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Archives: September 2, 2003

The Black Commentator: The Pirates Have Already Lost in Iraq

KRUGMAN: Another Friday Outrage

Psychologist Analyses W's Behaviour - UK Guardian. MUST READ

WP: Judging Campaign Finance

I wonder why this story has been buried -

Liberal Oasis interview with Paul Krugman

Reverse flawed policies

Letter From Baghdad.

E.J. Dionne on Clark

Scheer: Bush Was All Too Willing to Use Émigrés' Lies

Editorial: Franken on Bush (great last line!)

Cannibals: What is really being said in the Arabic press?

"So George, how do you feel about mom and dad?"

FOCUS, or Lose 2004

Great article on GOP election tactics

Bush Was All Too Willing to Use Émigrés' Lies - Scheer

Conason: Where's the Compassion?

Heroin Comes To Baghdad

Dean's Antiwar Stance Creates a Force to Be Reckoned With

Great Rob Rogers AWOL's Quaqmire Cartoon

Funny Sargent Halliburton Cartoon

Onion interview with PJ O'Rourke.....

Exxon Lubricated by Bush Judges by Greg Palast

Oh, darn...

NYT: Deficit? What Deficit?

Molly Ivins: Remember how we got here

WSJ Op-Ed: Support Our Troops - Wolfowitz

The Radical Case for Gay Marriage: Why Progressives Must Join the Fight

NYT: Endangered Peace In Afghanistan

Protests at the Republican Convention

Josh Marshall: Kerry isn't waffling on Iraq

George Monbiot (London Guardian): The Worst of Times

Rummy, Wolfie, Cheney, Feith, Perle, and now... Bolton?

CNN Anchor Goes Public About His Brother's Suicide

EPA lifts ban on selling PCB sites

The Mythology of Violence

The Failure of Rhetoric - Rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan

NYT- Going to Great Lengths by Virginia Postrel

NYT: Franken Retorts, You Decide

Dowd: Empire of Novices

America and Fundamental Christianity cannot co-exist for Much Longer

Governor Gang Bang -- a bang of an editorial from BuzzFlash

Jobs and energy independence -- check this out!

"America Is Building a World Order"

How's this for an activist sign?

Mid-Michigan Progressive Alliance

High-tech out-sourcing and activism

Dim Son will be in Indy on Friday . . . how do I find out how to

National Dean Meetup is Tomorrow night!!!, sign up. exposed (WashTimes side project)

Mort Kondracke--FOX's liberal.

Asteroid Impact in 2014 ?

How is Mars being so close effecting Arian DUers?

Undeniable psychic prediction: Ahh-nold will be California's new governor

TV dinner has turn 50.

thoughts on the end of the world.

"The Sacred Balance" begins 9/3 on pbs - David Suzuki

CARTOONS! The "Hotbed of Terror" Edition

Couple struggle with suit to wed | Arizona Republic

Anti-Gay Right-Wing Lawyer Hired By Florida Department Of Children

California Senate Slams Boy Scouts' Anti-Gay Policy

American Catholics intensify fight against gay marriage

Pastor issued summons for battery at Southern Decadence

Appeals court: Vermont law violates First Amendment

Paul Hill faces execution

Defying the Dependent Deity - Richard Cohen

Good News: The New Civil Rights Movement

Catholic school won't admit lesbian couple's daughter



Race to the Bottom

The Jobless Recovery


If this isn't the handwriting on the wall, what is?

What EPA?

Check this out...

cell tower (wireless) questions: height, range, power

‘Great Wall’ of natural gas for U.S.?

David Suzuki on the impact of humanity on our one and only planet

 Secret SABC memo gags political broadcasts - SA

Zim opposition on top in major cities

Half of Africa without access to basic medicines

Protesters stop oil clean-up - Nigeria

Army to rescue as hotels burn - Kenya

Mugabe seriously ill - Zimbabwe

Angola awash with guns

Congolese 'don't trust' UN

Two articles on school vouchers (FL)

A useful reference that deserves wider recognition

Depression weakens immune system

Anorexia as a midlife crisis

'Insects are a cop's best friend'

A sad story.... Father Killed While Buying Milk For His Daughter

For Those Who Dispute "Bowling for Columbine"

Another defensive shooting by a legally blind person

Sad update on serial rapist......

UK Gun Control.......Once more for the deaf people at the back.

UK: Motorist shot in legs

Could the mods just lock threads, but not delete them?

The "new message" coloring is on the Foreign Affairs icon...

You allow the the anti-Democrats to badger, insult and undermine

May I Allow A Thread?

I am new here, and may have....

AHA! I finally came up with another stupid question.

Deleted message

You guys should put all the Top Tens in book form..

Israel Has Always Faced Arab Genocide

Report lays bare Israel's great divide

Israel's Latin American trail of terror

Prey for Peace

Israel Says Arafat May Face Expulsion

Israel vows 'all-out war' on Hamas

Pollard Seeking Appeal of Life Sentence

Israeli Strike Kills Palestinian Girl

Barricade or prison?

how many people can keep a conspiracy secret?

LIHOP: 9/11 propaganda created to protect U.S. Gov't.

Governor Gang Bang

Dean Meetups break 100k!

Interesting Charles Cook quote about Kerry.

My candidate sucks so bad that I have to attack yours!

Kucinich on the shrubs visit to Ohio

Why the Antiwar Crowd Should Rally Behind Kucinich

Strong Showing for General Clark in Texas Straw Poll

IN-4: Former Kerns staffer is set to challenge Buyer (Repuke primary)

PA GOP chairman's next goal: Corralling the state for Bush (PUKE ALERT)

Kerry Announcement Taps Into The "Uncommon Courage" of Americans

Was Kerry's war vote explanation on MTP really this muddled?

A wonderful speech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kerry supporters, here is your big chance.......

Getting it On with Arnold

The worst thing you'll hear about Bob Graham

Kerry announcement speech on now on C-span!!

Kerry Slams Bush as 'Radical'

Dean Meetup breaks 100K, now at 102K....

Poll: Dean and Kerry in virtual dead heat nationally against Bush

'Dialogue for Peace' Saturday in Sedona (AZ)

How many people were at Kerry's announcement speech today?

Veterans Against Clark

Tom Harkin's Annual Steak Fry - Question

Sorry, dupe

CNN/Gallop Polls one day after Labor Day

Starting day 2 of AWD's campaign fundraiser!

Ipsos/Cook Political Report Poll:

Kerry on Larry King Live Now!!

Will Pitt and PeteNYC's ideas...MUST READ!!!

Consider Moseley Braun a Contendor: Capital Times Editorial

Kucinich supporters! Your guy is rocking over at the Newsday poll!

Dean TV ads running in New Mexico...

Kerry To Launch Pre-Emptive Attack

Can Clark beat bush in the republican primaries?

and I am taking the road less taken by and that makes all the difference

What led me here...

Will Pitt has an excellent thread over in GD

I'm trying to like John Kerry...

I am sad to say I have changed my mind about whom to support for president

Face it, Kerry will lose to Bush.

West Wing Tonight Reminded Me Of Kerry's Words On Matthew Shepard

Will this have any ramifications?

Troubling Article In The Voice About Dean's I/P Stance

Candy Crowley on Newsnight coins new term: Kerry is Dean-Heavy

Moseley Braun addresses Islamic Convention

Bill Bradley VP?

Gibbons considers possible run for Nevada governor

Iowa peace group endorses Kucinich as candidate for peace

Kucinich’s Acceptance Speech for the 2003 Gandhi Peace Award

Hysterical flash...Arnold v.s. Ariana drag race!

Where are the Democratic candidates economically?

What would everyone think * would say or do regarding Sept 11?????????????

How would everyone expect to react to those movies showing the

What now for Joseph Wilson?

Recall= yes...Bustamante = winner...We still "lose"..

Leipzig Declaration...fights global warming for oil/coal industries

I just got this from my Dad

one day Bush will realize that Cheney played him

the strength in having an anti-war support base is…

MSNBC: Toll of U.S. wounded rises fast

Why take the DLC seriously?

The parallel between Arnold's gang rape and Enron et al's gang rape

Um. My post vanished.

Math for utter morons. Utter morons check in.

Question about Clark?

CEOs Profit from Layoffs, Pension Shortfalls, and Tax Dodges

Joe Scarborough sucks ass

Arnold makes another dumb-ass comment

Have you heard Dubya's latest "campaign" speeches?-

Which candidates are the most honest?

We are all going to die! Asteroid to hit Earth on March 21, 2014

Al Franken is on Letterman tonight

It's a sad state of affairs

Fleischer Finds Something to Do With His New Spare Time: Raise $$$

Bush's gutting and straining of the military might have hidden role

Madonna/Britney versus Snoop Dog's 2 women on leashes

is the DLC trying to sacrifice 2004 for Hillary in 2008?

10 American Troops injured daily in Iraq.....

Where are the Republicans?

3 US Soldiers Killed, 15 Wounded in separate incidents, Police HQ Bombed

A Passing thought

It's not wrong to ask questions, right?

Not LBN..but something I found.."Was U.S. 'duped' by Saddam?"

Don’t walk away from Iraq assignment, Washington tells Tokyo

Another effect of the Bush junta: You can't afford a new roof

The case for ideological unity and AL GORE

"Low key" commemorations of the terrorist incidents anniversary

interesting juxtaposition of headlines on google

Who is worse, Bush Sr. or Bush Jr. ?

Finally talking about the wounded

The Many Reasons to Vote for Howard Dean

CNN Poll - Bush v Unemployment

God I Am Throwing Up !!! --- Ollie North On JAG, USA Network !!!

if I get into a Truck crash and have to be "rescued" can I get a $1M deal?

Why are all those Pub Talking Heads so condenscending

The wife and I...

It's a lot worse than we thought.

Janklow's emails

Stop building new prisons

Sherrod Brown (OH)'s great joke from yesterday

max cleland at kerry announcement

Jesse Jackson Arrested in Yale Protest

Could the headlines get any uglier for Bush? They look UGLY to me!

Wesley Clark's Candidacy?

How Long Will It Take Us To UNDO And Repair Everything...

Soldiers to stop dieing in April !!!!!!

Bush pals hired to rewrite Iraqi law

A reply to my reply from the NY Post reporter (Dean 'librul' smear, cont.)

Are soldiers tainted by their service?

U.S. to Add 5,000 Armed Air Marshals

Today is a critical day to call your rep. Website

What to Know Why *'s Numbers Still > 50%?

Too true, too sad...

Bush Quote From Yesterday: "We have a responsibility that when somebody

What's The Proper Way To Pronounce "Kucinich"

C-Span:Kerry is in SC giving a good speech......large crowd! I think it's

Things I am tired of reading/hearing/seeing....

40,000 US Military Green Card Cannon Fodder

Are You a Self-Defeating Democrat ???

14 US soldiers wounded over weekend

WTF IS WRONG WITH OUR SOCIETY??? (interesting, sad NYT article)

Woe Are We Educated, Employed ‘Quarterlifers’ Looking for More

CENTCOM confirms fatatilty of 1rst Amored Div soldier Tues morning

Sucking Up Mexico's Power - - - "Not an hour after....."

Kerry's announcement speech

John Kerry, John Edwards, Bob Graham, and Joe Lieberman

Key Bush quotes on Sept 11 attacks, war on terror - Reuters

How come nobody says S about BOB GRAHAM anymore???

If election was held today vote your choice (This is Greens only please)

WOW! Neil Rogers is ON FIRE today!!!

Caution! Religion

2002 and 1998 Midterm Elections

Recent poll ~ 68% of Democrats can't name any Democratic candidate

EPA just changed a decades old ruling ~ that contaminated property

I have a question not related to politics

I have been persuaded to withhold my support from any candidate ....

Unfair & Unbalanced: Selling Snake Oil News....

I have read post after post - my candidate this/your candidate that --

Notice anything different about this AP statement about Dean?

50 yrs ago a CIA coup overthrew a democracy in Iran to install a dictator

Al Frankin

Ted Nugent Draft Dodger Story - anyone have link

If you haven't read "American Aurora," read Talbot's piece at

Kerry's officially in: This thing is not over yet

The Party is divided over the war and security issues...

Mind your Ps adn Qs -- another media person is posting to DU

Why do we take it?

"What Would Poindexter Bet On?"

What is your take on the Panama Invasion vote?

Detroit News Editorial shows how clueless the right is on Dean

Democrats happily dish out the boos-Dupe sorry

"As they watch G. W. begin to crash and burn,"

Good-bye Bell Curve!

Another Dean Milestone! -- 100,000 signed up for Meetup!

Okay you "care package people".. I have THREE new names

Scott McClellan paints rosy picture for junior

An email to Britt Hume (a top 10 conservative idiot)

Satire: FOX viewers mistakenly buy new Al Franken book

How about Bill Clinton for Attorney General?

Anyone elses think MSNBC Political analyst Craig Crawford...

What's your take on Texas Prop 12? (limits on damages in heathcare cases)

How does * get away with it?

A short conversation between my manager and me...

Gallery of Images from Sen. Kerry's Announcement tour kickoff....

Dean campaign response to DeLay: Stop Ashcroft!

How much worse would it be in Iraq if the US just pulled out?

Now Bush is looking for Fairness?? Speaking to trade Union People

"Guy James" Hosting on IEAmerica today at 3pm eastern

John Fund desperate about DEAN too!!! This just gets better!!

A U.S. Soldier died early Tuesday in a "nonhostile" incident

What Think ye of the American people?

Walter Reed is so full of war wounded that some stay in hotels

Guardian's Paula Toynbee's comments about Hutton Inquiry in the UK

"Rove's "majority plan" in early trouble"

Republican Roosters?

Some political observations from my trip to Chicago.

So George, how do you feel about your mom and dad?

Sen. Clinton and Gen. Clark Fundraising Together?

The Pro "I want to control Your Uterus" Crowd rallies

Joan Ryan

GOP's Slogans for Bush/Cheney '04

I'm impressed by CNN and MSNBC coverage today

Listen up folks! Excellent strategy for shutting up repugs bashing

Lawmakers now question Bush's Iraq policy

Weapons of mass distraction is The Bush Administration's MO

Selling sterilisation to addicts - supported by Dr Laura and Scaife

Check out this Fox News spoof before I get sued

Do You Believe the 02 Elections Were Fair?

How much is the empire worth to you?

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Rereleases Workin' Man as a protest

Crossfire Thread

Former Navy secretary blasts Bush on Iraq (Webb)


Which Quote Will Do Bush The Most Damage in 2004?

The Business of E-Voting and How it Can Put the Wrong Candidate in Office

CNN to cover Iraqi war wounded on Soledad O'Brien tomorrow

The Nixon Strategy/The Silent Majority--could it work in 2004?

Repubs outsource fundraising jobs, too.

Bush has already lost the Iraq War!!! A must read!!!

"Ex"-gay leader experiences 'moral fall'

Do you notice less smugness in repug polititions lately?

Need input on my Flash animations - They're streaming now

MSNBC: Clinton Bashing Book Talk

"Bush is a Terrorist" protest signs greet smirk in Ohio

"Original" 13th Amendment

Ads for Texas 11 Dems to start soon.

Bush is so bad even conservatives agree?

Things haven't loked so good since 1928

Tonights NIGHTLINE: Securing the Peace

smirk the clownboy (cartoon)

NPR is doing a story right now about Alabama's progressive tax plan

Rumsfeld, Army Leaders in Discord

Bush threw tantrum(and union jacket )yesterday on Air Force 1,on video,

They're b-a-a-a-c-k!!! CARTOONS!!!!

Is Bush really coming to Indiana on Friday? Bush caught lying again, press ignores it - again

U.N. implies it NEVER turned down security offer - orders investigation!!

Try racial profiling on these guys when looking for Arab terrorists

Bush and the Labor Day Union Crowd

Is Bush / Rove team worried about Economy, War, or Election ?


How much would you pay to see Bush throw a hissy fit?

CBS: Shiites Are Getting Impatient

IRAQ: WHAT WENT WRONG - A Fair and Balanced Look at America's New Vietnam

Teaser: if Dean loses nomination, does he run as an independent??

The "uniter" strikes again

Question on Clark

a couple quick questions about Dean

Frank Luntz Is Doing One Of His Unbiased (sic) Focus Polls On MSNBC

NOVA on now - "Bioterror" -pbs

Freepers, Subversives, Disruptors and Radicals. All are unhealthy to

Transcript of Coulter saying our soldiers might get their hair mussed

Dennis Miller was never funny

Who is the best and worst Democrat for workers economically?

As a Democrat, I always listen to differing slants on a subject. I give

What do you think is the CORE argument against Bush's reselection in 2004?

Don't you hate when you agree with the RW radio host?

hilarious japanese ahnold commercials

Heads Up! Franken on MSNBC Countdown!

Will Janklow run again?

Facing the truth about Iraq

HEY ALL. Wife bought me Al Franken's book for anniversary

Al Franken to be on with Keith Olberman this hour

Calf. 9/17 debate.... candidates get he questions in advance.....CNN Now

ya think Keith Olberman watches Jon Stewert ???

AWOL Under the reduce troops....

Dean Supporters: May I suggest a call to DeLay's Office?

A new voting sect to purge from the rolls....

been thinking of living a few yrs in Europe

Who would have bigger coattails?

What is a "Metro-Sexual?" I could ask in the Lounge.....but it came up

A right-wing rhetorical trick:

Drudge: Arnold's Weightlifter Buddy Told All to ABC in Interview

The Manufacturing Czar

It's The War, Stupid

Does your state guarantee the right to hunt (USE GUNS), fish and trap?

AFL-CIO already running anti-Bush ads in Ohio

Cost of War = +$73 Billion so far, and climbing fast.........

The Bush Administration: Consistently bad for organized labor

How many more casualties of the Iraq War like this are going unnoticed?

A-Test protestors organize world-wide boycott of US goods

Why this Vermonter supports Howard Dean...

need help about social security issues in an email sent to me

Does anyone know anything about this...

The 18181 problem revised: 2 of 4 LEGISLATIVE races: 1 out of 1,601,666!

Lol: Funny Political Ad on Comedy Central

US abandons African AIDS programme

Charley Liteky: A REAL Hero

who thinks if Bush "wins" in '04 our military might stage a coup?

everyone on DU is a huge bigot

I'm 17 and I support Dean

Please don't suspect EVERY newbie

Bush's Psyche: "So george, how do you feel about your mom and dad?"

AWD campaign fundraiser - Day 2

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Delay's name calling--Dean!

I'm 16 years old and I support Dennis Kucinich!

Kerry Announcement on CSPAN now. nt

SAIC report leaked? Diebold stock shooting up, up and away

National Dean Meetup is Tomorrow, sign up!

I'm going to a Dean Meetup in Cheyenne Wyoming!

Should a Presidential candidate be married?

Dems out to avenge DeLay’s comment on Kennedy’s girth

Dr. Kelly: Suicide by hanging out to dry(?)

NightLine Thread: Securing the Peace in Iraq

The Dems are just a weak, pathetic party. We ask for little and will

Don't worry the democratic party will be saved :)

16 months & 30 billion dollars to restore Iraq oil output to prewar levels

I honestly think * is about to blow

A Compendium Of Reasons To Vote For John Edwards

What I see going on in this country today...

Can Clark Beat Bush?

The History Channel - from war to boobs to war again

Letterman's top 10 list last night

Ok. Not that it matters but I am 'officially' pulling for *Dean*

The Biggest Myth of All Time

I call for a ceasefire on all Dem attack threads EXCEPT Lieberman

(R) Sen McConnell HARDBALL: Do they ever stop?

What's the deal with the Howard Stern callers on C-Span?

It's hard not to be bitter and sarcastic w/family regarding Iraq war...

Dennis Miller on Bush, circa 2001

How effective are the Dean Meetups

interesting point from the "extras" on the BFC DVD

did the Bushes' servants quit?


Whats the story behind the * in place of Bush's name?


They're hiding the wounded Americans

Psychologist Oliver James analyses the behaviour of the American president

Bush On Edge As Lawsuit Targets WMD Businesses

Den of Thieves track #3: 'Fear Machine'

The next time someone refutes Michael Moore with ""...

Anybody just watch the CNN interview with Paul Hill's "spiritual adviser"?

Al Franken will be on NPR's Fresh Air tomorrow.

Bayard Rustin & Eleanor Roosevelt? GAY! GAY! GAY!

Help! I could use some advice from an Attorney in FL

Someone had better be talking exit strategy for Iraq right now

The Halliburton Army

Senator Harkin

The Stanford Prison Experiment

Dan Rather/NBC doing investigation of FBI Under POPPY! ties to 9/11

Bush throws temper tantrum on video - Thread #3

AOL Poll -Would you read Jessica Lynch's Book?

Can The Democrats Win If The Economy Stabilizes And The Situation

Wow--a Brand New Poster Just Said a Mouthful--a lot of truth

Kerry's medals

Public water fountains are "unfair competition" to corporate business

Poor Lieberman. He can't BUY respect

Slate: John Kerry’s missing courage

Open Letter to All Obnoxious Dean and Kerry Supporters

Kerry as Antihero

Does Kerry "get it?"

578 reasons that the Right fears Kerry...

Did Anyone Else Feel Proud to Be an American After Watching John Kerry?

Deleted message

Greg Palast Gets Down and Dirty On BBV.... LYNCHING BY LAPTOP

Kerry is about to announce — watch live (9/2/03 @ 9:30 am EDT)

For anyone who doubts how big guns are to voters, read THIS!

Deleted message

Who Can Give the Best Title for Jessica Lynch's Book?

Is Howard Dean the "Ross Perot" of the 2004 Campaign? I need help

the only reason Hillary leads the declared candidates in national polls…

Kerry is being nailed for a double standard.

Bill Maher

What is happening in Venezuela?

What should be the U.S. military policy in Iraq ??

Bush throws temper tantrum on video - Thread #2

Nearly 40,000 of America's frontline soldiers are not US citizens

list possible dust jacket quotes for Jessica Lynch's book

Guaranteed To cause heck...the New DLC Article on Swing & Base Voters

Do we have a chance in hell OUR votes will be counted?

DeanLink, the new campaign tool!

Oh, the irony...Kerryites are desperate!

Jesse Jackson Arrested in Yale Protest

Marysville teachers vote to strike

Security Fears Keep Nations From Pledging Aid To Iraq -WP

Britons Want UK Forces Out Of Iraq

British firms set sights on Libya as hopes rise of an end to sanctions

Bomb blast in Baghdad kills 2 US military police officers

Judge Orders Officers Freed

And now the car that parks itself [a little distracting good news]

Business Pushing Pension Change

FIELDS OF DESPAIR,Politicians' farming interests lead to drought of laws f

Dean picks up key backer in Iowa

'Silence' law joins pledges in school routine | Dallas Morning News

Kerry to Announce Today in South

Iraq rebuilding helps drive up wood- product prices, demand

Bush forces not conceding Illinois voters

Kurdish rebels end ceasefire with Turkey

After Adjustment for Political Reality, Deficit Projections Get Scary ....

Saudi Prince, Putin Discuss Oil Exports

Paraplegic Scaling Japan's Mount Fuji

New Jersey: Demonstration against white supremacist Hal Turner

Countries balk at aiding Iraq

125 students hit by poisoning - China

Gunmen kill four Pakistan political party members

Union leaders prepare motion to condemn war in Iraq - UK Independant


Bush Claims Credit for Economic Upturn

Iraq Chaos May Cloud Bush's Sept. 11 Legacy

Whitman Denies White House Told Her to Lie

Widening cry against GOP election tactics

US soldier killed, one wounded in helicopter accident

Iraq Enters a Tense New Phase

AP: Vivendi reaches 'good deal' on sale of entertainment assets (to NBC)

'Egyptian blood worth the same as any other'

"Dog handler found scientist's body slumped against tree" [Hutton Inquest]

US may deploy missle defense system in Japan

John Kerry announcing his presidential bid on C-span right now

Bush, Bloomberg bashed in 9/11 poll

The Fallen (death toll of U.S. forces in Iraq reached 282 this week)

Cle PD: Protesters greet Bush along road


Top Iraqi Blasts US Occupation (dupe, sorry)

Domestic spying vs. secret police - MSGOP

The Business of E-Voting and How it Can Put the Wrong Candidate in Office

Ashcroft decides against running for political office

Iraq: Four weeks, four bombs, 121 dead

Protesters line the streets

Breaking news: Huge bomb blast rocks Baghdad police station.

Customs Agents Join Air Marshals' Program

Fleischer Finds Something to Do With His New Spare Time: Talk -- and Raise

(Rep. Cal) Dooley (DINO-CA) will quit Congress

CNN BREAKING: Fed Appeals Court overturns 100 death sentences

Hitachi develops RFID chip for bank notes, documents

Taliban leaders believed surrounded (+unreported Afganistan news)

Commander: Taliban sending 300 more fighters in to battle

Moussaoui wins another ruling for witness access

SENATE WATCH-9/2/2003 (#1)

Poland looks to NATO as support for Iraq force sags (Going all wobbly)

Lawmakers Question Bush's Iraq Policies

Iraqis Mourn Cleric; Brother Blames U.S.

Jessica Lynch Agrees to $1M Book Deal

Are we still "sexing up" charges of terrorism?

Broward’s top Republican official to switch parties (Florida)

Iraqis Mourn Cleric; Brother Blames U.S (ABC News)


Spy for Israel going back to court

School Closings in St. Louis Spark Angry Protests, Threat of Boycott

Google pulls links to Kazaa imitator


Germany welcomes Libyan disco bomb offer

Ugandans awed by carnage after 'rebel ambush'

Soros Funds New Anti-Bush Political Group...

Report: Feds have IT money to burn

Taliban Said Teaming With al-Qaida Again

Two Arrested Over Omagh Bombing - Ireland

10 Commandment monuments in Idaho no big deal | Spokane Spokesman-Review

Iraq Occupation Could Cost $29B a Year

China blames US for the impasse in talks with N Korea

White House to Allow More Tours

Fire breaks out at Baton Rouge Exxon Plant

breaking on FOX - Airborne division in firefight now

Draft Clark Contingent Hopes Candidacy Is Near

NBC saying that Bush has just signed off on the language for UN resolution

White House to Ease Restrictions on Tours

Dems Can't Find Candidate for Ga. Senate

Kerry Opens W. House Bid Slamming Bush As ‘Radical’

First visit by Jordanian monarch to Iran in 25 years

Bomb kills 2 U.S. soldiers in Baghdad

U.S. to Ask U.N. for Wider Role in Iraq

Ocalan Re-Ignites Turkish Kurdish Revolt

Accidents kill many U.S. soldiers in Iraq

Exit Polls from '02 election to be released

Recall candidates will get early look at questions

High Court Urged to Take Guantanamo Case

Asian triad in deal to replace (MS) Windows

Ousted US Army Chief Blasts Bush Iraq Policy

U.S. to Ask U.N. for Wider Role in Iraq

Dead UK Scientist Had No History of Depression

Harkin Sees Votes to Stop Overtime Change

Iraq Occupation Could Cost $29B a Year (+ two new Army divisions

Star (Tim Robbins) Attacks U.S. Culture of Fear

Resistance in Iraq Is Home Grown

The Life and Death of Russia's Space Shuttle Program

To Save Jobs, Bush Will Appoint a Manufacturing Czar

US sneers at 'chocolate makers' - European only NATO

Bush 48% Hillary 41% (Bush is losing ground to Kerry and Dean)

Asteroid Heading for Earth, May Hit in 2014

Legislator says Massachusetts will ban gay marriage

Texas: Democratic senator returning home

Russia, Saudi Arabia Sign Oil Agreements

Pentagon lacks manpower to keep current occupation force in Iraq

Pentagon May Have to Reduce U.S. Forces in Iraq - CBO

Over 100 DP cases overturned

Pentagon May Have to Reduce U.S. Forces in Iraq -CBO (By half)

Hour's Notice Could Have Halted Blackout -Mich. Gov Jennifer Granholm (D)

Rserve, Guard Units Hit Hard

Bush poised to seal Singapore FTA today

Iraqi Freedom Party Investigation Counts 37,137 Civilian War Deaths

Analysis: Venezuela's Islamic links

Congress Seeking Bush's Iraq Strategy

EPA lifts ban on selling PCB sites (without fanfare).

Number of Wounded in Action on Rise. A must read.

One of self-exiled Texas Democrats returned home...

Abortion Doctor's Killer Expects 'Reward'

China Indicates It Will Reject U.S. Devaluation Calls

Iraqi Official Wants U.S. to Leave Nation

Motorist shoots, kills man after tomatoes thrown at car

NYT: Bush Admin eases rules on emergency care


Iraq War Erodes World's Post-9/11 Sympathy for US

Senator Spends 11th Hour Working on Speech Launching Candidacy mural I saw early this evening

Disaster in California R-Null 9.9 on the rectum scale, more at 11!

Need suggestiions on a bar mitzvah gift....

new hate radio sponsors

Favorite Sam Cooke tune?

Hillary's on Leno, btw n/t

My computer is having a jammer "heart attack"

A Golden Rule question-

How to build a community

A peeve of mine: learn to spell the candidates' damned names already!

Should I go to bed soon

10-year-old hits hole-in-one on first golf trip (DAMMIT)

Merriam Webster Audio Pronunciation For "George W. Bush"

screwing with WKRP in Cincinnati . . . it's heresy, I tell ya! . . .

After Watching VH1 It Got Me Thinking. Did You Have A Water Bed.

ALERT!: The kiddie prisons are OPEN the li'l tax shelters are out there!

Madonna/Britney versus Snoop Dog's 2 women on leashes

Christmas Gift for the Freeper Child

Good Tuesday Morning DU!

Favorite song by the Spinners?

The joys of home remodeling

School starts tomorrow

Am I overdoing it with the music polls?

Norton just caught and quaranteened about 5 of these coming in...

For everyone else who's been waiting for the NEXT BIG PROTEST

Why is every message board on the internet

HEY WILL PITT.... you make it home ok last night?

Wireless mouse and keyboard..The greatest invention since the lightbulb!

Favorite M&Ms?

should I......

Is it October 1, yet?

Brazilian Women Vainest in World -Study

Mighty Hubble Telescope searches for George Bush's Intelligence



I need advice...

Favourite All-Time Vicki Lawrence Song?

What will Demman's 1000 post be?

Pygmies Launch Debut CD

I'm putting up preserves, - ask me anything.

The postman just brought me spandex bike shorts. Ask me ANYTHING!

Amazing how things remain the same...From "Main Street".


Who Wants To Meet Me In Philly For Some Doobies?

Sweet dreams are made of this

Favorite Charlene song.....

I just noticed, I have two different kinds of shoes on.

Yes Or No?

CoffeeCoyoteCoffee - Post-LaborDay Blend!!!!!!!

Who can tell me what this is?

Post # 1000

Top Ten Things Overheard at President Bush's Labor Day Barbecue

Can we name a dessert made with Tang after the deserter from TANG?

DU Fantasy Football: Oobleck Catcher - check your trades

Oh the irony: makers of Kazaa invoke DMCA to shut down Kazaa Lite

Favorite Bobby Darin song?

which Candidates should Covet MY Endorsement?

A Poll with no answers except those YOU provide!

Scroll buttons scroll buttons 1-2 1-2

Deseret News published my letter on the Ten Commandments!

A new theory on evolution

Helllpppp.. I'm meltinnnnnnggggggg

The Power of Nature

first day at school just home now ask me things too

Will I ever be able to use this: * again without feeling woozy

Everbody! Submit your favorite anti-republican words here...

Need clarification- What exactly does the John Birch society

Anyone Like to Teach English in China? Starting Very Soon?

if people are moving out of California

Aztek SUV vs Cadillac DeVille.

Who cooked out this past Labor Day Weekend

Dice are rolling....knives are out

15 inches above average, enough with the rain

I just had my first day of school for 11th grade. Ask me anything.

Kazaa users, help me!!

Actor's drinking habit got him into very hot water

Opus and Bill the Cat returning to comics?

Is thread hijacking passe?

Another tech question - about wav files.

I had dinner Sat. night at the table next to Olympia Snowe...

Favorite Helen Reddy song

I Don't See How Indy DU'ers Keep Their Sanity

Favorite song by the Platters?

Sunday Funnies ..Yeah I know it's Tuesday

Anyone else have their comics disappear on

More Generation X music: Favorite song by INXS?

Ground Rules for DU for Primary Season?

Oh boy, I'm pissed

The Cornered Carp of all CAPTIONS!!!

The Five Dog Night of all CAPTIONS!!!

Is Anybody Else's Internet Service Goin Slow ??? Plus, Tracert Question:

...yet ANOTHER question for the music fans and musicians here at DU...

Here we are, folks - dream we all dream of...

a Pink Floyd birthday

whats another term for femi-nazi?

Sing Konrad! Sing!

why hasn't update the Limbaugh sponsors list?

today's new hate radio advertisers

so did anyone see Zoolander?

Campbell's Soup ads running on Limpbaugh

Who Advertises On "Liberal Radio?"

PRESIDENT George Bush Turnpike???

PUT IT BACK! The 10 Commandments Monument MP3! LOL!


Company told us today there will be layoffs...

Do our young DUers have any horror stories from their first day?

A Love Story

and for the guy who has everything . . .

anyone up for the ultimate vacation experience?

Beer for my Horses. Waah

WooHoo!!! Just got "Iron Heel" by Jack London!

Need URL about Texas kids sick

Plan for the future: Design your own Hell!

How to hijack a thread

Hey Geeks and Wannabees!!!

Error messages we can live without

one CAPTION flew over the cukoo's nest

Funniest Products

My wife and I have an invitation to a gay marriage ceremony

UGH, I really need some therapy...

Bush Announces New Job Creation McCzar...

A page for geeks [warning : it is really gruel]

Damn you, DU!


Does anyone else hate that stores stay open on Labor day?

Who's tending the bar tonight?

Cornholers in Florida!? (Really, really, funny article)

How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb?


Have you seen an ad featuring a black person's foot branded with an "N?"

paid product placement

Confused by "fair and balanced" label appearing on cover..

Hypnotoad alert: Cartoon network

Anyone watching "A Decade Under The Influence"?

Rolling Stones now have their songs at the iTunes Music Store

Killer Snipe Peck Out Kansas Hunter's Eyes

Your favorite Three Dog Night song?

So, young DUERS


Caption the Whistle Ass taking the Handoff

What's your favorite Young Ones episode?

Favorite song by Dion (and the Belmonts)?

So...what are YOU having (or what did you have) for dinner tonight?

Does anyone read The Big Takeover?

Which DU product should I get?

For SweetZombieJesus

Favorite Pseudo Lesbian Russian Pop Duo

The Onion presents America's Best Zoo Exhibits

Any DUers work for the DMV

Favorite "Slob Movies"

So what would YOU do for a Million?

Any lawyers here? (or law students)

I'm depressed, bummed out ...ask me anything while I

Legal guidance needed on murder investigation

today's shrub photo....tanked, really lit.....(pic)


"Complex picture of female sexuality hinders magic pill"

Wow, my August electric bill was $90!

32 days after arriving in AZ...

Is John Edward REALLY Communicating With The Dead?

Anti-Bush / Shwarzenegger Humor by famous comedians.

Terri Schiavo's situation

Guess who my mom ran into in East Hampton this weekend?

Ben and Jerry's Ethical Dilemma

Boy Meets Boy... Finale Tonight!! --- Oh My Gay Stars!!

Who's going to win the next Survivor? The meth-head, drunk, or acid-freak?

What's the best way to fix MSBLAST on an XP dialup system?

My Local Video Stores Bow To Censorship

Scary Areas in Dade County

Favorite Curtis Mayfield tune (with or without the Impressions)

What's the best class you ever took

Return of the GROTTO!

Where in the hell are all the old timers?

Why does it have to be a GOD that made the universe and the planets

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO..................

For my 7000th post, here are some sick and funny video clips. Enjoy :-)

AOL or MSN, which should I use?

A General Inquiry for Atheists/Agnostics at DU

Why are Right-Wingers So 'Effing RUDE?

Favorite song by Blink 182?

What are your experiences/dealings with actual nazis or the KKK?

Wish me luck

Tell me

The Nine Levels of DU Hell

I just rode 24 miles in less than 2 hours. Ask me something....

Question: Where are the most racially integrated communities in USA?

Favorite Motown act of the 1960s?

Well......I need glasses! (not surgery)

Arnold flabby? Is this picture for real?

We're buying a whole new computer system.