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Official French heat wave death toll: 11,435

these guys go hard at the corporate media

Witnesses testify to beating of Iraqi POWs

Assistant who taped Bliss loses job

Vital Records of Human Rights History In Danger (Sakharov Archives)

Turning Point For Globalization (Washington- led globalization over)

Behind the Hambali hype, tension rises

America's Newspaper? (or the FOX News of the print world)

Fair and Balanced? Two long-time press critics discuss mainstream media

Krugman: Fistfuls of Dollars (Cost of Iraq)

Is Bush’s education reform flunking?

USA Today's Shapiro on Wesley Clark

NYT Magazine Mario Cuomo Interview: Recall Ballad

Eating CROW -- letter published in

Report Reveals Cheney Made False Statement to Congress

U.S. failures in Iraq - "no more American dead" after next March

Lopez-What, Schwarzenegger Vague? He Was Once Mighty Explicit


Money Troubles - • Clift: Who Pays for the War in Iraq?

Defending Dixie - SPLC expose on The Washington Times

Sharpton helps launch effort to get Latinos to voting booths

America Two Years After 9/11-25 things we now know

Army Times: Anti-American resistance speaks out

Joe Conason's Journal - On Wesley Clark

The Philosophers of Chaos Reap A Whirlwind (Iraq policy)

Tongues wag over Schwarzenegger's 1977 magazine interview

The Other Side Of The Story (Venezuela's Recall) - Intnl Herald Tribune

537 Reasons Why Bush Must Go!

Towards a United Demonstration on Oct. 25

* expected at Nashville fund-raiser

San Francisco Labor Day Festival

Imagine No Kucinich

* in Kansas City on Sept. 4

Media Articles

FAIR: Networks Change Casualty Count in Iraq Reports

Anyone see Greta interview Susan McDougal on Fox News?

more hate radio sponsors

is this a symptom of ptsd or some other problem?

Gardening - Trees

Astrologers: What in the stars is causing mass testiness?

Music! Jules Massenet.

Is Astrology Relevant to Consciousness and Psi? -G. Dean

Well......maybe it's time to look at Hillary's chart.......again.

Daily U.S. Casualties 8/29/2003

Question for any Californian

Kerry Unveils Jobs, Economic Plan

OMB adds Mac, Linux to reference model

My latest short essay on unspoken petrodollar vs. petroeuro war in Iraq

Good Savings Rate! 1.86% APY!

Cars, trucks now outnumber drivers

Modern Global Warming More Damaging Than In The Past

MIT to uncork futuristic bar code

Ivory Coast army officers detained over coup

UN takes Del Ponte off war crimes probe

Rwandan electoral body accuses EU of bias

Minnesota Sues Drug Companies

The dark side of the great chocolate debate

World Trade Organization Fails to Agree on Drug Pact

Herpes drug offers more benefits

Medical Privacy Law

Found in Lounge - DGU

Devil made me do it - pastor

Woman killed by stray bullet

Gun Control or the real world!

Man killed as chase ends near school playground

Man is accused of pulling gun on girlfriend in car

Blind Man Shoots Robber In Chest

Survey: Most US teens oppose banning handguns

Dubya and gun control.

Just dropping in to say hello

You still have a problem with your main page forum links

Was the Friday sex thread removed

Pounding my head on the table.....I am just I see.

What is this wierd thing I get when I post?

Thanks Skinner

Is it just me? Every time I try to post a reply, it gets hijacked

Hey Elad or whomever - THANKS!!!!

'Scuse me. Sticky issue, here...

Are ALL topics from EVERY forum posted on

Look at the error message that I got when I tried to post a message

Time for a tombstone

Another new member

Missing thread...

Is there an expiration date for little gold stars?

Is it possible to post without your sig?

Still No star

You still have a problem with your main page forum links

Adding NEXT>> and <

What is this wierd thing I get when I post?

Don't know if this was a dupe

Civil war: A do-it-yourself guide...

No road and no map

Israeli troops engage in Jenin shoot-out

Analysis: Palestinian power struggle...

Targetting Iran (Israel plan to hit Bushehr)

Propped-up stooge walks a tightrope on road map to nowhere

I need to clear something up about why I posted the "Zionist" article.

A Failed Israeli Society Collapses While Its Leaders Remain Silent

Post your Barbara Olson comments here: Part 2

The Pentagon Thread: Part 4

Bush Campaign Claims The Underdog Position

Musgrove, Barbour want Mississippi to display monument

Kerry Proposes Economic Aid to States

It cracks me up

Minneapolis ,Mayor Backs Dean

Dean gets Time and Newsweek yet some claim 'corporate' media wants Kerry

An Explanation For The Dean Surge In New Hampshire?

Dean, Gephardt Tied for Lead in Iowa Poll

Kerry on "targeted tax cuts" - question.

Dean gets jump-start with ads in Seattle

Can all you Kerry supporters out there help meet

"Dean Scene" (Great Falls Church, VA Photo)

Recall of Nevada Governor

Viable Democratic Nominee

A plea to my fellow Dean supporters

KERRY's Got a New Website

Dull, But Still a Draw

A Dean policy question

Dean, Kerry, Kucinich and Wisconsin

is censorship of Music and Video Games a DLC strategy?

This is my first cut at a new screenplay: "Die Boldly, Die Lost "

Meme arts & crafts

Mini Al Gore NON-sighting

Daily Show

Why the UN? What's the Real Reason?

1st Debate of recall candidates on Wed (Arnold blasted on local news)

Wrong forum...sorry

Prediction: Within a couple of months, a "miracle" will occur

I prefer Helen Clark to Wesley Clark.

The End Times?


Marie Antoinette oak victim of heat wave--sad

"Can I get an Amen!"

Request for data: state and federal returns on the tax dollar, per county

Which will happen First?

Un-fricking-believable NY Post Editorial

true meaning of an Army of One! (cartoon)

Do you think Karl Rove even KNOWS gas is at an all time price high?

OMG That picture of whistle boy on the

$600 per gallon fuel seems a bit pricey to me...

John Hinckley Freed For OJT.....,

CNN:Report on sharks, Monkey Pox, or abducted children today as per orders

A picture

BBC News: MBlast-- patsy found

Saddam's WMD found!

The Ex-Basher's Creed

BBC NEWS: Alastair Campbell to resign

Is Bush Bipolar? - Interesting Letter on Buzzflash

CNN.COM: U.S. soldier killed near Baquba

Death of a schoolboy (Guardian article link on

guess who I just got a call from?

The nation we never were...Warning LONG

Does Clinton have the "goods" on Bush???

Joy-- Dennis Miller filling in today HANNITY RADIO

Private army contractors aren't supporting the troops and we're paying...

There is so much we do not know...

How long would it take before you trusted a recovering alcoholic or addict

The really sad thing about Iraq

Candidate Trashing Thread

We support the troops and we really, really regret that so many are dying

A frantically spinning White House

Greg Palast Answers a Question

Pentagon viewing movie to get hints of what to do with Iraq (for real)

Voting machine controversy

Gotta see Bush pic

Condoleezza Rice just shown on USA Network at US Open

Gephardt Launches New Website

The Dream: Thoughts on the ABC MLK Special

Simple as this, "If Americans aren't working, America's not working."

Jeb Bush-Florida Schools-FCats-NAACP- Oh but everythings fine!

Working Assets radio has PALLAST on right now (12 noon Central)

more hate radio sponsors

Arnold article in ebay magazine talks of gangbangs he assisted in.

Is Bush getting apocalyptic advice?

troubling stats from the Census Bureau

What if Hillary decided to be Dean's/Kerry's/Clark's or ?'s Vice President

Wow. From "Amazing Popularity Numbers" to "Every Incumbent

What would the Commandments supporters think if other religions...

Fortunate Son: What's everyone's take on this book?

One Year From Now

This statistic disturbs me:

Diebold executive vows to help Bush win electoral votes in 2004

the bloody hands bushgang has tiptoed out of Saudi Arabia

Greg Palast answers a question

Fox news guy gets probation for Iraq looting. Iraqi looters get shot dead

The Difference Between Us and them

So the right-nuts in Alabama are pissed - would this really help us?

Eeeek! The Evil One Comes to Alabama!

Paul Krugman: "When the Grown-ups are back in charge..."

"Freedom" Means Support Bush, Or Else!

Republicans "dis" the people of California..

I've been thinking about this whole Hillary frenzy ...

BringThemHomeNow Fri News Roundup

Girls 4&7 Shut Down

I pissed off Republicans yesterday

On Moyer's NOW tonight

Help our unions stop the corporate trade traitors - No to FTAA

Latest "TIME" has full page "Rush" ad.

More ACLU demonization from County Repuke Chairman

Ashcroft Taking Fire From GOP Stalwarts

Daily U.S. Casualties 8/29/2003

Musharraf's army breaking ranks

IAEA chief: DC put the squeeze on Blix

If Headlines were votes, Bush would be GONE!

Hans Blix felt U.S. Intimidated him before Iraq war

Gotta see bush pic

Sheesh! Headlines on MSNBC sound like National Enquirer's front page

Which picture is the real Richard Armitage?

who is your favorite op-ed columnist?

PROTEST * in OHIO, Labor Day

Gunpoint Democracy in Iraq


S'up Duers. I miss this place. The following is not an 'I told you so.'

More Bush corruption re: 9/11

BBV news from Cleveland

Ridiculous Re-casting...

Martha Zoller on CNN: Give me a break

God and the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party

Boeing757, Flight 77 Pentagon pictures of crash and ???????

South Dakota At Large Seat

Boeing 757 pictures and ????? Very, very intriguing, take a look

GM Crops Failing In The Fields

Honor and dignity? Try graft and sleaze is what siezed the White House

Why aren't we hiring Iraqi engineers, electricians & laborers to rebuild?

One Year From Now The Situation In Iraq

Janklow and Jancita Eagle Deer

Bush Action Figure: Golden Opportunity!

National Federation of Independent Business...a labor day story.

Tweety worships Dean's "physicality"-anyone catch this?

How long before Blair resigns?

Just saw Dean commercial NBC Boston affiliate

Freepers think Hillary will have Dean killed

What woman first uttered these cruel words?

Hillary rules out run in 2004

Nancy Skinner on Paula Zahn (CNN) tonight..

Why Do Democrats Even Bother Appearing On Fox News?

Think she can beat Jack Ryan?

Nat'l Federation of Independent Business...A labor day story. poll on presidential lying: W is for Whopper

Freepers show compassion towards the Iraqi's were "liberating"

Anybody want an idea for a Bumper Sticker!

This Is So True. A Politician Once Said. If You Think Politicians Are Bad

Long-time friend of Bush, US Rep Bill Janklow charged with manslaughter

Guess what word isn't on W's bumper stickers, at least around here

Bill O'Reilly's No Speak Zone

Crossfire thread, 8/29/03, featuring Gary Coleman

PC Magazine columnist on Black Box Voting!

Anybody want a Good Idea for a Bumper Sticker?

How to piss off a republican

When is war justified?

Interesting points from todays Crossfire.

CNN's Bill Schneider does not know what he is talking about!

What will be the result if North Korea successfully tests a nuke weapon?

Welcome to the United States of Imperial Russia!

Iraq: It's Worse Than We Think?

George W Bush is in way over his head

Think Baqir al-Hakim was a moderate? Think again.

Is Iraq headed toward civil war?

A thought about some of the people that support Bush~

Anyone have HUGE .tmp files appear on their harddrive (like, 40GB)?

Only 78 people have donated to Bustamante's campaign??!!?!?!?

Wellstone & Other Surviving Families Settle For 25 Million

Let's march again

Not that I am defending Kim Jung Ill or the Iranian ruling elites but,...


I got the Dilbert Newsletter had an interesting quote from

Drudge on MSNBC

it *should* totally SUCK to be W* today, but....

A republican joke...

Which do you think is more plausible, LIHOP or MIHOP?

Do you sometimes wish we periodically opened our forum to right-wingers?

Where I will be a year from now

sign this petition from Bob Graham to W to level with us on the war

Inez Tenenbaum

CBS & ABC Evening News

will gary hart run for the senate ?

Are cable news programs covering the Janklow case?

The Janklow Seat

I am an American!!!!

What will we do when Brazil tests a nuclear weapon? I am terrified

CNN: At least 124 Dead in Najaf

A new name for *Bush--WHISTLE ASS!! LOL

glitch/unable to reply to threads, DU broken for me

Where are the body counts for the Injured Soldiers In Iraq?

How many Soldiers have been Injured in Iraq?

Who would be your DU cabinet nominees???

Instead of silly posts, shouldn't we help Symbolman?

Another soldier died of non-combat injuries in Kuwait on Wednesday

Who Is The Most Liberal *Democratic Candidate on Economic Issues

Unity is not a BAD WORD!

'Baghdad Diaries' by Nuha Al-Radi. Anyone read it?

OK, so you're Kofi Annan. Bush comes to you and asks you for help.

Do you believe British Prime Minister Tony Blair should resign? POLL

Unity is not a BAD WORD

France's revenge.

Interesting points from todays Crossfire.


Mrs. Clinton Denies 2004 Presidential Run (TOLD YOU SO!)

Bush's Campaign Song....for those who haven't seen it before

Bush's Campaign Song...for those that haven't seen it....

Hardball: Luntz WHoring for Bush

US To Boost Bechtel's Iraq Reconstruction Contract

AnnThrax Fan

Bush Backer Competing For State Contract On Voting Machines

Why would a conservative vote for a Republican President?

Bush Administration: Carbon Dioxide Not a Pollutant

The Mystery Thread

Look at the smile on Tony Blair's Face!

Why are the Dems attacked?? They trying to help America. This is


Bush Aerobics...something fun

The Religious Right is spewing lies about Separation of Church and State..

Did anyone happen to see O'Reilly being a dink last night?

What is your understanding of how legislation is created? And how it is

This is the time to start marching again.

John Dean suggests GAO "horrified" at Cheney's "shocking" cover-up!!

I had to see it to believe it

Get your god damn 10 commandments away from me.

Republican Class Warfare: Lower & Middle vs. Lower & Middle

Maybe It's Nothing,

How many germans did the french resistance kill?

Campaignline: Bustamante & Arnold In Dead Heat

Let's not be hypocritical: How did a sportcaster like Limbaugh

Freeper saying Howard Dean seeks cats for pets and kills them - LIES!!!

What are noncombative deaths?

Wesley Clark on Bill Mahr tonight

does anyone know if W has called

Feature piece on Shiite leader al-Hakim killed in the bombing today


Bush's Media Barbecue: No Grilling

How is everyone going to mark the "second year anniversary" of Sept 11????

Guess who heads the Iraqi Governing Council in Sept: Ahmad Chalabi…

WTF - right wing night on Bill Maher?

What the hell is Biden doing???????

Fox news logic ridiculed again

Barf!!!! Its (Dennis ) Miller Time on Hannity and Stooge!!!!

North Korean missile found in Alaska?

Help me out!

Honor those who labor unnoticed - Excellent op/ed piece

Creative Writing—or Criminal Act? Kid's fiction leads to inquisition

How many American deaths are worth it to not have Saddam back in power?

Republican night on Bill Maher

CNN Reoprt: 1 Soldier dead, 3 "HURT" in Attack

Anyone have long distance from "Working Assets"?

If you could get in Bush's face and say what you wanted, what would it be?

Fortunate Son: what's everyone's take on this book?

Lockheed Martin to Pay $38 Million for Overbilling Air Force

Drug Testing for Federal Employees & the WH?

If anyone was piloting one of the first "post Sept 11 2001" airline

Does anybody here think it was okay for Clinton to cheat on his wife?

Using Terrorism Fears to Boost the Drug War

Ahmed Chalabi Crash-Course Links

Look at the talent we have here at DU. I started a thread "would you want

Am I tho only one who has noticed that death & religion go hand in hand?

Brits don't trust Blair

Carl Levin says strategic petroleum reserve to blame for high gas prices?

"If my 1st choice doesn't win the nomination, I'll..."

8/29 Real Time Thread

The Civil War in Iraq has started...Duh!

It is true that the Democrats pressured Johnson not to run for reelection

Would anyone here accept an offer to have Shrub's job right now?

"Alias" star turns CIA recruiter;

Unequivocal Hillary Clinton Poll

How many here are involved in the process?

Jeez, Leno is being a real prick...(yes I'm watching for some reason)

Bastards aren't even supplying the proper body armor to troops

When you buy a stock, do you pay taxes on it?

Wesley Clark and the Election of 2004

If Clark Enters the Race (Which He Will), It's Down to A 2-Man Race.

Michael Moore on MSNBC,...echoes of Smedley Butler

Democratic gov cuts govt worker pay. Freepers bitch. My head hurts.

You think SUVs are a problem now.

Is an Iraqi muslim state inevitable?

Does the local news in your area do this?

Is this liberation? ((sorry folks, i'm angry again))

Black Box: Connecticut chooses Avante, WITH PAPER TRAIL

Does John Kerry deserve to invoke RFK?

Three Texas Repukes get 18,181. What are the odds? A quick estimate.

Was Castro such a bad guy?

Help please? looking for a GWB pic

The Neocons New Enemy: The CIA

Should all displays of the Ten Commandments be ruled unconstitutional?

Bush blows up Shrine at Najaf....

Bush's Campaign Song...for those that haven't seen it....

TBTM "Bush Knew - An American Requiem" flash REDUX dispels BS film

Failure. Utter and complete failure. Massive failure on all fronts

Voting machine head committed to helping Bush win

HEY! Where's my tax rebate check?

This week's Bill Moyers NOW - exporting jobs, David Suzuki interview, more

How did AL Frankin Qualify to be a Harvard Fellow?

Which GOP President is the most worthless?

It's time for certain candidates to drop out

Bush in KC next THURSDAY !!

(Florida) Marlin catcher (Castro) arrested for rape (in Pittsburgh)

Jonathan Pollard will be seen in public next Tuesday for first time in 16

Dems on lam embraced at fundraiser

Lender says no to project in rain forest

Iraqi police chief survives assassination attempt

DCF hires activist for religious right causes ( Florida)


Mississippi covets neighbor's monument

US soldier killed in Iraq

Bomb hits Imam Ali Mosque in Iraq

At least 100 killed or wounded in Iraqi car bombing

Deal for cheap medicines falls through - WTO

Judges dampen (TX) Democrats' legal hopes (3 judges 2 of Repubs)

US calls for Mugabe's isolation - Zimbabwe

Support for war drops.

U.S. aims to erode Castro's position

Kurdish deputy security chief killed by Ansar al-Islam

Blix Felt U.S. Intimidating Him Before Iraq War

Copter Blamed For Dislodging Shiite Banner Army Drops Denials

Real Reason for the Blackout Revealed

Al Jazeera says U.S. forces detain two journalists (Recieve death threats)

Change in Clean Air Act brings Pa. into suit

Bush aides (read: Rove) now looking at larger U.N. role in Iraq

Republican Congressman Janklow Charged With Felony Manslaughter

BREAKING: Alastair Campbell quits!

At least nine killed in car bomb blast in Iraqi Shiite holy city

Kerry sharpens tax differences with Dean, Gephardt

Bush weighs a new course in Iraq

Prosecutors Fight DNA Use for Exoneration

Fierce fighting in Afghanistan

Girls 4&7 Shut Down

Ex-Nato chief to run for President

BREAKING: Ayatollah Baqr al-Hakim Killed In Najaf Blast

Socialist candidate can keep donors confidential | Seattle P-I

Tony Blairs right hand man Alistair Campbell resigning " coming up MSNBC

Army to make first large burn of sarin near populated area

Russia Sells Iran AVLIS System for Advanced Uranium Enrichment

Republican candidate for CA Governor Gary Coleman coming up on Crossfire

U.S. soldier dies in Afghanistan, More Taliban said killed

Object hits PGA shuttle bus, injuring 6

California Legislative Black Caucus Votes On Recall Issues


Goldfish catching superstar netted in cheating scandal

Saudi curbs on oil output drive up cost

Would anyone here accept an offer to have Shrub's job right now?

Alistair campbell Resigns (Breaking News)

General blames US for Iraq 'chaos'

Murdered Iraqi Shi'ite leader seen as moderate(Brother on US/Iraq council)

U.S. Rules Out U.N. Commanders in Iraq

Dubbed Iraq's Khomeini, Al-Hakim's Death Leaves Power Vacuum

Ashcroft Taking Fire From GOP Stalwarts

US struggles in "out of control" Iraq, experts say

Rebuilding Iraq gets even costlier (Bechtel)

Diana and Dodi inquests announced

Federal judges in San Jose to consider delaying recall election

Bush Widens Sweep for Iraq Regime Assets

Texas Democrats ask for restraining order so they can go home


City Hall tags Dean for using graffiti

Blair's U-turn as he admits central role in naming Kelly (Blair Lied)

N.M. (TX) Dems upset officials staked out homes (during hurricane)

Records show Iraq was buying forbidden U.S. high-tech goods

US soldier killed in convoy attack

Breaking: Bill Janklow(R) charged w/2nd degree manslaughter!

(California) Senate OKs domestic partners' benefits | S F Chronicle

(California)Senate OKs domestic partners' benefits--Davis backs bill to gi

Video shows U.S. captives still alive in Colombia

Iraq power transfer must start now, Chirac says

Poll: British Trust in Blair Takes Dive

Massachusetts congressman adds to call for probe into gas prices

Former Enron treasurer may cut deal Plea bargain could create a 'bloodbath

Sen. Clinton dismisses 2004 speculation

1000's of Shiites heading to Najaf (Fox News)

Bush to face Iraq challenge on return to Washington(After 35 day vacation)

Russia drafts new U.N. resolution on Iraq - Putin

No license? No pop stand, St. Paul tells 2 youngsters

Chalabi calls for security to be handed over to Iraqis after Najaf outrage

U.N. to Further Reduce Staff in Iraq (90% are leaving)

Bad '70s flashbacks for front-runners (CA recall) S J Mercury News

Alastair Campbell to resign [was:Breaking: Alistair Campbell resigned]

MI5 'probed BBC report'

American Indian activists award Castro with 'Eagle Feather'

NYT: Death and Hesitation in Iraq (Bremer is on vacation!)

FBI arrest in 'Blaster' virus expected, 18-year-old was put under surveill

Judges dampen (TX) Democrats' legal hopes | Houston Chronicle

Car Bomb Kills 75 at Mosque in Iraq - latest from Yahoo

BBC BREAKING: Blast near UK base in Iraq

French heatwave kills 11,435 in two weeks

CNN Reporting: Fox Cameraman Smuggled 5 Paintings from Saddam Palace Out

Scores of Freed Mink Feed on Farm Animals

Blair: Dossier was part of strategy decided with Bush

Bush*s Media Barbeque: No Grilling

Poll: Public Worry About Iraq Growing, Most Want U.N. to Take Lead Role

Bush Backer Competing For State Contract On Voting Machines

Bush broadens global gag rule on abortion, denies aid to some overseas gro

Man Invited Attack Because Of 'Gay' Appearance

Dean Invites More Scrutiny by Switching Key Stances

Bush Administration: Carbon Dioxide Not a Pollutant

Bush Fundraising pitch: He's underdog

'Wash hands' plea as mystery disease hits NZ

Anyone read this book? The Dictionary of Failed Relationships?

My Favorite Bumper Sticker/T-Shirt

Any PJ Harvey Fans?

Just kickin' back, waitin' for the Mothership

A Picture is worth a thousand words

Omar Gooding -- child actor to great actor

Robert Randolph & The Family Band

Hey Dookus!!

Any Arachnophiles here?

Melissa Etheridge endorsed Dean

Good Friday morning, everybody!

Someone just posted on a current thread that they put me on "IGNORE"...

Does anyone use ShoutCast?

Blind Man shoots Attackers

Actions speak louder than words

I'm gonna put everyone who posts on this thread in include


Happy Birthday to me. I'm not teen anymore!

A website about Mars.........

Why put anyone on ignore?

Who would like to be a part of an online DU Chess group?

okay who wants to form an NFL Fever 2004league?

Do I sound like a woman on the phone to you?

Is my slip showing?

DU contest!

Birds do it.

Did You Know? Boy Bees Have No Daddy's!!!!

Robert Anton WIlson for Gov. of CA

Need help suing repair company

OKAY LOWLY SCUMS! TIME TO WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you bought your "Farting Bush" doll yet?

Annthrax will pump you up for the price of a caption.

Suburban Sprawl Weighs On Waistlines

Bride's mum attacks stripper

The big question ...

LMAO I just heard a nun call Jr stupid

Real Reason for the Blackout Revealed

Arrgh! Stupid Car!

I'm gonna put everybody who posts on this thread on ignore

SOmething else happened on my commute but it doesn't...

What happened to the Friday sex thread?

One more time ... I'm trying to read, "Neuromancer" ...

Attention cat lovers...We need your help...

I'm back and in college!

Did you ever ride in Model A Ford Rumble seat?

I have to go to work for a few hours and when I get back

Computer help, please?

Egad - the batteries in my remote almost melted.


Like a Virgin?

Scam? 1001 dollars in travel dollars toward a Disney Vacation!

What are your labor day plans

My cat has outsmarted me

Future history...

Labor Day Movies...My suggestions-how 'bout yours, Comrades?

Apparently LITTERING is okay with GOD

One-Term President

You will BOW to me! 3000 posts of mainly drivel.

Is there a 666th in the military??? There "could" be......photoshoppers??

Not your typical cat thread...Martens...anybody know about them?

Fortunate Son: What's everyone's take on this?

Your 'top' bottom-feeders in the Bush dictatorship

Is it OK to start a thread to offer (constructive) debate over the mods?

Matcom looks like Riker

I'm FREE to DU what I want any old time

I need computer help!!!

Matcom looks like he's been to Rikers

I'm in the 700 club

Decisions decisions

Stephen Coonts stole my book!

A duty day like any other

A Jeep, a cat, and a spatula (silly, weird, and cute) vote for your fave

'greeting' Sweden gave Clinton & Tell Shrub to "kiss My Butt"

A FANTASTIC movie!!!!

When I choose Preview before posting, it seems to post it?

What's your favorite Chuck Berry song?

I am having problems with DU

"Fake" foreign films.

What woman first uttered these cruel words?

I'm a pervert

WWWEEEEEE!! Home For The Long Weekend ALREADY!!!

I am watching the cubs vs brewers and i saw HOOTERS.

in which level of Hell do YOU belong?

Go-riller joke for friday

What sport have you always wanted to learn but haven't yet?

Favorite song by Sly and the Family Stone?

It's time to hit the Links.

The vision of the leader of the free world

LOOK at the message the I got when I tried to post in GD

Did you just start school? I just started my quarter break!

Testing for gobbledygook

Petition NFL to offer streaming broadcasts of games for free

Great chicken recipe

More speaking in song titles


I got a mole removed today, ask me anything!

Chances are you have a subscription to this right-wing magazine

IT'S THE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People, I just got back for the hospital!

Top ten reasons why Sleep is better than Sex:

Ex-academics missing fall semester start-up check in here

Why Men Are So Proud of Themselves

New Sept CDs: John Mayer, Seal, David Bowie, Dave Matthews, Sting, Dido

I'm looking in my crystal ball.

Is there a new virus storm going on?


Du Gathering in So Cal

Ladies And Gents I Have A Question. If You Were In A Place Where One

Jim Hightower author of Thieves in High Places

What good "Art House" Movies are out there this weekend?

Blonde chick with nice pussy

When your dreams tell you you're watching too much news

fingers or toys

Let's write a story with only song titles


Goldfish catching superstar netted in cheating scandal

What movie do you suggest for the SO and me?

Microsoft Applications question.

If I had a kid, how long would it be before I had

'Baghdad Diaries' by Nuha Al-Radi. Have you read this book?

Just checking in.

Under the Banner of Heaven......

Maybe we should write a commercial

Local indy sells me new Franken at 40% off


What's the First Car(s) You Remember Your Family Having?

Old Fashioned Politicians You Miss

Lasagna Recipe needed

Hey Lumberjack fans, you ready to lose to Arizona State on Sept. 6?

What should I do for my 500th post?


Has anyone here taken Amer. Foreign Policy?

So I ran over a cat in Ulthar today.

Iraq for sale on Ebay

Can someone give me the thread...


The Great Mystery!

New Charlie Brown special on at 9 pm EST, ABC

My favorite thread of all time, straight to the point

Unedited audio of Armstrong on the Moon (warning: Profanity)

"Bridezilla" arrest video

What's the first movie you were taken to see as a kid?

Most embarrassing moments in your life?

Hot damn and golly gee. My daughter just

Anybody Going Anyplace Interesting For The Labor Day Weekend ???

Help DU I feel like a heel

What are you going to do? Bleeeed on me?

Favorite song by Fats Domino?

Humorous Whistle-Ass photo collection

Favorite (or most hated) glib-ism

Favorite song by the Dave Clark 5?

Hey Hokie Fans! Are you ready to lose to UCF tomorrow?

I just realized...700posts...anyone care...?

One of lifes little pleasures...

Are you a visual, tactile or verbal person?

Let's Post tricks & tips for the newbies:)

Informal poll. Which one's hotter, Britney or Christina?

Has anybody heard of this type of debt consolidation?

Anyone feel like chatting? (AIM)

LAST CHANCE to get on the "Do Not Call" List to stop phone solicitations

Wanna see the design for my campaign webpage??

Please vote against another special session in Texas. Thank you.

Looking for former members of Faux News message board

Favorite Redundant Name?

Anyone notice something totally cool about the DU threads?

We are Chickenhawks

The one, the only, the movie Mash is playing on Fox Movie Channel

Is there any way...

Tropical Storm Fabian

Welcome our newest member.....

Spiderman is not gay. Not gay at all. Nothing gay about that guy. Nope.

The Bombastic Button-Pusher of all CAPTIONS!!! (Duck and Cover!)

Nothing makes me puke more than seeing George Walker Bush top right

Who wants to play rock 'n' roll detective?

Ch-ch-ch CHIA!!

Yo MTV , wanna shock us? Try this instead:

I want out of the 700 club, ask me anything..

Creation "Science" Fair (WARNING: Hoax Spoiler)

Bringing out the Magic 8 Ball. Ask me anything.

Open The Pod Bay Doors, Hal!

Help me through listening to the Hannity (Dennis Miller) rebroadcast

Police department changes website domain name, pornography ensues.

Instead of silly posts, shouldn't we help Symbolman?

LF causeing trouble again!!!!!hehe!

Okay. folks, I was never meant to be a capitalist boss. Here is the

Ever work at HEB?

DSL vs broadband?

Who's the most liberal Brady of the Bunch?

Those Silly Cats ... Very Funny Video

Just bought and watched Bowling for Columbine

What was your name going to be if you were born the opposite sex?

What is the English translation of your name(s)

Most Under-rated Art Rock Group of All Time

The useless foreign words thread!


Diebold at the MN State Fair

Roaches in South Florida

Hey Huskie fans you ready to lose to Ohio State tommorrow.

How long does it take you to complete the NY Times crossword

What is your unsung talent?

I saw a "Dean For President" bumpersticker yesterday!


Waiting for a call from a possible date, how long before I give up?

Who would be your DU cabinet nominees???

Were you named after anyone?

does anyone else get turned on by that little spanky-dude?

Harley Davidson's 100th Anniversary

Charging for water at fast food restaurants.

I'm free, Thank God I'm free! 800 posts

Labor Day, from the people who brought you the Weekend

Riduculous Re-casting...

Favorite Beatles album?

What has been your Favorite Commercial ?

Domo arigato - back in the Grotto!

Let's analyze that MTV kiss, shall we?

Anyone remember who sang "Switchin' to Glide"

New license plate: Defeat W

I don't think I can handle this

Anyone else here ever wrestled?

This is piss-your-pants funny, and I don't even know why

WARNING! Gross-out alert!

Favorite Staple's Singers song

I had a clear mammogram today

Pez dispensers - Which ones do you own? (or covet)

Wow! The original count on this post was 1000.

why women are proud of themselves

Tell me please that Florida will get better

Jokes about Schwarzenegger and California election

Song you never, ever need to hear again...

Freepers OUTRAGED that they can't stop watching Britney/Madonna/Xtina kiss

I met SocialDemocrat1981 today!

Getting into my PJ's!

Did you go to a trade school in high school?

Your 5 favorite Classic Rock - "rock" songs.

Favorite possessions?

Favorite Children's Books of All Time?

Suggestions for crab cakes, anyone?

You're so vain, you probably think this thread is about you

Wickedest thing you have ever done on a job?