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Archives: September 14, 2003

Rich: Top Gun vs. Total Recall (Nails Repugs)

Sunday WP Devastating v. Bush, Iraq Policies!!

Eric Margolis:The crusade against 'terrorism'

Clark/Truman Day/Knoxville 9/13 - anonymous accounts from Clarksters

Op-ed: Here's a tip, waiters: Yes, we're in a class war (great!)

Extension hits reservists' families Home beckons, but call of duty in Iraq

Stars and Stripes letters, Sept. 7 -13

Dave Barry's take on....

NYT: An Unsustainable Policy on Iraq

"left" and "right" are ill-posed words

GOP unity in Congress frays

Enormous change looms for utilities

Ellen Goodman in WashPost. Drip, Drip, Drip

How Blair defied logic and intelligence to take us to war

NY Times article:Bush Seeks to Expand Access To Private Data

Newsweek: Irag - The Lebanon Scenario

"The Tax-Cut Con" (Paul Krugman)

Democrats scrap plans to look into WH manipulation of intelligence

Public Says $87 Billion Too Much

Newsweek: Why Can't We Get Him? (Bin Laden)

Military Families Plead With Bush: ‘Bring Boys Home’

Wonderful Frank Rich column today, assails Shrub's carrier photo-op

Slamming Ann Coulter

If you thought the last U.N. debate over Iraq was ugly

Bush’s bloated defense budget

Details on Dean in the ATL (Mon 9/15)

Jobs for activists - from

Any DU'ers in Okaloosa County, FL?

ETTV debut celebrated by Taiwan, U.S. leaders

When I am aPPOINTED pResident

Here's an Idea.....

K Street

Local Republican Bias

Tom Green on Bill O'Reilly Show (transcript)

Sorry I have to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got my tickets to go see Simon and Garfunkle reunion tour!!

Time Capsule: one month after Hiroshima

Has anyone read "Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting?"

Col. Football Roundup - Sept 13 - The "Many tears" edition

Hurricane Isabel - a blog of sorts

Daily U.S. Casualties 9/14/2003

Scary NYT article on the real state of the deficit

NYSE's Role as Regulator Questioned

Candidates on the environment, please post what you know

Chinese Fight A New Kind Of Land War

Zimbabwean cops keep Daily News off streets

Zuma investigator 'intimidated' - SA

Chechen presidential candidate spreads fear

Does the AWB really have chance at getting renewed?

Last chance to correct the record? KKK incident

Freeper Alert

Question about promoting something

how can i post an mpg file?

Another image posting question...elad?

OK, where do I get to ask these questions on this board?

why does a thread get locked?


Double posts are back . . .

Another image posting question...elad?

A stupid decision

Here is how we solve the peace problem

Arafat Plots Mega-Terror

Saw this on another board. Anyone have a link to verify the stuff about

BBC NEWS: Israel 'considers killing Arafat'

Wow!! This is an eye-opener. And our media plays it to the hilt!

PM Sharon's Confidante: PA State - Not in this Generation

Arafat Plots Mega-Terror (2)

Removing Arafat

Israeli Vice Premier Says Killing Arafat an Option

Birth And Death At The Checkpoint

Palestinian child shot dead near Ramallah

U.S. expected to abstain from UN vote on deportation of Arafat

U.S. Rejects Israeli Threats Against Arafat

Israeli jets roar over Lebanon

Arafat Is to be murdered, not deported.

The end of Zionism

Iraq Journal..

Some reservists ponder quitting as service time grows

Union Support Could Bring Dean Minority Votes

Clark in Knoxville:

New Washington Post-ABC News poll. Bush leading Democratic candidates

Kerry On Face The Nation Sunday & Jamming With Moby Thursday In NYC

Gephardts running ads in NH

After climbing to the top, Dean discovers he's a target

Has the deficit changed since September 2002?

Kerry on Face The Nation

Poll Shows Oklahoma Rep. Istook Winner of GOP Senatorial Primary

Kerry Rocked Out Back In The Day

Bad Month For Dean at The TNR Primaries

Joe (Lieberman) Who?

Anybody here not believe in ABB?

John Kerry: Shading the Truth?

A Progressive Case for Howard Dean

Catch John Kerry on the CBS Early Show

Kerry Draws Phoenix Latinos

John Kerry Jamming with Moby and Pop-Gun 7 on C-Span Now

John Kerry: "The Senate's most outspoken environmentalist"

FTN: Transcript excerpt

It's A Headline: "Kerry Wants One-on-One With Dean"

Anyone see Dean on "This Week"?

Hey, good series on Flip Flops

Quotes from Edwards on I/P

Dean's Failure to Woo N.H. Firefighters May Cost Him Endorsement

Am I a total neophyte or do we love Carville again after K Street?

Kerry backs tax cut freeze to defray Iraq costs

Howard Dean and the power of TV ads

Jim Jordan's Letter to Joe Trippi on Kerry's blog

The General Who Would Be President

Worked a campaign table for Dean at Community Day today . . .

Connecticut senator launches ``Operation: Liebermania'' in NH

Edwards is getting a closer look in N.H.

Why the lack of Wesley Clark threads?

Who did you support in '92?

Edwards...Up to the Challenge

Clark's Religion?

Joe Trippi responds to Kerry's debate challenge

Which Democrat would Be the Most Popular President Overseas?

The Tortoise Is Stirring

Why did the Dean campaign say he came up with the Trent Lott line himself?

It's The Dean Critics

Beyond senate, he races at Bush (John Edwards)

Kerry Throws Down The Gauntlet To Dean

Gephardt compares Dean to Gingrich

WP: NH firefighters, IAFF set to endorse Kerry

Clark supporters please check in...

Dean mired in explaining goofs

After Watching The Democrats In Iowa On C-Span. THANK GOD I Am A

Can anyone give me a link to Congressional votes?

The Lotis Committee: Are we screwed? Seriously, these ARE the Oligarchs.

Extraodinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

Texas: Proposition 12 appears to have passed

The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2002-2003

Our governor is home...

Live progressive streaming radio now -- link to Nate Clay

Go buy the latest Playboy...and you won't have to lie this time!

Tucker Carlson accused of rape

Repug given leave from Army (Gitmo) to cast deciding Gun Vote Missouri

Not just another 1,000th vanity post

Poll needing help getting unfreeped

The FCC again Threatens - San Francisco Liberation radio 93.7 FM.

How do you feel about this quote? (It's my sig line)

Brass, balls and 9/11

WTF! Bush* is going to speak at the "irrelevant" U.N next week?

Hoax from the Left?

How can Bush Still have these Kinds of Suport Numbers????????????

Johnny Cash: Everyman, With A Voice.

Sculpture meant for Taipei 101 gets dumped for poor fengshui

they gave airy flishear $40 grand!!

Harken steak fry-questions

Bin Lost's early rants

I want to say this to Americans!

Sunday Talk SHow Line-Up.....................

Faux strikes again. Lies and the lying liars......

This may have been seen before, but

I have a question for you all

Anti-gay comments spark debate at Indiana University

Andrew Young acts, talks like candidate for U.S. Senate

Tucker on Larry King

QuestionW? on Vh1 Now!

With Poll: Bush faces daunting task in restoring lost jobs

Interesting graphic I came across...

America's Hidden Battlefield Toll (hidden to Americans only!)

Clark & Spielberg!

Liz TROTTA - "DEAN/Loose Cannon", "Dems/American?????"

Sen. Clinton is on WHUT in Washington DC area 10:25 AM


Clark in Knoxville:

Saw this on another board. Anyone have a link to verify the stuff about

DEAN coming up on ABC Stephanopoulous NOW!

ARAB TIMES (Kuwait): Leave ... you've brought us only death

Clark's speech in Knoxville Tennesee last night:

Eric Margolis: The crusade against 'terrorism'

New animation at Bushflash

Time to go sailing off Cape Hatteras?

Nice news capture from the current Wash Post home page...

Cheney said Britain has "re-valuated" the Niger/Iraq/Uranium claim and

Today's The Boondocks: The George Bush AWOL action figure

Islam Online: A Message From An American Soldier’s Mother

Heh. Clark Bar Association!

Facts do not support Cheneys dream world

cheney on meet the press

New ABC show "The Threat Matrix"

(Slate/MSN) A Guide to the Patriot Act, Part 1 (of 4 parts)

I think of the irony about people considering immigrating sometimes

Tom Harkins Steak Fry Site is GREAT

Wouldn't it be cool if Isabel leaves Bush homeless?

They got away with another one here in Tx

Now the insurance co can tell me how much my granddaughter was worth

60% of Americans still think invading Iraq was right thing to do

Is there a statute of limitations for perjury?

Is Alan Colmes a Democrat? Or a Repuke puppy?

Iowa: Poll shows Dean, Gephardt in dead heat

Pinellas County Fl.....Attention:

Anyone else thinking of doing this? Climate

Bob Graham's awesome new website is definitely worth a look!

Iraqis wonder how U.S. can be so inept.

Current Cheney Halliburton connections?

Which Candidate Would Be the Most Popular President Overseas?

Cheney on Meet The Press

Bush's brother or alter ego?

Ski Anderson Show on WLS-AM Chicago - 12:00CST

Boondock's action figure

Chaplain tells solidiers in Iraq that their faith makes them bulletproof

A hard question --- with no simple answer.

The Angry Liberal strikes again!

This is the best crop of candidates since 1972

Clinton ready to speak for Gray Davis!

Clark in TN: There are no primaries for V.P (great article!)

Report on Yesterday's CA Democratic Endorsement Caucus

CNN Poll :Is the U.S. winning the war on terror?

Media Alert! Coming up CNN: Bill Clinton Speech in CA for Davis! 1:30!est!

Rove's worst nightmare is coming true and his name is....

Need info - Bush booed at American Legion post?

MWAHAHAHAHAHA...Tom the Dancing Bug

Josh Marshall: Kay report being suppressed by WH

Some useful hurricane links from Potomac

What will happen to McClintock in the California recall?

Bush Mosaic

Did anyone hear me on KGO?

The fundamental weakness of conservative arguments (and its origin).

NVO gives a place for shafted Vets to vent.

Pristina From an Amateur Military Strategist's Perspective (About Clark)

Should people be limited to one job?

As a Canadian, I am obligated to hate Fidel Castro...

Can Chandler eke out a win in KY?

Bow-tie boy calls O'Reilly "schtick"

Fox News Poll: 46% support $87 billion request; 44% oppose

Clinton's under investigation for Pentagon dealings

Party Affiliation?

When's Clark announcing?

Christian Fundamantalists Launch Anti-Schwarzenegger TV and Radio Ads

Rush calls Clark the 10th dwarf

the BIG MO has flipped to Dems

Wine with Hitler on labels. This might be a dupe.

At this time of election year, polls are only good for one thing...

BBC NEWS: Israel 'considers killing Arafat'

quit being scared every time Bush gets a minor boost in the polls

Arnold's campaign slogan is quite ironic.

Al Martin replay on RadioLeft now. -- link

Pundit Pap - QWagmire

Daily U.S. Casualties 9/14/2003

I think Bill Clinton has suffered enough for his hummer

Face the Nation: Kerry proposes Dean/Kerry debate

In the last debate, the candidates were asked their favorite song.

Look at this response I got from the Daily News of Philadelphia!

How Bush plans to raise his poll numbers in the south

Can We Do Exit Polling On Our Own?

Capital Gang 9/13 transcript - citation question

looking for that post with bush raising his hand like he's saluting hitler

Are canadian same sex marriages recognized in the US?

Meet the Press Transcript the BS

Today's Guardian article about Clark

As usual Josh Marshall nails it. Calls Cheney a liar.

Why are the online polls consistently 90% anti-Bush?

Chinking at last on Bush's armour

Clark bars

School uniforms

Catch John Kerry on the CBS Early Show

TodayŐs article in the Guardian about GI wounded in Iraq

Straw 'advised Blair against war'

Another reason the Dems may get the military vote in 2004

Powell: No Iraq handover rush, says US

Davis on C-Span now - great!

Fallout from Alabama's tax vote

Links to who made what since Iraq - please

Arnold ripped off California homeowners as a construction worker?

Please take this poll

Here's why I like Arnie.

Who was Doles running mate in '96

Whats the difference between a free lunch and a freeper lunch?

Which recent president told the most lies?

The commander-in-chief said "Bring 'em on," so what is Powell

Anyone remember the last draft?

Dean fans with HBO: I ask a favor of you.

From Sunday Times of London: Iraq Weapons Report Shelved!

Whitewater accuser to audit Halliburton Iraq contract

Check out the freedom that Iraqis now experience!

Newdow: Scalia Should Recuse Himself., Grant Cert.? Sept 29th

Gingrich: President Clark would be anti-war CiC

Al Franken: Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them

CNN's revisionist history du jour

What Texas counties are using Computerized Voting machines?

Sort of watching NBC News--those ba**ards! Mid-2004 pull-out of Iraq?

what's your issue?

Granny D is ABB!

American troops forced to buy own wartime gear

Reverend William Jefferson Clinton

Should schools teach morals and ethics to children?

Dem leadership endorses that tax cuts create jobs?!

I've been gone. Who/what/when is ABB?

What's your terrorism risk?

Oh, man; line from Clinton's Steak Fry speech

McKinney ponders her political future

what would you define as a "left-libertarian"?

Billionaire philanthropist 'George Soros' blasts Bush again !!!!

K Street Thread - HBO - 1035 PM EST

Anyone listening to the liar Cheney on Russet?

Dubya on CSPAN

Father of slain soldier speaks out against war

anybody else about ready to demand...

barf alert: new RNC ad

Bush inherited this economy, It's not his fault.

Ed GORDON Admits ("Reliable" Sources) Shafting KERRY at Faux Forum

Does a C-grade indicate job performance APPROVAL?

seeking perspectives on Clark's Q3 fundraising potential


Conan 10th anniversary special on

The Quiet American

Gulf War II Syndrome? Military Equipment and "Pneumonia", Stan Goff

Could A.B.B. be on the ballot? Could A.B.B. win the nomination?

Why do wingnuts talk about condoms as though they're talking about heroin?

The Progressive Caucus and the DSA

Cracks appear in Bush's armor

Bustamante or Arianna?

Get ready for a new argument why the economy isn't better

Clinton's speech at the steak fry

FREE TOMMY CHONG t-shirts at Take Back the Media

None of the Dem Presidential Candidates Are Acceptable

'Defense of liberty is not evil'--(article mentions Boston Protest!)


Where is the national convention going to be held?

The Genetically Modified Bomb OMFG Has anyone seen this?


Is anybody besides me tired of Newt Gingrich

BBV: I am talking to a reporter in Maryland who needs contacts!!

'Open Society' Advocate George Soros Funds Plan to Block Bush

How rich are you?

My 9/11 speech on PNAC to the New York City Symposium

BBV: Former Congresswoman McKinney Heats Up The GA BBV battle...

Wow, check out this Freeper thread re Patriot Act and Ashcroft

Mon Dieu, Cowboy

Tom The Dancing bug slices and dices

Curious... January 1992.... before the first primary/caucus vote was cast

Att: Clark Supporters......."GET READY"

Sometimes you just have to laugh at PETA. I think they mean well, but....

What's this CRAP on FAUX about?

The Flick "Patton", George C Scott, Last 4 words: "All Glory is Fleeting"

Communist Party

Dean looked so incredibly good on "This Week" The camera doesn't lie.

Illegal Immigration

The Brainwashing Of America

What Dean must do now

BBV Alert: Texas Constitutional Amendments

There Really is NO Hope - And Here's a Reason Why

Need quote assistance

Will Defeat of the CA Recall End Ah-nold's Political Career?

Why Bush pollsters (CNN/Gallup, FOX, CBS/NYT)..will keep his ratings up...

Lieberman gets standing ovation @ NH townhall

Anyone else read article in last weeks Newsweek written by John Mc Cain

Liberal authors triumphant as US bookshelves lean left--Boston GLobe

Here's documentation for today's Cheny lie

First Ammendment Zones: Is it time for a serious public challenge?

Profiles in Imperialism: The US goes to war and makes Nicaragua a utopia

Out of Left Field (An article on Howard Dean from "LA Weekly"}

Remember when the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was blown up?

I will be on KABC (LA) and WABC (NYC) Radio at 9PM ET/6PM PT

Can we afford to cut the defense budget?

Kerry Should Drop Out for the Good of the Party

Dean's support a mile wide but an inch deep?

Who was the worst Democratic president of 20th century; the worst Repub?

Disturbing News - - "Dean's Not Sharing"

BBV'rs: An interesting look at SAIC

Anyone know why GHWBush is in Russia visiting Putin?

Clark's Effect on Dean's Run - some thoughts

goddess bless those women!!

PRESS RELEASE: From 7 Other Presidential Candidates

Dickie with Timmy today

Abe Lincoln was a Republican

Are you a 'progressive' or a 'liberal'?

Who was the best Democratic president of the last century; the best Repub?

Dean's response to Kerry's one-on-one debate idea

Boycott paid music, RIAA suing innocent families

Notes from the Harken Steak Fry

"The Paranoia Show" - thread two - SHOCK! Horror! Trauma!

BBV / CA Recall - Uh oh -- I just heard the set up for an Arnold win

Has Phil Hendrie become a right wing nut?

NOVA - how the towers fell on 10 p.m. MDT

Wesley Clark will be the most electable candidate.

What Is Clark's Health Care Plan? Economic Recovery?

HURRICANE ISABEL: The official DU tracking thread

Whatever his substance, Dean has "the music."

Turn on the History channel. We didn't have to A Bomb Japan.

Dean supporters please sign in

Breaking: WTO vs. Poor People---->Poor People WIN!!

Military Exercise Provokes North Korea

Prop. 12 in Texas

Blast Destroys U.S. Military Car, Wounds Soldier

US Soldiers injured in Baghdad

Powell arrives as anti-US tensions boil in Iraq

Man arrested in $1 million arson fires

Iraqis Vow Revenge for Killings by U.S. Soldiers

CNNI: approx. 15 daily attacks against US troops in Iraq

Israeli jets roar over Lebanon

Cheers, protest greet Bush motorcade

Desperate Iraqis Clamor for Help as Powell Visits

Rules aren't the problem; some fund executives are

Revealed: new doubts on Blair's Iraq dossier

Germany speaks out about Guantanamo captives

US soldier killed in Falluja (9/14/03, 0800)

Gephardt on Faux News Sunday

Cheney Hints U.S. to Need More Iraq Funds

Clinton Aims Barbs at Bush at Gathering for Hopefuls

Public Says $87 Billion Too Much - 60% opposed

Iraq Threat to North Sea

Voucher Plan Lacks Accountability

Industry Group's Protection Of Investors Seen as Secondary

Many Voters Decide Recall Unfair to Davis

Sympathy for U.S. fades under Bush's leadership

Israeli Vice Premier Says Killing Arafat an Option

Sweden Votes to Adopt Euro

Sweden says No to euro

Drug craze is fuelling murder on streets of Iraqi capital

Iraqis curse U.S. for 'friendly-fire' killings

Chicago school forfeits football game because of Confederate flag display

Money in the bank hasn't helped retirees much

Colombian Rebels Kidnap Eight Tourists

Saddam didn't lie, there are no weapons of mass destruction

Human relations panel in new fray

U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq Bombing

Anyone listening to the liar Cheney on Russet?

Army Takes Power in West African Country

WTO trade talks collapse

Clinton rallies against recall as GOP strives for unity

BBCNEWS: World trade talks 'collapse'

Cheney Hints U.S. to Need More Iraq Funds (And so it begins)

Many in politics raise red flags on rush toward electronic voting systems

Stocks May Pause After Run-Up

BREAKING: Sister of Venus and Serena Williams Shot to Death

Palestinian child shot dead near Ramallah

Davis, Bustamante take stage together in show of unity

Saudi Arabia Beheads Marijuana Smuggler; 41st Execution This Year

Florida Dems begin two-week tour of state universities ("Donkeys Rock")

Wave of Potential New (Republican Recall) Voters Has Yet to Materialize

Kerry Backs Tax Cut Freeze to Defray Iraq Costs

I'm on KABC & WABC NOW... (Radio)

Bare-Cheeked Protesters Plan to Bushwhack Dubya

Cheney Sees 4 Percent Growth 'Or Better'

Retired General Weighs Presidential Bid (Sharpton & Clark TN Speech)

Hurricane Isabel Targets Washington DC & NYC This Thursday

Americans are objects of hatred in Falluja's mosques

Bush's fiscal policies draw conservative fire

Observer: New figures reveal the true number of GIs wounded (1500+)

One paratrooper killed, three injured in Iraq ambush (Falluja)

Sunday Isabel LBN Thread: U.S. Warily Eyes Hurricane Isabel

Tom Ridge: Excerpts From A Monitor Breakfast On Homeland Security

Bad debt sows green dreams

$1 billion international image campaign isn't enough to buy U.S. love

GOP Unity In Congress Frays

(Iraq) Council Leaders Pressing for Power

Hamas Leader: EU Blacklist a Big Mistake

Guardian: America's Hidden Battlefield Toll (new figures)

Strike exposes poverty behind scenes at Yale

Iraq WMD report shelved due to lack of evidence


Young acts, talks like candidate for U.S. Senate

Great Divide Sinks World Trade Reform

Bush Seeks to Expand Access to Private Data

Illinois May Buy Canadian Drugs

Official Says Administration Was Outfoxed on Outsourcing

U.S. Jobless Claims Grow, "True" Unemployment Rate 9.1 Percent

DIA Says Pakistan Backed Al-Qaeda (more 9/11 warnings)

NY Post: 9/11 Air Outrage

Iraqis fearful of aiding U.S. Some pay with life for cooperating

New Efforts Surface To Raise Minimum Wage

WP: Bush Team Stands Firm on Iraq Policy

Soldier Killed in Iraq Roadside Bombing

Airplane Passengers Subdue Man on Flight

Southeast Economy Staggering

World trade talks end in failure, delegates say

Sweden says No to euro

WP: Clinton Accuses GOP of 'Power Grab'

White House Admits To Iraq Mistakes

Human relations panel in new fray (FR called "Hate group" by city panel!)

Britain, US shelve report on Iraq banned weapons report

Texas voters narrowly approve civil damages amendment

US report brings out Pakistan’s complicity in propping up Al-Qaeda

New Terror Laws Used Vs. Common Criminals

Big Bush's Visit Fuels Talk of Big Deals

Republicans Worry About Bush Poll Numbers

U.S. expected to abstain from UN vote on deportation of Arafat

Skepticism about the Official Explanation of 9-11 Spreads

Putin Greets Bush Sr. to Bolster U.S. Visit

Cheney said he played no role in Halliburton Iraq contracts

Montana strikes agreement with Cuba

Kerry Wants One-On-One Debate With Dean

ABC/WashPost: Dean Leads in NATIONAL Poll

Who likes the new Elvis song, "rubber necking?"

Are body shots allowed in the Lounge?

evil &/or Evil?

Geez, I'm not alone

Luke Vibert appreciation thread.

woo-hoo! I had my first deleted message today! Ask me anything!

What percentage of Emily Dickeinson's poetry...

Any other insomniacs up for an AIM chat?

Terrible treacherous confession

Oscar de la hoya just got screwed

let it l go

how many colleges have rules like Falwell's?

do any fundies or freepers you know listen to stuff like this?

hurting and chatting...

Notice the "Beltway Boys"

Does anyone still play MUDs?

run your own Clear Channel station

Does anyone have a good ghost experience to share?

a better idea for cash than selling blood plasma?

Paypal theft - be very careful!!


Radio AOL does Johnny Cash(RIP) tribute

What exactly is a "Real Man"?

They played "Don't Fear The Reaper" at the Harkin Steak Fry!

Sculpture meant for Taipei 101 gets dumped for poor fengshui

Instead of having a presidential campaign why not a reality show

Tell on your real life "hoe" friend....

Not just another 1,000th vanity post

Who's pre-ordered the new * 12" action figure in a flight suit?

I may be the funniest man alive

Favourite Peter and Gordon song

travelling to DC 9/25-9/27.... need suggestions for vice.

First week on NYTimes Best Seller and already a (+) next to his name

Bucs vs. Panthers

Can you help me find a TV Product

Wonderful "Money Man" shoots cash at crowd with a bazooka!

Was I watching "Meet the Press" or "Make me Laugh"

Freeper surfing the net! (nudity... well, sort of!)

Hey Spinal Tap Fans

Oh unfair nature --- A short observation on difference

Proof that I've been traversing parallel dimensions!

"Boondocks" nails Twiggy (again) - in case you haven't caught it yet....

Got hit by an SUV today...Ask me anything.

I have a DU Forum question

Revenge is SWEET!!!

Do you want to caption this Cheney picture?

Dolphins will beat Jets

Will someone please explain Bob Boudelang to me?

What concerts did you miss this summer?


how can i post an mpg file?

Crazy, Biased and stuff!

So what happened in the De La Hoya fight?

If corporations twist legalities to avoid paying taxes, doesn't that make

Top 8 Morons of the Year

Are the Lions really THAT bad?

Here's a site that will flip your lid

New NFL record: Jamal Lewis (BAL) ran for 295 yds.

Hey lady.....

Big News - Affleck, Lopez split - People magazine report

Which Is Better?

OK, I'm casting the DU soap opera; who wants to be the town slut?

Buffalo Bills rule

You gotta feel bad for the AZ cardinals.

Ex-Apple employee says company a 'failure'

M. F. K. Fisher: a treasure I'll share with you.

OK, where do I get to ask these questions on this board?

Sunday Morning commentary - odd, disturbing waking dream this morning...

My favorite nicknames for the Bush cabinet

Physics question. Why's my Coke still frozen?

Okay, which should I try next: 5 o'clock shadow or Kirk sideburns?

Thought of the Day

brief poll

"Oil fields. This whole damn thing was about oil. Wasn't it? "

sig test - don't mind me

I am coming out of the closet guys!

Duck Tape!

It's 12:36 am and I'm having my first beer! Is that too early?

Fun footaball fact

Franken's next book

It's halftime, and the Bengals aren't losing!!!

Panthers BLOCK x-tra point with :00 in the 4th!

Woke up one morning: Instead of being a Giant Cockroach...was a Fringie!!

It's a bird, it's a Blaine... no, it's a helicopter with a cheeseburger

Lucky me! I adopted a pregnant dog!

AHHH! We're moving to New Zealand if * wins the election!

TV Alert. Johnny Cash on 60 Minutes

Athletic Supporters, Sign In Here!

How I spent my weekend - naked!

The youth our reaganized "me me me" culture has produced

Only morans ride motorcyles without helmets

Cool 70s songs you have probably forgotten.

Wild weather stories...come on let's hear them!

Toke up the LSD and look at these groovy pix, dudes!

Who still has their original sig line?

Bye guys and gals/ it's been fun and frustrating

Good grief. So I'm watching C-SPAN....

I recall the Nazi uniforms looked rather sharp and eye-catching

Who is watching "Best of America's Funniest Home Videos" on ABC...

South Beach diet stories wanted

seperated at birth Milosevic and Gingrich

What is Golden Key International Honor Society?

Q for biologists re the breeding out of animal instincts

Extremely bold NFL prediction!

Hey George Clooney

My husband's boss is poorer than we are

What, besides milk, helps counteract hot sauce?

Why does a topic "get locked."

Serious Drinking Question

What's a good inexpensive all in one Printer?

That was funny

So much for Tampa Bay going undefeated!

I'm going to be ill, Rick Santorum is on 'K Street'

I just accidentally sent porn to my girlfriend's mom. Ask me anything.

Cell phone questions

Unwise Microwave Oven Experiments

The Order--did anyone see that movie

Attn: Pro Football fans (DU week 2 Review)

Maurice Clarett's next horrible decision?

A question for East Coasters

Richard Pryor live in concert is on at 11:45 p.m. on Encore channel

Jack Black - Like Meatloaf, only funny on purpose

Mountains, bears, bonfires, and (finally) DSL! DemoTex reports from NC.

Anybody tune into Limbaugh for some laughs?

Hey! Anyone know where my TV clicker went?

I Taught my Son About Cthulhu Yesterday!

Bands of which you really like ONE song, hate all the others.

I found matches from a strip club in my husband's pocket


HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO..................


Redskins are getting beat bad.

Sunday night confessions

Can't we all just get along?

Man, Fredo Corleone is a dumbass!

I'm covered from head to toe in itchy freaking hives!

Cool-- fresh bubble wrap!

Famed Boston Writer comes to Britain

Mel Gibson has lost it.

Mid-Atlantic - New England -----> Isabel is coming

Can you read this?

When I was 2.....

My Bush is a Bozo!

Ben & Jen no more?!? What hope is there for the rest of us?

DUers, please welcome my friend jcats to DU.

It's officially here--It's SPIDER season

"Is it safe?"

Cat's griping at me. Ask the demonspawn anything.

Mr. Johnny Cash on Larry King live!


George the Animal Steele

Congratulations to the University of Michigan.

Sunday Night Sacrilege in the Grotto!


Will Miami (FL) go undefeated this year?

Any evil DUers catch HBO's Carnivale?

Pittsburgh Gathering

Casting the DU soap opera 2: Who wants to be the scheming head resident?

Wesley Clark supporters, please check in..

Favorite John Irving novel. And remember "Sorrow Floats"

Name that beverage!!

Everyone at College knows I am toothless and I went back


Bands with dumb / silly names:

Dr. Phil is 6'4" and TWO-FORTY???? WAAAAAH!!!

How did the Austin Get Together with Will Pitt go?

Vikings are kicking Bear ass

Rate your dog in friendliness with strangers

Big Kitty Karma needed, STAT!

Where Da Freepers at?

I shook Bill Clinton's hand today