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Archives: August 4, 2003

The unreported cost of war - at least 827 Americans injured

Reagan's Secret Plans To Snub British Anti-Nuclear Labour Leader

provocative speech by rep. Ron Paul..."Neo...CONNED!"

Disdain for Bush simmers in democratic strongholds

Editorial: Transit trade with Central Asia

Ken Garcia (San Francisco Chronicle): Outlook for Dems is Gray skies

state department and white house deny story about Powell stepping down

Turkey's Challenge (how to become a member of EU)

Amnesty group blasts Al-Arian prison conditions

saddam will NEVER face a war crimes tribunal like milosevich

Stealing The Internet

Hartford Courant: A Recruiter's Guilt

Did Bush impregnate women and make them get abortions in his single days?

Montreal passes Vancouver as immigrant destination

Shi'ites raise new battle cry (Asia Times)

'Some things are true even if George Bush believes them'

Doonesbury for Monday 8/4

‘Rasputin’ at Downing Street ‘Rasputin’ at Downing Street

Italians Keep Face by Faking Holidays

The many voices of US foreign policy

"A Direct Hit to American Workers" -- James P. Hoffa in WP

Tom Tomorrow: What if the president of the U.S. always had to be a Bush?

Paul Krugman (NYT): Everything Is Political

Salon: The War According to David Hackworth

The Old college try: Election 2004 prediction!!

Houston Chronicle Editorial: The Pentagon has some explaining to do

Newsweek story on Howard Dean

Bumbling Bush may have given Osama an open goal



Great Info for anyone contacted by FBI or worse

Attn: AZ (Tucson, particularly) DU'ers.. Protest * 8/11

Kerry/Bush/Overtime Petition

Arrgh! The damn anarchists (Black Bloc) are taking over Bush protest!

David Dill Call for Volunteers to lobby for paper vote trail HR2239

Petition to recall DeLay attracts 200 signatures in first three days

For your entertainment. Wing-nut letter.

Dean on TIME and Newsweek

'60 Minutes' Weighs Clinton-Dole Segments

Maybe since GD is down today, and seems to have most problems we should

Live C-SPAN 6:30 PM: Media Coverage of WMD with Joe Wilson

Howard Dean on Larry King mp3

Birthday Wishes To Wendy McAuley

Oprah just wanted to show her

Astrologers: Here's where your belief comes from!

Priests preaching piffle, pride paraders say

The conservative Bishops in the Episcopal....

China in spotlight over currency

Investing: For Once, Tap Your Principal

Frozen arsenic a miner miracle - Canada

BBC - Record Heat Snarls UK Train Service

Fires, Drought And Smog Across Europe As Heatwave Continues

$20 million fire tied to eco-militants

Automakers Press Objection to Maine's Mercury Switch Law

Brain atlas seeks to define normalcy

Tanzania's Sea Cow Population Teeters On Brink Of Extinction

Alaska Winter Temperatures Up 8F Since 1960s

Inside the Pentagon: Defense Dollars

Inside the Pentagon: Defense Spending Map

Inside the Pentagon: Useful Sites

Inside the Pentagon: Franklin "Chuck" Spinney

Kyrgyzstan’s Worried Uighurs

GD's down - who watched Larry King tonight (re: Kay Bailey)

'100 000 women have used nevirapine - safely' - SA

McDonald's vision of the future

Just pure old fashioned fun!

Laying down the law

"City Using DNA To Skirt Statute Of Limitations For Rapes"

Fingerprints: Infallible Evidence?

Gun Versus Knife. Gun saves life.

How many personal attacks do you get before you get a post removed??

This thread is nothing but flamebait.

I keep getting this error message and today it's been worse.....

Concerned......I'm getting a lot of "can't connect to database" and

Something odd...

Question for Skinner.

I can't get to General Discussion, yet I can see people posting there...

Policy of duplicate posts....

Did we lose access to our bookmarks

GD is gone...gone i tell you was it Raptured?

I think it's valid to make requests of the Du community

Do you just need money?

Should there be a limit...

Security alert pop up.

How does one send an "alert" when there isn't a post to alert?

What's with all the sensitivity on Israeli issues?

Here's a change....Skinner and the DU Crew


Hamas urges militants to ready for confrontation

West Bank settlements still growing

Don't put the road map on hold

Sharon, Abbas to meet Wed., at time set for prisoner releases

Israel halts plans to return W. Bank land

Campaign Planned Against Israeli Wall

Palestinians Offer Truce Extension, Israel Says No

Israel Prisoner List Disappoints Palestinians

Israel Waits on Doing More Withdrawals (+wall info within)

It is time to rethink the defense of Al-Arian

Determined Settlers.

U.S. May Reduce Aid to Get Israel to Halt Barrier

Kucinich would be a president with integrity and fresh ideas

A Hero For America

Bush's odd at winning in 2004 currently 3-5

Howard Dean - The "Warm and Fuzzy" Candidate

How many rounds of "Talking Points" has Dean survived?

With Sen. Fritz Holling's Likely Retirement Can Dems. Keep the Seat in SC?

Kucnich, the RFK of 2004, will be in San Diego tonight - Aug 4

Lieberman Continues Lead in South Carolina

Kids 4 Kucinich in Santa Ana.

A Reminder: Watch the AFL-CIO Presidential Forum Tuesday Night

NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll & Ipsos-Reid/Cook Political Poll

Democrats Reassess Crop of Candidates

What's next in South Carolina?


SPAM candidates hit CA Recall

Kerry Has Been Ripping Bush Up For Months

Letter from Joe Trippi -- goals met; new goals set: Let's Roll!

DUers should organize their own poll.......seriously.

By going after Bush in TX, Dean is showing how it is done

MOBY endorses John Kerry

Is using animals and babies in campaigns animal and child abuse?

This is interesting....

I think Biden should run.

Lieberman losing ground in homestate; Dean gaining in Conn.

dean commercial in texas

Howard Dean Buys Ads in Crtical N.H.

Kucinich "not a plausible nominee"

A laugh from a quoted moran in Akron

This Won't Hurt a Bit : Can the Body Politic Tolerate Flinty Howard Dean?

Is John Kerry un-electable?

Why don't you Like Lieberman?

Why I Support Kerry: Unity

BusinessWeek: Dean "...not a, Rockefeller Repub..."

"I think people like the president. I like the president."

Queston: Is the corporate media promoting Dean because...

Dean First Choice For Gays Straw Poll Shows

I just gave Howard Dean $200

A little humor at Kerry's expense

Would McCain Endorse Kerry?

Calif. Court May Decide Davis' Future

Governor blames GOP for cuts as his recall poll numbers worsen

Australia does Dean

Gephardt gave this speech today in NYC

OK Dems E-mailed me regarding Veterans Snub

A New Democrat Battle Plan

I wonder...

What's with Dean and Carol Mosely Braun?

Dean leads Democrats, but many undecided (Iowa)

Oklahoma Democratic Party snub Veterans

AFL-CIO Working Families Presidential Forum, C-SPAN, Tues. 8/4


Berlusconi (Italy PM, EU Pres) clashing with British magazine again

Sec. of Defense Colin Powell to Resign , Rice or Wolfowitz to replace him!

OMG. Did Dean really say this?

Try to tell this liberal that Dean is it.


The only candidate seen represented at the Phish IT festival:

Petition to recall DeLay attracts 200 signatures in first three days

Al Gore to give a major Iraq policy speech Thursday in NY

Who Is Ready to Take Back the Country or At Least Die Trying?

does a Jew really have a snowball's chance in hell of becoming President?

Ok, Dean is on fire....

Anybody out there in IT land familiar with a program called the "Witness"

Did You Catch the 'Homeland Security' Farce--good Dem material

who plans to vote for larry flynt as governor of california?

Critique Dean's performance on Larry King.

"Dark Cloud" next (11PM) on World Link & "War Game" replay at 4 AM

If Dean wins who'll be his running mate?

The American People Are Rather Pissed Off

Why Dean over Kucinich?

Beware the Labels they are printing out:"Dukaksian," "McGovernite" ...

Great quote! "Donald Rumsfeld is such a liar..

Why the Powell backtrack?

"Bush has better chance of re-election than ANY president in history"

Do we really need fifty threads on the same subject?

The Magically Missing 14%

So any new converts to the Dean Machine after Larry King Tonight?

Do you believe 9-11 was allowed to happen?

Kellyanne Conway

transcript of Ron Reagan v. Ann Coulter

No Dean on Larry King Thread?


How good is Dean's nonstick coating?

Lieberman is a snivelling political coward

Trek234 post: First stages of a US coup? Redux...

Secretary Rumsfeld Stakeout at the Senate

interesting conversation with a retired colonel today

Dean blinks too much.

Some of Army's Civilian Contractors Are No-Shows in Iraq

Deleted message

Dean vs. Bush Comparison........ have you seen this?

Where do I send my check? Al Gore stay home, Dean is now my man!

With Sen. Fritz Holling's Likely Retirement Can Dems. Keep the Seat in SC?

Anybody hear me on Malloy talking about Pollsters?

Name the Songs You'd Want The Democratic Team to Use While Campaigning

Larry Flynt's Day of Prayer

Who should have been Al Gore's running mate?

HEADS UP Eloriel and anyone else in the Southeastern USA.

What is more important..swing voters or engerized base?

HAHA...Bob Graham said "Osama Bin Forgotten" on LK.......

US AFTER 9/11: None the Wiser

A Soft Touch -- for Voter Fraud? (BBV - 8/3/2003

Lieberman's attack on liberals

There is a Cancer within the Democratic Party

Have Any Soldiers Died in the Past Few Days?

Is Lou Dobbs liberal???

My new Bumper sticker ----- Bush/Cheney 2004: Four More Wars!! (Free)

DU verdict on Jagoff Joe: "Get his flabby face outta here!"

What happened to all of the Saddam doubles?

Ex-DLC Bigwig caught donating $ to w

Are you guys seeing this nonsense on Hannity & Colmes???

so the Powell story is a neo-con plant, to weaken Powell?!

Larry King caller gets AWOL question on re: TX Air Nat Gd

How many freedoms have we granted the Iraqis?

Question about the CA ballot

What a fucking joke

LIHOP 2: Statue of Liberty?

We have to get HR 2239 out of committe and on the floor

Do we really need fifty threads on the same subject?

Larry Flynt Has A Plan To Save CA And He's Running For Governor

Okay, the Lounge is down now. What will we do 'til it's

Armstrong Williams is a turd.

Have any WMD been found in the last three days?

Dr. Dean will be on Larry King tonight!

OK Dems Emailed Me Regarding Veterans Snub

question to moderates/centrists re: you know who

WTF! Carolina Morning News: 9/11 a LIHOP? Toast, anyone?

Freepers scared of Gephardt's unions, outsourcing issue, and defense

C-Span One , LIVE, has Joseph Wilson and others, ...

Blackbox voting on Wired

Doonesbury - the "Lies" edition

Who Is Ready to Give All That He Has to Take Back This Country?

I Think All of This Dean Coverage Is Good

Help Boost Those Ratings Tonight!!

"The Political Wilderness"....

Without a paper trail

David Dill Newsletter update on auditable paper trail voting meetings

mo paul makes STARTLING saddam prediction:

Great article on the differences between Dean and Lieberman

NPR this morning discussed PNAC's long lust for Iraq

Is it reasonable to ask DUers to limit the # of threads they start in GD?

Why We Need to Work Together

The Barnes Review....SERIOUS tinfoil! Help?

Just what is "fringe" about:

To what extent do you support abortion?

The RNC Is Allegedly Spending A Lot of Time in Vermont This Summer

Come Campaign Time, How Should Democrats Spend Their Money?

i fear Dean may be unelectable

How pointless and forgettable are Scotty's pressers?

What do your republican friends think fascism looks like?...

Caption time! Target: Holy Joe

Bush directs VA to study closing of VA hospitals

Central Miscasting: Lieberman needs to be played by somebody else (SLATE)

Is This The New Time Dean Article?

I am so $%#$@#E@# sick of the double standards!!!

the words of the great satan his own self

today is Helen Thomas' 83rd birthday

tracking civil liberties legislation

Mel Gibson and the Republicans

SADDAM = Ace of Spades*** BUSH I & II Kings of Heartless!

Clinton Rallies Labor Leaders in Chicago

Disinfopedia - a collaborative propaganda resource

Dick Morris

Taking "bets": When will Bush first poll below 50%?

Limbaugh's Nickname of the Day: "Nikita Dean"

Will The Only Sane Person Leave

Have you been polled about Bush or the Iraq war?

bad religion threatens the whole world

Which black leader is telling

Episcopalians Delay Vote on Gay Bishop (after allegations)

Dean First Choice For Gays Straw Poll Shows

Thoughts on a relatively obscure Lincoln speech...

Better late than never: TBTM Radio #4

Court Clears way for 10 Cs removal

OK DUER'S who posted to my last thread, you win

Howard Dean on Larry King Live tonight!

was Sonny Bono always a Repuke?


Quick I need help to respond to this post!

"The Passion " Will Be Discussed On Buchanan And Press

At last! Bowling for Columbine DVD to be released on Aug. 19

Why is Dean leading in New Hampshire and Iowa ?

ever heard of the pink pistols

Thanks Don, privatization?, support the troops you unpatriotic moron

But he can never win

Howard Dean tonight on "Larry King"

Iran Near to Acquiring Nuclear Weapons

In your opinion, what is the best newspaper?

whoa . . . is this really the New York Post? . . .

Josh Marshall explores the Bush-hating vs Clinton-hating debate

Greenville Michigan church burns Bibles.


Blackbox voting on Wired

Operation Oily Immunity

to be or not to be..."a moderate"

Is she a good witch, or a bad witch?

Controversial WMD Tees!!!

Controversial "Weapons of Mass Deception" Tees

Fritz Hollings' To Retire- This Is Not Good News For Us Dems

The president's duties

Average american opinions of our soldiers??

What DON'T you like about your candidate?

So.. Did anyone hear me put Kyle McSlarrow on the spot??

Oklahoma Democratic Party snubs Veterans

RevMoon-Bush body count? Hyundai CEO suicided?

"How am I a closet Democrat? I'm racist, I love guns and I hate welfare"

Howard Dean on cover of this week's Time!

Is it possible that Lieberman is being the smart one here?

From WireTap Magazine: "Chasing the Youth Vote"

Can someone help these veterans?

Michelle Malkin misidentifies GenX in her silly fashion rant

???Has anyone tried to interview Jessica Lynch???

Jesus! Col. Hackworth calls Rummy an assh*le in Salon!

BushCo dicking w/ the People and Press! (Powell, Pam, Air Marshalls)

I'm a Kerry Supporter Who Wants Howard Dean in the White House

Arianna's running in CA

I'm Huge in Freeperland. Woo friggin' hoo.

NYT/CBS - Bush at 54%

your worst nightmare (the bush dynasty/Tom Tomorrow)

Some of Army's Civilian Contractors Are No-Shows in Iraq

Question for Skinner.

Shafting the Marines AGAIN

Placing "bets": When will Bush first poll under 50%?

Nice Mass. Editorial on Dean

while bush lays back at the pig farm for a month, Evans, Snow & Choa

Just got my $400 check

''Mustafa Hussein: Genesis of a legend'' (14 yr. old son)

-Barbara Ehrenreich, Anti-Christ of North Carolina

Vincent Bugliosi for CA Governor?

Disdain For Bush Simmers in Democratic Strongholds

David Hackworth

Hillary on the Tonight Show tonight (Monday, Aug 4)

CBS/NYT Poll has Bush down 13% (to 54%), but you wouldn't know it...

Too old for LBN - Looted and for sale in Iraq: the deadly core of nuclear

media is playing games with the death count

conservative corruption

How many states can Dean win?

Turning the Grand Old Peaps From The Dark Side

Who do they think they are, Democrats?

I watched the movie Pleasantville again yesterday.

Leon Panetta

California recall: Will Arianna be the consensus candidate of the Left?

dr. rice, wolfowitz, lugar, or NEWT GINGRICH to replace powell?

Are American soldiers in Iraq dying due to depleted uranium?

be glad this anti-choice hotline doesn't have a radio show

Howard Kurtz Tries To Sound Unimpressed By Dean And Fails

GOP Rep. Howard Coble says war was unnecessary!

"War on Terror: Are we letting Saudi Arabia off the hook?"

Freedoms: Ours vs. Theirs

The Pentagon's Purge of Generals and my dad's response

Um, what is Bush doing...

Vince4Congress made Politics1!

Is Colin Powell's resignation the key to Bush's coming downfall?

Florida - New hire in Governor's office forced to switch parties for job

do you have any repuke or wingnut offspring?

has school started in your area yet?

know anyone who turned Repuke after getting married and having kids?

What are the new emerging industries in the USA?

who's the most conservative person in Hollywood?any who still got a career

Song of the Americans

Seen on Headline News: White House official accused of trying to keep...

World Bank---WATER POLICY---C-Span 1 Now ---8/4/03

9/11 widow visits Iraq to encourage troops

Dean takes campaign fight to Texas

Genius CNN quote about Powell's leaving as Secy. of State

Black Box Voting question

Is Coulter next? -- According to RW Christian doctrine God will punish her

Cheap Labor Conservatives

Vetrans for Kerry

We got 24 more Saddam loyalist...only a couple more to go

Toe to toe WMD rhetoric: We must counter Kay's "report" with firepower!

Bush has opted for the obvious

exactly what is the NEOCON platform or policy for the USA/world

Cost of war counter

Gray Davis will sue to delay Ca. recall vote

Why Dean's campaign strategy may be right

Are "Kerryacks" a threat to the democratic party?

Listening to Ray Taliaferro now!

Coloikn Powell to resign as secretary of state in January?

Recall: How popular is Riordan in LA?

Ashcroft: Al Qaeda threat is very real(fact or fiction?)

Keeping heavy tax burden on poor called immoral

LOL, folks. been away from boards while MOVING. still infighting

Bowling For Columbine due out at Blockbuster Aug. 18th!

Looking at Google News -- what is the NY Times up to?

A new potential candidate for CA Gov.

I just called up Joe Lieberman's Wash office & campagin HQ & asked

Should the Assault Weapons Ban be renewed?

Dean needs to lighten up a bit...

great amazing site. The cost of the war, and comparisons

Why did Bush abolish information sharing?

U.S. Critical Mass Approaching

I Thought Dean and Graham Were Great on "Larry King Live"

I am a libertarian and (lately) a defeatist...

Voting Company Reverses Stand: Flawed software WAS used

War's unintended effects: Use of depleted uranium weapons

BBC gets more Britons' trust than Blair: poll

Blair's press spokesman fuels Kelly controversy (update)

Gibson's film of Christ's last days alarms Jewish groups

Powell, Armitage To Visit With Bush

Forest Service Exhausts Firefighting Funds (Repugs just cut funds)

Australia PM says gay marriage bad for human survival (et tu Howie)

Lieberman Warns U.S. Democrats Against Turn to Left

Clinton Rallies Labor Leaders in Chicago

Sen. Hollings' Comments from Press Conference

Billboards Thank God for Fox News

More attacks.

Outlets Dish Out the News to Hungry Iraqis

Powell Denies Departure Rumor

Calif. Democrat Raises Possibility of a Retaliatory Recall Bid

Teamsters' Local Backs Kerry

Vatican May OK Biotech Crops

Ken Lay, Wife Lose $889,000 on Property

War Casualties Overflow Walter Reed Hospital

No. 10 dismisses Kelly as a 'Walter Mitty'

Iraqis storm police station after firefight with US soldiers

More Calls to Vet Voting Machines

French nuclear plant overheating fear

Episcopalians Delay Vote on Gay Bishop

Rumors About Gore Candidacy Just Talk, Experts Say

Bush's oil move backfires

San Francisco Chronicle: Davis Seeks Recall Delay

Fort Bragg soldier killed in Iraq was due home Aug 9, family says

He's champing at the bid (Kucinich that is)

Cries of coup as Azerbaijani MPs vote for president's son to be heir appar

Drudge: Gore to give major Iraq policy address Thurs. in NY

Judge Put on Leave Over Alleged 'Tarzan' Quip

Hispanics Back Big Government (real news is NYT/CBS 54% Bush poll)

Campaign Financing Reshaped

Idaho Gov.: White House Wants Him for EPA (as Sen. 1/73 votes for environ)

THIS JUST IN! DU Adminstrators work overtime to FIX problems!

Outlets Dish Out the News to Hungry Iraqis

Philippine Rebel Leader Dead, Peace Talks Intact

Hunt For Canine Killer Continues

Poll numbers climb for Clinton

U.S. presses program for new atom bombs

U.S. Wants to Interview Saudi Man on 9/11 (al-Bayoumi)

Six wounded in Baghdad as coalition looks for international security force

Afghans on Edge of Chaos

Man jailed for threatening Bush with mail containing brown powder

Howard Dean the First Choice of Gay Pride Attendees, Task Force Poll Shows

Veterans Affairs Proposes Major Overhaul

Howard Dean Tops Task Force Presidential Candidates Poll

Kelly 'smear' row continues

Lawrence, MA: Superintendent fails literacy test

Death marches at double in Iraq but US public unaware

Voting-machine concerns prompt changes in state plan (ND Bismark Trib)

The UNreported Cost of War: At least 827 American wounded.

The unreported cost of war: at least 827 American wounded

Tax Rift Among Democrats

Russian arms sales thrive as Putin goes to Malaysia

White House Expresses Support for Powell

More Than 50 Illegal Cubans Released in Fla (Cuba is on Terrorist List!)

FCC Chairman Michael Powell Says Despite Criticism, He's Staying

Holliings is retiring... CNN 12:57 PM (EST) 8/4

No more Clinton/Dole segments on 60 Minutes

Democratic senator criticizes governor (Texas)

Israeli firm wins public telephone contract in Iraq

With Iraqi Courts Gone, Young Clerics Judge -NYT


Calif. Court May Decide Davis' Future

Hollings schedules 'major announcement'

Fritz Holings, D-SC, to retire...

Report: U-S to punish Israel for security fence construction

White House defends (Bolton's) NKorea remarks (spoke for WH)

Hillary to visit Portland, Oregon (Tue. PM)


Governors Want Medicare Compromise to Ease States' Drug Costs for Elderly

Sen. Fritz Hollings RETIREING

CNN Headline News crawl: WH Official tried to hush Nigergate scandal....

Educators sue Bush

Drifting Away – Quark Moving to India

Police: Teen abduction foiled by cell phone cam (Sprint)

New Scientist: Country-coded computer worms may be ahead

Liberians rejoice as peacekeepers arrive

Bob Somerby on radio today

Ashcroft rules out gay 'marriage,' but not civil unions

Studies suspended after riots - Sudan

N.Korea Says 6-Way Talks to Open Soon in Beijing

Mandela urged to snub Gujarat govt invitation

Iran says won't hand over al Qaeda members to U.S.

SA doctors 'guilty of genocide'?

Nobel Prize Winner: I think this is the worst government the U.S. has ever

U.S. Troops Hunt Guerrillas, but No Sign of Saddam

Letting Up On Osama

Thirteen (Afghan) soldiers killed in Afghan explosion

Powell will not be Jr's Secretary of State next term

Gangland (Pty) Ltd - an economy on its own - SA

Episcopal Gay Priest Wins Vote

Watch out for CW 56312 - it's radio-active - SA - no joke.

He did not jump, says widow - SA

Judges On Wrong Side Of The Law

US troops under fire in Baghdad

Blair and Bush join forces to spin away weapons issue

Bin Laden Deputy Warns US Of Attacks

Kerry to Launch Overtime Protest Over Web

Dean's Buying More TV Ads!

The Children Of Jungle Fire Go Into Battle - On A Diet Of Drugs (Liberia)

Joining great oil rush, ONGC plans deep dig

Former Florida congressman, war veteran Tom Lewis dies

War in Iraq no excuse for missing a court date

Smoking ban a boon for out-of-state bars (CNN)

Lieberman challenges Dean's vision for the Democratic Party

Bush Impeached? Wanna Bet? (AAM Washington Futures to Open)

Third graders being held back protest FCAT near Gov. Bush's office

Poles getting cold feet over mission in Iraq

Britain bakes, Europe burns. Is this proof of global warming?

Check out the Bush / Sharon photoshopping on Fark

What's your educational attainment?

I Thought Dean and Graham Were Great on "Larry King Live"

Tah Dah! Stephanie & I got a marriage license today.

College Footbal conference winners - predictions

Questions about porn and relationships

The Honda Element

You're so vain -- to whom was Carly referring?

Didn't think I could think I could be shocked any more... But

ever hear of Smedley Butler?

Oops. * At bat

I feel like a sell-out....

Is anyone surprised...

So, I'm building this guitar...

Most Romantic Movie Moment - What's your favorite?

Did Kirk ever "do the nasty" with a green skinned woman?

All the other Lounge threads SUCK! Come look at this one.

Which political website must you see every day?

Who is planning on being in Austin on the 9th to protest redistricting?

We have a saying back home: God created Wisconsin

My new Bumper sticker ----- Bush/Cheney 2004: Four More Wars!! (Free)

FLCL is on tonight??? Fooly Cooly???

What IS it with George W. and bald guys?

Come're not supposed to call people freepers or trolls

DR. HOWARD DEAN on the cover of TIME!

Man, is she pissed off!

Fire Engulfs Jim Beam Warehouse

Greenville Church Burns the Bible

Poll: Han Solo versus Captain Kirk!

Anybody notice the simularity between the Repubs and the Freedom Party?

just a friendly reminder . . .

Oh my God, I'm getting hot over Shirley McClaine

U.S. Critical Mass Approaching...

DU Late Late Night...Confessions

Who wants an RC cola and a moonpie?????


What kind of drink are you?

Does anybody have The Bulge photo handy?

who else was at SARS-stock?

Which Capt Jack Sparrow speech is yours?

Silverware in the Dishwasher


Hillary to be on Leno tonight


Can any one recommend Arthur Koestler

Where is the DU gallery?

GD's down again - should I change my gallery photo?

Zhou Hai

Just downgraded my @*&^ Comcast cable tv: saving>$35/month!

Outsourcing firm hires chimps

If your personality was expressed as a color

General Discussion is GONE !!!

Coulter spewing on Scarborough MSNBC

I have a dog problem

Are you ready for some Football?!?

Who wants a Royal Crown Moon and a Piccolo? (Pie Cola)

Move over Carly, Karl wants to do a number 2

gotta love it.

Who is the most overrated Pop culture icon of all time?

Colonoscopy and "Colyte" or "Go Lightly" (my name) to be Gross!

how many flag ties does Ken Adelman own?

Virtual BubbleWrap, best thing since virtual sliced bread.

WTF is up with gas prices?!

Monday's Child

*sigh* It seems like I just can't escape it....

Caption time! Target: Holy Joe


The Egg-Suckin' Dog of all CAPTIONS!!!

What is it, with all these "sex and Star Trek" polls!

Bill and I don't need socks!

Clouds in my coffee......

This one is NOT a Star Trek post!

NO! I didn't hit "Post" more than once........this isn't my fault!

Top Hotties from Star Trek (males)


Hey, Ho, Let's Go! (Ramones = Corporate Themesong)

Giving advice about ... porn?

I'm thinking about starting a martian arse program.

I'm soaking an alder plank! Ask me anything!

In your opinion, what is the best newspaper?

I'm thinking about starting a marital arts program.

Apologetic Duplicate Post Edit...Hey, pray for me I have 700 posts...

How old are you? (poll)

know anyone who turned Repuke after getting married and having kids?

who's the most conservative person in Hollywood?any who still got a career

Poll: What's your favorite thing to be asked about on DU?

Warning about Columbia House DVD club

Swedish Bachelor Party Prank

Dean Meet Up hits 73,000!

anyone else have a hankering?

Radio DU?

Ms. 180 and I go shopping.

Does the California Recall scare you? (Hi West VA)

Why am I watching "Murder She Wrote?"

My lefty slam: Tom DeLay joins Bush, Chenney in Chickenhawk art

Daily Show up for five emmys

Labor Ready

Whats up with the General Discussion area?

As I descend into the pits of hell (ie.700 club)

Explosive Surprise in Old Sofa

Unbelievable! "We don't have a repair number" Verizon tells me!

any former "older" law students out there? need advice...

I find it VERY strange that ONLY General Discussion gets PURGED

Controversial WMD Tees!!!

Confess!!! Did you see Gigli this weekend?!

The Naked Cowboy of all CAPTIONS!!

Hey loonman- Susie and the Banshees

My girlfriend broke up with me

What sort of sicko vents his frustration on helpless little flowers?

Anti-war is not anti-troops message on "One Life to Live" soap opera.

Best FARK photoshop of the day

Anyone see the promo for the next season of Enterprise?

Do everyone a favor: ... Hit the 'post message' button ONLY ONCE ...

Live chat room open at...

Anyone else think both 28 days later endings stunk?

Need Help: Question about Columbia House DVD club

Drinkers? Smoker? Want a NICOTINI?

Off To Eagles Training Camp! Who Else Goes to Teams Training Camp?

Pop Culture Clashes -- Take the poll!!!

This is NOT your Father's Oldsmobile

MAJOR season three "24" spoilers...

Technical problems or busy server?

What is the Cable TV Company for Dade County, FL?

Happy Saddam Photos

Rode a conservatives ass this weekend-not a freeper

"While you boo, remember: I have your $65!"

A bit of a rant this morning-the definition of "child"


If you like Hawaii, flowers, posters, wallpaper, gardening..& he's a Dem

do you have any repuke or wingnut offspring?

Anybody besides me see the movie 28 Days Later?

Happy Birthday Helen Thomas!

Well, I am knocking a career choice off the list...


You can hate Microsoft for this puzzle

Beer smoothie lol is there such a thing

Different spam I'm getting.

Cherie Blair Re-mix Dance Tune Big Hit with Clubbers......

When It Rains It Pours - stories?

Flash mobs arrive in Texas

Please caption this douchebag...