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Archives: October 11, 2004

Wolcott on * in Debate: Empty Volcano

School denies Counter-Recruitment Equal Time

Boy do i feel silly. I should never question Bush!

Check out this thread from 2002 (RE: the premier of Donahue's show)

Bush is a cocaine addict.

FEMA, Red Cross disagree on damage to Miami-Dade. Another mess.

Do you think the war in Iraq was justfied? (poll in swing state)

hm, so the whole "terrorists have plans for American schools" was bogus

Christopher Reeve dead?

Bush is probably a good person

Are your state Voter Reg forms like this?

Drudge slamming Reeve for his belief in stem cell research!!

Another Forum ( Music) discusses Debates

Sinclair shareholders are very, very the management!

Hard words for DNC from Progressives

How is Gen. Shalikashvili doing?

Who is Patrick M Byrne and and Fahrehype911?

Any fundies for Kerry here?

Christopher Reeve dies (unconfirmed)

Drudge reporting Christopher Reeve has passed away.

Bush Ad Surfaces As News Story on Schools

Car Bombs Kill 11 As Rumsfeld Visits Iraq

No Iraq offensive until U.S. election is over

Retired Gen. Franks Criticizes Kerry

The pope only speaks the languages of...

A great Catch-22 quote...

Countries that border the Czech Republic...

Warsaw Pact countries

Best country whose capital starts with 'W'

This Yahoo story needs higer ratings... give it a look

Nothing rhymes with "Mole Land" right"?

I just donated to DU, and this is why:

Well, I took one for the team today.

It's all my fault. I created a monster.

Today I touched a gorgeous hunk of man....

Why is (du)(dv) negligible?

Congratulations, Cardinal Fans!!

So the Pope is from Roumania?

Forget kitties, give me JOHNNIES!!!!

How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb

Stem Cell Research Question

Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadian DUers

What do you want out of Poland?

I'm hearing rumors that Christopher Reeve died.

Tragic Accident At Yankee Pitcher's Home (Rivera)

I'm watching my CHILDREN OF DUNE DVD

Countries that end in "-oland"

Why are so many nerds libertarian?

If You Got One "Free One"...

An alphabetical list of every country in the world:

What countries give us good sausage?

The 'If I see ANOTHER Poland thread' poll...

I'm thinking of buying a chain saw........

The Botany of Desire....Michael Pollan - has anyone else

Christopher Reeve is dead.

Kerry/Edwards Shrine

the AUDACITY of hope...

One of the biggest flip-flops in U.S. history: from "wanted dead or alive"

Texas budget record under Bush - anyone have data/graphs?

3rd Debate Will Be the Most Important in Florida

Kerry's makeup was bad during the 2nd debate

Why Bush will struggle Wednesday night

Geez, you freaks -- Bush was NOT wired, OK?!?

Looking for a Cheney picture with him cussing #$@#@#%@

Bush supporter told widower he hopes his dead wife burns in hell

I don't like the Kerry ad with the 3 points about small business,

Newly registered voters do not know how to vote...another story

Not only does Kerry seem to be in the lead and have the momentum,

Hilarious review of the second debate

87 Billion redux

Lets list all of the reasons Bush Jr. used to invade Iraq:

Damnit, I'm so furious!!!

"Republicans Register Here", Legal?

DU blamed for fall of civilization, on Sinclair message board!!!

Arkansas is tied in the latest Zogby poll. Bill Clinton should record

How gay GOP group lost its faith in Bush

Help Betty Castor of Florida Keep a US Senate seat for the Democrats

Here is a great link to papers who endorsed chimpy and Gore in 2000

Bush Admin Plans to Delay Major Assaults in Iraq Until After U.S.Elections


It's about the Middle East, stupid

Reality Check

Herbert: Webs of Illusion (* Spinning)

Webs of Illusion

Expert: Bush is disaster

Mr. Bush You Can't Handle the Truth.

The dismal science bites back (The Economist)

Op-Ed: Bush, Stalin, and Mistakes

To introduce intelligence reforms, reform Congress first

Critical Thinkers give this article a look

Sinclair Stations to Air Anti-Kerry Documentary

And Bush's Telling Non-Answer ( Dionne is getting tough on Bush)

As Oil Nears $54, Congress Moves to Ease E85 Blending

Picking a President: Six Major Papers Choose

Fahrenheit - Gold and Oil! A DU Must Read...ties together some loose ends

Prisoners who disappear

Holes in homeland's security

Wolcott - Howling Wolf

NTY/MoDo: Nuclear Fiction

Preserving Iraq's past tied to understanding its culture

Kerry's Undeclared War is a must read!

"Iraq War did not damage terrorist groups" - study & report from Israel

The Real Reasons Why Iran is the Next Target...

Bush like Me

'By God, we've just created the Iraq syndrome!'

GOP dirty tricks in Ohio--Voter registration exploding

The Plame matter

Ability to Talk to God one of Bush's Skills

Reporters stop letting the GOP con you. Please!!!!

Awesome Slide Show w/ music about Bush and Gang

Col. Hackworth: Draft IS coming

An agonizing choice (Bob Barr wavers on Bush)

Any Phoenix DUers here?

Seeking resources for poll watchers/greeters

List fav. liberal websites, leave around public places

Heads Up! Freeway Blogger Event October 13th!!!

Sinclair - Bring 'Em Down > links included

Will Media pick up on Nobel saying Bush deficit expectations caused lousy

The Media should apologize.

"third" party debate.

Question about broadcaster's "daybook"

Sinclair Broadcast Group Corp. HQ (Baltimore, MD) Phone & email info

List of Sinclair TV Stations (Most with website addresses)

Realmedia download of "Upriver"

Monitoring Your Local Sinclair Station...

If America Is Richer, Why Are Its Families So Much Less Secure?

Venezuela raises oil drilling tax

Sliding down the poverty from the belly.

50% of yr 2000 CA tech workers now not in technology jobs

Nobel:"effects of expectations about future economic policy"-Bush deficit

Deforestation Cuts Indonesia's Hydropower Output - Jakart Post

ExxonMobil - $12 Billion/Year On E&P, Production Now Flat For 5 Years

"It Took My Breath Away" an excellent book about asbestos

Italy Prepares SUV Tax - Reuters

Environmental Group Stakes Mining Claim Next Door To High-End Subdivision

New Approach To Air Pollution In Beijing - "Stay Inside", Residents Told

Unbelievable! Critics Say Awarding Nobel To Green Activist Inappropriate

Iraq war isolating the U.S./ killing the American-British relationship

Rabat, Algiers in new war of words

(Tunisia) Ben Ali promises free, democratic elections

World Debate Tree: permanent "tree" of logic paths in debates betwn LW,RW

Increased respect, heightened urgency to elect John Kerry


Mom Shot After Grounding Daughter

The Reeves story has been confirmed by the Miami Herald

i think sitemeter may be part of the problem

What's going on here?

Please tell me that

Hey, Mods, great job on the Chris Reeve story tonight.

Could this information be pinned?

Misake in Top 10 Conservative Idiots today

College Dems forum

U.S. Votes For More Slaughter In Gaza

Political level, IDF at odds over Gaza operation

Israeli commandos and pilots conducting special operations in Iraq

Israel To Benefit From Sinai Bombings: Experts

Israel air strikes hit Gaza camp

Iraqi mosque ablaze after US air strike

Palestinians blame Israel, US

Palestinian olive grower shot, critically wounded

911 Was US Military Hijack Exercise Gone Wrong

NY ARTCC Manager Mile McCormick talks about Flights 175 & 11.

Hell hath frozen over, Trib endorses Bean over Crane

David Dreier's TravelGAYte

Anyone else go to the Edwards apperance yesterday?

10 new Fahrenheit 9/11 dvd's were donated to Henn Co. libraries today

WB KMWB (Sinclair) Contact Info

Online Sinclair poll - MN

Lets get a Kerry convoy together!!!

Sweet Mary Kiffmeyer coming to Normandale CC



DAYTON DUers: Times, date for Kerry film on WKEF-WRGT

My report from Ohio.

Observations from Fairfield County

Why are the squirrels orange?

SW OH DUers needed to rebuke Cinti. Enquirer

Feeling really good about Ohio.

Had a Little Theft Last Night...


Michael Moore at IUP (Indiana ) Oct 26. 3000 Tickets Free. Students

Boycott Sinclair's Auto World in Wilkes-Barre


Dallas: Get Out the Vote / Adopt A Precinct Training, Oct 15

any dallas get togethers for the final debate this wednesday?

Democrats expose Sessions' college streaking stunt

DALLAS: Debate Disruptor Alert!!

Tejano Dems Speaker supports W not Kerry

Greg Palast in Austin "Bush Family Fortunes" Tuesday 10/7

Austin GOTV Workshop Oct. 16

A fascinating series of coincidences....

Michels has recycled his "Willie Horton" ad

Appleton Rant

Michael Moore to be in Madison

Advertisers on Fox47 (Sinclair) in Madison

Heading for a Skybox to see the Pack tonight!

Bush to visit Oshkosh on Friday afternoon



Thinking about the Chris Reeve (maybe dead) story, maybe it's true, but

Freeptards at LGF extend hatred to African-Americans--for voting


Open Letter to Philip Zelikow and Wash Post re. 911 conspiracies

Danger of attack has GROWN since invasion-Duelfer Report

Christopher Reeve was my first crush as a teenager - My Superman

Christopher Reeve in Remains of the Day

The Yard Sign to End All Yard Signs

Any Phoenix DUers out there?

'Superman' Star Christopher Reeve Has Died

Please tell me Im not the only one here who thinks "Awnald Bill" is danger

Female Casualties in Iraq Not Played Up

Greatest hits from the FreeRepublic thread on Reeve's alleged death

Haven't visted Baghdad Burning in while last post was Oct 3rd

Should Ann Coulter be put on the govt. "Do Not Fly List"?

Stripes letter the day after Rummy hints at possible troop cuts in Iraq

Anyone see Edwards on the cover of Runner Magazine/

My New Group - Anti-VRC

Report Cites U.S. Profits in Sale of Iraqi Oil Under Hussein

Prepare to meet a Terrorist far worse than Osama bin Laden

Postcard from Kabul - Widespread Election Fraud

New docs detail shrouded horrors of Abu Ghraib (pre-Taguba docs)

There was a time, nearly four years ago, a strong case could have

David from Operation Truth on Air America right now. . .

Osama Being Treated by Pakistani Army

BOYCOTT SINCLAIR WEBSITE with lists of T.V. affiliates and advertisers

There is one positive contribution that Bush has made to our

Just so everyone knows BestBuy has F/911 for $12.99

Christopher Reeve Dies at 52

I just took the Bush/Kerry test....Results said I should vote for Kerry

The stinking rotting corruption of bush & Cartel

Flu Vaccine: The business of government

CNN story title last night: Osama bin Laden in Iran

I watched F 9/11 and Hunting of the President yesterday

I'm George W. Bush and I approve this message...

Air America: Turkish hostage in Iraq threatened with beheading

Who is George Friedman?

Moderator! Mistake in Top 10 Conservative Idiots!

The Election was handed to Bush on a Silver Platter

Is Giuliani whoring out in your area??

ABC removes "It wan't lies, it was a matter of emphasis" from webpage

at least... he's not... a FRENCH POODLE! (TMW)

Never call me a "soccer mom" again. I watched "60 Minutes" last night

Rumsferatu is heading to Romania...

Very good overview of embryonic stem cell research

Poll: Bush Leads Close Race, but Sparks Anger Among Kerry Followers

The next Revolution should be against the Media! It's got to be!

The problem with all those reactionary Neo-Conservatives

Air America Radio talking about the wire......

Texans For Truth new ad sounds real good.

How hard would it be to find W's reciever frequency?

"Good vs. Bad" Republican tripe debunked

Science and the President

Just on FoxNews--Who called Bush a "liar" in an internal memo?

Why did the Las Vegas Review endorse Bush?

Sidelined Neo-Cons Stoke Future Fires-ATimes/New World Media Watch

Are we waiting till after the election to attack 30 Iraq Cities?

My freeper father was silent when I asked him one thing today...

A letter asking for the real reasons for Iraq

Boycott Sinclair Blog Link

do they even read it anymore?

The Bush picture that should run in every Kerry ad:

There seems to be a book missing from the NYT Best Sellers list

Is the Air America site not working for everyone else?

John Dean Discusses "Natural Born" Clause of the Constitution...

Undocumented debate gaffe

Very SCARY historical quote...

Zogby's doing an online survey for election sign up for Zogby

This is a must read.

GoodDay w/ Steve Edwards on Fox TV Doing Reeves Trib

The people who persecuted Clinton, and the people who defended Apartheid..

Help. Looking for "I'm a Republican voting for Kerry" Bumper Sticker

MLB: Former MVP Caminiti Dies

One of Chris Reeve's last interviews-Bashes Bush /BBC--link to

1st excerpt from my book The Religion of Bush

Freepers freep a Chris Reeve death poll.

Jack Cafferty trashing Air America... again!

I suggest an absolute boycott of any advertiser & all Sinclair affiliates.

Before and After Bush* graphic

I just wrote this about Christopher Reeve - would love your thoughts:

Why believe Kuwaiti Intel that Saddam was to shoot down Bush plane?

Bumpersticker "politics is like PBS but without the P".........What?

Kerry energy speech live here:

Great non-flashy Flash animation!

Investing in Sinclair..

Just got this from a freep friend....

The Bush Crony Full-Employment Act of 2003

Bush at Waterloo

I will be in theFlorida Keys in three weeks. Please tell me:

Did we do a thread of .. "if you were at the debate what would you ask"?

Bush is the biggest spending liberal president in US history

VERY INTERESTING British animation about PNAC and Corp fascism

Let's have some fun with Rush Slimeballs' legal problems !!!

Custer Battles another Bush friend bilking the taxpayers and laughing

Check Time For Critical Thinking

Pollser Predictions: Current methods may prove outdated.

The young voters are not being properly represented in the polls.

Sharon's lawyer talks every day by phone with Rice

Hey Laura you helped kill Superman..feel better now?

Anybody got that Bush earpiece video handy?

Look at Cheney's Bio on the DoD website. He said Kerry cut the military?

CNN feed gone completely

List of Sinclair investors

Sheikh Zayed, President of the UAE May Be Near Death

Flyer for women: Ten Reasons to Vote for Change

I have had it with my family!!!


Sinclair Message Board

WP: Permanent Job Proves an Elusive Dream

Question for Minorities and Women

Pat Robertson's Network Responds About PNAC

I got a response from Sen. Lugar re: Iraq.

Iowa Basketball coach for Bush

Boston Globe: Bush "shock & awe" tactics "played into Hussein's plans"

Surely there is one thing.

Sinclair Corp. is the poster boy for corporate fascism (PBS story)

Is my friend a lost cause?

My liberal friend knocked a screw loose

Mainiacs--answer to my letter to WGME, Ch 13, Portland Sinclair affiliate

Stop Sinclair Media

What if Michael Moore publicly offers to let Sinclair stations...

If living were a thing that money could buy

Parker & Stone: If you're too stupid to understand issues, don't vote.


Once Osama became just a "nuisance"...

Bush at the map.

How can thirty year old opinion be news.

Is there a Moonie connection to Sinclair?

Twin Cities rumor re Twins/Yankees/Bush

1-410-568-1500 is the phone number for Sinclair Broadcasting

For the rap fans... Wordsworth vs. Bush

Canadian terrorists?

Students Watch 'Fahrenheit 9/11' At School; One Parent Upset

I want to move to Florida. Can anyone tell me:

George W Bush.....Nov. 3rd...What will He Be

Encounter with a freeper

The FOX Boys are going over the TOP in slammin Kerry this AM.

Shrek for President....We need an Orge right about now..and Bush ain't it

Big Tax cut for business passed Senate.

"I wasn't happy about it." 5 more words that expose the traitor!

Newt Gingrich Just Called Kerry "Out of Touch With Reality"

can KERRY Push bush over the edge IN THE NEXT DEBATE ?

Where can I find Kerry's speech to Congress in '71?

How much is Kerry planning to increase taxes on the $200,000+?

Dean to be in Phoenix on Friday.

Republican Crossword Puzzle Came Home Today

Howard Dean | Economic Troubles: From Elevated To High

Is there going to be a memorial event for Christopher Reeve?

Is there going to be a memorial event for Christopher Reeve?

Ethics report and letter to DeLay.

Watching the "History Channel" Why do we pretend that al-Qaeda is

Does anyone see a parallel with overturning Roe vs Wade and Nazi

Hackworth: Military brass trying to censor soldiers in Iraq

I'm too _______ to be a Republican

"I hated Saddam. But is he runs in the election, I will vote for him"

can anyone give me a list of good movies to show my undecided friends

Network problems AT&T / Sprint / Cogent, Boston, San Francisco, Dallas....

burst media- MAJOR sinclair web advertising firm (sponsor list)

Is it just me or is DU amazingly slow this evening?

BREAKING...Osama sends letter to Bush!



Woop--it just hit me

local sinclair station head claims no one is complaining

Anyone watching the concert???

Most Emailed Articles

In DeLay Case, Prosecutor Welcomes Spotlight

'Liberal' Media Group illegally supports Bush Campaign

DU local rw paper's debate poll!

Official Kerry statement on the passing of Christopher Reeve

captions needed: bush* mauls another baby......(PHOTO)

Wanna bet new Abu Grahib photos come out after the election?

Please DU this SINCLAIR POLL.....thanks!

I think Bush is raving because he knows the internal polls say he's toast.

can kerry push bush over the edge in next debate?

JK Should List Bush's 3 Biggest Mistakes on Wednesday for him:

ok, tell me if i'm crazy...

Beaumont, Texas schools ban the showing of Fahrenheit 9/11 in HS

ATTN: Sinclair license in Raleigh Durham NC expires Dec 1st

DU this Sinclair affiliate poll, please!

Just Back From Europe

Can we ever be certain of the guilt of captured 'al-Qaeda' suspects

KAPOW: Josh Marshall destroys Sinclair

Passion of the Right

Another Christopher Reeve was never a republican thread...

Paralyzed Man DIES in DC Jail: Serving 10 days for marijuana possession!

Forget October Surprise -- Are you worried about December Surprise???

George W. Bush does have a plan

Kerry "fled" Capitol on 9/11, pushing and shoving old people

So did everyone Hammer on Hemmer today?

Ok, WTF? Someone please verify this for me...

Two more beheadings today, one more likely to be killed Wednesday

Lies, damn lies, and polls

Check out some Sinclair stock

if you are being rocked by the concert, email Sundance at

Funny Bill Maher story in Salon


Diebold Cuts Earnings Forecast

we shouldn't call * "woody" we should call him "knothole"

How do we know peopel have dropped off unemloyment rolls are not working?

Do you own the F911 dvd? Have you lend it to anyone or

James Taylor to undecideds...on Sundance....

I Just Voted for Kerry, Salazar, & Salazar

(PHOTO) bush* stumbles off the helicopter today....sad...needs caption!

T-Shirt Help

Aaron Brown about to talk about the thin line between Media and...

Check Out the Drudge Pictures (11:00 PM EDT)

what is with the Tobacco Buyout.. what did that cost us in Tax dollars..??

I'll make a Flash attack ad "expose" on Sinclair if everyone pushes it.

"Big Ed" Schultz gaining stations in Liberal Talk Market!

Haven't bought a Rolling Stone in 20 years

how many troops do we have in afghanistan today? need to know.

Arms for cash?

Look out for the September 11 Families For A Proper Burial made

Smeagol on Malloy now!

I sure hope someone TIVO'ed this concert...

I think we should all send Sen. Mary Landrieu a note of thanks.

Anybody watching NewsNight? Showed tape of airstrike on civilians.

Arizona Dems.. Going to attend Kerry Rally@ Tempe Town Lake Wed.?

What do they mean when the ysay 'Hanoi John'?

Oriental Facial Diagnosis on John O'Neill

It's Official: Sinclair to Broadcast Anti-Kerry Movie...

I've always loathed freepers, but now it's personal.

Sinclair orders networks to show Kerry smear movie on eve of the election

Liberals to pull the Party leftward after the election

So when's the Tea Party™?

Anyone watching the Vote for Change Concert

Since the Caspar Milquetoast wing of the Democratic Party is...

Nader 2000 voters, would you have voted for Gore/Wellstone?

DU Researchers -- let's expose Sinclair Broadcasting

Just came on and there's a Elephant on my chest!!

I'm not ________ enough to be a republican

What'd happen if a coupla media outlets forced stations to show F911?

Who do you think should be the first woman president?

On spearhead intellectuals Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

TWOT: 'a smokescreen for naked American imperial aggression'?

Fallujah becoming Free Fire Zone.


"I'm not a leftist, but I play one on TV" ... Right battles center.

Wow! The Duelfer Report sure got buried fast! Don't think even DU had

We need a scandal. It's time for a new revelation...what will it be?

Tragic New Low: Reeve Being "Freeped" In Death

We had a debate party - hidden, of course

Funny thing about FR.

DU this poll (on Sinclare broadcasting)

Ideas sought..... improved access for those in wheelchairs....?

OK, THAT does it! We need another Woodstock!

Just Bought F-9/11 at COSTCO and The Register Person said.....

Corporate tax reform?

Maybe its time to remind younger voters that the Viet Nam war went wrong..

Should Judith Miller go to jail?

We just got back from Freeway Blogging.

Where are Sinclair stations located?

Your gov't cares - 9/11 victims buried in garbage dump

If Kerry wins what will happen to right-wing rage?

Christian DU'ers, some help please.

"America does not.......let its needy citizens fend for themselves."

Sinclair advertiser's e-mails, simple way to email them all

During The Last Draft... What Was The Penalty For Not Showing Up

Okay--I figured out how to Get FOX and SINCLAIR in one fell swoop.........

What does a "culture of life" mean?

Should marijuana be completely legalized?

left leaning groups WITHIN the Democratic Party ??

Bearing Bloody Witness

Is the US media suppressing the latest global warming story?

US Educated Iraqi Woman who opposed depleted uranium jailed

POLL: What qualifies as rich?

BBV: 1,000 public records requests issued to force election transparency

Damn Bush and this Iraqi war!! Nephew home from Iraq.

Vancouver best city in the Americas according to Conde Nast

Who can hold Blair in check?

Bush's Security Plan Now Rests On Nothing But Hope. PNAC & Incompetence

Tragic Accident At Yankee Pitcher's Home (Rivera)

USCCR Assails Bush Administration on Civil Rights

Ex-NL star Caminiti dead at 41

Nigeria fuel price strike starts

Senate moves forward with corporate tax cuts

Philadelphia Inquirer endorses Kerry

Hans Blix critical of Bush, Blair on Iraq

Economic losses of Boeing Co

Christopher Reeve report

AP story on Christopher Reeve's death

Sinclair Stations to Air Anti-Kerry Documentary

NASA Spacecraft Design Pioneer Faget Dies

In Cheney's Shadow, Counsel Pushes the Conservative Cause

First report: Suicide bomber attacks US convoy in S. Mosul

Feds plan to track every car

Rumsfeld says troop cuts possible

Maine man's ads have changed course of campaigns (anti-Dem ads)

Washington Ferries May Be Eyed for Attack (booga-booga)

Iraqis fearing a Sunni boycott of the election

Report Cites U.S. Profits in Sale of Iraqi Oil Under Hussein

Marines in Iraq asking questions

N.Korea Blames U.S. for Stalemate in Talks

Mathematicians Offer Help in Terror Fight

Bush Ad Appears to Be News Story

Suicide car bomber attacks US convoy in Mosul, 2 dead

Sinclair stations to air anti-Kerry film

"VOTE FOR CHANGE" TV Special To Be Broadcast Oct. 11 (Radio/ Webcast Too)

Rumsfeld: Iraq Must Grow Own Govt. System

Rocket Attack Kills 2 U.S. Troops in Iraq

Afghan torture jury question case

MLB: Former MVP Caminiti Dies

USA exerts "stupid pressure" on Belarus

EU Ends 11 Years of Libya Sanctions

Few Sadr rebels turn in arms

Hamdi Returned to Saudi Arabia

OPEC: Still the same problems of limited oil supply

Bedouin 'sold' Red Sea explosives

Iraq Militants kill Turk, Iraqi

Mosque on Fire After U.S. Air Strikes in West Iraq

CAMPAIGNING FOR BUSH: Franks says America not misled, blames intelligence

Pollser Predictions: Current methods may prove outdated.

The Buzz Is That Putin May Stay/Moscow Times--New WMW

Analysis: New Evidence Of Corruption In Iraq Oil Voucher Scheme

Iraq fighters 'have tried to make their own WMD

Kerry effort feels shorted by N.J. (democratic) party

Sean Penn to Trey & Stone: Don't Discourage Voters

Exxon to staff: vote for oil

Court to Weigh Death for Juvenile Murderers

Kerry opens three point lead on Bush (Zogby 3 day tracking)

Libya gives human rights prize to Venezuela's Chavez

Kerry Vows to Fight for Middle Class

Obama lending star power to other Democrats

Web Site Shows Two Beheadings in Iraq

Troops lament lack of information

Bank baffled by missing millions

Caremark Whistleblower Suit Seeks Bush Link in Florida

3 Western States to Vote on Pot Proposals

Animal Activists Campaign Against Chris John On Cockfighting

Family fights 'ghoulish' bid to save scene of Bobby Kennedy's murder Kerry 280 (that's 10 over the limit)

Anti-Kerry documentary to air on WGME (Maine Prime Time Showing)

USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll results (10-11 Kerry up 1)

Study ties Hussein, guerrilla strategy (Duelfer: US fell into Saddam trap)

Sharon refuses IDF request to wind up Jabalya operation

Report: Nazis Planned to Rebuild Auschwitz

USAToday--Standby Ballots Already Disputed

Iraqi mosque ablaze after US air strike

Hamdi Returned to Saudi Arabia

Hundreds buy DVD of Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11' at AAFES stores

Recent Sinclair threads and Resources (Plz add more)

Sabotage an Option Against Iran's Atomic Plans -Experts

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 11October

Halliburton Under Cheney Helped Saddam Siphon UN Oil For Food $Bns

Did “Anonymous” Condi Help Push The Saddam-9/11 Connection?

DNC Files FEC Complaint Against Sinclair Broadcasting; Conference Call 1:3

NYT, pg1: Problems Cited at Nuclear Plant in South Jersey (Salem)

NYT, pg1: New Scrutiny of the Flow of Iraqi Oil to American Consumers

Bush rhetoric becoming more aggressive

Bunning Apologizes for 'Saddam' Remark (To Democratic Opponent)

Afghan Shows Jury 'Torture Scars'

Outsourcing Vendor Starts to Cut IT Workers at Texas Utility (to India)

MI6 accused of using data gained by torture in Uzbek jails


Sorry, duplicated thread

Congress Approves Doubling U.S. Troops in Colombia to 800

Oil strikes another new high

Senate Approves Corporate Tax Bill ($140 Billion in Pork)

Bush used ICC terms against Saddam

Hawai'i soldier killed in Iraq

FDA denies knowing of Chiron suspension

UN to investigate Afghan election

God Has 4,000 Loudspeakers; the State Holds Its Ears (Egypt) NYT

Saudi Women Won't Vote in Elections

Kerry Says Gas Prices Help Bush's Friends

Supporters of Gay Marriage Gather in D.C.

Kerry surges back to tie Bush in poll-

Aaron Brown about to talk about the thin line between Media and...

Support for Bush erodes, poll says (USAT/CNN Gallup poll)

Poll: Bush Allies See Greater Terror Risk

Yahoo/AP :Texas Congressman Bares All, in 1974 Photo

NYC: MTA mulls massive transportation job cuts (possible 2100+ jobs)

Saudi Women Can't Vote, Run in Elections

pResidential visit throws wrench into Phoenix airport schedules

Report: Al Qaeda suspects have 'disappeared'

"Think Tank: Iraq War Distracted U.S. "

Think Tank: Iraq War Distracted U.S.

Pressure Building on U.S. Over WWII Suit

AP Poll: Bush allies face doubts from their citizens about terrorism

U.S. Aircraft Destroys Fallujah Restaurant

Congressman Want to Tax Federal Gov't

Security Grants Still Streaming to Rural States (NY - who cares)

Abu Ghraib interrogator tells his story

Libertarians Win a Hearing in Debate Case (Bush exit strategy !)

Sept.11 widows bash Bush

Bush Campaign Accuses AFL-CIO of Vandalism (At Bush Campaign Offices)

Bush's new way to sneak religion into government: Via health care

LAT: Soldier Sues to Remain at Home (challenges Stop Loss)

Labour MPs attack Blair on Iraq

Edwards Calls for Crackdown on Meth Labs

Gallup Daily Tracking - Kerry 50 Woody 48

NYT: Edwards Raising His Profile as TV Appearances Increase

Think Tank: Iraq War Distracted U.S. (Jaffee Center, Israel)

Diebold Cuts Quarterly Earnings Forecast (BBV backlash)

US convoy hit in Mosul

Paypal suffers (cough) "intermittent outages" today

Exodus of Iraqi Christians in full flood as targeted killings grow

Rumor of a Draft Touches a Nerve (Rock the Vote emails Draft Card)

WP/Milbank: Diverse Tactics on the Stump

WP: American Deserters Find a Mixed Reception in Canada

7 U.S. Groups Ask U.N. for Vote Observers

UN to investigate Afghan election

Dallas: Democrats expose Sessions' college streaking stunt

Israeli troops probed for killing child (shot 20 times on way to school)

An Electoral Surge for Kerry

Hot-air balloon collides with radio tower

Venezuela Hikes Taxes on Foreign Companies

39 mill. Americans in working poor families ,1:5 jobs $ less than poverty

Dems Object to Airing of Anti-Kerry Film

U.S. Funds Chat Room Surveillance Study

WP: Family's TV Clout In Bush's Corner (Sinclair Smith Brothers)

Long an Iraqi target, no U.S. help in sight (MUST READ)

School Board May Censor Books, Hand Out Bibles

1076 GIs Killed In Iraq and Counting . . .

Oil Firms Say Iraqi Purchases Were LegalVoucher Rules Met, Companies Conte

"Superman" star Christopher Reeve dies at age 52

Iraqi Forces to Protect Oil Facilities ("American firm has failed")

Detained al-Qaida suspects have ‘disappeared,’ human rights group says

Oil Prices Top $53 a Barrel, Set Record

GOP Senate Candidate Warns of Lesbianism

It's Official: Sinclair to air Anti-Kerry film in PT, no commercials

Edwards Says He Still Would Have Voted to Authorize War in Iraq -

Bush's campaign office in Spokane burglarized, vandalized

WP: Group of Bishops Using Influence to Oppose Kerry

Pharmacist Refused to Fill (OR Transfer) Contraceptive

UN: Iraqi Nuclear-Related Materials Have Vanished

Reagan is still dead.

Statement that indicates the relationship is in a new stage:

I heard Poland was looking to buy some wood

I'm making a pizza, and see a stupid label

Sorry folks: Reeve death confirmed (AP)

Q: Why would an editorial by Ingraham show up on Google News front page

Christopher Reeve has died.


"The Pledge" with Jack Nicholson on TNT right now...

What was the South Park episode that featured Chris Reeves?

Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian

Udderly Ridiculous Cat Picture

"First Pussycat dead pool" of sorts

Christopher Reeve has died

Tonight's song: "Staring at the sun" by U2

The Haunting of Woodmen's Circle (Sherman,TX)

Girl question for those with teenage daughters.

Details of Christopher Reeve's death.

Ken Caminiti is dead, too

Soap is a email! Soap is not a email

Poop is not a meal! Poop is not a meal!

If you're up (& have cable) you might want to put on the Science Channel

Bit Torrent Help Please!

Mamas whose last names start with the letters r-e-e-v-e,don't let your

A fitting tribute for Karl Rove

Gen X'er: opinions on negligees and Betty Paige

Anyone check out that webaddress on Doonesbury? (From Eisenhower's son)

my wife is soooo 'lish!

If I were a rich man

Michelangelo's "David" Has An Anatomy Flaw

Yankees have not won a WS under a Republican president since 1958

Man Breaks Biscuit Eating Record

The auto insurance industry never sleeps!

ok, so I got a henna tatoo!!!

While I am very sad about the passing of Christopher Reeve,

The Ugly American

I'm so freaked out...

Pure Evil

*EXTRA* Cat! Anyone need a cat?

Mother Grounds 12 Year Old - 12 Year Old Shoots Mom - Dead

Official Steelers victory over Browns Gloat thread.

Bread by "Wonder" is the most insipid, vomit-inducing codswallop ever made

Has Sharon Osbourne died, too?

Another poll you ,might want to hit...

'Man of Leisure, King George'

Welcome to Crawford*

State Of California Has A Check For $28 Waiting For Jesus Christ

Happy Indigenous Peoples of the Western Hemishpere Day!!!

Bush's Notes from last debate.................


Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!!

You'll never believe me

How Do You Like the New Addition to my Sig Line?

Once again grabbing DEFEAT from the clutches of VICTORY!

Soup is not a meal! Soup is not a meal!

Restorer discovers Goya painting

Pet Peeve: Current bands covering current songs....

Matcom News is making me queasy this morning

Important Acne Info

1st Excerpt from my book The Religion of Bush

Megadeth had some great guitarists:

Convicted Church Arsonist Now An Ordained Minister

Ken Caminiti died of a heart attack yesterday too

What's with Eminem's new "Disney Rap?"

My Internets Connection is Slow Today.

I got 6 Free Krispy Kreme Donuts!!!

What do you think?: The Onion.

Someone that John Asscroft would be afraid of!

This guy didnt forget poland either

Claim: One death or dismemberment is all it could take to end reality TV

Yours for a snip: the Manhattan flat going for $70m

Caption: Miaooo, where's my fur coat gone?

They die in 3's - Leigh - Dangerfield - Reeve.

Man Sets Record By Stuffing 3 McDonald's Burgers Into His Mouth At Once

Bush Sets Record By Spewing 14 Lies Out Of His Mouth At Once

Rules for posting cat pics in Latest Breaking Mews

Here's your smile for today!

Anyone have experience with Cortislim round here?

I just flew in from Maui and boy are my arms tired.

Authorities: Girl attacked baby sitter with machete

60 Year Old Woman Jumps On Crocodile To Stop Attack

Matcomnews Cub Reporter DS1 here with a hot development

Early Voting Starts October 18th in Colorado

King Crimson fans: New 1969-1974 Box Set (4 CDs) tomorrow

Xtopher reeves has died (no provenance)

Yankees have never won a World Series under a Green Party President

how can you tell what program is using your soundcard?

Fox photo: "President Bush peers inside a mass of hands to say hello"

Remembering Reeve's Superman

Go Packers!!!

I've always depended upon the kindness of strangers.

Places where poles can be found

I just took a triple-dose of expectorant, what should I name the baby?

I'm back after suffering with an ear infection for a week...

Remember being outraged during the first Gulf War

Get thee to Prague

Farenhype 9/11 AARRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Are we going to dress up as Freepers this Holloween?

Go Packards!!!!

How to report scam to Yahoo?

Vote For Change Tour Finale - Free Webcast tonight!

Any Alana Davis fans out there?


The Don't-Bogart-the-Hooka of all CAPTIONS!!!

Despite my avatar, I was once a big fan of the Panthers

"Fahrenheit 9/11" won't play in my toaster.

George Bush's illegal but gratifying right hook

"Fahrenheit 9/11" won't play on my Weed Eater"

Caption: Saddam says Junior is Licio Gelli's SON?

from the Hot air Balloon Fest in NM this weekend---graphic heavy

"TEAM AMERICA" has the stench of box office poison

"Fahrenheit 9/11" won't play in my 8-Track.

"Fahrenheit 9/11 won't play in the white house"

"Fahrenheit 9/11" DVD plays on our son's toy slide disc viewer.

Some of my favorite Bookmarks Part 1

Am i the only one that hasn't watched their F9/11 DVD yet?

"Fahrenheit 9/11" won't play on my Xbox.

THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS was on Sci-Fi last night

Who'll do the fightin’ for these rich white folks, and their wars?

HAHAHAHHAHAHA! He said "rectum!" is down.

Columbus took a nap!

I just spent 8 days *in* the Vineyard--I'm wasted!

Columbus had naps

Columbus had craps

Alright, what the hell is the deal with "Love Is..." comic strips?

I just spent 8 days on Vicodin - ask me anything

Columbus had Crabs...

Change your avatar to remember Chris Reeve

Hateable smily emoticons

Why must you hurt me?

New Prince Video Rocks Terrorism (with links to view)

Polls Show Spiders Much Scarier Than Terrorists

Yankees sign Chinese player Feng Shui for ALCS

How about starting a dead pool for me?

Bush Administration is Faith-Based

The Washington Redskins Presidential Election Conspiracy..

Battle of the yard signs

How about I start my own dead pool and put you on it?

Question about freepers.

Bar-B-que or Bar?

just order kerry flag for car from kerry gear -

What's the url to the 2000 "Curious George" Maxim cartoon?

Question about freezers.

Frustrated NFL Fan Goes On Pudding Strike Until NFL Broadcasts Games

What the hell am I going to do at work all day once Kerry wins?

I just spent 8 days on the Vineyard--Ask me Anything!

Rampant Lebanese-ism

Halloween themed songs

Best movie with the number 7?

Wanna know what B* was writing down during the debate?

I met a Swift Boat Vet over the weekend

IGNORE THIS - I got my answer...

The Suffer-Unto-Me-the-Little-Children of all CAPTIONS!!!

Rampant Thespianism.

Caption the baby torturer!!!

I'm ignoring yaks with wild abandon today!

Where did the word "Wop-alicious" come from?

The laughing in his monkey face of all CAPTIONS

The You-Can't-Take-'em-Anywhere of all CAPTIONS!!!

Bush - Now Over 50% Chimp

Rabbi joke

Bush Talks with the Kids ( you'll like this one)

How many here have the Superman avatar in memoriam?

Bush reminds me of this cartoon character the most...

I'm AlGoring threads with wild abandon today!

Rampant Lesbianism

The Dead Italian Guy memorial Bar-B-Que is on and you're all invited

Ramp and equestrianism

War Pigs!

CAPTION a Man and a Mouse.

"Wannstedt's just all wet."

"Fahrenheit 9/11" won't play in my rectum

Need a wedding caterer?

Per Michael Moore's Request...

Who discovered America?

My 4 STAR NFL picks for this week

I've discovered why I'm such a gung-ho, rampant, do-or-die Democrat

Well I did up a bunch of resume/portfolios last night

Who discovered Air America?

I'm ignoring threads with wild abandon today!

Concert music for your Halloween party.

Larry King is on ecstasy?

I'm sportin' wood!

Listen up, Fakir!!!

Where did the word "Internets" come from?

Who Discovered Leif Garrett?


Who Discovered Loose-Leif Binders?

Just Lief us alone

Who discovered Mrs. Garret?

Who discovered Leif Eirikson?

Cleaned the kitchen, bathed the dogs, mowed the lawn, washed the car

Why Didn't You People Tell Me That There Was More Than One Internet

Who discovered leif lettuce?

I will root for New York or Boston depending on the following:

Who discovered Leif Blowers

Special "Superman" by Five for Fighting video... RIP Chris Reeve

Any other Canucks working on this thanksgiving day?

I will be listening to "O Superman" by Laurie Anderson tonight.

Division of household work - How do you guys do it?

Freeper threads, they don't believe the polls. Hehe.

Is there a Mad Doctor in the house?

I'm dedicating Johnny "Guitar" Watson's SUPERMAN LOVER to Chris Reeve

Considering adoption - Could anyone share an experience?

This seem an apropriate pic. for the lounge:

An encouraging sign coming from Texas

Getting Flack for my pro-Kerry Halloween Decorations

My room just got axebombed.

Are younger guys getting hotter looking?

Waterlily purse her lips say WOOF real quite like.

Who discovered Leif It To Beaver?

There is something very wrong with me!

Mellencamp has a pretty good band these days . . .

Is DU murderously slow for anyone else tonight

Great anti-PNAC Flash animation

How many members of the bush admin does it take to change a lightbulb?

Anyone know the website that features one deal per day?

david lowery (cracker and camper van beethoven)on majority report tonight!

Ass = Bad

who wore black in honour of Columbus Day?

AT LAST: New West Wing season begins October 20.

Do housekeepers the world over

what do you think is the craziest commercial?

I need a photo for an art project. Please help!

To all the DU'ers looking for work . . .

Any bible scholars out there?

BREAKING...Osama sends letter to Bush!

ahhh-- I've updated my ignore list and I feel better already....

OMG!....Einstein has a problem again!

Anyone else watch 7th Heaven

you mean theres another?!?!

I got a need. I got a need for weed.

Where is "It's a Wonderful Life" supposed to take place?

I'm going to post a crap load of flamebait on another site

Dreams cited in finding of teen alive in ravine 8 days after car crash

Fuzzy Math LOL

How far up will gas prices go after the next debate?

Overweight girl elected to homecoming court

Just got my DVDs of F9/11 and Hunting of the President!

The Deadly Grell is after me.

Most Beautiful Forensic Anthropologist?

Anybody else watching "Political Tour " on HBO right now ?


Fed-up Cheney Enters Presidential Race

I will very grudgingly accept a Red Sox WS win...

F 9/11 Music Question

Caption--Damn, I feel the same way!

WTF! Someone please tell me what the trick is !

I just got Hairy Buffalo tickets!

Anyone else looking forward to the Farscape mini-series on Sun ?


Anyone else having trouble getting into GMail?


if you've been totally rocked by the concert, email sundance at

Generic Good Morning Thread

Just saw F9/11 for the first time.


US Code, Title 4, Chapter 1, Sec. 8 (g)

What is your all time favorite film?

Changing Horses

Enough to make you scowl - but enough to make you smirk?

JEEBUS!! Just Saw Pearl Jam LIVE DO "Masters Of War"

Hooters halloween costume for a 3-year-old?

Just testing my new signature

Red Sox fans, which would you prefer?

Anyone heard of this singles website?

Christopher Reeve was an American hero.

Real Life Dilberts

Electricity first appeared in homes in what year?

I love James Taylor's advice to Undecided Voters:

Whos winning in the Atlanta-Houston NLDS Game 5?

MrScorpio doesn't like GOPisEVIL'S ass, but I think it's cute...

Damn, how did I pull out a win this week in Fantasy Football

Repuke at work, pissed after debate outcome complained about me...

Don't underestimate Flurking Leepers!

Fantasy highway signs--here's one

Ok here's the Red Sox-Yankees schedule

You've Just Earned a Dinner Date in Hell

Here in Chicago, it's also Casimir Pulaski day. (a city paid holiday)

Any flame wars going on currently? I need some entertainment

Emperor Bunnypants, Live At Red Rocks 10/11/04 ("It's THIS big")

Cutest Paleontologist?

Girl says bones belong to ghost

Until a few minutes ago, I was a Hiding Thread Virgin

ARRRG!!! My mother in law just sent me that video of 9/11 with people

Ah I just yahooed my name and found an editorial I wrote on a media

Screenshot of a personal project you may enjoy

Springsteen - Born in the USA - Live on Sundance NOW

Okay, time for some diversion.... how about a CAPTION?

Man, is Fogarty & Springsteen gonna duo "Fortunate Son"

I just got this catalog in my mail.

For those watching Sundance concert, I hope you

Any Economics majors here?

FORTUNATE SON!!!! - Live Sundance channel

Man Pours Hot Cup Of Coffee On Toddler's Head

"He can run, but he can't hide." My great uncle coined that phrase

Um, Bruce Springsteen just told me to take off all my clothes...

Sigh. I just watched this (link inside) and got ALL pissed off all over

Oh also, Red Sox fans....

A neighbor's "Bush / Cheney 2004" yard sign didn't last a week!

Yet another Request for advice on discussing with a Conservative friend

The Astros just won their first ever playoff series against Atlanta.

please settle debacle..Steve Van Zandt

Caption: is the CIA now bugging Junior?

Titans Fans Get To Cheer For the First Time In a while

F9/11. I'm in tears. Again.

NEW Favorite TV show?

2,800 S. Korean troops join "Coalition of the Bribed and Coerced"

My first night on the radio following the election...

Sox or Yanks?

I just love the movie "Coal Miner's Daughter"

Remember the Bill Murray movie 'Stripes'

Soldiers Arrested For Having Sex At The Alamo

China Pays $330 For Web Porn Tips

is there a mac doctor in the house?

The World Series you wanna see

If you were Miss America, what would your platform be?

Men: Wallet or Money Clip?

"If" by Bread is the most insipid, vomit-inducing drivel ever recorded

YANKEE FANS! Check in here!

The girl on "Lost" is just plain ol' sex on a stick.

Springsteen on Amazon

MLB: Former MVP Caminiti Dies

Damn, James Taylors voice hasn't aged much at all has it?


LIVE Vote for Change concert on now--Pearl Jam up, Dixie Chicks, DMB...

POLISH BIRTHDAY, happy birthday Rhiannon12866

So is the Sundance Channel the new channel for us Liberals

Columbus had a map !

Do not watch this video!


Comic book fans; liberal comics/ comic book creators?

Fawlty Towers is voted top sitcom

here's a good one to caption...The demon

Repeat: Chance to hear Pagerbear sing in NYC

My new neighbor has a W sticker on her car.

"Somewhere In Time" on cable this evening...

Test your liberal credentials here:

Masters Of War

MrScorpio doesn't like my ass, but I think it's cute...What do you think?

POLL: The most hilarious anti-Kerry comment you have heard.

HEY, Braves Fans...Where's That "Tomahawk Chop" ***NOW?!?!!?***

thanks to matcom, GOPis EVIL and I are getting married!

Anyone got a good lasagna recipe?

Help! I need website-builder suggestions!

Say what you want about Cat Stevens.

What brought you to DU?

Whatever happened to_________ ????

What things do you do that make you feel young again?

Do you believe in ghosts

My favorite Christopher Reeve appearance

Do the Packers suck or what?

A prayer of mourning

What is the craziest thing you have ever heard a Freeper say?

What food or drink kick are you on right now?


This is incredible to watch and play with!

Red Sox fans from Far and Wide: Check in here!

I just got great Barry Manilow tickets!(ok make fun, you know you want to)

An even scarier car than the last one!

Shirley Manson of Garbage rants about politics

I need help...

"A Christmas Story" Audition: They had me read TWICE for The Old Man!

question: Why does ANNthrax's book "Treason" have good reviews from NYT


The Grandpumpkin...

We are now casting for "You Forgot Poland" a musical

Where did the word "Niggardly" come from?

Revisiting a Golden Oldie: Bush and "The Segway Incident" (6/03)

Mom Stabs Son For Destroying Her Stuffed Animal - Stepfather Held Him Down

How do you plan to celebrate Columbus Day?

Which celebrity death rocked the Lounge the hardest?

Ken Caminiti, rest in peace, slugger

Looking for classical music recommendations

Want some (non-made up) ghost stories? Come inside my precious!

Using Feng Shui to Improve Your Life

Winsor Pilates infomercial seen on Sinclair station KSMO

list of advertisers on Sinclair owned KSMO

I'm hearing rumors that Christopher Reeve died.

Rentway, another Sinclair advertiser

Kerry should bring up how Bush ran every Co. he ran into the ground

What is the format for the last debate?

Local news NBC mentions Reeves/stem cell/Kerry

Once again, Digby nails it. Bush's 50 min. of free, uninterrupted airtime

Christopher Reeves has past away. I have and idea to pass on from a

Doonesbury is doing an "Honest Voices Reading List" for undecideds.

It's a shame Mr. Reeve couldn't live to see a new day dawn for America.

Lets NOT forget P.DIDDY!

How about anti-Bush roadside signs in the Burma Shave tradition?

Democratic Underground A WAY TO STOP Sinclair Broadcastings

For those who post flyers

It will be a tragedy if Bush wins because of his apparent stupidity

Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation Endorses Prop 71 (stem cell res.)

re: Christopher Reeve/science/stem cells

meet the press repeat, on now -CNBC / With Edwards

What should be done with Elderly's vote........

Holy Crap! You have to see this! Bastards!!!!!!!!!!!

The Iraq - 9/11 Connection

ABC World News Now

George's "Furity" should make us very happy

I would like to see a law passed ...

This f***ing Bush puff piece CNN is showing

Remember H. Ross Perot?

Voter registration

Sinclair Broadcasting - Unpatriotic and Un-American

Bush earpiece story takes flight

Yankees have not won a WS under a Republican president since 1958

Great clip: Bush's dementia documented

NPR and Cokehead Roberta

"bush has made such a mess of things..that's why I'm voting

Latest GOP talking point re: taxes: people who earn $200k aren't rich.


A Republican friend sent me this. Seems he is a little ticked at Bush

The two faces of evil

Kerry pays for $50 memorial brick for Iowa Vietnam Veteran

I Sick to Death of these Polls. They all saying different things.

Furious George: Where Can I Find A Video Clip?

Surfer magazine article

Is this Sinclair thing one of the suprises Rove mentioned?

97% of Sinclairs political contributions went to Republicans

How Bush Won Round 2 ??!!

Tweety: "I want to see him debate John Kerry wearing that jumpsuit"

Why the Red Sox v. Yankees Series Has Political Implications

Bush was reciting answer to the environmental question during 2nd debate!

Isn't it strange that Christopher Reeve die days after he is

A Quote Comes to Mind for Today

Sinclair - Bring 'Em Down > links included

Newspaper Endorsements So Far with Circulation

"Bush aides deny Internet rumors he was wired" (not "drug" wired, sorry)

We need a comprehensive list of * scandals

Air America ripping Bush over "You can run but you can't hide"

OK Folks, unless I missed it

Zogby is the poll to watch IMHO.

Has anyone discussed this gem from Dumbya about Judges?

CNN getting ready to whore for Bush some more this morning?

Mr. Bush* bring it on, I'm proud to be a LIBERAL!!!

Boycott Sinclair's Auto Dealerships in DC, Baltimore & NE PA.

Fahrenheit 9/11 Rocked!!!!

Kerry Needs To Channel A Little Harry Truman In The Next Debate

Bush signs DOWN, Kerry signs UP

CNBC is going to show New Kerry commercial soon

101 days remaining

Twenty-two days left to make a difference.

Bush against slavery - Thank you George for clearing that up.

Sinclair Investors Speaking Out...LOUDLY

Good thing bush & cheney wouldn't change a thing...*sarcasm*

BUSH: I don’t think you can win it.(War against terrorism) NBC

Need some good info on stem cell research

Did the Pentagon launch an investigation into Kerry's medals?

Draft Issue: Show this Timeline of the Future to people!

Diane Rehm (NPR) talking about Sinclair Movie!

More info about Edward Martos (Undecided?NOT) GOP Operative

AAR Unfiltered now discussing Sinclair

About the 3rd Debate

WTF - AWOL Bush now talking about "running and hiding."

3 debates 3 W's - 3 debates same Kerry. W's a phony.

Third debate Kerry is free to throw the RULES to the wind.

It's the ECONOMY, STUPID! - From the mouths of "cell phone babies"

President Poo Poo Pants

Bush allies face doubts over war on terror

I LOVE the DNC's '4 more years' ad

Kerry Campaign : Make sure it's about Bush and not about John Kerry

No Wonder Wisconsin is Turning to the Right - Massive Mind-F***ing

The Mort Halperin Memo to ABC News...

Dear sweet Jesus, can I please go a day w/o hearing about Bush's bulge?

Bush to paint Kerry as a "dangerous leftist" - photo caption

Bush heard us protesting when he was here Thursday

Bush: "Space aliens are trying to kill you with prescription drugs!"

A Must Read on Why Kerry has an excellent Chance!!

Looks like Oct for Shrub is so far like Kerry's August.

Playing politics with the troops

Debate strategy

"Kerry is dangerously liberal" vs "Bush is a desperate, out-of-touch liar"

Fun for Retirees

Kerry firms up support among once-undecided voters...

Did the Dems already play all their cards?

NYT: Feinstein sends letter to FCC re Sinclair Group Showing Anti-JK film

Some points Kerry should raise on Wednesday

Tech types wanted to monitor voting. -VOLUNTEER-

What jobs are included in the Govt Jobs figure?

Robert Redford is on the Today Show, talking about vote for change

"Kerry is a big-spending Massachusetts liberal..."

In Oct 92 - Poppy was digging into Clinton's passport file.

I don't think Bush should have used "bring it on" against Terrorism.

I don't think Kerry should have used the word "nuisance" for terrorism

Sinclair Broadcasting literally can't afford to take the Kerry film risk.

Poll needs our help!

Did Charlie Gibson ever say anything about the debate?

Please, e-mail CNN and ask them to include the question JK was asked

Your tax dollars at work for Bush's re-(s)election...

Have you seen the "W" signs in your neighborhoods? The yard signs

Accident waiting to happen: Concerns about Pennsylvania Absentee Ballots

I am sick and tired of Bush's anger

We can now start the 10 day countdown to the October surprise

Has anyone seen "Stolen Honor"?

bush proves he doesn't give a damn about the lives of our troops

Bob Schieffer and Bush Connection

His advisers must have told him his supporters like him loud and obnoxious

Bush postponing major operations in Iraq for electoral reasons

Debate Transcript of Kerry mentioning Christopher Reeve...

Kerry's golden opportunity: Bush thinks the rules are for everyone else

Oregonian publisher wanted to endorse Bush; more pro-Bush letters coming

Why wont Kerry ask Bush why do 9/11 families hate him?

Take this Poll please

Normalized Gallup poll results for debate

If there's one person who shouldn't pounce on slips of the tongue...

Terror threat to WA ferries comes right after GOP pulled campaign out.

Race Summary from the Party: Kerry (264) vs *(239) and other races

New Zogby Poll - Kerry 47% Woody 44%

Could Al Franken an the Sundance Channel help us ?

Please use Poverty Wage, not Minimum Wage...

An idea for a new website, thoughts?

accidental discussion/argument with a Bush supporter...

Bush's impatience, irritability, and bellicosity must be a campaign issue!

Here's the Dred Scott case.

Kerry was on an episode of "Cheers"

Third debate looms as Kerry expands lead

Sinclair Broadcasting Comment Line

So, I watched excerpts from the "Sinclair Video"....

Sen Rick Santorum finds Teresa "icky"!

If you have SBC Yahoo DSL - e-mail here about Sinclaire

The flu vaccine shortage- potentially worse than terrorism!

Any of you guys seen this article by CBS on undecideds?

Philadelphia Inquirer endorses KERRY!!

Free the Fertility Clinic Thousands! Free the Fertility Clinic Thousands!

Today's yard sign tally

debate laughs

1/20/01, 9/10/01, 9/12/01, 11/02/04

Flip-Flopper or Consistant Liberal?!


Bush doesn't heed warnings.

Did anyone else crack up when Bush mentioned the Dredd Scott case...

My letter to local TV editor re Sinclair and Milwaukee

Idea about the Sinclair broadcast; should Kerry go on O'Reilly that night?

October is unkind to Bush --Bad news piles up

Oxymoron for the day - FOX News

Kerry speaking in Santa Fe now...

Sinclair Story a diversion?

Fire his sorry ass !

New York Times: "In a New Offensive, Bush Rearms His Stump Arsenal"

1pm on CNN they are going to talk about Sinclair group

The Senate just passed another huge corporate tax cut by 69-17...

Mark Kirk (R-IL) belongs to org. that will oildrill under Lake Michigan...

Wednesday's debate, we are so fucking dead.

Chris Reeve's Death Should Not Be Used Politically By Kerry/Edwards

Sinclair (SBGI)...thier stock is DOWN 50% this year ..... nice mgmt!

Kerry looked good on CNN just now

I'm going to the Katherine Harris vs. Jan Schneider debate tonight

John F. Kennedy's "Liberal" speech

I love this quote!

Oil for Food Scandal??

OK...I'm coming out

Its not about Kerry and what he did or said. Its about BUSH an what he did

Draft Rumors:the irony of actual words vs. the "message"

Cuban Missile Crisis: Threat of Force To Back Up Diplomacy

Oil prices a catch-22 for Republicans? has Kerry back to 280 EC votes.

John Kerry’s position on abortion: DU Poll

DNC Conference Call happening NOW to file FEC complaint - Sinclair

Bloodthirsty warmongering puke (*) talks about "sanctity of life"

Hard hitting new Kerry Ad

Web banners!

"Naive and Dangerous" -- How Kerry could have destroyed Bush on Friday

IF you were would "divert" attention from DOMESTIC issues !

How many precincts are there in the

The Day After Tomorrow.....

richard mellon schaife

270,000 Iowans have requested absentee ballots, dems lead 2-1

Where's panchamama??

The freepers are even stealing Kerry stickers from Peter Frampton's car

what happened with CNN?

Closing Strategy: Advisers say Kerry to focus on trust--Boston Globe

Why the RW consistently trumps the Left with its Rove-inspired tactics

So where is Ashcroft?

Total number of major papers to endorse Kerry and Bush (so far)

Time to blast the media with this? Sinclair CEO sex scandal ...

Democrats Object To Sinclair's Plan To Air Anti-Kerry Pgm

Should I go see Nader today?

CNN regularly experiences "technical difficulties" whenever Kerry speaks

FLYERS: Please post your favorites HERE

Hit this poll: was Bush wired during the debates?

Just Checked Out "The Two Faces of Bush"

So does this mean any station can air F-911, commercial free...

What will be our answer to the Sinclair broadcast?


Anyone notice this fresh Bushism from last debate?

outsourcing question- can anyone answer this?

Sinclair stock sliding slowly

Today, Karl Rove promises: "There's a lot more in Kerry's record that...

From Air America, direct Sinclair contact info, including David Smith

All available Sinclair station email addresses/links to web forms

Do you own Sinclair?

AP: Dems publicly oppose Sinclair film plan

Anyone Lost CNN?

I am tired of bush using liberal as though it was a dirty word

Kerry dedicates energy speech to Christopher Reeve

A poll you CAN believe


Good, the President just said we should be "staying on the offensive"....


Al Franken mentioned that they are going to "Wand" Bush before the debate

Emails about the 2nd debate yielded a response!

Remnants of Jim Crow: Voter Intimidation in Modern Times

NEED LINK to Senate Dems letter to Sinclair

Ridiculing get-out-the-vote efforts

The Swiftees Are Back!!

Randi Beating Bush with LUMBER

Give $$ to Texans for Truth for ad buy

The Day CNN Picked Up Bush's Transmissions

Will Pelosi and Daschle o the right thing and publicly denounce Sinclair?

Latest Newspaper Endorsement Tally

Get in your closet and find your tallest boots, because..........

Kerry rips Bush on OPEC comments .... (from speech today)

Start a campaign for a F 9/11 broadcast...

USA Today has good article about Edwards' recent interviews/remarks

Why Did James Baker Turn Bush Into Nixon?, Sinclair advertiser

HORRIBLE WaPo story on Kerry rally Sunday -- HORRIBLE

Soldiers letters to Michael Moore

TPM: FCC's Reed Hundt Letter to Sinclair

wrong president, wrong place, wrong time

Some good news about Military Votes, and an amusing story.

Neo-Conservative. Why is this not said?

What is Kerry's plan for Iraq? I need some talking points.

Photo of Bush Bulge from 2nd debate

Important debate point for Kerry regarding the stock market/growth

LeftCoaster:What to do to challenge Sinclair's license renewals (FCC)

After two debates the "low expectations" game is innapropriate.

Nude President Bush Painting Pulled From Museum

Any other sites like

Here's the Sinclair spokesman who defended the anti-Kerry film as "news":

Rachel Madow had a great point on Unfiltered. Re: Bush and Dred Scott

Is the "war on terror" exaggerated ? If so, how much?

Heads up CNN is going to talk about it again on Inside Politics

Movie on Wed.??

Evil Swiftboat Women in latest ad coming up NOW on CNN.

FOX just brought up Kerry's book "The New Soldier"

Paging David Smith...Mr. Smith Where Are You???

You called it, Bush! Waterloo.

Where are the Dems on this Sinclair thing? Where are the law suits?

Few Republicans decried voter purging in Florida

Don't fall for Sinclairs phony voice mail number. Call their MAIN LINE

Blacks voting for smirk out of perversity

Sinclair on MSNBC NOW

DNC Press Release: Sinclair Broadcasting Group

To fight Sinclair: It is time to go nuclear

So this means 60 Minutes can air the forged Niger docs story, right?

if there is factual error, why not slap a law suit now

The many faces and moods of George Bush

New post-debates nickname for Bush: "Blinky" on the move against Sinclair Broadcast

My Kerry sign stolen

Is stupidity contagious ??

" I saw it and his wood is only this big.".....

The CNN "blackouts" are NOT coincidence

Can't George Soros...

Everyone gets to vote - KILLER PSAs!!

Is Sinclair the October Suprise?

Kerry Tackles Domestic Issues, Bush Tackles Kerry

Local Stations Pre-empt Sinclair, broadcast F9/11

Bush's Debate Wire: Roxanne-Gate?

Is Osama still the October Surprise?

Abrams Report to cover Sinclair

Kerry should propose a fourth debate on a subject of Bush's choosing

Katherine Harris backs out of debate with Jan Schneider

Crossfire Thread:

Sinclair CEO contributed the legal limit to Bush 2004. I am so Mad!

Link to Online Petition to Stop Sinclair from airing anti-Kerry film!

Quick FYI: web site is back up.

The "Was Bush Wired" debate IS RELEVANT

What Happens If No One Has An Electoral Majority

David Brock will be on Franken decrying being dropped by CNN when he

Stolen Honor Web-site fair and balanced question:

Great Opportunity to Hammer deregulation


Mormon republican friend switches to Kerry

Error on

Should Kerry accept Sinclair's invitation?

President Kerry can do one thing to retaliate for this Sinclair thing

Message To The Campaign: Put Together Press Release Of Pre-IWR Statements

Well the effects of the last debate seem to be rolling in.

I just got my email for the Bush Meetup tomorrow....

Pepsi Cola Board of Directors Information (Sinclair Boycott)

How will Tweety handle the Sinclair thing??

Kerry Press Release: Bush Can Hide But He Can't Run From the Truth

Three weeks of librul, librul, librul, Massatoosetts librul coming up.

Potential idea for the Sinclair biz.

Libertarian and Green candidates arrested?

Hey, check out our "mama"

Is there a legal argument to make to the SEC with regard to Sinclair?

If I hear Bush say, "You can run but you cannot hide" one more time. . .

CNN Blackout - creepy or just coincidence?

I would love to get back to a place where terrorists and terrorism were a

Geesh, Californians. Just how many props will you guys have on the ballot?

Kitty Kelley Story About *

Love this pic!

What happened to Tucker Carlson?

Is Kerry Going to Issue a Press Release on Sinclair...

Barf Alert: Gary Bauer co hosting Crossfire

LTTE/Oregonian Newspaper: Kerry 1,140 ... Bush 74!

Kerry's stance on Campaign Finance Laws

Domestic Issue: Crashing US Dollar from US Trade Deficit (Fed. Reserve)

CNN - Dirty bomb materials vanishing from Iraq daily? Kerry must use this!

New Kerry ads Rock!

cnn just reported that before the debate Christopher reeves left

Limbaugh admits righties are simple.

Stephanie Cutter! Take a deep breath!

Did anybody see the Comedy Central ad on CNN?

New Poll: New Jersey Kerry 53% Bush 44%

Please contact Century 21 and Florida Lottery (Sinclair)

So does this mean any station can air F-911, commercial free...

Sinclair Market Watch...I'm Goin' Down, Down...

Where the hell are George Soros's billions when we really need them?

Have any thoughts about the 3 mistakes question from debate?

FCC Complaint Filing Help Needed

For those who own mutual funds - a way to punish SBGI

Dynamite Kerry ad in W.PA. Shows Kerry in a speech laying it on Bush*

Can someone please screen capture this LIE at Sinclairs website?

Sinclair smear linked to Swift Boat Vets, and thus The Bush Campaign.

bush BLAMED our MILITARY....and even THAT was for LIES. As troops DIED.

Small Business Owners

Sinclair Story: A Rovian Masterstroke

Why John Kerry will win in a LANDSLIDE!

Online Poll: Just how evil is Dick Cheney?

Why do people like Bush

Sundance channel is airing National Anthem right now - 4 hrs of music

Pressuring ABC/CBS/NBC to drop affiliate status for the Sinclair stations?

Ralph, Please!

The Senate shipped President Bush a wide-ranging $136 billion corporate

Heads up Florida, Pat Peale (RNC bandaid lady) is headed your way

Bush was NOT being prompted on D-Day

Do we have a list of email addresses of the sponsors

Whats happening with the Faux cameraman that filmed Bush from behind?

any other problems with absentee ballots - our is growing stranger

Bush Scares Babies!

Why do we use Halliburton so much

The TRUE story about Kerry on 9/11 during the Capitol Evacuation

TDS on Now: 10/6 rerun (Bob Schieffer as guest)

Someone better get to NJ before a debacle happens

How to complain to the WB Network (19 Sinclair affiliates are WB)

Circulations of papers endorsing Kerry and Bush. Wow!

Now I'm scared. Bush receives the ultimate endorsement


What kind of ratings did the Fri debate pull in?

Anti-Kerry film to air in prime-time - CNN

Here is what i want to see Kerry bring up in the last debate.

Comments needed on Sirius Radio

Alexandra Pelosi's Diary of a Political Tourist on HBO at 8...

Recent Sinclair threads and Resources (Plz add more)

Will Sinclair squeeze the “local” out of local news?

Posted this as a reply on another thread, but ...

ACT/MOVEON concert grand finale live!

It's time for Bill Clinton to give Jim McGreevey a call

Sinclair Corp. Relations VP Hyman calls allegations "absolutely absurd."

If 9/11 changed everything, why are they going back 20 years

Kerry Advisors on TV

Stupidest reason to vote for Bush EVER

No taxes for the middle class?

A lightning bolt from heaven thrown at bush

Kerry is BRINGING IT ON. AWOL* is going down

Another benefit of George W. Bush losing: Less George P. Bush in the media

Sinclair Scumbags are going to rue the day they started this fight

Free Bumper Sticker

Olbermann on

Got to stay off of yahoo chat

Stop Sinclair Broadcast Group:sign the petition

Oh dear! What if Kerry was TOO good in the debates?

Protestors at DC Springsteen concert tonight

The problem for Kerry, holding the lead for 3 weeks after the last debate.

another bulge theory:MSNBC

Couldn't Kerry Use Sinclair to His Advantage???

Is the Sinclair Flap the Repub's October Surprise?

The VOTE FOR CHANGE concert is on Sundance NOW!!!

A Really Wierd Thing in Debate #2

Whatever happened to the Fairness Doctrine? A Primer.

Email campaign by repugs-WMD's in Iraq

Cheney's Haliburton Helped Iraq Cheat on Oil for Food Program.

Kerry Says Gas Prices Help Bush's Friends

I think Chimpy will suffer a backlash over Chris Reeve's death

Have you been offered a ticket to the inauguration?

I smell flop sweat, Karl. Resorting to Sinclair Broadcasting to spread

Stopping Sinclair Quietly?

I have a question about a Bush TV ad.

NBC Las Vegas- running anti war thread

If Sinclair classifies STOLEN HONOR as news, then so is GOING UPRIVER

I don't understand what Chimp's trying to say about "nuisance"

I hope


Just watched a rerun of Bill Maher on HBO -westcoasters you can still do

duplicate self delete

Wellstone sticker seen!

CNN showing clips of 'Stolen Honor' while reporting on Sinclair story

Any Cleveland OH people here?

Kerry looked great on the Newshour today.

Debate on Wednesday

Explain this to me about Michigan internet voting.

Worse GOP Senate Candidate: Coburn or Keyes?

Friday, Oct 15-Deadline for Pentagon to release Abuse Records

"It's All About the Counting. We'll Take Care of the Counting". Pete King

Personally, I'd take "small nuisance" over "endless war" anyday...

Why does every car I see with a * sticker..

Maybe I'm naive but I'm not too worried about this Sinclair deal...

Hallway Sticker Wars At College

NEW CNN/USAToday/Gallup: Kerry won Friday's debate; takes lead


My Letter published!

Do the Networks have any clout over Mark Hyman & SINclair stations?

HIT THE POLL : Tell Zahn that Sinclair's hatefest should not air.

Skinner: can you permapost this info from DKos?

Yet another rock star's musical campaign for Kerry...

Sinclair propaganda = Republicans acting like 9/11 never happened.

National Dem party is targeting Kentucky Sen. Bunning based on new poll

Sinclair's statement on their website

best way to apply advertiser pressure to sinclair stations is to

Friday night debate through the eyes of 2 ten year old girls

Screwed up absentee ballot!

Sinclair can air the anti-Kerry show, as long as they end it with this.

Mathematicians Inadvertently Expose George W. Bush and his Terrorist Ties

DU this's close between is it news

Just got a call from McKale Center at UA in Tucson - Michael Moore there

Cool beans! My LTTE is being published

'10 weeks' Ads...check it out again...or for the first time

Screwed up absentee ballot Kerry 280 (that's 10 over the limit)

Gallup Kerry 50 Shrub 48

When Republicans trash your yard signs DO THIS

The Sinclair deal makes me very happy

The senate is holding up a research bill TODAY, to punish Reeve for

UN: Iraqi Nuclear-Related Materials Have Vanished!!

Dixie Chicks- "We MUST Put An End To

Bush accidentally framed the election for us

Conservatives waking up - Neocons March Left

DU this Repuke's Poll.

Dems take lead in voter registrations in NV.

One of the Principle Reasons Bush will LOSE. THE EMPORORS SYNDROME

Best Bush Can Do Is Try & Prevent A Humiliating Defeat

The worse part about this whole Sinclair thing is...

wasnt' it established that the bush campaign DID in fact

Whats the truth/fiction behind "Stolen Honor"

My report from Ohio.

Embrace Sinclair Smear Movie & Use It To Ridicule Bush

Stop Sinclair in OKC DU THIS POLL

This One Issue, Could Swing Florida....Need Help from DU!!

Catholic DU'ers -- read this and pass it to your Catholic friends!

Office mate going to Afganistan

Sent a comment to the Kerry campaign

Black voters describe a new motivation

New Arkansas and PA Polls

Rasmussen Battleground for 10/11

I'm hoping those watching this concert tonight

Freeper Men are Ugly!

Issues we won't hear more about until after election

Mike Malloy is talking about sinclair on airamerica

Be Prepared For Super-Biased "* Won" Spin After The Last Debate

Aaron Brown about to discuss Sinclair

Another pround feather up *'s ass....on our local news website -

The thugs will call it betrayal. They're wrong.

"I can do what I want, I'm the President ..."

I need help finding the funny internet ad with the mother on the park

"Nightline": Prexy campaigns and some Senate races

why do we have to pay any attention to these swift boat dudes again..

Last time SCOTUS r/wers anointed *. This time Sinclair wants the honors.

CBS's L.A. Affiliate claims the polls show Bush pulling way ahead

Steve Bell Scoop on the bulge - Guardian-UK

Hysterical piece on Bush the Strutting Turkey in Debate II

It's......... COMEBACK KERRY !!!

Is Kerry unable to attend a Catholic church because

Kerry camp feeling good about NH and FL

Christopher Reeve was not a Republican

The latest in freeper desperation

Time to worry about Bowles in NC

FMA author (Fundy Musgrave) skewered in Colorado ads.

Bush Ad Appears To Be News Story

Lots of great new flyers at

Is there a difference between Sundance airing Pro-Kerry

Kerry on Christopher Reeve

DU this poll

Just saw killer Media Fund Ad on CSI Miami

Remind SBG employees how CEOs actions will result in loss of jobs

Is there anybody more VILE than Dick Morris

How will the weapons buy-back in Iraq affect */Kerry Debate

Polls a tossup - Rove in overdrive

We can't win the war on terror?

VFC Finale webcast here

Something smells fishy about Sinclair plans

Bruce to "swing voters" : "IT AIN'T ROCKET SCIENCE"

GOTV ship is coming into the harbor

Sinclair is a smoke screen

Does Bush* ever talk about what he will do if elected?

BECAUSE THE NIGHT (of November 2) Belongs to US

For the 3rd debate Kerry has got to stick to the high road.

In the end, will this election adhere to history?

*/RNC lies shattered to pieces by !!!!

Here is a debate question for Bob Scheiffer -- (Exec comp out of hand)

Working on winning undecideds -------- Tell them this.

DU This CNN Poll:

Springsteen giving his sermon on Sundance now...

Brent Scowcroft on Making Terrorism a 'Nuisance'

DU This "Stolen Honr" Poll! - Results on multiple Sinclair websites!


How can Bush possibly be gaining ground after these two debates?

Deleted message

Debate 3: Let's Remember also to delay-flood the web

Forgotten Issues

The final nail in the bush campaign coffin

Bush leading Among 18 - 29 yr olds according to Zogby

Why is the Washington Post Poll such as outlier

Zogby's internal tracking poll - the one you need a password to see...

Do You Trust The Rasmussen Poll?

Proof that Bush wore device in debate

VFC Finale web cast live - ROCKING!!!

Post all relevant Sinclair local affiliate emails here.

James Taylor comment for undecideds on Sundance.

Heard a new ad with Kerry's nuisance comment

Bizarre CNN Newsnight opening - Aaron Brown compared the * misquote

Milbank - Crowds treat * like Rock Star, Kerry crowds warm

Has the Bush was wearing a radio rumor been confirmed?

I smell an awful lot of TV licenses getting ripe for left-wing picking...

We need to assign VCR Taping by channel on 11/2

They attack Kerry for wanting terrorism to be "a nuisance."

If you could cast 1,000 votes for Kerry-Edwards...

List of Sinclair advertisers!

Debating the Debate in the Maine Woods: truthout article by maine_raptor

Wore my Kerry shirt to Walgreen's tonight, and


umm...Mark Hyman number someone gave...401-568-1780

Think Tank: Iraq War Distracted U.S.

SO I was thinking this morning.......

'Doonesbury' Strip Crashes 'Union Leader' Web Site

Report from Europe (just back from the Dam)

Whatever happened to Seymour Hersh and Abu Ghraib?

I have noticed that many now use a W sticker instead of the Bush Cheney

All Sinclair Affiliates HERE

Caption the Chimp

Bush Dares Public to Resist Obvious Captions

Do you think Kerry held back during the last debate?

Chris Reeve might be alive but for Bush

Repukes disenfranchising 17,000 Las Vegas voters

HBO debuts Dem political doc. tonight

I'll bet the Bush camp would love to be debating foreign policy Wednesday

Whatever happened to the Big Bush Boner?

I think Bush team made big mistake in accepting debates

"You can run but you can not hide" Retardicans love this line

Cheney/Halliburton Helped Saddam Siphon UN Oil For Food

NO MORE "YUM" or Pepsico brands for me. Poduct and contact list inside.

You know what's great about this election???

What Does America Need to Know Right Now to Tip it to Kerry?

Black vote insignificant?

Just a Reminder: Hardball already "outed" Stolen Honor Liars

Kerry's closing statement

"Sinclair Broadcast Group is currently rated F (lowest rating)"--

Who here has actually seen 'Stolen Honor'?

Overhead comments....good stuff

Streaming Realmedia version of "Upriver" now online

I'll make a Flash attack ad "expose" on Sinclair if everyone pushes it.

unscientific polling done in my local paper..

Which of the Upper Midwest States (IA, WI, MN) Are You Most Worried About?

If you ever needed a reason to loath and detest freepers I have one!

GOP Senate Candidate Warns of Lesbianism

Is There ANY Way We Can LOSE?

Deleted message

Don't Underestimate the Lurking Freepers here!

Be Honest Now... Is Anyone You Know REALLY Still "Undecided"??

pretty black & white pic of Edwards , he is very Bobby Kennedy like

Somebody asks you what Kerry's new plan is. What's your answer?

More SINclair outrage: Sales Rep Comes Forward

The race is NOT tied, just like the last debate was NOT a tie.

Kerry 49-48 Lead Over Bush in New Gallup Poll!!!

Hey Pat, your Republican bias is showing.

Presenile Dementia -- Ten Years Ago and Now -- Quicktime

Why do you BELIEVE that Puppet Boy IS wired!?

*** Stop Sinclair Broadcasting's anti-Kerry smear! (Updated Sat. AM) ***