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Archives: October 2, 2004

Salon: The Bush/Kerry debate in translation.

George W. Bush as Burt Lancaster's Ned Merrill in the movie, The Swimmer

Dean's New Campaign; Recruiting Neophytes To Liven Up The Party

Bush & Kerry: A Big Divide: New York Review of Books

Out of Iraq: New York Review of Books

Blumenthal: Retreat into a substitute reality

Debate Hangover

Election Job in Minnesota!

Attempt to prove north pole is Danish

Driving on Hwy. 21 south of Rosendale?

John Kerry threw the knockout punch.

Poland Is Leaving The Coalition?

My Nomination for the next DNC video


One thing I wish President Kerry would say

any more debates?

When Bush loses his second debate and Cheney loses his only

LOL Dean to debate Ralph Reed of Christian Coalition next week.

OMG did anyone just see that on conan?

When I found this poll on a Fox station in Kentucky, I started voting

The I Love Katherine Lanpher thread

For all you farmers out there

ALERT!! -- Bush not fighting the cyberwar on terror

A Bush debate lie that most missed

The Edwards/Cheney debate is going to be the interesting one.

This final month will be one of the nastiest in political history

Real Time with Bill Maher--- Can't be spoken about enough tonight...

WP: From a Virtual Shadow, Messages of Terror

Longtime CIA official laments surging battle with White House

NYT: Democrats Voice Concerns About the Overseas Vote

LAT: Homeland Security Lacks 'Watch List

NYT: C.I.A.-White House Tensions Are Being Made Public to Rare Degree

How did you meet Dubya Bush

I remembered Poland

What's the origin of the phrase "commie pinko"?

How would GWB* handle having an actual real job

If there's one guy I think of when I hear "hard work" it's George W. Bush

Is anyone else reading Michael Moore's newest book?

I used to be a "Young Republican"

I don't know what the world may need, but I'm sure as hell

Since the second debate is about Domestic Policy

Who else has already asked off from work the day after election day?

My son's #$*&%$ therapist

There was something different about Bush last night...

Cats are definitely more popular than dogs...

John Kerry threw the knockout punch.

What's the latest release by the Dixie Chicks?

I forgot Poland again.

Meet Baxter...

I'd like the names of all "French" sounding American cities....

I'm dreading the holidays this year


Defreeping needed

Need absolute proof that CNN's spin comes straight from Rove?


Chimp just stopped talking turn to C-SPAN[Kerry Rally earlier today]

Without a doubt, the best part about watching Kerry kick Bush's ass...

Authorizing use

I just heard on Air America

Didnt Chimpy demand the first debate be about Iraq and national security?

Another version of debate and a article, funny stuff.

When do we pivot on Kerry hammered Bush @debates?

Kerry rally on C-SPAN right now!

What's everyone think the Bush campaign will try to change next debate?

Update on my FOIA request

Wisconsin woman's obit endorses Kerry

If my theory holds up- Kerry has won

Tom Tomorrow debate comments

Pat Buchanan quote from McLaughlin Group on PBS

Bush voter tries to get me to vote Bush

Company advising Bush says he is lying to win the election! Scoop!

Anyone see the "16 misstatements of John Kerry"?

The pressure is on Bush to win the next debate.....

Kerry is still the underdog ....

Kerry and Manicures -- what's that about?

Look who can get classified as "undecided" in CNN's "focus groups"

I just e-mailed the Kerry campaign about BCCI

Faux News photoshops image making Bush as tall as Kerry

Remember the part where Bush demands more time...

What Cracked Me Up The Most: LET ME FINISH!

WSJ movie review: 'Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry'

We all make mistakes,but *'s repeated foolhardy mistakes jeopardize us all

The Retardican Way. "Mexmissages"

Boy is this writer way off the mark about Bush....

The Kwakiutl chief in our heads

Article will make your blood boil....

Administration unbound

"New Freedom Initiative"

strib editorial: The debate/Substantial Kerry, peevish Bush

Saw a funny Walt Handelsman cartoon

The Tweet Smell of Success: James Wolcott on the debate

First Family Politics (ABC on Neil Bush)

Terror won't take 4 years off BY ANDREW GREELEY

Giving Democrats Reasons to Smile By E. J. Dionne Jr.

James Wolcott blogs after the debate

Des Moines Register: Debate unlikely to undo Bush's popularity (Enjoy!!!)


Uncommon Sense Conspiracy: Michael Hasty

Campaigns worry about last-minute surprise

Democratic keynote speaker Barack Obama calls for missile strikes on Iran

RE recent debate/letter to the editor

Family Values -- Dr. Phil's opportunistic parental-advice franchise

The President Has 'Ovalitis'

Help this nut job return to Earth. Read my response to her.

The Whirling Dervish of the RNC

The Corporation

NYT: David Brooks: "When you see someone talking about crying with

Editorial: The GOP Doesn't Own Jesus

Flyer mailings?

Draft: Should this be an issue yet?

Aha! Another RW organization EXPOSED.

If you agree the 87 Billion veto threat should be in Next Friday's debate

anyone have the link to showings for Going Upriver?

Please help--Take Direct Action against LAND's END

Bernie Ward is destroying

NBC's Lisa Myers again twists "Fact Check" by lying about what Kerry said

Turn it to NBC: Right now on is media screw ups in the news.

"Jennings and Brokaw come to Rather's Defense"

Seems GOP wants a redo-issues video that tells lies/partial truth on Kerry

Greg Palast on Media Matters

Air America stays on air in Portland

LAT's Kristof suggests Rich will find ways to avoid higher tax - BUT SHE'S

The triumph of the stock market.

With mikes turned on, teachers find pupils tune in

What The hell?! ..Laser injures Delta pilot's eye

2,368 Sept attacks plotted on interactive map of Iraq.

IMF worried about oil price rises

JK Answers AGS Survey 9/28/04

What do you do about people that post in here for no good reason?

why aren't there regular 'hate mail' columns like there used to be?

Was there a slow down between 8:30 and 9:00 this morning?

My Avatar feature...

I'm using the TWO-FACED graphic everyday for a week now

Thread alert

Where did I get my star?!!!.


IDF prevents terrorist attack, kills 4 armed Palestinians

State of Emergency in Gaza

Arab League to hold emergency meeting

UN checking claims Kassams transported in UN vehicle

Anybody else go to the Michael Moore rally at UCF?

RP (Rohnert Park) mom's adoption bill vetoed by governor

Campaign warns of phone scam (Gary Podesto )

"Trash Issa!" Upcoming Byron Fundraiser

(gay basher) Ronald A. Crews criticized on fed'l campaign payments

"Americans Coming Together' in Minnesota

Saw a billboard on 35W: "Don't Vote"

Who's going to Springsteen/REM at The X on 10-5?

Lorenzo Sadun---Austin's Best Fearless Underdog

I'm going to see "Going Upriver" at the Inwood in Dallas at 5:30

Any books on the progressive history of the Hill Country?

Austin-Tues. Oct. 5 - Edwards vs Cheney Debate Party

Just saw the latest Michels ad, got me furious

How do I register my friends to vote in WI??

Ray McGovern, the former CIA analyst, will be at UWGB Weds&Thurs.

Northwest Social Forum

CWU Ellensburg looking for Pro-Dem Debater

E-mail from Jay Inslee on Patriot Act

Vance blames Dems for break-in, lost laptops from Rep HQ

New ads attack Nethercutt's "extreme" conservative side

Candidates for state legislature

Mike Webb: Dan Ellsberg, Medea Benjamin, Norman Solomon

Bush is gonna cheat cause he's gonna have to...

enough with the online polls already..

How Bush sees Iraq..

Dan Rather vs. George Bush (an email making rounds)

ANyone see that 20/20 piece on how controlled debates are now?

Welcome to Fascist Amerika

How did this person make it through two years of college???

Can you argue with a loony? parody pdfs?

100 reasons to vote out the shrub's too quiet.............

repubs actually FEAR a Kerry does it FEEL Suckers?

What to make of jimmy kimmel's comment on the debate

My boss is F*cking with my head.

Could Bush look any smaller behind a podium.

Top Five Debate Lies

The "Training" Of the Iraqi Forces

IF we spent as much effort on waging peace as we do war......

Edwards/PMaster Predictions

Watch as one after another the enablers of Bush, in Congress, the Media

The Iraq - 9/11 Connection

We hate him for his freedoms.....

No matter how devastating the impact of Kerry's performance was,


Poll: Does the Chimp level with America about his religious faith?

In debate training for Bush I wonder who played Kerry?

Worse than freepers (no, really)

HAHAHAHA! We're winning AND we're taking out the evil Republican spin!

This Is Hell at 10am EDT: Robert Parry, Michael Klare, more

DU this debate poll...

Any Word On Poland Pulling Out?

Where in the world is Condi?

The Republicans are reeling. . .

a small collection of anti bush SIGNS across america

Afghanistan’s presidential election: a mockery of democracy:

Rather attacked in my local paper

US firm allowed to sue Diana fund

It's Better Fighting the Terrorists in Iraq Than Over Here.

Beer festivals and elections: the new face of Afghanistan

Please, need to have a link or copy of Kerry's testimony before

CNN Is Reporting Another Beheading

Is There Anyone Knowing of Where I can find Kerry-Edwards Magnetic..

W* sure prove's the old saying, Anyone can be president

Sat toon takes on BBV

Need a photoshop Job

Look what some repuke is selling on EBAY mocking Kerry

The Pre- and Post-debate spin of CNN

New pledge case could make it to U.S. Supreme Court

If only Bush had said this.....

if we killed every 'terrorist' today, there's a thousand more the next day

Daily U.S. Casualties 10/2/2004

We/America Can do Better

all 3 of my kids are now registered Democrats!

She used to be a friend...

HOW could terrorists disrupt our election process, really?

When C-Span gets here Monday. I plan on calling CNN very biased

CONASON: "Hammer Bush Harder"

LOL! Local paper cutting off freepers at the pass

My take on Kerry's Iraq/Terror stance in the debate

White House Backs Torture-Abroad, Law Bypasses U.S. Restraints

"Osama bin Laden isn't going to determine how we defend ourselves."

Has Bill O'Reilly ever been on Dave Letterman's show?

Bill Press on MSNBC: Dick Cheney = Hannibal Lecter!!

The Religion of Bush --Crossdressing as a Patriotic Man of God

Fun 'toon about debate spin by Walt Handelsman

Well, Finland sure wouldn't vote for smirk

Dismantling the Weapons PLEASE READ!

just saw 2 dead kids pulled from the Fallujah rubble on cnn....

BBV: precincts could still use paper ballots if they wanted to

if we don't stop the nazis, we've spit on all those who died fighting them

My Senator, Russ Feingold, was the only US Senator to vote against

Can you believe this crap?

GOLD and SILVER will CRASH in OCTOBER - 20 Year Charts

What if * was in office during some other point in history?

Victims of unrealistic expectations?


Dean joins Katty Kay et al on Extreme Politics, CT Forum...Oct. 6

Anyone going the President Kerry,s inauguration parade?

"I believe that if we're in danger from Cat Stevens, we're screwed"

I want to send George Bush a watch so he will look at it impatiently

JUST RELEASED! Bush's debate notes!

Michigan absentee ballot mistake

Yeah!!!.....Air America Radio Coming to Corvallis, OR on Monday

If there is a God then the BBV machines will sontaneously combust!!!

F911 on DVD released Tuesday can't wait!!

Talked a Republican women into voting for Kerry

Is John Kerry in the National Vietnamese Museum as a war hero, a site

People waking up in the heartland

Michels...Finegold Wisconsin Senate Debate is on C-SPAN..NOW!

All Entertainment All the Time

"A Reporter's Email From Baghdad" on truthout

On the ground in Iraq, from a hostage who survived

Hijacking Catastrophe On Link TV

Where can I find Anti-Shrub pamphlets to pass out?

new local terror 'threats'

Local LTTE Critisizes Dead Soldier's Mother Sue Niederer

Crazy NeoCon Preaching About EVIL HOMOSEXUAL PARENTS On C-SPAN2!

Dems & Repubs: What's the record on physical science?

My Daughter (14) and the Debate

bush's 'aw-shucksism' is pretty much petered out

is RimJob's trailer near Mt. St. Helens?

and now today's WTF bumpersticker moment

Election situation in Afghanistan voting 10/9

OK. So you don't like toilet papering an Anti-Choice freeper's property...

Some f u**#@ repug took my kerry sticker off my car

Are You a PROUD Flip Flopper?

Does anyone know when the next set of polls come out?

Bush is NOT two-faced..

the little emperior has no clothes!

I just caught a snippet of a news story about a break-in last night....

What one sentence can best describe Dudya?

Global test...we all live together or die together

'Millionaire' contestant had no clue who administered Iraq

CNN 5pm EST - Profiles of Cheney and Edwards

I have not heard anyone here talk about Howard Stern lately!!!

Which is the worst pro-Bush group?

Debunking debunkers: Mary, Ferrie and Gerald Posner

What will happen if Kerry beats Bush BADLY in debates 2 & 3?

Presidential Debate CSPAN rerun

Captain Ron Hayes - ?????????

The decibel level is frightening.

Guy James is keeping those hits rolling today

BBV: Caltech-MIT voting technology symposium online now

"Most presidents are in a bubble, W. is in a thermos"

Kerry LEADS Bush 47-45 with Nader 49-46 without!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the third debate to be on?

Ring of Fire on Air America Radio right now -

Help! I need to reach Guy James for today's broadcast.

If there is a god,

Edwards should call Cheney a flat out LIAR!!!

When *are* they going to march Osama out?

OUTFOXED is playing on Pay Per View here!!

Lame Drudge Report Headline On Frontpage About Kerry's Health

What happened to the Washington Monthly?

Venting anger in Amsterdam

We should plan to fight this thing all the way to January 20, 2005

Saturday nite diversion....

Bloatway Boys

Kudos to all DU members

A strange thing about Bush...

I feel good!

Radio Left: interview with Iconoclast publisher

Fighting terrorist in Iraq instead of our own backyard

Dick Cheney's Voting Record - Opposed Desegregation

Official "Guy James Show" thread Please keep kicked

Bush Press Conferences Being Referred To As Do-Overs?

Dean on Russert now CNBC repeats at 10.

if it's such HARD WORK to be president, LET KERRY DO IT!

What should Kerry wear for the 2nd debate

Is Dubya really refusing a physical now?

Are News Bureaus Going After Bush?

My Favorite Republican, whose yours?

you know the world is going crazy when Pat Buchanan is the only sane

Are you looking for inspiration in these dark times?

Oklahoma senate debate on Press the Meat tomorrow

Editorial: Disaster States.. part of *s Disaster $$ goes to states not

Bush's Response Style

You won't believe this.

looks like mr parlock shoved someone during that crying child incident!

Cheney and Lieberman's 2000 Debate on C-Span I right now

Paradise cleansed

Level 3 Volcano alert heightens security at Seatac

I Just Made My Reservations to Florida for Pat's Game in Dec.

I;m looking fowardr to the next Kerry vs dumbass debate.

cnn: if election were today: Kerry 47%...bush 45%.....WOOO WOOOO

Your name is George W. Bush.

Elections Watched by Foreign Observers

pictures of wounded soldiers that bushkkko doesn't want you to see

I love Howard Dean!!!!

Watching the Debate now

REAL cool news links page

Are our troops dying for the wrong war?

Mother enters school bus, helps son beat up another student

Are you a PACIFIST?

Directory of or website that evaluates progressive businesses?

I thought that taking physical for a president and a potential President

Republicans defeat Patriot Act Ammendment

Can someone tell me how the town hall debate will be different than the ..

Breaking the 1000 post ceiling: don't ask me anything, I'm an idiot.

If you can stand CNN....Capitol Hill Gang on now


An American War on Terror

how many people (not including people here) will be watching the debates

what do you think is the future for American public education?

My first vote in Montana...

In his impatience, he more frequently sends other people to death

what in the heck is Bob Novak recovering from?

Can someone tell me how the town hall debate will be different than the ..

I talked to my congressman today!!! (D-GA)

New "swift boats and p.o.w.s "for truth"" ad - anyone else see it?

Sunday news show line up. What will you be watching?

In the debates, Bush really sounds like a man who is about to be fired.

Fox News - Post Poll - All Mt. St. Helens/Laci, all the time

"Feingold, Michels take off gloves over Patriot Act"

I was just watching WB 11, New York news for less than 5 minutes...

computer geek help needed

Who's on MTP "Roundtable" Tomorrow?

How do you reconcile neoliberalism and feminism?

Reminder: SNL at 11:30 ET

Second viewing of the debate as I'm doing now on TIVO, Chimp even worse

Hey where's Ashcroft?


Bush Twins and Kerry Kids

Braving the Streets Her Way---WP article on life of a young Newark lesbian

We only have a month to go and * is toast: we won't have anything to DO

FAUX News "reporter" KKKarl KKKameron KNOWINGLY lies - DEMAND RESIGNATION!

Unfit for Can Cun

Jeez lady. It ain't the end of the world. You just can't go home until...

More violations of the Geneva Conventions by United States

Neck deep in the big muddy and the damn fool says press on

Can someone please post about the opening skit on SNL for

Don't miss Russert/Dean on CNBC at 10. Full hour of intelligent talk.

Is it true that George W. Bush toured a lot of hurricane sites on the

What's up with the Oil for Food scandal

Bush Jr's Skeleton interesting website you may want to check

Do yourself a favor

Is the Week Magizine conservative?

How many times will Bush mention 911 in the up coming debate?

CSpan now! Bush vs. Gore debate 2000 - Town Meeting. Compare

Check this debate poll

Can anyone see Bush winning the next debate?

Nice photo

I just had a coworker tell me that he & others are going to vote for...

26,000 Remain Without Power in Polk County

Everything else aside, do you find Bush to be personally "LIKABLE"?

Disgusting Anti-Gay Amendments

Dubya the traitor - an unAmerican act; the act of a coward.

Will there be an Obama Keyes debate?

Lyndon Larouche has helped me make up my mind............

Why haven't you called into your local talk radio call in shows?

Just watched video of debate on c-span. Great insight.

Keeping America Scared--GREAT VIDEO!!!

Use John Eisenhower as a reason to vote Dem!

pro-bush documentary on christian channel

Disorder, Negligence and Mismanagement: Iraq Reconstruction Funds

Who's worse? McCain or Giuliani?

Closet Kerry Supporters

I just got cursed out in an e-mail from a conservative talk show host

Condi seems to have vanished

Bob Schieffer as moderator worries me

Question about draft...Anybody know where I can find the post Vietnam

Run to see... "Going Up River"

Neck deep in the big muddy and the damn fool says press on

he KICKS, he SCORES.... (toon preview)

Carole Simpson, mod. of 92 Pres THall debate on cspan.

Republicans will vote Bush because he's Republican

How is Kerry going to build a coalition, exactly?

Fahrenheit 9/11 On Bush Lies TV

Rest easy, young folks, Newsweek says no draft.. Just a Democratic rumor.

The Daily Show has the Seymour Hersh clip up....

Who knows where the terms left and right come from

This Old House; Pearl Harbor and 911

The coolest things happened while I passed out Kerry stuff at the game

Cellphone and remote microphones were "jammed" before/during debate?

The truth about Bush's new tax bill.

Do you think the US has a right to initiate a preemptive war?

The $87 Billion Dollar ANSWER

Help...... i need some response

Hot Item: Dubya The Christian Doesn't Go To Church!

Like FDR hid his polio, w is hiding his severe mental psychosis

I don't get why some people feel the need to put down Christians.

I predict some feepers will go nuts

Check this out , A Sergeant Speaks The Hard Truth

Dean, talking to Tim Russert, called George H.W. Bush a "stand-up guy".

SNL Watch

Computer Voting will be 30% of 2004 ballots... who has e-vote state map?

i saw going upriver

BBV: Need information on swing states and close races

I find some of you "liberals" disturbing.

regardless of who wins, what's your game plan going forward?

Guy James October Fund Raiser

BBV: Votewatch closing voter campaign

Acronyms for B.U.S.H ....

List of TOP FIVE things we need to get done after Kerry is elected.

your opinions on the DLC?

Hey fellow canucks....

Unloved in Arabia: New York Review of Books

Out of Iraq: New York Review of Books

Young, radical Chechens a bad sign of things to come

Mel Gibson Gets Court Order Against Praying Fan

Attempt to prove north pole is Danish

Bush's Washington state headquarters for re-election burglarized

Politics in the 'New Normal' America: New York Review of Books

O'Rightwing taken to task by Jon Stewart

Mourning Iraqis Blame U.S. Troops

NYT: David Brooks: "When you see someone talking about crying with

Iraqis condemn prime minister after Falluja raid

U.S. Soldier Killed by Small Arms Fire

Bush & Kerry: A Big Divide: New York Review of Books

(San Luis Obispo) Layoffs at local printing plant (100 jobs)

Mt. St. Helens obliges with eruption

MP Questions Iraqi Woman's Conference Speech

KRKT turning to talk radio (Oregon)

Black launches £480m case against Hollinger

N. Korea says South has nuclear arms, rejects talks

Schwarzenegger terminates $5bn San Francisco bridge plan

CNN Reporting Another Beheading

In Exeter, Bush women push for the president

US pushes to take Iraq rebel city

US skimps on troops, spends on tech

Locals Say Kerry Held his Own (Wincheter Star, VA)

War and scandals tarnish sainthood move for emperor

Delta drops all flights from Ontario (CA) to Dallas

L.A. Official Not Authorized to Carry Gun (LAPD anti-terrorism chief)

... and where did you get yours?

PNC fallout - Riggs Bank

Internet Video Shows Militant Beheading Iraqi


G7 fails to reach debt deal

Skewed Intelligence Data in March to War in Iraq

Lowest-paid workers in Ohio don't qualify for jobless benefits

Bush used earpiece during debate! See link ...

Guantánamo Bay prisoner's letter claims he was witness to murders


Bombings, Gun Attacks in India Kill 44

100,000 Kurds Demonstrate for Kirkuk's Incorporation in Autonomous Region

Wisconsin plane crash kills 3 men (2 Iraq vets, 1 an FAA inspector)

A Soldier Promises to Save Unlikely Iraqi Informant-Teen Who Turned In Dad

With mikes turned on, teachers find pupils tune in

A Slice of History; Ichiro Breaks Sisler's Record

Democratic keynote speaker Barack Obama calls for missile strikes on Iran

Kerry: Bush Wrong on U.S. Economy as Well as Iraq

Dean sparks heated debate in visit to campus. EMU

U.S. Soldier Shot Dead in Baghdad #1060

Pressure Building Again Inside St. Helens

Air America stays on air in Portland (Maine)

Setbacks Plague U.S. Arms Effort in Iraq

Bush Warned of Likelihood of Insurgency before invasion!

NY Times: Skewed Intelligence Data in March to War in Iraq

Government raises Mt.St.Helens alert to level three.

Kerry 'Win' Against Bush In Debate May Provide Boost In Polls

Bush Lead Gone (Details)

Kerry in the lead 49 - 46!!!!!!!!!!!!! New Newsweek Poll

NEWSWEEK POLL: First Presidential Debate - Kerry now leads Bush 49 - 46!

Bush lead gone (get ready for real nasty suprises)

Doubts about Iraq's aluminum tubes raised as early as 2001: report

US, France Entrenched in Iraq Debt Battle

MSNBC: Newsweek poll puts Kerry even with Bush

Militant Cleric Discussing Plan for Iraq Politics

Workers evacuated after suspicious powder found in Iowa building

Evacuations ordered for areas near Mount St. Helens

U.S., Iraq Forces Claim Success in Samarra

Activist Holds Anti-Nader Hunger Strike

Bush Hits Kerry on U.S. Needing 'Global Test'

George W. Bush's Choice: Tax Cuts for the Wealthy Over Protecting Homeland

In Florida, Kerry says American dream is on the ballot. NYTimes

Pres. Debate sparks jump in Voter Registration (Santa Clarita Signal)

Blair : "I feel liberated" : MPs "Go quickly"

CNN Crawl: Post-Debate Newsweek Prez Poll: Kerry 47% Bush 45%

Is there currently a bloodbath in Samarra? Russian news says so...

Iraqis to mediate Bigley's release

Robert Novak in Hospital with Broken Hip

WP/Milbank: Bush Says Kerry Will Allow Foreign Vetoes

Kerry casts Bush as a friend of the wealthy

Tutu in anti-Guantanamo theatre

BBC governor under fire for Iraq contracts

Kissinger Criticized Subordinates

Clinton works the phones

Baucus says sideline Cuba effort, focus on terrorism (Montana Democrat)

The Race Is On! (MSNBC)

Brokaw, Jennings Show Support for Rather

Italy Official Hints at Iraq Troop Exit

NYT, pg1: Inquiry Stymied on Company with Air Force Ties

US bases in Iraq: sticky politics, hard math

Four suicides in child porn case

NYT: Skewed Intelligence Data in March to War in Iraq

US had plans to invade Pakistan

WBTV general manager wants Rather suspended(NC Affiliate)

28 People Arrested Outside White House

Pros fill in the blinks on W

NYT: Shrapnel and Cancer Figure in Kerry's Journey to Health

LAT: Kerry's Performance Raises Democratic Hopes

WP: Influx of Wounded Strains VA

How Cheney's firm routed $132 m to Nigeria via Tottenham lawyer

Cameras revealed a man in pain

Democrats fear October surprise

Some Voters Still Flip-Flop After Debate (Faux Misleads Again)

Jordanian prince requests Bush brain viewing

WP: Changes in Store for Senate Leaders

President to hone skills for debating (Moonie Times)

Pinochet accused in tax fraud inquiry

Report: Feds ordered salmon study rewrite

WP: Poor Face Reduced Rent Aid

The Race is On

Kerry accuses Bush of lying about debate

Why Nader could be the nail in Democrats' coffin

US forces to 'flatten Falluja' before Iraq's first vote

Web site promotes Schwarzenegger for presidet

US hyping Darfur genocide fears

Guantanamo has failed to prevent terror attacks

Bush lashes out after debate loss (gotta love that headline)

Draft rumors persist in face of a military stretched thin

Bush uses France against John Kerry (pathetic)

'DON'T VOTE' billboards anger activists

Debate leads to a shift in strategy (WaPo) "advisors... stunned"

How do you abort an import in iTunes?

Ever notice chat room people come in patterns?

Funniest lines in a song?

Mamma, pray for me, this worthless sinner while I .....CAPTION

34 1/2 *

okay, I just drank two beers and now I feel a little tipsy...

My butt is wiggling - oh oh - now is the time in the Lounge when we dance!

I freakin KNEW it. GOP bastards are too cheap to buy Union

This ain't hard work, he did himself in .............. CAPTION

"The Forgotten"-good movie

How many Polacks does it take to be remembered daily by a US President?

Should Americans of German decent intentionally forget Poland?


Now, here's the rules, see.... This guy on the right... CAPTION

Me and a Blue Man

Tornado pics.. before and after

Everything you need to know....

Late Night DU AIM Chat

Did Bush say we can't keep sanctions on Iran forever? i.e, WAR?!

Hey Al... Can you believe he even showed up for the debate?

One for the car freaks

For all of you who are tired of 'Poland', I'm ready to practice my love ..

Just like the great President Regan had his..........CAPTION....

I'm kind of a loner that gets lonely sometimes

Little Men.... Big Shadows

BEST thing about selling my house!

Check out what happened to my friends...

Hi there, remember me? I am the secret ace in the hole

Well I just called the cops to break up a party upstairs

Wow! The cops are busting a party across the street!

100 reasons to vote out the shrub

Out on a wing and a prayer....

I had to kill my cats in my nightmare ...I'm so upset.

DU moving slow for anyone else??n/t

What happened to the Expos?

"I'm sorry, the card says "Moolahs"

Some guy just called the cops on my party

The cute puppy pics thread

The New Campaign Show

Caption: Kaiser Karl cured my varicose veins: JP2

Republicans believe.........................

I need a new computer!!! :-( .............and some advice

Happy 135th Birthday, Gandhi! (nt)

Caption: No love lost there.........

Are Polish girls the hottest, or what?

Light seeks Arc glory

Has Anyone Seen I Love Huckabees!

Cheney Breaks Loose From Handlers, Mauls Seven

'Funny science' gets its reward

LADIES!! Does this make me look fat?

CAPTION the shining beacon of hope for the future

My previous employer allowed his companies to pirate software

Mel Gibson Gets Court Order Against Praying Fan

Thieves Get A Taste Of Their Own "Funny Money"

We ran out of Kerry/Edwards signage today

Mel Gibson Gets Court Order Against Praying Mantis

CAPTION the "close but not exactly" light hearted moment

I believe the children are the future, Give them love and.........

Kids find Playoff Yankee Box Seat Tickets then return them

Will Ferrell as gw tv commercial... priceless

DU Ohio State fans!!! TOO ARMS!!!

I know this is for CAPTIONING. I know that.

Study shows link between country music and suicide

Does anyone have a Pioneer DEH Series car stereo?????

And it's one two three - what are we fighting for?

The Religion of Bush --Crossdressing as a Patriotic Man of God

Would you buy software from this site:

Mel Gibson Gets Court Order Against Johnny Mathis

Mel Gibson Gets Court Order Against Johnny Rotten

Mel Gibson gets court order against Mel Gibson

Anyone know a good link for insect classification?

It's blast your speakers time!

A question for Mic rosoft computer gurus..

I've seen a lot of movies lately... reviews contained here in:

Mel Gibson Gets Court Order Against Henry Gibson

Mel Gibson Gets Court Order Against Henry V

Mel Gibson Gets Court Order Against Everyone

Everyone Gets Court Order Against Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson Gets Court Order Against Mel Torme

Mel Gibson Gets Court Order Against Mel Brooks

Mel Gibson Gets Court Order Against Brooke Shields

I'm launching DUers of Korean Descent for Kerry/Edwards

All the talk about '80s Aussie/NZ pop yesterday

Mel Gibson Gets Court Order Against William Shatner

Mel Gibson Gets Court Order Against Mel Blanc

My Nephew finally caught a break with the "Just Us" system

I've posted here a few times, and it is hard work.

I'd like the names of all "Presidential" sounding American cities....

I've Created Copycat Threads, and IT'S HARD WORK!!!!

Gateway memory question. Help!?

Jono gets court order against Mel Gibson threads

What did Chimpy McCokespoon mean when he said:

mel gibson "sues" bob gibson

So where should I go tonight?

America gets order against Mel Gibson.

Mel Gibson Gets Cort Order Against "America"

Mel Gigson Gets Court Order Against Shields & Yarnell

Ha! I'm a fix-it-rugged-individualist-tool-wielding-manly-man!

A Slice of History; Ichiro Breaks Sisler's Record


Mel Gibson gets court restraining order for his guardian angel.

SO, I'm working on the resume...

mel gibson gets court order against william gibson

Mel Gibson Gets Court Order Against Jono

So, who does Mel Gibson have a court order against?

Another plastic prop?

I'll be goddammed if this Sumatra coffee isn't the BEST ever!

Proof of aberrant sexual practices in The Lone Star State

Can he say that? How come I can't say that?... CAPTION

Here's an accurate pix of the chimp behind a podium...

Duck! He's getting ready to blow!!!!!

YAY!! Saturday Hate Mail To ME!!

I'm Launching "DU-ers Drinking White Lightning For Kerry/Edwards"

Looking for a graphic

I'm launching DUers with Nasty Colds for Kerry/Edwards

Mel Gibson gets court order against Stan Marsh and Kenny McCormick

I am launching DUers who just got in the newspaper for K-E

Launching Jewish Star Trek/sci fi fans and Jedis of DU for Kerry Edwards..

Mel Gibson Gets Cort Order Against The Jews

In the Desert

Anyone want some eye candy for a Saturday?

Mel Gibson gets court order against Maxwell Smart

I'm launching Thong-Wearing DUers of questionable morals for Kerry/Edwards

My new sig.....

I got interviewed by a paper because of getting involved with politics

Al Franken is Great

What's with the Yellow Ribbon "Support Our Troops" stickers?

I am a conservative blogger

Another thing about Dan Rather...... (Crazy radio clip)

Cool! Guess what I'll be cruising in tonight?!

Tom Swift and His Electric Car

I'm feeling Peevish. Ask me anything. nt

Where can I find good free games on the Net?

Post WVU/VA Tech Disgustipation thread!!!!!!...............

Hey, this is the happiest I have seen CONDOLEEZZA in a while!



Does this DU trait bother you?

Fries are DONE!

"Bush gestures to supporters" reads the byline....

least favorite stooge

Book of Morman Action Figures

I just got my new T-Shirt!

Favorite Alan Alda film?

I'm finally home alone.......


Help! My husband's wardrobe malfunctions are getting out of hand

More Bush documents trickle out... (Handwritten, this time)

A delicious Freeper Post

Men Are FUN

Men are NUMB!!!!

Dog lovers ............



Should I be sent to a camp for copycatting?

the dumbest freeper tagline I've ever seen:

Leko Evens World Championship Match against Kramnik

I ran into a "group of folks" at the Olive Garden

Great Halloween Costume

I am a Men-ority notified me today............

How do you ship a bottle of wine?

Mark Knopfler on Prairie Home Companion!

I think Naderites have forgotten why they are socialists

In the current spirit of the Lounge--the most sexist Beach Boys song ever!

Good Spy Novels

A home for Spot when you die

Pickles handing out hurricane relief supplies

Rasheed Marshall sucks

Sexist, racist Democrat behavior

Hahahaha ha. I got carded last night at the Tiger game

Huns With Hamsters Molested By Rampaging White Picket Fence

Huns With Hamsters Molested By Rampaging Copycat Posters

FINALLY!, the Quantum Sleeper! - we've all been waiting for this!

in all the excitement this week i just found out---

Hamsters with buns go on rampage with german chocolate cake.....

Huns With German Chocolate Cake Molested By Rampaging White Picket Fence

Castor came off my computer chair just now.

"Rock Star" Is On The DVD Player

One-Question Patriotism Quiz:

Is the F911 DVD supposed to be out next week? Can't seem to find a date

BushCo Humor

Bad morning ends with good afternoon...

Trinidad v Mayorga

Oh, man ... the SF Giants Fucked up!

___________________________ For Kerry/Edwards...

It's blanket statement day in the lounge! HOORAY FOR SCUM!!!

I'm watching two hours of LOST

Whats your favorite part of a salad?

Funny daughter story....

Richard or Johann?

How do you like your steak?

Anyone have it colder in the morning than here in Sheboygan?

Anyone else at work?

Cookin' with Kitten...........

so, I've been running around without a sig line.

Sing Along: I'm A Lumberjack, and I'm Okay

What type of liqour can you most easily drink gay?

Cubs Choke - Poll

There is a GOP bus parked in front of Second City

We watched Count of Monte Cristo this evening...

What type of liqour can you most easily drink straight?

Liberal_Andy gets to 500 posts! Kerry ahead in polls! Coincidence?

Men smell nice

How do you like your Shrimp?

help settle a feud between a friend a me-re:80s saturday morning cartoons


Ben Affleck on Saturday Night Live tonight

What would you rather drink straight from the bottle?

Help!! Need current world map that shows all conflict zones - pronto!

Ok then I am starting DUers of Slovak decent for Kerry-Edwards

I'm launching DUers of blinding whiteness for Kerry/Edwards.

Please, God, don't let the fr**pers discover Kerry's deepest secret...

Can anyone help me find a link??

DU for kids! Help Georgie count the Pumpkins

I treat women as objects

Men Are SCUM.

My dog peed on my husband

Another great split screen CAPTION opportunity

Interior designers or folks good with colors - a ?

Better House-Warming Present?

Breaking the 1000 post ceiling: don't ask me anything, I'm an idiot.

Oh, Jeb.... Thank God.... a friendly face! It was brutal....CAPTION

Leave a message for *

Prisoners Break Out in Song -- Literally (yahoo)

15,000 posts, 3 years and 3 months

Men and Cats are Scum.

I just came home for a 24 hour visit...

Historical rationale for Kerry win


It's the NewYawker99 countdown to 80,000 posts thread! 34 posts to go!

Just when I think he can't look any stupider

Anyone ever gotten custody of a kid that wasn't a relative? My daughter's

This is a weird picture... what is it with McCain and * now?

#9 Auburn vs #8 Tennessee ESPN

Politicked out....the denouement. I need diversions. Humor me. :)

Man disgusted to find bug deep-fried in package of chips

Men are men


My cat is constipated!

I have 10 GMAIL invites to give out

My 6 year old talks politics.

CAPTION the man on the brink...

One of my students was killed in a car crash last night.

MAD-TV Just Broke Me Up!!

Recommend a PDA

Just got back from my little smart-car cruise

Don't you hate it when Wat_Tyler spells words with that"european" spellin?

Someone who can keep the country together till it's ready for democracy

Could I get a link, please,

My son would like some information for a college assignment

Anyone else hate dolphins?

Did you ever notice Bush and Cheney look like Pinky and the Brain?

Any Electricians in the House?

if you sponsor a foreign person, are you responsible for their bills?

Teachers: Would you staff George Bush if he was in your class?

Took this picture off my back porch an hour ago...

You have to see the Ramones movie!

Anyone have good recipes for veggie lasagna, German chocolate cake

Happy blanket statement day everyone

Crewleader reporting in....

Nuns With Hammers Convicted For Sabotaging National Defense

What should the new Washington DC baseball team's name be?

Women are SCUM..I mean...GODDESSES!!!! Yeah, THAT's damn straight.

Scariest Halloween Pumpkin EVER!

the best dog-training tool ever....

If Nader was a superhero, what would his costume look like?

Okay, I need your opinion on elf-punishing

(Medical question) Is it safe to put muscle stim (E.M.S.) on chest?

Okay. What is this woman's DU screen name?

i'm launching DUers passing-for-white for Kerry/Edwards

I'm launching DUers of Polish Descent for Kerry/Edwards!

Mel Gibson brings Mount Saint Helens to court

i'm launching DUers of mixed descent for Kerry/Edwards

Caption: Pickles on a new diet?

Mount St. Helens is a terrorist!

We saved a life at the SPCA.

The answer to all of life's problems is....


Bob Boudelang Explains the Debates

ok Dumb Question from the Newbie....

Ohio State vs Northwestern game thread w/pre game show

Saturday Night Live

Now it's time for more Democratic CATS!!

Cubs Are DONE!

NFL team composed of the most criminals?

The bunnyj MEN ARE GOOD Thread.

DUers - help win the Kerry fight in Canada

OK Army navy and Air Force peoples, let's haer some dumb Marine jokes!

I did my first beer bong tonight. Ask Me Anything....

How do you post without making it look like a reply?

Catholic does not equal Christian

Okay, I need your opinion on self-publishing

Politicked out....the denouement. N'uther diversion. Dylan fans?

I'm in the 700 club. Ask me anything.

On the 2d of November... (12 Days of Christmas parody; let's go!)

A Slice of History; Ichiro Breaks Sisler's Record

Posting from New Jersey ... ask me anything!

Well I think I narrowly avoided a diabetic coma tonight...

Your Favourite Band.

Today in the mall parking lot I saw a car with a Kerry/Edwards sticker...

Imagine if he'd rubbed in Bush Seniors accomplishments more.

A debate review.

James Taylor/Dixie Chicks Concert was packed with Kerry supporters

There was only one candidate on stage at the debate...

Anyone see the Feingold Debate?

Political commentary just sucks

My father and the debates.

OK, which battleground states are using Diebold

Four secret service agents prevent Bush from jumping off wagon

"Kennedy, - I mean Kerry"

Spare the leash...spoil the child..... (new bushco slogan)

Tucker Carlson....He's supposed to be qualified to analyze??

Bush Will Win The Next Debate

Kerry strategy question

did anyone catch bush saying this at the end last night?

National Review or the Weekly Standard declared Kerry the winner

I wore my "Good Bush.Bad Bush" shirt out tonight in Repugnantland!

We many not KNOW the elction results on 11/2!

Will someone please tell me that this is a joke?

Bush posture at the podium telling

Daily Show - post-debate

Bitchy debate observation. Did anyone notice that

Bush has no plan for Iraq.

You're going to LOL at this email from a proud dad of 19yr old on Kerry

The mixed message/signal theme.

notes on the debate... (don't pee your pants reading this)

Zogby's lastest report (9/21)

The pod of monkeys are trying to delude themselves again[Freepers funny]

How are you going to pay for it? GWB..

The * resume'

What do you think Rove (and his henchmen) said to FAUX News

Maybe I missed this yesterday but what's the story the freetards

The monkeys are at it again, Freepers think Kerry broke the rules

Another example of disparate freepers. [Mommy and Daddy like Kerry]

Last night I kept thinking of Kerry nominating 2 or 3 Supreme Ct. Justices

My Debate fave (to Bush): you'd rather...

Kerry Headquarters opens smack dab in the middle of Repugnantland!

Kerry will win all 3 debates.... BUT...Computer Voting IS the issue..!

Freeper says * won the women's vote last night

CNN poll: Do you think the media did a fair job of analysis after

Talking points for LTTEs post debate

Rebuttal to RNC video of Kerry vs. Kerry

Some more NYTimes (Wilgoren) debate analysis

Is there a medical or chemical explanation for Bush's water

What the Cheney? Are you watching C-Span?

Does Bush know that he lost the debate?

My best friend his family oprah and the debate

Want to REALLY know how Kerry did? No BS. ARG tells it like it is..

Another possible October surprise--BEWARE!

Will the Media supply Bush with the debate questions ahead of time?

National President of College Republicans isn't even IN college

Question about the debate rules

The flyer that proved Kerry is right about Iraq

Quintessential Bartcop

If Kerry and Bush were both captured by terrorists. (an email to KOS)

Union members in CA have never heard of Air America. Incompetence!

There is still time to SAVE the Good Name of AMERICA, vote for Kerry

I volunteered last night for the first time---ask me anything!

Every time I hear the term "security mom" I feel like cringing

Ultimate November surprise if K/E elected?

Another Battleground Debate Poll, please VOTE...

Swift boat liars on CNN

Locals Say Kerry Held his Own (Wincheter Star.. conserv. VA, folks.)

Media foreshadows Osama "capture"...

RE: * quote on NPR Weekend Edition this morning:

It's not just the grimacing, it's also about the stammering

The chimp finds a puppet and the Freepers like it

IMPORTANT: Reframe Your Ideas in Debates with Undecided Voters

John Kerry won the debate, because people believe in John Kerry

C-Span reruns debate - Sun - 10 AM - tape it, see split screens, whatever

We all know that Faux, CNN, and MSGOP are all crap. Here for more proof!

DU this poll in my area....

The Post-Debate Aftermath has little competition in the news this weekend!

"The Attack of the Split Screen" - Asia Times

A new blue South

Ted Nugent releases immature anti-Kerry song

Here is the website to follow any breaking news on Osama bin Laden.

DU this poll , Every Vote Counts in Florida!

My semi-political Brother is surprising me with his grasp of the issues.

Let's say you're at the next debate

WSJ reporter Fassihi's e-mail to friends - Iraq Is Lost

Where's Condi?? No Promos for George as Election draws near..

11 NYT LTTE this morning on the debate - 2 shrub supporters pretty funny

When does Bush go to Crawford to start studying for next debate ?

Did anyone hear * say "long RUM" in the debate?

"Faith in the White House" DVD -- Bush and Jesus, "separated at birth"

Anybody who thinks Kerry wasn't clear on his plan for Iraq is

SoCal peace activist launches anti-Nader hunger strike

Why I think Bush lost the debate

what will CHENEY do in the debate ?

Friday morning photo of Bush

Caption this GREAT Kerry photo.....

Media trying to hide the Shrub failure.

"George Bush has a four word plan — more of the same."

Debate: Kerry touched on defense vs. offense; TALKING POINTS

When Might Turns Right - Golly GE, why Big Media is pro-Bush

Was Bush's "Bring it on" quote mentioned in the debate?

Anyone know the push-polling story in Maryland?

Debate Split-Screen special effects on C-SPAN

CNN profiling Cheney's life

What the heck is this? SF columnist says

Bush won the debate with Kerry (couple of articles I found this morning)

Did anyone catch this Bushism in the Debates?

Debate 2 Will Be Like Debate 1 And Debate 3 Will Be Like Debate 2

Keep your chins up

Early Indications of a Kerry Debate Bounce

Uh Oh: The media is Spinning it as a BUSH WIN

Bush's "ownership society"...he's using it right now on TV.

Did Bush even say Kerry's name once during the debate?

"Hard work" Excellent article!

What can I Do to Help..........................Kerry ?

What time is the VP debate? (Going out of town and programming

"Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry"

Kerry should call off the next debate.

Poll Finds Substantial Gains For Kerry as Result of First Debate

Since Repubs like to talk about "Security Moms"

Want to scare yourself? Read about Bush: The Christ Candidate!

I'm registering voters for SIX HOURS today!!!!!

Bush - his split screen personalities

Who gave us this metaphor of our wonderful *?

The word NEOCON needs to be introduced

Stop the Presses - Hannity claims Bush did a great job last night

Listening to a real Koolaid drinker now on "Best of Al Franken"...

I need some of the ridiculous RNC spin quotes after Bush's ass was whooped

Frank Luntz focus group Kerry wins group over

Newspaper ballot recommendations early

A Win for Kerry - Newsweek

my humble idea for the day

Springsteen: "The country we carry in our hearts is waiting."

This lynch mob/media blasting mentality I am starting to notice is

W.H. Press and the "but.."

Stick It On!: VOTE FOR KERRY! !!!! Bush is scary!

How will this report by the DoD (re: Iraq/Afghan), due 10/31, affect 11/2?

If you vote for a war criminal, you are also a war criminal

What will Cheney do? What will Edwards do?

CO DUers wishing to go see AAR/Al Franken in Boulder Mon., 10/4:

Little changed in RAS poll with 1 out of 3 days "post-debate"

Even Texans know who won the debate.

Fahrenheit 9/11 on DVD

Made Up RNC Message Point Quotes That John Kerry Never Said

Kerry as the race's conservative because Bush is in fantasy land.

Bush Chides Kerry on Domestic Programs ( W Promises more of the same)

Vinnie Vin Talking Point on Iraq.

CNN's "undecided" staged

"W" Stands for Whining.

Carl Cameron Should Be Exposed And Fired

Will our votes count?

Please, someone in the Town Hall audience, ask Bush about "hard work"

Why Can't Something Be Done About Fox Dam It

Anyone see Lil Tucker on Bill Maher?

Bush Lies in his radio address today. Press immediately calls him on it!

Does anyone think that the debate between Cheney and Edwards Tuesday...

Who was Dubya answering in the middle of his speaking, Karl Rove?

The Kerry Campaign - a catastrophic success??

I don't think bush wants the job anymore.

Yeah for Bruce Springsteen! Last night, in Philadelphia, Bruce

The real way polls tell who won

MEDIA ALERT! The "goring" has begun and we need to take action

Bush veto threat meant 87B for Army not as important as tax cut for rich

"broad and seething rejections from all corners of the globe." Thanks Bush

Time to focus on Friday's debate.

Use the facts to soften the media up for Kerry's attacks on Bush

Since the holidays are almost upon us

What's you're question for Bush for the next debate?

Does anyone know when the next round of national polls come out?

Difference in viewers' impressions of debate: split screen or not

Thread for post-debate feel good stories...

About the second debate, two words:

Dick Cheney's alive!

*'s "hard werk" was mainly referring to others' hard work.

November 2nd...K/E win--right wing meltdown?

Do we want to boost the Edwards-Cheney debate?

Kerry's volunteer organization needs fine tuning. Or Joe Trippi.

It's Halloween Time! Why is Bush soooo scary?

Some scheme behind bush's behavior in the debate?

Kerry on the campaign trail.

Black Box Voting (wearabledissent)

Will there be a debate parody on SNL?

If Cheney brings up Edwards' looks, I want JE to make this comeback

If you got to be a questionare at the townhall debate, would you...


Comeback to "It's Hard Work"

So when did Condi get demoted

It's Hard Work... It's Hard Work... It's Hard Work... It's Hard Work...

Is something going on in arkansas

If you have a moment, please DU this poll..thanks

UPRIVER is Antidote to Rove's "UNPRINCIPLED" Flip-Flop/VetSmear Poison

I know how to throw Bush off his game next time

Did OUR troops SEE the debate? n/t

FOX did it again...Pres. Kerry!

Do not get blown away if the poll numbers do not change

Afghani Election (Oct. 9) Impact On The U.S Presidential Race

Political artists awakening in unprecedented numbers

Senior Clark supporters for Kerry - Thousands of letters to swing states

My two NH best friends who hate politics just registered to vote

Kerry needs to learn to look into the camera when he answers

Next 2 debates: * win, then Kerry win.

Bush in Cuyahoga Falls, Ojio

Remember media spun that Bush campaign had bested Kerry on debate rules

It's the Great Bumpkin, Charlie Brown!

The Whirling Dervish of the RNC

If Massive Election Fraud is perceived

LOL.. Using poison ivy to protect K/E signs... I love it.

Got to Prepare For "Osama In Chains" Special -- Bush's Secret Weapon.

Bush used EARPIECE during debate (see video /audio link) Indymedia..!

So what's up with Fox & the ridiculous lies?

Out of the mouths of babes

Money talks and Basswood walks

2008 Starts Now!

Unbelievable Editorial from my local RW rag

We really need to push Cheney quotes from '92, justifying NOT invading

Let's come up with sound bytes for the next debate

ARG debate poll: If people voted the same way, Kerry would get 57.5%.

I thought you guys might enjoy this...

This Poll has been Freep'd!!!

What's on the "news" right now:

Bush: Kerry would give other nations a veto over national security

Bush's* odds of winning immediately lowered on Oddsmaker

The media spin will not resonate with the folks who watched the debate.

My LTTE on the Fox News flap

Rove will call the coming Bush draft the (fill in the blank)

Father Kerry vs. Boy George

Bush mislead nation in 2000 debates & CSPAN reairing tonight

Let's avoid the low expectations for Bush trap.

Bush supporters totally misinformed

I just sent e-mails to Gloria Borton of CNBC and that stupid

ook ook ook and other pleasures (pic heavy)

Oh, my, somebody is not looking well

Letterman said, "* made gains in 2 states. Dazed and Confused."

NEED HELP on other board about

Presidential debate moves betting line on race

Fatigue and Poor Judgement not Malice

Even more important than a Bush defeat is the defeat of Propaganda Machine

Hilarious pug spin: * won on substance

Spent the last 3 1/2hrs. registering voters in NC.

How does this photo strike you? Just curious...

Drudge misleading on Kerry HIV! Un-Cheneying-believable!

Tell me this man is not warm and charismatic...JK in Orlando today

Is this how they act when they are under fire?

I continue to await Ralph Nader's dropping out of the race...

A bit of 1970s tech would solve the "visible earpiece" problem

Drudge Flash: Newsweek Poll = Bush Lead Gone

you can FEEL the difference

The Richmond Va. DMV is PACKED with people registering to vote

What Edwards Should Do


You want an October Surprise? I gotcher October Surprise right here!

Will Bush back out of the upcoming debates?

Things you will hear or say on November 3rd

Are New Jersey, Ohio and Maryland Being Set Up for the Steal?

George Bush's Incoherent Answer to the most Important Question

My paper's viewpoint on the debate: Can anyone tell what it is?

The Incredible Shrinking Shrub

Question for other "Phone Corps" people

cameras at polls

"What I think troubles a lot of people in this country

Wow. Pat Buchanen nailed what happened with Bush last night.

Has anyone here ever been on a debate team or been a debate judge before?

Elizabeth Edwards Rocks!

Kerry together or die together


Women, kids among wounded

The Week magazine depicts Osama as a Kerry supporter on its cover

MSNBC Cable Newsflashes Newsweek poll

anyone else just see how they described Bush press conference?

One more problem with Gallup polls - Bush/ Gallup families are related


"I don't want to register. I hate politics."

LAST weekend to register voters DU!

just watched debate for a 3rd time - EVEN BETTER than 1st time

should Kerry go for the Comeback Kid speaches yet?

SurveyUSA debate analysis

Just got home from a mini-"Octoberfest" down at the lakeside tavern here

Bush: "My opponent has laid out 'The Kerry Doctrine!' "

By the last debate Bush might even loose Texas.

I think Edwards is going to mop the floor with Cheney..

Will Bush's people try to stop the split screen for the next debate?

New - Faux Posts Communists for Kerry quote(It's a Repug Group)

A 14-Point Swing


The global test twist - arrgghhh.

An incumbent who can’t break 50 percent is in trouble, even if he’s ahead.

Newsweek Kerry leads 47-45(3-way) Kerry 49-46 (head to head)

Bush leaving the WH today and he looks like

Sid Blumenthal's review of the debate

Why would anyone vote for Nader?

Don't forget Cheney is going to rip up Edwards in the debate.

So, local ordinances say no political signs on public property...

The results of the Newsweek Polls are out on the net

We should ignore Carl Cameron...

Time - A Race Is What We've Now

Overseas, debate draws a large audience

How I GOTV in low income neighborhoods

Oh,, and where's the outrage over Carl Cameron?

How should we repond to the good debate/polls?

Up Coming IMPLOSION Live on TV...Next Debate:: OPI's Predictions.

I'm lifting my self imposed cable news boycott for today only

Media heads SNAP OFF as they reverse about-face on debate importance...

Kerry Says Bush Ignores Economic Troubles

Photoshopped -- Yes or No?

Mount St. Helens is a terrorist!

Bush Approval drops to 46 in Newsweek poll-Kerryhas 2 point lead RV 3way

Freeper: Rove paid off by Kerry to sabotage Bush in debate

FOX not televising 2nd debate

Bush "flip-flops" on Iran?

Bush is Outsourcing Our Freedom

I climbed the mighty mountain

"When I'm in Washington..."

Okay team, let's not get ahead of ourselfs. we still have a long

Why is there so little interest in the Edwards-Cheney debate?

Here Come Da Capitol Gang

So, when are dems going to use Bush's own quotes against him?

President Pea-eye?

Strategy Poll: When should the Big Dog be released?

Next President Could Get to Reshape High Court (most important thing)

How much of a bitch is Candy Crowley?

Dean on CNBC now talking about his book Russert.

Spread the word DU'ERS

Try Ridicule as a Political Technique

It is legitimate. Washinton Dispatch...Kerry takes the lead...

Freepers should just take PROZAC and quit whining. LOL

Bush knows that John Kerry said he'll never give a veto any other country

Anyone see Bush on the Stump trying

Anybod else here hate Lisa Myers over at NBC?

Kerry is a "sweater"

The other head anchors got Dan's back - Internet jihad

What We're Up Against: A Wingnut Vet Poll That Needs DUing

Bush hates criticism, what are his handlers telling him about debate #1?

Quicktime Format for Debate? Link?

I'd almost rather not have Kerry leading in the polls

Taking it to the streets---a report (damn this democracy stuff is hard)

I'd Rather Have Kerry Leading In The Polls

I don't know if anybody has noticed, but the media is in Gore mode

Kerry HIV Negative - Sludge playing his usual games - NYT story up

Fairfax Co. VA Event Report

Woo! Dean talking to Russert on CNBC now

Eisenhower's son endorses Kerry

New voters in NH

Uh-oh the "October surprise" is now evident

Bu$h Monkey..start the Mayflower

Can You Believe Scalia Said This At Harvard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:) Newsweek poll says after debate, Kerry pulls even with Bush

Capital Gang starting on CNN

Knowing The Outcome On Election Night?

The new Poll is encouraging BUT

The Answer for the "Undecideds" from Al Gore

So... was Dumbya really wearing an earpiece at the debate?

Debate Q: Bush "Why did your grandfather Back Hitler and Nazis in WWII?

OK, we've celebrated enough.......

New Newsweek Poll shows Bush's lead VANISHED!

Do the deployed military have the right to vote?

The Kerry Campaign calls...

We need to investigate the rules on this [What do DU'ERS think]

More classic freeper logic

The Death Penalty wedge issue.

It all makes sense: Bush postpones physical because of earpiece implant

The Comfortable Tree VS. The Scared Monkey

If you're worried about Kerry in next two debates, go see Going Upriver

What was the last election that saw this much effort during


Hold It....While we bask in glow of Dumbya's Twitches, Grimaces and

Hitting back on credibility. Ads:Shouldn't a president inspire confidence?

Buzz words: bush: "petulant child" and "not fit to lead". For Kerry

LA times Poll

About that global test and pre-emptive war, anyone confused? Read here.

Bush's achillies heel - EGO

Get a load of this biased Newsweek Poll

Kerry Pulls Ahead of Bush in Newsweek Poll

Post-debate pundits favor Kerry, but it's only Act I

Oprah and Candidates: in 2000, she had on Bush on one show

Will Nader be a factor?

"Terrorists for Kerry"

Businesses supporting Bush/Cheney

DUers!!!!! Media, media, media!!! We CANNOT LET UP!!!

Should Edwards say Cheney is trying to USE terrorism to his ADVANTAGE

Effects of Debate #1 on grassroots efforts

Can I get someone to put together the Dream Team vs. the Mean Team

More fun with Freepers

The big victim of Debate I: The Mysterious Cloak of Inevitability

who here is planning to take Nov. 3rd off?

Volunteered at a street fair today--HUNDREDS of K-E pins

Heads up: CSPAN has the 2000 Cheney/Lieberman debate on

how will your city vote?

Great Debate: Bush wins by not losing

Rapidly approaching state by state voter registration deadlines.

31 voters registered today! Most of them very eager to voice their

Confusing LA Times Poll Has Good News

List of all of Bush's Enron buddies who are in jail

How are things looking for the Edwards-Cheney debate Tuesday

Howard Dean campaigned perfectly for John Kerry for one hour.

Why isn't Bush CRUSHING Kerry?

Folks , we are in for as nasty a four weeks as

looking for that video link to bush's reaction during the debates

What will happen when Kerry wins and the freepers realize the media lied

Millions believe every word Carl Cameron spews!!!

Excellent point

My "unofficial" Debate Scorecard (2nd viewing)...

I think Bush sewed up the election when he used the word 'vociferously'

NPR just did a story "explaining" how NJ went from 20 pts. +Kerry...

Chris Matthews is on KNBC LA NBC West on Satellite

Rasmussen Battleground for 10/2

If the 2nd Pres debate allows reaction shots from questioners...

woomp there it is!

So, who won the first Gore/Bush debate four years ago?

How the White House Embraced Disputed Iraqi Arms Intelligence

Kerry's Brain Fart

Regis and Kathy in the morning...

MAD TV on now....

Read what Bush insiders had to say about their guy's performance

Be sure to read your Sunday funnies.

Kerry the uniter showed restraint during the debate.

Monday October 11th check HBO

Faux advertisers report. Whew just got out before Don King.

Anyone ever compiled a list of Faux advertisers??

I'm calling on all DUer's to join us in boycotting advertisers.

From Philadelphia, home of the soon-to-be

Question about reactions to Bush during debate

Debate #2 Q: "Pres. Bush, do you remember when we were told to duct

Bumper sticker sightings today

Kerry will re-unite our wounded country. One of the BEST reasons to vote

New spot...pass this on!

Newseek - The Race is On!

Will "hard work" be a staple of the Cheney-Edwards debate?

Will Fox EVER have to pay ANY price for their lies?

Please send letters to the editor and pundits, re: Kerry is more likeable.

The smell of desperation is heavy in the Air

LMAO!!! DESPERATE Fox News makes another embarassing stumble

So I pulled up beside a car with B-C stickers today ...

Preparations for possible Kerry Q's in Town Hall debate.

Russert to Dean: "You think he can STILL win?"

W vs Gore in 2000 on Cspan

John Kerry is the most "presidential" candidate I've ever seen.

What do people 20-30 think of Kerry?

DNC,, and everyone who supports John Kerry

Hijacking Catastrophe, 9/11, Fear & the Selling

Bush "spreads freedom" w/ knife, or is it a shovel?

Just got back from "Going Upriver"

Did anyone else watching the debate get the impression that

Has anyone else here been kicked out of a Bush rally?

how would YOU exploit this line from the debate.

Cheney will destroy Edwards!

I hope Kerry seizes on the "Bush was tired" argument.

Kerry/DNC/Dem PACS Need Debate Ads

Edwards is hosting DR. STRANGELOVE on TCM Oct. 7

AIR AMERICA........How much influence do you think ?

Kerry Gains Lead in Newsweek Poll Following Debate

Bush won the debate with Kerry (San Fran Chronicle)

Check this debate poll

Will the networks 'break the rules' next debate?


Joe Scarborough fawning over Kerry

Why there's nothing to lose in the VP debate.

i spoke to a Dem leader here and he said they got a 7 pt bounce in the

Rate this a 5 for Kerry...lets do it DU'ers :-)

Very nice t-shirt, Leonardo... shown arriving for debut of GOING UPRIVER

William F. Buckley endorses Kerry???

Has Carl Cameron been removed from the Kerry campaign yet?

Rove thinks Kerry's mocking of Bush makes the prez sound like Elmer Fudd

Get ready to spread the "changed his persona" meme!

Great Video Montage of "How Bush Did"

Just another rich white guy.

LOL! FAUX proves Freepers are geniuses...again.

Historians,I have a question.

The new Newsweek poll has one MASSIVELY bias question...

What Job Is Bush Qualified For?

Binary Debate Poll

"I've shown the American people I know how to lead."

How many networks will drop the split screen in the next debate ?

CNN Headline News - Repug Comps Stolen

Bush Aides Gave One-Sided View of Iraqi Data -- NYT

"Going Upriver" is the best anti-war movie ever.

Freepers in uproar over "global test"

When Bush angrily said, "let me finish" during the debate, who

CONDDOOLLEEZZAA!!!! Liar, liar, pants on fire!!!

If you have not started distributing TWO-FACED yet now is the time

Anyone changing their vote needs to see Going UpRiver...

Fox is photoshopping photos again[Du'ers need to attack fox on this]

Freeper frenzy over new Prez poll numbers

Kerry Accepts Invitation for Primetime BET Interview Special

What house outcome would give us a majority on Nov 2?

Don't worry about Bush winning any debates

I'm going to say something that'll pi** you off. :ast VP debate was BS.

5 word or less debate headline needed

So, is SNL gonna go after Bush's debate performance?

"Why Media Overestimating Bush lead"-- especially interesting considering

Oklahoma and Alaska President and Senate Numbers

Sunday Morning TV Planner

Jimmy Breslin: "A Leader Showed Up, His Name was Kerry"

Maybe bush was just ragged out after a long squawk.

Simple question: what is the media so afraid of?

John Edwards was fairly warned that campaigns can be absolutely brutal.

So I Just Heard "Tweety" Give a Talk at my School

Faces of Frustration (DNC video) GREAT STUFF

Next debates: Why Rove and Bush are NOT WORRIED

A note on Kerry's note taking during the debate

Zogby 9/30/04: Race is Kerry's to lose

Any chance George Jr. threw that first debate on purpose?

OMG. It just dawned on me, we could have a deranged lame-duck

"A date that will live in infamy"

WP reveals that Bush bad-mouthed Kerry at UN private luncheon

We must be winning!

Edwards is already sort of the underdog


Bush/Rove will retaliate hard in the next debate.

Do you want to read an EXCELLENT analysis of the debate?

Bush in debate: "The military will be an all-volunteer army." - NOT!

Is George W. Bush the Most Hated Man in the World?

Newsweek poll: Inside numbers are devestating for Bush!!!!

Help Crawford, TX newspaper survive RW attack...

*sigh* Even we Democrats have idiots as voters.

Bush's new "Dumb Ass, Don't Tell" policy ...

Who Thinks that the Bush Nazi Story has legs and can help defeat Bush?

What do you say to friends who don't like either candidate

Dr. Laura: "Terrorists murdering children to make sure Kerry's elected"

Cheney* is going to mop the floor with Edwards.

Does anybody know what PM Howard's poll #'s are?