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Archives: August 6, 2003

(WP) Iraqi Town's Anger Explodes Into Chaotic Revolt

White House makes it all political ( Paul Krugman )

For Democrats, Mr. Right is Mr. Wrong - Lieberman

The Return of Multilateralism

Extra: The Great WMD Hunt

Dowd: Neocon Coup at the Department d'État

Anti-Abortion Judicial Nominees as a Protected Class

Star Tribune Editorial: Robinson ambush / The anatomy of a smear

Rumsfeld: Even with commitments, no need to expand armed forces

Keep Your Eyes On The Road, Please

Access Denied - How Bush is Destroying Freedom of Info (UK Guardian)

The Bush Administration's Camouflage

Iraq war lies and impeachment: Official Washington tiptoes round the “i” w

Blindsided by military victory

Message to Dems: Get organized

Bob Herbert (NYT): Despair of the Jobless

"The Case for War in 2004" - published on DU in 2001

Richard Goldstein: GET BACK! The Gathering Storm Over Gay Rights

Joe Conason: Saudi Secrets Are Safe With Bush

Anatomy of a Smear (gay Episcopal bishop)

Wher are the jobs?

Masters of Deceit - Felons & killers control the White House - Guardian UK

Robert Reich vs. the right

Is Howard Dean a Liberal?

Bush as FDR?

Calling all Tulsa, OK area Dems!!

Need help with a propaganda gadget . . . how to rig up a slide projector

Ohio DU-ers - Sean Hannity is Coming to Cincinnatti

Went to my 1st Dean Meetup in Utica, NY, tonight!

Mid-Michigan Progressive Alliance

Radio for Peace Int'l not evicted yet...this week critical!! Email support

What is going on at CNN?

The Myth of Big Media

Halliburton storm-troopers invade Iran, assume control of petroleum reserv

Virus question - Dean for America forward

Looking at Kucinich's chart while listening to him on CSPAN

CARTOONS! The "Summer Vacationing (and Some Are Not)" Edition

Business Secrets from the Stars (not about astrology!)

eBay sellers support group

Abortion illegal in Brazil

TSA admits that US anti-war activists hit by secret airport ban

Parental Consent fight in NZ

I'm Native American

"men's rights" site calls feminists "Nazis"

EU antitrust regulators say Microsoft abuses continue

More and more stores defying plastic bag law - SA

London: 95.7F Paris: 100F Florence: 104F Switzerland: 104.5F

New Record High Temperatures In Arctic Canada

15% Of Swiss Cable Car Rigs At Risk From Melting Permafrost

Politics Reasserts Itself in the Debate Over Climate Change and Its Hazard

Karl Rove's Water Policy

Big Black Smoker Vent Discovered Beneath Indian Ocean

Kerry/Oil Spill Leg.

Environmentalism/Caring about animals **WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS**

Niger president challenges Blair government over uranium allegations

'Bomb!' cries happy Amrozi

Rebels Behead Father, Son in Indian Kashmir

Operation Black Dog : Did US Use Chem and Bio Weapons in Gulf War I?

Anti-police sentiment increasing: Toronto chief

Another mass murder in California

i just got a notice telling me that my response had to be checked

We have a friends list and an ignore list. How about something in between?

Kudos, Admins!!!

Hi guys

Post Removal -- HELP!

Arafat to Haaretz: West Bank fence is ruining new

UN Agency Launches $18 Million Appeal for Palestinians

It's the security fence or loans, US tells Israel

Rall's Rule of Ideological Counterbalance

Punch, anyone?

Kerry Hits All The Right Notes On North Korea

Who could win as a Green party candidate?

As a member of the US Legislature, would you have voted for War with Iraq?


Maryland orders review of Diebold system...

The excitement of doing something positive for a change,

Republican Lite? -- Mother Jones On Lieberman

Dean's next step...

In A Polarized U.S., Dean May Be Electable After All -- WSJ

Poll: Lieberman Down, Dean Up In Michigan

Springer is out, Huffington In..

Dean wants to ban cluster bombs.

Joe Lieberman: Passionate Strategist

Dean to Rove: I'm looking forward to the matchup with you in 2004

Sharpton may attempt to oust McAuliffe

PLUGGED-IN POLITICS (NewsHour W/ Lehrer on Dean)

Howard Dean's pragmatic side

Rep. Sanchez Says She'll Run in Recall, If ...

Clark is more like the last two Democratic Presidents than the current 9

Nunn, Luther consider runs

(Non-Dean Supporters) What would you do if Dean got the nomination?

Why didn't the Congresspeeps speak up during the last 3 years?

On Board the Dean Machine --- Philadelphia Weekly

Teamsters local in Ill. backs Kerry

Sen. Graham trails President Bush in new poll

Dean Under the Microscope

Californians, do you think Davis can beat Arnold?

National Security Expert Explains Why Howard Dean on Larry King Was Superb

I think Dean should take a Gamble on the California Recall

Ok...IF * Wins in '04, What Should Our Strategy Be? And Who Wants Hillary?

What will Kucinich cut from the defense budget?

Slate: The Worldviews Of Kerry And Dean

Which candidate comes closest to TRUE universal health care?

Kucinich Challenges, Dean Dissembles at the AFL-CIO Debate

Dean Says He Misspoke on Social Security

I'm not Dean's love child and I'm not leaving DU either!

could someone download this ?

Martin Sheen for govenor

Rethinking Arnold's candidacy

“I lost my job because Bush can't manage the ecomony...”

Top 25 Anti-Bush Bumper Stickers

ok, now i'm REALLY worked up

And yet another pollution debacle in Florida.....near Tampa.

Janitor to Turn Traitor for Money!


So By Converting to Cath, Did Laura INGRAHAM Get Saved?

The media is so fucking liberal.

Latest Odds I could find for the Democratic Nomination

rove is blowing his load -- Arnold is running for gov.

Did Dean "misspeak" about Social Security in his response to Kucinich?

Let SAIC just attempt to refute all this...

What will a republican governor of California mean in 2004?

Why does FOX call it the "elite media"

8/6 Daily Show thread

Sick of Kate Hudson bashing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The WH Counteroffensive Revealed...


Received a mailing from The Heritage Foundation

Paula Zahn on CNN was ecstatic about Arnold's surprise

For the Deanies

Can't the Republicans find a REAL candidate???

Super Smart Card with Fingerprint Sensor and Fingerprint Matching System C

Drudge: Ahnold met with KKK Karl Rove.

Yes!!!!! I never thought I'd see the day when the Detroit News would

my prediction: Davis Recalled and Arnold elected

THIS man wants to be Sec'y of State? (Wolfowitz)

How much does "stupid" pay these days?

West Wing scrawl...

Matt Drudge Is On Fox

The CNBC Spotlight on Dean and interview was very good, IMHO!

I'm not defending Ah-nold but...........

So California DUers... are you the ONLY people in the state

Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) Townhall Meeting in New Hampshire (6pm) - LIVE

Deleted message

Another happy anecdote from a Repub stock broker.

Deleted message

California's Should RUN a Anti-recall Campain and Petition

Bush is a great President and should serve a second term!

Right now I'm truly embarassed to be a Californian.

Mike Malloy on NOW!

Arnold S. can't run for president

Can we get Robert Redford on the ballot?

Religion in Politics

Iraqi Scientist Held Because He Cannot Support Bush Lies

silence.........RIP... young soldiers died because Bush lied.

CBS: Blix Says Iraq War Was Illegal

A "dirty pool" way to neutralize the Ahnold "threat"

If Arnold wins, will California be attacked by "terrorists"........

Possible funny headline if Arnold loses "The terminator got terminated"

Bush Planned Iraq 'Regime Change' before stealing White House

who wants to bet

The Road Diary, Part I

The young may not decide who to vote for, rather whether to vote at all

Arnold's On TV

Message to Jerry Springer...

confused about arnold

Bush Picks an Ex-Marine as Chief of Selective Service = DRAFT...

AP: Bush Picks Chief of Selective Service

Army blames Iraq "mystery illness" on cigarettes.

Mario Cuomo urges AL GORE to run for President

I hope they end up having a gay child, these people are SAD

Why do 1st Class flyers get swept through security gate?

I know what Chimpy is doing in Crawford...

Dallas DUers -- The Will Pitt Challenge

Arnold Schwarzenegger=Bill Weld With Muscles

Why the "secrecy" of the Bilderbergs...the media will not touch them

5 questions that Repubs cant' ignore...

Helen Thomas wrote me back.

Glaxo & Pfizer are cutting off supplies to Canadian pharmacies


"Security Moms"

arnie's running.........shoot

* may be on vacation.... but not CARTOONS! (yet)

John Edwards is for real.

US "combat" deaths

guess what the us army

Democrats show all their warts....Repubs hide theirs...

Arnie doesn't run. Which pic was the culprit? (Caution: Pix)

Could an African American from either party become Pres yet?

Edwards advertising on tv in Iowa. Great spot! (Inside Politics)

Imagine if Clark and Biden join

A tale of two Germanies

Senators do not win Presidential Elections

Why is there anti-union sentiment here?


what is Hillary's book tour schedule?

Overwhelming coverage of the Dem. Pres. Forum from last night ...(not)

What a BIZARRE country we live in...

The Iraq question for 2004: "How the hell do we get out of Iraq?"

Though Dean is definitely my #1 choice, another ticket that could work is

FBI gives Airport screeners list of new items HiJackers might use

Time magazine: Dean vs. Bush or you could call it, "Brush vs. Shrub"

Anybody going to the Seattle Dean meetup tmrw night?

If you like talking about election 2004 ......

I think it's cute that Kucinich is all angry and stuff now.

Apparently, Cheney Really IS The Man Behind The Curtain !!!

F**k Waldenbooks!

Out with Laci, in with Kobe

Have any DUers taken out papers to run for Governor of CA?

Question: If "your" candidate doesn't get the nomination will you..?

Dean on CNBC now.......taking heat......making sense

Hypothetical Question about elections

RUSS FEINGOLD for VP? Good choice or no?

Barbara Comstock coming up on Lou Dobbs 3:28 PDT

If Gore announces he is not running will some folks implode?

Why do some DUers claim not to be "anti-Catholic", but only post

Bernie Sanders on C-Span 2

What was Sharpton talking about?

Osama who? Saddam where? What WMDs?

Michigan closer to uniform voting ballot

That damn pollution barge may do huge damage to Florida Keys.!

2004 Georgia senate race

Conason's book Big Lies in stores now

is anyone watching C-SPAN right now?

Dean had a great idea last night and I will tell you why...

Gene Lyons of Arkansas Democrat Gazette pillories press and "junior"

Kerry Town Meeting on C-Span

my concern with dean

Save some bandwith

Qestion Re: California Recall Election - specifics...

My quick answer to right wing email.

Did anyone know that "Morans" guy with the sign?

Voices in the Wilderness receives summons -- news a few days old.

National Day of Prayer for O'Really...

Dean's appeal

WMDs Found!!!

The Theft of Your Vote Is Just a Chip Away - Thom Hartmann

Dean to be on Inside Politics Any Minute Now (4:09 pm et wed)

Walter Reed so overloaded they're putting them in hotels!!!!!!

Lieberman is a horse's ass

Seen on a street (not in Germany)

Dean has the right strategy in dealing with Kucinich

I Want To Quit My Job And Work Full-Time On A Campaign...Any Suggestions?

time once again for that great Irish tradition

Gallup Poll: Bush down by 17!

I noticed "Mormons" in the online poll. What is LDS stand on the war?

Gallup: Powell Departure Would Hurt Bush Administration

Houston or Fort Bend, Texas DUers - protest Delay on Friday

Hillary Seattle Book Signing

In my opinion, Kerry won the debate last night....

Fat Foods: Back in Court

A Stroke or Dental work?

Kathereine Harris shockwave--Chilling!


Republican's target California women....White House is behind recall...

CSpan coverage of Gore Speech MAY occur..if we call/email !!


Mario Cuomo calls on Gore to run. Inside Politics.

"Just because you wear a big 'ole belt buckle doesn't mean

Interesting take on why we went to war with Iraq

I like Al Sharpton

We all know the Bush "ranch" is phony

What's up with the burried planes?

DARPA researches mind control technology

Kucinich seems to have a plan

Sean Hannity is a Union Member

How should various supporters of candidates treat each other?

Are WE letting Bush SOTU Lie-gate die by not staging huge rallies??

2 young Brit soldiers commit suicide b/c Gulf War illness

problem with racism

Green Party DID NOT Endorse Kucinich


I think our underground website is monitored by tv anchors.

Jerry not running is great news

Saudi Arabia all bunched up because we got the goods on them

Kerry on Cspan today- 6pm E, 3pm Pacific

My Partner's Picks after Watching the Forum Live: Gephardt and Edwards?!?

Loretta Sanchez suggests she may become candidate in Recall

Anyone notice CSpan's call in segment?

What have the casualties been lately? LBN doesn't have much of anything

Iceland to resume whaling

Another example of an awful Newsmax lie

Howard Dean to talk about Economy 5:00p.m.(est) CNBC!

I had a very good conversation with an election official in Utah today

Tractor keeps moving

Wow...looks like the WMD debacle is just about forgotten...

Jewish DUers, do you hate Lieberman?

'Voice of Free Iraq' Walks Out on US

Democratic Party = Judge Lance Ito

The Cost to US Taxpayers for *'s 35-Day "Vacation"

How do we take back America?

Jesus was not a Liberal, he was a compassionate conservative

MUST SEE: Ambassador Joe Wilson at the National Press Club

CA Recall: KNX 1070 News Radio Poll

Regarding the Canadian and the "Anti-Bush" deck of cards...

and now to prove that civil unions are harmless

People who are Simone'ing the Democratic Canidates are idiots!

I'm waiting to hear THESE "sixteen little words"

Iraqis flock to Mahdi's Shia army against US occup, up to 1 million signed

Bush's First Amend. Zones Sued :)

anybody catch the Daily Show tonight?

Whoever said democracy's dead has never been to DU!

I'll Tell You Why It's A GOOD THING Lieberman Is Running....

Gen. Clark's Backers, Brewing Up a Draft

Why I hate candidate _____________: I'll go first.....

Arik, King of Israel is in trouble

RE Profanity on DU

Afraid to Keep It, Afraid to Burn It

Bush is a teflon don

Moonie Alert! re: N. Korea

Pentagon lays off some embedded reporters - guess why

Ok, I will now bash ONE Democratic nominee

What happened last night Re:Dean & DK?

The president's cabal real goal in Iraq - PNAC's goals

the pro-gay episcopalian sneetches & the anti-gay episcopalian sneetches

Y does the frickin' media keep identifying military personnel who rag

Does Bill Clinton have the power to stop the CA.Recall?

AWD's campaign gets kicked off tonight! We need your help, too!!!

I'm so sick of news and weather editorializing!!

The Overworked American and political apathy

Nancy Skinner Announces Senate Run...Fired by Conservative Radio

Misinformation OR Facts

Dean/Powell ticket?

How many confirmed candidates for the recall

Jerry Springer to announce decision live on CNN - 2:00 pm et

Florida DCF workers forced into fundamentalist-based training.

I am tired of hearing how hard it will be to beat bush*.

Did Kucinich come across like a "raving lunatic" ?

Health Care - A Winner for Democrats

Ok, I feel REALLY dumb!!

Democrats make pitch to unions-Kucinich stands out at AFL-CIO event

DEAN on CNN Inside Politics today at 4p ET

What is the American Independent Party?

$9.8 trillion debt in 2008 will exceed 70% of the country's GDP

Charles Taylor backs out of stepping down(again)

Dumbass Country Music Lyrics and the dumbasses who write them

Only lesson US miltry learned from 'nam was absolute media control

one way or the other mr. bush, we're comin' to throw yer ass out!

Giving Away Ann Coulter???? HAHAHAHEHEHEHEHAHAHA!

This is my prediction...

Did the media and Dems listen to Clinton?

Have You Looked at Gas Prices Lately ?

I think it is time to RECALL Tom DeLAY! .......Go Texans

I think that if I was Gore...I'd be running again.

Diary of a mad military wife

Democratic Presidential Candidates Forum Replay (11AM ET WED) CSPAN

Did anyone else turn green about Kerry's health care plan?(AFL/CIO)

* gets back on message after 'responsibility' gaffe

As A Veteran, I am ASHAMED


Troops take the ultimate risk but oil companies?

repukes taken aback at hatred for bush (personal observation/analysis)

Third Reich in Ruins (photos)

Streisand pimp slaps Condi

*'s life accomplishments

Dean, Jews, Arab, the GOP, and the Michigan General

Pharmaceutical companies cutting off drugs to Canada?

Kobe Bryant/Colorado County where the incident happened?

More on the Pentagon Casino

U.S. Backs Florida's New Counterterrorism Database...Access to Americans'

Has anyone heard this...?

Minority Du'ers: Which candidate speaks to you most?

Where's Bunker Dick? Found his location for today.

SCENARIO: If Dean loses the nomination, what's his future role?

Are your Meetups outgrowing the current location?

Recall Jeb Bush

Wisconsin business touts "Support our oops"

Pentagon and foreign policy ruled by "groupthink"

1000 people in 6 hours

Dems split on health care, trade

Who said this?

Have Iraqis stopped killing Americans ?

Gore's speech plans trigger speculation- Washington Times

Vaccine link raised in U.S troops' deaths

Poll: Which Democratic candidate do you support?

Why does everybody call Dean to far too the left (even here)?

Arianna lost my respect today.....

Voices in the Wilderness receives summons from US goverment

Kucinich about to pass Clark on Meetup for #3 spot

Where's Bernie?

The Dem contenders and school choice

LIEberman to DEMs: become Republicans

Trimspa, CLR, Time Magazine, Selectquote ads heard on Limpbaugh

Is Vote .com Repub?

Take it to the Washington Times for this!

I have an issue with Kerry

Bush: America's Mike Tyson

Christian prison program fakes success by massaging data.

Why is it taking MS so long to count votes

In what states was abortion legal before Roe v. Wade?

Huh? Progressive accomplishment- by McDonalds?

Dean Chapters in High Schools and Colleges

heard something tonight on of all places scarbough or whatever his name

President Bush does have a future after he loses...

Only a pro- choicer will win in CA Recall

Bush is NOT going to cause/allow another terrorist attack

The DLC et al. are desperate for an "Anti-Dean"

I Cannot Wait For Dean To Become President So I Can Sleep Better

Federal initiative/referendum/recall - is that a good idea?

retired colonel calls Donald Rumsfeld an "asshole"

Preview of "The Passion"

The Bush Crime Family Put Out a Contract on the Hussein Boys

Gephardt suffers Iowa poll upset. Deam ahead, in first place

I'm Sorry. I'll Go Away. Goodbye

Whatchu talking bout, California? Gary Coleman for governor?

Here's the speech I am giving at the Veterans for Peace convention

I'm SICK of the Kobe coverage!

I've decided.... I LOVE KERRY!

Who should the IRS audit first when Democrats take over in 2005?

So..Uh....How Many Folks Are Running For Governor Of California?

HEADS UP CALIFORNIA DUers: Wanna kick some Issa ass?

Sean Hannity Stoops To a New Low

About California -

Let's ask Arnold to explain Planet Hollywood

What religions are represented here in DU?

Edwards running ads!!!

Ashcroft knows where you've been. "Your Cellphone is a Homing Device"

Hiroshima mayor lashes out at Bush on atomic bombing anniversary

Does anyone else think George Bush is going to win the next pres election?

Is WhoCountsTheVotes a paid GOP disruptor?

today's new Hannity sponsors

Pot and Social Security- How might two issues play for us in 2004?

For QuestionW: What Did You Do When The Towers Came Down?

Did Dean come off as an arrogant prick?

So I Just Got Back From My First DEAN Meet-Up...(you all should read this)

Shame on the news anchors for CNN, MSNBC, FOX, et al

Recall In Florida Jeb is history!

Anybody else pissed that Arnold pushed Iran nuke story off the front page?

Deleted message

How was your Meetup tonight?

Gore has best chance against Bush in these confusing times- Daily Herald

Lt. Gov. Bustamante and Ins. Comm. Garamendi running

Need help with Freeper wife

the Intolerance of the left.

OMG...who's the grating slattern with the horrible makeup on Hardball?

Ideas wanted: How to beat Arnold

Was the war on terrorism necessary?


Hannity Strategy

whatever happened to the war on drugs?

Damn, But I Hate This Country!

Petsmart ads back on Hannity

Hypothetical: Dean has won the nomination

The 'Republican Revolution' is more than just a slogan

Help on the Arnold media euphoria

The Corporatist Democratic Leadership Council

E-Mail Jay Leno Demand Equal Time for Gray Davis

What do you think about Edwards?

Does a crowded recall field benefit Davis. . .

Wondering how others would feel in my situation

Between now and next November , we will have only one candidate left...

This country deserves Bush

I was re-reading "How They Stole Morality"

Can Davis Beat Arnold Schwarzenegger for Governor?

What time is Gore's speech

Compleatly Revamped Minnesota Site!

Has the media chosen the President for the past 8 elections?

Does Anyone Care About Texas?

How about Martin Sheen on the Dem side vs. "Ah--nold"??

LENO Is Being *Such* a Whore (Ahnold's Announcement)

Secret 40 yr. old Vatican pedophilia document REVEALED

Do We Need A Progressive, Or A Fighter?

Oh my GOD! Kobe did not bring his wife to the hearing. . .

Support for Texas 11

Do we still have troops in Iraq? I have heard zip about it for 3 days.

BBV: A way to stop state purchases of Diebold systems

Fox News Poll: Someone else should be president

We're being Poindexterized in Florida!!!

Is "Bowling for Columbine" credible?

How many Ar-nuhl threads will GD suffer by this time tomorrow?

So did Issa decide to do this recall on his own... or was he enticed

Veterans Being Recalled to Duty

Dean Meetup Meetings...

International DUers.... what do you think of Howard Dean?

Black Box: Military contractor to whitewash Diebold?

How is Howard Dean related to the former Dean Witter Investment Company?

Why did Lieberman run for his Senate seat while being Gore's running mate?

Gov. Davis on Bill Maher's Real Time Show, this Friday 11:00 PM

Dean says he misspoke on Social Security retirement age

Connect the Dots, America!

March Fong Eu to run as Democrat in Recall

"Diff'rent Strokes" actor could join the state's recall sitcom

Jerry Springer Officially Declines to Run for Senate (2:00 pm edt)

'Presidential hopeful' found mentally ill in harassment case

Ashcroft Announces: The Victory Act

Doggone it, people, READ the index before you start 3rd and 4th dupes!

Breaking news on ABCnews and LA Times:Arnold will run in recall election

Edwards publishes sixty plus page issues booklet

Scharzennegger WILL Run For CA Gov.(CNN Breaking)

Feinstein rules out recall run

Game farming under threat - Africa

San Francisco Chronicle: White House Memo casts recall as windfall

US Secures Only Half Foreign Troops Sought

Type O Blood Donors Badly Needed (US Defense Dept.)

Dean surge felt among lawmakers

Iran Says It Won't Give Up Nuke Program

Islamic Group Tied to Al Quaeda is Linked to Jakarta Attack

Pentagon makes moves to contain complaints from US troops in Iraq


Group Challenges Part of Patriot Act (Court Action)

National Guard Unit Heads For Cuba (Guantanamo)

MSNBC: Bush to deploy troops in Liberia (300 Marines)

Iraqis flock to Mahdi's Shia army

Sharon's Son Told to Disclose Documents

Spokesman: Bulger may resign as UMass president

Judge in Roadless Ruling Accused of Violating Ethics Laws

China Under U.S. Scrutiny as Trade Anger Grows

Online absentee voting eliminates postmarks

Howard Dean's campaign to send out personalized letters from fans

Bush's hawkish nominee to peace think tank on hold in Senate

Even on the run, Hussein has Iraqis under his 'spell' ("occult" powers)

Bush lauds Powell, rips ‘speculation’(but won't say if he's staying)

U.S. Finds Cache in Series of Iraq Raids

U.S. Backs Florida's New Counterterrorism Database (Bad News)

San Francisco Chronicle: Unions tell Democrats: Back Davis or suffer

Hiroshima mayor hits out at U.S.

Halliburton Profits from Work in Iraq

Jerry Springer will not run.

Green Party DID NOT Endorse Kucinich


CNN's Cafferty pleads guilty to hit-run in New York

Small Number of U.S. Troops Into Liberia (6 - to "grow" to 20 "soon")

Senate GOP Sees Little Hope to snap Judicial filibuster...

Software Developer Crystle annouces for PA Dem US Senate nomination

Rumsfeld Not Sold On a Bigger Military

Is Joe Biden thinking presidential thoughts?

WP: (Japanese) Paper: N.Korea Plans to Export Missiles to Iran


Coke accused of putting thousands out of work

Iraqi Rebels Trap British In Ambush

Vaccine link raised in U.S troops' deaths

Wher are the jobs?

China rejects calls for free float of renminbi

US soldier falls to death in Iraq

Pensions shortfall is 55 billion pounds - U.K.

Charles Taylor plays for time

'A world disgrace as serious as apartheid' - SA Aids

U.S. Backs Florida's New Counterterrorism Database

Penis stew turns woman into vegetarian - SA

Religious policy for schools adopted - Asmal - SA

Oppenheimers pledge to boost transformation - SA

UN: Iraq Needs $5 Billion From Donors For Essential Services-BBC

USDA Issues Restrictions on Biotech Crops

GAO Investigates Medicare Administrator

88 Iranian pilgrims die in Iraq

Problems mar primary elections across state (Mississippi)

Cuban Latin Grammy Nominees Might be Kept out of US

First Lady Wouldn't Be Her Full-Time Job

Senate Hits Back in Saudi Terror List Fight

Oil jumps to highest levels since Iraq war

Fishing Groups Seek Data on Rove Role (Kerry blasts Rove)

SEVEN-Member Marine Team Lands in Liberia !

Man Who Accused Gay Bishop Regrets Calling it Harassment

Sam Nunn's daughter may run for Senate

Did EPA mislead public on water?

Maryland orders a review of Diebold Systems

Arianna Huffington joins California governor race

UK parks ‘dogged’ by exhibitionism

Schwarzenegger will not run for Gov.

DOD: Poor people are security risk.

NBC 11 SF reports Arnold Schwarzennegar IS running

Ebert to undergo cancer radiation therapy

Bush's August Trips Focus on Environment

Mario Cuomo: Gore should get into prez race

US says nets Iraq guerrilla chiefs in Tikrit raids

Anti-Bush Protesters Arrested at Rally Sue Secret Service

To Mollify Iraqis, U.S. Plans to Ease Scope of Its Raids

Ashcroft tour to plug terror bill (Victory Act)

Texas Gov Perry defends 1993 GOP walkout

Bush's rating down in Michigan poll

Former Democratic Governor Urges Gore to Seek Presidency

A Khomeini (Grandson) Breaks With His Lineage to Back U.S....

..Fortune 500 firms mobilize to take on pro-Dem unions

Sex Crimes Cover-Up By Vatican?-CBS

Poll: Graham Would Lose Florida To President

Who is the sexiest Candidate?

German penises "too small" for EU condoms.

how bout' a arianna huffington arnold schwarzanegger debate????

who is the most honest poster man or woman on DU?

Who is the best american classical composer?

Worst RW Movie Ever Made

Yay! We bought a telescope!

Who does Lieberman resemble most

Any news lately about rbnyc?

I have sad news to share with all my DU friends.

Rock's best organist - Garth Hudson

Let's talk about sex

Scrabble Players...words that often get challenged / bring in the points?

Congratulations SOteric on 4000 posts!

Who ultimately has the greater musical legacy?

Am I A Victim of Workplace Discrimination? Please Comment.

ann coulter reviews seabiscuit

The DaVinci Code.

Who is the haughtiest man or woman on the forum?

Married people: would you cheat if NO ONE ever found out?

Forget about Arnold, Gary Coleman is on the Ballot

Darn.. I am starting to really like Barney

Shall I get in the running for CA governor?


Save some bandwith

Whoa! The Kobe allegation involved unconsensual anal sex?

Are you considering running for Governor of California

Stealth fighter overflies my house

What is the "Comite la Voz?"

Did I miss something?

My Buddy is getting Married tomorrow,

Yet Another Sex Thread

Hey guys! I got my third job!

Saving a Flash File

Scientists discover reason behind penis's shape....

Today is my 45th Birthday and I don't....

Favorite Monty Python quotes or scenes?

What Did You Do When The Towers Came Down? photoshops Senator Lieberman. Your favorite?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Changes mind/He IS running for Governor of CA

Mr. Chimpymustgo wants a pedestal sink for the powder room.

A Big Gay Thank You

What were you doing the last time you said to yourself, "WTF am I doing?"

Most addictive game on the web.

Who saw "Reno 911" tonight?

I Miss You Guys!

You better shape up

Cheese has an unusual power

Coalition of the Cheese!! Green and Gold unite!!!

I got my virginity back.

Who's REALLY seen Seabiscuit?

When exactly did this turn into a chat room/sex tracker forum?

W & Co. Summer Vacation Sightings for 08/07/03

Just another "sex" post

I have fu***ing had with these two cats

I am still a virgin...

Lost Your Virginity? Look Behind the Refrigerator

Did Anyone See "Swimming Pool"?

Best Streaming Radio ....What's your favorite?. Mine is...

Last night, I had the most wonderful, long-lasting, mind blowing

I sent my picture for the gallery....

I lost my virginity four nights ago!

I Never Was a Virgin

I have lost my virginity tonight!

Sick of Kate Hudson bashing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know what Jesus wants!


Can we boost the economy by mandating people to buy?


Need a recent photo of Rush, with date it was taken

Musings of a new Dad

Best place to hold a drunk driver's memorial service?

Which Is Smarter - George W. Bush, or a Pile of Rocks?

Don't Touch This Job With a 10 Foot Pole

How weird is this on a children's toy....?

CAPTION W sizing up his next meal's ripeness and freshness

10 Things

Hey...look what I found while looking for smilies!!!!

Who REALLY needs to stay anonymous on DU?

Man the lifeboats---J.Lo dumps Ben

Favorite "Fletch" quote???

When staying in a hotel - DON'T USE THE PHONE!! (rant lite)

The Dead Pool - Clint Eastwood movie

EBay refuses to list Canadian artist's 'weasel' cards gets death threats

The Superman Question (Not really about comic books)

hint HINT!!! Who's the most kittenish woman on DU????

Galactic Dust Storm Enters Solar System~Terra from the Cosmos too?!

Yanks ship Benitez to Seattle for . . . (wait for it) . . .

Where can you buy these cards

Do you coo over babies?

Best "Family Guy" quote!

Does anyone here even CARE which celebs are "with" other celebs??

Hawk Attacks Chiahuahua in Bryant Park (NYC)

Was I being a B*tch...? Loaded question alert.

Who is the hottest woman in hell?

Great Picture of Flush Limberger

so, what will Kobe be wearing to court today?

Any cool tattoo ideas???

"Fingernails on a blackboard"..what pushes your buttons???

F'in Homeowners Insurance!@! (VENT INSIDE)

Ugh, she's at it again's the weather in San Francisco? (need packing help)

What other forums do you like visiting?

Kobe Supporter pic haha

Does anybody have a link to the Chomsky C-Span interview?

Who Has The Hottest Yak On The Forum?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO...........................

A hummingbird visits me every day.

The sexiest woman in politics votes are in and the winner is...

Who Is The Hottest Person On The Forum Whose Gender You Don't Know?

So, what do we do NOW about N Korea?!

Ah, to be 8 and innocent again.

CONTEST: Make rude words from my worn-out keyboard keys

Famous people's high school pictures (some college)

What % of US population has a 4yr college degree?...Guess first

Time for another joke thread- I will go first

Has anyone heard from Tucker?

Gelatinous Blob In NJ Lagoon Concerns Scientists (REALLY!!)

What activates your "clicker finger"???

revenge of the Zubaz!


Anyone Ever Heard of Mario Savio???

Porn star for Calif Gov..She has no problem getting signatures

There's PeterPanMan and then there's ...dayoopers

Scientists Clone a Horse

Caption This Greased Pig

CAPTION Tom Ridge vigilantly overseeing airport security

Mr.pResident, is that trouser tracks or a CAPTION on your pants?

Oh. My. God.

Noam Sayin? (You Know What I'm Saying?) ... a small rant.

Freddy vs Jason. Do You Care.

welcome to Ellen Cherry Charles

Has everyone gotten the new Gallery link besides me?

Activists Get the Drop on Bush

Do you connect songs with certain commericals or movie scenes?

There that is 100

Penis stew turns woman into vegetarian - SA

Am I the only person here who has never played a music cd??

Pilots Packin' Heat

Nero moderiized bwaaa-haaa-haaaa

J.Lo dumps Ben

"Moxie" award-Man survives on crickets, berries and rainwater

Ok, I feel REALLY dumb!!

Why Are So Many DUers Angry Right Now?


Dammit or damnit?

What the hell are we still doing awake on a work night?

Being in your 30's and single SUCKS! Where do the 30 year old single's go?

Who likes marbles??? Do you still have yours??

Asskkkroft Joke

Give us a report Will

90's one hit wonders

Mmm, Bush joke

My version of Darryl Worley's song - (A total vanity post)

New holiday UnderGround Hawk Day (like GroundHog Day)

Former President Carter to be tried for peace crimes.

The 'Atomic Bar' is closed damn it!

Flashback: Apple Advertising Insert from 1984

Yak surfing???

One-hit wonders, 1980-84

Laura Regan to play Pfc. Lynch in NBC movie

How long before Ben.Lo seprate?

Beavis and Butt-Head (D) or (R)?

Bush's First Day of Vacation

NOT a good place to be

RSS news feeds?

Anyone else here think the Strokes are totally overrated?

Have ya'll seen this Evil Clown Generator yet? Man it's FrEaKy!!

Streisand pimp slaps Condi

PC or Mac?

W issues "working vacation" statement

A Groundbreaking Story in Pictures?

Business Secrets from the Stars (a novel)

Anybody like to attend this Meetup?

Dennis is...

I met Bear Bryant

Do any of you know if NetZero is any good?

DVD Question

Why is the US so protective of its relationship with Saudi Arabia?

It would be our ten-year anniversary tomorrow

Meet me at the corner of

Dukes of Hazzard Movie

Anybody see "The O.C." tonight ?

Mac users. what do you think about this?

bill maher on CNN now

Using campaign slogans on DU...

Come On Charlie Rose. The Dave Matthews Band. The Country Is Going

whats good on the radio stations on the net now..provide link please

This Just In.. Makeup Does Wonders.

Alcohol 'helps you lose weight'

Just started Will Pitts book

How kinky are you?

Who is the hottest woman on the forum?

I'm Leaving tomorrow for North Carolina

Marco?!?!... Polo.... Marco?!?!... Polo ...............Marco?!?! CAPTION

The Peaceful, Loving, Purring Kitten of all CAPTIONS!!!

I have a question about oranges