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California election result

Regime still claims Saddam-al Qaeda link

Big lie on Iraq comes full circle

Greeley: Big lie on Iraq comes full circle

In quiet town, big tobacco company keeps its skeletons

Can You Hear Me Now, Mr. Bremer?


Star Tribune: Right-wing letter to editor rebutted FOUR times the next day

Ted Kennedy: "This war is a fraud". Go Ted!

LA Times Commentary: Paths of Glory Lead to a Soldier's Doubt

This Approach is Leading Nowhere: The Reconstruction of Iraq

Green-minded group seeks to boost Dems in '04 - Denver Post

Bush's* Goose Egg - editorial cartoon by Benson (Arizona Republic)

"Big lie on Iraq comes full circle" by AndreW Greeley

Newest injustice to disabled vets: Robbing Sgt. Peter to pay Sgt. Paul

Ok Le Monde is reporting we have lost

More Questions For Cheney by Reps. Kucinich, Maloney and Sanders

Justin Raimondo: Are you Syria-ous?

Thom Hartman: Bush's blank check for war (Iraq & 9/11)

"Governor Goodhair" Gets his Reward

Great idea...Kofi Annan suggests using 1958 Iraq Constitution

How Americans have fooled themselves about the war in Iraq

NY Times: The Terrorism Link That Wasn't

John Ellis : General Clark and Anybody But Dean

Clark went generic-USAToday

Editorial: Speculating on Dean/Clark ticket

Remember Darryl Worley?

Ken Schram Commentary: Disagreeing Doesn't Mean We're Un-American

NYTimes Letters to Editors - 5 against Friedman, 1 for .......

Clift: Falling, Can He Get Up? (*'s drop in the polls)

The global hierarchy of race

The Bush regime's errors cost the lives of thousands and endless misery

George Bush V. Real Presidents, A BuzzFlash Reader Commentary

What $87 Billion Buys - • What Else $87 Billion Will Buy

Peter Lee: 'Useful idiot'

Pride and Prejudices - Americans Are in Denial Over Iraq

Don't be an idiot!

Joseph Wilson: Seeking honesty in U.S. policy

9/11/01: Where Was George? - Eric Alterman in The Nation

The accountability trap:

Bush "don't know whether to shit or throw rocks."

Blue Collar Ph.D. -- or, Class Still Matters

NBC's 'West Wing' to Take More Bipartisan Approach

If you all don't read this thread, the terrorists win!!!

Michael Moore at RT in NH 9/20

Dean in Boston 9/23

Joe Conason alert - heads up Bay Area DUers!!

MSNBC campaign embeds?

Anymore about Christiane Amanpour? Was she let go?

Most papers bury/ignore Bush's Saddam-Sept. 11 words

BBC history of Blair years: "The Project"

Rivals eye UK television takeover

Can't fing believe it...

'Ties could bite Leavitt '

Ancient River Found Flowing Beneath Toronto

Hi, folks. Just a quick word from your friendly Moderator.

anyone here have t-shirt-making info/experience?

Hollywood's Scariest Houses

From Yahoo News - "FDA Seizes $4,100 Worth of Herbal Tea"

Need info on Employers coercing Pol Donations for Bush/Cheney

MN Duers! Let's go bowling!

Wesley Clark's Astrological Info

U.S. Daily Casualties 9/19/2003

Gay Leader of Anti-Tax Group Is Removed

Racism at Hertz?

IMF warns trade gap could bring down dollar -US to grow at only 2.6%

Business Tax Cut Legislation Unveiled in Senate

FASB to Mull Review of Some Cash-Balance Pension Rules

What's Hiding In Home Contracts

Bu$h OKs selling Global Crossing stake

gas prices

Sale of Russian forests to private loggers could create ecological crisis

Apollo-like capsule may replace shuttle

Algae Blob Blankets Lake Erie

Southwest Monsoon Season Ends With A Whimper

Recyclable Nukes in Energy Bill. Whose Crazy Idea Is This?

Way down upon the Suwannee River......the rules are changing.

Vegetarians (Caring About Animals)

African lions on their way to extinction

Survivors of ferry accident mauled by crocs - SA

Eight die after eating contaminated meat - Ethiopia

Pupils raid school lab for deadly 'booze' - Botswana

63 arrested after riot at Eastern Cape school - SA

Thousands held in N Rand blitz - SA

Separation not in Mr., Mrs. Arroyo’s cards

Canadian sentenced for arms smuggling


Italy: Berlusconi intensifies his attacks on the judiciary

Police defy court order allowing newspaper to reopen - Zimbabwe

Group of 10 US Senators launches Taiwan caucus

Dieting Later In Life Effective?

‘Forgotten epidemic' rears head - Malaria

Does anyone have an explanation for the reversal in ranking of

What are the gun laws in Kanas City, MO for concealed carry?

Schoolbus Beating Videotaped

Governor Dean WRONG on gun statement

Party position on guns= 2002.

Why could anyone oppose any portion of the Bill OF Rights?

Quick quiz for people who SUPPORT the assault weapons ban

Which is the the RKBA crowd's lamest bit of hooey?

How dealers conduct sales at gun shows.

Just Curious

Sub-forums for LBN?

Is it legal to discuss football picks in the lounge

Question about the search function

A suggestion regarding the "Negative Campaigning" tolerance.

Possible broken link

Another suggestion for flame baits, candidate bashings, and even mellow

Why was this post removed from JP?

Broken Bob

Pssssst, Skinner, over here, please:

5 sentence rule

About the "Calendar" feature

How do you add an avatar?

What can we do about GD / Clark forum?

DUer in crisis, I've alerted but have some questions.

Request long date-time display in Search results

The shakshuka government

Reserve pilots to refuse liquidations

Inside the War on Hamas

Fierce fighting erupts in central Gaza Strip

Still a Player (Arafat interview with ABCNEWS)

General Assembly demands Israel not deport Arafat after US Council veto

Sharon’s Tango Mortale

The end of Zionism.

The 'Catch-22' Plight of Imprisoned Spy Jonathan Pollard

Arresting Arab Assets

PA: Gov't to be announced next week, includes Hamas backer

Famed Syrian lawyer to act for Canadian

Okay? What are the odds?

Thermite and the Core Collapse

Braun remakes a name for herself: Sun-Times

Dean rips Bush on foreign policy, tax cuts

Moby and Kerry rock the Intrepid in NYC-James Taylor and Nile Rodgers, too

Quick question

Steel tariffs backfire on Bush

Spell leaves Kerry for Clark

Graham: upcoming Iowa TV campaign focus on Bush, Iraq

Psyched in Iowa - witness report on Clark's visit

WP:Clark says he "probably" would have voted for IWR

Graham to have 4 fundraisers in NY & DC this week

Edwards to block EPA nomination

Dennis's statement opposing the recall

Anybody have some excess $ to register

NOT serious post: What are they doing to my man Clark?

Check out this link regarding Dennis

From NPR: Democrats Seek to Fire Up 'NASCAR Dad' Vote

Late-Arriving Candidate Got Push From Clintons

Salon on Clark's bad day

Carter Sees Some of Himself in Dean

Anyone representated by Roscoe Bartlett (R)

Edwards gets closer look in New Hampshire

Dean's allstar support. ;-)

Is This The Bill Clinton Show? - Clark

Janeane Garofalo Joins Howard Dean in NYC

CNN: Haley Barbour having trouble buying MS governor race.

OK, when will one of the 10 candidates have 1700+ delegates locked in?

In case you missed it: Clark today "He would never have voted for the war"

AP: Kerry hits back at Delay over Kennedy remarks

In Defense of Clark's voting record, from a Dean supporter.

Dean, Kerry, and Lieberman neck and neck in Rhode Island

Edwards just posted his first weblog entry. Lets give him a warm welcome!

Gep/Kerry/Dean camp reaction to Clark's shifting postion on Iraq war

Dean has strong support from Vermont's elected Democrats

Clark voted repuke in 72, 80 & 84!

AP:Lt. Gen. Claudia Kennedy to advise Kerry on foreign policy/security

Salon: Can John Kerry Turn It Around?

NYTimes: Kerry to get Firefighter s' Union (IAFF) Endorsement

The Top 12 House Races of 2004.

CNN: Gen. Claudia Kennedy endorses Kerry.

Nation article," Dean-a-palooza", details Joe Trippi history, influence...

Hymn of the Christian Union

Go here and read how Labor is going to 'reorganize' the BBC.

which candidate do you think has the strongest desire to become president?

AP: No Evidence Iraq Stockpiled Smallpox

Republicans don't support the troops, they have them killed.

Anybody remember this guy?

Okay, I'm for Dean - Clark "probably" would have supported war resolution

Disgusted that fellow Deanies claim that Clark was for the war!

Robert F. Kennedy JR Endorses John Kerry

Campaign Ad for Clark

Janeane Garofalo Confirms Late Stage Discussion For AnShell Show in Jan.

Baghdad Burning blog talks about raids on homes

Investigations into 9-11 Saudi flights?

Bush and Pubs are a Cancereous Tumor on America. Malignant no less.

Look. Rove will do anything to eliminate Clark before convention.

Chief Justice Antonin Scalia

so Clark "became democratic" with Bill Clinton ?

I want a truce after the Primary Ok Kids.

Anyone But Bush???

Clark is a fine candidate

Taliban capture 4 US troops: Follow up

Who Will Watch the Watchers?

I started my DU night grumpy

Does Anyone Get It? They want us squabbling with each other!!!!

PNAC to the "left" of me. PNAC to the right. Here I am.

Truths to live by

KIRO has a poll about General Clark

"I'm not going to fondle your tight little bum for you!"

in Iraq: No real international coalition possible? Delegate to Iraqis

It's the ECONOMY, stupid - and Smirk can't "spin" this one!

Take the time to read the NYT article: Clark says Dean was right.

Hate him, Love him....Dean Made Bush Bushing and Being A Liberal OK again

Eight American troops killed -- by Robert Fisk in Khaldiya

I am having trouble with submitting posts tonight.

My Fellow Clark Supporters

I have a small request

If Gore were president, wouldn't you want the IWR?

Note to Clark supporters: there's a difference between examining & bashing

Has the DLC gotten to Clark?


What is Clark's view on the PNAC?

When did the Liberal Party of NY ever endorse a Republican over a Dem?

Clark or Dean?

Me thinks IRAN IS NEXT: Bremer complains, now warheads warning

This is a good idea from Bustamante

The PUBs are Worried!! Judging by the amount of Trolls in GD, they

Man arrested for offering to kill woman in Kobe assault case

Tom Toles: SCOTUS and the California recall

The Cheney Gang Editorial from Rochester Paper

The Idiocy of Steel Tariffs


Good God! Dean is anti-gun control!

"I'm not going to start the Third World War for you,"

Disgusting Rush quote today

Who APPROVED Grasso's comp package in the FIRST place?

2004: what odds would YOU offer as a DU bookie?

Hillary will take Clark for VP in October

How about making Iraq the 51st state?

On the unsubstantiated "8 soldiers killed" RUMOR

My take onTed Kennedy's announcement

Tonight 9 pm ET, Jimmy Carter on Larry King

WOW! I've changed my mind from Clark back to Dean!

The Kennedy AP interview.

Krugman speaks his mind (including a shout-out to Dean)

Set aside candidates for a second and check out Hans Blix's BBC interview.

Dean, Clark, Sharpton, all good to me

This morning... I saw something

If one reads these two "Pipelineistan" pieces, it's obvious why Cheney...

Clark "Celestially Empowered" !!!

Big lie on Iraq comes full circle: A must read

how many Women listen to hate radio?

Which is worse for the Repukes?

Why am I smarter than the State Department and the CIA?

Fewer get workplace health plans

Can someone refer me to a well researched article that shows . . .

If you haven't read it, read the front page article today

Let's pre-emptively invade the Lounge Forum!

Is Bremer a Price Fixer?

USA should take half of the $87 billion W is requesting for his quagmire..

This is pathetic

anyone else hear the F bomb on Cspan this morning

Will Clark's Iowa speech be shown on TV?

Other countries will bail out Chimp in Iraq, now that he is compromised

Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002

Did anyone see Hannity last night?

Dean supporters... couple questions re: policy stances that worry me

Kennedy: Iraq War Made Up in Texas

Re: Clark...

Carter: Turmoil in Iraq, Afghanistan likely 2004 campaign issue

BBV: for GBnC re: Kathy Rogers

Isabel : Media Revealed?

Barry Crimmins critique on current democratic field

Does Clark saying he

Jack Black on CNN! NOW (11:50 AM CT)

Is this guy for real?

"Mary, help!" (General Clark) called to his press secretary.

Zinn info - help

more disquieting Clark biographical history....

Dixie Chicks Small Plane Crash No injuries

Dean is a Poopie Pants!

Good article on Ann Slanders

Clark 'Probably' Would Have Backed War.....Wash Post

What happened to the "Blair Democrats"?

Davis going to sign AB 205 in San Francisco tomorrow

Annie's grassroots report

"A Case Against the Case Against the Case for Howard Dean."

Paging takebackthemedia...

BBV folks: R. Doug Lewis mentioned in my LA Times

CSPAN Friday AM — Pam Hess with Brian Lamb

Even fashion headlines are about the economy...

Who Knows the Clintons the Best

For all of you Vietnam Vets

Dean's Sallie-Mae loans for small business

Madeline Albright on KFOG

a freeper figures out why Germany flip-flopped

Why no Sane Person Should Even Consider Clark for Pres.

Troops mistakenly kill interpreter

Need Faux Liberal media financing graph

Wesley Clark is a white version of Rick James

No matter how you slice it, Bush is toast....

I wish the mods would make a new forum..the "Candidate Bash" forum..

DID you catch this in the CNN article about Ted Kennedy?

ok, enough about Clark - what about uh, CHENEY?

Wesley Clark says, "He would have voted to invade Iraq"

Characteristics of Critical/Uncritical Thinkers

Could you all think twice before starting threads on candidates?

Why Dean is best prepared to go up against Bush and Rove

Getting out of Iraq

I have a quandary concerning my future and Diebold voting machines...

A quote from the Salon article about Kerry....

DNC Chairman to announce Clark WILL attend debate @ noon

"Iraq the Comedy"---unfortunately, if it wasn't so damn serious

Michael Springman, the Jeddah visa office and 9/11

Deleted message

Need help finding pre-Iraq quotes by the Repugs

Welcome to Vietnam, Mr. President. Sorry you didn't go in 1972

must read: Jet Blue shared 5 mil passenger records with DoD

Bremer insists Iraqis are extremely grateful

& Whatcha' Gonna' Say if Demon Clark becomes the VP of

Have all candidates forsworn running as an independent or Green?

What would it take ... Plaid Adder?

How Bush pays the bribes to foreign leaders

All this crap about voting for Reagan NOT being a factor

Entire 9th Circuit WILL review the recall decision...

I need link to Bush's comments linking Saddam/9-11

Is DU losing its way?

How a Republican Sees the Democratic Nominee Race

Bush and his Fraud War.

Response from Jet Blue

Does anyone give a damn about what DUers think of the candidates?

U.S. Daily Casualties 9/19/2003

Today's Cheer Up Thread : Village Voice Letters

Clark supporters: I need some help

Clinton welcomed as hero in Kosovo - Thank you, Wes Clark!

Clark Voted For Gore in 2000

What does it mean if the CA Appeals Ct decides election can go forth?

Al Gore on cnn with Gray Davis

How Influential Should Bill Clinton Be In The Primaries?

On Clark's Republican votes... A case for consideration.......

New DUer needs evidence of Bush lies.

It's OK--Hell...It's Healthy To Have A Rough Primary

Sweden's broadcasting watchdog censuring Oprah

A Please For Intellectual Honesty

3, 8 or 11--How many US troops killed yesterday?

What Clark was saying about the war BEFORE the war

NEWS ALERT: Explosion Shakes Downtown Baghdad (1:23 PM ET)

WHERE in the HELL is the "liberal F'ing media"????????????

About that $87 Billion

To all Lurking Freepers!!!

I've got a good reason for not giving a damn...

I extend my pro-Clark hand to the pro-Dean people

Psyched in Iowa - witness report on Clark's visit

Tipper and a good cause

Need info on Employers coercing Pol Donations for Bush/Cheney

NPR/BBC America humor this morning.

Are the people that attack US Forces occupying Iraq "Terrorists"?

The Electric cool-aid acid test (for Dean supporters)

How are we supposed to convict the Guantanamo Bay prisoners?

"He's the first politically active and aware student I've ever had."

About this "Clark voted Reagan!" crap. Come on, folks.

Iraqis Take Joy in Attack on US Convoy in Khaldiyah- photo

Here's What ELSE Clark Was Saying About the War Before the War

Important...Please read re: Internet virus

Heads up! Ted Kennedy to talk tough on CNN's Judy Woodruff

the leader of the dem party SHOULD be a PARTISAN dem!

just heard Peter Camejo give an awesome speech...

Worldnutdaily says Clark is unpatriotic....

I may have voted for the war if....

Clark's dad was a Democratic politician...

What color M&M did Clark vote for?

Did Clark vote for Satan in 1980?

Crossfire thread 9/19/03

Halliburton stock July 2002 - $9 per share

Quotes of Bush saying the UN is irrelevant prior to invasion?

Castro vs. Bush

ANTI-Kucinich site....

{{{{{BREAKING}}}}}} Full Appeals Court takes up CA Recall Postponement

The end of Zionism.

Another Talking Bush Toy President Figure hits the market

Meacher in Boston Interview at 6PM Eastern

Giving credit where credit is due -- Wesley Clark's "100 Year Vision"

Update on liberal radio network

Clark voted for Clinton in 1992!

9/11: From tragedy to hilarity

Would you rather 16 years of Brian Mulroney or 8 years of Reagan/Thatcher.

Judy Woodruff is tsk-tsking Ted Kennedy for being "harsh" with

Did you vote for Joe Lieberman in 2000?

Greg Palast on Fruity Friedman's War on France....

MSNBC shortchanging Moseley Braun?

General Wesley Clark took part in or was responsible for...

What is this Ann Slanders crap about....?

How do the veterans on DU feel about Clark?

Is our government run by bribery?

It Can only be President Gore and Vice President Wesley Clark

Clark tied to Perle and Feith

If Clark is a neo-con...

why does it matter who Clark voted for in the past

Why does Condi-liar Rice still have a job?

This is a Test, It Is ONLY A Test . . .

Clark, Dean, Kerry, et al; they would all make America Safer, richer,

If Clark looks like he's de-vitalising Dean's campaign...

Clark takes Bush's fear/terrorism & let another one happen option away

Should Clark drop out of race ?

Dean's NRA killed more than Clark's PNAC

Need PROOF on these Clark things

Lieberman - Kucinich ticket?

If the Brits won the Revolutionary War, Would the Continental Congress be

((Must watch)) Cspan stream- George Soros blasting Bush

Okay maybe someone can explain this to me

Federal Abortion Rights Legislation

Is Clark the anti-Christ?

Very strange FR thread....

New Poll just out...

Is authorizing force the same as endorsing it no matter......

If Dean wins the nomination and Clark is his running mate,

Link To Clark Interviews?

Kerry needs more "Soul" in his campaign

My parents, AZ primary voters, will vote for Clark.

I know at least 20 Michiganders that will vote for Clark...

MORE Clark Threads or LESS Clark Threads


Did Clark Lose his Chances at a DU Endorsement Today?

How to run away dedicated liberal activists, at least on this board....

Poll: Ted Kennedy says the war was a 'politically motivated fraud

Clark--PNAC's answer to Bush's crashing plane?

Is This The Free Republic Or What?

Great quote (look who said it). maybe applicable to today?

I found this on a website devoted to trashing Dean.

Bremer says: Who's Killing our Soldiers? It's Iran! Stop it, Iran!

"September 11th And The Bush Administration:Compelling Evidence

Any Lieberman supporters out there?


Arnold - AWOL?

Clark would cut Pentagon Budget to fund healthcare

Clark thinks he's so great

Too Bad Paul Wellstone isn't around today, huh?

To unite us from all the candidate bashing

Is this General Discussion or General WESLEY CLARK discussion forum?

Banks Switching ATM's OS To Windows

BBV in the latest issue of Rolling Stone

disinformation campaign re clark

Dean talks like a pirate better than Clark, Arrr!

Why does this board suddenly look like Gangs of New York?

Debunking the lies about Clark.

Why is bloom kicking all the old Clark threads?

Is Clinton pulling Clark’s strings? From the media whores

BUSH: BAIT & SWITCH: OHIO: Tax Cuts=Jobs: NO: Tax Cuts=Pink Slip

DU radio time

CN8 (Comcast Channel) Interviews Krugman and Now Michael Meacher!!!

What are your criticisms of Clark?

Clark: I would not have voted for this war

Dean's votes in Congress

How about a Will Pitt-Wesley Clark ticket?

Republican Lessons

XFire will further discuss Ted Kennedy's remarks about *

George Will just said that Clintons want Clark to be defeated...

What about a Kimberly-Clark ticket?

Is our administration going to be involved in two hits on elected leaders?

Me's-Thinks the General better get his shit together and Quick!

Democracy NOW!

Clark voted for Mary Sondergard as class President in High School!

So why didn't Will Pitt get a Project Censored Award?

Tired of the flame wars in GD? Try this.

EBay will give up seller/buyer info for any reason, no subpoena.

At the current rate: 975 dead Americans in Iraq by election day


GD = Rove Porn (are you getting your checks?

Way to go, DU!!!

If Dean wins the nomination and Clark becomes his running mate

Asscrack today said America is safer and freer now than it was 2 years ago

Zell Miller for President at Freerepublic

Is there anyone like Kucinich but better on TV?

Clark announcement speech/and others at c-span

PLEASE - NEED HELP QUICK!!!!!!!!!! World opinion on the US!

Drudge after Clark!!!

A simple solution

Fisk on Clark

What percentage of Americans would say the Iraq war was

On Orwell's, 'Can Socialists Be Happy?'

Ann Coulter paragraph

Wyclef Jean gives props to Howard Dean

Did You Hear How Bush Intendes to Now Spin Iraq?........barf bags

More rich people should go broke and become homeless

Many of us on DU are getting Dixie-Chicked

If you need a little detox from the Clark threads,

Tom DeLay lashed out at Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy for his criticism..

New Alerts - Serious........ NOT!! :-)

GD = Rove Porn (are you getting your checks?

Malkovich Malkovich

Memory Lane: Ted Kennedy's Speech to the Convention - 1980

The Top 12 House Races of 2004.

Jimmy Carter on Larry King,Carter the most under rated

Bill Moyers NOW 9-11 EPA cover up by President

Death of the 3rd female soldier in Iraq; a gunshot wound to the head.

BBV Go to this thread and review the indicated messages.

Dropping bombs in Pakistan. Consequences?

AP- Carter Sees Some of Himself in Dean

Superfluous Clark Thread

Wexler & Deutsch call for investigation into 9/11 flights

Inspiration for our times from "Grapes of Wrath"

Get thee to PBS and watch Bill Moyers NOW! -- 9pm CDT, Fri 9/19

Good news from the NYTimes Best Seller List

Military families turning against Bush (The Independent - UK)

CBS News: SHOCKING statistics... real NEWS!!

Women Will Have to Save the World

Whoever the Dem is that kicks GW's ass next year and becomes prez will

let's make the reopening of a 9/11 investigation a dem primary issue!

Time for the pro-Iraq war, Patriot Act-loving candidates to EXIT

Mass DUers: Kennedy & Jeffords coming to my place!

Was the Minister of Defense of Iraq paid off by US ?

"We wanted to make contact with the enemy, Russell said. "

Who in their right mind would DEFEND the "Patriot" act?



A serious question (not another candidate bashing thread)

Biggest story everyone ignored this week: GOP wants TWO Veeps

Colbert King cuts Krauthammer's pants off on "Inside Washington" PBS

Are the Saudis Bush's Conduit for "Bribing" Foriegn Ldrs. to Enter Iraq?

I donated to Kucinch - warts & all, he represents ALL of us.

Jeb Bush's Spam Factory

Wesley Clark is a white version of Colin Powell

Bush says Saddam not involved in attack upon WTC !

R Doug Lewis on FOX

Two groups most obnoxious about Clark (and scared) Deanies and Republicans

Listening to Paul Krugman on NPR's the Connection

BBV: Jim March gets his Cease & Desist -- and responds

Just came back from Clark's U of Iowa Speech!!!

Krugman, in The Guardian, Citing Dean: "I think that's about right."

Has one Republican outright denied what Kennedy said about Bush and Iraq?

Does have a vendetta against Clark?

Guess Who Said It

Didn't Cheney tell his wife that the story has changed about Iraq?

Malloy just called Bush the F*** word!

thom deelai is.....


Another sign that *'s "charm" is wearing off

The question about Clark shouldn't be - What has he done for the.....

Log On, Chat With White House Officials

Listen to Clark NOW

Pick your President

Congress was lied to by Bush* bush*s own admittance

WTF is this about soliders having to pay for their meals

Oprah censured by Sweden broadcasting watchdog group

Wow, what happened to DU?

The extreme right versus the extreme left

Can We At Least Admit That DU Does Not Represent The Majority Of Voters

Did Clark vote for Bush Senior?

I'm telling you my Brothers and Sisters, you better lay your hands on....

a flame-free, non-finger-pointing, simple, neutral F.Y.I.

Wes Clark Jr.- Interesting Post on Daily Kos

please, help me refute this guy's argument

What motivates people to vote?

Bush's Saudi Connections - a crucial issue in 2004

NEWSMAX - help me out here, who funds this/is behind this?

This week's Bill Moyers NOW - Christine Todd Whitman (EPA), more...

Clinton gets hero's welcome from Ethnic Albanians

Washington State to appeal blanket primary ruling

Weekend schedule for C-SPAN Washington Journal...

Send the Doctor in: These Bushites are pathological Liars: "Read My Lies"

scottish politics: jack mcconnel is a blinking asshole

Opposition Research help on Clark. Can anyone help me find...

Who is the next Clinton: Dean or Edwards?

Democratic Candidate Bashing on Charlie Rose

How many Cadillacs can a Welfare Oueen Buy?

Send Ted Kennedy an email and thank him

One of the most entertaining freeper threads I've read

has anyone looked at how sexualized children are...

An examination of Clark's critics

Death Toll 09/12 - 09/19/03

Can you remember a candidate who wrote a BOOK just before he ran?????

It's not about Clark! (for WilliamPitt)

BBV:Election Assistance Commision nominees

Dean asks Clark to join his campaign - 09/11/03

My letter to Rep Ernie Fletcher

What's your household income?

It's Called Waffling

Can I ask you guys to stop fighting for a few minutes

DUers, remember Gore's Sept. 2002 speech on Iraq and the War on Terror?

Clark on Foreign Policy, OMG, POSITIVE!

Clark's Iowa Speech -- Warning: Pro Clark Thread!

Vote for our Democratic "Patriot" of the week...

Another Deeply Meaningful Clark Thread

Actually I Don't Care

Vicious Anti Gay Resolution :Lapeer County Michigan

John Kerry responds to chickenhawk Delay over Kennedy attacks


what has Wesley Clark ever done for the Democratic party?

EFF comes out against BBV, demands paper ballot.

Josh Marshall on Clark's war position -sees no inconsistency at all

Americans in Denial about Iraq ( a good read!!!)

The number of American deaths has went down today. How they do that?


Think about this possibility for a moment before anyone goes any further

Deleted message

Gephardt or Edwards?

Galileo's demise is this weekend. Goodbye, little robot explorer...

What's your take on Globalization vs. Workers Rights?

Kerry really needs to learn to turn off his microphone after interviews...


IAFF - Firefighters: Kerry most electable candidate.

If Clark gets the nomination, we WILL be living in a one-party country

Would Like to See Our Candidates Pose This Question to the People---

It has been irrefutably established that Clark is no classical liberal

Were you FOR or AGAINST the war?

A simple question about what is needed from Democratic candidates....

Beyond "Better Than Bush"

Kevin Phillips to expose BFEE?

Why are Blue Collar Workers Republicans?

Official Norm Coleman Bashing Thread

flat tax? this is disturbing

PLEASE READ: If you are gonna bash Clark, you had better take him out. . .

I hope you will endorse Dennis Kucinich.

Democratic Hall of Fame (weekly nominations)

Man Pleads Guilty of Supporting Hezbollah

WP: Schwarzenegger Is Under the Gun

Foreign IDs approved for use at U.S. banks

Former Iraq Defense Minister Surrenders

hey mod! Where did my post go?


UK accuses Saudi of torture

Explosion near US Afghan air base

UK law chief calls for US fair trial for Guantanamo detainees

Israel praises Bush's anti-Arafat broadside

U.S. Troops Fire at Italian Diplomat's Car in Iraq /Friendly Fire?

EU big three offered Iran carrot for nuclear deal

Clark Visit - The Daily Iowan Link

Clinton welcomed as hero in Kosovo

Patriot Act debate needless, Ashcroft says

US soldier electrocuted in Iraq

Romney may go Hollywood in Calif. recall endorsement

EMS crews eyed after 'filthy' Chicago ambulances found

UN approves 15000 peackeepres in Liberia

Steel Deal Could Burn Bush

BOMB BLAST IN KARACHI Iraq casualty count now 301 US dead , 1550 US wounded

MSNBC - Dixie Chicks' plane had a problem, but they are ok - no link

DNC Chairman to announce Clark WILL attend debate @ noon

Outcry raised over bill to privatize air traffic control at Boeing Field

“The Crazies Are Back”: Bush Sr.’s CIA Briefer

Brazil Won't Send Troops to Help in Iraq

Iraqis dance in streets at troop attacks

US forces convoy attacked with RPG near Baghdad (Friday)

Three killed in Iraq mine blasts (Kirkuk, Friday)

BHP's secret talks with Iraq (BHP Petroleum, Australia)

U.S. troops fight overnight battle after three soldiers killed

Iraqi govt to attend IMF meeting

Recall Candidates May Boycott 'Scripted' Schwarzenegger Debate

China joins EU's satellite network

Virus Spreading "w32.swem@mm"

America's richest get richer

9 cops caught up in sting operation

Police probing threats in letter; Morton Grove note fuels mosque flap


EU Foreign Policy Chief Says U.N. Mandate Required for Strong Participatio

UN assembly demands Israel drop threat to Arafat

Fewer get workplace health plans (45% now was 63% in 93)

Hil(ary) run looks like no-go Bill backtracks, says decision made

"Governor Goodhair" Gets his Reward

More Than 4 Million in Mid-Atlantic Without Power (Biggest Damg Ever)

GIs in Iraq Kill Aide to Italian Envoy

Venezuela President's Security Increased After Explosion

US soldier electrocuted in Iraq

Dixie Chicks aircraft in scare

J Bush takes questions from third-graders in Orlando

Kennedy, DeLay Clash on Bush Iraq Policy {Guardian}

Listen to Clark NOW

Clinton has presidential messages removed from her Web site

Yale unions approve contract, return to work Monday

U.S. troops mistakenly target Italy envoy

Schwarzenegger blasts McClintock: Conspiracy Theory to elect a democrat!

Tapes suggest bin Laden ill or dead

Big explosion rocks downtown Baghdad

Dead teen may have taken abortion pill

Talks begin on Internet regulation

eBay to Feds: "Come and Get What You Want"

Families Call for Release of 9/11 Materials

Britain, Germany and France have defied US to offer Iran nuclear carrot

Carter: U.S. Should Involve U.N. in Iraq

In Iraq, Demand Makes Security Growth Industry

9 Israelis face deportation:Spy agency suspects they may be foreign agents

"Americans draw a veil of secrecy as casualties grow" by Robert Fisk

"Fossil of 1,545-pound rodent discovered"

DFLers to consider changing date of precinct caucuses

NYT: Experts Say Court Panel Is Less Likely to Delay California Vote

Clinton in Kosovo: a welcome US would love in Iraq

Kennedy, DeLay Clash Over Criticism of Bush's Iraq Policy

Texas Dems Turn Against Senator After Boycott

US wants Muslim soldiers in Iraq: Myers

Document extends secrecy on Area 51 in southern Nevada

Davis signs law giving domestic partners most marriage rights

Powell acknowledges "serious" problems in Iraq

Meacher in Boston "Both wars were planned in advance beofore 9-11"

U.S. Asks 3 Nations to Bolster Iraq Force (Turkey, Pakistan South Korea)

UN Assembly Demands Israel Drop Threat to Arafat

DOJ Promises to Pursue Porn Industry with new Obseenity Investigations

Iraq attacks give U.S. forces jitters

U.S. Planes Drop Bombs Inside Pakistan....

BREAKING Yahoo News-Court to Reconsider Calif. Recall Delay

Gay 'family' denied entry to US

Democratic candidate (Clark) seeks to clarify comments on Iraq resolution

S Korean officials agree to send 3,000 troops on fact-finding mission Iraq

Food Tampering Advisory (Washington State)

WP: What the $87 Billion Speech Cost Bush*

Gen. Clark Says He Would Have Voted No on Iraq War

Bush plans personal appeal on Iraq

Handel masterpiece slapped with 'explicit' label

IMF warns trade gap could bring down dollar

Washington Moves Again to Isolate France

White House is ambushed by criticism from America's military community

Girl Wants To Start Caucasian Club At High School...

FBI closes investigation on 9/11 put options

Confession enclosed: Dubya's face reminds me of...

Is Diebold running Will Pitt's poll on DUers who voted for Reagan?

more new Limpbaugh and Weiner advertisers

So now it's my turn to get slapped around by Isabel....

Why does the hurricane smell like the ocean?

Fox News Report: Evidence proves Clark is the devil.

beastaility on broascast TV is OK now ?? !!!

Favorite Hurricane

Congratulate me on my one thousandth post!

how effing lame is the MCI michael McDonald commercial?

Hurricane Isabel - How are we all doing?

The band that was just on Conan (My Morning Jacket!)

It's taken me just over 2 years to get to 700 posts. How long and

Helicopter just hovered over my house

Good (FRIDAY) Morning DU!

Did I just take another kolonipin?

Car question - best strategy for replacing rear corner vent window

I hear the sea lions barking....

where is the 9/11 forum

14 hours at work and no idea when I'll be going home still!

" the Cannibals and the Animals EAT each other in RING NUMBER 3..."

R.I.P. - Slim Dusty

My daughter was on Fox news.....ask me any thing

Check out the spam email I just got... WOW

I just got my new 5.0 Mp digital camera, tell me everthang!

Anyone here voted for Bush Jr

It's almost time for "World News Polka"

Dan Rather

You know, I didn't hate Reagan.

I just thought of the best anti-bush campaign commericial

30 days unemployed and no idea when I'll be working again still!

I'll buy lunch for the person who can...

Let's pre-emptively invade the Lounge Forum!

Mercyful Fate "Melissa"....

I'd rather pee in my own mouth than...

I bought a really cool calendar yesterday...

19 September 1985 long time no booze


Man Crashes Car During Timberlake Song

Hurricane Isabel. It's Clinton's Fault.

Chipmunk Hitchhikes To California

Dean is a Poopie Pants!

Wesley Clark is a white version of Rick James

BBV is everywhere...lurking under the radar...

I haven't had my fill of candidate bashing - please provide more!

[argh] Smart CDs prevent massive copying, sharing

Question for anime fans about DVD

Hooray! I got a child support check

Sir Paul gets into scuffle near David Blaine's maligned starvation chamber

am I being rude with the pictures?

Bruce Willis is ANTI-RECALL!

Al Franken's book is a MUST READ.

I just put myself on ignore. Now what?

ARRR, today be Talk Like A Pirate Day, matey! (No, really!)

The Simpsons live in....

Saw it on Buzz

Just Venting

Any college students here?

I want to see Bob debate

Bruce Willis supports .....

Let's play "Wheel of Fortune"!

Great Idea City Bingo!

Is my wife bad at cribbage?

I smoke, wanna make something out of it

Absolutely hilarious! - The Bush Administration Drinking Game

LOUNGE this poll!

Nah, let's play MATCH GAME!!!

File Sharing Lawsuits Scared Few Users Away - Study

What should I wear tonight?

Our fearless leader in the news

Bullies...we all had them..."What did they call you?"

international talk like a pirate day

Archie Bunker Gaffes

Let's play "FAMILY FEUD!"

Nah, lets play who wants to be a millionare

Hey, you! Go buy The Velvet Underground Bootleg Series, Vol 1 right now.


My 100th Post!

Car question - mechanics check in please

Can anyone tell me what is the proper html syntax on freerepublic

When I'm out drinking and Barbra Bush shows up

HEY YOU! Stop that! RIGHT NOW! I can see you, you little piggie!

Clark voted GREEN in 2000!!!!!

Biggest increase in active profiles that I have recorded.

The Concert

If you haven't seen this yet, you absolutely have to.

On a lighter note.. Quotes from Rush Lowbrow (9/18/03)

Speeding Tickets - Can They Be Fought?

Clark voted for Ruben Studdard Too!

I do Not understand DUers in GD

What color M&M did Clark vote for?

What color M&M did Clark vote for?

What color M&M did Clark vote for?

The timeless quality of Catch-22 (again)

I just left LBN laughing my ass off over a new name for *

Book Examines Nose Picking and Buttered Toast

Geez. Is it unusually slow today or what? Maybe Isabel

Who in the Bush Admin. is Judy Woodruff bonking?

What do I do about "band camp"?

Political deal-breakers in new relationships

Wesley Clark is a white version of Rick James

Who in the Bush Admin. is Chris Matthews bonking?

Post your favorite album cover.

General "Wesley Clark" Discussion Forum

Served wedding brunch to 50 today-ask me anything.

What are the best songs to strip to?

Need help finding info on peculiar ailment

Caption Dick Cheney without any make-up on:

Durwood Pickle is in trouble..........needs help

Dick Clark vote for Satan?

Let's pre-emptively invade the GD Forum

What are your thoughts about the 'Housing Bubble Bursting'?

OMG....The BEST Pissed-Off, Sarcastic, Anti-War &^%$ing Song In Ages....


Anyone here think Catherine Bell is HOT?!

George Soros on CSPAN NOW!!!! (Repeat of Tues.)

Al Gore/Gray Davis on CSPAN tonight....around 8 PM EST...definite

Something I created for the Anti-Dean/Clark crowd.

Guitar Players: Favorite tunes to zone out on when playing alone

Really Cool Website (If you ever get bored)

The best college town?


today's list of hate radio sponsors, more coming later 9/19 your WAGGA WAGGA busy?

I got Ken Lay's Fortune Cookie!

Question..Which forum has the lowest and highest average reply counts?

Anyone have or know someone with RSD?

Billy Doyle had a coat that smelled of a yak's urine

The Onion on the Cuba Travel Ban

The Happy Hooker of all CAPTIONS!!!

As Huey Lewis once said...


Sweet Jesus-"persistently dangerous schools"

I just saw my first Bush 2004 Sticker and....

Did Clark vote for Ruben on American Idol?

What's the best way to thaw frozen meat?

Bush Asks Congress For $30 Billion To Help Fight War On Criticism

The Number of the Beast


Something Scarey

Whatever happened to the Freeper's lost son?

My Yak is waxing the hood of my car with Clark's uniform: ask me anything

"My secret vice" or "Who watched Survivor last night?"

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

I'm afraid I've got nothing to say.

Dean talks like a pirate better than Clark, Arrr!

Dean talks like a pirate better than Clark, Arrr!

Should MN state government workers go on strike?

Why is bloom kicking all the old Clark threads?

Going to Utah. Gonna hike some canyons. See y'all later!

Anglegrinderman!! Nude!!

I got my Clinton Presidential Center Cookbook today

Did Clark vote for Satan in 1980?

Fellow Lasik people - I am two days postop.

A *don't ask, don't tell* poll about candidates

I need some suggestions...

what's the soundtrack for this Friday afternoon?

What about a Kimberly-Clark ticket?

What about a Kimberly-Clark ticket?

Thank you DU!

Will Pitt said to start a thread about this in the Lounge.......

Movie previews are so lame, they don't use real music anymore!

Anyone heard from LadyHawk recently???

Ciao, Galileo! Thanks for all the pics!

I have to go to a gig now. Don't ask me anything!

The Slutty Slug-Fest of all CAPTIONS!!!

I have your GD...I am holding it ransom. Stop the ridiculous Clark threads

GD = Rove Porn (are you getting your checks?

I'm sick, I'm stuck at home, and I'm bored. Ask me anything.

This is Post 900--ask me anything!

Bush's Numbers Are Falling Like Iraq ...

Next Joe Millionaire

Need a better Puppet Masters Caption?

What happened to my animated icons?

I have decided to do something worthwhile with my life!

I survived Isabel


Rumor has it that Clark voted for Genghis Kahn!!!!!

A question about soap operas on Univision.

Many of us on DU are getting Dixie-Chicked


Please rate this Yahoo picture...

I'm taking you out for dinner - whatcha hungry for???

Easy to follow instructions for GD usage..

King Ralph on TNT now

I failed as a parent...

Dixie Chicks Uninjured In Plane Mishap

I had a little girl ask me where the turds are today

Have any of you rented "Battle of Algiers" or "Lion of the Desert," yet?


Been kicking the idea around

Re-post of an oldie, but goodie... just for kicks.

Advice needed - Could I be drinking too much coffee??

forget politics, could you date/marry a fan of your sports rival?

Who wants to spank KCDem?

before I go to bed,

I think I did something stupid and need your help.

What do you all think of Helmet Laws? (For Bikers)

who pays $7.00 a month to watch Limpbaugh sit on his ass

who thinks there is an actually EIB network?

Anyone up for some Friday night stupid stuff that will make you cry?

GORE speaking NOW on CSPAN. 1.kicking ass....eom

You know what I could really go for right now?

DU moms and moms to be


I suffer from multiple personality disorder. Ask my anything. Oh, and me t

Dana Carvey keeps calling Gray Davis Gay Davis

Way to go, DU!!!

A Thread About IT !!!

Real Time w/Bill Maher has Tim Robbins

American music... (Stephen Foster was a very prolific writer)

What Freeperlike quality do you possess?

I like pancakes

Twins up 2-0 kc and chisox tied at three.

anyone else going to Fremont Oktober fest tonight?

Clark support increases penis size!

General Wesley Clark took part in or was responsible for...

I'm watching "Jaws" on DVD now--it hasn't withstood the march of time...

I need a new sig line

As requested: View from my house

Song that makes you WEEP with joy

Clark says he may have eaten a 'Clark Bar'

Pogo said it best...

The Freepin' Beatles!

anyone do pottery here?

I created my first VB script today!

Remember, if forging $2.5 Trillion in bonds, dollar is spelled with 2 L's

Malkovich Malkovich

THIS is what PATRIOTISM looks like!!!

New Alerts - Serious........ NOT!! :-)

Clark denies being member of Lewis and Clark expedition

Drop Dead Hannity

Inspiration for our times from "Grapes of Wrath"


Who wants a spanking?

Rush Limbo declaws his cats

We had another bonfire at the lake tonight (no bears this week!)

MEN !! Went shopping last night for a swimsuit for husband, and he bought

ohio (columbus) DUers--need some input

I have a really dumb question

Just Picked Up The Cake For The Mrs' B'Day. SHE IS GONNA KILL ME!

What's your favorite comfort food?

I'm not sure I'll make it to the New Year

who pronounces Italian "eyetalian"

Characteristics of Critical/Uncritical Thinkers

Are you sick?

Things you don't see every day. (pics)

Mmmmm.. Monkeys with popsicles

anyone else here a daikaiju fan?

Wild purple barnacles...

What products do you boycott and why?

Dana Carvey is on the bash Democrats bandwagon on Leno

Clark Breaks Up Happy Marriage

Last night I passed 800 Posts--tonight I'm shooting for 900! Ask me...

Who calls San Francisco "Frisco"??

Free Signature/Picture Hosting