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Archives: October 22, 2004

[PINR] Oct. 22, 2004: Restraints in Dealing with Tehran

How many more tax cuts will corporations and rich people get before I...

Need Quarter-page pdf Flyers

First it's Sinclair... NOW VIACOM!!!

Strange bedfellows: Political Pillow Talk...Guess who's dating


Keyes rejects IL votes

Why Do I Have Edwards and Wolgemuth Ads On My Teevee?

Red Birds Win!!

here's a great photo of JK!

Do you know what's wrong with Gay marriages?

here's a great photo of JK!

Kerry better win coz I won't survive Kerry withdrawal.

Clinton as U.N. Sec General?

GE ad on Salon premium

Goss nomination kicks Dems in Ass!!!!

Do you think the website is accurate?

Carville just said on Leno..............

An evening with Ann Coulter...

Anyone know the total number of NRA member?

YES!!! Superbeing Clinton to be declared president of the world!!!

I just watched "Control Room" (On DVD 10/26)

Why should the govt buy left over flu vaccine?

Elvis Costello drop-kicked a Bush-in-flight-suit doll into audience on the

Hey!! Pick your favorite donkey!!

Want to know what Rummy's been up to?

any advice? politics create problem at work

Levin is after Feith for his contributions to Faith Based intelligence

Clinton to be UN Sec Gen

Best way to handle pro-lifers?

I think I just broke up with my brother

Bush cannot win, it's just not possible

St. Louis vs. Boston in the World Series

EVERY SINGLE forum member needs to watch this video before election

Using imagery of wolves, Bush ad suggests terrorists would seize on Kerry

Statement NALC PresidentYoung on Bush-Cheney Charge About Letter Carriers

Analysis: Clinton eyes U.N. post

Commie World Series

My Excrement List

Anyone hear of people winning big money off that Sox Yanks series

The cardinals will beat the red sox in the world series

It's John Kerry's team vs. Dick Gephardt's team for the World Series

The Cardinals and the Red Sox with beat each other in the world series.

"For those tears I died"

I've been waiting 17 years for this day!!!!

Who cares about baseball? What are some good dance songs?

Didn't anyone watch ABC Primetime Live SEX poll?

Favorite poll available on the most recent five pages?

Help me get out of the 300s. Ask me anything. I'll try to answer.

Thank you whoever sent me the nonstick labels

The best piece of rock criticism of the last ten years.

"Hey, Okay You May Own The Tapes, But..."

my little brother just said there's a Greg The Bunny DVD coming out!

Halloween hexes and other anti-Shrubisms

I've decided to start a fantasy hockey league in Lu of no NHL

Hey DU computer people - I've decided to save for my own computer.

Has anyone here ever been to Molokai?

Bush won the war for Iran and Osama Bin Laden

For my 900th post, I'd like to say just one thing

You heard it here first the 2005 Baltimore Orioles will win the pennant

I got two votes for Kerry today

What U.S. channels show risque things?

Just another too-cute-for-words puppy thread

Link to Triumph The Insult Comic Dog at "Spin Alley"

Does anyone have a really great relationship with their inlaws?

What will you be doing on November 3rd?

"Dylan: Don't Look Back" on Discovery Times Channel now

For my 100th post, I'd like to say just one thing

Can someone give me the Gore 2000 state poll numbers?

F911's Audio (MP3)

Carville on Leno right now

It's Midnight... The Zogby Poll Comes Out In Seven Hours...

mods delete

Watch this powerful ad, and if you like it........

Stem Cell effect? How many families could be effected by this?

Attention, DU High School Students and Teachers!

If Laura Bush says Teresa Heinz Kerry "didn't need to apologize,"

So a priest, a rabbi and a mullah walk into Republican headquarters...

Obama vs. Keyes Debate on C-SPAN -2: See a future President

Further evidence Magic Johnson is no Republican

Top 35 Trends that say Kerry will Take the White House in November

Michael Moore In Utah - Pics

gw campaign claiming Kerry endorsed by PLO

If bush tried to invade Iran...I think it would backfire

Bush as a lame duck, how dangerous is dangerous?

prediction: IF this election winds up in the supreme court

Ad that finally hammers * on joking about search for WMD

Let's leave Laura out of this

What happens when Chimpy "finds" Osama on October 26th

does anyone know about vote swap?

Is Saturday 'October Surprise' Day?

Hot republican phone sex

Do the campaigns have better polling data than the polls we see?

Bunning continues to lose it (KY US senate race)

I've come to a sad, frightening realization: my mother in law is a freeper

Herbert: Bush's Blinkers

Guardian;Deeper into the Iraqi quagmire

Dowd: Belief in miracles makes poor national policy

KRUGMAN: Voting and Counting

Editors of The Nation: John Kerry for President

Will they be paid before they die?

‘Situation was dire’: Eyewitness details fatal Fenway riot

Catholics endorsing Kerry (Help create list please)

Milliken gives a voice to moderates in GOP

Ridge and Rice Politicize Security

Monster Slash Flash starring the W and Klan (Halloween)

9/11 Mom: An Open Letter to George W. Bush

where Vietnam might have ended up had Kennedy not been killed

Having fun with CaterAir (a smirk tale of crime)

Cartoon: Nader 2004: Patriot Saint or Dildo?

Tucker Carlson - Media Sheep

Bush quietly signs 140 billion special interest tax bill (may be dupe)

WSJ: The Daily Dodge - Bowman's Bash of Jon Stewart Backfires

Jon Stewart and Valerie Plame make the same Oregonian column

Hooters in China?

McConnell/The American Conservative: Kerry's the One

LTTE - Kerry Signs Stolen

E&P - Kerry picks up another endorsement (Bush picks up 8 new ones)

Sucking Democracy Dry: The End of Democracy

Letter to Chicago Tribune -- Suggestions? Corrections?

The world has lost Iraq's oil

Bush crew blows it again GREELEY

WSJ: For Its Own Reasons, Singapore Is Getting Rather Gay-Friendly

Derailment blocks fuel supply (to AZ, NV)

The American Conservative Magazine Endorses... JOHN KERRY!!!!

Alternet Article on Kerry's Takedown of BCCI

WSJ: Some Hunters Plan to Desert Bush

The Coming Post-Election Chaos | John Dean

Powerful letter to Bush from mother whose daughter died on 9/11

3 of 4 Bush voters believe Iraq had WMD, al Qaeda ties

New BigPath DraftLink Site Feature

Central OHIO DU'ers - emergency MoveOn meeting TODAY in Clintonville....

Medicare Truth Campaign (FCAN): image and fact sheets to pass on

John Kerry in Warren (mich)! Monday, Oct 25th. needs your help .

Site with flyers organized by category

Caution Graphic ! Help Defeat Bushco..Pass out this Flyer to W supporters.

"Stolen Honor" NOT AIRED last night in Baltimore. What gives?

Freudian slip? Wishful thinking? Rather-esque error? WKDD "news

CNN's Richard Quest: Twit or Wanker?

Was I having a nightmare or did Susskind really say this on Charlie

forbidden films on worldlink

this week on NOW with bill moyers

Mike Malloy is best thing on AAR.

CNN warns of Bush "triple threat"

Air America making a Northwest Debut Monday!!!! (Seattle)

Why no media play on Dem "Pension fairness Act's tying Exec Comp to Worker

Media's ignoring New Mexico Voting Machines recording Kerry votes as Bush

Loofah-gate continues, the evidence emerges

Chicago Trib:furious response to presidential endorsement

Accounting Scandals, notice these aren't even brought up

Have you seen any news about Q3 growth?

Economists, A question

Clinton added jobs? Help me destroy freeper argument!

What is asset stripping?

All of the Sunspots have disappeared


Estimate for Number of Human Genes Slashed (less than a mustard plant!)

Bush Fish $ Wildlife OK's drilling in refuge area via protected area swap!

An excellent roundup of Peak Oil books

Shoot lone elk wandering through your state

51% of Bushies believe Bush supports Kyoto treaty on global warming!

Breaking: Russian Duma ratifies Kyoto!

Althea taking shape (EU replacing Nato forces in Bosnia Herzegovina)

So really, What's the United States' beef with Castro?

Gun crime figures show fresh rise (UK)

GUNS IN THE NEWS - October 22, 2004

Well, it worked! I passed the test and got the job!

This is what you do.

Will DU be doing anything to celebrate after the election?

Why was my thread locked?

There ought to be a board where members can discuss policy

A question about Election Night.

Could we do something like this?

Is it only me??? Or does the font keep changing....

I keep getting pop-ups that shut me down or freeze me up!

It seems you've been hacked.

Someone's found a hack

Can we have a new SUV forum

Duplicate topic

Will there be any rules about posting exit polls

Pictures of DUers and their animals

I was just wondering what happened to the post from "chip the shrub"?

Israeli Airstrike Kills Hamas Commander

PA legislators warn of civil war

Right-wing rabbis 'stirring up civil war' over Gaza

Israel to call up extra troops

Chomsky on "Anti-Semitism"

IDF soldier killed in Rafah bomb blast

Vancouver Muslim leader calls Jews 'monkeys and swine'

How involved were US leaders in the plot to assassinate Ed Koch?

9/11 Background: The Gulf of Tonkin "Incident"

Update on DuPage Sample Ballot Debacle

chicagoland am listeners--- remember Wally Phillips?

Jones' Senate bid running on red ink

Al Rantell got "punked"!

Which California Democrat do you think may run for President one day?

Most right-wing talk show host in SoCal?

LA Weekly endorsements

How are Things for Kerry in Iowa

WTF is wrong with peopLe!?

Wetterling campaign wants GOP TV ads pulled

FOX 9 airs story about sign theft

Anyone know of any visibility activities going on around town?

Got a swift vets mailing today

Wetterling/Daly polls?

My mother (age 83) was polled by the Republicans

Jesse Ventura endorses Kerry!!!

Patrice Bataglia, Big Liar

My Minneapolis Kerry Rally Photos

Getting alot of calls from the Bush campaign (or proxys)

Early voting: does MN have early voting?

Kline and Kennedy attack Wellstone, go against veterans

Soil and Water Sups

Kerry's coming to Detroit area Monday afternoon

John Kerry in Warren (mich)! Monday, Oct 25th.

MACOMB COUNTY. We need help!

MI: Any Reports of "Undelivered" Reg Forms?

A small bit of good news RE: poll watchers

Emergency MoveOn meeting today (Friday, 10/22)

Cafaro campaign parts with top aide after video flap (OH-14th race)

I see signs for issues 49 & 50. Is that statewide or local?

Jeff Seemann (nearly) arrested at Bush protest!

Funny anti-Bush sign spotted at a busy intersection in Dayton suburbs.

Fingerhut vs. Voinovich debate broadcast schedule

Jane Mitakides race left off absentee ballots!!

* said this:

Michael J Fox Supporting Spector???

Phila-area DU-ers: Here's where to get tix for Kerry-Clinton rally Oct. 25

DeLay stiffs constituents again. Doesn't show for candidate forum


'People are showing up like there is no tomorrow'

Austin E-voting Bullshit.

DeLay, other lawmakers received flu shots

Protest DeLay in Austin?

Why are there so many slots in my area of Texas with no

Memorial donation

We must win Ohio and Wisconsin by Slate/Saletan's analysis

Here's a Shocker: Northwestern endorses George Bush

John Kerry coming to Green Bay on Monday 10/25

WYOU (Madison public access) to show 'Hijacking Catastrophe' tonight

Poll watchers needed in Milwaukee (BBV concern)

This story really makes me sad

Ack: Promise Keepers at Safeco Field Friday/Saturday (Oct 22/23)

Software/ Piracy issue should be come moot

Now, (after Malloy) it's time for another kick ass show-Bernie Ward (Link)

I found a photo of John Kerry with John Kennedy from 1962

Delete please

Here's your Wisconsin Freepers at their best...No wonder Blacks vote Dem

Watching the Paula Zahn town hall rebroadcast on CNN

Let the world change you, and you can change the world.

This parody of Du is the funniest thing I have ever seen.

NewsHounds...They watch Fox, so you don't have to.

Old news, I suppose, but I just saw this Bush interview with O'Reilly and

This Freeper crap about Saddam and terror...

Does ANYONE have

Boston police take "complete responsibility" for death of woman

Hey Florida Democrats - tell us your registering stories

Economist/YouGov Poll - Kerry 48 **** 46

Kerry wins, Clinton put in charge of the World, freepers heads explode

NYT: Soul-Searching Time: Try or Not to Find a Flu Shot?


ABC Good Morning American to interview Bill Clinton on Monday

Air America making Seattle debut!!!

LAT op-ed, Ariel Dorfman: "Brainy Candidates Need Not Apply"

Imus at it again.

Ann Coulter interviewed: yes, she really is that shrill and stupid

Bill Clinton to head the UN?

Another link between the Right and Al Qaeda - Both wanted Clinton gone

Has anyone heard this Bush daughters rumor?

Yasser Arafat endorses John Kerry

2008 - Who do they have?

Amish open their homes to tourists..

Airing of 'Fahrenheit 9/11' spurs calls to Time Warner

After bush loses on 11/2, will he start reading CIA briefs for a change?

Another New Meme: Everything Kerry Does Is Pandering

The Detection of Sixteen US Dead Bodies in A mass Grave in Falluja

Kerry goose hunt

"What's going on in Iraq - if this is America, we're in deep shit"

Record Labels Said to Be Next on Spitzer List for Scrutiny

Castro breaks knee, arm in fall [[[VIDEO]]] LOOOL

Osama "on the move", Intelligence on Alert

I have a question.

Need Middle East 101 Please

Collateral Damage in the Police State

The Right-Wing is about to launch an attack on John Kerry. Stop them now.

What The Hell Happened? There's More Freepers Here Than

Great Quote About The Culture of Fear

The repukes have owned the government for two years, so

Bush and Condi spent last Thanksgiving with Chalabi!

Red Sox Fan Killed by Police Projectile

A question about Electoral College electors.

What's a good electoral vote predictor website?

"Chickens? I Thought They Were Turkeys"

Are these stories going to stay buried even after the election?

Anybody know what areas the Sinclair thing will be shown?

Why Isn't Kerry Talking About Voter Supression In Florida And Elsewhere?

Army seeking congressional approval to allow 10 year olds to enlist.

I am pretty disgusted with our country

Fahrenheit 9/11 Shown On Public Access - Support Time Warner

exact text of NY Times contact information - FYI (email)

LOOK! The Freepers Are PROUD To Be STUPID!!!

Had the "If you vote Bush, I don't want to hear it" talk with friends.

Vote Machine fraud 2004, too complicated for Dems to understand

Looks like a good Bill Maher tonight

Coalition of the Willing list

Are abortions on the rise under Bush?

Rumor, Joe Biden to be Sec Of State in Kerry Aministration.

Oh boy. They are really trying to blast Mrs. Kerry.

Would you drink this water?

My letter to Craig Biggio

If Democrats had done all of this, what would you do?

Heads up-tonights Real time guest list

Bush/Kerry Dance Off

How to Thwart Iraqi Kidnappings/Beheadings

Perjury meets Treason: Pentagon LIED to Congress re Saddam-Al Qaeda tie

Need cheerleading picture of Bush at Andover

Let's send Annie Moon Pies!

General Electric Plan Lights Up Putin--New World Media Watch...

Does anyone have a video of Pat Robertson talking about shrub?

EVENING NEWS with Tom Brokaw.

The real danger zone..Nov 3-Jan 20

anybody know the distance

Global boycott of Sincliar advertisers?

After moron looses on Nov 2nd...

The ultimate freeper slayer joke

What is the difference between Vietnam and IRAQ ?

Karl Schwarz

BK Never Tasted So Good

BBV video (humor)

"Can I Get Me A Hunting License Here?" - John Kerry

What is with these flu shots???

What's the deal with Ann Coulter getting pied last night?

Any links to Bush / Oxycontin addiction story?

"Lying before Congress" - Hmm, isn't that what Annthrax Coulter

"Rush Limbaugh Appeals Ruling on Records"

African American Radio stations in Cincinnati...

Across the nation, political attacks and intolerance are on the rise.

89 year old woman sentenced to jail for anti-war protest

Coloradoans - A change in Coors commercials?

What You Get With a Bush Presidency

Listening to a Q and A on MPR

Was AnnTHRAX really hit by pies? Or was it orchestrated jackassery...

Inspiring words for today

There will be a special place in hell for Maria Hassan's kidnappers

Bush to Infuenza : "Bring it on!"

Reasons to be happy to be a liberal

How long will it be before O'Reilly has a reverse Swastika on his face?

Ras indicates Senate looking better for Dems

Great debate triumph over conservative friend

The response from a young repub

"Please help me, please help me, these might be my last hours....

If America was a corporation and Bush was the CEO

How many people in the Republican party are actually IN on the VRWC

I was wondering if there are any other states that vote by

Just got a call from a friend who's been looking for work for a year now

The Dow Jones is Turning The Corner

Hmmm ... Fri. afternoon -- time for a Plame indictment?

My house was visited by the Michael Moore Fairy

Religious Fascism: It's NOT Fundamentalist. It IS Dominionist!

Bummer. My "ex-Gay" ex-friend is upset that people don't like her website.

Confession of Christian theologians and ethicists


Could SPAM be a GOOD thing ?

Radio Paradise is playing a set of anti-Chimp songs

It's Friday, did i miss any document dump?

New stump attack by *...five little choices

Dubya the antichrist???

"Jon Stewart Roasts Real News" on 60 Minutes

Leahy: "Doing Whatever It Takes To Cling To Power "

some freeper is talking about kerry not signing form 180???

The Bugman's busted! Damning audio TAPES -reveal abuse of power

Kerry and VVAW's 1970 Meeting with North Vietnam and NLF Peace Delegation

Should We Trust Gallup's Recent Ohio Poll?

Why does this picture creep me out?

Just Voted early 'n often. Ask me anything.

A Bush pre-election strike on Iran 'imminent'

lol women "sensitive to phoniness"

Buried Planes

A sure sign Bush is in trouble...

How Bush Widened The Wealth Gap

I'm building a collection of Martha Stewart's Living,

Two Arrested For Hurling Pies @ Ann Coulter

Is tonight the night that Sinclair does the "news" report on Kerry???

Eminem Talks Bush Song (it's online, too!)

What was your response to GM's claims that Sinclair...

Post-Election Investment Scenarios

F9/11 makes CNN's Morning crew frown. Faux lies about Kerry.

who else is protesting Sinclair tonight?

Dear George, This is what your f'n War is all about

So who saw Ann Coulter almost get the desert in her face ROFLMAF . . .

A modest proposal: We're not at war. Go ahead and change horses.

George F. Will stole Jimmy Carter's debate briefing book and gave

How cool is this?.....

michael moore on fresh aire


It's Friday, ya bastids!!

Does anyone know the contact info for donating to the 9/11 "Jersey Girls"?

A Perfect Circle Releases Anti-War Album on Election Day

Anybody see Bush* trip?

Has the Wall Street Journal endorsed Bush yet?

Transcript to "Stolen Honor" & letter page devoted to Sinclair

Will Kerry Throw out the first pitch Saturday?

Why don't people bring their lawnsigns inside at night?

"War Criminal" - What Does it Really Mean?

An anatomy of the failure of faith-based policy-making

Al Pieda strikes MAn Coulter in homeland!!!

Yay! I registered a 65 year old black man to vote for the first time

The World According to Bush - DVD

Fourth Floor Blogger Calls it Quits - news article

Who will Bush pardon?

Jon Stewart will be on 60 Minutes on Sunday!!!

If you said you were going to boycott a Sinclair advertiser, do it!


Constitution Restoration Act of 2004

Smoking Gun has mugshots of the guys who threw pies at Ann Coulter

BCCI and John Kerry

HereÕs a brilliant point Ted Koppel made last night.


Smirk gives GE (MSN/NBC) $444.9 mil contract (yes indeedy)

How is Oregon "Barely Kerry"?

Why did the Boston police try to break up this celebration?

Energy Companies were NOT always evil.

Questions to ask GOPers

Wolves are just not scary. Not even WEREWOLVES.

Defenders of Wildlife React to Wolf ad . . .

Need help with British quote

I just voted KERRY/EDWARDS and I feel GREAT!

The Ashcroftian Matrix

JUST poll!!!! You'll like this one!!

rice's new try

Is there a place on the web that will be carrying the Sinclaire "news"

Ronald Reagan's face belongs on Food Stamps not Money

Looking for a (possible) link

Something has got to break this weekend!

Good things happen to good people: U2 Frontman Bono Finds His...

Democrats Supporting Bush v. Republicans supporting Kerry

Wal-mart Bans Jon Stewart Book "America"!

What is the point of the I-94W (Immigration) Form ?

Could Bill Clinton become Secretary General of the UN?

anybody seen yet?

What happened to the "Maria Hassan" thread?

What is "asset stripping"?

Kerry's request for duty in Vietnam

Will the Florida Legislature Vote the Electors for Bush?

To women DUers,more men vote Bush then Kerry.

U.S. Begins???? Tighter Flight School Checks. Three Years Too Late

Republicans apparently want a stand-up comic for Prez.

Conservative responses to an anti-Bush article.

Campaign Trail Photos

Al and Katherine?

I just saw the Mann Coulter video on KABC

Did you order the dvd "Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry" from

DU'ers: Tell all of your OHIO Friends to go to Lima, OH Sunday

Blair appears to have become a compulsive liar like Bush

Question for FOX, Cable "News" Networks: Can you survive . .

Is it wrong too....

Guess what's on right now?

Did they kill the CARE hostage, Ms. Hassan???? My mother said

Bush's Very First Presidential Decision Directive Undid Clinton's Last.

MY response to Edwards hatin on a medical forum..whatta think?

Babs was heard saying (scroll line on News) If people did not quit

The GOP in 2 minutes

Anyone heard that Jesse Ventura Ad?

Wonder what The Daily Show will do with "Wolves"?

Iraq; new law requires Farmers to use Gentically modified seed ONLY

John Kerry wants to stop you from seeing this film

Interesting Wisconsin Senate Debate on C-SPAN 2 NOW!! Michels vs. Feingold

Keith Olberman could sub for Jon Stewart.

9/11 Commission Report

SCARY Electoral College Scenario....

If you're Christian, you can't be voting for Kerry: Stupid LTTE

Explaine to me what the deal is with the wolves in shrubs new ad?

How popular was the Iraq War in the US before it started? nt

Are the electronic voting machines in more blue states/counties?

O'Reilly class-action suit: Do we have a case?

Will Kerry kick people's asses to the curb?

What happened to the Israels plans for Iranian nukes story

What Song Was That Leading Back into "Majority Report"?

WTF? Sinclair is not showing Stolen Honor but is attacking Dems

funny freeper reactions to Coulter pie hit

What was the source for the Saudi $860 billion in F9/11?

The Ann Coulter pie throw

Conan is really getting under oliely's skin

I voted in Fl for John Kerry today, and I'm not sure I should have.

teresa audio, please help

"You're an Asshole"

State terminates deal for voting machines

Republican's against jesus!! funny ad :)

Bah! I am gonna gain about 5 lbs from nervous eating between now and

Hey, DUers, I need your help! My sister wants to see the whole footage

Another idiotic right-wing bumper sticker

PBS NOW - awesome (10 pm ET) Says Kerry and Bush Are Distant Cousins

Wonk? Can anyone get me the footage of the "Wolves" bush ad?

why is iowa a newsworthy swingstate

The Bush message has reached Jesus

What beer is Theresa drinking?

Flu is in Manhattan.

Republican mindset at work

Battle to stop e-voting steps up

How many days will the News spin this Sinclair shit.

Dave Matthews Band Making Amends After Waste-Dumping Incident in Chicago

He's the exact opposite of what a president should be

Demand the Release of the CIA’s 9-11 Report!

The New Cartoon at Working for Change

I just got a "Vote Dukakis" pop-up, NO LIE

Stars and Stripes Story on Women in Combat Units Story

Blacks, Indians, Hispanics Angry About GOP Welfare Ad

The "Beat The Crap Out Of Sinclair" Brainstormer

No National Guard used in Boston during World Series

Sarasota roads were loaded with Kerry supporting college students today

I am so glad that Jon Stewart is one of the biggest stories this week!

Bill Clinton as Secretary General? Bill Maher has a poll

How interesting!

Friday night video fun!

Here Ann, Have some Pie.

Bloomberg Markets mag - No friend of the BFEE.

O.K. I give up

Don't lean against Electronic Voting Machines! Sit if you can!

James Woolsey is such an ass!

Dear Senator: Our Election Mess is your Number One priority

oh, boy. are you all *ever* swimming upstream... (links)

Who is taking Kerry signs

Clinton - "Leader of the ENTIRE world"

FINALLY saw Farenheit 9-11

New peace exhibit photos from mid-America, EYES WIDE OPEN (in and outdoor)

Which George W. Bush are You?

Late WWII POW Honored in Ark. for Hiding Documents on Prisoners, Atrocitie

Thompson toon: "You want Canadian health care with your Freedom fries?"

Who would you want with you if you came across a wolf in the woods?

Friday night Malloy thread: here

Did anyone see Jesse Ventura on TV tonight?

Reagan v. Carter, '80: What was the outlook in the last few days?


These people go too far!!

E-mail I sent to my college roomie (who's almost a Freeper)

Band of Sisters

I should have done a better job with my "free" F-9/11 borrowing plan...

lyrics to eminem's great new anti bush * song "Mosh"

The Coming Post-Election Chaos - John Dean

120 Billion and our troops still want Baby Wipes Grrrrrrrr

I'm reading Michael Moore new book today, when I feel a lump in my throat.

Somebody pleeeease post a picture of Man with pie on her face!!!

In Beslan at a makeshift memorial are thousands of bottles of water

Smedley Butler - we need one of him NOW!

U.S. Begins Tighter Flight School Checks------BEGINS!?!?!?!?!?

I don't know who's worse... Bush or bin Laden

Did you watch it? Contact the FCC. There are specific complaints..

Did the pastor steal my Kerry sign?

Need help with debate re: Bush-Saud connection and F9/11

So wolves are terrorists now, too?!

Something odd on Faux nextwork here in Texas....

What SHOULD the USA do if terrorists NUKE us?

Is there such a thing as a Jewish creationist?

Why are we in Iraq, this article lays it out in great detail and also....

win or lose, what about the bushturd's supporters?

Why do some people type a * instead of Bush here?

African-American vote could carry Dems home to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Need help from Researchers...price of oil per barrell

Should we stop patronizing Republican businesses?

A look at the W. VA situation: Uncommon Sense.The Cult of the Unborn.

Maher's on....

BBV: Colo. limits number of poll watchers

Woo Hoo!! Air America is coming to Seattle!!

BBV: In New Mexico, votes for Kerry openly go to Bush.

Voter party changed without consent in PA

I think he might be going to HELL....or is it just me?

Voters report fake calls


Have you seen THIS?

Seriously, what are we going to do about Iraq America?

You won't get to CHOOSE whether to break-up America

jon stewart - sunday 9 pm et cspan

70 year old called up for Iraq duty

I need HELP!! My dad's goint to vote for The Chimp!

New flyer: "Republicans Cried Wolf" - at home page

"American Conservative" Magazine endorses John Kerry!

It is now irrefutable: Men are dumber than women.

Know Your Rights ..

WTF? Bush showing WTC collapse

NOT mortified by Bush's racist ways? Watch this

Krugman on what to expect if Kerry wins.....interview in TX Observer.

When Kerry Wins what will become of the impressive groundswell?

O'Lielly to settle suit with payoff if tapes are destroyed.

"MAnn Coulter" gets hit with custard pies.

THE ONCOMING TSUNAMI -- will you be ready?

I was watching this hour has 22 minutes tonight

Wow, the dollar is over $0.81...

Just doing a tour of the colonies...

Have you seen the Poppy Quarters?

Bush Ad Hints Terrorists Want Kerry to Win

Fury as Britain approves troop deployment in Iraq

NYT: 6 Battlegrounds for Governors (IN, MO, MT, NH, UT, WA)

NYT: Advice on Vaccine Shortage Is Lacking, Local Officials Say

NYPD to Destroy GOP Protest Fingerprints

U.S. Continues Airstrikes in Fallujah

Report cites trade policy for lost jobs

UP students duped into changing party affiliation

Filmmaker Sues Sinclair Over Kerry Program

Pentagon Dumps Guantanamo Terrorism Trial Officers

John Kerry's Senior Brigade

NYT,pg1: Mixed Results for Bush in Battles Over Judges

WP: (Kerry and Bush) Health Plans Differ in Scope And Philosophy

WP: Religious Leaders Ahead in Iraq Poll

Kerry says Bush's stem-cell stance hinders science

LAT: Released (Guantanamo) Detainees Join Fight

The Secret Files That Reveal How A Nation Was Deported

Will they be paid before they die?

Former President Bush jokes that wife 'steamed up' over attacks on son

Power struggles in Tehran

WP: "Religious Leaders Ahead in Iraq Poll"

Two Iraqi children killed in car, U.S. blamed

WP: In Montgomery ("Flu Vaccine Powerball"), High-Risk Have Small Chance

Shooting erupts during US raid on Iraq mosque

Clinton eyes top UN post

Smith Political Dinner Gets Bush, Carey

Luther's lavatory thrills experts

U.S., Iraqi Forces Detain Sunni Muslim Cleric

Two Arrested for Hurling Pies at Columnist (Ann Coulter)

Two Arrested for Hurling Pies at Columnist

US gambling head lobbied No 10 before Bill change

2,000 troops sent to Iraq 'didn't even know how to point a rifle'

Weeping Hassan in plea for life

Police stop Sadr followers praying in Iraq holy city

A same-sex couple will say 'I Do' in front of a billboard that denounces..

Female soldiers eyed for combat (3rd Div. to have mixed support unit)

Fabulous discussion RIGHT NOW on CSPAN-2--8:45 am Pacific time

Russian Parliament's Lower House OKs Kyoto

Canadian Man In New Mexico Sues Halliburton for Selling Missiles To Him

Bush Receives Endorsement From Iran

Many Bush supporters disregard Iraq weapons findings

Russian MPs ratify Kyoto treaty on global warming

Two Arrested for Hurling Pies at Columnist(Coulter)

Spitzer's news put EMI out of tune

Puyallup schools ban Halloween festivities (WA State)

Precision-Strike Democacy---ATimes Online (Fallujah update)

2 major German TV stations will air "Fahrenheit 9/11" on Nov. 1st and 2nd!

[Chicago] Bears [footballers] get flu shots despite shortage

EPI: Middle-class income down since 2000

GOP says Nevada voter fraud charges are trumped up

Feith accused of deceiving Congress

Pentagon Reportedly Skewed C.I.A.'s View of Qaeda Tie

Human activity is choking the planet, report warns

Nickelodean Kids vote: Kerry 56% -The kids are always right.

U.S. forces kill two Iraqi children

US not ready to rock the boat (Iran)

AP Wire: Jesse Ventura apparently supporting Kerry

Two Arrested for Hurling Pies at Columnist (Coulter!)

ACLU Files Suit Over FBI Questioning of Muslims

Ex-Citigroup execs may face SEC charges, banking company says in filing

PAC ordered to stop using corporate cash

Swing States Show 2,800 Net Job Loss

Bush signs $136 billion corporate tax-cut bill

Lawsuit over missing voter registration forms filed in Nevada

Five US soldiers wounded in car bombing in northern Iraq

Without Fanfare, Bush OKs Corporate Tax Cuts

Federal judge may rule today on rejected voter applications

Thousands Sign Up for British Tycoon Branson's Space Flights

NYT Neck and Neck, Bush and Kerry Pick Different Tracks

N.Korea Sets 3 Conditions for 6-Way Talks to Resume

Bush visit highlights Timken boom, criticism (military contracts)

A Bush pre-election strike on Iran 'imminent'

Dow Hits Intraday Low 9,803.74 for Year(off 75 9791)

CIA leaked military corruption--Pimentel

Another Fort Collins tech company announces layoffs (200 jobs to China)

Dems won't let DeLay dust settle

Brazil Can Enrich Uranium for 6 Nukes-Researchers

EMI to Face Spitzer Music Industry Probe

Capitol Flu Shot Supply Going to DC Residents

State forms task force to combat voter fraud

AP Poll: More Than Half of Americans With a Relative at Risk Worry About V

FDA Approves New Device to Treat Fibroids

Congress Giving 3,000 Doses of Flu Vaccine to District of Columbia

Florida Judge Denies a New Trial in Schiavo Right-to-Die Case

Boston Mayor Wants To Ban Liquor Sales During World Series

Anti-Clinton Ads Dog Ex-Aide in Senate Race (NC)

Pa. Links Votes to Student Grant Money

U.S. Gives $18.5M for Mideast Projects

Federal ballot available online for overseas voters

Hurricanes Cost Florida 9,500 Jobs in September

Dow at Year Low as Oil Hits Record

Bush Tripped A Few Minutes Ago!

Florida is focus of furor again

Clinton Seeks to Boost Turnout for Kerry

Al-Jazeera Airs Tape of Weeping Aid Worker

Voters report fake calls (Dirty Tricks in Ohio)

California AG Subpoenas Flu Shot Distributors Amid Gouging Reports

Edwards: Bush, Cheney Manipulate Facts

Republican Group Accused of Voter Fraud

No evidence Cuba working on bioweapons, expert says

Spymaster calls Bush ‘universally hated’ bully

US may expand N-blacklist against India

Switching Attack, Edwards Slams Bush Over Iraq

Poll: Kerry Widens Lead Over Bush In Pa.

United Nations cloning treaty on hold until after US election

Bush Opens New Line of Attack on Kerry

State terminates deal for voting machines (Hawai'i)

Former Governor Jesse Ventura officially endorses Kerry

Iraqi Children Warned to Avoid Soldiers

Saudi Denies Failure to Pursue Insurgents

Men Nail Conservative Ann Coulter With Pies

Prospects Dim on Spy Agencies Overhaul Bill

Israel May Have Iran in its Sights

LAT: Land Trade Would Allow Drilling in (Alaska) Refuge

Without fanfare, Bush OKs corporate tax cuts ($140 billion)

Travelers to Get U.S. Passport Exemption

Nader to Appeal Split Ohio Supreme Court Ruling

Ex-Air Force general rips President on Iraq in Derry

Bush or Kerry - Are Pollsters Making the Connection?

Army to Let Halliburton Keep Iraq Payment

Taliban Faction Seeks Return to Power by Ballot

Rassmussen Poll: Bush49 JFK46

Republicans claim Democrats getting illegal campaign help in Florida

Lawyers Talking in Bill O'Reilly Case

US army wants females in combat zones

Americans Head to Mexico for Scarce Flu Shot

Airports await guidelines for private screeners

Iraq Prepares to Negotiate Oil Deals-Officials Say

U.S.-Backed Iraq Government Losing Support - Survey

Top U.S. General ( Myers) Balks at Intelligence Reform

Iraq coalition vanishes from White House website

Cuba: US immoral for reaction to Castro fall

Kerry Campaign Shifts Its Focus to Southwest

U.S. threatens quotas on sock imports from China

Cheney Derides Kerry Over War on Terror

Halliburton may keep disputed money

Integrity of Florida Virtual Vote in Doubt

In Crucial Swing State, E-Voting Concerns Complicate Recount Worries

Iraqi Children Warned to Avoid Soldiers

Democrat Seeks Probe of Bush Aides' Travel

Justice Dept. Weighs in on Ohio Ballots

Ohio Supreme Court Rejects Nader Ballot Request

Canadian charges Halliburton affiliates with fraud

Two Men Arrested for Throwing Pies at Conservative Columnist Ann Coulter D

American (Airlines) outlines layoff plans (1,100 jobs)

LAT: U.S. Job Growth Seen as Uneven in Latest Measure Before Election

NYT: Momentum Builds for U.S. Role in Paying Highest Health Costs

Florida officials worry about double voting

Death Raises Questions About Police Use of Force During Boston Baseball Ce

Kerry Scoffs at Bush's 'Tough' Talk on Terror

Bill to rename VA Medical Center for Wellstone languishes

Five charged in absentee voter controversy

World oil price soars to record, 60 dollars seen for NY crude

Car carries a special message (Names of Iraq casualties)

Late WWII POW Honored in Ark. for Hiding Documents on Prisoners, Atrocitie

LAT: Key States' Ballot Officials Feel Glare of Critical Eyes

Man knocks himself out stealing campaign signs

WP: Beliefs Carved in Stone

Dollar Slumps Broadly, More Losses Seen

Anti-Kerry Veterans Send Mail to 6 States

Bush campaign asserts Kerry is "sports pandering" Red Sox ALC

Wife of soldier sentenced in prison abuse scandal speaks out

Jesse Ventura endorses Kerry

Bin Laden's exact location is known, says 9-11 panelist

WP: More College Students Taking Their Vote Seriously

Officials Fear Iraq's Lure for Muslims in Europe

CNN: New assessment of 12,000 insurgents shows resistance growing

Ashcroft Says U.S. Needs Canada's Help to Thwart Terror

NYT: Memos Warned of Billing Fraud by Firm in Iraq (Custer Battles)

Teresa Heinz Kerry Invokes Supreme Court to Tout Husband

"American Concervative" Magazine endorses John Kerry

Schwarzenegger unveils hydrogen Hummer, but not how he planned

Stranger Takes Over Ga. Woman's House

Despots, Deposits & Directors - Riggs Bank

NYT: Public University Tuition Is Up Sharply for 2004

Bush Signs $136 Billion Tax Cut Bill

No flu vaccine shortage is reported outside U.S. - IHT

U.S. Begins Tighter Flight School Checks

Boston Herald apologizes for graphic photos of woman who died (Red Sox)

Blackwell defies judge's revision of voting rules

Absentee balloting lags in Europe (DOD Military)

Scientists Obtain Evidence Earth's Spin Twists Space-Time Around It

Russia ratifies climate treaty

Bush Declares Kerry Can't Keep U.S. Safe

The Case That Kerry Cracked (BCCI and the BFEE)

On The Stump Bush Slows the Pace To His Liking (Detect Lack of Urgency)

WP: No Direct Evidence of Plot To Attack Around Elections

More Than 800 Former Soldiers Ordered to Duty Have Failed to Report

NYT: Big G.O.P. Bid to Challenge Voters at Polls in Key State

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 22 October

Blackwell offers 'barnyard' take on gay marriage

Jesse Ventura changes mind; endorses KERRY

Indiana: Judge voids House district's absentee ballots

Sinclairs Airs Anti-Kerry material

Bush's volunteer service disputed (community service)

Election chief warns of absentee scam (Fl. Repugs stealing Dem ballots!!!)

It's OK for men to hit us, says wives' poll in Turkey

(Russian) Central Bank stops supporting dollar

N.M.: Some Voters Say Machines Failed, Incorrect Choices Appear on Screens

Man Who Says He Predicted Sept. 11 Attacks Arrested

If you want to know the truth you will find it here.

In case ya'all have wondered where I've been...

Stupid, but quick, question for regular Daily Show viewers

DU Tech pros Please Help!

A song for Bush on 11/2. At least for the title of the song will apply.

Kerry Parody ad? (Trees losing their leaves this fall is Bush's fault)

Guns & roses

20 away from 250 posts, help me get there by 3am EST!

I have a really wonderful contractor, but...

Uh, just what is the Latin Music Video Award supposed to be?

So, I've got to lose 123 lbs.

i laughed so hard I was tearing up

THANK GOD its St. Louis vs Boston in the World Series

Why won't DirectX 9.0 install on my computer?

The Monster Slash!


What CD/Song are you listening to?

name & mame your favorite TELE EVANGELISTS

Have you seen Billy?

Gay DUers check in here

Am I just too old to get Napoleon Dynomite?

Found a nice picture of where I'll hopefully be moving to soon

Uh oh, now Kerry's goose is cooked

Sarah Jessica Parker gets it.

"You would basically be in the shower..."

Yes, I'm posting on here again during the day.

Why the f**k am I still awake?

Mayor considering banning alcohol at bars in the Fenway area during series

Man in court for drug charges, wears t-shirt to court that says "cocaine"

Ghost of Babe Ruth on No Fly list, misses game 7, Sox win

"Medical Love Song" - Monty Python

China officially westernized - Hooters Shanghai opening

Ambien/Valerian/Melatonin cocktail?

I don't know just where I'm going

What is up with Boston?

Professor Frink! Professor Frink! He makes you laugh, he makes you think!

US campaign mantra: No vote, no sex

Friday............wait for it.......Here it is! BAM! And you say goddamn!

I'm installing "Spybot". It asks me if I want to "create registry backup"

Sorry, I just have to do this:

Set Sail on a Flu Cruise

a-rod's karate chop re-examined

Can we have another hate mailbag please?

Martha Stewart Learning Microwave Cooking In Prison

The Baghdad Blogger goes to Washington

Wha' happun? I wake up yesterday an Astros fan and go to bed a RedSox fan

Let's recommend some CD's for our friend

Should the men who hit Ann Coulter with pies have been arrested?

This Just In:Great news for Kerry regarding former Nader voters

Yaaay! German soccer fans (Red Sox fans are PUNKS)

I'm Having My Ear Talked Off....

My father came into work today and passed out Cardinals hats

Problems with the French language

Allright Cannibal Fans - Tell Me About Your Team

Diebold voting machine In the state of Florida - Video

Didn't this happen to Will Pitt somewhere..?

Thank GOD the media won't CONSTANTLY compare the W. Series to Bush/Kerry

Anyone know how to clear "mental cookies"? Mental Whiteout?

Those bastards!

Hey, fellow healthcare workers...

And the people rejoiced: St. Louis 5, Houston 2.

Man's Body Found in Wheel Well of Plane.

Language rant ahoy - Misuse of the word 'disgusting'.

Menino wants to ban alcohol during the World Series

Ronan TInan is an AWFUL Singer & ruins God Bless America!

Help DUer's - I can't talk - makes it hard to answer the phone

Stranger Moves In, Redecorates House During Family's Vacation

Am I the only loser who *doesn't* have cellophane?

Compliance with ADA checklist: (funny item)

Bank robbers flee as toy gun shatters

Do you like my dogs???

My new sigline, in honor of all DU Red Sawx fans:

CAPTION______ A-Rod and W

Luther's lavatory thrills experts

Ok, with "Spybot", what do you do with "possible hijackers"

Cop kills kid, Boston Mayor decides to ban alcohol everywhere

It's my mom's 70th birthday today!

Did you fall for this phishing con game?

George Steinbrenner Announces NY Yankees Are Moving to the Phillipines

Should I post pictures from the MTV Latin Video Music Awards?

I'm really angry at DU right now and I don't know what to do

"Everyone avoids me like a Psyclone Ranger"

Question for any British DUer

All right then! The MTV Latin Video Music Awards (some WARNING needed)

I Were Making "The Bill O'Reilly Story", I'd Cast...

The He-Said He-Said of all CAPTIONS!!!

World Series Prediction: Cardinals in Five

'I Have Good Penis Karma' says Pamela Anderson


Anyone else think this looks good?

WOOHOO! Satallite radio walkman's available soon!

Band Aid secures top UK singers

Free music downloads

Hippie-dippy hound dog

The Theresa Heinz-Kerry bashing in GD2004 / LBN is getting pretty tedious.

New movie-version SUPERMAN cast

I'm conflicted about the Astros' loss.

back from vacation - drove through swing states - ask me anything

So how are things down there in the U.S. of A today?

Stevie Nicks

Red Sox tempt Doug Flutie to pitch his career

Caption: Uncle John, did he really say Don't Forget Poland?


Which DC superhero would make the best movie? Other than Bats/Supes?

*Yawn*Friday-what's up with the Chritian Powerlifters?Oh My! (Redsox)

What the Hummer ad with the teen boy in it should have said:

Man pays $37,400 for name, epitaph on Haunted Mansion tombstone

There doesn't seem to be a video of Pat Robertson on the net...

Was John Donne hung?

The one pub in England that I won't go in.......

Man who posed for nude photos as a boy wants them back

Everybody eat at Burger King today!

Red Sox fans - a peace offering

I quit smoking (again) - what should I do?

Otis, Otis, Otis

Is it true that if a story is linked more it shows up in google more?

The Lunch Ladies made the best grilled cheese sandwiches

This guy rocks. He has a hole.

CNN's New Morning Hack: Rick Sanchez

hilarious job listing on craigslist - MSCE / EE for help desk support

Army seeking congressional approval to allow 10 year olds to enlist.

I just put 2 Kerry stickers and an anti-Bush sticker on my suitcase...

How do creationists explain all the different races?

Ok I'm on a Stevie Nicks kick today LOL

Norman Mailer will appear on Gilmore Girls Can anyone tell me how quickly you've been able

Our nation turns it's lonely eyes to you...woo woo woo

CAPTION - You wore that?!?!?

New Sarah McLachlan video - Very Cool!

Take a look at this 8500 calorie sandwich!!!!

Allright Cardinal Fans - Tell Me About Your Team

I just hit Kid_A.

Men Arrested For Throwing Custard Pies At Ann Coulter

Two pictures side by side on Yahoo

"53997 user registrations since January 2001"

CAPTION-Falling down or giving up?

CAPTION-12 years later the "giant sucking sound" shows its face


Has anyone seen 'I heart Huckabees'?


This World Series will be good, and good for baseball

The "Superstar of Pro Wrestling" CAPTION

What am I going to do without baseball for one whole day???

Yesterday I saw a HUGE Bush-Cheney Billboard in my town ...

If you think sports fights get bad here, go to the fourms I dare

EXCLUSIVE: Backstage with Ann Coulter

Just for the record, I like cats and would never hit one.

Humans are fishy....

Is there a PIC or video of Ann Coulter's

How are you guys working? I just can't concentrate

I have a test in a half hour on a book I haven't read. Ask me anything.

Thousands Sign Up for British Tycoon Branson's Space Flights

Election Day Party Plans, Anyone?

Boston: Sorry, but your mayor is a dumbass.

Lust for the record, I like rats and have never bit one.

Stepford Wife Laura Bush in the pumpkin patch nails it!

Will Ferrell Bush parody

Check out The Don firing Bushie

I participated in a Kerry vs. Bush Deathmatch in my favorite online game

Would someone PLEASE inform my boss....

Fuck this town s pathetic

I just hit something.

Well, I'm the last one here in my group - what should I do?

Andy Griffith Show fans--Why? and who is your favorite character?

I have an apartment!

The Onion on O'Reilly

pssst... (shhhhhhhhh)

pssst... (shhhhhhhhh) Is this place crawling with dholes

pssst... (shhhhhhhhh) Is this place crawling with voles...

pssst... (shhhhhhhhh) Is this place crawling with Doles...

How about this for a radio traffic reporter?

psst - shhhhhhh - you forgot the Poles

early voting

pssst... (shhhhhhhhh) Is this place crawling with moles...

Just saw James Earl Jones in a Verizon commercial - he looks great!

Have you ever set a TV on "sleep" just to screw with somebody's head?

pssst.....(shhhhhhhhh) Is this place crawling with Massholes

Something just hit me.

Donald Trump's "hair"

One of my early walkmans...

Have you noticed this new trend at DU?

AAAGGHH! What have I done?!?!?


Thousands Sign Up for British Tycoon Branson's Space Flights

pssst... (shhhhhhhhh) Is this place crawling with trolls...

Have you noticed this new trend at DU???

Something I've learned in this forum:

Since we just passed 54,000, Newbies, come on in and say HI!!


Have you ever noticed how much John Kerry looks like Sam McMurray?

New Painting

3 True Facts to Ruin Your Day

my nephew has a new cat -- named Megaphone

Why might we consider voting for Bush?

Anyone else notice?

How old were you, and what was your first job?

Chimpy looking really bad today

If you DON'T have the're just not cool...

I hear singing and there's no one there

Is Fred Flinstone a Democrat or Republican?

My neighbors have put up there.... XMAS LIGHTS!!!!

I just blew $1500 on new computers! ASK ME ANYTHING!

Is Hank Hill a Democrat or Republican?

It's Friday, ya bastids!!

SIGNED copy of Lynne Cheney's classic homoerotic novel "Sisters" on Ebay!!

I just took a test on a book I haven't read. Ask me anything.

Hunter S Thompson made my day!

Rightwing Squares

Or don't!

HELP: I got some felafel and a loofah. Now what do I do?

Question about Outlook Express

Dumped again......

The best cat ever- Jasper

Who came up with the term "asshat"?

Post your pets in a costume - here!

pssst.....(shhhhhhhhh) Is this place crawling with poles...

Random thought: I've never seen an Asian person driving a

Should every member of "Skull and bones" be rounded up and investigated?

What can we do to get AAR to stop.....

Shrub/Kerry according to

What's the truth about * branding a pledge with a hot wire hanger?

Are all the Conservatives on DU going to come out on

Is the bar open yet? I NEED A DRINK!

Question for those who have seen Dylan's film 'Eat the Document'

anyone remember freihoffers chocolate chip cookies?

Coulter pie shot coming up on Wolf Blitzer!

Does anyone know where to find the Conan Triumph after debate video?

New Band Name Idea! John Kerry and the Liberals.

I need to donate a car.

Stranger Takes Over Ga. Woman's House

I think I'm gonna make a good father.....

It's Official: John Edwards drinks Diet Coke.

Anyone remember Jumpin' Jack Doritos???

Aren't wolves an endangered species?

Everyone should check out Skype!

opinions please...

Chinese, Mexican or Pizza?

RNC re-cuts "Wolf" ad - story board here!!

JUST poll!!!! You'll like this one!!

Let's talk about sex, BAYBEE... Let's talk about you and MEE!!!

The Third BLADE Movie - I'll be there

Short piece on Inside Edition

What's The First Car You Ever Owned?

IT'S FRIDAY NIGHT! Time for a drink!

The car you have vs. The car you want

Best Oxymoron?

WA State - need pronunciation for

I've been called to Jury Duty, Nov 1 --- Do I need a lawyer?

Havve we all heard what Governor Pataki

House of the Flying Daggers - SCHWEEET!!

What's the best way to get in good with your SO's family?

Do you have plants in your house? Live or silk?

Ann the Man ran like a squeamish little girl.

Crazy Ex Stories

I was gone 16 days.

I made an Orange-Ade today. First time in 25 years

Anyone remember TastyKakes?

What music have you listened to the past couple days?

Ahhh. Fall and the Willie Nelson cover of AUTUMN LEAVES

Triumph takes on the media!

Hey Minnesota Twins fans...Look at this

Just cut myself shaving: worst ever.

Happy 6000th birthday to the universe!

Am I the only loser who *doesn't* have a cellphone?

Video of Ann Coulter getting pies thrown at her

Cool fonts...

Latest "reality TV" show.

Can someone help me find out....

Okay, who's the joker that put on the blink tags?

People say I'm crazy....................

Don't Fuck With American Power



How many of you have a will?

Did music influence your political/social views? If so, who?

so what will you guys do for the World Series?

Do some people just like the sound of a word and name their kid that?

What kind of car did you learn to make out in?

"back and to the left"

Ray Charles tribute on CBS

Kevin Spacey is.... BOBBY DARIN!!!

Got this from a friend of mine (no link; sorry).

OMG. Elizabeth Taylor

we should all pick one day for the next year and send O'Lielly

Going Salmon fishing in the AM with my very nervous repub friend.

new Oxyrush & Savage Weiner advertiser Ticket Solutions

Best Bush bumpersticker/t-shirt EVER!


new Oxyrush advertiser Johnson County exteriors

What's with all the St. Louis Cardinal avatars all of a sudden?

Where can I find my ZIP+4 code?

John Kerry was funny last night!

Well I just finished picking my schedule for next semester...

My Bush article- thoughts?


You had a call. - I did? Who was it. - It was your DEAD WIFE!!!

just finished world's best mixtape

Funny license plate...


Which "Three's Company" Character are you?

Does Anyone Have The Picture Of Bush Giving The Thumbs Up?

What beer is Theresa drinking?

I just turned off my computer so I can't send you an email!

What the Cheney was that on Cartoon Network?

ever been to a fundy haunted house

What car did you learn how to drive in?

Well, I'm stuck with your mugs tonight. This better be good.

Who was your first.................

Anyone up for another DU writing thread?

Any John Crowley fans?

Do ZIP +4 codes truly help mail move faster?

Nothing says Friday afternoon in San Marcos like a BEER BONG!

What is hip? Tell me, tell me, if you think you know...

Live BEATALLICA!!! With Mike Portnoy guesting on drums!

I like my men/women like my coffee....

Spyware Stormer????

Does anyone here watch 'Family Bonds' on HBO?

You don't eat or sleep or mow the lawn....

I'm lethargic; ask me anything!

The "Give Bush a Brain" Game

I'm Catholic, Ask me anything

Does anyone know how to get rid of SMSS.exe?

Anyone else here play NTN trivia?

Bah! I am gonna gain about 5 lbs from nervous eating between now and

I'm a guy, ask me anything!

Which "St. Elmo's Fire"character are you?

Is it true? Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole?

Why is it some people seemingly want to be tormented?

Cool homemade anti-Bush pix

Favorite Baroque Composer

Question for the Ladies...

Hey Guys, Ask Me Anything

Wooohooo!! DU was mentioned on Malloy!!

Haven't smoked in over a week, ask me why I shouldn't blow up anything

Who demands bagpipes at their funeral?

Port Moody Duers....check in!

calling on the vast wisdom of DU...

Little Red Riding Hood poll: I'm afraid of wolves. Should I vote?

Kudos to my republican husband

Man, I'm a bastard

Well, Seeing as how I"ve brought up the Animals a few-Animals thread!

LynzM ROCKS!!!!!! She sent me COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anime fan check-in time! (Oct. post)

stupid questions about sigs

Malcolm in the Middle fans

Just passed my test to be an election inspector!

Jackson Browne's "Running On Empty" album

Cars are a pain in the ass.......

test only - please ignore

I'm going to New Orleans this New Years. What restaurant should I go to??

Should this Yankee fan root for the Red Sox to help Kerry win?

Le Ann Reimes Is On Sean Hannity's Radio Show Right Now

RTS Vs. Turn-Based?

Which Breakfast Clubber were you in HS?

New John Mellencamp Album - (check out this list of songs)

Can You Spot A Republican Just By Looking At It?


Am I the only person who enjoys "Enterprise?'


ok, what is/are the best forums for internet/computer advice for non-savvy

Do you talk to your plants?

OMG! Have you seen the pictures or Teressa on Drudge?

Computer CD problems....anyone know anything about this one?

The official post-pretty-pictures-of-wolves thread

I bought the Criterion edition of 'Slacker' - ask me anything

Now if you're going to get all "culty" about a movie...(Buckaroo Banzai)

Let's put together our November 3d playlist

Mmmmm....white bean chicken chili

I'm boycotting boycotts!

emaiL - eye witness red sox fan death

Nawlins DU-er's! Already packed for trip to your fair city for Halloween!

OMG!!! Star Trek visited ...MAYBERRY!!!!

I made my wife cry and I feel bad

Poutine, vinegar on fries and chesterfields - Do we Canucks mystify you?

For anyone interested in comic book movies or Fantastic Four...

Which "Asses of Fire" character are you?

Signs the Apocalypse is Nigh

Favourite (Rock era) string arranger?

What is your "pet name" for O'Reilly's dildo?

Favorite band?

The Guy James Show is gonna play my song Sat. 10/23! Ask me anything!

I'm boycotting Christmas............

anyone know of a freeware ".rm" to ".mpg" converter? Or...

**Help** Apple Moody Modem Blues***

Why does everyone hate the Six Flags ads?

How do I upload/paste flyers/photos to my posts?

computer help. please

PITTSBURGH and area DUers! Let's meetup next Saturday!

NEW replay of A-rod stunt shows slap close up!!!!

I feel like I want to ask you guys a personal question...

if you liked the virgin in a tortilla

I sprained my ankle yesterday.

Ever have one of those weeks?

She's Leaving Home Lyrics (My song of the day)

Am I the only suburban teen eligble to drive who doesnt and doesnt care


I heard Christmas carols in a store today

I've got a secret

I got a real job!! Oh, man...I am so excited!

How many DUers have ever been polled????

Knights of Columbus...give me a full report.

Save this post

CAPTION - Are you kidding me????

~ Caption This ~

CAPTION - This way, dad, this way.

Diversity RULEZ!! CAPTION!

Question just for the DU ladies: Is porn offensive/degrading to women?

Duers that should be stand up comedians?

Sleep well, my sweet boy... (cat thread)

Porter Goss has a tough decision to make ....

the next twelve days could be the most dangerous in memory . . .

Where is Kerry going to be on election day?

THANK GOD its St. Louis vs Boston in the World Series

Anyone else getting that '92 feeling?

Bush has become a ONE issue candidate: National Security!

If Bush had been president during Cuban Missile Chrisis.....

Visualise Winning

Bush Ad Hints Terrorists Want Kerry to Win

Fear and Loathing, Campaign 2004

Gary Jarmin Thread Spinoff -- Scams, Astroturf, and Dirty Tricks

Republicans for Kerry

How did General Clark do on Paula Zahn tonight?

what is vote banking?

Two more votes for Kerry I got today

Is anyone else calling voters for Voter Call?

Republicans Except for Bush Blog!!!!!

Have you notice the media pushing "statistical TIE" when Kerry is UP...

Freepers upset about tonights Minnesota Rally

AP Poll: Bush, Kerry Tied in Popular Vote- Kerry (49%), Bush (46%)

Public blogging, another stone in the pond toward a Kerry Presidency

Can we predict all the Kerry rumours that will be spread, next 12 days?

Public Flogging: A Good Solution to Vote Fraud?

Bunnypants Exit Strategy???

KERRY Considers Cabinet Options

Did anyone notice that on CNN's 'Town Hall'

A week and a half away, but it's not too early to keep this in mind

My election prediction

Can't wait Kerry in Reno Friday

Anyone doing a Senate tracker with the latest polls?

Fan killed in Red Sox melee

Sean's Electoral Map Project Part II.

Nader's West Virginia Attorney

Why evangelicals should not vote for Bush

Warning: Possible new Rove dirty trick has the "larua" story up for two days now.....

Bill Gates

UK citizens want KERRY to win

WOW - Look at this Kerry Crowd in Minneapolis!

One of the pretty good guys on CNN....

You know, it occurred to me a couple of days ago...

The Moral Urgency of Electing John Kerry

A-hole Will Lester of AP - Bias on reporting polls

Q - What's the difference between Vietnam and Iraq?

Bush and GOP Web sites suffer outages

Uh oh, now Kerry's goose is cooked

Bush's Ohio Valley Why has he stopped campaigning here?

Met a Repub at Starbucks today


***e.thePeople Poll needs DUing

New AP poll just this morning -- Kerry 49%, Bush 46%

Army to Let Halliburton Keep Iraq Payment

I'm absolutely convinced we will win Ohio.

What a Surprise- more Rethug sponsored Voter Fraud in Penn and Oregon

C-Span Morning Hoot: "Why is God on your side?"

Bush’s chances slim without Florida win

Who do people in your state regard as more likeable?

Election Scandal in Tampa

Heard on the radio this morning; lots of released gitmo prisoners rejoined

Absentee Fraud In Florida - Repugs "picking up absentee ballots"...Tampa

I REALLY REALLY think Kerry is going to win, don't you?

sorry dupe-ignore

Sen. Padgett's actual flyer smearing ex-hostage Terry Anderson...

Ignore the polls - up to 40% of votes are absentee or early voting

Howard Dean will be on slImus on Monday

What's the main effect of Ann Coulter on TV?

Encounter with a wavering Bushie?

Bush Wins Florida! Great Diebold animation. predicts Kerry with 300 EV

I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop

C-Span with Brian Lamb: Bush* Up 2.5 point per: this site....

LOL! Hate Radio Idiot Boortz Blames OH Voters for Trending Kerry!

Five ads Kerry needs

Ohio RV Gallup Poll - Kerry 50 Bush 44. N-FUCKING-T!

I hear crickets chirping...

Bush Ad Hints Terrorists Want Kerry to Win. My Responses,

David Gergen Just Said that Kerry Could Win This Thing!!!

October 22, 2004 - Kerry Opens 5-Point Lead In Pennsylvania, Q Poll

Turnabout question for Freepers

Who's Your President? Why the Yankees' loss to the Red Sox could be

Triumph in Spin Alley after the third debate: this is hillarious.

Is Teresa Heinz a republican?

West Virginia's Faithless Elector

Reuters: Laura Bush Denies Husband Relies on Instinct

Is Hannity still boasting, "XX days till * is re-elected?"

An effective ad wants your dollars

College students primed to vote

Question: did fdr make excuses when he inherited the great depression?

Tweety Tim Russert & Curly Of The 3 Stooges-Separated @ Birth?

Yesterday's exercise in fear and horror in DC

If things keep going the way they have been, we won't know who wins

My Letter to My Local Sinclair Station

Paging Dem leadership: Time for full-court press for CIA report

"The bottom line: I ask you to trust me." An imagined final Kerry speech

The Bubble, Continued. (Tom Toles)

Email claimes John Edwards caused Flu Vaccine Shortage

I don't know if I can stand to watch the election returns on Nov 2

What a difference four years make -

Did Bush really say "the buck stops here"?

shouldn't kerry start using the recession word. the dow is down

CNN airs clips of FH9-11 Golf comment and the have's

I have to share my dream!

Josh Marshall wants feedback/comments on this anti-Bush ad.

Spanish-Speaking Poll Workers Needed in N. VA!

Did Chris Matthews really say that Bush

Laura Bush was Very Gracious about the THK "real job" remark

There was just an ad on

DU help me understand Provisional Ballots---

kick-Senator: Pentagon massaged Iraq data

People vote for bush out of ignorance- Here's proof

Boston police shoot red sox fan dead in no celebration zone.

The next two weeks are going to be trying, tiring, and just freakin' weird

McCain says Bush "Not totally accurate" (euphamism for liar)

Anyone or any group keeping track of free airtime given candidates

Demographics changing Florida - the new "California" in 10 years

Economist: The battle for the Great Lakes

Election predictions

Watching the appointed one on TV

Blitzer tactics exposed! Tom Tomorrow nails the media...again.

Ya feeling it?

Bernard Kerik:Just another 9-11 opportunist douche bag

helpful hint for we Kerry addy of NY Times

On C-span2 now... Kerry's governing style. Must see.

Yeah!! Virginia pro-life (former) Bush supporter switches to Kerry!!

Filmmaker sues Sinclair in New York over anti-Kerry documentary

More Fraud in Ohio: Fake Calls Trying to Make People Mess Up Their Vote!

Bush hunts for photo op; kills protected species

Has the media been advertising the fact that Sinclair

Columnist Coulter hit with custard pies

Wake up and smell the fascsim

Bush say's he'll kill again

This article explains a lot...

Guardian calls it quits in Clark County fiasco


I am going to protest Sinclair at my local fox affiliate tonight...

Should John Kerry use these techniques against Karl Rove?

For all who is doubting the Kerry team on recount efforts & elect. fraud,

George, God here ...

What the Kerry campaign NEEDS to do.

Votergasm: Rushbo Claims This Is How We're "Stealing" Votes

Ohio: Fake Calls Trying to Make People Mess Up Their Vote!

Zogby/Reuters Bush 47 Kerry 45 Friday Oct 22.

Will Moderate Republicans Jump Ship?

you just have to laugh at a republican

About the polls...

Dems More Knowledgeable than Repubs

Blackwell (R-OH) enlightens us on gay marriage......

Bush pushs creationism on National park service

NC Senate Race in Dead Heat

Florida's Amendment for Wage Law under Hilarious attack.

Will Shrub now claim responsibility

Are we doing any push polling in the close states?

3/4 of Bushies believe in WMD and Saddam - al Qaeda. Let's USE THAT.

Sinclair's Smith and Sherwood have histories of felony and fraud

"Bunning unaware of Iraq story "...from an email I received from Mongiardo kids vote !

Bush's creationism teachs r chidren real good

Election prediction (poll)

Dr. Hunter Thompson - Fear and Loathing, Campaign 2004

The Bush image

10/22 TIPP Tracking tightens again - Tie in two man race

Remember to wear blue on election day

We have all been hearing & posting about all the voter problems.

Looking over RealClearPolitics' LV battleground numbers, bad news and very

What Makes George Tick?

When did Chicago Tribune last endorse a Democratic Presidential Nominee?

New Anti Bush ad - Take a look

Central OHIO DU'ers - emergency MoveOn meeting TODAY in Clintonville...

MY Man Kerry And The Chump Are Tied In Latest TIPP Poll

Sinclair: You can take your Cheerios & shove them

The October surprise is now one step closer

Did Anybody Hear Imus This Morning - I Think He Crossed The Line

NM: Some Voters Say Machines Failed, Incorrect Choices Appear on Screens

Kerry/Edwards WILL win

Some help please on turnout statistic

Dumbya and Keyes explained via television

Al Franken endorses Kerry!

If Kerry wins EV and loses PV, I betcha the EC will be banned in a flash!


Screw the pundits: Bush will not win the popular vote (here's why...)

"Video: Abducted Aid Worker Pleads for Life"

"U.S. Expat Voters Out in Record Numbers in Germany"

Fabulous discussion RIGHT NOW on CSPAN-2--8:45 am Pacific time

I think I just got Rove Surveyed

"State Judicial Races See Record Spending"

Kerry on CNN praising women...

DUers: Let's help get this ad on the air!

I LOVE Cheerios!

Frank Luntz's advice for John Kerry

Anyone got a video of Pat Robertson talking about Bush????

Yet another example of stupid people being Bush's best shot

Who has the better campaign organization in your state?

"Mr President, I'm very happy to relieve of you the 'hard work'."

Deleted message

Current Internet Headlines

Election on Ice

TIPP Tracking Poll : Race Tied Again (45-45)

Marriage Amendment Author Attacked by Homosexual Lobby

It's Official! Bush Supporters Are F'n Idiots!

check this 9/11 group got press coverage!

"Three of Four Bush Supporters Still Believe in Iraqi WMD, al Qaeda Ties"

OHIOANS BEWARE: Calls telling Seniors their polling places have changed!

Regarding the BC04 Wolves Commercial

What's the difference between Vietnam and Iraq?

New Bush "Wolves" ad -- blatant fear play

Multnomah County, Oregon Poll: Kerry 65% Bush 21%- pollster B needs 30%

Governor Arnold says "the Indians are ripping us off."

Have there been any ads on the Osama is not a concern/debate flip flop?

Who the hell is this Jenny Backus on MSNBC? She's saying there's no

Canvassing this Weekend? Got Flyers?

Ann Coulter hit with pies in Arizona?

Some in Washington can't wait for First Lady Mama T!!!!

Can we pick-off AR or OK?

"Bush Signs $136B Corporate Tax Cut Bill"

Bush expected to lose Oregon, highest unemp in US

Somebody help me, please!

Karl Rove is up to dirty tricks warning[Du'ers must read] Shades of Nixon

So what were the polls saying in 1996 and 2000? (Answer: Most were wrong)

If Kerry gets in, we need to focus immediately on 2006 showing a tie

Trumpets PLEASE!

The bluer blood always wins: Kerry is related to more royalty than Bush

Assuring the Supply of Flu Vaccine

What does the "Wolves" ad really mean?

Will College Students Decide This Election?

Get-Out-the-Vote Flier Riles Missouri Republicans

Windows Smashed At Bush Campaign Headquarters

Airhead on MSRNC just said "Bush leads by a whopping 6 points


New Kerry ad: Bunnies running from wolves, leaping into holes in Nebraska

Frank Luntz

Hey Folks Please donate to Beth Troutman

You Youngsters Can Do It

Bush is NOT ahead by 6 in Iowa...repuke poll shows it a dead heat

Electoral math

Kerry on Madison capitol steps Oct 28!

Oh Goody, more corporate tax cuts

"To Catch A Thief"

Which Campaign Sounds The Most Desperate?

White House website whitewash

Prediction: This Sunday the Washington Post endorses Kerry

This most likely going to be my last day to post on the board

CNN: Chaka Fatah predicts 100K at Clinton rally

The GOP wants you to think they can and will steal the election

MSNBC: Nader Factor Seems To Be Fading

Vote for me as President! (I give hugs!)

Alan Keyes is proof positive that the GOP is wacked!

I'm Pissed Off At This Editorial in My College Paper

A funny video about Florida's voting machines...

Campaign issue hits home: my 2-year old refused flu shot today

Germany, the other Swing State

Edwards charms 5,000 at University of Iowa Rally in Iowa City

OMG! I have the answer to the "Wolves" ad!

why the sudden desperation on GD:2004?

Medicare Truth Campaign (FCAN): picture & fact sheets to pass on

Will Nader Try To Take Some Of The Credit For "Helping" Kerry Win? Website of Reasons to VOTE BUSH OUT!

Who care.....But Jesse Ventura endorses Kerry

Florida DU'ers, what is being done to protect minority voting places?


Kos - American Conserative won't endorse Bush

Take the pledge. Polls (like debate "style") are a distraction from issues

Things move so fast here, You have to check 5 pages to find

Teresa Heinz-Kerry (great article from Washington Times!)

If we lose this election

Our paper endorses Bush because Kerry is " circumspect" and

Early Voting Heavy in Kentucky

Buried Planes

Polls. Why are we behind still.. Sad..

Nickelodean Kids vote: Kerry 56% -The kids are always right.

Sam Shane on MSNBC was rocking!

Great new Kerry ad just for Ohio

We're Down To 6 Battlegrounds Now

GOP Accuses Democrats of Violating Campaign Law in Fla.[GOP Hypocrites]

If BBV mach. are rigged, can we challenge results based on stat. data/

Voters lined up down the sidewalk outside Tally courthouse

When incumbents are on the ballot, objects may be closer than they appear.

My mother just bitch slapped me!

Now they want us to believe Hawaii is a swing state

OMG! New Bush Campaign Ad: 'Wolves'

Ohio's most coveted newspaper endorsements less than 48 hours away

I don't know about you, but I think those wolves

Kerry leading 51-46 in PA

Neglected Hawaii Emerges as Swing State

The Boston Herald is not a real paper people

When is Kerry going to throw Bush's 'weak on terror' crap

Big absentee ballot scandal about to break in S. Florida

Are Polls Worthless At This Point?

Disenfranchising voters without penalty

Ventura is a pretty big endorsement...

Signs of a divided America in Ohio

Is The Wolves Ad Actually "Coded" Christian Symbolism?


Which Repubicans Will Cross The Aisle For Kerry's Agenda?

Campaign issue hits home: my 2-year old refused flu shot today

Three of Four Bush Supporters Still Believe in Iraqi WMD

TinFoil Hat time - Bushies

Representative Tim Ryan's Rant

The hidden vote always sides with the good guys it seems...

What do people from Minnesota (or nearby states) think of Ventura?

Someone is running an anti chimp ad featuring the Robertson

What are the chances (be honest) that Minnesota will actually go Bush

I need campaign pictures


Why aren't democrats putting this elections in perspective for voters?

Spotting Fraud -- A look at the game tapes from Florida 2000

The Pet Goat tv ad.

Easier to steal EV's from small state or Big State?

How Much Does Laura Know? Is She Smarter Than George?

About this new Bush 'Wolves' Ad

Can I pay someone to vote Democratic?

Any big polls coming out today?

Three of Four Bush Supporters Still Believe in Iraqi WMD, al Qaeda Ties

Should We Trust Gallup's Recent Ohio Poll?

Now the Fab Ms T is seen with a Cold one.........Hide your wife John until

Two Arrested For Hurling Pies @ Ann Coulter

Interesting e-mail. But it may be too late

CNN_ Clinton to campaign in FL, NM and PA

Here's How To Protect Your Vote on Nov 2nd

Peggy Noonerhead disses Dems, spreads distracting slander on "vote fraud"

Bill Frist says he got his Flu shot before the Government guidelines

Straight from the 'No Sh*t' files...

Kerry should now run "THE" ad

Watching Obama Vs. Keyes Debate on cspan

BIN LADEN FOUND - How Kerry can capitalize.

Powerful evidence that can destroy Bush forever is ignored

DU this poll-Presidential Preference on MSNBC

McCain Again Undercuts Bush Attacks

249 hours until Election time.... The waiting is killing me...

Al Gore, Bob Graham, And Hillary Rodham Clinton Called Me

if the stock market hit zero

Will someone please tell Al Hunt to take a friggin' hike?

Hires Kerry Rally ..whoo baby

KEEP FIGHTING: It's now about Counting Votes: Don't Persuade:


If Kerry wins in a landslide...

Ha, Dem party releases its own "animal" ad to counter Bush's

FDU New Jersey Poll - Kerry Lead Widening - Kerry 49% Bush 41% w/leaners

Jessie Ventura endorses Kerry

My Republican Parents & Right Wing Sister now FOR KERRY!!

New Yorkers: Concerts for Change!

Bush quietly signs corporate tax-cut bill

Is it SAFE to take the KIDS to a Kerry Rally?

Every DU'ER spread this message

The Dow has officially slumped to its lows of 2004 - "corner turning"

Ali calls the fight for Kerry!!!

Rate this GOP voter fraud story a 5

Another weird phone call from a former bush supporter friend....

E-mail from report misleading political mail

Ky. race turns as whispers grow louder


Politics in the pulpit blurs lines between church, state

Glenda Hood, FL. Secy. of State., ignores my email !

What If The Dow Loses Five Hundred Points On Monday?

New PA Poll, Kerry up by 5%


God and Taxes

The statisticians are saying that this election is trending KERRY!!!!!!!!!

best rundown of battleground polls I have seen

Sister of US Soldier Killed in Search for WMD Slams Bush for Crude Joke

How Nebraska so puke?

Why has no one been mentioning the DJIA?!?!


My LTTE re: wolves (chrstians might wanna check this out)

The election scorecard: Or how to tell who will win early.

Dumbya the Animatronic

Dark horse states for Kerry??

Read all about the upcoming Repug fraud in Florida !

A giddy & dapper Ted Devine on CNN/Woodruff just now. I think

Ann Coulter gets her just desserts

"Let us be clear -- That announcement (by Sinclair) was all spin --"

Why is Theresa's apology STILL front page news on

George Butler sued Sinclair Broadcast: DU'ers Tell this to FCC and FEC

Feeling really good about OH right now!!!!

Howard Kurtz just said the Bush camp is "Crying Wolf"!!

Stock market TANKED, Down 107!!!!!!!! what a great recovery

Matthew Dowd in baseball cap and t-shirt on CNN

'scuse me.....but the stockmarket is kinda....bombing

A Better Response To The Wolves Ad

I didnt get to see Dana Reeves speach yesterday any links?

what? Bush 47 Kerry 43 in MI, I thought Kerry had michigan locked up.

My precinct has surpassed 2000 turnout ALREADY.

Is it just me, or do they seem to be going after Theresa more?

Hannity Just Claimed That Kerry is "Losing In Every Poll"

Rate a 5: Republican Group Accused of Voter Fraud

aren't most of the states doing early voting red states?

From Atrios: NRA behind "Stolen Honor"?

Do you think there are many "closet" * supporters???

How does that Colorado initiative look?

WooHoo! Someone just put a Kerry sign on my front lawn!

I hope the media plays the Wolf ad 24/7.

What Animal Should Be Featured in a DNC Ad?

Keep making noise about the wolf ad so the news will show it. Here's why

bush keeps on MISLEADING the dumb Americans

100 Facts and 1 Opinion: The Non-Arguable Case Against the bush Admin

Big birthday today. Why hasn't Bush mentioned it?

yahoo news: RNC linked to voter fraud

Queer the Vote 2004 Rally - Boulder CO TOMORROW

when is the zogby poll out?

campaign signs on public land?

The "American Hero" doll is the coolest thing!

CNN -- 1.1 MILLION new registrations in FLORIDA

How will they spin this...

Rapper Eminem to vote for the first time

Jeff Seemann (nearly) arrested at Bush protest!

Kerry will win Pennsylvania, Ohio, AND Florida

JK to despicable ad WOLVES: "FUTURE belongs NOT to FEAR, but to FREEDOM!"

Didn't 9/11 happen under bush's watch?

No wonder Bush camp desperate, Kerry up by 6 in Ohio

Dow closes at 9755, new low for 2004

CNN is at it again

The Best Political Ad of the year - bar none, I love it!

I wish Kerry would make a nationwide election-eve speech

Okay, so the WOLF! ad didn't work

Jim Rassmann just left my house

On Barbara Bush's resemblance to the Quaker Oat man.

Friday FUNTIME -- Kerry's alleged "5 deferments" -- ruin a FReeper's day

Federal ballot available online for overseas voters

SCORCHIN' anti-DeLay editorial BY A GOP'er!

WP Tracking Poll 10/22 - * 50% Kerry 46%

Friday, 4:21PM CDT.....

Interesting EC analysis

Kerry up 6 is "a little bit" according to CNN

Are you an ostrich or an eagle?

Mason Dixon Got You Spooked-Read This

4 Tracking polls today: Kerry gained in two and Bush in two

Completely unexpected: A reply from the FCC!

In The Last 15 Minutes I Have Seen THREE HARD HITTING DEM ADS!!!!

Crossfire: rethugs scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Why John Kerry is actually up five points!

The Dow would have to gain 829.79 points just for Shrub to break even

Heard on TV this a.m. that Kerry has more $$ left. True?

Scripps Poll - Kerry takes 6pt lead in Ohio - Kerry 49% Bush 43% RV

Kerry Rally in Hi-res... watchout chimpy.

How often do you play with those interactive electoral maps!?

Anti-Kerry Veterans Send Mail to 6 States

Great Krugman column on slanted polling, FL "felon list"

Buffy fans for Kerry

I just early voted here in Fort Worth, TX

What's this I'm hearing about a new Time poll

Where's that wolves ad that everyone's talking about?

Everyone Who Still Thinks There Will Be No Draft Raise Your Hand!

maybe the wolves in the bush ad are "girlie wolves"???

The cute wolves in the Repuke ad look like my Huskies running to greet me

Sen Jim Bunning gets his news From Fox only!!

John McCain pulls a Tweety

Bush can't even be orginal with wolves ad [Freeper view on it]

Answer to wolf ad: Kerry ad comparing * to an ostrich

Nader goes to Supreme Court -- I ain't jokin folks

Nader Loses Bid to Get on the Ohio Ballot

Love Randi Rhodes take that Dubya is the Fredo of the (Corleone) Family .

GOPers are Ignoramuses


If you're just plain worn out and worried about Nov. 3.......

DNC would be wise to take advantage of the KY Sen race...

WMDs found!

Use "President Kerry" instead of Sen. Kerry when posting elsewhere

Barbara ----are you threatening darling mother, you??

Ky. race turns as whispers grow louder

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

I just wish we all knew the REAL issues

I feel so sorry for freeping rightwingnut bush supporters

list repub vote fraud tricks

"Wolfies" is a cheap knock-off of "Bear in the Woods"

Clark workin' hard for Kerry and Dems in VA - my event report (long)

Understanding the Issues. Bush vs. Kerry Supporters

Is this article at all useful

Situation in Baghdad

The advatantge of "Wolf" talking about a "Wolf"

Polling performance for the 2002 mid-terms?

CUTTING THROUGH THE FOG: What does the electoral college really show?

According to this Op-Ed writer, we're only fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq.

Will We Know Who's the President on Nov. 3? Uncertainty Is Weighing on Sto

100 Facts and 1 Opinion

I just cast my vote for the next President of the United States

Why Doesn't Kerry Use Bush-asleep-at-the-Wheel Metaphor ?

FACT: There was ONE President on duty September 11th, 2001

Remember when Homer became Mr. Plow?

10/22 Democracy Corps Poll - Kerry 49% Bush 47% LV

What will this Friday's White House data dump entail?

Freeping rightwingnuts; If you want 100% safety from terrorism...

Kerry Campaign Shifts Its Focus to Southwest

Oh yea, we are winning in Iraq.

So Cheney calls Kerry's Goose Hunt an October Disguise

Nation Poll of Battleground Nader Voters-without Nader 49% Kerry 17% Bush

Here's a stat for your weekend... Stocks and President's

Worried about MI? Michigan: Epic/MRA K49-B43 LV

What will this Friday's White House data dump entail?

I just realized what that wolf ad reminds me of...

Orlando TV reporting voter registration fraud.

GOP Runs Sierra Club Ad Featuring Wolves To Pry Environmental Vote

Last week Mary Cheney, this week THK

is this email from Ollie North for real?

Prospects Dim on Spy Agency Overhaul. JK needs to use this Bush failure!

BC '04: doesn't that mean "Before Christ"?

Next three days--what will Karl pull out of his a$$?

Did I just see a ticker on the Abrams Report that said * "quietly" signed

does anyone else

Handwriting Analysis

Is this Stolen Honor junk tonight?

Eagle Ad

Aren't wolves an endangered species?

Imagine if Kerry had a fall! M whores would have called it breaking news

Bush calls Kerry a "weak" leader....

So who is John Joseph Kennedy?

Exit Polling Update

When does early voting end in Florida?

Poppy says Barbara is mad.

An illustration of the Religious Right/Bush Supporter mentality in action.

******Has anyone seen this? Bush quietly signs corporate tax-cut bill

JK needs to say: "Mr. President, we're not afraid of your big bad wolf!"

Did the NRA Bankroll "Stolen Honor" Kerry Slander?

DU this Poll

34 Children Killed in BAGHDAD by car bombs[Are we really safer?]

"Sproul Play: RNC Funded Group Destroying Democratic Registrations"

Need some help with Homeland Security.

Wolf = Monty Python

People are voting for Bush for one simple reason...

I NEVER want to hear about democrats being "weak" again.

Corzine going after Bunning's seat

Updated:Ex-Mn Gov Jesse Ventura endorses Kerry!!!

The chimp is up 25% in all of the polls!!!!

Dow hits a new low While Crude Closes Over $55 For 1st Time:


Win or lose, I bet Bush... Is this the last prop Bush has left? Who are they?

"This will not happen on my watch !"

In the 2nd: David Ashe, a voice for the troops

Bush & Cheney not campaigning at all on Sunday.

Progressives: The Higher Moral Ground

A GOTV flyer for the hip hop demographic

How is the Iraq war different from Viet Nam

Everybody worries about this October Surprise...

Oregon: Kerry 51% Bush 43% (new poll)

Kerry in Milwaukee : Focus on Women

Sen. Bunning's mental state story is getting legs.

I am so SICK of this!!!!!!!

"Will you be showing Stolen Honor"

Summarizing : Democracy is coming - to the USA

MSNBC shows "Wolf" spot/talks about Kerry "Eagle" spot

Analysis: Mason-Dixon battleground polls skewed toward Bush


ABC Approval Poll

Are you proud of yourself now, Mr. Bush?

Self Delete

Cute, cuddly wolves!

The American Conservative "Kerry's the One"

Electronic voting problems in Austin

new ad just saw on TV, OR

Great photo of Vanessa Kerry on the NYT website rooting for the Red Sox!

US Begins Tighter Flight School Checks (2 Years After 9/11

Rush Limbaugh thinks serving in the military isn't a real job.

Bush campaign asserts Kerry is "sports pandering" Red Sox ALC

Can't find "Stolen Honor" in my area - Norfolk

A TV guide says the title is "Stolen Honor" I thought they changed it?

New Kerry ad - "Protect"

Big Dawg.. "Secretary General of the UN" ...?

Is there a place online to watch Sinclaire's Shinola?

Smuggled BBV video

Jon Stewart on his Crossfire Appearance

EXCELLENT talking points/resource for HEALTHCARE issues

What would you think of Jon Corzine as Senate Majority Leader?

Why I think Bush is in trouble this time. A new phenom!!

Where's The Video Of Bush Tripping On The Stairs In Ohio Today?

BBV - Dallas, TX - ES&S iVotronic Touch Screen Machines

Tweety's guest just said Bush has a tougher

A GOTV flyer for the hip hop demographic

Jimmy Carter wouldn't oversee elections in the US...

Support our troops, send them a National Geo subscription!

Iran endorsement for Bush - a thought

The Body With A Rasta Beard And A Kerry Endorsement-Didn't See That Coming

Jacksonville Fl Black Churches voting in Busloads

Remember the total collapse of exit polls on the night of 2000 election??

Check out this poll.....

Cell phones -and call screening (new data)

"If they ain't got the WMD boys"- Need DU help to send to Bruce

Would Kerry win it all if he gets Florida?

Bush ripped off Reagan with that wolf commerical

Fact Check: Education, Spending and Terror

Is Rush going to appear with W

Man. I am getting some HATE on the Hannity boards today...

Why Think Bush is in TROUBLE

McGlauglin Group: Pat Buchanan said this

NO terrorism meetings before 9/11. In case you didn't know.

great Kerry commercial

Just saw the new Operation Truth Ad... YOWCH...

It isn't right to use it for political gain, but I can't help thinking...

I Want, Right Now, to Know What the Hell is Going on in Iowa??

Countdown SNAFU!!!

I'm sorry if this has been posted, - The Bush Monster Slash

Stop Talking About the Wolf Ad Already!

Fuck You Jennings and ABC

Let me get this straight: Bush's mommie

"Wolves" ad no longer? on RNC site, anyone have a link?

Insurgency growing in Iraq, DOW at it's lowest point & oil at it's highest



We Wont Be Blindsided This Time.

Knock on wood but November 2nd is a lucky date for Democrats

Get CNN to run the Pat Robertson story!

After the break, Olberman will laugh about Ann Coulter

Bin Laden's exact location is known, says 9-11 panelist

Wow, devestating attack ad on Bush! Wow

Hate to be pessimistic, but you all are overlooking an important fact.

Sinclair thing will not matter....if your undecided still ur for Bush.

People from the upper midwest (MN, IA, WI) , how are things holding up?

joan of arcadia currently on cbs - definitely anti bush in election theme

Bush quietly signs tax-cut bill

Stolen Honor DID NOT air nor did its replacement!! at least here it didn't

Did I Ever Tell You About the "Omen"??

Center for Consumer Freads seen during stolen honor on KSMO 62 Kansas City

So far....2 October suprises neutralized on one day.

Alright guys, let's not be jerks now.

After Kerry wins, he can appoint the chimp..

Here is where it stands folks! See you on Nov. 2nd!

When you read an inflammatory thread title that puts Kerry down

Excellent write-up on Utah's Dean Dozen and Dean cousin, Corroon.

What did Sinclair pre-empt in your area

How many people viewing the Sinclair crap will now go out and rent

Powerful and Poignant! Must read.

who wants to go on FreeRepublic and harass the freepers!!!

Had my VCR set and NO Sinclair Boadcast of "Stolen Honor" on my two

Tonight's the night, right? Sinclair show

OMG, Wolves ad was held for 5 months!

Warning: John Kerry Took Over the World in 1971!!!

Sinclair claims they should have free speech, but John Kerry should not.

Did Crossfire audience laugh at "Wolves" Ad?

Psyched about the election, it's been a looooooooong time

Just got a fundraising phone call from "Outreach Associates".

There may indeed be a 3% "hidden vote" for Kerry

Two easy steps: 1. GOTV 2. Repeat 1. ad infinitum

'Sorry I didn't do anything about 911, but my pond was just stocked'

As President, can Kerry top Clinton's record?

Confessing Christ in a World of Violence


Looks like a huge crowd for Kerry in NV

This site combines all the polls. Bush is in trouble.

What if...

A Disturbing Poll Trend But I think It Will Reverse...

How to go door-to-door for John Kerry. (for people in swng states)

Does anyone know how to post a message on DNC?

This can't be good for Bush - everyday life edition

Kerry 65%, Bush 21% (local poll)

Stolen Honor airs tonight - post all advertisers here

Kerry in a landslide in my Tennessee campus poll

'George, God Here. . .' President Bush has words with the Almighty'

I am so f*ing pissed! WCBS 880 news radio

So, a friend of mine who watches CNN at the gym every day says...

Picture speaks 1000 words - captions welcome

Just saw the wolves ad and all I can say is.......

Kerry Phone Corps question:

Desmond Tutu "return your country to be a beacon of freedom"

Wonk? Can anyone get me the footage of the "Wolves" bush ad?

why is iowa a newsworthy swingstate

Illinois Dean Dozen against Henry Hyde has name left off sample ballot.

Write MSNBC And Thank Them For Having Lawrence O'Donnell On The Air

What does this Sinclair deal mean for our boycott? Were they fair enough

Be prepared for Ralph Nader!

Has anybody seen any ads warning about Bush and The Supreme Court?

Realistically, can we win without FL and Ohio?

If you haven't seen this ad yet, take a look!

What do wolves prey on? Sheep. Does * think we're sheep?

My take on the Eagle and the Wolves

The Eagle and the Ostrich vs. those absolutely adorable wolves

I'd like to see Kerry get on a U.S. Navy boat and look warriors in the eye

If you didn't watch the Sinclair Broadcasting Group show...

Iowa & Wisconsin: Odds of going to Bush?

RNC "Wolves" ad: "Powerful"??? Please weigh in.

N.H. and Virginia paper endorsements for Kerry: Rate up!


Wonk? Can anyone get me the footage of the "Wolves" bush ad?

Please... does anybody have a link to the Dem commercial where...

Why isn't Kerry ahead by 20 points already?!?!

Who's on Bill Maher tonite?

It's time to say thank you to the Sinclair advertisers

I'm pretty sure we're going to win the election...but....

Scripps poll: Kerry ahead in key state of Ohio

Some Pollsters Would Have Us Believe

The Good Lieutenant (Going Upriver review)

Can I show you a few pics I've done lately?

Rate the Debates - Just Posted a "TRUTH-OMETER" based on

WTimes: But luv this article @ Mama T !!!

NOW with Bill Moyers!

Christopher Reeve makes call from the grave for stem cell research

Nader supported the Clinton impeachment

Front page of CNN right now. LOL! Smirk looks like he's gonna cry.

SBVT on Scar..MSNBC again...!

DId * get away with IT, too?

Rove's worst nightmare coming true....

Small states could swing Electoral College


YO! NEW YORK! Check This Thread > > >

Poll finds reality gap among Bush supporters

Yale Holds Secret Spot in Bush, Kerry Pasts

Watching the sinclair show in North Carolina...

Kerry should fight * on his own ground: Kerry=safer

Why the FUCK hasn't Kerry said that

Actual Video Demonstration of Florida's New Voting Machine...

Electoral (interesting electoral map today)

Awesome bumper sticker encounter today

Keep the phone calls coming, Bush campaigners!

Devastating anti-Bush ad to debut tomorrow, saw it on Crossfire

Just saw this on MSNBC.

I ate at Taco Bell tonight and have never been so energized!

I thought Kerry was supposed to be doing less well with women than Gore?

"Wolves" is a laughingstock, Obama is campaigning OUTSIDE

The wolves AREN'T coming! No evidence of Election Day terrorist plot: Post

Now my brother won't vote...

Once Kerry is Elected...

Anti-Choice Shrub Supporter Hurts his campaign in Greensburg PA

Bye Bye Rights...

Wow, nice to see we are finally concerned with flight school....

Lawrence O'Donnell rips John O'Neill a new one: Scarborough Country

AWESOME Bill Maher opener!

Bush/Cheney campaign called my mom...

Bush's volunteer service disputed

Is Organized Effort Under Way To Confuse Voters?-article

I just used a touchscreen with out a problem.

What does Vegas say about the election?

Bush's Greedy Corporate Pigs versus Kerry's Wolves--Suggestions PLEASE! TU

DU ALERT! RW'ers trying to blame Flu Vaccine shortage on John Edwards!

Kerry Thinks Midwesterners Are Idiots, "Can I Get Me a Hunting License H

Please read this Iran War story stuff and tell me what you think


Any good news?

If there is a 269-269 EC vote tie and we win back the senate....

Why Kerry will win: Democrats own the Battleground (last 3 elections)

'The Final Question': An email to send to all Bush supporters.

Link to wolf ad...

Does anyone have Sinclair? Did they broadcast the show tonight?

Which crooks should the Kerry administration investigate first?

Wolves Ad: Mr. Bush, The Terrorists Aren't "Waiting" To Do Us Harm

is the wolves ad online somewhere?

Obama campaigning - in SC

What's/Where's your sign?

VERY UPLIFTING -- watch and smile!!!

Secret Kerry Weapon is Cell Phone-Only Users

Wow. Bushco. should be afraid. Very afraid.

OHIO Isn't Enough

I gotta say that Theresa is really cute.

"American Conservative" Magazine Endorses John Kerry!

CNN projects very tight race Bush winning EC 277 - 261

Damnit! I went and did it, I fell in love with John Kerry.

Texans... Can Tom DeLay be defeated?

Gear up, Ladies. You may be going to War!

Oh cute

"The American Conservative": KERRY'S THE ONE!

Need some suggestions for pursuading a Pug to vote Kerry

I like wolves. They don't scare me at all. They are beautiful

AP: GOP Voter Drive Accused of Tossing Cards (rate it up)

Media Matters RIPS Judy WoofWoof and CNN

Lawrence O'Donnell - Goes Off!!!!

Tom Werner, co-owner of Red Sox, will campaign with Kerry!!

Lawrence O'Donnel is hot! He has called O'Niel a liar about 200 times

I don't trust this early voting!!!!

Anybody else need to get off this roller coaster?

Attn, Attn: Sinclair? We won!!!!

"The Boy Who Cried Wolf"

National Celibacy Day

Which is more strong: your hatred of Bush, or your Admiration for Kerry?

Craig Crawford predicts a Kerry victory on Nov 2

Battle to stop e-voting steps up

Worst Case Scenario: If * wins, how do we fight back ?

***Israel May Have Iran in Its Sights ***

Rasmussen Battleground for 10/22 (Mixed News)

This is amazing!

Dumbya to visit Ohio Eight more times!

Kerry goes goose hunting.

No sign of Stolen on Freepers board...

Watch out, it's BABCANO, she's gonna blow!

GOP Considers Unseating Feingold a Long Shot

Stanley Greenberg: Dems regain enthusiasm edge - Bush down w/Evangelicals

Good News from the Dixie Front!

Reminder for weekend activists ... See our flyer thread.

Born Agains are"forgiven" everything, why did * execute Carla Faye Tucker?

Who Will You Vote for on November 2nd?

Sinclair was BALANCED!! Freepers are PISSED!!

Catholics - prepare for the worst

Long time Republican gives up on Bush - AWESOME statement

CNN: New Time poll puts * up 51-46 LV, 50-43 RV

Take the Bush pledge!

Has a Pollster Called You?

**DU's official list of Repukes going to prision when Kerry wins**

Something's breaking about Bush's "lost year" community service...

So Swift Idiots have an "epilogue" to the Unfit book out...

Bill Maher's Lineup Tonight

reporting from DC: Democratic National Commitee Headquarters

It's Official; bush supporters are DUMB AS DIRT.

Wow! Is this the October Surprise?

Great photo of Kerry with Caroline Kennedy


Caution Graphic ! Help Defeat Bushco..Pass out this Flyer to W supporters.


Biggest boondoggle (doggie?) in political ad history--Scary puppies ad!

What I will do for the Gary Jarmin work

DOW Below 9800! 7.5% drop from Bush's Inauguration

"Stolen Honor" reportedly funded by NRA, violates Campaign Finance Law

Constructive Criticism for Kerry Supporters: Using Resources Wisely

Post your Favorite Photos of John Kerry Here

We have 2500 wolves in NE Minnesota -- my take on the "Wolf ad"

prediction: NOT EVEN CLOSE: kerry 52%; bush 47%; others 1%

Early voting running very strong for Kerry in FLORIDA

A Bush pre-election strike on Iran 'imminent'

Freepers are starting to talk about killing people[Very sick people]

Help Spread 'The Pet Goat' TV Ad.

"WOLVES" -- DNC Responds with "EAGLE" - Perfect!

For distributing this weekend: Flyers organized by category

October Surprise: Halloween? Twin Cities? What IS this rumor? (Vreeland)

John Kerry needs our help in the crucial swing states. Help, if you can.

NPR: Bush shows World Trade Center wreckage before his entrance at rallies

Crossfire audience CRACKS UP LAUGHING at wolf ad.