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Archives: August 9, 2003

Bush AWOL site updated

Defense Department funding brain-machine work

Katrina Vanden Heuvel (BG): Kids, lies, and President Bush

FAQ: How Will the Recall Work?

Pakistan's 'cancer' will consume the whole nation: Hawksley

The US is starting a nuclear fight that will be hard to stop

N. Korea next to hear U.S. war drum: G.York

Civil rights attorney and socialist to run in California recall election

Rice : The Hawk in Washington (Helen Thomas)

Hunter S. Thompson Interview Up At AICN

"I Thought We Would Never Use Napalm Again"

Bush's Executive Orders: Read the Fine Print

Bush wants it now! (Flash)

STOP Rupert Murdoch's Digital Death Star.

A question about uploading to the Dean site.

How can I find out about meetyps in my area?

Tucson: is a protest forming for *'s Monday invitation-only campaign stop?

Anti-Bush in Northern Virginia??

Force Bush to Protect Our Airwaves -- Speak Up NOW!

The Media at War

Information from Cuba: Bush jr used prohibited napalm bombs in Irak War

Fox Edits Out Comment by Bryant on Show

Picture of bush on carrier-mission accomplished. WHERE?

Tom Ridge Photoshop Delight

DU Photoshop Contest, re: The "other" Joseph Lieberman.

What´s happening??? An hacker attack to slow our DU server???

okay , I have the chart, now what the heck does it mean

LastLiberalinPalmSprings is finally in Fairbanks!

Question about Dem candidates from a Canuck Neighbour

A note for myself in a future life.

For many Latinos, a tortured past

A Good Salesman Gets'em Comin' and Gets'Em Goin':

World 'failing indigenous peoples'

African American Voters are moving independent

An interesting phenomenae

GOP tries to cut taxes/increase deficit/BIRTH TAX under media radar

White House Considers Qualified Candidates to Head EPA.

Comparing fossil fuels to renewables

Off Shore East Coast Cloud Bank ??

Israeli escapes from Moz jail

Reading Between the Lines

Israeli escapes from Moz jail

Two usability suggestions

How many posts have to be accumulated until a new member can send IM's?

So will California have a 200 canidate televised debate?

Question about archived posts:

Can you please delete my tasteless post ....

Who is this geoforce

Wowee Du has a celebrity member!

This is a personal attack...

Temp GD Rule


When does your August fund drive start?

When does the next moderator term begin?

Can we maybe start a "religion dungeon"

Would it be possible to get a pink triangle Avtar?

I lose my font setting everytime I change a personal option...

The Search function for active threads doesn't work

Arafat Slams Israel for Raid, Hamas Vows Revenge

From Beirut to Jerusalem

Palestinians call for U.S. help for peace plan, money for security forces

Israel tells UN that Syria, Lebanon must rein in Hezbollah

Jesus film ignites passions months before it opens (global anti-Semitism)

Cry, the beloved two-state solution

The old 9/11 threads

John Forbes Kerry

Photoshoppers having a heyday with Arnie

Just gave my donation to Future President Dean.

GOP tries to cut taxes/increase deficit/iBIRTH TAX under media radar

GREAT WEBSITE: Independents for KERRY

DEAN on campaign finance -- anyone know the outcome of this?

Keep up with the John Kerry campaign via the John Kerry blog!

Kerry on North Korea

Want to Make Texas Republicans Cry? Go to John Kerry website!

Democrats' prospects bleakest in 70 years, pollster says

Who Benefits From a Crowded Field?

When are the Dem. canidate debates?

Kerry Groups on the Internet

Who elected Bush President in 2000: FAUX News or the Supreme Court?

'At Least 80 Register to Run for Calif. Governor '

Okay -- I'm sick of the Lieberman bashing

Protest at Nixon library, Yorba Linda, 1 to 4 P.M.

Dean Is the New McCain … (Slate's brief guide to the many faces of Dean)

Republican strategy for CA Recall is to make it look silly

Can we hit the idiots over the head with Arnold = Streisand?

Why Dean Can Not Win the General Election

Kucinich will be on CNN Late Edition this Sunday

Kerry defends "No Child Left Behind"

They say that Dean repealing the tax cuts will kill him. I don't think so

NYT: As Campaign Tightens, Kerry Sharpens Message

2004 Electoral Math: Very Simple

"Dean can't win," "Dean is like McGovern," etc.... PROVE IT!

Do you support eliminating freedom of speech? Dean does.

How to tell if Democrats are fighting.

CNN 11 pm tonight..Seeds of Terror....excellent.

Washington Post story on nuclear lies has been posted

The DNC dissects the Bush press conference

Technoweenies, please read this thread.

Cruz Bustamante, the Democrats' best hope for California

Federal Excluded Parties Listing System -- who the gov can't do biz with.

my experience at the bookstore tonight

Can Freedom of Speech Be Discussed on This Board?

OFFICIAL! Guy James Show starting NOW!!!!! 3pm Saturday....

Check out how many posts were deleted in this thread!

One thing I agree with Lyndon LaRouche on...

Most Shocking Gay Day Event Ever At Walt Disney World

Did Dennis get a make over? (big pictures)

For the believers

Terrorism Alerts - Wag the Dog Speculation

Interesting article on RW radio in the Aug 11 New Yorker...

Prediction: Cruz will win the replacement election

Small Pox Vaccinations? FEMHA?

Cspan announced candidates forum 6pm ET on Monday

democratic (underground) v representative (underground)? Undergound?

N. Korea next to hear U.S. war drum!

What do Vermont DUers think of Dean?

No On 1 Bustamante On 2

Need Help on CNN Poll

I got my first campaign contibution today!!!

Is Iraq 'pneumonia' a result of attempted WMD plant?

Who has forgotton the lessons of 911?

Dick is so stiff

FOX News: Fair and Balanced? You Decide.

Gephardt about to speak on Cspan

The saddest moment in a military spouse's life

Father of dead soldier claims Army coverup

Why this fascination with Clark, is it because he projects

Bunning (R-Ky.)Thurmond (R-S.C.)Shuster (R-Pa.) sons - old news

"we've made a lot of progress in 100 days"

Our new Gore Issues and Videos page

My "Mother" is voting for Dean...

A question for all 30,000 members of DU.

Susan Candiotti on CNN claims CNN reporters helped Bishop's Confirmation.

O K -Fellow DUers -Test Your Predictive Powers

Where is Bob Dornan (R-CA) ? Why isn't he running?

Bush Bait and Switch -- don't buy anything from this non-performer

Iraq Interior Minister #29 just captured - Prior capture report Erroneous

What if our troops were exposed to "toxins" while planting WMD?

Democratic Presidential Candidates debate on the Environment

GOP = Greed Over Patriotism. Cut miltry coverage, but taxcuts for wealthy

Does any know if Bill Simon has actually filed?

The CA Latino Vote

Freedom Lost

Will LaRouche get involved in the recall?

Poll: Is Dean just another Ralph Nader that will divide the swing vote?

How far will these jack-off, mothers at the DLC go?

Who knew this, and why doesn't anyone else?

Semantic Antics

Fred Barnes bullies Kondracke and Juan Williams again

What's the REAL Issa story?

Reminder - Guy James Show at 3 PM ET

Plane with engine problem & Gray Davis to be onboard!

What evil is being hatched in Crawford ?

Help Indict Bush and Cheney! Grand Juries Can Indict BFEE

Bussing in the Potemkin Village people for bu$h's private barbeque

Arnold press conference 2PM EST

California needs the ENRON money back!!!!!! NOW!!!!! MR>BUSH

read George W Bush Resume (it will scare you)

Who has the most influence on Arnold? Maria or Karl ?

Priscilla Owens gets to decide if the Texas D's should cave!

Slate's brief guide to the many faces of Dean

Wesley Clark is a Dem superstar, sure to be in the next administr..

Baghdad embassy bombing used to justify Bush lies?

Carlyle Group tops $1B. The BFEE cashes in on Iraq WAR

Bush seems to be growing cockier and therefore more dangerous

Diebold? LA County to revisit their decision

politics and science . . .

Anybody here like the idea of a 4-year House Term?

People are waking up: The GOP should fear Wesley Clark

Guns in Public - Pro or Con?

Violence in DC = Violence in Liberia?

Mc Clintock Being Urged to Drop Out By Issa

Howard Dean is everywhere

GOP tries to cut taxes/increase deficit/BIRTH TAX under media radar

Patriot Act !

SGT Major Sounds Off

CNN reporter just reported that Bush is in Texas for detox

Hold the phone Californians

Make the Cal. Recall expose Bush/Cheney/Lay/Enron's role in the 2001

I am getting ready to go to downtown Austin Tx.

I've been thinking lately

Koizumi at Nagasaki-- pledges to help eliminate nuclear weapons

CA math as I see it CRUZ Should win the plurality.

Prozak america - a question

good letters to the editor

ANOTHER Outbreak of Illness on Alaska Cruise

Father of dead soldier claims Army coverup

I attended the Veterans for peace event (William pitt delivered)

Force Bush to Protect Our Airwaves -- Speak Up NOW!

Encouraging: corn growers endorse Kucinich's anti-frankenfoods bills

So Jeb finally

128 degrees in Baghdad today

Is Trudeau in the tank for Dean?

Daily U.S. Casualties 8/9/2003

Eckerd Drug "Replies" to My E-Mail

More children being left behind in Texas

"Qualified" to be on ballot as of this morning

Perle Has *Not* Sued Hersh for Libel

Could an attack happen while Bush is on vacation?

North Dakota "spooked" by voting machine report

Check out Rep Henry Waxman's new website!

Al Qaeda bombed the Jordanian Embassy in Baghdad ?

The Bombs of August: Hiroshima and Nagasaki Remembered

Somebody needs to tell George Soros about me

Kanjorski claims Bush has failed the American people

Solution to Calif. Crisis : Beating Arnold & Bush ...... "It Politics"

Let's talk about Clark

What happened to the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003 ?

Did anyone hear Bush slip up and say something about 'bringing' WMDs --

The Free Press in the Age of Greed

question on 'bring 'em on' statement by *

Only in Holland...

lets launch a tourism boycott of Florida and Texas

will Terry resign after (if) *&Co steal another election in 2004?

what dog breads do the Repubs remind you of?

do Repubs go to the polls more than Dems?

how do you feel about spanking?

BP Amoco, Outback Steakhouse, UPS store, Imodium ads heard on Hannity

why would anyone vote for Gary Coleman?

Katherine Harris booed at Bradenton town hall meeting

me thinks bush has his WMD's. But the real question is he moving them in

Get rid of Terry!!!!

The new, improved, "Guy James Show" website!!!!!!!!!!!!

American Who Went to Iraq as Human Shield Gets Fined


AEI Panel on Prosecuting Terrorists

Something good to know

Heroes on all sides

California is not going to Bush next year no matter what

Where is the Money?

Got back from the rally in Austin Tx a few hours ago.

Whopper of the Week: Howard Dean

Recall: The Dems are arguably stealing the election from the Greens

The utter fallacy of the Electoral College

BBV: Harris Report calls software certification process into question

Is this ALL about penis envy?

U.S. Policy Towards Iraq: Unraveling the Web of People, Think Tanks, Etc.

Targeted Again

The Ethics of Ah-nold Bashing

Having watched Janeane Garafalo last night, is she not....

Napalm by another name: Pentagon denial goes up in flames

Why the Repub "lite" approach is doomed in '04

Black Box: Response to Diebold records request: Sorry, it's secret

Why I wish Gore would just shut up and go away

Why keep fighting in SW MO?

California DUers, Unite! (A call to action)

With Cruz Bustamante running and Hispanics making up 13% of the...

Are They Truly Insane?

Is the US in a state of undeclared Martial Law?

Terrorism Alerts - Wag the Dog Speculation

Fox news, getting desperate.

GLBTs & Allies - Check In Please!

Survey: Independents Wary of Vote in '04--From Lieberman Camp

If N Korea has nukes

Some thoughts on the words "liberal" and "conservative"

Poll - What Do Your Guts Say About the 2004 Election?

Did Arianna Huffington puposely crash Arnold's filing

More from the tabloids' favorite town: Modesto mayor faces felony charges running anti-Hillary Clinton Ads

Who's in your dream administration?

Bush has stopped saying "weapons of mass destruction."

Poll: Is Dean just another Ralph Nader whom will divide swing voters?

Hmmmm, Strange article

Al Hunt slams Joe Liberman on Capital Gang

Why is Barnes & Noble pushing this RW Propaganda???

Should the Dem candidate show up?

CATO Institution - Was Clinton more conservative than Bush?

Ebay relents, will carry Stein's "Axis of Weasels" deck of cards

Criz will win in a plurality landslide --its a lock.

There have been a lot of threads on religion lately...

Did anyone else hear this on Crossfire the other day?

More oil from Saddam right now ...."IF" no war???....(NYT)

While Our Soldiers Die, Bush Has BBQ Bash For Big Donors

CA DU'ers check in please - regarding the recall


PEACE-ANTI BUSH Streaming MP3 Internet Radio - what do yall think - LINK

Dear President Gore : When will you give this speech?

1978: Nuclear Engineer Pres. Carter and Rep. Al Gore at Oak Ridge

(R. Doug Lewis) -- got a touchy question, and his web site shut down

John Edwards: "Real Solutions for America".

The newest patriotic slogan? Freedom Fuel!

Live Gephardt Speech -- Sat. 6PM ET -- CSPAN

Technoweenies: I propose a collaberative effort! Please Read!

New Constitution

What percentage of voters will prevail in California Recall?

Feds Ordered to Expedite Energy Projects

Angry Iraqis Throw Stones at UK Troops in Basra

WP: Critics Assail Bush's Strategy of Restraint in Liberia

Bremer Says No Conclusion on Iraq Embassy Bombers

(DEM) Insurance Commissioner (Garamendi) Quits Recall Race

Rising Interest Rates Worry Investors

Kicking Sand into the Race

Declared (Nuclear) Threat Grew, As Support for It Eroded

Anarchist jailed for linking to bomb sites

German Minister May See NATO in Iraq

Texas Congressman Rips Republicans for Deficit

Did EPA Mislead Public After 9/11?

Blair 'intervened in hardening up dossier on Iraq'

Two months that will settle Blair's fate

N. Korea next to hear U.S. war drum

Bush mourns 56 deaths in 100 days since Iraq war ended

At Least Four U.S. Troops Wounded in Iraq

Governor's motorcade caught speeding on California road (95/55)

Chinese Ire Ahead of Japanese Visit

Bush Turns to Politics as He Greets Top Fund Raisers at a Barbecue

U.S. Forces Arrest Saddam's Former Interior Minister (For the second time)

High court on the spot in redistricting battle- Texas

US shoots two dead at start of softer rule

Mysterious Iraqi trailers may have had innocent use

Radical French farmer draws huge crowds at rally

Author ("The New Iraq") arrested for smuggling ancient Iraqi artifacts

French Anti-Globalization Meeting May Have To Turn Away Protesters

African American Voters are moving independent

Saddam chef surrenders

Congress key factor for Linux

Sampson shows 'erratic' behaviour - Canadian tortured in Saudi jail

Woman Who Went to Iraq as 'human Shield' Faces Federal Fine

U.S. official (Otto Reich): Cuba may have staged boat hijacking

Britons set free after secret deal

Meetings With Iran-Contra Arms Dealer Confirmed

Cuban Exiles in Miami Furious as Fellow Rebel Stays to Fight in Havana

Pakistan Islamists to seek fatwa on troops to Iraq

Germany Welcomes Bush Olive Branch in Rift

Two Kurdish rebels killed in southeast Turkey

Rich countries 'fuel terrorism'

Bechtel drops out of running for Iraqi oil contract

Army begins chemical weapons burn

Teamsters Formalize Gephardt Endorsement

Jakarta Bombers 'trained with al-Qaeda'

Court blocks some file-trading subpoenas (RIAA)

Iraqi Islamists in New Tape Call for Guerrilla War

Insurgents fire rockets at U.S. troops in Afghanistan

S.Africans Welcome AIDS Breakthrough, Regret Delays

New Attacks Wound 4 U.S. Troops in Iraq

Crime wave hits Iraqi capital

Coalition forces under attack as FBI probes embassy blast

Survey: Percentage of Minorities in TV News Drops From 25 Percent to 18 Pe

Iraqis Riot in Basra Over Power, Gasoline Shortages

Scwartzenegger's Nazi problem

Regime ordered chemical attack, investigator says

U.S. to OK imports of some Canadian meat

Iran-Contra Figure Met Pentagon Officials

Suit claims Utahn got French kiss-off

Moussaoui accused of plot to fly 5th plane into White House

Saudi Arabia Grants Six Royal Clemency

U.S. plans to buy new guns for Iraqi force

Powell to meet UN Afghan envoy as US scrambles to boost aid ($1B)

Foreign fighters in Iraq could spur diplomatic showdown (Gen. Myers)

Abortion Clinic Bombing Victim Testifies (Her civil suit vs Rudolph)

White House Sway Is Seen in E.P.A. Response to 9/11 - NYT

Fight Club (Republicans On A RINO Hunt....CFG takes on Specter)

Dollars pour in for Democrat Dean as grassroots ignite

Top Democrats Rally Around Bustamante

Talk of Shoe Bomb Brings Pilot's Arrest

Point by point, a look back at a thick file...(Powell's UN lies)

Family shot dead by panicking US troops

Protesters rally against redrawing congressional lines in Texas

Zapatistas party for their cause

Bush Administration's Wildfire Bill Fails to Protect Communities

Protest Groups Planning for Republican Convention

Iraq: 100 days of 'peace'

WP (Walter Pincus): Depiction of Threat Outgrew Supporting Evidence

German official warns against ''Vietnamizing'' Afghanistan

Clark: Crank It Up

(Justice) Kennedy: End minimum sentences

The Niger timebomb

Battle Over Damage Awards Takes a More Partisan Turn

Arnold Schwarzenegger Would Get 25% of the Vote ...

(*)GW Bush's America: Americans Pay Price for Speaking Out

Report Finds Threat Alerts in Color Code Baffle Public

Poll: Davis Would Lose to Schwarzenegger

Ueberroth running in CA - CNN

Bush Says Iraq Mission Vital to Security

A Debate Over U.S. 'Empire' Builds in Unexpected Circles

Democrats Urge Bush to 'Quit Digging' Fiscal Hole

Fuel Prices Move Higher, and Trend Is Expected to Persist - NYT

katherine Harris Booed At Town Hall Meeting

New revelation surfaces about Gulf War Two "mystery illness"

A Debate Over U.S. 'Empire' Builds in Unexpected Circles

'Bring us home': GIs flood US with war-weary emails

Identify this plant and win

I had a family reunion today very interesting

Bewtiched, Bothered and Bewildered.

Movie Review: American Wedding

Anyone seen this yet?

Hot pants, or soul injection?

Any adults here have braces/orthodontics?

Number 2 Soul Hits

Okay guys, how honest are you?

What's white, gets puffy, and just melts in your mouth?

Whoever sent me a PM a while ago... send it again

Solidarity idea concerning "Birthday guys and gals" whose birthday

Do you ever listen to yourself talk?

Living an ordinary life

I just donated to DU...and I feel great!

The one cool thing about the 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' remake

A person here on the board...

Cthulhu for California Governor

Hey, DemoTex, Scooter, and other Vietnam vets

Peter Griffin for California Governor!

Why do they put Gallons of Milk in Bags at the grocery store?

Mock College Fight Song thread

18 minutes to file for the recall race!

It's been too long, How long do I broil steak????

EIGHT years ago today

I say it everyday & I'll say it again, Dave Letterman is the KING!

Maybe we can entice the Ms. Arnie to talk to us as well?

I see A Schwarzenegger has joined us

There's an "unpublished" interview with Hunter Thompson on AICN

Have you seen Ahhnold's website,, It explains a tag line of his too

Where's that music from?

How do you add your own gif avatar to your profile? I've seen people

I came [ ] this close to needing bail money this morning!

Lounge lizards will love this!


FUCK, Profanity??? I'm not sure where this ends? One can say "jack-off"...

Hmmph. See if I post any more half-clad pictures of myself

Laura Bush Guide to Life

Doesn't this just look like TOO MUCH FUN?!?

Must be hard for Ahnuld, Coleman, and Huffington to get 65 signatures!!

Nintendo stops GameCube production

Okay, SPORTS moments that make you want to cry

A parable for our times....

MY daughter's birthday is today...

What kind of strange things do your pets do?

Is it sexist?

Wow, XP loads more quickly under VMWARE yet Win2k runs faster!

Meanwhile.........back at the ranch

Ever chosen your all-time favorite song to do karaoke ...

Welcome to DU, A_Schwarzenegger. (I think)...

Hey. I'm A Guy And I Watch The Oxygen Network. OH OH.

MST3K sucks!

High probability of a spit take - put your beverage DOWN

Big Brother Lauds Major Progress in Eurasia

Oddly enough

A little Boondocks for your Saturday (another great anti-*)

1964: My 100+ Favorite Records

Okay DUers, lets hear about the one that got away

One for the lads (and a few ladies as well...)

I got through to CSPAN

So I Went On Date Last Night, And I Think I Figured Something Out

Where can I find these cool photoshops on FARK?

It's BEDTIME! what will you be wearing or... NOT?

Farewell DU!!!

"Come una pietra scalciata"?

So Will, how did the speech go?

Favorite Nintendo Gamecube games??????/

World History According to College Students

Been up since 4 a.m.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gary Coleman Gray Davis CA Recall 500+ Candidates

Hey Loungies? Wanna see a thread that will crack you up?

Been up since about 8:30 or so (EDT)

amazing only a few

Is there still time for Mickey Mouse to throw his ears into the ring???

AARGH!!! There is a Snakhandler in my house

Tattoos and Memories and Dead Skin on Trial?

If you see a faded sign at the side of the road that says ......

Jeff Buckley or Tim Buckley?

There are nights, like tonight...

tell me something, this is your vanity post!

Letterman's Top Ten - bush @ Crawford Ranch

I love the look and sound of a cleverly turned

Don't you just hate it when...

I love Traffic

Angelyne in Cali?

By the way y'all can't have Neko Case she's mine!!!

*s wet dream...

i am pleased to announce ..... i am going to bed!

Half-way thru the 700 club and nothing bad has happened

Minions! The Coyote howls again!

Quick Austin Redistricting Protest Report!

most left wing video game

It's Time To Play... "What's Your Fetish?"

who killed Jesus?

Who is the coolest actor ever?


Anybody else kinda dig that "big band" sound?

how can people comment on the "authenticity" of Mel Gibson's new film

DU survey....what do you do for a living???

Any Joni Mitchell fan here?

Creepy wife of ah-nold

I missed you all so much!

Any old school Volkwagen fans?

Hi! I'm Howard Dean.

Any other DUers who may be going through a quarter life crisis?

How much is your Power-Bill every month

"Drug-Free Zones"... WTF Is That All About??

Do I really need my birth certificate to get into Canada?

Computer buffs help.

Ouch. Redskins got walluped

Any KY DUers??

I'm going to get a vasectomy! (Anyone need anything while I'm out?)

How can Beethoven not be your favorite composer?

Guy James Show Archives now on line here...

Thanks Missy, and Bobby and Pattie

What should I see on my European/Scandinavian "mini-vacation?"

The Cowsills or the Partridge Family, which band do you prefer?

The Den of Iniquity of all CAPTIONS

lets see how honest you girls are

Printer advice please...

Do you believe that fish and people can coexist peacefully?

Please flame at me here. Not my E-mail please!

Bored on Saturday night? Try some TV Trivia of the 70s

Lady Freedoms 4 star list. I know I'll get flamed!


What is the naughtest thing you ever done?

Saturday Night Dan

Your favorite porn in a store...

Any coin collectors out there?

Wooo! Wasabi Peas!!!!

Just when you thought the California election couldn't get any weirder...

Greg Palast streaming now on...

Unseen Power of the Picket Fence

Kick arse soul music lines! Inspired by the other thread!

"Humane Society Chicken Dinner"

walmart is offering patriotic dog tags for your pets

Name an Album (or a few) People Should Discover

Are you related to anyone famous?

SOng that make you want to cry?

Hoosier Duers... check this out