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Archives: October 24, 2004

TIME's Joe Klein: An Overdose of Invective

Cleveland Plain Dealer TERRIFIC Editorial re: Gay Marriage

Why are we giving $10 BILLION in assistance to..........

WTC Rescue Hero Sues Bush and Others under RICO Statute

There is one more anti-Kerry ad

On USA Mercury Rising --If you never saw it --it's about neo-cons

Any Eddie Izzard lovers here tonight?

"There's a wolf in your house eating your baby" SNL

A conversation with John Stewart where he fucking pops the media bubble

Question about "cell phone" voters.

Has anyone ever heard of John Titor?


The Coming Post-Election Chaos

Guaranteed To Make You Smile!

(NY) 'Newsday' to Endorse Kerry

WP: The Making of the Candidate - Kerry's Need for Speed - Democrat Has Go

Road to the White House: Kerry holds on to slim Pa. lead

Pittsburgh Post Gazette endorses Kerry!

Lehman: Bin Laden's Location Pinpointed

Brazil Completes Its First Successful Rocket Launch Into Space

Man knocks himself out stealing campaign signs

FBI Probes Leads on Election Terror Plot

Denver Post endorses Bush....

Bergen (NJ) Record endorses Kerry for President

Put me in coach...

The Ebay commercial "People are good" -- Love it or hate it?

Animatrix will be on Cartoon Network.

Tips for getting out the vote for Kerry

There's no such thing as God-lite

Red Sox Win - 11-9 nt

I'm bored. Someone cuss me out based only on my profile, or sig line.


So, who's career just ended on Sat Night Live?

Joaquin Pheonix as Johnny Cash?

What Just Happend On SNL?

Did I just see a "singer" get exposed as a syncher on SNL?

Any Eddie Izzard lovers here tonight?

Will Ashely come out at the end?

This looks like Milli Vanilli Redux - Ashley, get another job

Ashlee Simpson has no talent? I am SHOCKED.

Yankee fans in exile congratulate the Boston Red Sox . . .

Can somebody PLEASE do me a huge favour (Re: Ashley Simpson bust)

We need to go to slap the candidate!

I Guess I Have to Find a New Favorite Pizza Joint

and the boston red sox win game one of the 2004 world series

I drank the Kool-aid (last time in '89)

What is your favourite place to be kissed,

Ashley Simpson busted lip synching on SNL walks of stage

The best line of a horrible film --name your favorite

I hate Bush as much as anybody, but

What animals do you surprisingly find tasty?

Why did SNL show that??!?!

I've discovered the secret Freeper link of encouragement!!!

Why do some people feel the need to be hateful here?

Ha Ha, Cardinals LOSE!!!

Ashlee Simpson BUSTED!

Attn: DU Computer Geeks (Spyware Problem)

BSox 2 run Homer by Bellhorn: BSox 11 Cards 9 in bottom of 8th inning

80% of undecided voters will vote for Kerry

MoDo's latest Kerry hit piece

SNL -- Bush -- Blair Press Conference

Freeway Blooger -- Can You Feel A Draft Day - You Can help

Let's donate to the Wisconsin Democratic Party.

Refresh my memory.........

A Salute to a Campaign Volunteer I know - Converting people to Kerry

Anyone see this at WP? "GLUM" mood at top of Bush campaign!

Bergen (NJ) Record endorses Kerry for President

tossing together a site/pamphlets, need ideas for best snippets has great ads running

Has everyone seen the Bettu Bowers buttons?

Kerry's got to pull all workers and money out of Washington and send them

With all the prominent endorsements

Red Sox Win - 11-9 nt

I don't know about you people, but...

No Democrat has won Ohio and lost Wisconsin since FDR in 1944!

what was Kerry polling before the Iowa caucus?

Do Endorsements Matter?

John Kerry: The Rolling Stone Interview

Betrayers of Freedom.

Connnecticut: Stamford Advocate Endorses Kerry (endorsed Bush in 2000)

Mpls Star-Tribune endorses Kerry

Schell: Invitation to a Degraded World (SCARY!)

Columbus Dispatch (OH) endorses, slams Bush.

Human Rights and Democracy in the Arab World

Shrub and wolf image abuse

Non-Americans dread Bush

This is Polk County (FL) Onlne's Bush Endorsement

The Creaky Coalition

Course correction needed; elect Kerry

AP: Two Americans slain by captors in Mexico

Catholic bishop Gumbleton: Bush policies in opposition to 'culture of life

AP: Hollywood producer's offer came down to mere pennies

Indian Country Endorses John Kerry - (A very thoughtful and real piece)

Strib oped: Bishops solved a quandary for undecided voter

Tacoma News Tribune endorses Kerry

In Honor of Tony Monroe..

Abilene Reporter-News Quits Making Presidential Endorsements!!

Facing Fear: Sept. 11 reaction a tragedy for us and a triumph for the terr

They're Here, They're Queer, Let's Vote On It

The Truth of Joseph Goebbels (Walter Brasch,

Zakaria: TV, Money and 'Crossfire' Politics

Flu Meets American Capitalism

Tampa Tribune did not endorse either candidate.

Karl Rove: America's Mullah

Ya think?

Bush policies against terror fail to cover home base

The case for Kerry

Salon: How John Kerry exposed the Contra-cocaine scandal

WP: Four . . . More . . . Years? The Left Contemplates the Unthinkable

Has George Will (Ugh) ever heard of Bev Harris?

Steve Lopez - Fixing an Unholy Mess (plan for Iraq)

Portrait of a country on the verge of a nervous breakdown

She Died For Neoconservative Schemes: please read preamble

Señor W, the worst presidente...Classic Mexican Political Boss...

"My little 'precious'"

Scheer: Bush won't let the CIA release its 9/11 report

My brother thinks there's a "subliminal" message on

Killing For Christ

Denver Post Reluctantly Endorses Bush

Cleveland Plain Dealer Publisher to Override Ed. Board Kerry Endorsement?

This Buh-bye George Lawn Display Gave Me an Idea (pic)

Bring your camera or videophone when you vote!!

Austin Election Night Party?

Can we PLEASE move media endorsements from LBN

Jon Stewart Was Right!

FOX News - "part of the liberal media" Freeper madness!

How about organizing a one Sunday boycott of the Trib?

Brain in a dish flies plane

Jet engine on a chip -- replace your batteries?

Typhoon Nock-Ten roars toward southern Taiwan

Taiwan's jobless rate expected to fall below 4%

Interesting job post

Death warrant signed for killer

I remain impressed

DU keeps seem to be going down this morning.

DU extremely boggy this morning

Without divulging trade secrets or anything...what kind of servers...

Election night preperation

please lock this post of mine that is a flame magnet

Skinner, WTF???

Why even bother with user profiles?

Hi Skinner, EarlG, Elad and the Mods!

i haven't seen an article from the 'crisis papers' author in a while.

did anything ever result from your breaking news of Bush's air force claim

i tried to alert the administrators of a thread i thought was bogus

Please explain

i know you get asked this all the time, but....*sigh*

is there any way i could get a link to the original threads from sept. 11?

don't know where to post this...

LBN News on Vreeland LOCKED???

Love letter to the mods and the admins for doing an exceptional job!

I can't get the table HTML code to work

Typos in Top 10?

A proposition

Are all archived threads really completely inaccessable

AP: Hamas executes Palestinian man, says he worked closely with Israel

Hamas admits to having weapons factories in Gaza

SOLVING 9/11 Crime - Citizens’ Grand Jury" International Experts Convene

The TAB Report

Bush's Very first Pres. Decision Directive Gutted Clinton's Very Last

PLEASE don't fall for the Vreeland Fraud (progressive debunking resource)

Given the Vreeland Thread : Link TV NOW has piece on nuclear terrorism

UH OH !!!: Vreeland Evidentiary LINKS to Halliburton

Sun-Times endorses Kerry for President

Volunteers needed in Iowa!

A bit surprising, Trib. endorses Obama

Check the dates - all politics?

Ugh. The Gazette endorses Dubya. Speculates that "Perhaps *

Kerry Coming to Cedar Rapids

not only is the free republic site ugly, but everyone is frothing...

DCCC is here!

Kennedy and his continuing attacks on Wetterling

Anyone know why Minnesota doesn't have early voting?

Remember Senator Wellstone Oct 25th

Breaking Poll: Kennedy Leads Wetterling 52/34

Minnesota connection

The Pioneer Press doesn't seem to have endorsed a Pres. candidate

Detroit News Won't Endorse Kerry or Bush!

Will Ann Arbor News endorse the chimp again?

Lake/Geauga county residents: News-Herald endorses Bush: was sort of drafted to put out some lawn signs

Edwards in Lima TODAY 4:30pm

Northern OHIO is going to Kerry the Buckeye State....

Misc. Ohio stories. . .

All NE Ohio Du'ers please read

SW Ohio DUers contact Cincinnati Enquirer to complain

Ohio adds 5,500 jobs; still second worst job losses in the nation, 2004

The Disgrace Endorses . . . . Yeah. Him.

Fingerhut is not running for Senate.

elizabeth edwards

WB Times Leader endorses Hoeffel

Harrisburg [PA] Patriot-News endorsement

I'm willing to bet no one has heard of this event? I'm working with GaryR

Need K-E bumpersticker and sign in Austin

Dallas: Last Frost/Sessions debate 5:30 Sunday

Corpus Christi Caller Times endorses Kerry!

Time for a change in White House- Waco Tribune 10/24/04

Tuesday pm in Madison, GOTV and Kerry support RALLY

State Journal endorses *

Everett Herald endorses John Kerry

Tacoma News Tribune endorses Kerry.

Why is it only news when Bush is 'leading' in the polls? / -- pic of * on front page

Sean Hannity is MORAN>>>>check out this site

Sounds like it might be good news from Pennsylvania

Monty comic for Sunday

Most lawyers are Democrats

Link to Going Upriver? The free download...who has it?

I was having a blast debating a freeper, then they cut him off :-(

Project SCUM: A marketing campaign aimed at gays & the homeless

Battle to stop e-voting steps up

On January 21st John Kerry should

Jon Stewart is the most honest person in the entire mainstream media

what is the war costing your state, city?????

Lets talk political labels

Freepers are 'Freep-Floppers'


Shameless gushing JK photo thread

The use of Ashlee Simpson's fans to show Fickleness in people

Two hysterically funny election "ads"

911: WTC Rescue Hero Rodriguez sues Bush under Rico Statu

Flu vaccine - supply & demand (unreal article)

terra and poll numbers - evidence found

Battle to stop e-voting steps up

No suspensions for these conflicts

Kerry-Edwards Supporter Videotapes Campaign Sign Thief

How Would the Race Be Going Now if Gore Had Run in '04?

Screw the major media. The internet is the new populist media.

Kerry: Real President for a real war;Bush: Fake President for a fake war.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Sues Topless Club

It felt SO GOOD to give to DU

post and poll, or only one per topic ? i'm a newbie

Local Paper Endorses *, Please DU the poll.

Bill Press "Bush Must Go" on CSPAN2 NOW - 7AM pst

Bizzare, but fun

Are you getting your daily dose of OLBERMAN? (blog)

More thoughts from Ohio

For those who need a laugh to ease the stress...

Registered Republican Iraq bound Soldier...

* wants to maintain the staus quo as he sees it. But don't we need total

Jon Stewart on Sixty Minutes Tonight

New Republic Magazine Kerry for President...

Panel on C-SPAN

how'd we overlook this campaign issue?

Michael Kinesly on C-Span

MM next movie - he provided a number to call

Why do Americans register their party preference?

Troll alert

Paul, Sheila, and Marcia Wellstone memorial thread (Two years tomorrow)

Smirk and his condom law = chaos and genocide

Reep Iraq-bound Soldier Refused Admission to Bush Rally. Nice.

First Irish mad cow disease

Civil Disobedience: A new call to arms.

Should we start promoting the concept that "faith" as a basis..

Troll alert

Blair (smirk partner in crime) steals UK lottery money to hide cost of war

anyone see the heritage foundation talkers debate?

Great REAL SPORTS!!!!!

I voted yesterday!

Counting the Hidden Costs of War

Are there still 435 members in the House of Representatives?

March on Washington, including caskets?

Can someone post a CLEAR explanation of the Vreeland threat?

Don't know about October surprise but November Surprise at the gas pump

Did your Pastor mention the elections today?


Bush Cheney supporter yelled at us yesterday

Does anyone remember this?

falwell vs Jesse Jackson on Late Ediction in a min

Interesting 9/11 Pentagon question

Bush's Blunder - US KIA & Injured 10/24/04 (Graphic Content)

OT:Spitzer's iron wrist shits to music industry

Kerry Win/Bush Lose Merch.

Heads Up: Unfiltered is On with Rachel Maddow

On The Fear (Wolves) Thing...

Are any scientists concerned about the 2012 shift of the Van Allen Belts?

What I intend to do the day after Kerry wins.....

Hey George, what about their right to life? (Graphic Content)

DU this CNN poll

I was watching c-spans Hart research focus group from

Did I hear right? Will Katie Couric interview Kerry on Dateline tonight?

What is the bigger joke? Rush's drug habit or O'Lielly's vibrator fix?

Call on George Bush to respect the separation between church & state

What might happen if...?

bushgang stopping naming of VA hosp. after Wellstone

Air America surprisingly strong in NYC talk ratings! SEATTLE TOMORROW!!!!!

Where is election continuity?

For the Freepers: What if Bush really does have a medical problem...

The Jerry Faldwell Crusade on CNN

Kerry's Victory will be a Triumph of the Human Spirit

Listen to Media Matters Now!

Iraq veterans open up on mishandling of war

Dose the internet make the News be more truthfully.

CNN"s "Completely Unreliable Sources" sucks rant

Daily Endorsement Tally: On 'Super Sunday,' Kerry Makes Huge Gains

Time for a Game - Who was murdered by the Neo-Conservatives?

Sometimes You Hear A Song In The Background That Rings True..

Woah, Bob Shieffer (sp) just skewered Pat Robertson

If you witness Republican operatives challenging voters....


Halloween Bush Bash

Who are the rising stars of the Democratic Party?

Bush v. Gore, Ticking Bomb

Please Do All You Can -- DINOSAURS!

I am stunned, in Orlando

Bush Wears Height-Enhancing Shoes (pic)

Anyone watching the Religious documentary on Sundance?

Another paper goes for Kerry and this is close

is anyone watching the debate on C-Span2? Ran Coulter and some

Top Ten Reasons To Oust Bush-Cheney

Yesterday around the Reflecting Pool on the Mall in DC

"No Joke" -WP Magizine, LaRouche cult gets more sinister

Even though Bush exploits 9/11, why does he block investigations of it?

NYT: If You Interview Kissinger, Are You Still a Comedian? (Jon Stewart)

The TAB Report

met Matthew Good today...

Today, I Voted.

A soldiers post from Howard Stern's message board

J-prof: Don't let Sinclair acquire any more "propaganda mills"

Soldier among those barred entrance to hear Bush in PA

cnn poll

New York Times runs story from rightwing website banned by FREE REPUBLIC

An interesting article about Israel's mandatory army...

This is old,but why din't Kerry jump on this.

Where will Wall Street prices go next week....

For fun - Speak out about * in this online quiz - it's a loyalty quiz

Condolleezza: No one could have imagined wolf pups attacking

Link to thread last Thursday about lower treasury bond sales?

Which DUer just spoke to Elizabeth?

Conservatives on Parade: ECL's Review

DU Mentioned on C-Span! Elizabeth Edwards a DUer

China Dumps Dollars for Oil and Gold

Because of Bush no terrorist attacks in US after 9/11?

"Memo: Wolves determined to attack within the United States"

Heres partial "transcript" of DU discussion on C-SPAN

A plane carrying members of the Hendrick Motorsports organization was miss

My Mom says Kerry will win but Bush will still be President

Lets talk SS private accounts

"Blow 'em all away in the name of the Lord": Falwell

Lakoff blogs with the DFA book club tonight. "Don't Think of an Elephant"

Howard Dean at Gettysburg College Wed. Oct. 27, first-come, no tickets.

Flavors of Fascism

OOPs, Bush did it again!

The republican party in a nutshell- The Video

Looking to the future, how to counter the coming impeachment

Would appreciate comments on lawsuits against M. Moore

Blow them away, in the name of the Lord

Chavez says he will use soldiers to expropriate unused farmland

Hoo Boy! I Think I Have Lost Another Sister Because of * !

(NJ) Courier News Endorses Kerry

Wayne La Pierre needs to be cockpunched something fierce!

Yesterday I was called a coward by a Bush supporter...

Busting O'reilly's hiney on Dateline

Health Care: Problems and Common Sense Solutions...

Great New Ad: Must see.

I'm kind of let down by Feingold

do we need a constitutional amendment to get out of treaties?


What does "nt" mean after some posts I see?

DOD/Rumsfeld sat on DAMAGING report about looted WEAPONS !!!

What will happen at Free Republic after Kerry is elected?

Jon Stewart piece on 60 Minutes coming up...

You've got to be carefully taught

My thanks to you out there getting out the vote

Well, I guess I've stepped in it now.

How would you like to see Bush finally leave the White House

George W. Bush: Screwing Us For Generations!

Anyone watching 60 minutes?

The Nation endorses Kerry

* falsely claims Kerry puts America in danger. How does Bush explain this?

Seen in Belize this past week

Check out "Needlenose: Visualize Winning".....

what would you like to tell W?

Must see TV, for those of you in later time zones. Don't miss 60 Minutes.

AshKKKroft Raids Romance Novelist

Strange Coincidence: Hendrick and Wellstone Died in Same Model Plane

The Guardian runs oped with joke about assassination - Right go nuts

Ron Reagan Jr's thoughts on the bushies

WTF is Katie Couric's friggin damage!?


"Forbidden Films about John Kerry" is on LinkTV -- part of a series

Steve Chapman, conservative Chicago Tribune columnist, abandons Bunnypants

Why Iran Wants Four More Years

Gold already up over 4 bux, And dollar is balancing on diving board.

Jon Stewart on C-SPAN

What right wing idiocy have you heard that make you snicker and eye roll?

Larry King is whoring himself again...

Andy Rooney Is Right.

Vancouver mosque leader preaches killing Jews

BBV: Who Controls Your Vote and Your Government?

Cheney predicts on today show bush 52% Kerry 47%

Gallup polls are bogus because surveys are not read verbatim.

does anyone know if C-Span will re-run that Jon Stewart forum thingy?

did anyone else hear,

It all comes down to this

Here's the video of our Times Square protest - Called "Warnography"

Just got home from Edwards rally in Lima Ohio..

The real truth about the wolf commercial

i'm watching "dirty harry" on spike tv

I thought we'd win in 2002, I think we'll win now

Is anyone else feeling strangely fatalistic?

60 Minutes Wednesday doing story on Diebold

Uh-Oh! *'s Helmet is Disintegrating! (Doonesbury)

Just saw Team America funny and sucky all at once

What's are these Abu Grahib diaries I keep hearing about?

US May Crumble BRIC by BRIC--Times of India/New WMW

Maybe they're right...

So, Sloppy Matt PUDGE Was Going to Break Something Tonight? n/t

who here visits sites like PrisonPlanet or Vox?

Who is/What is Link TV??

Why I left my church

A Memo From Elizabeth Edwards

So let me understand this, Katie Couric will interview Kerry

Info on the difference in the Democrat and republican ideologies

Old Testament question re: Amos- What's up with all of the Socialist talk?

top 10 reasons to give * the boot - Iraq Nuclear Verification Office

Has The Implosion Begun

Who Can Hardly Wait To Hear From BIG DAWG

Ok research types a little help, I need help rebunking anti Clinton stuff

BBC World is dicking with their feed tonight.

I might hate Peggy Noonan more than other Repukes.....

UH OH !!!: Vreeland Evidentiary LINKS to Halliburton

"just because we can blow something up...

PLEASE don't fall for the Vreeland Fraud (progressive debunking resource)

Shrub = Junior Birdman

Ok, Seriously, I have a question . . .

Nader Urges Bush to Grant Clemency for Non-Violent Drug Offenders

Church in Ohio regging voters and driving them to polls

OK DUers, do you truly want a fair and balanced media

what are the chances of us getting the house and senate

A Question for Pennsylvania from Oregon...

What do you guys think of the death penalty?

I have a weird question. Are inland areas always more conservative?

My Kerry/Edwards sign was stolen out of my yard

Hi Elizabeth!!!!!

Ralph Reed is politicking and "preaching" in our city.

Is Stanley Hilton For Real?

WHO convinced Bush that God speaks through him?

Do you think BIG Democrats ever troll our pages for ideas?

Hype and Glory, USA Today. Critique of voter tactics and attack ads.

To all Newspapers Endorsing Bush:

NPR & LATimes: EPA Rules Manipulated to Benefit Halliburton

Why I never voted in 2000

native american ethics

Why is Alaska so pro-Bush?

Michael Moore: How Do We Thank Him

I'm So Depressed.....

Mrs. Edwards, I think your husband would get a kick out of this... you too

Yard sign and bumper sticker wars...

WTF does RimJob do with all of the donations recieved?

Analysis-Global warming seen as security threat

Um... Any Marketeers Awake ??? - Asia\Pacific Taking A Major Dive !!!

Sen. Levin investigating Pentagons "Office of Special Plans"...Fieth

Or you in it to WIN IT?

Help me develop this rebuttal: Talking point - Efficiency.

Hahaha,, everyone go look!

Is Education oversold as a cure for our employement problems?

1,100 flag drapped coffins line the reflecting pool at Linclon Monument

Just got back from President Kerry rally in Boca @ FAU!

which fundamentalist do you most love to hate?

Democrats are grown-ups.. Republicans are (spoiled)children

Depleted uranium symptoms linked to U.S. soldier's mysterious death

Guys, Kerry is gonna win!


Some Background on the Looting of Nuclear Sites in Iraq

BBV: New page and functionality for

What is wrong with the word "Liberal" and being one?

Can somebody photoshop this image...

Today, I caught the new John Sayles film, SILVER CITY.

Parts of a prayer distributed after Mass today at our church!

Have you ever seriously considered leaving the country?

I can't WAIT to hear Bush talk about "Al Kaka" tomorrow

Who has driven up the cost of medicine more?

Download A Free DVD Online - Bush, Peak Oil, Fortunes of War

9/11 Didn't Change EVERYTHING, but what did it change for YOU?

Iraq Vet. go dore to dore in IA.

Elizabeth Edwards on Cspan just said she visits DU often!

Greed as a moral wrong and what to do about it

New Ad with Bush laughing about Iraq War, no-wmd.

Daschle is running an ad with him embracing Bush in it?

Order "Going Upriver" by overnight express, so you can lend

Health Care: Which country has the best system ?

Got a website? Help people find where to vote.

UK diplomat loses job after criticizing Uzbekistan regime

Former Costa Rican president jailed on suspicion of graft

Columbus Dispatch endorses Bush

Bush, Kerry in statistical dead heat among likely Nevada voters, Sun poll

Reno-Gazette-Journal: Kerry should be Nevada’s choice

Las Vegas Sun: Editorial: John Kerry, our choice for president

Reno Gazette - Journal: Candidates deadlocked in Nevada (B-49 - K-47).

NYT,pg1: Judicial Races in Several States Become Partisan Battlegrounds

Political star power intensifies in South Florida

The Morning Call (PA): Kerry offers style of leadership that the US

NY Journal News(Gannett paper)endorses John Kerry

Newsday(Long Island,NY)endorses John Kerry

Cowards at Cincinnati Enquirer

TIME Poll: Bush Opens 5 Point Lead Against Kerry

Billings Gazette (!) endorsement: Bush hasn't earned 2nd term in office

Three More Witnesses Testify in Second Session of Alban Murder Hearing

Pittsburgh Post Gazette endorses John Kerry

NYT, pg1, Nagourney, Seelye: Bush, Kerry Focus Campaigns in 11 Key States

Report: U.S. Short on Bioterror Resources

New Bush ad links Kerry, Castro

Billings Gazette opinion: Bush hasn't earned 2nd term in office

(ABC-WA POST) Poll - Close Race Nudges Closer (K 48 B 49)

Iraq Blasts Kill 22; Ambush Wounds 6 GIs

Illinois' PJStar: Roundtable gives nod to Kerry...

50 Iraq Soldiers Apparent Ambush Victims

Army Plan Lets Halliburton Keep Disputed Payments

6 Said Killed in Fallujah Target Bombing

Large Explosion Shakes Downtown Baghdad

Report: 7-Year-Old Boy Kidnapped in Iraq

Bodies of 50 slain Iraqi troops found

Insurgents Massacre Dozens of New Iraqi Soldiers...

Fugitive nabbed after 2 years on run Man claims to have foreseen 9/11(new)

AP: Italy to allow Kurds to apply for asylum

New Jersey's Star-Ledger: John Kerry for President

6 Said Killed in Fallujah Target Bombing

Iraq's Oil Future Not Looking Bright

Iraq Subsidies on Power and Oil to Be Phased Out

British military enlists first Satanist

(DSM Register) John Kerry, the real thing

Typhoon Tokage produces record eight-story wave in Japan

Powell Presses N. Korea on Weapons Talks

Bulgaria Denies Plans for "Iran Attack"

WP, pg1: Electorate Is a Key Unknown ("hidden army of voters"?)

Karzai Wins Majority in Afghan Election

Iraq Militant Group Kills Arbil Police Chief -Site

WP: Is there an invisible army polls can't pin down?

Toledo Blade endorses Kerry.

LAT: New Voters' Impact Debated (two polls show Kerry by dbl-digits)

Kerry For President- The Toledo Blade endorses Kerry

Kerry is right choice to restore nation's promise (The Tennessean)

Hawai'i Poll: Bush, Kerry in dead heat

Full steam ahead on Iran gas via Pak


CABINET DEPARTMENTS: Political travel alleged

Senate candidate's personal donation triggers spending rule

Election tactics push envelope

Familiar Faces Likely in Either Bush, Kerry Cabinet -Reuters

Without fanfare, Bush gives tax break to corporations

WP,pg1: Contested Sts. Magnets to Mobile Activists (RNC: NO media contact)

Elizabeth Edwards READS US!!!!

Haiti's Ruler Chides World for Disinterest

Charlotte Observer endorses Erskin Bowles & Kerry

NYT: Leathernecks Guard Ramadi, Itching for Fight with Invisible Foe

Journalists, Sources Face Legal Scrutiny

NASCAR: Plane Carrying Members of Hendrick Motorsports Missing

Bush Boosts Presidential Pomp in Election

Bush, Kerry, Parties Spending $40M on Ads

Elizabeth Edwards Mentions DU

Edwards Addresses Black Ohio Churchgoers

DoD Identifies Marine Casualty # 1104

Elizabeth Edwards reads DU

Many Iraq schools lack water supplies, sanitation facilities and much more

WaPost tracking poll 5pm est Sunday: bush 49 kerry 48

Plane crashes in Martinsville, VA...10 people on board ......

49 New Iraqi Army Soldiers Shot to Death

Anti-Kerry show not so partisan after all

Home port of USS Abraham Lincoln endorses John Kerry

Memo Lets CIA Take Detainees Out of Iraq

Kerry Maintaining Lead In New Jersey

2004 Presidential Endorsements

Army Faces Probe on No-Bid Deals With KBR

In presidential race, our choice is Kerry (Springfield, Mass)

The Olympian (WA) endorsement: Kerry ready to lead nation forward

Bush Says U.S. Safety from Terror 'Up in the Air' (MAJOR GAFFE!)

TPM: 350tons of high explosives looted under occupation, used for carbombs

AP: Hamas executes Palestinian man, says he worked closely with Israel

in VIRGINIA, Activists Sizzling with Election Fever (Washington Post)

Whistle-Blower's Claims About Deals for Halliburton Subsidiary Probed

Gore Urges Blacks to Vote at Fla. Rally

GOP drops (5,000 Ohio) voter challenges (their error)

SOLVING 9/11 Crime - Citizens’ Grand Jury" International Experts Convine

Elizabeth Edwards on C-SPAN right now...f-ing brilliant townhall

Black Activists Rally for Kerry in Northern Virginia (Washington Post)

Kerry Tackles Bush on Terrorism Remark

NY Times set to break huge "explosives/terrorists" story

NYT at 10:14 pm est: Huge Cache of Explosives Vanished From

Huge Cache of Explosives Vanished From Site in Iraq - NY Times

Authorities probe possible sniper shootings along Missouri freeway stretch

Registered voter rolls soar 21% in Arizona

Raleigh paper endorses Kerry for President.

Moqtada Sadr Ready to Support Mujahideens in Fallujah

HUGE! TPM: bush coverup--350 tons of explosives looted in Iraq

WP: Four . . . More . . . Years? The Left Contemplates the Unthinkable

P. Diddy Takes Voter Drive to Swing States

Iraqi Pipelines Hit Again as Oil Losses Grow--Daily Star, Lebanon

North Koreans Try to Enter South Korean Building in Beijing; Three Succeed

Zarqawi Group Claims Killing of 50 Iraqis

NYT: Counting the Hidden Costs of War ($270B and still counting?)

False Premise Underpins Duelfer Warning of Iraq Weapons Plan, U.N.

Miners' Benefits Vanish with Bankruptcy Ruling

LAT: Chasing Terrorists or Fears? (Ashcroft homefront success questioned)

Secret report:terrorism spreading across Iraq

Kerry Campaign Renews Attention, Money in Virginia (WP)

Senators concerned about report CIA secretly removed detainees from Iraq

E&P: On 'Super Sunday,' Kerry Makes Huge Gains (Endorsements)

Obama for the U.S. Senate (Chicago Tribune)

French (Jewish group) Drop Anti-Semitism Awareness Plan

Clinton Seen Helping Kerry Turn Out His Voters

WP: Democrats Struggle in Campaigns to Retake House

Slow Pace of Pentagon's Courts Set Off Friction at White House -NYT

Touch-Screen Danger: Slow Voting, Long Lines (FL)

Looming Pension Woes Trouble Experts

Bush Says U.S. Safety from Terror 'Up in the Air'

Bush, Aides Court Jewish Votes in Tight Race

Wash Times: Security Council members deny meeting Kerry (Oct Surprise)

For President: John F. Kerry (Commercial Appeal, Memphis TN)

On NBC: FAA and NTSB loses contact with plane!

Kerry campaign announces final ad strategy.........../

Orange County Poll Workers Complain About Harassment

'Our sons are seen as cannon fodder'

US could shoot down EU satellites in war time

Cleveland Billionaire Quietly Gives Millions (to Democrats)

Beyond the Call of Duty (gov't whistle-blower on Halliburton "No-Bids")

Report: Army denies most compensation claims by Iraqis

Kerry, Bush Even in FL, PA and OH, Polls Show

U.S. Diplomat Killed in Baghdad Mortar Attack

Contractors in Iraq make costs balloon (NC paper exclusive!)

Voters Worry President Will Be Illegitimate Winner, Poll Shows

Salt Lake Tribune: Bush for president

Carter Says Bush Exploited Sept. 11 Attacks

Dollar Hits Multi-Month Lows Vs Euro, Yen

British armed forces recognise first ever Satanist

Democrats Lose Ruling on Michigan Ballots

Kerry turns the Bible, terror comments on Bush

Six on Pitcairn Island convicted of abuse

NEWSWEEK PERISCOPE: Accountability: The CIA's Secret

Huge Cache of Explosives Vanished From Site in Iraq -NYT, front page

So wait, did this Ashely Simpson bit happen BEFORE the faux debate?

Ashlee Simpson = Karl Rove (in disguise)..the October surprise

Ashley just lied and said her band started playing the wrong song

Could we fill up Page 1 of the lounge with Ashley Simpson questions?

shoe lacing methods . . .

Ashlee's Cat Lip-synched

Firefox question

Please remember that Ashlee is the Democratic counterpart to her sister.

Which are worse

I'm just gonna say it...I love my mom!!!

So how 'bout that "T-Bone" skit on SNL

What Are Your Favorite Sports Cliches?

How bad is LSU???

When should Junior and Pickles call the movers and get driver's licenses?

does anyone know where i could get a transcript from Team America?

The Presidential Horror Show-The Musical

I know just the thing to get rid of all the CAT threads

God i hate Ashley Simpson and all lip syncers!

from Amano, the only man who's art can be from Final Fantasy

when a Hummer just isn't enough . . .

When Kerry wins, are you going to rub it in anyone's feces?

What, no baseball threads?

Everybody always told me I'd be liberal when I was young but...

How 'wrong' is it for first cousins to have a kid together?

Do you ever get jealous of ostriches?

The Official I hate Cat Threads Thread

You know you had a great Halloween party...


Cruising for a Flu-Shot

Help? Looking for big pics of Supreme Court justice portraits?

Halloween costumes

Girls Gone Wild

Is there going to be a fire sale on the political stuff

who is the most underrated actor in hollywood?

Anyone heard the new Elliot Smith CD?

Go to page 20

Why does he speak to my heart so?

I saw Gomez Addams play Edgar A. Poe tonite. Ask me anything.

everythingsxen's experiment in racial profiling

i just saw a tribe called quest, ask me anything!

Some freepers blaming the Ashley Simpson thing on 'liberals'.

Last chance for my online survey....

OK - my 300th post - what can I say beyond that

How great was that Zell Miller impression

The use of Ashlee Simpson's fans to show Fickleness in people

Look at Sean Hannity's new book

Quick Time Essentials

Saw a great bumper sticker last night

What a great time to get your sound back, I just saw the ashlee simpson

PMS and George W Bush are

Stupid question: What's the Buddy list for?

who was the 'best' Beatle?

Pictures of my ADORABLE kittens!

check in if y our drunk as a skunk

Check in if y our skunk is drunk

Jon Stewart on "60 Minutes" tonight. Viewer alert.

When Kerry wins are you going to rub it in anyone's faces?

Your cat's 7 Pet Peeves

Why is Ben Affleck still trying to act?

Bono's original lyrics for October - FOUND

Celebrites that are republicans. Some are a surprise.

S.T.O.P. Movement's "Dear Mr. President"

Hilarious Freeper thread on Ashley Simpson

A joke to start the day

CAPTION the 37 points of light (38 - the dim one)

Anybody got a link to that RR "Hezbollahhhhhhhh!!!!!" clip?

Air America surprisingly strong in NYC talk ratings! SEATTLE TOMORROW!!!!!

I just kicked back several captains, ask me anything

Ashlee Simpson "fans" are acting like FReepers on a message board!

Can a person build his own laptop?

I GUARANTEE you the Steelers won't lose this week.

I just kicked several "caption" threads. Ask me anything.

Breaking: Bart Simpson a chick!

Your pet "Peeves" seven cats.

If you are a musician or a car enthusiast

If Coke with 1/2 the calories and carbohydrates is C2...

If this is "Priceless"

Finish this sentence

ARGH!! My mom is in the living room watching faux news

I feel like crap today...

My first hot-topic thread - I'm so proud

I'm not sure I agree with the order of these words.

Fear is Not a Factor for You

Baltimore is going to school Buffalo today. You heard it here first

What's your online gaming pseudonym?

Anyone ever eat a cat?

Behind The Wall Of Sleep

I'm drowning out Bush's voice on TV with "monster " Steppenwolf

Erin is not a cat.

A win for the Red Sox is a win for Kerry!!!!!

Halloween costume dilemna and question.

An Arctic winter: ways of staying warm in the Northeast:

Priest Holmes

Does anybody use a featherbed?

I love Suzanne Vega.

Is this a simple power point presentation?

Jim Rome. Dem or repug?

will the Chiefs break the Curse of the Chimp?

Is it possible to become addicted to Diet Coke?

Is it wierd that everytime....

Mars Attacks

I must be too sentimental.

Can't read, must read

We would like to thank the Baltimore Ravens for participating this year.

Pearl Jam - Masters of War

Gawd, the Bills offense SUCKS!!!!!!

So I've stopped watching Saturday Night Live

Best ASCII Art Picture Ever?

Is it wrong to go to walmart or sams club when:

What qualifies a crime to be judged "Crime of the Century"?

Should I make Styrofoam tombstones with anti-Bush slogans for Halloween

Anyone else hooked on "Desperate Housewives"?

What popular TV show have you never watched?

two computer questions

fuzzy dice

So, will Preisdent Kerry let us open marijuana cafes?




This is the saddest song ever! (Flash link)


For Bollywood fans (and all DUers too)

Any Bible thumpers in the house?

Best SNL Crack up moment!

Aquarium owners: Would you put an Apple or Black Mystery Snail into yours?

Subject: Bumper Stickers

Is wearing a political button an open invitation to discuss politics?

Yeah baby! My 1000th post!

When is all TV supposed to go digital?

Can we discuss the "F" word?

Obnoxious DNC "graveyard" at a physician's house on Halloween 2003

For those that feel they don't have enough Judd Nelson in their life.

cool, Mitch Hedberg is on Comedy Central

I had toast for breakfast and lunch should I have it for dinner?

What's a good alternative to Windows Media Player?

I say Cleveland over Philadelphia.

My 100th post...

How can I get my cat to stop eating hair!!??!!

Let's be shallow. What celebrity would you like to be stranded with

I answer overlooked threads ASK ME WHY

WOOOOO WHOOOOO! Packers Up Eleven!

OMG do some people piss me off......election 2004

I think I killed my power supply, ask me anything!

I attended a very tedious party last night.

Bush's B.A.C. higher than Kerry's WTF?????


Group Offers New Car To Attract Voters(2005 Mustang to be given away!)

I'm still missing Rodney. So I give you all, Rappin' Rodney

Mini Penne Pasta w/ Pesto & Garlic Sauce

Bird toys - where can I find vegetable tanned leather rope?


I, I'll, I'm, Me

I've never seen THE "L" Word. Will the DUer Lesbians still love me?

Martinsville Subway 500 thread (warning: NASCAR)

Wolverines win, then my Lions spank the Giants

Just saw Team America. It was hilarious and lame at the same time

For all you Star Wars fans...

What's The Best Halloween Candy To Receive As A Kid?

My Wall Art

Why do some people feel the need to be grateful here?

Rock Cornish Game Hen with Noodles and Salad

Watching Bush's Brain and is it scary!

Pack Of Stray Dogs Gets Into Zoo, Kills Six Gazelles

I think everyone here should start an "Elizabeth Edwards reads DU" thread

Cowboys gettin' spank-a-fied

How do you respond to a Bad Thread?

Did you hear that Elizabeth Edwards reads DU?

WTF Walgreen's has a special on Christmas wrap this week

Does anybody know where I can get the T-bone skit from last night's SNL?

Why are there so many songs about rainbows?

A cat in zero-G?

OH well, my Jets are losing the winning streak...

Good Morning Fellow DUers - Heading out to Chiefs vs Falcons Game

Has anyone received the free IPod?

Beanie Babies - yea or nay?

Ooooh.. the KITTENS ARE ATTACKING! ("Wolves" Parody) !!!

paid to play songs(spitzer attacks) is simpson one?

Another song for the state of the world today.

A shot in the dark. One Step away from you.

I've decided to become a Male Prostitute - Like Fred Garvin

I saw Breakfast at Tiffany's and Taxi Driver last night

Jets fans: Now that we've ripped out and chewed your heart....

Is your love life more like a Dean Martin tune or a Guns N Roses tune?

The Patriots Still Suck

Are any major news networks doing a tribute to Wellstone tomorrow?

Alright, I Admit It, *I* Am Elizabeth Edwards!

1000 posts! And it only took about 20 months.

Good News for Beach Boy DU fans

Fess up. Who was your teenage crush?

Royal Navy to allow devil worship by Satanist Sailor

Bill O'Reilly's Love Felafel! (pics!)

I've decided to become a male porn star - like Ron Jeremy.


dammit, I want a risque ceramic teapot...

6 Thai Monks arrested for throwing rowdy drug and alcohol parties

Arts & crafts: W sticker

is god a man or a woman?

Kerry, Red Sox, Patriots....

I wept in the dessert tonight

I swept in the desert last night.

Jon Stewart was great on 60 mins....

I slept in the dessert last night.

Anyone want to give insight on a car problem?

Those of you with close family who are RW-ers...


Rebecca. "No!" she says.


Are you better off today than you were 4 yrs ago.

Does anyone else think SP2 SUCKS?!@#(*!$%#@

What did 0 say to 8?

The ZombyWoof must apologize to MrsG for nasty anti-Packer talk thread.

What does "nt" mean after some posts I see?

ZeeDub's Week 7 NFL Picks

I slipped in the dessert last night.

American Dreams tonight

Video Game fans, are Silent Hill 3 and 4 good?

Anyone watching Tina Brown's Journal on CNBC?

Should I make a bumper sticker for my car that says

JAMES TAYLOR does the anthem!!!!!

Schilling Is Bleeding Into His Sock Again

Who needs Zogby

I know everyone is waiting for a baseball thread, so here it is.......

I need to get new tires-any advice on good deals?

Steve Earle song leading into the World Series!

What's the best way to get rid of the flu?

"The Revolution Starts Now" on AAR......

Is this an American thing or is it just on TV?

What is the best job you ever had? And why?

I need more cowbell!!!!!

Cupolas of Capitalism - images of and info about state capitol buildings

So what songs will the freepers/bushites be playing on Nov. 3?

Which pop music sensation do you prefer?

I slept in the desert last night.

HELP! My husband has an ear worm!

Who's watching CNN?

I voted early on Friday.

I have this morbid curiosity to what will happen if Bush wins

SURVIVOR chicks are posing in Playboy

Check out this trashy Britney Spears pic!


I'm Going Out On A Limb And Saying Boston Wins This In 4 Games

Game 2 World Series AIM Chat, c'mon in

Celebs/notables gossip

Thread #1 Terry Francona just spit

i love cats

Alright, Guys. I'm going in for the Apple Pie

Anyone need some Butt Paste?

Lie Girls - Video

neil young listenin' here...

Big Dawg looking great!

How do you confess "love" to a woman you have not seen for years

For those of you still undecided, perhaps an alternative

There Is STRIFE Within The TRIAD! There is trouble with the trees.....

Anyone watching The Surreal Life right now?

Hey, Six Ft. Under fans, if you think Keith is fine...

"DSO Exploit "what on earth is it?

Which World Series are you watching?

Great Halloween pics!

What kind of wine does one serve with cat?

i'm watching "dirty harry" on spike tv

So tell me now , what are gas and diesel prices where you live?

over 300 and time for some good old A cappella!!!

Wow!!! Donna Summer is awesome!!

KC beat Atlanta 56-10!

RED SOX Are 5-0 - OFFICIAL World Series Game #2 THREAD!!

I'm not leaving.

Here's the difference between Jimmy Carter and Bunnypants

What kind of underwear do you wear?

Shave Your Head For Kerry.

You Forgot Poland!

Progressives, like myself, are not the norm in the US Military

62 years ago today, the Billboard magazine R&B chart was born.

Theme Song To "The Venture Brothers"

Now I'm at 299... how about one question...

I'm going to buy some champagne

I love disparate steak-knives

I love thespian hand-jives

O-fish-e Jon Stewart on "60 Minutes" Lounge thread!

I love "temperate high-fives"

soulseek question..

Zomby's World Series Bar is OPEN!!! Game #2!!!

The simple things in life: 'Red Stew' recipe! :-)


Check out this movie trailer - The Machinist (Christian Bale)

The Indian Food Thread

keep your chins up- kerry landslide

Jimmy Fallon

Ay, my roommate's mean

i love distraught houseflies

Look at this comparison!

Shame on me. I broke into the Holloween candy.

Bwap bop bop....bop be bop...bwap bop bop...bop be bop...

Total Lunar Eclipse to Grace World Series Game 4

You Forgot Poulan!

Red Sox win game 2, 6-2

Boston Red Sox Win Game 2

self delete, pictures wouldn't copy.

I love destitute housewives

I love "Desperate Housewives"

I want to tell you all a story, about a Harper Valley widowed wife.

Ha Ha, Cardinals LOSE AGAIN!!!

at 299 now, will answer the best question posted for #300

I schlepped in the desert ... and God, do my feet hurt!

The New IDIOTS are up

I am full of love for DU

Could someone link me to the MORAN picture?

This is just a random thought, but


Let's build one of the shortest threads in DU History! Nobody check in....

To Jets Fans: William Rivers Pitt Would Like To Say The Following.........

AW..................AIN'T I SWEET ???



Which meat do you eat primarily? (all-inclusive poll)

God, my feet hurt!

Ya'all need to vote for Michael Myers over Jason (Michael Clone) Voorhees!

Well I love that dirty waterrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

I congratulate the Red Sox, but remember 1986...

Linux speared by trio of security holes

Possibly the shittiest person alive today

what's the best way to defrost a mouse?

Kitten picture thread (to piss off those sick of kitten picture threads)

JFK planned Military invasion of Alabama

What Is The Most Frequently Misspelled Word On DU?

Photo of The Near Myths ("Fool Me Once" band)

Best Snack or Snack Recipe for use during WS or just reading DU thread?

OK. John Kerry has to win now.

Lobster Bisque & Grilled Cheese Sammiches

We went to the Houston Renaissance Festival today

It's time for Freeper Photos!!

Prince Harry won't apoplogize? Who gives a * ??

Any videos online I can see Ashley Simpson's screwup?

Ashley Simpson

Anyone seen The Forgotten? (SPOILERS!)

Mary Kay Letorneau on CNN now

Has anyone else just read a ton on Scientology?

DId everyone have a good weekend?

Did 'SNL' Gaffe Expose (Ashlee) Simpson Vocal Aid?

I'm telling on you!

Enjoy Every Sandwich

Post Your Memories of Paul and Sheila Wellstone Here

I saw "The Grudge" today

Possibly the worst movie ever made - Day After Tomorrow

Who are these "undecideds"????

Biggest Bang for buck to Travel for GOTV: Iowa, Ohio, Florida, Nevada

Florida St.Pete Times/Herald Poll: Deadlocked Bush 46 Kerry 46

Email the Columbus Dispatch - emails inside

Chimpy "proudly" running on his record

Has the LA Times endorsed yet? Does anyone know?

Swiftie/POW Gordon A. Larson writes 60 page vietnam experiences Bio

Great video on this site

How can the leaking of exit polls on the Internet be prevented?

DELETED - false alarm

Check your ballot!

Kerry can't keep us safe

Many expert prognosticators are saying presidential race will not be close

Goddamnit, I think I lost my in-laws to *. This sucks.

when Kerry wins, I think we all ought to line the highways make the chimp

Morans: Houston Chronicle endorses Bush

College students favoring Kerry, poll finds

Florida Fun and Games on Election Day

The Orlando Sentinel Endorses

South Dakota tribes announce support for Daschle

I'm so sorry Junior.......No election alQuida plots planned.

Early voting looks good for Kerry in Memphis

I nominate Michael Moore for Secretary of State.

The Washington Post has endorsed Kerry

West Virginia, our canary.

John Kerry must retract his statement on Venezuela(??)

Bush's internal numbers not good.

Bush is Losing FL!

Any good sources of info about the "46,000" allegedly dually registered

Tucker Eskew has a blog! So funny.

Have you seen the Kerry ad countering the wolves ad?

After Terror, a Secret Rewriting of Military Law

DU'ers becareful of voting straight dem ticket

Freeper Post: Buses of Chicago Democrats on the way to Wisconsin...

Does anyone think the "Wolves" ad is very effective?

Remember to check your ballots before you finish---always proof them

Looks like the Ready Reserve wants to play follow the AWOL leader

Another great Kerry sign

Why do "news"papers make endorsements anyway?

We Should Get that Guy Who Does a Half-Assed Job to Fix Our Roof

The "other" John O'Neill

What would you do if you had evidence that would destroy Bush?

No change in Sunday Zogby

The Coming Post-Election Chaos - By John Dean

Now 51 dead Iraqi soldiers, as reported on CNN, executed in Iraq

Capitol Gang repeat coming on now.

Edwards in St. Petersburg, FL yesterday

I am disgusted and embarrassed by my hometown newspaper

Cleveland PD endorses no one, yet . . . BUT

Have you been making bets for the election.

How influencial is The Washington Post accross the country?

Rochester, NY D&C endorses Kerry...

Poll on Columbus Dispatch decision to endorse * - needs help

(WP)Bush official say's Bush is doing WORSE than the polls indicate

Awesome NH Jefferson/Jackson Dinner - Wes Clark, Diana Kerry, Granny D

Please VOLUNTEER to work this election for the Party !

NJ Poll -KERRY 50% bush 42%

Except for one speech, Bush was a total failure on 9/11

Fredericksburg, VA - Kerry!!

This spells disaster: Voting machines

"I know Kerry is gonna lose" That is what they said.

Wolf Packs for Truth

My local paper endorses Bush

What's up this morning - DU keeps going down?

GOP against trial attorneys

Bush will sue if he loses. Will Kerry? It seems to be assumed Bush will

Mellman KO'ed by Strum: This Week ABC

Voting booth attire - will they turn me away if I wear this?

Louisville Courier Endorses John Kerry for President

Nashville 'Tennessean' newspaper endorses Kerry!!!!!!!

MTP Terry McCullie and "Smiling" Ed Gillispie on NOW

It ain't the wolves, it's the Werewolf in Washington I'm worried about

MEME for afterelection: PARDONS ARE FOR CRIMINALS....

Wooo Hooo! The Orlando Sentinel endorses John Kerry!

Peter Hart - Gallup relies on methods from the 50's...they elim. people

We're going to WIN Florida - Check out these two new polls

Bush Arrested for Drunk Driving


I just got a call from Ben Stein!

Quad City Times endorses Kerry. * in 2000.

Does anyone have any recent electoral vote predictions?

Pittsburgh Post Gazette endorses Kerry...but

Yesterday at the Celtic-Highland Games in Richmond (good and bad)

Nevada Poll - KERRY 47% bush 49% LV

more RW-biased "reportage" from the NYTimes

Kerry for president (Buffalo News)

On Voting Early

Trenton Times endorses Kerry!

OH DUers help needed!

A little Sunday morning inspiration

Prediction - whoever is down by less than 3 points


Cowards at Cincinnati Enquirer


The Bismarck Tribune (ND) Endorses Kerry For President

Billings Gazette: Kerry

things that scare me

Okay, So I'm an Elitist -- It's Better Than the Alternative

"What kind of person.....?"

What If Shrubco Stages a Terrorist Attack?

Sunday morning sing-along

I think it would really behoove Kerry to go positive right about now.

Second Nevada Poll shows tight race KERRY 41% bush 45% Und 9%

Do you think all these endorsements from prior Bush supporting papers

Boost Yahoo standings...once a day till election!..(Kerry Good/Bush Bad)

Kerry looks directly into the camera

NY Daily News - staying out of it?

Did the Wash. Post endorse yet?

Kerry closes campaign with 3 ads focused on Hope/Fresh Start for US

NY Newsday gives lukewarm endorsement to JK

ABC-WAPO Poll -Bush* 49% Kerry 48%

How effective is the Cuddly Puppies ad?

Can Someone Provide A Link To State By State Registration?

What a great way to wake up...(Orlando Sentinel endorsement)

Could there be an LBJ-style landslide in the making for the Democrats?

Haha - Lockhart "I think we're ahead in Ohio, we're ahead in Fla and Pa

Regardless of the outcome, on Nov. 3 we need to talk about RW radio

Billings Gazette (* in 2000) Endorses KERRY

There IS a way to have an accurate vote count on November 2nd

Kerry Bags An Unbelievable Endorsement

Another switch: my local paper endorses John Kerry!

I don't like the vote your hopes theme. Here's why:

There's a smell of desperation on DU - From the freepers BWAHAHAHAHA!

What to Expect On Election Night.

How many states have a Family Marriage act on their ballot?

S'funny- 'member when we were young ('67. .. .) ??

Help Solve the Bush AWOL Mystery & Petition for a Bi-Partisan Presidential

Rasmussen Track - Only .4% seperate KERRY 47.2% and bush 47.6%

Faith Based Voting

FLORIDA POLL: Tied at 46!

Not really crucial (lol) but interesting....Melanie Griffith

Hey Phone bankers! How about saying this?

Yellowman Bush (for real)


Kerry with the wolves in Bush's ad.

DU thread on bullying at the polls is linked at Sun Sentinel.

Reliable Sources - suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure

I think Ras tracking may have caught a trend! Kerry 47.2 vs Bush 47.6

My Family Was Celebrating My Grandma's 80th Birthday Last Night...

Does anyone know anything about absentee ballots in Florida?

How important is the Des Moines Register endorsement for Kerry ??

My letter to the editor. Lets hit them this week

What has hurt John Kerry the most?

Lemme say.. I'm so impressed with Kerry & democrats for handling business

More than 180 Former US Ambassadors Endorse Kerry

With Whom Would You Rather Tiger Hunt?

Buffalo News endorses Kerry (Buffett owned)

George Bush Goes to the Shrink - Garrison Keillor now 12:30 eastern

This has GOT to be here somewhere, but worth a second sing-a-long...

Nasty ring-selling Pug lady in the college union ...

An Ohio paper that switches from Shrub!

I hear that the Detroit paper has Bush over Kerry by 5 points?

Have some money to spend on dem candidates--recommendations?

"Most important election of our lifetimes."

E-mail Bob Schieffer and blast him

I smell me a tsunami

No shit?! The ORLANDO SENTINEL endorsed Kerry?!!!

Nice to know Bushco continues to do the terrorist's job for them. Sheesh,

WTF: 9 days left and chimpy flops around on his Crawford pig farm

Keeping Iraq out off news this week.

Deleted message

Lowering the Subtlety of Political Discourse-GOP backed 'Celsius 41.11'

Atman, the yellow coward...

This guy KNOWS where you should donate for greatest impact

Why I'm voting for John Kerry (ChicagoTrib conservative)

Daily Endorsement Tally: On 'Super Sunday,' Kerry Makes Huge Gains

My LTTE Regarding Today's LA Times David Gerlernter Op-Ed Piece

QUICK: Name 3 good things about the State of the Union.

Washington Post Endorses Kerry

Like father like son

John O'Neill on CSPAN-2 Book TV

Memphis Commercial Appeal endorses Kerry

WaPo - GOP official says mood at Bush Campaign is apprehensive

Is it true that Ralphie's off the ballot in both Pennsylvania and Ohio?

Wolfpacks for Truth... freakin' brilliant

Democratic underground I have a mission for you all

Are red states really red?

Iraqi Ambush death toll

Big G.O.P. Bid to Challenge Voters at Polls in Key State

Observations in Tennessee

"We want leaders to stay the course only when the course is a good one."

When we win......

Incumbent Races: Closer than they appear. Why * needs 50% or better

American Conservative Magazine for Kerry

Why all the Teresa bashing?

Everett Herald (homeport of the USS Abraham Lincoln) endorses Kerry

So yea, I just saw the wolves ad and started laughing my ass off

Denver Post endorsement ??

"Give me the untrustworthy, lying, arrogant bastard I know....."

North Jersey Record - Time to fire Bush

Schumer is running for re-election?

Service workers union tops list of donors to GOP governors (wtf?!)

Trenton (NJ) Times: Kerry for president

Iowa won the nomination for Kerry, and it will win him the Presidency.

Wolfpacks for Truth... freakin' brilliant

Take the Newsweek poll

couple of days ago....

now that

Is B/C04 starting to crumble?

London bookmaker now has odds of presidential race:


A article on Karl Rove the spawn of Satan and Hitler

Funny Stuff: Freepers Think VT, CT Could Go Red

Heads up. C-SPAN2 politcal panel coming up NOW.

The Choice: Fear vs. Freedom from fear

Corpus Christi Caller-Times endorses Kerry (endorsed Bush in 2000)

DU This Poll

Just saw Going Upriver

Friggin' Little Rock paper endorses Bush

Kerry Surging in New ABC News Poll

I can't take it. Okay... Why isn't Kerry that much better than *?

My mom hates Bush.

Hopefully, this will not be needed

I may be way too partisan to be objective, but I get the feeling

Lurking Freepers checking in on us: We have much to celebrate

This year it is not rich vrs poor, it is not conservative against liberal

Strategic "back off" on Plain Dealer suggested

Voting precious to Miss Gertie, and has been since 1920 (feel-good story)

Houston Chronicle endorses bush. Surprise?

I hear that train a-comin' !

Bush=Liar ad featuring 9/11 and how he blew it

Voter call .org is PERFECT! Do it ASAP

Hawaii tied?

There is probably nothing Chimpy can do better than Kerry

Could the SCOTUS ruling have been overturned and Gore put back in?

Who's the hunter and who's Little Red Riding Hood

Any Newspapers Shift Gore '00...Bunnypants '04???

My brother (AWOL 2000) is voting for Kerry.

Just how willfull is the ignorance?

And now for something completely different

Why does CNN always use the 'likely voter' numbers...

Ohio ballot ruling reversed?

Voting non-voters.

What's the deal with Jim Bunning of KY?

Pete Coors....come on Colorado

Kerry has now won over at least 28 papers that went for Bush in 2000

I don't buy the likelyhood the media is floating...

If the Newspapers are changing then the general public has to as well

Explain to me how a "Poll Watcher" goes about hasseling

More CNN DisInformation: Falwell...100 Million Christians Ready To Vote

help me fire back at this email- it must be a hoax

Gallup likely voters - October 24, 2000: Bush-52 Gore-39

Box cameras at polls to capture Republican intimidators?

Newsday - Bush may execute two soldiers who rfused to go on mission

Voter intimidation/challenges at the polls

Arkansas! Kerry surges to dead heat! (48 48 LV)

More problems in Clark County, Nevada.

Any link here to the Bush union busting economic policies.....

The Republican harrassment in Ohio on Nov. 2 - how about videotape?

Deleted message

It's the People against the Powerful and Special Interests

Why abortion rate is up in Bush years

First Comment on my Kerry Bumper Sticker

A little humor to start out your week...

Former Republican Friend--Now Philly Poll Watcher

I don't give a crap about national polls. I care about the state polls.

"The Nation" Endorses Kerry

My LTTE: Short and sweet

Next time around, Next Election, YOU can do this.

Mixing God and Politics - Freepers don't have much faith..


Repugs Colorado may encourage double voting

Link below on John Kerry's website to read newspaper endorsements

Bush loses support of "hometown" paper....

Order of Election Returns on the Night of Nov. 2nd - Possible Scenarios

bush; little big little man (pic)

a very helpful service:

I want Bush gone but I also want DeLay gone!! Will Texas dump DeLay??

Has FoxNews called the election for Bush yet?

brother Gore campaigns in Florida for Kerry

Bob Schrum predicts Kerry 300 EV victory on George StayOnTopOfThis show

Let's just get this straight, mkay?

WP: Is there an invisible army polls can't pin down?

Whorrie Kurtz: Faux Red Media/CNN "Blue" Media????

Star-Ledger (NJ): Kerry for president

Washington Post story: "The Gap Between Closed Minds"

when will the undecideds decide?

Houston Chronicle glowingly endorses the Chimperor

MTP: Mcauliffe confident and positive, Gillespie making excuses

An evil idea about the Reed/Rove GOTV next week.


Rasmussen Tracks Toward Kerry, Zogby Moves Away.......

People keep asking for specific state polls. Click on any state here

When is the new Gallup poll supposed to be released?

My local paper endorsed the Chimperor today

How many of you have voted early or plan to do so?

my local paper endorsed Kerry today . . .

Three new Kerry ads for the final week - take a look!

What if Rick Santorum created the next B/C next ad?

Video of Bush drunk in '92

All the momentum is with Kerry now...Bush is lost...

Just met Jim Hightower

Bush people still hiding and covering-up

What were the pre-Iowa polls like during the Democratic primary?


Can early voting be counted before 11/2?

I speak for the 18-29 age bracket who did not give 2 shits in 2000.

Good for Laurence O'Donnell! Someone has the guts to say it!

DELETE THIS (Sorry, its a duplicate) Sorry!

And on the seventh day, Bush rested....

We DO have the power over CNN!

Are you feeling it?

freeper article, please DU this down

people lined up around the building to vote in tallahassee this

bush continues to violate the Geneva Convention

Please rate: Iraq War Mem.Coalition and in DC yesterday

Toledo Blade Endorses John Kerry for President

I DARE a gop person to question my vote!

Use the Mo! - Vote FOR Kerry

Elizabeth Edwards on CSPAN right now..

What will the Kerry cabinet look like?

What 2 papers that endorsed Gore have endorsed Bush for 2004?

New WaPo/ABC Tracking - Kerry 48 Bush 49 (Sunday, 24th)

Report on CIA Action Concerns Senators

Why aren't we seeing exit polls from early voting?

Don't Believe The Battleground Poll...

This week Kerry needs to surround himself with military people like Clark

Still not happy with kerry?

Hawaii is now a toss up in THE election - I have a theory.

Get ready for the Big Dawg!

ARKANSAS poll has race TIED

New Orleans' Times-Picayune: "No One to Champion" (endorsed * in 2000!)

Freepers trying voter intimidation already. Check out this email:

Mother in law story (pro Kerry)

Washington Post Poll: Bush 49; Kerry 48

New Washington Post Poll: Bush 49% Kerry 48%

Where are people getting that Zogby says 6 pt lead?

Can DU Enlist International Reporters for Election night coverage...

Did any one hear his morning that there will be

Elizabeth Edwards kicking butt on c-span!!!

Mom is fully on board

Just got back from Gore Rally in Tallahassee


Grandparents form political bloc ahead of Nov. 2 vote

waited 45 min. to vote in this heavily democratic area--bad news

Hearing a lot about Mary Poppins registering: WATCH OUT!

My 100th post...

Current Count ***63*** Kerry endorsements TODAY

How do you react to people who claim no interest in politics?

The chimp coming into his rallies in Marine One, to the sounds of Top Gun

Aren't we due for our Sunday laugh? (Gallup poll)

DU this New Jersey Poll - B/C currently winning

Rasmussen Battleground Polls for 10/24 (Some Good News)

Bush applied but could not get into law school. Kerry got in, graduated.

Have October surprises ever really made a difference?

Deleted message

I wonder if C-Span knows something we don't....

Santa Cruz Sentinel endorses Kerry 2004! (Bush 2000)

I need info re: Ashcroft as a foe to adult entertainment industry

Republicans hurting their own?

Don't Freak About A One Day Result From A Tracking Poll

Orlando Sentinel Endorses Kerry:

Does Philadelphia area need poll watchers?

Just saw the Edwards rally here in Dayton

A dream come true!

What if the election goes to the Supreme Court Again?

Poll puts Maine in Kerry column

Is this what American politics boils down too.....

McCaughlin group tearing Bush for Flu shot shortage

There should be a cabinet post for Elizabeth Edwards!!!!


Bush Ahead by FIVE in Michigan? (There's also good news though)

When you find out an acquaintance supports *

Corpus Christi TEXAS Caller-Times endorses Kerry!

Is the Trinity Broadcasting Network tax-exempt?

The Best Site -Click-Good Stuff For Dems...

"Frank Hughes" has lost his account

Another Ghoulish Cheney Pose

Fun: Democratic Pumpkin carving patterns

"Drive to Nab Last Nazis to Begin in January"!!!!!

DU'er was just on C-SPAN!

OK ! Who just mentioned DU on C-SPAN call-in ?? !!

Elizabeth Edwards is amazing.

who's the DUer who just called into CSpan?

Any information on college newspaper endorsements?

Download A Free DVD Online - Bush, Peak Oil, Fortunes of War

Slowly, but surely, the crowd began to turn against the dictator

They can steal our Kerry/Edwards signs but they can't steal our votes

Send the paper in Lakeland, Florida an email congratulating

Please I need your help..........

I think we've also erased the gloom from 2002.

My excellent Vegas voting adventure!

C-SPAN 2 - Good debate at Cornell beginning now

C-SPAN 2 - Good debate at Cornell beginning now

Austin American-Statesman's endorsement of Bush* does not go unchallenged.

Who will be at the Kerry Rally in Phila. tomorrow?

99.94%! Kerry's win probability (332 EV) if he gets 75% of the undecided

Why Bush is throwing the election

Vanessa Kerry & Chrissie Gephart on C-SPAN Now.

Bill Press on CSPAN 2 giving Chimpy hell

Vanessa Kerry rocks!!

The Battefield shrinks: Bush pulling out of Maine, Kerry pulling out of CO

Deleted message

It will make you laugh.

Latest Zogby on Maine

Welcome Back

Another Endorsement: Bush to Kerry local paper endorsed dumbazz

What will barbara bush do when W loses?

Does anyone know

Best Kerry TV ad so far

Relax-We Ain't Losing Michigan Or Hawaii....

What would you rename the Dept. of Homeland Security?

reTHUGlicans STEAL, spray paint KERRY signs in Virginia..BIG time losers!

Policy-wise, I can only think of 3 world leaders more inept than Bush...

I've heard Elizabeth Edwards reads DU

DU Tracking poll: Who will you vote for on Election Day?

More proof Bush is toast

I just got called by a pollster. Anyone know anything about a

Watching Bush/Rove Flog Dead Horses Is REALLY Pathetic

Kansas City Star - great Kerry endorsement

2004 Presidential Endorsements

Zogby battleground tracking numbers anyone?

A Kerry endorsement for your fence-sitting (or Koolaid-drinking) friends

"We're not going to have any casualties!"... 13 images

If I were a repug, i wouldn't even bother to vote. bush will obviously win

Elizabeth Edwards just mentioned DU!!!

This "up in the air" deal may be the last nail in Bush's coffin.

Philly: Springsteen is the Entertainer?

The rumor I'm hearing: Wash Times says Bush about to announce...

Anybody Seen The Hardee's Ad with Kerry and Bush, Rummy,Condi etc?

Elizabeth Edwards on C-SPAN live now.

2nd HAWAII Poll: Bush 46, Kerry 45

Bush Says U.S. Safety from Terror 'Up in the Air'

Kerry wants to make Tora Bora screwup top issue - Bush lies - media silent

Are there any solid red states where the polls are tied?

Chattanooga Times endorses Kerry for president

Chicago Sun-Times endorses John Kerry!

The only thing that would be better than Elizabeth Edwards reading DU

When * loses....will you volunteer to be on the Hannity suicide watch?

Many Bush Supporters Will Vote Kerry

Bush says our safety is "up in the air"

Bush Says U.S. Safety from Terror 'Up in the Air'

Did anyone see BG Burkett ('Stolen Valor' author) on C-Span?

A proud mom, picture.

new Kerry comercial

We just won OHIO!!!

Don't underestimate Bush's alleged "stupidity"!

What do you dislike most about Bush and his policies?

Does PETA support Kerry for President?

Kerry on NBC

Question about poll observing ...

Came one swing away from starting a bar-room brawl last night

George Will: The Economy's Great

Jon Stewart/60 minutes 6:00 cst

Jon Stewart on 60 mins. now nt

Why doesn't Kerry mention BCCI?

US & Iraqi deaths under occupation caused by Bush's carelessness

Katie Couric interviews John Kerry tonight

Voted straight dem ticket today. Pissed off at my cousin though!

Free Speech TV (Something About Bush)

Give Bush a Brain

The October surprise could be... the messy, clouded election

Ark Poll - All tied up KERRY 48% bush 48%

"What more do they want?!"

Washington Post Tracking Poll - Bush 49, Kerry 48 (Kerry up 2 pts)

Hey...... Elizabeth Edwards

McCartney at benefit concert "Let it be Kerry!"

Fear and the Polls

* projected to win Electoral College 446-92

"Up in the air!", Junior Birdman

Kerry on Dateline with Couric

Clinton says choice between Kerry and Bush is 'profound'

Hey, give me the "Kerry Just Won Ohio" Bullshit on Nov 3rd.

About the polls: explain something to me...

At this point, should we ignore the polls?!

Bush 'not competent', Maine's Kennebec Journal endorses KERRY

Fundie Alert

Marthasville Record (MO) Oct. 21, 2004

Analysis: a Bush 2nd Term Could Be Thorny


Smile....Kerry by a LANDSLIDE

How do you post images from your desktop?

I am the Coordinator for GOTV in my town on election day and

"BUSy Packing 04 " How do you like my new slogan for *

New Hawii Poll: * 43%, Kerry 43%

Anyone help with Zogby's state tracking poll methodology?

Dubya's IQ higher than Kerry's? WTF??

Roundup of latest polls

My Polling Place dot com

You know what's pissing me off most about Bushites...

Tracking polls: Prof. Abramowitz says ignore them

Has anyone received B*sh/Cheney literature?

I love that DUers have come together for Kerry/Edwards!

Holy (I'm sorry--polite words fail me) ****!

Time to Run a Bush Flip-Flop Ad

Voters have already decided all they have to do is vote.

Vote for Kerry and get a political Jack-O-Lantern pattern! (Bush ahead)

Bush is Unbeatable

Jumping the Bush Ship. The updated newspaper endorsement story.

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound: the conversion of Lester H.

Will Bush base his civilian life out of Crawford?

When the Repub Party is obliterated, how will they re-create themselves?

I just saw the wolves ad - what was all the chatter about? It was LAME.

DU this poll Now

A little bit of Schadenfreude

When I put up my Kerry sign, I also put up my flag.

LOL! : Chain-Knee tries to put an end to the reports of doom and gloom

Elizabeth Edwards on CSPAN - ON NOW

I Read Something Funny In The New York Times About The Wolf Commercial

what's up with Hawaii?


HELP- Need to dispute freeper

Team America:World Police has ugly GOP bias

Which Network will you be watching on ELECTION NIGHT?

DID * have a plan?

Voted today in Dallas

Big Anti-Kerry Scoop Is A Dud!!

What is going to dominate the headlines on Monday?

Places I Would Send President Clinton...

Hartford Courant endorses incorrectly

AP: Kerry Ridicules Bush On "Up In Air" Remark On Terrorism

Spoke w/my aunts and my grandmother today...all very devout Catholics

Anyone else notice MSNBC's attempt to scare fundamentalist

D*--NYTimes-front page explosives story Monday!

"Nader Voters Favor Kerry Over Bush by 3-to-1 Margin"

Demolition Derby: Bush/Cheney Car vs. Kerry/Edwards Car

What do you think about this one?

Be Very, Very Afraid of Karl Rove

Could NYT/Nelson Report spur retractions of endorsements?


Ad idea for the last week

How to ignore North Korea. How to stir up a hornets nest.

Just got the Flu Shot Shortage email from my BOSS!

Obama on CNN now!!

John Kerry, the real thing - ( Des Moines Register Editorial)

Bush "easier if dictator" commercial ... why not being used?

A fly on the wall at the Crawford ranch...

What Kerry should say about protecting the US from terrorism

Here's the video of our Times Square protest - Called "Warnography"

Two new Kerry Ads!!

The Star endorses Kerry

Iraq removed from list of countries subject to special foreign TAX CREDIT

So let's pick Kerry's cabinet....

America is now Safer from Wolves

What are you looking forward to if Kerry wins the election?

Bush-Cheney-Rove to replace the Bald Eagle as the symbol of America?

phone bank numbers from Mich

Kerry camp reveals final ad strategy.....positive in nature....

How to stir up a hornets nest in time for the election.

A GREAT idea from my wife

My GOP Father-in Law told me today

Sunday's Meet the Press, Is russert back?

As Voter Rolls Bulge in Florida, Democrats Keep Edge

Josh Marshall breaks the real story for Monday

Media Bias - The View from Left and Right

Help on ideas for my post election party!

Do you trust any polls at this point?

Q: What if Britain decided to pull out of Iraq?

Can someone quickly find me Kerry's quote during the debate

electoral map link needed

Shreveport Times (Louisiana) Endorses John Kerry

How much do the Repubs value the lives of the GIs in Iraq ??

Abu Gharib Diary Story

The newspaper I work for endorsed Shrub

What is up with this rumor of a Kerry Story in the WashTimes???

Monday: Kerry in Dover, NH

Snow has been on the road a LOT lately, check it out...

A sneak peek at the new Florida electronic voting machines! :)

So whatever happened to Cheney doing business with the enemy?

Shortage of Kerry/Edwards Signs in Delaware

I'm so happy tonight , freedom is on the march!

Why is the World Series so close to the election?

OMG Laura says "Bush's at peace with losing"


This story is big if true.

Great Photo Of Kerry & John Lennon; Couple of Cool Dudes

Bush regime is imploding / RICO lawsuit against BushCheney by WTC hero

DAvid Boise on CNBC Tina Brown... good show talking FL /nevermind

Time magazine: 51% Bush, 46% Kerry?

George W. Bush: Let's Look At The Record ...

Anyone attend the Kerry rally today at FAU? (n/t)

Zogby's Numbers when you apply the encumbent rule! Take a look

Do you really think the Repubs would have the gall to try and steal .....

what argument will foxnews and their ilk use to question the legitimacy

Any big new polls coming out in the morn?

why the hell is the Katie Couric interview not showing in some areas?

i've been gone all day, what was the Washington times big story

The most BEAUTIFUL thing I've seen in a LONG time

b/c signs in Central Texas are far less than 4 years ago. K/E signs are

Freepers Promoting Kerry/Edwards Sign Theft

"Fuck Bush is trendy in Japan"

Bush's Days Numbered?

Two Stories To Doom Bush In Final Week?

Run to the roundhouse Bush...they can't corner ya there.

I have learned so much here..and starting to put it to use..

This may be a repost: Kerry widely favored abroad, polls show


The Media is ALL OVER the "Up In The Air" Gaffe

Inbred Freepers Trying To Come To Grips With "Explosive" October Surprise!

Red Sox win game 2, 6-2

Deleted By Poster Already Done:

Anyone want to help get out the vote in Hawaii?

Another unofficial sign of a KERRY LANDSLIDE

How do Bush's crowds compare with Kerry's?

Rate this Yahoo photo highly!

Skinner and all Democratic Underground can you find this soundbite?

Monday: Dean in NJ at 2:30; Dean/Franken in NYC for rally at XL 6:30

Why give that ridiculous UN story legs?

The Guantanamization of Townville


Pittsburgh Post Gazette endorses John Kerry. A GREAT endorsement!!!

My novice pictures of Las Cruces Rally on 10/23

Badnarik has an ad on Fox

My views - some may say ramblings

Here's the October Surprise from the NY Times

Try the virtual Florida voting machine ...

Elizabeth Edwards reads democraticunground!!!!

Who else gets absolutely furious about this ?

Though Republicans have criticised Kerrys claims of Black Voter

Elizabeth Edwards on C-SPAN right now...f-ing brilliant townhall

Mathews panel declaring Kerry victory?

Idiot local TV anchor says Clinton will overshadow Kerry tomorrow

A truckload of endorsements


Do any states reveal their early-voting numbers before Nov. 2?

Lots of new polls, lots of good news (NH, NJ, FL, ME, NV, MI)

Which state's returns will be the first sign Kerry will win!!!!

Did Gray Davis endorse Bush?

Sounds like Bush is giving up on Ohio....

Hey! It's NOT over yet!! We need to work, not gloat!

on board: Leonard Nimoy backs Kerry to the max

The Final Nail in Bush's Coffin

Latest Arkansas poll - tie at 48% each - Kerry improves

Elizabeth Edwards Mentions DU

Seattle Times endorses Kerry

"Going Upriver" - Watch It to Get Enthusiastic About Kerry

NYT article about explosives is up already

LINK TV Repeat at 1am "Stolen Honor" With "Going Up River"

Kerry Turns the Scriptures on *

"Appreciating America" article - MUST READ!

is W wolf ad an attempt to repeat the succes of the Reagan bear ad??

Its over...we lose..New RNC ad kills us.........

The real battle is not for the White House

Bush Gaffe! (Makes stupid remark about US never again being safe)

Appleton (WI) Post Crescent endorses Bush

Paul McCartney endorses John Kerry for President!

What happens in Florida and Ohio if people are still waiting in

Lead Story on ABC NEWS: Gibson says Bush aides "very worried"

Dead silence from my GOP relatives

Bush Campaign Takes The Day Off? WTF?

Kerry's three new, positive, and winning ads:

If your local paper has endorsed Bush, kindly go to your DU State Forum

Depressed Freepers have lost faith.

Cheney predicts Election Results Will 52% Bush, 47% Kerry

A whistle-blower objected to the government's Halliburton deals—

Synagogue political b'fast with Murphy in PA

the pledge to resist an illegitimate reelection


Pool: What Will the Final Kerry % Be?

Jerry Falwell SUCKS!!!!!!!

52% Kerry 42% Bush ILLINOIS poll!! ABC poll

What if it goes to the Supreme Court again? What will we do?

New 'Gate' named for al-Qaqaa?

Zogby State Tracking Numbers (Mixed news).

Can someone help me find attendance estimate..

Breakdown of papers endoring Kerry vs. Bush: Anyone found one?

Faulty Polling: Polls and Voter Registration are Opposed Realities

WTF? "I'm voting for * because.........."

On polls and polling

I was talking with a repub today...they don't know kids have been tortured

Just returned from John Kerry Rally in Boca

Welcome! Bush Farewell Tour! (pics)

Swelling Evangelical members story on CNN.

LINK TV Now Showing "Stolen Honor" With "Going Up River" to Follow

What to do if poll watchers hassle you or someone else

Is Ohio the next Florida?

Zogby is going to cream us tomorrow.

ZombyPoll: Is this obsession with polls unhealthy?

After winning, we should not humiliate freepers.

How Devastating is the New York Times October Surprise for Bush?

Harken, fellow DUers. The Kerry campaign is PUMPED.

Arkansas Going Blue

Was it Sinclair that banned the Dixie Chicks

IS THAT ALL YOU GOT? Big Anti-Kerry Scoop is a DUD! (Updated 11:30pm)

Volunteers needed in Iowa!

How John Kerry exposed the Contra-cocaine scandal

So, Americans will die, but that's OK cause med's are unprofitable?

How can Mn, Wi, and Iowa be so close?

who doesnt watch cable news anymore, for any employee eyes

Why are these East Coast idiots writing off Arkansas?

Kerry "continuing raid" on former Bush supporting papers.

Roadmap of Hell -- guide to right-wing scammers and dirty tricksters