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Archives: August 24, 2003

It's official -- Saddam was not an imminent threat - Clare Short

Hyperreality TV: Political Fact Meets HBO Fiction

Healing the wounds of war (Report from Walter Reed Hospital)

Seattle PI editorial: Rumsfeld must go

The Lincoln Club of Orange County, CA

Recallapalooza: Davis Pleads for Sympathy

Star Trek or Star Wars... what will it be?

Bombers could cost Bush the White House

FT: Blair in spotlight as Hutton releases documents

Jimmy Breslin-Another Lie, One Among Many

Analysis: Is 'Perfect Storm' Brewing for Bush?

Elanger (NYT) on de Mello and Younes: "Pray for Me"

How paradise island became outcrop of hell

Left-leaning Hollywood: A myth dies

Eric Margolis (Toronto Sun): U.S. mired in a mess of its own making

The Groping Governor

FAREWELL AMERICA/The Observer/Guardian

U.S. mired in a mess of its own making

Groping In The Dark (Latest WH spin on Iraq - Newsweek)

Iraqi female tells of rising fundamentalist repression

The lads are glad he's bad, bad, bad (Arnold)

Part 1: The Shi'ite-Sunni divide

Jobs, Race and Felony Convictions: Not a Rosy Picture

Rumsfeld Seeking to Bolster Force Without New G.I.'s

Moore, a monument to wretched excess

Five Myths About the Recall

God Help America - UK Guardian article

Concerning competence

Tangled Up In His Flight Suit (Fineman - Newsweek)

Ed Vulliamy (London Observer): Farewell America

Bu$h in Jacksonville Sept. 9

hunger strike by psychiatric survivors to oppose human rights violations

Oli North - Borders Book Signing in Oakbrook, IL Sep, 2 2003 6pm

Kerry to host fundraiser at NYC's Intrepid aircraft carrier with Moby

Anything planned for Bush*'s visit to Minnesota Tuesday?

The Ski Anderson Show

The Age of Murdoch

Peeyew - just saw a Ford commercial with Toby Keith.

Daily U.S. Casualties 8/24/2003

'Cultural Marxism,' a conspiracy theory being pushed by the right

My Conservative Family thinks if you are not a

Rush Limbaaaahhh slip ups

"The Best Democracy Money Can Buy"

Open your mind and consider Unintelligent Design Theory

quit blaming mars.....

Internet vicar uses virtual religion to woo stayaway flock (cyber church)

Black Amputee Offered White Prosthetics......

2 amendments currently in congress..........

The Mail-Order House

Check the cubicle next to you - salary

Austin, Dallas felt downturn most

another reason not to waste electricity, water, Gas, or Bandwith

Iraq, Israel and Pakistan's interests

Liberian men, beware the Black Diamond

El Salvador--US Embassy warns voters

Bomb in Chechnya kills nine

Argentina Sees 6% Economic Growth This Year

A parent(?) answers questionsabout Iraq

PUSHING REGIONAL REFORM (Liz Cheney, O'Connor, Cherie Blair) in cahoots

Why UN was bombed: It is a "malignant force."

Not a playground

Teachers want to be armed - SA

Colombian rebels join forces against Uribe

Falling through the cracks-health care horror in the US

For some people no amount of punishment is enough

Report: Crime rate lowest since 1973

I own assualt rifles, ask me anything!

Is there a way to mark a thread as read and not the whole forum?

I alerted 4 different mods on this last night

Will DU be its own 700 Club?

Editorial and Other Articles forum - is there a better way to avoid dupes?

Hey! I've got a shot at the number of donations contest!

Changing Israel equation sparks protracted debate in Pakistan

Israel's Right to Be Israel - Ayalon (DUPE, Sorry)

The Nightmare Continues in Palestine....

Israel to swap prisoners with Hizbollah

Qazi Hussain warns against recognising Israel

The Myth of the "Occupied" Territories

What Are The True Facts Concerning The Arab-Israeli Conflict?

Israeli attack kills four Hamas members

Palestinian Tensions Delay Interior Minister Appointment


Israeli army to demolish Rachel Corrie Peace Center

Israel Rejects Palestine's Truce Proposal

I must ask


IOF Assassinate Palestinian Activist, Wound 16 Teenagers in Nablus

To achieve peace, all-out war on terrorism is only path in Middle East

Dahlan: Arafat is a dog and liar

A land without Arabs

Israel's Right to Be Israel

Human wrongs to rights - life imprisonment for talking

10,000 Turkish Troops May Go To Iraq--under Turkish Command

Turkey reports 2 trucks with bombs on streets of Baghdad (Unconfimed rpt)

PNAC Neo-Con Agenda and Evidence of 9/11 Pentagon Frame-Up

The Pentagon Thread: Part 3

Eastman's Pentagon Theory

Milwaukee JS: Dean keeping early energy with stop in Milwaukee

WV: Congressman's son (Rahall) arrested

A very good morning to you!!

Dean-Clark in 2004?

Howard Dean next up on Blitzer (CNN)

draft in 2004?

Davis fights back

Dean slideshow from yesterday...

I need direction to the Dean Rally in Seattle

Does the GOP subvert Democracy? Slate thinks so..

Clark Flirts, But Knows Decision Time Is Near

Stuff about Kerry that I doubt is true...can someone verify?

whopper of the week goes to Arianna Huffington

Poll:Mayor Tim Murphy's (D-Pittsburgh) standing plummets in city, suburbs

Kerry Books, Documentaries, CDs To Flood The Market

Bustamante Has Big Lead on Schwarzenegger (gop split 3 ways)

Watch The Kerry Video - "Courage"

the meetups ?

Dean Meetup rolls through 90,000!

SC Sen: (Mayor Bob) Coble (D-Columbia) ready for race, but is his team?

3,500 rallying for Dean right now in Portland, Oregon!

Did anybody see John Edwards on "This Week" this morning?

16 year old Anthony Raymond gives Elizabeth Edwards advice about anger.

New Pro-Kerry Grassroots site

**New POll over at VOTE FOR A QUOTE

two more hours left to Vote for a Quote at

Newsday: Rep. Nadler endorses Howard Dean for president

The large candidate field is good for the party

15,000 people rally for Gov. Howard Dean in Seattle...

Dean praises Clark -- it's true -- look here!

Stop lying about my record

Gary Hart (D) may run for the Senate (Colorado)

I like whatching Dean and Kucinich people go at it.

Meeks: Kerry can beat Bush

The bigger they are, the harder they fall... The Repubs are ready.....

Who do you despise the most : Mediawhores Poll #2 for 10 more whores

For those who doubt Clark

Deleted message

Kucinich and the PL- PC switch

Which of these news stories interests you the most today?

Autistic Boy dies during "faith healing"

What's the first step in setting up an "American-style" democracy in Iraq

my wishy-washy shifting opinions on the candidates

Deleted message

A good reason why conservative books sell so well.

Clark poll results will be released tomorrow. C-span 1pm EST

List the Possible Vice Presidential Candidates

Great quotes from Arianna

Bremer crying to FOX

Starpass: Sen. Evan Bayh, DLC head, is as bad as Biden..I feel your pain..

Republicans in southwest states

Clark Is The Democrats Powell....................?

OY VEI, look what FAUX news is up to NOW

Howard Dean - Classy and Gutsy

How Long Before We Walk Out on the Iraqis???

are there Gay DUrs here who do not support Gray Davis

12 attacks DAILY on US Convoys in Iraq

Rumsfeld Does Bogota

Which mediawhore do you despise the most?

New Pro-Kerry Grassroots Website:

two more hours left to Vote for a Quote at

excerpt from "Lies: And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them"

Sally Baron's obit request spurs national outpouring (DU mentioned)

I hope Gary Hart ousts that traitor Campbell in Colorado

Conversation with an old friend re Clark

Limbaugh's 20 mil listeners and Hannity's 10 mil.....

Does Iraq remind you of "The Ransom of Red Chief?"

Does anyone think this is a coincidence?

watched fox for 30 seconds...

Rush Limbaaaahhh slip ups

Coulter look-alike "Kim" something, bitch on Hardball.....GRRRRRRR

I feel like a dirty American (Bowling for Columbine)

Everyone remember Reagan’s “October Surprise” strategy?

A great letter regarding race and sports.

Would a parody of Rush Limbaugh work on talk radio ?

Kerry will be hosting a fundraiser at the Interpid with Moby!!

IS it me or have the GOP shifted tactics in CA Recall?

Why would a government regulate when a business may be open?

If Clark enters the race, will Lieberman get smart and drop out?

DraftClark to release Zogby poll on C-Span Monday 8/25/00 1PM EST

Dean's Portland rally: biggest crowd yet


Will the world celebrate on November 3, 2004?

I'm sorry...I can't get excited about Clark...

I say Clark won't run. He'll throw his support behind Dean.

More of Adam Yoshida (aka Yoshidiot)...

AF Museum Looted(?)

Okay, why would a Dean/Clark ticket be bad?

Where do conservatives get this from?

If Clark declares candidacy, will anyone drop out of the race?

I've just found the one thing worse than being Ann Coulter...

Do you know who owns the water you drink?

Rebuilding Iraq - Newsweek Poll - LOOK At The Disparity In Numbers...

DU mentioned in my local paper (re: Sally Baron)

Can we do it?

Germany is introduced to Howard Dean.

Oh, the irony...

A walk down memory lane to remind us

What do the 9 Dem contenders think of separation of church and state?

Road to WH -- Bush, Lieberman and Kerry (CSPAN 6:30 PM ET SUN)

Poll: Would Dean be a good new head of the DNC?

Why Not Draft John Glenn for the VP Spot?

How many degrees of separation between most Murkins & a dead troop?

Ann Telnae's suggestion to create a "Bush Action Figure" set


1988 election

Autistic Boy Dies During Wis. Service

PNAC Neo-Con Agenda and Evidence of 9/11 Pentagon Frame-Up

Bestselling classic books of all time

Just saw Tweety interview Joe Conason

pics/video...Poor People's March in DC on Saturday 08/23/03

Do you think the "War" on Terror should be a law enforcement matter?

Which of the nine candidates will do a better job of leading this country?

How many of you heard Scott Ritter on the Guy James Show?


Gas Prices (US vs. Europe/Japan)

Great News!! Brit Hume on Faux Just said:

Franken's "LIE's" is a MUST READ!

Will vocal opposition to Bush stop me from getting a Top Secret clearance?

Kerry: Bush Chooses Special Interests Over the Public Interest

Good info about the do-not-call list!

When did repugs decide lying is good political technique?

2 More soldiers Died Today?!? Where is the media?

Did anyone catch the Cronkite bashing on Saturday's NewsWatch

So Bernard Kerik's work in Iraq is done? 3 months and out?

Could ten of you please make a donation to DU?

Voters Don't Want Bush Re-Elected - Poll

Need help for most current fatality count in Iraq War...

26 Soldiers Dead Since *Bush's Vacation

Schwartzenegger compared to Lincoln On MTP with Free Campaign Clips!

Let's review the week shall we?

Help me write book reviews of the great liberal books out now

Are Democrats being played like a fiddle?

IÕm very disappointed in the Democratic Zealots here on DU

Wes Clark on Face The Nation At 10:30 A M EST

Iraqi war Veteran almost died. Now she's homeless.

Dissatisfaction with bush* doesn't mean a win for us....

US troops may stay in Iraq indefinitely

Today' Clark and Dean interviews replayed on CSPAN Radio at 3PM & 4PM ET

Anyone else think that the GOP will support keeping Davis now?

Back to the future: Pentagon looks to blimps to fight terrorists

Whoa! Me and Dean are soulmates!! He loves Clark!

Dean needs to loosen up in interviews....


Experts Doubt US claims on Iraqi Drones (US experts, no less)

Fox might as well be on Bush's payroll

Why the hell does Bill Simon 'get it' but we don't?

Rumors are circulating that the United States has found WMD!

Clark Eclipses Kerry as #2 on Meetup Members

Bremer Just Put Me At Ease

Gray Davis is doing the whores' job for them

"Wolf Blitzer's about to say "Fear me" in Klingon."

On Meet the Press: McCain & Biden say "get other countries to help in Iraq

It *still* doesn't matter if they find a drum full of unusable chemicals.

Dean gets boost on 'Meet the Press'!

Blair is probably not having a good weekend

8/22 Crossfire transcript Garofalo - Wesley Clark - Carlson

You really don't want Ah-Nold in office...I just heard his trifecta

EPA cover-up of toxic air in NYC

Farewell America (you will be glad you read this)

I accidently pissed off a Kucinich supporter yesterday. . .

The City of Industry

Bush the UNITER has divided the world. Get the shrub outta there

The Internet in Baghdad

Clark gets boost on Meet the Press

Anybody just watch Edwards on

Drying up the Water:McCain's Iraq prophecy on Meet the Press this morning!

Why is this Sunday IRAQ rhetoric : "next couple of months"...key time

Face the nation host - "sorry atheists if I offended you"

Sort of random question (snarky answers OK too)

Foes of war confront lawmakers at meeting (Denver)

Bremer is a goddamn lying bastard. On Steph, just claimed "there was

Doonesbury must be really good today

Tweety grilling Richard Myers, Chairman Joint Chief of Staff

VOA reporing Newsweek poll on Bush re-election numbers

McCain for VP?

if Davis survives the recall

John McCain on MTP said we need morey money to pour into Iraq...

Wow! What a diverse group on McLaughlin Report.....

Cruz's Favorable/unfavorable rating much better than Arnold's

More Non-accountability for voucher programs

How will 9-11 anniversary affect the nation this year?

What we should do now (Plan B for Iraq)

Poll: Most See U.S. Bogged Down in Iraq

Brazen Corruption of Every American Ideal/speech by Cynthia McKinney

poll numbers - job approval 53% - vote for bush the NO's have it

Today's Topic


john edwards on george steph's this week abc

Check this out

Just came back from Dean Rally here in Milwaukee - WOW!

who watches those TV preachers on Sunday Morning?

Joe Conason is my new hero!

Daily U.S. Casualties 8/24/2003

Complete list of all 273 (as of 8/23) Americans killed in Iraq war

Hillary Clinton in 2004 or 2008 when dose everyone think she is running

It's Oct. 2004. Still no paper trail. What now?

FYI.......The "Talk Show" line-up for Sunday........

The Dumbest Complaint I have ever seen

another persecuted Christian in a public school

Exchange I had with a really sick freeper.

another reason not to waste electricity, water, Gas, or Bandwith

Bill Bennett sticks his toe out of the woodwork

yet another SUV thread

Die Zeit's report leaves in tatters the "evidence" cited by Secretary of S

no new fall lineup this year

Ashcroft and the ten comandment statue

Anyone know the answer

Forest or Against Us by Jeffrey St. Clair

Dead Presidents

Nate Clay streaming now. It's all about lies and Iraq.

The Patriot Act

Graham's White House run worrying Florida Democrats

American Neo-Nazis now recruiting via "Euro-Fests"

CSPAN now rebroadcasting Saturday's D.C. even 12 a.m. CST

LOL. These morons are trying to freep Faux News

Who or what influenced your political beliefs

A little digging.... Accenture - any connection to Alliance Capital Mgt?

Guys could you name me some of the third party people who ran against FDR

History Channel's Propaganda Lineup-Unbelievable

Why Does CSPAN Hate Us So? (Gertz, Grover, DLC, ACU on Monday)

Kucinich was DRAFTED too! PLUS - Prayer For America VIDEO

What would be your scenario if we were to withdraw from Iraq ?

Dean sealed his records. What's in there?

I forsee nothing but trouble for Bush in the fall

Am I Still A Democrat????

Wesley Clark should not tell the media when he will announce

Getty helped traitors sell oil to Hitler

Is DU funded by DNC, DLC, or any official dem party organs?

*** Firsthand report on Aug. 23 protest in Chicago with pictures ***

Anybody Know How Long WhiteRoseSociety Has Been Down ???

There really ARE professional disruptors

The Iraq Hawks are fighting among themselves…

Send email supports to Alastair Campbell

The American Media Will 'Elect' The Next President...

What is your reason to be on this board ?

Shut Up, Joe Biden, Shut Up..goddamit, goddamit, shut up.I.. give up

if lieberman wins the nomination....

kerry is a military man

Widow Fears Pentagon 'Lying' About Pneumonia

A two-day "blackout" should create an oil surplus ...

15,000 people in Seattle for Dean!!!!

Freepers laugh at dying French elderly

If Condi Rice runs for president how would we attack her poltically?

Will be canceling NYTimes subscription -- too much pro-Arnold articles and

"Atop the tower of babble sits Rush Limbaugh"

BUSH: "Terrorists hate freedom, they hate progress, they hate Peace."

Let Us All Remember Our Focus

CBC: Horns and Halos tonight

Clark is a "killer" BS...where do you get off??

Bustamente gains momentum with Davis endorsement and Sharpton visit


EPA to Ease Plants' Air Pollution Rules

Any headline predictions for this coming week?

I took 32 votes from Bush today, it feels great!!

Iraq Oil Pipeline to Flow to Israel....... ( a must read)

Do you know anyone

Choamsky on the Democratic party... is he right?

freepers new rant on election 2000 & 2002 -- wahhhhhh!

Gay Sex With Minors

Take Back the Media is offering Whistles to get Whistle Ass REMOVED

TBTM Radio #7: 'Bad Week for Whistle Ass'

Face the Nation - "no strategy in Iraq"..........

Good or bad move by Kerry?

Dose religon shape anyone's Political Beliefs

Warriors For Peace (Kucinich speaks to Veterans For Peace)

PGA Tournament to pre-empt three hours of MDA Telethon.

Graham's White House Run Worrying State Democrats

Reject freeze, Hamas leader urges

New Kind of Electricity Market Strains Old Wires Beyond Limits

Growth at base shows firm stand on military detention (Guantanamo)

'Blast hits' U.S. vehicle in Iraq

Bogged down in Iraq, US encounters limits to military power

Ansar al-Islam denies role in U.N. bombing-paper

Gloomy Portraits of State's Job Market Are Misleading

Sky boss attacks the BBC

Military Update: Rumsfeld team stumbles over pay issue (Stars N' Stripes)

Palestinians bury cameraman

Poll: Most See U.S. Bogged Down in Iraq

National Conservative Groups Warm Up to Schwarzenegger

Bogged down in Iraq, US encounters limits to military power

Cairo paper blames Baghdad bombing on Annan


U.S. Marines Return to Ships Off Liberia


Ethnic Fighting Spreads in Northern Iraq

Turkey watching situation in Kirkuk after Turkmen killings

Taliban Attack Kills at Least Five Troops

Red Cross to Reduce Staff in Iraq After U.N. Blast

U.S. Recruiting Hussein's Spies

Bank site shut down after hackers attack (ANTI-Bush Message)

Bush Made Osama Deal With Musharraf

Calif.'s Davis Lacked Legal Ability to Solve Energy Crisis

With help from troops, Iraqis surf Web

Military Experts: Bush admin. misleading about Iraq drones

As State Colleges Cut Classes, Students Struggle to Finish

Davis Lacked Legal Ability to Solve Energy Crisis

Newsweek Poll shows waning political support for Smirk

CNN Breaking: Israel Rocket Attack in Gaza City; 4 Dead

Anti-war campaigners in US start to make their voices heard

Al-Qaeda to turn on Britain

S.C. Democrats to host second presidential primary debate

Autopsy Set for Priest Killed in Prison

Hunt for Saddam turns into a nightmare

Poll results fuel call for Republican unity around Schwarzenegger

Turkmen Rep. On Iraqi Council Wants Kirkuk Police Disarmed/New WMW

2002 Crime Rate Lowest Since Records Kept

Suspected N. Korean chemicals worry U.S.

Wall Street Seeks Clearer Deficit Signal (want Bush to address it)

Iraqis killed in holy city bomb (Najaf)

World balks at growing Iraq perils

A tally of US taxpayers' tab for Iraq

Voters Don't Want Bush Re-Elected - Poll

Colorado Democrats Urge Hart to Consider Senate Bid

President Bush to Visit Minnesota (Tuesday)

Many Feared Killed in Liberia Massacre - Radio

Faith-based Murder of Autistic Boy -- Bush sure has great ideas...


British Aim to Defuse Tensions With Iraqis

For Pryor, Religious, Legal, Rights in Conflict (Ten Commandments)

Democrat Dean Gets 'In Your Face' with Bush

US military "stretched thin" admits top general

Some in South Dakota think accident will end Janklow's political career

CNN: Dean says would consider Clark as Runningmate

Iraqi women kidnapped, raped

U.S. Said to Plan Bigger Afghan Role, Stepping Up Aid

BBC launches public attack on Murdoch 'imperialism'

Blair deceived us on threat, Britons tell pollster

U.S. wants more Australian troops in Iraq: Report

Police shock sniper suspect at hospital(stun belt for not wanting tests)

U.S. Troops Use Confiscated Iraqi AK-47s

Two US soldiers die in Iraq

U.S. Recruiting Hussein's Spies

Recruits giving Taliban muscle for comeback

Analysis: Is 'Perfect Storm' Brewing for Bush? (PNAC panicking)

Diet Panel Nominees Questioned (close ties to food/drug industries)

LATimes: Times Poll Shows Bustamante Leads Schwarzenegger in Recall Race

Revealed: Blair role in naming Kelly (The Guardian\Observer) 8\24\03


Orlando Sentinel: 15,000 at Dean Rally in Seattle

McCain: More Troops for Iraq

U.S. military may be needed for Israel- Palestinian stability, (Lugar R-In

A Look at U.S. Daily Casualties in Iraq

Chicago Schools: Listing "likely criminal" students...

Ex-Park Service Workers Say Bush Reneges on Promises

Feds Issue Terror Warning For Bay Area Oil Refineries

Experts Doubt U.S. Claim on Iraqi Drones

U.S. checking possibility of pumping oil from northern Iraq to Haifa

Bush administration invites Yasser Arafat to Washington for peace talks

Protesters near Bush ranch demand withdrawal of troops from Iraq

Baptism in the Tigris for U.S. Christian soldiers

Records: Schwarzenegger's father was member of Nazi storm troops

Does anyone else find begging for money tacky?

What would you rather see me NOT do:

Okay, Microsoft has done some dumb things - but this one wins a Darwin!

Bush* calendars, cards, and condoms - does his image get compensated for?

Invalid TCP source port attack

Best Non-US TV Theme Song

Frozen yogurt rules!!

PGA Tournament to pre-empt three hours of MDA Telethon.

Watching this Access Media Moguls show on NBC right now

Does anyone go to pogo?

What is "New Age"?

Looking for...

Happy Birthday Nothingshocksmeanymore!!!

I am back ask me anything well if you want to

Can anyone recommend an NYC Hotel?

When did you know you were heterosexual?

Help me write the DU novel

Announcing the Chapel Hill Pitt-stop POOL PARTY!!!