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Archives: August 22, 2003

new statesman (UK) cover story

spider and the fly

IRAN Intent On Keeping Pace with Caspian Basin Energy Development

Grandson's Remarks Hint At Unrest In Iran and Iraq

Bill Press: "Democrats Dumb to Dump on Dean"

America Needs Friends To Help It Out Of The Iraq Mess (NYT)

The Truth about the War with Iraq

Seattle: No room at Bush's table for area's poor and hungry

Regulation-Haters Spreading More Lies -- Conason

DeLay: Tammany on the Potomac - By Joshua Micah Marshall


The Washington 'PR'ess Corps

EPA Pressured On Post 9/11 Air Quality

Action Figures For Imbeciles -Mark Morford

Four-star general for president?

Like my new picture?

Terror and Turbulence Will Follow Bush Into His Reelection Year - Time Ed

Am I governor or not - parody website

Sharon is now a danger to US troops and hopes in Iraq

Roy’s Rock - Clift

Boston Globe Editorial: Hubble in Hand


It's official - Saddam was not an imminent threat

Behind the Failure

GREG DOBBS: Bush needs to come clean with America

George b...'s Transatlantic Crisis

"The Untruth Hurts, Even Online" WP

Exit Strategy

Guardian on the Dixie Chicks story....Unbelievable.

Flashback to "Statue Day" --- right wing group gloats, mocks war critics

Terrorists inflicting death by 1000 cuts

Seattle Times affirms support of Bush*

WSJ op-ed: 'We Can Do Better' by Howard Dean

Morford-Action Figures For Imbeciles

Chancellor Schröder moves toward a German military mission in Iraq

Jim Hightower-Living In a Kleptocrat Nation

The American Prosperity Myth

If You're A Dean Supporter And Going To The DC March On Sat Please Read

DU'ers Help Seattle Anti-Bush Demonstrators!

Protesting Mountain Removal (!) in TN.

Arizona Democratic Party Meeting in Flagstaff 8/23

Will any of you be at the Milwaukee Sleepless Summer rally?

Looking for list of American soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Do You Know Either A Woman Or A Couple In Oviedo, FL Named The

CSI to Graphic...?

Daily U.S. Casualties 8/22/2003

Bush rejects ban on chemical weapons..

Tech-wizards - something weird happened.

August 27: Unusual alignment of 7 planets, including MARS. Thoughts?

Anybody have a Ragdoll cat?

Johnny Depp to star in remake of Willie Wonka?

Dr. Laura Renounces Orthodox Judaism

Another probe into Coke, Pepsi - India

Thesis on "Downsizing" from a Princeton economics major~

Tell this 20-year-old why anyone would need more than one credit card.

Study: No Oceans On Mars

Mich. furious over Canadian company's chemical spill

W. House Molded EPA's 9/11 Reports

Bush takes credit for Salmon?!?

We need more power plants and newer pipelines

Wind turbine re-start a breeze

Ozone hole may have reached record size

Two years on, U.S. spy landscape little changed - MSGOP

BBC: French Obstacle to Iraq Force Plans

Howard's Pacific Colonialism. Who Benefits?

Synthetic Marijuana Compound Reduces Agitation, Improves Appetite In Alzhe

Paul Giella's "AMAZING" Blackout Adventure

Shhhhhhhhhhh! Quiet its lunch time! Mandatory quiet lunches in School.

Feinstein pusing loophole riddled assault weapons ban

Text of HR 2038- Assault Weapons Ban And LE Protection Act of 2003

RKBA - With friends like these......

Heckler and Koch to open US Plant

W. VA sniper sketch released

W. VA Sniper Update

Spoonman and CO Liberal monopolize gun dungeon!!

Mary Rosh Firing Blanks

Colorado, Oregon Voters Close Gun Show Loophole

VPC offers STRONG support for McCarthy-Conyers Assault Ban

RKBA Activist Sues the City of Muskegon

CCW Laws Do NOT Reduce Crime

AR-15s are NOT automatic

Bigger guns for Cleveland, OH police scrapped

Smalltime gun distributors agree to restrictions than face lawsuits in CA

I can't find the old website - please help.

hey, Skinner . . .

Why was the Kucinich/Daily Show thread locked?

One thing I miss about the old message bases...

New Board?

Linking to geocities

How do I find my posts?

Why isn't this thread locked?

Hey ... Why are my replies

Question about article submission

What happened to the thread about the contest (# of donators)?

Why can't I email?

Is it permissible to post an event in two area,

Are the words: "Testosterone"and PMS" used in replies considered by Admins


How do I add a new avatar not on the list?


noticing problems

Police close Mount after just one hour

Sharon is now a danger to US troops and hopes in Iraq

"The Zionist enemy has assassinated the truce"

IOF Shoot Dead Two Teenage Brothers, Raid Palestinian Cities

The Myth of the Generous Offer


Palestinian Diplomacy

Israel Kills Two Militants in West Bank Hospital

Israel´s struggle against terror: A chronology of deadly attacks

Israel Destroys Entire Commercial Market in One Day ...

Hero In War And Peace...

WTC 7 Demolition Controversy Catches Fire in General Discussion Forum

For all the WTC conspiracy theorists out there....

Bending, twisting and distorting the truth really far to bash a candidate

Any more Dems planning to jump into the race besides Clark?

dean knows how to make this campaign so much fun!

John Kerry in Denver 8/26/2003

Dean Supporters: Check out this song

Clark, Henry Kissinger, and Jackson Stephens

Dean gets old-fashioned fundraiser

A simple plea to fellow Dean supporters....

Opposition to Iraqi war should be a potent election issue (Calif poll)

Check list of campaign issues from "RESUME OF GEORGE W. BUSH"

LA Filing Deadline Closes

Dean green on trail, but Vermont knows better

The Snoops are in Town

Dean's wife focusing on career, not campaign

State poll results anyone?

Bush Fishes For Votes Out West Bush Fishes For Votes Out West

Future Governor Moore

Democrats and the war

4,727 Americans have contributed $251,363.20 to Dean

Dean: Vermont moderates are really liberals

Why I think DEAN and KERRY have the SAME position on Iraq

That Truman thing....

Kucinich supporters

Moseley Braun to recieve NOW endorsement

Teresa Heinz, I Love You

Do you agree with John Edwards when he says this?


Dean Slams The Door On His Records

Imagine Dean is President: Do we invade Iraq?

Carol on Health Care--a better, more complete transcription

The Dean campaign Bat is up!

What did you think of the Kucinich interview on the Daily Show?

kerry announcing from aircraft carrier?

New Dean campaign song

Check out my new Dean merchandise

Democrats Dumb To Dump On Dean - Bill Press

Dennis Gets Well-Deserved Payback for Integrity from NE Blackout

Go look at CNN on the Fox ruling lost

Beautiful, totally gratuitous slam on Ann Coulter slips by Scarborough

BBV: RESEARCH files on ITAA Board of Directors

Who the F*** is this Dennis Prager Asshole on with Tweety?

Social Immobility - the truth about the American economy

How many Judge Moore supporters have you challenged today?

if there is a draft can people just get drugged up before their physical?

Three dollar plus Gas....and the RECALL

Freepers on Fox vs. Franken

Sorry, NO FLOWERS FOR's why

Most outrageous right wing lie of the last two decades?

"...a stonewalling job of far greater importance than Watergate."

How about this presidential election?

Rightwingers going nuts about Kerry's announcement already.

Is there anything that money cannot buy ?

Next Blackout May Be Catastrophic

Kerry Plans His Own Photo Op aboard an Aircraft Carrier

Who Saw Joe Conason Make a Fool Out of Steve Malzberg Last Night?

Graham: Let's take on Ashcroft

Bush stinking up Washington State

FOX News more or less admits Bush screwed up in Iraq

WTF is Garofolo saying?????

Gas= $2.14, $2.24, $2.34 in CA--Big blue state

Bush Stumbled Out of the Plane AGAIN Today!

FORGED EVIDENCE REVEALED! Nigerian yellowcake letter leaked to public.

NOW w/Bill Moyers back this week!

Explain the meaning of the Bush mantra: "They hate us for our freedoms..."

Bill Maher THread: Margret Cho will be on

Religion and economic development

Whatever happened to having an opinion?

Hardball: Joe Conason will be on

Which party would you vote for in 2004...

Tonight on Bill Moyer's "NOW"

Who would make a good prez, or who has best chance of beating bu$h

Who's Right - Feinstein or Other Cal Dems?

How many Clark supporters are former Dean supporters?

When is Schwarzennegar going to be outed?

Garofolo and Clark on Crossfire on CNN at 4:30PM/3:30 Central 8/22/03

LA Times Poll: 50-45 support Recall: Davis is gaining!!

Flavia Colgan Shines While Ann Coulter Looks Even More Pathetic than Usual

FreeRepublic Defense Force comes to aid of judge Moore

Australia 'exaggerated' Iraq threat

Is the Brett Hut US soldier in Iraq letter home to parents legit?

Does anyone else remember Democratic Telethons in the 1970's?

Teresa Heinz (Kerry), I love you

For all the WTC conspiracy theorists out there....

dem Ben Affleck in studio at sox game (UPN38), with Remy+Sean

He struts, he puffs,

If you need to smile.....

Rush has changed his tune on Arnold......why?

Send this editorial to everyone you know - and keep this thread kicked!

If there is a draft can people "fake gay" their way out?

The gang that couldn't shoot straight...

Need Keys again for BBV Research

Has anybody had this problem?


Have You Noticed GOP Threatening Dems Regarding Terror/War, etc?

The meaning of Irony...

Al Franken is guest hosting Crossfire next week! (& Other TV Appearances)

After Bush.....Dean comes to Seattle!

Conason's "Big Lies" or Franken's "Lying Liars"

O'Reilly didn't mention the lawsuit

CBS NEWS: 2 US Soldiers killed, 6 wounded

Carville-Matalin politics will play as 'real-time fiction'

I got an email from Bill Clinton

The Republicans as cannibals

Dean Losing Support on Left For His Stances on Its Issues

Save the big large trees

Freeper claim I heard about Clark

Osama bin Laden speaks...

Hey masochists.. Coulter on Scarborough tonite

Wesley Clark rally scheduled tomorrow in Little Rock ...

lights out on dennis kucinich

Whatever lie will work……..tell it.

September is when this Admin. introduces “New Products”…

WIENER: Faux/CNN Would "Hire Me in a Minute"

Protest Idea (mabye bad taste, but...) vs TAKE ACTION NOW

The DLC vs. the Progressive Caucus

The terrorists hate the idea of freedom

More mindless platitudes from ah-nuld on CNN.

ELF is suspected of burning down a Hummer dealership

What he really meant...

Who is the Talk Show Host McIntyre?

Why the Recall Effort is doomed to failure ... message to Joe Lockhardt

Well said! Fed. Judge; Fox vs.Franken, "wholly without merit"

Racist Sues Town Over Canceled Concert

New Fox Slogan - FOX News: "Wholly Without Merit"

Biden for Kerry...Dean is too far left.

Would you vote Dean / Clark in 2004 (in that order)?

Is there a lawyer in the house?

I Got A Letter From Howard Dean

Clark will be on CBS's Face the Nation Sunday morning

the real state of the union address HILARIOUS

* takes a "fall" !

Tweety & Hardball

Flood the zone Friday success...

Franken to be guest host on 'Crossfire'

Anybody see Kucinich on Jon Stewart!

Baby boomers see parallels, some painful, to '60s

Tom Hanks and other celebrities to lead charge against Arnold

I just have this to say to those who say, "I won't vote for_____"

Is my library burning books?

MoveOn has raised $800,000 for Texas Democrats!

In view of the Franken case, try this-

NWCN coverage of the Shrub's Seattle area visit makes me sick!

Reuters Cameraman Killed For Filming U.S. Graves: Brother

Here's a poll that's only for the Clark supporters....

LA Times, Media Whore -- heartwarming story on Arnold's college degree

Question for Clark Supporters Dean and Gephardt Tied Frontrunners

Deleted message

let's talk about TRUST and this Administration

Heard Today That Kerry Is Gonna Announce In Front Of An Aircraft Carrier

Talking of John O'Neil on Imus MSNBC

Judge rules against Fox News!

We're losing the war in Afghanistan, too

John Kerry the War Supporter

Job Opening - Supervisor of Elections: Miami-Dade County

If/When (take your pick) a Democrat wins next November,

They're ALL vacationing!! What IS it with these pompous #$@%$'s?

How to contact Sally Baron's family - Please Do!

I met a relative of Al Gore today.

What's the scoop with Al Franken's suit today?? Anyone? Anyone?

Captured Soldiers - LIE

Al Franken to Co-host Crossfire Next Week

So, the capture of two US soldiers was a hoax - but its happened before...

Write a Story, Go to Jail

Harris Poll: Opinions shifting on Iraq war lies

Which candidate backs the return of The Fairness Doctrine?

Live Crossfire thread anyone ?

So when FAUX says "It's Miller Time" to promote Dennis Miller

When did CNN start doing the In Memory of Fallen Soldiers at breaks?


'Scuse Me, But I Thought ???

Is Duf Sundheim right? Sixty Percent of Californians want Gray recalled?

Asia Times, re UN bombing: "The Plot Thickens"

Gray Davis Fights Back

Weapons threat based on "fairytales"

Quetzalcoatl vs. 10 Commandments = no public $ for either?

Question for Clark fans

Could "Satanism" Exist Without Christianity?

freepers have discovered the Sally Baron story

Chance to ATTACK!! CA GOP Chairman LIVE at, 3pm ET

Are the high gasoline prices the way gets us to pay for the tax cuts

Should all prescription drugs by made over-the-counter?

Action Figures For Imbeciles

Send a Letter to the UN

What percentage will turnout to vote in special CA election ?

My Epihany Via John Stewart

I was taking my usual walk around the block after lunch today...

Take a look at Yahoo's most active stories...

BBV: Another editorial calling for investigation of DRE's

Everything you always wanted to know about the nuts running this country..

Get ready for another White House push on drilling in ANWR

George Bush, Man of Destiny

O'Reilly to Palast: Say 1 bad thing about Bush & you're off

Feinstein won't vote for Davis replacement --Senator breaks with other Dem

This just in from the "Gee do ya think so?" department.

Poetic Justice? Mayhap . . .

The Price of Freedom

DU Poll: Which party would you vote for in 2004...

And could we please review AHNOLDs Resume???? What are his qualies?

Why Americans should celebrate Ashcroft's tour to defend Patriot Act

Without security what the hell platform does shrub run on?

NPR just said "two more soldiers dead" died from

If I were the Feds, I'd dynamite the 10 Commandments monument...

Too left or too right ?

how the world was say the apaches

Lou Dobbs won't have Wesley Clark on his show

Don't want your silly feedback, just read, "Action Figures For Imbeciles"

Infocision runs a scam for DeLay

Anyone opposing the US are now "TERRORISTS"

What happened to the queer post

Bush called the forest fires a Holocaust

Why is it we hear about Hillary all the time but never about Elizabeth Dol

A few days last May....Enron and CA power articles since?

The US military body count: An idea

Outsourcing jobs to India

Vicious Miami

And what is it that the Right-Wing media feeds?

Military is "most corrupt institution in history"?

Is this quote american or what! :)


The Tree of Liberty

OK. How about some minimum @#$! standards for our elected officials?

Here Are Some Lawyers!

Something out of eyesroll's husband's campaign we should all recognize:

Can anyone tell me who the moron

Captured! Enemies of democracy!

Getting past the outrage

GOP Redistricting nails Bush...

Garofalo: Tucker's madly in love with me

Krugman on CA

Why is no media pundit or outlet reminding of Bush's statement

Two US Officers captured by Terra-ists?

Portalnd photo... pepper spray after the fact?

Time article: Terror and Turbulence follow Bush (good read)

Gore - Standard Bearer For Democratic Party

Bush Lied and Is Killing Our Soldiers

Why Is CNN and FAUX Not Covering The Military Hostage Story?

Will any of you be at the Milwaukee Sleepless Summer rally?

Pentagon reporting the alleged "hostages" are accounted for

Transgender Community Alarmed by D.C. Shootings (WP)

Nothing unusual, move along

isn t 'she' beautiful!!!

white house in FLAMES!!!

How to solve the prescription drug problem

OH CRAP! Finally some evidence of WMD in Iraq

Well... It's No Wonder Christian Fundamentalists Dislike PBS


Uh-oh...GRUOPS (sic) are after our soldiers now!

Bush campaign outsources jobs to India?

A solution for Iraq: The Hokey-Pokey?

What is with Roy Moore?

What's your religion?

I Swear If Jeb Bush Ever Becomes President. I Will Jump Off A Bridge.

Fancy a game of "spot the terrorist"?

Can judge Moore be impeached?

Good LTTE in local paper.

MOYERS - Reports from UN/Baghdad, Community Access (media)..more

Liberal Oasis: Bridging The Religion Gap

The DNC and read

Flypaper Theory

MSNBC poll is rigged! (Threat of Terrorism: Does it affect your life?)

His numbers just keep slipping

People Powered Howard Sleepless Summer Tour!

Why Capitalism Sucks…

Kudos to Kucinich !

Soldiers cut in pay?

Kristen Breitweiser Grills FBI On 911...4 9/11 Moms Battle.... NY Observer

HEAT.....a WMD........

Franken and FOX on Today

Did the Red Cross refuse $1m Dixie Chicks donation?

You never leave anyone outside the wire.

Colace Laxitives ads running on Savage Weiner and Limpbaugh

Another recall movement:

do the schools in your area still have recess?

Janklow's son makes less sense than his father

Taco Bell "poll"

Dem/GOP Post Columnists bash Bush on same Iraq issues on same day

Ask Bush...Humor...

repug mantra on California recall

Flood the Zone Friday

Howard Fineman of Newsweek says Clark is in and was a seer on Iraq

William Quentin Jones scheduled to die today in NC

Odd campaign finance question:

On What Judicial Basis Does the US Hold its Iraqi "Deck of Card"

Why I can't vote for my favorite candidate in CA recall

William Pitt on Seattle's KIRO-AM now!

How about this solution to gerrymandering?

We need to bring up the draft word before the 04 election.

Falwell: Judge Moore is a hero (MSNBC) Conason Next

I think the complaints at DU

spider and the fly

Net anonymity service back-doored

Wesley Clarks Television appearances

Al Franken's Book

Newt G on Last Call w/ Carson Daly

CA recall: Is AS a plant ?

"the true story of black hawk down"

I think Bustamante may be off to a bad start

What's your favorite Kucinich quote...

UN weapons inspector Scott Ridder...

How do you have a "terrorist" attack inside an occupied territory?

Question to people that dislike Clark

My Candidates

What Am I? - No Smart Stuff -:)

BBV: My notes on the meeting of between the ITAA and the BBV Yakuza

Black Box: RESEARCH THREAD -- Defense industry ties to voting

The Woman who stood up to Judge Roy Moore

Tinfoil Hat Alert! Viruses Everywhere! Frontrunning Dems $$$'s /Internet?

Ruben Studdard (American Idol) boosting Tax Reform

I hate that I'm nervous about flying in a week

More from Imus this AM...Harold Ford, "Things aren't that bad in Iraq"

General Clark sits on the fence again, beats around the Bush - CNN

Remember Bush's air quality report for New York after 9/11?It was all lies

Scoop: SAIC Connected To E-Voting Whitewash (DU COPY FULL TEXT)

Whistle-Ass fears Whistle-blowers

BREAKING: Black Box Voting -- Secret meeting this morning

United For Peace & Justice, Congressional Action, Investigate the Lies!

So Bush is pushing for Cheney's energy bill again...

Canada's new marijuana law will hurt U.S. problem: official

50 years later, Iranians remember US-UK coup

Bush rejects razing dams to make way for salmon

Poll Shows Recall Support Narrow as GOP Moves to Push Some Out of Race

Army Cannot Keep Up With Demand for Vehicle Replacement Parts in Iraq

Arson At Hummer Dealership May Be Ecoterrorism

Brazilian rocket explodes on pad,killing workers (20 reported)

WP: Alabama Judge Relents on Monument

Annan: US faces struggle for troops in Iraq

Bush to Land at Seattle's Boeing Field, One of 69 Airports on Chopping Blo

Oil and uranium - Sealand's horrible cocktail - SA

Sobig.F Worm Believed to Start at Web Porn Site

Berlusconi pulls out of social event with Schroeder (to avoid protesters)

FDA Threatens Red Cross With Fines

Survey shows some 12,000 dead in European heat wave

Canada geese have outworn welcome

Some in Minn. Eye Recalling Governor

CNN BREAKING: Judge Rules Against FOX! (Al Fraken Book)

Bush's Pollution Charter

E-P-A influenced by White House on post-9/11 air quality statements (CBS)

Canada Arrests 19 in Case with Sept 11 Parallels

Air Traffic Controllers, Bush Administration at Odds Over Jobs

France Dismisses U.S. Call for More Troops in Iraq

DU'er maxanne is going to burn in hell, post farewell messages

How many languages can you *sing* in?

Quick dumb bicycle question

Whole "LOTTO" Trouble!

Update from my minister about the Harry Potter letters to the editor...

I no longer eat after 6PM, ask me anything!

Do Cats Really Have Nine Lives

Who is your pick for Governor of California?

tomorrow, i fly for the IJAAF


Could 163 people please donate to the fund drive?

Hey, Chuckup, are you planning anther psychic session in the lounge?

Regarding my "Schoolhouse Rock" polls...

"Casablanca" is on HBO Signature

Whoops, Hollywood turning on Ahh-Nold

I wanted SOOOO bad to do this sometimes....

New babies

I had a crazy dream last night

Which is true domestic terrorism:

How do you add a picture to your message

Odd Picture Request - Please Help

New Line Re-Releasing First Two Lord of the Rings Movies (W/X-tra footage)

Patriots vs. Eagles in 30 minutes! What to Expect??

Kournikova has jumped the shark

On the CD: Why Don't We Do It In The Road?

DUers in medical field-question about a pulmonary problem I'm having.

Beatles-lore required to enter UK

Just last week, I could fill up my pickup with $15 (regular)

What do DUers donate to?

If there were NO car commercials, how much less would cars cost??

A Zombie Musical! "The Happiness of the Katakuris" is on Sundance tonight!

Heterosex free since 1981! Ask me anything!


Is it just me, or is Louis Farrakhan a more respectable man than Bush*?

ZombyWoof's Grumpy Pot-stirring Thread O' The Day

Szavazás: A kedvenc magyar

Favorite Humphrey Bogart film

Worse than Stormfront, or only more stupid?

Any motorcyclists here?

RIP Wesley Willis

Judge Rejects Fox Bid Vs. Franken Book

It's Friday and I'm stuck at work til 8pm, ask me any dumb question

Blanquita the Republican....Is she from a Scary Movie or What?

Christian Underwear

Somebody! ZombieWolf! Remove this curse!!

700 posts BABY!! Ask me anything!

DarthKitten's 3D gratuitous lascivious den of kittencakes........

At the annual state fair, crowds always cheer at the end of the newscasts

What the hell is this? For NC DUers.

The MOTHERship of all CAPTIONS

Worst Comic Strip?

If you could be INVISIBLE for just one day - what would you do for 24 hour

Any people here from the Houston, TX area?

look what I found on a right-winger's "humor" page ... does he realize?

Recall Tim Pawlenty?

Favorite Pink Floyd Album

Favorite Blues Artist?

Are any DUer's Friends World Students?

Okay... who's tweaking the polls

How many messageboard posters does it take to change a light bulb?

Saw Bowling for Columbine last night

Okay everybody,stop donating so I get the free t shirt. Just kidding.

Favorite Polish Pole Poll

Where's the gasoline?

Take a look at this site!

San Fernando Valley DUers - Where to "get away" to?

Anyone seen Conan O'Brian do his Arnold Impersonation?

I just lost the contest! I'm so happy!

Does anybody else miss Bill Maher and "Politically Incorrect"

Help me plan my Friday night!

Anyone want to babysit a thread for the next few hours?

My brain is mush. How's yours?

Like my new picture?

Favorite orange songs?

What A Bunch Of BS. Get Your George W. Bush

great photo! "Dam(n) Bush"

Until Just Now I Has Forgotten How Lovely Mimosas Could Be...

Twinkie free, 100 days and counting - Ask me anything.

Don't Fear The Reaper

The BEST Animated Film Is...

How many virus infected emails did you get last night?

A question for you.........

I Have A Chance To Go See Cher In October. Any One Now If She Puts


Best Runningback - All Time.

I'm Buck Fush, ask me anything

The lowdown on the "Catwoman" movie...

Warren Zevon update (no, he's not dead)

I'm sitting by the phone, listening to "Wango Tango"

What Will The Dem's 2004 Convention "Theme Song" Be?

The most annoying song that gets stuck in your head

It's My Day Off & I Have a Toothache - Ask Me Anything


I'm Doward Hean. Ask me anything.

Going to see John Prine on Saturday

Is it prudish

Fellini Fans?

Any NYC DUers planning to go see Howard Dean in Bryant Park on Tuesday?

Weather geeks! I know you're out there!

Quick question for southerners

The Crazed Cartographer of all CAPTIONS!!! (Not for children.)

Who are these idiots overdosing on ephedrine?

Susang wants to pay me $200 to clean her house!

I got fired today

How long before gamerz get paid for pwning?

Sittin' here sipping my English Breakfast tea,

I Have to Clean My House Today & I'm Procrastinating

I'm thinking about buying a Digital Camera, specifically...

what is your longest freecell winning streak?

Need Advice Changing My College Major

Let's give a warm welcome

Who else is #$^@$#&^#&% sick of deleting virus-laden emails?!?

Best KARAOKE Song?...

Warning PMS Rant.

How long before "democrats_blow" gets a tombstone?

Favorite Pole Poll

Wow, I've been a DUer for one year now

Happy Birthday to ME! I'm 50 and I am fabulous, darling.

I got laid off yesterday

I don't want to say it to loud, but it's been two days without any sobig

Handcuffs and hookers and hot tubs! Oh, my!

Chili cookoff

Wal-Mart Application

friday and no sex thread?

when you are all alone

Go Saugus!

myy speel chek broak ask mee anithinng...

The Electric Company

isn t 'she' beautiful!!!

Public school bussing supervisor

Candidate Throws Cow Patty in Ring...

Best Meryl Streep film?

If you haven't seen it

The Tree of Liberty

I need jokes, I am depressed and angry

shut up shut up shut up shut up,,,,,SHUT UP

Weird dream....latent memory?

Thai Man Dies While Laughing in Sleep

'Dead' Man Revives After Night in Morgue

Hendrix thought (for bearded cat)

LOL I had a letter to the editor published...

white house in FLAMES!!!

Okay get in the golfcart and I'll give you a running head start...1...2...

For $5,000 you can spend one day at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

Goddamn nice term paper. Ask me anything!

Good (FRIDAY!!!!) Morning DU!

Cop's Appearance on 'Queer Eye' Questioned

Teflon flowers - best use of Gold Bond?

Welcome newest member Colonel Ingus!

Cat joke

You CAN get away from Microsoft and survive!

What do you think they are watching?

Sh-h-h-h-hhh! My Foot's Asleep...

Fox/Franken on Court TV?

My boyfriend's back and you're gonna be in trouble....

Speaking of "Apocolypse Now"-

Sleepy Time Poetry Thread

"Armpit Of America" Celebrates

Sheep On The Lamb From BIBLE School

what if a bass player said he didn't like you?

I'm watching Bowling for Columbine ask me anything

do the schools in your area still have recess?

Is Roves goal 10,000 (stock market)

Ask Bush...Humor...

I think the guy at Taco Bell put something in my taco

Caller on Bernie Ward's show says illegal border crossers should be shot

How do you get your emails if your service is down?

I just woke up - ask me anything


What is Most Important to You?

It's not my fault - it may be yours

For SweetZombieJesus: Music for Taking Stock

Life is a Beautiful Thing!

I was laid off two days ago, don't ask me anything

I really really hope we can get this dumbass banned from Senate Simulation

OK, scenario

Sweet Dreams to the DU men in the Night crowd

GOOD NIGHT all you drownded rats!hehe

I'm a dang American - I might be striped or colored blue - ask anything

Dress Shrub for fun!

Radical idea for electing a president..

X11: Apple's secret formula X11:Apple's secret formula

Tonight, I boycotted a Freeper-owned business

"Roger & Me" or "Bowling for COlumbine" - which ought I watch first?

Does G-d have a sense of humor?

Does NYC really never sleep? Doesn’t that make them cranky?

Favorite Blues Songs?

My Cat's a DOLL!

What's your favorite "Schoolhouse Rock" song? (Part 3)

I just broke out of the 700 Club - ask me anything!!!

What's your favorite "Schoolhouse Rock" song? (Part 4)

What's your favorite "Schoolhouse Rock" song? (Part 2)

What's your favorite "Schoolhouse Rock" song? (Part 1)

WHo plays the best hollywood loser?

Pink Flamingos

For Darth_Velma, on the occasion of her 500th post

it's 5:30am in california...still can't sleep...amazing date last night

My Marinara sucked again!

my scenic commute

I am torturing a Freeper type, and LOVING IT! HOW EVILand DELICIOUS!

Superfreak.... does he say "caucasians sing"?

Last day at old job....up next, first day at new job!

Favorite "Bad" Filmmaker

New Fox Slogan - FOX News: "Wholly Without Merit"

Here's a poser for ya

I just saw The Quiet American. Wow. Wotta movie!

My letter to ET(entertainment tonite) re: Arnold

HELP! I need good anti-Rush Limbaugh sites

Any Ventures fans out there?

Brain teaser for smart asses

local televangelist sez I'm going to burn in hell

I picked the lock and am opening the Grotto to the masses

The Friday sex thread

This is pissing me off!

I step outside and look up at that night sky filled with light...

Witness: Message board break down of rightwing nutcase.

OK Guitar Gods....... Clapton or Page????

God daaaaaaaaamn did Iron Butterfly suck hot wind!

I am curious


Dear Miss Manners...

Where is Trof?


OK, last poll from me ever, is it "Tow the Line" or "Toe the Line"?

No!!! Guitar Gods: Hendrix or Zappa?

Did you know that the 1915 Model T got 25-30 mpg?

Duce Staley ends holdout.

Who else hates the commercials?

Refugee Status

Are you shy?

I just Met Will Pitt Ask me anything...

NY DUers: Where Shall We Meet Before Dean Speaks in Bryant Park on Tues.?

SweetZombieJesus, HOW ARE YOU??? (kick this!)

I have been smoke-free for 16 hours--loving support, please...

How many here still have a turntable?