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Archives: September 4, 2003

Krugman interview with Liberal Oasis <--- must read!

Surprise! bush biggest presidential liar

Niger Delta: Death versus development

MARTIN SCHRAM: The trick of trickle-down

Fighting Bob

Bill C. Davis: Why I Support Howard Dean

Betraying the Sick in Africa - NY Times op-ed

Deepening doubts on Iraq

Homeland Security Inventors Expo

Ann Coulter's most recent idiocy

Who Is Losing Iraq? (Time Mag-Joe Klein)

Citizenship oath modernizes with new wording

NYTimes: Clark edges closer toward entry into campaign

Bill Moyers video-Is America Spending Too much on Wrong Weapons...

ny observer is getting so vile

The Tar Baby

Dean’s anti-war stance not so bad a platform after all

Molly Ivins: Just Fix It

Between Hammer And Anvil - Moussaoui

Rush, Newspeak and Fascism: An exegesis

'Why America Slept’

The two faces of Rumsfeld

Salon: Doonesbury: Jerked Off the Funny Pages

WE BROKE IT; WE PAY FOR IT - Altercation, Eric The Great

The Folly of Ideology

It's Product Rollout Time

Check out new Homeland Security Logo

"How Many More Must Die?"

Read Ralph Naders "The Triumverate"

Why we must leave Iraq

Iranian dates

Greg Palast-The Brown Stuff

Can Dems admit that the Iraq war has been a success?

Schröder - Call For Troops For Iraq Made Him Sick

This cartoon makes a good point

I would like to know if there is some sort of a good guesstimation tool

Save Our Overtime Pay! Let's Keep Up the Pressure!

Dean in Phoenix tomorrow (9/5/03)!

WA State pro-choice governor candidates next Tuesday

Protect the message of protest in SF on the 28th

NC DUers--Protest Ashkkkroft on Saturday, September 6th!

Power to the Peaceful / 9/11 / Michael Franti w/ Spearhead

California DUer's; please sign petition by 9/12 re: recall

William Rivers Pitt in Texas! Here's where you can see and hear Will!

Plan Ahead/ School of the Americas Watch Annual protest 11/22-23

The MSNBC Campaign Embeds

A Setback For Mike Wallace CBS

Chris Matthews french kisses Arnold.

A Mercurial Cure, or a fun look at the historical treatment of syphilis.

Who are the 10 most powerful people in the USA?

"Air Quality" (a poem for the bush* EPA)

CARTOONS! The "Unbearable Lightness of Being Bush" Edition

Daily U.S. Casualties 9/4/2003

California Domestic Partner Bill Sent To Governor

Gay Bishop Barred From Cathedral

Bankers Pow-wow.....Preparing Russia for WTO/International Standards

IRS Can't Do The Math

Spitzer goes after "Mutual Funds/Hedge Funds Engaged in After Hours Trades

Bank America (former Nations Bank) and Bank One....all involved in Hedge

Muslim brands attack!

Nanoscale Iron Could Help Cleanse the Environment

Drought leaves Russians without potable water

Scientists Face Steamy Mystery

String Theory: no unique solution for the Universe?

How long does a CD-R last?

UN's Decline And Fall...

Japan's Jm-t "LDP" Leadership Race- any major factional differences?

Nurses go on strike in Angolan capital

US Occupation Of Post War Germany


Guide to waging war against 'infidels'

standardized testing on tv

State Dep't Refuses To Hire HIV+ Man

South African rival for Viagra on the cards?

Bullies' Toll No Bull

Houston's Disappearing Dropouts - Richard Cohen

What is the proper protocol for DUers running for office?

I only semi tecno literate. Can u help me out!

When a poster is tombstoned, do all his/her messages disapper?

Trouble in creating polls

'Targeted killings' strengthen Hamas as innocents die

Ex-Mossad head urges Israel - free uprising leader (Barghouthi)

Sharon is saved from the threat of peace

Report: Mossad team visited Iraq for anti-terror efforts

Transfer: A Moral Discourse (Part 3 of 3)

Israel Air Force Planes to Honor the Victims of the Holocaust

Abbas hints at resignation, prefers dialogue over 'policing'

Study: 22% Of Israeli Households Go Hungry

Israeli Jets Blast Hizbullah Position, Introducing New Rule for the Game

Abbas tells PLC he won't launch crackdown on militants

Sharon to take Mossad's help to foil Iran's nuclear programme

Israel to Expand West Bank Settlement

Forget one blog, Edwards just launched fifty-six of them

Meetup Tonight

Why is it usually *Dean* supporters who can't seem not to lie?

Howard Dean in Santa Fe!

Bush 9/11 ceremony in Washington???

Hoffa: Teamsters endorsing Bush "hard to imagine"

Will C-Span be covering the Democratic debate tonight?

Policy consultant plans to challenge McCarthy

Are Dean and Clark up to something?

Democratic Presidential Debate On-line live

Help! I am trying to get the debate in Vermont...

awesome Dean-related experience

Kerry changes stance, takes on Dean

Kerry Loses It

Two looks at Howard Dean from Common Dreams As Dean Surges Ahead

Could South Dakota be in play?

moved - please delete

Bush's Re-elect number under 50% in South Dakota

Dooley (DINO-CA 20) will not seek reelection

UFB! Another Pay Raise For Congress?

Crowd Shots of Kerry's Announcement

Edwards, Dean, Kerry, Lieberman tied for lead in South Carolina

Missed the debate...any reactions??

"Voting for the War"

Party for Kucinich and Peace!

Sign the petition to reform NCLB

Gov. Richardson of NM: Dean doing best among NM hispanic activists

Anyone else watch southpark?

Let's really be ****ing jackasses this week...:)

thank "god" for the bbc

city council considers presidential impeachment resolution....

Since I emphatically stated that Clark was a Democrat...

I posted about this before:

BBV: How many counties in California...

Bernie Ward starting in on the UN question KGO-AM 810 San Francisco

This just in! Bush to appear in Visa commercial!

Casualties under reported as attacks increase --WP

POLL: Favorite Song by Some Group to old for half of us to remember

HAVE MEETUP+? Arnold MeetUp numbers growing waaay too fast...

Forget one blog, Edwards just launched fifty-six of them

The Administration Knows the UN Security Council will Deny Them

9/11 EPA report -- what is worse?

videogames worse than crack cocaine..minister warns

Letterman's disgusting buttering up of Gen. Franks

Questions and answers on Iraqii oil ownership

Candidate Preference Ranking

2 years since & the Bush/ 9-11 questions REALLY get under skin of neo-cons

..."go it alone"...."bring 'em on"....

My my, and bush continues to go down in the

Brilliant strategy: Get all the Democrats to destroy their own candidates

See William Wegman's dog Chip explain why we don't need nukes!

Meet The Jackass!

New Dem Think Tank: American Majority Institute

What was known about post-9/11 air

I need links!

Why didn't Bush Administration add Iraqi funding to last defense budget?

It's time for Dean to state that Kerry is a wishy washy politician!

NBC:Thomas White, sec'y of the Army, is ripping Bush's Iraq preparations o

Theologically, why did Hill have any problem with abortion?

Atlanta, Raleigh, Boston, New York, Norfolk - Protest Aschcroft

Daily U.S. Casualties 9/4/2003

Rummy "screws up" post war planning.....says Kristol

Situational ethics

Microsoft strikes again!

Three questions, two about voting in CA and one about Sec. Rumsfeld

That stupid Billy Tauzin

Is Saddam Hussein being contained?

Bev Harris on Democracy Now! today (Thurs)

Bush Handlers...keeping him at Arms Length LOL

Amber Alert: Real News Missing (Free Flyer)

Liz SMITH Plugs LATHAM and CONASON - Yes, in the NYPost

Photographic evidence Bush was really in Vietnam, a master he was!

"Expect fireworks on the debate tonight"

The spin has already started Re: UN involvement

Let's Do the Math - Iraq

Remember this guy? Humanski banned at FR...

Why is Colin Powell out front on this request for UN help ?

Audio interview with Dean, from The Nation 3/13/03

Christian Identity Movement's Trifecta Attack?

MSNBC poll: 9 Democrats, Do Any of Them Have a Chance? Tell them YES!

Guerilla War in Iraq Sapping Troops

Amy Goodman/Bev Harris on Computerized Voting this morning at 9:00am

Freeper Editorialist Wants to Bring back Hollywood blacklist

The UNITER: Unites World against USA

The Collapse of the Middle Class

Anybody remember the controversy over Uday 'n'Qusay's bodies?

whats happening in Liberia?

More outrage on the education situation

Texans: What's going on now that Boogie caved?

White collar crime get's fines ... bank robbers get jail time...? help me

Krugman on rolling back the tax cuts (oh, and he has a book out)

Toll on Body and Soul - Combat Fatigue in Iraq

Deleted message

Why are these guys smiling I wonder?

Doesn't this sink Blair, based on his own words?

Republicans eating "Freedom crow" on Iraq issue

I got a letter from the White House today. Need help with response.

BevHarris on DemocracyNOW -- NOW (noon EDT) on FSTV

I'm enjoying the Calif. recall debate

Demo Debate on PBS Tonight!

Gen. Clark vs. Britney Spears

Camps banding together - my Meetup story

Sportingnews poll

Arnold hosting season premiere of SNL?

hey estrada!!!

Speaking of Greg Palast... "The Brown Stuff"

Edwards starts blog

Here is why the individual Mutual Funds investor does not have a chance

Bushies Rent Washington Momument Mall to Pepsi-Cola

The French are funny: Nice Chimp Pic.

what's your cell phone beef?

We all know Bush can't win in 2004 BUT........

Del Monte profit plunges, to cut San Francisco jobs (15% Cut)

I need Rush quotes to send to ESPN

Schwarzenegger got egged yesterday!

Exxon Valdez still hasn't paid up

Get Rid of Powell! He's at it again!

What is with the Cult of Personality here?

Hiding the Wounded

Thom Hartmann show streaming - topic is "Black Box" voting

Very hypocritical political cartoon from today's Sun-Times

Props to CA legislature on Domestic Partners bill!

Debate broadcast

Hubris repeats itself ... in Iraq - Former director of CIA

Clark a Democrat...

Sick and Suspicious (IBM workers)

The real issue I have with a "manufacturing czar".

I need the text for the Biden-Lugar amendment

Flypaper strategy

Think I'm gonna vomit..

Watch Kerry's Iowa ads! They are awesome, inspiring!

What is THIS all about?

What is the message ?

smirk's re-build Iraq map

Clark at NYU: Dems Don't Challenge * Administration

What is the REPUBLICAN message?

So Gore or Clinton Comes out and Supports Candiate X (or Y or Z)

In 2000, when did you first realize that they were going to steal it?

Peace:The Real Solution to Famine in North Korea

At This Point, Who Are the Possible Fronrunners?

So the new unemployment numbers come out tomorrow...

What's so bad about "free trade", you ask???

Daschle is on C-SPAN 2 standing up for workers!

We should write a DU book of letters to W.

No VP run for Richardson

So..Bush is Threatening to Veto Overtime Change

Crimes Of War. How Bush Will Remain 'Unaccountable'

An Open Letter to People Who are Negative Towards Negativity

Listening to people on Tavis talk about how there are fewer poor kids

HIGHEST PRIORITY: The Nuclear Bunker Buster

Has any Democrat that voted for "war" admitted it was wrong ?

I Love Bill Maher

CNN is running ads about the overtime issue

Estrada calls it quits

Richard Holbrooke was pretty testy last night on C.Rose.(Iraq)

Why Vince Whitacre is better than Bryan Kennedy in the Dem primary in WI-5

when did Bush stop beating his Stepford wife ?

Needed - protest signs for Laura Bush today

Red wasp sting.

This may be a stupid question about the campaign...

Freepers on DeLay SCARY

What do you like most about your candidate?

MS Governor, Candidate ask for Alabama's Monument!

HUGE *.tmp files growing on my computer... McAfee-related? Acrobat?

What about Shoshanna? Wasnt she a POW too? And Lori Ann Piestewa?

80's Redux: Lunatic Fringe going bonkers over Central America!

Please Skinner, I'm begging you

Judge Estrada calls it quits

"Push-button bugle to play taps at military funerals"

Larf in the face of *'s Strangelove Nuke Scheme

Are We Down to Just One Boss Hog in the USA-----who is it????

Texas Democrats continue to show the country how to fight the Republicans

Quick! Look at this before RimJob deletes it

Janklow goes to court

Is John Kerry Skull and Bones

Condi's Phony History. Postwar Germany nothing like Iraq

Tom Delay: Estrada is the victim of a Political HAte Crime

I am a history major, ask me anything

Bush quote when he didn't realize TV camera was still rolling ...

Camejo on the California Debates

New Kerry ad to begin airing in New Hampshire tomorrow, Thursday!

I predict the unpragmatic left will do us in, in CA recall


Dean said something good

The Collapse of the Middle Class

Kerry, LIEberman, Gepheart, Edwoulds = All splineless

Be afraid, Very afraid!

Every time I see Powell I remember what Belafonte said about him

I'm no longer ABB.

Deleted message

Why I'm for Dean

Can you make a connection?

I HAVE to share this with everyone!!!!!

Crossfire Thread 9/4/03

Al Fraken on Wolf (CNN)

what channel and when is the debate???

Americorps bans political activism!!

What would this judge have considered action connected to war in Iraq???

A.N.S.W.E.R. is planning an Anti-War protest for Oct 25....

U.S. Infrastructure rotting, oh well who needs roads


hey bush you little effing monkey!!

Final Notice of Eviction for Fraud W. Bush, aka smirk, PNAC puppet

Kerry is a lib in moderate's clothing; Dean is a mod in lib's clothing.

Get your presidential prayer team poster and other goodies.

Freepers unhappy over Estrada. Let's rejoice in their misery

Do you agree or disagree with France and Germany on Iraq? (poll)

with a bow to Gil Scott-Heron . . .

Could you imagine

Dem debate broadcasted tonight on PBS - 8PM

A little segment on Dean on main BBC news

Why is it so hard for some people to tell the obvious truth about Iraq?

Gee...someone got offended.

Here's a radical idea: a TV spot featuring ALL the Dem candidates.

Byrd alert....

1995 GOP Nat'l Committee quote on runaway natl debt

Sean Hannity Just Called Himself "An Open-Minded Republican"


Need the "One Week end a Month My Ass" Photo & Source

I can't stop shaking my head in disbelief.

C-SPAN discussion question: "Is President Bush doing enough campaigning?"

support the petition opposing the CA recall....

Were their better reasons for the Viet Nam war than the Iraq Invasion?

Wolfie Poll.....


* threatens veto if Senate passes pro worker (pro overtime) legislation

A 'Jobless' Recovery Is No Recovery At All.

No F***ing Way Do They Get Away With This!

ummm. hello? this is PRIMARY season. they (we) are SUPPOSED to be fighting

Lousy Chocolate Makers

Just some quick reminders on why Bush will lose in '04

Edwards expected to announce he will not seek re-election to Senate

Ever the good soldier, even facing civil disaster.

I Spoke with a Veteran Collecting for Disabled American Veterans

Family Values Platform Comes Back To Haunt Governor

ATTN: Phoenix Area DUers.... KAET Channel 8 is NOT showing

NBC Evening News: Saudi Ties to Bin Laden

CBO answers Sen.Byrd's query on the U.S.ability to sustain Iraq occupation

Did Dean publicy say he was against the war when

Are you looking for a job in America? Read this.

Clinton was member of CFR, had his Bachelors in International relations

Bob Kerrey on Lieberman: "I wanted to endorse him on the spot."

Rats!!!!!!!!1 AL won't be at the debate

uh oh, all Dems, please read with an open mind:

Moores' "Stupid White Men" sold more than 1 million times...

Tucker Carlson wants to know why Bush would lie.

What's the deal with non-US right-wingers

News coverage and photos of KC bush* protesters

I called KB toys and...the guy on the phone asked if I wanted the * doll..

Kerry and Lieberman are making themselves look so stupid

Any streaming audio or video of tonight's debate?

So, Does * know where he is?

Anyone See: Army Secretary (Enron) Thomas White..All Over Promoting Book?

Hardball: Same message keeps flashing (anti Clinton)

ABC/CBS News Thread

Dead GI's Father: "Lynch Is 'A Profiteer'"

I'm pumped about the debate tonight

Tonight's Dem Debate TV schedule:

The most AMAZING contribution to my campaign just arrived

Should there be a "World Police Force" run by UN?

Ambassador Wilson Affair: The End of Karl Rove?

WTF! Hello, Viet Saddam! See Sen. Hutchinson of Texas on CNBC?

Vanity Fair person on Paula Zahn CNN now 8:08 pm est

Okay....I did it: Hit Matthews.....for "Whore Stuff!" Fineman is saying

Any Georgians/Atlantans here know if

Audio link to debate - NEED QUICK HELP!

Why are DLC/DNC avoiding the computer voting fraud potential?

East Coasters: Remember set your vcr's for 10:00 p.m. for Dem Debate!

1961-65 Vietnam War wounded & deaths nearly same has Iraq2

God I love Dean - comment today.

Janeane Garofalo on MSNBC (On Now)

Are the debates televised ANYWHERE!?

I spit on Bush today (really)

Listen to the debate live at

"Howard Dean's opposition to the war was wrong"

For Kucinich Supporters and Greens: The Case for Dean

What States Are in Play in 2004?

I am so stoked! Aren't you excited?

How to get Republicans to finance the Dean of Prez campaign. =)

Operation Enduring Stupidity

Dennis Kucinich: Lights out on Deregulation

Quagmire? What WQuagmire?

Okay, this Independent is ready. Where do I go?

Newspapers yank Doonesbury strip

This is the correct link. Doh!!!!

Live debate thread anyone ?

DC 9/11: Triumph of a Bush

Slain Soldier's Father Criticizes Lynch's Book Deal

Great. On Hardball: "9/11. Was Clinton to blame?" (6:53 pm CST)

Ashcroft’s anti-porn crusade threatens everyone’s free-speech rights

Mike Malloy on NOW!

What should US military spending be?

Who vetted the KC speech?

GW's Bar and Grill

Since Iraq is now a hotbed of terror, should we invade AGAIN ?

Can we please let the "Edwards is running for veep" thing die

Is the debate online?

The Debate - I am so proud!

Battered Wife Syndrome- Does this define America today?

Concerning the debate

Did Sharpton skip the dabate?

Bush to Seek $60 Billion or More for Iraq


Bush's negotiating position with the United Nations

Global Eye -- Strange Attractors

October 25th anti-war rally

An Open Letter to People Whining About Negativity

State by state delegate selection. Is there a reference?

Ahhh!! The shrub introduced the first NFL game tonight!

The stage managed press ---

Bush will prevent a terrorist attack in spring-summer 04

U.S. Infrastructure Needs Seen at $1.6 Trillion .... (Our GDP is $10Tril)

MSNBC Poll: Do any of the 9 Democratic candidates have a chance

Kerry criticizes Dean over "zero experience in international affairs"?

Anyone Else Feel This Way?

US asking UN for help US retain political and military control - POLL

US Spcl Forces Sgt Stan Goff On Mike Malloy now Sep 4, 21:45 pm EST

California Recall

Deleted message

The Clark Administration

BBV: Bev Harris on Democracy Now.... Link to streaming audio

Estrada Nomination just pulled!

Was bin Laden's family allowed to jet out of US after 9/11?

Zogby has Edwards leading in SC

JL Won Debate??? WTF???

George W. Bush, Man of Action

Just looked at MSNBC's online headlines

Do you think Paul Hill is in Hell yet?

CBS News in Germany - "50 coming in per day?"

CNN: Dems want an Invesigation into 9/11 Air Quality

another drunk disembarkment George?

BBV: Why are they afraid to provide the certification results?

Kucinich Meetup Tonight

Seen any post-California debate polls?

IF FORCED TO, who would you vote for? Lieberman or Bush?

Democratic debate – Survivor style

PizzaGate: Cheney serves up a cold pie to the GAO...

How do you plan on voting in 2004?

Was princess Diana murdered?

Wesley Clark

FOX, Drudge, Rush cite World Tribune - MOONIE FRONT

Let's look at the "Basis for our Law", shall we? The 10 Commandments...


T-shirt seen at DC national airport:

WooHoo Republican want to give me money!!!!!!!

Which candidate got the most applause at tonight's debate?

I need Goobergunch AND a speechwriter ASAP!

Debate Last 45 Minutes. My observations.

August 2001: Bush too busy worrying about unborn Americans to prevent 9/11

Review of the bush/showtime movie in NJ Star Ledger...

Heads Up: Bogus "News" Source - The World Tribune

Question: is "Hispanic" a pejorative term?

Can you imagine a story that would send the Freepers over the edge ?

The Stepford Democrats

Senator Kerry... I Trumad opposed the Iraq Invasion. Was I wrong?

Did Gephardt Save His Campaign ????

The "I Want" Syndrome and Election '04

Anybody want to "debate" the Hollywood Halfwits Halfwits?

BBV: Amendment on House floor today forcing a paper trail!

BBV: A Statistical Analysis of Possible Electronic Ballot Box Stuffing

Why is the DLC a dirty acronym on DU?

Carlyle Group making black box voting machines? WHERE ARE THE DEMS!!! careful what you allow on your sites.

The GOP is as dumb as a box of hammers

First Fraud Lady killed her boyfriend with her car

Greg Palast a crank?

Is Al Martin working with Karl Rove?

New news: Bush let 2 terrorists go free 2 days after 9/11!

What the hell is socialism? Someone please define it!

A photoshop explanation of evolving WMD stories from Maxwell Bush

DU Soldiers*** UPDATE***

"Helloooo?" Did Dennis catch Dean again?

I'm lost....What channel is covering tonights debates?

Gephardt in the debate

No debate coverage tonight for Orlando WMFE and Daytona PBS stations!!!

Who performed best in the debate?

You know what ? I DID want Kerry, but now after reading all

Can we say FOR CERTAIN there are no WMDs? Well . . . almost.

Ohio DU posters...are we living in the same state?

Report from KC protest today

Did Tom Tomorrow "out"

A passing thought about John Kerry and his war service

Socialism vs. Capitalism

Pentagon to investigate Air Force tanker deal

Demand grows for power grid reliability rules

Feds launch inquiry into gasoline price surge

Afghanistan campaign becomes guerrilla war

27 million fall victim to identity theft

Saudis Seize "Terror" Missiles Moves In (on Calif. recall)

French Minister Gave Secrets to CIA

Rumsfeld on new visit to Middle East region

Researchers reveal true scale of whale slaughter

GIs Exchange Fire With Iraq Guerrillas

U.S. Probes Actions Of Boeing Executive:Ex-Air Force Official Had Data

Send more troops or risk failure, Blair told (leaked confidential memo)

HOUSE WATCH-9/4/2003 (#1)

SENATE WATCH-9/4/2003 (#1)

Intelligence chief: Dossier exaggerated the case for war

NYC 9/11 aid

A HEDGE-FUND MANAGER arranged with mutual-fund firms to improperly trade f

Britain to Review Troop Levels in Iraq (5000 more to Iraq)

Miss. won't receive Ala. monument for display

US Colonel: All Mosque Bombing Suspects Are Iraqis

Court asks for quick response in Enron file release request

Estrada withdraws nomination - MSNBC (no link yet)


U.S. Quest for UN Help on Iraq Meets Wary Response

Gateway cutting jobs here; won't say how many

Iraqi Suicide Bomber Wounds Two U.S. Troops-Military

Saudis seize 'terror' missiles

Russia Strikes 'Historic' Saudi Deal

Japan Insists On return Of Kuril Islands (from Russia)

Estrada drops out of judicial race

Estrada Withdraws as Bush Judicial Nominee--Sources

Twenty SUVs Damaged in Texas Attack

Court blocks US media rules

U.S. Seeks Delay in Nuclear Timeline

Helpers to Get Seat at Table, Rumsfeld Says

Germany not offering troops for Iraq - official

Russia slams US, 11 others over nuke test ban pact

UK's Blair dodges dead scientist questions

DUPE: Report Blasts American Infrastructure (D+ Grade)

Powell and Joint Chiefs Nudged Bush Toward U.N.

Layoffs (800 to 1500) seen in PeopleSoft merger

Thai troops join Iraq force

Court delays police order that Gilad Sharon hand over Appel tapes

CNBC: Weekly Jobless Claims up to 413,000

Rumsfeld in Gulf, U.S. Troops Under Fire - Yahoo Breaking

Absentee Democrats meet with presidential candidates

Drug firms go all out for favor of physicians

Bush Facing Tough Sell on the Economy

Rumsfeld in Iraq, Says Unhappy with Iran, Syria

Schwarzenenegger egged at CSU

Day 14 is Blair's worst yet as focus falls on evidence - UK Independant

'02 Election Data Set for Public Release

Shots Fired at UK Mission in Tehran

No Vice President Run for N.M. Governor

U.S. Says More Troops Are Needed in Iraq

Associated Press: France, Germany Criticize Iraq Resolution

Universal to cut wholesale prices of CDs

Bush to 'ramp up' P.R. on Iraq

France says U.S. must give power to Iraqis

Byrd slams Bush with budget report on Iraq occupation

Judge orders Ashcroft to explain his actions

Democrats say Saudis curtailed oil exports (causing price spike)


Miguel Estrada withdraws name for court nomination (Breaking CNN)

U.S. blames Palestinians for peace deadlock

FirstEnergy Defends Blackout Role Before Panel ('trying to shift blame")

Activist Urging Sen. Clinton Presidential Bid

Poll: European Support for U.S. Fading

For Some, Britney's Not Welcome At This Mall

Get your wallets out

Military Families Tell Congress: Bring Them Home Now! Briefing for 9/9

Bush brings economic message to Kansas City -- KC Star

Fox News gains, other news networks fall

General Clark Edges Closer Toward Entry Into Campaign (ADD'L INFO)

Some Charges Dropped Against Nude Walker

Report Blasts American Infrastructure

Bush to Mark 9/11 With Ceremonies in D.C. - Yahoo Headlines

Bush To Seek $60 Billion Or More To Cover Mounting Iraq Costs-WP

US Warns of Looming Threats in Iraq

U.S. lawmakers see broad support for Iraq funds

Commissioners join effort to delay use of new voting machines in Ohio

Iraq to send minister to Arab League meeting despite not being invited

Fed hints at jobless recovery

U.S. glosses over Iraq-Turkey dispute

Tramp, tramp, tramping though Afghanistan - Canadian troops

Ohio Technicians Confused Before Blackout

Kerry changes stance, takes on Dean

BREAKING: Germany and France say U.S draft resolution on Iraq falls short


Senate Panel Seeks Boeing Tanker Lease Scaleback

Soldiers kill again in Iraq (The Copenhagen Post)

New Bush Request for Iraq Funds May Flop

Dean Braces for Criticism in Dem Debate

The Guerrillas Killing U.S. Troops


EPA leaders who worked on new rules take private jobs

Judicial Nominee Estrada Withdraws Name

Schwarzenegger: Some "Oui" Statements Untrue

Laura Bush hopes to visit Iraq, Afghanistan

Pro-Family Leaders Urge Christians to Resist Gay Groundswell

Lawmakers include themselves in proposed raise

Democrats in Debate Rip Bush on Iraq ... (hot off the press....some press)

Post-War Iraq Costs Soar To $70B

Global Eye -- Strange Attractors

Ad Rules Relaxed for NFL Bash (bush* sells OUR National Mall)

Bali suspect attacks West's leaders

White House Shares Some of Columbia Blame (Bush sqeezed NASA budget)

New Contact Lens Lets Blind See

Links drawn between Afghan military, drug trade

Iraq minister rejects possible Turk troop presence

Indonesian deputy's attack on US raises fears of split

NYT: Industry Fights to Put Imprint on Drug Bill

WP: Hill Braces for Iraq Request

Dalai Lama eyes end to 45-year exile

Pension Shortfalls at U.S. Firms Double

Suicidal Russia

Saddam Scientists Said Justified Invasion

Alarm over security blunder at Sydney airport

Rumsfeld Says Security Improving in Iraq

Ex-Envoy Criticizes Bush's Postwar Policy (Zinni to Officer Corp)

WP: France, Germany Reject U.S. Plan

Report Finds Size Of Government Up Sharply Under Bush


$6 BILLION Seized in Global Drugs Raids

Red faces at US Base as Korean crooks' booze tunnel comes to light

Congressman Pushing Ten Commandments Bill

Music Biz to Give File Sharers Amnesty

Sen. Clinton Slams Bush on Americorps

Rumsfeld Eager for More Iraqis to Keep Peace

From Juno news: Bush maintains that tax cuts will cure economic langour...

No 10 'had ownership' of dossier, memo claims

Taliban Fighters Take Control in Uruzgan

American infrastructure gets poor grade

Mike Wallace Suffers Head Injury Problems


US power rules broken 444 times

Bush* Says Economy "Is Looking Up"

Janklow Warned for Speeding Before Crash

Rep. Foley Reportedly to Drop Senate Bid

Government to Give Fewer Lie Detector Tests

Abortion Clinics Fear Execution Reprisals

Zogby's South Carolina Polling Shows Four Candidates Tied for Lead

Dean Surges in South Carolina (2nd place)

Support for Arcata resolution targeting Bush (impeachment) looks strong

Advisory: Al Qaeda planning new U.S. attacks (New Fall Season!)

Saudi Warplanes Moved Closer To Israel


Some lost jobs may never return

Johnny Depp Disavows Anti-American Quotes

Boycotting (TX) Dems take new tack (Bush Challenge)

New Ten Commandments suit dismissed - CNN

New Union Welcomes ALL - Working or Not

Feinstein will endorse D.C. vouchers

Expert Said to Think He'll Find Iraq Arms

Plan to bury CO2 waste under North Sea.....

Push Button Bugle to Play Taps at Military Funerals

You'll never guess what I just bought at a local quickie store

Poll: Favorite Billy Stewart tune

Favorite song by BROOK BENTON?

anybody here listen to radio in NYC?

Who wants to join the Anyone But Bush Club?

How I keep Jehova Witnesses from knocking on my door

How many vegetarians here have info about energy?

"Talking with Americans"

I will hit a 100 posts this early morning....

What's the point of a "buddy list"

heard on the radio, made me "smirk"

Levita ads running on Limpbaugh and Hannity

Click here for some anti Bush mp3s for your iPod

Good (Thursday) Morning To ALL of DU!

Will Britney kiss Mary J. Blige and Aretha Franklin tomorrow night?

Gitcher Bush*-Cheney bumper stickers here:

Cabban Youbbu Spebbeak Ubby Dubby Labbanguabbage?

" can make two uninteresting women a lot more interesting..."


Need some computer help, please (simple stuff I think)

Just saw kd lang

Man Holds Neighbors Cat Hostage

Next scandalous, open mouth kiss? (part 2)

Best Beatles Cover Ever:

Am I the only one who has to endure this?

Hogwarts Express Hit by Vandals

And here it is, number 100!

2 Men Dig Tunnel To Steal $1.5 Million Worth Of Beer

Favorite song by THE O'JAYS?

Where are you still a virgin?

Waging War on Dog Dropping - WMP (Weapons of Mass Poop)

OK DU guys and I guess girls- I need advice

Favorite Number From One to Ten

Stuff your Mom threw away, that you want back!!!

Next scandalous, open-mouth kiss?

How Cannabis Hemp Saved Poppy Bush

I woke up with 3 police officers in my living room ... ask me anything

Another rant: Using kids to distribute religious literature

Geek Hierarchy Chart

anyone know how to brighten up an MPEG

Foreplay is really just getting undressed, right?

How do I get the stuff from my old computer into this one?

Favorite Color Used in DU Poll Charts

Computer security products you have

Some newspapers pull `Doonesbury' installment that mentions masturbation

Describe What's ON Your Refrigerator Door... (If You Dare)

What's the buzz?

The official Football hating thread!

pennant races coming down to the wire

80's Fashion Must-Have You Most Want to See Have a Comeback:

Least favorite decade for music

Lrg S. Loop lkfrnt prop, 512 Bathrooms, nice views, only $606M

CAPTION W's feudal attempt to Strengthen America's Economy

How do you manage all your cable wires??

Well Gas-Bag Starts His First Show On Espn Tonight. I Like Football.

Pickles envious of Jethro Bodine's penmanship

I only wish we could have this pic as an avatar

Hey, I'm new here

Let's play WATERBALL!

Thursday morning airline humor

Today is my birthday!

Fear of Kim's Wetness Stirs Up Cheerleaders

So... Who's watching the debate tonight?

OMG, I do not give a %@*&#! what Britney said!

I just looked Dubya straight in the face in real life! Ask me anything

A rant: Using kids as salespeople to raise money for schools

Did you folks follow the Boy meets Boy series?

please no more britteny

A big Homer D'OH

CNN's Tucker Carlson interview with Brittany Spears is on AGAIN!

Cute picture of a Kerry supporter

Red wasp sting.

Indian Burial Grounds?

Red wasp sting.

Tell me my sig line is cool

"mise en abyme"....What does it mean?

HUGE *.tmp files growing on my computer... McAfee-related? Acrobat?

How lucky are you?

Be Very Careful Republicans

The chief Britney wanna-be (cuter IMHO) has her own quote this week

What did Freepers listen to when they were young?


"Yes, Sir." -- "No, Ma'am." (Not A Poll)

Ask the MAGIC 8 BALL

THREE CHEERS! E-mail Spammers in Italy Face Jail

Boondocks today

Dumbest Freeper name for Clinton

Bush hates America. Do you?

Exclusive photo!! Ann Coulter's date with FAUX's Tony Snow

Pumping Irony

Too Funny - Pocket O'Reilly - Push All The Buttons

Any recent college graduates here that still don't have a job?

Okay I give ... who is Tweety?

Taking the plunge....

DU's favorite music act as defined by votes on NightTrain's polls

I just lost my job - and I'm pissed!

For Techs only

Just found this photo -- anyone want to caption it?

Do You Have A Favorite Restaurant In Your Area That You Go To Alot.

I'm sorry what was that CAPTION? I missed I still can't hear you

how do you clean a car's seat covers?

Do you agree or disagree with France and Germany on a rock?

Burn him ! La Noche de Zozobra

As of 4:30 pm today, I will no longer have a job.

If this doesn't get you misty eyed

whilst perusing GD, i *THINK* i ran across a Dean/Kerry thread!

Computer question••••is this a virus?

Just Got A Homeland Security Alert!!!!

Need travel advice!

I'm thinking about going to law school

Omigod! Have you seen this?

I speak for the Newbies (only myself actually)

I speak for the oldies (only myself actually)

CAPTION the giant sucking sound


I am a history major, ask me anything

OMG, I cannot believe what Britney said!

Okay, who the Shrub is this Jeff Gordon geekwad doorknob anyway?

Most Uninspired Screen Name Contest

Need help urgently with charity info RE: Mexico

I'm a gay DUer. Ask me anything.

ready for some football? NFL opens tonite! Jetskins v. Jets!!!!

Warning: Questionable Content (farting) - Britney Spears spoof link

Love my mystery illness! (PG-rated, possibly TMI, or is simply gross)

Caption the "egg-cited" candidate

Hooray For America! I got my Mr. Show Season 3 DVDs today!

Anyone buy savings stamps in school?

some sponsors of ESPN NFL pre game show with Limpbaugh, more coming later

will bid $US 30 for VHS copy of "Showtime" Bush movie ... (serious)

Ugh. The Who's 'Happy Jack' in a Hummer commercial.

What Should I make for dinner?

Favorite Song "Sung" By William Shatner

I want a new look, what do I tell the hairdresser tomorrow???

Urgent computer help, please (Java)

Ah, fer cryin' out CAPTIONS!!!

just to show how many stupid people there are

Anyone watching Fox? Stupidest moments ever is on.

Its 77 degrees...ask me whatever ya want

Okay DU...I need your advice one last time...

I put a marshmallow in the microwave and nuked it for 5 minutes, just ask!

You don't talk about donuts, you don't invite me to talk about football...

CAPTIONS can be so difficult when you first meet.

Why is it acceptable for pits to be bottomless, but not J-Lo?

Does anyone do bulk cooking here?

Great Tits!

Football is Back Tonight! Woooohooooo!

Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Cubs Win!!!

ATTN: Bev Harris - Question about hosting files from Diebold on FTP

Wow, a republican co-worker pointed out something odd today

Computer advice please!

Ack, Bush on ABC!!!!

Nickel Creek tonight in SF at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater!

The power of Christ is carcinogenic

Are you hard of hearing or deaf or admit to watching TV with captions on?

Cop jailed after voodoo curse backfires

Songs that SHOULD have been on movie soundtracks - suggestions?


Oh, we just had a little earthquake in SF!

AOL is asking if the US needs the UN's help in Iraq

I think we were invaded by a freeper at our Dean meetup last night.

EARTHQUAKE! WooHOO that was fun! -=4.1=-

Underatstement of the Week

My A-Hole Boss Just Got Fired! Ask Me Anything

Need Help! Who sings this song?

In need of support

BOW TIES? a poll

GHW Bush puppet from "Spitting Image" TV show on eBay...

Thinking of sticking a firecracker up your arse? My advice is - don't...

I've had two liver transplants, ask me anything

Screw the yaks... it's all about hedgehogs

Greatest era of American sitcomedy (pithy version)

Single DUers: Would there be a market for this business idea I thought of?

For My 1000th Post - a Poll!!! Vote here

Australia ROCKS!

Dennis a fifth wheel.Totally expendable.

which Young One is your favorite?

I tore a ligament in my back. Ask me (ouch!) anything.

Tom Petty--The Last that a Great Song, or what???

Debate:Dean was nothing compared to the others!HE SUCKED!

The Spice of Life is:

what and should I start a petition to name shrub after (a joke basically)

Favorite song by JERRY "The Iceman" BUTLER?

Favorite song by GARY "U.S." BONDS?

There was once a man from Nantucket...

Tornado Warning 5 miles from me....floods last night

Inside joke only for DU'ers who have the new Al Franken book...

What's your all-time favorite decade for music?

Just had a carotid artery sonogram.... Ask me anything

I just finally got back from a 14 hour day...ask me anything


DU Legend

So, I wrote this book...


Favorite Supremes song

Drunk man passes out on railroad tracks, gets run over by train, survives

So, I Read This Book....

How long before Britney goes into porn?

The Doors - The Soft Parade - is this a great album or what?

Rumsfeld Says Tooth Fairy Real

Marriage sucks

Minnesota twins - can rot in hell

How broke ($$$) are you?

Britney to follow McDonald's & other shitty US exports to London?

Mary from Va or W.Va...(Sent a package to Chris & Mike in Iraq)

Butterflies are Free, but stitches cost $115 plus...

Mail Fowarding

Computer help! I need the kindness of DU'ers!

I smell like chlorine and need a shower...ask me anything. LOL

Favorite song by DIONNE WARWICK?


Food Network's Rachael Ray's new cheesecake

I just had 888 posts. Is 888 MORE evil than 666?

Where did some posters go?

OK, This is a site about mooning, and you rate the people mooning you!

Heads-Up Everyone!!! 9-11 Virus\Worm On The Way !!! (Not A Hoax)

Is the Grotto open?

Health insurance for freelancers

Favorite song by THE STYLISTICS?

Favorite song by ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS?

Makin' Sloppy Joes!

who saw the Latin Grammies? and what did Geo. Lopez call

Is it me, or is the NFL in cahoots with the Republicans and Neo-Cons???

CAPTION Rummy stepping on the rake of the bitter truth

Candidate Foods

Earthquakes: Reason #1403 why I'm glad to live in Michigan!

What's the deal with Bert and Ernie?

Which country makes the best chocolate?

My Neighbour's Hummer H2...

went to cash my paycheck today..

Since when are Speedos indecent exposure?

why is it "acceptable" for men to be topless, but not women?

That nutty, nutty Reagan!

Looking for feedback on letter to friends and family...

Anyone change their mind after tonights debate....?

what's a program I can use to rip vinyl to MP3?

Hi, I'm new here!

'fess up, guys - Who donated for me???????

I had to call the police last night

I've lost 15 lbs. in the past two months!!!

Favorite Todd Rundgren song

Woo hoo! I'm going to see Springsteen at Fenway Park!

Am I too old ?

Plaidder's Coping Movie Trivia Challenge


Okee, while we're sharing, gimme your 5 favorite authors right now

Your Favorite British Comedy?

Favorite song by THE ISLEY BROTHERS?

Remember that pic of * dropping Barney? went to town on it

The Pollyanna post - What are you thankful for? What makes you happy?

what's your cell phone beef?

congrads cherryperry 1000 posts

Posting on DU: A Survival Guide (revisited)

Someone come over here and make me something to eat!

10 More things that DUers don't know about you !!