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Archives: October 26, 2004

Very important information to get out

Krugman: A Culture of Cover-Ups

Can we lock this thread, please?

Kerry to visit Michigan for a rally on Saturday. Any info?

John Edwards and Kerry daughters on Larry King now

What Will Laura Tell Shrubya Three Minutes After

Does Anyone Know Were I Can Find a Eminem video

My Brother quit Bible Study because of anti Islam teachings.

why do you suppose that BushCo didn't plant WMD's in iraq?

Our Political leaders aren't planning to leave the U.S. Why should we?


Should Pres. Kerry reform the UN?

Freeper threatening to shoot Michael Moore

What to do when I get e-mails like this from freeper relatives

Weekly Reader/Kid Poll

I'm taking my kid out of the campaign tomorrow.

I heard from Karl Schwarz

Just for Laughs Votes

PM carves Pumpkins with Rick Mercer

Eminem's Video For Anti-Bush Song 'Mosh' Hits The Internet

Tues. NYT: Iraq Weapons become Campaign Issue.

LAT: Gov. Will Limit Pro-Bush Effort

U.S. Action Bars Right of Some Captured in Iraq

Hundreds protest after Austin paper backs Bush

Powell says South Korea nuclear experiments "not serious"

so, is Ska cool music, or a horrible scourge on the industry?

October Surprise!?

new ANTI BUSH eminem video link!!! OMFG

According to the Freepers and Rush, the huge Philly rally today was fake

You know anyone who lives in one of the apartments in my office building

Great Freeper Quote

Tell me something you really enjoy doing.

Question: Do Mormons believe in the Trinity?

Have you ever been to LED ZEPPELIN.COM?

Seeing US plated cars with progressive and or anti-Bush messages makes...

And I thought I was obsessed with sex. O'Reilly takes the bakery

Post a word you don't think most people know.

LOL! Robin Williams said "Compassionate Conservatism is like

World's Oldest Man Cheering for Red Sox

The William Rehnquist Prayer Thread

We just voted

What politician would have voted for the IWR if bush had said...

Time to change horses...(answer to Bush charges)

Exactly how is Counthelieza Rice paying for


Kerry Shares Rally on

Bush declares Kerry winner of election

Freeps talking about ...

There must still be Rethugs with an iota of integrity...


Where is Chris Heinz!

George Bush Sr., the vomitting old puss

Colombo Crime Family Endorses Bush-Cheney!

Will all the pollsters be discredited after this election ??


The October Surprise? Eminem video!


Sixty % of Bush's supporters are "very enthusiastic" about him?

opinions on iowa / wisconsin / minn

Kerry LIED about the $200 billion Iraq costs

We will never see our economy or our country as good as the Clinton years.

MUST READ--Riverbend: I want Bush out at all costs

new ANTI BUSH eminem video!!!! OMFG

Need help combatting some right-wingers about the Iraq explosives looting!

I can't stand the suspense!

DU TRL Vote for "MOSH " by Eminem

Phila. Daily News: Knocking down the Drudge weapons story

Want to help defeat the monkey? OFFER TO DRIVE VOTERS ON NOV. 2!

Next time you hear someone reference Real Clear Politics poll summary...

This is a stupid question but,

Kerry is too expensive to protect says freeper

How many of you thought the war in Iraq was fishy from the get-go?

Keith Olberman: "Save the (Bill O'Reilly) Tapes"

Octorber surprises? Weapons cache gone and Eminem video

Photos of packed house at Kerry rally in Macomb Co., Michigan

Drudge backtracking...

Recalled reservists feeling a bit of a draft

The Intensity Gap--E. J. Dionne

How Many More Have to Die?--CHB 26 Oct 2004

Baghdad Schoolyard No Haven From Fear

"Gaming the Vote!" (GameSpy article on political computer games)

The Road to Abu Ghraib - Phil Carter

Financial Times - Endorses Kerry

Great Satirical Website

Vote Pairing Again?

Great DU article on WH secrecy & scrubbing operations.

Bush's Courting of Saddam

Florida - more GOP tricks.... scrubbing and Search Engines

Battle for the critical few

Rove's Battleground state home town paper goes with Kerry!!!

The Art of Political Listening

How to break the argument habit

Truthout--Thalheimer: Why I'm voting against my Commander-In-Chief

The unpublished agenda for PNAC

American Conservative: The War Bin Laden Wanted (via truthout)

Robert Parry: Jon Stewart v. 'Perception Management'

US Iraq War Veterans' Voices Rise in Protest

Is this the explanation? Good grass-roots reporting Boston Globe

E&P: Endorsements influence 5-10% of voters; Kerry ahead in key states

Denver Post Flooded with Letters !

Bush and the Bubble People -- Atlanta Constitution's brilliant Bookman

The Nation - Follow the Money

WSJ: Once-Ignored Consumer Debts Are Focus of Booming Industry

Salon: Requiem for a Reformer (Nader…feel of Spinal Tap's last tour)

Premature Ejaculation (Faux anticipating * loss?) – Wolcott rips 'em

Polling truth (Bush is in trouble, writes US blogger Markos Moulitsas)

Molly Ivins: Clueless people love Bush

This article about Gore from the NYTimes reduced me to tears

Image: America's Shame

This is big, and we need to keep it at the top of the forum so it MOVES

Kerry-Edwards online forum action plan (email)

Indiana 2nd District GOTV Rally

Can someone who can make flyers help? (Supreme Court)

Put Eminem's Anti-Bush Video on MTV!!

Farenheit911 now free online!

DU this poll. DU it for Georgia!

O'Reilly crying uncle?

Minister, who's also Trib (Scaife) reporter, charged in assault

Malloy :) Best thing on AAR :)

Wal-Mart protest taken to pyramids (Mexico)

Kerry releases a new battle plan to combat outsourcing

EPA Takes $2 Million From Industry To Study Pesticides' Effects On Kids

Typhoons, Earthquakes, Rain - Misery In Northern Japan

How George Bush Lost The Sun - Salon

Lodges, Restaurants Will Close For Lake Powell Off-Season (1st Time Ever)

Climatologists - Climate Disruption Moving Faster Than Feared - Reuters

CA Gas At $2.40 As Detroit Quibbles About Hybrids, Incentives

Kyoto and CO2: The world's strangest market takes shape

US Gave Date of War to Britain 5 Months in Advance?

for Maveric Model 88 owners

UK - legal guns stolen, thief shot & charges against shooter

Assault Weapons Ban was HUGE MISTAKE by DEM's

Why wasn't my post deleted?!?!?

Why wasn't my thread locked?

Link in Top Ten to wolf ad does not work, in fact

The anti-Bush Eminem video is called "Mosh"

This is the most inappropriate "locking" post...

Thanks Skinner.

One more favor, please.

Elections are not campaigns and campaigns are not elections.......

Why was the election administration post pulled out of the General Forum?

A hockey request

I realize this is like complaining to the phone company, but: racial

Please Shut this board down for election day:

Can we please have a DU addicts forum

Can we make a black hoddie sweatshirt with DU on the back

Gallery - will the Other Pictures be up after the election?

Are we there yet?

Thank you so much for not disabling hidden threads yet

The TOPIC is on the homepage, but this is the thread that

Can we at least put the PIC on the front page?

Is it against the rules to call someone a liar?

Israel kills 14 in Gaza before key withdrawal vote

Israeli settlers wage campaign of intimidation on Palestinians

CNN Reports that Sharon's life is in danger.

Israeli Officer Arrested Over Killing of Gaza Girl

Arafat said to be stable after minor exploratory surgery

In Rachel's memory

Hollywood in Danger? (Vreeland)

POWERFUL: A 757 did NOT hit the Pentagon on 9/11

New article on Vreeland

A *serious* question about DU'ers relaying info re: Attacks on the US

If A 757 Didn't Hit The Pentagon Then.........

New Analysis Proves Oswald Acted Alone

Voting for judges?

att. SO.CAL DUers free P.A. for democratic events

Body found in Delano orchard identified as political worker

Indian family indicted for immigration fraud

Can we plan a get together..mostly N. Ca

E-mail I sent to DM Register about Thompson endorsement

DM Register endorses Repiglican in 3rd US Congressional dist.

Question about sex offender registry, Romney, etc.

John Edwards at the U



Grrrrrr @ Bush sign on bridge 394 (east bound) & Louisiana!

Lots of different volunteer opportunities on the DFL website!

In Memory of Marcia Wellstone Markuson

Minneapolis school board elections -- please vote for Lydia Lee!

Powerful rally yesterday in Columbus, Ohio, "March For Voter Protection"

So is there any chance that the Big Dawg

Kerry coming to Columbus (w/Springsteen @ OSU)and Toledo 10/28

Great resource on How to Prevent Election Theft -

200 cities in 200 hours

Cheney to be in Zanesville this Sat

CHECK Before Voting Straight Dem Ticket - OH 15 Prime Example

Plain Dealer endorses neither

Ohio Will Be Florida of 2004?GOP's35000 challenges to voters' eligibility

Suit says Cuyahoga County board 'botched' voter registrations

Tomorrow night, between 8pm and midnight, you will be able

Vote early in the morning Nov 2

I have an embarrassing question.

Great resource on How to Prevent Election Theft -

State Senator Allen Kukovich is being targeted by gOP (Scaife)

Crawford co Pa .Lost cause?

anyone up for some freeway blogging

Does anyone know how John Martinez is polling?

Feeling like someone who appplied for a job and everyone else heard

Democracy for Texas Email: Delay Suing DFA

Store w/Texas for Kerry pin

Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, if voted in, will use eminent domain

Unoffical Dump DeLay Newsletter

Where will you be the evening of 11/2?

Has Milw. Journal Sentinel made a pres. endorsement?

Oh, the Shame! Green Bay paper endorses Michels!!!

No wonder this idiot is losing

Any mailboxes broken into?

Puyallup schools should lift the Halloween ban.

Boeing halts gift to GOP group

KING 5 Poll: Kerry up by 6, Wash. governor's race tied


The ultimate Reality Show

Brokaw talking to Peter Mansbridge of the CBC.

Is there a legal defense fund for the Coulter pie throwers?

what was this business about The Guardian and some editorial?

Sen Wellstone Crash Being Talked About on Mike Webb

Mike Webb discussing Wellstone gets misdirected B/C04 email... fascinating

POWERFUL: A 757 did NOT hit the Pentagon on 9/11

Eminem is like a battery, I feel so empowered, we will not let them win

The last word of Mosh is Senator

If the Invasion started on March 20th would it be all that

Quote that is goodnessly awesometastic.

Re: the Eminem "Mosh" video -- when Osama shows up..

Would it be bad if you hooked up an IV drip with Coffee in it?

Bush doesn't have to be smart because God tells him what to do.

So I'm starting to think * really looks like his heart isn't in this.

Geez..Louise.... Now the scuttlebut is Hillary for Chief Justice

It is your Duty to watch this Flash Animation

Rethugs don't care about their civil liberties...............

All this movement needed was am Anthem, Mosh is it

Does this prove that Bush never believed...

WP.......Iraq Weapons Are Found

A President who was not elected, a Rubber Stamp Congress, a

Anyone have a link to footage of the Clinton/Kerry Rally? nt

CNN reported on the NBC report...

Is the U.S. a rogue nation? It has labeled many countries as rogue states

Early voting in Palm Beach County

Wow, Eminem, just wow! I am floored by his new video

If Bush gets elected he will manage to bankrupt this country.He is already

US marshal gets full-time pay for a few hours' work

04/05/03 - U.S. troops find explosives at al Qa Qaa

Freepers hold PRAYERATHON until election day (link)

this Bush fund-raising ploy is the saddest thing I've heard yet.

Krugman: In Bush Administration culture of cover-up, Goss confirms fears

"Al Qaeda" Magazine and it's business associates

How can Bush "win the war on terror" if he can't secure Iraqi arms depots?

Has there been any more news on that woman hostage?

Murdoch: Fox News does not favour Bush

what's *'s cousin's name"?

I heard comment on radio this morning that Bush and the gang are

I can smell toast in the air . . .

Beware of BushCo spin... The 4 ton of EXPLOSIVES were proof of WMD

Kerry is drawing HUGE crowds. * is barely filling highschool auditoriums.

i am not an optimist by nature,

(thanks DU)Just couldn't do it (tried returning to repub predominant site)

DU Eminem's new video onto MTV!!!

What's with that little prick on CNN's American Morning...

A pic of our Sinclair demo

Any good pictures of the Kerry/Clinton rally?


Houston Tx US59 TwoFaced

Death of Democracy

Anyone have the phone number to call for voting problems?

1 million sterling pounds per hour earned by BP for 3rd quarter

Quite a few posts almost seem to panic and scream

Springsteen stumping for/with Kerry Thursday! eom

Howard Dean parody

The Boss & Kerry together on Thurs...

Atrios: Nagourney bristles at Wolcott :- fun!

Some people say that some people are too interested in Eminem 'round here.

I remember 2000

Violence All over Iraq Today Oct. 26.! Nothing on My TV!

i need more info..flu vaccine

Eminem's anti-Bush anthem

Bush Campaign Distorts News on Explosives

I am SICKENED By This Thread

Question for Vietnam vets


And people wonder why there may be a draft? (Military News)

Will the Second Civil War be dated from 11/2/04?

its my 300th post - ask me anything about cable tv

Bush Blames Poorly Made Shirt for Bulge

11/03/2004 - Day of Rapture for the BushCult?

Has "Guerilla News Network" been pulled?

My 100th Post : Ask me anything about Election Administration

BBV: No Secret Vote In Georgia??

Dollar Pauses Near Record Low Vs Euro

Anyone Else Enjoying Green Day's "American Idiot"

DU HELP!! Who should I buy a computer from?

C-SPAN Now, Lynn Cullen (radio) Show out of Pittsburgh

I'm afraid that the fix is already in.

Does someone have the Kitty Kelley book readily available?

F9/11 can be seen free at Marc Perkal's site (for two weeks only)

Lynn Cullen's show airing on C-SPAN now

"Those WH Links To Nothing" -WP

Italian center-left to call for troop withdrawal

When Kerry wins, should he/can he re-institute the fairness act for media?

MSNBC Poll - DU This Poll!!!

Chronological logs from IAEA regarding Al Qa Qaa ammo dump

Any news on the kidnapped CARE woman?

NBC News report on missing high explosives--verbatim:

Al Qaqaa: WH damned if it does, damned if it doesn't...

US Brand Giants Suffer a Sales Slump in "Old Europe"

I HATE to do this but I must ask-the 400 tons story a RECAP?

U.S. Dollar

This Modern World: "Blindfolds for Bush"

GYWO page 42 is up - Get your stolen explosives right here!

Heads up Faux "News" Chris Wallace on the Daily Show tonight

Any DUers listening to Rush?

OK people we need to get organized, our email campaigns lack structure

Hows about a show of unity...on Nov.2, let's all wear a ...

It's the incompetence, stupid (Al Franken's on)

Olberman's "Save The Tapes" fund drive: $25,000 pledged so far!

Probably old news..Hunter Thompson drills * in Rolling Stone

Going off to phone bank 2nite Need more good phone bank points

How much would 380 tonns of HMX and RDX explosives COST?


Got Nov 2nd Off Work...Go To Florida

I think Drudge is about to drop the bomb...

Who has the capacity and access to loot those weapons?

Last night's Olberman show re: "Save the Tapes" - now available for downlo

Question Re The Training of Iraqi Security Forces

North Carolina..Zogby

another big leak

Bush and the Bottle

who was the more stupid president?

Wes Clark fanatics? Coulter haters?

What brand of liquor is sitting behind that of beer in front of bush?

The "mind" of a Repiglican

HELP: What is the name of the African American man in Orlando who was

Oh, I'm a racist huh????

Little magazines, the Internet and resistance to fascism

Uncovered: The whole truth about the war in Iraq

Christian groups for Kerry email I got.

SLUDGE Implies democratic dirty tricks in new 60 Minuted report!!! LOL!

Ashton Kutcher got 'punked': now stumps for Kerry

Eminem - Your video has moved me! I am ANGRY, SORROWFUL, & STRENGTHENED

Calling Ted Turner

Hollywood Reporter Special Section on Politics and the Media

I'm annoyed that there aren't many Black folks at DU

Don't call people Freepers - use bigot instead.


OMG, dig this Pavlovian Foam-fest! * Awesome video*

BTW. White people are assholes.

Help me, I suck at computers and all of my links to Mosh are not working

Do you have a good quote on voting?

Ways To Request Eminem's Mosh Video

I've noticed this about CNN.COM

The wounds will never heal in this generation at the very least.

New Analysis Proves Oswald Acted Alone

questioning the supposed lack of minorites on DU does not a racist make.

Antonin Scalia was just interviewed by RNZ... sounded a bit nutty

To Vote Or Not To Vote

Bush fails on National Security

on Imus did Jay Severin just say It's going to be Kerry?

Do DUers "get" issues of people of color?

Lockheed-Martin up 41%..gee how comforting

the ultimate revenge on chimpy's supporters

Was Ann Coulter Once a Man?

News Flash!

And when Kerry...

Ed Koch - A Benedict Arnold for the 21st Century

Does Howard Stern + Eminem = B*sh Defeat?

Need some information

Lynn Cullen is Awesome!

I don't quite get those "Support Gay Marriage" ads on AAR.

DU listed on

Do you think Bush is an educated man? Sure, he has diplomas from

Flu Cruises?!

I just got called a 'commie f'ing pig!'

For amusement and enlightenment: The Give Bush a Brain Game

Looking for link: Poppy quote on his memory of day Kennedy was shot?

In his short work GANDHI-A MEMOIR, William Shirer compares and

CNN Quickvote: Will oil prices impact your vote for president?

Flashback:"market may have more to celebrate than pending victory in Iraq"

I just got cursed out by a bunch of Australians for saying i support Kerry

Murdoch, Smith claim to be misunderstood by the goddamn lllliberal media

Any GE/NBC insider with insight on how GE is ratcheting it up for Bush?

Pirates and Emperors

Iraqi Resistance Report for October 23-25

A new entry in the Bulgegate sweepstakes...

Were the "Rathergate" documents proven to be forgeries?

Conservatives vow lengthy boycott of Proctor & Gamble over gay rights;

CNN just reported Dana Bash(sp) asked * about missing weapons....

Bush says the object on his back in 1st debate was a badly tailored shirt


We know Dubya didn't consult his dad about Iraq, but...

Anti-War/Anti-Bush march videos

My friend is writting a play thats pretty powerful(anti Bush)

I Believe George Bush...

Live DC/VA/MD? Recruitment of Volunteers to go to Ohio -- Expenses Paid

Are the oil companies holding down the price at the pump?

The Bush Draft Videogame -- Play it online!

This has probably been asked before, and I missed it,

Sullivan endorses Kerry

Nightline 10/26: Politics, Religion, and the Election

The White House Wasn't Always God's House

any info on msnbc's lawrence o'donnell(sp) apology?

what does "eom" mean

Do you think the Daytime DU'ers are different from the Nighttime Du'ers?

Jim Hightower: The DRAFT

Mosh coming up on TRL, if you can stomache TRL then watch

Powell making nice with China

If You Like The Eminem Video...

Memo to Colin Powell...

bush for all legal benefits in civil unions...

CA DUers. Where do you stand on Props # 68 & 70. The gambling

Repug moran on Randi trying to excuse bu$h on missing explosives.

Bush and MS-NBC accuse Private Lynndie England's embryo

was that the first time anyone asked Bush about civil unions?

Austria Scraps Arnie Statue

Is there any conformation on the Rush Limbaugh obsenity today?

TV Reminder: "Rumsfeld's War" on PBS @ 9pm EST

So, you get to your voting place. Then what happens

You know? It is really nice to live in Illinois

Did Alawi blame the coalition for negligence?

What RDX looks like, and why it can be used to screw the Freepers!

Political groups clash at CNU

Will flying ever be safe again?

Inane DU posts too numerous to mention here,

So I just watched the "world television premiere" of Mosh on TRL

Play the Bush Brain Game!!

Today in Iraq.

My republican boss asked me why would anyone vote for Kerry

Lynn Cullen on C-Span kickin butt n/t

CSPAN: Political Talk Show Week

Media Matters sends letter to NBC requesting Limbaugh be dropped

Why is there Right WIng Radio on my CSpan

HELP! Who can set me up to do a GOOD online petition FAST!?!

Bush's guy on Tweety seems pretty dejected and pathetic

So, how many times has Eminem's "Mosh" been downloaded today?

All this movement needed was an anthem, it is Eminem's Mosh the Vote

Something very, very strange just happened to me

freep a**hole in my office

Bush and the Mormons (& Caterair) - New Expose By Suzan Mazur

Oh - My - GAWD! Funniest thing I've heard all year!

Great anti-conservative fodder for arguments/debates/discussions

Can someone suggest a good store from which to buy my...

DU Question: Where did DUers get the "moran" pic? Is it a pic of an oaf

Republicans Urge Minorities to Get Out and Vote on Nov. 3

Voted early today in now red, soon to be blue GA.

Webb--ex Navy Sec'y on w/ Tweety call Iraq a "strategic blunder"

How much $$ has been spent on the "War on drugs?"

What the heck happened to

Al Franken made an interesting quote about abortion today...

Watch Keith tonigh

They're saying Kerry isn't "closing the deal"

Has Kerry...

What best describes your racial heritage?

Difference between Iraq & Vietnam? Bush* had a plan to get out of Vietnam

any gnus on Rehndquist cancer? This might be the sleeper issue

"Frontline" tonight 10 pm Eastern on PBS.


Please DU this poll

Who howled the National Anthem tonight?

Bush asshole filmstrip

Just emailed Olberman; advised him to get Trippi to show him

I have a different take on the disappearance of the explosives in Iraq.

Links to Olberman's total trash Confrontation of O'Liely with Battle Hymn

A morality smack down from O'Reilly...well two years ago

New must see video

How likely is another civil war in the US?

Bush blames explosives and Iraqi soldier slaughter on US !!!

Just heard Jon Stewart ad for tonights 11:00 show --

Social Democrats

Freeper neighbors can't stand me

What exactly constitutes a WMD?

When Kerry is declared winner, does Bush get to stay in the WH til Jan?

Enough with the stupid Coulter insults - please.

Help regarding the 12th Amendment please.

Juan Williams --A Rainbow in the Dark on Fox--

Ahhh Bush/Cheyney ads on the phone

MommaT Goes Cable !!! - Got Local Access To Show Palast Video !!!

Here's a quick primer for writing headlines (subjects, on DU)

Why i believe Kerry WONT win.

Different sex couples - what rights do they have?

Why Kerry WILL Win...

This is hi-larious:

Have any conservatives commented on Bush's pro-civil unions

Worst Human Release of Sulfur Dioxide in WORLD HISTORY -we did it

Bush joke

General who saw a "Christian" war disciplined

Democrats call for boycott of Fresno TV owner over campaign ads

"It doesn't really matter who the President is..."

Update from Early Election in Texas Just got back from Voting

So will DU stay afloat with the heavy load on the night of Nov 2nd.

Powell gives a big "F-U" to Taiwan, embraces Chi-Coms

Bush is going out like a lamb

Three terms for Bush? Four?

E-voting companies store software in national library, but scientists rema

Who else is relying on alcohol?

Anyone catch Nader's press secretary debating Norman Solomon today?

"Army Won't Shorten Combat Tours in Iraq"

DAMNIT when are we going to MARS?!

Will a Bush defeat

In reference to the media

C-span program on dimson's record on now. Taking calls soon.

All links for Mosh not working! WTF!

According to EVERYONE Iraqi civil war is inevitable !!!

I got banned from a big RW blog for making the owner look like a fool!

I read Roe v. Wade for the first time today

How old are you?

Why i believe Kerry win.

Howard Stern slaps down Michael Powell

Explosives were looted after Iraq invasion

Arroyo Claims Receiving 'Divine' Inspiration--Philippines/New WMW

"Bush Cuts President Duties for Campaign" has its own anti-bush* rapper video (Flavor Flav on *)

Question for RedSox fans?????

Is it possible to win the popular vote in a landslide and

husband just spoke to repub neighbor

Amman Jordan is a boom town with wealthy American business owners

Think Sharon's "change of heart" is the Oct. surprise?

"Hello? President Musharraf? When you deliver Osama, can you throw in

Great News! My nephew is home from Iraq!!!!

Announcing Anti-RR

You know, ol' Georgie was right!

Stewart and the Al CaaCa story.

Can you provide a name?

Looted Explosives Proof of Bush WMD LIE?

A good movie

Homeowner booby-traps campaign yard sign to stop thieves

We need a car that runs on human waste

Who is watching "Frontline" Wearing Rummy's tail out. He's to blame

If it wasn't for Lynn Cullen's show, I'd go nuts here in Pittsburgh.

Confession Time: I supported Nader in 2000.

"Walter Cronkite Decries War in Iraq"

Communication from Osama Bin Laden to George W.

Yahoo's most popular pictures

Jon Stewart, if Bush loses, do you think he'll leave?

PBS Frontline Now: Bush's military cabinet w/ Bob Woodward

I've been reading about "peak oil" lately...any opinions?

Okay, I give up. WTF is "Caging"?

Rasmussen says that the GOP is in "good shape" to keep the Senate.

"Please don't judge Americans on the behaviour of our president," Dean

100 Leaders & 40 Families Launch 9/11 Truth - Karl Schwarz

Who would like a Black Hoodie with the DU logo on the back?

Fahrenheit 9/11 at Sam's Club

Righties tell the Cheneys Mary can be cured (

Help Me Swing this "Weak" Bush Voter

Truthseekers!! Come on and gimme a hug!

Oh NO! it's Pat Caddel!

Just got a call from an Australian in Sydney

The Hartford Courant can kiss my ass!

Al-Qaqaa vs Al Qaeda

What position could Al Gore hold?

Headline on Drudge: "Hell freezes over"

For those of you suffering from severe pre-election stress...

Rev. Falwell: "Blow them all away in the name of the Lord"

I just sent Kerry an e-mail

They were freaking out over "Cracker" in the office today in GA

NTSB: Co-Pilot Caused 2001 Crash..(put on your B.S. detectors)

The Democratic Underground and the ideology of its members Verson 2.0

Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been a Member Of The Communist Party?

"Celsius 41.11" - the reviews are in... and they're bad!!!

Eminem's Mosh Ad seems to have sparked political discussion

Yep, I knew it! Freepers want to 'Dixie Chick' Eminem

Iraq Vet Against the War and Former Marine Jimmy Massey needs our help!

i gotta tell you about the freeper today in Chandler AZ

Help please with argument about flu vaccine

Helen Thomas was wonderful tonight!

The GOP assaults on African American voting rights are beyond "normal".

Consumer Confidence at 7-Month Low in Oct

Heard 3 stories and cant find links..

BBV: Electronic Design Weighs in on E-voting- and EMI Vulnerability

You're an asshole!

Wouldn't a real president. address the nation about this?

I Am Dead Serious This Time - Bush REALLY Looks ILL -->PIX

Who Would Jesus Bomb?

Alert Hardcore Conservative Christians To Bush's Views On Civil Unions

1,107 US soldiers have died in Iraq. That's the population of Tioga, ND.

Get your Ann "Coultergeist" Halloween Masks HERE.........

Separation of Church & State (*doesn't understand)

To all voters...

Is the US economy in peril? What can be done about it?

Another Stirring, Inspiring Photo Essay of George W. Bush

Banners Seen Hanging on Overpasses in St. Petersburg on October 25

BBV: The Mezonic Agenda- Hacking the Presidency

Does the "half flag" logo on Bush/Cheney signs bother you

Everyone vote to put Eminem's "Mosh" on TRL!! DU TRL!!

Voting Republican because of abortion

BBV: Voters told they can vote in Chinese, when ballots ran out

Okay - I've kept mum on this, but what's up with the GOP HQ "attacks"?

Do you have your black hoddie yet? Link to new Eminem video

why isn't kerry going after bush on gas prices?

Sinclair copycat. Lot's of skunks out there, ya'll.

FREEPERS explode in joy: Drudge explains missing munitions

"Can You Feel A Draft?" day - freeway bloggers

the November "Vanity Fair" is the best $4.50 I've spent this year . . .

Background Information on Al Qa Qaa

"Bring Them Home Now" needs help

Swiftvet TV special to air election eve

"Texas Inmate Executed Despite Legal Battle"

Researchers to WH -Stop Pawning Mercury-Laden Tuna Off on the Poor

Father of Flight 587 Co-Pilot Speaks Out

@VOTE EARLY - Seems to be the way to go!!@


BBV: Paper or Plastic For California

Calling all people who know about PNAC

FYI: Full Script and Lyrics of THE QUESTION W REVUE

My Inflammatory Letter to the Editor

BBV: Is E-Voting Secure? 60 Minutes Wednesday, Oct. 27

What I face in my hobby

1988: DU'ers, What Was the Mood like before the election, RE: Dukakis

Iraqi Resistance Fighters Uniting! They Also Have a Name.....

BBV: Two recommendations...take them, pass them along

Will you buy a black hooded sweatshirt today?

What "thing" posed a bigger threat to our country ?

I'm not a fan of Eminem - could care less who he votes for.

Radio 4 just announced John Peel has died

FREEPERS explode in joy: Drudge explains missing munitions

Kerry edging Bush in Pa. poll (5 Pts LV in Scaife's Paper's Poll)

LAT: White House Downplays Missing Iraq Explosives

Moderator - Please read before moving......

Poll: 'Wrong Track' Sentiment Boosts Kerry

New documentary indicts US as co-defendant with Saddam

WP: Iraqi Explosives Missing, U.N. Is Told (new information)

Yudhoyono (Indonesian president) not convinced JI (terra group) exists

GOP outdoorsman campaigns for Kerry

Terror Sites Remain On Line During Countdown To Election While Service Pro

FBI Says Murders Up for 4th Straight Year

Increase In War Funding Sought: Bush to Request $70 Billion More

Clinton vs. Al Qaqaa

Kerry offers country chance for change (Messenger-Inquirer endorsement)

NYT: Bush Says His Party Is Wrong to Oppose Gay Civil Unions

Evidence of Ballot Box Stuffing in Afghan Election, but Not Enough to Over

Kerry says he’d convene national rural summit

BP's Profit Surges 53 Percent in 3Q

NYT: Inquiry Into Ambush Opens; Iraqi Forces Feared Infiltrated

Job cuts hit eastern New Orleans facility (140 jobs)

WP, pg1: Some Fear Ohio Will Be Florida of 2004

U.S. Expats Jump on Planes to Vote in Home States

Halliburton Posts Loss on Asbestos Charge

Bush Says His Party Is Wrong to Oppose Gay Civil Unions

Cdn doctors urged to get legal protection if giving cross-border flu shots

Insurgent Group Claims 11 Iraqi Hostages

Flight 587 crash in New York due to rudder use by copilot (Coverup)

Marcsh Mac's CEO resigns, new chief appointed

Thai protesters died in custody (78 suffocated)

UN - Mid-August Massacre of Refugees in Burundi Unable to Pin Blame

South Korea tightens security after signs of possible infiltration

Baghdad Schoolyard No Haven From Fear

U.S. Says Falluja Air Strike Killed Zarqawi Aide

Increase in War Funding Sought

Celanese Acetate to restructure ops, 10% of jobs cut (900 to 1100 jobs)

Few Baltimoreans saw Sinclair (anti-Kerry) show

Kids' Poll Picks Bush To Win In November

Bush to Request $70 Billion More (FOR MESS IN IRAQ)

Woman stopped at early voting because 'Bush' was on T-shirt

AP: Bush Blames Poorly Made Shirt for Bulge

Walter Cronkite Decries War in Iraq

Kerry: Bush Won't Own Up to Bad Decisions

A Powell farewell tour? Secretary of state denies he's a lame duck

Allawi Blames Ambush on 'Negligence'

US Iraq War Veterans' Voices Rise in Protest

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Something on Sludge about Howard Stern confronting Michael Powell

Allawi Blames US! (Front page MSNBC)

MSNBC: "Iraqi insurgents warn of unprecedented attacks"

Gov. Won't Commit to Stump for Bush (Arnold re: Ohio trip!) LAT

CNN - Report: Explosives already gone when U.S. troops arrived

AG cleared on Patriot Act Speeches

U.S. Mulls Higher Troop Level in Iraq for Election

Battle for the critical few

Consumer confidence erodes further

Drug tests for PV 7th-graders?

Media in Iraq see through a shrinking window

"Stealth campaigns" sicken voters

Students poised to flock to the polls

Taiwan's rowdy lawmakers stage food fight

Putin was a 'small fish' as a KGB spy

Old story but New spin: Bush stopped attending Guard drills

In final push, Kerry tries to close a perceived 'God gap'

Jim Bunning Pitches Into Trouble

Polling truth (Bush is in trouble, writes US blogger Markos Moulitsas)

"*'s" good name tarnished in eucharist sabotage!!!

MSNBC: Allawi blames ambush on U.S. 'negligence'

Magazine conference gets political

Bulgegate: The President's Newest Lie About What He Wore to the Debates

Walter Cronkite Decries War in Iraq HELPKERRY

E&P: Cleveland 'Plain Dealer' Decides to Not Decide

Sinclair documentary pulls so-so ratings

Minister, who's also Trib reporter, charged in assault(Scaife's paper)

Americans burn UN flag: (beware WNDaily link and story)

Walter Cronkite says Bush war on Iraq 'excited Arab world'

Group Proposes Closer Ties With Venezuela

U.S. troops build up around Iraqi rebel city (Fallujah)

MSNBC just reported brand new WaPO poll 50 K 48 B n/t

Votes cast at wrong site unlikely to count

Edwards Chides Cheney on Iraq 'Success'

Allawi Blames Ambush on'Negligence'

(NBC's)Embedded Reporter Saw No Explosives Search

USAToday: U.S. considers ways to increase troops in Iraq for vote (+22k!)

WP: Cheney Mixes Stinging Rhetoric With Retail Politics

Barroso warns MEPs over rejection of anti-gay Italian

Jim Hightower: The DRAFT

Zarqawi Group Kidnaps Japanese Man in Iraq -TV

Rueters Has Kerry Up by only One (Quoting ABC Poll)?

Bush Cuts President Duties for Campaign

Cassini Eyes Titan's Xanadu (Flyby Tonight!)

Consumer Confidence Falls on Job Worries

The CURRENT Rueters Story (15 minutes ago) K49-B48--ABC

Chile Group Plans Bush Welcome with War Crime Suit

Oil ProfitsTransfer of Wealth of Historic Proportions Toward Oil Producers

Righties tell the Cheneys Mary can be cured (

Video: Japanese Hostage to Be Beheaded

Cheney Campaigns in Fla. With Ex-NY Mayor (Koch)

So 58,000 ballots could be missing in Florida

France eyes 'new alliance' with White House

Web Server Takedown Called Speech Threat

AP: Rebels may have missing explosives.

Reuters Poll: Bush Keeps Three-Point Lead on Kerry ( Zogby)

Tons of explosives gone missing: whose fault

Reuters:Iraqi Interior Minister Lists Litany of Bloodshed

9/11 Panel Leaders Give Warning

Kerry Says Bush Fails U.S. Commander in Chief Test

EDS cutting 4,600 jobs through early retirement, taking US$150M charge in

New Kerry Ad on Bush Failure to Secure Explosives

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 26 October 2004

LAT: Partisan Suspicions Run High in Swing States (read this opener)


Russia Asks U.N. About Iraq Inspectors

58,000 absentee ballots in Broward County Florida have DISAPPEARED

Americans Doubt Voting Process

Maryland's U.S. Senators Call for Flood Program Probe

Early voter numbers hit record (NV)

U.S. Oct. consumer confidence sinks to 92.8 vs. 96.7

Grandmother Of Dead Soldier Confronts Cheney On Iraq

Organizations Aim to Prolong P&G Boycott(too supportive of gay rights)

Received the most obnoxious piece of Bush literature in the mail today

Premature Ejaculation (Faux anticipating * loss?) – Wolcott rips 'em

Man fined for Iraq relief loses in court

Judge dismisses challenge to Electoral College ballot measure

Gov. Bush defends (FL) state voting system after criticism

Dupe. Sorry. n/t

NTSB examining cause of Hendrick plane crash

Swiftvet TV special to air election eve

Bush Jobs Gain Claim Rests on Jobs Not Yet Counted

Emir Opens Parliament, Urges Women Suffrage (Kuwait)--Jordan Times

Idaho Marine Reservists Slated To Head To Iraq

Guardian could drop Blair for Liberal Democrats, editor warns

Commander of Unit at Bunker Says It Made No Inspection

Wal-Mart's political spending hits new levels in California

Self delete.............

Pakistan's disturbing nuclear trail

Large Blast Hits Baghdad (Tuesday)

WP/Milbank: Electoral College Calculus (experts ponder a tie)

NYT: Iraq's Prime Minister Faults U.S. Military in Massacre

Local 10 Uncovers Big Ballot Mystery

Bush Stance on Civil Unions Upsets Groups

NYT- Delays on 9/11 Bill Are Laid to Pentagon

RACE FOR PRESIDENT: 10,000 pack Warren center to see Kerry

No Check of Bunker, Unit Commander Says

Al-Qaqaa Spokesman Says No Weapons Search

WP: Ads Aiming Straight for the Heart

Students poised to flock to the polls

AP: New documents reveal more about Bush’s Guard service

Taiwan stung by Powell endorsement of One China policy

Army Won't Shorten Combat Tours in Iraq

Recruits say draft isn’t needed

Wash. Post Poll out: Kerry now ahead 50% Bush 48%

NYT: Relentless Attacks on Women in West Sudan Draw an Outcry

AP: New Bush Guard Papers Leave Questions

Bush, Kerry are Neck and Neck (New Harris Poll - K 48 B 47)

WP: 3 States May Be Back on The Table

MSNBC: Timing of theft of Iraq explosives remains a mystery (NBC retreats)

Local Marine dies in Iraq crash # 1106

ATA Bankruptcy Filing As Early As Today

Rebel-held Falluja emptied of women and children

Powell Speaks of China, Taiwan 'Reunification'

NYT- C.I.A. Is Accused of Delaying Internal Report

Scarce flu vaccine not designed for new strain

Kerry: Bush Won't Own Up to Bad Decisions

Boston Globe: "Explosives were looted after Iraq invasion"

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 1,107 members of the U.S. military have died

Bush Aide Draws Fire with Pre-Election Speech

'Miami Herald' Calls For Federal Shield Law

Democrats out-registered GOP by 100,000-plus in Pennsylvania

Blair admits – yes, I’ve met Kerry

Local 10 Uncovers Big Ballot Mysteryy

Federal judge dismisses voter application suit

Heartburn Drugs Linked to Pneumonia(Nexium, Pepcid & Prilosec)

Texas Judge Has Party in court, Sentences Fugitive to life

Salon on Iraqi weapons: "Tip of the Iceberg"

SF hotel operators refuse to end labor lockout-SF Mayor joins picket line

U.S. Sees No UN Role in Probing Missing Explosives

Homemade bombs are largest killer of coalition soldiers in Iraq

AP with new info: "Experts Worry About Missing Iraqi Arms"

MN SOS can't account for "unused" registration cards

GOP Lawmakers Oppose Removing Segregation-Era Words From 1956 Law

U.S. Nuclear Panel Closes Online Library

Dems Bash GOP on National Sales Tax Plan

Study: Terror Warnings Up Approval Ratings

New CIA director ruffles agency:Goss filling posts with Republicans

UK Independent-US gave date of war to Britain in advance

Who was the 4th customer of the Khan network?

New Florida vote scandal revealed

BBC Radio DJ: John Peel has died

Cleveland Plain Dealer- No Endorsement

Vote in U.S. inflames Europeans

Bush Blames Poorly Made Shirt for Bulge

Bush Calls Kerry Chronic Complainer with No Plan

Breaking: ATA Airlines files for bankruptcy protection

HALO2 November 9, 2004

anybody here know a good recipe for dingleberry pie?

Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening

I had no idea Matt Drudge was gay, ask me anything!

Late-nite guerilla campaign meets the Coral Gables Police

Anyone ever been to Playa Del Carmen?

Canada's Answer to the Daily Show

Shhhh, the Daily Show is on n/t

Okay, now I'm mad: No Mike Malloy on Seattle's AA affiliate?

What's the difference between Iraq and Vietnam?

What were your childhood names for the nay-nays?

I went to high school with Matt Drudge (for real) ask me anything

And... in the death

Will Nov 2nd be ground hog day (Bill Murray)

Let's build the most average-length thread in DU history...


Who's the least famous person you've ever met?

Technical assistance with converting picture created in my paint file


I can't sleep, should I try to stay up all night?

I haven't felt this calm in a long time.

oh crap... I accidentally hit "post" instead of "my posts"

IMing with a Freeper... she said (this is a good one)

Since everyone's loving this new Eminem song... (And since I'm bored)

See ya Coach Zook, we loved ya but this wasn't the right place,

Up late with the fleas...didn't know there was such a hell as this

how do you handle a friend whos gone all freeper on ya?

Rolling Stone: Counting Crows bass player a right wing fanatic or a joke?

Sean Hannity is such a dick

I'm now a thread killer, so it mus be time for bed.

World's Oldest Man Cheering for Red Sox

Time for a Fscked up song......

* on hannity - link needed

Would it be bad if you hooked up an IV drip with Coffee in it?

Taiwan Lawmakers Get Into Food Fight During Debate

Who's your secret lover?

The world's greatest baritone, Robert Merrill, has died.

Even though I get so negative about life sometimes...

Summary of Al Frankens appearance on Yesterday mornings Stern show

Excuse my ignorance. If Freerepublic is out of Fresno, where is DU out of?

Bush* Relatives Create Website Supporting Kerry

'Magic' man raped women with coin, court told

Election Day, One week from today

Rant topic: the incurious

Pagerbear news: Gaunt to Gargantuan and Back: The Atkins Method of Acting

Has anyone started a fire in their microwave

Repug Fight Club

What are you doing to survive the next week?

I saw John Kerry speak last night!

Here's one for the freepers!

poor MoCatt-he brained himself last night

More Halloween fun: Worst performance in a horror film?

And now a song to commemorate the fct that I'm sailing on Tylenol 3 now...

Best Hip Hop producer

Bengals kick ASS! 23-10

Delete - dupe

The Basted Turkey of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Who is that guy on CNN's American Morning

The Prettiest Pacifier of all CAPTIONS!!!

My Ashlee Simpson commercial

I went to see David Sedaris last night--ask me anything.

Jon Stewart on C-Span

BUY FROM Independent stores if you can find one

Well, today is my Birthday....

If I time my posts, I can post my 666th message on Halloween

International Very Good Looking - Damn Smart Woman Day!

Any other health workers here?

The "Sparks Must Be Stoned" of all CAPTIONS!!!

Vote for George W. Bush or He'll Bomb You

I live in the same town as Free Republic HQ, ask me anything!

Well here I am at work scraping dogshit off my shoes again...

What is that snippet at the beginning of Liz Winstead's show?

Segways speed up candidates' canvassing

John Peel is dead. Damn.

Kerry getting the trailer park vote

Favorite non-"freeper" name for Republicans

Once this damn election is over, my grades will probably start to go up

Harry Shearer is a funny MoFo - Clinton Something - check it out!

Mother Given Wrong Newborn At Hospital For Breast-Feeding

I got a Fahrenheit 9/11 poster! Neener.

Today's Halloween Thread: Scariest surprise in a horror film?

I Wish That I'd Lived In A Swing State

Feeling good about myself today, so I have to say it

Freedom Isn't Free

The America's Dog-Catcher pf all CAPTIONS!!!!

You're Peter Jackson and you decide to include Tom Bombadil - casting?

Am I the only douche who passes out from too much gore?

Tim Russert - Hungover?

Couples Halloween Costume Ideas Anyone?

Just saw R.E.M. STRONG Pro Kerry and GOTV messages!

Will The Red Sox and Patriots Help Kerry?

Underage nosepickers, unite!

Does Ann Coulter have to dress up for Halloween?

Ann Coulter is a whiny bitch

The earworms have formed a union and are now picketing.

The Frumpy First Wife of all CAPTIONS!!!

That's it, I demand the word "Prick" stop being used at DU

I'm a bitch! Ask me anything!

I'm glad I bought shares in the local lock company! n/t

Anyone have M$ Exchange 2000?

If I go as Homsar for Halloween...

Is there a better x-rated psuedonym than Heywood Jablomey?

Meet George the desecrator...

Me and 3 college kids....

Do people work?

Anti Kerry documentary

380 tons of missing expletives found

I have had an interesting morning.

John Peel has died

Any admirers of Devendra Banhart's work here?


My dentist said I should take mouthwash to the office

Spooky halloween mask

I just finished Garrison Keillor's "Homegrown Democrat".

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: As promised, initial thoughts.

Question for the cat experts:

can you make 10 million a year and still be a christian?

Dell Sucks!

The Bush shirt bulge virsus his flight suit bulge

Gamers: Best Site to D/L Demos?

Remember "Goofus and Gallant" in "Highlights For Children"?

Spitting and Crotch Grabbing: Dirty Little Secrets

Hallowe'en, as done by the same people who gave you the Bush tax

R&B superstar R. Kelly loves working the drive-thru at McDonald's

Can anyone hook me up with Freedom Rock?

I'm leaving DU.

Any central NYers around? What are you doing election day?

I Just Ate a WHOLE BAG of OREOS...Ask Me Anything!

Can someone direct me to a website where I can break something?

Don't say a prayer for me now!

Cops Bust Three 15 Year Old Boys For DWI In Less Than 5 Days


its my 300th post - ask me anything about cable tv

Should trick-or-treating be on Saturday if Halloween is on a Sunday?

A friend just sent me this really good, or really bad, bush joke.

The official TV's Frank appreciation thread!

Any Suggestions for this Year's Presidential Halloween Costume?

The Brady Bunch vs Gilligan's Island - It's a Sherwood Schwartz-off!

So, how much longer have the Simpsons got till they fizzle?

I have moved!!!


My thoughts about the Wolves video..

Do you really wanna hurt me?

Merchandising idea for DU based on Eminem video

( . )( . )

The "Bubbling to the Surface" CAPTION

The "He Been Hypmotized" CAPTION

"Normal" keyboards are rubbish, and should be dissolved in boiling acid

who else is going to pick up GTA: San Andreas tommorow?

Yet another reason to hate Bush.

Katie Couric is an idiot

The night of the thunderstorm

Catherine Zeta-Jones Sues Over Topless Photos


Peel fans: If you can, get on BBC 6

The "President Pissant" CAPTION

Arnold says he might just stay in California and grope someone rather than

Wilson Phillips *DEAR GOD*

Oh fooey.

I'm going out to 'early vote'! Be back after lunch with a report...

Yet another insane Freeper thread---this one is a hoot

Warning! Very ugly picture of chimpy; he's got to be sick

Favorite Black Sabbath song?

Have you listened to "Interpol"?

What are you going to do If Bush steals this election?

OK; your choices for the best Lisa Simpson quote...

My damn apartment keys got delayed. Again.

"Ergonomic" is Latin for "impossible to use."

Explain to me how Elvira is a celebrity

Hey Reefers! what's your preferred method of tokin' up?

Moe Szyslak's best line ever?

Towelie appreciation thread! ("you wanna get Hiiiiigh?")

The "Power of Prayer" CAPTION

Residents Upset After Alligator Is Stabbed In The Head

Oscar Winner, Sir Freddie Prinze jr. says 'Vote Bush 04'

Mmmmm... urinal fresh.

O.J. Simpson's best line ever?

Jessica Simpson's best line ever?

Hey Beefers! what's your preferred meatloaf for chokin' up?

what is the derivation of the term

Gin makes a man mean!!

Stoners: in what order do you prefer your munchies?

First Look at Johhny Depp's Willy!

Ashlee is not performing because " her voice".

The king of all copycat threads

Again: DU computer help, please!

Best freechess site on net???

YIKES! An F-something just flew by so low it set off car alarms

not to get to serious

So what did I miss this past weekend?

I ate a sandwich. I'm tired.

I have an

if Watergate happened now....

So I was just in the bathroom, reading a book, when

The Flop Sweat of all CAPTIONS!!!

SNL: Saturday Night Lipsynced...

Maggie Simpson's best line ever?

Comic Book Guy's best line ever?

Cheif Wiggum's best line ever?

The baseball playoffs have spoiled me.

come vote on Clinton's appendage vs. Bush's brain

quote du jour re: the election

Groundskeeper Willie's best line ever?

how do you sent someone a private message?

I think I have led a sheltered life!

"Honk if you're rich, cute, and *heart* horses"

Five Ways the Cardinals Can Rally

I need a spanking!

Apu Nahassapeemapetilon's best line?

eminem video premiering on TRL

Stupid pet stories.

Hey Sox Fans!

Unauthorized long distance call my "computer" made!

DUers In Washington D.C.

So who wants to do some research for me???

Have you ever been.....

In honor of Halloween, here's something to really horrify everyone!

How many of you go home

The spoof took my story

Sideshow Bob's best line ever?

I haven't seen this posted yet, Triumph at Spin Alley, really funny

Best of C.M. Burns and W. Smithers

The Onion goes nonfiction.

Attention MST3K fans: 4-DVD Volume Six just released

so I was in the bathroom reading

What is the most misogynistic song title you can think of.

Is this area in Manhattan OK?--- 235 west 107th ?

Windstar tailgate problem - it won't unlock

Read Bush Campaign emails!!

Krusty the Klown's best line ever?

Quasimodo's Hump...

My take on creationism/evolution

somebody oughtta call Bush up and say...

I thought Ken Jennings wasn't on "Jeopardy" anymore

This is one of the most Powerful Videos I've ever seen

Hilarious reviews of America: The Book

Monte Montgomery - Have you heard of him?

Why is Chris Matthews called "Tweety" or "Tweezer" by DUers?

I really think we should do an Au Revoir thread

Just saw the eminem anti-Bush video

Hey! Dontcha think I need to go to Hawaii and straighten out those


Bush Lipsynched Oath of Office

Well so long DU

AHHHHHHH!!!!! Now that is pure posting satisfaction!!!

Bart Simpson's best line ever?

what does "eom" mean

What do posts asking "what does EOM and n/t mean" mean?

Inane DU posts too numerous to mention here,

SON OF A BAD MAN...Public Enemy song kicks ass...

Damn! (Regarding the new film about Ray Charles)

I hanker for a hunk o' cheese.

Ooooh... pretty.... New iPod...

I just did something evil to a yellow cake mix

Sometimes life is soooooo sweet.

Quick!! Help me debunk this new Bush/Cheney Talking point!!


What, no cat threads ?

How yall's doin' wit yo funkay selves?

My roommate just informed me that...

Satellite radio subscribers -- what's a good package

Dyslexics Of the World, Untie!!!!

The emotional roller coaster

I have a 20" hole in some concrete, and I need it filled.

No animals were harmed in the making of this photograph. GO SOX!

Living well is SO the best revenge...

Cassini Eyes Titan's Xanadu (Flyby Tonight!)

Tick Tock Spurrier has 24 hours to decide (Fla. coaching job)

dumass question on uploading

Well, I just lost the poker game.,

Are you now, or have you ever worked for THE CHICK?

"You know me...occasionally I'll be quirky..."

What does the word 'coystril' mean?

What does the word 'accipiter' mean?

*whaling* my room-mate is a "blubbering" idiot!

Stupid TV ad I see over, and over, and over...

The West Wing has OFFICIALLY jumped the shark

Jesus of Suburbia

"The difference between the wars in Iraq and Viet Nam

It's the evil bumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Sirius FANS - Join the SiriusBackstage Message Board!! for Announcement

I don't know about you, but I love saying "Al Qaqaa"

Can someone suggest a good store from which to buy my...


I have to be


I got the blues, ya'll.


Get yer Al QaQaa T-shirts here:

Elevate me!


Has anyone seen the U2 ipod?

In light of *'s new stance on gay rights, I move we change the rep mascot.

It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Sox-Cards pre-game thread (with illustrations)

A bit of light humor for DUers--and a nice tip, too! *wink*wink*

Levitate me

Cardinal Fans Look A Little "Reserved"

Who won?

NBC in bed with reporters come to Bush's defense

Just Hit 800

Favorite Comic Book Guy quotes

Ok I was not going to do it but I feel better

Rockin' The Paradise

Apple Releases ALL NEW iPod Photo w/Color Screen & Special U2 Edition iPod

Godzilla Poll - Who'll get eaten last?

In honor of Rove's "Puppies"...err...I mean, "Wolves" bellyflop

Whom should I be this Halloween?

Men...why do you do this?

How's my eczema look?

Taiwan's rowdy lawmakers stage food fight

urge to kill growing........

Republicans Urge Minorities to Get Out and Vote on Nov. 3

Which TV family would you have liked to join when you were a kid?

I'm a bad liberal and a bad Canadian, but...

Young Buddhist Monks Quit After Falling For Beer Girls

I Have To Pee

Educate me

I've got a wine buzz ask me anything

I've had four hours of sleep in the past two days.... ask me anything

Cat In The Hat on HBO

I just put a 20" inch hole in a freeper and need it filled.

Mmmmm. Portobello Mushrooms topped with pesto! What's for dinner?

Freeper neighbors - Here's to you idiots

I just took a "Bone" Xanex and a shot of Bacardi 151...Ask me anything?

He used to cut the grass. He was a very nice boy!

A Polar Bear Halloween

I dedicated my 10001st post to Terrya and I regret nothing!

Just got a great job!

Dumb baseball question

Are you sick of the fake patriotism during 7th inning stretch...


Anyone seen any recent polls on the election?

Would a DU doc please put me into a comatose state until November 3rd?

When * goes to Chile for the Asian summit

Any Meat Loaf fans?

Does anybody have any Hotel connections in NYC for Nov 5-7?

FYI - New iTunes is out

Which group of people is bigger???

Poland Forgot Us

Crap! I accidentally clicked "give self drano enema" instead of "my posts"

Has anyone bought or watched SCTV v.2 yet?

Just saw a TV ad for an SUV I like!

You know what I'd like to see? America say "No more stupidity,

Former teeth grinders: how did you stop?

Jesus loves me, he loves me a bunch-That's why he puts Skippy in my lunch.

The Cardinals have the best damn home uniforms in the majors!

My mailman is really pissing me off!

Give me a B. Give me an E. Give me a Y. Give me an O. Give me an N...

Are there Hookah Bars where you are at?

They got Lesbian children on TV now.

Question for RedSox fans?????

How much do you think the "Free Tacos For America" promotion costs?

Katherine Harris/Renzi: loofah or falafel?

Brett Favre's wife has breast cancer

A very old man tried to convince me to listen to James Dobson tonight

did anyone watch law and order svu?

People in the crowd, AT A WORLD SERIES GAME, talkin on a cell phone!

You wussies. What a bitchin' night on the Lounge. Cheer up dudes.

Jesus Loves Me, but he can't stand you!!

Hi. My name's Steve. I'm addicted to Alfredo Sauce.

Who was that at the Series?

What did you do for excitement this evening?

I just got Grand Theft Auto San Andreas! Ask me anything!!!

We need a car that runs on human waste

@!%%$# squirrel broke my plant!

Family Guy: Mommy I want a mullet!

I Think We Need An OFFICIAL World Series Game #3 Thread

Writings on neoconservatism

God, I hate women who let men make them a door mat...

Best way to cook Italian sausages?

Who else is relying on alcohol?

Pagerbear news: 'Assistance dog' designation opens doors for pooches

HEE HEE HEE, Cardinals Lose AGAIN!!! BoSox Up 3 Games To NONE!!!

Someone PLEASE...

I wanna go to Australia now more than ever.

One Step Closer...x 2

Company to sell genetically engineered cats - no more cat allergies

Stay out of the malls on halloween :) Ahhh memories

Why has my year old cat lost her two upper fangs?

Ralph Wiggum's Best Lines

Anagram of "Election Day."


Anyone see The Motorcycle Diaries?

Man Charged for Wearing Uniform in Court

Boston: Sam Adams Beer - St. Louis: Budweiser Beer

Let's all tickle GOPisEvil!!!

I've gotta say, Cards fans are classy

Rip Torn was arrested? Didn't know he was still alive.

Bosox 3 games to NONE...will sweep series????? Kerry will sweep

Post your cute Bush ad doggie pics here.

I can't get many AM stations at work ----

Has anyone heard from Bigbigbear?

I don't know about you, but I'll still be a DUer, even after we win

Today is my one year anniversary at DU.

HELP! Computer problem??

Best Stoney Television Re-run Series?

Does anyone have a Labrodoodle?

Signs of the times...(many pics)

So, it's only taken me since March of 2001

Are you now, or have you ever worked for THE MAN?

*wailing* my roomate is now a registered Republican!

Handing out alternatives to candy on Halloween

If the Sox blow this, I'm doing a swan dive off the Prudential building!

First Look at Johhny Depp as Willy Wonka!

Back in the old days of DU ------- Remember when?

FReepers revel in death of women's health provider

Our quarter, what do you think?

What is your vote for Best Horror Flick of All time....

Let's build the anteprepenultimate longest thread in DU history

7-Eleven Gives Woman $711 Bonus for Baby

RED SOX WIN!!!! RED SOX WIN!!! RED SOX 3-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who Will Win The World Series?

If she weren't married and I weren't engaged I'd propose to 101er!

Zomby's HAPPY Thread of Joyful Bliss 'N' Jolly Fun!

Peter Griffin Best Lines

I'm MELTING! Katharine Hepburn's train is pulling into Venice!

Instructions for Life

HELP! Need advice from servers/former servers!

I suck. I know this.

Star Wars III early cut, Yoda farts! *NOT a joke!!!*

Gothic Sponge and his pink friend

Learning to play the Guitar

Is prepared for the aftermath of the election paranoia?

What's the deal with Eminem?

Arcane1 Meets Dennis Kucinich (kitten pic)

Banana Republican: Now you can dress like Team BCE!

DU HELP!! Who should I buy a computer from?

WTF? No Red Sox posts today?

I'm desperate..Please help my computer problem

Visit MoveLeft Media.


I just bought the new 311 DVD, ask me anything...

So, what IS the best Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode?

Favorite Vandalized Sign

Cute puppy photo

I need to drill a hole through 20" of concrete.

'Gone with the Wind' maker Selznick finally gets Hollywood star

Do you think the Daytime DU'ers are different from the Nighttime Du'ers?

how do you handle a fiend whos gone all freeper on ya?

Acid reflux, my ass!

KABLAM! I got the job - it's official!

I can see your dirty pillows.

Usage nitpickers, unite!

Political photographer needs ideas for Nov 2nd (NYC)

Olympia WA area- Please adopt this kitty w/ pics


249,000 in poverty with Bush: 395,000 moved to middle class under Clinton

freeping rightwingnuts can dish it out but HELL NO they can't take it!

army worker comes forward on Haliburton fraud

US could take "Irreversible action" against future Euro sat system

Here's the BIG October Surprise/Lie: Says Hanoi DIRECTED Kerry

Damn, John Kerry is handsome. homepage: all doom and gloom for Bush....

In California, be sure and ASK for a paper ballot Also, spread the word

How can we create an Eminem Mosh "Controversy"???

Someone leafletted my building here in NYC

So, Tomorrow Farrenheit 9/11 Rents For Free

We've got these fuckers on the run

Who else thinks that the Eletoral Vote Predictor website is hooey?

LAT poll: LV 48-48-1(Nader) -3 undecided, RV Kerry 48/47 w/o Nader

The "other" shoe has fallen !!! (are we shaking yet?)

listen to real people who voted for Bush in 2000 and. . .

Increase In War Funding Sought - Bush to Request $70 Billion More

Short term barring of any new members bad idea?

Day #2: Mission (Secure Iraqi Oil Fields) Accomplished!

Do any workers have the day off on November 2nd?

Florida Early vote sites besieged by chaos and voter intimidation

If you only read ONE topic... READ THIS!

CNN has updated their article. Help me see if it's different.

I can't find this NBC bullshit. Help me out?

Pappas Telecasting Cos. donating air time to Repubs.

If you liked Eminem's Mosh, check out Public Enemy's Son of a Bush

What's with the latest Zogby polls???

Salt Lake Tribune readers are pissed over Bush endorsement.

Haaaahahaaa!!! Stupid freepers!

LA TImes; explosives moved before invasion NOT CREDIBLE

Rove was bragging recently

LOL, apparently NBC doesn't think their reporter is the story, watching

More info from TPM re explosives

WaPost: Red, Blue and Lots of Green

What is the deal with Reuters and Zogby? I cannot believe that

I met a 77 year old Bush hater today who thinks the media is liberal

bush* speech snippet -- Invade Iraq to give Zarqawi something to do

FBI: murders up for 4th straight year

One week, folks.

Can one of the moderators here keep this information upfront?

WHERE is this "NBC embedded reporter" article???!!!! ARRRRGH!!!!!

Attention High School Students and Teachers! Sign Up and Vote!

What Are the Candidates' Views on Pre-Emptive War?

The ultimate voter fraud, don't let anyone see your record....

* Coming to Boardman Oh and they cant even give tickets away

What wins the spin today -" Al-Qaqaa" or "Hanoi Kerry"

The Republican Pollwatchers in Ohio---why this is a travesty of justice

Got an e-mail from Chris Dodd - wanna help Sullivan for Congress?

CNN should start reading DU rather than Drudge....

Drudge & CNN say Jim Miklaszewski saw no HE; maybe coz he wasn't in Iraq??

Jay Severin On Imus This Morning

Couple comments on timing, ending of Eminem video

GOP 'Professionally Inflamed' Astro-Turf Stampede

I think this is the 'October Surprise'

How does ANYONE swallow this from * - "At least you know where I stand"?

One Week to Go, and I Feel Great

Kerry's just hung in there so long he's become inevitable in the

Iraqi explosives - two simple questions

Hey Ohio DU'ers, Potato Face Russert just made it official

Drudge's success record is only rivaled by that of John Ashcroft.

A BIG BUSH LIE. But will the rightwingnuts admit it? HELL NO.

Example of how totally screwed up the "experts" can be

Help CNN out. They're being lazy again.

When will Mr. Bush* release the court records

Your morning campaign joke....

EEBE,Zogby poll should close tonight

Remember, Howard Fineman was MediaWhoresOnline Ho of the year.

Here's the 2 October Surprise smear efforts alluded to by a Freeper

You know, it almost seems as if the media whores are coming

We all knew it would happen--just not exactly when.

halliburton whistle blower sees Halliburton drafting the contract

Script for Clinton radio ad

big turnout we win, not a big turnout we deserve what we get

Where is Clinton's next campaign stop?

Democracy Corps Poll - Kerry 49% Bush 47%

Texas Republicans counting their chickens

Real Clear Politics: Bush 446 - Gore 92

Why is Bush in Colorado?

Medea Benjamin (CommonDreams): Let’s Be Prepared for a Stolen Election

The Donkey will defeat the Monkey...


Damage already done in the explosives story

G.W. Bush & The Politics of Darkness (LTE)

Rage Against Progress

When is Kerry supposed to speak in GB Wisconsin?

Terry Holt: "President Bush is hitting his stride." (I kid you not.)

Will Bush campaigning w/progay, prochoice Rudy/Arnie HURT him with base?

Just heard on Colorado talk radio that 250,000 already voted....

Ideally for the Repubs, the Democrats would take the House or Senate...

Dumbya needs more money for his illegal war

From NOW: What You Can Do on Election Day to Make Sure All Votes Count

Bush extended family deserting him.

Need Help regarding Kerry's voting record in senate

I just looked at a pro-Nader site. . .

Dick Morris-Who is this Jackass?

If youth voting trends are to be believed...

Donkey Rising: New Polls Show Kerry leads by 8.8% in NH, 2% in FL

Bush Says His Party Is Wrong to Oppose Gay Civil Unions

In 3 Election Cycles We Could Change the World.

Site with flyers organized by category (repost)

Letter from General Mills re: Sinclair and my response

Kerry on MSNBC now.

My brother just sent me these snips of new endorsements

November 3rd -- Will We Be Ready to Make our Votes Count?

What are these Soldiers for truth ads?

Donkey Rising: New Gallup Poll Shows Movement Toward Kerry

This is INSANE. Where is this NBC "report" that all the R's are pushing??

Bi-lingual canvassing in a NH mill town

HAHAHA I just realized that it will be so easy for me to get a job

Drudge wrong. Again. Freepers fall for his bullshit. Again.

4 Hours in Line to vote in Dekalb County, GA

Attention Fence Sitters: 101 Points to Ponder Before Taking to the Polls

world vote, lets not forget this site

WTF..Fineman on Imus...the people at the rally stopped

Rove's Oct. DUD!!!!

WHY do rightwingnuts support BUSH over our own TROOPS???

C-Spanner Says Arabs Won't Support Kerry Because He's A Jew

Mark Moulitsas (Guardian Utd): Polling truth (Bush is in trouble)

Americans race to the polls in Germany

Kerry LIVE Streaming on Cbsnews, heads up du'ers/.

Does Anybody Have The Internals For The Democracy Corps Poll

Toxic Drudge -- why Iraq missing weapons knockdown is a fraud. Proof

WV: Early Voting -- Dems (57% ) .... Rep(36%) ... IND (7%)

"Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over"

self - deleted - dupe

If/When Kerry wins the elction

Message: I Don't CARE

The Gallup Poll Demonstrates Why Statisticians Don't Always Prefer The

What will your telegram to the White House be on 11/3/04?

So, Bush is turning into a big fucking joke in the final days of campaign.

I just saw a poll showing the approval ratings of both candidates

C-SPAN Now: Lynn Cullen...Great Stuff

Jeff Seemann (DU's former AWD) makes Candidate of the Week (OH-16)

Bowles loans self $1.8 million for U.S. Senate race

The Dead Letter site has been updated ...

ARG Florida Poll - Kerry 49% Bush 46% LV

Just FYI. Zogby is using leaners now starting today

Anecdotal Good News

National Review's Poll Watching Tips (actually a good read)

Funny email from coworker

I taught kids to chant: "John Kerry is our man, Bush belongs

Great news - Just voted in Florida

E-Mail from Texans for Truth about Voter Intimidation and how to fight it.

The Unofficial Dump DeLay Newsletter

Free TV airtime...IF you're a rethuglican

Great sign at Philly Rally:

Kerry up 5 in Pa. -- "Spanish Inquisition" fails

Want to win the black voters we've lost back? This could do it.

CNN Fuckers are falling for the Drudge crap

Kerry favorables higher in Arkansas than Bush

Kerry may have the papers, but Bush has the Mafia endorsement

Bush Blames The Missing Explosives On Ashley Simpsons Band

My Inflammatory LTTE Got Printed

Ahnold BACKING OUT of Campaigning for Chimpy!!!

CNN reports The Boss will be campaigning with JK in Wisconsin and Ohio!

NV: Early Voting_ Dems (44%) .. Rep(42%) ... IND (14%)

If you know someone who still supports b*sh . . .

What's so great about Kerry?

Need the email reply to the Edwards caused flu vac. shortage

RWingers obsessed with how terrorists would vote!

One NBC crew is being cited as proof that the weapons weren't there????

"Hundreds and hundreds" of people at Kerry/Clinton rally??? WTF????

Bottom line, they steal this election...

Today's Zogby is Bush 49, Kerry 46

Do you feel that our country is too far gone to recover ?

Portrait of a Country on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Ky. press coverage of Senate race is appalling

Bush blames poorly made campaign for slaughter

Anybody else think Kerry should FIRST make a trip to Iraq?

MSRNC reporting NOW 80,000 in Philly yesterday - huh???

Is The Lack Of Vacation Wearing Upon Bush?

Kerry vs McCain in 2008 - I wonder what the "tone" would be like...

I found the poster Bush has in the Oval Office.

Lynn Cullen Show on C-SPAN from Pittsburgh

Staggering, hilarious reaction to Denver Post * endorsement...

Fahrenheit 9-11 Download here!

Kerry and Springsteen in Columbus on Thursday

Kerry campaign just released position statement on outsourcing

Throughout Florida, Democrats getting out the Early vote.

Record numbers turning out to vote in NC.

Absentee Votes Are Rolling In In Florida

MSNBC is not even reporting on it's own NBC report.

The New Yorker endorsement, first ever, well worth reading in its entirety

Proof Drudge is lying

Lookin at Karl Rove

Rasmussen daily 10/26 Tied at 47.8%

Rasmussen daily tracking: Kerry, 47.8% . Bush, 47.8%.

Interesting talk with a town clerk (ME)

Today's Rasmussen: 48-48%

When Kerry re-opens the White House to visitors...

Bush Says His Party Is Wrong to Oppose Gay Civil Unions

What's this "Hanoi Kerry" story and is it affecting Kerry's momentum?

Scratch PA off the battleground list, once and for all.

Dear Kerry-Edwards Campaign:

Riverbend's letter on the American elections...

We need to stay on the offensive folks...

I suggest we have a voluntary "Poll-Out" for the next week

Dead even

Robert Kennedy and John Kerry - very interesting photo comparison

Why is CNN attributing idea that explosives were there to "Kerry camp"?

Hey fundies, Bush says homosexuals should have legal benefits of marriage

I Saw a "Bulge" Identical to Bush's on a Secret Service Agent

More voter registration fraud by the RNC... this time in Arizona

Ashton Kutcher says we were all Punk'd by Bush

Let's thank the Plain Dealer editorial board

Who have YOU told about 866-OUR-VOTE? (election protection hotline)

tort reform gop all hat? finally has a Kerry only cover...

Liberal Media! Comment about Cheney's daughter last 5 days! Missing

Is It Just Me, Or is GIULIANI an AWFUL Person For Chimpy To Use?

America: The choice is clear, Hope and Freedom or Fear and Failure

Angry Candidate Leaves Debate

GD2004 version - The Nation's Kids Prefer Bush in a Landslide

anyone seen the anti Bush ad with the "sovereignty" clip ?


FAUX News reported NEWLY registered voters being polled & KERRY has 60%?

Nedra Pickler Cracks Under Pressure

Please send LTTEs about Bush's federal judicial appointments

Something Kerry needs to EMPHASIZE in his speeches

California Station Owner Gives Free Ad Time to Repukes Only!

Kerry Campaign Renews Attention, Money in Va.

CVS Pharmacy: No "W" heh heh heh.

Springsteen, Bon Jovi Join Kerry Campaign

The Wizard of Oz ticket...

More bias in Gallup's Florida numbers

Wolf on the pass to * about ground activity in Iraq

The Fight For Kerry, Is a Fight To Safeguard Democracy In America

I Promise to Vote

Valley broadcaster donates airtime to aid Republicans

I just received this email about being positive for the next 7 days.

LA TImes on the Missing Explosives

Vote Pairing Again?

aNOTHER SBV special to air in Florida as documentary ??

Eminems new song RIPS Bush!!!!

Micheal Moore Says Get up! Get Out the Vote!!!!!! NOW!!!! (Colorado info)

Expected winning margin 95% confidence interval

Democracy Corps new poll: Kerry 49% bush 47%

The race is shaping up to look like election 2000 all over again.

The American people know where I stand

Anyone know where there's a flyer on the Supreme Court?

Bush's October Suprise: Attack Iran before the election


Bush: Civil Unions OK

NEW INFO re explosives (poor freeps)

Miklaszewski says explosives were "missing when the first troops arrived"

Let's get some letters to the editor on the 350 metric tons of explosives

HELP...Right-wing radio saying weapons gone before we got there...

CNN's goofy poll of polls is down to a 2 point lead for Bush

Anyone STILL THINK There WASN'T Something Under Bush's Suit?

What states should Kerry concentrate on now?

Updated NBC/ap article re: weapons cache written after Nightly News report

Clinton in Miami last night (sorry if dup)

Freepers Trying to Spike 60 Minutes!!

Pentagon Official says explosives were there in March post invasion!

Did CNN yank the ammo story from this morning from its site?

Sirius Disorder Rocks! Playing a tune from the "Regime Change" CD

Kerry has been the most consistant politician I know of - here's proof

Payroll-Employment Graph (says it all)

Cliff May Al-Qaqaa statement (creepy 'government source' quote)

Republicans trying to suppress Florida Democratic vote.

dumb question about early voting.

Keystone poll: Kerry leads by 5 in Pennsylvania

What 3rd parties are on your state's ballot for president?

Josh Marshall posts interview NBC Producer embed - No Search

Bill Schneider Is Apologizing For His Own Polls...

What happens to Kerry's and Edwards' senate seats when they're elected?

The Oregonian printed a letter from Bill Walton today

Flash Animation: Visualize Kerry Winning

Pictures of troops guarding sites on April 2nd and April 9th

Has MTV not shown "Mosh" AT ALL yet?

MOSH the VOTE! DU the Vote for MOSH!

Springsteen to be at Kerry's Madison Rally on Thursday

Attention Deficit Disorder Sufferers for

Sinclair stock edging down - again

YUP-Gallup does it again, this time in Florida

Did Bush campaign have an October Surprise in 2000?

Lynne Cullen comes on CSPAN now?

Trying to write a story on Dead Letters (Raw Story)

Saw John Kerry and Bill Clinton in Phila. yesterday.

Wed, 9 Apr 2003: What the Troops were doing...

60 Minutes Election Eve Ammo Dump Story?

Drudge: Kerry/Edwards Campaign preparing ad on explosives

Election Day Weather Forecast

Could Lameduck Congress and President Force SCOTUS Nomination?

Gallup is now Gallup*

Congressman Tim Ryan tells it like it is.

Allawi blames U.S. negligence for Iraqi troop massacre!

don't forget there are over 8,000,000,000 dollars missing, too

At which point did the * administration jump the shark?

Pool: What day will the pre-election surprise take place?

NBC appears to be cleaning up the al QaaQaa story (2pm)

final-week "endgame" versus early voters

Rarity: Presidential Campaign Send Ads To Hawaii

Time to let the media know we like Kerry, Let your voices be heard!

Freepers starting to freak (a little) over Mosh

Chimp looking worse every day

I got a response from Lou Dobbs on my AlQaqaa email.

EMAIL CNN the TRUTH about the NBC "report" that Rove is pushing...

Crying Eyes

Consumer Confidence Way Down

C-SPAN now Kerry in Hanoi POW-MIA Affairs Committee

More Slime from the Not So Swifties

The BBC points out two seemingly contradictory reports from NBC.

"Who cares about the undecided, *bush now goes after Democrats."

as for election day and the "challenging" that may happen

Good news on a presidential poll at Workforce Online.

Our Post-Victory Agenda Will Be Getting Kerry's Agenda Through Congress

MSNBC replaying Keith's bit on the O'Reilly tapes and Kerry's

So what's the big deal on the missing explosives?

DU CNBC Powerpoll for TV - Clinton a plus or minus for Kerry?

great new polls - Kerry ahead in Florida, Ohio, PA

report your election-related stress ailments HERE!


Does the military really support Bush?

Andrew Sullivan endorses Kerry

Kerry was actually up by 2 in ABC/WaPo Tracking Poll (yesterday)


Chance to Win Colorado Has Democrats Excited

24 Athletes Sign Letter Supporting Bush...Only 4 Actually Made a Donation

ABC tracking poll! Kerry is ahead!

We need to watch our backdoor

Anyone have any good news and links?

What is the Republican/Gallup connection again? I forgot

Just got a STRANGE Anti-Bush call...

CNN!!! STOP LYING about Kerry, NBC and the missing explosives!!!!!!!

Bush rides surging stock market!

Right on cue, media shifting Explosives story away from Bush

Missouri folks -- What's Up?

New Colorado Record: 325k votes cast....election day less crowded

What happened to the Republican October surprise?

CNN's Carol Costello just reported that "NBC is reporting that the weapons

My Report On The Kerry Rally In Green Bay Last Night...

I love this line

Deleted message

Turn Out, Turn Out, Turn Out -- Make Your Pledge Here.

New Orleans Times-Picayune chooses to endorse

Clear Channel Speculation on the Day After

Voting for Bush is for wienies.

Rove: "They had to roll Clinton out of the operating room"

Have you heard the new song "I'm Taking My Country Back?"

which picture of Bush will history books use? i suggest this one...

Early ballots in Kanawha may hit 10,000 mark (WV)

NYT ombudsman's reply to my email


A Repuke fires back at the Wisconsin high school blackmailing...

DU Poll (Kerry ahead, but barely - in NJ)

question: AFTER bush loses, how long before he (openly) hits the bottle?

Lol - article describes most of our feelings - Pre-election anxiety high

stupidest column ever - I want my son serve under bush

DU Eminem's new video onto MTV!!!

RNC: Never Mind Facts, Blame America

CNN: 380 million Indians voted without a hitch

Judy Woodruff stunned by Evans lies! dead letter mailbox letters published

Unusual bustle as early voting begins (a snapshot of Day One)

What about Bush's speech coming this Friday?

Democrats see edge to early vote (Georgia)

Republicans agree with us on One Thing

New Battleground Polls: PA, OH, AZ, FL

Experts Fear Messy , Disorderly Election

Probably old news by now, Plain Dealer No Endorsement

Get yer propaganda here. (Bandwidth Impaired Warning)

Bush Blames Poorly Made Shirt for Bulge

Don Evans: Liar Supreme.

Get-out-the-vote drives seem to be working

My local newspaper in KY endorsed Kerry!!!

Bush's "Friday surprise": An emotional speech about 9/11

Breaking: Supreme Court keeps Nader off ballot in Ohio

O'Reilly, citing Gen. Tommy Franks, claimed Kerry was wrong

BOTH my Republican friends now think Bush will lose!

Freepers are going to be making messes in their pants when they see this

78 Protesters Die From Suffocation: Freepers Say No Problem

What are the advantages to voting early?

Who is ACORN, why are they under investigation?

Stock Market Indicator Update: How do you spell "toast" with one letter? W

Do you guys know what the latest "Hitlery" scare tactic is?

please vote on clinton's appendage vs. *'s brain

Does the Market Play Presidential Favorites?

Murdoch says Fox not biased to Bush, and pigs fly?

look at pic of Kerry on CNN

I will not tear down any Bush Cheney signs even though

"Bush is not keeping you safer"

Deleted message

Are early voting results available to the public?

Bush in 04 Hillary in 08 bumper sticker - please explain

I figured out Hawaii. WE must get monitors there Very Important.

CROSSFIRE CO-HOST: "Hide The French Fries, Clinton Is Back!"

A plane with a Rob McKenna banner is flying around Seattle...

High-Speed Ferry Taking Americans to Canada for Flu Shot

Globe & Mail Endorses John Kerry

DUers! Vote for Eminem's video Mosh on MTV's TRL

MOSH: So are we all gonna wear our Black Hoodies on Nov 2?

My neighbor STILL has not decided!

Something on Sludge about Howard Stern confronting Michael Powell

Editorial from NJ's Star-Ledger: "The list of failures only grows"

"W" stands for "WHOPPER!"

New Washington Post Tracking Poll: Kerry 50%, Bush 48%

Bush and Dry Drunk Syndrome

Kerry 50-48

Bush spokesmen give shifting reasons for events in his Guard service

Waht do you make of this?

Campaign strategy- Edwards'

How many Electoral Votes will Kerry Get?

Wapo - 50 -48 Kerry

Scumbag Sludge stirs the pot, claims explosive screw-up only "dirty trick"

Political partisans don't pull punches (brawl in Eugene, OR)

Today mark first time EVER that Kerry is at 50 in WP poll --

Thread Titles

Wow... anyone listening to Wolfie?

Help! Get Eminem's Anti-Bush video onto MTV.

CNN Oct. 26, 2000 Tracking poll: Bush maintains narrow advantage

MTV Premiering "Mosh" today (this hour) 5PM ET (TRL)

Kerry hits 50% 50% 50% in Washington Post tracking poll, which means

I wish someone would infiltrate a GOP poll watchers meeting in Ohio.

Know your BFEE: Did Smirk Suffer a Coke Stroke?

Who will Colin Powell vote for?

Bush's Debate Notes

Newspaper Picks: An Analysis of the 2004 Endorsements So Far

what would/should you do if you came across this RNC"dead letter" e-mail?

When Chimp loses, will he institute a draft 'urgently' out of spite? n/m

"Christians should be alarmed by Bush" Pittsburgh, PA/ Op-Ed

Vote early in the morning Nov 2 - how do we get the word out?

I'm looking for links about F9/11 being free to rent as of today

Weakly Reader poll(kids poll) says Bush will win. READ

What is being done to stop this outrage in Colorado?

Revolting C-Span

What's the latest on the Iraq Weapons thing? They are using Rush Limbaugh

what Bush will say Oct. 30: we've got Bin Laden or al-Zarqawi "cornered"

Is optimism our friend?

Through the end of yesterday, 29% of Oregon ballots have been returned

Tips for Miami Rally on Friday??

The October Surprise is no surprise, chimp didn't do anything

Another lying rethug... Joe somebody on Crossfire.

Stop Sweating The Battleground Polls.........

Chicago DU'ers! This Saturday night...A "Get Out the Vote Rally"...

Kerry at 50 in WP poll tells you about the wind --

How come we are not challenging new republican voters

Is it normal for first time voters to have to sign a separate paper?

Flame on! Should we Blast the RNC "Cagers" into oblivion?

New Kerry Ad On Explosive Failure

'Monster Mash' Revived As Anti-Bush Song

Anybody have a list of states that do early voting?

Sister in Law says she is on the fence

No flu shot in Mass for my 90 year old mother with lung problems.

YUP Dubya back on the booze

Worldnetdaily tinfoil hat ALERT! They're reaching, folks!

Bush comes to Wisconsin High School, dictates what kids wear

George Soros on LinkTV Now

Saw the shrub briefly, on CNN stumping. Told his crowd to "remind

Election Fraud Website

PNAC, again...

North Carolina must be tightening, Edwards rally set for Friday

Al Qaqaa: RW settles on the racist/isolationist El Baradei angle

WP Tracking Poll 10/26 - Kerry 50% * Bush 48%

Audio of Howard Stern and Michael Powell

Lawsuit dismissed against Colorado's proposed Amendment 36

BBC - New Florida vote scandal feared (link)

lou dobbs and presentation of story by media, central time, now

New ARG polls show Kerry sweeping PA,FL and OHIO

Rasmussen Battleground for 10/26

Kerry new Spanish ad

Question About Republicans Planning to Challenge Voters In Ohio

cbs is supposed to have a new Florida poll

Bush Cuts President Duties for Campaign

What if the polls close before everyone votes next week?

Most Do Not Blame Geo. What-A-Mess Bush for Vaccine Shortages

self deleted

Hannity Interview W/Bush On Radio Coming Home From Work

Michigan DUers... Sierra Club organizing protest at Bush Rally tomorrow!

Limbaugh... demoralized and using profanity today! Said Goddamn and Kerry

What we all know codified: Bush motivates the anti-Bush base

Will There Be a Clear Winner Of the Presidency On November 3rd?

Commentary on voting from United Methodist News Service

which states have early voting?

Hannity Interview W/Bush On Radio Coming Home From Work

Why is New York solid blue?

Raw Story reports on our find yesterday on

Black Hoodies $9.99 at Target - Get Yours!

Study: Terror warnings up approval ratings

Give Bush a Brain Game! What a Hoot!

Bush explains the "bulge" no longer suit tailor's fault but shirt tailor's

George Blametheotherguys Bush never takes a hit, Always blames

What's up with Hawaii? Tied race.

Now even ALLAWI .....blames Bush for incompetence !!

Wolf just showed a clip saying the republican plaform is wrong

The ridiculousness of Bush's civil unions stance.

Latest * campaign ad is based utterly on fearmongering

Ballots Piling Up in Arkansas. Extremely Heavy Early Voting

Democratic underground PAY ATTENTION

Congressional Poll...

JAMA - Q: What is Kerry medical plan? A: Ensuring Access to Health Care

So Now Even Bush's Puppet In Iraq Is Slamming Him For His Neglect

NC DUers!! Let's meet at K/E Rally @ Dorton Arena (Raleigh) tomorrow!

I am the man in the black the new Eminem video

For e-mailing or printing: talking points (Center for American Progress)

200 Voters challenged in Jefferson County Ohio

Regional: Join John Kerry and Bruce Springsteen in Madison, WI

Has ANYONE found "embedded reporter" story on NBC anywhere???

So, say Kerry wins, but Rehnquist dies. Does * try lame duck appointment

NBC NEWS is sticking it to Bush. They apparently do NOT like the Bush

Huge profit potential for all is how

Idaho statesman

FL DUers; volunteer for Kerry and meet celebrities

Has anyone noticed the disproportionate # of ads on CNN

Has Lynn Cheney said how outraged she is about this yet?

What to watch hour by hour on election night.....

I must remind you folks -- * is EXTREMELY dangerous when he's a lame duck

Just early voted in Johnson County Kansas

Why hasn't there been a bill that every four years during an election

CBS Evening News showed the bush* double glare and

Registration Hanky-Panky in Arizona

Does Bush OFFICIALLY jump off the wagon on Nov 3?

Republican talking points on the missing explosives....pathetic

CNN talking about missing explosives on Lou Dobbs right now

OMG, Bush is in the process of melting down

I figured Bush out.... (Armchair Psychology)

If the people reelect this asshole, they should get what they deserve.


Brokaw explaining explosives story now on NBC nightly news

Thank you, Brad Pitt

New SurveyUsa Polls: mixed news (mostly good)

Bush is very desparate because he is asking for democratic votes

How many electronic votes will be lost Tuesday?

We own this news cycle - keep them on defense.

NBC NEWS Refutes Bush and Drudge On Nightly News

Tune into CBS news (suppose to have good news for Kerry in FL)

Chimpy, save me from your followers

Lou Dobbs -- Poll on Missing Explosives

IS CBS 60 MINUTES still going to do the missing explosives story

The played Eminem's Mosh on TRL

Is the worm Drudge turning? He actually has that HORRIBLE picture of Bush

Are we doing a buy back on Iraqi guns? Are we giving the Iraqi's that we

Bush ignores shouted question on explosives (CBS)

Bush may WANT to lose.

When Will Historians Say Bush Jumped The Shark?


did CBS have a new poll for Florida?

latest Survey USA, ARG polls

I get chills everytime I watch it.

New Chimpy talking point

New Zogby state polls... more weird every day

The Christian Identity Movement, has anybody heard of this group?

Giving those little elastic bracelets to voters.

did I hear right?

CSPAN is repeating Lynn Cullen's talk show

NC smashing records for early voting

CNN/Gallups bogus new flu vaccine poll

The face of a loser--pics of Bush

Early voting in Palm Beach County

Federal Ruling Allows Florida to Reject Incomplete Voter Registrations!

Pennsylvania registers 108,000 more Democrats than Republicans!

Tracking polls 101: How to read them, what to make of them (Joe Trippi)

Wow! Does Bush look bad in this CNN pic, or WHAT?

So you dont think the black vote is behind Kerry

Hannity, Blitzer, and The Note mischaracterized NBC report on NYT

Say 'later' to smirky..sign the letter!! (thanks rwingnutz)

Is a "Reagan landslide" possible for Kerry?

Chimp and Jebbie

"Al-Qaqaa Spokesman Says No Weapons Search" (brand new Yahoo article)

ALERT: ...Great show on C-Span right now....7:20 EST

In lieu of flowers, please donate a vote

Election Night News Coverage

More bad news for bush - new national guard article by AP

Schneider--Newly Registered Already Counted in the Polls.

do you think bush* has an irritating voice ??? especially compared

Players in bush campaign email (that wasn't supposed to be public!)

Holy Shiet...Air Traffic Controllers Endorse Kerry!

Olbermann to show you how bad it is in MY COUNTY IN OHIO - coming up

Regarding Bush's lead in the polls on who would fight terror better : Bandwith limit exceeded. Anyone else getting this?

Cool or lame: Black Hoodies with DU logo.

ALERT: Tune in CNN NOW....Bushies trying to spin !!!!

S-E-V-E-N ..... D-A-Y-S.....

Federal court considers case of Florida felons and the vote needs -GATES; Fire up your sarcasm

Link-TV Spotlight Tonight: Forbidden Films About John Kerry

ALERT: Dan Senor from former CPA is trying to spin the explosives

Bush 50 -Kerry -4

Actual Fox headline: "President says Kerry too wimpy for War on Terror"

Well hey, at least the CONSTITUTION PARTY opposes civil unions!

Yahoo posting Bush NG story

Sinclair and some wolves......

Concerned Women for America send Cheneys an open letter "About Mary"

Hannity gets smacked with the cold truth in mid sentence.

Unlimited minutes? Long Distance? YOU GOT??

ARG....Kerry Ahead by 3 points in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania

Sean Hannity was trying to say today that Kerry and Dems were

DEBUT of MOSH today on TRL, just confirmed

Recruiter information for conservatives

All Bad New For Bush Today, Lets Take A Look

Newt Gingrich's 2004 strategy on's dead letter office page

Is this what it sounds like?

58,000 missing absentee ballots in Florida

Eminem VIdeo On NOW

So What Is the Truth About the Weapons?


Allawi blames Bush in 50 soldiers' deaths

Guess Who Was The Most Inaccurate Pollster In 2002

Bush doublespeak: Gay Civil Unions

Tweety just asked "Will Clinton help because the dress has been....

"we don't know the truth" - quote from John King of CNN

Very good news among internals of new American Research Group state polls

Has Gary Bauer, Ralph Reed, etc, been interviewed about Bush's...

Arab-Americans in Four Swing States Favor Kerry

Students threaten with expulsion if wearing pro-kerry at a high school

RW site wants to know if republicans are harassing Democrats

New Florida vote scandal feared

What the ...? C-span showing Bush with bullhorn at Ground Zero!!!

Should the KE camp go on the offensive

Army unit not ordered to make Iraqi explosives search

Bad economic news

Allawi gets it

Keith Olbermann missed a great opportunity on tonight's Countdown

Keyes Obama Debate! Hilarious theatre... :)

Hannity & Colmes: Obama Interview tonight (n/t)

Dems Register More New Voters Than GOP

Crashcart describes Iraq as "a remarkable success story"

AP: new Bush Guard papers leave questions

Chimpy on hannity right now! (eww...)

Question on polling

Dick Morris on O'Lielly says there will be a big backlash on the

Freeptards Losing it Over Explosives Story!

What else is Bush hiding?

On Sunday, the dumbass HARTFORD COURANT endorsed Bush.

Many Unions members DO VOTE BUSH......

Bush under 50% in MO (new poll)

Tom DeLay having to knock on doors, campaign...blames vindictive attacks.

For the 1st time in 4 years, Bush needs people.

Anybody seen John McCain?? Polling Update

Received the most obnoxious piece of Bush literature in the mail today

DU Poll

Bush unleashing Zell Miller tomorrow. per MSNBC.

Holy crap, is anyone watching the Vermont Senate debate on CSPAN???

Assault Weapons Ban was HUGE MISTAKE by DEM's

Minneapolis Star-Tribune editorial: "the perfect storm of incompetence"

Ashton Kutcher was AWESOME for Kerry today. Brad Pitt too!

FL DUers; volunteer for Kerry and meet celebrities

Andrew Sullivan has come out in support of John Kerry's presidency.

Looks like Hawaii will get some 527 ads (based on the tied polls)

I would say stubbornness accounts for at least 20% of bush's support.

Gonna debate GOP candidate for Congress tomorrow

Ok the reasons for voting Bush are getting weirder.

Man, it's hard to keep my chin up

OBAMA coming up on Faux!

Gay Civil Unions-Has Bush/Rove given up on RW fundie base?

Has anyone else noticed mild manner republicans are turning

Bush/Cheney "weak on terror" mantra - is anyone really buying it?

More wealth was created under Bill Clinton than any leader in history

Alert ! Debate on Hannity & Colmes on weapons..

So now Bush is for "Gay unions"...

Will we see Kerry and Edwards appear together again before Nov. 2?

Could Bush Victory via some blatant cheating spur Succesionist...

Bush Says His Party Is Wrong to Oppose Gay Civil Unions

Take this MSNBC Poll

News From The Florida Front.: Early Voteing =Pissed Republicans

Tonight's new FRONTLINE on PBS: "Rumsfeld's War"

I Like To Laugh At Republicans-Exhibit A

Why Is Bush Coming Out In Favor Of Civil Unions?

MTV showed some scrotum, premiered new Eminem video on TRL today!

If your paper endorses Bush, don't write leters,,,,,

Hannity Campaigning Openly for * on the air? Is that legal???

Dems are outnumbering Repub early voters in my county.......

* does NOT like to be questioned. Anyone just see the CNN report

HELP! My dad's undecided, but might vote Kerry if....

As of yesterday, 29% of all Oregon ballots were in

New Arg Polls (via


(Picture) When in Rome...

Is It Too Ballsy For Kerry To Speculate On Cabinet Positions Now?

Aaron Brown on CNN Newsnight to discuss facts, politics 2nite

Does anyone know about Kerry and his Religion

Anti-Edwards Ad in AIM Buddy List

Sixteen tons and what do you get, another lost soldier and...(song)

E-mail spam Debunk please DU!

Right Wing Radio Got Bush Lovers Hopes Up Only For The Nightly News

Is their a video link for the Bush glare today?

Hey, did you know Hawaii is going for Bush?

"AP: New Bush Guard Papers Leave Questions"

I think Clinton is having a Big Impact helping Kerry!

Bush's Poodle admits he has met with Kerry

My sister's RWing husband said "Bush will win in a landslide"

You must win.

3 Big Nat'l Polls: Kerry 48-49, Bush 47. Is 47 the Bush number? I say 46

Hawaii: Why are the polls showing * leading ? nt

* starting to remind me of LBJ ..

Most stupid freeper discussion tonight...

Josh Marshel at TPMemo wants info on CNN ticker/talkin' heads...

A thought on Hawaii

"Dems Register More New Voters Than GOP"

Surprise surprise - Pat Buchanan whores for Bush about explosives

Voting early in Lubbock Texas---you'd be surprised....

Lackluster consumer confidence slumps to 7 month low

MSNBC/Scarborough...whoring away big time for *

Another Reason to Boot Shrub

My daughter's Catholics for Kerry sticker was ripped down off her

Click here lovely ladies of DU

INCREDIBLE that CNN all day embraced a major error re: explosives story!

Yeah, Kerry looks a little tired in this CBS photo, but Bush looks

Jesus f’ Christ how stupid do they think people are???!!

"50 Ways to Leave Yer Lover " or "Kerry Leads 181 to 122 in Endorsements"

You know what? Bush IS a uniter.

Two votes for Kerry Edwards. We voted earlier this evening. Yeah! n/t

Sheryl Crow played for Kerry today in Las Vegas

Please post your state-by-state predictions, if you dare.

"Study: Terror Warnings Up Approval Ratings"

Fuck, my vote may not have counted in PA

Capt FPR, my flight student, F-14 pilot, and airline captain: KERRY!

Think Sharon's "change of heart" is the Oct. surprise?

AL QAQAA not just any old weapon site

Question on who broke the Al Qaqaa story

Kerry Maytag Iowa Job Loss ad out!

Both ARG and Survey USA have Kerry winning OH,PA and Florida

Order these and give them out to trick or treaters on Halloween

"Liberal evangelical voters come out swinging"

* Look-that-Kills: Did you catch it ? He looked at the CNN guy

AP: Bush Stance on Civil Unions Upsets Groups

Bush caves, flip flops on gay marriage.



Live Knowles/Murkowski senate debate from Alaska now on CSPAN

Have you volunteered yet for Nov 2nd?

Al-Qaqaa Spokesman Says No Weapons Search - Suck that freepers (RATE IT)

Just heard Aaron Brown on CNN give Cheney

Picture of Wolf Blitzer Sums Up CNN Coverage Of The 2004 Elections

I want to give the Kerry campaign another $100

Who Would Osama Vote For?

My DU brothers and sisters, I have been following numerous...

Last Glorious Days of * Lies TV

Looters took the explosives when the 101st were on site!

I feel sorry for Kerry having Candy Crowley

The Prospect Of NEVER Seeing Crawford,Texas Again...

These are the genuine leaders of the Republican Party....

Worried about Poll Watchers? Wear a * pin to the Poll

WTF? Paula Zahn allowing Rush Limbaugh echo chamber?

It's called momentum people!

President Clinton Called Me !!!!!

Randa Fahmy Hudome, Libya's $1.4M Lobbyist

Caption the Innocent Bystander

Thank GOD for early voting! Repuke voter supression schemes

Appeal to Nephews' Lives

Volunteer to transport Bushies to the polls next Tuesday

George Bush is under the influence of a cult, The Dominionists....

Washington Post Daily Tracking 50-48 Kerry!!

American Indians Mobilize to Get Out the Vote

The Dominionists have infiltrated the military going to Abu Ghraib....

If Kerry Hits 50% He Will Be The First Dem Since Carter To Reach It

Photos: Kerrry's getting younger, Bush* getting older and more bloated

I saw an anti-Bush* ad aired on Montgomery, AL TV station today

If you value the Children's Health Ins Prog -read (Dem targeted by GOP)

Ashton Kutcher speaking at a Kerry event

Now Mike Malloy knows about the ballot scandal in Ft. Lauder-

Bush Bulge Mystery Unravels--Could thi CBS report be any stupider!

Head Spokesman For 101rst Airborne Says There Was NOT A Weapon's Search

How does Kerry win when the media keeps whoring for Bush?

Reports of absentee ballot problems in Ohio

Study: Media favored Kerry in early October:

Federal judge in Missouri denies move to let mentally ill man vote next we

Freeper meltdown over Civil Union

Now Freeptards REALLY in panic over Explosives Story

The Texas GOP Platform for 2004 is George W Bush's vision...

Surging oil price drives BP profits to record highs. Can we talk oil?

Via Drudge, Karl Rove impersonates an Iraqi

My LTTE gets published

Iraq had explosives they were ALLOWED TO HAVE so we MUST INVADE!

Theresa LePore strikes again in Florida

The Repugs did not expect that

So, Elizabeth Dole called me today: vote Pro-life she said.

Don't let the Weapons Story go away [Freepers are trying to spin this]

Palast on AARs Morning Sedition Wed

inspiring Canton Ohio protests bush* visit....GREAT

WHY WHY WHY is CNN STILL calling the 101st AB the "FIRST" troops

do you think rove will engineer a terror attack

Caption the Chimp!

Attn Lancaster County PA - Give Bush a DU welcome!!!!!

Bad week for Bush already and it is only Tuesday.

What if Kerry paid a campaign visit to Texas?

Kerry Calling Out Bush on Lack of True Christian Values

Karl Rove: "They had to roll Clinton out of the operating room..."

Kerry win = Landslide Bush win = Mudslide

Say you're Karl Rove....lotta grim news for you this week...

How can we possibly win Florida without civil disobedience!

bush admin has boxed itself in with their lies about the Iraqi explosives.

FLU SHOTS: this is why kerry will win Florida.

Republican Conversion Thread. Post your tales here:

DID IT: My Mother is NOT voting for Bush!! (& she is Southern Baptist~)

Question on voter identificaiton thugs.

Official Poll Watcher Volunteer Thread

Er... they wouldn't actually raise the terror level, would they?

Thank you DNC & UAW for the VIRGINIA ads. They're great!!!

RE "Caging" Every city and county in America Think about it

Analyzing the spin

do you think rove will engineer a terror attack

Just called Baptist bro in law to report Bush flip flop on gay unions

Bush pulls an October Surprise on his "base". Civil unions ok.

Should Election Day be an official holiday?

Theory on the "close polls", "tight horserace" etc.

It is almost time to take back our country

Some Freepers starting to panic over Mosh

Hey! My state (Alaska) is coming up on CSpan2...

Donkey Rising: Democracy Corps: Kerry 49-47, Kerry 52-45 in Battlegrounds

B*sh the good Godly Christian Guy....

I just finished watch 'Rumsfeld's War' on Frontline.

Watch Frontline this evening-Rumsfeld's War-Terrific Program

I've had a "spaketh." Kerry is going to win in a landslide.

Turned on NPR for my daily two minutes of BULLSHIT.

I found this daily reminder...

League of Conservation voters endorses Kerry.

Vermont Senate debate,Craig Hill shows Bush was the terrorist

Kerry released the new television ad on 380 tons of explosives in Iraq:

GAS PRICES will be the end of Bush...Period.

MediaMatters; 101st & NBC embed NOT the first team to Al QaQaa

Nevada Early Voting Analysis

EVERY national poll is trending toward Kerry.....

Florida black voter intimidation story: When does it hit ? nt

Government paid Bush for not doing work Nation Guard [This is Big]

Entertainment Tonight is like one Big Kerry Commercial Tonight

Remember, folks, Eminem is on SNL this weekend...

segment on cnn paula is making fun of the bush wolves ad..

Tom Brokaw Exposes Drudge and White House as Filthy Liars

Texas Republican Says "Country Must Come Before Party"

The Boss to Appear with Kerry in Ohio and Wisconsin!!!


FAIR Action Alert! Bush's Kerry Comments Go Unchecked

Harris Poll - Kerry takes 1 pt. lead - Kerry 48% Bush 47% LV

We're making a play for Virginia - Money for radio ads going into South

Does anyone keep getting polled over and over?

Do the explosives NOW in the hands of terrorists justify the war ?

Drudge saying WINTER STORM predicted for BIBLE BELT on Election Day.

Polling: How to tell which ones are propaganda and which are "real info"?

Prevent Election Theft: What YOU can DO ....

The GOP's Shameful Vote Strategy

I think I am gonna call in sick NOV 2nd and go volunteer at

MikeG has it Kerry 238 Bush 232 with PA, FL and OH to go.

Andew Sullivan Endorses Kerry

A man who could NOT unite this nation after 9/11 is a complete failure

Why Bush's SAT Scores Don't Matter

True or False -- an email to your "pro-life buddies"

Just when chimp had enough bad news on his plate, here's a nice helping of

Internal Email to Bush campaign, re: lost Iraqi explosives

Why is this man FLOP-SWEATING?

Just got this message from Bush/Cheney campaign

Who is this damn Pat Cadell clown on Fox?

Kerry: Down the stretch, closing the deal. Bush: flatlining at 46%.

CNN: Bush glares at missing explosives questioner

How to deal with an undecided voter

What percentage of Men "strongly disapprove" of Bush?

Media start to pick up on Eminem "Mosh" Controversy

Is anyone else feeling optimistic?

Bill Maher/Anderson Cooper 360°

What's with "poll watchers" in Cleveland?



Study: Terror Warnings Up Bush Approval Ratings

DUers! V ote so MTV will play Eminem's antiBush video Mosh on TRL

If I vote a straight-party ticket.

Eminem's MOSH video: even better than the hype (Links included)

Write to CNN and Gannett about their attempt to suppress the Dem vote

The village idiot today asked for Democrats votes

ABC exit poll has B 51 - K 47 in early voting

Greg Palast BBC VIDEO REPORT on FL Voter Fraud

Citizens for Strong Senate ads?

10/26 ELECTION MODEL: KERRY 319 EV, 98.5%, 51.36% OF THE VOTE

Andrew Sullivan On Why I am Supporting John Kerry

Breaking news on FL GOP shenanigans from Greg Palast


Missing explosives timeline.

Wear your black hoodies your polling place Tuesday

"America Coming Together" one week to go MESSAGE:

Edwards Rally in Reading, PA today

Beautiful PHOTO: from Canton Ohio....hahahahahahaha haha ha

DU Admin pet-peeve: Lame, non-descriptive thread titles

If Bush Were To Somehow Win This Thing Legit, Who Would You Blame ???

Iraqi NUCLEAR sites were ALSO LOOTED due to Bush incompetence

Do we have John Kerry's back ?....THEN, LET'S SHOW HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!

Question for people who live in Republican areas

Anybody else ever get the feeling Kerry knows something

Help..Urban Ga. has a problem...Cops setting up road blocks in black

Promises to Keep

Who is taking vacation on Election Day to work for Kerry or Local Dems?

Greg Palast scoops Bush Ultra-Scam once again - Adventure Capitalism

Bush's Brain--- the movie to be shown on Bravo election-eve

All Cleveland DUers: Shrub will be in Westlake on Thursday

Cheney melt down story...No wonder bushies are surrounded by Yes Men!

DU the TRL Poll! Let's get Eminem's Mosh to #1!!!


Republicans Propose 23 % National Sales Tax