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Archives: August 7, 2003

Muffling the Left

Prewar statements by Cheney under scrutiny - Billings Gazette

The Anti-Bush (by Novak)

Secrets of The Ranch may remain private - SA

Ticketmaster privacy policy blasted

Lies In The Air ( * SOTU lied re: pollution, too--what's next?)

Insider fires a broadside at Rumsfeld's office - Asia Times

Crawford paper opinion pieces calling repukes Fascist!

Text for Gore's Speech

UK Guardian: Masters of deceit

Ted Rall - Rall's Rule Of Ideological Balance

"Welcom to Iraq-Nam," says columnist Gwynne Dwyer

''Why States Seek to Acquire Nuclear Weapons''

Masters of deceit

Mother channels her grief into action after gay son's death

Curiouser and Curiouser - Iraq

Condi Writes A Column - WP

Josh Marshall calls Darrell Issa "execrable opportunist"

Critics, Ashcroft Wants 'Blacklist' of Judges

Via Email: Bush's Resume

An axis of junkies

French historian predicts the American Empire will fail

Shields: Dean Revives the Democratic Party Juggernaut

That Zany Ann Coulter!

Molly Ivins: The downward path

show us your DICK again, Arnold! and quit lying about it.

The Bastards (Kellogg Brown & Root)

An article from the Observer Dispatch on our Dean MeetUp last night!

Conason's Journal: Why Repugs cry treason when lefty celebs get political

"My alma mater is a moral cesspool" (neo-cons at the U of Chicago)

Schwarzenegger’s Nazi problem

What would you do if you encountered a paperless voting machine?

Act Now: Save the Tongass National Forest

Protest Delay and redistricting in Houston and Austin 8/8, 8/9 - Wall St. Journal - Lables Gore Audience as: pro-Saddam and


Let's start a George W.Bush recall petition

Seattle Bush Protest August 22/23 - Official Website

An unlikely model for liberal talk (Mike Webb, Seattle PI)

Carly Simon takes the cash to name 1973 hit song love rat

An example of how to start a thread for an event on television in GD

Al Gore C-SPAN 9:30 PM ET Thursday

What was with this morning's Washington Journal on CSPAN?

My Dinner With Ann (is a barf bag included?)

From the MOMENT Arnold decided to run .....

Media ignores Report statement on need for paper w/ touch screens

Updated Daily U.S. Casualties


US Postal Service Makes Nazi Symbol a Stamp.

Birthday Wishes for greatauntoftriplets

Astrologers: Solar Returns for the USA & the Resident cont'd

Astrologers: Today Al Gore laid out the lies & failures of the boy-king

Mars coming close to the Earth

How has Karma affected you?

Astrologers: Calif. recall?

Any jazz fans here?

Astrologers:Islam Revolution/Rebellion/Attack has begun:Jordan,Malaysia,Ir

Probe Sought in Hanging Death in Tenn.

American Bar Association considers gay adoption

Pro-gay Pennsylvania union contract kept secret, Republicans charge

Episcopalians continue debate on same-sex unions

Oregon governor appoints openly gay supreme court justice

'SA women are being gagged by the media'

Verizon, Union Continue Contract Talks

McDonald's High-Tech With Kitchen, Kiosks

Cola for Muslims launched

Russians extract huge, flawless diamond

Tense cows mean tough steaks

Right-Wing Think Tank Sues To Block Release Of Climate Report

As Danube Falls, WWII Nazi Shipwrecks Resurface

Local Yellow Jackets acting strange!

Laser lights renders radioactive waste safe

Losing The Jehad...

Washington ... seize on Jakarta bombing to further justify “war on terror"

Christain Right Waves Flag for Israel

The money trail stinks...

Naga guerrilla group opens Washington office to boost its image

Britain: Asylum-seekers detained under prison-like conditions

N. Korea Seeks to Exclude U.S. Official From Talks

A Khomeini (Grandson) Breaks With His Lineage to Back U.S....

Court Sentences Bali Bomber to Death

AIDS in Africa

Best of Both Worlds

Another one bites the dust

Unarmed Chihuahua attacked with sharp instruments, should get CCW permit

Supreme Court of Wisconsin upholds RKBA under state constitution

'I just shot dad,' 14-year-old charged with murder told mom

Out of town for a few days.

Two people shot at same time on same street in Boston

Woman Shot By Aurora Police Was Disabled

Last night (8/6/03) at 11-ish,

Where is it appropriate to ask a question. My question which I would have

temp rules: is "whores" in a GD subject profane?

Are people allowed to repost quotes from deleted posts?

I think this post needs to be removed

Okay--I know why my reply was deleted, although I think it

Which is better for the load on the DU site?

I've always wondered this about you guys....

How do you establish which is original, which is dupe thread?

i dunno if this is possible.... but,

Is it really possible that a tornado

Is making fun of a person's ethnicity and accent a violation of DU rules?

General Discussion Archive Forum appears empty

Archives feature

I just went to my bookmarks and my whole "General Discussion"

Roadblock to Peace...

Rice: Security fence will not affect loan guarantees

Palestinian gunmen execute 'collaborator' in Ramallah street

Temple Mount Secured for Israeli Holiday (bad headline)

German publisher drops book supporting Palestinian terrorism

The Prisoner Of Ramallah

john o'neill vs. barbara bodine

A bit of help about napalm

Why was the order to shoot the planes down so wrong on 9/11?

Scientist and Son-in-law identify "cutting charges" in WTC demolition

Blackmon to face Tuck in historic lt. gov.'s race

"I'll make Bush seem like Mother Teresa", says Arnie

Gephardt Fails To Get AFL-CIO Endorsement

Premier Article on Arnie, the one he tried to stop... (long).

African Americans for Dean

Sharpton Blames Lack of Coverage on Race

I'm considering posting an outright lie about your candidate...

Dean Versus Bush poll

Dean: "I know John (Kerry) he doesn't stand up for Civil Rights."

AFL-CIO sets October meeting to decide on endorsement

¿¿¿Terminator for President???

Do you think Cruz Bustamante was right to get into the race? can he win?

Kucinich on Lessig Blog next week!

Dean shares No. 2 spot in Democratic race, poll shows

Communists within the party

Pew Poll 43-38 Bush v. Dem interesting Demographic on subgroups

Does Kucinich piss you off?

Kerry fights back

DU Democratic Primary

Some good things about our Presidential candidates

The Progressive Case for Dean

Kerry Seeks Probe On Karl Rove

Moseley Braun leads in Illinois

Meeting Kucinich: a universal experience

Will Pitt meets DK

Uncle Al Takes On Dean and The Man

The Dead Pool - Clint Eastwood movie

Why not take a YEAR off, you AWOL scumbag?

Whos got Charisma...Clinton or Dean.

I just thought of a good theme song for the Dems

How members of DU can defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger! (foolproof plan)

What do you think about this site?

Pride and passion, very different from realities and pragmatism.

THe Daily Show: On Arnold

US tried to get some of Milosevic's troops from Serbia for Iraq. No luck

If the Democrat leadership keep smearing Dean

Bill Clinton for SCOTUS

Why is DK often criticized for going bankrupt?

Proof that the Defense Department is skewing casualty figures

The California election is already a disaster before it starts.

This Bush fighter pilot doll pisses me off

Who did Ann's EYES??? A warning for blondes everywhere

You've got to check this out! New Edwards ads are amazing.

Democracy in America is dead

Bush at 53 percent in Pew poll!

A Democratic celebrity to challenge Ah-nulld - How 'bout Jack Nicholson?

Open Borders

Jeezus Christ!! I feel sick.

Ooops, Completely Stupid Moment....CA is Screwed!

Clinton, Gore and others are working on Bush

Presstitution: Who REALLY Cares About...

C-span Changes Schedule: Gore Repeat at 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. est!

My response to a disgusting, Repub mailing

Still about judges in California?

Hah! --------Issa Blubbering Thanks to Ahhnuld

Will democracy survive the Bush administration?

Ann Coulter called Dean "John Dean"! ....TWICE......LOL

Scientist and Son-in-law identify "cutting charges" in WTC demolition

Question: Which of our candidates projects "Invincible Optimism?

Sleeping With The Devil by Robert Baer

Is missing couple story destined to become next big headline grabber?

FL to use polluted wastewater for yards, to wash off into the bay.

Golly Darn--Are Democrats Terminally Stupid...or What??????

Gore: Love that drama

The USA had a responsibility to depose Saddam Hussein

The Gay Agenda (So THAT's What it is)

Deleted message

Mike Malloy on now -- Topic is today's Gore speech.

What about a Clark/Gore ticket?

An outsider take on California's Recall

Interesting artifact re: Clinton "gutting" the military

Will The Democrats Go The Way Of The Whigs

the freepers are not happy with Ahnuld

Can you believe it...Larry King is skewering Ann Coulter

Why we are losing

Arnold will do what he is told. Just like Bush

Alright People. Wake up to Realpolitik.

My thoughts on Kucinich

Government using mistakenly high numbers to call for a war on drugs

Is the US morally bound to tell its citizens the truth?

Can we give Rove that much credit for Arnold/ Calif. ? Is he this good?

California Math...I need help on this one

I saw Governor Dean on Inside Politics

C-Span has Gore's Magnificent Speech at 6:31 est. Tonight! Must Watch!

America has been Mis-Lead

Why the hell is this news

Feeding the Hungry

The smashing of state governments in Nazi Germany.

7 August 1998 - Nairobi & Dar es Salaam bombings

Modest Proposal: The Kobe Channel

The obnoxious Bill O'Reilly

"Running Man" embraces "Total Recall" (OR: how far we have fallen)

What is going on over at Fox?

Ann Coulter is Special Guest On Larry King Tonight

Goddamn It--Are Democrats Terminally Stupid ....or What?????

Like I was saying, could Gore chair the DNC?

Really good B*sh joke I just got

USFS Cuts Maintenance and Operations to Pay For Job Privatization Study

So ISSA backs out, then there should be no recall!****

An Incredible Gore Speach!!

FBI Team Leaves Saudi Arabia Without Questioning Suspect

Dana Rohrbacher (R)

Gallup: Time to Redefine Recovery?

Any good websites campaigning against the recall?

Dean buzzwords or catch-phrases

Shooting Down Missile Defense. Even the Pentagon Admits it won't work

Is Tom McClintock going to run

Stupidest line ever - Arnold - "giving something back"

The "President" just gave a great speech .

does anyone have recent stats on Bush's vacation time?

Boulder company sues Ticketmaster | Denver Post

So I've been hate-crimed

Willie Brown hits the notes with Wolf

Simplest Way to Beat Ah-nut

Boston Globe lies - MIT/CAL Tech support Bev Harris on Touch Screens

Are standards a bad thing?

CSPAN to re-air GORE speech at 5:30 Central 6:30 Eastern....

Kucinich on Lessig Blog next week!

Do rich people deserve better health care than everyone else?

The Hidden Hand

Black Box: Wired reveals new security flaws for Diebold

Media Whore Cables Comparing Schwartanegger to Reagan! Tweety/Woodruff/

Don't blame Kucinich for his attack--he's forced to take these risks

Smut peddler who cares vs smut peddler?

TV/VCR Alert: Dean Rally on C-SPAN tonight (Thur.), 8 Eastern

Former Olympics, baseball chief Ueberroth considers run

Will the draft Gore people now give up?

What is with all the atheist intolerance at DU?

I've been thinking: how about Gore for DNC Chairman?

At the very least, the DLC should change their name

GW Bush elite force aviator action figure. ROFLMA

Saddam's pumping gas? Iraqi motorists doing double take

There is no "Presidential Nominee" yet

The human mind is not a logical thing

Media Whores promoting "inevitability" of Arnold same as with Bush in '00

Major Wuss Alert! Issa Nows Says He Won't Run!

Does anybody envision Washington becoming an extension of Hollywood?

Could someone please provide an MP3 or vid of Al Gore's Speech?

Need some help re: Davis recall and Karl Rove

The People for Larry Flynt, why I think a Flynt election is great

Redistricting - this is total bull!

Help: CIA said Iraq would be more of a threat if attacked

So what is the information on Arnie's father being a Nazi?

Visa's goal is to eliminate money

Tick...Tick...Tick... Bag Man for the CIA, David Kay...

Tin Foil Hats and Wesley Clark

Remember this? "Billy and His Bride"

Hardcore Conservative/Bush Supporter Now Considering Kerry

U.S. States With Recall Provisions

Why is Al Gore teasing us like this?

Wolfowitz concedes: Iraq not involved in 9/11

mouthbreather Novak savages Gore's speech on Xfire

Never thought I'd see a sign like this in Minnesota

Candidate Status Report in CA


Is it possible that we will lose Pennsylvania in '04??

Uday Hussein was semi-paralysed?!

TWO examples of right-wing hypocrisy in CA recall race

Question about Mike Ruppert's 2 part series: "Beyond Bush"

"Toombinator 4: The Lamentation of the Lobbyists"

Freep Help Needed: When did the Iraq "slaughter" occur?

Gore on cspan now 3:52 eastern

santorum and Kerry reportedly joined to co-sponsor a bill to insure

Question: WHO told ISSA to GET OUT of race for governor in California?

Now Is The Time For All CA Democrats To Come To The Aid Of Their Party

This image seriously disturbs me... Bush is signing away America.....

Gore is on C-SPAN now

Sharpton attacks white media, (and Dean too?)

Dems need to be more than the opposition party...

Gore rebroadcast c-span 4:50 EDT.

Al Gore speech will be available online after 5:00p EST

Got Milk? Then you may have Crohn's

Why AL GORE will not run

Pennsylvania Still Loves Tom Ridge

What about Alec Baldwin for California Governor? Or Al Gore?

Media Censors Al Gore AGAIN...please take action NOW (link)

Was Al Gore forced out of the race ?

Dean Meetup: 80,000

California recall is another republican coup. We need to Wake up!!

Doesn't "Recall" Mean We Need a Parliamentary System?

Dems need to be more than the opposition party.

All Anerican Citizens are WARNED to Print Out A Copy

Arnold: "I Will Make The Decisions For The People" (Take 2)

Did Rove tell Arnold to stay out of the race?

Who would like to apologize for the stupidity of humanity?

Should I vote in a primary if I dont have strong feelings?

RFPI - Can someone explain a what the deal is?

FIVE HUNDREDTH POST!!!! (nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah)

the value (money) of an Iraqi life over an american - for real

"Why me? What did I do to America? I was just playing" ask Afghan child

Gary Coleman's platform . . . watch out, Arnold! . . .

Is the GOP trying to destroy the nonprofit sector?

So Did Rove tell Arnold to ENTER the Race?

Could this Deaner go for Gore?

Who's your pick for Ca Gov?

How many Endo Skeletons in Arnie's closet

Riordan "Stunned" by Friend, Aide Says

Have you heard? Suit about Sequoia voting machines

What is the "The Crucible" in modern terms...

Gary Coleman running for Ca. Gov????

US Navy Subs to run Power PC Linux on Apple Xserves

Why doesn't Gray Davis jus resign?

* says 7 Marines in Liberia are there for a humanitarian mission, YET...

Would you support Gore now?

In the past this person has told me to shut up

After the recall - Wha happens?

Okay how would you have repsonded to 9/11 differently than Bush?

Gore should run. It is the patriotic thing for him to do.

Over 500 people have taken out papers to run for Governor of CA

War Profiteering by Friends of Bush*

AIDS in Africa

CNN Anchor Jack Cafferty Pleads Guilty to Leaving the Scene of an Accident

Skinner, Are You Trying to Kill Dissent?

Cynthia McKinney: Democracy Is Under Attack - Let's Take it Back

It was great to see Gore today at NYU.

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

post your heart out people...

Plastic People! Monkey Princes! and other subjects in sick sound

Does anyone else think the Saddam disguise pictures are subtle propaganda?

Arnold - "I will use machine!"

Is this true? Bob Hope leaves in his will $$$ for Gay group?

Two armies are being raised in Iraq

Read Gore's Speech...This man would have my vote if he ran.

We need endless recalls in CA until the GOP cries uncle

Iraqi nuke scientist held in Kuwait

Interesting post I found on a blog about the misnomer "WMD"

I think I'm going to be sick. Dubya action figure in an aviator suit

how interesting that DU allows anything to be said about Sharpton

OMG Incoherent musclehead joins CA recall race!

Californians....who will you vote for??

I Understand The Reason For This New Rule, BUT...

What about Warren Beaty for CA.Governor?

It's clear to me now why Rove/R-Null jumped in yesterday.

Lt. Gov. Bustamante to file papers to run in recall election

Mesa police ticket 5 in atomic-bomb protest

Masters of deceit (Guardian Article)

"sex, iron and religious right".

Bag-0-Dirty Tricks

Questions about CA

Okay, so I'm a day late and at least a dollar short,

Isn't this Gray's second term as Gov?

What voting system does CA use?

Democrats need to fight for the individual and fight claims of socialism.

Should Gray Davis resign?

Deleted message

A Disconnect in Logic

Watch/Read Gore's 11 EDT speech!

CNN had a big scoop on Euro Disney just about dead

Arnold: "I Will Make The Decisions For The People"

another Pentagon insider speaks out against Rummy

Michael Steinhardt (former DLC) gave $2000 to Smirk '04 campaign

Arnold will win on "fear factor".

Bush evils! I need HELP

Who Do You Think Gore Will Eventually Endorse?

The perfect Democratic presidential candidate!

Pentagon Keeps Return of Iraqi War Dead from Media


World's first cloned horse born to its genetic twin

Despite the economy, Californians still moving to the Northwest!

Is Gore delaying speech?

Legal drinking age

I saw Dean yesterday and have concerns

How does CA vote?

Why I can't support Kerry, Edwards, Lieberman, et al.

A cartoon for Dean supporters

Gore I hear is now on TV making a very persuasive speech

A Speech by the Honorable Cynthia McKinney

the pedophilia thread

Mitt Romney and Alan Dershowitz are republican filth

gore kicking rear ends on cnn

Homer Simpson for California gov!

CNN, Bill Schnieder said Davis is seen to be representing special

Were today's recall events part of a Democratic plan in California?

The Life Cycle of a Vote

IRAQ: 10 killed, 40 wounded in blast at Jordanian embassy

Who were those folks killed when we first bombed Saddam and Sons..?

Updated Daily U.S. Casualties

went to a (ft. worth, tx) dean meet-up last night...

Excited that I made my first campaign contribution

Order to remove 10 commandments delivered to all justices (AL)

Cheney fundraising in "Big Sky Country"

Excite Poll in re: Gay Bishop shows Conservative Lead

knock,knock! is saddam in there? BOOM! BANG! CRASH! DUCK!

DUers: sign this letter to Pres. Carter (re free and fair elections)

Way to Victory: NO Recall/Bustamante!

What should Gray Davis Do?

When first we practice to deceive...

The good news: "Big Lies" by Joe Conason is in the bookstores...

Pot Legalization

Will Arnold make it "ok" to be a liberal?

what the hell is Arnold thinking

Should police be permitted to put security cameras on city streets? Poll

how reliable are products that are advertised on hate radio?

H. Dean = common sense

One concern with Dean...

The dumbest thing I have ever seen

Mark Cuban is a scumbag coward

We Got The Terminator and The Exterminator!

will non-voters get out and vote for Arnold?

After California, is Oregon and Washington next?

Boycott Terminator 3 ...

I am amused by all the posts that Gore is NOT running, so forget it....

SF Chronicle Bohemian Grove backing Arnold= Fu*k

ieAmerica Radio

does * have any chance of winning CA?

Anybody go the Dean meetups tonight?

BBV - having trouble with latest thread

why hasn't Take Back the Media updated the Limbaugh sponsors list?

Is it me or is it hardto understand the FREEPERs SIte

Midwest center for stress and anxiety ads heard on Hannity

why hasn't Take Back the Media updated the Limbaugh sponsors list?


If Any of You Decide to Flee the Country...

if Arnold wins

I'm out of here...

Hannity: "Listen to Lieberman" (More evidence that Lieberman is a loser)

RECALL Tom DeLay, Jeb Bush, and Rick Perry

anyone for Mary Carey against the Terminator, Larry Flynt,, Gallager etc

we need something like this for hate radio advertisers

Is Clark running or not?

Act Now: Save the Tongass National Forest

why are Leno's ratings higher than Letterman's?

America: Back in the USSR?

Need help with Freeper husband

Karel talking about the recall on KGO

REcall question

Arnold will run a VERY centrist campaign

how will a Repuke beating Davis get * Cal?

need help with Freeper dog

UK agrees to clean up Depleted Uranium in Iraq.

Good Night, Wish That Non-WATCHERS Would Non-POST

Thin Ice Lemonade ads heard on Savage Weiner

Jesse Ventura without a brain!!!

Could the Dem's pull a reversal?

Kobe Effing Bryant--a non issue that has totally taken over the news.

Once again, Hustler is at the forefront of the issues

anyone watching letterman?

Is it possible that there might be a locked convention ?

Is Dean the next Clinton? Or better?

What Is to Be Done about Health Care?

Wow, a ready made GWB voodoo doll !

Speak up... Its time to end the war on drugs

Edwards only 4 points behind Leiberman for lead in SC!!!!!!!!

WHAT is the PROBLEM with gay marriage?

Why is Dean's position on NAFTA always overlooked?

Perot planning return in 2004? Book deal circulating suggests maybe...

So what happened with Ann Coulter on Larry King???

My seven year old wanted me to read the bible to her

What is with all the religious intolerance at DU?

Dear Soldier:

Any leaks from Issa's campaign/Riordan Campaign

Is it possible to bring civility back into political discourse?

Dean, Gore and the Democrat primaries. As I see it unfolding:

There's One Candidate That Gore Can't Endorse After Today...

Should Condoms Be Distributed in Schools?

AP has pulled all the coverage of Gore's speech

'a condom stuffed full of walnuts' (Ca Recall/Arnold)

New blog: Lists felonies done by reTHUGlicans...take a look

Does Ah-nold have a, um, 'zipper problem?'

What I will be saying on the first day of class

Who opposes a US Empire?

Anybody see Maria Shriver standing by Arnold duriong his announcements?

Buyer Beware: K.B Toys

The Greens need to reconsider their objectives?

New Poll for 2004 election

If Gore Hadn't Depedended Too Much On His Advisors, could he have beaten *

dean on c-span now - 8:07PM!!!

We, As Liberal Activists Have FAILED! (ok ME Personally mostly)

Thread Lockings

Davis needs to fast track election reform *before* the recall vote, IMO

would you vote for Arnold?(Poll)

The California recall needs to be a referendum about BUSH

Gore is on C-span right now 3:50 eastern time

Do you think I'm a Freeper/disruptor/conservative wingnut?

An interesting take from my house on why Gore gave this speech now...

Is there going to be any debates in Cal recall election? .....

Can A Dem Pres Candidate REALISTICALLY Win Without California ???

Dear President Carter, a plea from an American voter...

Did Lieberman cost Gore NH?

1998 Illinois governor's election

Tweety calls Gore a Loser

Dems may take CA recall to the supreme court.

Aren't the People of CA smart enough NOT to elect Ahnold?

Define RAPE/sexual assault.

Thank God Bill Clinton was president when we were attacked

Does anyone give a wet damn about the candidate-bashing in GD?

What has been Issa's reaction to Schwarzenegger running?

Temporary guidelines for starting threads in this forum.

Coming Sunday: AP rips apart Powell's U.N. speech

Wesley Clark is Karl Rove's Worst Nightmare...

Auntie Pinko needs you!

The Word "Marriage" Should Remain Heterosexual

Hope Arnold didn't think we had forgotten about this?

To all anti-Dean DU posters...may I please make a single, diffident point?

Quick question... Can you pray in public schools?

Watch John Edwards TV ads here.

Poll: Which of the following statements do you perceive as bashing


Condi plays the race card

Black Box: Georgia Libertarian Party files records request on Diebold

Yes to vaginal sex, no to anal sex. Is it rape?

Wolfowitz lets slip-Iraq not behind ties to al-quaeda

Schwarzenegger running in Calif (BREAKING: Bustamante is running)

Bush May Consider Stumping for Schwarzenegger in Calif. Election

Bush Approval Slips in Pew Poll

Can Arnold run a state economy?  

Dissident Returns to Cuba to Challenge Castro's Rule

Liberian Fighters in Frenzy of Rape - WARNING - Harrowing article

Bali Bomber Sentenced to Death

A vaccine against deadly Ebola is on the way

Taliban Attack Kills Six Afghan Soldiers

WP: Gore Takes Aim at Bush

Bush administration considers reducing U.S. role in...Iraq security

Kerry Defends Vote for Bush Schools Bill


Behind Fame, Actor's Policies Are a Mystery

Bush* Misuses Science, Report Says

Marine Sentenced to 20 Years for Tampering With Parachutes

Liberals Form Fund to Defeat President*

Immunity for Iraqi Oil Dealings Raises Alarm

Law firm sets sights on Halliburton (Talks about Cheney as defendant)

Howard the Younger off to help Bush win election | Sydney Morning Herald

Judge Chides NYPD Over Interrogations (of protesters)

World to warm by 8C, says thinktank

Japan Tests Its City Limits | LA Times

Agency Slammed For Inaction Against Ex-WNEW Shock Jocks

Private Lynch Pulls Out of Proposed Movie Deal With NBC | NYT

America abandons 'iron fist'

Hawash gets deal, pleads guilty

NM Senate pro tem suggests Texas redistricting tactics

Jerry Falwell Forms Anti-Gay Marriage Coalition

Bush* Team Kept Airing Iraq Allegation

Two killed, one dead, five wounded soldiers, at least 10 civilians killed

Briton Jailed in Ehiopa for Child Sex Abuse

Iraq war's 20,000 wounded civilians ignored -group

Banks Moved Billions to Shelter Income From Taxes

Episcopalians recognize gay unions

Rice Touts Democratic Hopes for Iraq(Association of Black Journalists)

American Tourists Deserting Europe

Swiss trains collide, 64 hurt

Niger may sue over uranium slur

Rivals Say Halliburton Dominates Iraq Oil Work

Even republicans call Arnold a liar

Schwarzenegger’s Nazi problem

Eleven Abducted Congolese Aid Workers Confirmed Killed

Navy Looks to Blimps As Anti-Terror Tool

Episcopal church delegates vote to recognize same-sex unions

Plaza legal battle revived (downton protest rights) | Salt Lake Tribune

Court Rules Against Davis: Recall Oct 7

Arundel (MD)Schools May Add Parents to the Punishment | Washington Post

Breaking! Darrell Issa won't run!!

Many Democrats (6/10) Are Unhappy With Party

Dean support grows in Las Vegas

U.S. Opposes Iceland's Decision To Begin Whaling (recommends sonar)

South Africa rejects Uganda Aids study | Monitor (Kampala)

Pfizer puts squeeze on price cutters/BBC

Rupp guilty of fatally beating his grandmother | Seattle Times

CSPAN- Feingold & Leahy want to know why FBI not hiring arabic speaking ag

Lightning sparks 200 more fires in B.C. | CBC

Jakarta bomb a blow in "perpetual war" -analysts

Charles Taylor picks vice president as successor, Congress approves decisi

Watchdog says NASA made 'shocking' mistakes with Columbia | Houston Chron.

(R) Senator Rips Gov't on Saudi Money Probe

Computer voting viewed skeptically

IBM Countersues SCO!

US says troops unlikely to guard Baghdad embassies

MagCorp suit targets owner and advisers | Salt Lake Tribune

Dean Says He Misspoke on Social Security


Former Cutter & Buck executive pleads guilty to concealing wire fraud

WP: Rice Touts Democratic Hopes for Iraq (Sorry, Dup - ignore)

It's time for Hawash's pals to come clean

Bush's relect number down to 36% in 8/01 Fox poll!!!!

Zuni Side Up -- Strip Mine project defeated!


BosGlobe:Touch-screens called better technology (headline is a lie)

Cheney 'not named due to Iraq war' (Halliburton suit)

Air Canada loses $566-million in quarter

Davis, ACLU sue over California recall vote

Dean's Statement on Speech by Former Vice President Al Gore

Calif. Recall Leader Says He Won't Run

Gore rips Bush on Iraq, economy (CNN)

Dean for America Announces New Deputy Campaign Manage


Insider fires a broadside at Rumsfeld's office

U.S. troops left in lurch left adrift by civilians

Lieberman, Kucinich split on economy


Ashcroft Orders Tally Of Lighter Sentences

STOCK MARKET WATCH THREAD--Thursday, August 7, 2003--#1

'Dr Strangeloves' meet to plan new nuclear era

Media Whore Cables Comparing Schwartanegger to Reagan! Tweety/Woodruff/

C-Span Showing Gore's Speech Now but it's already started! 4:05 EST!

Iraq Fight Kills 2 GIs

CA: Bustamante first prominent Dem to announce run for governor

Kyoto Won't Stop Global Warming - BBC

Car bombing kills 11 at Jordanian Embassy in Baghdad /BREAKING

Grenade sets U.S. Humvee ablaze in central Baghdad

Palast on Florida's "The Matrix"

California chamber head checks into rehab after Naples arrest

Gore speech on MSNBC now 11:15 am edt

Capital stop for Cheney

Saddam's Followers Raise Bounty for Dead Americans

U.S. holding Iraqis at notorious prison

New documents released, Voting, HAVA, Senators, Georgia

Fugitive Texas Lawmakers Keep Up Protest

EU to penalize Microsoft

Fannie Mae's Loss Risk Is Larger, Computer Models Show

Dead U.S. soldiers come home to Delaware air base

Exelon will trim 1,200 jobs amid cost cuts


Gore Friends: Speech Not Setting the Stage for Run

U.S. re-evaluates 'iron fisted' strategy in Iraq...Sweeps counterproductiv

Ex-Senator's Daughter May Run for Senate

Sharpton seeks to tap economic pain

Wired: New Security Woes for E-Vote Firm (DIEBOLD!!!)

Canadian tortured: Syrian group

Lies In The Air ( * SOTU lied re: pollution, too--what's next?)

Democrats sense opportunity in '04

Ariz. group takes on Allentown's gay-rights law

Bomb Attack on Jordanian Embassy in Iraq Kills 9

Taylor skips his resignation speech

Hundreds of pupils fall ill after gas leak - SA

Nigeria wooing oil-rich neighbour Sao Tome?

Ethiopia convicts Briton of molesting orphans

Zimbabwe's central bank faces impossible challenge

Hospitals Prepare For Bioterror

Ashcroft Orders Tally Of Light Sentencing

Gephardt Optimistic About AFL-CIO Endorsement

Mail-order degree yields suspension

Blast Kills 3 at Jordan's Baghdad Embassy

Two GOP senators fly to Albuquerque to meet with Democrats

U.S. fears missile attacks at airports

Graham picks former Reno aide as his campaign press secretary

Giuliani Firm's Mexican Report Expected

Child credit not seen as boosting Bush votes

Broadcasters move to block media-ownership rule changes

Bush Order Raises Rights Concerns-immunize U.S. firms exploiting Iraqi oil

Gov't: Hijacker Crashed Flight 93 on 9/11

Curiouser and Curiouser

Bush Likes to Run When it is 100 Degrees

Philadelphia gas company digging up delinquent customers' gas lines


AHHHH!! Idiots!!!!

The Mope-Rock Top 100 - What are the best break-up songs?

Check out a 'Christian' review of your favorite movie on this site

Is there a gay equivalent to the phrase "Uncle Tom"?

the 5 sentence rule in GD.

Please help me get through this day.

White people can't dance

Any bartenders around?

My mom has breast cancer

I'd like you all to welcome my friend to DU....

Prayer request for Brenda and Ashley

Who donates old clothes, dishes, etc

Anybody here ever had "Bells Palsy" ?

Am I the only 'adult' who loves The Powerpuff Girls?

Bubble Tea

HOT!!!! MOIST!!!!!! AND READY !!!!!!!!!!!

Have sympathy for me!

GOOD NEWS! Biopsy was negative

After 5 years of occasionally playing lotto, we finally won

Really good B*sh joke I just got

Do you know someone who served in World War II?

Xbox owners: madden 2004, or NFL fever 2004?

why do certain people tip less the accepted 15-20% norm?

So Guido shot first and Han simply reacted?

Darrell Issa goner: Caption this.

1966: My 100 Favorite Records

Letterman just made me laugh

Jennifer Aniston kicks ass!

You've won your dream home - what would you choose???

I have a zipper problem.

Well, looks like HEyHEY got the job

I think I'm going to be sick. Dubya action figure in an aviator suit

we need a * face on this one..:)

Is Howard Dean the next Messiah???

Paris: Not quite as good as Public Enemy, but...

Thread disappeared.

HELLOOOOOOOOO, San Francisco!!!

Do you follow the "That Guy/Girl" rule at concerts and shows?

Plastic People! Monkey Princes! and other subjects in sick sound

How do you do it?

Would You Ever Get Cosmetic Surgery?


caption time - "I hear things. Aliens"


Lowering the bar......a candidate's appearance

Well, at least I found my cell phone

Why were we so complacent December 12th, 2000

The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly in the

Nightline - California Recall


Why? How?

Free Kobe, Fry Kobe, or The trial by media should just stfu?

Another amazing thing that happened the night of RBNYC's accident

Gross! Gross! Gross!

Is Gary Coleman a Democrat?

Going to Vegas for a week

I dance like a white boy, but rock is dead-time to move on

Can anyone recommend a good sewing machine

How I being mentioned in a Fark photoshop???

Give Me Five Sentences That Sum Up

Considering traditional building... Cob and/or Straw Bale

I don't think Kobe Bryant ....

CSPAN schedule change...Gore on NOW 9:30 pm EDT and will be

So I had my little test at the hospital today...

Look out North Carolina here comes the Bleedinghearts!

Check 'John Dean' Nixon era

Liberal extremism

has any one posted

Pretty Good

I'm having my teeth bleached/whitened

Gay marriage - should they be legal?

Ahnold on the campaign trail.

Age of consent chart.

US Navy Opens Vibrator Factory

What Will Happen First?

It is wrong to bash Dean's son or the Bush twins for liquor violations

ABC censors are nuts!

Who is the hottest ping-pong-playing shrimp-boat captain on the forum?

Gore speech re-broadcast....?

My Solution to Redistricting in Texas: Breakup the State

the REAL Arnold (photo w topless bimbo)

Life imitates Office Space


Collage Machine--check out what "bush lies" brings up!!!

Who wants the ORIGINAL Star Wars trilogy on DVD?

CSPAN 1 Repeating Gore AGAIN 9:00 pm ET Tonight (8/7)

Ever have one of "those" days??

Possibly the most-needed emoticon around here

When temp hits triple digits, Bush* runs

Orange-jumpsuit George Doll.. You know you want to

check out this website!

Just got my Chickenhawk Cards!

William Rivers Pit on KFTY Santa Rosa Tomorrow Morning

Snow White and the 8 dwarfs

Worst RW female pundit.

I'm out of here...

Just gimme some kinda sign

Gore speech has started's on NOW 6:25 ET@@

Instructions for making a Tin Foil Hat

ani d. -- no good liberal!


Hey, Kids. Get your George W. Bush Elite Force 12" Action Doll

Randi Rhodes is going to start discussing the Gore speech shortly

How can I tell if my friend is a repressed homosexual

I just performed surgery on myself. Am I insane?

Somebody needs to draft this guy for CA Governor...

Link please! Kobe's alleged victim's stitches. Not trashing either one

Separated At Birth??????

Got Milk? Then you may have Crohn's

I just came back from Amsterdam and I loved it!

Just came down to show off my star!

Will Pitt to be on KPFA tomorrow (?)

Book burners

Getting bumped from GD sucks

a poll! a poll! your opinion counts!

California North Bay Alert!

GD down for maintenance

Just did a sacrifice bunt in GD

Gas bill check payable to "The Intestinal Gas Company"

Where's the best place to live?

NO, letting threads about anal sex remain, yet lock Bill of Rights is MAD

too hot in London for any of those damn clothes

New smiley I found.

DU let threads on anal sex remain, yet lock thread on Bill of Right

OK, it's been a week now

Post your favorite Republican jokes here!

1967: My 100 Favorite Records

Trader Joe's: Do you love 'em or hate 'em?

vanity post -

I Wanna be a PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!_____________catowners, got a blacklight?

Attention Follically-Challenged DUers

What sex are they?

Recommend a books online site latest not good sign for shrub

Americans hating Americans

Gore just announced his candidacy!

I'm going to Chicago today!

Corrupt your children!!

Attn astronomy buffs: Close-up: Best view of Mars in 60,000 years

OMG! I'm in the 700 Club and didn't even know it!

Good Karma Double Request

Judge Leo Holt, moron

Need Good Karma Today

So, TX Dems, how's it going?

Huge fire last night, two houses from us!

August 7th..Finally... My Ohio State bet will finally be over!

The most popular threads in GD

Pretzeldent Bush is a jeanius!

I'M LEAVING DU: THE POEM! (reposted from one year ago -- updated)

I'm still here!

Are You So Damn Tired Of Fighting?

The REAL U.S. State Mottos: Find yours here!

I pack way too much when I travel

The Dixie Chicks Are The Highest Grossing Country Act This Year.

((BREAKING)) trof to run for CA governor

Linda Hamilton for governor of California!

The Different Language Thread

And the nominees for Wittiest DU poster are:

At work I think I will institute the "BOAT OAR" policy

UPDATE on Britian's NEKKID Hiker (New INFO!)

Ohhhh...So THAT'S how polls get "Freeped"...

penis enlargement spam hauls in the bucks

TIME Mag:Dean's grandmother was bridesmaid for W's grandmother

Joke for the day.

Are you a Web addict?

So they opened up a nudie bar here

Bank Hands Fla Woman Check For $48 MILLION

Monsoon and Magnolias


EBay to pay $29.5 million in patent case

The dumbest thing I have ever seen

Foreign Moon Pies a "No-No" at Daphne's Mardi Gras

Loony Clooney blames Iraq war on Lewinsky BJ

I am Auhnuld- I am a big fat idiot.

Oh Dear God I Hate Patronizing Doctors!!!!

have you responded to penis-enlargement spam?

Anyone else having problems with Bartcop?

SpamMimic: encode your messages into SPAM

actor/politicians: it's all showbiz right?

the onion other news

Who will be California's Gov on 1/1/2004?

The Washington Post's Style Invitational - very funny

Mon Xoops, alons!

What is it with scanty clad news/weather girls

need help with Freeper dog

Great site

why are Leno's ratings higher than Letterman's?

Thanks Janx!'ve made 'neggish's out of all of us (see other post ;p )

If you ever look at Replies - Do you wonder how many replied

Need help with an invisible freeper fnord hiding behind my left shoulder.

Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee...I was bad.

Senator Palpatine! Separated at birth?

Does a gay or lesbian preacher make a differance in your faith

Grow up

I wasn't there when they said adios, but

Anyone else have "Situation" by "Yaz" cranked?

Cowboys who love Tuna

Want to get physically ill?

Latest "God" billboard (PARODY)

The Drunken Bishop of all CAPTIONS!!! (Warning: no one under 18 allowed.)