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Archives: October 13, 2004

My letter to Bishop Chaput

Salon: Technical expert: Bush was wired


Do any of you have a CafePress store?

CNN Sinclair poll

check out this shirt on e-bay

Anybody watching Tannenbaum vs DeMint debate?

Please print/save for tomorrow

Rethuglicans launching organised attack on

Kerry/Edwards: Bring it on CHIMP!

Get down on your knees and thank god that Edwards just kicked ass on Leno this company part of Clear Channel?

Did anyone get the chance to see...

HER of Ohio pulls Sinclair Ads

Just occurred to me: Bush* is Forrest Gump- Stupid is as stupid does

A devout Christian I know

Florida 2000 could be USA 2004

My fellow non-Americans

The True Story of St George

Watch Bush from 10 years ago and be amazed at his articulateness

Rep.Sue Myrick is polluting Charlotte with billboards and signs.

My best friend doesn't want to vote for Kerry.

"Our Media is Broken" Sinclair Flash attack ad with resources

Iraq Asks Donors to Speed Up Rebuilding Funding

U.S. Election Plays Small Role in Surging Oil Prices

Federal surplus soars to $8 billion plus!

Oregon: Voter registration numbers head for the stratosphere

Hefley: ‘I was threatened’ Ethics committee’s actions against DeLay

Nuclear assets 'vanish' in Iraq

Map redrawing angers US Democrats

Breaking Ranks (More and more U.S. soldiers speaking out against the war)

Remember "the bulge" in STAR TREK VI?

For the lonely and liberal...:-)

Are you artistic?

LOL MUST SEE VIDEO-actual dubya State of the Union speech

Hooray for the Seattle Storm!

All Bush Wanted to talk about was Sinn Finch; imaginary baseball player...

Kerry is going to be in Sheboygan Friday...

Damn I really hate people!

God, the bounty hunter

Big interview tomorrow; it's down to me and one other person! Please

Weekly World News: "Laura Bush: Why I'm Voting For John Kerry" (satire)

The Onion Reports: Cheney Vows To Attack US If Kerry Elected

Halloween is the devil's birthday?

The Sawx lost?

Should I go to China ?

Name this guy and win!

Any Requests?

Old TV shows you'd actually like to see made into movies?

Dog, the bounty hunter

need help from puppy people...

Big Camping Trip this weekend!!

Bush will be hostile - How should Kerry react?

Bush wins with this Sinclair Mess

My dick would make a better VP T-shirt at


Before you watch the debates tomorrow...

"It hurt me more than any of the physical wounds I received"

Brain Ten Years -- NEW LINK

why my campus rocks

Bush finally admits it.

A funny pic of debate

My Republican friend showed me his absentee ballot...

!! Olbermann just compared Sinclair to "the American Nazi party"!!!

DU Pledge: Editorials Exposing Sinclairs anti-Kerry film

Debate closing statements

Bulge Mania! Story on Leno & Letterman. Photo from debate 2

Need your advice

Amy Tan: "I'm voting for Kerry, because...

Brilliant Strategy To Wait Until Now To Put Spotlight On Edwards

I'm feeling cautiously optimistic

On Leno: Edwards busted Sinclair, *'s debate buldge, and *'s cheerleading

Leno is carrying water for pugs!

*s other debate gaffe...why is nobody paying attention?

Mark my words, the debate will be cancelled.

DU This Poll: South Carolina US Senate

NYT ombudsman says the left is nastier than the right

F#cking October! Surprise Surprise Surprise GO-O-O-LLLLY!!!

Welcome Bush Farewell Tour!!

My Theory on the Bulge

The stage has been set to cancel the third debate

These anti-abortion protestors.

W * was WRONG!! German Turn-around means "Europe Will Rally to Kerry!"

Edwards up next on Leno.

*'s theme song: ''Lawyers, Guns, and Money,'' or ''Fortunate One?''

"Our Media is Broken" Sinclair Flash attack ad with resources

Voter Regisdtration Fraud - AGAINST THE DEMS

Catholics For Kerry

The real story is that Bush was Wired on September 13, 2001!

I support President Bush Because...

Why isn't every citizen automatically registered to vote in the USA?

Bush is dead wrong

WSWS: The New York Times and the road to war

(Sinclair) turns Decision 2004 into a sh*t-smearing partisan mission.

Orange County Weekly: 59 Reasons Why Bush Sucks

Once Again, America First

Gene Lyons

Robert Scheer: Kerry a Bleeding Heart? Hardly

HUMOR: Bush, Kerry Allowed to Carry Weapons in Final Debate

Freedom to Fascism -- A Bumpy Ride

"Cronkite Laughs at Rather's Expense, But it's No Joke at CBS."

The State of Iraq's Armed Forces -- [The Center for American Progress]

[PINR] Oct. 13, 2004: Al-Sadr's Weapon Handback

Ominous: The US deficit vs the dollar

Talking With Morons About Media Bias.

Tax Cut Lie

Spitzer Halts Sale of "9/11 Silver Coins/Calls it a Fraud! (those coins

Spitzer Halts Sale of "9/11 Silver Coins/Calls it a Fraud! (those coins



Cincinnati Enquirer: GOP judge, why I do not support the incumbent

Naomi Klein: Baker Emroiled in Iraq Debt Controversy

Aftermath of a Coup The Other Disaster in Haiti

The Essence of Being Ann Coulter

Elmer L. Andersen: Why this Republican ex-governor will be voting for Kerr campaign against Kansas pro-pedophile judge

Strategic Vision (R) Should be DUMPED from

Tony Kushner play benefit in Los Angeles

Randi in San Francisco?

O'Reilly Sex Scandal!

Watch out! Coulter on CNN n/t

Shortwavers! Pacifica Radio donating to restart Radio For Peace Intl'!

Is this the end of the line for Bill O'Reilly?

What liberal media?

John and Teresa Kerry on Dr. Phil!

Liberal Talk Radio - a brand new website!

When will the O'Reilly story hit the "traditional" media outlets?

CNN calls Bush on his not being concerned about Osama.....

Bush´s microphones. Are there better photos?

Orange County Register: Checks and fewer balances

"Con Job Finger-Pointing"

Pombo Mails Bush Environmental Propaganda - At Our Expense

Bush Enforcement Against Polluters Down 75% From Clinton's Final 3 Years

UN Seeks CITES Protected Status For Great White Shark

Market Technical Analysts - Oil Could Hit $70 Per Barrel - Reuters

Native American Pottery

Radioactivity May Block English Shellfish From Market - New Scientist

How do I safely dispose of old prescription drugs?

Ranchers, Environmentalists Fight Sprawl In The West - Newsweak

Good News From Bangladesh (?!?) - Tiger Numbers Up In Sundarbans

Six-Story Slab Of Lava Breaks Through Dome At Mt. St. Helen's

China Tries To Clean Cities By Using Countryside As A Toxic Dump - NYT

Kirchner’s administration: “the most hostile since Galtieri”

Tragedy in Darfur (Alex de Waal)

Rights Group: Human Rights Violations on the Rise in Iran

Mass crackdown on Iranian Journalists

When political strategy = military strategy

Columbus Unhorsed in Venezuela

How many columbines...

The Gun Debate: LaPierre creamed the UN woman.

If Kerry wins, will we finally aprove the UN gun ban?

Why is gun control such a hot topic down here?

LaPierre is now back on my poop-list.

FYI re: the banner ad

Is DU going to put the poll phone numbers up top....I hope so.

Contact the media/online polls banner

another poll to DU tonight

The banner has given me an epileptic seizure!

I don't like the blue X's.

OK, it happened again, and at the worst possible time...

Are the

Paranoia runs deep in my family...

Annan laments ongoing violence in Gaza, another girl hit by IDF gunfire

Secret gov't report: Israel on collision course with Europe

3 armed militants, teen killed in Gaza; Qassams hit Sderot

Mubarak calls Sinai safe, says it is too soon to lay blame

Hansen seeks world support to end Palestinian misery

IDF nabs twelfth female would-be bomber

Annan: Ambulance Did Not Carry Rocket

Christians in Israel would like Jews to Stop Spitting on them

Duke to host anti-Israel conference

Get your tinfoil on. Pentagon impact questions from 9/11

Oh, great. Guess where the terrorists are coming from now? Guantanamo.

DuPage County area DUers--Debate Party Details

anybody listen to the senate debate?

*CA Voter Reg. Deadline - Oct. 18th! Monday (postmarked) Tell your

Tony Kushner play benefit in Los Angeles

Tulare county prints wrong date of election

Proposition 72 (Health Care)

Check this out!

MA GOP registered voters drops to 515,860 . . .

GOP sees openings in US House races

Elmer L. Andersen: Why this Republican ex-governor will be voting for Kerr

Kos: GOP Takes Over The Airport

Debate Watching Parties

Get Out the Vote with the DFL

Sinclair Info Needed! Lost my local list of advertisers....

Does anyone here live in range of Sinclair Broadcasting in Michigan?


Cinti Enquirer guest columnist Judge Black: why I will vote for Kerry

Taft will vote against Amendment Banning Gay Marriage

Repubes Getting Desperate for OH Votes

PLEASE get Robert Ney OUT this time

British online newspaper organizes letter CLARK COUNTY!

PA Senate: Outburst Directed At Lieutenant Governor Knoll

Bad News in Berks County

Is Bush Retreating From Pennsylvania?

Williamson County Debate Watching Party

YAY! DMN endorses Lupe for Sheriff!

Former CEO accused of embezzling $3 million (circumvented election laws)

I just saw 2 Kerry Supporters on the corner

What's up with Milwaukee, not enough ballots being printed!

Freeway Bloggers hit Milwaukee!

We have to drive down to Menomonee Falls on Fri. any info on the

City, county spar over ballot supply

Spread the word about the voter registration van

Ohhh! The temptation! A chance to rid Congress of a Fascist.

Bill O'Reilly and Fox are Charged with Sexual Harassment

PHOTOS....honoring OUR Soldiers, while bush* entertains himself....

Some of you brave visitors to Freeperville website,

You do know, don't you.? Most people will choose between

Does anyone know the name of the lumber company

on a day like this....


Pepsi email reply to my boycott email, Sinclair Broadcasting

My email from Pepsi in re Sinclair

How many right-wing hypocrites can we name?

O'Reilly blames the suit on greed and politics....

"The falafel thing": What's your favorite Bill O'Reilley lawsuit quote?

LOL....Olbermann's just commented on O'Reilley:

So, where's the "October surprise" freepers were anticipating yesterday?

Bush's new name: Quasimodo.

Enough is Enough: O'Reilly responds.

‘I was threatened’

With this new O'Dildoie case someone

Christian Republican CEO Sends Bush Demand Letter

I can hear Al Sharpton's response to this legislation already:

Astrologers or something on Countdown with Keith

Nicolle Devenish is mixing up shrub's message.

Congressman Bill Thomas is on my ballot.

FOUR HOURS I waited for my flu shot today

Really creepy O'Really quotes from lawsuit.

More info on's Rethug CEO

War Right, Time Right, Place Right

dupe --- please delete

"Y'all come vote now. Ya hear"

Diary of a Political Tourist

Bev Harris on Mike Webb now (!0-11PM PST

Get your tinfoil on. Pentagon impact questions from 9/11

We watched a 60 minutes segment in AP World Hist today

OK Nite Owls...the "Lion of the Left"...Bernie picking up where

Is Bush is wired? Watch this vid!

Why Did My Son Die?

DU'ers help these guys out - they do excellent work & are broke

IF THE ELECTION IS A SQUEAKER...which state will it come down to?

What Coloradoans...and ALL voters should know about Neil Bush

The New Hampshire Gazette: list of chicken hawks

Iraq faces soaring toll of deadly disease

Who should be appointed to President Kerry's Cabinet?

This is a Massacre, Not a War in Iraq

group (of 7 ) suicide shocks Japan

powerful 30-sec video....from a US Soldier w/o his arm......

ZZZZZZzzzzz John Rothman in for Ray Taliaferro tonight

Freeper pre-debate excuse: Bush Over-Prepped for Tonight

Anyone see Hitchens calling Michael Moore a Fascist...

US manifest destiny and strategic considerations (WARNING: READING AHEAD)

Robin Quivers Just said she filed a complaint with the FCC re

Stupid CNN Poll

I Voted Yesterday!

good morning du!

Click here to see Carville bitchslap */Cheney advisor Eskew

More People Want To Be Kerry....

Does this country have an unlimited supply of AH's on the

Why does the FCC think it can regulate web political sites and blogs . . .


What is the problem with buzzflash?

Take this poll please.

Proof everywhere that Bush has something on his back - so, what is it?

The CIA 'old guard' goes to war with Bush ........ (hmmm....too bad)

All we can do is "cut and run",

I think the craze for outsourcing is traceable to the incompetence

Variety: Copps (of the FCC) tickets Sinclair

Kerry needs to tell Bush

Democracy Now's expose of James Baker, Madeline Albright and Carlyle...

10 Commandmends poll and Sinclair article in my local paper

For a long time, people in other countries saw the savage face of US

Baghdad Burning--Riverbend has a new post:

CiCi needs ANGRY music! NZ has been invaded!!!

US bombs really are aimed at civilians. NYT

Tell me if it's tin hat time or if I might be right to be paranoid

open letter from the wife of a soldier who lost his leg in Iraq

What a great debate on DU's front page!

If you read nothing else today, you must read Plaid Adder's column

What to expect in Florida's 2004 presidential election!

2006 CA Governor's Race: Arnie v. Bill Clinton

Straw admits to Parliament that Blair was Bush's poodle

For God, country and oil, the U.S. Military

Good Morning America! Arizona greeds You.

Historical trends !

Paranoia anyone?

Two-Faced Bush

Imus's sidekick says that Reeve's phone call to Kerry didn't happen.

All Your Internets Are Belong To Us!

The funeral of a Canadian sailor is being broadcast live

My students are watching Fahrenheit 9/11 in class right now

What if a president called for a general strike?

Do You Take The Terror Warnings Seriously?

Here's an interesting list my mother emailed to me today

CAPTION who's your daddy?

911 truth radio has launched.. I just found it.

Just be aware, dems, Kerry mentioned in O'Reilly suit

Can someone recommend a good biography of RFK?

Don't tell the freepers but Faux Moos IS NOT the "highest rated"

Don't leave the country... move to a purple state. By 2008.

National Guard Faces Recruiting Crisis

When does Ramadan start?

Sweeeet... hard hitting ads starting to air in Arizona.

Anyone ever seen this Elder talk show on wb?

Spitzer halts sale of Sept. 11 coins-I'm so glad!!!!

Kerry should address the "liberal media bias" in tonight's debate.

Bush is even affecting THEME PARKS!

Banning Gay Marriage 'Would Help Polygamists

Foreign Policy debate

The new moveon ad is awesome!

Help me DUers!

Article says bush's radio can be intercepted and recorded


The ANGRY Bush: Straight out of Hitler's Playbook

Why won't Kerry mention 9/11?

Officer Reports War Crime in Iraq (his life is in danger now)

Question: what about going directly after Rove?

Boycott tactics

Keyes accuses Obama of "Infanticide"

I'm going to call a Sinclair advert. in my area code, what should I say?

Has anyone gotten through on the Sinclair Broadcast telephone #?

Holy Cow! Just saw the Moveon ad

Let's all Call the FCC

Can someone give me a link...

A Pat On The Back For Mr Shrubya...And Waaahllah

AAR gave FCC # to call yesterday / Couldn't get thru yest. did today and..

ol Jimmy Baker is working a scam - have a look

. $2.3 million in government funds to see if prayer heals the sick.

Sirius radio, NPR Fresh Air...Dean and Buchanan, coming up now.

Photos of the Janjaweed

What is the basis for the belief that whenever the U.S. gets involved

My Michael Moore Tickets are HERE!!!!

Let's call the FEC too.

Voter Registrations Possibly Trashed

Will Kerry be asked about display of Ten Commandments? If so,

More BS from the makers of PNAC

Election predictions on Yahoo Finance Board/Sinclair

I've just heard that Mcdonalds are getting rid of

Who is Norm Orstein

Anyone hearing how the Colorado split-vote proposition is coming?

how they voted

Death by a thousand October Surprises?

Why did chruch's ignore the Pope about Iraq -then... BUT push shrubby now?

Does anyone have that picture of W.......

Anyone see how Sinclair's stock has been doing lately?

SF Gate: The looming fight for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party

Lynndie England (Iraq abuse) had her baby.

Am I being a pill? CSPAN asked for African American Voters Only

So where the heck did AAR go in Mpls.?

Florida Vote (Funny)

How to Let a Coalition Fray "What about Poland?"

Does anyone have a graph of US deaths in the Vietnam War

What can you do if you show up to vote and learn you are not registered?

A funny thing happened on the way to 'The Truth' - By Karl W. B. Schwarz

Want to drive a right-wing nut job INSANE...IMMEDIATELY?

Things have to be looking up, last night Mrs. Apnu said:

I've been a renter all my life.

Freeps wish death upon Bill Clinton.

PHOTO: which drug is bush* taking today????

600 Words from a Conservative

Vid/Audio link? Bush's D Day speech w/ the speech heard from his earphone

If Kerry sees the bulge in Chimpy's suit tonight, he WINS the election if

which member of Bush's cabinet/posse/junta most fills you with nausea?

So it seems the Dow closed at 10,002 today

Ha! The debate stage hand looks like he is giving the Kerry salute

Marine General: US to go into Fa-loo-ja when it gets permission

Gene Lyons: "Media Complicit in Political Truth-Shading" Great read!

If you haven't already e-mailed the FCC, please do so.

Should Kerry have taken the day off to Prepare

Who is this used car salesman opposing Begala on Crossfire?

Is the U.S. about to attack Iran?

Investors annoyed with Sinclair, Wall Street questioning their decison.

Rude Pundit on tonight's debate.

Can the RNC be investigated under RICO?

Beyond my comprehension

Medical malpractice: Fiction or crisis? And what to do-

Spanish paper says Bin Laden in custody China--US negotiating

Parker & Stone (Team America)on 60 Minutes II tonight!

How Many Freeper Women Vote Repuke....

DildO Reilly

With all this new info coming out about voter registration

BBV: Test of West Palm Beach Touchscreens delayed due to server crash!

All the "issues" are rather meaningless in elections, in the LARGE sense.

Kerry should remove his jacket at the start of the debate

Anyone know what the Federalist Society is up to lately?

Who ever told you life was fair?

So the hump in Bush's back might have been OReally's Dildo?

I just browbeat a co-worker into registering to vote

Here's something like the device Bush had on in the debates

I Just Canceled my Washington Post Subscription

You know what to do...

Anyone listening to Randi Rhodes?

Suskind: This is an empire - we make reality, you study it"

"Russia put God in school. America kicked him out." (????)

ok folks, my son says, What is a Federalist?

I'm disappointed in Josh Marshall...

Freeper reply to my 1,078 U.S. troopers KIA email

Ron Silver: on CNN! This is a war against "Jihadistan" which extends...

O'Reilly has a vibrator fetish?

What a girly man wave.

California Prop 69: The most dangerous precedent ever

Is there any chance of taking back the senate or the house come November?

GREAT article in Rolling Stone about an undercover Bush volunteer

You'll laugh! You'll plotz!

A quote from a "sane" MODERATE Republican...

Dropping off bestseller charts everywhere:

Fox is not showing the debate tonight?!! A baseball game instead?

Don't these people know anything about

What's in the BAG, Karl?

Reminder - Al Franken on Sundance Channel most nights & mornings!

Conservative Punk: Now I've seen it all...


I may have just been denied my right to vote.

JD Hayworth even LOOKS like a neanderthal

Bush invents the hydrogen car


NPR audio up at Fresh Air site now....Dean, good 1/2 hr interview

billionaires for bush/government of, by and for the corporation

Foriegn factories connected to Heinz.. need list of bush-related factories

I'm almost OK with Candy's reporting the last few days

Anti-Kerry Chain Letter Circulating

BWAHAHAHA! Fox's O'Reilly Sues Over Alleged Extortion Scheme

Who would have predicted the O'Reilly flameout today? There is a God.

HEY-Didn't Laura Bush have to have fertility treatments to conceive?

About California's health care initiative, Proposition 72.

Something about O'Reilly (and most conservatives) you need to learn:

Science tells us what we already know about homosexuals!!!!

Freepers excited about possible October Surprise tomarrow.

While we piss and moan about a statue of the 10 commandments...

OMG--O'Reilly threatening AL FRANKEN with Roger Ailes? A hit?

God, Is This a Weird Blog

How does * differ from the rest of the Republicans?

My Marine son just watched F9/11 on DVD in Japan.

Hi, my name is Mary and I'm a flip flopper

John Kerry's new plane is coming to Medford, Oregon.

Un-Freep this poll

59 Reasons Why Bush Sucks

"What the American people need are REAL jobs, not SNOW jobs"

So if they get Osama, will this magically make us safer?

Will Jon Stewart Touch O'Reilly??

Okay, so I was agnostic on the "wired" story. Then someone saw this:

Don't forget to write your reviews of Bill O'Reilly's Novel

Texas Oil web.doc? Who's making oil money off of this war?

As Oprah Slaps Bush

I generally don't like name calling, but this one is cute

WE made bin Laden evil.

What will we tell the children?

Senators Hillary Clinton, Lindsey Graham,Tom Daschle, Patrick Leahy

How do you go to war the "right" way?

HELP! Lost my link to the "moran" picture, anybody got one handy?

Texas Oil research website: How oil money is made from Bush's War.

Voice of the White House (may be Urgent)

Talking about flu shots in the debate.

Bush = Tony Soprano

Kerry should verbally DESTROY Bush tonight.

D.C. Jail Stay Ends in Death For Quadriplegic Md. Man


Pell grants....I don't believe Bush added any..can't be...

Don't forget to join us on irc:// #atrios

That spitbooger on the left corner of *'s lip is really distracting...


activist judges like those that gave me the presidency in 2000

Plaid Adder?? You ROCK!!

Someone Keep Me Informed Here About the Debates PLEASE :(

Christian Republican CEO Sends Bush Demand Letter

Shrub just admitted Kerry is not a flip flopper

OReilly used vibrator on HIMSELF, and ejaculated -- plaintiff was repulsed

Dummy to Mr Angry to Mr Happy. This guy is crazy.

Shot In The Dark Time Here :

Why tax decreases don't encourage my family to spend:

Got him - not even 5 minutes in!!!


Bob is being pretty fair so far...seems to me.. n/t

The Card thats the soultion to the immigration problem

Check out the Moses complex

If bush blinks fast enough, he might just be able to go back in time.

Rather than raising the minimum wage, how about this:

Reading-The New Civil Right.

is it me?


FOX/O'Reilly LIE about the lawsuit

Olberman blow by blow blog

Bush didn 't say that he is against all Abortions!!!!

just about time for the debates...I'm nervous

Is Bush on Ritalin?

Bush got nothing, NOTHING on race relations in this country...

would you support a Salt Weapon ban?

His faith is personal?

Does it look to you like Smirky colored his hair?

O'Reilly Sexual Harrassment Suit-- Carribean Showers??? etc

Unleashed faithbased initiatives

Bob asking why America is so polarized..well Bob, could it be...THE MEDIA?

john kerry was born to lead

bush has NOTHING on the assault weapons ban

Post your favorite lines/points: (Paraphrasing)

why is it funny that our president is a dumbass?

I fucking hate republicans.

Bush is breaking out - red lumps on forehead

Great "comeback" by Kerry re the strong women question

Kerry just told his biggest lie of the night.

Bush "feels" our prayers. So how come he doesn't drop dead?

Kerry just told his biggest lie of the night.

Bush is dismayed by how partisan Washington D.C. is.

WTF? Why did Schiefer just give Bush that softball question?

Bush is for making sure everyone has a fair shot at gov't contract?

Answer to my boycott email from Overstock!

POLLS. Go! nt

FLIP FLOP on Homosexuality and Gay Marriage!

Bush losing the debate already

Goodbye George

Who was it that said Kerry by a landslide?

Who the hell is Mao Zedong

Bush dodged so many questions, I thought I was watching the Matrix....

When Bob Schieffer asked about the minimum wage and if he is

When Bob Schieffer asked about the minimum wage and if he is

Fundies behind Wolf and company on CNN.

NBC is going to talk to undecided voters (coming up)

Vote at MSNBC

Where Were The Questions On The Environment And Oil Dependence?

what a crappy last question

Fucks Kennedy

Where are the polls?

Are you tired of Protest Warrior or free Republic?

lotta calls praising bush?? god, hes wraps the lies in chocolate and they

Not enough Freepers to mess up this poll

I said before and I'll say it again Andrea Mitchell is tipsy drunk!

When does C-Span replay the debate?

Is anyone listening to the ridiculous calls to CSPAN?

Kerry actually brought up the fact that women are most of the min wage

Do you think the "Hip-Hop Nation" will actually get out and vote?

here is the true about CBC nad bush!!

CNN Instant Poll: Kerry by 13 points n/t

Larry King just said their poll shows Kerry won tonight!

$7,700 Health Care---Cheap!

Faux News Poll being Freeped. Go!

Bush already had his base motivated in 2000

Flip Flop

Was that spit in the corner of Dubya's mouth??

two major lost opportunities were:

Kerry destroyed Bush tonight

Big Sign Score on CNN post debate coverage


Two things that make me believe PaPa Smirk shit the bed tonite!

So, did Bush have just six answers memorized for tonight?

Anyone know how many user names are on Freeperville?

Kerry just told his biggest lie of the night.

Who's this O'Neil that had a BBQ that * met his wife at.

Need help with research PLEASE!

JK looks completely bemused.

Funny post on the DFA blog:

Who Would Like To See The Scribbler?

media spin here in southern california (papers/radio) is:

It's a West Texas painitin"

How can you tell Kerry won big tonight?

Malloy talking about the *president's No Child Left Behind

Mass Graves Unearthed in Iraq

I got to see Michael Moore last nite at the Del Mar Fairgrounds!

GW tells IT guys they don't have enough education.

I just got home from class. How is Kerry doing?

Good morning you bunch of liberals you can run but you can hide

I taped it, should i watch it?

Well, I thought it was the most UNsatisfying debate I've ever seen.

Paygo...what was that you said spit wad?

Letterman: W bulge NOT a radio receiver. Just his flask.

Tell All the Abortion Freaks You Know About Bush's Position.

bush LIED about Pell grants;


Yep, a square on his back. What an incompetent idiot. He was listening

Guess it's up to me to start tonight's MALLOY THREAD.

"I never said that"...about Osama

O'Reilly's Erotic Meltdown!

The Freepers Amazing Post-Debate On-line Poll Strategy

Unfortunately for me

Bush up by 90% -just opend HIT IT DUER's !

Kerry UNDERSTATES chimp's Osama flip-flop

Josh Marshall's lame ass excuse for advertising Ann Coulters book!

I'm so glad they brought up Cheney's daughter's lesbianism....

Migraine from Hell Tonight

BEWARE: FBI shuts down 20 anti-war web sites

Pledge of Action to Stop A Stolen Election !

View our polluted earth from outer space.....

FBI shuts down 20 antiwar web sites:

OK, who was blowing into their mike on BS-RNC?

Bush* LIED about the flu vaccine!

MUST SEE VIDEO: Forgive Us For Not Believing What You're Saying

Bamacrats might get mad at me...but I actually LIKE this Republican!!

Just got a e-mail from PepsiCo. about Sinclair.

Bill O'Reilly hit with a sexual harassment suit!

Should a President know how to pronounce "Abu Ghraib?" - Bush has 4 ways

Last time we had a Senator elevated to the Presidency was

Remember the Army Pfc. who was beaten after a Toby Keith concert in Ohio?

OMG My Son Just Enlisted In The Marines

A peek behind the curtain in Iraq...

'Maternity homes' again!!!! The Magdelene Laundries!!!!!

I'm damned sick and tired of Junior Jerko equating 'unemployed' to ...

Bush - Americans are too stupid for the work...that's why jobs go overseas

Are Christians oppressed/persecuted in the USA?

Why John Kerry Won Tonight



Dumb dumb dumb - bringing up Cheneys daughter

EVEIDENCE ROOM THREAD: GOP suppressing vote and fraud

FEMA Disaster Drill Set For Election Day

Americans finally getting a taste of what Canada endured with glowing puck

Afghan boy, 9, discharged from Sick Kids

Woman, 74, attacked while shielding small dog

Klein leads tribute to Fraser Institute

U.S. tries last-ditch defence of softwood lumber stand

How Musharraf survived US delete button

County rejects challenge of 17,000 Democratic voters (Las Vegas)

California Democrats target Nevada voters (GOOD!!!)

Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Pleads for Aid

Voter Fraud in progress

Ark. Must Give Clinton Library a Tax Break

Armitage: U.S. Not Yet Seeking Sanctions on Iran

Amendment summaries to stand (Wyo. constitution)

Janklow Criticizes GOP Vote Effort (!!!)

Michael Moore brings out 10,000 friends, 200 critics (San Diego)

Blair facing Iraq apology calls

Variety: Copps tickets Sinclair


Voter registration fraud in Colorado..(freepers blame Dems)

Blast in Baghdad Kills Three U.S. Soldiers

3 US Soldiers Killed in AmBUSH

Voter Fraud in progress

3 of 5 pick Kerry (Denver)

Federal Judge Refuses To Allow Nader On Ohio Ballot (signature fraud)

Fox may face record fine for show's sexual scenes

FBI shuts down 20 antiwar web sites

The 45-minute claim was false

Iraq faces soaring toll of deadly disease

Soldiers Maintain Security and Win Over Residents on the Streets of Samarr

Maine lags in job quality

Britain accused of failing to investigate Africa coup

Washington Tech Study Reveals Federal Tech Contractors Support GOP

Bush special envoy embroiled in controversy over Iraq debt

'CIA secretly holds 11 of bin Laden's lieutenants'

NI 'terror arrest' in Tenerife

Zogby: Bush, Kerry tied ahead of debate

Satanic gang leader's diary sheds light on murder case

dupe please delete

Dame Shirley faces criminal inquiry

Record registrations in swing states

Group Beheads Two Iraqi Intelligence Men -Web Site

Rothschild recruits former US diplomat

Germany Softens Stance on Sending Troops to Iraq

4 U.S. Soldiers Killed by Bomb in Iraq

A Q Khan ‘aide’ held in Germany

Suicide car bomber hits U.S. army convoy in Mosul

Former CIA McGovern "Truth and Consequences of US Wars Past Present

Blix claims US failed to control nuclear sites (echoed by Kay)

Report: CIA Holds Top Al Qaeda Suspects in Jordan

US embassy agrees to pay its dues to Moscow landlords

US presses NATO to prepare takeover of Afghanistan military operations

FEC May Regulate Web Political Activity (Uh Oh -will this affect us?)

Iraq nuclear losses 'a scandal'

Saudi women's voting hopes dashed

U.S. grants refuge to Colombian drug lord's wife (right-wing paramilitary)

El Al bomber too dangerous to release, court rules

Zogby - K 45 B 45 Only 11% of Undecideds Feel Bush Deserves Reelection

650 U.S. scholars criticize Bush over Iraq war

Mrs Bush admits husband's errors

Bush's Domestic Policy Gap -Milbank

Blair under fire on Iraq claims

Fox Disagrees With FCC Indecency Finding

Sparks fly, talks snag on recount rule

Nigerian court condemns women to death by stoning

Chief British Scientist Says Act Now on Carbon Dioxide

Missing Contractor in Iraq Baffles Kin

FEC May Regulate Web Political Activity



Wall Street's fallen idol accused of plundering the 'Kansas Enron'

Expat Patriots

Base hit by daily attacks told no GI's for patrols

Alabama to Vote on Segregation Language (Ex-Justice Roy Moore Fighting It)

China Spurns Taiwan President's Peace Overture

Blix Says Iraq War Stimulated World Terrorism

George Noory "breaks" story about Chechen rebels entering the U.S.

Arab American Voters Drop Support for Bush

5 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Attacks

Task Force Baghdad soldier dies in IED attack # 1080

Six U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq bombings


Mystery Surrounds Kerry's Navy Discharge

AAR gave FCC # to call yesterday / Couldn't get thru yest. did today and..

Court appears poised to strike Nader (PA Ballot)

'We blindly supported US'

Labor Unions Sue Fla. Over Voter Forms

The Intimidating Face of America

Priest sex abuse memories queried

Bush backs off in Pa.

More Bolivian natural gas for Argentina.

Voice of the White House (Urgent)

Honduras declared free of land mines.

Uganda's President Criticizes Bush Administration's Handling of War in Ira

Pushing to Be Counted in Fla. Groups Say That Blacks May Not Be Heard...

'Mafia remains' unearthed in NYC

Dow Below 10,000, Commodity Stocks Fall(down 100 pts., oil up to $53.50)

Khan's Nuclear Network, A Criminal Gang (Pakistan gov't "not involved")

Networks to Test New Exit Polling System

UN scaling back Darfur food aid

Diebold and AU to expand partnership in Middle East

AZ Daily Sun: Poll: Kerry cuts into Bush lead

Bradbury plans to investigate election complaint(VOTER REGISTRATION --OR)

EU Trade Chief Slams U.S. Election 'Euro Bashing'

Arab American Voters Drop Support for Bush

Court Pulls Nader Off Pennsylvania Ballot

FBI Questions Hundreds of Muslims Ahead of Tonight's Debate in Arizona

Schroeder: There will be no German troops in Iraq

Next space station crew to launch

PA county mails ballots with Nader's name

Justice Dept. wants new antipiracy powers

FEC Might Regulate Internet Political Activity

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 13 October

Nader blocked from Ohio ballot

Christian Republican CEO Sends Bush Demand Letter

Wsh. Disp.: Backlash Begins against Sinclair Broadcasting (DU linked!)

Court Pulls Nader Off Pennsylvania Ballot

Reuters Poll: Bush and Kerry Tied Ahead of Debate

Court Halts Sale of September 11 Coins

U.S. Drug Agents Seize Sailboat Once Owned by JFK

German govt says no change in stance on Iraq

Oil Prices Surge on Mexico Pipeline Blast

FBI Raids Health Essential Solutions

Ex-CIA contractor may face December trial

No Sex on Engines, Calif. City Tells Firefighters

Washington Mayor Questions Senate Office Closure

Voter Fraud Follow

Clear Channel Provides Free TV Air Time to Candidates

Blix Says Iraq War Stimulated World Terrorism

In Tight Campaign, Schwarzenegger's Focus Is Local

ABC News Daily Tracking Poll Shows Kerry & Bush Tied, 48-48

Report on 9/11 Attacks Nominated for U.S. Book Award

Ky. Senator: Rival's Staff Jostled Wife (Bunning claims wife black & blue)

Pennsylvania to Fight U.S. Suit on Absentee Votes

Nader is barred from Ohio ballot

Lifelong Collector of Data Can Bog Down His Staffs

Enough is Enough: O'Reilly responds.

Kerry Edges Bush 49-48 in Washington Post Tracking Poll

Annan: Ambulance Did Not Carry Rocket

Anti-Bush Unions Hit Road to Get Out Vote

Switzerland Opens Nuclear Investigation

Republican hold on Cuban-Americans seen weakening

O'Reilly sues Manhattan Attorney's law firm and Fox News employee

Bush and Kerry Focus on Debate; Running Mates Sharpen Rhetoric [NYT]

Privacy Advocates Post Map Of New York Surveillance Cameras

Rape 'a weapon in Colombia war'

Nev. Move to Purge Some Dem Voters Fails

Nev. Move to Block Some Dem Voters Fails

Settle in for 'long war,' says Navy chief (blames Clinton)

Kerry calls treasury secretary 'callous' for jobs remark

Wisconsin: Milwaukee mayor crying foul over lack of ballots on Nov. 2nd!

59 car bombs were detonated or discovered before going off in Sept. 2004

Drugs from Canada safe, Schweitzer representative says

The Freepers Cagey On-line Debate Poll Strategy

Bush Overlooks Own Flip-Flop in Debate

Armed ex-soldiers plan to stop Haiti violence

WP- U.S. Stymies Detainee Access Despite Ruling, Lawyers Say

Eighty-Five Nations Endorse U.N. Population Agenda - but Bush Admin

new criminal probe in oregon voter fraud....

War in Iraq has made terrorism worse: Blix

TV Ad Focuses on U.S. Military Wounded in Iraq

New post-debate CBS news poll: 39% Kerry 25 % Bush, 14 point Kerry win

McDonald's Strong Sales Lift 3Q Profits

In Pa., Unemployed Workers Say Nominees Are Missing the Point

Another Reporter Ordered To Jail In CIA Leak Case

Former CEO accused of embezzling $3 million (circumvented election laws)

AP: Six American soldiers die in bombings, suicide attacks; Allawi warns

(AP NEWS) E-Voting Machine Crash Deepens Concerns

Allawi demands Falluja turn over Zarqawi or face invasion

I'm going to be real positive, while I keep my foot on John Kerry's throat

Close ties at the Pentagon

Colombians in nationwide protest

Scientists gingerly tap into brain's power

AP: Report Finds Lavish Spending at TSA

Crude oil breaks through $54 US barrier on new supply fears

Power Line Broadband - FCC prepares to move technology forward

MSNBC NADER off the ballot in PA

US to rate its allies on their treatment of Jews

Lynndie England, soldier shown in Iraq abuse photos, gives birth

Bush camp: Job losses a "myth"

Kerry wants to appear on 'O'Reilly Factor'

CBS: 4 GIs Die Amid Widespread Fighting (MSNBC reporting 6 KIA)

Muslim Monitoring Condemned As Politically Motivated

Blackwater Cites Astonishing Growth

British FM insists US being pressed over Kyoto treaty

Guide Tells U.S. Students Don't Expect Smiles Abroad

(W.Va.) Where Kerry Is Trying to Avoid Gore's Pitfalls

Election rules could reach Internet

Bush edges Kerry as Halloween costume

O'Reilly Hit With Sex Harass Suit

"Babies found in Iraqi mass grave"

Question for car experts

Some ass freeper on the "football" site has stolen

I just downloaded Going Upriver

Does anyone want to read an essay of mine?

I Just Ordered My Kerry Gear...Ask Me Anything

Drug dealer heads to prison

I'm watching F9/11again, in tears and angry. Ask me fuckinganything!

Cowgirls hold off Jackrabbits

What's Happening?

Late-Night Ramblings By Slinkerwink

Colin Quinn just said "Tough Crowd" is off the air in 3 weeks.

This is the most awsome police chase ever:

Did Christopher Reeve die?

how many bands on this list have you heard of?

This is weird

Crap! I'm going to miss part of the debate tonight!

Ever play Mortal Kombat? (re: debates)

Ich liebe Rammstein! Und du?

Would The Dark Tower series be done justice in film format?

If your pet was a High School Senior, what clique would he/she be in?

why do online polls matter so much?

How MANNY golden gloves has Ramirez won?

We can run but we can't hide :)

Here Comes Sunshine

"Pecker Perc?" The situation is really getting hand.


Baby koala's survival thrills zoo

Playing in the Band-in honor of the last debate

So...Elvis and One of the Blues Brothers Were Drinking at the VFW.........

Wrestler Accused Of Stabbing Opponent 14 Times During Match

I am not a nip head

you are condemned to a good time by stoning

As I was walkin 'round Grosvernor Square. Not a chill to the winter

I got me a Lil' John earworm!

Pet Peeve

So, so you think you can tell

"Cheney Vows to Attack US if Kerry Elected".......mmmmm...satire

Anyone catch the Hip Hop Awards last night?

Bravery...or tequila?

***Official Visualize Victory Thread***

Man cited for flipping off fire chief gets $9,000 settlement

Isn't the Meeting Room supposed to be a more laid back...

Dutch Government Having A Hard Time Selling Off It's Pot Stash

Today's Electoral Vote Calculator is depressing the crap outta me

Has anyone seen my keys?

Doctors Say More Frequent Ejaculation Improves Sperm Quality

Women Killed By Giraffe

Man Wanted To Name Son "@@@@" - Refused

Kitty was playing Hide N' Seek

Network Pulls Eminem Video After Jackson's Protest

Veronica Lake's Reputed Remains Resurface

If We're Lucky, There's Only 3 PA Columns Left!

We will all be dead soon.

Rate The New Eminen CD - Just Lose It

I hope the Boston Argyle Sox win the Nobel Prize!

How to annoy any/all NASCAR fans you might know/meet/be.

How do you get rid of nose blackheads?

What's up with the Drudge headline???

I hope the Boston Tube Sox win the Boobie Prize

I hope the Atlanta Wool Sox win the Stanley Cup!

Why does everyone insist on blocking the food table?

I hope the Notre Dame Holy Sox win the Grail Cup.

HELP I'm going to commit caticide

Help I'm gonna commit CopyCataCide!

Just wait 'till I get my money from Nigeria!

How About "Alferd Packer Perc"??

The upclose and personal CAPTION

"Pleasure toys" sold at library flea market -- on church lawn

Get to know me!

It's a FRANK ZAPPA DANCE PARTY in my classroom!

I hope the Boston White Sox win the Super Bowl!

Who has been to Playa Del Carmen?

Veronica Lodge's Reputed Remains Resurface

The Dandy Debater of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Day 6 with "Hobo" the cat on our porch

PSAs you'd actually like to see made into movies?

Happy Birthday-Simon Osmond Nipsey Kerrigan Hagar and THATCHER

Hello there, ladies and gents, are you ready to rock?

Doonesbury Fans--$17.50 Salon Subscription!

My take on the bulge on Shrub's back...

Is anyone making soup today?

for all the Contrails fans...pic

Sporty prediction: Clue against Republicans? Colo. Gov Bill Owens booed.

Nobody gets it? George Bush, day after 2000 election wanted

I volunteered for the Kerry Campaign in NH.... ask me anything! (n/t)

Whoever can finish this lyric rules.

Ladies!! SHOES!!! Shoes ladies!!!!!!!

We're screwed - check out the official Florida electronic ballot...

Pre-game Pre-debate menu for this evening?

Funny cat and dog pictures (warning, graphics heavy)

Anyone ever tried ""?

The "Relates Well to Youth" Hipster Hypocrite CAPTION

MEN:Push-ups or Breast implants?-to impress the ladies and your boss

Furious George link?

If we donate, can we then look up a users posting history? n/t

Don't miss Diary of a Political Tourist on HBO

mmmm-bowling alley pizza for lunch

Please ask me Silly Questions: I need distraction

The "Tonight on the Discovery Channel" CAPTION

Do you hate politicians who look like they are clearly reading a cue card?


Scooter. Must. Die.

I just found my favorite commmerical of all time

anybody see GOP or Velma D lately?

Super Size-Why didn't McD fries decompose?

I'll Be In Washington DC Next Week

The "You Leave Jenna Alone" CAPTION

Small Wonder vs Punky Brewster

McCarver Hate Club...sign in

You can run, but you can't hide!!!!!

Lottery Winner Gunned Down

This thread is going in a time capsule. It won't be opened until 2104.

Behind the Scenes.

My roommate is 24 years old...but has to ask Daddy for permission...

Cheney Vows To Attack U.S. If Kerry Elected

The official DU 'don't give a shit about Wat_Tyler' thread

Sports Commentators Separated at Birth?

Does your computer turn itself off sometimes? I am getting annoyed...

Fret away Sox and Yank fans!


Ugg Boots

What did you use for "show and tell" in grade school?


I just noticed that the 2004 nickels are different...

F*** - The Debate preempts The Bachelor

Okay, What is on your desk top right now!

Eine Reich, Eine Volk, Eine Fuhrer, herr Tweety. Arbeit macht frei.

I Just Heard That Dubya Is Changing His

Why are there so many bad combovers in Congress?


A freeper joke

How will you celebrate Kerry being elected President?

W's...Presidential Viagra...

Please God, heal Curt Schilling's ankle.

Jesus vs. the X-Men

Gonna watch "Last Night" the day after tommorrow

Bush is a "post turtle" (Texas humor)

How can Bush possibly win???

What's with the yellow bracelets?

OK - I missed the debate - what was the deal with the "wood" comment?

Fascinating comparison of Bush now and 10 years ago

Your favorite Hollywood couple?

Would Jesus wear a yellow bracelet?

I will be off to see Future President Kerry face off against bunnypants

Jesus vs Rainbow Brite

Should I go to my Western Civ class tonight?

Some humor for ya: What retired Dems do for fun

If Jesus were a ball player, which position would he play?

Shake-a baby shake-a, coz I love it when you take-a me!

Hey Yankees!! Yunz are Jagoffs!!!

Your own, personal,

Bush & Cheney: "He can run, but he cannot hide"

OK, I can't imagine I'm the first to post this, but :-)

The jinx is OVER. I, MikeG, am now rooting for the Red Sox.

sorry dweeb

I'm a rocker that bought a Dixie Chicks CD and I Love it!

Rosemary's baby vs Stewie: Who wins?

*cough* DAMNED FLU!!!

So, I'm back from L.A. - what happened while I was gone?

OK people. If you're on any listservs, UNSUBSCRIBE BEFORE YOUR VACATION.

Customer in GA, halfway through lunch, says "That looks like hair or fur"

I just had a psychic flash

"Widen the income gap!" "Repeal the First Amendment"

Watched the "Day After Tommorrow " last night

Huh. Huh. He said Bush. Huh. Huh. He said Wood.


Got laid off 3 years ago today.

Mount St. Helens

SMiLE - Carnegie last night

Jesus could kick EVERYONE'S ass

Nothing says crummy autumn day like Radiohead's "The Bends" CD.

Nigeria is going to stone two more women to death

Furious George

Link to Eminem's new video making fun of Jacko

Laid tile three years ago today.

RW FREAK Charged With Assault - Asked To Remove Obscene Yard Signs


How to write a best selling fantasy novel.

Shall we brainstorm more signs for "Billionaires for Bush"?

Man who shared $87 million jackpot shot by Seattle Police

Check out this portrait of George W. Bush

Freepers cumming over Shrub's "foot on throat" quote

Does anyone have the email address for morning sedition?

Got laid 3 years ago today...

Is it wrong to say that I won't be watching the debate tonight?

What cliche did/will you confirm today?

Fox looking at $1.2 million fine

Which picture is sexier?

How George Bush sees himself...

How can we make fun of Bill O'Reilly with no sex threads?

What would you think of a therapist who said this to a woman...

I didn't WANT a DVD player. One has been foisted upon us.

I just scheduled a vacation day for November 3rd

Fret Away Red Sox Fans, Your Team Is Doomed! The Curse Lives On!

I Refuse to Sign Away My Organ

Stairway to Heaven or Highway to Hell?

DU cooks: I just got the new, giant Gourmet cookbook!

Fret Not, Red Sox Fans. Your Team Will Still Win

any raw foodist here in DU land?

* re-selection sign -Rochester, New York

Damn you Wat_Tyler!

No Sex on Engines, Calif. City Tells Firefighters

Guess what they're relocating into my area?

I finally finished my %$@*$#& 2003 taxes!

Boston DUer's. Remember Willie Alexander and the Boom Boom Band?

Songs that should have been monster pop hits

Dumb question: WHAT TIME does the debate air?

Stupid bumpersticker of the day

Working on the News.....

Mr. Scorpio is...?

Anyone else have this problem?

The placing of the final debate was a victory for Bush

No more " back camera shots " in tonight's debate !

.MOV to DVD conversion question re: Kerry Movie.

OO-hay ee-spakes ig-pay atin-lay?

TV viewing poll

Mods - this is Deletable. thanks.

Will O'Loofa lie

I'm sorry


Do you like your steak...

Vote pro-bears!

Anybody got the picture of that 'moran'?

Italian press uncover more about *'s wire

Life's the same I'm moving in

Lou Reed"Rock and Roll Animal" is cranked up to 11 right now!

Will President Bush's face

Will President Bush's face

When January rolls around will DU be a ghost town?

New Nicknames For O'Reilly thread

Anyone here read "Darwin's Radio"?

I Voted Today. Ask Me Anything.

Midtown Manhattan -- any DUers meeting there Nov 2nd?

My fortune cookie says:

Just got John Stewarts book "America" from costco but I didnt look

I'm blowing off Yankees/Sox tonight

It's official - I have the flu

O'Reilly is sexy - I love that body type!

Most exciting book you have ever read..

"Schilling's availability for postseason is in doubt"

Please no debate updates during the ball game

Do you want to know what my favorite number is right now?


Help me DUers!

Ich liebe John Kerry! Und du?

I love my dentist

Need a site where I can upload mp3s to share with others.

I saw Hunting of the President today

Step back, think for a second

What percentage of the time

Thai Cops Search for Tongueless Suspect

La. Professor Goes on Rampage in Class (Said he was God)

I'm bummed. I banged my knee up and it is the size of a grapefruit


Let's see..what should I play?

Bill O'Butthead

Anyone listen to Doc & Johnny this morning? [Orlando]

And now, with this week's editorial reply is Miss Emily Litella.

What is your favorite nickname for Bush supporters?

LOST is on

CD I made wont play in my '99 Mazda Protege CD player...WHY? What can I do

Why does it hurt when you bite foil?

Lieber vs Martinez - Place your bets! Place your bets!

LOL -- Nicky about to break J-Lo's record

Just Got DSL. Internet Connection ZOOOOMS!

The official DU misses Terrya thread

Bill's Vibrator! Behold the "October Surprise"!!!!

I flew in an F-15 once...

I finally got tough with myself

The Only Song an Old Roadie Ever Needs.

This Red Sox Team Is One of the Best Teams That The Yanks Have Seen

seriously, folks check this out, esp. re: al franken

Last call for the debate-see ya after it's over.

I'm walking down to the corner store. Anyone need anything?

O'Reilly and SEX; the all-in-one, get your post count up, thread

Anyone remember Yertle the Turtle?

Do cats like falafel?

Most BORING book you have ever read *

Every time * says he has policies to expand the economy

Is it my t.v., or does Bush look a little terra cotta?

More zeros in GD:2004 than Dubya's old report cards.

Why does it hurt when I pee?

Dinah Mo Humm

My GOD please,never ever make me listen to that chimp ever again

Out of the recession?!?!? Asshole we're still in a recession

Tell Me About Spirit Airlines

Is there an AIM chat going on?

TEH 1000 POST!!!!

Half thought out sentence. n/t

The drinking game should have been

Help me figure out an amortization thing.

i had to work... hows the debate?

Thank you Presidential Debates!!!!

Is anyone watching the NLCS game?

Karen Hughes speaks like Ethel Merman.

Gymnasts are sexy - I love that body type!

Lizards, Call to arms. The PBS poll has been heavily freeped Get to work

"eh eh eh"

I'm following Sox-Yanks on Seems like I'm missing a great game?

DU AIM Debate Chat

Am I the only one getting all these Xs ?

Most foolish/ignorant thing you've heard from a non-DUer liberal friend?

I'm in hell


At least * didn't say "Food on your Family" this time

Come on Ladies, You Know You Want O'Reilly

I've been watching TCM all evening. Was anything else on?

I got polled 1 minute after the debates were through! Ask me anything!

Bush's new big word... Litany

Is bush THAT clueless about unemployment?

Who wants a falafel?

Bush makes me drink

Should I change my DU name to

Recommended power supply?

anything similar to Avantgo?

Yankees win 3-1

While watching * in the debates tonight ...

Bored or sleeping off a hang over? I post, you decide:

I signed away my organs. What did you do today?

GW shows us the biggest threat yet

See, I do have a right wing.... pointed right at his CAPTION



They ought to rename Mt. St. Helens. Let's call it Mt. St. Reagan.

i hate the debates

CARDINALS UP 10-4!!!1!1!!!! 0wn4g3!!!!1!!1!!!!

What was your favorite Bush lie of the night?

Bill O'Really! sex allegations... you have GOT to read this!

MALE Gymnasts are sexy! I love that body type!

So, what about Elliott Smith's posthumous album?

What the fuck is Schaiffer asking Kerry

what's yer favorite angry song?

So who plays you in "the movie" of your life?

Bush won

Any DUers go to culinary school?


Name Bill O'Reilly's dildo.

Puppy with troubled past needs new home. Playmate for Romeo?

Jesus vs Mariano Rivera - Who'd get more saves?

What's your occupation?

What's your nickname?

All right, Seattleites. Where's all the posts about the STORM? eh?!

OK, admit it. What obnoxious behavior do you demonstrate as a DUer?

Ever actually gotten "Mid-evil" on someone's ass?

"Packer Perc?" The coffee situation is really getting out of hand.

Best post of the night from GD

Jesus or the US Coast Guard, who'll get more saves?

I just voted ... ask me anything!

My oh my How I love Tom Waits

Did Kiss' "Elder" completely rip off Queen?

Any Pittsburgers on DU?

Who else wants to go to bed tonight and get up in 3 weeks

is Ronald Reagan still dead?

What's your favorite gun?

Top Nicknames for Bill O`Reilly Posted Here!

Who do you find sexy and why?


kerry blog post say PBS/Frontline being slammed by freepers....

"I'll tell you what I wouldn't have done...."

"Daily Kos" launches extensive Sinclair advertisiers contact info database

Three prominent Britains hit the US trail for Kerry, against Bush.

Why Did James Baker Turn Bush Into Nixon?

Bwahahahahah-Bush Wired/Bartcop- The Bulge Grows

I was at a Democrats for TEXAS meeting tonight and told several people to

Sylvan Learning Center pulls ads from Sinclair

Talking points

Bush failed to protect America. Terrorists STREAMING IN at the border

Is There a Website Documenting Disenfranchisement and Fraud?

Need help with a repub re Kerry's votes- are Dems locked out of commitees?

Bush campaign: "There could be times when those issues come up"

Anyone Else Watching Frontline Tonight?

List Your Media Talking Points for Nov 3 Here (After JK Wins)

Barring a landslide I don't think either side will accept this election

As a proud Montanan, I'm ashamed of my former Governor

Brian Williams to Conan . . .

The right wing campaign

If Bush was wired - he's done, no?

What should President Kerry do with Sinclair?

Anyone have a link to Kerry supporter numbers?

Kerry: "I'm going straight to the White House"

Bush faked news reports on No Child Left Behind

Some bishops to deny Communion to Democrats -- TOON

Mini Manifesto

Anyone Remember 1960???

We must fight and never give up! We are battling for democracy and freedom!

100 mistakes Bush has made. (links included)

Proof the Sincliar Propaganda Film Is Full of IT

This Just In: Rove Sinclair Ploy throws DU Into Tailspin

Seymour Hersh spills the secrets of the Iraq quagmire and war on terror

Idea to preempt Sinclair

Cheney's presiding in the senate -- just twice in 4 years

Roger Altman gave an important stat that Kerry should emphasize tonight

I bet $1000 on a Kerry win today

DeLay fines Hollywood billions of dollars for hiring Democratic lobbyist

Maimed but not mute

My personal "war story"; why I despise bush and all rightwingnuts.

The perfect scandal to help Kerry: James Baker special envoy

Bush special envoy embroiled in controversy over Iraq debt

Should Kerry mention Sinclair in the debate?

Bush special envoy embroiled in controversy over Iraq debt (Carlyle Group)

Gerber Life Insurance Company, another Sinclair advertiser

George W. Bush has spent his life Receiving... as opposed to Achieving.

Zogby keeps race tied at 45 going into final debate

how many people will even watch the Sinclair documentary

Help Get Iraq Veterans Group's Ad on TV (VIDEO)

Bunning acknowledges using Teleprompter in debate

Is Sinclair's Hyman's offer to John Kerry legit?

While we are at it, why don't we just go ahead and add Imus

Talk back to Frontline for a GREAT show. Free Republics are Bashing Them

90% a 1-1/2 year ago, under 50% today, Oh but he's popular!

if bush wins or (more likely) seizes power, what are ways to resist

How many times did Kerry vote to raise taxes? -> How about the others?

Bunning will be gone in a week ... check this out. He's flipped out.

Bush giving up on Pennsylvania?

Does Sinclair exist to make a profit ? -

Let's pretend for a minute that Sinclair was Left, not Right.

Dem Voter Registrations (Allegedly) Shredded in Las Vegas

I sure like having Joe Lockhart on the job.

The people on Imus are claiming that

Unfit for on

Is Mark Dayton putting himself at risk?

JFK - - make chimpy angry tonight by.....

If the chimp says the "you can run, but cannot hide"...

Kerry Should Ask Shrub If His Dear Old Poppy Felt...

Bush backs off in Pa.

Is this a joke? Bush Wired - PIX

If the GOP had a real candidate, they'd be kicking our ass

New Florida Ballot

25 Chechen terrorists may be roaming the country?

Review of first debate on movie review site

Tom Toles: October non-Surprise.

News or Views: Sinclair's "Stolen Honor: Wounds that Never Heal?"

9-11 Victims Taken To The Dump. Where's President Compassion?

Imus is supporting Kerry?

dKosopedia, the free political encyclopedia- from Daily Kos-great links

Is Arizona a battleground state?Arizona Republic poll says yes

Bernie Ward: Catholic Church: "Voting for a Pro-Choice candidate is a sin"

I heard * wants to talk about the "war on terror"

Kerry should get the audience to participate tonight.

Local Activist to Speak About Sinclair on Democracy Now

How will the Rep. attack machine attempt to destroy President Kerry?

"Respected conservatives agree with 'clueless lefties'"

"God's Work"

Kerry "Big Government Health Care" Reported As He-Said/She Said

Jack Cafferty slams Bush

See, nothing on my back

Bush Will Be Vicious Tonight

Poll: Kerry gaining in key Midwest states

Things That Make Me Look Forward to the Debate

Dems had better get smart and 'register' as 'Republican' if they want

US elections: Short name, short odds

How many times will Shrub say "You can run, but you can't hide" tonight

I have a question about Sinclair CEO - is he breaking the law?

More Sinclair Advertisers

KY Sen. Jim Bunning cheated in his recent debate with challenger Mongiardo

Edwards Tells Leno Theory on Bush 'Lump'

Events are too fluid for any meaningful predictions

T-mobile customers - talk to your carrier about Sinclair.

any DUer's at Serb Hall yesterday

Is anyone else disgusted by what Catholic leaders are doing?

What's All This Stuff About Form 180?

Fight on C-Span now!

What is the motive of the timing of this article: Mass grave unearthed in

Washington Post: What Poll and Registration Numbers Don't Reveal


Wisconsin: Milwaukee fears running out of ballots on Nov. 2nd!

Voter Registration Fraud Reported in Oregon!

Tonight: Kerry should triple dog dare * to take his medical examination

Great news from yesterdays' polls in closely contested states

Kerry Will Give Bush The Mother Of All Ass Kickings Tonight

Share your experiences volunteering for K/E Campaign

Bush debating 10 years ago, Bush debating today! Excellent clip

Erudite George W. Bush takes JK to Woodshed again tonight. I'm Askeerd.

First day of early voting today in Tennessee...

Saddam BAD, Very BAD - thanks for the reminder

Phoenix area (Mesa) has a shitload of virulent freepers

My wife's INFORMED OPINION on the W jacket bulge thing

1000th post: Best wishes Kerry / Edwards. Here's fifty six Bush* scandals

Cheney Vows to Attack US if Kerry Elected

The word is mightier than the sword !

Oh, Lordy did anyone see Washington Journal this morning?

MAGNIFICENT......"THE CHOICE" .....Frontline, PBS special

Bush special envoy (James Baker) cashing in on Iraq debt through Carlyle!

Will chimpo joke about the wire tonight?

One sentence to blow Bush away tonight:

Kerry Should Start By Saying Bush Will Attack Me, Not Defend His Record

DOD encouraging servicemembers to obtain, cast their absentee ballots

The Real Post War Plan

The Truth of Bush "Lump": It Was Dick Cheney's Essence

Back to Sinclair, dammit! (The debate isn't for ten hours)

This Sinclair stuff is getting sicker and sicker. A freeper posted this.

Maybe we should start referring to them as indecisive uninformed voters.

remember just before election 2000 when ross perot came on TV and...

Poll: Arizona back as a 'battleground'

Sinclair & look who they're donating to.

QUESTION: Is Sinclair showing "Stolen Honor" or not?

"kerry is a wimp"

So, can we get SERIOUS about aWol's flight physical NOW?

Tonight's debate: "Bush may disregard the agreed-upon domestic focus"

What is a good site to learn about "Winter Soldier"?

Kerry Ahead in Electoral College

Kerry up in Ohio, Wisc, Minnesota in new poll

Florida-Republican hold on Cuban-Americans seen weakening

Where is McCain???

General Wesley Clark will be live on Air America today at noon

My born-again in-laws aren't planning to vote

How many more would have died in Viet Nam if not for the Protests?

Tonight's debate: a lil apprehension

The difference in Bush's 5.4% unemployment rate and Clinton's 5.4%....?

So Which Shrub'll Show Up Tonight? Shrieking Chimp Or Mumbling Numbnuts?

Rasmussen Tracking slight tightening again today K 46.2% B 47.6%


Here is a media whore for you Rich Galen

Unconventional Wisdom. Could Kerry Win With a Surprise Scenario?

Democratic registration forms allegedly trashed

Demo reg forms allegedly trashed

After watching Frontline I'm not sure they'll even let him live...

Where are we on Newspaper endorsements?

Be Proud Democrats! The Worm Continues To Turn

Keep it up, call Pepsi

Broadcasting their anti-Kerry bias -NY Daily News

Do we have any Astrologists here?

Poll: Kerry cuts into Bush lead(Arizona!)

I hope Kerry brings this up tonight on how extreme Bush is....

People have to write an essay to attend Bush event in Medford, Or

Why this Republican ex-governor will be voting for Kerry

Reuters/Zogby poll says only 11% of undecided say Bush

They are fighting for their LIVES!! Expect the mushroom cloud of spin!!!

Another Wild Prediction

I would love to see Kerry bend over and speak into the box on Bush's back

GOP State Representative says that they MUST SUPRESS Black Vote....

I've an idea for creating a paper-trail

AZ Terror Drill on Election Day???

Florida. Voting. Machines. Suck.

National Rifle Association Endorses Bush

Speaking of Minnesota--has Jesse Ventura come out for anybody?

Rasmussen Bush lead dwindles 47.6-- 46.2

Anyone hear of a company called Voters' Outreach? GOP-Funded

News about the situation at ASU, from the inside!

Kerry's Opportunity to "GET TOUGH" with Bush: Hold Him To Rules!

Arab American Voters Drop Support for Bush

KERRY Campaign Pulling Out of Missouri (Bad Move, IMO)

If Bush labels Kerry a Massachusetts Liberal tonight, I wish he would

Voter Registrations Possibly Trashed In Nevada

SUBJECT: Kerry's Discharge Bombshell


Whatever happened to Ross Perot?

Great answer to one of my e-mails to a local advertiser re Sinclair

Did anyone see John Edwards on Leno last night?

Bush's most glaring, unreported FAILURE

Bush and Kerry: Slowboat meets swiftboat

should Kerry call out Bush for being angry tonight?

We're Running Out of October! What's The Surprise?

Heard on Olbermann-F9/11 may go PPV Nov. 1

Think Bush will use O'Reilly as example of why tort reform's needed?

Guardian (UK) launches Operation Clark County

Can we organize TV-station employee/union walk outs? has become obsolete

Why Don't ABC CBS NBC Pre Empt Prime Time and Show F 9-11?

10/13 ARG Polls - Kerry leads Oregon, Tie in Iowa

Have you been paying attention to Dubya's accent lately?

Zogby: Only 11% of Undecided LV's Think Bush Deserves Re-Election

Republican voter fraud - who can we pressure to get on national media?

Help Protect Democracy on Election Day

Can someone please tell me who exactly Rasmussen polls?

more about Toledo Office break-in-

Shoot the messenger: A little DU project

Has anyone seen these ads from OPS Truth?

Max Cleland will be on with Lynn Cullen tomorrow AM

new way too look at red states and blue states.

Is anyone concerned about the pro-Bush bias of tonight's moderator?

We bomb Iraq for "democracy" and "rip-up" democratic registrations....WTF?

Bush drops a point in Economist "YouGov" poll K 47, B 45

Is Kerry a Liberal Or A Flip-Flopper?

Kerry should respond to questions about records in the following way

Stephanie Cutter and Tucker Eskew on CNN

MSNBC is in full WHORE mode already

Germany may send troops to Iraq if Kerry elected

once again polls looking crappy

Hilarious--"Bush, Kerry to Carry Weapons in Final Debate"

Edwards goes after the Cheerleader in Chief on Leno

That Was IT?!

I'm afraid we will NOT be safer under Kerry

Tucker Eskew = A$$HOLE

Eliz Edwards, Howard Dean, Leahy, rallied VT Democrats last night.

In the debate tonight, what would happen if...

Aw, clam up you lilly livered nay-sayers. JK'S A CLOSER!!!

Have the Repubs completely lost their minds? Bush is now a

Local NON Sinclair Advertiser, BOULDERS,

George Bush is "fine print man"

Bush is just a flop

Just saw Optruth ad with soldier who lot his hand in the Big Lie

MSNBC: The Battle Of The Bulge

Michael Eskew said on CNN that he nothing of the Sinclair Broadcast abuse

Is there a list of the advertisers who have pulled Sinclair ad dollars?

Latest effort to supress African-American Vote

How Kerry should respond to the "liberal label" from * tonight.

Third Time's A Charm! NEW Debate 3 'Toon

If I request an absentee ballot, does that mean I CAN'T vote on Nov, 2?

A Freeper Just Tried To SHOUT ME DOWN!

Things Kerry must bring up tonight

A voice whispering: " Now, don't smirk or scowl....look attentive.."

10/13 Economist/YouGov Poll: Kerry 47% Bush 45%

OFFICIAL Debate Good Luck, God Bless, and all that warm fuzzy stuff

I just saw the Carol Sheehan ad on local TV.

This Sinclair thing is the last stand of the "Suits" vs. the "Hippies"

In 29, states you cannot eat the fish because of Mercury: a good topic

Enough with the ear piece

Be On the Lookout for Panhandlers and Street Sweepers!

HEY-Didn't Laura Bush have to have fertility treatments to conceive?

The new ad from moveon

Mutual Fund Investors should divest Sinclair...write a letter!

Yikes!!! DU this Poll!

Who all is feeling confident about tonight?

Anyone else sad that tonight is the last debate?

Why would God need transmitters and earpieces to speak to his chosen guy?

'Radical right-wing' pre-emptive attack.

Chalk another lost job to this election!

Should Kerry raise the flu vaccine debacle tonight?

CIA Holds Top Al-Qaeda Suspects In Jordan

House GOP threatens ethics committee chair (Delay smackdown fallout)

If I were Bush...

This is BIGGER than Sinclair! (IMHO)

getting weird and scary on yahoo, SBGI forums

Victory coming... Can you feel it happening?

Help me answer friend about what Kerry was doing on 9/11?

Investigation of voter registration fraud

There will be NO * 'October Surprise' !!!!

Voting on the debate tonight.....

New Ad Suggestion: Can't get my hands clean....

WTF is a 'Brahmin', as in 'Boston Brahmin'?

Voters need to realize that Bush has no reason to keep campaign promises.

Not in a swing state? See the Kerry TV ads here - THEY ARE GOOD!

About the Undecideds

Missing Arm Ad, big trouble for Bu$h

Can Bush be impeached for cheating during the debates?

How will George Jr. squeeze the new mass graves into today's debate?

Here are some authors to avoid:

Debate notes from George W. Bush — The tiniest inner voice ever

All Kerry has to do to wrap this up tonight is say

Is the Stock Market in free fall, thanks to bushonomics?

TIME LINE for the Meltdown of Puppet Boy...Urgent!!

Just Got this Email from DNC about Tonight's Debate - w Media links

i have just a question about the pundits...

More voter registration games in Florida

More voter registration games in Florida

PROOF that Bush cheated in the first debate..

Why didn't Bush study for the debate ???

Bush's strategery tonight: "liberal! liberal! liberal!"

Could Bush's "lump" have something to do with seizure control

The "transmitter thing"

A new ad about the DRAFT!!!!

Sinclair: Do you own it?

Kerry should use terms like "the bulging deficit"..

If Bush continues to sink in the polls, will the elections be suspended?

Anyone know WTF is up with this Strategic Vision polling group? to send Military5k copies anti Michael Moore Propoganda FREE

Winona LaDuke endorsement of John Kerry for president

How auspicious on debate day: Dow drops below 10,000

Anyone secretely rooting for Bush tonight?

Limbaugh took the day off... Is he advising Bush??

Are the Kerry aides too confident?

DailyKos: Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY) admits using teleprompter in debate.

Zogby: Only 11% of Undecided Voters Feel Bush deserves re-election

How many Iraqis have died in this war?

Please help this poll

Amusing Freeper attempt at intellectual jujitsu

Did anyone notice the timing of the wink?

Howard Dean & Pat Buchanan are on NPR today.

Rebuttal to Bush on stem-cell funding

Bush is a punk ass bitch!

October Surprise? Smear ad with decorated Vietnam vet

10/13 Star Tribune Poll: Kerry leads Minnesota by 5

How come they get Tom Oliphant to be a pundit NOW??? On Tweety last night

Received Civilian Absentee Ballot Application today

ABC News: only 8 battlegrounds left

Nev. Move to Purge Some Dem Voters Fails

Driving Bush Crazy: Kerry Should Incessantly Compare Him to Daddy

Blogger Attaturk has an hysterical preview of Tweety's

elections online

JFK Remember to remind people this tonight.....

Bush probably has something up his sleeve... but does Kerry?

Fascinating article in Wired about web polls

Do Bush and Kerry "hate" each other?

People from all over are coming to work the election in our county.

Anything less than a 53%+ Kerry win...

Vatterott College, another Sinclair (KSMO WB 62) advertiser

CBS Mary Mapes who broke Abu Ghraib & Texas Dragging Death/Lose Job?

Red-meat red-state Christians would vote for the anti-Christ

Kerry needs to go after Bush's six months before lie about stock

Folks...there will be NO bulge tonight!!!! Rove is NOT stupid

good luck tonight John Kerry!

do the unemployed watch Sinclair stations or just lots of Daytime TV?

Anybody know what is happening at West Chester University (Pennsylvania)?

JK: Repugs control WH, Congress & Supreme Court!

Why & How Pollsters Weight

Gawd, am I EVER grateful for the Hide Thread function,.

Kerry campaign: News Web Sites that will have polls for tonight's debate

Two FACED print in an ART gallery where have you put them?

Response to "You Can Run But You Can't Hide"

Tonight: The return of the half chimp/half pigeon monster

Debate Party

Edwards Stem Cell / Reeves Comment...

Saw this GREAT ad by "Operation Truth" this morning while watching CNN!

Finally somebody has told kerry to quit wearing the stupid

self delete

George then and now

new CNN poll

bad link

Laugh break: Leno on the Campaign

negativity factor

Republicans Resign Over Questionable Absentee Ballot Applications

Cut and paste the poll links for tonight in case DU is busy

CNN Main Picture

Rove is not stupid

Where are the Perot type charts?

Will the transmitter be planted onto the podium tonight?

Response to my demand about Sinclair

Is anyone more pessimistic today than they were yesterday?

Hubby has letter in local paper about debates.

WHO is on the other end of GWB's earpiece transmitter?

New CNN poll

Any ideas on how I can show Kerry pride at school in a big way?

Links to Newspaper Endorsements at John Kerry's website

OMG--Is Bush wearing a HOLTER monitor????

Ken Mehlman: "The president knows who he is, knows what he wants to do" has a picture of Kerry now, front page.

How do we know that the babies in the mass grave weren't our victims

8/5/04: Sinclair revised its Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

OMG My Son Just Enlisted In The Marines

Nader Knocked off the PA ballot! according to msnbc

John Kerry used this word in the debates and now I'm hearing it.....

"He can run, but he can't hide"

"We have the greatest health care system in the world" "Socialized

The Myth of Malpractice Costs, and What's Really Wrong with Healthcare

New Poll on Debates (CNN)

Holy Lord is HAYWORTH the Republican for tonight on CNN??

John Snow Gives Kerry A Golden Bullet...Twice

Where can people check to make sure they're registered?

Sinclair has ties to company doing business in Iraq, and Enron

Bush inherited a recession ?.....What BULLSHIT.

POWERFUL PHOTO shows who's responsible for soldiers' deaths in Iraq!

I would think Smirk would keep this quiet:

Chicken George Runs Again!!!!!

Joe Lockhart is a golden god

Attention, all: Post-debate spin will be the most important factor

Kerry needs to confront Bush on Dred Scott This is important

We already know it will be a Kerry LANDSLIDE...

WTXL ABC NewsChannel 27 in Tallahassee refuses Sinclair attackumentary

Some New Polls - IA, MN, OH, WI, OR

weblinks/ email addresses....

MSNBC did a long segment on "The Bulge"

Bush can be destroyed with his Can run, Cant hide statement

Frontline: The Choice 2004 (Excellent show about both candidates)

Kerry Takes Lead in WP/ABC Tracking Poll (Ruy Teixeira)

How many people here knew Dred Scott was Bush-lingo for Roe v. Wade?

Snow "the best growth in 20 years"!~

Time for "undecided" voters to decide

David Gergen-Shrub HAS TO WIN tonight!

How can anyone be undecided? Geeeez Louise.

Kerry and Bush supporters with the signs on CNN.

Please post Media List for Post-Debate Online Polling

Frontline last night

Anyone catch the PBS special on Kerry and Bush last night?

DJIA UNDER 10,000! Just in time for the debate!

kids think he's wired

Flier I want - NEED HELP

Fresh from their success in stealing the 2000 election and

ARIZONA DU'ERS....get a Bush mask, a jacket, and a transistor radio

Some scary animated chimp video bits!

Does referring to Roe as Dred Scott make Bush appear dishonest

Kerry now up in Ohio in last 3 out of 4 polls

My co-workers are now trying to get me to vote Nader (I'm ultra-liberal)

Sinclair aiilliates & Sponsers (DU'ers PLEASE KEEP CALLING)

Minority Bush voters

Maine Could Split Its Electoral Vote--AP

I saw Going Upriver this week. It is a must see!!!

SINCLAIR back to opening value after .15 artificial fall time

Owner of Sinclair's "Stolen Honor" production company is a Bush appointee

Step right up and place yer bets!

bush recycles his invasion "justification" excuses

If Kerry mentions the word WOOD tonight, I'll donate 20 bucks to DU! nt

Bob Schieffer biased?

Is everyone ready to DU some polls tonight?

Everyone here call Pepsi they are one of Sinclair's advertisers

600 Words from a Conservative

What if there aren't enough ballots printed?

bush has to win.......per schaeffer

TURN ON C-SPAN 2 ! Black Congressional Caucus. . . .

Make Repubs FACE THE CONSEQUENCES this time...

The first debate question should be....

Does Bush have Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome?!?!?!?!

Debunking of New York Sun's Kerry discharge smear making the rounds

Return of the Inquisition and the Crusades.

Do you think Kerry has any surprises in store for Bush tonight?

From the Polls... the ones that matter.

Let me get this straight.

Tonight's Opening statement: The Best Possible Opening Line

Lots of great new GOTV stuff at

I am officially sick of comparing debates to a baseball game

Repeat after me - President John F. Kerry - ahhhhhh nice ring to it!

KERRY: If You Want to WIN, say THIS!

More evidence pressure on Sinclair working...

More Proof Schieffer (Tonight's Debate Moderator) Is Biased

What are you doing tonight?

I know someone who feels sorry for shrub

Has anyone heard W's father out there campaigning for him?

Hey Lurking Freepers: We Pray Too

Debate Drinking game. a shot every time Chimp refers to his 'pResidency'

Sinclair stock plummits again today

The Gathering Threat

SINCLAIR BROADCASTING.....Josh Marshall needs our help..please read

Strategic Vision Poll or WHY I HATE POLLING

I think that we've pushed the Republicans into the most disgusting

Kerry should just say he got an honorable discharge & he's tired of attack

Scrambling * 's transmitter - sorry, not that easy

Ohio High School running online election - anybody can vote


DNC Press Release: McAuliffe Demands Answers on RNC-Funded Voter Fraud

Alright I Missed It And Need To Be Filled In - Re: Flu Vaccine Shortage

Kerry from 20,000 feet - Iowa

JetBlue's Stupid Response to My Sinclair Letter - Just Duck the Issue


Why freepers are idiots...

How much of a margin must Kerry have to overcome the fraud?

Response from Pepsi about Sinclair

Nader is off the ballot in PA!

Got All Your Answers About Infertility Treatments Here.

I know this has been reported


Nev. Move to Block Some Dem Voters Fails

Hump, what hump?

Who's the RW goofball on Crossfire with Begala today? I can't STAND

Kerry to use one of Dean's lines against the "liberal" Bush meme tonight.

ABC & Post Tracking Polls show gains for Kerry


Mark Dayton on CNN NOW! n/t

Shrub has to win or else....per Analyst's JMHO

How much do you trust the integrity of the US electoral system?

Someone needs to question Bush on the PNAC/Iraq invasion link

Kerry "Bush will have to answer directly tonight"

Dear John Kerry: KICK Bush ASS Tonight

What "One" word would set Bush off at the start of the debate?

How come the Chechen/Mexico/Arizona story has no legs?

LOL ---- AWOL pansy tries to talk tough against war hero

Just saw powerful anti-Bush TV ad

Why does Shrub always get last closing statement

Please Senator Kerry Call * Out On: ABORTION RIGHTS!

Meaning of word LIBERAL

I think the whole country should be MADE to watch cable news (long rant)

Great new cartoon/video!

Boycott Sinclair Broadcast Group - Advertisers

They can steal Pennsylvania- Philadelphia county has DRE machines

Memo to Kerry campaign

MSNBC's State Poll Round-Up: Kerry on the move in AZ, OH!

Interesting tidbit from yahoo financial message board re: SINCLAIR

One of Jebs games in Florida --- No Parking places.

John Snow: Clinton surplus and job creation a "myth"

Wsh. Disp.: Backlash Begins against Sinclair Broadcasting (DU linked!)

Have you seen the new moveon pac ad?

Tempe PHOTOS: "Billionaires for bush*", "Pink Slips for bush*","Kerry/AF1"

Nevada Move to Purge Some Dem Voters Fails

FOX: Neil Cavuto does the 'Germany endorses Kerry' story

Bush gets pink slip in AZ!!

My dream! Bush's "wire" goes haywire tonight, starts smoking and

You know what to do...

IF you want to get under Sinclair's skin...

Hyndai needs call re: sinclair

Watch Rob Reiner's new "Mistake" ad


When speaking to undecideds, do not underestimate the appeal of GRIDLOCK.

Dear freeping rightwingnuts

Who do you think will be the next President?

Here is the first place to go after the debate

Begin your pre-debate rituals NOW!

LOL!!! Anyone see this commercial??

Du'ers Sinclair List of advertisers that need to call. [Go and get them!]

Becareful about Freepers with polls tonight

Is all the repuke vote fraud getting play in the media yet?


Want to know the #1 way bushco screwed their own campaign???

Another take on SInclair.

Are there opening/closing statements tonight? Who goes first?

Rob Reiner on CNN - Shut down the Wolf

Rasmussen Battleground for 10/13

Court Throws Nader Off Pennsylvania Ballot

Fascists are fucked and on the run. I smell blood in the air. Go JK.

Did Snow really say the surplus was a myth?

Mark the date. Today is the day we won.

he wouldn't dare wear it tonight, would he? Or MUST he always

Have environmental groups been running any ads anywhere??

Is the NV Voter Reg. trashing story getting any media attention?

I want to thank Elizabeth Edwards, Senator Graham and others

If John Kerry is a Massachusetts Liberal

EVER heard a Bush* supporter say "I can't believe it's even this close"

I got a reply from PepsiCo concerning Sinclair Broadcasting.

Famous Blacks Get Out the Vote in Florida

All hat and no cattle....

Kerry should launch a preemptive "You can run but you can't hide" tonight

Yikes, I never knew this: Oklahomans can vote "absentee", in PERSON

A quote so wonderful from Laura Bush, I won't even call her "Pickles"

Kerry takes lead in WP poll, 49-48 (LVs)!

Polling trends quick analysis

Kerry's first job needs to be to stop the brainwashing machine

Tonight Kerry should not shake the Shrubs hand

We need to take down Sinclair, but DON'T get Distracted!

REPORT: Chechen Terrorists Entered US Through Mexico

Washington Post Poll: Kerry Overtakes Bush

Kerry Pulls Ahead Of Woody In Washington Post Tracking Poll

Urban DUers, new memme for innercity: * is a PUNK ASS BITCH!

Ohio Senators Call for SoS Blackwell's Resignation

Mrs. Greenspan just told us how HARD the chimp is preparing

A desperate Hannity now using strategic vision polls to cheer up his sheep

Call FCC, Sinclair, and advertisers. I did. WOW!

I am scared to death.

I contributed last night online to Dem. Party to help the fight against

So, does watching the debate tonight make me a sadist?

Reminder - Election Protection Conference Call Tonight

More republican vote fraud.

Olbermann is about to discuss the voter fraud n/t

Who would win a fistfight between John Kerry and the Chimp?

Unless Bush turns Lincoln-Douglas on us tonight, Kerry is our next Prez

MSNBC Repeats Bush talking points -- Two 90 minute run-throughs

Kerry has to come out tonight and pat Bush on the back!!!

Stop smearing the United States Navy for political gain

Contribute more

Kerry debating Bush will be good practice

Do You think Kerry will find a way to use Smirks "Foot on the Throat"

So the plan was to steal votes all along?

Anyone else here lost all patience with republican bullshit? Ready to pop!

Kerry has been prepping for 2 days, * hasn't

Sounds like Oberman is about to mention O'Reilly!!!

Isn't Kerry's AMAZING Comeback A HUGE Story?

Gotta Luv Team Kerry's Confidence.

Kerry should ask: Where was Bush* FDA when it came to our Flu Vaccines?

Whoa, Bush & McCain ... time to lay off the chicken pot pie!

Lou Dobbs smack- down of Bush policy wonk:

Germany may back Kerry plan!!

Just talked with the clerk at the nearby lakeside bait/gas/conv store, she

Tom Tomorrow's cartoon this week--as usual, he's brilliant!

Is moderator Bob Schieffer biased? Your take please.

Why will the debate be canceled tonight?

Kerry should walk out tonight with a huge bulge in his back

Help! Holy crap! How do I find out where I'm registered to vote...

NBC talking about Carlyle Group and Kuwait NOW!!!!

If you've done any canvassing for Kerry...

Really, Who the FUCK Are These Nimrods Who Change Their Minds?

I'm all agitated!! I cannot wait!! HELP!!!

Kerry Seen As "Information-Hungry Manager"

We are doing this for republicans too!!!!

Take a moment and just imagine.......

Bush Vs. Christian me make a list or point me to one please

What major media are reporting the voter frauds: NV, OR, elsewhere?

"Democracy at risk" special report on Lou Dobbs now.

Anyone else think Ed Gillespie sounded especially nervous

A Southern Ohio Republican refuses to support bush

Team Bush sweats "the president's scowling demeanor in the first debate"

you can run, but you can't hide...

Freeper explains *'s falling poll numbers

Bush* will blame ALL economic problems on 911

NJDL: Bubbie vs. the GOP

Ha! CBS Evening News did the "Wired" story!

Just LOST MSNBC when Holt started talking about the destruction of

Hem and Haw- Sons of the devil standing by while man does all the work

Dammit, missed the network eve news, did any mention the NV & OR

Should Kerry work lines from 'Iron Eagle' into the debate tonight?

That's it you guys, its over

A few quotes from Sinclair's Mark Hyman from 'The Point'

Do You think Bill Clinton Will Make an Appearance??

LOL - Tweety is such a jerk

Pre-Emptive Debate Fact-Checking

What is this bullshit about Kerry "still not making the sale"?

Great Picture from Richard Morrison's website (Delay's opponent)

AAR live links

Here is the question to ask bush.


Well folks, here is what were up against.

Rush has not been on the day of the past two debates.

Germany won't rule Iraq out and like Kerry's ideas

A Different Kind of Poll...please keep kicked!

Just heard J. Edwards mock Bush

What will be *'s inappropriate joke for tonight's debate?


When can we expect the list of polls?


I just realized, FAUX shows can't broadcast in front of an audience.

just saw the optruth AD on CNN

Anybody watching Olbermann/Countdown?

Poll and the debate hasn't even begun

O'Lielly story goes network: AP: 'Producer Sues O'Reilly for Harassment'

Pre-Debate Prep: Beat Chimpy with a couple pretzels

smart Kerry people already thought of this, but the *ultimate inside jab

SUPPORT OUR TROOPS! Powerful Operation Truth ad now running on CNN!

Court Pulls Nader Off Pennsylvania Ballot

Please John - "Voodoo Economics"

How did we avoid a sitdown presidential debate?


Does this make any sense?

Bush's Lump in Jacket Mystery solved!!!

Is Sinclair the October Surprise?

State pollsKerry leads MN, IA,WI, OH, OR, PA

WHEN with Rove's October surprise come if Bush does poorly tonight?

I know we all know it , but Bush is thick

Bush: "I'll Keep my Foot on John Kerry's Throat"

Just found a great site -- "Republican Switchers" (Please read!)

Bible Studies for W!

WE want to win these polls by the biggest margin ever.

Please no baseball updates during the debate

Will bush get all pissy tonight and lose it? I love it when he

RNC 72 Hour Plan for last 3 days of campaign

respond to: "Kerry Not Fit For Public Office" can they do shame

Chimpy butt-boys on FauxNews are worried about their guy

Kerry: Is This George Bush's Strategy Starting Tonight, Deny Job Loss?

Latest * & Friend$ smear this

Met an Illinois resident who is GLADLY voting for Alan Keyes

When Bush loses,

Polls put Kerry ahead of Bush on likeabilty, Russert and Brokaw say no

Do we have a single master thread for on-line poll links this round?

Here's a shocker!!! NRA endorses Bush*

Bush* : "terror-terror-terror-terror-terror-terror-terror-terror-terror-t

Report from Tom DeLay's district

Joe Klein's #1 "Do" for JK - "stay presidential"

Republicans Trying To Energize Base


Sinclair lost 2% of its value today!

"I been a failure at everything I ever tried

The blonde with her glasses on top of her head on Hardball...

Democrats hope ground offensive can seal Arizona

Electoral College election results...what's your take?

Bush Abandoning Pennsylvania?

Olberman just showed the picture of Edwards with Mr Burns instead of

Any TV or cable channels play Al Gore debate tapes tonight? Didn't think so

Kerry should shake *'s hand with a powerful handbuzzer

Should John Kerry be on the O'Reilly Factor?

Technote on online poll voting: how to keep them from blocking your vote

Is it possible that * knows beforehand what the debate questions will be?

Are we contacting the media and on-line polls after the debate?

Deleted message

John Edwards rally in Portland, OR streaming


Bill O'Reilly slapped with a sexual harassment suit!

A Candle for Truth, lighting it again tonight

CNN...sounded like crowd chanting "LIARS! LIARS!"

Here is my worry for me relax!

Prediction on %gain or loss for Bush in groups such as black, military,

Where the heck is our debate media link at the top of the page

Check out the script that Sinclair boss David Smith FORCED

I Feel Calm and Confident

Tonight's Baseball games--that takes care of the stupid white men

No way in hell Kerry wins this debate tonight

here's the photographic proof Bush gets wired with that device

Starting with Brokaw, the Hardball panel denies they "went along"

Has Fox News declaired a Bush victory yet?

Bush took out a pen! He's cheating!

Tweety's show is too funny tonight.


Please email a pundit about tonight's debate.

O'Reilly has soiled the Office of the O'Reilly Factor

Any Union Member who votes for Bush.......

Who will the Rethugs run in 2008?

I wanna see Kerry AGGRESSIVE this time..........PAH--LE-E-E-EZE

In addition to DU, try this live chat on Kerry Support

Albuquerque Tribune Endorses John Kerry

How about we all email Pat Buchanan about Bush's new prochoice position?

Cheney rally lures few African-Americans

Setting the mood - positive energy!

I thought Pickles was supposed to be wearing navy blue tonight?

Everyone say a small prayer for Kerry before the debate

On Hardball, Bush rep said Bush does NOT want abortion to be illegal.

I support Kerry because... (simple)

CNN's Blitzer to Schieffer: "[W]hat do you do if ... John Kerry says somet

I've never felt more that DU is a close knit community until tonight.

JUST IN: Chris Matthews declares Bush winner of the 3rd debate!

I'm watching the debate on CNN and all I see are Bush signs!!!

CBS last ad before the debate

BACKLASH begins against Sinclair (Wash.Dispatch) DU mentioned & linked!

Pre-Debate Group Hug

"Back shot rule" already violated!

The "all-important" Opening Handshake (body language)

C-SPAN Split Screen

Bush pulled a pen out of his pocket!!!!

Check out Chimpy trying so hard NOT to smirk.

Matching outfits? I didnt know this was going to be a Sadie Hawkins debate

NBC washed out pic of Kerry and colored Bush with split screen! n/t

Okay, so he didn't dodge the debate.

Good start for Kerry.

Domestic Debate??????????????????

Now it's the vaccine manufacturers, not OBGYNS, who are afraid of...

Are they wearing the same tie??

First lie

eeew the smirk is back

I'm nervous

Bush's voice is whining in defense. nt

C-Span web site overloaded! HELP!

It's time to get past Iraq now--they've discussed it for the last two

Bush is giving the same speech he gave all week....I heard it already

anyone see how bushie is WIRED

Top Nicknames for Bill O`Reilly Posted Here!

FREEREPULSIVE Debate Poll strategy?

Freedom! Freedom! Smirk! Freedom!

Why are his eyes crooked?



Bush....tell them how you guys paid Chalabi?

Bush's word for tonight: ASSET


LOL -- Smirky is chipering

Bush just lied

MSNBC whores: Every issue tonight favors Bush

BBC election blog. pretty interesting stuff from England

Why does he hissss...



More poisoned medicine blather

Is it Me or Does Bush's Head

Bush is healthy?

He's already lying by saying he never siad he wasn't worried about


The US Military never swore an oath to spread peace and freedom

3/4 terrorists brought to justice?

Bush's first lie

Chimpy going in Big Time for the spasmodic jaw rolls

Hey guys! Nobody get flu shots, okay? Thank you, Mr. Wizard.

Does * look like Alfred E. Newman ??

chimp is orange again tonight - not doing well


Kerry sounds just a tad hoarse.

If you vote Democrat, then don't get a flu shot.

Prior- Tyze

CBS has instant "uncommitted" voter response

whoah what just happened to DU graphics?

Red faced Bush looks like he is about to blow


This is so obviously contrived to favor Bush.


Why did they start the debate with national defense?

They've got *'s meds right tonight. Kerry needs to surprise him. n/t

BEAT HIS ASS, KERRY! Win one for the Tipper!

Kill a few moments before the debate with a test.

Get that quote!

Don't get a flu shot? The man is as crazy as a shithouse rat.

The bastard just blamed the flu vaccine shortage on lawsuits!!!!!

WTF was that aborted media comment


Is there an IRC chat tonight??

Huge lie...Osama. Took 2 seconds on Google

Bush & Kerry dressed as twins

Does Bush realize the "He's voted for tax increases 98 times" IS A LIE!!!

bush thought he was so funny with the kennedy thing

"I never said I wasn't worried about Osama Bin Laden"

Bush's face -- bloated? crooked? something weird about it...

Why doesn't Kerry say--"there you go again Mr. President with that word

pay go?

is the left side of *'s mouth drooping?

Pay go?

He's pausing more and more....

Dear George wipe that spit off the side of your mouth

He's proving he knows NOTHING about Kerry's health plan

Why doesn't Kerry get a chance to respond

canada meds will kill us!!!!!

Does anyone else see the drool at the corners of Bush's mouth? NT

"My budget man?!"

He sent his "budget man" to Congress?

Help for Education? HA! HA! HA!

Ah yes, the "Halls of Congress"

Bush's arrogance is just breathtaking isn't?

The solution: send everyone to community college for 21st century jobs

Wait, I spent $50k for a college degree to help make $50k a year....

Bush has a white spit booger in the left corner of his mouth

What's coming out of Dubya's mouth?

bush drooling?


Kerry is on fire. The chimp is done. Finished.

What;s that shit in the corner of *'s mouth. It's like a spit ball HAHAHA

he IS FOAMING at the mouth. Look at the corner of his mouth

Is he foaming at the mount?

The more * talks the more he buries himself n/t

Who is paying for food, bills,clothes, health care, while your in school

Bush to people who lose their jobs due to corporate outsourcing...

How did Bush turn the outsourcing question into an education question??

Pell Grants? What the F***? Where? When you've CUT Pell Grants??

tony soprano!

And there's the water glass!

First sip of vodka! NT

That Tony Soprano line was great :) n/t


Presidential "Budget Man" looking for work

Uh Oh! He's guzzling from the glass again

He's talking about his sidetrip to Main. . . that held troops up for

Tony Soprano taling to me about law and order!

Great Kerry Quote!

Here goes bu$h*'s dehydration

* is doing better in his reaction shots by imitating JK,

JK is a master of the facts

Is Bush Drooling?

He's blinking about 9 times in 7 seconds does he wear

Kerry on Bush lecturing him about education

Retraining? Retraining people downward? PhDs are out of work!

I wish someone would wipe that shit eating grin off his face

Mic Problems?

Shitty question, Bob. "President has no effect on economy.." BS!


Bush foaming at the mouth...Get your rabies shot

Unintentional Meme !!! - GEORGE CAN'T DO IT !!!


who wants to count how many times he blinks his eyes

bu$h* giggles at Boeing line

This must be the Twilight Zone...

Bu$h Looks Like a Drunk FRAT-BOY


Some "moderator": Bob Shifty's all but attacking Kerry


The spit ball is still there!!!!!!!

Litany of mis-statements rehearsed and rehearsed this line.

Uh-oh. When George W. Bush says "it's a fact"...

pell grants?

somebody get on pell grant research now

Reading the responses is INFINITELY better than enduring the pain

I hope Schieffer asks * to take of his jacket and show his back!

"Whoo!" * really likes the word "litany" tonight! Must be his favorite

More Money? Where? I didn't get any. Oh wait... CHENEY's GOT IT!

Spurious GEORGE

Yeah, George. Talk to those workers.

So far, Bush has been on the defensive THE WHOLE TIME.

WOOOOOOOOOO! Is Bush a Ric Flair fan?

Workers to *: we KNOW what we got from you and its SHIT

Is that Shrub or a bobble-head ? n/t

"a plan is not a litany of complaints"?

the tax cuts asshat just put more burden on the states and our state taxes

Pell Grant Cuts: Bush Freezes Federal College Scholarship, or Pell Grant

What is Physical Sanity?

Link: Pell Grant Cuts

"We're spending your money"

Bush is Drunk or High!!

bush denies saying he said he didn't care much about OBL??????

Bush* is breaking rules again directly addressing Kerry

Is Bush Out of Touch?

Why is Sheiffer whoring for Chimp


Bush is blowing it.......

How many times will Bush repeat the few statistics he can remember?

shrubs sweatin bullets

Why is Bush yelling?


Bush just broke the rules....steamrolled through time that wasnt his!

Bush just broke the rules

Bush is breaking the rules and forcing awkward silence into the debate....

truth on pell grants here

Would someone wipe the corner of *s mouth?

25 minutes in

WHOA...what a question. Homosexuality a choice.

The Far Left Bank of the Main Stream is lovely this time of year.

Oooooooo the homo card!

Who has the link to the White House transcript where Bush says he's

Yeah..we have to tolerate those homos...... n/t

If bu$h* doesn't know if homosexuality is a choice

"lets get back to economic issues:

drooling F*cktard says "Whoooo"

Is homosexuality a choice?

just busted him on pell grants with the FACTS

Why is he Drooling so much???


So far - both are boring

WTF is with the Ted Kennedy cracks?

Is * obcessed with Ted Kennedy or what!?

I have never seen a drowning man smirk

What the hell is citisery? n/t

Bush - 2 blatant lies and one major rule break so far

Start emailing the media with Bush discrepancies..


'We're All God's Children" THANK YOU MR. KERRY

The drooling fuktard says, WHHOOOOO

I honestly don't like the Cheney reference in this question

Blinky's trying not to lose it...the botox has fucked up his mouth but his

Get your BUSH LIED transcript here....from the WHITE HOUSE!

Just curious - why doesn't Kerry just break out the actual 'lib' ranking

Kerry sounds a tad loud on the feed.

KERRY...IS....AWESOME. a gay

Ooh! Ooh! Church question!

Another Asinine Question.....

a culture of life? what the fuck

I will defend the right of Roe V Wade

We're one third into it -- is Bush close to going all whine, all the time?

"Kerry is creaming Bush in the debate."

His answer on stem cells and abortion is good

ladies and gentlemen, HOMER DIMSON FOR PRESIDENT!

Blinky Blinky lawdy hes stinky

The Buy In to the Federal Healh Care Plan is a Bait and Switch?

Bush being angry and sarcastic.

It's turning into a sermon!

Bush looks like he is drunk!!

The Chimp is sweating!!

Let's be honest. Kerry's smoking his ass.

There goes the Protestant vote

Every person matters

Look at this pic from RMN...droopy mouth at that time, too

PELL Grants... The TRUTH Link!

OMFG Promote a culture of Life? Like in Texas on Death Row???

Senator Kerry didn't use my answer.

Did you hear Chimpy say

Kerry should remind people to check the facts at fact

I hate that man's laugh

third lie - chimpy just said kerry passed three bills

"Maternity Homes"?! Make way for American Lebensraum!!!

Weekly George Bush voodoo doll debate thread!

Is there freedom of speech and thought here or what?

Bush just scared my daughter!!

That laugh is something else. I don't even know what I'd call it. n/t

Why is Bush's face so red?

Tonight's BUSHISMS, post here

Defensive Medicine

No free market in healthcare?

Ifn you die on the operating table

chimp has told two blatant lies and broken the rules at least once


We're seeing the third Bush tonight

Buggy N Horse Days HAHA

I think Kerry's Bible quote threw Bush off a little.

He just lost the Horse and Buggy Vote


NEWSFLASH: Buggy comes before horse

I am looking at a man

a whoop from the audience


talking to the people


Electronic medical records

Bush Debate Bingo :)


Shut up you fool!

God damned stupid fucking abortion issue

Noticing a surge of sub 500 post folks with negative views...hmmmm

If you listen on the radio Bush sounds like he's reading a script

More Bushit...

Kerry SLAMMED Bush on No. of Bills

No record vs Record of Failure

Here Goes Bob on the attack again

Has the shrub's left side of his mouth always dropped

Somebody hooted in the audience

CBS Undecided Voters Loving John Kerry

Bush to Karl: "no mas! no mas!"

Kerry is just totally outclassing Bush tonight, in every way.

wow, kerry is looking into the camera, you think someone's been


The pr*ck REALLY offends me!

BOB SCHIFFER IS NOT OBJECTIVE. PERIOD. See tbetz's post, #4. True!

Mary Cheney is an OUT lesbian. She is public game.

Kerry's is kicking


Is it just me, or does Kerry make Bush look like a used car salesman

Now hes slamming the media

Bush being a Sarcastic Moran


Aborted wise crack!

Looks like "The Smirk" is back...

Now hes slamming the media

Bush* just Slammed the Media!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He doesn't know what he wants to say . .

WTF was that aborted media comment


Chimp looks like he knows he's not going to get the tough questions.

I knew this would happen if Kerry brought up the media

Kerry is dismantling him.

It's not credible... never mind!!!

The Chimp's smirk is working overtime


"Uh, nevermind..........anyway........." Huh?

Bush takes a shot at "news organizations" aka CBS

who the fuck is the "lewing" report

Kerry has picked up the pace

Oh please, oh PLEASE! Let the chimperor have a meltdown!

Shrub is obviously playing to the crowd

Did Bush say Budget Bomb?!?



George Bush: The "Nevermind" President

"Our healthcare is the envy of the world"

Bush and his fucking heh, heh. Makes me sick.

OK, now Kerry is smokin! At last!

VA funding increaed? A LIE

Kerry's doing awesome with the timing!

4th blatant lie - VA getting good health care?


Bush On Gay Marriage, etc.

the Shrub's worst attempt at humor so far:

Asshole CUT the fucking VA

talk stop talk stop

Asswipe is getting shrill and starting to yell....

Healthcare: Bush criticizes Kerry but what has he DONE?

Blinking and twitching has begun


Did Bush just say Socialcurity?

Ok, people. I'm not kidding. There is something wrong with the President.

THink differently let my billion dollar boys invest it...

Why does bush laugh at inappropriate times? Seriously. Why?


My God, is anyone keeping track of all these lies?

Did Bush just look at his watch?

I figured out why Bush's left lip is droopy...

Bush is nervous and defensive, Kerry is confident and in control!

Is this live?

They dont call him DUHBYA fer nothin!!!

Bush is so HOLLOW on domestic issues

Is there a split screen?

Anybody just see that stupid feigned smile? Must've gotten earpiece order

He's tying the flu shots with tort reform!

Is that drool on the right side of shrubs mouth?


trade adjustment money?

Bob is grilling Kerry and giving Bush a total pass!!!

Ha!!! Kerry called him on changing the subject from jobs! n/t

bush tilting his head=listening to earpiece?

Bush SMILED when Kerry mentions the Washington Post


Nano Second---------------KICK HIS ASS JOHN

What's with these questions?

Litney is shrubs new big word huh?

Use this for Shrub's Mouth Movements

BUSH'S LIE: Video of Bush saying that he's not concerned about Osama

Forget Furious George - Now we have

Lost CBS feed for about 5 secs

Someone link me to a different stream please.

5 blatant lies - make it 6

Bush* is REALLY LYING NOW Tax Relief.

Rove told Bush to SMILE, SMILE, SMILE

Bush lead CRAP

The Tax Cuts went to the Middle Class?

7 blatant lies = recession when he took office = LIE

OMG-- middle class got most of the tax cuts

Why does Bush keep spastically bobbing

Alright researchers -- Olbermann looking for some info

Bush is starting to sound a little pissed now

Did he not say that the recession was a blip last debate?

Bush claims 9/11 cost 1 million jobs and he put on 1.9 million

Freepers think Bush is doing well...

How many outbursts of "BULLSHIT!" are you up to?

Bush is drooling!

"What you said, Bob!" Blink... blink... smirk... sweat.


See him grin when he got over 5 words out in a row?... n/t

Bush is an Assertive LIAR

Dead Man Walking

"Unmanned immigration police"

Bush is so proud of himself that he gives everyone a big ol'


His solution to immigration is to outsource jobs internally

"Let me talk to the workers"

Litany Litany Litany

whoooo...bushy learned a new word...litney

HA! I come home to find my street covered in Kerry signs!!!!

Bush Is Whining Again

Did I just see Bush foaming at the mouth ?

Will we be getting network 'fact checks' on these vote figures?

Would someone please just slap the shit out of him?


NET JOB LOSS: Why doesn't Kerry or Edwards clear up that point about

We need a pinned post for lies/inaccuracies and responses

Where are the unmanned vehicles patrolling the border? WTF?

Didn't Shrub Propose an Amnesty a couple years ago??

Kerry went back to the middle class tax cut lie.

3 debates, 3 Bush faces. Clueless liar, Furious liar and Grinning liar.

Kerry is hitting him with facts, Bush is responding with lies.

My God! I LOVE Kerry!

Borders? You mean that Mexico is in South America?

blatant lie about borders!

Last week, * said Canadian drugs were dangerous

Are Mexicans worth their salt for working at 5.50 an hour?! WTF!!!

If you close your eyes, plug your ears and go: YAH, YAH YAH...Bush wins

Minimum Wage!

My God, Schieffer finally asked Kerry a question that favors him!

HAHAHa what a pun "I'm glad you raised that question."

Oh the Women will Love Kerry NOw!!!!

This is an absolutely SUPERB performance by Kerry.

*'s blinking out of control on minimum wage!!!!

Kerry immerses himself in policy. I swear, he sounds like Clinton.

Slam on "family values"!!

good line kerry

Kerry rocking on minimum wage question. Just rocking!

I'm tired of politicians that talk about family values

JK: "I'm tired of politicians who talk about family values...

Bush* is starting to LOSE IT!!!!

"Talk family values but don't value families?" Oh, SNAP!

Bushthoughts - Goddamn that John Kerry uses a lot of math.

video of Bush saying he's not that concened with capturing UBL

Bush's scowls have returned

we are all Gods Children!!!! RIght On!

Bob is nailing him

From Charley Reese, Conservative writer of Orlando Sentinel

Once again he diverts from jobs to talk about education. . .

chimpy forgot his texas accent - he's reverted to whiny


No Child left behind act reallty a jobs act WTF???

NCLB is a "jobs act"

Buggy and Horse days

Bob Schieffer is an old golfing buddy of George W. Bush

Change the subject...

Reference Mitch McConnel's min. wage plan but don't EXPLAIN!?!


NCLB is Bush's answer to everything!

Fuck the minimum wage, eh, George?

Bush is finished

Bush rambling about NCLB when ?? is minimum wage

Ducked Minimum Wage!

i'm irritated that chimpy keeps being allowed to interrupt!

Wait, minimum wage problem being answered by education

Education credibility

Jobs to education again. Kerry needs to kick him in the balls for this.

No Child Left Behind? HA! HA! HA!

I like Kerry's tie better too

NCLB is crap!

OK, time for Kerry to get rough.

And the dipshit launches

No child left behind--guess who gets shuffled through

He doesn't want to talk about jobs and tax cuts.

Shrub wouldnt let Bob FInish question

chimp ducked roe v wade question - snicker

hey schiffer how about making bush answer the question!

Education is what workers really need? How about enough money to

Stepping all over the moderator again

BULLSHIT. The Federalist Society will name Bush's judges.

Roe v Wade

i propose a new color

Pres didn't answer question! Would you overturn Roe v Wade!


I think shrub just fucked his anti-abortion supporters

30 minutes to go.

Uh, Mr President... the question was about minimum wage,

BUSH JUST BLEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is he aware of how insulting he is when he talks about schools?

Go! Kerry Go!

Kerry is hitting on all cylinders now...

Did Kerry say Hell Yes a little while ago?

Whooooeeeee! Kerry just got him on appointing judges!

Olberman's scorecard...

Labels! Labels!

created problems early before its too late

a blatant lie about nclb - geesus chimpy lies and lies and lies

Lots of really educated people now out of work..Does Shrub know that?!

Tax Cut Lie

HAHAHA Nailed it!!!

No Child Left Behind to cost Ohio $1.5 billion - more info here:

John Kerry: Gonna be the Best. President. Ever.

Bush: US workers aren't smart as the foreigners. That's why we lost jobs

You be the judge...said John Kerry.

Is *'s nose into the audience yet?

Looks like Kerry's winning on points at Olberman's live blog

Bush Just Nodded To Someone Talking To Him

The "Family Values but doesn't vaule families" line is Clark's :o)

Kids lost after school programs and the chimp stands there


Ooooh, draft ?

This is what the world thinks is the President of the United States?

I like this backdoor draft question actually.

Kerry is now wiping the floor with him.

Backdoor Draft: A reflection of Bad Judgement

More Foreign Policy in the Domestic Debate, huh?

Evidence that No Child Left Behind is Causing Teacher Layoffs:

Bad judgement

all of * problems are related to his tax cuts


OK, Senator Kerry ... time to mention Bush's daddy.

Iraq: DOuble Special Forces

How are the freepers taking this ass whipping Kerry is dishing out?

No Child Left Behind Act is for the UNEMPLOYED WORKER???

Kerry missed a big opportunity on Roe v. Wade

Hispanic Vote

kerry is pickin it up now

Split screen-podium height-perceived height...

Why is Bob asking defense related questions?

Prediction: Media, feeling pressured, scores it a TIE.

Here it comes: "You forgot Poland"

I don't care what you say -- SOMEONE IS FEEDING HIM THOSE FIGURES!!!

I can't prove it, but Bush had these questions beforehand. He ain't this

Kerry is OWNING ex-pResident AWOL

Insta poll wants to know right now : Who's winning?

Notice how Commander Dookiestain tries to look tough while Kerry speaks

Bush: More of the same will work better

Info on Bush's failed policies:

Whatever he was on just wore off. Can you tell?

Roe v Wade


bush is thinking right now

Tell me it isn't so, just now on CNN - upcoming report -

Boom. "I supported McConell minimum wage." LIE. Here.

I'm so sick of Bush

Kerry Is Doing SO F'N GREAT!!!

What the hell is this Catholic Church question? What a crock.

Bush looks like he's had a stroke - what's with the face?


reminder - do not feed any trolls

Bush Foghorn Leghorn now!!


Back to Iraq..........Smirky's feeling smug now...his comfort zone

HAHAHA! He brought up Global Test

"Global test" Again...

There he goes again "global test"

Now hes slamming the media

Kerry really looks tired this time.

Say it, JK: "That's a flat-out lie"


Global Test: Same old Rhetoric


"the people i talked to, their spirits were high"

Build more coalitions?! The way things are going, any

Liar, Liar, pants on ...

And what happened to the world coalition?

Breaking rules again.....


Ouch. Bush got 'im on the Gulf War I vote

Does this 'liberal from Massachussetts' line work w/ anyone you know?

voted against the use of force...?

Either Bush has put on a lot of weight overnight

Bush* wanted to extend assault weapons ban. BULLSHITTTTT

What does Iraq 1991 have to do with anything?

Bush is nervous as heck....trembling hands

Shrub just confused 2 interesting words

Did Bush just say Kerry would bring us "more of the same"?

DAMN...missed opportunity

The "international world"

Did he just say he believed in backgammon checks for guns? n/t

Did he say he believes in "back gown" checks? Or am I tired?

When is Kerry going to bring up Snows remarks about jobs.

Let's see, he's lost 3 debates, approval below 50%, polling #'s down;

He just belched

Failure of leadership

I'm all out of "BULLSHITS". Can you loan me some?

What's a "backgown" check?

OMG Kerry said SHEERF

go kerry!

No Question, No Doubt! Chimpy' s getting fed lines by wire

CSPAN PRES is much 'Bigger' than Kerry


Kerry just spanked that ass on the assault weapons ban issue

Olbermann is hot tonight, he has me LMAO

Kerry knocks assault weapons ban ? OUT OF THE PARK

55 blinks in a minute

Times running out, still no stem cell questions

Did you notice shrub alost got whiplash several times tonight?

Schieffer got the social wedge issues out of the way early...

anyone tracking all the lies?

Chuckles at mention of minoritys

That is BS on VA

ZING. The NAACP, the Black Caucus.

POW! Kerry gets Bush on assault rifle issue

This Is Kerry's Best Debate Performance. Period. Game, set, match.

If he smirks one more time I'm going to punch my TV!

We oughta have anb aggressive effort to make sure people are educates.....

He's lying again. Anyone have proof he hasn't met CBC?? n/t

There he goes on Education again!

litany of lies - chimpy is recapping the lies

Did he meet with the Black Congressional Caucus?


"I have met with the Black Congressional Caucus???"

He's repeating himself himself himself himself....

Did ya notice both are wearing a RED tie?

Here he goes off topic again

Chaaaaaaaaaaange the subject...

First beneficiary of NCLB:

POW!!! Kerry says Bush refuses to meet w/congressional black caucus

Now the asshole is laughing about the NAACP and the

If education is so affordable George why does college tuition KEEP RISING?

I have decided that "learn to add substract read and write early"

How many freakin' questions has * ignored???? eom

Bush is making his FIRST debate performance seem like a success

That explains it. He met the wrong Caucus

How can Bush talk about govt contracts with a straight face?

Is it just me, am I partial or is Bush

He yaps with God n/t

What is the "enstrepenurial" spirit?

" . . . for the entrepreneurial spirit to be entrepreneurial."

yea he needs all the prayer he can get

whisper to a SCREAM

Oh, srew this! "Tell us how pious you are, Mr. Prezdent."

I'm a prayin' president

Bob is helping Bush milk the fundie vote

Bu$h you better be prayin' ALOT after this debate

Softball "how has your faith affected your decisions" question.

So glad that I am equally an american

Readin' writin' and subtractin'?

But does he pray for us?

Why is *'s podium wider? So we can't see him shuffle nervously?

We've got a serious question for the media here: what happened at 9:09?

I pray for you to lose!!!!

FEEL this you F*****

I wonder: Q: Mr. President, do you still support Missile Defense System?

bidding on contracts? I didn't think Shrub believed in that. n/t

I pray for Bush...


Yikes 'Armies of Compassion' WTF is that?

Bush doing good on religion questions.

"the armies of compassion"

Watch OUT. Bush has"unleashed the armies of compassion"

Bush met the "Black Congressional Congress' about Haiti. Period.

Faith: Plays a big part in my life. I pray alot. It s very personal...and

"Armies of compassion"

Bush met with CBC for ONE hour during first month of term


Bush Prays. He PRAYS People!


DU this AOL poll :

Re: *'s religious diatribe on freedom. Is freedom death? (poll)

Did you hear that?! "Everything is a gift..." Audience: "YEAAAAAH!"

Kerry got a reaction with that last statement.

Ooooo...Kerry is smoking him on the religion question.

Kerry is OUT-GODDING Bush* !

Frankly we have a lot more loving of our neighbor to do

As a Native American, Kerry mentioning our blessing warms my heart!

I want a Goddamned Atheist President in my lifetime !

Audience is loaded with Freepers

The BEST thing happening in this debate - keeping chimporer on DEFENSIVE

10 Minutes To Go! Get ready to hit the Online Polls!

Freepers ALMOST jump at Kerry's "Love your neighbor."

Is Homosexuality a choice? WTF Kind Of ? is That???????????????

Native American blessings...


Does Bush pull this stuff out of his ass? The Louie Report???!!!

Which is worse? The smirking or the snickering?

Kerry is pulling an Edwards!!! Compliments Bush

Why does everyone in the country have to be spiritual?

Rut-roh. Chimpy is starting to lose it

"I Believe In Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself... And Gynecologists Too !!!

Kerry Steals Bush's Thunder on September 11th!

Ha ha..AWOL better worry every time Kerry says "lemme pay him a compliment

Bush* just Slammed the Media!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many of the 10 commandments is * violating in tonights debate?

Just got's our boy doing???

As a working poor person, my biggest concern is No Child Left Behind.


Kerry clobbered him for the 3rd time!

Daschle just got reelected.

Hee hee, he just complimented him then kicked him in the nuts

He's in full "USED CAR SALESMAN" mode tonight...

OMG, Did Kerry secretly flip off Bush???

Kerry's argument for his healthcare plan is coming across strongly

Bush drugged?


C-SPAN all the way. Are you with me? n/t

Blatant Lie #1: "I don't think I ever said I'm not concerned about Osama


Kick ass! Kerry takes the religion thing, turns it around, and throws it

Great job Kerry!

Size DOES matter.... check out the size of

Campaign Finance Reform...good one JK!!

Kerry is making a brilliant point

Who in the hell asked Shrub about "Biggest Disappointments" ????

Crap. Kerry just misquoted the 'two greatest commandments.

There he goes with Ted Kennedy again!

NCLB is his ONLY card to play-pathetic

John McCain's getting a GOP wedgie tomorrow morning.

MASTERFUL JOHN! wow... im so impressed.

My biggest disappointment in Washington


Wait... is Ted Kennedy bad or good... Bush is sending me mexed missages

Heeeeeeere's the NCLB act AGAIN!


WTF is up with Scheiffer?

Bush just lied about taxes. Said most of his tax-cut went to

Special halliburton..then Bush starts going into lala

Hey, Dipshit... Dems in TEXASSS are good ole boys, just like you

He's going, He's going, He's Going

VA Cuts - Link included

Turn off the sound, and Bush wins

My Only Concern: The 1990 Vote

OMG, he didn't say we were this divided in the 1990s!!! It's the CLENIS!!!

Ohhh, lets pound the podium time!


Laura Bush is a strong woman?? He's proud of his daughters??

Laura is a "Strong Woman?" Since when?

"We're in a period!" (Bush going for the women's vote!)

No environment question.

Pickles is a "strong woman"?!

Bush says - "It was pretty divided in the 2000 election"

Schieffer thinks that gw* is married to a strong woman???

Scheiffer did horable job

Playing to the its Jay Leno

He knew the questions, asshole

he even lied to his wife!

POLLS: Keep on them! The FReepers will be at the top of their game tonight

I thought the audience was supposed to be SILENT

Fuck Schieffer


McCain is mine, no he's mine...


Is Ted Kennedy running for Prez??

It's a shame that Chimpy would rather run against Ted Kennedy


Bush* was drunk at the bar-b-q?

What a piece of shit question

People, That Question Was Fucking Rehearsed!

Classic BBQ with 4 people?

Better Joke!!!

Dubya is married to a strong woman?!

If you switch it off, Bush wins

"She speaks English a lot better than I do."

LOL! * just admitted he can't speak English properly!

Puke! I DO NOT want to know about George and Pickle's love at first sight

"Times Up'

"To stand up straight and not scowl..." Pickles taught him that?

Dear moderator - are we finished asking fluff questions yet?


No questions about the environment Schieffer?

Kerry has a great smile. Makes him look genuine.

No questions on the environment or education? WTF?

Why the HELL

"He doesn't know borders"

Did Bush come up with an AMNESTY plan???

Wonderful! The "marrying up" quote from Kerry

Great Touch. Kerry qouting his MOM!!!!

Oh my gosh he used the Chechen story

At least the minimum wage question is legitimate.

Excellent Answer on citizenship

"Married up" -- Did you see Bush's expression drop? Hahahaha!!!

BAD news from one of the local Sinclair advertisers

"She speaks English a lot better than I do."

Integrity Integrity Integrity

What's with Bush's angled chin pose between questions?

So how exactly DO borders work?

******BUSH states we will get flu shots from CANADA

How much Longer?

What is the saturday morning character that gw* reminds me of???


"my mom"'s Babs bushie????

What's with IL Duce pounding on the podium? n/t

Kerry wins on the Mom comment - and marrying up

He should have stayed with talking about his mom

these questions are fucking inane

What about stem cells!!

anyone have the LINK comparing Bush debate now and 10 years ago??


Bush and Cheney were last to give closing statement in every debate

Mr. President

What's with all the damn compliments to the chimp



CSPAN Just made Kerry Bigger at the end

Not A Single Question On Stem-Cell Research?

Education is responsible for everything bad in the world!

The verdict!!

His big pauses are back. He's wired. Can't even memorize his closing...

A PAINTING? What the hell is he talking about?

Why have Kerry and Edwards always spoke last in these debates...

Did Bush have BELL'S PALSY? The internets are abuzz

ROFL! Did he just make up that painter's name?

Kerry's closing statement was masterful

Everything is a WAR reference with this Guy!!

We've been through a lot together these past 3 1/2 year

Who won?

Eek! "Armies of compassion" again. *shudder*

Life has been miserable with me in stay the course

Reformed Schools? HA! How would I know? I'm a TEACHER without a classroom!

Pzzzzzztttt, George - George, the painting

Hat Trick Smackdown Tri-fecta

Kerry has respect and humility

Bush Buried - Kerry Wins Debate Easily

I actually liked Schieffer's performance...

Bush Buried - Kerry Wins Debate Easily

I actually liked Schieffer's performance...

Where the hell is the issue of the enviro in the debate.

He didn't say "God bless America"!

Shrub Says: Thanks Bob for the Sliders!!

Kerry did bad - Bush did worse - Kerry WINS!

I didn't see it, but on the radio Bush did better than the previous...

bush back box was back...WIRED


He's got that lump on his back again

While Kerry and Bush were shaking hands after the debate

Holy Hell! Laura's wearing the draperies!

A list of names Bush never mentioned in the debate,

Kerry AGAIN gets the big Applause

OK. Malloy-time!

Well, I'm calling it a draw. Not what I want but it'll be widely seen so.

Did ya see that? Kerry got a hoot and a holler again!!


Someone must have told the twins not to dress as if

How is that Bush got to make the final closing statement every debate?

PBS poll already freeped

CSPAN2 phone support for Kerry: 202-737-0002

Did Kerry do worse, as good, or better than his first debate???

HIT THE PBS POLL, it's being freeped!!!

Ladies and Gentleman, we are getting a new president!

listen to AAR if you don't want to go nuts afterwards

I never said that (about Osama Bin Laden)

* left the stage first - AGAIN!

He won SO EASILY! Don't let the spin snatch it from Kerry

Kerry was magnificent. Bush was defensive and whiny

Maura Liarson

Is it wrong for me to not want a dumbass for my president

Kerry should have nailed Bush on the Social Security issue

He does have a painting by Tom Lee you know

MSNBC already calling out bushlies

MSNBC already jumped on Bush claiming he never said OBL was not

CBS starting the "it was a draw" spin again. Damn!!

Buchanan "Kerry was at the top of his game"

MSNBC already calling out bushlies

Get on the fox poll people!

Best ass kicking yet

He does have a painting by Tom Lee you know

Get on the fox poll people!

Carlos Watson declares Kerry winner

CNN Carlos Watson gives Kerry the win.

CBS starting the "it was a draw" spin again. Damn!!

Get on the fox poll people!

Freepers clogging the CSPAN phone lines...

PBS is being Freeped! Go vote!!!

Fox's Kristol - A Knockout by Bush

CNN pundit call it for Kerry!!!

PBS being freeped

Carlos Watson declares Kerry winner

gw* clearly had control of the situation....

whoo-hoo! Carlos? just said he thought Kerry would be declared winner.

Carlos on CNN said he thinks Kerry won all three debaes

Kristol says Kerry didn't win any of the questions!

Kristol says Kerry didn't win any of the questions!

Is it wrong for me to not want a dumbass for my president

MSNBC already jumped on Bush claiming he never said OBL was not

Kerry was amazing! Best performance yet!! wow!!

The official big thread of All Bush's Lies

All channels spinning for Bush.

Carlos on CNN said he thinks Kerry won all three debaes

He does have a painting by Tom Lee you know

Britt "butt boy" Hume pointing out that Chimp lied about

Come on talking heads, Bush did not answer the questions!

Britt "butt boy" Hume pointing out that Chimp lied about

Kerru up at MSNBC poll

Where oh WHERE do these wingnuts come from?

OK, have to know....was Bush given the questions beforehand?

Freeper on C-SPAN

AWOL* didn't score ANY points on ANY issue with ANY group



Hit the Fox News Poll

John Edwards is on CBS

bush lied his arse off

PBS Poll has been freeped!! go vote!!!

CNN Bill Schneider just showed the clip about OBL

See this flyer on Bush's Flip Flop on Finding Osama Bin Ladin

Bush lost the middle class tonight

CNN Just Nailed The Chimp On His Osama Lie

Schaiffer has given several 30 sec extentions to Bush.

NO SHIT Family values and dont value families

I can't stand Bush and his sarcasm.

I'm Tired of Politicians That Don't Value Families! YES!

So what will we drink to tonight?


HIT FOXNEWS.COM !!!! freerepulsives are skewing it.

Kerry, punching bag

frist is lying his head off about kerry's record

The only question Kerry didn't answer was about the flu shortage.

So, no stem cell questions at all? what would superman say?

ABC poll says KERRY WON (but sample 38% REPUKE, 31% DEM)

The Cat Carver's waxing on Hairball

So, no stem cell questions at all? what would superman say?

I have to say it. Tis was Kerry's best debate performance yet.

Kerry wins Hemmer's idiotic focus group (11-7)


NBC plays Bush's OBL "contradiction"

CNN Undecideds Panel are basically morans!

Bush Overlooks Own Flip-Flop in Debate


"Kerry 3 for 3" says Carlos Watson on CNN

Carlos Watson CNN: Kerry Won

CNN both people think Kerry WON!!!

Let's list Bush lies here. WITH refutation.

CBS InstaPoll of Undecideds: Kerry Wins

ABC says 42% Kerry 41% Bush...BUT 38% Republicans polled!!

Greenfield and Watson say Kerry won

Freeper call-in fest on CSPAN

NBC Panel of Undecideds--

Did everyone notice the WHITE GOOBER in corner of Bush's mouth?

What questions was Bush answering?

The revelation of OBL lie might be this debate's lasting moment.

Kerry went after the Women's vote tonight

Am I the only one that can never find the ABC News online poll?

CBS poll on undecideds: 39% Kerry; 25% Bush

Funny, Bill Hummer (R-Cabana Boy)

DU this poll bush leading low number of votes

CBS Uncommited Poll shows Kerry won!

At what point will the media realize

DU this poll bush leading low number of votes

Can we demand a pee test? he was on something!!

Funny, Bill Hummer (R-Cabana Boy)

I thought Kerry did really well in addressing issues important...

CBS Kerry won among uncommitted. 39-26

John King says chimp will have to answer for why he lost all three debates

That Bitch Hughes just lied

I seriously have to say, I hate Andrea Mitchell

Kerry slaughtered Bush with undecided voters -- CBS poll


Did anybody catch Bill Frist's Zell Miller imitation on MSNBC?

Unleash the armies of compassion

Karen Hughes on MSNBC: "The president won tonight's debate decisively"

Why was this moderator so lame?

NBC group 3-2-1 Bush

The foaming mouth is the question of the day

There goes stupid Russert again with his fucking white board!!

They were the exact same questions Daniel Shore wrote about on NPR

Bush and the "Smrown"

Is it me, or did the freepmod Schieffer mispronounce Tempe?

Obligatory Keith Oberman "play by play" thread! :D

Cincinnati Enquirer Poll---Repuke Cesspoll...DU it!

The calls to CSPAN are killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Novak is such an ass...

A Bushie just slipped: "Former President Bush"

Begala- win for Kerry and is pretty hard on Scheiffer

It's official: Bush LOST ALL THREE DEBATES

Newsday poll

These three issues will dominate post debate (all in KERRY'S favor)

Faux Moos poll; 34% bush...65% KERRY!

Dear Nikita, if you're looking for your shoe

Is the CNN poll showing any results? I voted but it came up with

Hidden poll on MSNBC needs HELP!!!!!


DU This poll needs HELP!!!

I did early voting today....

Did you catch Kerry's first set up?

Do women like a goober drooler even less than a sweater?

Did you catch Kerry's first set up?

CNN undecided panel: 10 for Kerry, 7 for Bush, 7 still undecided

All in all...Kerry benefited from the debates...can't say the same about *

Yahoo poll Kerry 71 bush 29

I just don't get it about "DUing" or "Freeping" polls...

Bwahahahahaha! On MSNBC, Visit!

Why is it that Kerry has to be substantive and * NOT AT ALL?

Dja think he was told to grin like an idiot

We're getting some good Kerry soundbytes tonite

Edwards outed Cheney's daughter during the VP debate.

Bush's lazy lip?

Migrants and Amnesty ...

hahahahahahaha KNOCKOUT Kerry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Was it just me or did Bush smirk a lot?

There he goes again!

Did I miss Schieffer asking questions on stem cells and environment?

I think *'s head is gonna start spinning!

as a teacher, I would kick him in the nuts for the NCLB everytime he menti

Why does he keep interrupting the moderator???

So.......have the media called it for the Prince yet?

This is Bush's best performance to date

WTF? Another Draw?? Are people INSANE??

Yay! Olberman gives it to KERRY, 12 rounds to 4 and 19 points to 2

All Kerry had to do tonight...

Pago! Pago! ::snivel:: drool. that's the Bush

Wonkette catches this inexplicable statement:

Salt weapons????

It was a WONK fest!

Saved my last 6 posts before 1000 for KERRY battlegrounds

Anybody wanna re-watch the debate and have a drinking game?

PBS Poll being FREEPED!!!! hit it HARD!

This poll in a swing state has Kerry losing! HELP!

Where are all the Tweety posts?

Dems have beat Bush in 5 of 6 debates.

Why didn't Kerry drop the LIE BOMB...

Faux is showing Bush's OBL lie...woohoo for Colmes

I can't find the CNN POLL

On the last question...did any one else think....

who was responsible for main feed?

BTW Chiron, flu vaccine, is a U.S. company

WoW! Mike is bored by teh debate.


CNN had Kerry winning debate 52-39 in poll

CNN - Kerry won all 3

CNN Poll: Kerry 52 / Chimp 39

CNN scientific poll Kerry 52 Bush 39

It was Man vs Boy.

Bush's smirking: Bush taking the debates as a joke?

Kerry absolutely explodes in first polls on CNN

Any news on Registergate?

Tonight's Debate Transcript Here !!!

CNN and AEI's Bill Schneider says

what makes George tick...?

Kerry: very solid / Bush: vapid buffoon

He was looking pretty chimpy tonight...

He was looking pretty chimpy tonight...

Canned Speeches, Canned Crowds, and now, a CANNED President

Malloy: "Tonight's debate was boring...I see no reason why anyone

What kind of P**** questions were those????

the true about CBC

Bush was not smirking but he did lie and not answer questions. WTF

What was that "WHEW!!!!" about?

Who Would Win The Debate

I could see Kerry's Strategy from the Outset

Does someone have the cut and paste email list

Even CNN's Schneider says Kerry wins..

Bush lied on all channels LIAR is dead.

Comparing the Debates - which debate was best?

the ALMIGHTY won tonight

CNN Poll Kerry 52% Bush 39%

Kerry was great, but the mod missed a lot of issues

I was not that impressed with the debate tonight.

A fellow DUer says Bush was "more controlled" tonight

So which George did we see tonight?

CBS Undecided Voter Poll (Kerry comes on top again...barely)

immature freeps on CNN

Fox poll: Kerry 65%, Bush 35%

AOL poll don't allow this one to slip

bush laughs just like the bad guy in "billy madison"

Ask Yourself This Question: WHO WAS WATCHING TONIGHT?????

Kerry's vote on Desert Storm was also correct.

Hardball Poll 75% Kerry / 25% bush*

MSNBC just showed the online result.

You can talk, but you can't tell the truth

Wes on Faux now 10:32 pm central eom

John Kerry 83% 5479 votes George W. Bush 17% 1114 votes - CNN

Meanwhile back at B/C HQ Bush is getting his butt spanked. LIAR

anybody see mcauliffe on fox just now

Meanwhile back at B/C HQ Bush is getting his butt spanked. LIAR

Why didn't JK jump * over importing Canadian flu vaccine

Phoenix CBS and ABC both showing * post-speech


CNN: Kerry 52% Bush 39% - Congrats President Kerry!! (Gallup)


for shits and giggles...lets have a doubles match...KE and BC

If I was an undecided voter.....

One of the few polls I've seen that needs help....go HERE!

Anybody else find the debate actually pretty boring?

What was Tweety's reaction?

I'm feeling optimistic. "President Kerry" shirts are up.

Fox: Kerry 63% bush 36% MSNBC: Kerry 74% Bush 26% PBS: Kerry 71% n/t

Why does Tweety think Cheney's gay daughter is gross?

Did you all see the "What Makes George Tick" ad on MSNBC right

3 of 5 on panel of independent voters pick Kerry



Now that Chimpy is 0-3, when will ....

DU Denver Post, needs help!

Freepers are very quiet

2 college juniors sue over Diebold voting-machine memos: AND WIN!!!!!

From Begala's blog...

any pics of the transmitter?

Debate Transcript for Reference...

Someone, please link me to that Asshole song....

Gen. Clark next up on MSNBC!!!

If anyone has shown he should be President and is qualified, Kerry


Give me an H

If anyone has shown he should be President and is qualified, Kerry

Did Bush Say He Had The Tommy Lee Video In The White House?

What's up with George's blinking?

I was VERY impressed by Kerry's answers tonight.

Maybe Jon Stewart won't be a rerun tonight, at long last.

How will AWOL* explain LOSING ALL THREE debates?

A letter from a Conservative Christian Republican

this poll needs a lot of help!

Wes Clark coming up on MSNBC with Tweets.

John Edwards on Nightline with Ted NOW on ABC

"The President and the Republicans in Congress..."

give bigskydem an o

Ignore all nay saying threads!!!!

Get out the butter!

Give me another O

Give me an I

oh man Kerry comparing Bush to a Soprano had me on the floor

bush CUT Pell grants; exactly as Kerry said

Which debate did Kerry do best in?

Clark vs. Hannity? What happened?

Wes Clark on MSNBC now!

New CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll to be released at 1130 ET...

Bill Schneider said Kerry won by at least 13 points!

Every answer is education?

finally figured it out: Shrub's wild eyed smirk: Tommy smothers...


Heh, heh, heh. Bush greatly confused some people tonight!

Please give me OHIO on NOV 2

Now that Chimpy lost all 3 debates, the World is a MORE dangerous place

Did any of the pundits mention

For you err DUers who think JK lost, hows it feel to be in the repuke camp

This poll being freeped like hell!

schaeffer has connections to the Bush crime family?

bush racist hater

What's really going to put the nail in Bush's coffin....

The Poor Chimp is simply in over his head

Where were the questions on the Environment and Energy?

George P. Bush coming up on Larry King

Bush won this debate with one group only...

Love this one...Kerry was TOO factual...

Why I'm not ready to say "President Kerry"

NO president in history has ever been elected after LOSING ALL 3 DEBATES

Was Bush trying to whine about "liberal media" bias during the debate?

bush black hater

Annn Coulter vs Jesse Jackson on CNN

How many of you CHOSE your first language? I didn't.

Ann Coulter vs. Jesse Jackson on CNN

OMG: **MUST SEE** pic of the CHIMP in CHIEF

ANy one catch * saying Laura was better at the English language

Drugs from Canada unsafe?

This poll is rigged. Man how low is it when they have to rig polls ?

Coulter vs Jackson this ought to be good

We Beat the MASTER deBATER!!!!!

Bush almost trashed the moderator's employer!! HA!!

Kerry's Soprano Joke ROCKED! Bush's Jokes BOMBED

This poll is rigged

Clark stood up for Kerry big-time on Hannity, while Hannity showed...

Wow! Check Out This AP Article (Ron Fournier)


This Poll Needs Help!

One Word: Presidential

Did Anyone else notice * face was about 3 shades of red darker than Kerry



I Don't Mean to Rain on the Parade, but..

CNN's Schneider: Kerry is "clear winner"

1. " You're TOAST you lying little weasel-ass creep."


"Faith without works is dead." -- YES!!!!!!!

Dick Morris just declared Kerry the winner, third debate a DISASTER for *

HOLY CHIT WHAT A SMACKDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Need some funny anti-Bush stuff to entertain my Sis....

How many of you CHOSE your first language? I didn't.

Group Maternity Homes or Naughty Girl Segregation?

Kerry 52% Bush 39% according to CNN's real poll

Wes Clark on Pox News!

George the Schizophrenic

what is the Osama lie?

Did anybody see the bulge ?

Bush is a mad little dog isn't he? Goober photo

Why hasn't anyone else said it? JOHN KERRY WON THE PRESIDENCY

Is bush THAT clueless about unemployment???

JMM: Bush was "excitable, edgy, ungrounded"

Gen. Clarke: John Kerry was playing hockey while George Bush was..

Was he foaming at the mouth?

Republicans FURIOUS With Kerry Bringing Up CHENEY'S GAY DAUGHTER

GIVE me an O

Did Bush really say "The literacy level of our children ARE appalling."?

Cred Gap, The Prez suffers from Cred Gap Big Time......the Price

Bush Blunder On First Question Must Be Made Into A Commercial!

Pubs have no resort but use DELUSION and claim big VICTORY

Tonight the Trolls will be giving us a visit.

OK... after hearing all 3 debates....

Gen. Wes Clark: Kerry was playing hockey ...

back from a kerry gathering at a local restaurant - invaded by freepers

Where are Dill dO'Reilly's* comments on debate?

Biiiiiitch alert! Ann the Man Coulter is on Larry King, w/ Jesse Jackson.

Bush's religiosity

The "Missing" Debate Footage...

online poll: Bush 98.5%, Kerry 1.5%

Bush's lie in the 3rd debate, proof here, print & distribute!!!!

Dick Morris on Faux says debate was fixed

Bush'I'm going to be real positive,while I keep my foot on Kerry's throat'

No candidate has ever won after losing all three debates!

Bush wired again? - New photos from tonight's debate

LOL! Freepers freak as Kerry is crowned the REAL winner...again!

CNN: Kerry 56% Bush 44% On ABC it was Kerry 46% Bush 42%

How can Bush defend his "pro-life"stand in one breath

Next Kerry commercial should be * quote he's unconcerned about OBL

I don't think Kerry won this debate...

Did anyone else think that Bob Schaefer's last question was a waste?

Approval? ZOGBY 49, CNN 47, AP 46, ARG 45, NWK 45, Econ 44,CBS 43