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Archives: September 25, 2003

LAT : Bush refuses to face reality on Iraq funding

"If Tony Blair didn't exist, would we invent him?"

Why some Dems are upset about Clark's IWR as "leverage" stmt

How Sex Rocks (The Vote)

Waiting for Mr. Kay- WaPo Editorial

Bush Should Have Listened Instead

What's Sex Slavery got to do with it?

Political Elite Is Schizophrenic

Full Disclosure? (Will 9/11 Commission Subpoena WH?)


Revenge of the ex-generals (they were right on Iraq)

Bombs underscore peril of assisting US

Friedman-Connect the Dots

MoDo's Latest - Gams to Gladiators - making fun of Arnie

Dickey: When Victory Was Ours

Molly Ivins: Greeed (not a typo) and Grasso

Buzzflash Interview: David Corn, author of "The Lies of George W. Bush"

This week Thomas Friedman gets it.

Global Eye -- Vanishing Act

How to ruin a great army? See Donald Rumsfeld

"The Presidential Bubble" -NY Times Editorial

Rall: Why We Hate Bush* (It's the Stolen Election, Stupid)

Bernie Weiner's PNAC Speech in Houston

Tolerating Putin's Evil Empire


Voter Access Summit in Eugene Oregon Sept. 26th from 9:30 - 3:30

Signs for the SF protest on Sunday

Liberal troop support sites?

Bring Our Troops Home Now! Sept. 28 Rally Austin, TX

Green Festival Austin/SF

Anyone have audio or video of Bush's Faux interview...

DU - America's most trusted news source!

What Liberal media?

Tweety Bird is such a fascist!!!

South Park - Bashing John Edward

More dreams about buildings and food

Maxine pics!

Is Mars causing me to be "psychic"?

Astrologers: Really Bad News for Sagittarius. Bye Bye Rule of Law

I am going to jail

World Interfaith Conference Pulls Invite After Learning Politician Is Gay

Question about the Equal Access Act - after school religious clubs

Pataki Signs Campus Hate Bill

Carol Moseley Braun on the Treatment of Women Cadets

So when does it all come crashing down?

World's Oceans Becoming More Acidic - BBC

Climate Scientists "Underwhelmed" By Bush Administration Planning

Dog DNA reveals man's link with best friend (unexpectedly similiar)

Space race

CIA created and funded fake Mullahs, issued fatwas.

India rebuffs Pakistan's appeal for Kashmir talks

10 held for 'assassination' - Kenya

Ohio's "unconstitutional" school funding issue - an idea

Vouchers Question

Pair videotaped themselves making, detonating homemade bombs in Ocala, Fla

Leading Causes of Unintentional Injury Deaths

Charges for 81-Year-Old Gun-Toting Candidate

Grandmother Wants Change After School Gun Incidents

Justices uphold concealed gun ban

How do pro-gun liberals cope with their kid getting shot

Father Of Alleged Killer Says Son Was 'Gun-Crazy'

Found Gun Goes Off, Wounds Child

Gun club neighbors sue over security

Hunter Mistaken For Elk Shot, Killed

Questionable Vote (Missouri Senate CCW Veto Override)

Davis signs new gun bill requiring double safety devices

Scrutiny of gun sales intensifying

If criminals want to get guns ...

Armed Loonies to March in Ohio

How do anti-gun liberals defend their home and loved ones?

tell-a-friend email

Where can we organize DU get-togethers?

Hi Guys....:)

Why is this thread OK?

Thanks for the Beaker avatar!

Is it time for a new semi-official DU poll on candidate preference...

Why was my poll locked?

"Click here to choose your file" on the post form? Enabled?

Admins, a special welcome to our newest member...

An observation on new members since Rush

I have one more thing to say......

Is there any way to know how many registrations since the

Really, REALLY minor question...


PA Society's Universal Support for Suicide Bombers

Six killed in Israeli raids

Shalom tells UN General Assembly to stop discrediting Israel

Edward Said Dies at 67

Norman Finkelstein: Dershowitz's New Book On Israel a "Hoax"

Security at nuclear plants questioned

The Pentagon Thread: Part 5

So what's the deal with the Oil in Iraq?

Which Senate primary campaigns to contribute toward? Crystle & Skinner!

How We Lost The Vote - How To Get It Back Again, by Lynn Landes

Howard Dean Leads Democratic Money Chase

Dean-Clark or Clark-Dean?

Bush Approval falls under 50% in New Jersey

Road To The White House Paved By Fund-Raisers

Poll: Dean Holds Lead Over Kerry

Kerry's online fundraising drive is doing well.

South Carolina poll numbers

New National Poll (WSJ) puts Dean at top

Ohio Poll Finds Democratic Presidential Race Close

Kerry's Hammer is a hammering!!!

Teresa's Blog

Poll: Kerry one point behind Dean in Iowa, Gep is third

TNR article on how Clark is actually the "Un-Clinton"

Kerry-Clark or Clark-Kerry?

Meet John Edwards in NYC – Tuesday, Sept 30th

Why Don't They Hammer Arnie about THE MEETING?

Gephardt, Kerry win labor groups' backing

Denverites: Kucinich at Auraria Campus tomorrow

Debate starts in 10 minutes on CNBC...Reactions, Comments

The debate tally: $40,000.00 more for the Bat!

CNBC Debates Live at 4 P.M. Eastern Today

"Dean Maintains Lead in New Hampshire"

NBC: $23 million for dean

I may vomit

Zogby poll of LIKELY VOTERS show Dean leads

Dean Bashing? Who Cares!

Ahnold wins debate

Zogby Poll-Clark and Dean neck and neck...

Howard Dean Live at the Avalon added to Howard Dean TV!

I just saw a Dean ad on my TV......

The transcript of the Democratic candidate Debate...

How To Handle Frontrunner Clark?

Clark's Vietnamese lesson

Howards Waffle House:

Carol Moseley Braun... You Go Girl!

Debates frenzy and magic in NYC

I Hate The Debate Format

Zogby: *ALL* Democrats Electable

This game is getting old

$1 Million!!!! Woo Hooo! Go BAT! Go Democrats!

Final opportunity tonight to whine about bashing

Today's whiney bashing thread

mp3 of the Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate, Sept 25, 2003

Hell hath no fury like a Draft Clark enthusiast spurned.

John Kerry Should Heed His Own Advice

Graham Aides Fret Over Poor Fund Raising

Dean's Bat: Swelling Faster

Max Cleland for Vice President

Edwards first, Clark second in SC--internal polling

You may not know this, Cruz

Cable News Race Sept 4th, hahahahahahahahahahaha

MY prediction on the Oct. 7th recall

The more we argue, the more Rove smiles.........

Gotta love those Citizens for...

Suddenly, Im very very nervous about Graham, Kerry and Sharpton

my email actually defending a conservative

Suddenly, I'm very, very nervous about George Washington

Suddenly I am very nervous about my mother's meatloaf

Oh Come on!!! Why lock my thread.

Arianna cleans out the whorehouse... (Dupe?)

BBV on Slashdot again

Suddenly, I'm just very nervous, period. Too big a bong hit?

Do any of the candidates endorse "Drop the Rock"?

Calling all Clark supporters

Black Box Debating (BBD): Al Sharpton & the homefield advantage

Colin Powell's Lie, Revealed

What happened with the Wellstone investigation?

Who Is The Most Reactionary Republican In Congress

Clark on whether he'd have voted on the IWR and Dean's response


Hey...anybody seen Bush's poodle lately?

does Clark love the US enough to make up for all the Democrats who don't

Response To a Conservative

Dean Blurb on Job Creation (speaking to hurting rural communities)

Who will be the first candidate to go negative against Carol Moseley Braun

Olbermann Repeat on Now (MSNBC)

Why did the Baghdad webcams all suddenly go offline in April?

Was it Falwell or Robertson that prayed Isabel change course?

Can't decide who I hate more: Arnold or Bush

Irrefutable wisdom from a C-SPAN caller ... The reason Bush is so

Carol Moseley Braun Responds to Speeches at the UN: Press Release

Black Box voting's, no good, punchcard voting's no good......

We need to get serious about the computerized voting issue..the fix is in.

jay leno, says that bush isn't going to be a one term prez like

It Takes A Nation Of Gomers To Be Sold Iraq

Do You Ever Wonder When the Pope Will Die?

What time is the Debate?

Can I fantasize about a Gore-Clark ticket for a minute? No?

"Those who would give up essential liberty..."

Good editorial and creepy Ashcroft image

McClintock won the debate

Mary Carey won the debate...

How to Defend the Do-Not-Call List....

Hotel in Iraq Bombed/housed NBC newspersons & - Aquila al-Hashimi dies!

Suddenly I feel really nervous about Colin Powell.

Wesley Clark's Radical Left-Wing Agenda

CNN poll could use UNfreeping

Nice protest slide show link on this MSGOP story

Hardball tonight: Kerry, Clark & Gephardt

McClintock is in the California Governor's race "for the duration!"

"Republicans think morality only applies to sexuality".........

Anybody see the exchange btw Bremer and Obey yesterday?

OK, so B*sh's poll numbers are falling, he's taking heat on the

Have You Seen O'Reilly's Latest Poll ?


New NBC Poll Has Dean 1 point Ahead of Clark

Mission accomplished': Bush brag or Demo fib?

Tavis Smiley just did his first talk with average viewers, talking about..

Durable Goods Orders Drop 0.9%

Bush's anti-choice zealotry causes closing of many African clinics

Who the hell is Peter Cameho?

Horsey: Fox 'news'

Polls Are Dangerous

Colin Powell has established that he is a liar.

I heard another Congressman talking about the "killing fields"

House Session C-Span 11:00 ET

Lamentably, I have stopped reading stories of soldiers killed in Iraq.

Time to support Kucinich bill curbing the Patriot Act

Jack Straw still wishing for WMDs to be found in Iraq

Public Service-I Just Got An E-Mail From Zogby With Confusing Poll Numbers

Josh Marshall's great piece on why Bush's polls are in free-fall

California’s Recall Candidates Challenge Each Other During A Lively Debate

Natalie Maines Rocks!

Too late maybe to start this...cause I'm tired

Christianity's version of OSAMA BIN LADEN

Tim Russert predicts a repeat of the 2000 election debacle. . .WTF?

Al Franken coming up on The View -- ABC 11:10 a.m.

NY Times Lead Editorial Blasts Bush for Keeping Protesters Out of Sight

Has anyone else STOPPED getting "Daily Misleader" e-mails from MoveOn?

Charlotte, NC: Aschroft Alert

Dem Bowles Enters Race for Edwards' Senate Seat

Guantanamo Bay a tropical 1-stop Alexander Solzhenitsyn's Siberian gulag

See the CBA California Governors Debate for yourself. Ram file from CSPAN

Need a link! Bush saying link betwen 9/11 & Saddam!

Need info from a recent Bush speech

How the Bush Crime Family stole the 2000 election

This is too unbelievable!

Wes Clark - Endorsed by Gene Taylor AND Charlie Rangel

Recently got this from a NeoCon....

Suddenly I'm very nervous about the "suddenly I'm very nervous threads"

To anyone bummed about the newest Zogby poll

Will Hallibuton get a pass on Asbestos?

Wolfie Talking About the Latest Polls (CNN)

Has there been a response to Kerry's letter to Dean yet?

BBV: What happened to Global Free Press?

Any streaming audio or video of the Democratic debate?

Rush Limbaugh attacks Clark in the WSJ

I know who I won't be buying jeans from anymore

Anybody see the Powell quote on Iraq from the Before Times?

Oklahoma Do Not Call program not affected by judge's ruling

Anyone know what time/network the debate is on tonight?

Day of the Clown

Only the strong memory is an opponent to Bush's cabal of Lies

TV News Lies Startin Broadcast

A "jobless recovery"....

AP: House overwhelmingly approves `do-not-call' legislation


Could someone post the photo of the guy with the Moran sign?

Great antibush protest photo from a yr ago

I almost blew chunks.

House Republicans introduce voting bill: (satire)

Does Bush hate Himself? (Wisconsin Cap Times article)

*'s approval ratings drop, America must be stupid


Could you imagine the media criticism that Gore would get...

Rumsfeld Is Ace of Spades in French Deck of Cards

356 U.S. soldiers dead.

Operation: Dismantle Democrats

Clark not our "military" saviour

Final French Heat Wave Death Toll - 14,802 (CBS Radio News)

World's premier rogue state = Bush's PNAC America

Who Is The Nicest Candidate

WP: Iraq Weapons Report Won't Be Conclusive (Mentions Powell Lie)

BBV - Today's Seattle Times - Bev

Who's Watching the CIA? Dictator Bush Won't Say

NewsDay: "Citizens Have Legal Rights No Matter What Bush Says"

Great analys of Bush* approval #'s by Josh Marshall

The General dumping on his supporters?

Putin's coloring lesson for Bush (the two are meeting soon)

Another fine example of the GOP keeping Government out of your

EPA makes a deal with animal shit corporations -amnesty


BBV: News from the Cease & Desist Order Wars

Has anyone seen this posting of a US solder killed today?

Neil Young: "Bush makes Clinton look like sandpaper -

9-11 Did NOT Change Everything

1975 sound familar? unelected President, discontent....

Why Not Have It All?

Bartcop: "George Bush and the lying GOP Can Kiss My Ass"

Gov. Davis's Sept. Schedule

Need help finding a Cheney quote

WTF Arnold gets 10 minutes post-debate

E! Online uses Dennis Miller as pundit on last night's California debate

I'm being bashed at work for calling Bush a war criminal!

Desperation Leaking into Repubs Pup Tent

BBV: NPR considers voting technology

Okay, Kucinich supporters

Hey ! AWOL Smirk. Meet a REAL Patriot Soldier.

Rockers Plan "Bands Against Bush"

Arnold Posed For Erotic Mapplethorpe Nudes: Report

Welcome to Vietnam Mr. President.

LA Times reporter just called me back! BBV

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm fed up

Clearing up Dean's view on Medicare

Now that the novelty has worn off, I am concerned about Clark

"Benjamin Franklin True Patriot" Act, not the "USA PATRIOT" Act

If any dems vote in support of the $87 billion Iraq request...

Ashkraft's facism roadshow photo

Hell in Iraq.

New Zogby Bush at 50%, re-elect #'s 43% (Generic Dem beats Bush)

Both Sides In Same-Sex Marriage To Hold National Lobby Week

Bush approval graph from Pollkatz updated today with latest

Why do Republicans prefer ignoramuses to head their tickets?

Mass Law Would Require Parental Approval For Gay Straight Clubs

If everything is so hunky dory, why is UN pulling out ?

What time is the debate?

the greens candidate impressed me most

The UN is using * as a photo op in order to "milk the rat" until he's out

Bush Accused by Lords of the Bar - Hooray!

Believe It or Not, Even More Stupidity from Don Luskin


Israel Grounds 27 Pilots Who Refused Mission (site high moral standards)

letter to the left

FYI - 9/25 polling numbers

Wesley Clark is more "liberal" than Bill Clinton or Howard Dean ?

Demonstration against Iraq war in UK

Anyone seen the anti-Dean e-mail Gephardt is sending out?

bartcop - February 6, 2001

Were Clinton's numbers ever this bad?

Who else is sick of the smiling smirky blonde femi-cons?

The non-voting constituency....

states in 2000 that had governors that was a different party than who won


Rumsfeld Is Ace of Spades in French Deck of Cards

11.7% of Americans live in Poverty. $18,104 for a Family of Four?

Remember that free press in Iraq Rummy was bragging about? Its gone

hey Plaid Adder - re today's column about sex slavery

Sign Max Cleland's antiwar petition to Bush

New Zogby poll results: Bush 50%, leads Dean and Clark by 10%

Debate Thread 1

"..You can call me al-qaeda..."...from the uk

Ann Arbor tonight: Jim Hightower, Amb. Joe Wilson, and "Unprecedented"

Dean or Clark? I don't care

The PUGS have four possible paths now

Fire those responsible petition...

Will the voting machines be fair? (WA)

Didn't Chimpy say in 2000 that he knew how to deal with OPEC?

S.F. Mime Troupe

I want Joan of Arc

Debate Thread 2

What's with the flashing lite on Drudge over Clark?

An ABB Defense of Wesley Clark

Which Event Will Happen First

Chimpy on CNBC: Looking and sounding like SHIT....

CNN Primary Grid

Help! I have to serve at a banquet

I LOVE YOU Al Sharpton!

Keep in mind: Clark does NOT have political experience

Cheerleader-in-Chief ROTFLMFAO

Help with Ann Coulter quote....

OMG: Drudge is FINALLY being a JOURNALIST!!!


Is the Dem Debate now?? I thought it was tonight at 9. HELP A DU'ER PLEASE

Bringing up Cheney Hallibuton on CNN n/t

Latest Republican Meme

copyright question

George Bush, Pedophiles & The CIA (Bush's UN Speech)

When did this debate start?

Here it is folks (MUST READ)

Say What You Want.. But I Love ALL The Candiates. The Future Looks

My attempt at humor

Bremer & Chalabi: Partners in Freedom, Lovers of Democracy

Dem Debate Thread 3

Telemarketers. Just say NO!!! Is the No-call bill that important?

Without A Doubt The Most Contradictory Statement I Have Ever Heard.....

Clark praised Bush, Rumsfeld, Condi, Reagan

Dubya's UN address, decoded!

RadioLeft has Al Martin now and Peter Werbe later

White House Disinformation Session, 9/25/03---ScottyBoy's in over his head

Chickens Come Home to Roost: Judge Gets Beseiged with Angry Calls

Tax the Rich to Pay for Iraq

Why not to support Clark-

Kerry is toast!!

Help With Art Project Please

a live audio webstream of the debate:

next recall targets?

BBV: Heads up....TOTN Science Friday tomorrow

Hold your heart, Buchanon and Scarboro(sp) praise Clark in debate

Remember 1995?

Which candidate/ running mate does the DLC want?

NeilBush Fair and reasonable? Paying back 1/4 of what they stole?

Arnold on California, We should model ourselves after Texas "

Pa dum pum...... Gotta give Joe credit there

New poll correction: Clark tops Dean by 7 pts..

Avg. Daily Death Rate in Baghdad Has Tripled Since April


Is today's debate going to be rebroadcast?(time and channel)

Has anybody heard more about Moussasoui?

Has anybody here worked for or interned with the State Department?

Democratic Hall of Fame (weekly nominations) continued...

CA Debate Recap and the winner is......

Debates frenzy and magic in NYC

The Debate

CBS News: Pilger Report mentioned!!! (The Powell SPeech)

Relief in on the Way ! tax cuts for the rich (cartoon)

FYI - Latest Tsunami warning

An idea for next debates -- who wants to do this?

Bush approval number now 49% in new NBC/WSJ poll !


Fuck invisible debates. WTF was this schedule with no streaming?

Matt Drudge can eat shit and DIE!

Arnie attempts to dominate with "PUB Put Downs". Used to work but

Wesley Clark's Ties To Muslim Terrorists--Accuracy in Media

I've had it with Matt Drudge

Pigbaugh encourages Dean and Kerry Supporters to pile on Clark.

Rush Limbaugh advising Dean on how to attack Clark (on radio show) !

Freak me out! Did this site predict today's eq at 6am Pacific time?

Meet John Edwards in NYC - Tuesday, Sept 30th

My Theory: Arianna is trying to "take down" Arnie (then the Pubs)

Who wants candy?!

Huffington blew it

I just heard Edward Said died

nice going by Pat Buchanan - Madeline Albright confronted

Chris Mathews already trashing Dems and debate on CNBC

Candidate A says everything you want to hear but he'll lose in 2004

what places did the signatures in the recall come from?

Those of us who are real Democrats should be proud!

NPR spinning Clark right now:

Are you sitting down? New Faux news poll, Bush at his lowest ratings 50%

VOTE NOW!!! (10 minutes left 6:45) Dobbs poll! you'll love it

70% of UK phone-ins say NO to war with Iraq


The Death of David Kelly

I just got back from the debate – ask me anything

Kucinich continues to amaze me

Cartoon: Oliphant on Clark

I missed the debate(work), tell me what happenned!

Japanese earthquake orchestrated by Rove...

Hate radio today, Iran “head of serpent.”

Those DU'ers who Missed the DEBATE..Please check out the repeat! 9:00p.m.

BBV: NPR reporting on Deibold/MD right now.

The skeleton closet.. not many in clark's closet

I'm Attending the DNC Party in NY Tonight: My Plan

if the Fairness doctrine is put back in place

"The Paranoia Show" #4 - pay no attention to the CHENEY behind the curtain

Never forget!

Question for those DUers knowledgible in matters of Gold and Fiat Money..

Governor Davis Town Hall Meeting on KNBC

Don't forget! The government can still kidnap you!!!!

Hey! Chris Matthews is a DEM DESTROYER! After you watch Debate, TUNE OUT!

DIEBOLD insiders are dumping shares . . .

Do you agree with Pat Robertson about Wahhabism?

Reminder: Debate re-broadcast (9 pm Eastern) on MSNBC

new adjective for *

if anyone is interested the debate is being replayed 9:00pm est

I'm not sure I'd want him as my President but ...

This Just In. I Can't Stand Brian Williams.

Et tu FOX?

Kucinich is important in this election because......

Here, we have a "Democratic" Candidate proclaiming

Poindexter's MATRIX ...

Yo, Olbermann and/or Huffington fans!


anyone hear about this...

Why do our candidates keep namechecking Syria as a "threat"?

MOYERS - Interview w/ Peter Peterson, Fed. Reserve Bank of NY

Two Very Important Questions

Mike Malloy on BBV and BevHarris --- link

NIGHTLINE 9/25/03: Interview with GEN ZINNI

I Noticed Something About Tweety And Media Spin....

the Sundance Channel is making a documentary about the 2000 election

Are we pushing the Republicans further right?

Limpballs talks about ME on his show.

Bush I appointee rules "Do Not Call" Unconstitutional - Free Speech...

So Clark Didn't Do Well at the Debate?

Congressman Sabo (D-MN) Introduces Same Day Voter Registration Bill

Max Cleland on with Aaron Brown tonight.

Once again Democrats will shoot themselves in the foot by nominating...

One thing that impresses me about Clark:

DebateThread #4

Media Whores Declare Gep And Dean Debate Winners

I thought it was an absolutely HORRIBLE debate.

A challenge to all lurkers...

Clark's detractor to face questioning

BBV - Lie alert! Lie alert! Need help!

Marist Poll: Dean leads Kerry by 12-points, Clark in third

I just watched the movie "The Net". It reminded me of Diebold...and

BBV: Summary of tech points

Arnold Will Win in CA in Oct; We Will Lose in Nov. '04--nightmare begins

Debate transcripts?

9/11 as a debate topic!

BBV-Power Point of Scottxyz L & A Explanation

Why did Tweety have Tammy Faye Baker on last night?

WSJ editorial board debate analysis on CNBC now

As expected, the Dean supporters and their...

Malloy is hot tonight!

ohboy! Bev Harris is Mike Malloy's guest tomorrow night.

Capt Yee (Islamic chaplain at Gitmo) is a suspicious character

The policy which PRETENDS to aspire to PEACE but unerringly generates war

... Why do we care so much about California Governorship?

Suddenly, I'm really, really nervous about George W. Bush..

Drudge swallows the bait hook, line, and sinker!

Clark is a quick study

Slavery as a Repub issue

Bush thinks you are an idiot

Black Box Professional Wrasslin' -- kick some ass day

Tweety Just Said Lieberman, Kerry, And Gephardt

Why I think these debates are stupid, and I'm not watchin no more

As much as I dislike Lieberman, I thoroughly enjoyed his remark

Some questions for rush "ass boil" limbaughtomy

When Did Clark Say These Things?

I need a Black Box voting web page name for my new page!

GIs in Iraq slowly becoming Frantic...

how many people will come to the polls in the Cal Recall?

Overextending Reserve and Guard tours is a political disaster

WTF: Liberal Playing Cards?!?!

Are there too many Democrats in the pack...

Do you think Arnold will get the Indian vote?

Enjoy everyone

Genl Zinni on Nightline comparing Iraq to Gulf of Tonkin res. NOW!!!!

Fun talking point to enrage republicans- "Coalition of the Willing"

New Bridge Strategies LLC (Bushies cashing in)

bush* is looking worse every day?!?!?!

Bush Inc's Tours to sell Patriot Act and Economic Lies

Limpballs promoting Dean and Kerry

Why Wes Clark over Al Gore?

In last nights,When Arnold was asked about

I will say this about Sharpton...

The post-debate thread: Fuck Tweety

Honestly, who won the debate?

"I LEARN THINGS" says Gray Davis

What the hell has happened the the concept of a political DEBATE?!

What Do You Guys And Gals Think Of The Gephardt -Dean Brawl...

has a school ever been named after a President still in office?

US News Lets Dan Bartlett Spin "Mission Accomplished" as Demo Fib

Bush may start another war, with Iran

Feedback from a DIEHARD Republican

You gotta love what Al said

IMHO, Edwards Won The Debate

Nightline: A conversation with General Anthony Zinni

how did Chimp got a still named after him while still in office

Did Anyone Else Think the Debate Format sucked?

I told you he was smart

Do we need to be cautious now that we know Rush Limpballs is a DU fan?

My leanings for the nomination.


Katrina Vanden Heuvel on MSNBC

Who won tonights debate?

Suddenly, Im very nervous about Lieberman

BBV: Bev Harris on Mike Malloy at

Good News For Patriotic Republicans!

Anyone here an expert on JAPANESE politics? PM to dissolve parliament

Rush, you Fascist Pigboy, are you trolling at DU tonight?

Arnold lost, Arianna Won, Greens candidate semi-obnoxious

The Moral Development Of George W. Bush

Diebold and Lauch Faircloth contributions (Christian Reconstructionism)

Clark looks a lot like Bush. Anyone else notice this resemblance?

Clark Was Fucking Destroyed in the Debates-gone, history, out of here

Report - Cheney still own 433,000 options on Halliburton stock......

Holy Cow!!! I'm BLOWN away!!!!

Anybody Here Graduate From New College in Sarasota, FL?

Clark: The "enemy" of my enemies is NOT my candidate...

This debate has made our DU candidate squabbling look pretty dumb

Jon Stewart's Daily Show has Jonah Goldberg tonight.

Transcript on Washington (link)

Bush plans to invade 7 countries

BBV: Uh oh. Internet security not the only problem in GA

heads up - daily show - California Debate

Max Cleland on CNN


Kerry interview with Paula Zahn on CNN (8:30 pm Eastern)


Rush Lowbrow mentioned DU today!!!

Hey Kerry: The middle class will be paying back that "cut" in state taxes

Sign Max Cleland's Petition: Welcome to Vietnam, Mr. President

powell on late night....(nbc)

Boy are we screwed

Clark Avoids Criticism, Specifics in First Debate: AP News Analysis

Edward Said is Dead at Age 67.

BBV: Chart: 12 vulnerabilities identified by Rubin, 4 addressed by SAIC

unDu this poll says Arnold won

Well, I'm convinced: "Wes Clark: Unfit To Be President"

If Kucinich looked and talked like JFK, would he be the front-runner?

How many candidates should drop out by Dec. 1

Ever feel like you're banging your head against a FUCKING WALL?

Drudge has his Alert up on Clark...

Bay Buchanan Smears Clark as "Gay" on CNN

DU plan for America

Volunteers Needed... energy deregulation - made easy

Bush, Schroeder mend fences

Breaking News: Hotel where NBC stays bombed in Baghdad (Dupe)

MSNBC: Baghdad NBC News Bureau Bombed!

BBC (early Thursday): Iraqi ruling council backs US

House Dems Send Clark Recruitment Letter

Bush wants pipeline security force

Spain's Leader Witnesses Agreement Between Navy and Spanish Firm

U.S. says Saudis killed major al-Qaida suspect

Court Urged to Rule in Death Penalty Case

Afghan Nomads Recount U.S. Bombing, Say at Least Nine Civilians Killed

Nigerian Woman Free!!!

Extended War Duty Leaves Guardsmen Searching for Exit/tbo

Mission accomplished': Bush brag or Demo fib?

The hunt for weapons of mass destruction yields - nothing

Iraqi official granted immunity

Changes Discussed in Accounting for Pension Fund Obligations

Iraq Council Member Dies of Wounds from Attack -US

HOUSE WATCH-9/25/2003 (#1)

Ten Commandments Monument Moved From Courthouse in Montana


NBC (+WSJ) Poll: Bush rating lowest ever (49%)

Kelly family attacks 'government duplicity'

Attorney general boosts Patriot Act

McClintock is in the California Governor's race "for the duration!"

US exonerates soldiers

Teacher allegedly helped in drug use

U.N. Finds More Enriched Uranium in Iran

California’s Recall Candidates Challenge Each Other During A Lively Debate

BBV: Good Enough for Government Work

MSNBC Breaking: Bombing of NBC bureau in Baghdad

Paige Warns of Education Crisis in U.S.

Afghan Nomads Say U.S. Bombing Killed Nine (5 women, 4 children)

BBV: Voting system found to have fraud risk (MD)

Troops cleared over Iraqi police deaths

Edward Said Dies at 67

Public Memorial for Johnny Cash Planned for November 12, 2003

(Aust PM) Howard in retreat on Iraq arsenal

U.N. May Withdraw Personnel From Iraq

Mother's suicide offers final twist in tale of tortured man

IRS considers giving data to other agencies

U.S. Pushes for Stake in Russia's Prospective Energy Pipeline

Pentagon links Syria to prison camp spy ring

Outcome of election not certain; two counties have problems (NM)

Bush to visit Britain

Poll finds worries about housing costs

Pentagon to Close Spying Project Office-TIA

MSNBC reporting large explosion in Baghdad, live no links

Liberal Democrats 'only credible opposition' in Britain

U.S. durable goods orders drop

Elections chief tightens vote security

Personal Barbs Fly in (California) Recall Debate

Rumsfeld Is Ace of Spades in French Deck of Cards

German firms searched on Iraq weapons suspicion

Bush visit prompts protests threat - BBC UK Edition

Columbia professor Edward Said dies

BBV Oliphant:Broward officials picked fight to take focus off questionable

No African AIDS money if you talk about contraceptives, abortion

German Supreme Court Fails to Settle Dispute ,Muslim Headscarf in School

Shot Iraqi politician dies from wounds

Eight U.S. Soldiers Hurt in North Iraq Attack

Diplomats: U.N. nuclear agency finds new traces of weapons-grade uranium

Aides Feel Davis May Pull It Off

Teen wounded in school rampage in critical condition

BBV: MD to purchase voting machines from company that supplies GA

Press Watchdogs Concerned About Press Freedom in Iraq

UN cuts staff in Iraq

House vote stymies TIA spy plan (CNET

The long, dark wait (Va. ~9,000 utility poles down "catastrophic")

Nigerian stoning sentence overturned!

Ex-Calif. Hopeful Simon Endorsing Arnold


Russia's Putin Criticizes U.S. on Iraq

US soldier died in Iraq in accident

UK soldier dies in Iraq

Will the voting machines be fair? (WA)

AP: House overwhelmingly approves `do-not-call' legislation

CNN: Issa to endorse Schwarzenegger tomorrow

Israeli pilots refuse to 'harm civilians'

Union Leader Urges Fight Against Bush

U.S. Seeks Dismissal of Moussaoui Case

McCall Resigns from New York Stock Exchange Board

Democrats debate war, taxes, jobs

Hoon labeled a 'liar, hypocrite'

Huge earthquake shakes Japan island

CNN: Congress moves on 'do not call'

Pentagon To Get $368 Billion Budget

8.0 Earthquake on coast of Japan!

Calif. School Sued For 2nd Time Over Homophobic Bullying

SENATE WATCH-9/25/2003 ( progress)


Tsunami Warnings also cancelled for

Political clash over postwar Iraq escalates as top Democrat criticizes...

White House wants `market forces' on oil prices

Senate approves bill designed to curb junk e-mail (Massachusetts)

8 Iraqis killed in market explosion

Up to 100,000 expected at London Iraq protest

Reuters CEO Demands Report on Cameraman


U.S. Says Iran Has 'One Last Chance' to Comply

Six killed in Israeli raids

Powell Tries to Explain 2001 Remarks on Iraq

State has long history of election blunders (NM)

Strong Earthquake Hits Hokkaido, Japan

U.S. Income Gap Widening

AfghaniScam:Livin' Large Inside Karzai's Reconstruction Bubble

Edward Said, Leading Advocate of Palestinians, Dies at 67

Clark Avoids Criticism, Specifics in First Debate: AP News Analysis

Tyson Foods Will Cut Up To 600 Jobs In Arkansas (Layoff Update)

Palestinian Scholar Edward W. Said Dies

CBS: Bush Thinks WMDs Will Be Found

Rice: More foreign troops likely in Iraq

'Bank-robbing minister pleads guilty'

Democracy Receding in Russia

Internet Sales Tax May Get's Support

Clash Over Postwar Iraq Rises in Congress

Top U.S. commander predicts more fighting (Sanchez)

Update: California bans all spam e-mail

No, this grandma didn't download 'I'm a Thug'

NYT: Commander Doesn't Expect More Foreign Troops in Iraq

Americans questioning Bush's $87 billion request

Supreme Court to weigh in on libel vs. satire case

Judge rules against Seattle Times; lets JOA continue

bush presses opec not to hurt our economy

Clark in Spotlight as Democratic Candidates Debate

U.S. Seeks Dismissal of Moussaoui Case

Straw's hope for WMD discovery

Air Force Analysts Feel Vindicated on Iraqi Drones

Mongolians Return to Baghdad, This Time as Peacekeepers

Powell sees 'convergence' for U.N. resolution

Inspectors in Iran Find Highly Enriched Uranium at an Electrical Plant

Guantanamo Guards Embraced Islam: Algerian MP

WP: In GOP, Concern Over Iraq Price Tag

Blair loyalists urge PM to distance himself from Bush and right wing

Confident Kennedy warns rivals - Lib Party in Britain

Layoff Announcement More Bad News for Indiana Economy (Franklin, IN)

Reuters Calls for U.S. Report on Cameraman's Death

NYT: Powell Gives Iraq 6 Months to Write Constitution

new Battleground poll: 39% re-elect for Bush

Bake Sale Shut Down As Offensive - Young Cons. of TX - Price by race

Bush Job Ratings at Lowest of Presidency (Fox Poll 50% App, 40%DA)


Powerful EQ Rocks Northern Japan More Than 230 Hurt PowerOutages Reported

Automatic college spots for Texas' top grads under fire

Commissioners protest federal voting mandate

Senator Says Report Undermines Cheney on Relationship With Halliburton

Mugabe to attend U.N. general assembly

Congress Quickly Votes to Reinstate Do-Not-Call Registry ((Senate, too))

Brazil's Drug Copying Industry

Levis To Shut North American Plants, Cut Jobs (2,000 - Layoff Update)

Broward Shell Game (FL - voting)

Second Federal Judge Blocks Do-Not-Call Registry

Israel Grounds Pilots Who Refused Mission

Muslim mother set free... CNN breaking.

Gotta hand it to the Oregon Ducks

yet more new Savage Weiner advertisers

This FBI FOIA stuff is pretty funny... check out Orwell's file

I'm high on pain pills, don't have to work tomorrow, and feel like buying

Do you know what the "N" on Nebraska's helmet stands for?

It was during my 2nd senior year when ...

Tom McClintock is cross-eyed.

Suddenly I am very nervous about my mother's meatloaf

Took your advice, started college this week !

Silly joke.

Suddenly, I'm just very nervous, period. Too big a bong hit?

Bedtime..but before I go, I have a dang good tune on I want to remind you

Open challenge to Pat Robertson

Time flys on DU

It's late, no 24-7 drug stores around, and I've got a stuffy nose....


I love Lyle Lovett! If I had a boat and a pony...

Why is Arianna not a serious candidate and Arnold is?

for those is altered states of consciousness . . .

Kids say the darnedest things (and consequently embarrass their folks!)

I want Dean Clark in '04

I thought it was funny . . . .

Cartoon du Jour....

The Favorite Cookie Thread

OK... who else misses Zomby Woof??

Of course Al Gore invented the Internet; who else could have come up with

I just scared the *bleep* out of myself...

Good morning and AWWWWWWWWWWW

George at the UN cartoon

Who else is coming to UNCG tonight to see Will Pitt

I'm on the DU front page again! Ask me anything!

Starting off to be a geat day for me.....................

Should I start smoking pot?


Help. Does anyone else feel overcome w/ fatigue

Are these good slogans for my bumper posters?

Bush/Cheney bumper stickers

Suddenly, I'm very, very nervous about George Washington

Do you think the following bumper sticker would be appropriate?

A call for peas and hominy

ugh, I have ketosis breath, you can ask me anything

The coolest clock in the world!

Need you to vote in online poll here please

Dumb question here, but I am wondering

What's your favorite Elvis Costello album/song?

Tonight Lynne Cheney, tomorrow night Colin Powell.

"52 most dangerous American officials" deck of cards

"If you're rich, I'm single!"

Hilarious quote from latest Lemony Snicket book

Star Trek..Next Generation....loved it or hated it?

How would you feel if your post had 100+ replies to it?

W needs more than a CAPTION to hold him up

Help! I 'm sick as a dog and my dog still expects her walk!

The Brilliance of Corporate America!

If God exists...

Underpants... IN THE NEWS!!!

Patrick Stewart on "Frasier" next Tuesday

Milky Way Galaxy kickin' ass...

A very odd rendition of Eastenders.. hard to describe

My 100th post! Ask me anything!

Happy Birthday Mark Hamill!

Arctic Ice Shelf Moving Away From Bush

I am listening to Chobits Original Soundtrack #002, ask me anything

My favorite song by the Cranberries is Zomby

Favorite Star Trek music!

Coffee and doughnuts for my fellow locked-out Grotto dwellers!

Only $49.99 for a freakish nightmare of a brown acid trip

Radiohead Rorschach - 5th graders interpret RH

I'm skipping school...Ask me anything!

Tony Blair in dispair: WMDs : a lot of hot air.....

Notre Dame in the ACC?

Favorite Song - Bay City Rollers

The Blaine Game...(David Blaine, the magician, that is)

Don't ask me anything, ask DU: IT'S the dumb question thread

I finally found out who writes George's speeches

I finally updated my homepage!

People who graduated HS in the mid 80's - Do you remember this Reagan move

World's Best beards

Has anyone heard about the return of Bloom County

Anyone notice "...You Need the General" on RW Radio???

work is a 4 letter word

Low Carb Diet - Ice Cream


WABC Silver Dollar Sound Survey for Week of 24 September 1963

Drunk russians, accordians..and Titanic theme.. who could ask for more?

Hey, George, you want spoof? You can't handle the spoof!

Fred Phelps sermons set to music

Saw a thread earlier on Star Trek music... well, check this out..

Yay! I got my Howard Dean shirt and sticker!

It's official: I have a half day on Oct 3 and I'm going to RBNYC's b-day!

WTF is "honeybee debt"?

I need a mitre box.

Wanna See A Pic of Mrs Matcom's 40th B'Day Cake?

The monarchs are migrating, gently flitting their way south

Maxine - Ya gotta love her!

The "Cannibal Music" post sank like a rock because:

In loving memory of ZombyWolf ... I give you ...

This is My 15,000th Post on DU!!!!

ZombyWolf.... A Pictorial Life

Whoa! Exactly 32,000 registered users

I Love Pussy Galore

Please cheer me key wouldnt go in ignition, had to walk 4 mi home

Cows with guns

Lemony Snicket rules! And he's on our side!

Cognitive Dissidents Online Store

Cannibal music

Music made funny... who's got some???

Caption Ahnold

Hurricane Air on E-bay!

OBX's newest geography

Japan EarthQuake ... Predicted Last week by Astronomer

For me to Poop ON!! - not for the sqweemish!

A Freeper Haiku

Choose one of the 10 as your standard-bearer

Okay, how did I get signed up for this?

I'm off to the land of Mormon ...

Who wants candy?!

Photoshop contest.. ends Oct 10... "Old men crying"

Dear God! Tom Cruise may play Jack Ryan!

"On This Day".. from BBC..

My Fluffy just left for Rainbow Bridge...... :-(


RED SOX.... 3-0 In 2nd Inning..... CLINCH BABY!!!!

I am ashamed.

Need advice, fellow DUers.

New England DUers I loved that bambino's curse thing on HBO

no more jeans

A great Movie for Democrats on Thursday night

Did you know that when you select an avatar image

RNC big wig calls gays "bigots"!

Just returned from GREEKFEST. Ask about my urn.

Back in Dallas for a few days.

even though it doesn't matter...Twins just went up 4-3 to give

I love all of U DUers. Goodbye.

Howard Dean is our Martin Sheen

My computer has been a Virus Festival today

14 RUNS.......18 HITS.......BOSOX ARE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Must have for you pet owners:

Helloooo Liberalllllzzz, Rush Limbaugh Here!!

Favorite tv sitcom house!

Who remembers refrigerator alphabet magnets??

Congratulations, Bleachers! MENTIONED ON LIMBALLZ!

Family Dysfunction : Favouritism

'Secondhand Lions' to feature LOTR trailer this weekend!

I made a pun! I made a pun!

My response to an anti-Muslim e-mail that someone got on another thread:

Is DU the largest site for people like us?

"I have jes' signed legislation..."

Any March 22 birthdays?...when is your birthday?

Without a Trace

Buffy the Vampire Slayer my tv guilty pleasure

Passport Question

More free time to Arnold on FOX--Hannity is "town halling" him

hey SI subscribers

Elad just hooked me up! I love DU.

Anybody buy Family Guy DVD volume 2, season 3 yet?

Great turnout for Young Dems meeting

Who saw the new show Coupling?

Is 1 a prime number?

Flame Me If You Want... But I Cry Every Time I Watch "Steel Magnolias"

Brothers, Sisters, We Don't Need This Fascist Groove Thang

In a crappy mood, go ahead ask me something...

Plaid Adder, you truly rock!

Ebay is Pure Evil


My wiener dog is bigger than Bush's*. WIll he invade my kitchen?

HELP! I'm having a little problem seeing the resemblence, SAVE ME!

Sounds of The Eighties - 1983

The "Avant Browser" Is Wonderful... I Love It!!!

Red Sox Clinched!

Wow, I didn't know an ambulance ride was that expensive!

Sad but good story

Momma don't let your babies grow up to be linemen

Shakeydave asks people for New College info & gets called a racist!

Need help naming a blog

Uh Oh, I'm in the 700 club now

who is william pitt? what is william pitt?

Why I love the Sierra Club

Who thinks orange streetlights are creepy?

Help with a mixed drink?

I will never be polite to a telemarketer again


The Unofficial Rush "Hello From The Lounge" thread

I witnessed "turtle love" a short while ago.....

Who here likes Moon Pies?

Cruelty to animals: Where is the line?

Great bands/singers almost NO ONE remembers...

Quick! Who was the company that admitted valid voters were purged?


West Wing poll

Poll: Telemarketing calls.

Airplane geeks! What is an 'F-Eleven' Bomber???

Bush Action Doll: Anatomically Correct?

My stepson and his wife are expecting again...

Our galaxy can kick your galaxy's a** !!!

Your Birth Order

Bears vs. Packers. I made a bet I'm sure to lose...

Today is 34 days smoke-free for me!! Thank you DUers!

Rush Limbaugh

My sons band just opened for Maynard Ferguson!

I Hear Bagpipes!

How many ways have COMPUTERS changed our lives?

I found Nemo today!

No electric, no phone and no gas

Top ten favorite albums of all time

Woo-Hoo!!!! 32,000 Users!!!!!!


The Religious Car

I FINALLY figured out how to post these pix of my CUTEST little dawgies

See Lost in Translation...

Tonight was a good night....

Marijuana... Some reflections

Non-alcoholic drinks suck.

Do you have any unusual talents or abilities?

calling all london duers

I went to the Farmer's Market

I Finally Picked Up My Eight Baby Corn Snakes!!! (Warning: Pics)

What looms over YOUR head?

For those who think society's going to hell in a handbasket

oooh I think I'm going to go to Med School ! whee!