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Archives: September 23, 2003

LTTE: Al-Qaida story was buried in back (Must Read!)

Isabel Hilton (Guardian Unltd): Terror as usual

Vision of the Neocons Stays Fixed on Making Hard Choices

Scheer : Family Values Down the Toilet

WaPo: Jimmy Carter on "The Choice for Israelis"

Kennedy/Feinstein : Bush's Dangerous Nuclear Double Standard

Guardian political columnist Hugo Young dies at 64

Posner: Clinton Feared Evidence Against bin Laden was Too Strong

Why has the US government imprisoned Captain Yee?

Interview: Medea Benjamin hammering Richard Perle on Jim Lehrer

Letter in today's "Stripes:" Bush misleading Americans

The truths about Iraq that Bush isn't telling

The Unauthorized Transcript of the President's UN speech

Iraq: Year Zero

Ted Kennedy's floor statement on Bush Administration's Iraq Policy

Oliphant: Kennedy's 'uncivil' truths on Iraq (Globe)

Larocca: Have we forgotten the anger in the eyes? (Vietnam)

Short on Friends - Bush U.N. Speech Doesn’t Impress (Poll too)

'Love It or Leavitt' push gains steam for EPA hearings

Cunnningham Rules!!

Rory McCarthy (Guardian Unltd): Reality and rhetoric in Iraq

After the Internet

George W. Kowalski? Bush’s Macho Facade Goes Limp

A DU review of why the GOP want US dependent on Wealthy mood/handouts

Molly Ivins: Fear and Loathing in America

Latest wingnut salvo on Wesley Clark

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Unltd): Why gather intelligence?

"Mr. President": by Max Cleland, Atlanta Journal

Atheists Surround Courthouse as Statue Showdown Continues

Salon: An Open Invitation of Election Fraud (Diebold/Bev Harris)

A kinder, gentler Bush reinvents self for 2004

Bush*s U.N. Fiasco

Al Gore Anti-Recall L.A. Speech Transcript

Dubya's Big-Time Political Liability (Ashcroft)

Martin Eden (Democratic Underground): Repudiating Bush

__George Soros Launches 'Iraq Revenue Watch'

HRC: tell CNN/Larry King Live to stop promoting James Dobson

Ann Arbor DUers: Jim Hightower and Amb. Wilson on Thursday

Monday Oct 6 in SF

Israel's Road to Peace: The Role of American Jews (Oct 31 - Nov 2)

Urge your Senators to fix Patriot Act - Free Fax

Attn Phoenix DU'ers....Franken book signing Oct. 25th.

DemocracyNow - Richard Miniter getting his lunch eaten

Chicago Sun-Times


Lou Dobbs is running a series this week: Exporting America

COMIC Relief ~

Married Couple ~

Has anybody read Solzhenitsyn's "November 1916"?

what's funnier

Mothman lives

The Farmer & The Tractor Salesman ~

Can God create a question so dense and convoluted that

Free Online Astrology Lessons

Astrologers: Wesley Clark on Starlight news

CARTOONS! The "His Dad Was Smarter" Edition

The Death Clock-The Internet's friendly reminder that life is slipping awa

Wedding weekend for Etheridge and Michaels

U.S. Daily Casualties 9/23/2003

Suit Would Block School District's Same-Sex Benefits Plan

NY State Dems Call For Gay Marriage

Giant HMO Refuses Kidney Transplant To Man With HIV

Problems with BDSM convention

IEF told countries to stop propping their currencies?

Plant's closing to hit entire community hard (Indiana - 800 jobs)

How does stock price correlate with a company's income?

GOP want US dependence on Wealthy mood/handouts

Dollar falls...[see below]...Bush looses in a landslide.

Scientists See Antarctic Vortex as Drought Maker

Lousiana Will Vote On Constitutional Changes To Protect Eroding Delta

Draft letter opposing Energy bill

AMD's Athlon steps up to 64 bits

Environmentalists Turn To Violence

Ex-minister arrested - India - accessory to murder

Arroyo inspects manhunt for terrorist

India sentences man to death for slaying missionary and his sons

Mongolia struggles to cope with rise in abuse of alcohol

China Sets Manned Spaceflight Goal

London's infrastructure failing warns City mayor

France A U.S. Friend Or Foe?

Korea wants its name spelled with a "C" (to precede Japan alphabetically)

Some tie steroid tests to drop in HRs

Study finds flame-retardant chemical in U.S. breast milk

Had to put a 'Library Closed' sign up today at school

Gun used in robbery; jail guard attacked

I'm logging off for a week or two.........

Ashcroft reduces plea bargining, a decision sure to delight gun-control

Bantam chef held on gun charges while picking mushrooms

Anybody else against liberal Gun Laws?

Ben Affleck Applies For Handgun Permit

EDITORIAL - Stop epidemic of gun violence

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Russian sharpshooters 'being used to guard' Israeli colonies

Will you attack Gaza now, Ariel?

Oslo I/II/II/IV maps

Nuclear Ends

U.S., Israel Closer on Security Barrier

Israel using ex-Chechnya snipers in West Bank

Dershowitz: Israel's targeted killings are legal

Iran parades new missiles daubed with threats to wipe Israel off map

Powell: PA must fight terror before settlements frozen

Odigo says workers were warned of attack

Kerry can go toe to toe with Nader

USA Today; Bush's strength wanes, poll says

Does anybody know where clark stands on free trade and fair trade?

Get Involved...Take Your Country Back!!!

Dems lead Bush

Court Sharply Challenges Recall Delay

Washington Presidential primary in '04 might be nixed

The local news just ran teaser: Daryl Issa says "vote NO on recall" now

'We' are as bad as 'they' are

Dirk Diggler endorses Larry Flynt for CA Gov

I have found my issue

Dean's 1st Two Days' Total: $581,846.38

Jeanne Shaheen Endorses John Kerry

Dean says Bush policies threaten nation's ideals

Help me understand the appeal of Wesley Clark

The Honorable Candidate

The Apathetic New Generation

CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll-Clark way in the lead

AP 10/10/02: Clark says he supports Bush's Iraq War Resolution

When will Clark release details of his domestic agenda?

How does the U.S. government operate best?

In letter, Dean clarifies Mideast stance

Interesting article on Clark on the Atlantic Monthly Online

Iraq and an ailing Economy leave Bush aides on edge, worried about Dean

General Wesley K. Clark to Announce Job Creation Plan

"Democracy, Freedom, Action" - Excerpts From Dean's Tues Speech

Kerry's Statement on Bush's UN Speech

I am outta here

Watching Dean in Boston on Vermont TV (WPTZ)!

Are Clark's supporters inflating his Meetups City #'s?

Clark Being Kept Off Talk Shows For Anger Management?

Anyone Notice The Two War Heroes Beating Bush?

Name ONE Veteran on Clark's staff

Clark overtakes Dean in political odds market (attn goobergunch, jiacinto)

Pix from Boston Dean Rally

Philly Mayoral - Street may be in trouble

Shame On The Kerry Campaign

Is our Presidential primary process undemocratic?

Jeanne Shaheen endorses Kerry in NH

Patch Adams endorses Kucinich

A freeper is running for congress

If Clark gets the nomination I'm voting 3rd party

Jim Hightower: "I'd settle for a second party."

Kerry On Ice As Campaign Heats Up

Message from Ed Asner, Elliot Gould, Mimi Kennedy, James Cromwell, etc.

Has the south returned to its one party status?

Dean Draws Huge Crowd In Boston! Live.

Iraq oil assets up for sale.

According to Bush it is not free elections that defines democracy it is

Richard Perle

Starting my own revolution....

CNN: 3 men accused of plotting to bomb U.S. planes - 05/13/96

Why did Pickles have the translator cone in her ear during Dubya's speech!

Miniter revisionism: How Clinton's failures unleashed Global terror

A bleak view of government: Convince me this isn't true

Bill Schneider, CNNI Sr. Pol. Analyst, called *'s speech "a bust."

When is the next debate?

Breaking: Bush seen falling from sky over Roswell...

The "hate group"

Great interview-- Josh Marshall talks to Ambassador Wilson

FOX News Guilty of Cut and Paste Journalism (Part 2)

Ezola Foster

just HOW is * "going to make it clear that he made the right decision"?

Who's a better president Dubya or Peter Griffen

Clark overtakes Dean in political odds market

What has been Bush's lowest poll approval number until now?

Bernie Ward talking to Joe Conason now -- link

Monica Moorehead

Right wing media spin in CNN/Yahoo articles on Clark leading Bush

"That's My Bush" marathon starting now

Bernie Ward talking about Bev harris and BBV

Lenora Fulani

Is Halliburton REALLY the only contractor who can do the work?

The secret Kellogg, Brown & Root deal in Iraq -- too secret to ask why

FOX News Guilty of Cut and Paste Journalism

Bev! Are you awake?? Call Bernie Ward now KGO-AM radio

George Bush wrote me a letter..aren't you all jealous??

Wes Clark and Bill Clinton

So whats clark stance on legalizing marijuana?

Anyone watching the Tweety rerun right now?

MASSIVE EXPOSE last night in the UK.

La Verkin day at the U.N.

At U.N., Bush Is Cast in the Unfamiliar Role of Playing Defense

Perle, Wolfowitz and........Scoop Jackson?!

Getting rid of cabinet positions

'Ras' Putin in the firing line ahead of Bush visit

At the United Nations:: Clap, no clap, silence, boo's, tepid clap???

Today's Boston Globe Letters to Editor ALL Slam Bush

Lets play a game.... when did Kerry get a surge?

Hillary HELPS Clark

October Suprise in 2004

U.S. Strike in Iraq Reportedly Kills 3

Horns of a dilemma.

U.S. Daily Casualties 9/23/2003

Biden is giving the reponse on Hardball tonight.....

Looking at the bright side of the Patriot Act...

When will there be an Asain President in the White House?

KILLER Doonesbury today....

Cartoon: Saddam? 9/11? What link?

And this, boys and girls, is why the right is universally pathetic....

Gallup: Americans Grow More Doubtful About Iraq War

"You don't have time..but you want twenty billion dollars!?"

Hispanic Soldiers Die in Greater Numbers in Iraq

Part of the plan...keep 'em poor...they'll join the army

WMD Lies: Powel & Rice -Confirmed 2001 - Saddam Disarmed and No Treat

A word about hypocrisy in our candidate discussions...

Bush address to UN today is a VICTIM PLAY. He'll come off whining and

The Big Lie meets the Big Truth

The Great Web Bushit Generator!

If Saddam Hussein went to the UN in 1991...

Why doesn't Richard Santorum call himself Dick instead of Rick?

If you lived in the UK how would you vote?

the "what is bashing" thread?

Clark: No to decriminalizing marijuana.

LINKS to W's UN speech?

Clark's Numbers---SOOOO, Should Hilary Run????

Best things about Bush's poll numbers

Limbaugh's brother is cashing in on right wing stupidity

Kofi Annan on Now! Use C-Span.....CNN is garbling the translation! UN!

What's this unrealistic French plan ?

The PICTs are coming.

Kay Bailey Hutchinson on C-span with 9/11-terrorism lie...

Candidate "First Impressions" Survey

Why were they using a translation expert???

Kennedy is on CSPAN2...

NPR will also broadcast Chirac's speech to the UN, if anyone is interested

I Cant Believe My Eyes!!!

CSPAN2-Live Daschle attacking

Clark & Axiom-Database Co.- Privacy violation, Spying, Selling your info

Piehole watch

What happened to the big mid September WMD announcement...

Bev Harris interviewed on

Chimpy's speech begins.

Did We Invade Iraq To Privatize Health Care?

Is Shrubie talking about his admin?????

(More) Stupidity from Don Luskin and The New York Sun

Do You Want to Visit North Korea


Just got my picture taken with Mr. McFeely (David Newell)!

Good Morning Class!

Bush up NOW!

Joe Conason coming up in a few minutes on KPFA radio

CSPAN2 now --- Repugs blasting Ted Kennedy

CNN Eagleburger thinks it was GREAT because Bush didn't back down!

anyone else lose LBN and half of the other forums?

Iraq Meets Texas in Jessica Lynch TV Movie

He just put the earrings on the hog....

Yahoo! spins for the chimp

February, 2001 Colin Powell said-"Saddam has no WMD capability"!!!

Bush wants to stop spread of WMD

Say what you will about old Gephardt. That Bush is a miserable failure...

CNN Eagleburger thinks it was GREAT because Bush didn't back down!

Pat Robertson's prayer rejected.An Endorsement of the liberal agenda

anyone have a link to a transcript of Kofi's speech?

A$$kroft wants to limit use of plea bargains (NYT top story)

Wash Post: Chat About the Speech

Hackworth Says Has Some Nice Things to Say About Gen. Wesley Clark

Bush UN Speech Thread #2

Oh, God damn it, God damn it, God damn it

We have another DUer running for Congress

Chiraq: "We must oppose the "fait accompli"

Pensacola judge orders bumper stickers for drunken drivers

Is Rove not above knocking Cheney off so he can get fresh blood in for VP?

Bush says that Saddamn built palaces and neglected schools

DEAN speech in Boston LIVE NOW!

Bush is making americans look like idiots in his speech

French Poop-on!

Clark/Lieberman ticket

A "smoking Gun"!

Separated at birth?

Fantasyland to be filmed in Texas

UN Cowboy...

James Rubin & Heritage Stooge on CNN

Bush could EASILY get a 20% boost in approval

DUP (close me off) Diebold now asserts copyright on a LINK

Speech transcript

Darell Issa now urging GOP to reject recall...

Citizen Clark: Why Electing a Mass Murderer would be a Bad Idea

Larry Klayman running for Florida Senate

NEWSFLASH: A post regarding a candidate's position is NOT a bash!

Crap, I thought the 2-Minutes Hate was at 10:30 PACIFIC

IRAG = sickness/death

What do you think of C-SPAN?


Josh Marshall on the WH-directed smear campaign against Clark

Why Clark is the perfect candidate

"Damned tax & spend liberals!!" (Republican mantra)

Tom Daschle on C-Span 2

Democracy Now! Has a GREAT debate between Peter Lance & Dick Miniter

Anybody got any dirt on the Milken Institute?

If you don't want to get banned - review the board rules...

ANOTHER reporter, a good one too, dies in Iraq... such a COINCIDENCE...

Cosmic dust!.

CNNI Bob Franken said Schwartzenegger called next debates "Super Bowl"

Dean says Bush policies threaten nation's ideals

WP: Bush's Address to the U.N. (Live on Line discussion)

Oh yippee, the recall is back on

Hispanic Soldiers Die in Greater Numbers in Iraq

bushgang Episcopalians

Bush looks nervous, confused and scared sitting in that chair!

RE: Democratic Lunkhead Council: I'm blinded by rage...

As a political strategy, which is more important ?

Chicago Tribune: What's Wrong with this Sentence?

Why couldn't the non-conservative judges on the 9th circuit. . .

Who the Hell is David Limbaugh?

Smoking Gun!

Tonight, Bush really gave me the impression that he is not in control.

How do certifiably insane people get to run entire nations??

Check out the latest Freepaganda clip

The UN missed a great chance to arrest a war criminal today.

Chirac up NOW!

Nadine Strossen (ACLU) streaming now...

Okay, someone explain to me why anyone else should help the U.S.

U.S. jobs: Next stop, India?

O'reilly starting counter-offensive against Franken (Via Dean)

The more I see of Clark, the more he worries me...

the text of Koffi Anan's speech

Just got back from the Dean Rally in Boston

Want to see something pathetic, watch this clip of Hadassah Lieberman

College Tuition Fees Example for US


Oregon GOP: Send In the Clowns

remember the dead men in the cargo containers in Afganistan?

Manglemouth is at it again...

The PNAC is at it again, attacking China this time

Anyone got a link to the text of Annan's speech?

Pilger video transcript

Posner debuts at #6, Miniter #12 on NYT bestseller list

Nothing like a bush speach to get you fired up

New ARG Poll: Bush approval at 45% among registered voters

Good Googly Moogly! (Bush Poll)

Inside Politics

Bremer to Inouye: Contractors are selected on an open and fair bidding...

Why George Bush is still popular

The Conservative answer to the Boondocks...

MSNBC poll: Is France an adversary of the U.S.?

What is the significance of Gephardt/Lieberman's Rose Garden appearance?

Kerry/Clark or Clark/Kerry is a winner vs. Bush

Does The Democratic Party Need The Dean Supporters?

Anyone else not able to pull up Google?

What's that old joke about the Italian General - front collapsing,

What's Sex Slavery Got To Do With It?

Like a rock Only dumber

Me-Thinks the Chalabi at the U.N thing was a big mistake!

Looks like CA is going to take another hit from Republican pres. politics

Curious George

O'Really cut me off, the coward!

I have a question....

Bush reveals job growth plan to Brit Hume

The 4 R's for republicans..Recall,Recount, Redistricting and Red ink.

Are "policies" important in 2004?

Hispanic Soldiers Die in Greater Numbers in Iraq

Shameful :(

Great ads by MoveOn for the TX redistricting, English and Spanish

"I just told the truth, and they thought it was hell."

'Bush or Chimp' is back online! You'll love this! So funny it hurts.

TOONS! as usual, the cartoonists are WAY out in front... enjoy!

Laura Ingrhams CLAIMS Al Franken is afraid to go on her show

Okay, so now I'm undecided about who to pick in the primary

Strong Leaders never have to say they are strong leaders

Bush 'helps' minorities

One More take on the CA recall decision

Where does the Bush Crime Family Get these Crooks ?

Free at last, free at last, Iraqi oil is free at last!

Twenty years of crime from the Bush Family Evil Empire

They remind me of...

More from WhAcKy Judge Roy Moore

look at their faces...

kennedy bashing: don't we have BETTER quotes ???

Toxic Rocket Fuel Found in Milk in Texas

I Was Asked My Opinion About Bush's U N Speech

'The Lies of George W. Bush: Mastering the Politics of Deception'

the Betrayal Of Afghanistan

Latest Republican Meme

Search for WMD in Iraq Slows to Crawl

Great teacher story.

Amanpour (CNN) Reporting only 38% of Brits approval of Iraq Inv. & Kofi

Anyone catch Powell's 'Judeo-Christian' remark?

Has there been a major increase in illegal drug use since GOP took control

How about: Clark - 4 star General ; Bush - 5 star DESERTER



Edwards on Capital Report at 9 ET tonight

Has Ted Kennedy's remarks sunk in to straight thinking Americans?

Am I the only one who isn't confused about Clark's position on Iraq?

Rush admits fascination with bill clinton's sexuality

Please, tell me how the right-wing corporate media is going after Clark.

I'm Not Ready to Throw My Full Support Behind Clark, But...

Josh Marshall's got "the secret memo" on Clark..

I agree with Kerry about Dean pretending to be sox fan

heads up CNN - wiil be "ripping" Bush's speech n/t

Wake Up! Dean is the most electable candidate.

A new letter from Michael Moore.....Clark Related.

And Rush calls Clark a sock puppet!

Monty Python, George W. Bush, and Sex Slavery

Do you think real repukes in CA would rather have Davis or Cruz win.....

Next debate?

I supposed it would do no good to get my Senators to back Teddy, huh?


Serious question(s) for Clark supporters...

Hypothetical situation...

Limbaugh Sez There's Nothing Brave About a Liberal

Al-Jazeera spokesman is named "JIHAD BALLOUT"???????

What moral messages have kids been taught from Election 2000 and Iraq War?

Perle: "Thank God for the death of the UN "

Issa's stunning comments

Best and Worst Looking Presidents

Biden on Hardball - MSNBC n/t

Good Charlotte, Green Day Get Ready To 'Rock Against Bush'

"Mission Accomplished" Banner on Lincoln is a Dem Fib

video of bush's beg-fest??

New cost of war report from House Budget Committee Demo Staff

Can someone please tell me the point of that speech?

lets just get the hell out of irak right now!!

Rip Bush's Speech LIVE online...TVNL Radio - 12 noon (E.T)

Whatever happened with Kitty Kelly's "Bush Dynasty" book?

I thought you guys said he quit drinking

"Campbell's diary makes Blair look good"

A Robert Kennedy quote to make you weep

Is Dean two-faced?

CNN - tragic death of young woman using abortion pill - 7:50 EDT

The Primaries are about DIALOGUE as much as candidacies

Clark Was a Republican. Does This Bother Anyone?

Pilger Story : "got legs"

What Has the Media Been Saying About the Speech??

Bush U.N. speech gave the world the finger.

I missed the evening news tonight - was it the same old spin?

What happened at the speech to the UN today?

Does Anyone Here Think National Polls Have Merit?

why are there wingnut radio stations Liberal strongholds?

Bush interview dead last in broadcast TV ratings

Tweety on .....should be interesting to see his thoughts on *'s speech

Sunday eve. Peter Erlinder, a law professor from the Twin Cities,

Report: Frequent political donors land more contracts (Ohio)


Is the GOP shutting down Iraq Watch in the House?

General Clark says voters are like "troops" in "the motor pool."

EXCELLENT Online Newspaper Translation Source

Clark Supporters: AWESOME and Inspiring Story From Another Supporter

What one issue or comment is most contributory to Bush's freefall in polls

Ann coulter calls murderous dictator Gen Pinochet 'great'

CNBC debate: Do or die for Clark?

Duke University: Childish Frat Boy Crap...

George Bush's "Sex Trade." What is it and what's in the news about it?

Bush May Ask for an Additional $42 billion---this man is a cancer

Bizzare GOP talking points about Kucinich

Freepers drooling over shrubs speech

What's Rush Lobotomy doing on ESPN?

Who's Looking Out for You? -- The DU Version

Chalabi: Cuddly Collaborator, Cult Comedy Icon, Despicable Despot?

anyone planning to attend a rally for their candidate before the debate?

Nope....after Dean and Kerry get to the finish will be Kerry!

U.S. To Discontinue Long-Term, Low-Yield Investment In Nation's Youth

Al Franken, Molly Ivins deliver liberal dose of political humor

The takers get the money

Sorry mods. I meant to post this to LBN. Please lock this one Thank you


O'Reilly ---------Spinning and Stalking Tonight

Democrats, Americans, Will Come Together in 2004, Right?

Clark and America's Search for Masculinity

Florida guardsmen called up in much larger numbers than others....

Joe Conason leaves four men standing: Clark, Kerry, Lieberman, Dean..

Things you would love to see happen in the next election...

Funny Speach-related Pic

Glenn Beck radio show, anyone ever listen to it?????

Just Say NO--to any more presidents named Bush

Claret Sues NFL Over Draft Eligibility

If Clinton (Bill) could run in 2004...

Why such a badly written speech?

Please lock this thread the link is unavailable

current ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown (with Limpbaugh) advertisers

Seattle/KVI Radio: Rusty Humphries replacing Rush Limbaugh.

"I would have been Republican but they wouldn't let me in the clubhouse"

Thursday will be a crucial day for General Clark

Bush doesn't look bored, he looks drunk.

The more I see and listen to John Edwards........

New poll Bush in freefall 45% approval among registered voters

((Video Stream)) Greg palast new BBC documentry on Bush dynasty

Does Bush have anything to run on?

we need something like these for the ESPN Pre Game show sponsors

Heart-breaking video

John Ashcroft limits plea bargains

Congratulate me!

Proof of WMD lies? Powell apparently on tape.

Scott Ritter comes to town...and I MISS IT!!!!!!!

A plethora of video links...WOW

Letterman: Bush clips

CLARK: Blurb on the Patriot Act

Daily Show -- new show tonight -- Michael Caine visits

Patriotism according to Limbaugh took down the under construction issues page

Clark : "I would have been a Republican" actually More media LIES

All Politics is LOCAL And CBS got my view tonight showing millions still

petition to ESPN to terminate Limpbaugh's contract

Forget the candidates....WE deserve a round of applause!

Taking The Pledge

Charlie Crystle - PA Senate Candidate on Mike Malloy-9PM ET TONIGHT

Hackworth on Clark

Just talked to Kennedy's office (call and support him)1-800

King George Wants You... (to die quietly for big oil)

What's the first thing our newly elected Democratic Prez should do in 1/05

Touch Screen Voting Industry Circling Wagons (Slashdot)

2 reasons not to let your kids be boy scouts

Why is the Pilger piece being snubbed?

What issue are we mostly going to defeat Bush on?

So what's the Shrub gonna do for the next 13 months?

Bush Interview Dead Last In Ratings

I think France promised not to veto any UN resolution......

Three articles about Clark in the latest Village Voice

Clark: Jew, Baptist, Catholic

Does anyone have that stupid people video link?

General Clark's Troops

bush looks bored.

Anyone know what the BUSH CHENEY sticker font is?

WHAT?!! Clark was a REPUBLICAN?!?!?!! PROVE IT!

Dean Shreds * again

What Can Gen. Clark Do to Win Skeptics Over? (And More)

Cartoon: "I often visited with the state's entire Latino community"

Should Democrats back off the "fraud" comment ?

Deleted message

Bush didn't stick around to listen to Chirac's address

Interesting information from the Newsweek poll about Clark

BBV - has been disabled due to Diebold dispute

Rushs's racist comments on ESPN - e-mail campaign against him

They read my letter on CNN AM!!

I Shouldn't Be Advocating Stuff Like This....but then I'm an Evil DUer....

He said he was going to be a "uniter"? Name one thing he has united...

I just PM'd a 'newbie' as a greeting.

How much longer can the "neo-cons" escape responsibility ?

Right-wing radio nut leaving Minn. for N.C.

I just got my KB Toys GWB Aviator Action Figure

The Michigan Socialist -- Vol. 1, No. 3

I do not care one iota who gets the nomination as long as he/she gets

Salon Takes on Rev. Moon / Bush Ties

I agree with Bush's speech. Slavery is an important issue.

If we cannot trust the media about Iraq, then what about DEM candidates?

"Take us on? Don't try! And that's not hubris, it's just plain fact."

Richmond Votes DOWN Proposal to Rename Street for Arthur Ashe

Clark/Edwards...Does this 2004 ticket work for you?!

Bush to World: Drop Dead!

Kucinich: YES to medical marijuana

Election 2004 And the Collapse of Feminism

Fish. Barrel. Boom. (my take on Bush's speech today)

I still say Hillary may run.

How can DU push the Pilger story uncovering the Bush Admin's Iraq lies?

Quote of the day


A few words about "candidate bashing."

Hightower on third parties: "I'd settle for a second party!"

Dean: No to medical marajuana

Bush wasn't implying that Iraq was behind 9/11

Why isn't the ENVIORNMENT an issue being discussed in the campaign?

Black=Terrorist=Thug: The New Racial Profile?

Clark in NY last night. My report.

We all owe a round of applause to the candidates who opposed Bush first

Arctic Drilling Issue - a COVER UP for something FAR MORE DANGEROUS

Conspiracy of Silence...MUST SEE!!!!!!

US 101st Tackles Arab Tribes Helping Guerrillas Reach Iraq from Syria

Va. GOP Leaders Said to OK Eavesdrop Plan

Virginia GOP Leaders Applauded Eavesdropping on Dems, Former Party Leader

Asia Warns Global Currency Markets

ING Group Sues J.P. Morgan, Deloitte

GOP event shows rift in Oregon factions

Russian sharpshooters 'being used to guard' Israeli colonies

Open Investment Policy Looks Like 'World Occupation' to Iraq Merchants

Iraqi Police and Farmers Near Fallujah Claim Three Killed in U.S. Air Stri

South & Central Asia Human Rights Group Urges End to US Aid to Afghan Warl

Court Sharply Challenges Recall Delay

Bush under pressure on Iraq

Journalist claims proof of WMD lies

HOUSE WATCH-9/23/2003 (#1)

SENATE WATCH-9/23/2003 (#1)

What's this unrealistic French plan ?

Danish capital loses power

Army Officer Details Srebrenica Massacres

Scientists press UN for worldwide ban on cloning of babies

Bush Must Set Iraqi Self-Rule to Get Foreign Aid, Diplomats Say

Arab broadcasting channels banned in Iraq

World Bank Chief Urges Better Balance Between Rich, Poor Nations

Saudis end hostage-taking quickly - 2 dead

How NATO froze out John Manley - CA

Patriot Act Used In 16-Year-Old Deportation Case

U.N.: Millions in Iraq Still Need Food

Baghdad bombs shatter morale of UN staff

Trade in human eyes on the rise in India?

After approving EU , Latvia's government in danger of disintegrating

Sen. Byrd on C-SPAN2

$20bn Iraq Plan Call for Museums, ZIP Codes

GAO grim on deficit outlook

Election board asks audit (Nashville)

Annan, in major address, establishes panel for UN reform.

Dollar--Still Strong, But More Flexible--Sinks

U.S. Denies Firing at Iraq Wedding Party

Breaking CNN: Recall To Go On, Oct 7

New (US) Spy Plane To Shadow N. Korea

Ashcroft demands stiffest charges

Iraqi Council Plans to Close Al-Jazeera in Iraq

Dean Rally in Boston...15 minutes before he speaks....

British Spy chief defends Iraq dossier

Probe of 2 Groups That Train Muslim Chaplains Sought

Bush under fire on Iraq at UN

Millions Without Power in Denmark, Sweeden

California Officials Confident After Hearing on Recall

Perry tosses own plan into GOP redistricting stew

World must not rely on American consumer- Snow

Mothers want flexibility most

Vision of the Neocons Stays Fixed on Making Hard Choices

Darrell Issa, who started recall, now tells voters to reject it (!)

Bush Statement to UN General Assembly 'Misleading,' Says Global AIDS Allia

Massachusetts governor names panel to draft new death penalty bill

Byrd questions war spending request

Justice Kennedy says sentencing guidelines unfair ( Bucks Asscrap)

Key California Republican Backs Schwarzenegger

Wisconsin: Diane S. Sykes is Bush's pick for US appeals court

Possible Tornado Hits Isabel-Damaged Va

US plans to attack seven Muslim states

W.Va. colleges near the top of ‘pork’ list


Terror Tape Not Recent

Frustration Grows During Isabel Recovery

American soldier dies from non hostile gunshot in Iraq

U.S. soldiers in Iraq shrug at Bush's U.N. speech (Reuters)

Text of Chimpy's speech to the UN (Barf Bag Alert!!)

Poll: majority of Australians 'feel misled' about Iraq war

Bush’s NY Poll Numbers Drop Sharply

Iraq meets Texas in Jessica Lynch TV Movie

Bush's E.P.A. Nominee Under Fire in Senate

LA Times correspondent Fineman dies

Bush says world must help Iraq; Palestinians deserve state

Spinning Tikrit

BREAKING NEWS A second member of the U.S. military has been detained

Postwar Iraq chaos stalls U.S. inquiries

Powell Calls U.S. 'Judeo-Christian,' Then Amends

Study finds flame-retardant chemical in U.S. breast milk


Families of Guantanamo Bay detainees address public forum in Sydney

Deadly U.S. strike near Fallujah

Commercial whaling 'devastating' North Pacific

pResident Bush* address to the U.N. (En Vivo)

NASA Safety Panel Members Quit

Iran parades missiles in response to N-deadline

NCC India hails the judgement of Graham Staines Case.

Militant linked by FBI to terror threats against United States among three

9/11 convict denounces 'unfair' sentence - protest his innocence

Bush*s U.N. Fiasco

Venezuela wary Iraq at summit

Congress ready to cut number of visas for foreign tech workers

Issa urges "no" on recall

White House offers compromise on privatizing air traffic control

Bush Has Again Failed - Kerry Statement...

CNN's prime-time ratings still down despite overhaul

Bush Must End Support for Afghan Warlords, Rights Group Says

Houston exec gets top Iraq energy post

Officials to Get Update on Iraq WMD Hunt

Iraq Dossier Was Hardened Up After E-mail from Blair's Aide

U.S. energy bill skips raising fuel standards

Bush's U.N. Speech Gets Scathing Reviews on Capitol Hill


Chalabi in Iraq's Seat as UN Session Opens

UN: Global Use Of Ecstasy Soaring

Fake religious leaders created by USA

Saudi Envoy Defends Country's Actions Over Sept. 11

Breaking CNN: Al Jazeera "Blackballed" 1:10 PM CST

Australia to Iraq: please take our sheep

Annan orders probe into blast, UN staff want out

GOP Senators Ready to Start Fighting for Pickering Nomination Again

AP: Taliban Plans Attacks From Pakistan

Chirac: U.S. action brought crisis

Florida sugar growers win ouster of judge in Everglades restoration case

Patriot Act Used In 16-Year-Old Deportation Case

FCC Chairman Says He Will Stay at Least Until Presidential Election

Dean Says Bush Policies Threaten Nation

U.S. Troops Detain 2 AP Staffers in Iraq

Bush* Interview Dead Last in Broadcast TV Ratings


Media's dark cloud a danger

Blair hit for snubbing UN

LAVISH CLAIM: $34,000 a day for food at Baghdad hotel

Russian People Alienate from Power

Suit Says Protesters Kept Away From Bush

Anti-Bush protesters sue Secret Service (ACLU)

CIA paid mullahs to counter anti-US feeling

Arafat Says US Encourages Israeli ‘Crimes’

Key Phrase Was Dropped from UK Iraq Dossier

Airman Is Charged as Spy for Syria at Guantánamo Camp

Radio host's words punished

Black = Terrorist = Thug: The New Racial Profile? Three Days in NYC Jails

Republicans Look for Ways to Cut Iraq Costs

US Senators dispute charge that Iraq war is ''fraud''

General Wesley K. Clark Issues Response to Speech by President Bush

America "Needs New Strategy" Gen. Wesley Clark Tells 2600 at DePauw

FreeRepublic Filing Defamation Suit

GOP Eyes Anti-Gay Plank

Rutgers swastika painting investigated as bias attack

Hoon: We let public think 45 minutes related to WMD

Blair aide demanded dossier change

Journo Claims Proof of WMD Lies

Governor's partial map baffles some Republicans

Iraq council 'to ban Arab networks'

Annan Challenges U.S. Doctrine of Preventive Action.."Global Free-For-All"

Annan Challenges U.S. Doctrine of Preventive Action

Lieberman wants Halliburton hearings

weird factoid-manna from heaven

Mr Scorpio 4, Goldurned Hurricanes Nuthin!!!

"IS" ( A Rant in D- Minor)

ATTN: New Eddie Izzard DVD tomorrow!

stupid question

Ahhhnold like you have never seen him before :)

Goodnight DU - Enjoy this Dandelion Break (aka Bloom County) - we need it!

How do you feel about the term "Domesticated Primates"?

Best Wresting match?

Who's got time to waste???

Bush campaign formally kicked off tonight on Fox!

So, why are we all so bouncy tonight?

The shadow

You Need an Explanation

new Savage Weiner Sponsors

why would someone name a news channel after a movie studio?

In held t'was I

A brief message for Ladyhawk

Kef's Late Night Den Of Iniquity -- Monday/Tuesday Morning

That's my bush on comedy central

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

We're having Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches....

The insomniac thread....

Heads up!

What should I eat?

My cat loves me...

Can't sleep

Good (Tuesday) Morning DU!

Bowie's on Letterman and sounds horrible

Best U2 album

College Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!!!!

Bush/Cheney '04 bumper stickers

Good Night!

Anyone see Shit-for-Brains on Letterman last night?

Clark "Green Army Men" To Tangle With Dean's "Birkenstock Brigade"

Need some travel suggestions...

Vote on the new Wisconsin Quarter

Have you ever said you liked Bush?

"Mickey" the Monkey Escapes From Home (HE'S ON THE LAMB!!)

I thought you all might find this funny

Bush seems to have inspired the new FLU SHOTS

Pic of David Bowie's love child.....

Happy Birthday Ani DiFranco !!!!!!

Need good headlines (for my actual job)

Fellow DUer (RB Ham) and author of PrintThink website needs help

Look what I found!

Holy cow, I've got a STAR next to my name!

Stacy Pressman is a twit

Dupe, please lock

Isabel kicked my ass

Need Cat Advice

GOP On Petition Drive To Recall Clark Announcement

Anyone catch new series tonight 'Las Vegas' on NBC?

Non Sequitur: God Does the Talk Show Circuit

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO....................

West Coast feed of *'s UN speech on now.

What’s a proliferator?

Cannibal Cuisine is now open: Today's special, "Candidate Flambe"

HA HA HA , By Damn,,,,I did my part!

Decide My Life For Me.......

Finally back to work after Isabel

everyone needs one of these

Hey! I Got Chef Tony's Miracle Blade III's For My Present!!!!

I just finished reading "The Picture of Dorian Gray"

Drunken soldiers slay caged tiger at Baghdad zoo

Affleck reportedly sought gun license, not marriage license!

I've gone off the house-husband deep end

A Horoscope For The Workplace

What is the worst job you ever had

Another Arianna cartoon


Does anyone use TalkAmerica?

Which republican would you hate being related to the most?

Want to be MANLY? Dolls of grown men??????


I Love Politics!

What world series do you want to see? Which teams?

Any fans of DUer A-Schwarzenegger need, right now,

25 hours and 29 minutes of employment left.....

new hate radio advertisers 9/23

Captions that go BUMP in the night

Which Dem candidate would win a Mud-Wrestling match?

My work trash can

Great Quote.

I really, really try not to judge others

Do you guys remember KaBonkers/Klackers?

Helpful hints to

I just became a victem of the bush economy

Ahhhhhh! Men!

The Canary in the Catbird-Seat of all CAPTIONS!!!

Ok who here drove a AMC Pacer

What's the BEST job you ever had?

Who else knows "Grandmother's Song"?

What are Bush's chances in 2004?

I'm paying attention to your CAPTIONS..... no really, I am!

One of the funniest things I've seen at DU

ok. Who here had CatWoman?

Give me your favorite Douglas Adams quote!

Best $20 you ever spent?

IE users, do cast your eyes towards the blue bar at the top of the window

who knows how to 'adopt" a division or platoon or whatever...

Bush’s chances in 2004?

OK, Who Here Had a Chevy Vega?

In the weight room today (semi rant)

OK People. Howard Dean Has ALWAYS Been A Red Sox Fan. OK.

Wasn't Dr. David Kay supposed to make

OK, who had a Chevy Citation?

Did anyone just see...



Is Ladyhawk okay?

Another good series coming out on DVD! Nov 11.

Has anyone, ever, had a good experience building a home?


Question for the Foodies

Who here had COOTIES???

Our building was just on FIRE!

A joke for corarose


Have happy news to share.

Tonight, my dog returns from Maryland

Everybody Wang Chung Tonite!!!

Oh TROF????????

Maurice Clarett Poll from ESPN

Last years 1st rounders - David Carr, Joey Harrington, and Patrick Ramsey

And Bill says...... Shutup!

Ok -- who here had a G.I. Joe?

phew I am finally back

My dog got a squirrel today.

Get outta here!!!! They caption brown people in Morrocco?

Weird Wedding gig...


As seen on ABC World News Tonight...

Questions... Add your own if you want

Fuck Y'all, I'm from Texas!

My new avatar! Thanks EarlG!

Did A Bear Really Invade David Letterman's House?

Bubba Ho-Tep

After a really bad day how do you treat yourself special?

The sex trade and Bush family values

i think my computer has that virus thingee

Who here had Creepy Crawlers?

Any Rob Dougan fans?

Who's the sexiest of them all?

My school doesn't like my anime collection

Legal question about a Coke bust..

Cars w/ fins!

OMG, go to Drudge right now and check out...

BBV: Maryland Tech Writer DUers, job opportunity with DIEBOLD

new Hannity sponsors 9/22

Does "Kill Bill" look like the shiznit

One Saturday I took a walk to Zipperhead

Debunking a stupid right-wing email

Dawgman - this could be the Twins night!

Mods or anyone else, help please? I can't log on from home.

Larry King doing show on JFK and Jackie's 50th Anniversary

ANyone else here think "The COurt Jester" w/Danny Kaye is AWESOME!

another Charity advertising on hate radio

Is my blog asskicking or a piece of shit?

Okay, why does UPS now call itself "brown" in its TV adverts?

Judging Amy fans: Will Gillian die in tonight's season premiere?

Heyhey's back with a new computer!!! him or leave him?

George W. Bush = Agent Maxwell Smart....discuss.

Oh yeah -- Tigers 11, Royals 6, 5th inning

Need Advice on hiring actors for a nude scene for my Video Composition

Law and Order: SUV

Geek Eye for the Luddite Guys

Funny thread on Clark

Is this discrimination? Whassup with corporate America?

The Spaceship Commander of all CAPTIONS!!!

Watched 8 Simple Rules tonight (John Ritters last three episodes)

Pardon me for thinking of my late great kitty but RIP Midnight

FReeper lady loses baby!

All right was meaning to ask who had this when they were young or

I need help! I just tried to post a link and the links not working,

Claret Sues NFL Over Draft Eligibility

Let Us Now Praise Stax Records

This needs to be said!!!!!!!

Where can I download a test similar to that which retail stores use?

can ya help a fellow DUer out? (UN today)

Where has the Grotto gone?

What were people watching instead of Bush/Hume?

Extreme makeover????

Anyone else have really sensitive hearing?

Darn on commute

Is it worth it??

It's time for the ULTIMATE uber-cute attack!

my car was burglarized today:-(

"Them's ain't our Dawgs, we jiss feed'm..." (Bike Wreck)

Annual checkup time for my furball.....

Which Bloom County Character are you?

Puppy Dogs and Kittens and Bunnies

WTF is Carnivale all about

To many depressing DU threads

Roger and Me - A Film by Michael Moore

Damn, I hate the Cubs!

Embarrassed to luv my Flip-n-Fold

Did the Maytag repairman "bore" himself to death?

I put my doggy down today and my heart is broken

A question about the West Wing

Life sucks.

Why does the CBC...

How much would this be worth?

How do you get your computer out of Safe Mode?

OK, Who Had (or Has) an Original VW Beetle?

Caption Bush Sr passed out on the WH lawn

Can anyone recommend a good book on "critical thinking"?

OOOoooooooooooooh yeah Red Sox

Hey! I've got WOOD!

"Rocco's" won't make it 6 months...

thank you god thank you thank you oh oh oh thank you god thank you

Favorite WKRP in Cincinnati episode?

Bored in Santa Monica

Beefcake!! (For women and gay males only!!)

Are these promotional posters effective?

Airport-wear! What do you think?

Check Out Bush At The U.N.

I'm drinking & watching "Good Will Hunting", ask me...blah blah blah

I'm in H-E- Double Hocky Sticks! Ask anything!

I hate your favorite TV show

Mike Malloy just read my email!

Favorite line from "the Godfather?"

18-year-old German male drinks Angels' Trumpet tea, hilarity ensues.

Happy Birthday to Me!

How o-old are we? How o-old are we?...

Was I just rude?

What did you have for dinner tonight?

Why Couldn't We Blow Up Saddam?

That horrible voice of the faux Texan president rings in my ear. PM me

I just can't stand Sex and the City...

Yikes! What the hell do I say to my sister? (serious question about sex)

200 posts!!! woooooo hooooo!!!

the Class Clown of all CAPTIONS

Update on the missing freeper kid

ok guys can you help me with this problem

I hate my job and my situation

Computer Geeks! What is the best anti-virus program?

Any notion who's still Isabel'd? Any ideas how to check in on them?

My neighbor wants everyone in town to salute her son returning from Iraq

My 4000th post: Just want to tell y'all what great folks you are

What's your favorite "West Wing" episode?

Attention football fans! DU now has NFL avatars

STILL casting the DU soap opera: Who wants to be the drama queen?

It's Lemony Snicket Day!

Maurice Clarett - biggest jackass ever?

Who here had an EZ Bake Oven?

The Official "Unofficial" Michigan DU Gathering/5thGen's B-Day Thread