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Archives: September 16, 2003

Dialectics of Terror

Josh Marshall Talking Points Memo: Dean campaign / Clark VP rumors

9/15 Gallup Poll Analyses: Five Democratic Candidates Share Support

I will be very disappointed if ours boys vote for the Punk again

Tom Carver (BBC): Why Bush escaped an Iraq row

WMD report blocked by Bu$h

James Carroll: Say no to the War

Hey Dean dolts, the Repubs are laughing at you while they pull your string

Attention Minnesota DUers

Fineman Trashes Dean while Jumping on Clark Bandwagon (for now)

Scientists say warfare began after people formed villages

To Each Their Due

In a Bush Stronghold, Some Are Losing Heart

Maui AARP official against Social Security privatization

Getting to be a prolific little LTTE bast - - d - Akron Beacon Journal

Veiled and Worried in Baghdad

Scheer-'Misspeak' First, 'Correct' It Later

Erwin Chemerinsky - An Act of Courage

"Desperately Seeking Capitalism's Soul" (review of William Greider book)

Steve Bell does it again! Hilarious - see cartoon the Media Let Bush Lose?

NY Times columnist (Krugman) sees gloom in America's future

The Toothless Poodles

FLASH - Rumsfeld says No link between Iraq & Sept 11

Michael Moore to Wesley Clark: RUN

David Broder weighs in on the Fox debate hecklers

Ten Years Later: The World is Upside Down

The passionate centrist

Foreign Policy Candidate

Seeking honesty in U.S. policy - by Amb Joseph Wilson

Another Casualty of the Iraq War - from US's oldest newspaper

George Monbiot (Guardian Unltd): A threat to the rich

Another classic Steve Bell Bush/Blair cartoon (UK Guardian)

Is it America that they hate?

Col. Hackworth: Time for Straight Talk

E. J. Dionne: Handing Out Hardship

Molly Ivins: US vs. us

McGrory - Hard to pull for Kerry

It's cooler in Canada

DU Public Relations Campaign: write your local paper


Jim Hightower, at the White Dog Cafe--UPENN Campus 9/19

Act Now to Stop Israel's Policy of Extrajudicial Killings

I Did Not Read It Yet But The Magazine Vanity Fair Has A Big Article On

Whore of the Day: The Miami Herald

FOX taking Dem bashing to a new level?

Pillsbury Doughboy Dead @ 71 After A Long Life Of Rising ~

Liberal authors triumphant as US bookshelves lean left

Atwood On Booker Short List

Remember Crystal Homeopathy and Furniture Psychics?

How did I miss this? Jonathan Demme's remaking THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE

CARTOONS! The "Chickenhawk Down" Edition

The Bible?

U.S. Daily Casualties 9/16/2003

British Gay Army Spouses To Get Military Pensions

He Just Doesn't Get It, Does He?

More Conservative Gender Sterotyping this time at Newsmax

Nortel wins major contract

Radio-tagged codes to hit supply lines

Sun software takes aim at Windows

Canada hasn't mended polluting ways: report


Great SUV design:off the shelf, safer, cost $3000 more but gets 35.3 mpg

New brain research center launched

So what kind of 'sleeper' are you?

Singapore worried about upsurge in Asian drug abuse

Myriad tourists flock to Hitler's Alpine retreat

Kashmir Militants:Suicide Bombers To Target India Leaders

America's hegemony dream becomes nightmare

PNAC/Likudniks Fan Flames Of War Against Syria (N.Y. Times, again!)

Taking Arabs Seriously....

Parents Who Treated Infant's Illness With Prayer Get Jail Time (kid died)

Bush's New Federal Math Leaves Kids Far Behind

Does Medicare stop being insurance ?

French plans to change drug law

Beware of ID theft, U.S. Postal Service warns

The Missouri CCW law and Democracy

Iowans get it!

Four dead in possible murder-suicide (Colorado Springs, CO)

Feinstein praises and endorses Kerry because of the assault gun ban

UK Soldier Shot Colleague and Self

U.K gun crime

It was a personal judgement--- right or wrong

Thanks, Mods! You all never fail to amaze me.

okay since my other post was deleted

bad DU link (in LINKS)

I have a question

What do you folks think about advertising?

When I click on a link nothing happens.

time stamp

couple of problems....searching and views

"The Israelisation of America"

U.S. to Cut Aid to Israel Over Settlement Activity

That does it!!

US Threatens with More Cuts

Hamas Denounces Bank Account Lockdown

Orthodox groups look to new session to get pro-religious bills through Con

Jordan Recants on Freezing Hamas Accounts

the war on terror is doing nothing but produce more terror

Israel backs off on killing Arafat

Senior Jihad fugitive killed in village near Hebron

A bankrupt policy

Eviction Papers

Israeli minister puts 'moral' case for Arafat assassination

US vetoes UN draft against Israeli plans to remove Arafat

Personal Reflections On Palestine (Norman Finkelstein)

The Decision to Murder Arafat

The State Department Defines a Settlement Freeze

Israel Rejects Palestinian Truce Offer

National Security Archive Declassified Docs on Taliban

Why not LaRouche?

Dean's Experience...

Competing for the general’s affection

Dr. Funk, BLM, Renie, you around?

What are 'the issues'?

Entire Liberal Oasis Today on Howard Dean

Dean, Gephardt test buddy system

Edwards announces on The Daily Show

Hard to pull for Kerry

Ex-Alabama Governor Jim Folsom campaigns with Dean in Alabama

anyone know a source for previous Dean numbers?

Kerry: Major National Endorsement Tomorrow Night, 8:45 EST webcast

CNN reports Clark to announce tomorrow!

Former Clinton Campaign Manager and DNC Chair Wilhelm Endorses Kerry

Clark surpasses Kucinich in Meetup members

It's time for us to unite before the coming battle

"Harry Truman had the Whistle Stop Tour...

Edwards trails Bush in North Carolina, poll says

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION (Lieberman hits small screen)

Dean’s surge helps Vermont Democratic Party

The Ex-extemporaneous Howard Dean

Latest North Carolina Poll

Edwards takes risky step today

John Edwards announcing Live CNN, MSNBC now 11:25!

Clark's Candidacy Will Make Military Service a Litmus Test for Dems

Begalia and Carville need our help...

Dean ---> Clark?

Lieberman supporters please say "I" and "why"

God, I hate CNN

Icebreaker games to welcome Clark

Save Us From Ourselves

Ballot Battle Recalls Bush, Gore

What the enemy is thinking

Record Shows Clark Cheered Iraq War as "Right Call"

Dean reaches over 400,000 signed up today!!

Ohhh crap....five days and the bat is back!!!

Slate's Will Saletan: Bush ok with lies because everyone lies?

Sizing up the Wesley Clark effect

GOP Poll

I was accused of telling tales on a poster. Here is proof I wasn't

Wesley Clark - will he outflank the field?

Whoever posted the Pelosi letter to Dean the other day......

Edwards C-Span now

Dean Corps puts service back into community

Poll: Many Iowa Democrates Undecided

NC: Burr leads Bowles, Blue in U.S. Senate race, poll finds

The passionate centrist

Dean's Book (Nov.)... Think we can pre-order it up like Franken's book?

Only a TRUE Republican idiot, would question Wesley Clark

Three Things That Trouble Me About The Clark Campaign

Dean in trouble for Trent Lott line

Dean Campaign Announces Major Endorsement

Clark Hiring "Masters of Disaster" - Tell him to keep it clean!

Fineman: Democratic power brokers want Clark to block Dean

John Edwards....WOW!!

Giving Money to Edwards's campaign

Kucinich on Collapse of Trade Talks

Kucitizens, and especially DU's own wheresthemind

Who do you support in the North Carolina Senate race?

AP: Dianne Feinstein Endorses Kerry

Kucinich: a defining moment and a strong reason to elect him

Clinton supports Clark, ignores Dean? So says the Albany Times-Union

Kucinich speaks against recall, Prop. 54, tax cuts and heavy defense spend

Former Clinton Campaign Manager and DNC Chair Endorses Kerry

Kerry's Long History Of Cutting Pork From The Military-Industrial Complex

Extremely massive information dump on Gov. Howard Dean, M.D. (v2.0)

Creation Comedy... (adults only)

My Steak Fry Essay

HI! I'm looking for a Dean (or anyone else) video 5-7 min. in length

California GOP -- slow-mo implosion [Salon- "Arnold is too liberal..."]

More on Zell Miller

What if FOX News starts supporting Clark?

My Steak Fry Essay

Senate Unveils Quayle Bust

GSU rally opens Dean youth drive

Please...someone...explain this to me...

Touch screen voting on Jim Leher PBS -tune in!

FAUX news this morning. A rant of sorts

Dirt farmin', dirt racin' and dirt livin'. God Bless America. It's a

Heheh...Should I show Quebec separashits their real friends?

Newsnight on CNN Repeating NOW ( 1 AM EST )

Wanna see squirming? -- Ed Gillespie pees his pants on C-SPAN

hurry up and vote

Let's start a magazine!

Recall: Postponement could mean more (or less) candidates in election

Poll: Was appeals court right to block the recall vote?

Tweety's annual household income -- any ideas?

A question for Arnold

Anybody know anything about Mrs. (Wesley) Clark?

I don't understand when conservatives say that the French owe us.

Conservatives and the Federal Courts

seems there's another third party on the block . . .

Hey! Freepers are freeping this poll. Vote!!

Swartzenegger: "A pump is better than coming (cumming?)..."

Dems control many municipalities. They lose consistently in the country.

2 + 2 = 5

Edwards on ABC now


BBV and the California recall decision

Sylvia: whom should we recall next?

Meme Alert: A New York Times Op-Ed Writer's Maiden Voyage

A quickie favor Bush v Gore FL recount issue

Recall delay is the opportunity of a lifetime!!!!

Please help me respond to this ass-hole freeper...PLEASE!!!!!!

Neocon Division: are they aiming for Rumsfeld as scapegoat?

along the same lines as

Are voting machine issues being intentionally spotlighted by 9th?

Anyone else notice this new democratic technique?

U.S. Daily Casualties 9/16/2003

Tree Shows Up To Protest Environmental Destruction

The reason for the recall

C-SPAN NOW (7:55 am) Defense spending defended by Rep Duncan Hunter

Howard Stern interviewing far right-wing anti-gay protester

Donate Frequent Flier Miles/Soldiers

Unbelievable - Powell Says Gas Attack On Kurds Justified War

The Meatgrinder

(Australia) Focus on Howard's lies, not the polls: Crean

Kerry, Lieberman, and Gephardt must be quaking in their boots...

Salam Pax radio.....

I finally saw a Mammie statue in GA

I have to ask...

Rangel Rallies Support For Clark as Candidate

Assassins Target Bu$h?

The Mind Police in Colorado

A few words of wisdom from some well known people

FL - Judge: DCF, Bush exploited disabled woman in rape case

"We'll now see if the Supreme Court meant what it said in Bush v Gore"

WIENER/"Savage" Talks to God, uh O'REILLY (transcript)

PNAC/Likudniks Fan Flames Of War Against Syria (N.Y. Times, again!)

just what is bush* doing with his hand at this fundraiser?

What newsperson quit paper heads for Little Rock?

is this believable ?

It's not like it's the second coming of christ

CALIFORNIA Recall and the repugs

Democratic Party Meetup tonight -- Crystle attending in PA

who the heck runs the clock on DU?

Today's Doonsbury on Arnie - very timely

BBC NEWS: Pilot sues US over 9/11 arrest

Lies, lies, more lies... and then more lies

The Bible?

Why are they holding back the Kay report ?

David Brooks, Times's Safire-Lite, Says GOP Wants Dean vs. Bush

Need Contact info for President Clinton

Does anyone feel sorry for insurance companies?

$200 Bush Currency

Our odds just got better...


HOLY SHIT!! My LOCAL news JUST did a story on Black Box Voting!!

Most voters unable to name any Democratic candidates

Anyone switching to Clark now?

Stan Goff in Counterpunch article: It Was the Oil and It Is Like Vietnam

and if Bush doesn't seek reelection?

Kurds NOT gassed by Saddam...

Six Americans Two Brits Arrested In Iraq and held as traitors!

Another Bush appointment outrage, perhaps the worst yet

Heard on CSPAN: "well known" journalist resigns position...

How the genetically deficient view Clark's entry

My Bitch to Senators & Representative running for President

Possibly the most outrageous thing Cheney said on Sunday

Clark Information Thread.

John Edwards is our Bobby Kennedy. He reminds me of Bobby

Good advice to Dem candidates, from Pookastew

If Clark announces, how will Repubs attack him ?

Thinking about the flak the Rong (right) has about Clinton stumping

Where's Krugman Today?

BBC NEWS: Fury at California vote delay

A new acronym to me - RNEP - New nukes on Rummy's plate

US combat casualties from Gulf War I to the end of Clinton's presidency

Is Isabel going to be worse because of Iraq?

Hussein & 93 WTC attack?

newsguyatl's secret: what do you think it is?

Judy Woodruff with Wesley Clark live in Ark today at

Why would Americans & Brits be held for attacking coalition forces?

Pentagon as Bagman for the bloody hands bushgang

Can't find Clark bars in your neck of the woods?

Time to face the fact that Elvis will be the next President

Whoopi Goldberg tonight.

Bush’s First Sub-50 Approval Rating!

So the US and UK have been harbouring terrrrrists ?

BBV Duncan Hunter on C-SPAN now

WAR 4 Nothing! Shrub duped! SH lied about OIL RESERVES......

Did Clark pre-empt Edwards announcement with his own??

“I Live In The Bronx” Documentary Premiers on

Bill Schneider on Gen Clark

The fucking republicans want it both ways...(as usual) in California...

Pug pollsters think Dean would be easy to beat...

New GOP internal poll has Bush under 50% approval

Going to a Kerry rally in San Francisco tomorrow afternoon...

The Presidency and Generals: An American Tradition?

2004 vision: a person can dream, can't they?

"Briefly: Iraq" - "Yeah, I did misspeak," Cheney said (on WMD)

WTF is this?!? Faux news subliminal message on my tv?

Heads Up.... Rumsfeld Briefing coming up.... MSNBC

It's time for us to unite before te coming battle

"$30 or more for a single 4X8 sheet " The Plywood Scam

Rummsfield Live What are they afraid of?

So Powell Visits The Kurdish Graves..,.

Why we should demand that NO democratic candidate should drop out

White House Press Conference on CSPAN now!

Limbaugh and "Freedom Fries"

Turning On & Off Our Water - for real

Me and my Canadian friend

Lies about the med mal "crisis"

In defense of the 9th Cir. Ct. of Appeals

BBV Alert! Russ Holt on Tom Hartman NOW 2:05 EST

Clark on CNN

Take the Carville & Begala Challenge: Raise $500,000 by 9/30/03 for DNC!

General Clark...i wonder!

Who is the Anchor on CNN right now 3pm EDT??

How can Bush Run for Reelection?

BBV: Anybody See Spencer Michel's Report On HighTech Voting...

What will Rove do to take attention away from Clark's announcement?

Do You Trust the "American People" to do the Right Thing?

"Toy Action War Hero meets Real Action War Hero"

Oct. 25th Peace Marches

Typical Question?

I've figured out why Arnold shouldn't be governor...

Will Rove look for a March recall patsy?

Clark campaign kicked off by complete weasely asshole move

Blue Pill vs. Red Pill

Tom Friedman on Charlie Rose last night....

Extremism In The Defense Of Civil Liberties Is No Vice

Those of you that think Clark purposely stole Edwards' thunder....

6,000 US soldiers evacuated from Iraq for medical reasons

Would Dean be smart to just quit now?

The "SECRET" Life of Christiane Amanpour

What is it with sports and right-wing commentators?

Time to face the fact that Clark will be the next President

Running against Bush

CNN piece on Korea DMZ. Anybody else find this ridiculous?

Gen Clark coming up on Inside Politics

HELP: I need hard data on the mess made by the Patriot Act

I'd really like some more input on this poll, maybe nobody cares...?

Remember, folks - THIS is who's polling highest nationally

Democracy Now vs Dick Cheney Lies

If We Nominate This Guy, Bush's Numbers Will Rise for Sure!!

Oprah show

Clark declares, the DOW goes up.

My mind is definitely open to Clark, but...

Clark on free trade?

Who is your choice for Vice President

The American Flag belongs to us again. Display it with pride fellow DUers

Prediction on Bush's approval ratings

A Happy Picture of November 2004 (Let's not take our eyes off the ball!)

So why was Clark fired?????

About newsguy's October bombshell ...

It will come down to how Clark answers non-Iraq questions.

That Damn Liberal Media

Dean: Theoretical Iconolast

(((((((((BREAKING NEWS)))))))Just Crossed The Wire-Clark Is In

Washington State blanket primary system struck down!

Should the government be allowed to force people to evacuate ahead of hurr

{{{{{BREAKING}}}}}} Federal Appeals Court to re-examine Recall Ruling

This really is the GENERAL discussion forum

Bush family business partner for decades

DU Public Relations Campaign: write your local paper

It's 5:14, and Wolfie is still talking about the weather!

That does it!!

Leaving the average Americans to fend for themselves?

Ass Kicking DEMs' Regime Change Team

With no due respect to Bob Novak's performance ...

2 questions


How do we know that the iraqi's are actually grateful that we are there?

Iraq WMD Report may not be made public....

Why doesn't someone call Novak on his treason?

DU should do some mainstream advertising

Any NON-Dean supporters torn by General Clark?

Everybody needs to relax a little.

Any other Dean supporters now torn over Gen Clark?

Why does anyone think Hillary is a viable candidate?

Oppose Pickering again

Texas 10 report today

ya know, when a Democrat wins in 2004 . . .

It is time for everyone but Clark to drop out.

Okay, what's really going on here? Political conspiracy?

Californians, sign the No on Prop. 54 on

Storm can't keep NASCAR fans from Dover

I'm shocked at what I'm reading lately on FR

Guy James interviews Sid Blumenthal TODAY!!!!!

Republicans and Democrats have sold out the American people

within the next 30 days we need 2 candidates to drop out

How to Pound Bush in 2004

From the WH press conferrence:

Canada has a free press - compares W to Hitler

Edwards is positioning for VP or Cabinet slot

When Will Americans Realize They’ve Been Had?

HELP BURN Walmart!!!!!! Need info to give to atty on suit against them

DU Power Activate re: Christiane Amanpour... MoveOn Media Corps

Letter from Micheal Moore to Gen. Clarke

Generals As Presidents... A History Lesson:

Remember What Gore Said During His Speech

Clark better announce tomorrow. Thursday is going to be all about Isabel

Really promising sign!

If You Had To Pick 1 Candidate For Dean To Have A One-On-One Debate With..

I just voted in Califonia

Is that a real Pic of Arnold on the cover of DU

BBV Call to Action- Write your representatives Re: HR 2989

Looking at Crossfire... Does anyone know what Clark stands for?

Canadian politics - you just gotta love it

Didn't Tear Up Hearing the Star Spangled Banner Sunday

I don't care what anyone says. Clark does NOT get my support

Holy Fuck. What if Bush gets ideas?

kickass editorial... "Another Casualty of the Iraq War"

Friedman and Krugman on Charlie Rose show right now...PBS (et)

BBV: Just Spoke with Kathy Rogers again....


Daryl Issa is scum

Revised Patriot Act Will Make It Illegal To Read Patriot Act

Bob Graham on MSNBC

"Troop" versus "Soldier"

YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS!! Bush as Big Brother

Dean/Clark Supporters - need your opinions!

Would a Clark-Graham pairing do the trick?

Open question to newsguyatl- PLEASE READ


A way to make people aware tomorrow, and put fear in the wingers ?

Hardball talking about Clark

ex-Gore, Clinton people go to Clark Campaign...

Punk Sean Hannity in total panic over Clarks announcement

How do we get Nachman (MSNBC) fired?

Crossfire: Begala brings up Cheney's lies

Cheney Link of Iraq, 9/11 Challenged

What will Clark bring to the race

Revised Patriot Act Will Make It Illegal To Read Patriot Act

Good "info" article on a Clark candidacy

Name the Murderous Despots Republicans and Democrats have supported

There's Iowa; There's New Hampshire and There's ....What??

Do You Trust the "American People" to do the Right Thing?

Is the election just a formality in the new, militaristic America?

What is your impression of the draft gore people?

Clark supporters......I want your opinion on these articles!

The result if the Dems had not voted for Bush's Iraq resolution

DUers who want to get away from the bashing report in!

A Canadian's message to American progressives

Did Pro US Dollar interests lead to murder of Pro Euro leader?

Arianna Huffington's plan now that things have changed...

Anyone want to guess on Breaux & Zell's media vote?

New school honors former president

I want to apologize to newsguyatl and the Moderaters.

I got it. Clark stops Dean. Opens door for Gore/Hillary.

Just FYI: Condi Rice on the cover of Christianity Today

This is for the idiots who say that Clark supported the War!

Diebold attack on BBV gives us all we need...

I LOATHE Liberal Poltical Pundits!

Gen. Wesley Clark on the issues

Some returning troops butt heads with boss

Drudge drops Clark announcement

Frank Lunz concerned about Bush's poll numbers - Hardball n/t

Stampede for Clark

'Voting Clark makes Osama's bony fingers tremble with joy' on Clark's stand on invasion of Iraq

Senate votes 55-40 to Over-rule Powells FCC Deregulation Plan! Woo Hoo!

Wow! Rangel on Clark on Harball MSNBC n/t

Did Rumsfeld really say this?

Nickname for the DEM Pres. candidates: "The Big Ten" (?)

Anybody know about GIA, an MIT student's response to TIP?

Compassionate Conservatism at work in Minnesota

NY Times Columnist Sees Gloom in America's Future--re Krugman

The ticket most likely will be a combo of Kerry, Dean, and Clark.

Matthews just asked "Will the president dodge the debates?"

Will the Media Let Bush Lose?

I'm a liberal who wants to beat Bush in 2004....


FLASH - Rumsfeld Sees No Link Between Iraq, 9-11

This is what Democracy looks like

While we attack each other, GOP is trashing Clark

Weather Channel Showing: Many Planes at Langley AFB! Sitting...but waiting

Here's the video for the NewsHour Diebold Voting Machine piece

Your Mother is/was a...

So from "Aunold" all the becomes Clark all the time! Prepare !

My apologies to Dean and his supporters, I lost it, I don't want our party

This War - Sting

Graham: It's about time a court protected the rights of voters

Will the Bush cause the PUBs to lose the HOUSE and SENATE??

"retired general with a four-star military resume but no political"

Fineman: The race is on for the Un-Dean

Does anyone have byrd's remarks on the media from yesterday?

Repubs must be scared to death of Clark...

How long until Mike Malloy, Peter Werbe, Randi Rhodes, and Guy James...

These morans sound like they're fighting a goddamn crusade...

Who's Got New TOONS? | You've Got NEW Toons!

Al Franken to attend Dean fundraiser in NYC this weekend

Clark quote on 9/11

PBS Flashpoints: Talking about right-wing media bias right now.

Traditional ally of Senator Kennedy claims same-sex marriage will...

A Look at U.S. Daily Deaths in Iraq (297 dead. Does that sound right?)

Which candidates are serious contenders against Bush?

Does anybody think that the woman in the moran pic is writing...

is there even a remote possibility Clark will announce he's not running?

General Clark is just the man to investigate the WMD hoax, 9-11 and Enron

Record Shows Clark Cheered Iraq War as "Right Call" (FAIR Media Alert)

UK Indymedia poster heil bush

Divide and conqure

For those who think LBJ may have played a role in JFK Assassination

Are The Russkies Gonna Help Out The Chimp?

Gender and DU

Diebold executive to keep lower profile

Is Dean really an anti-war candidate?

Drudge joins in the clark-smearing

Are Democrats soft on Crime?

Tammy Faye on Larry King Live...loooks like a fucking circus clown.

Another example of the Media changing its tune...

Clark? I don't get it. What's so special about him? Really.

AHHHH: having mike malloy back is like crack

Gen Clark & Fabiani (Lehane), Bill, and now Hilliary Clinton

PNAC Madness Takes Over White House

1939 Berlin Diary. Compare to today in Bush's PNAC USA.

Wait...stop for a second and think...

Deleted message

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate: "Bush setting world on fire"

Who is the dem candidate for mayor in Houston?

What are Karl Rove's Educational qualifications?

Rumfeld aide quote sounds exactly like the third reich

"scare the bejesus out of the voters"

Quit spelling moron as moran

"US never been so isolated globally, literally never, since 1945."

"Joe six-pack's" take on the Clark Announcement....

FBI Lied to Clinton about Iraqi Assassination Attempt on Bush Sr.

Clark supporters - Please! be polite and not such ass

Iraq Watch on now C-SPAN

I'm so proud of our little unelected bastard President....

Something Very Interesting Clark Said

Former Clinton Advisor on FAUX: "Bush is a successful president."

Outrageous - MSGOP to give Luntz his own program!

Paula Zhan talking about Clark (CNN)

Do we really want Wesley Clark?

The Dodd Digest September 2003, What a great Senator

Aaron Brown redeems himself... sort of.

Rep. Dreier: K. Harris has offered to help w/CA recall election?

King Geroge Re Declares War on The Enviroment

Pssst.... Dean Supporters! Over here!

Why I won't be voting for ANY of the Dem candidates

I have a question

Bizarre story just heard on local tv news

C-Span now. Delahunt on live about old man Bush selling WMD's to Iraq

FAUX's fixation with Hillary Clinton

Bloody Hands, Bumbling Bozos, and the Bodycount Blues

Bush is like a bad contractor who fucks up the job but claims everything

"US becoming a colonial power" - Wesley Clark

What really happens inside those $2K/head fundraisers

A DU pool? When will the GOP dump Bush to save the party?

As a Clark supporter all this Clark bashing may be good. . .

Larry Hagman! Calls Bush a Fascist (re-post)

Bush is out of control

BusinessWeek: Lies Told about Casualties of the First Gulf War

Bush's Justice Dept filed brief to stop NYC Peace March in Feb

"Gassing his own people?"

Al Franken and Whoopi to join Dean at Avalon Club fundraiser

Clark reminds me of R. Lee Ermey (Gny. Sgt. Hartman in Full Metal Jacket)

what Dean is called by hate radio hosts

Why was Richard Perle meeting with Adnan Khashoggi?

Jon Stewart nails Daryl Issa

I'm jealous of your government sites...

Before Clinton was the last President to propose a balanced budget to Cong

It must be that proverbial "cold day in hell". I just listened to the

Clark Bashers: Read this article and get out your cry towels

Dean Campaign Announces Major Endorsement

Get a free PC/software! (MS court settlement)

I am actually enjoying this insanity..

Did anyone see this German documentary on 911 security lapses?

Scott McClellan Is Pathetic

Vets To Top US Military Commanders: REMEMBER NUREMBERG

I'm a LIBERAL and I'm proud! Who's gonna say it with me?

LOOK: Arafat assassination scheduled for Q1 of 2004.

Isn't Wesley Clark...

The Rush Limbaugh Whipping Post

Condi Rice on "Nightline" now-11:30 PM EDT.

Bush's Big Blunder

Gray Davis

Clark labeled as moderate; Dean as left wing. What gives?

My Eye Witness Account of San Francisco Kerry Rally...

Clark During Pre Invasion & Invasion on CNN????

hey! enough with all these CHEAP SHOTS against Cheney...

Hillary to be Clark's National Co-chair? (Fox 3:08PM ET)

How many WTC towers did we have when Clinton left office?

monbiot on the trade talks

Deleted message

We're GONNA WIN MOTHERFUCKERS!!!! We're gonna win!!!

Just got a call from the ACLU

Clark "I think the world of Kerry"

What should be the prevailing message for '04?

Doubts about existence of Al Queda... I've been saying this all along...

Anyone else see Thomas Freidman on Charlie Rose tonight?

Do you remember what Michael Corleone asked Hyman Roth...

PM slams rich nations for collapse of WTO talks


John Reid Edwards officially announced his candidacy today.

Is Clark the media's choice?

Should we abolish state borders and just be one unified country?

Has the media forgiven Bush for lying to them or are they still pissed?

Have other trashy talk shows used Arnold's naughty word before?

Sham Coulter just called Clark a "Faux patriot"

Does anyone have a link to that pic of * bumping his head exiting

sorry, but randi rhoades should be DU's goddess of the

I Think HIGH HOLY HELL is About to Break Loose

Are some Nader bashers trying to divide Dean & Kucinich supporters?

From Michael Moore: "You Suck BUSH"

Presidential Preference Poll

Dean on environment. No wonder he sealed his records

BBV: Diebold Election Systems Election Manual For Staff

Limbaugh coins “Conspiracy Clark” – WTF????

Diebold attack on BBV gives us all we need...

Is this a Clark-Dean race now?

Should Ralph Nader be off limits here at DU?

Condie Rice DENIES IRAQ 9/11 LINK!!!

The supreme insult : "French". Even for the Democrats ?

Is Henry Kissinger a war criminal, fascist or just misunderstood

Seattle area DUers! It's primary election day!

Ethnic makeup of DU

i'm sworn to secrecy

Did Rove Blow a Spook's Cover?

questionW POLL: ?W - TOAST or NOT TOAST ???

I kant beleive dose Roving morans. What a bunch of lieing loosers...

Wanna know the BIGGEST Conspiracy of all?


Pick the next prez! I don't think anyone has run this poll

Why didn't Al Gore challenge voter purging in Florida? Answer inside.

When you think it can't get any worse: Senate votes for 'usable' nukes

I fear the decline in civil society

How's this for a bumper sticker?

Feminist Majority--Gandy Blasts New York Times

The Pubs are fucked! DU will be the triggering Mechanism.

You know why I'm leary about Clark?

Is there a complete, comprehensive site on the 2004 election?

Caller to Bernie Ward's show: "Iraq dumped WMD's in the river"

Anti-Bush bumper sticker on my car didn’t last 3 days.

DAMN these campus fundies

Connecting the Dots in the Bush/PNAC administration!

Recall AND BBV: a"curious "coincidence

Diebold hits Black Box Voting with cease & desist: Host refuses

Who would like to see Guy James land a gig on i.e. America Radio?

Undecideds Vs.Front Runners on DU. Poll!

WP: Union Fights Pentagon Rules Changes

California GOP -- slow-mo implosion [Salon- "Arnold is too liberal..."]

GSU rally opens Dean youth drive

New Cybersecurity Chief Named

U.S. To Submit New U.N. Resolution

U.S. raids in Saddam's hometown leave Iraqis angry

Illinois Looks To Canada For Drugs

Trans-Alaska Gas Pipeline Gets Backing (by repugs)

Air Pollution Battle Heats Up

First tokers of Health Canada cannabis call it disgusting, want money back

Schwartz considers buying into Air Canada - Texas Pacific Group

'Downing St's Lifestyle Guru Changes Gear' or:


CRIME PAYS SAY TEENS - UK 4 in 10 of Britain's kids

Algerian pilot sues US over terror charges

Verizon Challenges Music Download Decision

AOL Time Warner Secures Sports Team Deal

Was the Iraq war illegal?

FBI May Get Reins In Explosives Cases

Symantec exec gets U.S. post (cybersecurity)

Three dead after explosion at hostage siege office in Japan

HOUSE WATCH-9/16/2003 (#1)

U.S. Firms to Boost Hiring (Intentions) in 4th Quarter

Heard on CSPAN: "well known" journalist resigns position...

What we know after the first stage of the Hutton inquiry

U.S. Education: Less Bang For Buck

Blair, Chirac, Schroeder talk Iraq

Trans-Alaska Gas Pipeline Gets Backing

Job Losses Unsettle Republicans-Don't Want Voters' Blame for Economy

Iraq Police Chief Dies in Roadside Ambush (&US soldier dead)

U.N. Offices in Congo Attacked


One More Round For Bush v. Gore

First group tour to Pyongyang starts

U.S. holding in Iraq six prisoners who claim to be Americans and two who s

John Edwards announcing for Prez. Live C-SPAN 10:45 EDT

US to veto support for Arafat

Beware The Air You Breathe At Home

Spanish protesters invade GM corn fields (Europe's only GM crops)

Medicare: Two choices for the future

France shows new flexibility in search of compromise on Iraq

Scientist Says Iraq Never Revived Nuke Programme

Agreement on Nuclear Fuel Between Russia, Iran Nearly Complete

U.S. Forces Detain Westerners in Iraq

Field of tears

ACLU Sues Over Ten Commandments Display in Georgia

Cheney link of Iraq, 9/11 challenged

Family of John O'Neil alleges links between Bin Laden and Iraq

Efforts on Iraq Mass Graves Blasted

Congress to Quiz SEC Chief on Pay of NYSE's Grasso

Union Fights Pentagon Rules Changes

Sprint Will Outsource Technology Jobs

US chain store sales fall, break 3-week run-report


Boston Globe: Cheney link of Iraq, 9/11 challenged

Bill Clinton to visit Seattle (Today)

Prisoners Perish In Fire (Saudi Arabia)

Jordan Recants on Freezing Hamas Accounts

GOP fund paid for Dolan's trip from Cuba (Missouri's New CCW Law)

Cheney was influential advocate of policy in Iraq

US Upgrades Anti-Missile System in S Korea

No cheering crowds for Powell in Baghdad

More US soldiers wounded in Iraq (Fallujah and Mosul)

Appeals Court to *Reconsider* Calif. Recall Vote

President Clinton part of national convention's NY delegation

Feinstein Endorses Kerry Presidential Bid

Senate Defies Bush, Overturns FCC Ruling

U.S. Will Veto Resolution Demanding U.N. Ensure Safety of Arafat

Iraqi police ready to turn guns on US troops

EEE-USA Urges Congress to Strengthen Protections for U.S. High-Tech Worker

University Begins Displaying American Flag in Classrooms

Bush Touts Clean Air At Coal Plant

Lawmaker Wants to Put 'French' Back in Fries

Thousands prepare to flee Isabel (MSNBC)

U.S. to reduce loan guarantees to Israel

Bush Pushes His Air-Pollution Initiative ("Clear Skies")

Man arrested in SUV arson released from LA jail

U.S. Vetoes Resolution On Protection of Arafat

Brussels urges shakeup of 'medieval' WTO

Equipment, stockpiles wear thin in Iraq

10,000 prisoners in custody in Iraq: US military

Congress Seeks ($40 B) Tax Cuts for Manufacturers

Gays Not Entitled To Civil Rights Kansas AG Says

Clark to announce!

Brazil clones dead cow

On this Issue, Allies Are on the Opposite Side...

Bush Assassination Plot In Philippines

Man Gets Prison for Claim Son Died on 9-11


US sanctions Russian firm for selling arms to Iran

Tandy Sworn in As First Female DEA Chief

Kay Report: No WMD!

WP: Diplomats Say U.N. Pact Still Is Feasible

Charges likely against 3 from Merrill Lynch

Gephardt launches Web site highlighting rival's statements

Isabel: Warnings Likely at 11 PM

U.S. vetoes Arafat vote in U.N.

Fed Holds Rates Steady; Cites Fear of Weak Prices

Bush Rating Below 50 Percent in Calif. (Down to 45%!!!)

Feds to Create Single Terror 'Watch List'

Cheney: Halliburton link 'cheap shot'

U.S. senator urges trade, travel in Cuba (Dem. Max Baucus)

Janklow Returns to Capitol One Month After Fatal Crash

Elite NPA assassins target George Bush?

Ridge Rejects Pleas for Security Funding

Senate Democrats Fail to Block Nuke Funds

Senior US Official to level Weapons Charges Against Syria

Daschle the Latest Democrat to Criticize Cheney-Halliburton Connection

Federal Budget Disaster Seen, Won’t Be Heard

(Canadian) Alliance (marriage) motion defeated

Emergency Landing at Phx Airport, possible explosive.

South Africa Tells Australia To Back Off Zimbabwe

Iraqis' Bitterness Is Called Bigger Threat Than Terror

Alleged US Citizens held in Attack on US Troops in Iraq

U. S. Congress Democrats: Bush Should Fire Iraq Advisers

Dems Press Bush to Fire Aides Over Iraq

Rice's letter answers criticism from Cuban-American legislators

Bush Orders Merger of Anti-Terror Lists

House gives preliminary approval to redistricting map

Iraq's external debt at $70-120 bil: Treasury official


US veto gives Israel 'licence to kill'

Aides Back Cheney on Lack of Halliburton Ties

Million Chinese sign anti-Japan petition online

Kelly family's tough questions for MoD

Hackers Pass Out New Software for Attacks

Cuba charges Bush administration tightening embargo

Fox News’ Hume Gets Bush Exclusive

State Democrats to lose leader (Texas)

Blair on Iraq rack as spy chief breaks cover

Moore Proposes Moving Ten Commandments Monument to U.S. Capitol

Hans Blix: Iraq Destroyed WMD 10 Years Ago


Iraqi Weapons in Syria. Gertz via Drudge

U.S. wants Seoul to send brigade-size force to Iraq

Cheney wants Supreme Court review on energy case

Official: Syria Seeking Banned Weapons (our next war)

President's Approval Rating Continues To Fall (in California)

Bono spars with Bush over AIDS funding

Condoleezza Rice: U.S. Never Said Saddam Was Behind 9/11


Rumsfeld Sees No Link Between Iraq, 9/11

French block airlift of British troops to Basra

Two Naples students sent home for wearing Confederate flag T-shirts

U.S. tops in school spending, but not in scores

Pat Robertson prays that Hurricane Isabel will turn away"

Presidential Line of Succession Examined

An Undiplomatic Display (Photos in W.H. replaced with pics of *)

An apology to Renie408...

Franklin Graham on the Larry King rerun of Johnny Cash's funeral is

Farmer's Almanac weighs in on presidential race

Late Night AIM Chat Thread

We've had cute kitten & puppy threads. Time for some cute monkey pics!

Dirt farmin', dirt racin' and dirt livin'. God Bless America. It's a

Where's Tinoire?

new hate radio advertisers

Check out this dedication to Johnny Cash

Why Salma Hayek is still single (paging ForrestGump!)

30 years ago...

Who here bought the Family Guy DVDs yet?

I wonder: Does Coulter, Limberger, Ingram et al practice what they preach

seems there's another third party on the block . . .

Dr. Funk, BLM, Renie, you around?

Happy Birthday Lauren Bacall !!!!!!

I like Digweed

One of my plays (Participatory Murder Mystery dinner theatre)

Comic Unveils Star-Spangled Penis

Dentist offers $100 reward for toothbrush's safe return

How many countries are represented here?

NY / Dallas game

"That's Your Bush" now has 2 new Bushes!

Who else has seen Cabin Fever?

The Bible?

Last night I saw Lindsey Buckingham perform. Ask me anything.

Good (Tuesday) Morning DU!

For everyone who helped with the "Chicago's Finest Tables" thread

anyone see the pic of soldier NOT saluting Bush in the NYTimes Saturday?

download (tech) question

My GIANTS Lost To The Cowboys Monday Night. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

"This One Time.....At Band Camp....."

What is the TV show "Tough Crowd"

Favorite AC/DC member?

Attention all Dog/Cat Owners!

Cripes! I read Franken's book in a little over 9 hours!

How did the Houston Get Together with Will Pitt go?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO.......................

Advances in Medicine

Today's Calvin & Hobbes reminded me of the Shrub...

Paging Medium Brown Dog!!

Am I alone in not thinking The Exorcist is the least bit scary?


What the hell? Johnny Depp is 40?

Re: the emoticon that slaps the other one to the floor...

CAPTION, please: "Is This Mike On?"

Can you raed tihs?

"Family Guy" The Movie

Anybody see Oprah yesterday? It made me sick!

Another dummy question...connecting 2 computers

Caption Bushitler.

Could someone please explain the origins of "Whistle-ass"?

Bumper sticker seen on campus

Boo Berry & Franken Berry: Who else is addicted?

The *SECRET* life of Lou Dobbs

The "SECRET" Life of Christiane Amanpour

Always look on the bright side of life....

Stupid Question of the day: Who sang "Girl From Ipanema"?

ABC Wins Lynch Interview

Hey you in the 700-club - Start Praying with Pat!!!

I am off on my B-DAY, I am off on my B-DAY

My arm fell asleep last night

"Bubba Ho-tep"?

WP Style!

Does Aspartame become Formaldehyde?

I lost the link for the german forklift safety video.. anyone got it??

Best Horror Movie Of All-Time

It's my anniversary today

I am Back

Springsteen calls for the appointed one impeachment.

Who remembers Elfego Baca?

sept 16th Beinvenidos desde Mexifornia

The Texas Handshake of all CAPTIONS!!!

A simple question about pop stars

In memory of my Sweet Dog Lulu

new Hannity sponsor Hong Kong Tourism Board

The Right Stuff - GREAT MOVIE

I had a dream last night...

Woo hoooo!!! I'm going to see Al Franken!!!

I could use a virtual DU hug....(long read)

Would You Support a DLC Candidate in the Primary?

It's snowing

The Canary with the Cat in its Mouth of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Time Traveler

COMPLICATED work-related question... any and all advice wanted!

Favorite romance movie of all time (male edition)

Dean's Experience...

My wife just got me Michael Moore tickets for my birthday

Old school comedy skits

so I just nuked my hard drive

Favorite Sting solo song?

Play the "Where's W" game

So, you think your job stinks?

How do you cope?

My dh is out of state,

Lunabush bad joke thread of the day

Fire Destroys UK's National Motorcycle Museum

Yankee's Matsui is a PIMP

Princess Stephanie of Monaco marries Portuguese circus acrobat

One of my cats is sleeping on my keys!

Rumsfeld says killing Iraqi policemen not helpful in recruiting effort

Need help! Storm surge planning...

Found Him!!!!

anyone design bumper stickers?

Revised Patriot Act Will Make It Illegal To Read Patriot Act

The real Freeper Lounge (not very interesting)

Anybody know of Lit. Agents dealing in humor/satire...

Bush in a tank top, thong and flip flops?

Go Phillies!

CAP ALERT NEEDS YOUR $1500!!!!!!!!!

I've been a DU Moderator 7 times - ask me anything.......

One of my kitties loves "STORMS" and goes out on the screened porch at the

Caption Poppy and Babs

70% of porn seen by Children

I applied for moderator of the Gun Dungeon.

On second thought, don't ask me anything. I feel nauseous.

twinkies up 2 nil right now.

I got a gig!

Expectant "Mom" (for the bird lovers)

Dinner for JanMichael and Shakeydave Tommorrow?

Help me pick convention destination

This War - Sting

Need help! Phil & Friends CD...

Dirty joke.

"The Dems don't really want to win in '04, so Hillary can win in '08."

WIll somebody honk my horn? My Wang is 2 feet long and is detachable!

Thinking 'bout riding out the storm

site about professional clinic protestors



Want to see something interesting?

Help me get rid of Global Finder.

Wesley Clark Turned Me into a Newt!!!!

Anybody read Krugman's The Unraveling?

Does anybody have the Monday Night Cowboy/Giants game on tape?

CSPAN NOW--Hoeffel and other "Iraq Watch" Dems back at it,

1970's News Headlines

I've been beating up on FReepers in my U.S. History class

Why do my married friends keep asking this single mom for marital advice?

I need HELP with College Math

Slow news day in Chicago we starve all the teachers, and recruit more Marines...

Just watched "Curse of the Bambino" on HBO. It was bittersweet.

HawkerHurricane's NFL power ratings!!!

Does Martin Scorsese kick ass, or what?!

Has Oprah gotten too full of herself?

Condom failed? Dean poked a hole in it.


Pass the soap!

ahhhh ...john stewart rocks

South Park with Saddam & Satan on Comedy Central now

(Red Sox) Division Series tickets go on sale at 6 p.m. Friday

I gave 2 freepers hell in my English Class today

The OC

Max Cady is out and looking for some payback

Flyer for Young Dems recruitment meeting

How to burn an hour twenty-two

I want to hear some conspiracy stories!

I busted two kids for smoking in the bathroom today

what's your car-o-scope?

Favorite Body Part Of The Opposite (or same) Sex

Condi Rice on Nightline

"Dads & Daughters" vs thongs

First day of Freshman Orientation today. - Ask me anything!

Howard Dean ate my baby!!!

I'm stuck on the ship today, ask me anything

Your Own Death

Don't laugh.

Poll: Favorite tree

I am going to be an election judge this Nov, any advice would be

Ok, Connery's accent is just getting ridiculous now

Caption Chimp & Baby!

After 28 months on DU, I just bookmarked my first thread.

Favorite pop star

Fallwell prayed and Isabel listened.....she downsized herself and is


Not to be insincere; why is ABC treating John Ritter like a family member?

DLC Endorses Lieberman/Clark for '04!

Topic of today's lunchtime argument...

Greatest R&B album ever?

I, Lynne Sin am giving up my unhealthy eating habits - I need help!

Favourite painter?

Favorite Romance Film of ALL TIME

Political affiliations of TV show characters

Which of these musicians have you ever wanted to be?

Who do you Support for President?

Most Overrated Film Director (Sacred Cow Tipping)

Detroit Shock WNBA CHAMPS!

Fav Monty Python Line

Any DUers Getting Ready To Evacuate For Isabel ???

"The Little World of Don Camillo" screens in Brookline Ma Thursday night:

Favorite Beavis and Butthead quote

Whatever happened to Pete McCloskey?

Favorite guitar?

Which pic looks the best? Warning, I've been out to trip-out city lately.

Bay area Duers make $10 an hour fighting the recall....

Who the hell is NameRemoved?

Just a little update on my injuries...

Help! I'm dealing with a sick Newfoundland today!


Who likes Russian/Jewish/Slavic food?

My 500th post

Need some good name suggestions for my cockatiel !!!

Best war movie.

I spent $547.42, today. Ask me anything. Sigh... n/t