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Archives: August 27, 2003

The World Is Waiting For Americans to Take Back America, To Rescue Her. Bu

"Bush makes Clinton look like sandpaper -- that's how slippery he is."

The sons also rise

UK Government Machine in meltdown

Sorry, I've removed the article, posted it in the wrong forum

Be afraid ...

Labor and other pains.

Ted Rall: Iraqi Resisters are Patriots

How and Why Did Iraqi Die? 2 Tales of Anger and Denial

WP: In Wal-Mart's America...

Cartoon: Republican Eye on the Political Pie (CA recall)

The Great Oil Gouge

Byrd calls upon the President to swallow his false pride and ask for help

Where are the weapons of mass destruction?

Playwright Miller Hears Crucible Echo

interesting cartoon

CBS Meyer: (AWOL is) The Mother Of All Nation Builders

"Why I hate George W. Bush" - awesome post in the Fray on Slate

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Ohio delays purchasing electronic voting machines

Hillary thinking about it?

Dowd: The Jihad All-Stars


Moore's monument / Attacking the vehicle of freedom

LA Times Essay: Schwarzenegger Should Look at What Taxes Buy

Bush is a Liar

Key US hawk (Perle) admits Iraq blunder

History Hurts .... the "electable" Dem candidate

Salon: Baghdad's Shame – Babies dying daily of treatable diseases

Gene Lyons: The Worst President of AllTimes

Naomi Klein - "Bush's War Goes Global"

Revolution Revisited (Cuba)

How Can Intelligent Citizens Support George W. Bush?

Neil Bush's Girlfriend divorcing husband!! Family Values Alert?

Dershowitz on the UN


Arts and Crafts for Activists

Australian "reporter" killed in Iraq was also working for Pentagon

An informative/amusing exchange at the library (Ann V Hillary)

today's list of hate radio sponsors, more coming later

Hardball tonight

So, has Tweety issued his on-air apology to Conason yet?

Enter Dubya's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board

Amendments to block Ten Commandments & Pledge decisions

the gates of hell now closed

Soothsayers see doom, gloom in closeness of Mars

Are you a neo-con

Home Remedies/Wives' Tales

Astrologers: Granddaughter being born right now....

When's your birthday

maybe I need an astrologer..

CARTOONS! The "Monumentally Mentally Impaired" Edition

A Bissel Yidish...

Just what is the difference...

The tussle over overtime - Oracle

China's investment fever too high

More American Jobs go Bye-Bye!

Flat Tax anyone?

New Solar-Powered Window System That Heats, Cools, Lights, and Shades

Kucinich takes First Energy on.......again

...and Monsanto Jumped over the moon...

Philippines Deploys Troops as Coup Rumors Fly

Bali bomber thanks anti-war protesters

Car Bomb Kills Top Russian Regional Official

Terror Stings Its Pal, the U.N.

Sri Lanka's peace dividend

Republicans Spend $3mil on Themselves--Meanwhile Child Dies in Ditch

Bush adds two more members to AIDS advisory council

how freakin sad

DWG #2 -Portsmouth Police Charge Man, Clear Woman

DWG #69- Man defends his home with AK 47 and RPGs

Teens Support More Gun Control

Closing A Loophole For Felons

Whats the chance?

Do we have a Sentencing Commission for Corporations?

7 more killed by a gunner. Who needs terrorists when we...

Defense with guns (DWG) #1

Did you guys get my donation?

Problem with email address for registration

I can't access my email again!

Is there a policy on the use of RW sources?

Hi, donation hasnt been acknowledged either

Please unlock this thread...

feature request

I've got no star either -- donated last Th or Fr. Thanks, B

We need a forum on voting machines plus registration & electoral process

Posts fantasizing about possible accidents befalling a certain Republican

PLEASE move all the candidate insult threads

I can't access my email again!

feature request

Hi Elad! I've looked for this "bug" report and see no one else

html entities

Young DUers forum

Why is Anti-Semite seen as anti Jew ?

What do you think about Israel's assasination policy?

Israel Unveils Tip of Jewish Terror Iceberg, Embedded with Settlers

Collective Punishment on the West Bank

Sharon is now a danger to US troops and hopes in Iraq

Terror in Nablus

No, it's not anti-semitic

Abbas: Allowing Jewish Extremists into Al-Aqsa a ‘Recipe For Violence’

The scent of racism

Herds of Jewish settlers incinerate Palestinian olive trees

"Israel's Assassination Policy"

Anyone sitting on Flight 77 gif from FlightExplorer?

Could Clark be going to enter the race only to help Dean?

Was the latest Dean tour designed to knock out Clark?

"All in the same boat"-- a moving speech from Carol Moseley Braun

Goodbye to Summer -- (Lots of little campaigning bits)

Joe Trippi - Live on line at WP - 3:00PM 8/27!!

Apple Juice

Edwards Has 'Common Touch' -- Sees Gains From Tour

Bryant Park...

Anyone think Dems are going to start endorsing Dean to tap into the energy

Join KerryCore now and help raise money through your own website

Is Howard Dean really an elitist hawk,

These polls mean nothing 6 months before the first primary

This why kerry will win

Kucinich: Blackout, caused by deregulation

Can we gather together a synopsis of who's supporting

Does it bother anyone that the Kerry campaign unabashedly imitates Dean?

Dem Ed Jerse to challenge Goop Steven LaTourette for Ohio-14

President vs. Candidate?

New Zogby poll to show Dean 38% Kerry 17% in NH

New Poll: Dean leading Democratic field in Maryland

First Bush, now Dean.

Dean's Campaign Managers? Who else have they worked for?

Kerry: Candidate for Commander in Chief

Kerry’s Deceptions on Iraq Threaten His Presidential Hopes

A Reminder To People Who Doubt Kerry's Itch For A Real Campaign Dogfight

On Dean's record

"Peaking too soon"

Kucinich into #2 on MeetUp?

New Zogby poll shows Gephardt the only one who can beat Bush.

Dean to launch million dollar ad campaign in early primary states

We need an Internet First Amendment Legal Defense Group

Did the North lose the Civil War?

Who was Willie Horton?

FOX talking about Take Back theMedia now!

Dean: From ‘Player’ To Front-Runner (MSNBC)

What Dems who supported Bush invasion of Iraq should say...

what is Dean's stance on FEDERAL gun control?

I don't normally post Freeper threads

Did I hallucinate this ABC story?

The Dean machine rolls through the Big Apple

ABC News: How Bush plans to pay for Iraq

America and Iraq: Fatal Attraction (Polls)

Haha, The New Republic fights the good fight

Talking Point: Jesus * & Making The GitMo Prisoners Unvisitable...

Woo Hoo! Ten Commandments moved from the rotunda!

How many states are having fiscal problems?

Have you ever wondered...

Ted Rall masterfully destroys the Evil War Chimp!!!

Network News tonight was all bad for W.A.

The Bush One-Two punch has lost 5.3 million jobs.

More FL ballot bungling - 268 absentee votes never opened

Freepers are gonna lynch Harrison Ford!

watched fox for oh about 3 seconds..

anyone else kinda nervous about post-vacation?

Should Iraqis be given the right of Self Determination?

Tampa Bay Bucs- WMD found!

How long before we see a flat tax?

When will the Commander-in-cheat visit the troops?

NO to Kucinich because of his flip-flop on abortion

Bush's Bummer of a Summer

Nuremberg Tribunals calling the Bush administration's war criminals

To Porn or not to Porn

Why do they still flog the $38 billion Cal deficit when it isn't true?

Check out what the fascists at Taco Hell are up to. You won't believe this


Someone is Breaking the Ten Commandments in two?

Bush looking even more vulnerable in latest Newsweek poll

OUI Magazine Article Mentioned By Bill Press On MSNBC

Poll: Bush Support Eroding In Maryland

Clark's charges re White House/9-11/CNN...

Can someone please explain to me why gas prices are so high???

O'Reilly is VERY sensitive about the blotchy skin comment

today's list of hate radio sponsors, more coming later

Legalizing drugs

Arnold's Gang Bang article for sale on ebay!

Calif. AFL-CIO Endorses Bustamante as Davis Backup

Ahhnold interview in Oui Magazine in 1977

CBS News: Easing Air Pollution rules

Black Box: Who has more honor, Cathy Cox or Sonny Perdue?

ABC News: Junta Administration relaxes EPA regulations-

Watching BBC NewsNight On C-Span. Why Can't Our News Be That Way sales tracker

Another Day, another set of bad news headlines for Bush...

Questions about the Cuban Embargo

CrAzY GiDeOn has the bomb for YOU! Just $19.99!

Letter from my!

Another Schwartzenneger quote: Say no to violence!

DARPA's way of supporting the troops!

Do Dean fans understand him?

Psst...Just Say "No!" - a survival tactic for the Left

Amnesty Int. Flash Video; Guatemalan Human Rights

Dean critics: How would you get us out of Iraq?

Vote Now to Bring the Troops Home

Schwarzenegger Quote: Is this some kind of hoax?

Irony Alert! Us Troops plastering Saddam's mug all over Iraq

The Bush accomplishments thread

Deleted message

NO to Dean because of his stand on Cuba

the ten commandments and the constitution..

63% approve of bu$h's war. Pro-war people, like anti-abortion people.

Really, I think it may be time to leave Iraq now

Schwartzenneger on Hannity said..."I theenk gay marriage...

seeking link on Fox News's suit over right to lie

If you're not watching Crossfire...

In time for the new Bush fellating 9/11 movie, can we

On CNNI a representative of the CATO institute said inre: Iraq

Ten Commandments on Crossfire!

Carville raging against ChimpCo Inc. on CNN

This just in: The Monument signs with William Morris!

I'm gratified to see John Kerry gettin' jacked up on this forum today...

Who The Hell Needs Kerry or Dean Gear!

Bush poster girl Private Lynch quietly dropped from propaganda

Is This Just Blatant Spin from The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page?

Sometimes you just have to feel sorry for people

Harrison Ford blasts US Iraq policy, "video game" films

It's January 2013

HELP: Fake Polls are illegal in 3rd world countries

What are Your Feelings About Black Box Voting?

More bullsh*t from Newsmax

Anyone listening to the Franken live chat on

Anyone here a single-issue voter?

Local news cast stating TOTAL dead from Iraq war

CSPAN to replay Dean NY Event at 1pm et today (wed)

Need pics, graphics on Bush

Why do some go ga-ga over Wesley Clark for prez?

Dean rally in NYC last night - eyewitness account

web site for Conscientious Objectors - military age Americans...

Why didn't someone stop him??

dare I say it: is anyone else worried for Dean's safety?

Last nights news looked like 1968

Not so subliminal message...

I'm going to the Alabama courthouse to piss on the front steps.

It's August 2012

Canada Patients Get Government Marijuana - APR

POLL: 44% reelect, 49% someone else, Scientific

Hows the Iraq Issue Going to Play for Dean in the General Election?

The plan to privatize Iraq

Anyone nervous about the North Korea talks??

Who will be the first candidate to drop out?

Are Canadians over regulated

This Just In: Mars will not kill you

To those who say "My candidate is the only one who can beat Bush":

NEW Zogby Poll Shocker: DEAN has 21 POINT lead in NH

The Flat Earth Society...

locals reporting two MORE soldiers killed just now

Bremer on Iraq "economic needs almost impossible to exaggerate"

What do you think about Israel's assasination policy?

I've got a physics question,

Well...just until Judge Moore's course get's rid of the backlog...

Interesting data for nerds

Mexico Challenges U.S. on Protection of UN Workers

Bush Doll makes headline tv news in uk!

a little about Taco Bell...

The Bastards

Assume earthquakes in Hawaii, LA, and NJ are minor?

Bin Laden ‘May Be in Pakistan’

Metaphor Exhaustion

Not for a minute do I believe the NASA report

help our efforts,Thurs.& Friday? + Poor People's Right to Housing

Author of "All the Shah's Men" interview with Democracy Now: great!

"The Trials Of Henry Kissinger" - Sundance Channel (Mon, 9/1)

Maureen Dowd has a great piece in NYTimes!!

Tinfoil? RW bias gets even more blatant. Anybody see "Capitol Report"...

More BS on CNN

CNN analyst says that Southern Racism made today's GOP...

Okay - What do you Dean Supporters Make of This:


Depleted Uranium Killing Vets faster Than Bush Gets Troops Killed In Iraq

If the Prescription Drug Package Doesn't Come Until 2006, How...

The Vietnam II Checklist

NAVARRETTE Shafts Fellow Latino BUSTAMANTE (Again)

Police, not judge Limbaugh, OK St. Louis escape from "free-speech zone"

Did the Judge place the monument to distract the media from the war?

Hilarious irony on TV "Moore's rock" coverage...

Removed by author

I just completed the new Zogby on-line poll

Will "No WoMD" come back and bite us on the bum??

Yesterday moron Whistle Ass called terrorism an ideology

Am I crazy or does Bush not seem worried about his reelection bid?

Depleted Uranium: The Invisible Threat the Pentagon Lies about

Stoned in Montgomery

Is anyone watching these wack jobs praying

Wes Clark and Bill Clinton kick ass and impress at 'Brainstorm' conference

What do we have a defense budget for?

MSNBC: Should the Ten Commandments Monument have been moved?

A great article about the Harvey Milk School

It's time to raise taxes and embrace tough love

Happy Birthday, LBJ

State of Oklahoma vs. corporate scumbags

Now We Know What Shock and Awe Was Really About

The cool thing about Dean

Ahhh, I Love the Smell of Burning Repuke Ass in the Morning..............

Finally, a report on Condi, Rummy, and Kerry at the VFW.

it's official!!! Aaron McGruder reads DU!!!

Did you know there was a plot to kill Nixon--using a PLANE as a flying

How about a Dean/Clark ticket???

What is running the different campaign websites...

Dean's Gun Law Position Problem!

Prediction: Kerry drops out soon

Does bush love Iraqis more than Americans?

Whoa! BUZZFLASH really hits hard

Vomit alert: Lott on Tweety "explaining" where $$ to fix Iraq coming from

a REAL class act, that Ahhhnold, i'll tell ya

Which Democratic candidate is most likely to beat W in 2004?

Lieberman flat-out LIED about Dean's position on guns yesterday

How do I not love Joe Lieberman? Let me count the ways:

Be prepared Duers

Updated candidate political compass.

Poll:Is Dean really the one that can beat Bush?

I'm fiscally challenged. Would someone PLEASE explain to me why

CNN now 3:42. Guy hammering Bush.

CBS- hunger in America

Weekly Standard v. Buzzflash ...some very POWERFUL stuff.

The end is near....

PLEASEHELP - need to know what this is called -

Wow! What is going on with Florida elections? The FEC is busy fining.

This guy I met at a party sent this to me today.....

Fox claims a Gallup poll to be released Tomorrow shows 59% * approval

Let’s play “Name that Drug!”



forgotten Bush scandals.....

Our law is NOT based on "the 10 Commandments" in any way, shape, or form.


Even Toby Keith is questioning the "war"

Is anyone else here starting to question Dean's Iraq war comments?

The DOW closed today DOWN at 6.66 (really)

How can it be true that the top 1% pays the most taxes in the US?

ATTENTION: Union members/Labor advocates - I need your help

I normally don't advocate violence against Hummers, but...

What's wrong with the Economist?

Does Howard Dean need a massage therapist?

Anger------In their Eyes

If you're going to post demented anti-candidate screeds...

"A couple of tacos short of a combo plate"--can you top that?

Top Ten Things to Do With Judge Moore's Ten Commandment Rock:

A little inspiration: tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of the March on

Waco: Rules Of Engagement ** STARTING NOW encoreTrue

Medically-Displaced Persons

The Cassandra Blues

Kucinich taking on the Electronic Vote Rigging Scam?? HOORAY!!

Dennis Kucinich, this liberal won't ever forget what you have given us..

Dean's Sleepless Summer Tour -- Chicago Stop -- Great Pictures

A good idea for Judge Moore's courthouse

Something that I haven't seen discussed in the media...

Deleted message

So, if you were portfolio manager for Cheney's blind trust,

What was really "bad" with the ten commandments?

"Once you start paying taxes, you'll vote Republican" - my nieces teacher

Which Democratic candidate does the corporate media prefer?

During the lead up to the war, were there any unabashedly pro-war DUers?

Query...Do you think Michael Moore would do a lecture for

A DU article is reprinted on!

Yankoslavia: the Future of the USA

60 minutes on now, Veterans in food lines

Are most Americans still racist?

***Pictures from our care package Soldiers****

Drugs From Afghanistan Flood Russia

Russia's Expansion into the Turkish Oil Sector

Several possible candidates emerge in Nevada's U.S. Senate race

Janklow's Political Future

Powerful California AFL-CIO endorses Bustamante option

Bush taps into Minnesota money

Smugglers dump human cargo overboard

No escape for Iraqis from security nightmares

Hoon to face Kelly questions

Two jurors face bribe charges in drug trial

Bremer Iraq Effort to Cost Tens of Billions (more $ than oil production)

Coroner completes probe of Flight 93 site

How and Why Did Iraqi Die? 2 Tales of Anger and Denial

Iraqis impatient for promised democracy

US couple held over caged boys

Aid Group Oxfam Withdraws From Iraq Because of Deteriorating Security


First Day of Korea Nuclear Talks Over in Beijing

WTO Negotiators See End in Sight Over Emotional Issue of Drugs for Poor Na

Turkey denies link between $8.5 Billion US loan, troops for Iraq

Florida State Election System Under Scrutiny Again

New UN Iraq chief says bomb will extend occupation

Judge Denies Bush's (Jeb) Request To Rehash Schiavo Case

In a Long Presidential Race, Dean Sprints

CBS Radio news - The Mobile 10 Commandments monument

US soldiers killed in Iraq

10 commandment block of stone gone

Memo to 268: Your vote didn't count, Absentee ballots were untallied

Oklahoma files criminal charges against Worldcom

Two more US soldiers killed in Iraq

Florida Governor Asks Judge to Delay Removal of Woman's Feeding Tube

Classified Spending On the Rise (Black Budget highest since 88)

March vote for party's presidential candidate won't count (WA Dems)

Danish minister under fire over Iraqi deaths

Judge declines to rule on Democrats' redistricting lawsuit

IMF slams U.S. over budget

US military winds down operations at Saudi air base

How and Why Did Iraqi Die? 2 Tales of Anger and Denial

Danish minister under fire over Iraqi deaths

Colombian rebels shoot down US plane, pilot unhurt

CNN has live coverage of the moving of the monument

Iraqi Guerrilla: Catching Fish in Morning, Americans at Night

Dean: From ‘Player’ To Front-Runner (MSNBC)

Poll: Few have faith in Perry, Legislature (Houston Chronicle)

Dean Rules at Bryant Pk. Rock 'N' Rally...New York Post

The Olsen Twins Fight Plaque

Hungry Civilians Flee Liberia's Interior

canary in the coal mine: Indy Anarchist Bookstore Raided.

Oxfam Evacuates Iraq Due to Safety Fears

Federal judge turns to higher court on redistricting (Texas)

U.K. inquiry lifts veil on Iraq secrets (Documents Declassified)

Berlin wants Afghan UN mandate

Critics Wary of New Traveler Profile System

Military says American dies of non-hostile gunshot wound in Iraq 8/27/03

Fixing NASA Culture May Be Hardest Task

Lose some: US may stop seeking more troops from other countries

Table of military casualties in Iraq (Updates with revised Danish account)

Another 10,000 troops for Iraq are not enough for Bush

Classified Spending On the Rise (23 BILLION ON SECRET PROGRAMS)

Talibans Report Success

Anti-Abortion Protesters Want Hill's Execution Stopped

China is said to order halt to calls for political reform

Emirates Shuts Down Arab Think Tank

U.S. Weighs U.N. Command in Iraq, but with a Condition


2 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Attacks 8/27/03

Judge asks for federal panel review on redistricting debate

Davis, Bustamante Edge Closer in Calif.

Hope no dupe, CNN reporting "CIA thinks NK has 2 "small" nukes

U.S. presses Russia to halt nuclear aid to Iran

Harrison Ford blasts US Iraq policy

D.C. National Guard Soldier Killed in Iraq 8/27/03

'Refuser' opposes occupation

Poll: Anti-U.S. feeling in S. Korea growing

Gen. Clark: White House Pressured CNN to Fire Him

Ousted InfoSpace founder ordered to repay $247-million

Senate Democrats cancel trip to Laredo (Texas Dems)

Court orders extradition of Vancouver man

(6) Ft. Lewis, Wash. soldiers wounded in Iraq

NCCU students have to use hotel's back door

State fires election records chief over alleged backdating

Al-Azhar: Iraq council - “illegitimate”

Former POW Jessica Lynch discharged from Army

US warned of long costly stay in Iraq

Did I hallucinate this ABC story?

Bush Less Sure-Footed in Postwar Iraq as Casualties Mount

Commandments Removed From Court

In Iraq, Labor Protest is a Crime

Commander sees better quality of life (Iraq 4 Major Bases for troops)

Democrats want election machine firm thrown out (Diebold)

Remains 'Belonged to woman' - mother killed by IRA in 1977 found?

Military families worried about end of combat pay

Consumer group obtains private data on Tenet, Ashcroft

CNN Reporting - The pipeline to Turkey breached AGAIN!

US lashes out at Al-Arabiya for broadcasting threats

Thousands of 'Liberated' Minks Rounded Up

US exploring UN command of Iraq force with American in charge: Armitage

Bush Pushes Retroactive Enron Escape Legislation

Iraqi Fisherman Says He Caught Americans

Lawyers Seek Source of Leaks (Wen Ho Lee case)

Top Republican predicts Maine win for Bush in '04

Cab Drivers to Assist Atlanta Police

U.S. Weighs American-Led U.N. Iraq Force

Ark. Gov. Huckabee Won't Run for Senate

Bush clears way for $500 million Iraq export plan

Geoghan's conviction to be erased

Liberal talk radio (really) set for NY debut

UK's Hoon Drags Blair Into Dead Scientist Inquiry

One of 19 detainees released - Canada

How 'pushback' plays for Bush on Iraq

Arnold: No To Gay Marriage

Da Vinci painting stolen from Scottish castle

U.S. Gives No-Bid Contract to Halliburton To Expand Guantanamo Bay

Pakistan helping Iran's nuclear Program: U.N. Agency

Dean takes (21pt) lead in latest N. H. poll - (omg)

EPA Exempts Plants From Clean-Air Rule

BREAKING (12:20 pm) Six Shot in Chicago Auto Parts Warehouse

US Republican Party outsources fund raising to India

SA's 148 rapes a day

Perle cites errors in Iraq, urges power transfer

More blasts in India

WP: Debate Lingers As Monument Is Removed From View

Schwarzenegger Lays Out Opinions on Abortion, Drugs, Gays, Other Topics

Amid Tensions, Saudi Envoy Meets Bush Father, Cheney

Bush May Ask Congress for Extra Iraq Funding Earlier Than Expected

3,000 agents to guard Bush's life

Forest fires' timing sets tongues wagging (GOP arson?)

New Poll Shows Schwarzenegger Up 16 Points (FOX Propaganda)

Halliburton's Deals Greater than Thought

All equal under God, but submission for women?

Hillary: "Now they should come to New York and face us"

Judge does not allow Houston Chronicle reporters at Enron hearing

FBI Watched Cranston for Years, Paper Says

Bush: Fedl Pay Raises Over 2% Would Jeopardize Terror War

Nearly 4,000 Yale Workers Begin Strike

Schwarzenegger's Sex Talk

why have Saturn and the Jap Automakers built plants in the South?

Sandra Bernhard

Ground Force....Who's da best?

stretchable kids' shoes

SAX: Are you FOR it, or against it?

Hey, that sign in the bathroom about washing your hands

It Came from the West Coast: East Coast Midnight Poetry Thread

A new anti-bush song

Who's not drunk and wishes they were?

REALLY OT Question: OK, what the HELL is up with R. Dorothy?

There's a beautiful Mars out tonight

how did * get a school named after him?

Hey I got an anti-Republican joke

where did students of Bob Jones and Liberty University go for spring break

Best Internet smoke site?

This is what Al Franken SHOULD have done at the book expo

Which repub cheerleader type gal does this tune bring to mind?

I'm Back online (Greetings from the Middle East)

Good (HumpDay) Morning DU!!

How long does it take to get a star?

"Supporting the Candidates' ....

Significance of Mars Proximity?

Sprint Picks Opium Flower For Phone Book Cover

Anyone else here have a Fortune City web account?

Calif. AFL-CIO Endorses Bustamante as Davis Backup

Name the Mascot for the GW Bush School

A Poll For All Seasons!

Got Franken's book at 11PM...was halfway through it by 2:30AM...tired.

Quick! What's my excuse?????

Kentucky appoints Bicycle-Ped "If-It's-Not-Too-Much-Trouble" Coordinator

The secret way men can turn women on.

I have an audition today for Wheel of Fortune!!!

I'm excited!! I'm buying Al Franken's book today

new anti-Bush T-shirt idea

Whatever happend to Catpurr????

Real Live Sea-Dubyas!

I had an idea for a new nickname for Pubbies

Jack Kirby Heroes Thrive in Comic Books and Film

Man Has Bee Problem -- Burns Down Apartment

CAPTIONS!!! (Non-Bush*)

Anybody need a smile tonight?

Charlotte, NC area

I need to be whipped

"It Can't Happen Here" American Legion film...

Electric off since 5 pm last night. What did I miss?

On the morality of beating meat...

Cthulhu..... (please forgive me for posting this!)

Seperated at birth??? The Queer Eyes & ???? edition

Would you buy this ?

The Tattered Toastmaster of all CAPTIONS!!!! (Caution required!)

For our Frenchspeaking friends: Tintin in Iraq

Seen in my work's bathroom...

Television making me cry

The Ripped Roadmap of all CAPTIONS!!! (Watch for falling glass.)

What happens when one generation

Caption this!

For the first time in my life, I'm in love with a Ford! (the new GT)

Computer gurus, what is the proper way to abbreviate "Electronic Mail"?

I'm finally back after a month's absence!

Heard a great song on the radio this morning! Holly Near...

My car Was Written on by a War Monger Tonight

Wow! DU is still here?

Whitney, girl he ain't nothing but trouble!

That was one hell of a flame war-Anyone left standing?

"Lies" and the splotchy O'Reilly

In which year under Bush did jobless DUers lose jobs?

Find 'n Fix for Blaster and Welchia worms

I have just closed my eyes again, climbed aboard the dream weaver train

Have you preordered your Talking Gollum Plush Toy yet?

Anyone else getting this "Microsoft" email?

Need some help with the DU Gallery

Which is worse???

Am I being a Greedy SOB or do I have a point?

I Gotta admit, Gray Davis looks like the Taco Bell dog...

Okay Chicago, cut it out!

Duran Duran, ABC, Scritti Politi, etc....

GOD hears all prayers but sometimes the answer is NO!


Southern DU'ers

Woo Hoo! Ten Commandments moved from the rotunda!

Who wants to kill some time and LAUGH???

Did schwarzenegger ever receive public assistance of ANY kind in the US?

The Olsen Twins Fight Plaque sales tracker

This is SO embarrassing for me to ask

Let's do corny jokes!!!

Poll for the ladies, and gay gentleman

Al Franken's book and my local Barnes & Noble (get my tin foil hat!)

So has anyone bought "The Simpsons" season 3 DVD yet?

How long before you got your star?

What is the funniest line used on you to finish a relationship?

today is Peewee Herman's birthday

Recommended spyware killer


Ketchup anyone? : Puree pandemonium at annual tomato battle

Christian music

To Porn or not to Porn

75 "Star Wars Kid" movies and counting...


Conservatives in Nevada want to recall their Rep. Governor Kenny Guinn

You know you've had a few too many when

My bookgroup is a bunch of weenies


Hey Catpower2000

I need some tender lovin'................

Tip: Don't steal a car with no brake fluid and get in a high speed chase

New McChicken sandwich advert at mcdonalds

Tech question - how to uninstall MSN Messenger.

What is the vinyl album you haven't upgraded to cd but most wish you had?

Star Trek Enterprise: There are no legitimate continuity issues...

Why am I upset with my employer? I should be glad to have a job!

Here it is, the BEST THING at the Minnesota State Fair.

Grrrrrrrrrr, #$%#$^%^&*W%$Q@*&(&**%$*(&%#@@ Talk radio station

A Bissel Yidish

I think I know the perfect theme song for my workers memorial idea

If Cthulhu comes, who will be consumed first

Okay. It's Official. There's a War on

If anybody watched the trek franchise in the saga's chronological order

Florida Driving License

Another tech question - What are these programs?

Now THAT'S Fractal Art!

Anybody ever see the flick I Love You Alice B. Toklas?

Johnny Cash "Hurt" Video--Looking for link

3 days into my new diet!

Is my AP Euro teacher a freeper?

phew I thought I would never get back online


A Call For Help!

UK "local" Councillor moves to Bermuda, retains job....

Sex offender information?

I want to go to SXSW in March. What do I do?

Ladies...may I introduce you to the new Tarzan...

ok red sox fans..

My geology professor is a deadringer for DICK CHENEY!

Best Saxophone Solo In Rock?

At what age did you lose your virginity?

Has anyone been impressed with Mars yet?

Need a laugh? Then check out this:

Mini-Rant: Bicyclists who go through traffic signals

Help with "Pop-up" protection!!!

why have Saturn and the Japanese Automakers built plants in the South?

Oh no. Now she tells me she's allergic to my cat

I need to know if I'm being screwed

What is your favorite beer when:

On finally seeing Bowling For Columbine last night...

I don't normally post Freeper threads

Anyone love the movie "Harold and Maude"

New heights of tackiness...

Wanna wreck Arnold's credibility, if he has any? Show the 1980 Jayne

Anthem for a Whistle Ass

I'm a horrible hippie! (organic vegetables)

Now she wants my cat and furniture gone

Favorite Ambient/mellow instrumental groups or cds?

Another trek movie, says Michael Dorn?

Quantum Physics/Cosmology books

Woo hoo! Sold another painting.

I've put Will Pitt in a food coma!

For Opera Buffs.. What Mezzo arias should I work on

The Grotto - Hump Day edition

LOTR Two Towers DVD Owners: Is there a ROTK preview...


If you could pick any person throughout US history be prez in 2004....

Favorite Skinner

If I held my arms open................................

Are you registered to vote?

To Porn or not to Porn

Amnesty day - How many of you have ever seen this on your user profile?

Twin Cities DUers!

Being Black at Bob Jones U

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