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Archives: October 28, 2004

Coverup? 3 Of 4 911 Black Boxes Were Found!

Presidential campaign takes a toll on supporters' psyches

Online buzz’ challenges journalism

Dowd: White House of Horrors (One of Modo's Best Columns)

Send Bush To Baghdad


I just watched the eclipse of the moon here in Orlando....

The Godly Must Be Crazy . . . (referral post) . . .

DuPage Township Democratic Meeting Tomorrow--FYI

I just posted this on GD 2004

So, just how much do you suppose a Kilo of RDX is worth, no strings?

LETTER: Bush has no choice but to reinstate draft

William Safire on Larry King

Bush voted best movie villain

Fox Sports Propaganda

Will Bush move on Falluja this week to suck up the News.

Thinking of visiting beautiful Iraq?

We're lucky this guy isn't working on the Bush "re"-election campaign...

Help! I don't have current ID to vote...

LOL, The "site that can't be mentioned" is down...LOL

Dean would be ten points ahead right now.

MainStreamMedia comes out with idiot story same time as NYT scoop!

The Godly Must Be Crazy

Foreigners blocked from

Your darkest political secret...`

Should the PNAC'rs be hunted down and arrested...

be careful what you say online . . . they're listening! . . .

We need to import some British journalists to the US, pronto!

U.S. Urges Caution for Americans in Russia

(Columbus)Suburban News Pub.(Front Page) "John Kerry For President"

Moonie Owned Times Propaganda: Russians took them weapons

Postal Experts Hunt for Missing Ballots in Florida

4 Iraqis Tell of Looting at Munitions Site in '03

Courtmartial testimony: Iraq dates 'planned in advance'

O'Connor Extols Role of International Law

ABC: Discrepancy Found in Explosive Amounts

Tiny U.S. ally Uruguay appears set to join South America's march leftward

FBI Director Pays Surprise Visit to Mexico

Presidential Politics Gets Ugly in Fla. (gun to head of Kerry supporter)

No More Sinclair

I'm glad the Sox won, but that Series was a real letdown . . .

Congrats to Boston from San Diego!!!!

I just saw the Bambino go by wearing a Red Sox cap and a Kerry button!

Lunar Eclipse photos

what happened to support group

Did the sox win in the Busch Stadium?

If I garage one more time, I'm going to fart for the Red Sox!

Boston Red Sox fans are ROOKIES! 86 years, pshaw!

Bush Bashing Pumpkin Contest

I got a hug from Caroline Kennedy today!

Ok if I fart ONE MORE TIME, I'm going in the garage for the night


Do We Have a Location on Will Pitt?

mark this date: 10/27/04

A cursed franchise that never gets mentioned

Who enjoys South American football (soccer) on the Spanish channels?

I'm going to Ohio 3 days after the election

The Sox win during an eclipse and beat the Yanks at 12:01

Why Fundies go "W"

Who's the Cutie on Leno? nt

Anyone ever petted a groomer?

i hate baseKETball

I HATE baseball

Bush Voted Best Movie Villain

A great day for the game of baseball

Sox voted Nomar full playoff share.... now that's classy

Well, apparently the Red Sox won. at least, that's what the streaking

For you Yankee fans who're gonna post about those 26 WS titles..Get this!

All you baseball fans. How many WS have been won in only 4 games?

I'm really not a baseball fan, but

Three idiots in a row...

Foulke'n Excellent

Is anyone a pet groomer?

For all you Red Sox fans in Boston RIGHT NOW--all I gotta say is...

The Kerry/Edwards Shrine During The Eclipse

from the bible

Leave it to Dad to make me paranoid about the way I quit

Buckner, Boon, Dent, WHATEVER ... THEY ARE DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to Boston from Cincinnati

Did I miss "Jack & Bobby"?

It's taken me 50 minutes to realize the Red Sox won! Seriously!

I am a Cardinals fan

Baseball is done and there's no Hockey...NFL and NBA is all we got

You should hear my neighborhood right now: moans, farts

September 11, 1918 last time Red Sox won series

Does this mean we get to see LynneSin's ass?

this is the thread for everyone and anyone who doesn't care about baseball

I LOVE IT!!! Cardinals Go DOWN In Four Games, The Curse Of The Bambino

Can a Cardinal Fan please tell me how Scott Rolen did

Tonight, we are all Bostonians.

Just put my dog to sleep

Congratulations SOX! - But I have a question!

I just turned my ankle and cussed like a sailor.

You c_nt say that!

Does my (35 lb) puppy really think...

Jon Stewart on Leno now (rerun)

Regardless of what happens, Democrats have more fun

A challenge to employers...

The culture clash of 2004: Could it be our year?

The American Conservative Magazine Endorses Kerry

Protest Alert: Bush will be in Gainesville, FL Sunday

If Bush wins...?

One of the dirtiest campaign tricks of this year in Colorado...

So is this Bush's potential Monica?

NYT Tonight - Proof Of Looting AFTER US Invasion

What percentage of final vote will Bush end up with ??

Video of Bush giving america the finger

Help me contact Michael Moore??!

Can someone post the Booger picking picture of * please

The campaign is making some interesting choices...

We're lucky this guy isn't working on the * "re"-election campaign.

NYT Witnesses cause total meltdown at freepervillie

We don't know what happened' 'We don't have the facts' This is the excuse?

Some news to brighten up the day for some of you.

New Poll: Bush Holds Strong Lead in N.C

If Bush wins... Scenario 2

Here is my final letter to the editor to local paper for this election.

Real nice pic of John & Teresa in Florida today!

Eugene of Truth and Hope got Donna Marsh on Randi Rhodes today.

A guy from the Rocky Mountain News is sitting next to me and....

Why didn't Bartlett just sit on Paula Zahn's lap for the interview tonight

What LAST GASP dirty trick does Rove have in store before/during election?

Pro-Kerry ads just started here in Memphis - is TN a battleground again!

Isn't there film of the looting?

The Republicans have out-run their supply lines with this Russia business

Coincidence or Sign?

Numb Nuts is coming to my town today.....

NAACP head Julian Bond: "It will be worse than in 2000" (GOP & black vote)

My freeper sister

Reporting from OUR Nation's Capital: John Kerry Campaign Headquarters

OMFG! Bush campaign emails accidentally sent to Bush parody site

Denver Post Publisher overruled unanimous editorial board's

Fox sports guy bashes Fox, introduces Dean who bashes Bush in PA.

this photo is screaming for a caption!

Rolling Stone writer infiltrates Republican Campaign

My Election Night Guide (for the anal)

How much of MOSH was edited for MTV?

Galbraith: Eyewitness to a failure in Iraq-former US ambassador-Must Read

"McKinley or Roosevelt? This Election is as Much About the Past as the

Another Email from an American Merc in Iraq

Why Winning May Be O'Reilly's Costliest Option

"George Dub-ya Bush, The Phony Fighter Pilot" full book available online

'French' Becomes a Dirty Word in U.S. Campaign

Wisconsin Capital Times Endorses Kerry

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel endorses Kerry

Sharon’s disingenuous Gaza plan —Uri Avnery

Sidney Blumenthal - Bush has fallen victim to his own hubris

"With God on Their Side" --

US, Iran and the Iraqi election game

Memories of Chile in the Midst of an American Presidential Campaign

Unlocking the Texas Vote

E&P: John Kerry Says Cheese (3 WI endorsement among 13 new ones)

'The Bush Crony Full-Employment Act of 2003' (Joe Albaugh)

Comedians for routine change say....

They took live H.I.V. and black fever virus? SCARY!

Great Takedown of Bush "Junk Lawsuit" Stories

Save a Bomb for Dan Rather

Friedman: A Hole in the Heart (Looks like Tom is voting Kerry)

Salon: Get ready for a November surprise

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette hits the trifecta- three fine editorials

Teachers' T-shirts bring Bush speech ouster

My last pre-election editorial for my local paper.

Molly Ivins: A divider, not a uniter (Molly predicts Kerry win)

Bush voted #1 Villan

Rule Changes Caused Most School "Accountability" Gains - NCLB


dry in Iraq?

The Iraq Inspections Worked, Lies Have Consequences

Freedom to READ. . . Without the Government Spying on You

OC Weekly: The lipless wonder vs. ol’ ferret face Greg Stacy

Iraq's grim spiral: Bush refuses to acknowledge dire situation

Email from an American Mercenary in Iraq

Revelation: Shall Riyadh become the Capitol of the World?

The WMD-lite scandal

Palast: Florida Computers Snatch Thousands of Votes from Kerry

Stop this RW attack on Kerry

sending a final reminder

Help! Anybody remember the Land's End/Guilliani protest??

CNNfn to close at end of year (2004).

Biggest Indictment of the media to date

Al Gore's INdTV gets new staffers

Who Are CNN Personalities Voting For? (satire/article)

Doonesbury tackling the "bulge" B.C. calls Democrats the "wrong wing"

NBC, ABC developing 9/11 miniseries

When (if) Rush's next ex-wife reports the weapons story

Bob McChesney interviews Iran Contra reporter Robert Parry

How the media make the media appear "liberal"

Bwaaaahaahaahaa I Love Ann Richards

IFC and Sundance to air F 9/11, Soliders Pay and Bush's Brain Nov. 1

Loofah boy settles

Who is the really crude brazen lady on Scarborough Country?? n/t

Misleader documents that AP Wire/GOP missing 380 tons story is Bogus-MNTV

Tell whores to shut up for five minutes

Laura Ingraham on Scarblow Country

If each dollar per barrel oil cost = 70 B over 10 yrs,, Tax decrease will

BLM Employee - If Gas/Oil/ORV Industries Don't Want It, We Can Protect It

UK Increases Industrial CO2 Emission Limits By 3% - Independent

New ChimpCo Plan - Only Dam Owners Can Appeal Operations, Licensing

Pine Marten May Have Returned To Northern England - BBC

Three Mile Island documentary on the the History Channel now - 2 East Time

Lake Okeechobee Recovery From Hurricanes May Take Years

Kyoto agreement .. please help with legaleze

CO2 Emissions Will Rise 40% By 2010 Over 1990 Levels, No Matter What

Kurdish guerrillas attack Turkish army

Explosives, looted = carbombs today:Proof via tracer chems in expl's: swab

China plagued by rising social unrest

American Rifleman cover....

The Gun Debate: Poll Results.

You used to have

more non-duplicates locked in LBN

You found my star! And so soon after

Skinner...have you ever thought of running for office yourself?

couLd we switch Locks here?

Has DU ever been advertised on Air America?

Why the hell was my thread locked?

You guys are cookin' on the homepage today! We've got the big MO...

why was my angry Morrissey cancellation thread deleted

If DU would ever be down for more than a few hours, where would

election day suggestion

How can a front-page article not be available??

why was my post deleted and this one not?

The title of this story needs to be fixed on the homepage

"hide" option

Shouldn't the "I Voted" avatar checkbox be blue and not red?

How do I get a picture

ok, so I posted a note proclaiming my admiration of Bay Buchanan

Please, can we get a GOTV activism sticky?

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you

Media link

How come I can't get large fonts anymore?

Why don't my avatars show up?

There was a thread that got locked from "Detroit"

Curiosity question.

popup ads

I can't find anywhere in "Options" where to ask for my

After Arafat: who could replace him?

Annan backs Palestinian UN boss

Palestinians: IDF forces kill girl, 8, in Gaza

After Arafat IDF may need to keep peace in territories

"Black Boxes Were Found at Ground Zero" - FBI Denies

Bush Tied to Multiple 9/11 Conspirators....


NEVADA GOTV EFFORTS- you can still go!

Voter Mobilization

Californians in Texas

Ventura County GOTV schedule

Ventura Co.-37th District-Ferial Masry vs neocon drone Stickland

Fellow 'Fornians, need some advice.

Bustamante is acting Gov. when is he gonna grow a set?

Ahhnold's prop. endorsements

San Joaquin County Hit By Absentee Ballot Scam

Shelley reports record registration, predicts 73 percent turnout

Kerry to be in Des Moines Saturday, October 30th

Buckner to Red Sox fans: Don't forgive me

Hey Massholes (and other New Englanders)! Going to the Sox Parade?

TYPE: "world series" at google news . . .

SCSU Poll addresses Kerrry, wetterling races

Donate to the DFL and get your money back in a refund

Repub election dirty trick struck down by state court!

news flash: feds to seek death penalty in Dru Sjodin murder...

Wes Clark in Minnesota tomorrow.

Edwards in St Paul MONDAY - Get Your Tickets!

Channel 5 just helped us out in a big way! Embed has video of explosives

I've got the swing state blues

I sat between Republicans at the Kerry Rally

just saw KSTP's 10pm report on Al Qaqaa - it seemed they

John Kline Dirty Tricks

Shouldn't Michigan overflow go to northern Ohio?

Keep walking, friends! It's working! Kerry is pulling ahead in MI!

Ken Blackwell to appear on "Hardball" Thursday p.m.

MoveOn PAC Rally in Columbus on Saturday

Going to school tomorrow


Wooo Hooo !!!!! Election Eve in Cleveland...

Blackwell coming up on CNN with Judy

Lancaster PA rally: Gov. Rendell, Carole King, Rob Reiner, Valerie Harper

Daughter #2 Voted Absentee for Kerry on Monday!!!

Late changes in polling places & last-minute mailing

Why no early voting in PA?

If you get the chance

D/FW DUers - did anyone hear Mark Cuban on KNON this a.m.?

Crayola: Texas is a BLUE state!

One last Tom DeLay punch

TOM DELAY: "I don't think it's my job to improve education."

Soldier gets acquitted on drug charge due to wearing phony Army uniform

Dallas County Precinct #1143 (Early Voting Results)

Sessions raising money in Dallas

Urgent - Computer repair help needed

DCCC kids walking for Frost

Proposals and judges on the ballot?

Sign up, Canvass, Call, and/or put some signs up!!

Capitiol Times endorses Kerry (no surprize)

Dear Wisconsin....

Got a phone call from Daryl[sic] Waltrip today

Pics of Madison Rally

"rural" Wisconsin in the Red

NY OCT-28-2004 Agony Of Defeat Haunts A-Rod

Get your local videostore to offer Fahrenheit 9/11 for FREE

Simple Solutions To The Complex Problem Of Iraq

Google: Boom Chicago Mr America

Driver Tries To Run Down Rep. Katherine Harris

What if Germany in the 1930's had the Internet Spam!?

Wolves at the Door


Black Boxes Were Found at Ground Zero - FBI Denies

It's time for "The Lion of the Left"...

What is a "Freeper"?

LOL! Who are these people voting low?

Good Dog!!!

Is it worth $5.67 a year to prevent voting problems? (next time)

not sure if this has been posted, vote Kerry or Bush,,,

Just spent a half-hour in Freeperville (and haven't showered yet)

Turn on CSPAN if you want a laugh

Hidden Wars In The Middle East

The former 101st Airborne soldier on Hannity + Colmes...

Is there a way to have two or more avatars?

How long, I wonder?

Jerry Rubin is currently on a hunger fast till Nader drops out.

What in the name of "are ya there God, it's me Margaret" were you thinking

Overseas US Soliders and American ExPats blocked from

Conservative against Bush

Internet increasingly the target of government repression

Okay, this is just pissing me off.

Can someone clear up Zogby calling it for * or Kerry?

They stole all the Kerry signs on the main drive through my neighborhood.

Song for this week..."All You Fascists...."

Just heard on MSNBC that the Japanese hostage they

Prediction of how many votes will be cast this year?

The reason Bush is still in the race.

All DUers are invited to join Prodem

gee there are bloggers and alternative news sources!!

Here come the sons of dogs."

Today's Steve Bell/Guardian cartoon....

Interesting analysis on polling in the Washington Post today.

After the election we need to run ads to improve Dem party's image

Huffman Aviation, the Christian Right, and 9/11

Greg Palast on Florida 2004 scams

No Longer Unknowable: Falluja's April Civilian Toll is 600

I had a dream last night.......

i know this is not particularly news but...

Iraq Is NOT Like Viet Nam So Stop Saying That......

Did Bush I bait Saddam into attacking Kuwait in order to push his

despite being Drudge... despite being the Wash. Times... OCT surprise?

Is Iraq the new Weimar Republic?

AAR - Morning Sedition: Ch 5 Min embeds saw all explosives there what was the Terrorist Tape about..havent heard anything..LINK ?

Embedded Minnesota Newscrew had footage of unsecured explosives

BBV: CBS Three parter on Voting: "What Could Go Wrong"

"Hobbit" Discovered: Tiny Human Ancestor Found in Asia

Britians most evil movie vilan winner !

Some Democrat Expats distraught

The Tsunami - An Enduring Progressive Movement?

John Zogby on the Daily Show tonight

Liberalitch’s psychic predictions re: life after Arafat…

MSNBC; Some missing Florida Ballots to be resent

Good bye George

will you be thinking of 9-11 when you vote?

Freedom to READ. . . Without the Government Spying on You

Who is listening to the Stephanie Miller show this morning?

The Most WRONG Man In The World (Bolling)

The key to the KSTP explosives story is DETONATION CORD

Show of hands please

Froomkin's whitehouse briefing (old)

What Geneva Conventions? NYT review; CHAIN OF COMMAND

Remembering Hope

President Kerry's opportunity/challenge: unity

Do the polls take into consideration the newly registered voters?

Portents of World Series???????

If you have any doubts about your Voter Registration card possible


Bush's middle finger

Does Bush Get A Bump Because Arafat is Sick?

What's wrong with the Air America Stream?

Third Annual Press Freedom Index

I told you all before. The RW is launching a 'mega-speak' attack on Kerry

To any and all television employees.

Very Presidential of Chimpy McFlightsuit

Fineman Hurt by Being Called Ugly; Tucker Hit by Lib Deer; & O'LIELLY's Pe

Any recommendations for morning news television programs?

Kristol Klear

the neocons will self destruct & try to drag us all into hell with them

zogby on daily show tonight

Atrios: Giuliani blames the troops for explosives

DU - quick prayers are needed

Arnold or "The Boss" Poll on CNN

So what happened w/ Nader's 11:00 news conference?

Republicans Gather to Bash Bush -- RM News

Bush Tied to Multiple 9/11 Conspirators (pix at link)

Stuck in the Past

CNN Entertainment: NBC, ABC developing 9/11 miniseries

Someone please enlighten me on "Open Primaries"

Some *&%^$^$# Destroyed All of the Kerry Signs on my Street

Okay we know the nuclear sites were looted and radioactive material

Why Do People Forget That Iraq Was Allowed to Have Weapons?

I'm Still Waiting For the Fox News "Alert" About The Video of Al Qa Qa.

A funny email from my Uncle, I had to post it lol titled "Faith"

US Intelligence helped distribute explosives

Self Deleted....too many people like Eminem, i guess.

CNN parrots Bush........they used the same word, "wild" to describe Kerry

My Electoral Vote Prediction...(give me your thoughts)

The weapons question is very simple

Bush/Cheney website blocks overseas viewers.

Friends...I will be on the radio tonight!

WSJ's Farnaz Fassihi's "private" e-mail dispatch from Baghdad

What does a "Deputy Director for Strategic Communications" actually do?

Looking for the .gif where * turns into Alfred E Newman

Al Qaqaa is the "tip of the iceberg"

Hypocrisy of Religious Fundies Against Stem Cell Research

Need a counterpunch, please!

Homeland Security's still at it!

George Soros on cspan 1 live now - 1:25 pm eastern

George Soros on C-span NOW...............................

100 Non-Arguable Facts about the Bush Administration

Article from an Alabama Newspaper... Amazing!

Whatcha gonna do when they screen you?

Some group's trying to recall Viaraigosa

How would Bush* handle "Fail-Safe?"

Is the "Russia Took Them" story dead already!!!!


Policing Is Aggressive at Bush Events

Highbrow Culture Returns to the White House

Boston Trifecta...The Pats, The Red Sox .....and now Kerry !!!!!

Where in America is the party doing the worst job of getting out the vote?

The Bush economy and OUR Jobs

I think we are being had by the polls, including Zogby

'get out the vote' drive halted ( at Milwaukee schools)

Google News Manipulation

Mosh is a gift to the cause, Eminem wrote this song for us

Man Threatens Kerry-Voting Girlfriend

"Minor Downtime"..............aaargh

Bush to America...

Mosh is a gift to the cause, Eminem wrote this song for us

Mosh is a gift to the cause, Eminem wrote that song for us

ANybody else get a Pfizer-Sinclair response?

Bush Tied to Multiple 9/11 Conspirators....


Giant Douche in a Landslide!

Minor Rant To The Cable News Networks, From a Graphics Person...

here is Bushco's plan for Iraq

Interesting voting stats on NC's early voting results so far. Good news!

Debunking the "Lawsuit Crisis" & Exposing Cheney's Junk Suits

what did the polls say in the final days before the 1972 election?

letter from Iraq

Who here has "infiltrated" a repug rally?...

Take the UK Guardian Empathy Test! (I think repukes would fail it!)

CNNfn to close by mid-December

Three questions about the explosives issue.

"Klueless People Love W" Bumpersticker......!

Ranks in Iraq dangerously thin

Demonstrations in Ohio

Cheney Comment on Kerry's Crowds

If you want to vote, you must think like a republican.

Iraqi civilian death toll possibly much higher than est.

Guiliani blames troops for the mess in Iraq?

The Banana Republican catalogue

Vote this Pennsylvania poll

Veterans' Voices Rise in Protest

"I hope I am not responsible for Armageddon"

Why is Bush so dumb? Has the genetic material in the Bush-

Suggested outfits: Bush or Cheney in stripped jail suit & shackles

Whatever happened to Sadam's cache of money they found

Nov 3, 1980 (NYT): "Reagan and Carter stand nearly even in last polls"

Hybrid Cars, how SCREWED ARE WE?

OMG OMG OMG! Red Sox win it! Red Sox WIN!!! Yessss!

Happy thought for the day.

EXXON gets rise of 56% in quarterly profits.

Randi is torching Guiliani.

DU I need your help.

A lot of haters are jealous

FrigginAnarchy at Free Republic.

NRO: Electoral College gives "real Americans" a voice in 21st Century

TONS of anti-bush ads airing in East Tennessee

Anybody see bremer on with hume?

Clinton - Nobel Peace Laureate?

Does anyone have sound clips or MP3 of parts of Al Gore's recent speeches?

Surrounded by Freepers at work - HEEELLLLP!

A political candidate who jumps to conclusions is not a person you want...

Okay another drop in oil price, just as the Saudis promised.

Reminder! Clinton interview on ABC Primetime TONIGHT (Thurs) with

FBI Investigating Halliburton Contracts

will the media cover bush giving the finger video? anybody on

Yellow "Support Our Troops" magnets

"The greatest enigma in American public life....."

Tort Reform/Vaccine Help

Haha! Just spoke with a freeper co-worker...

I'm in China.

Is the Clenis the root of every problem?

BBC Question Time in the USA with Michael Moore, Tonight

Is this true about polls?

Does Shrubya Already Know He's TOAST

Soviet generals helped prepare the Iraqi army for war against the US?

What RECENT foreign regimes does Bush and the GOP remind you of?


Wicked kerry ad idea

* accuses JK of using RS for political gain, Schilling to appear with *

What Bush never learned from his daddy:

October surprise - Only 3 days left

Bausch & Lomb UPGRADES employee benefits plans for 2005

Watch F911 on IFC - tomorrow at 10 - has discussion with Moore

POWERFUL FILM ONLINE - Hijacking Catastrophie

After your defeat, I'll give you the name of my face-lift doctor

DU this MSNBC poll

Australians are required under law to vote

Bush "Victory Party":)

Kudos to the Fox sportscaster who speaks out publicly against Bush.

Anyone see crazy Mel Gibson on GMA?

So what happens when Arafat dies?

Will this get immediately locked, too?

Anyone from New Hampshire want to go to the Kerry rally?

Bush Ad Altered: Growing Legs People

Someone should watch Barry Setzer's bank records for the next year or so.

How I believe Kerry will stomp the Shrub

Will desperate people (neocons) do desperate things?

I hate South Park, Eminem, Howard Stern, Jon Stewart over the edge..

Re: the deadletters at, I found a firm which does "caging".

Pentagon calls report that Russians took weapons false.

Any good links to read about the Middle East situation?

So is it possible that Iraq DID have WMD...and...

Jesse Ventura breaks silence on Kerry support

WHAT?? CNN still reporting Russians took Explosives???

What do you think of this Tora Bora timeline?

Hannity: "George W. Bush Made The World Safer"

Anyone see the editorial board of the WSJ on Charlie Rose last night?

American internet firm's link to Ken Bigley torture videos

Lou Dobbs show pumping up the....,,

I just voted on a Diebold T5 touchscreen

$1 billion in political television ads this year

QaQaa-gate to be today's new term

When is Enough....Enough?

The ECONOMIST Endorses Kerry

Al Franken coming up as guest of Lou Dobbs now.

bush*s "one finger victory salute" (not photoshopped) you can watch video

Online Pennsylvania poll

More on the KSTP story on Explosives.

Link TV's - Democracy Now!

West Virginia -------Good News

FOX terrorist news network having orgasms over latest Bush campaign video

Kerry to be at my school (Ohio State University) today

Wanna feel better? (old humor, but timely)

How many people have only cell phones

OMG! Article says actually 200,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed!!

The Dow finished above 10,000

worried to death

Are Mormons and/or Quakers conscientious objectors?

Lincoln would've been called a "FLIP-FLOPPER"


Will the MOMS of the 1100 dead US Soldiers vote for bush?

Sundance Channel will air "Bush's Brain" next week

O'Rielly settles with Macris

John Zogby is on the Daily Show tonight.

GIN BLOSSOMS - In Full Bloom

Curt Schilling for BUSH?~!

Majority Report (AARadio) has great guests today: Robbins, Vidal, Cher.

Hannity: "Kerry Voted Against Every Military System Since 1988"

Interesting topic on a Broadway message board!

What do you all think about this video?

I want to download Springsteen at Madison today, any help?


Freepers attacking The Boss on

Top Story on Yahoo: 100,000 Iraqi Deaths

Great lineup on LINK TV tonight

Kerry / Bruce LIVE stream - Ohio

Zogby on the Daily Show tonight

Do Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Condi have any redeeming social value

Gore Vidal is coming up on Air America.

Don't forget to watch Countdown with Keith

Halliburton Whistleblower Bunnatine Greenhouse once argued Govt. line

Why are they afraid of Bush & Co.???

Friday's NOW with Bill Moyers...Was Saddam really a gathering threat?

NewsMax trying to get 'Stolen Honor' aired by getting private sponsers.

I never dreamed he'd hit the trifecta

Is major media picking up Mn. station explosives story?

Kerry's first political appoinrment...

Iraq mom riled by Giuliani remark

Does anyone have the link for the list of abbreviations

Young Kerry voters -- a great sign of a progressive future

I wonder how the troops & families of the dead are taking the news

Challengers in Ohio?

Rumsfeld sets record straight on "Russia took them" myth..

May I get my hopes up yet? whaddya think?

what will karl do tomorrow? he'd better pull something out of his

Confirmation that Minnesota News Crew Taped Alqaaqa Explosives on

Someone want to explain all this Al QaQaa stuff to me?

Save America for future generations.


New Check Clearing Regs Kick In

my son straightened out his coach!

You freepers who are trolling on this board:

Reminder - What's at stake this election

When will these EVIL CRIMINALS Be held accountable for 100,000 deaths?

A Funny Thing About The Explosive Loss

New ad idea: Snakes

How will Rove spend his time in hell? What should be his punishment?

Foxhole News just broadcast supposed Satellite images.....

How to "grow a liberal movement"

Electronic Ballot for the General Election State of Florida 2004

I SHOOK Kerry's hand tonight!!!

Donohue and Harpity go at it on fauxnews.....

OMG !!! I just shook the hand of Howard Dean last night!!

Pre-Election Anxiety Disorder

Prime Time's opening just showed a clip of Eminem video!


OUR Grassroots agenda?

How long are the Kerry rallies usually

Voters Bill of Rights

It's 11/6, we had a solid win, what are you going to do on the first free

Clintons on ABC right now

How come we have so many posts about their spouses voting for *?

its malloy time....

Did anyone hear what Phillip Roth has written about *bush?

Cheney calls Kerry a "Pig."

Now that the explosives thing is proven to be a Bush screwup

I'VE GONE QUITE MAD PART 3 - GOTV SVOK: "so vote, ok?"

John Zogby on Daily Show tonight... Should be interesting

CNN Kerry/Bush reporters

"Forbidden Films About John Kerry", LinkTV, is very good

How will the Rove gang spin David Kay's remarks?

More discussion about al QaQaa

Aaron Brown: "I'm better than Middle Class"

LIMBOsevic Outs Victor Davis HANSON as "One of Ours (Wingnut)"

Rove's terror tape on Prime Time Live!!!!!!!!!!

Mosh an ABC in a minute.

The Republican Congressional Campaign Committee charged talk show hosts

We forget: Bush* knew about the missing explosives two weeks ago!

Excitement about the Candidates

I was called a DUer on a Disney based discussion page

President Stupid just gave us vets a 2.7% Cola increase.

Dictionary of the History of Ideas

What and who is "Guerilla News Network"?

OMG did anyone just hear Aaron Brown?

I'VE GONE QUITE MAD PART 5 - GOTV SVOK: "so vote, ok?"

This is prime VRWC viewing time! Fill in your view card!

Our local diner just shown on Jon Stewart....the Daily Show!!

Freeper MADness

George W. Bush is a post turtle

Cheney Task Force Had Eyes on Iraq Oil

Ha Ha! Stupid repub is going after Kerry with Poland. Please read.

BUT WAIT! It was only one-tenth of 1 percent of what they destroyed!

"Let me tell you something this story is over"

PA newspaper calls Bush rally in Lititz PA like a rival!

Has anybody else seen this? (image + linkage)

Got my husband's final decision tonight and I'm po'd

"I am not": A freeper rants in my union newsletter

Ted Koppel is spinning the Guardian "Ohio voters email exchange"

I'm going to be on television on Saturday in Tulsa.

Politics of Misdirection

Politics of Misdirection, Rehashed 10/28

America's Stalinist Right

Brain scanners can probe your politics

Bitched a friend out for not registering to vote

Freepers FINALLY allow thread about 5EYEWITNESS video to live!!

Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard is on Hardball now

Eminem's Go To Heaven masterwork

Brooks and Dunn (Country "Music" Duo) just said on PRIMETIME...

OMG!!!......Zogby predicts Kerry win on Jon Stewart/Daily show

I was lurking on FR...

Bush Wanted To Invade Iraq If Elected in 2000 - Shrub's ghost writer

Joe Biden as Secretary Of State?

Guilliani is a fucking piece of shit.

Anybody Have Video Of Bush's Glare At Reporter Over Questions On Al Qaqaa

Argued with fundies at work; it was awful.

Hey, isn't a Red Sox World Series victory a sign of the End Times?

Not to be a downer, but...

Disruptors read this

I See The Freepers Are Freaking Out Tonight

I'm gonna straight act like "News Years Eve" when Kerry wins on Tuesday.

Bush Cousins for Kerry

Fellow Red-staters: Anybody seen a "WMD Disaster Response" trailer?

Anyone have the link to the Eminem video? Thought I'd saved it

Santa and his elves went to Baquoba, Iraq (my personal "war story")

Cripes... Gak... Barf !!! (Photos)


Why don't we personify the Pro Choice position like the Pro Lifers do?

My friend has officially drunk the kool aid

Bumper stickers I saw today

A co-worker just edjumacated me

Electoral Vote Predictor 2004: Kerry 260 Bush 254

Is it just me or are the DU registrations pouring in now?

Allen Colmes: Liberal or Plant?

I'm humbled by the youth vote!


Bill and Hillary on Primetime, tonight.

"Great shot kid! - (don't get cocky...)"

Is the ignorance of most Americans about foreign countries an

Just curious about Train bombing in Spain?

Do you think the Dems have ideals as strong as the Pubs?

Did pressure to find WMD contribute to AQQ's being left unsecured? >

Whatever you think of Eminem, on race and class issues, he's good.

Better fire up the generators

ON THE RUN | a nostamj song parody for the BC04 Campaign

Tonight's South Park...don't read if they piss you off

David Kay on Aaron Brown Summary (hint: devastating)

BBV: Mess-Up Du Jour

Florida's Computers Have Already Counted Thousands of Votes For George W.


Fox broadcasts new terror tape!

Troops Had "No Directive" to Guard Iraqi Nuclear Site

Cargo: "I'm going home as cargo, on the long ride home." a protest.

The Work after we win

I watched KSTP tonight

TDS kicking ass....

Photojournalist saw Iraqis watching military leave open explosive bunkers

What if Germany in the 1930's had the Internet?

4 Years of DU is Approaching Fast

ABC Tape Looked Hokey....Like Republicans Staged It....

ABB non-Dem folk, will you be sticking around DU after the election?

100,000 Iraqi Deaths & going to Europe after the election

So how bad is Rummy kicking himself for "embedded" journalists

Personally, I think 'The Nation's' Marc Cooper is a Putz...

What to do if you are challenged at the polls?

College Republican National Committee bilking senior citizens

Air America Radio appreciation thread

CARTOONS: Halloween With The Bushies

Documented: The Coming ELECTION CHAOS - & Groundswell

Anybody else notice how Power of Nightmares dovetailed nicely ...

Can I have an update on the Power of Nightmares please?

Afghanistan's fatal addiction

Nuclear Lost and Found

Presidential Politics Gets Ugly in Fla.

Phila. DN web site: 9/11 'black box' cover-up at Ground Zero

"Black Boxes Were Found at Ground Zero" - FBI Denies

E-Vote Vendors Hand Over Software

Car Bomb Hits U.S. Patrol in Iraq; 2 Dead

Three dead in Fallujah strike

Judge temporarily halts hearings on Ohio voter registration challenges

Bush supporter charged with battery of girlfriend over Kerry vote

O'Connor touts global law (Hint for more progressive new justice?)

Florida early voting could top 2 million

Bush, Kerry Painting Some Scary Scenarios

Here come the sons of dogs."

BBC: Florida Ballot Papers Go Missing

Video Said to Show Polish Woman Held Hostage in Iraq

US soldier, Iraqi killed in Baghdad blast as US planes bomb Fallujah

gee there are bloggers and alternative news sources!!

Valley broadcaster defends GOP gift, others question legality

510 job cuts set by LSI (Milpitas, CA)

Polish woman 'kidnapped in Iraq'

Three Foreign Poll Workers Snatched in Afghanistan

The Nation Endorses Kerry

Election Workers Kidnapped in Afghanistan

Bush Aide Calls Criticism of Patriot Act Uninformed

NYT-Intelligence Report to Assess Threat Posed by Terrorists

GNN: Bush Wanted To Invade Iraq If Elected in 2000

Arafat in Serious Condition, Foreign Medics Arrive

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS video may be linked to missing explosives in Iraq [HOT]

Poll: Kerry Gaining Among Swing Voters

Surprise: A warmer, fuzzier Dick Cheney

11 Iraq soldiers killed by militants

Major Rockford (IL) employer sends layoff notices to employees (450 jobs)

10 executed by police in Haiti - residents

Motorist Tries to Run Down Rep. Katherine Harris

House Redistricting Schemes Not Perfect

Axed intelligence expert defiant

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS video may be linked to missing explosives in Iraq

Terrorists Take Polish (possibly Polish-American) Woman Hostage in Iraq


Large Explosion Heard in Central Baghdad (Thursday)

Court rules Canadian Sampson, 3 British men can sue men they say tortured

Poll: Bush post-convention New York bounce disappears

needs caption: scary chimp PHOTO

The "TWINS" were just on MSNBC .....I would advise Bush to replenish ...

Russia Denies Involvement in Iraq Weapons

Variety: Sundance Channel to air "Bush's Brain" night before election

Whistleblowers gain momentum at meeting

Jobless claims rise to 350,000 in latest week from revised 330,000 last wk

Bush Sued in Chile Over Prisoner Abuse

Local News Broadcast of Weapons Bunker in Question...SMOKING GUN

Armed Group Claims to Have Iraq Explosives

States report early e-voting glitches

Kerry jumps to lead in Michigan

Iraqi diplomat shot dead in Baghdad

oops, please delete..dupe

Kerry Calls Red Sox 'America's Team'

White House Says Nations Agree on N. Korea

Russians ‘may have taken Iraq explosives’

Iraqi PM Urges Falluja Grab 'Last Chance' for Peace

Minn. Explosives Story on now (Spread it)

Wolffe says weeks events favor JFK

Anti-Gay Jesse Helm's granddaughter is lesbian

British-Irish national kidnapped in Afghanistan: Straw (AFP)

Israel will allow Arafat back if he goes abroad for treatment


Ex-US captives sue Rumsfeld and others

Salazar first cameraman killed since Vietnam

New Poll about Explosives on MSNBC (DU IT)

GOP Operative Under Fire Over Tactics (sproul)

'American' voice on new terror video

Russia Denies Involvement in Iraq Weapons

Civilian death toll in Iraq exceeds 100,000

100,000 civilians have died from Iraq War

Lesbian Granddaughter of Helms Uses Him as Motivating Factor

Bush Says Kerry 'Wrong Man' for Wartime Presidency

Group Claims to Kill Kidnapped Iraq Troops (11 Dead)

IAEA Says It Warned U.S. About Explosives

Exxon boosted by oil price boom

Iraq's grim spiral: Bush refuses to acknowledge dire situation

Moore to protest missing ballots at Broward elections office

One Man Battles Dubya armed with F 9/11 Downloads

Number of Federal Poll Watchers to Triple

Religious moderates finding their voice

CNN Inside Politics Exposes Faked Bush Ad

100,000 Iraqis killed by U.S., mostly women and children

Sudan ultimatum over US embassy

Group Claims to Kill Kidnapped Iraq Troops

Flu shot shortage could sway votes in Florida


DeLay defends holdup of 9/11 bill

Bush erases Kerry's lead in Pa. poll (Quinnipiac Bush 49 Kerry 47)

Salon picks up on Minneapolis station's Al Qaqaa video!

Armed Group Claims to Have Iraq Explosives

LA Times Poll: Bush, Kerry Split in 3 Key Swing States

Pentagon calls report that Russians took weapons false.

NYT: U.S. Creates Ethics Panel on Priority for Flu Shots (heartbreaking!)

Yahoo: FEC OKs Unlimited Donations for Recounts

Kerry Campaign Spends $250,000 on Arkansas Ads

Cheney Retools Criticisms of Kerry Remarks

Nader says debate over explosives is "marginal"

Lou Dobbs show pumping up the....,,

Bush administration says Russia, France took Iraq explosives

Guantánamo Britons sue Rumsfeld

unbelievable fox reporting on "terror tape"

Election spat gets violent ,leads to arrest

U.S. Barred From Forcing Troops to Get Anthrax Shots

Bush now says yes to civil unions, GOP's official platform is wrong

Kerry Uses Bush's Own Words to Call Him Unfit

Flu Vaccine Shortage Could Prove A "Winner" in Florida

US boosts e-voting software security

Bush visit tab totals $200,000 (Oregon)

FDA Finds More Flu Vaccine in Germany, Canada

FBI probes how Halliburton won contracts

AP: Broward mailing new ballots; Florida GOP warns of disenfranchment

For 13th year, U.N. General Assembly urges U.S.: end embargo against Cuba

Zogby on the Daily Show tonight

Fox broadcasts new terror tape!

Olberman is Talking about the Minnesota TV Station

Nuclear watchdog insists Iraq explosives taken after US invasion

Bike-lock alert! Judge gives okay to 'Critical Mass' ride

Bush Campaign to Recut Doctored Ad

US Senate Candidate's 'Manhood' Questioned

Dems, GOP: Who's Got the Brains? -AP

Jordan sends choppers for Arafat

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq -1,111 members of the U.S. military have died

Video Suggests Explosives Disappeared After U.S. Took Control

Chinese Muslims Held at Gitmo to Be Freed

CENTCOM: 1st Inf. Div. Soldier Killed in RPG Attack (#1111)

CARE closes down Iraq operation

(AP) Bush, Kerry Can Raise Unlimited Individual Donations for Recounts

Bush administration says Russia, France took Iraq explosives

Voted : Films "Villain of the year"......George W Bush

UN Votes Overwhelmingly Against Cuban Embargo

Torture case Britons free to sue Saudis

Libertarians Targeting Swing States - On The Ballot In 48 States

Bush administration says Russia, France took Iraq explosives

Halliburton loses $1.5 million in US property

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 28 October

Cymer Reports Record Revenue, 14% Layoff Planned (100+ jobs)

Arafat Suspected to Have Leukemia - Source

Alan Colmes on FOX just mentioned the KSTP FOOTAGE on HANNITY & COLMES!

Is Saudi money financing Iraqi insurgents?

US court looks to give death penalty to Alphonzo Rodriguez

BIG!! Minneapolis News station has video of explosives at Al QaQaa

Amnesty [International] says US is "two-faced"

GOP runs ad encouraging taxing of tribal casinos (New MN wedge issue)

Georgia Hispanics Questioned on Voting Rights

Reuters: Saudi Ambassador Says More Troops Needed in Iraq

Many countries demand US end its embargo against Cuba

AP : Castor questions Martinez's role on corporate board (FL Sen Race)

Scientists Develop Clean Diesel System

Ga. Hispanics Questioned on Voting Rights

"Jesse Ventura breaks silence on Kerry support"

Saudi Ambassador Says More Troops Needed in Iraq

Employee union wants probe of Swift Boat figure's appearance

Billy Tauzin Target of Watchdog Group

Australia's conservative government wins control of both houses of parliam

Intelligence on Election Threat Quieted

David Kay: Iraqi bunker had an IAEA seal

Fla. County to Replace Absentee Ballots

Most ethnic minorities favor Kerry

WP: Yucca Mountain Looms Over Vote

Economist Magazine Endorses Kerry

A Look at Lawsuits, Voting Problems

BREAKING: FBI Investigating Halliburton Contracts

No Canadian Iraq Troops for Kerry, PM Says-Toronto Star/ New WMW

Celeb Justice: Settlement in O'Reilly sex harassment case

Student Get-Out-The-Vote Drive Halted

Second Chance Body Armor lays off 56 workers

4 ex-detainees sue Rumsfeld, 10 othersPlaintiffs allege officials to blame


NYT: Video Shows G.I.'s at Weapon Cache

LAT: Eminem Swipes at Bush ("calls on young America to mobilize")

IAEA Says It Warned U.S. About Explosives

(ABC) Report: Video Shows Explosives Went Missing After War

O'Reilly settles!!!

Former VP Al Gore to Campaign in Hawaii

Parents (In Cincinnati) Torn Between Trick-Or-Treat, Bush Rally

Sox Pitcher To Appear With Bush In New Hampshire

Okla. Sen. Candidate's Remark Draws Fire (Coburn)

Bush Calls Kerry 'Wrong Man'

US troops refused requests to protect explosives store

ABC Airs Videotape of Man Making Al Qaeda Threat

[Mom of soldier in Iraq] riled by Guiliani remark

Feds create puzzle not found on toy shelf (Homeland Security Gone Mad)

Rumsfeld Suggests Explosives Were Moved (spin baby spin)

Ky. Democrat Responds to Personal Attacks (Mongiardo)

Mel Gibson joins fight against stem cell measure

Justice Thomas Says He Would Prefer Not to Decide Another Election

IRS casts a critical eye toward NAACP

Student sues district over policy on religious statements

Father says kidnappers threatening to kill child hostage in Iraq


Bush Campaign Replaces Ad with Doctored Images (KOS!!!!)

NASA photo analyst: Bush wore a device during debate

Vast amounts of weapons-related material missing, official says

Imagery of storage bunkers at Al Qa Qaa (DoD image does not match)

Edwards Statement on Giuliani Comments

2 say they found 9/11 'black boxes' (Philadelphia Daily News)

Springsteen brings out 80,000 to cheer Kerry

GOP Operative Under Fire Over Tactics

Texas Gov. Perry refuses to recognize United Nations Day

Iraq: Coalition Ignored Warnings on Weapons Stocks

100,000 Excess Iraqi Deaths Since War - Study

Unlimited Individual Recount Donations OK

George Bush doesn't believe Boston Red Sox won world series

Google.. "Mexed Missages"

Is anyone else upset that the Mythbusters didn't modify their card

Transit Wind

King Freeptard is on my MSN list and I didn't even realise it...

A Cubs fan congratulates Boston

Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got.

last baseball joke of the year...

damn my mp3 player is hot tonight

From a Sox fan. St.Louis fans are the classiest in baseball. Even classier

Something cat lovers might like

today's front page of the Boston Herald . . .

Congratulations Red Sox and their fans from a Blue Jays fan

How about a Cubs - White Sox World Series in 2005?

"Granpa Grumpy" = the new "crashcart"?

I'm fantasizing over the future Red Sox-Yankees Showdowns

What is "Stairway to Heaven" About?

What is a DU'er?

are you a "likely voter"?

Twelve Girls Band's "Clocks"

Please DU this poll!

So, what are you going to do with all those "1918" shirts?

Is this heaven!?

What's happened to George W. Bush after 10 years

Don Juaaaaaaaan

Whats your Halloween Drink?

The Lounge On Election Day

Jailed Street Children in Excrement Protest

Quote of the day

Congatulations Boston. I know the pain you've had to endure.


Is the Archbishop of St. Louis a "Cardinal"?

Congratulations to BoSox from a Cardinal fan

Best Era in Rock Music?

Relax and enjoy this classic again.. I never get tired of it..Genius!

If you'd like to fantasize about kicking Freeper butt, try this.

Don't date the Doughboy

Sweet! I get to mention PNAC in a World Politics paper

Too many cats in the Lounge?

Who is this John Basedow?

So, what's the most "liberal" Protestant church in the US?

"Rockin' in the Free World"--soundtrack(s) for election night

Can Fox News try to spin missing explosive story so it's viewers

Man, the Homo floresiensis had small penises....

Honey & I watched F911 again last night. Ask me anything.

my first meaL as WS champ (fan)

DAMN!! Its Morning Already!!

I've been out of town - anything unusual happen sports-wise??

so is BOSTON one big hangover today?

Which version of "The Revolution Starts Now" do you like more?

Flirting Class Offered To Women In Nightclub


Hey Cincinnati DU'ers! Does Adrian Belew still record/perform?


Talked a Coloradan out of Voting for *!!

Did you know that there's a beginners guide to the Mosh Pit.

Caption the blacks in a box

V-8 Juice - Love it or Hate it?

I've become Born Again. I've accepted Brian as my savior.

Anyone know how to remove the cylinder from a Kwikset lock?

Does Jonathan Alter (Newsweek) have cancer?

Did David Letterman make fun of beheadings?

Freepers "Okay Boston, It's Time For the Red Sox toPay Their Fair Share"

ZombyCoffee: The Red Sox Blend!!!!

All Right New England - FOCUS - the series is over - ITS ELECTION TIME!!!!

According to NASA the next total lunar eclipse in October is 2050 - hmm...

The "You're a Lovely Crowd" CAPTION

Ugh, ugh, ugh. Why does it have to be Semisonic?

Question about World Series.

It's Opening Day At Fenway Park - Aprill 11, 2005

Firemen Have To Rescue Drunks From Local River Weekly

Any Hunter Thompson fans here?

CAPTION the little girl playing dress up

Get Fuzzy Gets Political

Did Bush sign even ONE stay of execution?

Battle over Picasso the Nazis stole

how do I get a fork out of the garbage disposal?

Dr. Angus (of the Angus Diet) intervenes in your life


E-mail erection business must have softened,


Noise From the Tape Deck Is Only Drowned Out By the Buzz from the Wine

What's Your Earliest Memory?

I was dreaming this right?

Any Killdozer fans on DU?

There but for fortune... Man weighed 1,072 LBS before surgery. (Pic)

Are you a Freeper Disruptor ready to unmask on Tuesday night?

I had the strangest dream!!

I'm going to vote in about 10 minutes!

Applause in polling stations for new voters

Will one-term president Shrub appear as a character on the Simpsons?

Anyone heard "New Roman Times" by CVB yet?

How to protect my emotional health?

On Nov. 3 I want to hear protest chants of "GET OUT OF THE WH NOW!"

Parrot paranoia betrays burglars

For those that believe in a God who decides sports contests

Alternative American History

Has John Kerry made a statement yet on the World Champion Red Sox?

The Hobbit people stole my Jack O'Lantern!

The 3ft-tall 'hobbit' that rewrites the history of mankind

Well, congratulations Red Sox fans, you're team did it!

What song reminds you of what person?

Dammit. I've been farting all morning.

I'm so very happy about the Red Sox and SOOOOO TIRED!!!!!!!!!

From the archives;Inaugeration 2001

LOL -- Matcom turned into a werewolf last night

Second step in road to big time!

Gay Canadians, statistically speaking...

Where is that website

Older DU'ers (say 35 and older)!


First Ever Country Song for Democrats - "Takin' My Country Back"

A co-worker just blocked me in my office w/ a giant BC04 sign, Punishment?


Italian Sausage Sub for breakfast

I have 2 questions for my 100th post-

Build your onw Bush!

DU Quote of the day

Promise me, guys. That you'll all be here Tuesday.

The End of the Curse was Anti-Climactic in my opinion.

Nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave

Uggghh I hate this!!!

Amazing discovery

So I was watching all these people talk on cell phones in the supermarket

If you could go to your polling place in any manner you wish....

What colour of appliances were in your home when your were

This is no social crisis.

Any body catch Curt Schilling telling people to vote Bush on TV today?

The irony of it all

Anyone else pissed about the "Multi National Force" shots during the game?

So, then, "old" DU'ers, what would you like to share with the kiddies?


Update on K/E Sign theft (more hijinx!)

Republicans urge blacks to vote on Nov. 3 I have "The Lawrence Welk Show" theme in my head...

The "Face in the Crowd" CAPTION

Anyone every used one of those promotional checks from the CC company?

What is the most beautiful luggage?

What is the most beautiful language?

Is Your Kitten Cuter?

What is the best borough to live in, in NYC?

Saturn's moon Titan *begins* to give up soms secrets.. (cool pic)

Anyone on here build models?

Fire Service Having To Rescue Drunks From Dublin River Weekly

"Good night, you kings of Maine, you princes of New England."

Man Seeks Advice From Police About What To Do With The Body In His Freezer

Thursday Funnies - Shrub stops traffic

How many hours of your life have been lost to GTA: San Andreas?

Soccer Players with Ponytails Banned

I Want One of Them Sitcom Wives

Ancient Star Dust May Point to Human Origins

The all singing, all dancing, Nazi stage show

Think "Saw" is gonna be any good?

Hudson Valley, NY: would you like some WHINE to go with your cheese?

Gruß vom Krampus!!!

US election - statement from Morrissey

Ramadan question

Songs done by other singers that are oh, so, so wrong.

Hey MATCOM! There's someone at the door for you..........

Post your favorite drum fill here!

Is there a way to have two or more avatars?

Miss ewe again.

The Official Store Greeter of all CAPTIONS!!!

What Was the First Car You Remember Your Parents Having sex in?

How many members of Bushit & co needed to screw in a light bulb?

Sigh, I don't get to vote until Tuesday and I'm feeling left out

Anyone having problems with Blogger?

The Quarter-Full Glass of all CAPTIONS!!!

Terrible Earworms. I made a big mistake on Tuesday night.

Anyone reccomend a good eye creme for guys?

Operation Freep Invasion!

Who is Festering?

Freepers call Newsmax, WND and FR 'the numedia' or 'new media'

Are Colleges closed on Election day?

Cheney in his natural environment...

Matcom should enjoy this...

What is Festus?

I'm going to the Georgia Mountains

Where is Cheney's "undisclosed location"????

Where can we all meet on Tuesday night if DU goes down?

What is Fenris?

West Wing questions

Great quote about religion:)


Beta version of Florida BBV machine

HELP: Who was the female Olympic marathoner who was tripped

Great game!

Black Eyed Peas: Where is the Love?

Who here remembers Kung Fu Saturday afternoon on Channel 5?

If you're a member of a group with a reputation

Ow ow mouth is killing me!

I didn't get weepy about the Sox until I saw this

My guy has the Boss singing at his rally.....damn!

Best Song Mentioning Something You Might Find In A Bathroom

When George Bush loses the election

Most vomit inducing Bush photos

What breakfast cereal character do you find unusually sexy?

Cat Shot In Head With Arrow, Survives

The ONLY idiots I ever want to see in the White House!!

A short letter I sent to Matt Lauer...

Who remembers sleeping in a pool of vomit on Saturdays?

Born Before 1986? Then You Are OLD!

I didn't get creepy about the sex until I saw this

A short letter I sent to Matt Lauer...

Japanese to get dogs' view of world with digital collar-camera

They were digging a new foundation in manhattan

Phewie finally worked

Sex are Democrats, poop are Republicans

Congrads to the Red Sox, I know 10 hours too late

So, how's the vibe around Boston today?

Online Guitar Purchase

Cat Shot In Head With Arrow, Survives

My short letter to Matt Lauer

I just want to smack freeper coworker

What is your earliest whoisalhedges memory?

Best Song That People Always Get The Title Wrong To

Hedgeses are Democrats, Fenrises are Republicans.

Is Homer Simpson a Democrat or Republican?

I am the lizard King

The "Yo! Gee Dubya Da Fashizzle, Boyee" CAPTION

I have a strange question, but there is a reason why I am asking.

Anyone know a GOOD TAILOR? ---- New 'toon

Buckner to Red Sox fans: Don't forgive me

dolos are democrats, ambers are repubublicans

Online Gadsden Purchase

What is Fester Bestertester?

It may be raining in San Diego but the sun shines on my Red Sox and me.

brittney spears, jessica simpson pro bush

Schoolboy, 13, suspended after discovery of 'cannabis muffins'

DUers thoughts on Moral Relatavism?

Cetaceans are democrats, slime molds are republicans.

To all Sox/Kerry fans going to the parade on Saturday...

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, Rush Limbaugh is From Uranus

Dr. Loomis talking to the sheriff in "Halloween I''..

Recipe time - Cowboy Cookies

This is why the RCMP pisses me off

Should I watch?

Who's in Boston?? What's it like???

Ds are Democrats, Ss are Suckass-copycatters

Has anyone else noticed how on photobucket when you reduce the

Obama's October Surprise: "Alan Keyes Is Batshit Crazy."

So Do you feel bad.............

Cats are Democrats, Dogs are Republicans

"Indie" Music

If the soldiers in the * ads aren't real...hmmm, what about the wolves?

Who remembers The Beatles cartoons on Saturdays?

I'ma cutchoo!

" a bar near Fenway Park"

Is Kid_A a pathetic piece of human garbage?

"No retreat, baby no surrender"


whoisalhedges cuts me to the quick!

What are your kids / grandkids going to be for Halloween ?

Dicots are Republicans, Monocots are Democrats

Are you stalking me online?



What TV/Movie character could dubya be?


What do you think the unmasker posts will look like when we win?

If only kids could vote

"Genetically modified cats for sale"

It's been 88 years since the Red Sox repeated as World Series Champs

Phuck! Did you heart Schilling on GMA? He ended the interview by

I feel so ashamed

Free Image Hosting

Throbbing migraine

Autobots are Democrats, Decepticons are Republicans.

Tentative funeral arrangements for the Curse of the Bambino (1918-2004)

Josh stronger than all of you! Lift whole Lounge over head!!!

I myself am not a Freeper,

How crazy is Mel Gibson?

Two little potatoes

My armpits smell like chicken noodle soup.

Screw it! I'm unmasking now! BOO!!!! BLEHHH!!!!!!

What's the mood in Freeperland?

Which of these two American cities is greater?


Cover songs that are BETTER than the original

My Fundie neighbor does not want to move back to Texas.

IRL is Democratic, NASCAR is Republican

What the fricking hell...I've been out here for over 3 hours

Has anyone seen this video of the Satanic One?

Jesuits are Democrats, Franciscians are Republicans

OMG OMG OMG! Red Sox win it! Red Sox WIN!!! Yessss!

Morrissey just died in a fiery train wreck.


GI Joe is a democrat, Cobra is a Republican.

Hey, all.

I bought a toothbrush, some toothpaste

I blast a Freeper out of the water on my LiveJournal

OK. Now that the Red Sox have won the World Series...

BEHOLD! I challenge Josh Strength to a fight to the death.

Help: Flashing pumpkins?

Attention Kerry-Hating Fellow Liberals...

Happy Halloween

Josh_Strength - go back from whence you came!!! I COMMAND THEE!!!

I feel depressed.

Oh no! Santa's dead!

Not Photoshopped!

A Poem for those Freepers lurking among us

OMG!!! There are 3 threads on GD's front page that have

Can we have a Red Sox World Series Champs avatar?

Wicked kerry ad..

When Kerry is declared the winner Tuesday night...I'm buying the drinks.

I'm at 396 posts. How about four questions and I'm off to boast and brag.

LADIES (and gay men): If you don't like baseball, check this thread!

I'm in China.


I hate irresponsible people.

I Am An Idiot

Hollywood "Hell House" - looks like fun to me

If Kerry wins I'm buying something from an American brand

Scary (political) Halloween costumes!

Analogy Time: CHENEY is to SINISTER as [blank] is to [blank].

pagerbear isn't here today. The Lounge just isn't the same without him.

It's been nearly a day since Boston won a World Series. I say it's a curse

The Ashlee Simpson iPod Karaoke Edition...

I went to a party last Saturday night

What time will the networks declare Kerry the winner next Tuesday night?

Why the need to censor F***, F*CK, F**K with asterisks and such?

GD2K4 is running at 5-6 minutes on the front page.


Any DSLR / BBR folks here.

People with X Voter on loan to K/E sigs - check in!

Arnold (Schwarzenegger) to Mel Gibson: You owe me a call on stem cells

And now for something completely different!

Do you like my "Dean Voter on loan to Kerry/Edward campaign" sig?

Is that the "It's morning in America" voiceover guy on the new Kerry ads?

Why the Yankees need a Kerry victory

Breaking News: CNN reports that Wolf Blitzer has been photoshopped.

Just heard on SportsCenter: Schilling off to campaign for Bush*

God, I Had The Weirdest Dream Last Night

Crikey! I hit 6,000 posts 55 posts ago and didn't know!

British movie fans vote Bush "Movie Villain of the Year"



Hey East Coasters -

George Bush is an okay guy...

Have you ever sat on a world leader?

Has anyone come out on DU yet?

LBN: Schilling joins Marines, asks for posting to Iraq

When are you most like a Repub?

Seperated at Birth? the "Wolf" edition

Is it Tuesday yet?

Thanks for putting up with me along here....

LBN: Admin. says Russia/France took Iraq explosives, building Death Star

Best musician with the same last name as a U.S. President

To quote Kyle: "Dude, what the hell is wrong with German people?!"

What a beautiful blood moon last night

Has anyone mentioned that today is Randy Newman's birthday?

Mom Accused Of Letting Toddler Smoke Pot Out Of Bong

In honor of Halloween, anyone have a real ghost story? You experienced?

What Was the First Car You Remember Your Parents Having?

Can we please stop with all the Damn abbreviations!!!

I just had a monstrous slab of almond truffle cheesecake for dinner.

You know what? I haven't done FUCK ALL today...and I'm not gonna start now

Thinking of not voting?

I am the Curse and I bid you goodbye

Have you ever met a sitting President/PM/world leader?

Did Schilling really say that everyone should vote for bush today?

Ann Richards just called me

Dubya sings "Sunday, Bloody Sunday"

Curt Shilling for Bush!

The Faceless Veteran

What I wanted...

Bush/Kerry Halloween Mask

Ex-smokers: I need advice

Has anyone seen this?

I can't fucking wait for tuesday!

That makes 1000!

Internet scam/cashier check scam, I got one on the line,

Tech question....Internet Explorer wont load web pages

I just saw "The Grudge"

There Is No Baseball On Tonight - What The HELL Do I DO???

Red wine, it fights lung cancer

One curse to go...

Red Sox Fans, Do Me A Favor

I have 10 Reasons to vote for Bush.

Personally, all you Red Sox fans should be grateful I broke the damn curse

Tonight begins 19 straight nights of football.

How do you ask a man to be the last man put in office by mistake?

Curt Schilling is about to perform a genuine miracle (sarcasm)

Wow ..... DU is SPINNING like a top ! ....

I took down the Red Sox Avatar , Thanks Schilling

A preview of my hairy white bum

I voted 100% Democratic ticket and wore a suit

Cher Alert (ding ding ding ding)

How many of you anal freaks use the preview feature?

I'll get you, my pretty!

I am an Emotional Wreck today...

The Lounge ? I hope that is accurate....Can I order a drink ?

I rock!

My Father-In-Law Drove From Maine - Put A Red Sox Shirt On His Dad's Grave

This is one of the funniest 'dark' webpages I've ever seen

I'm the one who broke the Curse of the Bambino.

Must See This: "You're An Asshole!"

Hahaha, Coulter on

Nice- I feel all warm and fuzzy.

I want to apologize for my caps-locked outburst earlier today

I'm stuck in an office full of middle-aged women and dream weaver is on

During the past year, you have disappointed me in the following ways

Halloween Costumes for Dogs Fetch $200

Bill "Spaceman" Lee coming up on Olbermann.....

I just performed an unnatural act with my partner

Smokers/Ex-Smokers: What brand of cigarette do/did you smoke?

Yo estamos votardo en mi biblioteca de chicharones!

Woman Allegedly Steals Boyfriend's Ashes

Fellow Bush/Cheney referential username users: Changing it 11/3?

Capture Screen

Has anybody considered putting together a DVD of 9/11 coverage?

my ph.d prelim orals are tomorrow and I can't concentrate at all

Let's talk about Uranus!


Coulter on Maher tomorrow

Have you ever been in a Production?

Magic: the Gathering fans.. question

Burp....nothing is better than a greasy dinner when it's your first meal

Frippertronics or Soundscapes?

Why is it always "I'm going to DISNEYWORLD!" ?

Have you ever been in a production of "Marat/Sade"?

want to scare people this Halloween?

U2 fans! The U2 Ipod!

Should I be scared? LOL!

Thursday night? Time for MXC (lots of DNC ads on SpikeTV)

I'm starting to make my plans for Guy Fawkes Day next Friday.

Just it 600 posts ad it only took three years

Bush used WS Win but the Real BoSox win was Playoffs...Trouncing Yankees.


7:12, no Red Sox games; I'm crawling into bed, watching The African Queen

Here's some good news.

Lightbulb Veterans for Truth!!!!

Red Sox Fans: Don't Forget to Write a Thank-You Note to Rob CODDDrry

Amateur anthropologist view of NRO

Looking for an Orwell quote

I've been offline since Saturday with no TV or papers or Internet

Is is me or is John Kerry and John Edwards looking hotter and HOTTER?

BIg Time Alert! The Big Dog and Hillary is on ABC's Primetime Live!

Wow, I know of a certain angry, temper-tantrum disruptor who just got

Greetings from Atlanta Hartsfield Airport!

Mr. Moonbeam was watching girl wrestling w/a smile on his face, should I

I had an emotional wreck today.

May they have crabs the size of Shetland ponies and incurable clap!

Has anyone else seen enough of Viagra "Wild Thing" to last them?

Which nuance of the Internet pisses you off the most?

I just finished examining a proctologist

kurt schilling stole the 380 tons of explosives

Wow...people do look a lot like their pets....

a little consolation for yankee fans....

Anyone have any experience with Tourettes Syndrome/Tic Disorder.

A Little Constipation For Yankee Fans

Q: What is a Yankee?

Major update to my website!

I'm going to the bar.

25 year high school reunion next year - ouch!

I vandalized a Bush sign tonight!!

Anybody know Peter Finch's blood type?

I agree - those PFLAG commercials on AAR are kind of silly.

My heart feels so heavy tonight.

I just finished proctoring an exam.

Bong Smoking Toddler Lands Mom In Trouble

Bush family members for Kerry?

I'm voting first thing Tueday morning

Best Song That Mentions A Swing State

Man glued condom to himself(He didn't want anymore children)

Back by popular demand: Pics of me

Visit MoveLeft Media.


Thursday Night Bar Thread

Your opinion please on the worst customer service email I have ever seen

Anyone else going to sleep long and hard after Nov. 2?

Arghh! My Gen-X Nephew/Nieces-in-law are all for Bush

GD 2K4 is running at 4 minutes on the front page

You guys go ahead, I'll catch you at my favorite ride...


another automotive ignoramus (me)


Favorite Ron Jeremy film.


The Exotic Skiing Lifestyle,

* just in time for halloween

My toilet just overflowed. Fire at will.

anyone who knows more about cars than me (almost everyone)

juke hopes to teach MA

"A Ghost is Born" (Wilco), "Absolution" (Muse), or "Oh, Inverted World" ..

I missed the Boss on stage in Ohio today. Is there a link? n/t

Alright, I admit it, I took the explosives

Sick costumes only a freeper would ware.

Bush's voice makes me sick

Khephra's Yearbook

Who here told me to read "Ex Machina"?


Anyone know where I can download Eminem's "go vote" animated video?

Favorite Clint Eastwood movie?

Post your Halloween costumes here - past, present or future!

Oh's some "spare bears" for your collection:

It's been a year tonight that my Mickey passed away.

2004's Scariest Halloween Costumes

Boston Red Sox pitcher...What a buzzkill


What time do the polls open where you're at?

"To Kill A Mockingbird" starting now on TCM

Ask Jenna and Barb a question!

HOW DRUNK WILL YOU GET on Election Night?

Rumor and Innuendo Central - The DU Enquirer

Okay, 2 new graphics in honor of the BoSox

Anvil Shoot Experts?

What department do you kick ass in?

People can be very nice sometimes....

From the archives; Florida 2000

"I'll give you my Vincent to ride."

Your favourite dance tune?

I just voted for the next President...John Kerry..ask me anything...

"By the way...if anyone here...

Red Sox are the Evil Empire now

Did all you Sox fans watching The Daily Show just have an orgasm?

The who would you rather sleep with game

Remember that Bush "Mighty Mouse" video I've beem whining about?

Something odd about this picture of Dr. James Dobson and his wife.

Kiss-off songs for Commander Bunnypants?

Be the Victory Night DJ! Requests taken, all genres.

I am going to be a real bitch here

Why Some of Us Love Sports - From A Yankees Fan

Have you ever been in a production of "Dear Edwina"?

Have you ever been in a production of "Schoolhouse Rock Live"?

Have you ever been in a production of "How To Eat Like A Child"?

Yaaaay!!! All my favorite DUers are Packer Fans this Week!!!!

My Professor debated me on Bush today in front of our class

I'm converting my entire CD collection to mp3 file format.

Favorite JEREMY IRONS film?

Who do you know that's famous?

Anyone Remember "Night Flight" on the USA Network

DU - quick prayers are needed

So what'll you be unmasking as on Election Day?

I'm a new Du'er... ask me anything

Best Song With A Type Of Bird In The Title

Please, DU This Poll---link FINALLY fixed ...sorry

Pagerbear has returned to the Lounge

***DU NEWS CAMPAIGN 2004 SPECIAL REPORT*** (early results)

Richmonders (and those in Hampton Roads, VA): Support "Picasso Moon"

Are you now, or have you ever been A PLAYER?

What is the worst scare you got as a kid trick-or-treating

Just watched The Last Waltz. What's your fav concert film?

Greatest American

books you couldnt put down?

I walked out of my house tonight. Where can I go?

I'm back.


The omen is upon us!!! Boston won. 8 in a row!!!! Go Kerry!!!!

I hate this damn site.

Who's the Cutie on Leno? nt

Salt Lake City Weekly Endorses Kerry for President.

How the big newspaper chains stack up on endorsements:

Tune into Bernie Ward NOW! He's tearing Bush a new one...

Bush's message for the terrorists.

Old Video Gov. Bush FLIPPING THE BIRD..he likes doing this, doesn't he?

The Polls were off by a longshot in 2000. Gore was down 5-8 points

Arafat now in critical condition

My kids school "Mock Election" results!

Google.. "Mexed Missages"

Why Kerry will win and the inaccuracy of polls

Al Qa Qaa weapons verified on April 5, 2003??

need nbc Al Qa Qa retraction and refution of drudge

"You liked that lie, didn't you?"

My polling place has changed


What was the state polling saying in 2000?

Please volunteer at your local voting place to support & help democratic

useful links for Madison Kerry rally tommorrow.....

Yeeps - the POINT of the weapons thing

What's The "Out Of Left Field" State This Time???

The picture of the wolves that says, "thanks for the 380 tons..."


Need songwriter help for Bush

Jeebus - now RUSSIA was responsible?

A secret tax plan -- to complement all of the other secret plans

Just saw */Crashcart "Wolves" for the first time

Colorado Republicans gather to denounce Bush

Funniest quicktime mov ever about electronic voting [MUST SEE]



GB Website downloaded spyware to, my pc-BEWARE


Did Zogby Really Say This, or is Traitor Novak Just Full of Shit?

GREAT ARTICLE - Must read for all voters

Vanguard founder, a rare INTELLIGENT Republican, endorses Kerry


Predictions for election day....

What States will Kerry and Boosh visit in the last 5 days

What happened to "There aren't going to be any casualties"?

Josh Marshall killing freepers and Faux

New Reason to Vote for Kerry...

bush FORGOT IRAQ! (his own Iraqi interim govt)

Rightwingntus must be BORN stupid hypocrites.

Bush re-election site closed to commie lovin' "ferners"

Toxic Tom DeLay; "DailyKos pays antiAmerican fighters"...WTF???????

Interesting polling data from GOP firm (and very encouraging)

News out of OK Senate, GOP Coburn blacks genetically flawed!

How Karl Rove Blew It

Bush fascism on full display at campaign events

Armed Group Claims to Have Iraq Explosives (rate this one a 5)

Iraq officials ; specific knowledge explosives missing AFTER invasion

President Stupid asked for Democrats votes at a campaign

We have come full cycle:

Nightline on Vice Dick Cheney and Halliburtion last night

This dog is obviously smarter than most Republicans

Indian Country newspaper picks Kerry

Group Challenges Tax Status of Archdiocese

White House now onto the FIRST UNIT, 3rd ID to reach Al QaQaa

Why the Bush admin uses a "Campaign of fear"

Aren't there some economic figures coming out tomorrow?

Iraqi witnesses; Al QaQaa looted AFTER troops swept through, April 2003

Isn't this election starting to tip in our favor?

Wes Clarke; bush says don't vote for bush

Dr. David Kay believes explosives went missing AFTER bush's invasion

Conspiracy Theory - Where our tax dollars really went:

Against abortion? Vote Kerry

Faith Abuse: When God Becomes A Campaign Ploy

Caption the booger in W's nose

Widower promotes Kerry in wife's obituary

Bush has fallen victim to his own hubris

A friend of mine needs your help with a survey

Lessons from the past: The Rizzo Recall in PA

NJ mock election of school kids Kerry 56 Bush 39

KERRRY IN A LANDSLIDE! Say it! Feels great!!

Ohio Vote Challenge Update

Watch out, here comes Winkin', Blinkin', and Nod.


Now the Repukes Blame the Troops! (Guiliani on Today Show)

Is anyone covering Kerry's Toledo speech live today?

How much do we need the incumbent rule? ABC this morning said that as of

People (rightwingnuts) just do NOT get it! (missing explosives)

I just heard * say

Well, things are starting to get ugly...Bush supporter pulls gun on

Electoral Vote Predictor 2004: Kerry 260 Bush 254

DU referenced in Republican Switchers website

Resident-bush*-Supporter (RbS)at work just doesn't get it

Zogby: Bush's presidential performance rated excellent-good by 49 percent

A new Minnesota Poll -SCSU Poll - Kerry 49, * 42, Nader 2

Where's the story about a freetard threatening a Kerry supporter

Caption the blacks in a box

To all Freepers and "The Fair and Balanced Media"---

Freeps say folks should pass a test to vote. They blame the voters

Commander in Chief Bush did NOT KNOW the facts and went to war,

I keep making the mistake of going to

DonkeyRising:For those of you panicked by polls, a stroll down memory lane

Bush Leads Kerry by Two Points - Reuters Poll (GOTV will decide?)

LATIMES state Polls are out of Whack

FOXNEWS: April 4, 2003 ... Explosives were IN PLACE at al Qaqaa on March 8

Enjoyed last night's Mike Malloy's program on AA and the AM...

Edwards & Biden respond to Bush charge that Kerry "denigrating" troops

is anyone having a hard time hearing AAR clearly when

Latest Polls= Looking Good, Good, Great! in Michigan

The "Curse of the Lunar Eclipse"

The letter to the editor I sent in.

MTV just had Mosh on. It's a powerful video, it really is. I'm a middle

Election Night Media: Kerry Almost Lost

Use this simple T/F test on your bush friends/co-workers/family!!

Who would YOU rather have a beer with?

The Economist: Kerry 49%, * 45%

A new video to put a smile on your face...

Yahoo: "Exxon Profit Soars on Record Oil Prices"

anybody got a link I can stream aar on?

I'm betting Kerry takes it with 60%..

Expert: Bush Hides Global Warming Evidence (the deception continues)

Surprise: A warmer, fuzzier Dick Cheney

How much do we need to win by to prevent theft?

10/28 Democracy Corps Poll - Kerry 49% Bush 46%

Madison, WI expecting record crowds today at Kerry/Springsteen rally!

Strange Internals From Florida Polls...

You can use your video camera on election day

Iowa Rally Cedar Rapids

Wisconsin's Largest Statewide Paper Endorses John Kerry

Redskin's Fans Can You Lose one for the Kerry Team?

video of bush flipping the bird (90's?)

Passion and Election Disputes On Rise in Florida as Vote Nears

How I would change the campaign finance laws

John Kerry in Madison today! Live radio feed!

More Media Crapola => for Europeans

Will Ashcroft Put On A Bin Laden Mask For Halloween?

Bring on the Massachusetts Trifecta!!

Anyone else notice CNN breaking up?

"Candidates Painting Some Scary Scenarios"

Missing cache an explosive topic on campaign trail

Wow!! The media is doing all it can to pump up Bush. With the crowds

Bush’s appointees to court would leave lasting, extremist mark

"Fla. County to Replace Absentee Ballots"

"Redistricting not Perfect", "Million Dollar-Plus Political Donors Rise"

Dick Morris:The wolf ad has sparked an amazing surge in Bush's support

"S. Africa Channel to Air 'Fahrenheit 9/11'"

What happens to early votes?

Attack prompts Bush website block: BBC News latest

Kerry plans frantic final 72 hours (may include trip to Arkansas)

My HERO: Barry Seltzer

Super video link from Gorilla News TV of Eminem's Mosh!

The view from here

Kerry up by 17 pts. in Fla. early voting!

Bush would exploit undocumented workers - Kerry would be fair

Armitage says there's NO information Russia moved Iraq explosives

RWing Gasbag on CSPAN spreading disinformation on Al QaQaa Explosives

"Now It's Howard Stern Vs. Colin Powell"

Kerry widens newspaper endorsements lead:

who will be the biggest sore losers, us or them?

"Bush Voted Year's Top Film Villian"

Let's get that Minn. Video to CNN and MSNBC

GOP criticizes student get-out-the-vote campaign

Bush Leads Kerry by Two Points - Reuters / Zogby Poll 48 -46

Take the UK Guardian Empathy Test! (I think repukes would fail it!)

Hey media whores, it does not matetr when the explosives were removed!

Bush finds fickle fortune in the press

If Anybody Cares Rasmussen(R) Is Out With His Tracking Poll


Should be hours away from a terror warning color change...

Bush Admin Leaked Tape Story, ABC Believes

Widespread anti-Bush feeling in Europe

Think Out of the Box

Rasmussen: Nevada: Bush 49% Kerry 47%

Weapons story - 4 days worth of legs

"Poll: Kerry Gaining Among Swing Voters"

Alone in the voting booth, why take the chance?

Thanks for the media list, Skinner. Helpful stuff!

FLORIDA: Kerry leads 56%-39% among early voters

Guy arrested for assaulting girlfriend b/c she's voting Kerry

WTF??? - Kerry not coming to MONTANA this weekend???

Heads up. Kerry LIVE rally streaming now.

Vote for Bush because he's Pro-life?

Disenfranchising Voters in Florida is already going on

Election 2004 - Right whee the media wanted it . . .

Bunning supporter calls Dem opponent "limp wristed," "switch hitter"

TV video of explosives is now online

Red Sox and John Kerry: My two cents

Gov. Jeb Bush: Poll Watchers Can, Should Challenge Voters

Any graphics pro - we need two frames from the KSTP video

Join Betty Castor's GOTV Tour with Jimmy Buffet, Monday, November 1st!

MSNBC: Interesting Analysis Of The Big Flaws In Current Polling

The Team in Boston

So how is our GOTV apparatus? Any personal reports?

BLAME, BLAME, BLAME . . .That's the * GAME

need help on my email regarding KSTP Al QaQaa story

As Fewer Cooperate on Polls, Criticism and Questions Mount

Condi "Lie A Minute" Rice At It Again On C-SPAN

DU this Springsteen Poll

Free Speech Canine Style - thank you Buzzflash

In North Texas alone 443,000 have early voted

GOP pollster has Kerry +5.2% in battleground states - Minority Vote Key

Zogby: WISCONSIN: Kerry 48% - Bush 46%

List of media email addresses?

Red Sox Momentum...

Zogby: PENNSYLVANIA: Kerry 49% - Bush 45%

How is Kerry doing in Florida?

Palpable Sense of Fear

WTF?-THIS is how W meets with African-American "leaders"? (pics)

I think the freepers just proved it's the RDX (new info added)

Hey western Florida DUers!

Why, Despite Everything, John Kerry Must Win

First Ever Country Song for Democrats - "Takin' My Country Back"

Juan Cole reports Iraqi Officials Deny Early Disappearance of Explosives

TOM DELAY: "I don't think it's my job to improve education."

"If they Play fair, they can't win"

I thought Puffy's Vote Or Die project was non-partisan

(Michael) Moore to protest missing ballots at Broward elections office

CNN Declares War On The New York Times...

"We need a president who cares how hard it has been for YOU." Ouch.

Seen On A Bumper Sticker in the Chicago Area .......

Predictions on voter turnout?

Columbus Dispatch: Voter challenges halted

Meltdown in progress in Freeperland : KSTP explosive video bitchslap

Good Sign: No B/C signs with local repub politican signs

Why I'm voting for John Kerry By Gov. Howard Dean, M.D.

Another Minnesota Poll: Kerry leads 49%-42%

I did some math Re: Cheney's 400,000 tons

How much effect do you think newly registered voters will have?

Who would be a better UN secretary general? Clinton or Bush

Bush flop...

If Kerry gets 3/4 of undecided, Bush will have a snowball's chance in hell

I'm off to Ohio - who's with me?

If Schwarzennegger can stump for Bush, why

Florida's Computers Have Already Counted Thousands Of Votes For George W.

Kerry has reversed his September swoon

Tom Friedman: Bush so radioactive he "glows in the dark"

I have a Michael Moore F9/11 question.

Place your bets now - break the bank at Monte Carlo

WARNING: Dems could be falling into a trap on explosives issue!

Have any media, called Rudy (the jackal) Guiliani on his

MSRNC admits all polls are BS:

DU this MSNBC poll

Kerry signs popping up all over in Central FL!

Normally, all the honking outside my window at work would cheese me off

Drudge has his siren out again.

Compare this time period with '00. Are we in better shape?

X repub MN Governor is voting for Kerry!

David Ashe gets both Hampton Roads' daily papers endorsements!

polls and past reliability ref 1994

Photos from the Kerry rally in Rochester, MN (10/27/04)

Washing DC property for sale


Impeach President Kerry? Just Try It You Freeper Wingnuts.

Action Item - Video of the explosives

Flyers you can use for final push GOTV

The not-so-quiet invasion of Wisconsin...

South Bend Tribune (IN) states will not make pres. endorsement.

Why isn't the national media covering Big Dog?

Final week in 2000 Bush lead in 39 of the 43 polls taken

Bush Job Approval: The most telling stat of all

"Early voters get hassled at polling places"-Florida

Interesting Republican polling firm report (good for us)

Its very clear that all the POLLS are FOS

400, 000 tons? Don't question it.....just believe it !!

NADER - Anyone know what his news conference is about? I

Can we agree on a reputable poll or polls?

Must Read Detroit Metro Times Editorial: SAVING THE NATION

ARRRGGGGHHH Curt Schilling: Tell everyone to vote and vote Bush

why is georgie begging for democratic votes now?

God their October Surprises sucked! *snicker*

What's the frequency, Kenneth?

Desi Nostradamus sees Kerry win

I'm confused about today's Zogby tracking poll

Is there any way that the media can ignore the explosives video? Could

If Kerry Spoke Dubyese

Deleted message

Anyone have a quick link to Senate races and projections

What was Bush "thinking" when he described the Axis of Evil as Iraq, Iran

Video of BUSH giving camera the FINGER

Kerry Statement on Missing Explosives

Need to put missing explosives in context....

polls,Polls, POLLS! I'm so sick of POLLS!

America has gone over the TOP. We have the MOST UNPRESIDENTIAL President

Bush Twins on MSNBC now! (rolls eyes)

Rasmussen 10/28: Bush 48.9 Kerry 46.9

Kerry: Surging in the Battleground - where it counts

They FOUND the WMD, They FOUND the Weapons, but didn't recognize it

Minnesota law sharply restricts reporters' ability to watch the voting

CNN, FOX, CBS, NBC, CBS ---- Investigate this story !!

Chimpys latest talking point

TIPP Poll * 46 Kerry 43 Nad(i)r 2

Oct. 26-27 Democracy Corps poll: Kerry 49, Bush 46

18 Battleground State analysis...Great news (310-228)

I just finished watching Tweety's replay.

Prayers to elect God's guy

Maine Voting Problems & Repug Tactics...Need Help

World Vote Poll Shows Kerry Ahead 88% to 11%

Bush alibis fall apart

For whats its worth - We are winning the "Battle of the Burgers"


Unbelievable poll.. kerry wins 100% !!!!!

Kerry Madison, WI rally could be a 'record breaker' for state

Newsweek Poll: Bush* approval at 46%, disapproval at 47%

Paper ballots sure are looking good to me right now.

Armed Group Claims to Have Iraq Explosives

Another October Suprise? Bush wanted to attack Iraq in 2000

Al Franken should point out the Minneapolis station's scoop...

fundie moron statement...

GOP desperate: blaming the RUSSIANS for missing QaQaa explosives

Who IS Acorn?

HOME STRETCH, we coming down to the WIRE< COURAGE, HOPE, Energy,

Who is Mark Levine? Re: reporting explosive story

Overseas US Soliders and American ExPats blocked from

46.2% : Bush Flatlining - and he's the incumbent

Repukes stop Student Get-Out-The-Vote Drive

Bookmark Tesibria's election tally. It's better than Editor & Publisher's

And the anticipated FEAR tactic begins! TERRA TERRA TERRA

Opinions on the authenticity of these videos, please.

Is US Gov obfuscation on explosives equal to Spanish Gov

Early/absentee voting WAY UP across the board!

Josh Marshall has the story up on the video found of the Iraq explosives

Florida's Computers Have Already Counted Thousands of Votes for GWB

Former veteran already responds to "Rude"y Guiliani's crass, insensitive

When Bushistas say "they're investigating the missing explosives"

great "Vote" flick to send to friends- "Visualize a Kerry Win!!"

Police: Bush Supporter Imprisons Kerry-Supporting Girlfriend

Republicans want chaos on election day, They want to point the finger

is Kerry going to be live at all...during his

Good grief...CNN on "the star power" of Springsteen VS. The Gropinator

The media tells you it's a TIE, but forget about the Incumbent Rule.

The "TWINS" were just on MSNBC .....I would advise Bush to replenish ...

Someone get AL FRANKEN the link to the Rudi video blaming the troops!!!

AAR just said Rudy blamed the troops! LOL!

* today, who thinks this is a great TV ad

I have sent the KTSP story to several national news orgs

Hats off to Bush as he calls on Amish country

I can't believe that Bush is still saying, "a leader shouldn't

Wolfowitz said Chimp decided to Invade Iraq the weekend after 9/11

Quinnipiac: Pennsylvania: Bush 49% Kerry, 47%

email addresses of important Republican thugs

Three Teachers get kicked out of Bush Event and threatened for T-Shirt

Some GREAT new ads on radio by UAW

Kirsten brings it on (Spider-Man star stumps for Kerry in Florida)

The defeat of Bush is also the defeat of the Propagandists...

Kerry closing with positive message

When it's time for Kerry to move into the WH...

A Consumer's Guide to the Polls

The revolution will be televised

Bush compares himself to Lincoln and FDR...

Beta testing version of Florida BBV

NY Times article on Michigan Race - WTF??

WV Faithless elector about to come on AAR. 1:28am EDT

What does "redlining a district" sound like to you? (secret Bush* emails)

New anti* ad "in honor of Casey Sheehan (POWERFUL!)

Analysis Of Major National Polls By Dr. Abramowitz...

Exclusive: Bush Wanted To Invade Iraq If Elected in 2000

Rudy G's comment on the Today Show this morning

What ever happened to that kid who kicked a protestor at the (R) Conv.?

Jon Bon Jovi to play for Edwards in NC

NPR: Hispanic Voter Registrations Challenged in Georgia

dupe, deleted

Jumping to conclusions without knowing the facts

Kerry coming to Orlando tomorrow (Fri) 9am

Just when everyone is thrilled over the Sox, read this-->

O.K. tell me again why the polls with a tie in NJ shouldn't worry me?

GOTV - From the comfort of home!!! - Help elect Kerry!

Sundance Channel must see movies Monday 11/01

The Bush/Cheney Doctrine: "Start a small war..."

Bill and Teresa in Santa Fe, NM on Saturday

NYT - White House of Horrors - Dowd

Rude Pundit's Kerry endorsement - in case you missed it

Missing Explosives? Blame the troops.....

Flags at rallies

Kerry Uses Bush's Own Words to Call Him Unfit


Has Bush Given up on Florida?

if the media keeps ignoring the new explosives video...

Screw-up in Ohio: Ineligible elector

Media picking up Kerry's "jump to conclusions" response yet? Don't forget HUGE lead in Michigan yesterday for JFK

is kerry on yet?

Truthout has Mpls TV/Arms story

Remember: In all CA counties, you have right to ask for paper ballot

what impact do you think the "wolves" commercial had?

Has there been any coverage of "Big Dog's" campaign events?

needs caption: scary chimp PHOTO.....

BUSTED! Fake troops Photoshopped into new bush tv ad.

Important: Ask RCP to include The Economist Poll !

MSNBC 40 to 80,000 at Kerry rally

Madison (WI) Capital Times Endorses John F. Kerry for President

170,000,000 cell phones in America...not one gets polled

Is Kerry president yet?

GOP to democrat conversion in my office

Reminder: The deadline for donating to DNC is tomorrow!

Arkansas definitely in play

Don't change elevators in the middle of a freefall (helpful metaphors)

I am the lizard King

Josh Lyman just called to ask me to put John Kerry in the West Wing

CIA blocks distribution of study on 9/11 failures - IHT story

What Will Kerry Be Reading On Election Night?

Looking for links on Al Qaa Qaa

Palm Beach County FL now reporting similar problems with

John and the Boss on the net: 2:00

Hey Bush, It's Commander-in-chief not Con-mander-in-chief

I just saw the Alan Keyes 10 Commandmentsmobile...

Wellstone's revenge from grave: MN Cameramen saves USA!

Who is working on their own or with grass roots for Kerry

Bush loyalty quiz


Hahaha...Kerry Red Sox quote

okay, I'm still dumbstruck. Could you imagine if there was video of Kerry

lol @ msnbc regular news coverage


Better late than never-response from Pfizer

For the first time in 80 years, The New Yorker mag. endorses a candidate

Edwards responds to Giuliani blaming the troops

The Upper Midwest

Thank you, Mr. Springsteen

Example n of Kerry's campaign strategy brilliance...

New ARG Polls - yes, POLLS!!! - IA, WI, OR

I believe in the Promised Land......

Bush called Curt Shilling today and thanked him for his support

To all Sox/Kerry fans going to the parade on Saturday...

HA - Freepers Demanding Kerry Apologize for Dissing Troops

Researching Local Elections (rural San Diego County)

With all the problems, why do so many Fla voters vote absentee?

Weapons carried off 'in hired lorries' - Sydney Australia paper

Place your bets on the topics that right-wing will try to spin when Kerry

Bush, Kerry Interviewed by ESPN

The State Polls Are Enough to Drive You to Drink!!!!!!!!

NEW BUSH AD: 'NO LIMIT' Ha! No limit on spending, deficits & tax cuts!

CNN: Kerry Rally in Madison WI | 50-70,000 (w/ Bruce!)

DU operation fax KSTP-TV Explosives video report to K/E and media

Does anyone have links to archived campaign speechs?

Friday's major speech

I Wish Kerry or Edwards Would Make It To CHICAGO Before Nov. 2!

Oct. 25-27 Economist poll: Kerry 49, Bush 45

Desperate, flop sweating Bush* and Giuliani blame troops for explosives

Flashback: Bush blames sailors for "Mission Accomplished" gaffe

What Nader would have to do to regain my respect:

Short CBS look back at 8 years of Clinton in photos.

80K+ | Madison WI Rally | PICS PICS PICS! | enjoy....

This NYT editorial about Abu Ghraib is right on target and the Bush....

Look what came in on my dad's e-mail. A bunch of lies from Alan Keyes

ABC: Break-Ins, Shootings Mar Bush-Kerry Race

Hotlines Chuck Todd trashing pollsters.

On election night, Kerry wins in a TRUE LANDSLIDE. Cable "News"....

New Low: "If you criticize the president, you're criticizing the troops!"

Good news from NC---early voting results.

This is really cool.... (Flash animation of Bushco's failures )

Help Please

I am reposting/referring this again...

Democratic Underground can we prove this? Iraqi's used pick-ups to loot

MSNBC strikes again

Pass the Buck campaign blames "editors" for cloned soldiers ad

9-11 WIDOWS DROP BOMB ON DUBYA, NYTimes: "Jersey Girls" blame Repubs!

Election Day your TV will be tuned to...

Is the media giving Giuliani proper credit for his MAJOR GAFFE?

Sean's Electoral College Map Projection Part III.

I just voted, ask me anything!

Watching Nader news conference video on CSPAN. How DARE

Blame Jeb. Disquallify FLA. Done. Must not let THEM frame this thing.

Statement from General Wesley Clark on Giuliani Comments

Hahahaa CNN covering the doctored photo scam

Man, I though California was bad. Oklahomans are SCREWED!

We on DU were conned by Plame investigation apologists.

October Surprise---is that * and BushCo are gonna screw things up SO BAD

I just went off on a coworker.

They can't even be honest about a photo in an ad!

Priorities! Doctored TV Ad is good. al Qaqaa footage is BETTER.

Wanna DU a Bill O'Reilly Poll?

Chuck Todd on Inside Politics: Pollsters CYA'ing

Central Ohio suburban papers endorse Kerry

Great Kerry Ad

Ask * - They're right where they want to be - Bu** Sh**


5 pieces of GOP propoganda!

Hi. I'm starting up a business. Help!

Saw a nice Kerry ad on TV the other day.

Judy talking about fake soldiers in Bush Ad

Red State people, present the scenario by which Kerry wins your state

Colorado Springs early voting

This year's RATS story: Bush campaign uses doctored photo in ad

Why Is The Bush Camp Fumbling So HORRIBLY In The Last Days?

It boggles my mind - why would they photoshop that troop photo?

Lancaster PA rally: Gov. Rendell, Carole King, Rob Reiner, Valerie Harper

Lets Bring Stevie Nicks Into the Campaign

Has anyone in the "media" caught on to the missing weapons finding?


Oh LOOK...ABC TV crew film April 2003...OF THE EXPLOSIVES AT Al QaQaa

Quick! DU This Poll on the Explosives!

Watching the bush regime go down in flames

Does the Red Sox Victory Make You Feel Better About A Kerry Win?

This Caption Is Screaming For A Photo:

Hilarious Bush-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Twelve more weeks. Twelve more weeks. Twelve more weeks.

Giuliani lamely responds to troop degradation

Bush/Cheney Campaign: Welcome to the Reality Based Community.

"Ashley's Story" ad running in Missouri

Silly Freepers. Tricks are for kids.

Complaint About Curt Schilling's Comments?

Watched Kerry in Madison

Does anyone else sense a Rathergate in the making re KTSP?

I'm using Mehlman's excuse, it was only an editing mistake

How many Freepers have you outed tonight?


Blacks outpace others in Orange's early voting

Hey, Texas--Is this Bush shooting the finger authentic??

"They SAY" Bush increased his 2000 support from women, blacks and Jews

"War is more obscene than anything any disc jockey could say."

John, Bruce, and some friends in Madison Wisc.

Madison turns out for Kerry

Mehlman on CNN: Kerry Sent them on the Mission?!? They've totally lost it!


What to do when you get in an argument with a freeper...

80 thousand plus in madison!!!!!

Ask Jenna and Barb a question!

I just returned from voting!

Getting Out The Vote (more from Nevada -Dem Leads)


Phone Banking Opportunities between now and 11/2 ? Help !

Be Clean and follow Kerry's lead be cool and calm

Civilian death toll in Iraq exceeds 100,000

wow, accusations by the RNC of DNC perpetrated fraud

US election rivals in war of words over deaf vote

I believe that the Kerry campaign is just as fast as DU in their responses

Anybody else seen the Real Voices Ad for Casey yet?

John Kass' article five days before Nov. 2nd: discusses baseball lies

Bruce Springsteen is with Kerry in Wisconsin

Has everyone noticed the immediate response team for Kerry?

Latest from the Dead Letter office:

now who has been to freeperville?

Info needed ASAP on optical scan ballot marks for an absentee ballot

Flu Shot Shortage Could Sway Votes in Too-Close-to-Call Florida

Red Sox pitcher Schilling to stump with Bush in New Hampshire tomorrow

In Nevada...Kerry ahead so far by 7000 votes.

The Rightwing Hates Sen. Leahy of VT

100,000 Civilian Deaths In Iraq

Crossfire getting ready to talk about photoshopped ad...

If anyone is watching Crossfire, can you feed the cube rats?

Any signs of Big Media picking up Minn. News on Al Qaqaa


Kerry -- Bush Election Continuum

What if he doesn't leave?

So where's the WaPo tracking poll?

Deleted message

Bush cannot become the President again, say Indian astrologers

Why you need to root for the Green Bay Packers on Sunday!!!

Watch me SPANK Rove's propaganda team!

Catch me up? Who's playing offense? Bush or KERRY? LOL.

Is the Minnesota Explosive Video getting Play.....

Is our country so sad that we care who a baseball player votes for?

Conservative Ignorance on Parade in Mississippi

Anyone know the name of the song "The Boss" did

bushCartel and their rightwingnuts BLAME THE TROOPS.

"Stolen Honor" is nothing to worry about. Just watched most of it

link here to msnbc 100,000 deaths in iraq story..........

Joe Lockhart is a badass. That guy is all over the repugs.

Household Survey Sees 100,000 Iraqi Deaths

The Economist Endorses John Kerry

Has anyone here involunterily signed up for the Bush/Cheney team?

Check out this pic from Madison WI rally today

We will win Florida - New poll shows we are kicking ass in Miami-Dade

Freepers pissed off with ABC...LOL

Minority turnout will determine whether Kerry wins FL

Al QaQaa still IAEA-SEALED, April 2003

BTW- RW radio is abuzz about ABC not airing the threat tape

The Faceless Veteran

Nader needs a timeout

at the end of yesterday 11% already voted?

LOL! Kerry camp calls on Bush to REMOVE altered AD!

New DU'er Prof_Science has some great pics of Madison Kerry event here

If you wrap baloney in the flag, it’s still baloney; only now you have

When it rains...... FBI investigating Halliburton/Bushco. links

OK OK...I have had it with all this negative ....

CNN reports 100K Iraqi dead since invasion (newscast picture inside)...

100,000 Iraqis Civilians Killed...MSNBC just heard...Please verify....

"We're finding those explosives - one carbomb at a time"

Quiet, please - President "Not My Fault" is thinking...

Bush Campaign to Recut Doctored Ad

Rasmussen Battleground for 10/28 (Mostly Bad News)

What the HELL is going on?

AP: Bush Campaign to Recut Doctored Ad

NO Mystery Folks, Behold The UN-PHOTOSHOPPED Photo!

Crossfire: Just covered the "Photoshop" scandal nt

The REAL issue about Curt Schilling.

The Florida FIX is in....need help to Counter!!!


Richard Cohen writes: Fire Bush This Tuesday-WaPo

I had to leave the annual Meeting of our HOA and my husband is

Which "news outlet" is the most pro-Repug ?

So if your sports hero gives props to Hitler, would you defend him?

Thanks for the Caging List from Corrine Brown's Office JAX. FL

Anti-Kerry Demonstrator Charged With Pointing Gun at Head of Kerry Supp.

College Republicans Swindle Senior Citizens

We will win Florida - New poll shows we are kicking ass in Miami-Dade

does all the bad news for bush increase the likelihood

I'm worried about tomorrow.

Voter Rights Printouts For Swing States.

45% of Oregon ballots are in as of yesterday's report.

DNC needs a new ad

Take a deep breath and repeat after me, Kerry is going to win....

Which Cable News channel is the most blatantly pro-Bush

With all this new info coming out

Ken Mehlman addressing doctored ad on CNN

GOP Mellman on Altered Ad - "It represents what this Admin is all about"

Have any Democratic Red Sox players agreed to rally w/JK?

Rich Republicans: Family, pocketbook, God and Country.

Are you ready to defend Kyle Orton when he runs for governor as a Dem?

will C-SPAN show the Kerry Wisconsin rally from today ?

Two Years Before 9/11, Candidate Bush was Already Talking About Iraq

Jeff Seemann's final TV ad

OK, you MUST have seen this:


Is there a Kerry Fan on the Red Sox team to counter the Shill

Why aren't Freepers FREAKING over HALLIBURTON investigation?

Schilling Will Appear in NH

Great news

Shrub's "Ashley" ad: pure schlock

Before election day...MAKE SURE YOU DONATE TO DU!

Jeb may have stolen tens of thousands of votes already?

Now this is funny! Prof_science picture, American Taliban

Bush to unleash new attack ad just 5 days before election

Jesse Helms campaigning for gay grandaughter

RW Lovefest in Orlando Saturday: Hannity, Boortz, Bennett,

BREAKING from KSTP (photos of IAEA seals)

Where can I find video of the Madison rally today with Springsteen?

Begala just announced Bush's doctored campaign photos

Wolfe just ran the ad story

Portland Oregon election Party

George Bush Presenile Dementia Video - New!!

Missing Explosives story GROWING - hits now 2260

Pentagon debunks PHONY "Russian" story (explosive looting)

'When Bush* heard the Boss would be here, he thought it was Dick Cheney'

CNN is pimping the Washington Times Russian/Shaw story

I just returned from voting in Houston TX

Two Kinds of Bush Voters Identified

Rights Groups Say Republicans Aim to Suppress Vote

(Novak) Zogby flip flops now say's Bush will win

If Kerry loses, should he be the Senate Majority Leader?

Congratulate me - I just got shoved by my first Bush/Cheney supporter.

Bush/Edwards? Kerry/Cheney?

From the Milwaukee J-S: An Uncivil Season and other stories

Should we have a "Cheering Only" Forum for those coming here to

Link to .mov of Bush flipping the bird

My two bosses (R and D) just came very close to blows in the office

Even Faux News reported on the Explosives

Missing explosives and coverup, faked ad, Sox victory. Bush* is unraveling

My last pre-election editorial for my local paper.

Get ready for a November surprise

NEWS VIDEO of the Al QaQaa EXPLOSIVES...April 2003

I need transcripts because Ken Dixon (101st airborne) is a liar.

Amazingly Tough Electoral Map

Just heard Judy Woodruff on CNN say a new ad for Bush

KSTP breaks IAEA seal story. Photos included.

What do you think Kerry's momentum is in your state?

dupe -- Cush beat me to it again.


Iowa is going...

ABC shows Minn. tape of explosives

Lou Dobbs is reporting the COMPLETELY DEBUNKED "Russian" angle

ABC News using the MN Embed footage

delete | DU burped on me....

Dobbs running with russia

Question - Why did Team * get rid of his image in photoshopped pic?

Here's a poll I really, really like

CBS leading off with Halliburton

Russia Denies Involvement in Iraq Weapons

Here's what will piss off every repuke in the country next Wednesday...

MSNBC poll reset

Inbred Freepers Saying Terror Tape is Lame, Fake, "Girlie Man"

Will TDS run the KSTP video

The brain dead 43% - 47 %. How dense can a human being be?

NEW Rassman Poll!!!!: * 0%; Kerry 100%

A Poll on Polls!

One finger salute by Bush???

Doctored Bush Commercial Fakes # Of Blacks Standing Behind Him

The missing explosives: they're muddying the waters, but this is simple

Lou Dobbs reporting on the looted munitions story

Al Franken up next on Lou!

Michael Moore on Paula Zahn 8pm EST CNN

ABC shows Rudy blaming the troops

Time for Repukes to Start Jumping Ship -- Who do we let on the lifeboat?

Response to my email from Judy Woodruff and her story

Kerry on NBC News tonite edit: RIGHT NOW

East TN (Knoxville) Early Voting up 26% over 2000

Don't it just piss you off.

And the hits keep coming! FBI investigating Halliburton!

'Get Rid of Bush' Urges Morrissey

Do people post inflammatory anti-Kerry threads just to get a lot of posts

Mosh link "Mosh Now or Die"

Hannity: UN and librul media trying to install Kerry LOL

This map + Michigan = OUR VICTORY ON TUESDAY

Today's stories devastate Bush. Kerry *is* a good closer on this deal!

ABC to show terror tape tonight.

ABC news just showed "Truth and" ad with * joking about WMD's

Assemble Our Own Army!

Any Freepers viewing ABC WNT just got a 15 minute smackdown

Yet Another *-to-Kerry voter conversion!


Dr. Wang Updated His Site

President Clinton on Dateline tonight 10pm EST NBC


ABC: "Impossible" to authenticate tape

Electoral vote prediction

Nov. 3rd - the day you will not hear the word "terror" again

What a day of events in the media!!!

CNN HNL has confirmed FBI investigation story !!!!!! yay nt

Surprising Kerry endorsment from my P2P filesharing program!!

I've been astroturfed!

The 377 tons of explosives aren't really missing.

When Kerry wins...

The Street where You (I) live; what simpletons live here.

I love the posts about the nightly news programs as they happen....

Doesn't Zogby's Battleground Polls Come Out Soon

ABC Evening News mentioned and showed....

Should media invent anti-Kerry stories to counter avalanche of * scandals?

Even the evangelicals are worried about a Bunnypants re-election.

Dulce...Dulce...Where Are You? Are You Tuning Up???

New Zogby Numbers-Get Them While They Are Hot

meme for AFTER the election: Negative attack ads DON"T WORK

The polls are headed in the wrong direction, guys..

"Bitingly Personal" Bush: "Kerry too weak for wartime leadership"

Why is Giuliani giving aid and comfort to the enemy???

Tweety leading off with Halliburton/FBI investigation

List of Bush excuses for missing explosives, please help

ABC News referencing KSTP Story

Do we take the Rasmussen tracking poll seriously?

Dem pickup possible in KY Senate race

okay enough is enough...i am hiding ALL threads about "polls"

On Tuesday you can vote to either blame Bush or to Blame the Troops

Election Day Weather for Swing States?

Shit's hitting the fan for *.

Tune in CNN Headline News asap - they are mentioning the -- Bush is tanking !

Yes, Bush Can now on our side

DU this poll

So...did they stop running the wolf-doggie ads?

Vaugn Verver From The Hotline Coming Up On Tweety

Here is the spin we need on Russia and photo, THEY photo-shopped IT

My born again Christian Bush-supporting dad hasn't voted yet.....

The bus to Crawford is full - so let's go!

Drudge: ABC will air terror tape tonight

ABC news running the HMX video NOW!!

This has been a very good week for us/ Hence watch out for the Friday Rove

I am willing to bet that fox drops everything about the explosives

After today's events, * is on the ropes!! How to keep him there?

We are way better off than we were in 2000 at this point!

"FEC OKs Unlimited Donations for Recounts"

Report: Video Shows Explosives Went Missing After War

"Mixed signals only confuse our friends, embolden our enemies." Really?

For those in Ohio, Springsten is live on ONN right now!

I don't understand

Unsubstantiated: 2 Repuke candidates for NH state senate arrested for...

Will this FBI investigation of Halliburton bring down B/C?

Why isn't Scarborough on TV this last week or so?

I am pissed off at the RNC

Wes Clark issues another formal statement!

Why are we not IMMEDIATELY replying to bush*

Two new Michigan Polls

Who has noticed that the media is slipping away from Bush?

You do realize that the chimps emotional speech will be drowned out

Kerry take lead on Tradesports

Here is the spin we need on Russia and photo, THEY photo-shopped IT

Please keep blasting the cable whores with the KSTP vid and NYT article

Bloomberg: Bush Courting MI Votes to Hedge Ohio and Florida!!

"Barely a Contest Among 53 House Races"

When should Kerry go to Iraq?

Erksine Bowles wrote to me!

Where it will be won: Wisconsin

countdown is showing KTSP footage

DU this Al Jazeera poll

Breaking: Olberman will show the Minnesota video soon

Countdown Now

Keith leading off with the Al QaQaa tape...

Would new polls show movement due to Al Qaqa story?

Aaron Brown's reply to my e-mail: CNN will run KSTP story tonight...

OMG ! Anderson Cooper and fake ad !!! He is mocking it

TWEETY: Explosives story no big deal!

ABC News : Video Suggests Explosives Disappeared After U.S. Took Control

I'm sorry but : WHO THE HELL IS..................... TWEETY ?

A great friend of mine just got back from the Bush Show in

ABC Terror Tape :: Looked pretty fake to me...

Anderson Cooper 360: Giuliani blasts the troops

WTF is Mike McCurry on Paula Zahn responding to questions about the

Bunnatine Greenhouse

Yahoo: Video Shows Explosives Went Missing After War

Falwell says, "Blow them all away in the name of the Lord."


"If Bush can't stand up to Kerry, how can he stand up to Al-Quaida?"

the other shoe drops, explosive video hits mainstream

Anyone still worried about some sort of MIHOP in the coming days?

Eliot Spitzer just called!

A letter from one of my co-workers to his republican relatives

Anyone else seen the Nat'l Air Traffic Controllers PAC anti-shrub ad?

Paula Zahn: "tons of bad news" for the * campaign

Palast: Florida Computers Snatch Thousands of Votes from Kerry

Excellent Kerry-Springsteen photo from MSNBC

Americans are turning out in droves to cast their votes early

Why it's unfair to compare this misAdministration to Hitler's regime

Bill Clinton and Teresa in Santa Fe 10/30!!

Paula Zahn reporting on the video now NT

Break from Presidential Numbers: Any predictions on House & Senate?

How has right-wing radio handled the KSTP explosives story?

When KSTP story is confirmed, al Qaqaa will be THE story ALL WEEKEND

The newest al Qaida video

Sheesh, you guys, give me a break! Let's not eat each other alive.


Horse race for KY Senate seat

Don't Believe the Polls, Says Polling Firm Head of Research

Little Minnesota TV station shatters latest Bush LIE and COVERUP

Freeper Madness..

Deleted message

So, did KSTP just win Minnesota for John Kerry?

Phony letters tell people they cannot vote - OHIO

Yahoo News: FBI Investigating Halliburton Contracts

Help! Kerry & the troops

How Do You Prefer To Refer To What Will Happen to Bush on Tuesdsay?

John Edwards interview with MTV !!!!!!!

Olberman: Mathew Copper, from Time Mag. Condi. is very tired and ready

ABCNews: Bush Campaign Acknowledges Ad Was Doctored

List of Famous people who contributed to BUSH

Wonderful News Cycle Today! Dontcha think?

DU this poll (it's tied)

Zogby on Daily Show: Kerry will win

Rasmussen and FauxNews official pollster on Dildo Lielly now.

New Poll about Explosives on MSNBC (DU IT)

O'Pervert settled his case for harrasment

Devil's advocate here...

Going Upriver PPV Dish TV

Bush Campaigns the way he Invades Countries

Kerry up on Cols Ohio Web Poll

This explosives story is like a tennis match!

CBS news - had nothing but bad news for * tonight

Reuters (Yahoo) : Video Shows Explosives Went Missing After War (RATE IT)

Whose fucking bright idea was it to do the "6" signs??

Polls in close elections are hardly ever accurate.

PHOTOGATE: Name of Scandal by Paula Zahn

DU CNN POLL: The Boss vs Schwarzenegger!!!! NEEDS HELP!

I'm thinking seriously about doing a "vote share"

Question...need help debunking....

"I have documents proving that bush completed his military duty"

US Senate Candidate's 'Manhood' Questioned

ABC running KSPT tapes!

When Kerry wins....

DU this poll for Nick Clooney (D-Kentucky)

Did anyone go to the Columbus Ohio Kerry rally???


DU this poll! The Boss is losing to Arnie!

Kerry was angry, animated, and passionate today in his Wisc speech.

Now Rove is desperate, what might he do?

Bob Shieffer on Larry King...slamming bush*

Frontline Presidential Market - Kerry WAY ahead!

LooK What The Party Of Lincoln Is Up To

Yahoo News: Video Shows Explosives Went Missing After War

Who will replace Daschle as leader of the dems in the senate if he loses?

Pentagon responds to HMX video/ pictures

Bush's final strategy boils down to: Support our ooops, blame our troops

GOP Operative Under Fire Over Tactics

Today's Photo Comparison -- What do you notice?

Bush's cousins are voting for Kerry.

Bush has no "Original Thought" only "Original Sin"

Bush is getting killed in the futures market

Does anybody have a link to the statement Kerry made when...

REUTERS has picked up the ABC HMX video story--this is going to spread

Yahoo News: New Audit Critical of Halliburton Work in Kuwait

Haliburton looks like it may be just as big as A Q Q

MoveOn PAC now has their Get-Out-the-Vote on top of hompepage.

Wow. Look at the differences between this FReeper thread from 2000

CNN Jamie _____ is saying Pentagon has released a photo

In Joe Lockhart I trust

Libertarians Targeting Swing States

FBI says story on investigation is FALSE!

We're goin to take OH and WI - and therefore the election

WP polling director: Why the polls suck

Edwards: Bush Didn't Do His Job in Iraq (AP)

Jim Wallis from Sojourners on CBS - 6:30ET.

Arkansas definitely in play!! DNC to spend $250,000 in TV ads!

What electoral map do you favor?

Salon: "Springsteen, With 80,000 people and the future of the nation...

Will Al Qa qaa Video when proven legit be the Death Blow for Bush?

Can Kerry win before California closes?

Mr. Bush I salute you, after all one good salute deserves another

Bill Clinton in Nevada, New Mexico and Arkansas this weekend for Kerry

Rove's fake rumours de jour. Read them here before hearing them on CNN

List the Scandals of BushCo! (The news this week is only a continuation.)

Excerpts from "The Importance of the War on Terror in Iraq"

John Kerry TO DO LIST as President-Elect

Did anyone catch ABC showing the infamous Bush "finger" video?

How come the Cable TV shows are not.....

One hilarious ass picture of Cheney.

So Schilling is shilling for Bush. Big whoop.

Okay, so we may be 1 elector down in Ohio

Prager just told Larry King "There's video of Russians taking it away"

"best piece of political literature of any race this cycle" says KOS -

DEFINITIVE PROOF that BC04 is Utterly Insane | and a song!

Im sick of these LIARS attacking Kerry's Character! eom


Maybe there ARE no negative Kerry stories, think about it...

Is Prime Time Live live or taped? It's coming up at 10PM on ABC, I wonder

Powerful ad by 527 group: Mom of slain soldier crying on camera

Has anyone been watching the 24 hr ABC News network

Caught snippets of Faux news throughout the day... the smell of FEAR is

My paycheck hasn't hit my bank yet...when's the donation deadline

Good sign: promo for FBI probe of Halliburton for local news in NYC

John Kerry mentioned KSTP story with Brokaw!

Pig shuts down I-95 in Yardley PA during rush hour.

PHOTO: Oh my, she's overcome.

Ann Richards and Al Sharpton are on Larry King.

Do you believe that Bush and gang could become as dangerous as Hitler

Cell Phones and New Registrations are Good for Pollsters

Anyone watch ABC world news now, and see the NADER report?

not new, but a great Kerry photo with baby

Orrin Hatch: HALIBURTON is innocent, on Paula Zahn now

A few days ago ya'll were saying if things look good for Kerry on Thursday

Bunnatine Greenhouse - Wistleblower against Halliburton!

Arizona Repubic - Iraqi witnesses recount weapons cache looting

Bush sucks so bad I had to write a song about it!

Colmes just cited dailyKOS on FauxNews--- woooo hoooo

Idiot orielley says pentagon has sattellite photos

Newspaper Pulls GOP Endorsement After Campaign Turns Anti-Gay

I was visually assaulted today by the Constitution Party

Does anyone else think, that if Bush loses the election

Clinton's on ABC now (10 pm ET)

Al Sharpton vs. Mark Racicot: you go Al !! on Larry King nt

Dupe - mods please delete

Aaron Brown: explosives videotape, Jamie McIntyre says


Bush Nose-Picking Video - Anyone Have It?

Here's an idea for shrubya campaign. At all campaign stops, he

Boycott Dunkin' Donuts (Schilling Remark)


OMG - what a stupid question!!!

Beautiful report on News Night exposing Bush* LIES about explosives

In other Schilling news, 'Will he wave his bloody sock for Bush?"

Bizarre, ironic photo from * rally in Pennsylvania Wednesday

God dammit, we've got a great issue here with the Iraq weapons that we

Why are we still watching Fox, CNN, etc?

Scarborough substitute ho dishing out a super snide hatchet job on JK.

Isn't Nov. 1st Deer Hunting Season Kick Off??

Minnesota Video.....

80,000 in Madison?! Whoa.

I've gone quite mad. Pt. 1 GOTV SVOK: "so vote, ok?"

My letter to Ralph Nader ..Sincerely written

Who here has P.E.A.D.?

CNN NewsNight is showing KSTP footage

David Kay: "With This Bunker I Think It Is Game, Set, Match"

David Kay on CNN is kicking Shrub's ASS...He sounds so

David kay on aaron Brown

My nominee for most worthless Republican S**tbag of the day is...

Policing is aggressive at Bush events

The Big Dog is on Prime Time Live(ABC) now.

Alright, can we all bow our heads in a moment of silence for the fallen

New voters are going to put Dems over the top!

Is there a problem

WAPO Poll Registered Voters -Kerry Still Leads!

I NEED YOUR HELP! You could help us impact New Mexico outcome


David Kay calls stolen weapons game set and match thanks to video

Here's an African American website. A couple of days ago

CNN - David Kay Says...

BUSH-" Kerry will say anything to get elected". You mean the TRUTH?

Idea for Ad

Won't it be cool by this time next week when all avatars say "I voted"?

Oh, jeez, they're still showing "Wolves."

guys, it just seems like yesterday was monday and the election was forever

Primetime Live: Just showed MOSH promo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is anyone else able to get into Kerry/Edwards forum?

Freepers Are Watching Us and We Are Watching Them

What is the best DU thread with good summary/timeline of Iraq/explosives

IS there any way Kerry can lose?????????? Other than......

Thursday night

Freepers debate their own poll showing Kerry winning presidency

Need help to find the truth on a matter regarding Kerry. TIA

My local Atlanta station is playing Drudge video tonight...

Cool - Primetime Live promoing "Mosh"!

Which Will Be Kerry's Victory Song On Election Night?

A nice moment on "The Apprentice" just now (SPOILERS!!)

Satellite Images - Satellite Shmimages :DoD offers phony photos of Qa Qaa

I'VE GONE QUITE MAD PART 4 - GOTV SVOK: "so vote, ok?"

PRIME TIME LIVE NOW about MOSH video by Eminem!!!!!

Does Curt Schilling love his wife?

They are collapsing.

DO you think Kerry/Dean would have been better?

What is the stupidest thing said by a Repug politician ?

I bleev they're gonna show MOSH on Prime Time Live on ABC in a bit.

Letter From My University President Regarding the Election...

Fahrenheit 9/11 Link?

Joe Klein on CNN: the satellite photos reek of desperation...

Oh no Big dog not again

Fug. Now ABC Primetime Live showing the newest terraist video

New York Times -- Video Shows G.I.'s at Weapon Cache

I voted today and there was an omen/sign at the poll

Could Kerry's Pete Rose comments be damaging in Ohio?


Kerry needs to demand that W repudiate Rudy's


What will liar AWOL say about Minneapolis video? "Wild Charges"?

Kerry-Edwards Meet-Up Tonight in Arkansas - fun fun fun

Must read - great points here, link to Hal Crowther article in....

Bush Internal Polling Flattening Out ?

Aaron Brown on explosives: "The argument is over"

The explosives story prevents a fascist October Surprise involving bombs.

Any teenager in the ME can grab a video camera and make a 'terror tape'

"The Boss" will join Kerry in Miami on Friday!

who thinks FL is still in play?

New York Times to report on video proving Pentagon attempted coverup

Kerry's forum has been under heavy DoS attack recently

* can't even make up his own criticisms any more...

Bush Internal Polling Flattening Out ?

"Sly in the morning" on C-SPAN 2 w/Paul Soglin

new information and analysis on the GOP voter suppression effort.

The insurgence is not in's here

Al Gore going to Hawaii, so is crashcart

Did anyone hear Zogby say Kerry has won this? I heard on AAR

UK TimesOnline Reporting Biden Selection for Secretary of State

WTF!?! is anyone watching abc?

After today, it will be hard to make any 'surprise' story stick to Kerry.

Election Protection Hotline 866-OUR-VOTE

Morrissey Receives "Death Threats" After Denouncing Bush

"No Vietcong ever called me ni*ger"

Cheney to campaign in HAWAII!

News from inside Bush-Florida (very tense/upset/unprepared)

Help! I've been away from a computer all day! How we doing?

I need a screen or clip from past al-Qaeda videos

First Trash Germany, Then Beg Them To Bail Us Out Of Our Flu Vaccine Mess

Quick--I have a single issue voter here

What is with all the free republiK posts. I thought this was DU.

I'm really tired of red/blue maps

CNN: Karl Rove says explosive story HELPS them

WH Becoming Unglued In The Last Days Before Election......

October Surprise: Bush talked privately about invading Iraq in 1999

Finally got my move assignment-in Minnesota. I had chosen

Report from Coral Gables, FL early-voting

FINALLY! CNN says video "TRUMPS" Pentagon's lies (Aaron Brown)

November surprise- Kerry landslide.

Got back from the Madison rally

International Election officials on the way

Zogby just predicted Kerry win on Jon Stewart Show!!!!!

SOme of the whores seem to be having pangs of remorse

change name of board to Zogby discussion 2004?

Headline News --- CIA---- can not confirm terror video is real

Betcha Tomorrow"s Zogby #s Look Great!

Ha Ha, The Lou Dobbs Repeat Looks Absolutely Ridiculous.

The GOP: A Criminal Organization

If you want to feel good about your personal and public GOTV efforts,

Someone PLEASE tell me there is an ad in process about Bush's Comment

MSNBC News Break during Tweety

KSTP-TV Mpls. St. Paul has new info on the 380 tons!

My boss has a friend who works at Dept. of Education.

Kenneth Blackwell-Ohio sec of state is a republican and is black?

Lou Dobbs: crock of crap, two talking heads bashing CBS and

Kerry speaks English grammatical sentences-wins in landslide

National Averages..Nader takes TWICE(!) from * than Kerry

FauxNews, Drudge, and Hate Radio Jocks - The New Flat Earth Society

The best freeper post of all time

I don't care what Zogby says...

Anyone not getting Nightline?

Al Sharpton is kicking Prager's fatass all over the studio

Worried About People Who Worry About Zogby Predictions...

I'VE GONE QUITE MAD PART 2 - GOTV SVOK: "so vote, ok?"

This says it all...any questions?

I made my last donations today - DNC and the guy running against Delay

I'm worried about the people who Worried About People Who Worry About Zogb

Should Kerry now bring up about the Health Ministry in Iraq

Rally Ruminations

NAACP claims it's facing IRS Investigation after Bush bashing.

All revved up and no place to go - Meatloaf

Please Weigh in on these Polls

Zogby says Kerry wins!!!

Michael Moore brings political frenzy to rally, Ft Lauderdale, 10-28-04

I don't care what Zogby says! GET OUT THE VOTE (GOTV)!!!

AFL/CIO - Flash: Can America Afford Four More Years? (NO!)

HOLY CRAP!!! i may have just convinced my conservative dad to not vote!

Lobbying for Libya—and Bush ...Randa Fahmy Humone

Post here as you watch TDS tonight.

Atrios: KSTP to provide 4-18-03 footage of IAEA seals!!!!

Video of Giuliani Blaming the Troops for Missing Explosives

If Republicans had any honor and integrity...

Cheney in Hawaii: Here's a link finally

Kerry continues his newspaper endorsement massacare

Curt Schilling: "Be sure to vote for Kerry!"

KY Senate Race: Manhood Questioned in Senate Campaign - Bunning Supporters

Kerry in Detroit Monday

Missouri back in play?? See post:

ABC "The Note": Gore and Cheney will Campaign in Hawaii this Weekend

Worried about Zogby prediction.

I want that "I voted" avatar but...

New Bush Campaign Song - Still the One

Kerry-47% Bush-44% OHIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, the Republicans aren't the only one who can use photoshop!

What battleground states do we stand the BEST chance of winning?

Cheney in Hawaii is NOT a time-waster

Iraq is destined to be a disaster

A freeper tried to run me off the road today!

Please rate a 5: 100,000 Iraqi Civilians Killed

Ch. 5 news Cleveland says they're about to report breaking news of

Kerry finishes sentence, 80,000 Madisonians rasie signs, wah!

Oklahoma --- new voters - could it possibly turn BLUE?

WOW..Ohio objects to bush*.."bush* is a RAT"...BIG RAT PHOTOS


One man battles Dubya armed with 'Fahrenheit 9/11' downloads

Zogby Win Zogby TDS Zogby Zogby Zogby Zobgy

I just want to thank the Dean & Kucinich supporters on DU

Why Is MSNBC Allowing A Rightwing BITCH To Host A GOP Lovefest?

John Kerry - Superhero

MORE PHOTOs of Wisconsin Rally????

ABC website has article about HMX video up now

Freeper intimidating store owners with boycott.

Freeper election predictions

Anyone know what the Vegas odds are?

Schilling says: Vote for Bush!!!

Some of the PC's in my District want to hand out Kerry lit

Novak says Zogby says Bush is gonna win.


Former Senator Bob Smith (R-Insane) of NH is voting for Kerry

Al Franken on Lou Dobbs

Ann Coulter on Elizabeth Edwards: Could Annthrax get crazier??

Kerry's secretary of state....

Have mercy on us - Please post link to ABC "Terrorist" video


Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Poops on 20 Pundits...

BIG!! Minneapolis News station has video of explosives at Al QaQaa

Arizona Is Going Blue This Year!

It's Caption The Chimp Time

ABC slamming Giuliani for his troops remark

Ohio Update - Blackwell files appeal

John Stewart is a God

Just saw on CNN - the PhotoShopped ad

Fake "Board of Elections" letters in OH telling new voters they can't vote

Kerry and a gazillion people in Ohio, Bush by himself on a farm in PA.

Aaron Brown blows me off (Email)

Anybody ever seen Tommy Franks & Zell Miller at the same time?

Democratic Lawyer will be at every poll in OHIO

Hardball NAILING bush admin!

Broward County Theft Logistics.

Are any areas besides PA facing poll location changes?

Inspirational story at Salon on Springsteen, Kerry, & the Madison rally

On Faux: Larry Sabato says all polls show Kerry will win Ohio

Are the Republicans stealing the U.S. Mail?

Kerry 294 EV, Bush 244 EV Prof. Sam Wang of Princeton University.

Mother of U.S. Soldier gets a call from him. Please vote for Kerry.

I voted today and there was an omen/sign at the poll

No Flames. Final Weekend October Surprise: Dump Cheney?

"Liberals DO NOT think CNN is their network, particularly this year"

Good news in WaPo poll - Kerry leading in East, Midwest & West

*WHATEVER IT TAKES* .. (Warning: Somewhat Graphic)

God, is Candy Crowley a whore

Washington Post 10/28 Tracking Poll Kerry 48% Bush 49% Nader 1%

How much do you love Bill Clinton?!

Does anyone but silly ol' me think all this BAD news for * is..

Love Kerry's new ad "Your Hands"

FR Presents: A Day in the Life of President * (pics)

Bush used fake troop crowd in new "Whatever It Takes" ad


MUST READ! Confirmation of contents of KSTP Video--it is RDX and HMX!!!

I have discovered the identity of the terrorist!

Flopsweat: Prager just said explosives are "WMD"........LMAO

Wes Clark slams Giuliani for blaming troops

Eminem is the musical guest on Saturday's SNL

BREAKING: Wall to wall exposure of AWOL's attempted coverup (explosives)

OBSERVATION: Absolutely ZERO Negative Kerry Stories...

Zogby calls it for Kerry on the Daily Show

Has *ANY* media reported the new video of explosives at Al QaQaa?

STUDY: Iraqi Civilian Deaths Increase Dramatically After Invasion

Was the "Terrorist Video" shown on ABC PRIMETIME a joke?

Freepers ponder a Kerry win and a shift in military leadership. . .

OK why should we all go goo goo over what ZOGBY says now ?

The Bush Campaign is playing the old "internal polls" game

Cheney to Hawaii is huge!!! It's going to be a landslide!!!

I no longer DU polls.

Schieffer on Larry King: Young people with cell phones will decide on Tues

Republican coworkers no longer wish to discuss the election


At Tuwaitha the Looting was Nuclear; Troops Had "No Directive" to Guard It

Just saw Scarborough with an almost entirely red map! Help!!

Poll for College Students (and parents of college students only)

Must Read!The Economist Poll: Kerry 49, Bush 45, Nader 1.Very significant!

The Great American Tectonic plates are moving - in pictures.

Eminem on Saturday Nite Live

How long will Bush people hav to challenge the Kerry/Edwards Nov 2, Win?

Now that the dust is settling, tell me: Do we or don't we need McKinney

PHOTO: Uncle George, having had a few too many, picks up the baby

PHOTO: Bush as he really is (British press)

Kerry is defending more states but the same EVs as Bush

Lets play taps for "Tough Crowd" and Colin Quin, last show tonite!!

"Get out of Edwards' house" or "Get out of our house"


People, We've Got The HOLY SHIT STORMS OF SHIT STORMS Happening Now!!

David Kay confirms ABC video contents, definitely US responsibility

Bush Bombs in Detroit (Pontiac)

War Crimes Trial: Nuremberg 2005, who's first on the docket ?

CNN predicts bush win - is that fair and balanced reporting?

cnn headline news just mentioned the dead letter office

Secret Freeper meeting thread (Don't worry, DUers can't see this)

schilling is human garbage

Whoa! Guess what right-wing luminary said this today:

Call me “Liberal!”

Orrin Hatch: Explosives May have gone out Ventilator Screens