADS UP: Conference call w/ Lockhart on Bush reaction to OBL tape

What Final Grade Should We Give George?

I work for a Congressional candidate in Virgina,I need help choosing a......

Just sent a letter to the editor (re: bin Laden tape)

Poll Reveals Missouri As Battleground State

IMAGINE THIS: John Doe, a known murderer kills your entire family

26 progressive documentaries available FREE online

VISUALIZE WINNING--And that's an order!