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Archives: September 29, 2003

General Jones: EUCOM war role could increase

Iraq's Family Bonds Complicate U.S. Efforts

Bush is in trouble too

More interesting stuff from Charlie Reese

Weary Troops Just Want To Go Home

Bob Novak - Worries at the White House

Buzzflash interview with Bev Harris

Blair moves to the right, not to the future

Trouble is in President Bush Three

Bush's big swindle of Americans and Iraqis to pay off corporations

Washington Whispers: US News & World Report

Iraq postwar insecurity began in Washington: report

NYT: The Energy Bill Gets Worse

Will Congress continue to hold its nose and pretend Bush's steaming dung h

Cathy Young lost her "Reason"

Lies, mischief and the myth of Western intelligence services

Arrogant US Amb to Venezuela Shapiro says its not a crime to kill a Presid

Salon: War Is Peace (The Bush/Faux News Propaganda Machine)

Pope creates 31 cardinals to shape his succession

JOHN PILGER: Bush's `war on terror' is a cruel hoax

And if the Bush Administration is serious about protecting this country,

Gephardt fiddles while Medicare burns

‘You Don’t Have To Be Rich’ - Book

Buzzflash: Author of Bush's Brain has no doubt Rove Involved

Blair's long argument with 'weird' Clinton

Dave Zweifel (Madison Capital Times): High-tech voting must be fraud-free

Bev Harris interview. CONTACT your Sec. of State!!!!

Terrible Ray Taliaferro is on the now.

Just a reminder

ABCNote - Questions Media MUST ASK Bush re Wilson scandal

Are the News Media Soft on Bush? American Journalism Review slices, dices

Liberal Oasis: Sunday Talkshow Breakdown

Milwaukee folk....

A Kinda Dumb Question, I Think

Places of Peace & Power ~

help! who can talk me through the wires on the back of my

On Being Gay...

Sandals resorts still as homophobic as ever...

Gay Days at Disneyland, October 3-5

Bus Pass Major Gay Rights Victory

Racism a fact for blacks, study finds

Controversial gay high school plans sports program

Pennsylvania Sends A Message To Fred Phelps

Poll: Majority of New Jerseyans support civil unions

"Whose rights are they, anyway?"

Deficits NOTgoing to go away when the economy recovers -choices needed now

Slow job market will dog IT industry


"Jobs are a thing of the past here in America"

Adobe to unveil Creative platform

A Little Hummer Dinger

As Climate Conference Opens, Russia "Undecided" On Kyoto

Washington - Spotted Owl Numbers In Freefall

Bush Policy Could Open (National Wilderness) Land to Oil, Gas Development

RNC "They Said It!" staff TODO on Dem get tough on Trade Treaties

Chechnya's Prime Minister Hospitalized

Syria's Assad says road map peace plan "worthless"

Kenyan editors arrested

Police reopen case of hanged "God's Banker"

Bedbugs Make A Comeback

Sunscreen may not prevent cancer

House OK's again Bernie Sanders 1 yr stop to cash balance - on to Senate

What are the costs of owning a gun?

GUNS IN THE NEWS - September 29, 2003

As a gun owner I would go along with this.

Login problems again.

strange post removal question

Hey "bashing" is a part of politics - look at the history of campaigning!

Hi - I was trying to do a

what do these mean - and ?

Just a tip of the cap


Ex-PA security chief Dahlan: Armed struggle was mistake

Deciding to refuse...

An Israeli journalist prepares to fight ...

Israel's Treasonous Leftists: Air Force Mutiny

Pilots Who Say No to Assassination, The Magnificent 27

both Israelis and Palestinians wish to see the other side suffer -Guardian

The Magnificent 27...

No apology

We are all Jews

O God, destroy the unjust Christians...destroy the unjust Jews

Barghouti Uses Closing Arguments at Murder Trial to Condemn Israel

Abusing 'Anti-Semitism'

Syria Next? Discuss

What ever happened to the favorite sons

Update on Hollings' seat (US Senate, SC): Coble's in

Washington Post article sums up Clark's new book

Can someone who is active in the Edwards campaign email me (others ignore)

Some Unions Put Endorsement Plans on Hold

Democrats Still Vying For Label Of Leader

My Kerry Fundraising Letter: Feel Free to Copy and Email to Your Friends

DELAYED SHOT (Lieberman on Clark)

1992 History: Clinton's Nasty Opponents

Good news from Robert Novak, of all people Governor in His own words:

Good article: Attacks on Dean may leave voters dizzy

A concern about Dean and Public Defense...

You can play "Boot Bush" right here at DU (if this works)

Wicked Good! Maine Polling on Bush Performance

Kerry Calls for Special Counsel in Wilson Investigation

Melissa Etheridge to introduce Dean on House Call tonight!

Clark/Dean/Kerry/Edwards comments from ABCNote:

Web Site Encourages Bush Challengers

why did Clark say he'd fire Rumsfeld?

MeetUp trend(s) for Dean & Clark

Dean Campaign Launches Three Internet Initiatives

Kucinich rallies in Los Angeles

Bush Cartoon

Dean only 340 supporters away from meeting goal of 450,000 by end of Q3

Clark's key to success, don't become the anti-Dean candidate.

Deans tops Kerry, Clark in New Hampshire poll

Who's going to a Dean House party?

Dean: I'll balance budget in 1st term

3rd Bat Down! 450,000+ email addresses!!!

How close will Dean get to 15 million dollars?

Rumor on cali recall

Kerry campaign co-chair Harold Ford Jr. on Crossfire Now

Dean: The Time for Accountability is Long Overdue

11 pm bat update: more than $13 million without offline contributions

California - First in the Nation

Kucinich people: great job at the L.A. County Fair

Manchester Rally Kicks off "Firefighters for Kerry"

The Poll numbers in California don't make sense

Kerry Chips Dean's NH Lead Into Single Digits

Dean conference call is on!

Question for those who make the "Bushlite" accusation

Judicial Watch has it's eye on Dean

CSPAN Video: Clark in New Hampshire

Great event with Dennis in La Verne

Does anyone else here feel that Clark may be a stealth candidate?

Go easy on Clark, party leaders say

Kucinich vs. Dean on economy

Kerry outlines state tax relief, help for states.

WP PILES ON CHENEY: Iraq and 9/11 claims continue to be BOGUS

should I have sent him somewhere other than DU for initial exposure

The GREATEST day of *'s life

Fellow California’s (((check in )))

Senator Dennis Miller?

What's Wash. Post's source in Wilsongate?

(Alternet) Fifty Reasons Not to Vote for Arnold

Is Clark half-ostrich?

Davis should resign,Bustamante is governor, thereby defeating the recall

Hurricane Juan smacks Nova Scotia.

Bush's Resume

Kucinich Pics from Today's Protest in Hollywood

Did Robert Novak commit a treasonous act(s)?

another anti-choice nut site

Did Novak oppose the war in Iraq?

Treason, high crimes and misdemeanors.

So what happened to the dreaded Cuban bioweapons threat (Carter's visit)?

Imagine, our next President will have Jewish ancestry.

could Chimpy win SD and also re-elect Daschle?

Seven Questions You Should Be Asking About Candidate Clark

Did *George W. Bush* commit a treasonous act?

Ambassador Joseph Wilson is a patriotic hero of the highest order.

People are desperate enough to jump the band-wagon for Clark

Clark Statement Before House Armed Services Committee 9/26/02

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bob Grady of the Carlyle Group...

Cut taxes, Cut taxes, Cut taxes, Cut taxes....

"the most insidious of traitors."

something weird happened to the DU Monitoring Blog

The Sisterhood, Taking On the Old Boy Network

Good theme song for the Bush Crime Family and their gullible supporters...

"Kidding on the square" - I love this phrase!!!

Neo-cons’ plans for global domination top annual censored story list

THIS time Bush lies about GOLF on FAUX News of course...

WP: White House would turn over phone records!

My local corp.paper: NO to touch-screen voting!

6:56 a.m. Omaha, NE - KMTV News, big piece about the Plaime issue.

Why hasn't Novak been arrested?

WTF? Saddam deceived about his own WMD...

pile on Lieberman thread – get all the bashing out of your system here

Wouldn't Novak be guilty of this...

Salon article

embedded reporters- why aren't they there now?

Hannity this AM (re: White House and leak)

Stone Soup: Media Inc.

Wilson On MSNBC Now (9AM) (Over already)

CNN Relentlessly Flogging The "Arnold Can't Be Stopped" Story

Ahnold just said he supports Gay Marriage on the Stern Show.

Ah-nold hits campaign trail

Rove fired from 1992 Bush presidential campaign

Could Bush Be Made To Pay For His Crimes AFTER He's Out Of Office?

The Dawn of Civil War

Conrad: With Me Or Against Me

Sargent: Rummy knows who can find WMDs...

We should outsource government to India as well....

Heads up - Wilson to be on C-SPAN this morning 7:45am et

Handelsman: Clark is running on Smirk's record

Bush and ed/testing publishers: how many can he fit in the bed?

Dean and Clark supporters are surprisingly cuddly

What will the pro- War Resolution Dem candidates do about the

Kelsey Grammar jumps on the bandwagon...

10 Questions for Howard Dean - Any Answers?

OMG-Weisskopf from Time on MSNBC

Bush To Sign "Do Not Recall" Legislation Today

"Davis's dirty campaigning"

Some thoughts on civility and posting

Jonathan Turley - Full Metal Jacket

Through a Rapist's Eyes

Why I don't like ANY of the candidates:

frank luntz looking for the truth??

Rove was fired by Bush Sr. for leaking to Novakula

Need link - Rove explains CA is ripe for stealing

CNN Poll: Bush an embarassment?

Why the Democrats are voiceless...

Mr. Rove readies his plans for us

My God! Rove did this before!

Military stashes covert millions - at least $20 Million

Abusing 'Anti-Semitism'

Attacks on Dean may leave voters dizzy

Revealed! Reasons for Arnold's sudden poll surge

Does organized religion continue to play an important part in your life?

Dem Eye for the Other Guy

Good link for conservative critiques of Bush*

Thesis: as long as we elect 'centrist' politicians, we will continue to

Senator Byrd's statement about the $87 billion Iraq war request

Arnold scandal breaking later in the week?

Should polls be banned 60 days before an election?

Let me tell you what the bashing does to me. . .

bushCo knew : could NEVER be Impeached "Independent Council Statute" DIED

Bush does not like this "Do not Call List: ;)

Why are 3 out of 8 CWA spokesmen male?

Did the leak lead to any deaths?

Bruce Ensor (CNN) doubts CIA probe of WH will have results.

Diamond Political Grid: Analysis of Each Candidate (not bashing) and You

Who Are The Six Journalist?

My calculator doesn't have enough zeroes...

Bush is a self-serving corporate whore

If you could personally decide the president, who would it be?

Why is Dean saying Clark was a Republican 25 days ago?

Rate this graph on Yahoo

Al Franken Speaking in Cambridge

TV News Lies Broadcast Starting Now - 12 Noon ET.

Seems Novak is Roves favorite reporter when he needs a story leaked

Why is Cheney continuing to link Iraq and 9/11?

turn onC-Span now...Daniel Pipes just insinuated Kucinich and Moore are

TvNewsLies webcast is on NOW!

breakdown of $87 Billion for the sheeple

OH The Irony. "We gonna build an American style Democracy in Iraq"

Before Schumer's press conference, Team Bush is

The AM wingnut This morning

So my Dad is getting MORE telemarketing calls since Signing up

McClelland talking now in C-Span 2

CNN having Iraqi lovefest w/Gen. Don Shepherd & O'Hanlon (?)

Screw Nike. Buy Black Spot Sneakers. (Adbusters project)

You are missing McClelland being grilled! What a pleasure! C-Span 2 n/t

Tricky Dick Can't Let Go, Still Says Iraq, 9/11 Connected

Watch McClellan Fall Apart ONLINE!

Statisticians??? How can 787 be an adequate sample???

Poll: Should Rummy Resign? 65% YES!!!!

OMG, I think I just saw Jenna

F**CK the issues. Elections should be held like a beauty pageant.


Buy this week's TIME and NEWSWEEK!

Dumbest Question of the McMoron regime


LTTE: Stop Beating Up On President's Associate


I love how the media takes a poll and runs with it's results.

Since GeeDub only "skims the headlines"

Damn, did I just get ripped off?



Does this remind you of anyone (even yourself)?

Excerpts from Clark's "Winning Modern Wars"

i have a question.

Anyone else uncomfortalbe with Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On

Dana Milbank " it may be illegal for a reporter to give name of CIA agent"

Deleted message

BBV: Lawyer takes on BBV in FL

Operation Lifeline (our over 6000 wounded & ill troops)

for CA recall: Arnold's true Mother... stripes SHOWING in LAT


Young Conservatives of Texas Bake Sale was bad Idea?

CNN Is Doing Its Job? Wow........

Amb. Wilson on C-Span ...NOW

Byrd on C-span 2 now - Putting 87B dollars into context (1:19 ET) n/t

Amb. Wikson on C-Span ...NOW

Any RW Talk Show Host mention Wilsongate yet?

Bush joke my daughter just sent me.

Ted Rall!

Clark vs. Lieberman

"I Did NOT... Tell Secrets... To That Man... Mr. Novak"

O'Really: Slip Sliiiiiiiiiidin Away...

National Security Act of 1947

Call your reps/senators about Wilson, then kick this thread, PLEASE!?

"Was it really a secret?

Doonesbury on Clark


Question: Who was Karl Rove's counterpart in the Clinton admin.?

C-Span C-Span2.. Warfest all day today...using EXACT same

Somebody fill me in on this CIA agent -"Wilsongate" deal.

Help. Zogby poll of Iraqi people being cited by Kit Bond in the

AMB. Wilson to be on Paula Zahn Now today.

Hey, California Dems, do you want Bush* reselected? GET OFF YOUR ASS...

replay of Amb. Wilson on C-Span ...NOW

Drudge's Lead Story: "Who Leaked the Name?"

so now Putin is backing away from Kyoto ?

Look at the #1 story on Yahoo

Wilson to MSNBC TV Monday - Rove condoned it

Clark supporters: Are you really ok with this Acxiom/CAPPS II stuff?

Newsweek's dishonest poll: Changed results over weekend...

I just got a so-called email poll with no Dean on it.

The bashing of Wilson begins by Rush.

Forget Clark. Colin Powell quits and becomes a Dem

Dean's on in a few taking calls on NPR Talk of the Nation,1-800-989-TALK

Wilson to be on Paula Zahn's NOW (8 PM tonight)

American Stranger on i.e.America radio!

Okay, why did Novak write the Wilson article?

Who would you MOST like to see debate Bush*?

October 7 special election ballot donors, endorsements, supports... FYI..

The question Chirac will not ask of Laura Bush

Sent an email to Rush

lol rofl snarf sputter: Clark - "I would have been gay"

This guy HAS to be a freeper.

Interview with Bev Harris. CONTACT your Sec. of State!!!


Clark proposes creating new DEPARTMENT OF, seriously!

Oh come on people get on the ball!!!!!!!

Senator Edwards goes on the offensive against General Clark

US Ambassador implies it is not a crime to kill Hugo Chavez?!...

Why I'm thinking about leaving DU

Have you ever been slammed - by a LW media organization?

ATTENTION Any Election-Stealing Planners in California!!!!

Is that "You've Got the Green Light" commercial annoying or what?

Worse Traitor: Reposted as Poll

Rush Spinning so much he must be getting dizzy

Children Named after Corporate Brand Names

A question about Dean

Rush. This dosen`t come close to what Clinton did.

Who Will Ashcrack Appoint As Special Prosecutor?

"This is not a big issue" - Howard Dean on Sierra Blanca nuclear waste

Watch Crossifre Today: Novak to talk about Wilson

Candidates on the Issues.... Interesting Kuchinich web site

Chim-Chim and Republicans gambling with troops lives -- again

Salon: Another case of electronic vote-tampering?

All Dean, Clark, Edwards, anybody-but-bush ppl from north TX area...ATTN

Wolf To Talk about Wilson/White House (CNN)

A WiFi Touch Screen system

If your candidate is hated by the pundits vote no on new rules

The Most Insidious of Traitors (my Plame story, HELP)

Tin Foil Hat Time - What is the WH hiding

Did anyone catch Charlie Rose's interview with the CEO of GE?

This is heartening...

Re: Drudge report- why is Matlin's picture up?

Imagine if our next President is Sane and Reasonable, able to

Ted Kennedy on C-SPAN 2 now 3:07 p.m. ET -Showing slides with excellent

McClelland's press briefing today. NOW POSTED ON WHITE HOUSE PAGE

Robert Bennett from Utah - defending the Adm. and attacking

Do red counties have a LOWER average income than blue counties?

Holy Guacamole: Novak Did NOT!! Cite "Administration" As Source

$Katherine Harris/her brother$, FGCU and the Florida Panther.

Post's Walter Pincus Discusses Wilsongate Live Online at 3:30 p.m ET Today

The OPIs ++++++DEMAGOGUE HALL of FAME++++++++

Why are California Radio Stations Carrying Sean Hannity This Week?

What If The Admin "Official" Who Outed Wilson's Wife was KARL ROVE!

Hour 20 minutes for Rush to talk about Wilson problem.

This CIA story is huge and here is why

Do Americans want health care as badly as they wanted the "No Call"??

More disbelief at Freeperville

Is Don Luskin Really So Full of It? He Claims the Rich Have Gotten Poorer

Can someone explain this CIA story? I am totally lost.

FCC Rules on Personal Attacks

Ha Ha! Shrub will face snubs on visit to England.

MSNBC - Bush denied Rove was leaker n/t

Proposed rules to start threads in the General Discussion forum.

DU Project: California Recall / Censorship going on...

Bush Media Scandal II: Iraqi Defectors Used US Journos to Spread Lies

Ok, i have some suggestions for what -gate to call this scandal.

Ashcroft -- the first to cover up Wilsongate?

Cliff May smearing Wilson - says Wife CIA no secret

Limbaugh says Dean should hire him as his advisor....

its 3pm, where the press conference?

Bob Novak to discuss situation today on "Crossfire" at 4:30pm EST.

For the poster who wanted to know about the Guantanamo

Italian Blackout on Sunday-BBC

So Novack is really NO VA (in Spanish, doesn't go)

Novak goes to war vs. Bush & Rove!!!! Today's article...

Lonsberry TOAST: clear channel fires RW host over racist remarks

Who is Valerie Plame? Where is Valerie Plame? Will she speak out?

What should Tony Blair do?

FBI bypasses First Amendment to nail a hacker

Should CNN Fire Robert Novak

Buchanan and Press today --- Amb Joe Wilson, patriot

Just announced... Clark leads polls in California!!!!!!!!

Attention Closet Libertarians

Scathing Editorial against Bush in Tuscaloosa, Al newspaper

Bob Novak will address Wilson story on Crossfire

CNN Poll - re: independent investigation



Du this poll, Should there be an independent investigation?

Is Bruce Springsteen too powerful to be Dixie Chicked?

Vote for $87B scheduled for Friday

Al Martin: 70 people killed as a result of Rove/ Novak leak

Note On CA Recall Polls

Repubs Are Turning Politics On It's Ear. And That Is NOT A Good Thing.

Four-Year Old Shooter to be Tried as an Adult?

It's Monday morning-Tom Tomorrow's new one is up!

Novak statement transcript

CNN - Clark voted for Al Gore in 2000

Jeb, Big Sugar have pro-Envionmentalist Judge Ousted....

Replay of Teddy Kennedy addressing CBC

Iraq's Drew Carey show

David Horowitz: GOP storms the liberal ivory tower

Coulter and David Limbaugh being jackasses together:

Which is your preferred, pet impeachment charge?

Dean's organization: How strong? How populist?

Did Wilson back off the Rove accusation?

Pickles says...

watch the freepers spin Novakulagate

Wilson coming up now on Buchanan and Press.

What do we tell the children when they do a google search

Will John Ashcroft investigate white house?

Must see TV: Tonight make it C-Span!

Novakula = Enemy Combatant

Wolfie and CNN's Main Poll Identical

How far would you go to fight this?

Breaking News-Joe Wilson Is On Buchanan And Press

Vote to keep the GD we all love, vote NO on the new rules!

Begala's point about Clinton being investigated over football tickets....

Is bush getting ready to raise taxes? I bet he is.. since he went

Will someone break down this CIA story for me?

When did all this "California is a liberal state" crap get started?

Bush finally did something good today!!

Worse Traitor: Lindh or Rove?

Play the new flash media game "Boot Bush"

Joe Wilson on MSNBC (Now)

I'm taking bets that Mary Matalin

More about Wilson on CNBC Now 6:30 EST

Wow -- Harry Reid (D-Nev) used the "T" word

Tonight on C-Span: Ronnie Musgrove vs. Haley Barbour

MSNBC says CIAgate could "fizzle quickly" because media won't talk

sen jay rockefeller

Did anyone else see the new show "NCIS" last week????

The kind of independent counsel that should investigate Wilsongate

Why are Democrats voting for Arnold in California?

If they're already denying Rove did it, it must have been him!!

Very interesting picture on Yahoo

Memo to the candidate flame warriors

Hypothetical: If Clark Gets Nominated and Selects a Progressive Veep

NBC /CNBC News thread

Esquire Feature Story: The General (Clark)

Proposed rules to start threads in the General Discussion forum. (#2)

AWESOME Clark Town Hall Meeting (the One Everyone Raved About) Now Online

Admiral Stansfield Turner (under Carter) is trashing current Admin....

The Bush* Family Laff Riot – Fart Machines

Now Ashcrack Can Use the Patriot Act to Find Out Who Leaked

NOVAKULA: Why did he have to name her? What was the point?

Our trade deficit

Hannity...Novak said his source was CIA

David Ensor on CNN: Sources say Wilson's Wife was an Operative

I'm at a loss for words

Lets face it people, Arnold's gonna win next week!

Whoever leaked this is a traitor.

a HUGE shift in MAJOR media reporting: "RESISTANCE FIGHTERS"

Halle Berry as CATWOMAN (sucks!)

My paper on Affirmative Action

Okay all you Dean supporters - got the perfect VP for Dean.

Fox News is covering up Rovegate

Buchanan on MSNBC (Wilson Story)

Ten Running Democrats, Or: THe Pleasures of Remaining Undecided

check out this film animation at eric blumrich's site....

Frag Officer: Hugh Shelton Smears Wes Clark

ABC Nightline topic is college sports. ... WTF?

Is Wilsongate the latest in the White House Vs. CIA duel ?

Here's The Original Novak Commentary That Lead Us To 'Traitorgate'

It ought to be "Uraniumgate," not "Wilsongate" should it not?

Olbermann Covering the Wilson story (MSNBC) Wilson to be on

Hardball: Tweety leads with Ah-nold's lofty poll numbers. WTF?

Arnold is a Jerk

Wilson on CSPAN now!

The Official "Not Giving Two Craps about California Election" Thread

MUST READ: Conservative Drezner Undresses Rove For Blowing Agent's Cover

since Arnold is ahead in one poll?

Rove's Ah-nuld California Coup will backfire for the failed War Chimp!!!

NOVAKULA: The question no one is asking him, IMPORTANT

Should all other Democrats unite to fight the Clark juggernaut?

Bush May Be Feeling It in the "Donations"

Attacking Dem Candidates...

CBS / ABC News Thread

who thinks there will be a feeding frenzy about Wilsongate?

Wilson NOT backing down

Interesting CNN Quick Poll at

Ann Coulter is coming to UNC CH

WIRED NEWS: California County Keeps E-Vote

"The Lies of George W. Bush' - David Corn (The Nation)

Found Out that God IS on Our Side & Is a Democrat............spooky

Today's WH press briefing on replay C-Span 1 now, 20:00 CDT

Yet another through the looking glass moment: I'm rooting for the CIA

Goldang it ta H-E-double hockey sticks you should read this article.

Who else thinks Jerry Brown is an idiot?

Feeding Frenzy! The White House Press Corp takes no prisoners!

Has anyone else thought about this?

Anything but Wilson....Fox is talking about everything but....

New! Rove DIDN'T leak to Novak in 1992!

Sen. Harkin on C-Span 2 NOW - Plame outing!!!

Is Wilson overexposing himself?

A plea for a "No" vote on the proposed new GD rules

Forgive me, guys, I just did a REALLY NASTY THING!

Who here either saw or read "The Sacred Balance" by David Suzuki?

Howard Dean now on NPR's Talk of the Nation

Teresa Heinz Kerry off of Forbes 400

Norm Coleman's 2008 re-election challenge

Wilson: I Made Up Rove Leak Allegation

Should astroturfers at DU be required to fully disclose their affiliations


What would happen if a large number of the WH Press Corps

TPM utterly flays the Repuke response to Traitorgate!

Why it is not important whatsoever who Clark voted for 20 years ago

Iraq Postwar Insecurity Began in Washington

How many Americans have now died in Iraq? Haven't heard the stats lately

know any non-freepers or any Dems who think Faux is 'fair and balanced?

since many states are not having primaries?


Clark Calls for Independent Investigation into CIA Leak

I think a 2nd Watergate is coming

ABC News: CIA confirms outing has hurt US national security

Am I the only one who thinks Novak should NOT be the focus of contempt?

First Ladies-What's everyone's opinion?

Bush disgraced

Thoughts on the NOW segment on faith-based programs

Dinner, and the bastard (cc collection guy) from m'umbai calls.

Why do people think if Arnold wins that Bush will carry CA?

If the DoJ investigates the Plame affair...

Albright defends Democratic candidate Clark

The fix is in

Chalabi watch, one day we'll be fighting his ass in the desert.

So - Who will play Novak in the movie?

Poor planning at Franken's Cambrige MA event...

could McClintock stay in even though he won't win?

Neocons Gone Wild!

Drudge Report-Novak: "No one from the WH called me to leak this"

REPUG logic: Even though Bush is corrupt, it'll be just like 72

Whoa...CNN reporting on injured soldiers.

Are these quotes real?

Malloy is asking, "What will it take?"

Wash Post Reporter Mike Allen on CNN (Wilson Stuff)

Mike Malloy warming up. Is this the night he loses it?

Freeper: "Deficits into eternity are not a bad thing"

Roy Innis

BIZARRE: CNN gaining ratings by reporting on one of its own columnists?

Does this moron EVER take a good picture ???????

Who Is Paying Dick Morris to shrill for war against Iran?

Ambassador Wilson is a Bush Sr. appointee. Not a Clinton appointee.

A group is its own worst enemy.

DU, the first Democratic Message Board???

This Is What I Say About Impeachment.

I just unsubscribed from Dean's mailing list

Practicing up -- Dean Statement on Valerie Plame Affair

Phil Hendy's bashing Bush right now.

From A Candidate: Campaigns Don't Work Without Donations

Yellow Journalism and Propaganda

Anybody from Ohio going to the protest march on the 25th?

Rove PERSONALLY denies being the source of the leak

What event solidified you as a Dem?

Two things we should do on Social Security

Blitzer on CNN burning up the Wires with WilsonGate Story! Hard News!

It's official - Hannity is fellating Ahnold on Faux

What has happened to Tony Blair?

Can Bush survive politically without Rove?

with laura bush travelling in europe

Freeper word is that Bustamante is a racist

Hilarious reader's reviews on Bill O'Reilly's new book - they hate him

How accurate are polls about race?

next recall targets?

I just heard back from my care package Soldier ..Thanks SoCalDem

New Recall Poll seriously flawed

Are our soldiers only getting one MRE a day and 2 bottles of water?

Is Clark a disruptor?

Hey Bev Harris-How come no posts ?

OMG! Anyone Watch Olbermann Tonight?

Why Clark Can Let us Reclaim the South (long post)

Why is it a "good thing for Iraq and the world that Saddam is gone"?

An angry Bush trying to plug leaks to media 10/08/01

Predator and Terminator were good movies. Damn!


Idependent Counsel

Dean on NPR Talk of the Nation

RW RADIO - My Head Is Spinning (They Finally Get It RE: WMD's)

Novak is a TRAITOR! Novak Bashing thread!

I cannot understand these types of "Democrats"...

What will it take for Americans to revolt?

Sign the PFAW Petition: Demand Independent Investigation!

Is Wesley Clark TOO much of a threat?

California Polling

Republicans CANNOT BE TRUSTED with National Security

Deleted message

Morton Downey Jr. - No respect for being the first Rush Limbaugh

What's wrong with the No Child Left Behind Act?

The Republicans think they are above the law.

do you know anyone who was undecided but voted for whoever was higher

New movie is an Oscar shoe in! "Michael Moore Hates America"

How far will Bush's supporters go to protect him?

Why did Bob Novak reveal Wilson's Wife's Name? Aside from his WH Ties.....

John Kerry's Enron Hypocrisy

Who will Clark or Dean pick for Federal Reserve after Greenspan?

How much do Repubs value push polls?

Proposed rules to start threads in the General Discussion forum. (#3)

Clark/Rubin 2004 -- Dream Ticket -- or Nightmare?

Presidential primary elections CANCELLED in my state, how about yours?

FOX: WH officials said Plame had abused her position to get hubby job

Was the Leak Planned by the White House???

Bush Is Toast.

Jail Novak 5 months like Texas Journalist Vanessa Leggett

The CIA's Interest in Peak Oil

Actual Associated Press Headline - U.S. Troops Battle Resistance Fighters

Is Dean's Anger Inappropriate?

Drudge says Joseph Wilson contributed $1000. to John Kerry..

Black Box Voting Book: It will be FREE OF CHARGE -- Available this Wed.

Treasongate and LIHOP

Investing in irony (watching Fl. crumble using the pension fund)

Listening to a thinly veiled racist conversation right now.

Will I be able to post a topic using the name Weasely Clark after tomorrow

Clark's Lobbying for Domestic Spy Firm - Any Answers?

The Most Insidious Traitor: The Turd Blossom Makes the Telescreen!


Did the CA "Numbers" Send an Ice Cold Message to Democrats??

Driving while tired...

Bush saving Do Not Call list: good or bad?

Why are Idaho and Wyoming so overwhelmingly Republican?

Howard Dean

Novak just lied on Crossfire which means this story is big!

VIDEO for Pilger's "Breaking the Silence" now online

Can you out of staters please cool it with the Arnold's gonna win stuff?

Why is there such continued hostility toward religion on these boards???

history of the Plame/Wilson story in links

i love you dennis kucinich

Bev Harris Interview on Buzzflash

"We've discussed this ad nauseam" is not an answer to candidate queries

Deleted message

Dean supporters: Please sign in

WP 9/29 Media Review Conduct After Leak - (lots of quotes)

New tape says U.S. targeting Islam

Another case of electronic vote-tampering?

Bustamante Dogged by Campaign Funding Issues (Reuters)

Some Iraqis say Bush money request doesn't address needs

With Clark drafted, volunteers' fight over

Pilot: Feds dragging feet in arming pilots

U.S. probes leak of CIA agent's identity

US Defiant over Bulgaria's Special Services Advisor

andrew bolt ..australias Novak..

HOUSE WATCH-9/29/2003 (Pro Forma Session)

SENATE WATCH-9/29/2003 (#1) (D.C. Appropriations)

Lawmakers Receiving Secret Donations Under Loophole (Florida)

Sending Korean troops to Iraq helps economy-finmin

Ambasador Wilson on CSpan - 07:50

Iran Acknowledges Enriched Uranium Found

WP: Fanning The Flames Of Antiwar (At the Black Caucus Gala)

Marchers Demand U.S. Pullout From Iraq

Canada's Manulife Buying Insurance Giant John Hancock

'British troops have a culture of rape'

Air traffic controller appeals dismissal

Schrempp resigns from NYSE board

California County Keeps E-Vote (Diebold)

US Troops In 8-Hour Gunbattle In Sunni, Iraqi Town

Hubble Glimpses New Moons around Uranus

CIA pursues video game ("ridiculous and absurd scheme")

Dean calls Clark a Beltway puppet

Al Franken on "The Connection" now

Iraq, 9/11 Still Linked By Cheney - MUST READ

Latest from Yahoo - White House Denies Leaking CIA Identity(about Karl)

Military stashes covert millions

General Election In Afghanistan May Be Postponed

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Chosen, to Be Named Oct 10

EU Ministers Support Iraq Handover

Military Families Critical Of Deployment Rules Fear Backlash/tbo

Energy bill could aid new power plant in Minnesota

AP Exclusive: Hunt for Bin Laden Resisted

OK for voting machines relieves state officials (GA) AJC

Iran Says It's Prepared to Undergo More Severe Nuclear Inspections Because

Blast From the Past? (Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy)

Putin: Russia Yet to Decide on Kyoto Treaty

Bush's big swindle of Americans and Iraqis to pay off corporations

Russia was asked to fight US forces in Afghanistan: Putin

GOP's energy bill reflects industry, White House priorities

CNN Breaking: Schumer calling 3:00 press conference

Iraqi Insurgents Ambush U.S. Convoys


No Experience Required-USA Today

white house briefing

Trade Group To Abide by No-Calls List

Bush to Sign Do-Not-Call Legislation

Dean: The Time for Accountability is Long Overdue

State workers reject contract offers (minnesota)

Joe Wilson on Buchanan & Press starting NOW

FBI bypasses First Amendment to nail a hacker

Administration vows cooperation in probe of intelligence leak (CNN)

Turkish soldier killed in fight with Kurdish rebels

Senator Tom Harkin on c-span {WH Leak}

It's all about the Andrews on ABC (Pact with Treasury to hype new $20s)

Putin uses hard-ball tactics to win Bush endorsement for Russia

Clark Calls for Independent Investigation into CIA Leak

Sun takes charge of $1.05 billion

SEC Seeking Documents from Former Enron CEO

Justice Dept. Investigating!

Internet Explorer flaw could send your phone bill soaring

U.S. diplomat criticizes Israel on settlements

U.S. Soldier Killed, 1 Hurt in Rebel Raid West of Baghdad

U.S. Arrests Man Linked to American Muslim Groups

Iraq's Constitution Deadline Will Not Be Met, Iraqis Say

More Illinois National Guard units activated

2 reported shot at Hennepin County (MN)Government Center

Gov't Hires 2 Criticized Ex-FBI Managers

Carlson Angry at Fox

Homeland Security to Review Visas Issued

Much Iraqi defector information unusable-NY Times

ACLU takes aim at record labels

Good grief! Racial politics at its worst

City Is Scanning for Faces in the Crowd

Bush Names Judges for 4th, 8th Circuits

NYT: Extent of Unguarded Munitions in Iraq Is Said to Exceed Estimate

Colombian Rebels Admit to Kidnapping

WP: Pincus: U.S.-British Differences Show Iraq Intelligence Gap

Democrat Disputes Rice on Iraq Claims

Web Site Encourages Bush Challengers

Escaped Gorilla Injures Two In Boston

Deans tops Kerry, Clark in New Hampshire poll

White House will cooperate but not investigate CIA leak

Politicians (R *and* D in GA) rush to support Ten Commandments rally

Whiff of scandal enlivens capital

A Mountain of Butter, to Sell or Donate?

Dean sets new Guinness World Record: Largest Phone Conference Call (3,557)

CNN Breaking: Novak says it's all Bush bashing...

Coleman, Dayton in spotlight as energy bill moves forward

Canada anxious about snow melting in Arctic

Marooned on space station, astronauts showed man fit for Mars

Groups Sound Warning on Large Budget Deficits

Connecting The Dots After 9/11 - CBS

Slow job market will dog IT industry

Congress Likely to ADD to War Request

Pentagon Probes Alleged Budget Inflation

A Photo Op: O Say, Can You See the Eiffel Tower?

Juan hits Canada's eastern coast with winds... rain; Kate strengthens ...

Anthrax Mailer May Not Have Intended Harm

WP: Rarely Invoked Statute Could Play Role

White House Denies Leaking CIA Identity

White House: No Special Prosecutor in CIA Leak Probe (NOFACTS LIED!)

WHouse rejects independent counsel / Columnist refuses to reveal source

A Republican surprise in Louisiana

Poll: Bush losing Hispanic support

Novak says administration didn't name CIA operative (CNN)

For Latinos, Recall Is a Rare Opportunity (Favor Bustamante)

Insiders' New Firm Consults on Iraq

Bush* Vows Action if Aides Had Role in Leak

2.4 Million more without Health Insurance

Republicans Get Behind Schwarzenegger in Calif. Race

US troops take heavy casualties west of Baghdad: witnesses

At least 6 U.S. soldiers wounded in Iraq (Fallujah) attack (CNN)

Molecule Found in Meat, Milk and Tumors - Study

Go Marlins!

Just saw a funny ad for Tampons

**** this crap!

Just saw one of the best punk shows ever, ask me something

Completely Gross Site!

I watching 'The Sopranos" on DVD ask me anything

hey, what do you think of my political website

I think some DUers take me less seriously because of my avatar -

Cryonics -- anyone else interested?

Lucky Post 666

Not sure how to ask this (cremation question)

Help, I'm being held prisoner by my girlfriend

Ya know, it's great when you see a row of 3 beers

Class-Action Suit Against Fast Food Chains For False Advertising?

My notorious bloody noses are back

Tom Tomorrow's book or Boondocks newest collection-which should i order?


If they EVER do a Bill O'Reilly movie.. THIS guy's the one

I'm gonna hit the schnapps and I'm gonna hit it hard....

Blair: curse of the Pink Panther strikes again?

Surf's UP...with a vengeance

Escaped Gorilla captured


"George do you have to sleep in that flight suit!

Janeane Garofalo birthday thread

Pics from the weekend's protests

Carly sues for flat deposit

Great 70s' Dance Hits?

Lance Henriksen ringside for ALIEN VS PREDATOR

Good (Monday) Mornin' DU!

BBC Publicity Dept -- DR. WHO is coming back to television (In Two Forms)

Man Test Drives Ferrari........Steals It During Rush Hour

Hottest Simpsons Babe?

Remember Laura's "tablecloth" shawl???

Argh! A Christening! Help!

Director Elia Kazan dies at 94

We've hit the Literary Trifecta - Time to WooHoo!!!

Letterman cracks me up - the real reason behind J.Lo's breakup...

Whooooweee! I took my viagra last night

What is truth about Clinton and Juanita Broadderick?

Sympathy please - I just found out I'm Dubya's 6th cousin.

Who's gonna take one for the team & read about the Bushs' marriage in LHJ?

Jag (RepubRoomie) is wearing a Cthulhu shirt!

Hey Toronto - need REM tix?

It's Catherine Zeta Jones that spoils movies for me

congrads to diamondsoul 1000 posts

ebay DeLay

Any one see Cabin fever?

Any DU gamers planning on getting Halo for PC?

the pweor of the hmaun mnid

Something is TERRIBLY not RIGHT with the NYT non-fiction bestsellers list

Herman Edwards (Jets Coach) Needs to be Fired

Hey Hey European DUers!!!

The 5 Best QB's in the NFL Based On QB Rating

I'm home from work sick on my birthday. Ask me anything.

Why can't this woman figure out how to wave bye-bye??

Anyone used

Will Pitt should come to Annapolis or Baltimore

Would Will Pitt ever come to St Louis?

Anyone else uncomfortalbe with Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On

"Lost in Translation" Maybe the Worst Movie I've Seen

Meow, hiss, snarl, scratch, purr, squeak

Movies for Democrats Monday 9/29 alert

Re-read my insurance last night-in the event of Volcano eruption COVERED

What, me worry????? Caption Bush E. Neuman

Pre-captions for your viewing pleasure

Uuuh Mommy! Bad man follow me. Wants to make me CAPTION

Daily Cartoon feed

Edit my letter to the editor

Sweet Jesus!

EastEnders is no more (in USA)

Bush Joke

American Pie folks (D) or (R)?

lol rofl snarf sputter: Clark - "I would have been gay"

Is that "You've Got the Green Light" commercial annoying or what?

CAPTIONS light the corners of my mind, Misty water colored CAPTIONS

Still no Grotto!!!!! SBP must have died!!!!

What a shitty football weekend

I'm watching 2001, ask me anything

Wowee! Yay, us!

Can anyone recommend a (freeware) windows fax program?

I passed the LPI Level 1 Exam 101 today - ask me anything

Virtual Fall Hike (pix)

Do some DUers take me less seriously for having no avatar?

Gotta Let Your Soul Shine....Jeff a.k.a...AWD....;-P

Yeah...time to start prayin' for the Moderators

Adult Swim Quote Thread

Play 'Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden?'

The Mayberry Machiavelli of all CAPTIONS!!!

The Soggy Statistician of all CAPTIONS!!!

For the man who depends on Depends . . . of all CAPTIONs!!!

I'm paying the Provincial Gov't an extra $765--ask me anything!

guess what?

Hey 200 posts for me!

Like tewtally psychedelic mon!

Memo To Will Pitt: Sorry Pal

What do you think of Teddy? NEW PHOTOS!

Bush joke my daughter just sent me.

Who Watched Episode 1 of Martin Scorcese's "Blues"?

For MoPaul Fans....

Will MN state workers go on strike? Looks like they will.

Holy Shit- my wife's work just got a bomb scare

new Limpaugh advertisers 9/29

new Hannity sponsors 9/29

Who do you think will win the Series?

I will sell myself

email Scam

My 251st Post!!!


Help! I need a distraction!!!!

"The Legend of Ron Jeremy" -- Possibly the BEST Movie I've ever seen

Will Pitt just mentioned on Jeopardy!

GOP family Values! Bartcops nastiest Arnold pic ever!!

Take me now, Lord! I am ready!

The Munsters vs the Addams decide!!

Jerry Manuel and Mike Hargrove fired

Best Diablo II character

I ate in the cafeteria next to Mike Dukakis today!

A picture of me with other Dean supporters was in the Sunday local paper

Not for Yankee fans

Kissinger Appointed to Lead CIA Inquiry

How Many Posts Do You Have?

Cool star trek movie review website

Note to identity thieves: don't steal the identity of a sex offender

Can any Anime fans tell me what OVA means?

How can I unclog my dishwasher?

G@#&!!@t all to H%#@!!!!!!!!!!

Nevermind the terrorists - beware the rodents - State Department

Best written TV show still producing new (Dramas)

Did Limbaugh make a racist remark about Donovan McNabb?

Here's a pic of Tobey MaGuire in his new Spiderman costume

Employee evaluations

HEyHEY today...

The Gaped Crusader of all CAPTIONS!!!

Should AWD stay at DU?

Who here has ever had a relative hanged, that you KNOW?

First pic of Halle Berry as CATWOMAN

Should I stay at DU?

Cerberus Shoal

THIS is how celebrities should get married - thank you Dave

Anybody else hate the movie "Chicago?"

5 favorite fiction writers. 5 favorite fiction novels

Deep, philosophical question time

Anyone know of a good site to buy movies?


Hand signals

In memory of the now departed ZombyWoof: Jesus thinks you're a jerk

Songs you sing while drunk?

Should DW make love to DU? (poll)

Jesus thinks you're a jerk (part deux)

TV program question. Vietnam related.

I just ate my TV

I think John Kleeb decided to try pot

Poll: Lamest Superhero ever

jchild, a little help?

Which Parental Cliche Got You Most Annoyed As A Kid?

Curse of the new Soldier Field in Chicago?

"Dog dropper" enters the vernacular!

ok I am not hyper anymore I promise

Did anyone watch "The Lyon's Den" last night?

Best History Books read lately?

Remember the movie Creepshow....did it or hate it?

Dammit! Dammit!Dammit!Dammit!Dammit!Dammit!Dammit!

Another Leak At The White House!

Monday Morning at Our House

Okay.. I've finally given-in and bought Family Guy Vol. 1..

AWD is my husband

Any DUer's live in San luis Obispo Co.?

so i go all out and upgrade my computer for half life 2 and doom ]I[ and..

Zinn fans.

Ellen will break your monitor screen to give you tickets

I just gave my puppy a bath.


Will Katie Couric have a special for kids explaining what "Traitor" is?

Washington DUers...please... I need your help

I am really in need of support today/tonight.

Monday night censorship

No Really, What's Going To Happen If The Cubs & Sox Are In The Series?

It's official. Our cat killed our dog.

why did they build a Toliet Bowl in Soldier Field?

Give me a reason to stay

umm guys theres something distrubingly wrong with my iPod

Best "Alternative" Comic?

Voting for Arianna?

Hey Rocky, watch me pull an avatar out of my hat!

Night Night!!!

Zut allors! Les Francais est tres beau en les chapeaux des tinfoil!

John Madden STOLE Bert Blyleven's idea!!!!!

Oregonians shout out!!!

Yawn! Yaaaa-wn! YA-A-AWN!

What could I do for the living

I Love This Movie: PCU

A story WillPitt will enjoy (or with which he can at least sympathize)...

C...A...P.. (He's doing really well, no? Oh he's doing fine)T...I...O...N

Halle Berry as CATWOMAN (sucks!)

Worst "Best Picture" Oscar Winning Movie?

Coolest superhero ever

Who wants some PLAIN WRAP Coffee???

"The Liberal Elites"--code-word?

I'm Making MOUSSAKA Tonight - Ask GOPisEVIL anything!!

My dear darling DUer photoshoppers!

Is It Just Me, Or Does "K-Street" Really Suck?

Last Call! NYC area DUers, come to my party, dammit!

On October 1, I will quit smoking. Welcoming advice from all DUers...

Each post to this thread must be in rhyme

Why I am a Republican...Too funny...


Definitive proof that the French are not of this Earth....


Colonizing Mars

What was the last book you finished and when did you finish it?

Plunging headlong into prog-rock...

It's SOMEONE'S birthday - spankings in the Grotto!

Good day for grass roots Dems and feminists in Texas today. Plus it

Shhh, Don't Tell Anyone....

The "Phew! no brains" CAPtion

I am not stoned nor did I try pot

A "Lady Freedom" Question! (you have been warned!)

I love the Washington State Patrol!

Was Gene Roddenberry a conservative libertarian?!

I'm drunk and mildly depressed - Simpsons season 3 awaits

I finally got my hands on Al Franken's new book!

Arizonan's Shout out...

Where is BOSSHOG???

WHo's going as what for halloween?

Caption Chirac french kissing the 1st Lady