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Archives: August 3, 2003

Marines had to beg for food

May their martinis be poured into the pit of hell

Dr. Dean on the Record

Peter Preston (London Guardian): Duncan Smith's time will never come

George W. Bush keeps getting away with his dog-ate-my-homework presidency

The Left’s Mr. Right?

LA Times Editorial: After the Jokes, Then What? (CA recall)

The Pentagon has some explaining to do.

Kerry to Launch Overtime Protest Over Web

THE RIGHT STUFF (Study on Conservative's Brain-funny)

San Francisco Chronicle editorial: Energy crisis blame game

Molly Ivins - Follow carefully; this is complicated

28 Pages may be protecting Israel by Justin Raimondo

Star: "Does the Left hate Bush more than it hates murder?"

U.S. wants Saddam, but dead - not alive - Eric Margolis

When Democrats were Democrats and they Won

Mark Morford: George W. Bush Means Nothing

Bush press conference highlights government crisis

Is God as Mean as the Republicans?

Oklahoma Democrats snub Veterans

more problems at protest in Wausau WI

Voter Registration and Porn

Sign Dean's Labor petition

Let's pressure Bush donors in our cities/states to STOP GIVING!

Texas DUers - Stop the Redistricting Madness Saturday Aug 9th

an anti-bush booklet?

U.S. deaths reach 249

August! What's fun to do this month? Fun Stuff "On the Cheap"......

Resume of George W. assured and sleep well

The WINNER: funniest thread of the week...perhaps the month.......

The Face On the Bar Room Floor

What are you reading?

What is enlightenment and its relationship to "the enlightenment"?

Weird last names?

Gays will try to aid prosecutor in death | Cincinnati Enquirer

'Rape survivors must fend for themselves' - SA

Is Don Luskin full of crap? (Help me out)

Nobel laureate attacks Nigeria's Obasango

doesn't some of the airport security problem fall at Reagan's feet?

Azeris Rally on Aliyev Rumors

How to spend more taxes on education?

Gun Nut Nugent Demands Governor Visit

So what do we do?

What happened to the middle finger emoticon?

I appologize in advance

Tiny, tiny Hate Mail typo

Why was my post deleted?

All threads in GD pre Fri Aug-01-03 11:00 PM are gone?

What is the order for listing bookmarks?

Palestinian statehood...

Palestinians Get Thirstier Under Israeli Clampdown

Arafat, Militants Temporarily Resolve Dispute

Gaza nightmares

Are a few people here anti-Israel?

The Middle East Cease-Fire Feels Ephemeral

Good fences, safe neighbors

Lieberman blasted for suggesting drowning Palestinian prisoners

Mother, three children wounded in Jerusalem terror attack

Israel says Arafat wasted chance for freedom

Despite violence, grassroots Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts survive

Time to Move

Kucinich in Santa Ana

Kerry, LIVE on C-span Wednesday, 6PM, New Hampshire Town Hall

US Senate '06 Thoughts

Kerry on Renewable Energy: NIMBY?

Am I the only Clark holdout that sees Dean as a good alternative?

Dean leads Democrats(in Iowa), but many undecided

Swing Voters More Critical of * and Situation in Iraq

2000: If Carnahan had lived would he have beaten Ashcroft?

Would you vote for Dean, Kucinich, etc., if...


Moderate and Conservative Dems, Do You Really See Lieberman...

Dean makes the cover of Time and Newsweek this week.

"Anyone But Bush" is Not Good Enough

The People's Candidate: Kucinich on C-Span @9:30 ET!!

Time poll: Do you think Howard Dean is the clear frontrunner...

A pre-campaign Sharpton quote

You're All Bad Democrats - Says Joe Lieberman

MTP forget about the ad

Dean critical of U.S. oil policy

100 years of re-alignment...

Anybody have a link to the March Calif. Dem Speech given by Dean?

Dems can run as party of fiscal responsibility: Dean best spokesman

ANOTHER Great Idea from the Dean Campaign.

Hey Dean Supporters - get the unofficial Howard Dean Screensaver

Dean Meetup just passed 70,000!

Would Trafficant pull votes from a Democrat or from Bush?

Kucinich on C-Span Sunday 6:30 EDT/9:30 PST

Are there any primary opponents to Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA)?

Gephardt Endorsed by Wisconsin Assembly Democratic Leader Jim Kreuser

The phones are ringing at Dean HQ!

Should we say Bush is doing OK on Foreign Policy and focus on Domestic?

To NH Dems: Any thoughts, opinions on State Sen Burt Cohen?

Poll results from throughout July

Gephardt Is Set Back in Bid for A.F.L.-C.I.O. Endorsement

"...I'll hold this sign all night."

Passion more than policy separates Dean, Kerry

Why is Dean so popular with the young'uns?

Rate the Candidates in order you support them:

After seeing Evan Bayh on the beltway boys

Cato Institute: "Conservative" Bush Spends More than "Liberal" Presidents

If you are a Gore Supporter, please read this!

Today is Hiroshima/Nagasaki Remembrance Day.

If it's Dean vs. Bush, the DLC will hope Bush wins, won't it?

An uncomfortable first: Rolling TANKS in the Seafair parade

This is bad! First stages of a US coup?

Al Martin said that the 5,000 strong BFEE (with others) ruled...

Dean:I am tired of having...our best jobs...shifted elsewhere in the world

Breaking Report: 7.5 miles of WMD found in Iraq by David Kay!

Kerry and Dean: Do they support an International Minimum Wage?


Will economically repressed minorities be the catalyst for real change?

Dean on 3 Magazine Covers

Lieberman wins the Golden Jackboot Award...

Equal time for candidates other than Gore?...

Anyone who starts more than two threads on GD in a day is a SOCIOPATH

who do you think will be the first candidate to drop out of the race?

What about a law demanding 2 consecutive days off every week?

I was wrong to vote for Reagan in 1980.

How is Dean going to lose DC?

latest polls on homosexuality

Most entertaining RW conspiracy theory

Who plans to protest the Repug Convention in NY?!

If Dean is nominated, Bush will win the Electoral vote 538-0

the Dean Appeal

Is Iraq even mentioned in 9-11 report?

Maureen Dowd fired from the New York Times???

Sign John Kerry Petition to Oppose Bush's Plan to Gut Overtime Law

Why do white males need their own party?

Freepers are so paranoid!

Death Toll 08/01 - 08/03/03

Woefully Uninformed Because I'm Scared

African American Crisis

The light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train

Do you give money to people on street corners or that are at stop lights?

Dean's Running mate

Are "Deanites" a threat to the Democratic party ?

The Corporate Media has been promoting Dean a lot lately

Dean is no McGovern...face it!

Explain To Me How It Is That We Have A Military Base In Cuba?




Matsui: Dems better off not criticizing each other so much

Lieberman: "...the President accepted responsibility."

Hey! Texas DEMs! Poppy Bush screwed ya in 1963!

An atheist view on gay marriage

"Hollywood is no place for dishonesty." Camille Paglia re: Michael Moore

Peter Werbe streaming now.

Could a Riordan candidacy sink Davis?

Rumsfeld calls the Pentagon establishment a " Risk-averse Culture"

Dean bashers: What are you afraid of?

Graves of Saddam's sons robbed from night under the noses of US soldiers

The size of the federal government decreased under Clinton...

PAGLIA Trashed IVINS on Book TV 2EST

Has the Dean Defense Team responded to LIEberman's attacks?

Anyone ever heard of Koch (pronounced Coke) Industries?....

There is hope !

Lieberman: "A just war."

TBR News about next attack in America by You Know Who

Column: "Does the Left hate Bush more than it hates murder?"

Drudge Is Hot over Affleckt and Gibson (& Dubya)

School Boards/Very local offices

Great video on Katherine Harris ......

Dean Time cover story

Welfare Applications


Children cheer Saddam...

I Want To Say Something Nice About Joe Lieberman

Something fishy here....need help with statement credited to Graham

Bush's "Kay Gambit"

Sheik Hamad (Qatar) on 60 minutes. A very interesting fellow.

Some thoughts on the Presidency, and Expectations.

You Dean-naysayers are being brainwashed...

George Bush, Workplace Bully

Reagan/Bush and Iran Hostages

Transcript: John Ashcroft on Fox News Sunday (Pushing Patriot 2)


Lieberman and Lynne Cheney....the new McCarthyism

How do you make deaf people listen?

Gadhafi: US has made Bin Laden a "saint"

"Kerry raps Pope: Senator fuming over gay marriage order"


Should Lieberman run on the Republican Ticket?

2020 Democrats

House Passed CAFTA today (7/24) trade w/Singapore & Chile

Got to get this off my chest...

Remember, the Pubs WANT us poor and desperate. They want us confused and

More gestapo tactics from Chimpy

Anti-gay marriage petition circulating

Fake persuaders....viral marketing.

Some nice polling information

How did your county do in 2000?

Now that Bush is no higher than the mid-50s in the polls

Which candidate is the Catholic Gay Abortionist with Guns???

Poll Results From Strong Republican Area.

Joe Lieberman bashes Howard Dean on "Late Edition"

a new nominee for most nutty and sickening site ever

TBR News about why we are in Iraq

Why the news media is nice to Bush. And everything else

Let's see, the WH announces big terror potential and he* goes on vacation?

Kerry puts campaign on pause - bikes 110 miles for cancer fund.

were Dems ever this EVIL when they had the majority ???

Are a few people here anti-Israel?


What's old is new, part deux.

Bush creates record high # of available locations for small businesses!

What will the new Op/Ed schedule be at The New York Times?

Lynn Samuels, ex-WABC liberal talk show speaks...

Kucinich on C-Span NOW n/t

dissent not!..

do you really think these men will give up the white house in 04?

What's old is new.

FL hires man connected to drug ring to build terrorist database...OOPS!

Joe Trippi

Raise your hand if you're undecided on a candidate.

41 million amercians do not have healthcare..... where is "our leader"

How Come The Pukes Don't Have All These Mini-Parties

Ignite! Neil Bush robbing Florida blind with Jeb's help.

Jobs lost by state ..... thanks to the trade deals... 1994-2000

"President Bush is a traitor" - how do you respond?

69% still favor Bush's war? I don't believe it.

So was WMD in Iraq

Meanwhile, BACK IN cut off from military.

Challenge to BBV doubters. Defend the Diebold Admissions

Web sites containing Bush's statements from campaigning to now?

Prisoner release is good step, say Washington Libertarians

Help! My Family is Insane!

Fun Old Pat Robertson Quote I Just Found

Is 'President Dean' that impossible?

And on the 8th month Bush rested.

"DCLTV": Dean and Kucinich supporters will love this

In the NY Times the Senator that was all over Bush about Liberia.....

Would television news reporting on Bush be different...

Frist says he will introduce amendment that will change filibuster rules

While everyone was watching MTP this morning, I was watching this

does this sound familiar, defination.'.Fascism, n, a philosophy or system

Watching Howard Dean's ads is like Prozac

Dean: Optimist or Pessimist?

Support the Constitutional Ban on Heterosexual Marriage!

New altered images of Saddam Hussein!

"Al Gore is calling around about getting in the race," says Al Hunt

I'm surprised that the corporate media isn't drumming this...

We must be ready

What about passing flyers for all the dem candidates at a public event

Pictures from the CDC Convention

Awesome Hillary Speech Replay on now (5:45PM ET Sun) CSPAN

Deaths of Troops in Iraq Hidden By "Combat" v. NonCombat" Nonsense

The vanishing vacation and the docile American worker

For a lift, turn to MSNBC to catch Arnie Arnesen whip GOP butt!

full page ad in Houston Chronicle today--

Why Bush is doomed: True or false...

Who did you support in the 2000 Dem primaries: GORE or BRADLEY?

I Believe this is the issue with which Dems could win presidency

Should DU Moderators Censor Classical References?

LIEberman was TOAST before today; he is CHARCOAL now...

You Black Box Voting Groupies are SO Sensitive

U.S. deaths reach 249

Supreme Court of Ohio -- December Term,1872

The Prisoner & Homeland Security ... A Connection???

Poll on DU

Homes Where Sex Offenders Are Able to Police Each Other

This is what happens to 'civil disobedience'

Anyone seen the make-fun-of-bush birthday cards at Target?

Just to Reiterate: Have They Found Credible Evidence of a Weapons Program?

Campaigns are an act of celebration

Its KILL THE MESSENGER TIME... The Pubs are killing the messengers


Symbolman: your Army of One has gone International!!!

Why wasn't the "partisan"question in the polls during the impeachment?

Drowning, drowning, like the Chinese massive attack across the Yalu..

Dean's New Austin, TX ad

If FDR had moved at the same speed at the beginning of WWII

National Youth Leadership Conference (or, where I'll be until 4/15)

How to get rid of 'Messenger' Spam?

Does state religion inappropriately attempt to universalize

If the questions over the war don't pan out, can the Dems use the economy?

Tweety is in LOVE with Bush & I have proof

Gloria Borger on MTP.....

What if Saddam Hussein voluntarily surrenders?....rhetorical question

Does America need more nuclear weapons and arms races?

MTP just played the Dean TX ad!!

Great pic at Atrios' blog...(bush/delay)

Someone told me that Kudlow "ate Graham's lunch"

OK, who here really knows about polling?

So, I've been thinking of not paying my income tax

Dean to be on cover of Aug11 issue of TIME magazine

"The New York Times has a liberal bias"--How Do You Respond?

Bush Is Down To 54% Approval in Latest NY Times Poll

CNN Vomit Alert...

Joe Lieberman on CNN's Late Edition at 12 PM ET today (Sunday)

Scott Ritter describing America as becoming `fascist oligarchy' on KPFA

Big Business or Big Government

Russert Rubber-Hoses Ridge

the note to Clinton to attack iraq

Meet the Real WMD Fabricator

What's the secret of getting calls through on C-Span?

brother trent lott sez, 'late summer' for the next planned slaughter

What would happen if two candidates decided to pair up at this point?

we get terror threats on THE DAY he begins his 'working' vacation?

In Iraq Paul Bremer wears a business suit and combat boots

U.S. revokes security clearance for Pentagon employee

2 small bits of good news

any seen this site about professional anti-choice protestors

I read a great deal about the presidential race.

To NH Dems: Any thoughts, opinions on State Sen Burt Cohen?

Bush promised to crackdown on those funding terrorists

Has diebold infiltrated the election system in Puerto Rico?

Death Hits Mr. Rumsfeld's Neighborhoods

BOONDOCKS!! (Ann Coulter Death Match!!)

Deleted message

Politicians vie for NASCAR dads

civil union vs marriage?

Kobe Called 911 Before Arrest


I Shook Dennis Kucinich's Hand this Weekend

Bush declared "fit for duty," immediately goes AWOL

Tyson files for bankruptcy (Iron Mike will have to get a regular job)

Clarence Page says Dem nom will come down to Lieberman vs. Graham

Why I don't think Diebold is criminally negligable

OSP/neo-con point-man stripped of security clearance

This Week: Zakarias vs. Will

Can we get a list of Diebold winners nationwide?

Nixon-Reagan and the anti- "liberal Media" Right Wing Machine

Question about Black Box Voting....

What Fair Trade Is

Minnesota recently voted #1 state in

US anti-war activists hit by secret airport ban

on Reliable Sources now -

Who is Yosseff Bodansky? I googled him but found no personal info..

Ashcroft: al-Qaida Could Strike Any Moment. And Junior Is On Vacation?

Terrorism 101

Career officer does eye-opening stint inside Pentagon

Prediction: The "new product" to be introduced in September is...

Predictions on Chris Matthews: Hillary gets in the race(and more).

Sept. 11 report questions acts by Saudi *ELITE* <-new media meme?

Deleted message

Analysis of trends and cause of death for iraq occupation forces


Ashcroft pushing Patriot Act 2 this morning on Fox News Sunday

G.E. RUSSERT's Holding a Pity Party for Shrub (MtP)

Anyone else noticing.. Dr Howard Dean is EVERYWHERE!

Dean in Buisness Week

Bodansky the well paid Blather for the bushgang

Bush's sleight of hand distracts us from vanishing jobs .............

How would Dean react to Gore's return?

pneumoia in Iraq is BUSHCO

Talks with NKorea seem to be going well. They called Bolton "human scum"

Would Gore be vulnerable to flip flop charges if he runs?

August 5th - National day of prayer, for the death of Bill O'Reilly

Local Iraqi War casualty

My letter from Al Gore today!

The Republican Party are the stuffy shirts who ride First Class

Question: Anyone have the Sunday morning talk show guest line-up?

Honestly would you support Gore if he answered the call of his supporters

Is this an ADMISSION that Blair knew the WMD evidence was bunk?

Anyone beend watching the poker championships on ESPN...

Possible President-Vice President Combinations

Is a Liberal just a Guilty Conservative?

Robert Fisk Article

Anyone here inTexas using/abusing the tax-free weekend?

US discusses releasing Saudi names

Saudi government DID provide assistance to 9-11 skyjackers!

Is the Military Industrial Complex the MAIN reason that so many people...

House seats up for grabs are just as important in '04

If you are a hardcore Gore Supporter, join us!

A socialist platform for human rights

What the hell is this!

an embarrassment to Yankees fans

Rumsfeld: U.S. troops to retire in Iraq

Who is your favorite Conservative?

KKK alive and well In Jeb's Florida?

Kay WMD Report could be devastating to Dems, good for Bush

Hyundai chief commits suicide

The unreported cost of war: at least 827 American wounded

The Army Cleans House, MSNBC - Putsch Purges Pentagon

White House: Better P.R. Can Reverse Anti-American Sentiment

Saudi Agrees to Talk About 9-11 Links

Kerry to launch Internet petition drive on overtime

Gay Episcopal bishop-elect passes first hurdle

Lieberman defends Iraq War(CNN-Wolf)

Swedish researchers claim to have found proscribed weapons in Iraq

Drudge bomb..Powell out if Bush wins re-election

David Kelly suicide: Electrodes on chest 'unusual'

Team touted by Gephardt fades in Iowa

NYT: Like a Cloud, Economic Woes Follow Bus Tour

Niger demands formal exoneration of Bush's Iraq- uranium allegation

Republicans Put Immigration Laws Back on Political Agenda

UK's Hoon to miss scientist Kelly's funeral

U.K. May Back New U.N. Move on Iraq

School superintendent fails must-pass English test

NYT: Disdain for Bush* Simmers in Democratic Strongholds

Jews for Jesus´ sign is controversial..British Jews want it taken down

State pensions face loss of billions

Saddam's portrait gets heavy foot traffic at military museum

U.S. goes 2 days without combat deaths in Iraq

US in cash threat to halt West Bank fence

Scientists release great white shark

North Korea Lashes Out at U.S. Official

Tightening of Visa Rules to Disrupt Travel for Some

State Department Changes Seen if Bush* Re-elected (Powell to leave)

US anti-war activists hit by secret airport ban

Analysts: Al Qaeda May Have Exploited Saudis' Charitable Giving to Fund

U.S. denies Iraqis compensation for civilian casualties

German Companies Use Pre- Iron Curtain Ties for Iraqi Business

Sodomy Ruling Spurs Challenges to Military's Policy on Gays

Iraqi President Hopeful for New Gov't

GIs in Iraq detain 24, suffer no deaths

Ireland Arrests 10 at Suspected IRA Camp

Gay Bishop-Elect Wins 1st of 2 Last Votes...

Iran Rapidly Pursuing Nuclear Capability

Texas School Districts Taking Out Loans

Powell Says U.S. Not Trying to Bring Down North Korean Government

'State authority must be restored to Ituri'

Ashcroft: al-Qaida Could Strike Again

Iran might swap terrorists for help from U.S.

Gadhafi: U.S. made bin Laden a saint

Des Moines Register Poll: Dean takes Lead in Iowa


Questions grow over Iraq links to Qaeda

M16 CHIEF TO QUIT AFTER SPLIT ON IRAQ /uk--New World Media Watch

Democrats call for a Davis backup as filing day nears

MI6 chief to quit after split on Iraq

Group to gather to support Clark's White House bid

Hansie may have been murdered - investigator - by airplane

Minister jeered at S Africa AIDS meeting

11 (Texas) Demos vow to not back down

Ten Commandment challenges spread

House Democrats line up for 'special order' speeches

Osama's right hand man al-Zawahri warns US of "real battle" ahead

GOP-Led Congress Increasingly Defies Bush

Americans Killed Near Baghdad (Sunday Morning)

Blast in Surat building, six killed | Times of India

Rehnquist is leading campaign to boost salaries 16.5 percent (to $180k/yr)

Doctors declare Bush in excellent health

Amb Joe Wilson on CNN Late Edition now...

The Left’s Mr. Right?

Dean on 3 Magazine Covers

Argentina Didn't Fall on Its Own - Wall Street Pushed Debt Till the Last

Prosecution of Miami Asylum Seekers Challenged

Massive blast in Pakistan - 45 killed in accident

Schools plan would fire 1,400 (St Louis public schools)

GOP-Led Congress Increasingly Defies Bush

Indictments bothers few...f5 indicted in vote-bying scheme,

Transit without visa ceases at airports

U.S. to Niger: "Shut up. Just shut up."

Aids meeting opens in S Africa | BBC

Blair tells Bush: We don't want Guantanamo Britons

Amin sickness divides family | Sunday Monitor (Kampala)

B.C.'s worst fire season in 50 years | Globe and Mail

Baltimore Sun, 8/3: Teachers caught in crossfire of Colombia's drug war

Diverse group works to keep Patriot Act out of Idaho

Clock ticks on key goals for governor (Kulongoski) | Oregonian

Davis signs $99 billion budget to end fiscal stand-off

(Australian) Families to lose disability funds: Labor | ABC (Australia)

MoD denies it tried to burn documents

West Glacier residents pack bags for home | Missoulian

Uganda to lead in Aids drug supply (in Africa) | Sunday Monitor (Kampala)

Government (Kenya) hospitals to stock HIV/Aids drugs from Sept

Blair and Bush join forces to spin away weapons issue

Saudi government DID provide assistance to 9-11 skyjackers!

Jobs decline for sixth straight month

Bush starts vacation by fishing

Rene (RBNYC) Says HELLO and THANK YOU (she called)

Need science fiction novels with political premises!

Now that we know who the garlic junkies are...who has a basil addiction?

Most outrageous "Family Guy" moment? (warning, could be offensive)

I'm thinking about starting a martial arts program.

New England...strange, foreign, they talk funny....

Who else LOVES garlic?

I'm Addicted to Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

Is this for real?? (Circa 1955)

Who should play Willy Wonka in the new movie?

Peri, 7-of-9, or T'Pol - which sci-fi chick do you dig the most?

Your favorite Bob Marley song.

Who is your favorite Star Trek(tm) character?

OK, what the HELL

AH! Messed up a wool hat, how can I fix it?

Are any of you members of the German techno band Kraftwerk?

I feel so sad, Ive been thinking of my late aunt tonight

Every Donated Blood? How Many Gallons Are You Up To?

travel questions

DUers With Whom You'd Share Your Yak

Damn, first Enki goes South, now its the Flottz: Where are YOU?

Straight Eye for the Queer Guy

Who else likes martial arts movies?

Have you ever seen a hotter man than Johnny Depp on the cover of

southern accent

knob creek, small batch...who's in?

has school started in your area yet?

College radio takes a kick in the butt

re Vermeer and artists - 60 minutes "did they use mirrors?"

Please don't hate me for this puzzle

Web page for my FSBO condo


Actor/actress who is definitely not "all that."

12:30 roll call

So I'm watching "Bad Taste"

Wanna get the wits scared out of you? Movie recommendation.

I start my new job tomorrow

DU Late Night...Confessions

DUers you'd like to roast one with.

National University in La Jolla, Ca....anybody know this place?..Opinions?

Bowling For Columbine due out at Blockbuster Aug. 18th!

WOW! Today we have not one but TWO anti-Jennifer Lopez threads!

DU'ers with whom you'd share your famous potato salad recipe with?

Should we put our dog in a kennel for 3 weeks?

Can any of you see my profile?

It's BC day! Here's some BC pictures

AEFHIKLMN... (What letter comes next?)

*****For Sophree and HeyHey*******

There is new hate mail!!!!!

What's the funniest thread title you've ever seen in LBN by a non-freeper?

UK Police Use Golfbuggy to End Hostage Drama....

Malcolm in the Middle goes Guerilla Radio!!!!

Too bad no one was video taping me...

"N" or "7"?

Poll, any famous folks on DU protecting their identity?

Can I change my alias to "Hypnotoad"?

E Bay? Good? Bad?

The mellow ending of a nice weekend, for the good times.

If you're a donor can you search by your login?

Bush comes clean about the war in Iraq

Twelve-word flame war thread!

Mike Tyson, despite having earned aprox $300 Million, files for bankruptcy

Is this even real? ***WARNING EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE***

Who likes my new sig line?

You know it's time for a diet when...

"Wanda at Large" - movin' to Fridays, apparently


So my dh gets to Vienna and calls me to say all the women are nekked.

Who is your LEAST favorite Star Trek character?

Hey, New Order Fans

Finally went through my email today

Mystery illness update, woo-hoo!!!

"Banzai" moved up an hour in timeslot

Play the 'Related" word game on DU

If the repukes say we're anti-business, what should we call them?

San Diego Tonight- Pitt @ Pilgrim Church

Alligators might transmit West Nile as well as birds

hey you drunken NASCAR fans.. 10 to go @ the brickyard..

oh yay, my dad fell asleep watching Fox Sports, and now it's

Have you ever committed a fart by?

There are only FOUR states

Getting their attention.

What's so great about Linux?

Brain Teaser time on DU

Hope, anyone? Please?

* takes responsibility, eliminates lies in SOTU speech

ok, so THAT's a first.

Could you folks help me?

The Unusually High Thread Counts:

I've been asked to adopt a dog named "Pickles" names???

Who's so bored about Jen and Ben they're ready to put a gun to their head?

"Hollow Man" on sci-fi tonight!!!

Barbara Bush's Labia Causes Sudden Dry Spell On eBay


'bubble-ubb' a Pepsi product? does Rainbow Stew come vegetarian?

How many of you cannot stop talking about “Ben and Jen”

Linux users beware. If you wish to continue using Linux

Has Anyone Here Seen A Movie Called "MAY"?

Any trolls want to tangle with me? I'm itching for a fight.

Sea Service Milestones

How to get rid of 'Messenger' Spam?

How to get rid of 'Messenger' Spam?

Ceci n'est pas une Praline: the Food Simulator

Looking for the Moran Americans Picture

Research finally answers a question for all eternity.

I Am Invisible!

Tacky Right-Wing Merchandising

I'm amazingly invisible tonight!

Primary Colors, good flick or not?

Lumping all Conservatives together

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Which Aunt Vivian do you prefer?

Britney Spears might portray Daisy Duke

Re-entering the work force, or Will Work For Food....

Should the DCForum people (Elad?) sell software to the Freepers?

Saw Springsteen tonight

Help!!!! I don't know what else to do!

cool bush 007 shirt on ebay right now (am not affiliated)

If Karl Rove were a biological pathogen what kind would he be?

Is it just me or....

My weekend is ruined.

I Think Video Game Web Sites Are The Best Looking Sites On The Net.

I had my first post on a DU thread deleted

Great Sunday Funnies (Boondocks, Doonesbury, Non Sequitur)

i smell like smoke.

Best luggage?

Anyone catch the thing on CNN this morning regarding Gay Marriage

Wow, Repuke Bush-licker Jason Louis on "at Issue" this morning

August! What's fun to do this month? Fun Stuff "On the Cheap"......

Another nonsense poll to counter all "what's the greatest.." polls

Anyone watching C-SPAN right now?

Anyone beend watching the poker championships on ESPN...

All right. Does anyone have anything funny to say?

Can anyone help me with my homework?

Okay, I want to meet other DUers tomorrow! (San Diego: WRP)

Empathy, please. I'm in the middle of moving.

World Sauna Championships

Tonight's brew? Wychwood Fiddler's Elbow

It's caption time:

Off to have a smoke

West Wing to start on Bravo, 11 PM on August 11th! Yeay!!

I switched to bare-bones basic cable, and I feel great!

The Implicit Imp of all CAPTIONS!!!

20 questions