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Clark Bush debate

Israeli-Indian Alliance: The Real Axis of Evil

US foreign policy direction will have to change direction

Hunter S Thompson nails Bush again

On the comics page...

Robert Scheer-When Corrections Need Correcting

Auth -- Clark v. Chimp: "Pick the Military Action Figure"

Is this Washington—or Beirut? Balancing Beauty and Brawn

Robert Fisk - Wanted for crimes at home and abroad

MoJo: Bush's Fuzzy War Math

Derf: Words of Wisdom from Dubya

Molly Ivins: Choking on "Clear Skies"

Bush's costly fiasco in Iraq hitting home for America

Bush's Saudi Connections

Jim Hightower Asks: "What's That Smell?"

Mark Shields - CNN - predicting Dem victory in 2004...

The Postwar Post

Why the SEP is opposing the California recall

The BBC's bullies can dish it out, but they can't take it

Lawrence of Arabia - it's deja vu all over again.


The Real Wesley Clark

The Progressive :Propagandists for the State

Joseph Wilson interview on TPM "Well, I think we're fucked."

"Blood In The Water..Led By Dean ..The Democrats Attack"

Wrong War by Pat Buchanan

Guardian Unlimited | Special Reports | Profile: Paul Krugman

Zinn: An Occupied Country

Capping Pay Of CEOs Is the Way to Go

California Recall: The Coup Inside the Circus

Friedman: Our War With France (WTF??)


Max Cleland: Mistakes of Vietnam repeated with Iraq

Ann Coulter's Latest; would you jump out a window?

David Corn-"The Angry Left"

Wesley Clark: What must be done to complete a great victory

If you are an Episcopalian...

Ben (of icecream) Cohen's free fax of activist mail to your Congresspeople

Schedule of Al Gore's Anti-Recall Events on Friday Sept.19th

Any DU'ers going to Dean Rally in Boston on Sep 23?

DC DUers: Big debate coming up in Washington!

November 2

Media will repeat "left wing -no solutions" GOP mantra how many times?

N.C. newspaper's ridiculing of war opponents exposed in internal e-mail

The wack-a-doodle NY Post

Tony Blankley is an idiot

msnbc is reporting the Guardian Story

Someone please enlighten me on "Counterpunch"

Bush at Presidential "Retreat"

Falwell students get "Hannitized"!

A Note about Movies for Democrats (cross-post)

Fun with fusion: Freshman's nuclear fusion reactor has USU physics faculty

Review: Two new Gaiman-ic works

US Joint Chiefs Had to Watch, Have YOU Watched: "Battle of Algiers?

Another group of people I absolutely despise...

CARTOONS! The "World View" Edition

U.S. Daily Casualties 9/18/2003

Second Michigan county passes antimarriage resolution

Indiana professor's antigay blog condemned

GOP Senators To Lobby For Anti-Gay Amendment

Are Republicans and Conservatives Anti Catholic

Kerry - Dean go at it on Tax cut again

Economist urges Canada to invest in productivity

Re: The impossibility of having a secure Homeland and tax cuts

Keynes "The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money"

New galaxy has astronomers in a spin

Space Elevator: High Hopes, Lofty Goals (

Global Ocean Phytoplankton Declines By 6% Since 1980s - NASA

90% Of Indian Ocean Shallow Water Coral Reefs Die In One Year

Orders For New Toyota Prius Eight Times Higher Than Expected

Lions "Close To Extinction" - 90% Population Drop In 20 Years - BBC

Neo-liberal Nicaragua: Neo Banana Republic

Our War With France (Friedman's Latest From The Padded Room)

Frenchman Warns US: "No military solution"

Forget WMD, Where are the shredders?

Violence mars Zambia's election campaigns

Colleges Caught in a Vise - NYTimes op-ed

Congress Medicare Talks Drag as Factions Dig In

New treatment may flush HIV reservoir

McDonald's biting into health food market?

More kids breaking their arms

Dude! You Call This Medicine?

1st cigarette can be addictive

Cop’s Bullet Killed Bystander In Shooting Outside Nightclub

Dude! You Call This Medicine?

Cops Raid Wrong Home, Taser Man

Minnesota Sheriff Ordered By Court to Follow CCW Law

Dundrum bank raided by gunman

Expect 'Barrage' of Concealed Gun Requests

Top cops oppose new gun law

Taking back 2 gun permits proves exactly nothing

Qualifications for getting concealed carry permit are strict

Purse containing handgun stolen from Bayfield school

15-year-old charged after taking gun to school

Gardnerville man described intrusion as "horror movie"

Replica gun able to fire real bullets

Employee cleared in shooting death

Vegas woman fatally shoots intruder who falls through ceiling

here is one from my neck of the woods.

Missouri Changes Gun Resale Laws

Weatherman released

What happened to

13-year-old fires gun in middle school bathroom

Another Gun-Facilitated Murder-Suicide

Cobb police shoot, kill man, claim self-defense

Name that "assault rifle"

Gun Checks Block Fewer Purchases in 2002

The gun-grabbers mantra is "the evil gun did it" so how do they

National Rifle Association urging immediate grassroots action on HB12

N.J. Lawmakers Press Pellet-Gun Bill

Colorado Gun Shop Arms NJ Criminals

Armed Moron Takes Hostages in Tennessee

Gun dungeon gallery

Paranoia runs deep

Hi Guys.... I got another guestion...:)

Hi guys - Edit: I figured it out. Thank you very much anyway

How can I delete a topic I started?

I'm concerned for a fellow DUer

Are You Considering Moving the Candidate Value Judgement Threads

Poll bug

Conservatives Confused by Current U.S. Policy on Israel

India and Israel: Anatomy of a strategic partnership

UN expert targets Israel

The UN has become an Islamist Mouthpiece!

Berlusconi To Receive Award From Jewish Group

Jewish settlers vow to defy Mideast peace plan

Israelis Refuse to Meet Resurgent Arafat

UN expert targets Israel

21 Septembers Ago (Sabra/Shatila, 5,000 word piece)

Carter: Mideast Peace Still Possible (but only without Arafat)

Israel offering free land to encourage Judaization of Galilee

Stifling criticism of Israeli policies

IDF enters Jenin in raid expected to last several days

Arafat Scolds Israel on Death Wish

Clark TV - a couple of transcripts

Generals who became President

Dean holds clear lead among Democrats in California, poll finds

Clark poses an immediate threat to Sen. John Kerry

Ref Clark: Do We Need 'Warm & Fuzzy'?

Republicans and the Dean Factor- letters to NYTimes

N.H. Poll: Dean Has 10-Point Lead on Kerry

Leading NJ Dems Back Dean

A couple of Guardian articles on Clark

Schwarzenegger still a friend, says Kerry

Three Things That Concern Me About Edwards

Two articles on Clark and former colleagues

Presidential candidate receives tribal advice (Dean)

A rant on the Democratic party

A People-Powered Question

NY Magazine: Dean's Internet - McGovern's Direct Mail

Denver Post on Clark - with quotes from Dean & Kerry Campaigns

Just when --and why-- did Clark become a Democrat, anyway?

interesting take by David Yepsen of DM Register on Clark entrance

The Note: Kerry to receive the endorsement of environmentalist RFK Jr.

Hartford Courant: Clark Hurts Lieberman Bid

Good news for NM-2

Gep on Hardball now (7 pm EST)

Senator Edwards, on Inside Politics at 4PM Eastern Time

Dean is speaking in Boston tommorrow

Superdelegate Endorsement for Dean in Kansas

Clark to Participate in Sept. 25 Economic Debate

Kerry, the war vote, and the movie "Fargo"

Momentum Shifts In NH - Kerry Quickly Closing Gap

"Let's show Howard Dean He's Wrong" - Dick Gephardt

On kucinich's strategy

Has the media mislabeled Clark "anti-war"?

Crystle is running for USSenate in PA and has a DU sticker on his van

Esquire fluff piece on Clark

Under fire, Dean takes it easy

Limbaugh attacks Clark's substance and mental health

NY Times: Dean is the Most Vulnerable to Clark Candidacy

RFK, Jr. to endorse JFK this afternoon in NYC...from ABC's The Note...

Can we run cartoons as political issue ads?

Beware Republican Women

Edwards on Face the Nation

From Kerry blog...from JFK's event last night at UCLA posted by cindyw..

Screw All This....I'm Supporting Kucinich

Dean responds to Kerry's attacks

Edwards doesn't talk about it much

About Gephardt

Quit referring to Kerry as "JFK"

'06 Governors Races

All those Clark endorsements

BBV: New 'Diebold memos' mirror site now live

check out MSNBC n/t

Hume on Clark

Clark has a blog up, and it links to DU

Question: Suppose the idea of LIHOP gets some legs

Here is another major anti-General Clark talking point

Wonder what would happen if this happened in Calgary of all places or

I do not open threads that tear down a Dem candidate.

even the most incredible dream can be realized!

RadioLeft --- MUST HEAR broadcast on now.

I've decided to switch my support from Dean to Clark.

I hugged, I cried, I empathized -- who said it?

My View on the Primary Field

Pizza DeliveryGuy NeckBomb Bank Robbery Story: Any News?

Bravo to Clark on Hardball - He may have changed my mind tonight

whatever the Clarkies are drinking is stronger than the Deaniac's kool aid

Welcome, StormDemocrat!

I'm actually scared at how scared Chimpy is of Clark

Dean Has No Foreign Policy Experience, Clark Has No Domestic Experience...

If I hear the word "support" one more damn time. . .

Dean part of the Bush fascist plan. ((((((((( ))))))))))))

Jay Leno on California recall campaign

So is Clark a liberal, moderate?

Where is Clark on Labor issues?

Very little oil in Iraq? Oh, come on!!!

Bill Hicks Defined Jabba The Rush Perfectly

A Little Something I Ran On Yahoo Earlier

Babs Bush gone crazy?

Clark's running mate

The savaging of Wes Clark

Tell Congress to Reject Bush Request for Iraq Funds

Can the Democratic Party regain the White House? BBC NEWS

How desperate must the Iraqi people be??

What Homeland Security.????..

I participated in a 30 minute phone poll last night

Early morning Clark trashing on CSPAN

And the next victim is....SYRIA!

Despicable!: Rush Limbo tries to frame Clark as a sissy

What do any of the Dem candidates know about Iraq?...

Wrightsville beach cam.. watch the hurricane

But everyone said he was such a good christian?

CSPAN Thursday AM — Syrian ambassador

'Comical Ali' criticises Saddam

Bill Hicks Defines Jesse Helms And "Reich" Wing Thought

US agenda: "to maintain a perpetual state of chaos"

What President Clark would have done after 9.11

Help me Debunk Freeper Myths

"I won't vote for Bush again................................."

Dean? Clark? I can't make up my mind!!!

Can some tell me who William Saletan is...

Why Pat Robem$ome LOVES Hurricanes

I miss Jimmy Carter

Another group of people I absolutely despise...

Gertrude Clark is surprisingly charismatic

Cool new game in development! Take A look

IMPORTANT: Correction about Clark on Saudi Arabia!!!

Bill Hemmer. I'm not a violent man, but

To Clark Supporters: I TOLD YOU SO!!!

OUTRAGEOUS! Neither local paper has "no Iraqi 9/11 ties" on front page!

Bush attack talking points on our blogs, sites, etc.

I can't believe the media still has this paranoid obsession w/the Clintons

Right wing media is starting on Wesley Clark

Morning Staw Poll

Tell Congress to Reject Bush Request for Iraq Funds

Fox Trot rips on the * misadministration yet again!

Operation "Getting out of harm's way"- Part Deux

NOW, let's put this LIE finally to rest!

Good ol' BuzzFlash

anyone watch california governor debate ?

I'm famous!

BUSH LEADS CHALLENGERS IN POLL - how f#%king out of touch is America?

Saw "K STREET" on HBO last night. What Did You all think?

Clark v. Bush: Debate Preview!

General Clark

Hey Will - how did it go in Austin?


How to beat the BFEE at one of their own games.

I hear the train a comin', comin' round the bend and ...............

Clark Supporters - Sell Me On Your Guy

Clark is a retired general - How does this affect your view of him

Bush LIVE on CSpan now (10:07 am EST 9/18)

Poll: Bush Iraq Rating At New Low - CBS

More bullshit from the Labor Department

Braun Backers: Something nice for you!

Maybe I'm off base about Clark's anti-war views

Leave Bush alone, writer urges Europe

Buzzflash has more viewers than CNN~Fox~MSNBC~ Combined

TAP: Clark Able?

Bush v Hurricane----oh, this could get good...........

Wow! (From a Salon interview w/Clark...)

Pat Buchanan: Wrong War, Wrong Place...

Another FL school outrage....voucher school head arrested.

Sooooo, there was this idiot doing a Mr Rogers impression on CNN

Positive AP wire on Clark - negative Reuters article on Clark

Has Homeland Security and the Patriot Act prevented further attacks?

Cheney is a goner.

After invading Czechoslavakia, Hitler names Poland & France "rogue states"

Clark: Bush's Worst Nightmare

Marketing Armageddon for fun and profit

WMD? What a STUPID caption.

WHOA! Bowling for Columbine all day ticket on Dish

U.S. Daily Casualties 9/18/2003

Who or What Makes You Barf? Suggestions ...

US plans on retreating from Iraqi cities !

The USA are on war with France !!!

Moyer’s 9/11 widows need to write a book.

Anyone Have a Link to the Big LIst of * Failures?

so what's the latest on the Tenn. Hostage story???

Friday- Gray Davis and Al Gore at rally

I've been AFK. Any news of the 4 taken by Taliban?

Bush, Cheney, Rumfilled, Condi have all come clean

Yesterday I Happened To Come To A Pretty Good Web Site. It's Called

The last piece of the puzzle.

An Idle Musing On Gen. Clark

Reconstructing Germany and Japan after WWII

Why is Clark taking so many liberal positions

Anyone know what Freak Republic's reaction is to *'s "No Iraq-9/11 ties" ?

Ashcroft Caves Under Public Pressure to Declassify 2001 Spying

U.S. Troops Ambushed in Central Iraq Town

More Critical Thinking, Please! Less Dogma, Please!

A Clark-Dean Ticket Is The Only Logical Answer

"Your father Satan must be very proud."

Clark Clark Bo-Bark, Banana Fanna Fo Fark, Me Mi Mo Mark...CLARK!

The number of people who agree with Democrats has been growing...

Do You Sense Any Bush "Comeback" Going On??


Thomas Friedman has lost it completely!

Deleted message

Presidential Candidate General Wesley Clark is Pro-Gay Moderate

Please explain this political cartoon?

The Gang That Couldn't Lie Well

FL vouchers used for home-schooling with no accountability! Not ok!

Canadian gay couple barred from U.S.

Who's the biggest RW talking-head douchebag?

I'm Calling for Tim Russert's Resignation

arguements against the "bush never said iraq and 911" revisionists

List/site for democratic military vets

What will Bush run on in 2004?

Sen. Dayton has a novel idea for members of congress (tit for tat)

your daily dose of Hillary

Am I being paranoid here? I can get to the White House

Seabiscuit is coming up around the corner....

Boycott Limbaugh's sponsors


Notice Karl Rove's newest tactic

Gay married couple refused entry as a family at the U.S.A. border

Who Is The Worst Secretatry Of State In The Modern Era?

Weakly Standard is trying to spin the Iraq/Al Qaeda connection

What do people here think of my interpretation of the Harkin Amendment

Gen. Wesley Clark ... now accepting Contributions!!!

So NOW the Little Turd from Crawford says: "No Iraq–9-11 Link."

Bush says "Arafat has failed as a Leader"

Letter from Baghdad

Yeeps; L.A.'s finest in (in)action

Amy Goodman on Democracy Now about Wesley Clark - not flattering

documentary on Shanksville, PA = instant death?

MUST READ: FORGOTTEN 9/11--INS screwed up when it let in 9/11 mastermind


This is my last conspiracy theory, I promise...

They plan to blame Clark and Kosovo for 9/11.

God blesses Bush with a distracting Hurricane Isabel

Cark adds life to the party

ANOTHER potential backlash for Bush???

Katherine Harris would volunteer to help Ca. recall voting - really

Montreal man linked to Clark controversy

So what does Bush want from King Abdulla?

Repuke friend said last night "Bush sucks - I'm voting for the General."

Here's a poll to vote in...

"I never thought Iraq was tied to Al Qaeda"

Banned on AOL?

What is the best we can hope for from 2005-2009?

Arnold is coming! (Must see video)

Can't contribute to Clark - Website too busy!

Why won't Dean, Clark, Kerry, et al, TELL THE TRUTH??

Condition RED barf alert!

Wesley Clark's Big Surprise

Kennedy: Iraq Threat is a Fraud Made Up In TX

Murtha and Pelosi press conference, calling for resignations

How about marketing Bush doll toilet bowl brushes

SATIRE INSIDE! (Have I gone too far? Will I be buried under hate mail?)

Neo-con headrolling and the dems running for prez

MWO Digs Clark

An Undiplomatic Display : * display at the State Department

In 2004, the Democrats will carry the military vote

Can't account for nearly half of the $4 billion the war costs per month


Clark's Iraq Position: Let's Discuss It !!

Wide-ranging report from Bagdad correspondent Robert Fisk on Democracy Now

On CNN: Bustamante trying to assemble boycott of debate Wesley Clark-The New Anti-War Candidate?

Any suggestions for my letter to my Congressman?....

I guess no Crossfire today. The goddam hurricane is wall-to-wall on the

My sympathies to Wesley Clark's supporters

Name the Generals who became President!

Question re: Support the Troops

Administration's involvment in "sexing up" Saddam/Al Queda connection

What, no DLC= Clark thread?

BBV: Boortz caller spelled it out, Boortz seemed receptive

How many soldiers will have to die in one day for there to be ...

Banned at unFree Republican after only three posts

Here are all of Clark's positions on the issues

Kerry claims gaffe when Dean said, "There were no middle-class tax cuts"

Have you helped the FReepers today?

Eric Alterman: Generally Speaking (Clark)

If they replace Cheney with Powell in '04, won't they win?

A break from "Isabel", MSNBC has another "will Hillary run?" feature

OK Folks, Take A Breather

Which Dem should drop out of the running first?

Watched a powerful, sad movie last night.

Perusing The Front Page Of The D U General Discussion Forum

So what is it with Randi Rhodes? Does she support Clark or what?

If Paula Jones can file a civil suit against a sitting prez, why not us?

Guy James -A Mothers Call vs. Rush Limbaugh- audio file.

Face of Mount Rushmore Moving Slightly

US soldiers kill 14 yr old boy at wedding who fired gun into air

Kef Issues Press Release on Lieberman Spokesman's Clark Comments

"flesh colored Christs that glow in the dark..."

I Hate To Interrupt The Bashing But Three More Soldiers Were Killed In

Kerry/Gore supporter - becoming a full-fledged Clark Supporter....

Does anybody think Charlie Rangel would endorse a war hawk?

What if we had GROUPS on DU?? Like a buddy list?

Dean Corps puts service back into community

East Coast. I'm Blowin' Away. Where's Bush?

I got called out by a Rush wana-be some guy named Neil Boortz!

Project Censored -- The Stories the Media Ignored

Pentagon lying about # of dead soldiers today

EMOTION vs. REASON: Why Rove is a Failure

Wes Clark on Randi Rhodes now . . . kicked off his campaign

Dems challenge Clark to participate in debate next week

Does any Dem. Pres Candidate have 50 US Congressman supporting him/her

Dems are starting to speak up. Which one will be first........

"A new mesage from Saddam Hussein, but does anybody in Iraq care?"

A thread that says something nice about all the candidates

If Clark has pissed in your cornflakes...

Max Cleland rips Bush

around the world (with CLARK!!!) on a TOON! (an 'international' edition)

None of the Candidates Are Any Good

Dean Supporters

Dick Gephardt on MSNBC

Driver Licenses / a Latino perspective

Anyone else in an area with a high rate of West Nile?

The Bush Bumper Sticker Thread!

The most beautiful thing I've ever read at DU

Dean to kerry: You're Bush Lite.

You know, I just don't think Greg Palast likes Tom Friedman too much.

Salaam Pax on Fresh Air

Latest in the "BRING EM ON" flash ad series

I have several objections to Clark's candidacy....

More Stupidity from Don Luskin of the National Review? I Think So.

KUCINICH - last man standing after Dean and Clark destroy each other?

Satire: Sick Dick Makes Bush Stumble..Hillary To Join Repugs As Bush's VP!

Hey Californians! Check this d00d out!!!

Which of todays threads is the official Dean bashing thread?

Chimp Regime causes Mt. Rushmore faces to begin frowning!! READ!

Dean and Clark supporters...could you support the other guy?

US Housing Wage (2br) keeps on going up. $22.40/hr for Mass?!

Turn on CBS News

Is * going to buy the Unemployed with $3000

What Cicero said about Traitors and what * said about intelligence use.

GOP SLIME MACHINE: Great commentary

Liberals have turned this war into quest for facts

Your daily dose of smitten Tweety (interview - fairly lengthy)

If Reagan Dies Before The 2004 Election... Will It Be A "Boost" To Bush?

Yo Bev Harris

It Was the Oil and It Is Like Vietnam

Point of MAJOR Concern...Clark had sex with his WIFE

MSNBC Matthews on a roll again.... n/t

I was looking forward to seeing Jimmy carter on Larry King

Murtha on Hardball: "I made a mistake" (IWR)

Hey! DU'ers who are annoyed with Isabel Coverage! It's the Homeland!

Did Yahoo drop "most actively rated" link?

"Our Lady Of Honest Reporting"...

WARNING: This is not a Dem bashing thread: VERY BAD day in Iraq

Kennedy calls case for war a ‘fraud’

"Well, I think we're fucked" TPM's interview with Ambassador Joe Wilson

Do we really want to live in a nation where

MORE Florida Scandals.....

MSNBC - Pundits (even Conservs all gushing over Clark)

Goodies for defense contractors

bartcop SMOKES Bush's crooked war lies

Okay I didn't hear this with my own ears but...

"Get ready for some more because we're going to kick their ass."

I love George W Bush

What is the soldier rotation like in Iraq?

Then they say they're not....

Dean CFR? Anti war? Anti Bush or (drumroll please...) Anti Christ?

Is Clark Any LESS Qualified Than Eisenhower Was?

IRAQ: Experts Warn of Radioactive Battlefields

BBV: Demactivist....the info you asked about

I'm gonna be volunteering at the Dean fundraiser @ Avalon on Saturday

Say You're Running for President...

Don't Be Fooled: It's NOT Like Vietnam!

Kennedy thinks Bush is bribing world leaders?

"Two more months before guerrilla struggle"?? A Times

"The Americans opened fire when I took out my camera to film" - News24

Robert Reich Is Handing Hannity His Lunch.

Help! Need Reich "tax cut" statistic for argument

Clark picks Donnie Fowler for campaign manager

I can't wait for Dean to put up the bat!

Everybody, let's get real about Clark...

Tragedy in New York: French Fried Friedman

Mystery pneumonia toll may be much higher in Iraq

Schools told to give student names to recruiters

Karma's a bitch: Dean, how does it feel to be "Kuciniched" by Clark?

Al Franken on Wisconsin Public Radio

How many people at DU are secretly wishing for Bush in 2004?

Strategy Game: Clark Nominated, Powell Becomes Bush VP, Democratic VP?

Please rate this story: AP: Kennedy Says Iraq War Case a 'Fraud'

Who is the better candidate for Liberals, Dean or Clark?

So 12 GI's died today and CNN's employees are where?

Remember my DLC Endorses Lieberman/Clark Joke?

RE: Diebold... does anyone have the link concerning the hacker in Georgia

Who do you think will win the nomination?

I thought Jimmy Carter could have been a great president

Who's the guy on Malloy Bashing Clark Supporters?

Clark Could Bring Excitement to ALL DEM Candidates...

Here's what I don't like about Clark

Poll: Dean widening lead over Kerry in NH

Gay Canadian couple denied entry into U.S.

Clark's Military Record. Really and For True.

Where Are The G**D D**n Embedded Reporters Now?

Would Halliburton be subject to FOIA requests?

Did Dean really say this?

Clark supporters: General Clark trails Dean by 7 votes in that poll

Clark & Clinton In 04'!~ (hear me out, not as crazy as you might think!)

"The Threat Matrix" Premiering Tonight ABC! Propaganda from Admin?

Will we have "a life" tomorrow..........where are we going? A "General"

which contributions help candidates more – supporter's time or money?

Why would you guys want to vote for Pro-life Kucinich?

Did you call into Mike Malloy tonight about Clark?

Aid and Comfort to the Enemy

Bush: Al Qaeda/Hussein "Work in Concert"

Anybody here sticking with Dean depsite Clark entering the race?

Do you know what "twinning" is, and what it has to w/mini-nukes?

Check out ABC for .....

Juan Williams restores my Lack of Faith in NPR...

OK, I agree with AL Franken, completely!!!!!!!!!

I have a plea to the Clark bashers.

General Clark can win this election

I've just realized what my hesitation is about Clark

will the Fairness Doctrine kill the AM band?

General Clark is a War Criminal who is UNFIT to be our President

It’s working

Colin Quinn bashing Democrats

Clark *is* the Military Industrial Complex (Wall Street Journal)

Assuming ANY Democratic Candidate WILL Beat Bush...


"The Paranoia Show" #3 - Flagsucking! Bold. Frank. Revealing.

Mike Malloy is talking about Wesley Clark Now!

Economic Advisors Hearings- Shameful, shameful!!!

Kennedy says case for Iraq War was total fraud. A lie made up in Texas

question about taxes

How can we vote for ANY of these candidates?

question about clark and candidates in general..

General Clark supported the Iraq invasion?????

"I'm not going to start the Third World War for you," he told Gen. Clark

"Bush always suspected Saddam was behind 9/11"-UK Telegraph 4/27/03

WHY they lied, HOW they lied, and WHAT they did when they got caught

The F.A.I.R. Clark Bash

8 US soldiers killed today. Is the public getting numb to this?

General Clark Used Depleted Uranium in Kosovo War- Robert Fisk taken down?

No WMD, No Yellow Cake, No 9/11 Link

Who Is Your Favorite Democratic Senator

The sickiest FR thread I've ever seen

I don't want a general for president. So sue me.

WP: Clark: "I would have probably voted for the Iraqi Resolution"

Billionaire mounting anti-Bush effort (Soros)

Right-wing spin to draw the noose around the Dems as well...(WMDs)

Why did Chimp & Co. change their tune on the Iraq-9/11 connection?

Falling In Love vs. Falling In Line | Monkeys in a Barrell

For everyone who thinks Cuba is a flourishing this.

the origins of neoconservatism

ATTENTION: I am starting a NEW DU Group

Annual List of Richest Americans Released

In Praise and Respect of Scott Ritter and William Pitt:

3hr gun battle in ambush of US convoy, US troops withdrew, Iraqis dance in

Gay Marriage as a Political Issue

Holy SH*T--How Do You Stop Dean?

Okay, Clarkies -- here's what I want to know about Clark

Clark will attend next week's debate

This is too much! The DNC's new weblog

How Many DUers voted for Reagan?

Why I Don't Want Clark to Grab the Nomination

Russia + Saudi Arabia=US IS FUCKED

BBV, Global Eye -- Vanishing Act, Moscow Times....OMG!!!

Advice to Dem Candidates re Grasso/progressive taxation

For the umpteenth time...

Have You Ever Voted Republican At Any Level

Types of fallacious logic most often seen on DU. Which is worst for DU?

OK, lets settle this: Clark or Dean?

We interrupt candidate bashing for a very important issue (Energy bill)

Kennedy allegations: The beginning of a true Watergate Sequel?

?? Is this a Smoking Gun on 9-11 Saddam fuss??

The Roving mind...

Kerry supporter roll call

Why are so many of you against our troops?

Clark with Aaron Brown on CNN boldly indicte Saudi Arabia

Bush: No proof of Saddam role in 9/11

Republicans wants White House to improve sales pitch for $87 billion Iraq

US offers Pakistan aid as it seeks help in Iraq

Explosion Reported at Iraq Oil Pipeline

UN expert targets Israel

Journo linked to al-Qaeda

California recall campaigns push ahead despite vote uncertainty

Key Remorseful Bali bomber sentenced to life imprisonment

Colombia, U.S. Sign War Crimes Accord

Schedule of Al Gore's Anti-Recall Events on Friday Sept.19th

Colombia bows to U.S. aid threats

SENATE WATCH-9/18/2003 (#1)

HOUSE WATCH-9/18/2003 (#1) (pro forma session)

WP - Wounded Soldier Becomes a Citizen

500 exhumed from Bosnian grave

Dean holds clear lead among Democrats in California, poll finds

Gunman Who Held Class Hostage Is Killed

(Canadian) MPs vote to protect gays under hate law

American soldiers involved in shooting of Iraqi police had arrived in city

Iraqis can't believe everything they read

MoD 'did not need Kelly's permission' to name him

US claims 11 Taliban killed in Afghanistan

India kills 12 suspected Muslim rebels

Averaged U.S. jobless claims at two-month high

Lawmakers Ax Pentagon Surveillance Program

Report: Eight U.S. soldiers killed in attack west of Baghdad

Wired: E-Voting Audit Ready for Public (BBV)

Mayors: Terror Defenses Lack Funds

Arafat Scolds Israel on Death Wish

Invasion of Iraq was unnecessary, says Blix

Blix criticises UK's Iraq dossier

Bush Works Toward U.N. Iraq Compromise

UPDATE: Thursday Hurricane Isabel thread: Strike Probabilites

Last Gasp for Galileo Mission to Jupiter

U.S. Can't Rescue World Economy

state warns of voided votes

Bush's priorities under scrutiny

Millions Condemned to Die as Health Policies Fail

$87 Billion War Request Details Spending

Recall's supporters ask appeals court to repeal vote delay

The 11th Candidate?

Pentagon inspector general to probe Air Force tanker lease

Bush: Mideast Peace Drive 'Stalled' Due to Arafat

Bush: UN Pact on Iraq Unlikely Before Next Week

House, Senate Agree on Homeland Security Funds (NO Americore funds)

Oregon Brothers Plead Guilty to Terrorism Charges

Blast kills four in Afghanistan

U.S. Sees $2 Billion Extra Aid for Afghanistan

Minister adjusts skilled worker passmark (CANADA)

Afghan troops besiege Islamic school

Poll: Bush Iraq Rating At New Low

Letter from Baghdad

Bush Reports No Evidence of Hussein Tie to 9/11

Clark Makes It Official, Running for President

Grasso foced to quit as NYSE chairman

US soldiers kill Iraqi teen, injure four at Fallujah wedding

Carter: Turmoil in Iraq, Afghanistan likely 2004 campaign issue

Possible 8 US Troops killed in Iraq Ambush -AP News (unconfirmed)

Senators say N.Y. bid will be fine

8 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraqi ambush

Fire erupts at Iraqi oil pipeline

The 11th Candidate?

Terror puzzle pieces missing


I guess no Crossfire today. The goddam hurricane is wall-to-wall on the

Guerrillas Ambush U.S. Convoys in Iraq


Saudis consider nuclear bomb

Bill Won't Rule Out Run By Hil

Ban On Abortion Procedure Near

Section 28 (UK's "no promo homo") to be repealed

Clark Will Participate in Presidential Debate- Dupe here. Link below

Man Charged With Murder over Shooting of Tomato Thrower

No Patriot Check Out At Libraries

Malcolm to Resign as TDP Chairwoman

New Iraq Army to Cost $2 Billion to Build (2 Billion/40,000 troops?)

Texas Senate rescinds Democrats' fines (impose probation)

Judge To Decide If School Should Allow Anti-Bush Shirt

Man Claims Role in SUV Firebombings

Republicans say they will examine Bush's $87 billion war request closely

Dems challenge Clark to participate in debate next week

US army suffers heavy casualties in Iraqi ambush (mortars; policemen dead)

DC closed again Friday; evacuations ordered in Fairfax

Pa. court abolishes common law marriage

MSNBC confirming 3 US soldiers killed in Tikrit today and 2 wounded

Don't Be Fooled Again, General Wesley Clark: War Criminal

No Evidence of Smallpox Found in Iraq

Gay Married Couple Barred At US Border

Clark will participate in presidential debate

Israelis Refuse to Meet Resurgent Arafat

Iraq recovers priceless sculpture

2 U.S. Fronts: Quick Wars, but Bloody Peace

US Moves Forward on Anti-Missile System for Planes

Lions "Close To Extinction" - 90% Population Drop In 20 Years - BBC

Will Overseas Soliders Get to Vote in Recall?

Congress Bridles at Spending Package

Republicans don't support the troops, they have them killed.

Supporters Like Clark's Military Attributes

White-Rumsfeld Debate, Round 2

Clarkmania! : Supporters Mob Gen. Clark on First Campaign Stop

Kennedy says case for Iraq War was total fraud!!!!

Man Held in Alleged Threat against Bryant's Accuser

At least 3 US soldiers killed in Iraq ambush - BBC news

Saudis consider nuclear bomb

Bush says Arafat has 'failed as a leader'

What is Happening Is An Absolute Slaughter Every Night of Iraqi People

General Assembly to hold emergency session after US veto of Israel resolut

Arctic Drilling May Get Dumped from Bill

"We Are Facing Death in Iraq for No Reason"

Schwarzenegger Is Under the Gun

WP: Bush* Blames Arafat for Stalled Roadmap

Japan's PM in a bind over troops, funds for Iraq

Cheney Says Pre-emption Needed to Thwart Terrorism

U.S. Forces Look Into Leaving Iraqi Cities - Train Iraqi's for checkpoints

UK bans spam messages

Isabel hits isles, cuts power inland (MSNBC) (1st Fatality)

Charged For Knowingly Passing HIV

U.S. May Study Israel Occupation Tactics

WP: Clark 'Probably' Would Have Backed War

New E-Mail Worm Targets Hole in Internet Explorer

Clark Backtracks on Presidential Debate

Democrats gun for Bush and his $87 billion (CSM)

Germany, France vow to press ahead with EU military

AP: Kennedy Says Iraq War Case a 'Fraud' (New Thread)

Steel Tariffs Seem to Have Backfired on Bush*

Senator Coleman to visit Cuba this weekend

BBC TV: Liberal Democrats expected to win Labour stronghold

Avenged Sevenfold: A rare gem in the world of Clear Channel rock.

This "give me anything" bullsh*t has got to stop.

Anyone see any irony in the LAST hurricane being named "Fabian"?

Would you have sex with Laura Ingraham if it meant...

This "ask me anything" bullsh*t has got to continue. It was always funny.

message for James Woods

Ashcroft acknowledges shortcomings

on hold with bernie

Celebrity soundboards unlimited fun against Telemarketers

Bill Hicks Defined Jabba The Rush Perfectly

Would you engage in a threesome with Ann Coulter and Laura Ingrahm

A Toast to our "Mod-errific" MODS..

Hurricane Day - NO CLASSES

Great Nation Cover!

Another one of those "Help Me" spams, but this ones good!

I spent 7 wks in Alabama and escaped with my sanity. Ask me anything

Check-in for those of you who got a day off thanks to Hurricane Isabel!!!

Shortwave radio

Aroused moose getting snagged by hammocks

Good (Thursday) Morning DU! *the batten down the hatches edition*

I about to go to the dentist....

Cool new game in development! Take A look

Salem Saberhagen where are you when your country needs you most?

NASA robot to attack planet in 3 days!

Check out this email I got

So, who took pics at the Austin gathering Sunday?


Nose Pickers - UNITE!

Welcome, StormDemocrat!

Poke-a-Sheep game


I hope they get Hazard Pay - Weather Channel Hurricane Reports

Favorite Fletch quotes?

Favourite Daria quote!

Helicopters outside my window - should I be concerned?

I'm a General Discussion fight veteran ask me anything?

Giant Egg (fried hard) attacks US!

Is this possible???????

Cheapskates who stiff you with the bill

some interesting cambridge research

BigMcLargehuge is now a Lounge mod; it's time for another MST3K thread!

A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step

Interesting MSNBC Commercial

"Jobless Recovery" is an OXYMORAN!

Is it just me, or does Univision have more hot women than other networks?

Political poll

Which channel are you watching?Which reporter is taking the worst beating?

How soon will w* visit North Carolina?

Has Pat Robertson's Compound in Va Beach Been Toppled Yet???

I just pee'd on the Cambridge Uni word order study - Ask me anything!!

The paomnnehil pweor of the hmuan mnid

Anyone see Brian Williams on MSNBC?

Best Historical Book you have read?

anyone else in WA/BC just get a tremor or quake?

Has everyone read about the letter order study?

Lol that Poor CNN Reporter

Knowing weather history, why the heck would anyone live in Cape Hatteras?

6 more days....just 6 more days.....

A rant on the Democratic party

Visual Basic .NET Gurus help needed please

Lights blinking here in Richmond may lose contact


Amazon is ...F A S T ...

HOTORNOT.COM is TRULY the source for endless hours of mindless

I just laughed till I hurt about this:

Hey John Titor Watchers...

New toy: Xenofex 2

Anyone else having weird weather? (Hurricane not withstanding?)

CNN Hurricane Coverage -- Hilarious!

Dr. Seuss Weighs in on Iraq!

Falwell, Robertson proclaim hurricane a message from God!

Tonight, 9 pm - 2 straight hours of Most Extreme Elimination Challenge!!!

I'm back from my 3 day training conference, what did I miss?

Clark Clark Bo-Bark, Banana Fanna Fo Fark, Me Mi Mo Mark...CLARK!

Ah, bliss...

Ironically, Arnold's movies are pretty left wing

Wow 500 Posts Ask me anything

Chat With Dimbo

Getting burnt out by GD...going to hang out in here for a while.

What baseball team did Mike Riley play on?

Can anyone recommend a good sim/war/strategy PS2 game?

With Bush in, would you be happy to see the country doing better?

The 700 Club! Turn back, Isabel!

They blocked bartcop at my school!

DU terms! - help please!

Any mechanics out there? Lawn tractor question.

I have finally found inner peace........

If Blitzers in the rain then why isn't he getting wet?

How many people would vote for Bush over Clark?

The Background Music For The Weather Channels "Local Forecasts" Breaks...

Any REAL difference in dialup speed between providers?


I got called into work - don't even THINK of asking me anything

what countries have you visited ?

Battle of the number one songs!!

I'm bored

My mind is wandering . . .

I just lost an entire folder in my Bookmarks! SHIT!!

Anyone heard from SeattleDem?

Breaking on CNN!! Surgeon General Declares Bush Criminally Insane!!!

Another ? for straight guys and lesbians

Fun topic - let's list the conservatives' craziest statements

Gawd, I hate net ads

Any thoughts on a new nickname for DU

The Fake Communicator of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Lounge Lizards: Break the GD Embargo & Take This Poll

Pretty Quiet for GD And The Lounge

"OK boys, now I want you to scream REAL LOUD at my ass."

Jessie Ventura on Bill Maher

Report from the center of the storm...

Used or New?

DNC internet access CD

Fatherland Security On Alert

Has Spam gotten worse in the last week?

Question About The New $20 Bill

can some one do a search for me??

new hate radio advertisers 9/18

West Wing 'Assassination Episode' on NOW 7pm ET

Is there a website?

Never Ask A Bored GI To Paint A Water Tower

Screw the Wall Street Journal, Rush, Hannity, O'Reilly and

If Reagan Dies Before The 2004 Election... Will It Be A "Boost" To Bush?

Today on Freeper Radio, WMAQ

The everquest thread of du

My mother just called George W. Bush a candy-ass

Face of Mount Rushmore Moving Slightly


Would you have sex with Ann Coulter if it meant getting * out of office?

I am His Majesty, the almighty GOD of all trivia. Ask me anything.

How cool was Marx's beard?

New York City Area DUers!

Missed Will Pitt in Houston, didja?? Listen to him here!!!

If ONLY I Hadn't Washed My Car Today...

I've just been invited to join an ME dance troupe, ask me anything!

Cool. Our Own Bev Harris's Name Is In The Latest Rolling Stone Mag.

Seattle DUers, have you given up on the Mariners?

Need advice...

Last Night I Passed Post #700--I Want to Pass 800 Tonight! Ask Me Anything

Name state capitol cities you've visted.

to those who enjoyed Will Pitt's company in TX

It All Makes Sense Now

I just bought a USB 2.0 256 meg flash memory drive

Hybrid sporting events ( photoshops). Pick your favorite.

Men: Boxers or Briefs? What do you wear?

Red Sox win!

Anybody else watching Temptation island?

canada joke

This is Post #800!

The Twins are up 5-2 on the strength of Jones two homer 4 RBI

Now I ask ya---Who is more attractive?

Paul McCartney at Red Square on A & E NOW......great

I'm so happy right now. My mom is here for a week!

Pet Psychic- off air?

L-dotters are revolting in more ways than one...

Now, I ask y'all - who is more attractive?

Is anyone in the lounge????

Most important attribute in toilet paper

Somebody, PLEASE tell James Woods:

I absolutely can't stand Colin Quinn.

My bad----I am in a grouchy mood today

Wish Tupac was still around...I'm at post # 662

Fox turned into a hardcore porn channel so gradually that I hardly noticed

Favorite time of day

Anyone here a Terry Brooks fan?

I just walked down to the river through 40mph wind and pouring down rain

Greatauntoftriplets is here at my house in seattle ask us anything.

well, I just took delivery of my new Freedom Chair . . .

Are men in general just cold or is it just me?

Why did Al Gore lose Tenn.?

I got my order from Pointer Brand today. Am I ever spiffy in pinstripes!

New Version of Beatles' 'Let It Be' Coming

Favorite undergarment

Hey Vonnegut fans, help me out

What Bumper Stickers adorn your vehicle?

It's our tenth anniversary -- ask me anything!

Please, tell me this guy is a 'puke:


Say hello to our new group of Moderates

Buffy: Chaos Bleeds....

Police don't see the humor in "robbing a bank as a practical joke".

I'm on a political website!!

best ambient groove - Delerium or Enigma?


I'm depressed - Do college students love Dennis Miller?

Hey everyone! Here's something fun!

Favorite Year

The Emmys are on Fox and they're promoting it as hosted by...

The Creation of West Virginia

Funny/Scary cat story...

Favorite quote on dogs?

Minnesota DU'ers...can anyone get me a homer hanky?

Battle of the #1 hits...winner of round !?

Anti-Spam Software??????

Help me, Tom DeLay!!!

Does anyone remember the "Baby Maker" thread that I had last year?

ROFLMAO !!! --- This Is Just Too Easy, You Guys Go Ahead !!!

Visit my new website and Be an Art Critic.

Gropin' in the Grotto - hurricane edition

What is your "theme song"?

I love George W Bush

I'm Gettin' LUCKY Tonight! If You Ask My Anything, You MIGHT Get A Reply!!

Will I have school tomorrow?

OK, so the Chapel Hill Pitt-stop pool party is cancelled...

Know of any gay themed movies?

do you consider yourself knowledgable about beer?

Is anyone else pumped for West Wing season opener?

Job Change Advice

It's almost time for deer hunting here in Tx !

What have you been listening to recently?