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Archives: October 19, 2004

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Salon: Backlash on the Border (anti-immigrant ballot initiative in AZ)

Salon: "You can't run the world on faith"

Applauding Only The 'Right' Entertainers (Walter Brasch,

Krugman: Feeling the Draft

Tuesday, October 19 (TOMORROW!) - The Great Kiss-Off!

Refresh my memory. How do you edit your profile?

Somervell Co Movie Days- Saturday Oct 23 and Wed Nite Oct 27

Here's a quote that can easily be applied to Bush..sent to me by a friend

A Challenge to President Kerry

How is it NYC rules and the mayors always suck.

who died and made YOU pundit?

Wasn't there a poll of BGrnd. states recently that had Kerry +10? n/t



For Christians or those concerned with influence peddling through donation

URGENT - Need rebuttals for Fahrenheit 9/11 arguments...

Keith Olbermann on Leno right now

is the aschcroft story about the statue true?

Interesting Political Material Found At My Dr Office

Um John Stewart has no clothes. John Stewart has no clothes.

10K newly registered: County office tossing those who don't check a BOX

Hee hee hee I voted today in another kind of so so but okay as could be

Dubya lied about Canadian flu vaccine

Kerry left off some absentee ballots (in Ohio)

Hoon faces growing Iraq revolt

Patti Davis Sues Salvation Army Over Talk

Poland slams US for aid shortage

I'm looking to the sky to save me.

I want to thank our local Fox affiliate

Teresa Heinz Kerry is on the View on Tuesday

Greg Palast on Washington Journal (CSpan1) TUESDAY am, 8:30 ET

for the cat lovers:

He drives around all over town....

tornadoes tonight and tomorrow in the SE, anyone under the gun?

Marc Almond's life in danger

How would I identify the owner of a rental property?

Sob, sob, sniff - Why isn't anyone talking to me. sniff, sniff

An apple a day keeps cancer away!

Zomby's LiveJournal: Day 4 in the Cryogenic Chamber

Great Films You Would Like To See Remade Improved And How.

I thought the Campaign gave up on WV?

A Chimpy ad done out of utter frustration

Check it out and rate it up -- veteran sues for libel over "Stolen Honor"

Attention Kerry BASE......Are you excited?

Al Gore's speech at Georgetown is on C-SPAN now...

Carter On Letterman Says War Was Unjust And Unnecessary

In case you didn't already know, Paul Harvey is a RW stooge.

According to MSN, Bush leads in 3 of 4 polls.

Carville Question

A Few Things Kerry Has Done In the Senate

Houston Dems face-down Bush 41!

Edited by poster nt

What if Colorado is apportioned?

Kerry's Internal Polling

Where should we go to Freeway Blog?


Is there any 2000 Gore state that is REALLY still in play?

Please Please Please run the My Pet Goat ads!

"Republicans Cheat"

Over on, Oregan is

What will the sleeper states be in the 2004 election?

Minor election related incident at one of my favorite restaurants

Photos from today's ORLANDO RALLY!

Nukes Will Not Be Used

New York Times: Kerry has ‘moral core’

Adam Nagourney, NYT Media Whore -- Poll Shows Tie; Concerns Cited on Both

Suburban poverty on the rise -- USA Today

Sinclair Fires Critic of Plan to Broadcast Anti-Kerry Film

The Election and America's Future

Not fit to air

Kerry by the Book (Newsweek)

Who Supports Kerry?

Why does My TV thing that Bush won the Debate?

It Took Jon Stewart to Gun Down Crossfire

Bush Can’t Even Defend US Against the Flu

Ethnic Minorities in the US drop even deeper into poverty

O Ye of Little Faith (not trusting Bush = not trusting God???)

Kidnapped in Iraq: a survivor's story

E&P: Kerry widens lead in newspaper endorsements

9/11's secret in the CIA's back pocket. (La Times)

His Country Needs You

Throw Off The Muzzle. Mr. Secretary

Medium Lobster -- "The Work of Weaving Worlds: Victory Is Declared"

The Politics of Jesus

Bush a godly man ... one of the greatest US presidents ever

Salon/Ron Susskind interview: Reality-based reporting (Repugs scared, too)

Molly Ivins: No More Years (favorite moments from a one term presidency)

Michael Ventura: "The most pivotal election since Lincoln"

Guardian to Nader: Time to Step Aside

Slap Bush!!!

WSJ oped: Secret GOP Weapon: The Scots-Irish Vote

"I'm a Democrat Voting for Bush"

Robert Scheer - CIA withholding a damning report that names names

Tampa Tribune (Conservative) "Why We Cannot Endorse President Bush..."

Wasn’t Jesus A Liberal?

November 3--if the election is again stolen

Kansas City area, protesting Sinclair anti-Kerry program


anti-Tom DeLay attack ad needs money, and soon

FBI shuts down 20 antiwar web sites: an unprecedented act of Internet cens

Tucker's a CLUELESS dick

New book: "Road To Air America"

Vote in E Online Poll and support Jon Stewart

Tell Jon Stewart how you feel

Al Franken on Howard Stern 10/25

Media ignores fact that Gen. Franks's NYTclaim contradicted by news report

Review of Video documentaries,please

First Step Toward Legal Action Against Sinclair

Overall radio ratings look great for KLSD-San Diego (AAR affiliate)

New Video of Edwards Primping...

Jon Stewart is wrong to denounce all of Crossfire.

Al Franken on Howard Stern 10/25

.4M jobs outsourced in 2004, Cornell U report

Yahoo News: Corporate chiefs enjoy bumper year in 2003

Once again, taking 'stock' of Bush's record

Greenspan - Don't worry be happy, ignore that approaching storm

Federal retirement fund raided...

23 tigers die, plus 30 more sick tigers at "private" zoo in Thailand

Climate, The Absent Issue - Mark Hertsgaard In The Nation

Beech Scale Disease Spreading Rapidly In Great Smokies

Falling SUV Prices Squeeze Automakers' Profits - Reuters

Red Rock Rape - Ripping Up Moab For A Thimbleful Of Oil

Microscopic diamond found in Montana

W/O Evidence Of Cod Recovery, UK Fishers Launch Whining Campaign On Limits

Snakehead Fish Discovered In Lake Michigan - Reuters

22 Years After Filing, Japan's Gvn Awards $703,000 To Minamata Victims

World's Longest Electrically Conducting Nanotubes

Bush Can’t Even Defend US Against the Flu

This should be fun.....

NYT: Bush vs. the Laureates: How Science Became a Partisan Issue

Now here's a dangerous and dumb idea: Small scale hydropower.

'If this isn't genocide, then what is?'

UN panel backs Morocco on Western Sahara

Cementing Russia's Central Asian clout

Rebels back out of 2003 Chad peace accords

Beijing hands Moscow a long rope

Delete me, Obi Wan, I was having poxy proxy problems...n/t

Some Outdoormen to Consider Backing Kerry

We just had our first meeting of the Louisville Pink Pistols

Guns in the (Russian) news: 19OCT2004

Ad campaign to combat gun crime in London, UK.

If my thread was locked because it was a continuation of

On Sinclair sticky... grassroots nation link does not work.

A Tip O' The Hat To

Ok, i'll bite

Sinclair ad on top of page is down.

live chat

Trying to find a place

Selwyn's thread in the meeting room was locked

Could we have an "I Voted for John Kerry" thread on 2 November?

Poor advice in a GD2004 thread, delicate situation.

no blog posts today?

I'm trying to post the folowing (new thread) but


U.S. Jews turning against war — because of its impact on Israel

Democratic Socialists of America's position on Middle East

PM's mulls abolition of gov't settlement division

Lapid blasted over unauthorized changes to conversion rules

Analysis / Rabbi Shapira shakes the army

Palestinian forces clash in Gaza

Three IDF major generals under criminal investigation

Peacemakers vow they won't be deterred by Israeli squatter violence

Israeli Demolitions Deemed Excessive

10 more things you didn't know about Atta

Interesting video for 9/11 conspiracy theorists

election day surprise?....... disaster simulation 11/2

if terrorists used a mini-nuke, biological or chemical agents in a city..

aSHOCKalypes now and AWE the President's Men *video*

Leading Hypotheses for the Collapses of the World Trade Center Towers

Bonnie Garcia (R 80 AD) is not just a puke

Partner and I just put our K/E lawn sign up

California Pollworkers Told to Withhold Information from Voters

Edwards 10/21/04 Iowa City

Iowa Absentee Ballot Requests Keep Climbing

Election Night. Copley Square. Be There.

canadians to limit drugs/florida supreme court part of the fright wing

NRCC, DCCC dump $860,000 into sixth district

New Wetterling ad features America's Most Wanted Host, GOPer John Walsh

Wondering how to help but you're not sure who to ask?

Busheviks getting desperate?

5 MN pols took dirty DeLay money - tell them to give it back!

What's everyone doing election night?

U.S. Justice Department asks judge to dismiss Michigan provisional ballot

Republican ex-governor Milliken endorses Kerry

Act Now to Secure Funding for Nursing Workforce Development

Howard Dean Coming to Cincinnati

Bush MIA in Ohio

Fingerhut/Voinovich Debate

NY'er available for help election day

John Edwards Making a Stop in LIMA OHIO on Sunday

Ohio Poll from UC: Kerry's up 48-46

Terry Anderson/Joy Padgett race - help me out here

Poll Challengers in Ohio

Courthouse people told me I can't vote early (except by absentee

Austin Surrounding Area Early Voting Locations

El Pasoans! Kerry rally in Las Cruces!

Fluent Spanish speaker in Travis county wants to volunteer and I gave

Travis County Early Voting Locations

OK Austin, let's get serious about Friday night

Whataburger is pulling ads from Sinclair.

I've been reading the LTTEs to the Green bay paper from the past week.

Opportunity to see Elizabeth and Cate in Wausau

GOP plays terrorism card in ad against Dave Ross

Flat screen alert

Anybody know what's wrong with the Sinclair Protest URL --

Rich/poor question for you all......

Hey Media...We Love Our JOHN KERRY!!! Kerry Rocks, No fiction here.

Watch and Learn...........................................

Mike Webb KIRO is talking about Jon Stewarts Crossfire

Sinclair Spokesperson Discusses His Former CIA Job and Whether He Will Air

Bush is cool with Iraq being a fundamentalist Islamic nation

We're finally starting to turn the corner on equal marriage in my city...

Truth and Lies of 9/11 now posted

Should we rate this Yahoo picture highly?

M*A*S*H unit news story--end of an era (relates to TV show)

Never want for a video clip again.....Thanx to this site:

Was Kerry's $87 billion bill a better deal for the troops?

Bush & Rove forgot about Sinclair sponsor being devil worshippers

Iraqi elections "in peril." (An example of slanted reporting from WP)

Deranged freeper report! (from the dreaded website)

Mike Ruppert's "Crossing the Rubicon" in at #82...WOW!!

Vaccine Poker (from The Nation)

Gov't recruits everyday workers to spy on us

One of the great insights I.F.Stone had about our Press and its

"Or will we take action only after we are hit?"

Christian Fundamentalist George W. Bush (let's call a pig a pig)

Half of the fear of terrorism is induced by Bush

Remember the controversy with the Rock the Vote/Draft?

Good news from the Rochester, NY area.........

Make the black voters disappear! That is the mantra of the

Among the many untruths our media purvey, the ones that do the

CSpan's WJ - Greg Palast on at 830 AM

If George Bush was asking you for a job, what would he list as his

Ed Koch at least presented his case for bush well. HOWEVER...

Fear is the only glue.

do we have a list ...

With less than 2 weeks left..

'New Stage' of Fear For Chechen Women

good morning du!

Does anyone have the URL for Deeks against W?

US builds new Berlin Wall in Estonia!

CARE director Margaret Hassan kidnaped in Bagdad

A Zell Miller Democrat speaks out

Greg Palast coming up on C-Span's WJ in 30 min. to discuss voting

Ed Koch gets asinine on Jon Stewart Show, but what's new?

Do we have to stoop this low to get votes??

Does anybody know what (daughter) Cheney thinks about the Kerry comment?

Grassroots nation website down...

More on the merging of Church and State: Kenneth Copeland

"Countries doubting handling of terror"

Need research and posting help on this thread that can crucify Bush

Why does Wolfowitz hate America?

Birds Against Bush

OMG!! Ed Koch just said

I need a link to the Katherine Harris video

Pa people. Could Clymer effect the Pa Senate race?

For those wary of polls...

Do you see the Bias??

Does it say ANYWHERE in the constitution, that one must register

Crisis agencies deluged, more poor need help

Towering inferno in Caracas still standing

Did I hear that right? Mr. Alan "Lets get the economy going by

It's ironic that you can buy Fahrenhype/911 exclusively at,

Holy empirical wet dream!....It's The Pentagon Channel

Bush keeps talking about his tax cuts putting money in our pckets.

So, where does Sinclair's stock end the day - Post predictions here

Is "With God on Our Side:George Bush & the Rise of the Religious Right"

Can Bush risk being defeated and be tried for war crimes?

Bloomberg Loses Bid To Toss Gay Benefits

Help me debunk this anti-Kerry propaganda found in a medical forum.

How does one find out if they are on a no-fly list, before trying to board

Freeping lurkers we can tell who you are, it may take awhile

Medicare costs up 17% ....while seniors get a 2.7% bump in social security

O'Reilly--Let's stop being such hypocrites

Boycott Sinclair Advertisers - LINK -

Vatican Official: Gays Are Treacherous

Catholic Church Excommunicating Kerry, pro-choice Dems- Insane much?

Now, even my wife thinks her father is a pathetic little fool!

Another stellar day for Sinclair (new low)

DeLay Texas Redistricting Scheme Vacated by Supreme Court!

Best quote I heard this past week

Boston area DUers: Let's join Kerry for his victory party election night!

I may buy some Sinclair stock

OK...College Pubes/College Dems debate

Sinclair fires reporter for criticizing anti-Kerry program

A Kerry/Edwards sign appeared on my lawn this morning!

Great new graphic of Bush

Stewart on Crossfire — Something Actually Happens on a Talk Show!

Kidnappers Seize CARE Charity Chief in Baghdad

Here's a virtual video clearing house.....

Get This - Florida Comps. (Outback Steak) spending $1M vs raising Min Wage

The greatest achievements of the Bush Presidency

Contact all the Sinclair advertisers with one email! Doesn't work

Sinclair Broadcasting Shareholders Demand Officers Return Profits From

Column on economy in Boston Globe...

Franken talking about shredded registrations

Freeper email about Christopher Reeve circulating

Marines Vent Frustration in Western Iraq (too many deaths)

Cheney and Bush* lie about vaccine shortage

I think Joe Scarborough is becoming a reluctant Bush supporter...

Bankruptcies Break Record~~~~Again!

Reagan's daughter sues over speech fee (stem cell issue)

The Debt Tax

Army hospital flooded with Green Zone explosion victims

Powell: public too worried about terrorism

Jon Leiberman appreciation thread

Stock Pros: Need some help here..

No Draft? The SS sent my son a postcard today!

Your top 5 reasons for voting Kerry.....

Iraqi Resistance Report for October 16-18

Is the Sinclair link at the top of DU's page down?

CNN: Spain releases video of March train explosions

And now its $2 bucks a gallon for gas??!

So Kerry is scaring everybody with the draft but Cheney can talk about

How to Talk Like a Conservative (If You Must) : Lakoff interview.

Gore warns of grab by Bush - Bushies call it a 'conspiracy theory'

did you know the Grand Canyon was made by Noah's flood?

New truck sign idea. Need input.


The Bush Death Count stands at

Just sent 15 more emails to Sinclair advertisers and made 3 calls...

Phone scandal may have Bush connection

DEBUNK EMAIL HELP!!!!!! Re: Flu Vaccine

McCain's birthday party...journalists invited

TWO legal actions against SINCLAIR today!!!!!!!

Homosexuality linked to dating Brooke Shields

Bush complians that Kerry sees campaign issues in the headlines

Interesting video for 9/11 conspiracy theorists

"With God on Our Side: Bush"?????

"Homosexuals are hellbound!"

simple question....?

Why would yahoo match these pop-ups with my site?

STUPID Club for Growth ad directed by David Zucker?!?!?

Link please

You know you have "October Surprise" on the brain when you hear

What We're Up Against:

Funny Voting Movie

Early voting...

C-SPAN 2 Live update on flu vaccine shortage. Tommy Thompson speaking.

CNN just got totally busted pushing old poll numbers.

What Dean said to Blitzer just before being cut off. Just interesting.

Headsup! teleconference today RE Sinclair Insider Trading!

Janet Reno on Al Franken Show

Election Night 2008 - Another fight to the death or Kerry in a landslide?

Why do we care about the media whores anyway, their ratings are for shit

France is going to help the USA, why W and Kerry don't talk about ?

Bloggers - will appreciate your input...

Who will win the 9/11 victim commercial vote?

Sinclair @ 6.12 and still dropping HAHAHAHAHAHA! eom

John Kerry: I Like TV

Bush Singing Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2

Maybe repukes shot themselves in the foot?

Please donate to StopSinclair.Org

Is O'Leilly married?

Where's this weeks new Top 10 Conservative Idiots?

Have they ever located the Delay aid that was wanted for questioning

U.S. markets have best returns with which political party in power?

Marines Vent Frustration in Western Iraq

The Insurance Industry scandal, the Greenbergs, and the law of Karma

Non-lethal ways of protecting your yard signs ...

Bush Said the "P" Word

Why won't Kerry say it? Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld are WAR PROFITEERS!

True Colors are showing now and this is good

Terrorism charges filed against Michigan restaurant owner

With God on Our Side/Bush - Sundance Channel Now

Randi Rhodes just said it!!!!!!

They said Clinton trashed the white house...

Ignore if you hate stupid stories: "O'Liely Accuser had Crush on O'Liely"

Why he runs?

Iams response to my email about Sinclair

Sinclair Broadcasting Group - Response From Pepsi-Cola Company

Media reminder--- Bill Maher on CNN tonight with Paula Zann. n/t

AMY GOODMAN interview with sinclair on friday

I just voted and it feels sooooo

What have the Crossfire boys been drinking

More good polls for Kerry!!

How much viewership does Sinclair get on average?

How many Bush people does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Crisis? What Crisis?

List of people/groups supporting Kerry, with links, for your co-workers...


where are the monday TOONs you ask?

CNN says "British based Chiron Corporation" ?

Greenspan testifies YOUR finances are doing fine .... move along...

Help with this Michigan poll

Last week the rumor was that 10/20/04 was the big Cheney leak damnation

Okay, my husband officially rocks

Funny stat: Fahrenheit 9/11 vs. FahrenHYPE 9/11

Sorry, GD...

What's the 'ignore' feature

Franken says he had dinner with Andrea Mackris 6 months ago

Tax Cut Math Lesson

O'Lielly Cancelling Appearances, Who's the Coward Now?

1100 early voters in Tallahassee, Florida yesterday, supervisor

Deficit? We don't have a deficit.

Local CBS doing BBV story on paperless Trenton NJ machines.

Mrs. Bush says she and W don't argue over money any more. AP article

Nader Challenges Sinclair Station Managers to Defy Owners' Orders

Cell phones and polling: an excellent analysis here:

Are Freeper scum hoping for a 'TERRORIST INCIDENT'?

I'm worried about Zogby's battleground results

Liberal voices needed...

Are Gallup polls as accurate as this one?

Wouldn't it be cool if George Soros bought and operated

Anyone have any funny bush video clips?

A funny sent to me today ....

ALL Congressmen got their flu shots before they left for home!!

Great info on fixing military and how we screwed up in Iraq.


Honestly you need to go vote for Jon Stewart at

Who is volunteering in this campaign for 1st time?

Homosexuality as a choice/genetics.

CIA report on Bushist failures leading to 9/11 being withheld!!!!!

I would think it would be essential that Exit Polls be taken

Seriously you have to go vote for Jon Stewart at E!'s online poll

Karl Rove -- the (Plame) silence is deafening

CROSSFIRE: Begala and Carlson to discuss Jon's appearance

Why aren't people screaming about this??

So, Kerry wins AND we have a majority in the Senate...........

Free public showing of Hijacking Catastrophe near Chicago

Reminder: The Daily Show replay on at 7pm

OK, so what with O'Reilly and the falafel?

In case you didn't know,Daily Show viewers are the most informed Americans

Daily Show alert

After Kerry wins this November, will the Puke party have a schism?

Old Time DUers, Was DU hacked back in 2002 by Freepers?

Go to aol and weigh in on Jon Stewart/ Tucker Carlson event.

Bush: I would accept Islamic Iraq

Is it me? Or anyone else stressed to the point

US Deficit

If homosexuality is not a choice and I don't think it is, how about

Anti-Bush online retailers...what will you be selling in two weeks?

Whose post-Kerry-victory reactions are you most looking forward to?

Neighbor caught a freeper last night stealing his Kerry sign!!!

F 9-11 Released for Rental Last Tuesday in Boston

now THIS is the language Republicans understand!

Lieberman on Sinclair.....

where are the Admins today?

Happenings in East Tennessee

* Photos no longer on yahoo or google searches?

Air America radio KICKING ASS in NY!

Who Was Bush's Driver?

SCENARIO: You are George Bush, and the Sears Tower has just been leveled.

SCENARIO: You are President Gore on Sept. 11, 2001

Corporate chiefs enjoy bumper year in 2003 ........($$$$$ up 19.7%) WTF?

Dirty tricks return to the sunshine state

anyone up for a research project?

Best O'Reilly Factor Parody Ever...

Electronic Voting Preview (VERY FUNNY VIDEO)

What will happen in the three months of Bush as a lame duck?

Lieberman on Sinclair.....

kerry needs to follow clinton's 92 lead

New article on the AWOL project!

Flight 93 Widow Protests Bush's Visit (AP)

18 Soldiers relying on us to demand truth/questions

Health care for 1.7 million Veterans being ignored


Am Having A Co-Worker REPUKE Over To My House This Weekend To Watch F9/11!

Ad for F9/11 on Yankees-Red Sox broadcast

got my flu shot....officially, we now have TWO medical systems...

Going after the WRONG MAN should make you WEAK ON TERRORISM, NOT STRONG!

What is the purpose of DU, in your opinion?

Team Bush declares war on the New York Times

SCENARIO: You are a level 4 elven mage, and orcs have attacked your party.

Got another of my Swiftian letters accepted by the local paper...

you know, i really can't believe that the people at GodHatesFags...

PBS Nova - Homo sapiens and Neanderthals interbred in the distant past

Cable News telegraphing jealousy of Comedians

Sinclair Sleaze: You have to act NOW!!


Has anyone seen TIME's review of "His Excellency: George Washington?"

Sharpton on the Attack

SINCLAIR: How about a Constitutional Challenge ?


Listen to this caller gem from the Hannity radio show

CBS Fallen Soldiers segments

Does anyone know of a Left Leaning Political Site for Kids? n/t

Where is the outrage about the WH Press Corps?????

General Mills stands with Sinclair!!! Boycott Alert!!

Got "Going Upriver" in .ro and it's choppy. Anyone got .mpeg or .avi? n/t

Like other vainglorious invaders before him,Bush has seriously

I'm preparing myself for when my son may get drafted

bush* catches Kerry cheating?

WHY BUSH LIES.... Bill Fox, novelist and Raliegh NC columnist's tells us..

There is no REAL Fire in Crossfire.

Wierdest collection of news stories I've ever seen on one TV website

Sinclair shareholders brewing over losses

A Hypothetical Question...

Video on Jon Stewart's Crossfire appearance??

Interesting Yahoo finance pol -- talking point

Did you ever notice, behind * at the elem. school

To give birth to a boy you need a live-in man

Iran to Adopt Gradual Privatization Program--(guess which sectors)

Where in the world is shrub getting his shirts?

Hannity is a 1)delusional psychotic,2)prostitute,3)brain dead,4)

Just finished my first tech support shift for!

Good news for Kerry in Iowa?

AOL is pimping the Crossfire Feud -- poll, quiz, message boards

Do you think the News will give up on Bush or go with him to the last sec.

Sherwoods (producer/Stolen Honor) no bid government contract

The Sinclair stock tragedy is only a small taste of things to come....

DU this poll : Who comes across better in the exchanges? Stewart /Tucker?

Repubs against GOP voter fraud

Boston Red Sox vs. Houston Astros, MA vs. TX, Kerry vs. Bush

Sinlaire Broadcsting stock down 16% in the last 5 days..........

My letter to Iams - pet owners take note!

More Names: The battle for California

"Bush’s argument is easier to grasp: Kill the bad guys."

O'Reilly says he was just being err "Stupid"! and us guys can relate? WTF

Send a letter to Bush about the flu vaccine crisis. ARA website.

Joe Lieberman - Am I crazy or what?................

PLEASE Get this Sinclair Flash ad out to as many people as possible

Anyone tape Al Gore's speech on C-span yesterday?

Jon Stewart vs *ucker Carlson story on Yahoo. Please rate it.

Coming up: The Daily Show

Where's "Crisco Kid" Ashcroft these days?

Hey Dick, Lynn, Liz and Mary lookie here at what Buchann has to say

Tuesday Night at The Movies..Enjoy! taking on Fox

"I am an 82-year-old liberal."

The War In Error, or, Chemotherapy v. Surgery

safer with Bush?

The Political Business of Terry McAuliffe

Fuel Oil & up 23%, commodities up 10%, gasoline up 9% - No Inflation ?

Can someone help me

CIA 9/11 REPORT - everyone should be asking

Gallup uses a sample made of 41% conservatives, 19% liberals

"We will not have an all-volunteer army" screw up by Bush on video yet?

Can someone help me

More people downloaded Jon Stewart on Crossfire than saw it live?

one hell of a twist...Clinton, Dems compared to....NAZIS!!!!!!

The Riot Squad is on the field in Yankee Stadium.

needs caption: a very sick g.w.bush* on the campaign trail today (PHOTO)

link to jon stewart vs tucker carlson?

What is the DU's opinion of Team America: World Police?

"Stolen Honor" shut down in Montgomery County PA.

I fault this president for not knowing what death is.

Kerry in the Senate

The Christian Right strikes again...

Well - I just early voted - John Kerry is one more vote to his first term!

NIGHTLINE NOW - reservists who refused bogus refueling mission

Koppel is asking about disobeying orders.

Yankee's game was stopped -- started again but police in riot gear

Most hypocritical demographic group in the world...

BBV: Bev Harris appearing on

Are we really winning the war on terror?

Who do you consider more like Satan: Bush or Cheny?

My mother and three older brothers made me gay

Anybody here seen 'Avenue Q' on Broadway?

Have I said yet tonight how much... 10/19/04 Malloy

jeezusfuckingchrist...Tommy Thompson blames flu vaccine shortage on

Assuming He Wins -- Will Kerry Pardon The * Administration When They

Iraqi famers forbidden to grow non-genetically modified crops

Ahnold gets no sex for 14 days after pro-Bush speech

Kerry/abortion talking points

ATTENTION - Michael Moore will stream LIVE tomorrow . . .

Hardball Matthews interviewed mom of "refusal" soldier in Iraq

WHAT IS GOING ON??!!!! AGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

President Carter on Hardball

FLU-GATE: What did Bush know and when did he know it!

what would be a proper going away present for W?

Bush Admin. suppressing CIA 911 report. Notify all media!

Iraq’s nuclear-related equipment goes missing under the US occupation

How bad is Alan Keyes getting beat in Illinois?

DUer Mari333 has 2 letters in Michael Moore's new book,

A thought for later ... How should President Kerry go about

How old are you/do you watch The Daily Show poll!!!

Are you voting for Kerry, or against Bush?

Question on cabinet appointments

How many will die this year for lack of flu vaccine?

I Am outraged. My boss(who I thought I was making progress on)

BBV: Help Needed- The Voting Process is Our Responsibility

will du be as fun when kerry is president?

Iraqi-born Cab Driver Speaks Out

"and out comes Tom Ridge"....they blame Dean, Dems for lack of warnings.

Court TV 5:20 PM ET: Amended counterclaim against O'Reilly, Fox, NY Post

PETITION: Demand release of CIA 9/11 Report

Bill O'Reilly has a daughter

The "news" is driving me crazy

March & McLennan Comments on Incentive Fees

HELP! Where is the pic of the Saudi Prince and Bush holding hands?

Do we make our laws based on some moral code?

Chickenhawk Reminder for Freepers

Question for Episcopalians here. . .

Fred Phelps is coming to St. Clair, Michigan!

How well did Bush actually handle Sept. 11?

My Flu Vaccine Rant

Col David Hackworths memo to the president elect.

caution: very graphic PHOTO...American Soldier #1100

Have you ordered the "Going Upriver" dvd?

Is the entire foundation of our post WWII economic prosperity

Mel Gibson---For Kerry?

Sinclair attempting to half ass back down. Keep up the presure

5 dead from CJD (cluster mad cow) in Ulster County, NY...WTF?

Kid I went to high school with KIA in Iraq

"Why legalize Gay marriage, they don't stay together long enough"

I'm mad as hell and I'm not taking this shit ANYMORE!!! Red Staters!

Sinclair's stock has lost $90 MILLION in value in the past 10 days

Flu shots? ... Mike Thompson's toon hits bullseye

Schwarzenegger Endorses Stem Cell Research

Does the DLC have a death-wish, Fighting with Jon Stewart?

Do girls/women have to register for draft when they reach eighteen

CIA 9/11 Report Being Withheld From Public - Article and Petition Inside

Churches installing cell phone jammers

Does this indicate the world's financial leaders will bail on Bush?

Know your BFEE: Eugenics and the NAZIs - The California Connection

NEW Karl Schwarz thread:

Farmers share beef over low prices

Request: A Brit living near Lafayette, LA

North East Assembly

Are our chaps going to "pay the blood price" to keep Bush in power?

Eritrea alleges Sudanese assassination plot

Evangelicals endeavor to redeem the vote (Moonie Times)

Sinclair Spokesperson Discusses His Former CIA Job and Whether He Will Air

US air strikes hit Fallujah

Going Upriver on DVD today!!!

Documents suggest oil surcharges paid in Iraq

Ukraine to withdraw troops from Iraq next year: PM

Parties woo Hispanics in Miami

In Iraq, the peaceful south gets deadlier with every day

U.S. Forces Surround Iraq's Duluiya, Detain Dozens

MP to observe US elections

Bush, Kerry Use Draft to Target Youth Vote

Man who died in Iraq joined Army to aid son

Gore says Bush deceived public on Iraq

Marine In Iraq: 'It's Worse Every Day'

U.S. Has Contingency Plans for a Draft of Medical Workers

Election supervisor resigns

Putin backs Bush victory

More about the Delaware veteran sues over anti-Kerry film

Seattle Times: GOP plays terrorism card in ad against Dave Ross

California cooking the paper-ballot option

Appeals court keeps Nader off Ohio ballot

I'm no gatecrasher, says PM (Howard invites self to Indon. inauguration!?)

Federal trial on vote-recount rules begins

Sinclair Fires Washington Bureau Chief

US forces battle insurgents in Ramadi


Kerry offers credo for change

Sacking of crusading judge fuels concerns over Iraq rights record

Poll Shows Tie; Concerns Cited on Both Rivals (Bush Approval 44%) (NYT)

Flu Shots in Short Supply at Army Bases

GM's European Workers Protest Job Cuts

US soldier's non-combat death raises toll to 1,100

Fake millions found in Colombia

100 Iraqis killed in mortar attack

Both parties keep tight eye on ballots (Oregon)

BBC (Tuesday): Burma's prime minister "arrested"

Weekly Report: Influenza Summary Update (CDC Flu report)

British-born top aid official kidnapped in Iraq

Kerry left off some absentee ballots

Blair faces troops backlash

Sioux on warpath over strip club

British Meddling in U.S. Election Provokes Outrage

Iraqi oil pipeline ablaze north of Baghdad - US military

4 die of rare brain disease in Kingston,NY ...CJD (Mad Cow disease)

Google 'saved' Australian hostage

SF Chronicle: Doctors warn of flu shot 'disaster'

Karzai team believes victory "secure" with one-quarter of votes counted

NYT: How Many Iraqis Are Dying? By One Count, 208 in a Week

Anti-Kerry propaganda film premier cancelled!

Twin engine plane goes down in downtown Atlanta

Hungary to await US election outcome to decide on Iraq troop extension

Military says it does its best to keep up equipment


Delphi Raises Job Cuts To 9,500

North Korea to resume nuclear talks

Anglicans chide U.S. church over gay bishop

Burma's prime minister 'arrested'

Bush? Kerry? It Makes No Difference to Iraqis

DOE Awards $75 M in ...Grants in Support of Bush Hydrogen Fuel Initiative

Dirty tricks return to the sunshine state

Americans throng Cape Town consulate to vote

U.K. Troops Would Be at Risk in Iraq If Redeployed, Howard Says

Ex-Marine Sues Over Portrayal in Kerry Film

US Supreme Court questions Republican plan for keeping control of Congress

Kidnappers Seize Charity Chief in Baghdad

U.S. Asks Judge to Drop Mich. Ballot Case

'Arrogant lobbyists trying to silence Church': The Times

Poland slams US for aid shortage

Spain calls on EU to warn Equatorial Guinea - Riggs Bank

GOP fails in effort to move polls (Philadelphia)

Supreme Court declines McKinney's primary loss lawsuit

'Americans are ignorant'

Media Matters for America Underwrites Sinclair Broadcast Gro

GOP Suppression in Scranton

Bush Changes Context for War

Seven Florida newspapers endorse Kerry

'Mary Poppins' Registers to Vote in Ohio

Many Mainers visit polls early; registration up

Sinclair stock drops on ad concerns

UH OH . . . now what are the Repubs gonna say about Putin . . .

Sinclair to Release Third Quarter Results on November 4

Reporters suspended for attending Springsteen concert

sorry, dupe

Soldiers fear that they are 'sleeping with the enemy'

Think Tank: Iraqi Forces Need 5 Years

Gore says Bush's Iraq stance goes 'beyond incompetence'

Debate Persists Over Criticizing Iraq War

U.S. Citizen Arrested by Belarusian KGB (George Soros' worker)

Attack on pipeline halts Iraq's oil exports

France is going to supply 22 million of flu vaccines

Cheney still claiming the U.S. will be attacked and Kerry will . . .

CERN to Probe Life, the Universe and Everything

Soldier back from Iraq held in W. Side murder

U.S. Asks Judge to Drop Mich. Ballot Case

HOT: Former Michigan governor (R) endorses Kerry.

U.S. says poses no threat to N.Korea

Insurance Probe Widens as Investors Flee

Iran Given Last Chance to Halt Uranium Enrichment

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 19 October

Sylvania Soldier Critically Injured In Iraq Attack (please Pray)

Flood of new registrations cheers Democrats in city

Kerry: Bush Tax Cuts Hurt Social Security

Today's WashPo daily track: Bush 51, Kerry 46.... dip for JK

sorry. not breaking

The 9/11 Secret in the CIA's Back Pocket(Bush suppressing damning report)

U.S. Stocks Fall; Health Insurers, American International Drop

Investors Demand Top Sinclair Execs Disgorge Proceeds from Insider Trading

Consumer Prices Grew in September and Housing Starts Slid 6% (3.5% CPI-04)

N.Y. Insurance Probe Expands Across U.S.

Flu Shots In Short Supply At Military Bases

outsourcing of US pharmaceutical manufacture

US contractor killed in Baghdad attack

Annan Says Crackdown in Iraq Must Be 'Calibrated'

Feds: 2.6 miilion more flu vaccines coming

Investors to Present Sinclair Broadcasting with Offer to Run "UpRiver.."

ID required to vote in Colorado

UN experts visit Brazil nuclear facility

Kerry plans to await vote in Copley Square

Social Security to Rise 2.7 Pct. in 2005 (but not really)

Kirchner openly support Uruguayan presidential candidate.

Belarus Protests Turn Violent After Vote

Edwards: Iraq War Created Terror Haven

Baghdad Needs 10,000 More Policemen - U.S. General

MMFA Underwrites Sinclair Shareholder Demand

reporters suspended for attending VFC/Springsteen concert

Freescale Semiconductor to layoff 1,000 worldwide

Bush Blames Defect for Flu Shot Shortage

Kidnapped in Iraq: a survivor's story

More flu shots will be available in January

Bush: I would accept Islamic Iraq (just like Iran - so Iran endorses Bush!

NBC Poll: 'As close to dead-even as it comes' (LV: 48-48 with nader)

Maker of bulletproof vests is bankrupt

Sinclair Says Will Not Air Kerry Show in Entirety

'We might be killed'

Fears grow Black Watch convoy will face ambush by militants

Americans head north for flu shots

Sinclair Broadcasting Shareholders Demand Officers Return Profits From Ins

L.A. seeks taxes from immigrants

Democratic debate bursting out all over Iraq's university campuses

Number of US Troops Wounded in Iraq War Tops 8,000

Crazed gunman loose in downtown Sherman,Texas right now!

Former CIA Chief to Teach at Georgetown

US citizen detained over illegally providing phone services in Belarus

WP: Help of Allies Among Three Key Themes

Analysts Expect Oil Prices to Keep Rising

Investigators: Intense Flames Sped Collapse of Tower 2

US gays vow to eject Bush

Bush would grudgingly accept Islamic state in Iraq

Novel 'The Line of Beauty' Wins Booker

South Africa Denies Aristide is Behind Haiti Mayhem

ACLU turns down $1.15 million in funding

WP/Milbank: Bush Defends Himself Against Kerry's Charges

Ottawa prepares to help U.S. on flu shots

WP: Legal Battle for Presidency Underway

NYT: Catholic lawyer seeks to get Kerry excommunicated for pro-choice

Mass. Chief Justice Denounces Attempts To Tie Judges Hands

British Forces 'Will be Targeted by Iraqi Insurgents'-- Independent, UK

Reuters Poll: Bush, Kerry in White House Dead Heat

WSJ: Bush and Kerry Deadlock Among Likely Voters

Senators ask Ashcroft to let phone-jamming suit go forward

Dixie Chicks Wage War On Sinclair Broadcasting !

Major attack on Iraq guards' HQ

Marines Vent Frustration in Western Iraq

Monsanto facing another Schmeiser suit

The 9/11 Secret in the CIA's Back Pocket (supressed until after election)

WP: No Flu Vaccine Shortage At Capitol

TV stations told to pull plug on anti-Kerry film

Woman Files New Charges Vs. Fox, O'Reilly

Haiti: U.S.lifts 13-Year Arms Embargo

'Crossfire' clash still smolders

State Jobless Benefits Have Run Out For 3 Million

9/11 CIA report being held until after election. Please sign petition

Need Flu Shot? Cross Border To Get Vaccinated

Bush adviser accuses Britain of crossing 'moral boundary' on cloning

UK charity worker Iraq 'kidnap'

Democracy Corps Poll: Kerry Leads by 3%

"Bush said no to plan to send Muslim peacekeepers to Iraq "

Greenspan: Home Prices Not Hurting Economy

Suffering for the good of mother Russia

Kerry: Clinton May Campaign on My Behalf

BET CEO Appeals to Top African Americans in WH (Bush refuses interview )

Episcopal head rejects Anglican appeal

Retired U.S. General Attacks Kerry Over Bin Laden (Tommy Franks)

Faulty Intelligence Misled Troops at War's Start -NYT

Report: 1.7 Million Vets Lack Health Care

Cheney: United States faces threat of terrorists in cities

WP: Democrats to Post Lawyers at Polls

Testosterone Patch Hailed As Female Viagra

O'Reilly Seeks Tapes in Extortion Case

Cheney: Terrorists May Bomb U.S. Cities

Franken moves in on Limbaugh (AAR ratings - New York)

Vatican denies it responded to lawyer seeking Kerry's excommunication

Bush Adviser Lays Under Air Force One (Rove, WTF?)

Air Traffic Controllers Release Hard Hitting (Anti-Bush) ad

AP: Fund-Raisers Trade With Iran, Iraq

Lawmakers got flu shots on medical advice

Ex-Enron chief Ken Lay to face two criminal trials

WP: Anti-Kerry Film Won't Be Aired

Bush Receives Endorsement From Iran

Schwarzenegger Says Pro–Bush Speech Irked His Wife

NYT: Towns Hand Out Tax Breaks, Then Cry Foul as Jobs Leave

Democrats register more new voters, analysis finds

WP: Rice Hitting the Road to Speak

Sinclair to Air `A POW Story: Politics, Pressure and the Media'

For sign pilferer, politicians aren't only ones falling flat on their face

Bush Doesn't See Longtime Presence in Iraq

Eve of Destruction

If you have to get drunk

Nov 2 Birthdays? You will be HAPPY

If they get there, who starts Game 7 for the Sox?

If you have internet access at work...

Weird night.

Is there something I can do to enhance my computer speed on election night

Ugh. Sooooo sore...

This is why I love Salt Lake City!

Movie Mistakes

Do they frikkin' HAVE to show that??!!??

Better start practicing "Happy Days Are Here Again"!!

Funny story my fellow canucks my find funny

Saved (the movie)

Damn cat must know something's up

This in my official 1,000th post.

lock this rant and i'l soil myself

My people won! (civic elections)

Remember Gerald Ford and the Swine Flu program from 1977?

Brothers reunited after 53 years

Police Say Woman Stabbed Husband's Penis

Man Changes Middle Name To "Keikoburger" - After Keiko The Whale

Man Forgets Can Of Bug Spray On Top Of Oven, Turns Oven On - Explodes

Bill O'Reilly opens restaurant

Man Charged with Forgery, Allegedly Forges Jail Release Papers

Man's Television Sends Out International Distress Signal To Satellite

'Mary Poppins' Registers to Vote in Ohio

Man stripped to waist, tears up phone store over bad service

Now Peter Piper picked peppers, but Run rocked rhymes

Here's the problem - God is undecided

Bush has a plan

DU parents of small ones. Excellent website for reading!!!! My son loves


Inmate Wants More Jail Time for Cooking Course

Halloween egg sale ban for youths

Mom Jailed For Helping Her 5 Year Old Son Smoke Crack Cocaine

Wal-Mart Wine

Tuesday morning time waster

Milwaukee trial on Court TV

OK, I don't even know where this earworm came from...

CAPTION-My god you are beautiful too beautiful to share with anyone else

Parisian club hurts Sioux pride

It's 42 damn it!

Home ownership blows!!!

Which is the dumber looking haircut?

Whats the name of the song

Humourous idea for a Kerry ad (Not really serious so posted in lounge)...

"The Vision of Christ that thou dost see, Is my vision's greatest enemy.

Gambler loses £10m playing baccarat

Funniest O'Reilly Visuals

Deer farmer killed in stag attack

Men Smuggle Cockatoo Eggs In Their Pants

new iBooks today for all you laptop shoppers

Halloween activism:

Need Home Theater recommendation (not In a Box, though)

Most ideologically conservative music you listen to...

Angelina Jolie adopts second child

congrats to the yankees and their fans

Best movie of 1984-1985

I saw David Sedaris in New Haven the other night and...........

Favorite TV or movie ghosts?

Dozens Of Illegal Backstreet Penis Operations Went Horribly Wrong

Here is your chance: explain to me why I should not be a Freeper

Is this Lou Reed with Kerry?...

The Red Sox are doomed


Queen Latifah 'The Dana Owens Album'

Whats going on West Wing this week?

Moving to NYC next fall - where should we go? BKLYN? Queens?

The Other-Side-of-the-Looking-("No-Spin")-Glass of all CAPTIONS!!!

Red Sox vs Yanks: Signs Game has gone on too long

The "Stratergizing" Simpleton of all CAPTIONS!!!!

How much plastic surgery is too much?

Just bought a new computer! I can't wait for the Fed-ex Lady!

Damn! I'm wearing slippery pants

HOLY crap an ex just called me.

I see a little silhouetto of a man...

Yankees/Sox: Not too much rain in the forecast

Liberals Boo, Conservatives Bomb!!

Favorite novelty songs?

The Tickling-Palm of all CAPTIONS!!!

I see a little stiletto on a man...........

Hate is hate no matter how innocent you try to make hate look.

"The O'Reilly Factor for Kids" EXCERPT

LL Cool J is hard as hell

oh NO. MSNBC is reporting possible Mary Kate relapse

The "Mirror, Mirror, on the No-Spin Wall" of all CAPTIONS!!

Who has seen "FahrenHYPE 9/11?"

O'Reilly admits what we already knew.

Is The Daily Show gonna be new episodes thru Novemer 2?

Any fans of Don Williams?


Just a Thought about Dictators

Ever wonder what your PC desktop does when you're not around?

The Wonderful World of Wetdreams of all CAPTIONS!!!

The First-Step-of-a-Good-Plan of all CAPTIONS!!!

Anybody see Carter on Letterman last night?

I fear someone will miss this before electtion day...

Bidding For Barry Bond's 700th Home Run Ball Tops $100,000.00

Well, still just a step away from signing with new job.

whats with all the falafels on siglines?

Politics reunites Nirvana

Can people here help with the following message board:

Today would have been my parents' 58th wedding anniversary.

Want to see what is really on your computer ?

Calling all homebrewers

Guys, I really hate to bring this up...

I really think I'm losing my mind.

should have posted this before DUH !!!!!!!!!

Which is the best looking wang?

Wow....made the 1000+ posts club

I feel bloated and I just ATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who's Your Papi????

Wyoming sunset

Today is my son's second birthday.

The "Critical Critter" CAPTION

Hey! Who wants to see a picture of a rat's ass?

Hey! Who wants to see a picture of MY butt?


Are 3 Beam & Ginger's An Appropriate 'Business Lunch'?

What Should DU's Warning Label Say? Post Your Ideas Here...

Hey! Who wants to see a picture of my cat's butt?

The First Bill Hicks DVD is being released!

Must be his first car....

CAPTION, I think Goebbels has gone mad or something...

I just had my flu shot

Hey! Who wants to see a picture of my cat's wang?

WHOOP! :thumbsup:

Warning: Super icky picture of the chimp

Bill Simmons. Gotta love him!

Search help request here please

Anybody heard of * 677

The "Guided Hand" CAPTION

The "Tough and Resolute Tongue" CAPTION

The "Oh, Really?, O'Reilly" of all CAPTIONS!!

Humor me

A serious question about mortgage brokers in NY.

I just had my F-U shot

Listening to Megalomaniac - RIGHT NOW!!!

why is usa so unsafe compared to other countries - just watched

I just had my gnu shot,

The ALCS Will Go To Game 7 and The Red Sox Will Win It All

I have an idea if you aren't getting a flu shot

I've decided to finally give up nicotine and caffeine.

I f@#$ing hate Bill Collectors

Can You Guess Who These People Are Supporting?

I saw John Cale last night

Please, please, please: Just Say NO to Red Sox - Astros Series

Who's SEXIER Chris, Andre or John Heinz?

Fresh from The Onion - gotta love it!

I don't feel so good this morning, say something nice to cheer me up.

Does anybody where area code 603 is?

Hey San Diegans! Enjoying the Rain?

Feminists supporting Bush instead of Demoncraps? WTF???

My parents will be voting for Kerry!

What is this?

The squeaky wheel gets the worm

20 Questions

vote; best looking wang.

Who's sexier: Ben Affleck or Chris Heinz...

my beautiful coworker just really creeped me out

I'm voting for Bush because...

DU science teachers check in

Wanna tell your problems? Phone in from your bedset room

The movie is so much better dubbed into German.

I used IGNORE for the first time ever.

My new favorite freeper...

The yellow ribbon magnets:

My sweetie asked me to marry him (again) last night

If you could be anything you wanted, knowing you could not

20 Questions #2

Halloween pets

Hey! it rained in Seattle today

What is the best State Fair?

There are two types of people in this world: good and bad.

Back, haven't been posting for 6 months or so.

Top 5 Lists

Can Boston pull a trifecta??!

Somebody at work brought me a Viva Bush bumper sticker.

Should I try telling cosmicbandita Cusack isn't the hottest campaigner?

It..... Could....... Work!

The opposite of win is LOSE. The opposite of tight is LOOSE.

Stuck in a school bus...and surrounded by Bush supporters

AAAAAHHHH! That feels soooo good!

Happy YORKTOWN DAY!!! The real independence day

Anyone familiar with Saliva?

Where's Lionesspriyanka? How are her kitties doing?

anyone familiar with Salvia?

You will never EVER forget Poland again

Thirty-one and a half hours (ET) until my birthday! Ask me anything.

Top 10 Polite Ways To Say Your Zipper Is Down - Letterman

Here's a beaute!

The "Salt Lick" CAPTION

The "Fork in the Road" CAPTION

Stupi d %#@%$$%^ Baseball

A Moral Question for Red Sox Fans, You Are Offered This Deal...

Gas prices seem high on Earth? Get free gas from Uranus!

I'm going to the bathroom in my pants ask me later

I was dreaming of the past,

should I replace my Sublime sigline pic with this one from GodHatesShrimp?

'Tainted Love' Singer Critically Injured

I saw Bob Dylan perform last night!

Lets write a story...

I just watched "Going Upriver"

"Bush Calls for Constiutional Ban on Debating"

e-voting paper due tomorrow!

Is the DLC as responsible as the Clenis for hurting this nation?

The Onion's "What Do You Think" is about Bill O'Reilly!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poll question: Greatest living American arthur

Green Bay vs. Washington: Who are you gonna root for?

great protest music cd for you steve earle and billy bragg fans

This day at work sucked. I'm having a Harp's Lager!


You're stranded on an island for 2 years - Which one would you choose?

"The recording was too clean..."

Settle argument: Has a tornado ever hit a high rise building? If so...

Crossfire hackery

First Kiss, do tell

Pants Zipper - open or closed?

we need to get this out to the media

Did you guys hear about the airplane crash today in downtown Atlanta?

What happened to the DU member pix link??

Into which inning will Curt Schilling last tonight?

Sebastian Bach is here playing in Jekyll and Hyde. Should I go?

"Humbleballs" : a definition.

Yawn I miss anything?

Should the Packers win?

Do the Packers suck?

I see a red door and I want it painted black

Robber Falls Through Store's Ceiling

I've created such a monster

Official ALCS Thread - New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox - Game 6

Monster Thread

Should the packers lose?

HELP! I need to edit the website of my job...


Favorite PG movie.

Text from a message put out by the Anti-choice group on campus.....

THIS is Al Hedges

Items of interest and fun

Favorite PG-13 movie?

Hairy Backs For Catwoman

Happy Birthday to John Lithgow, John LeCarré, Aunt Esther

Hey, I just got polled

Draggin' the Line

"I don't think Novak broke his hip. I think it was trying to escape."

Long, shapely legs for Matcom

Respond to me here if you want Cheney to win.


Kittens for Catwoman

Zomby's LiveJournal: Day 5 in the Cryogenic Chamber

YARGH. Worst earworm ever:

I've created such a sponsor

HOLY F*CK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the WORST movie you have seen recently?

What should I eat for dessert?


Post you Stupidest Animated GIF

6060842 or 8675309?

Name some hockey players you saw play back in the day

The rooms were so much colder then.


Baseball is the most rediculous sport on TV

You had to see this to believe it...(I have pneumonia)

I had to fling something at a coworker today...

Syllabus for "Commercial Fiction" class

Politics... (explained)

Which is better?

Feminists' guilty pleasures...chauvinistic songs we love but won't admit

What's your favorite number between 455,902 and 5,687,442?

Another reason I hate Washington State

Ten Random Questions (Choices)

A song for the upcoming election (storm).

YAAAAAYYY!!!!! They're opening a CompUSA and a Pottery Barn in my city!!!

Does "The Biggest Loser" portend the end of Western civilization?

My cousin said he does his dog.

name the apartment building in the background

Am I insane because I wear clothes and like to eat food?

Favorite J.Geils Band Tune

Time Will Break the World

Am I insane to want to leave a cush job for grad school in NYC?

What's you faovrite Dave Matthews Band song?

Favorite Third Eye Blind songs

Lily Tomlin RULES! (link)

Does my thumb smell funny to you???


Are you wearing pants?

The people who create these things can't be serious...


what happened to

Beefcake, Beefcake!

If you were backed into a corner and had to fight your way out,

How come we don't hear about whistleass anymore?

EEEWWWWW!!!!! I got involuntarily infected!!!!

Top this! I dumpster dived for Kerry tonight.

I just voted!!!

Dubya Dance

Who is going to play World Of Warcraft?

Bush Voter Joke

Dallas Cowboys fans warned against showing team colors at polls

who's the better band, Sublime or Phish?

List the single most tragic way Bush increased terrorism


DU aim Chat

I seem to have a problem with bawls

Universe - open or closed?

First date question: Should I send a thank you note?

I seem to have a problem with balls

I seem to have a problem with bullsh*t!

Bucs trade McCardell for 2 picks, Dallas trades Bryant to Cle. for Morgan

I seem to have a problem with bills!

Is it wrong to be a gloating Yankee fan when they're losing?

Someone please help me site sources from a textbook.

Get Your Pickle Pins!!!!!

Greatest living American author

If the Red Sox win tonight, they will win the ALCS title

Who's the schmuck singing crap at the Yanks game?

Sex and video games on G4-Tech TV right now

Five Wildebeests Escape From Ind. Zoo

Who was that schmuck that was warbling in the Yanks ga,e

Who's got moody teenagers?

my name is 7thsephiroth, i'm 20 and i voted n my 1st presidential election

Re: The Sox. Fill me in.

4-1 Red Sox

Here are two more tracks from U2's upcoming album

Red Sox Could Make HISTORY TONIGHT!!

Medical problem...

I wanna dip my balls in it!

Children aren't human. They aren't even animals.

Joey...ever seen a grown man naked?

Red Sox fans: What do you do with Schilling?

Flash poll 8th inning: Leave Schilling in or take him out?

I think 80 posts means I've been here too long today.

Google's Desktop Search (new program)

Republican sign-stealer to sue over low-hung chain

DU this funny poll

Video/Computer People...DVD to DivX

40 Ounces of Fury!!! The Definitive Malt Liquor Taste Test

I got a fever...and the only cure is...

Would prison really help a man like this?!

I seem to have a problem with boils

Dylan song for the day

Hi all the Young Democrats in red areas (And adults too)!!

Hey, I got a TV-related question for you all...

Unless the curse can make something happen..

Boston Red Sox vs. Houston Astros, MA vs. TX, Kerry vs. Bush

what the fuck? Drudge's breaking scandal is that Edwards preens his hair??

Ever been in looooovvvvee?

Hey whining Red Sox fans - THEY CALLED A-ROD OUT!

Robert A. Heinlein

Favorite Sublime song?

All our base are belong to the Red Sox

Nick Drake's "Saturday Sun": The greatest song ever?

Wow. New York fans sure did make asses of themselves tonight

But... but... but... this is how I normally run! No I swear! O:)

Holy COW -- RIOT police at a BASEBALL game

Smaller than actuality, in a moment's notice can be eaten and swallowed

When did baseball get so interesting?

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Riot Squad is on the field in Yankee Stadium.

Hey, Kleeb, I got something for ya!

Cops coming out with riot gear at Yankee Stadium!!!

How often to call Mom ?


who'da thunk it? the infield at yankee stadium an armed camp...

SCENARIO: You are a level 4 elven mage, and orcs have attacked your party.

Shitty Bums go WILD!!!!!

John Kerry Wins!

The cops are leaving!!!!

It looks like the RNC at Yankee Stadium!!!!


Remember Pete Burns From The 80's Band "Dead Or Alive"? Collagen Alert!!

Oh fuck's only a game

Sox vs Yanks thread III

Eminem goes nuclear."F Bush, until they bring our troops home"

So tell me- how do you love my sig?

If you're too young to have seen Bobby Orr play - TSN

Shhh, don't wake up the gungeon

Who else saw Bob Dylan last night?

Chime in if you remember phone number prefixes with letters!

Most annoying part of watching baseball on Fox

Gay boyfriend, gay boyfriend....

Pumpkin pie in the oven

Tomorrow is my birthday - and today showed why I don't care about looks

Name the wackiest sport you've ever seen


Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah": The greatest song ever?


Hey! Who wants to see some pumpkin butt?!

I'd rather be dead than Canadian

I just thought you guys would like to know....

Eat SHIT, A-rod!!!

My new chicken recipe is too good not to share

"brainstorming" freeware?

And now its $2 bucks a gallon for gas??!

Before I head off for bed I need to say a couple of things.

Plastic surgery gone too far!


My friend called me a Republican because I love clothes!

Is anyone else sick of god damn PG-13 movies?

My mom died today,

I'm not even a Baseball fan...and I'm not liking Yankees fans tonight.

AM I missing something on flip flopping?

Went door-to-door for tonight. Ask me anything!

EMINEM releases anti-Bush song

Actual Trivial Pursuit question I was asked this weekend....

If you could pick a song to be the 'stoner anthem' what would it be?

Great pickup line!

Which is the best for having a great band?

Bit Torrent Site With Radio Downloads?

Arnie's wife terminates sex after pro-Bush speech

"Fork In The Road" RE-CAPTION

Anybody ever take ZYBAN (Bupropion Hydrochloride)?

To je velmi krasny! Antonin Dvorak's Symphony No. 9 --"From The New

I just don't get tapdancing

Most UNDERRATED Living American Author?

I just voted and I feel GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't try telling me Cusack is not the HOTTEST Kerry campaigner...

Blotter Acid vs Any Other Drug

OMG!!! Yankee/ Red Sox and Jon Stewart! Tryin' to watch BOTH at same time

Help De-Freep a Local Poll (Colorado Springs)

FIFA 2004 Fans or Irish Domestic Soccer Fans: I need to know a good team


Could it happen? Boston vs. Houston, MA vs. TX, Kerry vs. Bush

Jim Belushi is hilarious....

Thank God for AAR's morning sedition

I hate my DVD re-writer

My 300 favorite soul records of the 1960s


Dean meets with voter activist groups in PA tomorrow.

How secure is


DNC Grassroots Campaign DC office hits $1,000,000!

What is the deal with the EV difference this year? If Kerry wins all of

October Surprise: China gives bin Laden to Bush?

Just voted in Eugene, OR

What did you think of Jimmy Carter on Letterman?

Ugh, my family!

Anybody know what's wrong with the Sinclair Protest URL --

How bad was FL today?

Do You Believe The Polls?


I'm beginning to feel like all supporters of Bush are unpatriotic ...

They are in the process of stealing it in Florida - the outrage needs

Letter to Circuit City regarding Sinclair

Witness the antidote to fear and hopelessness:

Will Proportional EVs in CO Hold up in Courts if Passed?

"...and I approved this message."

Attention, DU High School students and teachers! Important!

Edwards Works Crowd After Each Appearance

WOW! CNN showed the CBS/NYTIMES poll with Kerry and Bush tied!

Why does America not know about Rev. Moon's "coronation" at the Capitol?

Kerry's election-night plans

The face of a Kerry Voter- and a lot of her relatives, I hope...

Kerry campaign: "We can win Colorado"

Two weeks Folks

Excommunication Tactic Used Against John Kerry

Jonathan Lieberman American hero

Good Morning DU and Welcome to PINK SLIP DAY!

NEW -- Kerry 284, Bush 247!

2 weeks from RIGHT NOW!

Imus & Evan Thomas Daily Morning Bashing Of Kerry

Oh, ****, we're toast--Putin backs Bush!

Boortz just said on CNN that the Constitution doesn't give everyone

grassrootsnation off the air?

B - U - S - H

Damn!........President Gore kicked ass today!

What are we going to do should Bush steal this election.

Electoral Vote--Kerry 284 * 247-NJ Strong Blue Kerry 51% * 38%

Putting the "GOP" in Gestapo

Deleted, See thread linked below

Politics... (explained)

Faux indignation

anyone watching Nightline?

Chris Matthews Is On NBC Making Shit Up..

Bring out the generals, now

Vladimir Putin is supporting scrub...

100 Iraqi policeman killed or wounded in attack

Kerry leads Bush by 4 - NJ Quinnipiac Poll LV's

What a beautiful shade of blue Pennsylvania is this morning!!!

Kentucky Senate Race Close?

Any news on the Gary Jarmin scam to scare the hell out of old people

What Everyone Doesn't Know About Mary Cheney (Washington Post)

Here comes the un-patriotic thing again:

President scrub exploits the dead to get re-elected.

New flyers on flu vaccine issue at

Looks like Mr Bush is out of luck in Detroit. Check this out!!!

Kerry's releasing a great looking ad w/'Jersey Girl' Kristin B.

CBS Radio reports Kerry +10 RV & +13 LV in New Jersey

Imus and his cheeseburger comments

I just saw the most nauseating Bush* campaign commercial

CARE director Margaret Hassan kidnaped in Bagdad

Undecided question

scrub makes decisions on his instincts????

Karl Rove complains that Johnny Can Read

CNN apparently backs off Gallup B.S.

Received this link from United for Peace and Justice

FOCUS GROUPS: ...The stupidity boggles the mind

Philly-Area Theater Cancels Screening Of Anti-Kerry Film

Bush Changes Context for War :: Is the Press Finally Wising Up?

George Allen and his bigotry has sunk to a new low

Another Republican ex-Governor Endorses Kerry

A small but interesting rider on the NCLB act. It has worked for me to

Who do you think is benefitting more from their ads?

Kristen Breitweiser in new Kerry ad!

Will there be exit polling this year?

What the chances the DNC will put out an ad showing * in the flight suit?

I heard last night on Matthews that

FLA voting probs only a minor issue according to NPR

Kerry leading Electoral votes: Site says Florida now Barely Kerry

Prayer for Kerry

True or False: the PENTAGON will be counting military absentee ballots?


anyone got a link to the Bush "unconcerned" about bin laden vid?

Greg Palast says Reps. being placed on vote rolls at higher rate than Dems

Message for the Shrub

Craig Crawford just said on CBS that Bush needs to be polling >3-4 points

Ann Arbor's paper endorsed BUSH in 2000?!?!?!

Sleazy Tactics and Success

Let's Demand Documentation From NBC...

Flashback poll... Bush up 9 points on Gore on Election Day

Bush Down 10% Among Seniors in ONE Month!!

I Take Back My Endorsement Of ABC's The Note...

FRAUD PATROL! Arrest these fools!!!

"3 out of 4 top Al Qaeda leaders" How do they justify that??

Has anyone got an e-mail reply from Sinclair Advertisers?

It is going to be hard to weather the Sinclair storm

Former MI Governor Milliken (R) endorses Kerry

Northern VA Du'ers - Wes Clark/Socas rally Wednesday - FREE!!!

Whats this I saw on CNN about Bush accepting a fundamentalist government

17,000 early voters, up 40% from last election in Tarrant

biggest fear unraveling before our eyes - BALLOT DISASTER in FLA

Wouldn't It Be Odd if Bush WASN'T A Few Points Ahead in Polls??

Funny comment on Alterman

why don't Religious-Right yahoos care that Bush doesn't attend church?

UK anti-Bush letters spark outrage

This joke sums up media coverage for Kerry

Amusing - Comparing Meta Keywords used in home page of both compaigns

Great Bloggermann (Olbermann): About Sinclair

By the thousands, soldiers 50 and older are being deployed flip flop game hostile takeover

Jon Stewart = "They're all dicks. I dont want to leave anyone out."


What's up with the Washington Post

Matthews: "Bush won last two debates, is a political genius"

Who are worse: Alcoholics or Anti-War Protesters?

If Bush steals another election, how much will the press be responsible??

Is Bush giving up on Ohio?

our october surprise, the theft of vote

Coming to a poll near you:GOP lawyers to make frivolous voter challenges!

They have had four years to fix the voting problems.....

I am confused

Kerry left off some Ohio absentee ballots!

How the hell did all these crooked republicans get control of voter

Hot good googly damn! I told you it's possible.

Kerry mounts furious counter-offensive on security

Chester County, PA Repub Comm. member is delusional re: Kerry!

It all comes down to four states...

Where's the outrage?

Kerry Republicans! Spread the word!

Sinclair vs. Jesse Jackson/Rainbow PUSH

Wes Clark attacks Bush

Veteran Sues for Libel Over Kerry Film

Stock market players

New Reuters/Zogby, Kerry 45 Bush 45 - Kerry "Eroding" Shrub's Numbers

Rove will never concede

Former GOP Gov. Supports Kerry

Just a week or so ago, it was reported the US would hold off ....

How Did Everybody Miss The New Cali Poll

Rove and Bush at odds? Rove Having to Prove Himself?

10/19 Ohio Poll - Kerry 48% Bush 46% LV

Sinclair chief: It's like pushing an in- house brand

two things. 1: I'm not seeing any big headlines on poll numbers,

Here's a good article on the Voting problems in Fla (Day 1) St Pete Times

Great article about Stewart on Crossfire

Teresa looks FANTASTIC on The View!

Swing states need Going Upriver.

You can thank "Beaconess" and Skinner for this column...

Slate Election Scorecard 10/19 -- Kerry 299 Bush 239

Kerry should cancel Inauguration celebrations

For those who care about polls, today's TIPP poll is out

The ( 3 ) winners......Flu --- Draft -- Privatize

URGENT ACTION NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOW!!!!!!!

Anyone surprised that they released the Madrid train bombing videos today?

Bush's pollster, Matthew Dowd, says Gallup is his favorite poll

Anti-Kerry propaganda film premier cancelled!

Typical Cnn Headline on their website

Bubbie vs. The GOP.....second Bubbie video

Need help: my kids turn away from embassy to vote.

Does anyone have a good collection of links on Nathan Sproul?

8 DECEPTIONS in yesterday's hate speech...

Please DU this poll showing Bush at 40% in Mass.

Headline on Nov. 3rd.....

Kerry campaign: Canada has a SURPLUS of flu vaccine that US can't import

Remind Folks PLEASE: 9/11 happened on BUSH'S watch

Big trouble for Bush in little Havana

New Ohio poll shows 13 pt swing for Kerry now leads 48-46

"Bush did not protect America on 9/11....he was asleep at the wheel..."

Kerry And Woody Remain Tied In Zogby Poll

Have an 'In a Nutshell' statement? Add it here.

The Coalition of the Reality Based

C-SPAN 2004 Debate with Terry McAuliffe and Marc Racicot on NOW!

Poppy Bush is coming to my hometown today

Tommy Franks Spins for BushCo

Reminder...Teresa Heinz Kerry on The View TODAY! 11 AM EST

Should Kerry skip inauguration parties, vow not to take vacation?

Eyes on the prize.

Rassmussen Bush leads 48-47

Al Franken is asking us to donate to the Ohio Demcratic Party

United Methodists calling on Shrub, Cheney to repent or lose membership

Is it appropriate to blame the flu shot problem on Bush?

SBGI tanking again

Did Sinclair Broadcasting Fire John Lieberman Because He's Jewish?


"Flu May Be Mild" headline on USA Todays front page...

The stealth GOP October surprise? Gay marriage bans in swing states

Black Voters: "They didn't like Bush before. They like him even less now"

It's time for the US Congress to take back its power to declare war...

Colorado GOP bitch says Dems are cheating

convince your mom

Republicans paying students to vote for Bush

Bush's FDA Reproductive Committee to be run by faith healer?

Please Find a Photo of Mary Cheney w/ "Mister Leather 2000"

Why flu vaccine debacle resonates

I just voted...

Jets over OR coast

NYT: Imagining America if George Bush Chose the Supreme Court

Great News Regarding SINCLAIR!!! From TPM: New BROCK Backed Lawsuit!

Cleveland Ohio Channel 19 on Steve LaTourette last night

Need CLEAR, CONCISE explanation of the $87billion votes

Bush in a landslide?

disaster simulation on 11/2....FEMA ready to go!

Darth Cheney Terrifying Ohio Today

Pagans for Bush/Cheney '04

Is Bush Crazy

Mrs. Bush, er, Condaleeza Rice question:

LCV announces largest ad buy ever!

Chicago Tribune: Environmental issues lose political clout

Jon Stewart /Crossfire video link

Rovian Boomerang Bush Attacks....

HA HA: SBGI (SINclair) stock down -2.62% so far today

"we are not going back to the days of low expectations and mediocrity.."

Is Tennessee in play now? Early voter turnout HUGE!

Have you donated to DNC today???

NYT Cover Story: Bush's 'Catastrophic Success' (Great Opening For Kerry)

It took Jon Stewart to gun down Crossfire - Toronto Star...

Most expensive TV campaign ad goes for emotions...GOP 527 Exploits 9/11

Heads Up! Josh Marshall on Franken Next! 1:30 Eastern

WOW these lucky Bush supporters got a surprise in-person visit showing Kerry 284 Bush 247 in Electoral Votes

October Surprise! A Good One

Why are conservatives so ignorant?

asking a favor...could someone please (re: bush illness)

Electoral Vote - Kerry 284 - Bush 247

Two new Kerry videos just up - take a look!

How Kerry wins Electoral College., loses popular vote

From the Campaign - for the few who don't know . . .

Rovian Boomerang Bush Attacks...

Gut check. Next 2 wks - super nasty. They won't be pried from WH easily.

Howard Dean, Bob Dole, debate at Ohio State tomorrow.

Josh Marshall reports NBC/WSJ poll of LV due out tonight is dead heat!

Kerry Excommunicated?

First candidate who says, "I'm rubber you're glue, bounces off me sticks

CNN consistently shows pics of Bush during the day (front page

Sinclair Broadcasting - Insider Trading?

Hey, here is the link to click on to send the boycott to all of

Report from the local early voting place

Thank you to those of you who live in less than progressive areas

What happened to Grassroots Nation anti-Sinclair website?

New poll has Kerry up 13 in NJ

Does "early voting" give Dems the advantage.....?

WTF???? WP * Approval 54%

Post Your Election Prediction

Ad Marketing Question......

Sinclair Broadcast Reminder: Be Nice to the People Answering the Phone

Kerry Left Off Some Absentee Ballots

Coalition of Nations in Iraq

Could Kerry take advantage of Putin's endorsement of Bush?

Is the GOP smoking crack in N.H.?

Kerry on MSNBC and Faux from Penn

George H.W. Bush and Barbara Heckled As They Went To Vote

Remember When Liberals Were Blasted For Knowing What Terrorists Think?

Cheney: Terrorists May Bomb U.S. Cities

UH OH . . . now what are the Repubs gonna say about Putin . . .

Freeper email about Christopher Reeve circulating

There was music in the cafes at night....

General Motors is Pulling Ads 10 mins Before & After from Sinclair!!!

dirty rotten mofos

What would a * concession speech be like?

Another banner day for Sinclair (SBGI)

ALERT --- ABC's 2004 election Watchdog Project

Zarkawi doesn't exist but he'll be the October surprise


Bush will unite this country in the next four years...

"What Kerry's Really Done in the Senate and Why He Doesn't Talk About It"

someone or group is destroying

MSNBC being especially whorish this afternoon

More Good News-Kerry And Woody (Bush) Tied In TIPP Poll

Flu vaccine and snow

The lowest denominator of a Bush supporter...

Important GD Thread about the SINCLAIR teleconference!!

"We have nothing to fear but fear itself..." FDR

Any word on what Michael Whouley said in the media conference call?

Report: 1.7 Million Vets Lack Health Care

Investors To Present Sinclair With Business Offer to Run 'Going Upriver'

Wow! South Knox Bubba has THE list of Bush disasters

Desperate Measures (my article on Sinclair, destroyed registration forms)

"With God On Our Side": Bush & Religion

Swift Boat trash convinced my mother-in-law to vote chimp.

The only reason they are showing Bush ahead in the polls......

An "Awwww thats sweet moment" from THK on The View today

New Polls, All national tightening, Kerry leads Ohio, N.J. Oregon

Anybody have a link to video of Stewart calling Carlson a dick?

Dems running ads on Sinclair owned KSMO WB 62 Kansas City

Tommy Franks Denies Osama Was In Tora Bora (But...)

Great Canvassing story

Bush campaign is annoyed by fact-checkers

Coors leading on Salazar - POS Survey says so..

If God gives bush daily instructions on what to do?

Most nonsensical LIB comments on Sinclair were Randi Rhodes

Here's an explanation of why Bush was tossed from the National Guard

early voting questions

Good news -- just heard: Michigan democrats prevail

Spin you POS Mehlman

I know we're all tapped out, but...

CNN debate roundtable Dr. Rice on

Marijuana "petition" actually voter registration form

A Delightful & Educational Film Strip

TINFOILHAT ALERT: IS Bush in the beginning phases of CJD?

The meme is slowly but surely getting out, BUSH IS IN TROUBLE!!

Could This Be The Death Knell For CNN, USA Today, Gallup And Their Flawed

What's the WORST that could happen?

Vatican says Repuke claims of Kerry excommunication "without merit"

Get word out: No one is even watching CNN and MSNBC during the day

Kerry-Edwards: Working the Homestretch

new Oxyrush advertiser Communications Workers of America

Lincoln Vs. Bush

The Bush Administration has a pre 9-11 mindset

Media ignores Bush lies reKerry Record on Terrorist response, weapon votes

Now people on MSNBC are saying Bush/Cheney signed up

stocks are below 10,000

Would splitting the electorate vote in each state hurt or help. My vote

New Flyer For Your Arsenal - Flu Vaccine

Screw Sinclair: Kerry whopping Bush in EC

where are the Admins today?

Schwarzenegger gave Kerry a HUGE boost today

Shouldn't the Kerry Campaign start to name and enumerate

Someone stole the BC04 signs in my street and I'm pissed

Anyone see the Wisconsin focus group on CSPAN?

How are the tracking polls today?

My Fine, outstanding younger Brother

NBC/WSJ will show Bush barely ahead 48-46

i have 2 campaign related shirts - anyone interested

Which will more likely kill you---terrorism or this year's flu season???

3/4 of AL QAEDA leadership..........heard it again today. Wake up media!

Administration hiding damning 9/11 CIA report!

Doesn't it just warm the cockles of your heart ?

French Flu Vaccine

Reporters suspended for attending Springsteen concert!!!

Bill Hicks - "The Elephant Is Dead (Bush)" (nsfw, language)

The NY State Controller slaps Sinclair but GOOD!

I just voted in the biggest of swing states............

David Shuster's update on Sinclair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan Schneiders office needs Katherine Harris link to

Will this election restore my faith in the people ?

Ongoing Prediction: $2+ gas on election day= Kerry landslide

NASCAR endorsing Bush

Rumor-Zogby to release good battleground states news for Kerry

A Conservative Republican's analysis of recent key state polls...

Anyone else NOT received election/voting materials in the mail yet?

It Doesn't Matter if Sinclair Stock Falls.

Dow closes down 58.7, hovering around 9900

Access Hollywood just did a piece pro Jon Stewart, then an anti O'Reilly!!

The Sinclair idiots picked the lowest viewing night of the week: Friday

Kerry Upriver video and Jon Stewart

NASCAR Dads are STUPID! Thanks, Wolf

CNN makes Bush look defensive

Tony needs a little boost..

Is Michael Peroutka Bush's Nader?

We're going to take the Senate!

ACT needs to lighten up on the phone a little. I respect them, but....

Sinclair execs KNEW stock would sink; sold early (insider trading scam)

French Company is the other supplier of Flu shot!

Just voted absentee in battleground MO, so I can volunteer Nov. 2nd!!!

An interesting comment from Lawrence O'Donnell, MSNBC

An encouraging story...

Arnold makes amends with Maria!!

Kentucky senate race: 46 - 45

Though AARP gives no endorsement, Kerry aligned wth AARP positions

With Aventis Pasteur the Frech Company being the other major

RW polls desperately trying to cover for upcoming republican voter fraud!

Kerry is ON MESSAGE and highly disciplined. Bush* is flailing like a carp

Let's all email Katherine Harris and tell her to show up for the debate

Gallup "polls"...HILARIOUS!!!

Kerry 2 pts Ahead in Ohio!

Sinclair CAVES. Will not air "Stolen Honor" in its entirety

Rasmussen: 47-47 tie in Ohio

Yeah, they were POWs, but presently they're bastards.

An INJUNCTION will be sought against Sinclair's broadcast of Stolen Honor

Why Are We In Iraq -- Bush Family $$$ Signs

Adulterous, Thai-Hooker-Loving Brother NEIL BUSH Hits the Campaign Trail

Republican takes over interim as Supervisor of Elections, Duval County FL:

About Bloody time: Edwards calls Bush incompetent!!!

Why is the House unwinnable?

SwiftBoat hero coming to my house


**Kerry left off some absentee ballots in Ohio?!**

"The Poles say..." Why do we have to listen to the Poles?

Crossfire is passe...

Explaining the Electoral College vote today

Is this Bush's Oct suprise?

I WILL NOT forget Poland!

Who has Zogby's single-night numbers??

So much obsessing over Bush's "October Surprise"......

Where will the next Florida be?

Head of CARE kidnapped in Baghdad

Is Sinclair Starting to Back Down?

Early voting sets record in San Antonio, TX

Remember, NASCARS most popular guy,Dale Jr. recommended F9/11

Looking for Sinclair Resources

When will Zogby's battleground polls come out?

Here we go! Watch for increases in "undecided"

Bush drops ball, shows disdain for working Americans over flu issue

Green Bay vs. Washington: Who are you gonna root for?

Unbelievable! Iraq being a mess is now SADDAM'S fault!

Can someone identify this bumper sticker ?

Even Geo Will now admits the dire consequences of Bush V Gore decision.

Sinclair Documentary Angers Shareholders

DUrs, help us decide, where would you go?

Cut And Paste Any Bush* Speech Into MS-Word Then Check The Grammar...

When Kerry wins, do you think us Democrats will suffer some kind of PTSD?

High Times endorses Kerry for President

ABC - Poll: Advantage Kerry in Ohio Race

AP Whores For Tucker, Reduces Stewart To Liberal Potty Talk

The REAL October Surprise

early voting in albuquerque

Don't Forget To Watch The NBC Nightly News

Transcript of Zahn interview with Liberman (fired Sinclair guy) up.

Images of Eastern Bloc Lines Waiting For Flu Shots May Haunt Bush

Douglas Brinkley on Lou Dobbs CNN now.

WHY is Gallup so UNBALANCED?

W - The Lost Years...

Anyone get the Al Gore speech to work yet on C-Span?

Anecdote from suburban Seattle

WP Tracking Poll 10/19 - * 51% Kerry 46%

Zogby battlegrounds: plenty of big Kerry leads, but behind in FL and OH

I just saw the stupidest anti-Kerry ad

Gay boyfriend, gay boyfriend....

CBS Evening News leads off with American/Iraqi casualties


Let Sinclair show the movie

Travelocity: On our side, or just being opportunistic?

Early voting in New Mexico today featured long lines

Who is volunteering in this campaign for 1st time?

New Zogby/ WSJ battleground polls out.


George Bush by the Numbers

10-19 Zogby Battleground Poll -- Proves that turnout is everything

Kerry now winning electoral college in Electoral

LOL! Just found this....

Pictures of the Dead in Iraq..Looking for links..children, women, old, any

what is the quickest way to get a kerry pin, hat, tshirt

"Don't Vote" billboards... any updates?

Afghanistan election "results"? Haven't heard any reports...still countin

Help me catch up re: Nevada

MSNBC: "With two weeks to go, Bush and Kerry are clawing for advantage"

Tim Russert saying 33% vs. 17% saw Kerry as stronger after the debates

Sinclair Intends to air Anti-Kerry BS, Boycott and sink this POS

I would think it would be essential that Exit Polls be taken

Federal appeals court denies Nader emergency injunction - (Ohio)

Dumbya accuses Kerry of "scare tactics"

The best news I heard on NBC tonight - Rove will have Bush campaining

Just gave another $50 to the DNC! C'mon people lets contribute and win!

"John Kerry and the Democrats in Congress..."

Is Timmy going to cry?

'Ignorant' Americans ready to re-elect 'liar' as president

We need the UN to monitor our elections (USA)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When do I get to see the David Smith mugshot/arrest report?

Now we know that women hate sweaters

Received my first

Happy Days Are Here Again!

Pittsburgh. PA. Swing State. Republican ads all day long.

Bush Flu Plan: DROP DEAD

Bush Receives Endorsement From Iran

NBC Poll 48-48-1

This doc. was shown in Canada//Anti-*

My response from WGME (Sinclair station) Genl Mgr

Why are we trying to get flu vaccines from Canada??

Our new name for CNN.

Investors to Present Sinclair Broadcasting w/ Offer to Run 'Going Upriver'

First-hand report of voter problems in Florida

10/19 Mason Dixon Fla. Poll - Kerry 45% Bush 48% LV

THE two attacks to make against General Mills on Sinclair

Any Dallas area DUers want to work in New Mexico on election day?

Somebody's trying to counter Sinclair's stock freefall!

Kerry left off some absentee ballots

Winona LaDuke, Nader's former running mate, endorses Kerry

Two weeks from right now, polls will be closing in my state

Those who served and those who did not and order others to go..

ahhahaahhah media whores crying over new numbers!!!!!!

Now that we all have fun with O'Reilly, is it worth Kerry's time to go

Even CNN is being forced to choke on the truth now.

Bush recieves endorsement from Iran.

Interesting encounter with a freeper-type

7-11 poll has them about dead even.

In my state we have what's called a Questionable Ballot

Stop!! Enough of splitting these assinine hairs!!

Dean in Ohio Wed. & Thurs. to meet with several voting activist groups.

'Suppress the vote: By any means necessary'

Sinclair execs accused of insider trading

Kerry will win

Brock and Media Matters surrender in Battle against Sinclair

Arizona early voter information

Kerry punked Bush in each debate, Idiot boy Bush could not relate!

Mark Mellman: Just like 2000, the polls are off

Any exit polling going on in Florida?

great video of Flordia E-Voting

Read His Lips -- and Smirk

Bush: Beyond reason - DAMN good read! and f**king SCARY

who would you like to see in the Kerry

An interesting comparison of pollsters

Who Has Coattails

Tide is turning in Ga. Just got this email from Ga. for Democracy.

Campaigned for Bush/Cheney 2004 yesterday

David Brooks' NY Times column and my letter

Do minimum wage workers know that shrub is against raising the min wage?

Didn't Gallup have Bush up by 6-8 points VS. Gore in late Oct.'00?

Mayor, Youngstown OH, Calls-in to LIMBOsevic, Endorsing Shrub

The one military e-mail on

NBC News/Wall Street Journal Race tied at 48 LV

three new Ohio polls today show Kerry leading

The guy Sinclair Broadcasting fired on Olberman NOW - MSNBC!

Pat Robertson Alert!!! Blow up your t.v.'s. CNN

Bushler concedes defeat?

I'm going to CMU!

One hug doesn't make up for ignoring a PDB

FauxNews Poll is Total Bullshit - Still, Chimp approval at a lowly 49%

Bush thinks Sweden is Switzerland?!

Have any DUers been contacted by a polling firm?

Kerry only 2 back in latest West Virginia poll - Kerry 45% Bush 47%

Needed: Talking points for Kerry GOTV phone calls.

My prediction day BEFORE election: polls average 49% Kerry, 48% Bush

I just thought of something very funny....won't it be funny to watch

10/19 Survey USA Ohio Poll - Kerry 49% Bush 47%

video of Russert talking about dead heat

Lieberman (Sinclair) is on Olberman

Conflicting Reports of New Voter Registrations. What The Hell Is Up Here?!

Reversing slide, Kerry regains lead among women, polls show

Read this! GREAT news....

DRAFT Memo posted on Web by DU member on DNC site! RTV! Rocky Mtn News!

Rasmussen reports: Kerry, Bush tied at 47% in Ohio

Cheer up about the "Sinclair thing"

GOP Lies about Dem Voting Manual - how to stop vote suppression

Anti-Kerry Film Withdrawn From ABINGTON Movie Theater

Democratic Senate Gains/Loss for November 2004

18 battlegrounds one day later

New poll finds Kerry at over 60% with young voters; * >30%!

Missouri Voter Rolls Likely Inflated

Which deep red state has the best chance of going blue in future elections

Cheney fixated about a nuclear attack: fear monger extraordinaire

Moony & Swift Liars connection

On CNN--Jimmy Carter now!

10/19 SUSA NJ - 2 wks to election day, Kerry up 8 pts over Bush in NJ

So what is the electronic voting status in Ohio?

I was amazed when I did a search on the 1948 election

Write Nader

Why Bush Will Lose (Let Me Count the Ways)

I see Democrats

Even CNN is being forced to choke on the truth now.

Oklahoma Senate Race on CSPAN 2

Election getting down to the wire, donate to help take back Congress!

I keep thinking, way down deep,

Teresa on CSPAN now. Environmental talk. Very engaging

Right Winger asks "Is Bush the Antichrist?" and gives surprising response.

Has anyone seen Mark Crispin Miller's " A Patriot Act"?

USA TODAY/CNN/GALLUP Poll Shows Kerry Leading Bush in Oregon

Okay It's official --visual proof that Karl Rove is losing it

Latest Zogby battleground polls: Big picture looks very good

Tim Russert is so somber reading the new poll saying Bush is in trouble

Rasmussen Battleground for 10/18 ( The Best News So Far)

Kerry's Inauguration Speech: Will he have to say nice things about * ?

DU, help please! Need an army to investigate Gary Jarmin

Oh Gawd - Pat Robertson on Paula Zahn -Bill Maher coming up!

Cool! I just got polled by ABC/Washington Post!

does anyone remember how "close" this pony show was in 2000

new ohio poll survey USA/wkyc tv

52% Say--and maybe this gives a clue of how sick this country is.....

SINclair stock swims with the fishes- almost (down -3.54% today)

PLEASE get this Sinclair Flash ad out to as many people as possible

Iams response to my email - how would you respond?

Hey Experts -- Will Dems Take Control Of Senate... House?

New Tennessee Poll

Bill Maher on Paula Zahn - 8pm EST CNN

Now that we all have fun with O'Reilly, is it worth Kerry's time to go

A voter's final days of voting

You can vote early at this site

Fellow Democrats, it's time to do what you can to help...

Freeps infiltrating Kerry-Edwards phone banks

Fact Check: How Liberal is John Kerry

After Kerry Wins It Still Won't Be Over...

Does anyone else think Bush is hobophobic?

Anyone else think this flu shot fiasco might be the last straw for the

3 down, one to go!!!

Playing Devil’s Advocate

Anyone seen the Freepers with these bumper stickers

Talking points for Conservative Christian African Americans on gays

God bless you activists ! :-)

Virgina: Dems plan lawyer blitz at polls; GOP says effort is fabrication

LTTE in heavily Catholic area

Poor Hannity. I almost feel sorry for him.

Reply RE; Sinclair from General Mills

Anyone see that picture of Karl Rove?

Sinclair Says Won't Show Entire Anti-Kerry Film

Deleted by poster as already posted:

My theory for why the polls are so close.

Bush is looking GNARLY. Is he ILL? - PIX

What TV station will you watch on election night?

US Cellular - Sinclair, something of a cop-out...

Irony, oh irony: Gillespie's latest message to the faithful

John Kerry is the most liberal person to walk the earth. EVER!

Oh man Wolf Blitzer just MOPPED THE FLOOR with Daryl Waltrip on CNN

Liz Cheney now opening her trap

MSNBC.....Kerry on Mary...Over the Line?......

Give voters rides from old polling places to new ones...

Important poll! Future voters!

Flu shots galore for congressmembers - That will play well in "Peoria"

C-SPAN/Hotline: Oregon Disputed? Greg Palast on Now

Helen Hunt Presses Women to Vote for Kerry (for Planned Parenthood)

Liberal Oasis: Lots of states are possible for Kerry, so volunteer.

Re Sinclair: Any CA State Workers here?

Sinclair Says Won't Show Entire Anti-Kerry Film <- Reuters

It's HAMMER time Sen. Kerry...push these stories tommorrow!

Are you ready for the MA vs TX world series

Which states will they try and steal? Fuzzy math rules America.

one of my students told me today that it was against her religio

Does anyone have any accounts of Kerry's daughters' appearances?

Flu France CNN

Administration hiding damning 9/11 CIA report

The video of Cnn's using old poll numbers

Scarface: "Is it over for Kerry?" is the theme; Mann coulter is the meme

Three issues Repubs have no defense against

Does The Media See The Irony In Bush Calling Kerry Consistently Liberal?

Gen. Franks Attacks Kerry's Tora Bora Criticism To Cover His Sorry Ass

Zarqawi, Zarqawi, Zarqawi, Zarqawi, Zarqawi

*'s mental stability-video

Beautiful: NY State Comptroller writes to Sinclair CEO

PLEASE get this Sinclair Flash ad out to as many people as possible

Look For Bushco. To Pull An OCT. SURPRISE TOMORROW!

Unfreep this poll

CNN BUSTED on polls

Wanna feel good? Look at the SBGI message board

Network Nattering Nabobs of Negativism 11/2

non-democratic thugs for *!

Hey DICK!!! Where's YOUR plan for preventing a nuke attack?!??

i cancelled my rocky mountain news subscription

Do you see comparisons to Carter-Reagan?

Inbreeders Seek to Freep F9/11 Freebie

Kerry up by 49%!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what the fuck? Drudge's breaking scandal is that Edwards preens his hair??

Kerry should read parts of Al Gore's speech from yesterday.

"Bubbie vs. the GOP" NJDC Flash animation--LOL!! (sorry if dupe)

bush is coming to town...

So, we'll be getting "Freedom Flu" shots from France? is that correct?

does it bother any one else that bush looks like he has no teeth when he

National Arab American Leaders Endorse Kerry/Edwards

Great photo

Old Man Cheney With His Finger on the Button.


Daily Show is on fire tonight

Kerry has beat Gore in total newspaper endorsments

Bush is so far ahead, the repugs can just stay home on election day

New flyers question "four more years?" on the draft and the environment

New ad trumpeting Bush's latest endorsement


Isn't Kerry doing better than Gore was a this point in 2000?

PA, OH, FL <==Kerry only needs ONE of them

Fort Worth Star-Telegram endorses *, irate readers fire back!

Is Sinclair going to be airing their program live? If so, I've got a

I just gave $50 to Kerry. First time in my life

Rumors are a flyin'???

MSNBC Newsbreak--Iran is endorsing Bush for President.

Anyone have the video of teary-eyed, lip-quivering Bush on Sept 12?

Sinclair Backs Down!

Historic 84% Turnout Predicted for WA

Bush appeals to Lazy Americans who let others do their thinking

Things that make you go "Ewwwwwww!!"

Kerry Brings Together Surviving Members Of Nirvana for First Time

If Kerry doesn't become President, freepers will gloat.

Massachusetts Debate on TV tonight: McGovern vs. Crews

Is it time for George Soros to make an offer to buy the Sinclair Group?

Aaron Brown is talking about polls right now...

Will you guys DU my site's poll

WHEN do we know?

There have been several threads on VOTER FRAUD...

Barf alert! New ad for Bush regarding 9/11

How Will You Spend Election Night?

New flyers from BigPath - Pass out to folks standing in line for flu shots

Cheney threatens US cities are about to be bombed, Kerry credits Cheney

The Final Nail in the Gallup Poll's Coffin

Who do you want to see defeated most besides *

GOP strategy analysis

AP - IRAN Endorses Bush - Say Democrats Nothing But Trouble


Why the disparity between national and state polls?

What if people are too afraid of flu to go and vote?

Meme: Jeb Bush solely responsible for Florida voting problems

Alaska's Lt. Governor is being hit with charges over pot initiative

Clinton to hit the campaign trail????

US Cellular responds to Sinclair!

Response from General Mills re: Sinclair

Some recent endorsements -- share with your conservative friends!

Lawrence O'Donnell In For Scarborough!

FYI, e-mail I got from Bev Harris.

Dems Lure Moderate GOP on Stem Cell Issue

If you haven't already, call your county Democratic party NOW

Check it out: Birders United to Defeat Bush

God Bless Our Young People! They are working tirelessly.

Loaning out F-9/11 Just saw a news report about a BBQ place down in

"America Coming Together" is asking people in swing states to

Order "Going Up River" on DVD ... Available Today!

Deleted message

Desperate Measures (final, w/ link)

chilling article about Karl Rove in current issue of The Atlantic

Bush's privatizing Social Security would cost ***$2 TRILLION***

E-mail this Iowa (Swing State) Sinclair Affiliate!

I just heard this on my local Republican radio as breaking news!

Safe State volunteers; your Anti-Bush travel agency is here!

The World According to Bush (video)

We Need A Great Turnout Among People Of Color....

10/19 SUSA Va. Poll - Kerry bounces back from bad Sept, closes to within 4

Major FL Conservative Paper "Why We Cannot Endorse Bush"

Major Kerry foreign policy speech tomorrow ?

Kerry Rally in Dayton, Ohio....Great crowd.

COMMON CLINTON!!! May Start Campaigning With Kerry Soon

LA Times: Bush Administration Suppresses CIA Report Until AFTER Election

what is the K/E campaign song?

Where is Ted Olsen since resigning as Solicitor General?

Get your "FIRE the LIAR" buttons here!

Down the memory hole! After 7 mos, NBC story of WH failure to get Zarqawi

needs caption: very SICK bush* on the campaign trail today...

IF ALL blacks, women, and gays voted for kerry and dems

*'s latest campaign point: vote for me because I hugged a girl

MoveOn's anti-Gallup ad for the NYT:

Just came back from a party meeting where guy just returned from Iraq...

Richard Morrison picks up another endorsement

Spread Halloween Cheer by Creating Anti-Bush Jack-o'-Lanterns! ....

Nader is hitting five Kerry states!

California Pollworkers Told to Withhold Information from Voters

CIA Withholding Damning 9/11 Report

10/19 ABC Ohio Poll - Kerry 50% Bush 47% LV


CNN says Kerry beginning to appoint his transition team

"George Bush is the Louis Vuitton of Presidents!" says Michael Gross

So what's Kerry's October surprise ... coming tomorrow?

So what happens if * is elected?

Repub sign thief gets face full of concrete

Outings: Lindasay Graham, Scott McClellen, Ken Mehlman...

OMFG, Olberman played an O'Reilly tape where O'Reilly ADMITTED IT!

Zogby's single night numbers?

If W steals this election can we?

Sinclair Press Release

Suddenly, I am strangely confident

what is up with NPR?!!!

Response from General Mills re Sinclair's broadcasting of SILENT HONOR

The War In Error | why * is conceptually WRONG

I need some links on Bush prewar predictions

Black Christians falling for the Bush homophobia rhetoric

CNN again excluded polls favorable to Kerry (Media Matters)

So Mary Cheney used to appear with "Mr. Leather" in gay bars?


I donated to the Missouri Democratic Party tonight.

Scary Social Security letter - Gary Jarmin can destroy George Bush