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Archives: September 7, 2003

Warnings unheeded Bush administration ignored valuable insight on Iraq

Big Brother 2

Clare Short: The corrosion of integrity at Labour's heart

The Battle Within - input a question to Sen. John McCain

Vanity Fair: "MSNBC's FOX Hunt" (or Tweety Gets a Woody)

Eric Margolis (Toronto Sun): Lessons from Sept. 11

Democratic Differences - WPost

Government's Hobbled Giant , Homeland Security Is Struggling

Haroon Siddiqui (Toronto Star): 2 years after 9/11 attacks, a report card

Back When Skin Color Was Destiny — Unless You Passed for White

U.S. Troops Want Rumsfeld to Send Them Home

From swagger to stagger

Stars and Stripes, August 31 - Sept. 6

Capital Times: Rumsfeld should resign

WP Article on Bush's Speech Sunday - A MUST READ!

Schwarzenegger Becomes the GOP's Green Candidate

Greg Stanford (Milwaukee Journal): Bush has flunked

Why Are We In Iraq? (And Liberia? And Afghanistan?)

Arab News op ed....BAM!!

Salon: Why the N.Y. Times (Krugman) ruins Bush's breakfast

Chicao Tribune editorial: Will the world blink again?

Blair's "Awful" Letter over My Son's Death"

The Temptation of Howard Dean by Joe Klein, Time magazine, 9/05


Big Brother takes grip on America

Two cartoons re: will aliies help save *

John Kerry: The ideal presidential candidate - or another Al Gore?

Tom Oliphant: Four problems Dean must overcome

Aging Hippies for Dean.

list of Limpaugh ESPN advertisers

Pundit Pap (APJ): Signs of Desperation

Chris Matthews is too much of a coward to engage Al Franken

Pacifist American rappers top singles chart

If MSNBC or CNN were slanted to the left

Should we be calling the major networks and papers to ask

Today on Chris Matthews Sunday show...

Refresh my memory

New book by repug compares Hitler to repugs

Astrologers: chart for Bush's speech?

Did a Secret Military Experiment Cause the 2003 Blackout?

Astrologers: A Dangerous Myth, on Starlight News

"Sobriety checkpoint" sign is fake

"we always thought it was people before profits" Kowalski's Grocery

Did anybody else hear Trump's laying off 300+ year-round casino workers?

Job loss of 19,000 a nasty surprise - CA

Four-pawed protesters pound Berlin's streets

Regulations for hydraulic fracturing are at odds with profits

Iranians Divided on Nuclear Inspection Issue

France and Germany Differ With U.S. on Plan for Iraq

Indonesians Bristle at Criticism Over Verdict for Islamic Cleric

$1.7 million worth of beer/wine stolen from military base in South Korea

Brain-healing protein under the microscope

New ADD drug grows in popularity - Drug the children

$1.4 billion for duct tape and plastic

New Pill Stops Women's Periods

'Girls helpless in the face of sex predators' - SA

Man Jailed For 176th Time

Does this remind you of anybody?

Hey, I have a question about donating.

I read this board A LOT

Okay, so are we now allowing

What happened to the abortion poll?

Any chance of keeping one-liners out of the lounge?

Analysis: Arafat wins, Palestinians lose again

Hamas Founder Survives Israeli Missile Strike

Israel closes West Bank, Gaza

PLO approves Arafat's choice of Abu Ala as new PM

(WP) Ditch the Road Map. Just Get There, Already

"What Are You Guarding?" (Flight 93)

Deep Politics: Links between Bush, the CIA and the Florida flight schools

Need quote: G.E. executive on 9-11

VOTE BusHoover

Presidential hopeful Howard Dean gets a big show of support in S.F.

Bush ratings tumble : Zogby graph

To tell or not to tell? Democrats differ

RNC chairman gets an ass kicking on "Meet The Press"

Transcript: Terry blasts Ed on MTP

Hopefuls look to Election '04 -with TN straw poll results

Cute article on Mathew Gross (Dean's blogmaster)

Dean outlines how he will beat Bush in speech in San Francisco

LA Times reports initiated probe into Klamath water decisions

New Republic Raves About Kerry's MTP and Debate Performance

Kerrys says Bush needs to offer "real answers to tough questions" tonight

Drudge: RNC Chair calls Democrats Meanies

Regarding Dean's general election strategy should he be the nominee

two good Dean sites

Bush in speech endorses Kerry's plan to win the peace in Iraq

Dean's quick rise makes him target of his own party (Pgh Post Gazette)

A new chance for the Senate Dems to stand up to Bush...

Dean on CBS, NBC & CBS Morning Shows Tomorrow -response to speech

The Kerry Amendment To NAFTA

Dean's got the 'mo,' but can he keep it?

One point : Kerry's vote on IRW is a non-issue if he becomes the nominee

EDWARDS Has an EXCELLENT chance at being the nominee

Edwards is top fundraiser in WNY -- $181,000 (Dean $3,000)

Howard Dean : An Elite 'Outsider' ?

New NH Poll shows Dean leading JK by only 12 points

September Dem predictions

Edwards Will Not Run For Senate Re-Election

What's General Clark Waiting For... And Is It Too Late?

2004 House Seats

any other belle and sebestian fans (or people interested in new music)?

Sierra club commercial on Fox News channel just now

Real TV - is the Freakshow part of the dehumanization process?

DUer's - Please help us defend against the corporate media ripping us off

If Anybody Wants A Democratic Underground Bumper Sticker Please Send Me

GYWO - "I can't believe it's already been two years."

I'm wtaching Tom Petty and the HB perform

a sniglet for shrub

I've decided to back Clark, Graham, Kunich, Dean, amd anyone who fights

Whos looking forward to K Street?

Jesus vs Dean vs Clark

Where can I find contact information for Florida Yong Democrats

Is Clark's head small or is Bill Maher's big?

Breaking: Bush to eat Wiener-Schnitzel, French Fries and Vodka

Hurricane strkes Florida

Simon & Garfunkel Poised for Concert Tour

I love DU!

Is San Diego a conservative city?


Just remember whatever Chimpy McCokespoon says tonight...

See How They Change "History" Right In Front of Our Eyes?

BBV: Diebold software posted on alt.binaries.programming

Nate Clay streaming now -- Topic is Iraq

Is this enough to convince, that Bush will "win" election in 2004?

Bush seeks an exit strategy as war threatens his career

Belushi Organizes Arnie Bash

Collier County

Just in time for the 9-11 commemoration.. Propaganda matrix

Great visions never change (FDR speech from way back when)

Bush is trapped - We can't pull out of Iraq without WMDs

The Freepers are going wild over a WP article on *'s Speech

Grassroots! Alive and Kickin!

Nov 2000- Pentagon practiced commercial airplanes crashed into

Will We get PNAC plan Phase 3 tonite?

This guy is awesome - Thom Prentice

Think Bush at 45% is near the bottom? Think again.

Boondocks and dolls <<<< I just love it.

thanks for the reminder on the Russert repeat w/Krugman...

blackspot sneaker

Ken Starr on CSPAN LIVE right now

Art to brighten up your Sunday morning

In new army all are cannon fodder

This is very interesting

Do a search on "reagan democrats" at Google Web search.


Tortured Al Qaeda COO Sheikh Mohammed confirms no Saddam ties

Who is the first sacrificial lamb?

September 11th And The Bush Administration...

Sorry. Wrong forum. Please ignore

Big money dictated fund-deal scheme

7;45AM CSPAN>>richard miniter...losing bin laden

Is Biden a Democrat? for real? or is he getting senile before his time?

New TV Idea

Re: Clinton and Bin Laden ... where does this stuff come from? Help!!!!

"Bring em on" audio clip wanted...

PBS takes on the media? Two programs in September

Goodwill squandered

Alaska Passes Anti-Patriot Act Resolution; Second State to Oppose Feds

Is there going to be a Democratic response to Bush's speech

Must-see video excerpts from "Aftermath: Unanswered Questions from 9/11"

Any gay DUers giving up Showtime/Queer as Folk because of DC 911

I Hate You: Vancouver Family Finds Surprising Message In Baby's Toy

Castro's Cuba

tonight boosch will come clean!!

Franken on Reliable Sources (CNN) now 11:30 AM EST

ARAB TIMES (Kuwait): Iraqi officials will be tried as war criminals

ARAB TIMES (Kuwait): Rumsfeld lauds wonderful start ... 7 soldiers wounded

Can somebody photo-shop W's flight-jacket pic

* Is A Miserable Failure Because

another reason the Roadmap for Israel/Palestinians isnt working

Ted Kennedy calls for Wolfowitz and Rummy to "step aside"

Just got my War Profiteers Playing Cards

It's official: conservatives are seriously ill

Tampa area....why did they change the time of MTP to 10?

If you listen to Powell on MTP

An accurate review of Showtimes DC 911 propaganda Bush movie

BBV: These are the 19 states Bush will try to steal...

An explanation about polls

I tried, I tried, but could not watch Fox News Sunday, or Meet the Press

Facts about the Iraqi quagmire--It's bad, very bad

Who's on the Sunday talk circuit this week?

Memos detail tanker dealings ( Boeing documents given to McCain)

What Liberal Media? - By Eric Alterman

So what happened to the new 9/11 tape they were going to air

Bush plans to push PNAC tonight?

Real Time...

Powell on Meet the Presstitute. Anybody watching?

Have you had enough candidate polls on DU?

"Easy Smile Hides Iron Will to Win" - John Reid Edwards

Dean is the Candidate Who ....

Bush wanting the UN, but only on his terms - what an arrogant dumbshit!

Okay, 'fess up. How many of you want to do THIS to the GWB action doll?

Does Bush protection of Saudis on 911 make him an enemy combatant?

ON C-Span: Loosing Bin Laden author Richard Miniter on now

Code Red: Leave the house, and you're a terrorist

C-Span Loosing Bin Laden

Terry McAuliffe is kicking ass on MTP

Any attorneys in Central or So. Cal want this case? ACLU stuff?

Do BBV industry workers participate in threads on DU?

Kiss my ass, seriously

Tonite's Speech: Live or Memorex?

Ski (sans Skinner) on WLS-Chicago 12:00PM Central (now)


Tonight's Speech vis-a-vis UN Member Countries

Idiot Son is Pre-empting his SHO debut...

Among the lies tonight.

Condi Rice on CNN's Late Edition (noon et - CNN)

Clark supporters: A graphic I'd love to see

Why hasn't a Republican thrown his/her hat in the ring?

Gephardt interview on Wolf now (1:08 EST)

The thing I don't get about all the candidates is...

Here's a poll that hasn't been freeped yet...!

What you'll probraly hear from Bush tonight.

I dislike Lieberman more than Bush.

The Secretary of State of Tx will not answer my emails

Why are elections held on Tuesday?

I gotta tell 'ya, the chimp is MELBA

David Icke in Seattle

Who's your favorite West Wing character?

Why is Iraq compared to Germany after WWII ?

George W Bush is a....

US government auditors could not account for three tons of plutonium

Any one know the growing sesen for Opeum?

Are gas prices coming down in your area?

Should I watch the mf speech tonight?

Creepy sentiment.... has anyone heard this sort of sentiment before?

Non Sequitur - a nice slap at Pat Buchanan...

"We're Prisoners Here" - powerful letter from a soldier

Neither Bush nor the media is responsible for the hell our country is in.

What do you think of smoking bans?

have any new recall polls been released?

MSNBC poll :Do you think the US is on the right track in Iraq

The Boondocks *

Will there be an investigation

Will Bush win again?

Divine judgement?

Why All the Name Calling?

Snopes has updated its 9/11 page, with apology to Michael Moore!

As if Bush tonight was bad enough...Ashcroft is on CNN at 6pm et

A No-Bashing Thread: What I like and dislike about each candidate

The three factors that make me back Clark

G.W. Bush *IS* toast! Start chilling the French champagne!

Deleted message

War Times..."The First Casualty of War is Truth".

Why is Bush pre-empting his own flick at 8:30 tonight?

Arnold's Oui Interviewer in Spotlight (Writer won't sell tapes unless...)

True selfless connectedness, or what?

Least worldly church treasurer?

Doonesbury "M"-word strip...

Disturbing Analysis: Bush Could WIn

In CA-WAITING for the OTHER Candidates

Is Al Martin Lying?

Yes, EVERY Dem candidate makes Bush look like the...

Which of Bush's lies at tonight's conference will be most laughable ?

Egypt gov't paper: US behind Najaf bombing

Bush family not the only Nazi collaborationist-profiteers: Ford, too

Some Florida Democrats Losing Enthusiasm for Rematch With Bush

the 'roy moore for president' poll

What's Tom DeLay's district like?

"In this city Murder is a form of entertainment."..A line from Chicago...

I got my sample ballot for the recall.

Interesting Dean Comment in LA Weekly.

Help return the Democratic party to The People.

* to announce a new WMD found tonight..........

So at what point does Bush become "expendable"?

Is it true that missiles were fired at Rumsfeld's plane as he left Iraq

The origin of Holy Joe

Top Ten GOOD things about George W. Bush

Has Disney been conquered by the GOP?

If Shrub tries to link Iraq to 9-11 one more time tonight, I will scream!

defreep this poll

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be non-voters..

Which way will Bush's poll numbers go after his speech?

Santa Cruz to ask Congress to look into impeaching Bush

Army Unis: Backwards US Flag Patches?

The Wilson Affair

Interesting 'law'.

I feel the absolute most important political resource is the internet

Gephardt on Fire on Blitzer just now! Worth taking a second look!

Air travel passenger screening / CAPPS II system / my experience

When I hear Senate Democrats saying Bush should level with

I Believe (repost - substantially revised)

Heads Up! 11.09.01 to be Broadcast on TrioTV

Will there be a Democratic "rebuttal" from the Dems tonight?

POV on PBS is showing a documentary of Illegal Immigrants who

Gray Davis is "Too Grey"....or Grey Davis is "Too Gray".needs Tan.

The Speech tonight...

Who do you want to get the Dem nomination?

McCain says France and Germany want "Revenge" and "the Money!" heh heh!

Bishops Apologize to Mel Gibson Over The Passion

The Pinochet File

Which LIE will Bush emphasize the most in the speech?

Anybody else can't raise MWO?

I't's a Great Day to be A DEMOCRAT!!!!

Lieberman attacks Dean for not supporting Israel enough.

A Failed Israeli Society Collapses While Its Leaders Remain Silent

"Politics isn't the oldest profession, but the results of it......

Are you going to watch Bush's speech tonight?

Should I send this letter to the WH?

Best catch phrases by Democratic candidates

Krugman repeat on again in case you missed it -- 7pm et cnbc

Dem candidates on CSPAN right now, amazing what the audience liked...

Is my 85 year old mom an indication of a political sea change?

Guess what I found in Zell Miller's voting record?

Dean is the only one to stick up for Gray Davis. That makes him #1.

Everybody Should Get The Zapruder Film on DVD

Yahoo News has text of Bush's Speech.....and he hasn't even given it?

OK, so I'm debating the recall Tues nite on TV

Should campaigns be entirely funded by federal money?

Jeb is destroying the Florida State Library.

Look at this major erosion in public opinion of Bush

For Bush, dreams of war will turn into a nightmare of peace

Guy James/Mike Malloy Show 9/5 in archives...

What if I don't want to pay for the war?

On today's Meet the Press: Powell ADMITS post-911 Saudi escorts!!

Two words: arrogance and incompetence

What would drive America to a scond civil war?

Is Bush really stupid?

Dean team launches Dean for New Hampshire!

Dean Won't Back Away From a Fight

Pentagon's penalty for resistance

"We have found WMD"--*Bush, TONIGHT!

Why 8:30?!? Why not the top of the hour?

Michael Parenti on C-SPAN right now!


If you could be assured either candidate running could defeat Bush....?

Will Bush's speech turn the tide?

Will BUsh get any meaningful bump in his approval ratings

LMAO this guy says you should go to jail for having sex.

thanks, those that watched Bush's speech

Do you think C-Span will have a call-in tonight?

The Chimp Speaks: Terra Terra Terra.

RU Ready 4 Sum FootBAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!

Do you think C-Span will have a call-in tonight?

Halliburton wins Lottery!!!!!!!!

Can anyone tell me why these so-called journalists don't just

I wish Teddy Kennedy was 20 years younger!

Perle, Wolfowitz and Condi wrote that speech

$87 BILLION more


The whole premise for "supply-side" economics has been discredited...

Arabic translation : 87 Billion dollar Iraqi tax cut

Bush's Hangover speech

AWOL being criticized on Larry King right now...

Perpetual fear?

I want to move to France

Bush's* base will turn on him

Bush lost the couch potato vote tonight

It's official, Bush is toast

Time for a Regime Change... HERE and NOW

That's my Bush!

Why does Sean Hannity adore Lieberman so much?

Joe Biden

Didn't We Already Hear This Speech When He Asked For Money for Afghanistan

Need links about profiency tests

Which Joe is the worse Joe?

Were there rebuttals anywhere?

Central Skull & Bones meme: "The world is a dangerous place."

Peru defends Amazon gas plans

how classy of Grey Davis

Terry Moran "pax-americana"

Why Are You Suprised at the Media Whoring for Bush?

Speech Word Count and complete speech

question: what % would 87 billion be of our total budget?

For FREEDOM from the front lines of FREEDOM fighting those threatening our

FREEP banned me on my second post !

Crotchsock's poll numbers in short time.

Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate (REPLAY) SUN -- 9:30 PM ET

Anymore "kissing girls" shots and I think I post the nude pose

Best classic book/essay/work for Liberals/Dems/Progressives to read


The plot thickens...Iraq is a Do or Die proposition

If we shouldn't bring Viet Nam into the picture about the Iraq invasion

Santa Cruz' city council is looking to ask Congress

Bush Speech Tally - TERRORISM and more TERRORISM

Live Bush Movie in Showtime thread

POST STARTED FOR SPEECH---anybody who's watching

Is Russia going to isolate US re: Kyoto?

Thread 2 on Bush's speech: analysis

Write your representative tonight about the $87 billion

pResidents Speech 9\7\03 - Used 'Terror' 28 Times - Transcript !!!

Bush Accuses Reagan of running from terrorist in Lebanon.

Osama's name never mentioned in Bush Speech - But new Al-Qaida tape airs

Did anyone notice how "sick" Hannity and the FOX gang looked after

Freepers unhappy with pRESIDENT Evil

George is that on the CREDIT CARD? The interest charges are gonna kill us!

Concerning "DC 9/11" and "The Big Dance" I was meaning to ask this

A little help on Joe Conason...

Jim Marrs on Alan Handleman now!

watch the stock market tomorrow....

WP Reader Comments on Speech

Dem Debate is being shown on CSPAN

FoxNews: "Democrat Presidential Candidate Debate"

Bush says "no one to blame for huge deficits ..."

Al Queda issues new warnings (Thanks a lot Bush, you asshole)

This will be expensive, it will take time, it will be costly

$87 Billion would be more than enough for universal health care.

How much has Bush spent since Sept. 11?

Gun shy: are Dems finally getting the message?

Drudge: GOP chair says dems hit 'new low'

Like any government estimate, DOUBLE IT. ($87bn???)

The $87 Billion Question

Dems should spin the $87 billion

Biden says"we are beyond WMD's"

Afghan Massacres-US special forces closely involved/11-2001

Clark on Fox soon. Hannity just said it. 9:09 EDT

87 billion dollars...the arrogance of this think

great...iraq s problem was lousy bookkeeping!!!

They're "porno" lighting Bush on CNBC now!

Osama's new terror plan revealed!

Bush's speech reminded me of a great F. Zappa quote:

now that Kucinich parts his hair properly


Who here is voting green no matter what?

The Bush Administration's Defence Policy is very dumb and a dangerous

A new chance for the Senate Dems to stand up to Bush...

Why doesn't Bush like Terra? What did she do to us?

How about if we gave EVERY STATE a BILLION DOLLARS to rebuild???

So there was no mention of WMD's?

This is something to fear... bush is something to fear

Bob Graham is tha Man!!

Check out the CNN poll on

As a Democrat, I want from my party...

Let Bush* use his re-election money if he feels so strongly.

How about an excess profits tax on Halliburton, Bechtel,

Who saw Bush speech on C-Span2 direct feed?

Larry King on the Speech. This is good (Graham now on)

Where should the $87 billion come from ?

and they Called the Wind Mariah

Joe Biden, you are worse than Bush...

On this day two years ago...

Bush just destroyed himself tonight

Committe for the Liberation of Iraq (CLI) - a PNAC spinoff Org!

What is Judith Miller smoking?

How soon until candidates start dropping out?

Hey NightOwls... Dig Novak Eating His Words (CNN)

holy shit! worldlink is showing

Messages at are very negative

Say what you will: But, When David Gergen Speaks, I Listen....and

For those who got to see "DC 9/11" what did they think of it ?????????????

WTF! Bush: Rove told me a small, twin-engine plane hit the WTC on 9/11

Freeper admits Bush let 9/11 happen...calls for more!!

How did Bush's speech go

A question about timeline of "Saudi escorts" ?

Has anyone read The Best Democracy Money Can Buy ?

Am I the only one who sees danger for Bush with his address?

Who heard George Will say this morning:

McCauliffe is an aweful debator

My dh and I are wondering: Who got to Bush?

Don't forget that needs a lot of posts tonight.

Are you willing to fight the war on terrorism for the rest of your life..?

Why is the casualty list for Iraq CLASSIFIED?!

What will Bush spend the 90billion on?


Bringing the war home to hometown America. Ex-Mayor pro tem killed.

"Democrats" who support the CA recall, a question for you

What is this Bush's 9/11 memoir or The Wizard of Oz?

DU, You Have Just Witnessed History; GOP Is Choking on Their Spew

Kucinich cant win?

What could our Nation do with 87 billion bucks...

CNN Pole on Smirk's speech

Who is the Worst Television Conservative?

Forget the $87 billion--THIS is the money sentence:

Favorite Kennedy brother

Did msnbc confirm that casualty #'s are secret?

Once again...the asshole was DRUGGED!

Why should Europe pay anything for Iraq?

The market will be headed down in the morning.

Dershowitz on Geraldo

Democrats just lost a good Senator!

Someone accused me in a PM of lying about

Questions about 9/11

Fuck you, CNN

Will Clark run?

Al-Qaeda Tape Pledges Fresh Anti-U.S. Attacks

What nationality is "Coulter"?


GUT INSTINCT Poll: Who do you PREDICT will be the Dem moninee?

Wow, I gotta share this freeper post

Why Every Woman At DU Should Be Supporting Carol Mosely Braun

"Mary" - if this radio call-in doesn't break your heart.....

pent up energy? Email Biden

Iraq's a bottomless pit. Nobody can fix it. Nobody's available- We're F'd!

Hannity is a whining b*tch!

In light of 9/11, would you support an invasion of Saudi Arabia?


The Dennis Kucinich you may not know

Black Box Voting: A beginner's summary -- Now you, too can get involved!

Sorry...But you're not a Democrat if you back the CA. Recall!

Bush's failure in Iraq...OR IS IT REALLY?

QuestionW: 9/11/03... ONE DAY|ONE QUESTION

School vouchers

Miracle!! MICHAEL PARENTI on w/ Brian Lamb on Booknotes !!!!!

Bangladesh bomb blast

Big Brother takes grip on America

Iraq missile attack on US plane

Iran's Influence Grows in Iraqi Holy City

'Bring down Zimbabwe's unjust regime'

US, EU Butt Heads On Airline Info

C-Span Loosing Bin Laden

Twisted Sister Pumps Up Arnold (right wingers should love this)

'Unaccounted for' Iraqi weapons may be bookkeeping glitches

No School Board Left Standing -- Statement & Petition by Dean

Bush responds to pressure from his own party

Rumsfeld arrives in Afghanistan, attacks continue

Germany Clears One 9/11 Suspect, Says Yemeni Chief

Arnie's spin doctors spun for Yeltsin too

Prop. 54 Sponsor Concedes Passage Is Now Unlikely

CBS Poll: Bush Failing On Economy

World Bank Sees Higher Growth Rates for South Asia

For Veterans, an Evocative Repeat

For Afghans, the enemy isn't Taliban but U.S.-backed warlords

Russian, Saudi officials call for UN central role in Iraq

Cuban Exiles to Face Trial in Panama

Bush*s Nephew Begins Law Career Clerking in Dallas

DNA lab analysts unqualified - Review finds education, training lacking

Powell: 'Good strategy' in Iraq, Afghanistan

"We have found WMD"--*Bush, TONIGHT!

Santa Cruz to ask Congress to look into impeaching Bush

Dean holds strong lead over Kerry in N.H. poll

Farah tried to plead with the US troops but she was killed anyway

Sudden jump in lumber prices -- homeowners will be hit soon (blame war)

Big money dictated fund-deal scheme

War wounded abound in "post-war" Iraq

New Librarian Action Figure

Huge rise in children being sent to prison

US sets deadline for militias to disarm

Delhi rolls out red carpet for Ariel Sharon

Out of the standoff and into the fire:Whitmire returns; now his motives ar

World Bank: Poverty Aid Needs to Double

Sunni Cleric Says U.S. Wants Civil Strife in Iraq

Iran warns that too much pressure to open nuclear facilities to inspectors


President Bush in Nashville (Nashville Gets Ready)

Calf. Lt. Gov. to Transfer Controversial Donations

Financial turmoil casts pall on school openings across nation

White House Hosts T-Ball Game

Democrats See Bush Speech Falling Short of Iraq Fix


Bush will seek $87 billion for Iraq


Wash. Candidate for Gov. Has Mastectomy (Gregoire)

Visit (India) by Israeli leader to seal growing military, commercial ties

Bush plans big budget request - now $80 bil.

Misconduct charges put contractors on defense

U.S. Struggling to Identify Enemy

Bush Vows to Spend What Is Necessary to Win War

Democrats see Bush speech falling short of Iraq fix

Anti-War U.S. Marine Sentenced to Six Months in Jail

Bush to visit Australia in October

Al-Qaida issues a chilling warning

Monthly costs of Iraq, Afghan wars close to Vietnam's

Ethnic Issues in California Recall Play Out at Latino Parade

Marines literally dying for a thrill : Risky behavior cited in fatalities

Taliban pouring into Afghanistan from Pakistan, U.S. general says

Egypt urges world to condemn attack on Hamas head

Bush seeks an exit strategy as war threatens his career

U.S. bonds face gloomy future (re: foreign ownership of US treasuries)

Rep. Obey (Wi.) demands Bush oust Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz

Excerpts From Tonight's Speech

WP: Bush* to Double Iraq Spending

US Senate panel blocks California emissions plan

Asian debt withdrawal threat to US deficit

Lieberman Questions Dean on Middle East

Santa Cruz City Council Trying To Impeach Bush

Bush to ask US public for more sacrifice as cost of Iraq occupation rises

Edwards will not seek re-election to the Senate....NBC

Bone, organs, found near Bush compound in Maine

Angry Chavez asks US to back off

Iraqi firebrand rejects US disarmament deadline

Colorado GOP chair says U.S. Rep. Scott McInnis plans to retire

All Gothic! All Weird! All Covers of your Favourite Songs!

I'm wtaching Tom Petty and the HB perform

2 names for September 11 as in the terror incidents

It's 11:20 on a Saturday night and I'm onfrickin'line. Ask me anything.

Slightly odd question for a Saturday night re calico cats

The BBC Sandwich Project

Bush - "Mad Cow" disease joke

Breaking: Bush to eat Wiener-Schnitzel, French Fries and Vodka

Oh My Gay Stars!!!!

Aren't you glad this is NOT another "Oh My Gay Stars" posting?

I love DU!

Hurricane strkes Florida

Late night munchies

so I'm curious...

me, myself or irene

Frisco, Colorado

Share poems, and judge!

I have a question about the movie "The Spanish Prisoner" by David Mamet...

Favorite song by Roscoe Swirps!

Dean support in Salt Lake City probably increased today!

A sad but interesting reflection by Kleeb

Just finished Al Franken's new book and I................

My God, I love Sarah Silverman

Question for 20-ish DU males

Airline Security- PSSST you are probably on 'the list'

Favorite song by Jon Asscroft!

blackspot sneaker

The Sun Devils are in trouble

Enjoy my new signature

I almost jinxed the Cubs last night...

Is Clark's head small or is Bill Maher's big?

Simon & Garfunkel Poised for Concert Tour

What a leader

People you won't miss when they are gone.

Fox NFL Sunday or NFL on CBS?

How many "new eras" have your sports teams been through?

the american effect - Gilles Barbier

Oh My Gay Stars!! A "Bewitched" Movie Is In Production!!! Yay!

Yesterday I saw Dean up close and personal.

It's a small world, should I leave a link on my new web page about me?

Your favorite nickname for Bush

Would you have supported the Visigoths' invasion of Rome?

Give Yourself Over To Absolute Pleasure...

What's your favorite _______ by _______?

Just finished watching "Flashdance"

Favorite ACT Spawned from the group Buffalo Springfield

You Want Some O' Dis?

Dammit Dammit Dammit!

WOO HOO! Looks Like Babylon 5's JMS may be a Dean supporter

Are "the Simpsions" Republicans?

Awsome Video of Saddam! Hilarious!!!

Any Green Bay fans out there?

Best "Some Bizarre" Records Act:

Jesus vs Dean vs Clark

Best SST Records Act?

I Hate You: Vancouver Family Finds Surprising Message In Baby's Toy

Who likes ska?

Farting Bush Doll! You gotta see this!

Interesting difference between Ford and BMW

ARGH!!!!!!! Server too busy on espn I can't find out what happened to

Realistic height/weight measurements?

What's happening to Donald Driver?

Ladies and Gentlemen, my 500th post.

What is schadenfreude?

Hey Will Pitt! What's up with those Pats?

Bengals Lose (sigh)

I'm over 900 posts

Most Extreme Elimination!

Be on the lookout for a 2001 silver Mazda Protege

A music quiz for Sunday afternoon.........


Buckeyes drop to #3 in Coaches Poll

Here We Go Steelers!!! Wooohooo

Lions on pace to go 16-0


'Annotated' State of the Union Speech


I need your opinions on my new layout.

tech help/advice needed - just got this email warning

I've spent the afternoon being "presidential".

..:: 1st Sunday Recap::..

What are the signs of a DoS attack?

You might be a freeper if...

3 quickies

A Zen Story

Your So Vain

I'm volunteering my media services to my local democratic organization...

AP college poll - top 4 same as Coaches

Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots

This ham sandwich walks into a bar...

mushroom walks into a bar...

Any Phys. Ed. horror stories to tell?

Chicago....oscar material? No way.

Horse Goes Into A Bar

The new birth control pill

Story of the Christian

piece of rope walks into a bar

Duck Walks into a Bar

Drudge says second body builder makes claim against Ah-nold. Who is it?

Atlanta is holding their breath...


Who's your favorite West Wing character?

Best 80s Movie?

So, the seeds have been planted for a new chapter of Young Democrats

I was Zogby polled this AM

Ann Coaltar or Oprah Winfrey?

The bears are very good ...


Favourite Simpsons character

fundie comic books

You Are A Doll And I Love Ya Arianna But I Love The Hummer H2.

Rebel w/o a Cause - James Dean on TCM

Are there any decent p2p sites left?

ARRGH help please power-tool-savvy people

No, no, no.

I read Al Franken's new book yesterday.

Someone just dropped-off a puppy in my truck. Help!


I went to the bar mitzvah of a friend's son...oy vey so ask already!!!

100th post

You're a Doll, all you old actors, but I love HDTV!

Why do people treat each other like disposable waste?

Mommy! Mommy!

Will...were in for a very long season! UGGG

Dubya Vows to Spend What Is Necessary to Win War


Story of the Atheist

How does the date and time work on posts?

Lounge drinking game for Bush's speech

What should I drink for Shrub's speech tonight?

New Librarian Action Figure

MLBaseball is pissing me off big time.

Oner more Simpsons Poll (I promise):

Crystal Light alternatives?

ATTENTION: Gun Owners, Hunters And NRA-Types

Hey, where's "Undergroundrailroad" hiding?

I like almost all DU'ers, period!

Wow, 49ers looked good, Houstom beat Miami, and Detriot?!

Go here:

I had a player who caught for 217 yards and 2 TDs SITTING on my bench

Now that * is done lying for tonight: Favorite RIGHTEOUS BROS. tune?

Where have I been?

Did anyone watch the DC-9/11 thing on showtime?

Any "Ween" fans here?

Here's a Republican Joke

The Cubs are in first place!!!!!

I have a feeling it went a little like this...

Oh, I "forgot" El Presidente Arbusto was opening the pie hole tonight!

Two fish swim into a French seal...

Suggested 70s parody act: Bob Meager & the Silver Mullet Band

two fish swim into a concrete wall

JOYGASM! Listening to new Living Colour CD one month early!!!

Office Space is on!

Does anyone like The Fairly Odd Parents?

Flame Warriors. Remind you of anyone?

Anyone heard from YoungLiberal16 recently?

Yoko Ono to repeat naked appeal for world peace

A skeleton walks into a bar…

Oakland - Tennessee: ANyone watching?

You wouldn't believe what I heard in church this morning!!!

Guess who I saw in GD?

Does anyone understand my sig line?

What was Elvis Presley's best recording for Sun Records?

Favorite Radiohead album

Stealth Disco... Fun

Books to read, books being read, books in general

American Graffiti was just on, what Character from that film are you?

Favourite MINOR** FEMALE Simpsons Character

Slightly strange question concerning "alternative"or "paralel" universes

Greatest Baseball Crowd Ever

What is your favorite Schadenfreude experience?

S-11 Redux: (Channel) Surfing the Apocalypse (Powerful film)

Political Affiliations of Cartoon Characters.

Favourite MINOR** MALE Simpsons character

Best Spike Lee Joint

Greatest song about rock and roll?

I rode my bicycle past Oprah's farm in Michigan, ask me anything

Week 1 NFL thread.

Okay, one more...Fave. Simpsons Springfield CHILD character...

Most obnoxious kids' show character?

Some gems from Kilborn, Letterman, Leno, Maher, and O'Brien

All-new Aqua Teen is on!!!

My 76 year old father just asked: "Did you know Joe Biden was an asshole?"

A priest, a rabbi, a midget, a neo-con, a Mexican guy, a Chinese guy...

What is your favorite nickname for Rush Limbaugh?

Which Chick tracts are most innacurate?

Suggestions for Dorm Room

I made the NYTimes yesterday! Ask me anything.

Should the Browns start Tim Couch next week

Ah, TV football announcers....

Should another "Austin Powers" movie be made?

new Man Show

Here is a scientific explanation for Bush's confusion...

Help Madame Fenris predict the future of Scott McInnis!

CRAP! Shrub visiting Monday!

are gas prices plummeting in your area?

Today, in Takoma Park MD, I heard a whistle...

i have a girlfriend!!!

Holy shit, Batman! It's DemoTex!

Favorite PRETENDERS tune?

Chomsky vs. Dean vs. Clark

Is the NFL liberal?

Did they paint those eyebrows on * 's face?

What should I do with my life?

What ever happened to the friendly beep of the horn?

Remember "All Creatures Great and Small"?

is your gaydar not what it should be?

Favourite SINGLE APPEARANCE Simpsons Character:

You're Stranded on an Island with Anne Coulter

The Weight-Loss Tips Thread

How liberal is your city

Ten Funniest Movies



Pop-up stoppers to download.

Gavin DeGraw

If men could have periods, what would it be like?