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Archives: September 27, 2003

Re-Building the Democratic Party (Pacific Views blog)

California debate travesty shows need for socialist alternative

I once hid my quest for stardom like a filthy magazine- GWG

US Parents Tell Bush: "You Lied, They Died"

Lieberman Slams Clark Following Debate

Cartoon History of W

The energy bill in Congress is an exercise in corporate tax breaks

CIA Seeks Probe of White House Over Outed Agent!

The man behind war on liberals (Horowitz)

Today's Snark Attacks from the Seattle P-I -- good ones

The Bush Presidency thus far - as in the eyes of the Salt Lake Tribune.

Paul Krugman's Speech at Berkeley (9/26) [realplayer format]

Concerning those fishy Diebold voting machines...

So when Anne and Rush open this new shiny new gulag,where will it be?

Scathing editorial on Iraq from Utah Salt Lake City Tribune

Never Say Never. Why the Hillary Buzz Won't Go Away

Ellen Goodman - The Terminator's 'Woman Problem'

Patriotic Criticism

Iraq Toll Hits a Nerve With (Rep John) Murtha (D-PA Hawk)

NYT: C.I.A. Seeks Inquiry Into Naming of an Operative

Woo hoo! Front page WP: Leak of CIA Name Being Investigated

Iraq spells trouble for Bush

if you wondered where Weapons of Mass Destruction are....

Camejo & McClintock Shine, Other Candidates "Get Personal" In Animated Fiv

Clark, Acxiom, CAPPSII and Privacy - very scary.

Warning: Depresssing as hell

2 Servings of Reality, Please

How Bush's $87 Billion Affects Your State

Drudge headlining Wilson/Plame article.

Dowd: Drunk on Rummy

Lonely Campus Voices (David Brooks whines about bias in colleges)

Why Kucinich Lost the Recent Debate

INDY DUers, IWFR comes to Indianapolis

Seattle area DUers: Rally tomorrow (Sunday)

Fox proves spin works - Iraq War Resol yes moves from 45 to 59% w/ wording

Bush and Putin


"Under the Tuscan Sun.! Francis Mayes Book and NOW the Movie!

The Bird & The Evil Twin~

Help - Advice regarding Social Security Disab. please.

Hundreds parade for Gay Pride - SA

And why wouldn't she be fired?

Airbus sees record production in 2005

Envisat observes resurgent ozone hole

Nuclear Reactors to Propel Rockets into Space; Will Leave Waste Floating

Mugabe (Zimbabwe) lambastes Britain over Iraq

Clinton, Gore to give speeches on visits to Taiwan

Schroeder wins key reform vote after threating to quit

Projected new Taipei-Shanghai air route causes carriers to drool

Hidden Agendas in the Sand (Western Sahara)

Bolivian Indians lay siege to La Paz

First black police chief appointed - UK

'Aids orphans are ending up in Africa's wars'

Europe’s moon mission lifts off

Conflicting Sri Lankan sides meet in Switzerland

Musharraf (Pakistan) finds fault with Washington

SA home sweet home to the world's criminals?

Falun Gong lawsuits in foreign nations rile Beijing

Childhood cancer takes toll

False Sense of Security

Bipartisan Agreement Sends Gun Bill Forward in Congress

If the Colorado Democratic Party is for gun control and against CCW,

Saturday: Tacoma Confidential - Police Chief - 48 Hours

Man stops friend's suicide attempt, shoots self while trying to unload gun

Daschle cosponsers Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act

Did someone say no one wants to ban handguns?

New Member

A question about article selection

Can motives be challenged without it being smearing?

A thread appears to be missing...

Why is the time in 'last updated date' four hours ahead of my time.

I'd like to know why you removed by thread...

Thank You elad!

This HTML file worked fine under Internet Explorer, why not at DU?

Thanks for the George Harrison avatar!

Do You Have The Time/Material For A New Batch Of Hate Mail?

IF DU is committed to ousting Bush then posts enabling

Anyone for scifi avatars?

New avatar suggestions (thought I'd try to start a single thread)

The printable version of Bob Boudelang isn't available.

Ted Kennedy avatar?

How off-topic does something have to be worth alerting for?

Please, everyone, click on the link and let it play all the way, thx much!

Please, everyone, click on the link and let it play all the way, thx much!

Peres: Arafat deserved Nobel

Peres at 80: peace can be grasped

Sharon: Roadmap Not Dead Yet

Where Debaters Take On A Different Complexion

Whoever put up the site is worthless freeper scum

How Does Your Candidate Win The Nomination?

Repeat of Wesley Clark Town Hall Meeting on C-Span now.

Dean to air Spanish Language ads in New Mexico/picks up 2 endorsements

Clark defends his Democratic Presidential campaign

Rep, Harold Ford, Jr. to be Kerry National Co-Chair

Clark worked for Acxiom, Ark Data mining Firm...Still on the Board...

two new polls give Dean double-digit lead in NH

New Newsweek Poll - No Bump for Bush - Clark leading

IAFF kickoff "Firefighters for Kerry" campaign this Monday in NH

Mudslinging in a primary.


Poll: Kerry bests Dean among registered voters

Dean has already beaten Clinton's quarterly fundraising record

Harold Ford Jr. to be Kerry campaign co-chair, Jeanne Shaheen, chairwoman

Did anyone see Edwards on Maher

Latest Ohio Poll numbers on the 2004 WH race

A DEAN-KERRY Peace Thread

What does 'electability' mean?

Appeal from Dennis Kucinich

Russ Feingold for VP?

John Kerry's Plan for Winning Peace in Iraq & How to Pay For It

"Dude, Where's My Country?"

Deleted message

Let's Plan Now: How Will DU Celebrate When

Bush's Iraqi Auction 'Expose'

Phone Banking for

Tally the Bad News lately for Bushites

Appeal from Dennis Kucinich

Gore was a Populist who won - by 500,000

"The Other Lies of George Bush" by David Corn

On Saturdays, usually, I

How to pay for the war

Pentagon's call to mercenaries--BBC report

Are you ready for some integrity in the White House again?

Stephanie Miller. Where did she go?

Clark Town Hall meeting repeat on now CSPAN (1:00 AM EDT)

Any one know of how to register the homeless to vote? any tips?

I'm on my way

Clark running on Hillary's behalf?

It's better to be a new Democrat that's a real Democrat

Any Spanish speakers here tonight who'll help an Anglo Dean supporter?

In Yuma, Kerry just lost a good, energetic organizer to Clark...

Remember the suspected terrorists that Canada arrested?

Anyone seen the "random" placement of candidates on the CA ballot?

I Need Help

Clark voted for Reagan. So What?

My thoughts on those who start or engage in flame wars

Faux News poll - whistleass numbers dropping

Do mention the war - Tony Blair has lost the argument over Iraq

The perfect ticket for 2004!

Do the R&R math

Just my opinion, The Democratic race (long post)

Is the California election a bellwether for 04?

Army reservist home on 15 day leave killed by suv

Well, what is the Democrats solution !

What do you fear the most?

FauxBot Questioner Is Complimented by Co-Bots

Could Carol M Braun be the VP on the Dem ticket?

BBV Letter to my city council

Does Godwin's law apply to C-SPAN callers? (Or, what are

Watching "Network" for the first time

WhooHooo...Just got on Cspaan

nutty! GOP knocking Wes Clark for being too Republican??

Saddam Hussein has a Posse?

CSPAN 11 am ET Saturday -- Bush and Putin on live

Tony Blair in deep doo-doo

Another 15,000 U.S. Troops Told to Prepare for Iraq

Clark button -- "dissent protects democracy"

'Conservative' Democrats: Why didn't you join the Republican party?

Clark is a joke

I'm becoming very suspicious about people who are very suspicious about...

Let Tim Russert Know what ya think.

Repubs put all their chips on the table in California...

A history of the Iraq war told entirely in lies...the Bushists own words

Impact of Bush's $87 Billion On Your State

Can motives be challenged without it being smearing?

*Dallas socialite charged with shoplifting

AIDS activists jeer U.S. official (Kenya)

Liberal Democrats: Why don't we leave the party?

President Karzai of Afghanistan is in Ottawa thanking Canada for help

Ontario Tories on Verge of Collapse, Liberal sweep predicted...

Who Are Your "Contemporary" Heroes

Conservative Democrats Unite!

links to Iran blogs

Anyone heard of Penna for President?

Ashcroft Is Unprintable, and Glad of It

"Pundits" keep repeating Bush's nos.falling but the people still love him!

Help? CNBC show on electronic voting this weekend?

Repub Spin Forecast re: CIA asking for White House Investigation.

Bush Is Toast, Bush Is History, Stick A Fork In Him. WRONG

Clark worked for Acxiom, Ark Data mining Firm...Still on the Board...

Cartoon: Steve Sack on Clark (or Clark's debate performance?)


Cartoon: Sargent on Rummy and WMDs. mwahahaha

North Korea calls Rumsfeld illiterate psychopath

Josh Marshall is RED HOT!!!

Clark's Upcoming Schedule: Will visit Texas and California

Deleted message

- Weekly virus report -

ES&S untested voting machines in FL and $17.2 million gone

Drilling on Public lands... its more than ANWR... a US Newswire alert.


Is naziistic a word?

Krugman's 'The Great Unraveling': awesome

How serious are we about defeating the B.F.E.E. in 2004?

Anybody know Arabic?

Schwarzenegger: Unions are "special interest groups", corporations aren't.

Corporate welfare

When Democrats fight, Bush wins

Dean for President and Vice President???

TPM uncovers Haley Barbour slime in Iraq contracts

Clark for president and vice president???

(SMH)Bush's mourning-after blues


I would vote for the 87 Billion

Wesley Clark Will Win and The GOP Knows It

The military-industrial complex, Washington State, and PNAC.

The Swan Song

Are there any cops that post here?

I went and heard Eric Schlosser speak last night ("Fast Food Nation")...

Question on campaign finance

Since we're digging into Clark's past: Let's look at Dean's

Is Bush's War in Iraq A "Brain Fart"? Compliments of Marine General Zinni

GOP chair, attorney end in conflict at Davis event

Singing motorist wrecks car after bee flies into mouth

Dean Fans: who would be Howard's best VP?


Was Nato Right To Come To The Aid Of The Indigenous Kosovars and Bosnians?

MUST READ before you pick a candidate: Chuck Spinney

Clark's volunteer work: getting shot up in Vietnam

Supervisor plans lawsuit against manufacturer of voting system (Diebold)

Sign up for the "election reform" meetup!

NYTimes attacks Davis for doing the same thing Arnold has been doing


why do you use the word fan?

Post Reports Gen. Shelton Questions Clark's Integrity/Character

Putin on Afghanistan

Headliners and Legends: George Bush is on if you can stomach it

Serious question:

My number 1 George W. Bush pet peeve:

Will Dean Meet or Even Beat His Fundraising Goals?

Clark Fans: Who would be Wes' best VP?

US Army doctor speaks out.....

New election tactic: Kucinich vs Buchanan for 2004!

Utah BBV: Clerks fear delays without more e-voting machines

Is the Economy on the Rebound? (And Other Questions)

Republicans say "democrats like to spend money"

The idiot is on....

Putin Tells Bush To Bite It: No Help For Iraq; Will Help Iran Make Nukes

Dean issues statement re: Wilson/CIA Story

If there was a new third party...what qualities would they need to get

Dean has 4 days left to raise over $3 mill

There ought to be a law


I'm becoming very suspicious about Clark

French, Russians parody 'most wanted' playing cards

How thick is Chris Matthews???

For Every $ Spent In Iraq A $ Should Be Spent At Home...

Is Wes Clark the second coming of Christ?

Just saw an NBC News story on the economy and military recruitment

DUers, wake up! Any Dem would be good..Al Gore would be great..

Have you always voted?

Q.- Where do journalists stay while in Baghdad?

Where do DUers get their news?

WOOHOO! CIA PROBE of whitehouse #1 MSNBC story!!

Clark's not Dean--shutting down his websites

U.S. troops find missiles buried near Tikrit

The Irony Is Blowing My Mind. The Bush Legacy

I've Changed My Mind. Dennis Miller is the most obnoxious

I am tired of attacks on the Party

Need Transcript for Clark's 2001 Speech praising Republicans,

I'm undecided - sell me on your candidate!

A little anecdotal good news

When did the public stop wanting government leaders who were smart?

Jingoism Bumper Sticker Alert

Dean won't win one voter age 65-70

Vote/election theft

Are the other nine Democratic candidates riding Dean's coattails?

Who is Brer Rabbit, who is Brer Fox?

I asked me what changes in our feeling about the USA.

What's a freeper, and what does * mean?

Has anyone read this article from Counterpunch? Want feed back on it.

Wow.. I like the new "Wolfo-witicism"

We are creating a two tier society in Iraq

MSNBC: Just saw blurb about finding weapons...

Does Bob Novak believe the crap that comes out of his mouth.

I was at the bookstore and picked up Annthrax's new book...

let's take care of this poll

Bob Novac just said "You people" to Harold Ford Jr.

Clark prasing Bush on video...not a dupe

Toy President

Anyone else receive this dumb Repub talking point?

Why does Dipshit* keep saying we're safer now that Saddam is gone?

Harold Ford

I have a radical idea to transform government

Deleted message

stole a vote away from ahrnald today.

Correct me if I am wrong:

Say what you will! Clark is Just the "Big Build Up" to the "Big Let Down"

Chances for nominating a left Democrat as party presidential nominee

Every Scandal Needs a Good Name: Yellowcake

Clark vs. Bush -- Leader vs. Front Man

It's a new day, let's attack Howard Dean!

Keith Olbermann: Cool or No?

Who is Al-Qaida backing in '04?

After standing for 6 hrs - I was able to see the Cubs win the NL Central!

BBC ((Thousands stage Iraq demo in Britain ))


Another "Clark voted for Reagan, so he's evil" post - sort of.

My Republican friend liked Dean!

Why is the California Recall so important?

Could Arnold be impeached by the California Legislature if he wins?

Invade this Freeper Blog!

Atten. Mark Crispin Miller (The Bush Dyslexicon) fans: Mark starts a blog

Juan Williams

Edwards on Maher replay in 20 minutes on HBO2 (at 11 PM ET)

Why are some Kucinich supporters so abrasive?

Need advice - I told this guy I'd send him some info on the Bush/Cheney

???..National Security Order???

Kuchinich, Gephardt, Sharpton on C-Span (post debate) n/t

Wingnut VooDoo on FRANKEN Going On

Chalk up one more conservative in Hollywood: Chuck Norris.

This felon was an idiot

I am extremely ashamed to admit this, but my grandma thinks Bob Novak

Lawrence of Arabia re: entanglement in Iraq

Clark will bury the BFEE

My prediction is that Clark will be the Dem nominee

Interested in Real Time w/ Bill Maher?

Any anti-Clark folks watch the NH talk?


Wolfowicz back on C-Span n/t

I'm Starting to Think a Clark/Kerry Team Might Do Very Well

DU this poll! Any regrets over voting for Bush? I know none of us but...

Troops dumped in Baltimore for their R&R. Told to find their own way home

Wolfowitz getting ass handed to him, Cspan now, link here

Official Guy James Show thread----3pm -please keep kicked!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another ((Operation Northwood’s)) unearthed from 1957 (Syria )

Why can't Hillary run in 2012?

"Democrats Applaud Bush Choices"

Turn to Fox news now 11:35 p.m

Who counts as senior WH officials?

Media new boogeyman of Iraq

If this WH-CIA scandal crap hits the fan.I have a question.

Have any of you seen this shirt?

Clark: You think you know the rest of the story?

Why hasn't Bob Graham taken off soaring in the polls?

I will be SILENT NO MORE-and neither should you!

The names of the eight congressmen who voted against the No Calls List.

The Clark video (comments on W., Rumsfeld, Powell, et al)

Why doesn't Clark just lie?

Molly Ivins book (Bushwhacked)

I Met Wesley Clark Today, Ask Me Anything

Beware! "Rape Pits" may become the "Evidence" that supports Iraq Invasion!

Pootie Poot and Petulant George

So some OPEC countries may go Euro? Here's a mind bender. Why don't we?

Deleted message

Kucinich Shines in New York Democratic Debate, Should Take On Clark

WTF is the "Delaware Trust Law" a cspan caller mentioned it ..they cut

From another North Korea next?

Could we end up in a constitutional crisis with this CIA/WHouse/DOJ thing?

An interesting letter from NYS Police about Border Property

The People Are NOT Going to Vote on the Basis of What Dems Say..

what's happened to Maria Shriver?

I have a few questions that I need help with...9/11 & PNAC

Sunday news shows: Sending in the clowns

"Very popular war president"? Bushit. Here's why he is going down..

Saturday Night Candidate Poll

The worst mistake I made in 1992-93.

Did anyone else see Wolfowitz getting thrashed?? (replay at 11:01 tonight)

Arnold met with ENRON's Ken Lay

According to Josh, this CIA-WH story is gonna pop...

Wesley Clark Praising Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld -- video?

Another gaggle of Dean Team Canvassers succesfully launched!

Meanderings of a moronic mind....

A Question For DU History Majors....

My conservative African American neighbor likes Howard Dean.

The U.S. Media with respect to Bush

Al Franken's new book....

Operation Garden Plot - death for dissenters - how to cancel an election

What is the PNAC

PUKE Alert! Republican Strategists Eyeing Dennis Miller for State Politics

Clark's volunteer work

Tell Bill Maher to apologize for his terrible comment on Al Gore

Freepers at the feed store today. I filled up my deer feeders.

Good on you JohnKleeb - I'm sure Kucinich thanks you too! :)

Howard Dean testimony on aging

Do you regret voting for George Bush?

Can Dean beat Bush?

Hydrogen fuel dangerous?

Some needed perspective on Clark trashing

Serious question: What are Clark's progressive accomplishments?

Some Thoughts on Dean, Kerry from NH Folks

How can anyone support Dean with these poll numbers?

Is it possible that Wes Clark might be more progressive than Howard Dean

Republican Campaign Money Frightens Me. -=- How Can Anyone Compete?

Are Bush's "Rape Rooms" really Urban Legends? Google had nothing but

The Line Must Hold

Need background on Edison Schools, like owners, etc. Jeb connections?

Was There Ever a Sizeable DLC Community on DU?

And Here's Why "God" Can Never Be Taken Out of the Schools.

Here's Why "God" Can Never Be Taken Out of the Courthouse.

a different take on factionalism for Democrats

Voting for whoever gets the Dem nomination?

Harken Energy demands $57 BILLION from Costa Rican government

DU! Show Yer Love For Teddy Kennedy!

DU. Let's Show Some Love For "OUR" Congressional Black Caucus.

BBV: Georgia Dog-and-pony show: "No questions, please"

THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT CLARK that gives us hope/confidence

BBV question: We have over 30000 DUers. I don't know if

Irresponsible: confessions of an avowed Dean blowhard

RLEASE HELP! Suggestions for anti-Bush protest sign needed

Iraq Front News available

Nuclear Reactors to Propel Rockets into Space; Will Leave Waste Floating

Newsweek Poll: Should Donald Rumsfeld Resign?


Russia Sends Message to U.S. About Iraqi Oil Contracts

Four Iraqis reported killed, five injured in shooting in Fallujah

Ooops, didnt realize I was in LBN!!! watched the Clark forum

CIA seeks probe of White House

Oversight panel says state is withholding needed data (Florida)

Defense bill to benefit Florida

Blast at Shaklee building

Advisers call Davis Demos' only chance

Attack on Baghdad hotel housing US officials-army

US troops "kill four Iraqi civilians"

Judge to rule on IBM motion

American Compound Attacked in Baghdad (Saturday)

Graham strategy pins all hopes on Iowa

Hurricane Juan strengthens on way to Canada

US poverty up second year on Bush's watch

BBC (Saturday): More US troops face Iraq call-up

Air quality study finds laws well worth it

Ohio ACLU Sues To Make Entire Execution Public

Libraries get new package to study Islam (Canada)

South Koreans March To Oppose Troop Dispatch To Iraq

George Plimpton, Author and Editor, Dies at 76

Schwarzenegger adviser linked to card clubs, Nevada casinos

Fatah names most members of new Cabinet, dumps U.S.-backed security chief

U.S. Incomes Fell, Poverty Rose in 2002

Germany smashes child porn ring

US kills four Iraqis, Falluja residents vow revenge

Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan (Pakistani opposition leader) dead

Iraqi Witnesses: US Fire Killed 4 Civilians

Workers' comp premiums down

Iraqi council calls for US forces to leave Iraq

Leaders of Brazil, Cuba Sign Accords

London and World Protests Oppose Iraq Occupation

Iraq's Family Bonds Complicate U.S. Efforts

More than 1,000 arrested in international child sex crime crackdown

Boy's father files complaint over teasing at Pacifica school

Stranded sheep will go to Iraq

U.S. ready to deploy 10,000 guard troops

Dell to sell TVs, music gear

Bremer Says Some Iraq Rebuilding Will Wait

Bush, Putin Finishing Camp David Talks

North Korea Denounces U.S. Defense Chief ( ``psychopath'' ``stupid man"

More Than 10,000 March in London in Day of Protests Against Occupation of

Never Say Never. Why the Hillary Buzz Won't Go Away

Newsweek Poll: Should Donald Rumsfeld Resign?

Burmese activist Suu Kyi goes home

Dean Announcing Elder-Care Proposals

Singapore hangs two drug traffickers

Cubs Clinch!

Patriots and invaders Iraqi resistance to foreign occupation enjoys great

Russia Won't End Accord With Iran to Build Nuclear Reactor

Army Reservist Struck, Killed On Highway 69 (Dumped in Baltimore)

Bush Repeats Saddam Developed WMD

Governor Dean Calls for Accountability (CIA/Wilson Story)

Russia Will Await UN Resolution Before Help in Iraq

Bremer Says 19 Qaeda Fighters Are in U.S. Custody in Iraq

Dean Says Jobs Come Before Fixing Budget

Data Backing Iraq War Called Uncertain, Weak (Sunday WashPost)

Transcript: Bush Weekly Radio Address (Uses the "T" Word 12 times in

South Florida called 'smuggler's supermarket' for all types of contraband

Host hit in payback crossfire (Tucker Carlson)

Kingdom Won’t Send Troops to Iraq: Khaled

Iran is eager to develop scientific cooperation with Russia

Bush and Putin warn Iranians

WP - Leak of CIA Name Being Investigated

A Vengeful White House? . . . CBS News on CIA handoff to DOJ of Palme Out

Mexico, Church in Dispute Over Probe

US senators act over Iraq contracts (Bipartisan support)

TIME: The Wilson War Continues, The DOJ opens a preliminary probe

Bush, Putin Pledge to Work Together Despite Differences Over Iraq

L.A. Times - Income rates down, poverty rates up

Liberals on verge of huge majority - Canada

Study shows net gain from pollution rules

U.S. Uses Terror Law to Pursue Crimes from Drugs to Swindling

10 ways to sex up a dossier

Lindh murder: Balkan link?

London Observer: 'Battered' Blair vows there's no turning back

Israel Reportedly Considering Attacking Iran

No Peace, Now No Peacekeepers

North Korea Calls Rumsfeld a 'Psychopath', 'Stupid Man'

Guardian Unltd: Labour MPs put Blair on notice

Noted N.H. Republican endorses Democrat Dean

US arrests over 1,000 in international crackdown on child sex crimes

General Wesley Clark's Statement on Rise in Poverty

Bush: 'World Is Safer' Without Saddam

Accused Hummer Arsonist, Marine's Father Join Forces For Antiwar Protest

Khomeini’s grandson urges George Bush to intervene in Iran

Sheep docking? Not yet

Nigerian Satellite Blasts Into Orbit

Latest NEWSWEEK Poll: War, Bush and Clark (Clark Leads With 16%)

Ohio GOP launches all-out drive for Bush (Walden O'Dell fund-raiser)

U.S. Compound in Baghdad Is Hit in Attack

Clark Worked For Ark. Data Firm, Acxiom Role Part of Surveillance Debate

CIA seeks probe of White House (Thread Two)

Donald O'connor has died

Two more US soldiers killed in Iraq

New polls chart Blair's withering support - 50% - Blair resign

Cheney (Advisor) Now Helping Arnold Recall Campaign

Woman blames storage company for 63-day ordeal locked in unit

Catholic Church Limits Use of Altar Girls

I was born with no eyes to watch canned laughter shows

If your cat and dog were raised together

Is drinking really significantly less fun once you're legal?

You know what the world needs?

Me Seepy Baby................................

Bernie Ward Tonight

Hey Buckeye fans Big Ten play starts tommorrow!!

On Saturdays, usually, I

I have a best friend special person in my world

Do you DU females, in the words of Johnny Cash

I saw a cat light it's tail on fire

Anyone else ever feel like a bookmark?

You're the Man

You have got to be kidding

It's getting late,what's your biggest secret.

If you were going to imaginarily squash somebodies head

Are Squirrels repukes?

Who's on Du?

How many members of DU?

Does anyone have a cat who watches TV?

One last time--how do I post pics, please????

My girlfriend is a DU Lurker

I Saw Tomorrow

Two drifters, off to see the world, my hucklberry friend

The WKRP "turkeys" episode is on TVLAND

Does Bob Boudelang deserve his own site?

Well no wonder 4 of my checks bounced!

Am I the only one who has zero interest in the GD forum?

She's so fine, there's no tellin' where the money went

What Are You Drinking Tonight?

I'm on my way

Sports Trivia Question

Who's A Better President: Bush VS Tic-Tacs

Bill Clinton is coming to speak in Winnipeg.....

Guess how long it took for Segway to realize their product was buggy?

Baseball Fans: Who will win the NL Central

Twenty years ago today, Richard Stallman had this to say

Murphee the Cockatiel says "hello"

Will Pitt - Greensboro, NC When? Where?

I am no longer intoxicated

let's all welcome our newest member - yoosuck

Scarface Anniversary DVD on Tuesday!

This is how I feel tonight - I think I need a hug.

Fun playing Robin Hood

I'm in love with Alicia Silverstone

Moon mission ready to go

GD is hell on earth, LBN nasty flamewars-Clark again

Will Pitt has a girl head and is afraid of spiders...Ask me Anything

Rush Limbaugh's car breaks down in front of the Clinton's house.

"Under the Tuscan Sun" (Movie)...Anybody Seen It? Opinions?

Music thread: What is your favorite classical period?????

Hunter S Thompson. Warpath. The Rum Diary.

DU ballplayers, help - I need to break in a glove fast

Let's go Gophs! U of M is up on PSU 17-14 at the half.

Other left-wing discussion boards?

Grama never ever ever fed us steak

If you haven't read the Dixie Chicks letter to fans, you should

Attention, Tacoma-area comic book fans!!!

CAPTION: "Why won't my boomerang come back?"

Another Bush-Putin CAPTION

HA Vindication

"Give us this day our daily bread..."

Advertise Low Gas Prices ---------- IN A THONG!!!!!!!

Has there been a hate-mail drought?

CAPTION this fish story

Any Eastenders Fans?


URGENT question on sig lines (for those in the know on DU):

ESPN Gameday

wried wrod suttf

Cat abuse or alien abduction?

A modest proposal: (drunken posting)

Whitey from Leave it to Beaver Dead.

The Kremlin Comedian of all CAPTIONS!!!

Here's a question for the fashion loving bunch

Damien Rice........OMG! I'm feeling moist.....

The perfect birthday gift!

Should I get an avatar?

Ohio State is beating up on Northwestern

Downloading Music

North Dakota State vs. South Dakota State tonite: The end of the D2 era.

Back to the Gordon Lightfoot subject...looking to play one of his tunes

Would you PLEASE say something important to you

Conversation with Republican Brother

Hey NewYawker 99

David Blaine - who cares?

Queer Eye For Your Dem Guy

Should non-politician's political views matter?

I just discovered HBO on Demand

HELP! How do you fold up the legs of a card table!

I want to wish Termite a Happy Birthday.

How Much Money Is There In The World?


I love DU

Which of these canidates would you vote for president?

Whip poor will hollow.(Holler)

Watching "Network" for the first time

Cubs magic number is ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a quick note to say hello again

Purdue is kicking Irish ass

We had a Repuke at our Y.D. meeting yesterday...and boy did

"Under the Tuscan Sun?" Anyone see it and like it better than the book?

I Just Bought Something From An InfoMercial For The FIRST TIME!

WMD's found,.. rummy delighted

Got my First Flipped Finger Driving Today

What do you do when a guy wants you enough to shave his beard?

So Notre Dame wants to run the west coast offense?!?

Wow, the Oregon Ducks are getting spanked

Cubs-Red Sox World Series remains on track


I had the most bizarre dream.

Madness in Minnesota at unveiling of statues - Peanuts

DU LOUNGE EXCLUSIVE: My endorsement for Dem Presidential candidate

The Book: "Country Bunny and the Little Red Shoes." Anyone read it?

I'm Watching The Rocky Trilogy For The Umpteenth Time-Ask Me Anything

Ohio State stat worth noting....

How Did Newyawker99 Get 50,000 Posts?

Can someone give me the address for that DU image dump?

A few pics from the drunken barn dance

So you think you knew Elvis, hmmmmmm?

Cranky Cockatiel.....


Will the Braves choke now or later in the playoffs?

Who's watching The Big Chill

Mothra v. Rummy

Did your High School have a Indian nickname?

After standing for 6 hrs - I was able to see the Cubs win the NL Central!

Bob Graham, with one of his cute constituents, most likely. (Picture)

How many DUers watch 7th heaven?

Don't click! Nasty kitty porn inside!

My picture!!!


Most annoying file-sharing errors?

Cal beats USC!

William Pitt insults my pet kingsnakes, Aragorn and Arwen

Just got a horrible phone call

I Think That There Are Not To Many Limp Bizkit Fans Here But Saturday

oh oh ..have I been pulling a fashion faus paux

Question for carnivores

Which Comedy Skit Group would you like to see take on another?

A girl in my American Gov't class thought that the US won Vietnam

Sat. Night and no Grotto??? How odd???

The worst product name ever: Outhouse Springs bottled water

1,000 miles!!!

How much is (of any one specific thing) too much?

Do you believe in the concept or example of `evil'

Well while he (SBP) is away....

Caption the fool in wonderland

Why are so many of us walking billboards for companies?

I need a movie recommendation! (Costume Drama preferred)

Dave Chapelle is funnier than hell! It's on now 9:15 est.

Ice Ice Baby


Cupcake beats USC

college football saturday

Can a hippopotamus be cute?

Singing motorist wrecks car after bee flies into mouth

MOM! I accidently put you on AIM ignore...

Has anybody studied the ramification of moving jobs overseas longterm?

My (Once Repuke Father) Is Attending Will Pitt's Speech Tomorrow!

Missing Doctor found

How tall are all of the 10 Dem candidates, and how tall is chimpy?

have you ever jettisoned most of your friends and tried to start over?

Christ (Gore Vidal) hit it on the nose about Bush in 2k

Once and for all: Wesley Clark... or Wesley Crusher?

I'm on a real mandolin kick...recomend any music folks?

Sat Nite Tip: Woody Allen's new Film sucks.

I'm developing an electricity phobia

For my 1000 post, I have removed all 16 people from my ignore list

Sweet Leaf.....Killin' Yourself To Live...Black Sabbath...ahhh I love it..

Favorite state quarter

Is "I Touch Myself" by the Divinyls the sexiest song ever?!

Here's how to be better than someone else at anything

Do any famous Dems lurk or post on DU?

how often do you masturbate?

Minnesota beats Penn State

Cubs Clinch!

The first ever "tags in shirt collars" rant.

Whats your ethnicity?

How will you tell someone (like me) to shut up?

Chilling video clips of history ........................

I got my medicare card today and I don't know what to do

What color hair do you have? (Yes this is a ditzy question just curious)

Chicks who kick ass in tight, black, latex bodysuits

Clash Of The Titans: Favorite Sketch Comedy Troupe?

a little karma, please

My thoughts on those who start or engage in flame wars

Lizards in Florida

What's cool about your town?

Why no baseball avatars?

Favourite Gordon Lightfoot tune?