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Archives: October 10, 2004

"Hurricane George" and "Bush Divides Nation" 2 great letters in our paper.

A Costly Free Lunch - WSJ's Al Hunt

Saturday Night Live Debate Spoof, "Cleans Bush's Clock"

Stupid criminal of the year.

I have a spyware complaint, too.

I got my ears pierced!! W00T!!!

Hey Rage fans! 1st new song from Zack in five years, on the F9/11 album

WP: On Spyware. Please forward to your Rep. and demand...

SNL Watch II

Not so distant lineage of Shrub's ancestors discovered in Africa

For a long time the ruling elites of this country have found themselves

Ted Rall: "By the way, those Free Republic guys are the scum of the earth"

Need help dealing with a Freeper

Which Justice would you clone and appoint to the High Court?

Doonesbury gets it right......again!

Schwarzenegger for 2008

Why I am a Democrat

Question about Bush's new facial tick

Know Your BFEE: The Barreling Bushes

Police foil Iraqi terrorist suspect [Nashville!]

F-16's fire flares at two private planes

"I don't want you to be the guy in the PG-13 movie


Time to list the Shrub's defects

Fantasy Football: How will I do for this week?

I got my ears pierced!! W00T!!!

Damn, did you see "TV Funhouse" on SNL?

TV Fun House on SNL was a trip!?

Celery makes your underpants fall down.. ..Art Frahm "art"...

This is what happens when you make a bat look like this


Saturday Night: Zomby Praises His Fellow DUers!

If a political sign has been posted at an intersection, for example...

Are you happy?

Anyone want to French Kiss me?

Is Bill O'Reilly 7' 0" tall?

Why don't you write me?

Me Love You Long Time

I think that Krispy Kreme doughnuts are gross. Flame away! Bring it on!

How are you celebrating Italian Genocidal Guy Day?

Bush is running and hiding

DU this poll

NOW targets swwing states with GOTV effort


Nixon-Kennedy debate 9/26/60 on CSpan1 Now.....they had 8 min. opening

BBV and Maryland

What issues do you think GOTV literature should focus on??

What is "everything" that changed on 9-11?

TNR, 1999: Karen Hughes mouthing W's answers a half-beat BEFORE he spoke

John Kerry said that He won the debate.

Questions from me to you about the war in Iraq

Dredd Scott = Roe Wade ?

Bush Aides Laugh Off 'Wired Debate' Rumor

Zogby: Bush losing military vote (& other tidbits)

Bogus Polls: Meaningless Farce Or Looming Tragedy?: Arianna

How much crying and whining will we hear from the pukes?

Stupidest question: "Why will rest of the world cooperate with Kerry?"

Oct 10 WaPo front page article: Marines in iraq question war...

NYT Editorial: The Faith-Based Missile Shield

From 1984 to 2004

Kerry for President (Oregonian endorsement - they endorsed Bush in 2000)

The Plot To Sell the News-Vanity Fair, Nov. 2004

Orange County (CA) Register Editorial: Bush rebounds, but Kerry stays stro

Bush administration gives wild places the shaft

Send Us Your Story:

Scott Ritter (The Guardian): The source Duelfer didn't quote

Low-income voters could be pivotal (Oregonian)

Osama endorses Bush (NY Times)

Phila. Inquirer endorses Kerry (with a vengence)

Conservative Group to Air anti-Kerry movie as News

"Noose Tightens Around Bush Presidency" Battle Creek Michigan

LA Times: If America Is Richer, Why Are Its Families So Much Less Secure?

Bush On The Couch

Whew, At Least He Wasn't Fooling Around

The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations (An Exclusive DU Editorial)

A Mother’s Plea for Peace

Local Activist Mocks Local Bigots (Oregon Measure 36 pamphlet-jamming)

The spin of presidential politics

Freedom a long way off for some detainees

(Breslin) Insane Reality Spins the Head

US `hid' inmates to speed transfer, official reported

"Buried Secrets, Brutal Truths"

The Promise of the First Amendment

Nothing will save us from gullibility and greedy self-interest (Au SMH)

Bush debate notes revealed!

Picking A President:Six Major Papers Choose Kerry

Turn the election into a lottery

Rhetoric and the Record on Torture (LTTE/WP)

Globe-Gazette (Mason City IA) endorses Bush

Frank Rich (NYT): Why Did James Baker Turn Bush Into Nixon?

Bush's Security Plan Now Rests On Nothing But Hope. PNAC & Incompetence

The massacre of Mesopotamian archaeology

Don't bless torture

Robed heroes of liberty (Blumner/StPTimes)

Michael Kinsley-The Cult of the Source

Getting All Pissy - Hilarious Debate Recap

Where did the middle go?

another poll that needs help if you haven't seen it already!

Calling all Okies...Calling all Okies...Operation Naked Emperor

Call to CODEPINK Action

Yelled from passing cars during demonstrations

Sinclair Broadcasting advertisers (please add yours)

Attend The Pennsylvania Conference on the Healthcare Crisis! shows picture of soldier's casket on front page

Sinclair Alert Thread...

Italy and Switzerland Requested Indymedia's Server Seizure

Faith-Based Economics

Restoring Degraded Soils a Matter of Urgency

Yangtze River Now Receives Three Tons Of Sewage Every Minute

What can Kerry do right away to bring down gas prices?

Keeling Confirms - Rate Of Atmospheric CO2 Increase Rising Rapidly

'New' giant ape found in DR Congo

toxic rubber mulch being touted by the rubber, oil industry

"Sportsmen For Bush"

This is the truth about how well things are going:

Democracy, tradition collide as Afghan women try to vote

What is the greatest foreign threat?

Skinner, Is there anyway to PIN Newspaper Endorsements of Kerry?

Was there just a problem with DU? 12:45 pm EST

The banner is causing a memory leak

Idea to fight Sinclair - collect copies of F911 like canned food drive

National media list

What just happened?

My thread in GD04--states that I hate the two-face theme and

Why were these threads locked?

Mark feature

I just don't get it. Can somebody, please, explain this whole Israeli

9/11 attacks invited

Obama on NBC 5 Chicago with Dick Kay right now

Why can't Chicago get a decent Democratic leaning newspaper?

Is Monday a bank holiday? Post Office? Both?

Are there any So CA DU'ers planning to go to the Veterans for Change Rally

california propositions

Any Ventura County progressives out there?

Eastern Iowa or Western Illinois people

Drivin' Westbound 94 in St. Paul - TWO FACED * poster

I really, really hate Mark Kennedy's latest ad

Anyone have the Ann Arbor News today? (Oct 10)

Ohio's Republican Senators Come Out Against State Amendment

Ken Blackwell's paper problem explained

Divide Ohio into 5 regions: central, NE, NW, SE, SW

I just received the latest news from Kerry-Edwards Pennsylvania Campaign

Pittsburgh Stations ordered to run anti-Kerry movie

Attend The Pennsylvania Conference on the Healthcare Crisis!

Please support the Austin Statesman's Editorial about Delay

Check out this LTTE in the 10/10 DMN re: Draft

Going Upriver in Dallas

Props to the Rockwall County Library!

Abeline Reporter piece on local race, redistricting

Congrats to DU activists on Tom Delay

what is up with Prestonwood Baptist Church and their signs

Is WI Senate candidate Tim Michels outsourcing his push-pollers?

Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry -in Madison

Heard from a real "swiftie" on Saturday-----

Sen. Feingold slam dunks Michels in Wausau

Michael Moore

Susie Burke ruined Fremont.

What is the Afghan scuttlebutt?

BBV-Colorado - rules are "affirmative deception"

I had a birthday party tonight for my boss, I need answers for monday.

The Bug heard 'round the world....."bush+cheat+debate" 60,000 hits

Keep this thread kicked and check out the video, you won't be sorry.

Does George Want To Lose ...NOW...??????

Did Bush blow it on the oil prices?

Junior cheated in both debates, and John Kerry still kicked his ass.

This made me cry

Any other success stories out there?

Homeland Security Budget........Increase

A repug just got served! (let me gloat)

I am not able to use the search feature cuz our household is

Two special things happened yesterday

Please explain.....Debate 2..........Korea

Neocons plan for Bush 2nd term

Bush leads from a position of hypocracy

Is still lettin you download?I can't seem to get to it.

Great toon from Austin Statesman

What's the deal with the ink proving you voted in Afghanistan?

Gets right to the point!

Report: Bush Administration on Civil Rights

"The question isn't whether...we're better off without Saddam Hussein"

List the number one reason why you despise Fox News

Wired mag ed. touting on CNN

Daily U.S. Casualties 10/10/2004

America's Shadow (Emergency Parallel) Government

Reuters posts Kenneth Bigley's final words to Tony Blair from video

14 soldiers in marines killed thus far in October according to

So, You can vote on SATURDAY in Australia and Afghanistan???

My Local K-Mart Has Christmas Decorations On Display Already

caller on c-span. "kerry wants to come in and reap what * has sown"

Sinclair - any online petitions up?

The US has engaged in offshoring for years. Why are we concerned now?

If we're forced to go into N. Korea, Iran, there will be a draft!

Why do our candidates

Doonesbury | * gets a call from Poppy.....

George W. Bush's REAL plans for America

This Week...on ABC just showed the "bulge between the chimp's shoulders"

NYT Book Review | "Unfit for Command" | 'totally unconvincing'

Dred Scott not = abortion!! It is code for keeping discrimination.

Trouble with internets.........

Should the DU forums be private?

NYT Book Review | "The Family" | 'beyond catty'

Bush Burns Ear -- Pebble or Prompter at Fault?

Overheard a former special ops soldier tonight talking to a current Army

Bush* has no intention of capturing/killing Osama Bin Laden.

Question for history buffs

Enough w/the "but what if Iraq did have WMD" bullshit!

BBV: Need help -- e-slate

Race for the Cure in Phoenix

Electoral Vote Predictor: Kerry 280 Douchebag 248

Bush's Interpreter Says Bush Uses Earpiece (also witnessed a * rage)

On the subject of chili and why Kerry will win...

Hit smug asshole Wolf Blitzer's new online poll (link)

My answer to the "Knowing what we know now..." question...

Btw- Did you know that Stephen Baldwin is insane?

Bush says there will be no draft. David Hackworth disagrees

The CIA 'old guard' goes to war with Bush

Who was Saddam more concerned about: the U.S. or Iran?

For those who forgot, here's a link to stories about another 'October

If anyone doubts the racism of the Right, go here

The Rush To War. Bush rushed to war before the world would find out

What's going on in the Senate?

Does anyone remember something about a mysterious voice

Coalition Of the Willing

The real story of the "new" federal bureaucracy..

New AAR show - 1 PM to 3PM

Bush/Cheney policy of privatization of the "Warfare State"...

Here's an interesting site

Almost nothing ticks me off more than "We need Bush/Republicans to...

War in Kosovo? Were you for it or against it?

Gee CNN didn't air today's Wolf Blitzer poll

Need help locating the articles about

another type of back door draft -poverty

Cheney lied to 9/11 commission

Wal-Mart workers, if you be here on DU: Is there medical benefits?

In Coventry, CT, regular gas is $2.03 a gallon.

Ever wondered what $87B looks like?

The Death of John Kennedy - why Nixon resigned.

2 Great video links, Tim Ryan and Slam Bush Hip Hop battle


*/cheney made it quite clear that if kerry takes office Al Queda will win


Will any future election be untainted?

Lawrence Lessig with Bob McChesney on MM in 30 minutes

Southern DUers: Iraq Occupation Question

Civil Rights Panel to Wait to Discuss Bush (Repubs block)

why can't we train the iraqi troops here in america

Anyone see the full-page anti-Bush* ad in Sunday NY Times?

An oldie but a goodie

Bush invents 2nd Internet!! Gore still credited for 1st!!

Tim Ryan downloadable video link? down, down,

Moore in Nashville last night

Can we make a list of Kerry vs Bush...why endorsements...

Should Moore give up his Oscar "Best Doc" eligibility to show F911 on TV?

Either taxes or deficit

BBV - Guam primary - race tied. 'Recount' shows otherwise.

Austin Statesman calls for Delay to resign

FRANK RICH | Why Did James Baker Turn Bush Into Nixon?

in either 1992 or 1988, the issue of foreign owners of prime realestate

Does anyone dislike the weekends?

My Pet Goat or Deer In Headlights Look Poll

What was the rectangular lump on Bush's back during the debates?

Pres didnt sleep well after debates, says whitehouse. (drugs?)

Michael Moore 'Slacker Uprising Tour' Appearance Schedule

is the country being run by Paris Hilton? (a Molly Ivins I missed)

"Path to War" showing on HBO now. LBJ and Vietnam

Scary Freepers on "What Do We Do After Voter Fraud Steals The Election?"

How gay GOP group lost its faith in Bush

Did you guys see this?


Ritter: If you had seen what I have seen

Daniel Okrent publishes names of e-mailers

Trying to find transcript of Kerry's speech for his vote on 87 Billion

Wiring Bush is the stupidest thing Rove could ever do.

Kerry..Class Act vs. Bu$h..Crass ass

A truck with images of abortions on it right under a Kerry/Edwards logo

Check this pump out..Perfect size !

For Those Who Predicted The Bush Debacle

If BozoBush was a planet, which would he be?

From Baghdad

Labor laws question - salary workers doing hourly work

Condi discusses a madman's "insatiable appetite" (the madman is not Bush)

I didn't watch the debates in 2000, but now I'm curious.

If Bush was a kind of food, what kind would he be?

Ex-DAFB commander says troops used as guinea pigs

Court declares open season on private medical records

Road To Air America: Breaking The Right Wing Stranglehold On Our Nation's

I did something immature yesterday.

No doubt, Bush is currently using cocaine.

Wash. Post: Some soldiers question how and why war is being waged

Just your average "Joe" if he's Republican..that it...

in 15 min: Sunday Monitor on Bush/Nazi lawsuit; Afghan election; DeLay

So what exactly are the obscenity laws in regard to bumper stickers?

Daddy, Why'd we have to attack Iraq?

Rumsfeld pays "surprise" visit to troops - SOME SURPRISE!

Those who live in the woods and complains about animals need to read this

"Plame Threaders" there's a good article by Slate's Michael Kinsley

How do you like my State Reps' Campaign Site?

A parent's perspective: Capt. Ahab and my 3 friends

Mining a suburb? It's to protest 1872 law

Man of the World, Michael Ledeen..., and Laura Rosen's The Next Revolution

So why was France in Vietnam? (not Bush related)

The Abu Ghraib Supplementary Documents -CPI posts classified docs

What's Howard Dean been up to?

Civil War II: How another family shatters, thanks to Bush (personal story)

It's official: Ann Coulter thinks, by her definition, Bush is a "liberal."

10/10/04 Bush's Interpreter Says: Bush Uses Earpiece

Hilariously frightening freeper comment


Bush fails the global test (.gif image)

"Bin Laden is no longer a top target" Ha! I wonder how much $$$ liberal

Has the abortion debate become Woman VS. Fetus

My letter to the Chicago Tribune

Here's the Iraq spin that Bush doesn't want anyone to hear...

I heard a good idea some time ago. What do you think?

just what the hell is bush doing to the crowd in this picture?

Hey! Bush's Bump Thing...made AOL front Page...and it was a great Pix

I'm looking for a cartoon

FBI Seized Server from IndyMedia

Air America should have a news show

Jon Stewart and the Daily show make Rolling Stone's cover

DU This Poll... not working for me now! Wassup?

Bush* Anger: "The man is a walking time bomb"

Was listening to my Sirius Sat. Radio this week.....

Does anyone have the transcript...

Sinclair forcing affiliates to prempt programming for anti-Kerry film

Two War Criminals......

The ridiculous "He can run, but he can't hide" line of the chimp's

how do we research Halliburton vis a vis Oil for Food?

So, I've finally caught RING OF FIRE on Air America.

1977 George Carlin show is on now - HBOComedy channel

I have my official election ballot in my hand.

We can't speak the truth. What kind of message would that send...

GUESTWORDS: By E.L. Doctorow "The Unfeeling President"

Did you catch Andy Rooney? Awesome

Is terra on hold until after the election?

The CIA 'old guard' goes to war with Bush

I love this Bush site

Drudge is such a moran

Trivial pursuit: VP Agnew

A Special Message for Zell Miller (Traitor)

Trojan on Free Republic?

Does anyone here know anything about radio or communications?

Schwarzenegger becoming a true republican

Hot Plate Heaven At the Green Hotel

What the hay is the difference between individual freedoms and civil

Help please, looking for political car magnets

Marines starting to question why they are in Iraq

Ann Coulter suggests taking baseball bats to liberals, Edwards is "girlie"

Holy fucking shit. This takes the cake. Went to the store a few minutes

yeah i'm bored, what of it

cnn's debate poll has been freeped

Do you know anyone who really says Bush was chosen by God?

The source Duelfer didn't quote

Hate radio toon.

Do we have an equivalent of Frank Luntz?

Does this look like Bush is checking Kerry for a wire?

re: Help with repig email , need points to refute


Time to Hammer Bill Hemmer

Some realities of malpractice limits....Texas

Destabilize the MidEast by striking it's leaders through Bush.

Top 10 Conservative Idiots getting out of hand.........

Pretty funny video "The Wizard of W's Oz"

Coalition of the Willing?

CNN's "Undecided" Voter Turns Out To Be A GOP Operative

The Bush/Chirac "feedback" video-I think it's worse than we expect

Things you have to believe to be a Republican today:

what is it with drudge and bad techno music?

fundies praying outside the RNC headquarters today in Union County, NC

aren't GOPers getting tired of making excuses for Furious George?

My minister's advice today....

The Boss Speaks: Great Springsteen Video

Is This Sinclair Smear of Kerry An Example of Fascism?

What in the holy hell is this?????

Bushies own Jesus.

Devastating op ed about Rheta Johnson. Wow!

should we organize a boycott of sinclair sponsors?

OK lets assume that Bush was wired and will be again. What if..

Map of Sinclair's reach (nearly every battleground state)-very disturbing

OMG! Chavez slaps huge export tax on ExxonMobil and others...

Sen. Landrieu is at it again

For a limited time... this * funny

DMN editorial

Trial - Edwards and Autistic child?

What are these "For Rent" and "For Sale by Owner" guys running for?

HIV deliberately created according to Nobel Prize winner

Politicization Of Science in the Bush Administration: Science-As-PR

Is the teaching of French in our schools an anachronism?

EVIL DICK the unauthorized bio !!!! Must See TV

Bush wearing wire at press conference... video... link... devastating

How would you grade Gibson's moderation of the second presidential debate?

Mitchell says huge oil for food scandal involving Texas Republicans.

A story that proves Republicans have made middle Americans poorer

MSNBC Documentary on Homeless Children in America on right now.

Have you become more or less politically liberal in the last 4 years?


Top 10 most shocking stories about the Bush Administration?

October Surprise

white collar fools: you want fries with that ???

NEW Symbolman Flash Attack ad - "Furious George Goes to the Debate"

Australian DU'ers

Pigboy Limbaugh's blatant racism floors me

Using paper and pencil, Australian election winner was known in 3 hrs.

Newsweek: BBV "baseless conspiracy theory ... no one hacked touchscreens"

Great party last night! My local UNION turns 100!

I've finally figured out the Bush bulge thing

Nuclear test in Nevada........

So why do you suppose BBV doesn't want a paper receipt?

I Saw $3.09 A Gallon For Supreme This Weekend, Anybody Else Able To...

Now that we know Bush is wired... we should find a way to jam the signal

Amtrak delayed on westward run from Chicago, FBI involved.

Where's Clark? Where's Kucinich?

I'm scared to put up my Kerry/Edwards sign :(

Saw "TEAM AMERICA"last night. This film is VERY anti-liberal!

Found a better link to "Iraq on the Record" (Could be impeachment meat)

"The Most Homo-Erotic President In History?" | and other scary TOONs...

Now that we've topped 30 million people, the country is getting crowded

We could go for a walk where it's quiet and dry

Explosion kills three in Baghdad

Report Cites U.S. Profits in Sale of Iraqi Oil (El Paso)

Kerry mocks rough and ready Bush, hours after debate

U.S.: No Terror Connection to Schools Disk

(Enron) Fastow sued for back taxes on beach home

WP, Kurtz: Ad-Slingers in the TV Corral (rapid-response)

Bomb explodes at mosque

London Times: Blair Orders Honours for Aides (who supported him on Iraq)

WP: Gallup Poll Moves Online With Webcast


Allies Urged to Make Good on Iraq Pledges

Marine Killed in Action in Al Anbar # 1070

Large Explosion Kills Eight in Baghdad

Soldier Killed by Car Bomb Blast # 1071

For some, battle goes on long after the shooting stops (military suicides)

Panel to Probe Fraud Claims in Afghan Vote

10/10/04 Bush's Interpreter Says: Bush Uses Earpiece

Edwards disputes Rice on Iraq invasion

Experts Wary of Predicting Win for Bush

Muslims could prove key in choosing next U.S. president

Nader Challenges Moore to Debate

New Backup Voting System May Pose Problems

Attacks kill 11 as Rumsfeld makes surprise visit to Iraq

CNN: Saudis ready to hike oil output

POLL: Kerry Keeps Slim One-Point Lead Over Bush

London Times: Bigley Beheaded "After MI6 Rescue Backfired"

Questions About Afghan Vote Appear to Fade a Day Later

Kerry ....newspaper endorsements

Saudi oil the wrong kind of crude

A Snub from Spain

Kerry Stumps for Black Voters at Churches

Candidates want new Afghan election

Rumsfeld:Pullout Not Likely Before Vote-"Don't ask when you're going home"

La. Senator Stalls Corporate Tax Bill

Japan Today: Typhoon leaves 5 dead, 4 missing

Hamdi's wait for release now two weeks

CNN Bush Campaign to base ad on Kerry terror quote

Delete (double post)

Gas Hits 4-Month High of $1.99/gallon

Rice expects Afghan election to be found legitimate

Smog Grounds Aerial Acrobats

WP/Reuters: Rumsfeld Arrives at Desert Marine Base in Iraq

Germany: Hijab ban applies to nuns

Lighter hit Fla. areas get more from FEMA

Iraq's Green Zone Turns Redder by the Day

Listen to Harry Shearer's show while you read DU....right now

Alexandra Pelosi Captures Campaign Process

CNN: Bush Aides Deny He Was Wired

Documents: FBI trailed leader of 1960s Free Speech Movement

Sinclair Broadcasting's David Smith Busted In Prostitution Sting

'Kah-li-fornia' eager to draw jobs, but must defend its own

Bin Laden ‘no longer top target’

Abuse by Iraqis 'astonished' guardsman (saw torture at Interior Ministry)

All eyes on third debate after Kerry ups 'likeability' rating

'60s Free Speech leader got caught in FBI web (Hoover/AssKKKrap comparison

Australian Gays Fear Massive Swing To Right Following Election

Black Baptist preacher organizing for Bush

Was Bush Hearing Voices During First Debate? UK Independant

Terror Suspect Arrested for Buying Guns at Krispy Kreme

Bush Administration Plans to Delay Major Assaults in Iraq

Erase Debt Now. (Lose Your House Later.)

Kerry warns he will not deal with Arafat

Bush Ad Surfaces As News Story on Schools

Dems fear GOP's October tricks

Surprise CO2 rise may speed up global warming

Zogby Poll 10/10 Kerry up 49 - 44 Newly Registered Voters

Woman drives home rather than submit to airport search

How'd you like my Birthday Thread today?

Is SNL doing another political special like they did in 2000

I am behaving?

Is this picture ok or can somebody improve on my work?

Does Germany border Ukraine?

Three words for wearers of anal floss: "Shave your Bush!"

Countries that have a Baltic coastline:

Columbus: Hero, or Scumbag?

I think that Lucas should do anything he wants with the Star Wars movies

"I can't wait to hear that" said no one.

Hitler was a junkie?? Am I the only one who didn't know this?

Need a snappy retort...

Techies, help! Bit-Torrent agent is closing my INTERNET explorer.

Two words for George W. Bush: "Dental Floss"

New sig!

West Coaster SNL Thread

Spam just gets wierder and wierder

I'm a little bummed.

Online sign generator

I just saw The Forgotten (kinda spoiler)

Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis

Bastardizing Airport Names

When will * use the Grand Mammie of all terra threats?

I just saw Team America:World Police! Ask Me Anything.

And polls about hot famous Kerry supporters are inflamatory because?

Music and youth.

Missed it by THAT much

Poll: Why is Bush against a global test?

browser problem

I hear ... there's rumor on the internets ...

I need a little help getting someone help (AA)

"GWBush04" Web Site...apparently re-designed and funnier than ever

Cap'n Wacky

Craziest/most drastic thing you have done to try and win over girl/guy?...

More "tough guy, Alpha Male" cliches for Bush to toss at Kerry, Debate III

Carl Cameron of FoxNews putting out lies about Kerry is being defended

New Badass Buddy icon!

Cool! Live camera shot of Mt St Helens

Team America: World Police... BWAH!

The "Red Haze" of rage

Trouble with internets.........

Favorite Homestar Runner Character?

Go Sox!

Dammit Leslie!

Does the VP have an equivalent song to "Hail to the Chief"?

Salary Baseball Cap in 2005

There were 33 new sign-ups from 10:05 last night to just after 8:30 this

Why do Shrubco think it's cool to wear combat boots with their suits? forgot about Poland!

Go Yanks!

is a right-wing operation?

Zomby you were right! Project object was great! (Dubya comments)

Songs you know on the first note

Made this Dem "Scarecrow" to set out front

((((((((((((((((INTERCEPTION BRADY))))))))))))))))))))))))

What are the best TV ads.... series, not individual ads?


Mathematicians Offer Help in Terror Fight

Baseball Celery Cap in 2005

((((((((((((((((GROWING UP BRADY))))))))))))))))))))))))

(((((((((( SARAH BRADY ))))))))))






Mazda Protege...Thinking of buying a used one...Views Pro/Con

I watched Saved! last night....

Are you superstitious?

Tom Waits fans

It's questions about political books!

What was the problem with DU?

I didn't know race drivers were allowed to do THIS in public!

Latest debate transcript.

What do the people on talk shows do, when their time is over, and

Kramnik blows chance at win over Leko in Game 10 of title match

((((((((((((((Brady, my Dog))))))))))

Ok Hitler occupied Czechoslovakia etc (did I leave anyone out)

(((((((Brady Anderson))))))))) Only baseball player whos autograph I got

((((((Matthew Brady)))) Arrogant photographer

My PC just downloaded Service Pack 2 for XP - should I install it?

i passed 4,000 posts and diddent notice

Countries that won three or more gold medals in the recent Olympics

Pancreas is not the only body organ that begins with a 'P'

Red Sox World Series win helps Kerry's chances!!!

If you have someone on "ignore" and they try to PM or email you,

Best country that borders Germany...

How do we not punish the red states

As a SoCal, I love Red Sox - Yankees

The Patriots are going for an NFL record and the game isnt televised!

Should I Broil or BBQ...

((((((( OFFICER BRADY )))))))

Caption Bush and one of his victims

Birthday Hotties for 10 Oct

I saw Ministry last night

This is the best picture ever taken!

"My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss" What's the point? It's all fake!!!

Best State to Border Missouri

((((((WAYNE BRADY))))))

Favorite Songs From Commercials

Does Clothing Offend You?

"You are a smooth smoothie, you know. "

Watching Harold and Maude on the IFC

Stranger in My Own Home

I met a real 'Swiftie" on Saturday-----------

That BASS. That bass at the beginning of "One Of These Days".

No to put too fine a point on this, but ...

Products that should not have free game pieces in them

So. After we win, how do we punish the Red States?

Music question re: cover of "Money"

What's with all the football posts!!??

Baseball Salary Cap in 2005

You want kickass Halloween music?

BEst country ending with land?

The Only European Countries with the word "land" in them

Countries that contain the Oder River:

Coen Bros. Fans: Wouldn't it be funny if we had access to the "notes"

Astros are blowing it.


I just got my absentee ballot in the mail yesterday...

Did anyone see "Connie & Carla" what a great movie

Coming up on Turner Classic Movies:

The Patriots are 5-0! Not 19-0

ZeeDub's NFL Picks: Week 5

Official CHOP thread (braves fans unite!)

Entering the Blast Zone


A Rodney put-down.

Tie A Yellow Ribbon On YOUR S.U.V. sing along !

Which of these made-up words do you like best?

What's worse-the Bush Administration ot its freeper supporters?

The GWBush Debate you DIDN'T see!

Countries that have left the Coalition of the Willing/Coerced

GEICO has the funniest ads on TV

that "Waking up with the King" Burger King commerical

Do you like SNL's Bush?

XP service pack 2 - any comments?

Patriots just destroyed *both* Miami quarterbacks

No one's started a POLAND thread in 5 whole minutes!!!!!

Without Kazmiriz Pulaski, the American Revolution would

Things that aren't very funny to me

World countries beginning with "P"

The LIONS Just Won, Baby!!!

My birthday's a week from Thursday. What did you all get me?

This photo made me smile. Thought I'd share it.

Good political funny

What country is Warsaw in again?

Without Lech Walesa, whatever country it was, would have never

What joke is getting old again?

someone stole my Kerry/Edwars signs last night


%^*#$@#$$#%$@$^@ Braves!!!!

Giants are 4-1

Here we go Steelers, here we go!!!!!!

Yeeeeah baby, love that Jacksonville Jags Defense.

The official Red Sox-Yankees ALCS Game One Thread!!!!!!!!

Which phone service would you prefer:

Watching "Carlito's Way"

I had to go into work today at 4, and I'm still here until who knows when!

Top 5 Beatle many, so many to choose from

Which public figure has more credibility:

Who is Hotter?

Whose job would you most like to take over?

Who is hotter?


What's your favorite polka?

Tampa Bay Bucs have won one in a row.

Anyone know how to clean wiper fluid jets on a Dodge Neon?

Who's the Hottest?

I've figured out guys who think Ann Coulter is sexy!

George Bush discovered America


Seahawks lead Rams 10-0...


I promised I would behave today


You take the good, you take the bad, you take em both & there you have

Is DU having a membership drive? Since 8:30 this morning there

N.B. ruling opens hockey locker room to girls

I appreciate the support guys. But the point is moot

Ain't Nobody's Business if You Do

They Saved Hitler's Cock


While nini cleans her bathroom... I am going to misbehave!

Local Asshat Polis...

Well, I was under the weather

I met Ian Rankin this week!

I am SO Pissed!

You Simply CANNOT Beat The Red Sox With THESE Weapons!


Is Howard Stern really worth $500,000,000?

WEHT: Ranking Roger and Dave Wakeling of General Public

How much of your incoming email is election related?

Countries in Europe that speak a Slavic language

Just got back from a weekend of backpacking - what'd I miss?

I have bats in my attic and need advice

Countries that had concentration camps in WWII admined by Nazis

My wife has developed a full-fledged crush on my Nuts.

Anyone here watch American Dreams?

My wife has developed a full-fledged crush on John Edwards

Imagine JOHN LENNON at 64

A GD thread reminded me of an old FIDO tagline I always liked:

Proof that in 2001 the president got rid of Freedom and Liberty

Coolest photoshop ever

I don't care what people say... I really liked John Denver!!

I just invented a new drink-the DUtini!

A question for tech/internet knowledgable people. It involves AOL

Any fans of Stephen King's Dark Tower out there?

Who's off tomorrow?

Just watched the Enterprise premier (4x01)... (spoilers)

Am I the only one anxious to see this week's Top 10 list

Music query

Q. Didja hear the one about Elvis moderating the 3rd debate?

Thnx for scary movie recommendations--here's what we got:

Will you ever forget about Poland again?

What good movies are coming out in the next few months?

Dog lovers and sf/f and romance readers...

You're not doing anything. Go kick my thread.

I had my first thread locked yesterday - ask me anything!

Myth or truth, women like long hair on guys

Best country that starts with "Po"

Bad Week For Texas Teams

Why you shouldn't flirt with people on the internet [PICTURE OF HOT GUY]

Political flame warriors

Did Zombywoof behave today?

Best former possession of Germany

I downloaded "going upriver" and can't play it. File extension not known.

Has anyone played the computer game "Political Machine"

streaming video of latest Mt. St. Helens steam release (nice lighting)

You'll find this Yahoo board thread funny

Dick Cheney makes an appearance in Opus strip!

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES... Who's diggin' it?

I need a good site for GOOD flash Ecards...


Cards win!

I saw a really good movie recently.

Yay! Celebrity Poker Showdown is on tonight!

Dodgers/Cardinals game thread

2 more Gmail accounts to give away!

Is Poland the answer to everything????????????

Was i too hard on this Freeper type?

My cat just bitch-slapped me. Has that ever happened to you?

What happens in an empty meadow at dusk? Everything! Nothing!

Hot Plate Heaven At the Green Hotel

Am I still a newbie here?

The Religion of Bush -Cross-dressing as a patriotic man of god

Hitler invaded Denmark and Norway first right

World's easiest cheating now!

Scream here

Why was the Aussie Prime Minister reelected?

Watched "Apocalypse Now" last night-WTF was that all about?


What do you think of the new U2 song?

Riddle me this

So enough about sports, let's talk gardens.

I haven't shaved in a week

Caption the bulge:

Bush's real reason for invading Iraq

Is it okay if I go buy 'Farenheit 911' at Wal-Mart?

where can i find "picture book" by the kinks?

What Are the WORST TV Ads???

Can I just say it? I LOVE MARY WILSON!! === Lots o' pictures!

Myth or Truth, Men like long hair on women.

DC Baseball: Bring Back the Grays!


Does this strike you as so sexist you could hurl?

Happy Bithday to John Prine

That intro bass..

Help - I need some good work out songs to download

Patricia Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta series to go to the big screen...

Hi friends. My daughter has asthma and is really struggling right now

Shaving Bush's Bulge with Occam's Razor

Matt Stone and Trey Parker

I need some litterbox ideas

Give it up for Jamal Lewis!!!!

In the pantheon of dumb bets, trumad reigns supreme

Anyone want a Gmail account? I have 2 more!!!

After November, should I change my screenname

Okay, this is the ONLY presidential poll that's accurate

Melanie Fersko joins Artists for Kerry/Edwards

food for discussion

How heavily does oil play in our economy and in foreign policy decision?

More Trouble For Transatlantic Relations?

why in the HELL doesnt Kerry use Richard Clarkes testimony???!?!

in general I ignore military service when I vote for president

Panel grades performances at 2nd Debate

fair questions raised here?

What is he ON?

Sinclair: hit 'em where it hurts

John Edwards to be on ALL Sunday Morning News shows


MUST READ! Priceless Quote from Undecided Voter

Kerry must go on the offensive immediately after last debate.....

Did Shrub's Rant ("Tell Tony Blair") allow him to succesfully dodge

Another baseless claim

Edwards telling it like it is...

why can't they PROVE * isn't wearing a wire?

Going Upriver movie is up on Gnutella/Kazaa P2P network

Is it safe to say that at this point undecided voters are STUPID?

Repukes getting desperate: Resorting to pulling the "Liberal" card

Any inside info on exactly how General Electric pressures NBC News?

The Cavalier Daily (Univ of VA) endorses Kerry

Kerry Rally on C-Span right now.

Time to demand a medical exam before the election

Karl Rove.

Downloadable MP3 and Quicktime video of Debate

One hundred Sept. 11 relatives endorse Kerry-Edwards ticket

Can someone direct me to the DU thread about the guy who saw bogus WMDs

Link for downloadable or Real video of debate?

and the Press sits idly by

"we have a tree farm on our ranch in crawford," - farmer chimpy

Reichwingers starting to gloat about Rove's October Surprise

"Is Bush Wired" just made TV news in the UK

ouch. I just saw F911. Spent time watching BONUS features

washpost ombudsman plays into repubs hands

Wired - First Debate (Fast Forward 40 minutes and 36 seconds)

Bush busted wearing device in 2nd debate

"Kerry is love, is understanding, is peace. Bush is bad.''

Bush "I'm not telling". . ."I want them all voting for me" ???

On the ground report from the Battleground: Florida

Undecided Voters: Only 16% believe the Indumbent deserves re-election

Fox: "Bush shares a moment with his wife as the crowds cheer"

"I Believe Kerry Wants To Come In And Reap What Boosh Has Sown"

Rove, watching his boy in the debate?

Is Bill Clinton close to returning and campaigning for Kerry?

The 'Oregonian' Endorses Kerry - 10/10/04

B*sh, from the 10/8 debate: "This war is a long, long war...." And...

George Will: Dems are more "monolithic" on abortion than rethugs!!

Lockhart was very effective against Mehlman on ABC this morning.

Proposed $9.95, 3 hour "Michael Moore Pre-Election Special" on 11/1

Another way to steal a few votes from Bush

Enforcing Accountability

Salon rant on debate 2: "Getting all pissy: the audience comes out ahead"

Latest Poll

Can somebody make a bumper sticker saying "Got Wood?"

A Case-Study in Media Bias : Faux Sunday Mourning

The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations (An Exclusive DU Editorial)

Bush' s behavior: Talking points for LTTEs

Comments from the Undecided Voters at 2nd Debate

Chris just said Bush was playing the hand that was dealt to him?

Re Advertisers affiliated with Sinclair

Looks like Poppa Bush has a new girlfriend?

What Was Andrea Mitchell Talking About On Chris Matthews

Re: Bush weekly radio address

Edwards on Meet the Press - Now

The Deficit: Talking points for LTTEs and canvassing

Philadelphia Inquirer endorses KERRY for President today.

Is Dennis Kucinich running for re-election to the House? Will he win?

Okay, what's this "wood" thing all about?

The Irony of the Upcoming Draft (if bush steals the election)

Bush significant lead in FL?

I watched 9/11 the third time/ People be aware!

Why can't the Kerry camp get this right?

Koppel doing a Swift Boat Story?

Wiregate - the picture

List the most Blatant Bush bias by the media in general.

Bob Schieffer just let J. Edwards have a good moment

Reminder: send newspaper endorsements to Editor and Publisher

Stop watching Cable News!!!

October Surprise

Fucking RIDICULOUS campaign coverage on CNN right now.

To fight Sinclair: Hand out free copies of F911 in front of their studios

Hmmm. Karl Rove

Surprise, surprise, Tulsa World endorses *

Bush "you can run but you can't hide"

That's it. I'm writing an email to CNN. I've had enough of this SHIT.

Global Warming is a hoax!

Newsweek: "Bush has to hit a grand slam to salvage anything from debates"

Coltergeist Alert: On CNN...

If a PUNDIT yaps in the woods . . .

Bushie's linguistic buttons

WHY would anyone even be a Republican???

Portland (Maine) Press-Herald endorses Kerry

Russert just said after interrogating Edwards that Cheney had been invited t

Anyone watching Meet the Press--specifically CO senate debate?

Fox News Latest Memo To Its Employees On Carl Cameron's Screwup

Philadelphia Inquirer Endorses Kerry/Edwards for President

I have seen the presidency take men's youth before but never have I seen..

Repubs run TRIAL Lawyer for Florida Senate Seat and worse

Editor & Publisher on friday's debate

Does Kerry really blame Bush for shortage of flu vaccines?

Edwards on now MTP west coast

"Today? You would have voted for it today?"

Endorsements for Kerry/Edwards

ABC Memo


I think there are two kinds of Undecideds.

Years of cocaine abuse have fried parts of Imus' brain

Swift Vets to Advertise on Monday Night Football?

CNN deja vu: "Bush holds narrow lead in tight contest"

Kerry Screensaver

Dems should push the "L" word for the last 2 weeks of the campaign

Kerry to Sinclair (i wish): Play Fahrenheit 9/11 for equal time

Bush can run off at the mouth but he can't hide he doesn't know what he's

The "liberal" tag: if you can't beat them, join them!

Damnit Edwards

anyone on TV talking about "need some wood?"

Maureen Dowd today

Bush: "If you want to keep the peace you've got to have authorization to

Kerry's Global Test is basically a smell test, not

Kerry's psychological strengths and weaknesses in the last debate

Sinclair matter on CNN

Rumsfeld suggests troop level reduction after election

Is there a list of newspapers who have endorsed Kerry..

Independents thought Kerry won debate 53% to 37%

Speaking Advice to Kerry for the Week

Kerry's Photo On The Cover Of the NY Times Magazine

Threat of Chemical Weapons use in Iraq is INCREASING!

Third-Party Presidential Debates tonight on C-SPAN

Boy! Edwards is EVERYWHERE on the Sun shows today!!!

They HAD to Call it a Draw; otherwise, viewership

Bush recalls "the week that changed everything"

In 2000, there were 2,883,105 voters who voted for Nader. This time

So much change with so little mandate - summarizes the presidency

I think it's time for Kerry to drop a "Right Winger" on Bush

Heh - LTTE In Today's Boston Globe!

MoveOn Call To Action: Congressional Races...

In focusing on the wire and 'need wood', you're missing the big story

Houston Area DUers: Update on the Clear Channel 'DON'T VOTE' Billboards?

Maybe Bush and Kerry should take their jackets off before the next

Brainstorm: Focus on things that can make a difference

I think Michael Jordan kinda likes Barak Obama!

Nader NOT on the Ohio ballot, BUT...

Why isn't Retirement a bigger issue?

Kerry to Bush: You can hide, but you cannot run....on your record

Were we called insurgents when the Japanese attacked us?

10/10 ELECTION MODEL UPDATE: Commentary and Links and Zogby 49-44!

Where is the video of Bush/Gibbson fracas?

Senate: Fresno Bee endorses Jones (R) over Boxer

Philadelphia Inquirer endorses John Kerry for President of the U.S.!

Week 3: Kerry firms up support among once-undecided voters

JK all the Way!

Why Bush will lose it and Kerry will WIN...

air america radio to have sunday show - live(sundaytalkshow summary)

Wolfy has his own debate poll - nail it

Hell yes, we're angry! You got a problem with that?

Sinclair Stations - Which grocery chain advertises the most?

GO GO GO! cnn blitzhead poll

Question about GOTV concerts

Bush will be in Colorado Springs Tuesday morning....

The Repubs and their media supporters can create a lot of mischief...

How many people will watch the 3rd debate?

Debates' Last Question: Did Bush mean what he said?

(IMHO) Undecided's will not decide this election....New registered voters

Bush to Kerry: Stop bumming out the Iraqi Finance Minister

Is Kerry gonna hit Bush with the gas price level soon?

Wow, if Salazar can't beat Pete Coors, he can't beat anyone.

Percentage chance there will be an Orange alert on November 1st - 2nd

Minnesota Mayhem

John Kerry Should Accept Sinclair Broadcasting's Offer

Theresa LePore...I didn't know about her connection to Khashoggi, the

We don't want to give the Sinclair corruption any free publicity

Bush "got" the Brits, Germans and French to deal with Iran?

Tin Foil hat theory: Dred Scott/Roe v. Wade/OB-GYN "gaffes"

Please critique my LTTE

"Sybil" Tweety This Morning - A Left Turn

Some Recent State Polls

"Bush Radio Address Lists Administration Accomplishments"

Zogby Tracking Poll Kerry 49% Bush 44%

A girl I know likes Bush because he is Cocky and Arrogant?????

Kerry must learn from Reagan in last debate

What if the Republicans had gotten David Duke to run in Illinois instead?

Mark Racicot repeatedly calls Kerry "impotent"

any talk on Sunday shows about Tom Delay?

Wow, CNN has a flag-draped casket on their main page.

Tracking Polls Stay Constant, Rasmussen and Zogby

Battleground states poll map - very good news!

Seattle P-I: Voters' choice is clear: John Kerry for president

The slur on JKs record and our spokespersons:

Reasons To Be Cheerful

If Bush were a football coach he would be 0 - 11 and be gone!

Who knows something about RW "17% Medicare" claim?

Freepers see "a real conspiracy." (George Soros). Hee hee hee HAW!

Help! Need link to thread on Tim Ryan speech from Friday

You can run but you can't fool me twice

Even Kerry Haters are for Kerry

It's up to the young people.....

Rumsfeld stealing headlines....Iraq trip is obviously political

Freepers are insane: Check out this conspiracy regarding Soros

Muslims Could Prove Crucial in Election

What newspaper endorsement would you be surprised to see Kerry get?

Anybody know if there is going to be exit polls this time?

"Bush will zero in on Kerry's 20-year voting record in the Senate..."

Smarter electoral math

Viewer Alert: Book TV: Book Events (Edu) Molly Ivins (``Bushwhacked'')

Politics actually LESS depressing now than in 1988?

Um, Enron?!?

David Horsey on "Math Whiz" Bush!


Sirius Radio: " Why This Election Is Important To You?" Commercials...

Did anyone else see the NRA info-commercial on NBC this AM ??

Kerry's Last Debate: "Do You Feel Safer Than You Did Four Years Ago?"

"You Can Run, But You Can't Hide"

Target Edwards

backbrace/vest my ass-pertame.

just imagine of the parties were reversed

Deleted message

Trial Lawyers: How about Corporate Lawyers??

What is Bush's obsession with OB/GYNs

The Paradox facing voters: Individualism vs the Whole. Bush, as our leader

I Want Kerry To MAKE GWB Say "I Oppose Choice"

PRE-EMPTING KARL ROVE, Make Him Bush's Moral Issue

What the polls DON'T take into account

i'm getting the feeling nobody "won" friday night?

Clark in Tampa tomorrow.

Besides rolling back the tax cut, Kerry should mention

It's still the media, folks....

People trust Kerry more on IRAQ!

AOL Sub-headline on Welcome Screen: Bush's bulge

Kerry to Moderator..If this president makes people sign loyalty oaths?

Kerry WINS every time he is listened to.

Atlanta Journal Constiution endorses Kerry

Could Badnarik be the Nader of 04'?

Poll: Who could it be?

Mystery Bulge Solved

Where can I look at polling data

Evidence against B*sh's Iraq war . Pre 9/11

What about the morning shows,? Any buzz?

This is it folks!! One debate and 3 weeks left to go!

When they lose - AND THEY WILL LOSE - they will not

Bush is just another Texas Conservative

I just bought F-911 on DVD

Bob Barr to Bush Crime Family: Drop Dead!!!

Great LTTE re: draft in Dallas Morning News today Prediction

Wally O'Dell (Diebold) will try to steal Ohio; Jeb will try to steal FL.

Kerry's "No New Taxes"- Pledge May Come Back to Haunt Him, Methinks

Sinclair THEN and NOW - pre-empts Nightline deathtoll but runs smear movie

what is the format of the next debate?

A reminder from my wife after seeing John Edwards on the Sunday shows...

On Nov. 2nd, Shrub and Kerry aren't the only ones who will be judged

Bush says he wishes Kerry's and Edward's mothers had abortions?

October Surprise (is nothing but b.s.)

Bush was doodling at debate - photo

Benzo Bush?

Chimp makes the baby cry

DU this poll

Forget the so called 'Undecideds'. Rally the base

Yard Sign Stolen. New one in place

Is the proBush feeling similar to the proClinton feeling?

Hey - the DNC just called!

What's the deal with these "CNN MULLIGAN POLLS"?

How Do The Internets Feel About Bush?

Contrasting * and Kerry campaign speeches yesterday...

ABC Poll *50% vs Kerry 46%

It's the generals' fault.

Conservatives and body count

Hate DU Poll threads? It could be MUCH worse.

Bush Ad Surfaces As News Story on Schools

Sorry if this was posted before

How close is this race ??

I want to pitch an Idea and I want to know what all of you think

It's official-Bush is Christ

Is there a way to jam Dubya's ear piece and fry his brains?

Caption these Kerry-* debate photos

AOLer has new theory regarding Bush note-taking

Happy Yard Sign Story

IMO, a BIG concern for the election with all the new registrations

Does anybody have a link to Bush's press conference in France...

Swift Boat Liars V Kerry - the Vote is in

Did you know bush would be more likley to help you if you were stranded ?

Bush Civil Rights record criticised

Our net advantage among undecideds will dwarf our edge via registration

Troops Speak Truth To Bush Lies

A look at the final polls before the Bush/Gore election. Interesting!

Dem. Congressional candidate needs help!

Anger and indignation fighting for Bush. Why?

CBS just did an article on not letting the mentally challanged vote.

I want to make GWB say "I'm George W. Bush and I approve this waterballoon

COKIE on CNN just now...

OMG Did Bush really say this in Ohio (ALERTprobably just fake news)i

Did Gibson try to bias Friday's 'debate' against Kerry?

Third Debate Talking Points - Please Get This To The Kerry Campaign

Bush making a fool of himself , AGAIN !

Is WI Senate candidate Tim Michels outsourcing his push-pollers?

Kerry ....newspaper endorsements

Why can't the FCC stop Sinclair?

No excuse/early voting is about to begin

Re-elect John Kerry in 2008!!

Ok, now a report from the NBC evening news....for West Coast

Amazing - It comes out Bush's mouth and suddenly it's a pundit talking pt.

Bush would be so fired

NBC news, RE: students newly registered

To make you all feel better...

Bush ad surfaces as a news story on schools, The ad is illegal[Any truth?]

Rasmussen Battleground for 10/10

mark Fiore flash cartoons, new one on defense contractors

Dear Nader Voters: Think Supreme Court.

Bush's Revealing Debate Statement, Let's Hammer him on this... its HUGE!

Bush campaign AGAIN issues ad disguised as NEWS item!

After this election I'm going to have something to say about Undecideds!

Talked to a woman while on the phone banks today who said at her church

DonkeyRising comments on the latest ABC News/WP tracking poll results

List of recent polls?

oops ... wrong forum ...

Andy Rooney just rocked!

A vote for Bush is...

About those "75% of Al Qaeda killed or captured"

It's the Supreme Court, stupid.

***'s notes from the debate seen for the first time!

help me list 50 repub dirty tricks in this election

GOP Congress Zapped

Didn't Hitler once grab someone's mic and start giving his own speech?

If Kerry Doesn't Run Ad Featuring Bush's MANY Stances On Usama Bin Laden

Edwards Disputes Rice on Iraq Invasion

Looking for a * picture

I like this "Furious George"tag. If fits Shrub to a tee.

If Kerry wins everything that Gore won and ads Ohio, doesn't he win?

Phone Corps: Feeling better about Ohio!

A friend of mine went to a meeting to help Catholics vote

so when will we see ads about bush flip flops....if ever in this

sign count on my drive from Cape Hatteras,NC to Chesapeake,VA

Anti-Kerry smear film email to all of my lists and friends...

My brother no longer wants to discuss politics

Rooney Idea that works: Debate with Bush Girls vs. Kerry Girls

a 527 attack Ad idea against Bush

Bush Campaign pouncing on Kerry calling terrorism a "nuisance"

TEXAS DU'ers! A church in Plano with "support Bush" signs

Anyone else waiting for Bill Clinton to make an appearance with Kerry?

Contact Sinclair & urge them not to broadcast Kerry attack film

Bush wants terrorists to be strong?

Question for the "This is my first election" people

Alert, West Coast.....CBS Evening News....Sinclair

Donate to the Libertarian Party!

High gas prices as a voter suppression tool

Help us ridicule * ! Spread the Furious George meme!

Edwards on MTP and ABC this morning.

Deleted message

Prepare for the "October Surprise" - Listen to John Kerry's Vietnam

Blistering ad against George Bush ...

Calling all Okies...Calling all Okies...Operation Naked Emperor

Now THIS kind of undecided really does get to me.....

May we be blunt ??

"It's not our priority"

What's in George's ear?

Oklahoma Freeway Blogger Strikes

The $84 Question... Bush's Wood Issue...

One Issue Voters

I feel you won't be able to gauge Kerry's sucess in the 2nd debate

Health Care: Kerry, Bush plans offer a stark choice (Boston Globe)

This is one online poll that would be fun to DU !!!

We just watched Going Upriver, I have never been more pro-Kerry

Bushco calls us Left-wing conspiracy groups.

Tongue-tied Bush hands Kerry a narrow win in second ...

Zogby Interactive Poll: Weird questions

Update on Sinclair Broadcast Group

Seattle, Post INtelligencer endorses Kerry!

A very cool and interesting political me out :-)

THE question, if the "Bulge" isn't a wireless device.......

Bush was WIRED in first debate!

Portland Oregonian endorses Kerry

Freeper Types at "Going Upriver"


bush was asked about mistakes last Spring

Team America - Anyone going to see this?

Send Us Your Story:

The earphone theory explains Bush's pauses in Debate I


Bush is going back to Crawford !

Just some ramblings of real talk by me

Flop sweat update: "Official: Bush Team Has Formal Iraq Plan" (FOX)

With all the talk about Iraq and Afghan elections, time to bring back this

Fascinating "third-party" presidential candidates debate ON C-SPAN NOW!

Kicking Toto: The Real George Bush

Seriously, how do we know which way undecideds will go?


Sorry - Another E-mail from a Wingnut, Snopes-worthy

Bush Attacks Kerry for 'Dour Pessimism'

In case anyone missed it,the Boycott Sinclair website is up and running.

CNN Presents talking about Bush and the religious right

Keyes is closest living person to Christ? (Freeper lunacy)


Talking with the guy who does the Green table at Farmers Market

"My time is up?" Bush asked during the debate And we all roared: YES

THE answer to new bush attack ad - "them wmds must be here somewhere, lol"

Counter-Attack to the "Kerry/Edwards have been absent in the Senate"

Please DU this conservative radio asshat's poll


CNN has become unwatchable

Robert Heinlein explains the lump on the Indumbent's upper back

Why I (we) love Keith Olbermann

Bush-Delay-Enron; Good Video

CNN Poll needs help

A new website that needs our help...please keep kicked!

Will the Washington Post endorse Kerry?

I finally caught one of them!

Good news from Minnesota ... me thinks!

Going Upriver site: denial of service attack??

He's not wearing a damn wire!!!!!

Bill Gates supports Bush ???

As we head into a challenging week, take a look at our next President.

Has Bush received ANY newspaper endorsements yet?

Russert: Why Would Any Country Join the Coalition Under Kerry?

DEBUNKED: John Kerry and 21 of his lies, misleading and wrong answers

GOP robocalling to register voters *AFTER* the deadline

Matthews show was a knockout for Kerry tonight.

St. Louis "Swing State" Missouri newspaper endorses KERRY

Men Video-taped Vandelizing Sign

Martin Luther King and Bush: Thought for the Day

CNN was just now showing the latest

Please help. Send LTTE - San Diego Union Tribune. RW rag.

Most posting on DU make me extremely proud to be here and a Dem.

Seriously, is nitrous oxide being pumped into GD2004 tonight?

ROFLMAO; Anne Coulter is PSYCHO

Support for Dems now almost equal to Repubs in Kansas r/w stronghold!

Please grab some popcorn and read these Bush endorsements from 2000 -

Six Major Newspapers Endorse Kerry - Bush Gets Zero

WOW! I just finished watching Going Upriver

Don't EVER doubt high voter turnout benefits Dems--it DOES

It's a back brace he's wearing, folks

Bush campaign to base ad on Kerry terror quote


Pickles is Wired for Success too...she's got the "HUMP"...

Suggestion on how Kerry can get W to implode in the next debate

DRUDGE RADIO: Bush Bulge photoshopped!

Huge republican signs of past strangely absent.

Election Model: You'll enjoy watching Kerry's graphs climb next week.

I Saw David Gringer Today- The former Dean-NH Cooridnator

Don't forget to check Sinclair Broadcasting's stock price tomorrow.

If Bush tries to label Kerry a Liberal in the third debate


Does this bumper sticker exist? "If you vote for Bush, you are....

Nader opposes low corporate taxes, but helps Republicans accomplish them

DECISION 2004: Kerry for president (St. Louis Post Dispatch)

A poll on precinct walking and phone banking:

CNN: "Sinclair--We Don't Even Try to Be Fair and Balanced!"

bush lost the women's vote with the Town Hall debate.

NEW Symbolman Flash Attack Ad "Furious George Goes to the Debate"!

Sinclair Broadcastings anti-Kerry attack - a call to arms from Kerry camp.

Obama calls out Bush...

Kerry response to the "most Liberal" label.

Pentagon: New Iraq war plan is meant to stop...Kerry

The Bush Bulge

Are bush supporters in TX ashamed of him or are they just apathetic?

Bush* says he invented the hydrogen car!!

when can we expect to see Big Dog?

Sighting of a REAL First Lady

When Kerry wins - should I remove my K/E bumper sticker fast?

The states Bill Clinton won in 1996 that could be back in play

another new Kerry supporter!

Grade "Going Upriver" at Yahoo (it's being freeped)

Is this true? Heinz exemption is oursourcing bill

There she goes again - Cokie speaking from her own special planet . . .

Nobel Peace Prize goes to George W Bush for inventing the Hydrogen Car

Has anyone gotten a response from Sinclair yet? (must see!!)

Will there be a major electronic voting screwup? (Poll)

Want some cheering up? Read this.

Scary B/C Billboards: "Boots or Flip-Flops?"

I just signed up to work in OH on Nov. 2

"If we weren't fighting them there, we'd be fighting them here."

The flu vaccine shortage + "security moms" = campaign issue

Article: "Arrogant’ White Liberals Seek to Manage Black Voter Turnout"

Brad Carson of Oklahoma breaks from Democrat Party

Furious George Goes to the Debate: A Picture-Book (WARNING: pic heavy)

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