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Archives: September 24, 2003

Max Cleland: Mistakes of Vietnam repeated with Iraq

Mike Masterson - Queasy Feeling Remains

Bush to World: Drop Dead! The president lays an egg at the U.N.

DU article: Passive Deceit and the Death of David Kelly

Cheney's War Stock

UN to Shrub: Freedom kiss our a**

Younge : Bush isolated as speech to UN falls flat

Breslin: They Lied and Many Soldiers Died

Horsey's Take on Faux News

The UN Speech: Why It Was Bad

Clark's Balancing Act

Will the Real Wesley Clark Please Stand Up?

Sheen proud Canada stayed out of war

Could it be Shrub......

Joe Conanson: Clark prepares for new combat

Gene Lyons: Gen. Clark meets the press

For Sale: Iraq

John Dean: Liberties disappearing before our eyes

Bob Ray Sanders' take on Shrub UN Blather

Steve Bell cartoon in the Guardian

The Race is Still Young

Cole : Ahmad Chalabi Moves to Take over Iraqi Finances

Hackworth--Reporting for duty: Wesley Clark

A Vote Against the Computerized Ballot

Salon: Bad Moon on the Rise (Bush Family/Moonies connection)

U.S. Remains Leader in Global Arms Sales, Report Says

Salon: Excerpts of "Bushwacked" by Molly Ivins and Lou Dubose

DUPE! Salon: Bushwhacked! (New Molly Ivins Book Excerpt)

Barry Crimmins on the candidates: Crimquips 9/17

Peace in a world of terrorism; Thich Nhat Hanh in DC.

Mike Moores latest

The Presidential Bubble


Will Pitt Is A National Treasure!

Seumas Milne (Guardian Unltd): Iraq has now become the crucible

Cronkite: The new Inquisition ( crkonkite compairs ashcroft to torquamada)

Historic Gettysburg, PA Democratic HQ to open Friday

September 24th discussion of voting systems Virginia Tech

October 21, Cathy Cox and Sonny Perdue at GA Technology Celebrations

Wellstone World Music Day - October 25th

DC Rally Sunday, Oct.5: Separation of Church and State

California Recall Election - Oct. 7th - Poll Watchers?

Protest NAFTA at WNMU, Silver City,NM 9/25/03!!

I got an inexpensive fare to BWI on 10/25 (and back)

Attn Indy DU'ers...Johnson Cnty will display BBV machines Sat Oct 4th

vote at potus poll

Ratings on the Fox interview

Ad'z ~

Shiva; Dance of Creation

name your "favorite" Ann Coulter quote

A Question That Drives Saudi Women Crazy

Matters of Race on PBS

Sigma Chi party outrages Latinos

Gay Episcopal Bishop Cancels UK Trip

Philadelphia to end Boy Scouts deal

Queer Fall: The 2003/04 TV Season

Clark Announces Bold Job Creation Plan

GAO: Safeguards for ANWR Drilling Spotty

Sperm Prevents Ovarian Cancer

'Frankenfish' cousin found in state (WI)

Southern California Smog Worst In Six Years - LA Times

Already 10,000 US Orders For 2004 Toyota Prius

Javier Solana: The EU must become a pillar of a new world

Upgrade or Downgrade? Iran's Options vis-a-vis the Nuclear Deadline

HR activists call Chechnya elections `farce`, refuse to send observers

Sudan Government, Rebels Reach Security Agreement

Time to get rid of the US or the UN

Woman Allegedly Guns Down Brother In Front Of Girlfriend

NJ - Student has guns at home

Slaying Prompts Newspaper to Reject Gun Ads

7-Year-Old Shot, Killed While Boys Played With Gun

Woman dies in accident at gun range

Domestic dispute leads to gun fire

A dangerous mix- alcohol and guns

Criminal justice system could not handle enforcement of firearm laws

Mom beats kids to death, steps in front of truck

Depressed mother charged with killing her daughter, 9

AshKKKroft's Gun Rights Idioocy

Freak Rabbit Shoot Gun Accident (UK)

Poll: Should we reduce the number of 'incident' posts?

Close gun-show loophole

Gun crime drops by almost 50% (Scotland)

2nd ammendment vs 4th ammendment

If the right to bear arms is not an individual right, just what is it ...

Thanks for the Opus avatar!

Post # not showing up

Okay, the incredibly offensive screen name is still in use

Progressive merch advertisement/donations to DU

are there any plans to bring back the 'views' count ?

Irish flag avatar urgently needed...

Can I find out when I registered

In the spirit of humor ( with a twist of sarcasm)

confused appologies...

could we maybe have a John L Lewis avatar

Are candidate press releases LBN?

allowing email vs. PM - newbie question

Israelis Fail to Convince U.S.

Israel's Fence Mixes Security and Politics...

Separating Two Peoples

Shalom, Rice, Powell to settle dispute over security fence

Belgium's highest court throws out case against Sharon

Israel Set to Free 400 Prisoners in Hezbollah Deal

The Abbas Legacy By Joseph Farah

Hizbullah Time Warp

Nothing will stop Israel from building West Bank fence: official

Israeli Military REFUSAL??????? BIG NEWS!!!!!

"No danger of guarantees cut because of fence"

The concept of 2003

Shalom: Israel's threat on Arafat is bearing fruit

Halutz: Pilots refusing to serve in territories will face the Law

Israel spends $560 million a year on Jewish settlements in territories

27 Israel Pilots Refuse To Carry Out Air Strikes

Yassin says Hamas will not disarm or accept truce with Israel

Plans for prosperity die amid fighting in Mideast

Say What? Anti-Semites? Who, us anti-Zionists? Us?

Raytheon and Flight 77

GOP event shows rift in Oregon factions

A Question of Money

Will "Mary, Help!" Define Clark's Candidacy? - Salon

Emisarries from Paradise Warm to Braun

Back from Clark's speech on the economy

Must Read Grist Magazine Interview with Kerry about the Environment

A Surprising Possibility for President......

Web-Savvy Staff Helps Dean Weave His Way Up

Senate tentatively OKs remap

Marist Poll: Lieberman still leads in New York, Dean Second

Dean to be on Good Morning America tomorrow

Clark's speech on C-Span 2 - tonight at 8

Looks like Los Angelas, CA will be the hot town on Sep 30

An audio post-card on Peace from Kucinich-

In support of labor, Kucinich gives up million dollar fundraiser

The special interest brothel

Dean gets an assist from SEIU 1199

Military Scholar Critiques John Kerry's Position on Gay Ban

I thought Moby was for Kerry?

Firefighters Union Endorses Kerry

Dean Leads Dems in Fund-Raising for 2004 (AP)

Dean: End the Military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.

Gary Hart endorses Kerry on CNN this afternoon with Judy Woodruff

Clark in Time Magazine week of 9/29

Sadly this guy will probably be my next governor

Some info about Entrust. Is Clark a director?

Anyone watching the scripted debate?

Howard Dean on Jay Leno September 30th

Gen. Shelton shocks Celebrity Forum, says he won't support Clark for presi

VA-9: (fmr NASCAR exec. Kevin)Triplett to run for Congress (vs. Boucher-D)

Rangel Carries Clark's Water for Clinton/The Black Commentator

Kerry: Clark will have to answer for his support of Nixon and Reagan

Erskine Bowles to Run for Senate

Kucinich supporters lead in regional NAFTA protests!!

The Kucinich bill to repeal the USA Patriot Act

Is it time to formally acknowledge the split in the Democratic Party?

New Jerseyans want a new governor

Mississippi Congressman endorses Clark...


John Kerry Sends Letter to Howard Dean Asking Him to Reverse Course on Mid

Hundreds of Texans heading to Iowa, N.H. for Dean (AP)

Conason's Big Lies On John Kerry

"And Now a Chance to Bid Farewell to Mr. Bush" (from Michael Moore)

just found out they're starting a junior ROTC program..

"threads about threads about candidate bashing threads" are so disruptive

BBV - Bev makes ABC's insider media newsletter

there's no reason to stop posting Clark bashing/worshipping threads here

Skinner says: threads about "candidate bashing" threads

All of these negative Clark threads

Sign at Clark Headquarters, "Nam Vets, need not apply"

Was this Jean Chretien comment taken out of context?

look at this pic of shrub

BBV: Memos available again

No. no, no, on the truly can't be said enough...Davis may

my candidate has a bigger dick than your candidate does

Hilarious spoof of Tom "French Fried" Friedman

BBV - Need a fast download of every e-mail

Colin Powell's Shame...No visits to America's wounded soldiers in Iraq

BBV: An Open Invitation to Election Fraud - Salon

Bush interview earned lowest rating

Le Monde editorial cartoon: "What arrogance!"

NY union leader holds fundraiser for Dean

Needed: An Inquiry Into a Slaughter by John Pilger

Rationale for not holding elections in Iraq, yet.....

confirm this?!--"Edward Said Hospitalized..."

Moving to Melborne, Australia Jan 2004

All these positive Clark threads.


How gullible? Iraq & 9/11

Great site for silly George W. pics

A Local Soldier's death reported in paper.

Bush bans all US reporters from his UN one on one meeting with Chirac...

NYT: Michiko Kakutani rips apart new trashy Clinton bio

Bush Warns U.N. Assembly About Dangers of Trade in Sex Slaves

I live in a state that has tort reform legislation.

Wesley Clark At East River Park, NYC Today

Iraq for sale on ebay

Ugly Photos of Bush du jour

Lawsuit Criticizes Secret Service - Anti-Bush Protesters Are Kept at Bay

If you're not watching the Iraq Watch, You really need to

Where's the thread about NASA safty people resigning ?

Are the Democrats wussies?

A Dick Who Is Constantly Wrong

Tonight I witness contrast between the BBC and Lou Dobbs

Torn between the canidates

Bush hating

When the UN says NO, when will the draft follow?

Let the mopping up begin!

All this Clark stuff seems very familiar and ironic....

The Nation on Schwartzenegger (9/23)

I Really, Really, Really Like Clark

Clark: Bush Admi. pressured me to make 9-11 Iraq Connection?

for those who hate the use of Democrat instead of Democratic party

Mapplethorpe has many erotica nude pics of a Arnold...Imus Scum report

Colon Bowel Comes Clean After Enema At The UN!

while Clark played with his GI Joe dolls in an Arkansas trailer park Dean…

Clark didn't grow up on Park Avenue like Dean.

Schwarzenegger And Cuban Migration .....insults Latinos

National Review Online calls for attack on Paul Krugman

CSpan Alert (930 AM) Leonora Felloni (sp)

UN: We did it to save you, now shut up and give us money

Kelsey Grammer to run for Senate???

Bush Post U.N. Plans: Now what?

More signs of Bush's plunge. Another flattering MSNBC frontpg.

The Pubs and their Minion Bush are Amateurs: UN Speech Fuck up

Daschle on CSPAN

C-Span - House of Rep - What is all this Israel blessing game?

Time: Backtrack Time For Kennedy?

These Tx repuke crooks are dirty underhanded pieces of sh!t !

Definition Help

How the "war" affects us.

Now I know why I dont watch TV....PICKLES ON ABC!!!

How common is it for VPs to be selected from primary season candidates?

Who scares Bush more? Clark or Dean?

Democratic Convention, 2004


Even More Stupidity from Don Luskin

Is Huxley's "Brave New World" pornographic? Some Texans say it is...

How Ralph Nader and the Green Party screwed America in 2000

For folks who tend to trust the Government, Military, or Media...

Does Greg Palast post on DU?

I'm 100 yards from 2 of the most powerful men in peace

Tell everyone that you're not a terrorist!

CSPAN....Supplemental....Rummy asking for $87B..on NOW

Can someone help me rip this a part?

TV News Lies - Webast Starting Now - Call in

I am disappointed by all these Dean/Clark/Kerry bashing threads...

Can someone explain Kucinich's Dept. of Peace?

Killing of Reuters cameraman okay under (secret) rules of engagement

Kelsey Grammar to fill in for Sean Hannity radio show

Why this Dean supporter is glad Clark is running

Ever listen to Meria Heller?

looking for some articles on troops experience in the gulf

FAUX News really is worse than I thought.

There's a new Gallup Poll......from Iraq !

Alabama Gov needs to cut everything 10-18%, including education,

Diebold + Choicepoint =

Ha ha ha! Check out this Bush joke!

Tin Foil On California Recall Election

Latest rational for Iraq war makes no sense.

TV News Lies radio broadcast on now...LIVE

Wes Clark Is On The Today Show....

how to tell if your candidate is the chosen candidate of the elite

Interesting thing my gov prof brought up today (liberal bias in media)

Did Dick Clarke seem like an asshole in Bowling for Columbine?

Asking for Issa's resignation - How is the press treating him?

Oh hooray - Iraq will get Zip Codes and english classes ($20,3b)

Stupid Freeper "Questionnaire"

You know you are a freeper if......

Lieberman as a Scoop Jackson Democrat...a link to 1990 article

Tomorrow's debate is critical for Dean

When * lies, his face 'tells' it.

Surprise! BushCo is Burying the Kay Report

Did Smirk leave the room after his speech or did he stay for

''Now we drop $500,000 a time, and it's just my work bag,'' he said.

Is there any chance Bush would dump Cheney

Clark Humor

Larry Klayman is a freak. He was on the radio this morning...

DU'ers...please refrain from any examination of Wes Clark.

Bush body language What does this mean?

"The whole neighborhood knows about S. ............"

a question about the future of iraq...

Clark VS bush

The Next Terror Attack on US Soil

What are your top 5 or 10 issues?

For your gentle amusement, "Diebold C&D: A Modest Response"

The conservative criticism about Bush-hating is absolute malarkey

Alan Dershowitz getting pulverized on Democracy Now!

I'm really feeling hopeful again...

Rummy getting grilled on C-span 3

BBV: New voting technology questioned 9/22 (Charlotte Observer)

DU'ers...please refrain from any examination of Howard Dean.

Gen. Shelton shocks Celebrity Forum, says he won't support Clark for presi

Krugman book tour info Bill Moyers son own this site?

OK -- Who's the wise guy??????

Casualties in Kosovo- anyone have stats? Thanks

Inhofe - "global warming...the greatest hoax ever perpetrated..."

Wolfowitz committee instructed WH use Iraq/uranium in SOTU

Phone call with Republican dad

Why are Freepers so obsessed with Hillary Clinton?

If the Dem. candidate you hate the MOST wins the nomination, what then?

WMD FOUND ! (in London bus stops)

BBC: The 9 Core Reasons for Bush's WMD War crumble (July)

TONIGHT !! Analysis of Electronic Voting Systems - Virginia Tech.

Excerpt from Sports Ill. interview with *

Bush at the UN---a war criminal takes the podium

UKIndep: "20 Lies About the War" 13July2003

Am I a racist if...?

Construction workers obstruct building of Abortion Clinic

BBV:Los Altos residents (Santa Clara Cnty) to use e-voting machines in Nov

BBV: Johnson County, IN (Franklin) to get iVotronic machines by ES&S

BBV: Action Alert: "Area readies touch-screen machine"

Can you stomach one last thread about *'s performance yesterday?

Rush going after Clark

I'm going to RummyWorld!

Herding Cats ... I mean unifying the Democrats

I haven’t smoked since last February!

Bush has to get allies support before the election....

BBV- Veterans for Peace Endorse Rush Holt's HR 2239 !!!

BBV-USA Today Story From the Past on Gore Negative 16,022

BBV: Bev harris

Dumbest site ever?

Thanks for BBV Threads

Euro screwing the dollar

Dean and the Lying Liars

Pilger Documentary (obtaining it?)

BBV: Benton County (Iowa) examining electronic voting machines

(Deleted by user - Sorry!)

David H Hackworth's latest article about Gen. Clark

Let's play the headlines whores for Arnie

Kelsey Grammer to run for senate?

Just got an Email saying BBV has been shutdown by Diebold

Camejo apparently will be barred from upcoming debates

ANSWER/United for Peace October 25th protest in D.C.

Problems with Raleigh Hospitals

SE Florida/SW Florida

What if Smirk didn't run...

Arnold Posed For Erotic Mapplethorpe Nudes: Report

Inside Politics

"Living History" Censored in China (but still sells very, very well)

How the hell do they get away with ignoring the

N.Y. Democrats criticized for pro-gay stand

What would be wrong with a two-tiered voting system??

I met an 80 year old veteran this morning.

Anyone watching Crossfire?

Clark: Interesting conversation with my grandparents neighbor today

Kucinich on Bush's Address to UN

Gen. Clark's Economic Plan--What do you think?

C-Span 3 - House Appropriation committee, Anybody watching?

hate to do this, but

More reservist to be called up

Clark's speech on C-Span2 tonight

BBV-Southington demo of Voter Verified Paper Ballot DRE -Thumbs Up!

Syria Offers to Send Peace-keeping Troops to Iraq

Gen. Hugh Shelton on Clark

Wrong Again: The attempt to link Clark to Clinton won't hurt him!

Need info on starting and ending dates for Iraq war

are more conservatives in Hollywood coming out?

Clinton's military

Scoop was right: This is why they didn't release SAIC Diebold rpt:

An invitation of sorts

reading before you post (a small rant)

Anyone going to the DNC party tomorrow? All the candidates will be there!

new Hate radio sponsors 9/24

Schwartzenneger: Dem savior in California????

We need to shout this to the world

Will the $87B Request Be Approved??

Back from Clark's speech on economy

what happens to Fox & MSNBC when the tide turns?

Here's some contact info WRT Do Not Call list judge....

..."and sitting in for Pat Buchanan....:

Cockpit security rant-9/11 should not have happened.

What's MPRI?

Clark: "I like these people a lot."

Broward County reconsidering BBV


Yet another "Dont play candidate bashing" thread

Gallup Poll and CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll

Moonie Alert!!

GOP leader calls gays "intolerant bigots"

The Right Wing Has Declared War On

Clark's job recovery plan

What difference does it make if democrats scrutinize the 87 billion


The Halliburton Scam according to the Riverbend blog

Sept. 11 widow sues the President

Any theories about why RW media is going after Clark, but not Dean?

High-tech election gear about to go?

Winning Modern Wars: Iraq, Terrorism, and the American Empire

Jay Rockefeller on MSNBC (Hardball)

IS the world better off without Saddam Hussein in power?

Here's a wacky thought. How about a last-minute Repub candidate?

"Sex tourism"?!?! WTF

Just For The Hell Of It: A Couple Of Rash Political Predictions

O.K, so yesterday.....

No WMD's in Iraq

Where To Watch the California Debate Tonight?

On the eve of the Democratic debate... Wolf Blitzer Report

Oil Prices and Tin Foil!

Do any other DUer's Get Weird E-Mail

Here's some ammo, for all of you who have to deal with freepers each day.

Okay, who else is sick of CA governor stuff?

If anyone is interested in Tonight's BLOCKBUSTER Dobbs Show! Link:

Dispelling the CIA-Bin Laden Myth (snicker snicker) Anyone ready to literally DIE laughing....

the Ents are here!

Israeli Military REFUSAL??????? BIG NEWS!!!!!

Australians say time for US to hand over control of Iraq

BBV: I've got questions.

Are any other states trying to recall governors?

Ashcroft changes his mind about pursuing toughest sentences

Hardball : Tweety suggests Kerry will attack Clark

Let's face it. Clark needs to be on the ticket.

Watch CNBC NOW!! 7:02 EST

What do you call a Democrat that supports the Iraqui War?

Take ball, go home -- so what?

The conclusion of David Suzuki's "The Sacred Balance" is on tonight (PBS)

Does Wesley Clark really want gays in the military?

Don't sweat the small stuff!

Why I Bailed on Howard Dean - by Rick in Davis

Rep. Marshall (D- GA) - another DINO?

What I think of the Dem Candidates. (POSITIVE)

U.N.C. Starting Center's brother killed in Iraq

Your chance to assist the city of Fresno against Free Republic

Did Trippi overshoot himself with the "5 bats in 10 days" fund drive?

A question for religious DU'ers WRT CIA paying fake clerics.....

Clark Sounded an "Uncertain Trumpet" about the War....when he came in!

Dean has broken Clinton's fundraising record

Suddenly, I'm really, really nervous about Wesley Clark.

Looting the treasury. The plan is working.

Why all the panic?

So Dean is gonig to take his ball and go home?

Chimp freefall beginning to worry Repuke leadership!!!

Here's why I think Clark is ahead of the pack, in less than a week.

Has Dean overreached with his five bats/$5 million challenge?

i think gop convention '04 in NY will backfire

By what right?

Unpopular Diane Feinstein on CNBC says They will break Bush's 87 B

Who is this TERRY woman on MSNBC right now???

Chuck Todd said that when Clinton's ratings took a nose dive

Video clip of Clark on today now available on

Do Dems need Tuna?

everyone getting ready for the "Superbowl of all debates"?

Wes Clark on C-Span Radio Now

Mara Liasson reporting on Wes Clark right now (on NPR)

lorense kudlow is an asshole!!

SFChron: "Ha-ha Suckers. No WMDs after all. Bush Lied"

olbermann talking about the pilger report

How do you feel about Imperialism?

Tammy Faye Baker on Hardball, she's drunk.

Reminder for the San Francisco protest march this SUNDAY

"Framing a Democratic Agenda"

Someone please expalin this one to me.

If You Have WorldLink TV You Might Wanna Tune In

CA Debate--Arnold has a laugh track!

ABC News: Guard Call Up Is Likely

nude pics of Arnold

Without Howard Dean's EARLY Candidacy followed by Kucinich....we Dems

What would you do?

Why Doesn't Tom McClintock Open His Mouth When He Talks?

Arianna's BEST Bush Bash!

Diebold weasel makes News of the Weird

General Wesley Clark "blast from the past?"

Oh California, what have you become...

Mike Malloy said it best this week

Gray Davis: The Luckiest Man On the Face of the Earth

I will vote for Nader if Dean does not win the nomination!

Arnold is a Disgusting Obnoxious Pig

Today the House passed the Defense Appropriations bill

Did...did Ahnold just say...Cauliflower?

Kerry is running ads in South Florida

Okay Californians...

Damn, I hope that some of our media saavy folks can quickly...

The American Constitution is hopelessly flawed. The California Gub debate

Arianna just kicked Arnold in the nads

Ditch MSNBC and check out CNN...

A Clark and Graham ticket would be best!!!

Which Candidate Has Promised To Cut The Military Budget?

George H.W. Bush on invading Iraq

Did the NY Times 'touch up' this photo of Ah-nold?

Something about this recall just doesn't seem right

The recall debate moderator ran for Lt. Governor as a Republican in 1994!

Are Democrats trying to set Arnold up with this debate?

Why the hell is the moderator allowing Arnold the final word on EVERY...

Mike Malloy rages on. -- Topic is Rummy the drunk

Countdown shows Powell 2-24-2001 saying Iraq has no WMD

Arnold is trying to win the debate by overtalking everyone else

Let's recall arnold if he's elected.

DU the CA debate poll.

Chris Matthews manages to suck from minute one of analysis

So...with no WMD do you waffles on DU feel? Who supported

CNN, MSNBC say Arnold did well. Baloney. He did not.

BYRD Replay on now (10:30 PM)

Ding, Ding, Ding, DING!!! NBC News/WSJ: * at 49%!!!

Moderator just asked for comments on debate to

Dean's site gets more unique visitors than the other 9 & Bush combined

Delay on Kennedy-- hmmm

Warning: A constructive bashing thread.

California Gubernatorial Debate -- Painful to Watch

Suddenly, I'm calmly optimistic about all of our candidates

Its no wonder why Bush is pResident right now...

we all know that the GOP is a bunch of fucking liars so…

Deleted message

BBV: Do voters need a paper trail? (Palm Beach Post) 9/21

Deleted message

Code Red: Terrorists have access to baklava pastries

How The Senate Screwed Blacks and Civil Rights On Jan 6, 2001

Hey assholes...keep up the argument and you get chimp 04.....

Seek and Ye Shall Find (Yeah RIGHT!!!)

DU/Unfreep this poll, Who won the California Recall Debate for Governor?

8 minutes will explain why Dean will beat Kerry

"Lying About Reason For War An Impeachable Offense"

Gen. Shelton can suck an egg.

A note for those of you nervous about Dean

Why can't we all just get along?

Fox, MSNBC & CNN pundits immidiately following debate

How long until Clark meetups exceed Dean meetups?

Thanks Clark supporters for teaching me that Reagan was good

More sulking Cowboy-Messiah headlines.

Spread the word: George Bush is a sex offender in TX

Dem Party in Florida

Lou Dobbs (CNN) to have AM.Joe Wilson calling for Rummy's Impeachment &

Michael Moore is saying it best when it comes to candidate bashing

All marriage is unconstitutional

how is Kosovo different from Iraq

So is anyone going to buy this JFK book 'Triangle of Death?'

What is the deal with Clark saying was called

profiles in courage

the "Issues" section has been totally removed from Clark's website

Some Brigham Young Univ. Students Walk Out on Helen Thomas Lecture

Anyone know when the CA recall debate starts? I can probably find it

Is Tough Crowd right wing agitprop added to balance Daily Show?

DEBATE: Is McClintock protecting Arnold?

McClintock's eyes...scare me.

Oh my god, is this true about Dean? Oh my God!

Who is Marcy Kaptur (D) and why is she kicking so much ass?(10 PM ET)

Pretend for a moment you are an independent voter.

Question about links: RE Diebold legal threat and BBV

For someone who is not a fan of the military....

Nuclear Weapons as Deterrents

GOP insiders worry that president is vulnerable

BBV: An idealistic look at the big picture (techies & non-techies welcome)

Dean is #2 to attack (?) Clark--he's "shocked".

Excerpts from Bush UN speech

Is this what you want when you support the US occupation of Iraq?

Arnold said " ... we should model ourselves after Texas"?

Dean: "I'm not a liberal"

Resolved: Dean *will* support the eventual nominee. Will his supporters?

Benjamin Franklin True Patriot Act

Who here thinks Tony Blair should resign?

A British take on Bush's "performance."

Teresa Heinz - Albert Schweitzer Award - Speech

Miami Seeks to Silence Free Speech - ACTION ALERT

"Winning Back America" by Howard Dean

Arianna vs. Arnold..... WW3!!!

Kucinich is the only candidate who...

Arnold won this debate

"VOTEREVOLUTION" flash film re:BBV and Diebold - MY BEST!

I silenced a fundy student in front of my class today. Ask me anything.

Why is Clark being rammed down our throats before his MIC stance is

Truth about Gitmo Espionage

Anyone got a JPEG of GW in front of the Enron jet?

Will there be war against Iran now?! (Dick Morris is advertising for it.)

Vote now in SF Chronicle poll, on the debate...

North Korean (DPRK) literacy rate higher than South Korean.

Molly Ivins on the Bush Haters

Who is most likely to rig the Repuke voter machines?

What is the most likely way for the Repukes to rig the Diebold machines?

"a Dean supporter is a Democrat who hasn't heard Dennis speak"

When did SW Florida turn Republican

Bush is my shepherd, I am in want.

Suddenly, I'm really, really nervous about Carol Moseley Braun!

Officials Urge Wide Use of Flu Vaccine-Outbreak This Year Could Be Serious

All of a sudden, I am very very nervous about Howard Dean

Military-industrial complex & empire-building: Is change possible?

BBV... While Whackamole Is Fun.. What Happens Next? Lets Brainstorm.

Internship with the Congressional Leadership?

What was the first part of FL to turn Republican

The Myth About Dean 's Courage For Being Anti-War Early

Did Rummy cry today?

Are all "race"-based clubs fundamentally racist?


Black Box Voting: Titanic About to Hit Iceberg (New York Times)

Iraq: U.S. Military Responses Imperil Journalists

Clinton 'History Doesn't Repeat Itself in China (Hill's book censored)-NYT

IRAQ: Occupiers are Near Prisoners

MSNBC TOP STORY: Bush’s U.N. fiasco (bitchslapping * like never before)

Heated Iraq Debate Unfolds in Congress

Dem Dean Counts on City Union

Key Phrase Was Dropped from UK Iraq Dossier


Howard criticises France over Iraq

Lawsuit Criticizes Secret Service - Anti-Bush Protesters Are Kept at Bay

Anti-Terror Laws Threaten Our Liberty, Warns Ex-President (Carter)

At U.N., Bush Is Criticized Over Iraq

Pentagon Faults Senators On Plane-Lease Proposal

HOUSE WATCH-9/24/2003 (#1) (Homeland Security, Leg Branch Appropriations)

MSN to Limit Chat Service in Most Markets

Hart 'defers' to Udall

No link yet but: Germany kisses Bush's rear

9/11 Panel Seeks More Documents From White House

Farmers, UFW hail bill to help laborers

Future of Iraq Reopens U.S.-U.N. Divide

Oil Surges on surprise OPEC cut:

Bomb Misses U.S. Patrol, Kills Iraqi

Syria Denies Link to Charged Translator

Bush Bid to Weaken Currency Could Backfire, Some Say

Makers of Kazaa Are Suing Record Labels

SENATE WATCH-9/24/2003 (#1)

A Vote Against the Computerized Ballot

BIG SCENE: Tonight's face-off may be Schwarzenegger's defining moment

Blair faces motion at conference to resign

Radioactive Parcel Bound for U.S. Seized in Ukraine

'No WMD in Iraq', source claims

Bomb Rips Into Buses in Baghdad

EU Parliament Approves Software Patents (BAD BAD BAD)

200 held in Yemen 'to placate US' (A breach of the country's own laws)

Calif. Enacts Toughest Anti-Spam Bill

Father Defends Airman Charged With Spying

Broward considers dumping $17 million in touch voting machines

Vague Pitch Leaves Mostly Puzzlement

'Welchia worm' hits U.S. State Dept. network

Official: Probe Unlikely to Report Iraq Arms Find

Friends of the family:Feith, Chalabi

Former Iraqi Defense Minister Said Given Immunity

Belgium Court Throws Out Bush War Crimes Case

U.S. halts some humanitarian aid missions to Cuba

New Storms Heap More Misery on E. Coast

27 Israel Pilots Refuse To Carry Out Air Strikes


Utah Forest Fire Burns 3,200 Acres

Church Group's 'Kindness' Spurs Bomb Scare

London Inquirer: Diebold Takes Down

U.S. May Send More Soldiers to Iraq (More Reservists May Be Called)

U.S. plans special force to protect Iraqi oil

Rift Opens Between United States and Iraqi Leaders It Installed

General relativity passes Cassini test

BBV:(Orange) County to Buy 4 Optical Ballot Scanners in Time for Recall

Sept. 11 widow sues the President

Blast hits Iraqi 'sex cinema'

Danish prince to wed commoner

Bush tells Congress 'No drug benefit for poor and disabled'

Bush Interview Earned Lowest Rating

Blast Hits Iraqi Cinema, Causes Several Casualties

From BBC: No WMD in Iraq

Child smuggling is good business - official

Administration's $87 billion Iraq plan hits more turbulence in Congress

Under fire, Clark releases economic plan to repeal $100 billion in Bush t

Bush's Job Approval Ratings Drop to Lowest of Presidency

Navratilova to enter public service in 2005

Pope cancels general audience

NBC Poll: Bush rating lowest ever

U.S. Forces Kill 18 in Heavy Iraq Clashes

High-tech election gear about to go?

New Russian Playing cards are out and Bush is Jack of Hearts

This debate is OFF THE HOOK!

It's the energy prices, stupid

Firefighters' union backs John Kerry...

U.S. May Send More Soldiers to Iraq (it getting drafty in here)


Sun finds way to make computers 100 times faster

School Shooting in Cold Springs, Minnasota 2 shot...breaking MSNBC

Dean Leads Dems in Fund-Raising for 2004

Contentious Hill Grills Rumsfeld on Iraq

Diebold takes down (UK)

OPEC cuts may crimp economy

Draft Report Said to Cite No Success in Iraq Arms Hunt

Bush U.N. speech persuades few

Dean Takes the Offensive in Comments on Clark

Bush On Iraq: What Did Dad Say?

Bush isolated as speech to UN falls flat

"Texas Senate OKs New Redistricting Map"

Guardian Unltd: Blair's popularity ratings nosedive

Clark Offers Economic Plan in N.Y. Speech

Democrats Say Establishment Media's Iraq Reporting Biased

U.S. Abortion Policy Closes African Clinics

WP: Crossed Wires Kept Power Off in Iraq

Over-Reliance On Microsoft Endangers Business And National Security

Draft of GOP Energy Bill Plans Rile Critics

World holds its breath for Lawal decision - Stoned to Death


US Court Blocks No-Call List

Chavez Believes He's a Terrorist Target

NBC/WSJ Poll: Bush rating at lowest ever (49%)

Enron sues investment banks

Anthrax Victim Widow Sues Gov't for $50M

Bill Maher: Mel Gibson and Tom DeLay Are Anti-Semites

WP: Bush* Fails to Gain Pledges on Troops Or Funds for Iraq

DeLay Lashes Out at Democratic Party

Kennedy Faces Backlash From Colleagues Over Iraq Remarks

Vote For A Voting System (Texas)

Schroeder: Only U.N. Can Legitimize Iraq Future

In a Poll, Baghdad Residents Call Freedom Worth the Price


Do they sell absinth in the Grotto?

Sick animal abusing asshole in my area

Thread bashing candidates are disrupting my Yak!

Guess how many porn pages there are on the internet, then click this link.

Broadcast - Haha Sound

Who is Rory Suchet?

Does anybody else watch Gem Shopping Network?

Elvis Costello and Diana Krall are getting married

new Savage Weiner Sponsors

how to be an indie scenester

(Video stream) ABC News Special- Mission Mind Control 1979

My daughter scared the hell out of me today


When I saw this, I thought I was on DU for a split second

Tunes that remind you of Junior high/High school

Athletics clinch AL West

I need help coming up with a creative name for my website

Ukrainians to get fined for stinky pets

Calling John Kleeb?


Dixie Chicks To Shun Country Music?

Red Sox or Cubbies - who will win a World Series in our lifetime?

I love mushrooms

Sox win in 10th! David Ortiz is THE MAN!

Math joke

Hard Core Pubs Delusional Arrogance is Reason World Hates Us

Clark America versus Bush America

How many wins will the Tigers get next Season?

Hey, Amiga fans and former users!

Colon Bowel: that 2001 slip up about Saddam

petition to ESPN to terminate Limpbaugh's contract

"Last night, I didn't get to Sleep at all..."

Elvis:Just what's so funny about peace, love and understanding?

and I thought Isabel got me, I counting my lucky stars!!!

Letterman just said

~6-8 MLB games left NL Central still tight and the Wildcard

Hawker's NFL Power Ratings (week 3)

Dean Bashing on Pardon the Interruption

Good web hosting sites?

Stern (NBA Commish) re: Patriot Act

Can someone help me with Computer Browser Problem? Have lost History file

We're Not Terrorists Merch?

Komeda (Swedish band)

Saw Molly Ivins this evening.

2004 slogan thread

Franken vs Coulter is a great view of right wing tactics

Is anyone getting Bernie Ward tonight?

Enough of this contender bashing on DU!

If Gephardt is nominated, it would be Rick Santorum's Nightmare Headline

Why rant about grammar when Scott Adams will do it for you?

Need A Quote From Franken's "Lies"

BBV shut down :Diebold

Four weeks and counting - Al Franken #1 on NYTimes bestseller

Workplace dangers

I'm about sick of this damn microsoft virus

Is it just my hometown paper that get the idiots writing to the editor?

Ugly Photos of Bush du jour

How Come There's A Recall, California? (with apologies to The Eagles)

Any Jules Shear fans out there?

Moonie Sexual Response: Mating Ritual of the Unification Church

Bunny Survival Tests (Wierd but cute)

OK, Will Pitt

Play the new California recall game

How did that London traffic tax work out ?

I need some help finding the group who sang an old soul/R&B song...

Will Pitt's article, "Situation Excellent, I Am Attacking"

Letterman's Top 10 from last night - another great Shrub bash

Goddammit, where is M.A.T.C.O.M. when there are threads to be hijacked?

The Army "Official " stance on "Care" packages.

What's with Junior and his black binder?

Is Marisa Buchanan related to Pat?

The seeing eye-to-eye CAPTION

Can the Cubbie's do it???

Should Small World be removed from Disneyland?

I got it on with Stacy's mom

Are there any DU'ers from the Westbury section of Levittown?

Blown up Uday dolls

Wowee.. a lady from MBNA wants to deposit $15,000.00 to my account

Here's what will happen if the Red Sox and Cubs reach the World Series

A great site to get cheap computer stuff on Ebay

Winter Storm Warning....

New York City Du-ers - come to the DNC after party!

Clash Fans look here

I have a real problem

Favorite bully: Nelson, Jimbo Dolpf, or Kearney?

Just once, I wanna see a Will Pitt thread...

Caption my little buddy

Check out the brand new scam I got today.

Boston will win the World Series in 2004

Neil Young's 'Greendale'

A little nugget from The Onion

the Who and the Beatles

something interesting Ive noticed

I refuse to vote for General Relativity even if he did pass the

MY! What large EARS you have!!!!

I'm a bad kitty-mommy.

what kind of "presents" does your cat give you?

Ugly ratlike critter no longer extinct....

I just gave blood, ask me anything

new hate radio advertisers

What kind of presents does your dogs bring you?

"Schwarzenegger" anagrams


Um yeah well what to say......we could always CAPTION

I know you want this for Xmas - A Life Size Standup of George W. Bush

I just got a $25 credit to my power bill


Hear Rush Limbaugh Sing "I'm a Nazi."

I heard that George Sr. threw up on the Japanese head of state

Hmmm, West Wing or World Poker Tour

The 2003 "Darwin Awards"

Being John Malkovich - Who's portal would you want to spend 15 min. in???

Amb Wilson coming up ~6:22 ET on Dobbs....after the next commercial!!

Good (First FULL Day Of Fall) Morning DU!

Contest: In the beginning was the word. What was it?

U.S. Mail

These virus emails are driving me insane


You know all is right in the world when

Jon Stewart is the Mother of my love child. Ask me anything.

I haven’t smoked since last February!

Mariners LOSE!! If BoSox win (just started) THEY CLINCH!!!

package to South Korea

Matcom, BigMcLargeHuge, you got some 'splainin' to do.

Best snickering laugh -- Mutley or Precious Pup?

LeVar Burton Directed Tonight's Enterprise and I'm in a shitty mood.

I hope they don't start removing mirrors from all the gyms...

BWA-HAHAHAHA! Separated at Birth - Blue Ribbon Winner...

Selling your soul?

I'm thinking of leaving Madonna - need advice

Oooooooo....Cubs 7 Reds 0

Please rate this picture down.

I have lost my mind!

Is anyone planning to buy 2004 Prius?

I'm heading up to Minneapolis tonight for a long weekend

Caption the thing on W's neck

a friend tweaked a hammy. best treatment - hot or cold?


BREAKING!!! freeper tattoo reveals

Support Judge Roy Moore; Buy A God Clock

"Hilary Duff's Island Birthday Bash"

Best route from Western Mass to Dover, NH?

Favorite Bloom County quote


Why is it called "the immaculate conception"?

What if Ann Coulter was President

Red Sox Nation - Caaaaaaaannnn Yooooooouuuuuu Diiiiigggggg Iiiiiittttt?

Hey, powers that be

Only one comment I can think of for this...

Ever seen a show that you loved as a kid but now wonder WHY?

Suddenly I am really really nervous about Will Pitt

A question for teachers or educators

A Haiku inspired by a friend

DUers from Bama, I have a question about the

RIP DarthKitten's Grandma

A way-underrated actor's best movie poll

Head Hunting firms

Cat Haiku

Guitar player effects pedal talk.....

Help Me Out. What Does IQ Mean.

do you know anyone who sends or used to send money to Televangelists?

Anybody watching the Daily Show tonight!

I am the EGGMAN!! Who the HELL here is The Walrus???

Does anyone watch Reno 911

Did Dick Clarke seem like an asshole in Bowling for Columbine?

Best Dog Biscuit Appreciation-- Snuffles or Scooby Do?

This is toooooo twisted......

If your brain was a sponge

Baseball Predictions

Boston lost tonite. Let's have more of the same

Rufus Wainwright. Awesome voice?

avoid the Ramada New Yorker in Manhattan

I can hardly stand Rummy's ask his own question and answer it thing.

I'd rather be here today.. where would you rather be?

Quick! Before the leaves start turning and falling!

The voice of New York Baseball is retiring

Green Acres.....loved it or hated it?

Who do you think is the Anti-Christ?

Dupes In California Wishing To Replace Gray Davis

What's up with google?

Well! 27" Cyclo-cross tyres! It's an Omen...

500 posts! and my first dumb-ass Ask Me Anything post.

Good pen

That poor Tammy Fay

Two questionS for DU office workers

West Wing season opener tonight

Babylon 5/BFEE parallels

My Faux News T-shirt arrived today. Ask me anything.

The Grapes of Wrath

What's wrong with Carrot Top?


((Video)) Noam Chomsky - documentary (Rebel Without A Pause)

the Ents are here!

This dog has the largest (@ 11.5 inches). New Guiness record (with pic).

It was afternoon

I sold my soul. How should I spend the money?

Week 6 College Football Pool

DoD Contract News (trust me, this is good....)

Can anyone give me some background on The West Wing?

The West Wing 2.0.....I liked it alot!! Your thoughts? SPOILERS!

Attention Cubs Fans. This Just In.

Back by popular request - the grotto

The college radio thread

Finally! 3000 Posts!

Has anybody seen "Super Troopers"

The worst euphemism for being fired

extremely twisted repubian sh!t, part 2 her or hate her?

Favorite New Avatar!

K Street

Check out this familiar looking site:

With the No-Call List Kiboshed, How Will You Deal with Telemarketers?

Rita Rudner's 50 Facts About Men--SEXISM ALERT...

I totalled my motorcycle going 70 mph and walked away. Ask me anything.

Enlightenment: Is this what those 70%of Americans really think of Muslims?

Marines logo

Caption the dry drunk

I quit my job today

Hey ya'll we gotta lot of DU'ers in pain

Republicans Lie ("American Pie")


I just uploaded a bunch of new avatars.

why do the Detroit Tigers suck so much?

Any pics of Bush spitting on the White House lawn floating around?

So, I've cut back on beer by 90%

a Chapel Hill Pitt Stop bonfire gathering query, or several...

SE PA DUers: My funk/reggae/blues band is playing in Berwyn Friday night!

Party, NYC, Friday October 3rd.

Post Photos From Your Childhood