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Top Ten Things The Iraqi Information Minister Has Admitted Since Being Cap

Female blogger from Iraq

Into the quagmire

A Wild Image Now Less Wonderful

I have a dream: Forty years on

Big Dog embarrasses Repuke and says we need to "beat their brains out."

Jews and fundie Christians divided over the "passion"

TNR RE: Clinton/Dean

Fineman: Blast will reverberate in campaign (calls it tipping point)

Fading Passion

Forget California, it's time to recall Microsoft

Bush at Golf

Excellent interview about the MYTH OF A FREE MEDIA

Losing the War on Terror

Cragg Hines: Read his lips ( finally): No new tax cuts

Madness: Two Mideast horrors

Slate: Does the GOP Subvert Democracy? (Tim Noah says Yes!)

The Antichrist of North Carolina

Senior justice Gorman Houston would replace Roy Moore if he is suspended b

Excerpt from Al Franken's new book

You can’t blame for us anything - Altercation - Eric 'The Great' Alterman

Fisk-Attack underlines America's crumbling authority....

Salon: Conason's "Big Lies" – Who's Tougher on Terror? (Part 5)

Steve Bell is back - latest cartoon

Liberals launch traitorous parody of

Iraq was not a terrorist threat, but America has turned it into one

Molly Ivins: Wake up and smell the clean energy

Estrich disses Arianna Huffington

Krugman: Conan the Deceiver

letter from friend of Anne Garrels (NPR-Iraq)

Saturday, August 23, 2003....Washington DC, come join us !!!

you helped DU now help Texas!!

Smarts Ink TV Deal With CBS

Bush to Declare War on Iraq

Sterotyping and Conservitives

Interesting Site:

A typical Conversation with a Closed Minded Conservitive

Liberals launch traitorous parody of

I want my comics!

Study: No Past Standing Water on Mars

My Beloved kitty, Thunder has died

some biblical literalisms

I spilt my miso--ask me anything

Help the Texas 11 with their expenses

CARTOONS! The "Blackout/Whitewash" Edition

My doctor thinks that I have ocular histoplasmosis syndrome

Mars 2003: In Your Face - Take III

Are those who don't study history

A New Era In Argentina

Same-sex vote won't matter, PM tells MPs - Canada

I find the Deomcratic Party Stands for Equal Rights for both Men and Women

Mormon leader blasts gay marriage

Mississippi Top Court Rules Fetus Is a Person

MCI to lay off most of Winnipeg work force - Bus not telecom.

HP to cut 1,300 jobs

Soultion to Mortgages for the Middle and Lower Class

Networking not working for jobless

Antarctica's explosive water

FirstEnergy Had Previous Outages Blamed on Outdated Equipment

High Tech electronics can solve the problems of variable wind supply

1,000-year-old sequoia crushes car

The spectre of Operation Ajax

Businessman a surprise choice to lead Liberia

Nigeria probes oil accounts

Sonia Gandhi makes a play for power

Harassment in run up to Rwandan elections

Students For War !!

Uribe presses Chávez on Colombia rebels

Stand Up For Your Right To Sit Back Down. National "Slacker" Day

CDC finds no signs of SARS antibodies

Canada-U.S. gap in health care grows

Crime fighter charged in U.S.

Sperm Smuggler Sentenced

Hey Kids! Check out The ATF Movies!

Police officer, 46, killed in domestic dispute

Woman Shot Numerous Times By Former Boyfriend

Westside man shoots wife before killing self

Two more people are shot dead

Boyfriend Shoots Woman In Her Car, Police Say

Man shot fighting off intruders

Cook's wife blames gun owner for shooting

Police search for father of child who was shot

Editorial: "Lawmakers should not have guns in Statehouse"

Store owner stops robbery

Suspect wounded in jewelry-store robbery

Ex-hoops player kills home intruder

Father wishes he had shot girl's attacker

Gun loads itself, pulls own trigger killing owner's girlfriend

The statistics of defensive gun use vs. offensive and accidents

Intruder dies from shots by resident

Intruder killed in botched robbery

Crime Fighter Mom Fights Crime

Actor shot dead in movie mix-up

Duo sliced from pie case - Canadian PM pied

Homeowner stops burglary by showing pistol

Intruder shot, killed

Video of Black Panthers at the California Capitol May 2, 1967 (RKBA-rally)

Ban drivers under 60

5-year-old accidentally shot

How do I have a banner signature?

Why can't I use the search mode?

we need boards for individual cities and states

"Proportional Representation (Rank Ordering)" in DU polls?

Merge of "Lounge" and 'General Discussion" needed?

Is this true?

One little comment about Auntie Pinko

will threads on religion, pro and con, soon be banned again?

Thanks Skinner

Question about donations

Need a little assistance re: moderator and posting placements

re: locked "flame-bait" threads

Technical problem with donating

Anger over cameraman killing

Treasury director: I hope fence won't cause friction over loans

To hell with what the world thinks

Ayoon wa Azan (No Political Solution)

Israeli missile strike in Gaza (reactions)

Reuters Man, Mazen Da'ana, Buried in Hebron

Cure for an Islam Gone Mad - Amos Oz

The Mideast crisis

Israel Invades 3 Palestinian Cities, Carries Out Assassination Killing 3 i

Flashpoint Jerusalem shrine reopened to visitors

Death in Jerusalem

PLO, Arafat Abbas Agree To Crackdown On Hammas

The Imperial Bluster of Tom Delay

Israel, U.S. Sign Loan Guarantee Accord

Hamas Leader Said Killed in Israeli Missile Strike

Who put all those bombs in the WTC?

9/11 Commission transcripts 3rd hearing finally ready

Do Southern women have a better shot at winning?

Can Bob Graham win the Georgia primary?

What an Extraordinary Day for the Dean Grassroots!

Our Dean Ice Cream Social w/ Joe Trippi: A Success!

House Members Propose Longer Office Terms

do we have a line on the Louisiana governor's race yet

Displaying the Petition to Stop Ashcroft, Standing Up for Civil Liberties

California congressional Dems may endorse Bustamante

Kucinich on Daily Show with Jon Stewart tonight 7/31

Clark to decide on Presidential run in "the next two to three weeks"

Curious about Clark? He's on Hannity&Colmes, 9PM ET tonight, Fox

OPB's Interview with Howard Dean

I think Wes Clark will be on the ticket in '04

Why a conservative supports Dean...

Democrats recognize a good line

Kerry voted against confirming Rehnquist as CJSC

Bow out, Bob Graham

How long should House terms be?


Ohio Puke Representative Jim Trakas announces redistricting plans

"Dean Jumps into Lead Among Democrats in New Hampshire"

Study: 31% of for-profit healthcare costs goes to profit and overhead

Carol Moseley Braun on Universal Health Care

dem candidates and Iraq

KUCINICH: a suspected terrorist?

Scrappy Dennis Kucinich Appeals To Angry Voters

Iowa Governor says that Edwards could...

Upset predictions, anyone?

Debate - FREE TRADE/Unions - who is the best candidate & why??

Dean Losing Support on Left For His Stances on Its Issues

Malloy is back !

Interesting article in Moscow Times

Dennis Kucinich -- "Power to the People"

DNC Teams With MoveOn to Champion the Texas 11

French Death is Funny to these Radio Hosts

Conason on Scarborough Country

Poll at CNN - Interesting Results

Once again, Feinstein plumbs the depths of cluelessness

My idea for a modified liberal rating number for the canidates

Thing Are Getting Dodgie In Portland (Bush Protest)

BBV: Disability rights group *opposes* verifiable paper trail

Is Malloy being hacked now?

911 Question about the hijackers......How did we know thier names?

ABC Primetime showing some harsh Iraq invasion shots

I'm tired of Hannity's "Clinton made more definitive charges against Iraq"

Message to the Dean/Kucinich/Braun/Sharpton etc Bashers

Iraq: the human toll

* has rained too much doom and gloom to make Arnold palatable to CA voters

Olbermann: Coalition Of The Leaving (MSNBC)

Why I think Wesley Clark would probably be the best person to replace Bush

Wesley Clark to be on Crossfire tomorrow...

Is Dean/Clark a viable ticket for '04?

So...where are all the Pro-Separation of Chuch & State Protesters?

dead Canadian aid worker (Gillian Clark) slammed US Iraq policy

So while the world burns, W fund raises

Amazing Race - what a great way to end it !!! (No Spoilers)

still more praise for Clark

Iraq: What Should Be Done

What the hell did Jefferson mean here on church and state?

What would you consider the most satisfying fate for BUSH?

What about this scenario?

Rumor Debunked

Israel's UN ambassador used FOX news report to blame Syria for UN bombing

New York Post this morning headlines"Al Franken Begs Forgiveness"

News gets worse every day: Marine admits shooting self to avoid duty

Another Presidential Preference Poll

Will you vote for any Democrat who votes for Patriot Act II?

Books vs. TV= us vs. them

Bush carries a petrified dog turd in his pocket for luck....

Taco Bell promoting California recall election.

Gov Bustamante will be Bush's worst nightmare.....

if Judge Moore doesn't recognize a Federal court's jurisidction over him…

Proof Bush is a chimp!

Deleted message

Is the "internet revolution" reaching African-Americans?

Prost! Kabul's high life

Cops against the Drugs War

Proof that the Iraq casualty figures are being manipulated...

Veterans speak out against Bush

the president vacations as 10,000 die

CNN reporting 250 show up to protest ole whistle ass+ in Oregon

Portland on MSNBC now

The US Sponsored Iraqi Ministry of Religious Affairs And Endowments

Jessica Stern(NY TImes) on Hardball

Portland Oregon TV station hypes scuffle at demonstration.

AARRGH! I HATE Confederate sympathy!

My Last Two Evenings (re: Kay Granger (r-tx) and tarant county dem hq ppl)

Wesley Clark and war crimes

Bookmark This: List Of Countries in the Coalition & Their Contributions

FAIR alert, Many Deaths Left Out of Iraq Story

Calling people who criticize “Joe L.” or “Israel” anti-Semite is Orwellian

How many times have we captured Chemical Ali?

Janeane on Crossfire in 5 mins. CNN-8/21

Little thing about Kucinich

I am completely speechless

Randi Rhodes question....

How the Fungelicals see the 10 C's case

Reply from my repuke Congresswoman on WMD - LOL

MoveOn raises $400,000 for the Texas 11 in one day

Will Janklow's problems in SD assist Daschle in some perverse way ?

Fire forces Bush to change his visit.

Young Democrats

Random thoughts re: Cons. vs. liberal

Sobig fastest e-mail infection ever

Arnold just like Bush. A puppet.

At $2000 per plate, how many buses would it take to get $1 million ?

Now that they have captured the man in charge, will they find the WMDs??

Zogby: Bush Approval=52%/Disapproval=48%; Re-elect=45%/Someone new=48%!

Yay!!!! Bush on TV!!!!

hey moore!! take your 10 c's and your god........

Who's buying Janklow's son's argument?

How vulnerable are we? Tinfoil hat time...

Taco Bell's subliminable campaign to help Ahhhnuld

Is this for real??

What do you want our next Democratic President to do?

FYI: Critical patch for Internet Explorer

Amazon top 20

Bremer and Iraqi Governing Council sniping at each other....

BBV: Why in the hell is ACLU slamming PAPER ballots???

Should the UN have more power in Iraq?

Rev. David Tokarz - A Christian even an Atheist could love.

Randi's stream is back...

ATTN Fellow TinFoilers: Project Achilles results

transcript Nachman v. Michael Moore

CNN Poll: Ten Commandments monument

Why the Ten Commandments?

List of New Commandments

Should the Ten Commandments be posted on public buildings?

Oh Boyssssss!! Heres a PinUp for your afternoon delight

MWO: MIRACLE! Coulter Shuts Up!

Serious question, is ANN(orexic) KKKoulter on CRACK or something???

No more "Support our troops"

why do religious threads get locked after 6 posts

the 10 commandments, the virgin birth, and other fables

The differences in Pravda and the modern day propagandists

Another US scam operation in Iraq. I'm gonna be sick.

I believe the Republican Party is a Cancer on America

Iraqi "Rope-a-Dope"?

What type of threads do you find more annoying ?

FYI: Internet is suffering the largest worldwide virus attack ever.

Download the Al Franken Fair and Balanced Lawsuit - FREE

Glen Browder & Mike Gravel discuss ideas for democracy on C-SPAN.

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

Ten Commandments vs. Sermon On The Mount

Some California Republicans Echo Gov. Davis

Blacklist of America's #1 enemies

McKinney named visiting professor at Cornell

Meet America's new role model -- Sally Baron!

Score Bush on the 10 Commandments

Economic Sign to Watch for in September

Anybody Else Have Trouble Getting Randi Rhodes Live Stream ???

Get Your War On is back with number 26! Finally!

My Bushie Lies Over the Weapons: found on Yahoo! message boards

Bush continues to hog the skies

Hey, what happened to BushCo's WMD 'surprise?'

Florida House Speaker used "Choose Life" auto tag list for political ploy

Iraqi most wanted deck will soon be in need of reshuffling

Raising gas prices on Memorial day, tradition or necessity?

Powell announced it at UN today...FIVE more coalition partners

TX GOP'er asking local repubs to bring sledgehammers to ex Dem Hdqtrs.

The UN bombing will be his Dien Bien Phu and Tet Offensive -- combined

I'm a dagnab Mexican, if you need answers, I'm taking requests.

Have you contacted your (Reps) to co-sponsor HR- 2625 ??

Breaking News...... Al Franken agrees to change title of book.

Because I Felt Like It I Just Sent Bill O'really A Sorta Long E-Mail.

Mobster gets extra prison time for smuggled sperm

Programs to go to Iraq

Head dittohead station interviews Howard Dean (Audiofile) 8/20/03

RE: Election 2002 - Story on dems losing by same # of votes?

An evening with Joe Trippi of the Dean campaign...

this image sums up our purpose in iraq

What conservative Repukes think of Ah-nold...

Bush screwed our military in Iraq! This is not being reported.

Fascinating piece on fascism!

CNN Poll today

Now's your chance - RECALL BUSH is now online!

DRIP DRIP: BUSH: 52% vs. 48% approval, and MORE!!!!

Global Warming Solved!!!!!!

Some questions about the maxim: "The worse the better"

Albright on Today w/Matt Lauer: If Gore was in the White House

O'Reilly Refuses to Have Conason on The Factor

Do you think there'll be another 'New Product Roll-Out" in Sept.

To those of u who support posting the 10 Commandments on publci buildings:

Chemical Ali? Didn't we get him already???

Jim Hightower/C-Span repeating NOW (1:35 Eastern)

Can an ex-president run for vice-president?

Yet another POLL to vote on

Interesting quote from an unexpected source...

Visit this Poll regarding removal of the 10 commandments monument

What is the difference between a caucus and a primary?

Bush Job Approval 52% - Re-Select 43% !!!

About bush's blackout statement

I guess much like election laws, stop signs don't apply to Repukes

The Occupation

Israeli Amb. to UN- Blames Syria & Iran

ummmm.....WNBA player accused of rape?

Did anyone watch Washington Journal this morning?

Will Iraq Be Bush's "Waterloo"???

Fineman: Wes Clark Is In

Anyone catch this line in the NYT letters section...

Buzzflash:The FBI Was Right Quick to Determine...

Anyone know exactly WHEN the 10 Commandments will be taken down?

"They'd rather shoot their mother than raise a tax."-Davis

Has your opinion of Colin Powell changed over the last couple of years?

Sign the Bush Recall Petition!!

Where is the info about the "Republicans against the Recall" ?

Need contact for DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee

Dems start group to Recall Bush

Encounter with a Freeper. Franken vs.Miller

dr kelly's grim prediction

The state of our troops in Iraq.

Katha Pollit of The Nation speaks out for Dean

Monsanto Corp. beats up little guy...

How come they want to use oil "revenues" for the Iraqi people?

Homeland Security infected with SoBig.F email virus

Party Insider: Wesley Clark to Run for President

How much worse do things have to get before Jesus shows up?

Clark talking points

First Energy=Blackout Culprit=

Why does this drive me nuts?

funny blog: "Procter; 'Shut Up, Everything's Great!'

If the people of California elect Schwartzenegger, they deserve him

6 months for papal (email) death threat

Texas Democrats fight back !

Boondocks today on the California recall...

Once dead, twice shy, wonder why??? Chemical Ali comes back from the DEAD

UNBELIEVABLE: DUer says "9/11 Moms should move on."

CIA Accused Of Bank Heist

Texas seeks oath of allegiance from youths

fresno fights back

ALERT -- JIM HIGHTOWER on C-SPAN at 7:45 a.m. EDT's "Defend Democracy" Campaign

bush doesn't obey the 10 cmmndmts., why should we? (complete list)

Analysis: Is It Too Late for Wesley Clark?

The Draft?: Imperialist Mercenaries and Conscripted Democrats

Mercenary Corporate (CIA, BLACK OPS. OIL COMPANIES?) Fighters?

Al Queda Claims Responsibility for Blackout

Today in Amurika

Bush About To Step Into Black Hole of History

Chemical Ali...?

Iraqi WMD Scientist's Wife Among Missing

If Clark declares

NPR -- Kiddie Iraq

Nashua, NH "Telegraph" online poll on the economy.

Why do people put up with the bipartisan consensus.

The U.S. now wan't UN help...?

Would you have invested in Halliburton if it meant getting a high return

A link to help the TX Dems, and a link to write the TX Republicans

Worth reading.....

Chalabi & INC emulating Bush style in coverup of pre-UN bombing info?

if the 10 commandments tablet is removed

Clark Supporter Slogans

what is Lieberman's position on Gun Control?

The excellent Ray Taliaferro Next Up:

Will Ashcroft enforce federal law against Alabama Justice Moore

anyone live live in Lynchburg VA?

Is there anyone in this forum who hasn't listened to Mike Malloy?

Fannie Mae now running ads on Limpbaugh

has Janklow publicly expressed regret/sorrow about killing someone?

Cutest baby animal?

DVD Ripper/Burner for Mac OS X?

Schedule for Democratic Presidential debates?

Is DU monitored by candidates/campaign staff/pollsters ?

Howard Dean: Hawk in Dove’s Clothing?

Veterans plan to exact action at polls

drop trow for freedom!

hey! just got a follow-up re reject Bush-Blair Nobel petition

Who is Dennis Kucinich?

Guess what Joe Wilson told me today (the yellow cake guy)

WT7 Collapse Caught on Video ----------------------------- MPEG

Our Kerry and Bob Graham vs. McCain and Lindsey Graham: WE WIN THIS ONE...

Is criticism of Israel anti Semitic?

What if RFK LIVED? What Do You All Think Would've Happened?

who really gets the iraqi oil?

1944: American fascism

Problems I see in Deans Resume

I donated $X.XX to DU and $X.XX to MoveOn in the name of Sally Barron

The View From Vermont: Dean Is No Liberal

Am I A Liberal?

What impresses me about Clark after seeing him with Hannity...

What can we do to minimize our culture of greed?

Saturday, August 23, 2003....Washington DC, come join us !!!

BushCO, your Hypocrisy is LEGION...

Black Box: A word about where your research is going

Do you think Bush has led the U.S. into a quagmire in Iraq? POLL

WI Woman's Obituary: Remove Bush Please

Should Bob Graham bow out?

What arguments are there against unrestricted immigration...

Anti-Semitism versus Anti-Zionism

Grinning BBV Author Subject Of Seattle Times Feature... ... SNAP

Wake Up Call! Bush Get's UN Res. & We Lose!

WHat happens if Al Franken Looses?

What a Bustling Board You've Got Here...

There were NO BOMBS in the WTC... but...

Doesn't Clarks military background make anyone nervous?

Heckler disrupts Ashcroft speech in Detroit

My boy, the salesman.

OK Clark!! It's time to fuc*ing announce what the Fu*k you are!

is Tex A&M the must conservative secular unversity?

Made a plug for Howard Dean and yesterday

What about a token of appreciation for Janeane?

Debates you would love to watch? But will probably never happen.

Global Warming kills 10,000 in France and counting. GW is for REAL

Conservatives are intolerant of ...

Dennis Kucinich on The Daily Show! Coming up!

Dennis Kucinich on the Daily Show with John Stewart!

Spanish Civil War

Scrappy Dennis Kucinich Moving Up into Top Tier

New Republican Fundraising Event--

Anyone having trouble with Malloy's show ...

Do you believe that we are "progressing"?

What's this about a course called "How To Be Gay" being offered ...

Can we try to expel Tom DeLay?

Warning: Dean Under Attack At

Al Franken says right capitalized on Wellstone tragedy

I would GLADLY become a "Bush loyalist", no problem!

Bush goons threaten life of former Thatcher finance advisor

Will Kerry Bring Up Cocaine and AWOL?

Woh, Kucinich just made a big booboo, I'm pissed

High Gas Prices

We've sunk so low even 4H & FFA kids are cheating

Great slideshow of today's Portland demonstrations

Marine shoots self to avoid going overseas

Ann Coulter is afraid of Joe Conason!!!

One Good Reason To Watch Faux

Some people think DUers are nuts. I am about to agree.

Al Franken's "apology"

Kucinich, change your attitude on US defense/military

Voters hearing Howard Dean

A small act of "Resistence," Covering Coulter at Books-A-Million!

Wesley Clark & the Military Industrial Complex.

send more troops? are you kidding me?

Wesley Clark - tell me about him.

Should Moore be removed as a judge?

UN security council wants to see a timetable for Iraq occupation to end

Thanks, George

I am re-registering to vote as a Democrat

Jim Hightower turned me into a born-again Dean supporter!

I will not be voting for anybody who voted for the war

Disturbing story about Wesley Clark

DU Poll: Which BushCo event is most traitorous?

DISCUSSION: What should the Dem 2004 platform be?

In Defense of Joe Lieberman:

U.S. drive for more troops meets opposition at UN

Poll: Race Tight Between Kerry And Dean In Massachusettes

Panel Notes Problems Tracking Reservists

UN's Butler puzzled at US silence on Iraq (WMD) interviews

Protesters Greet Bush in Northwest

Schwarzenegger Would Consider Tax Hikes-Aide

'Texas 11' sues state GOP

Court appointee: Interior broke the law (Norton, Oil, & Data Destruction)

Powell Calls For Arafat To Assist In Clampdown

U.S. Contractors in Iraq Say Work Goes On

FirstEnergy at the center of the blackout inquiry had previous outages

Poll: Majority Wants to Oust Calif. Governor

Martyrdom beckons with backlash over (Aussie bigot) Hanson sentence

MS Supreme Court Expands Wrongful Death Law to Cover Fetuses

Military Mute On Vaccine Danger?

CIA Accused Of Bank Heist

RNC Leader Seeks Equal Attention As Dems

Test Links All W.Va. Sniper Shots

British PM summoned to testify as Iraq inquiry takes on surreal twist

44 charged in assassination of Serb PM

Just Heard on Fox -Hannity & Colmes Has Wesley Clark on tonight (Thursday)

Bush Looks to the Environment to Sway Swing Vote

Abortion doctor's killer has no regrets (Jeb Asked To Stop Execution)

GOP Tries to Take Attention From Dems (+ News On Graham, Dean, Edwards)

Venezuela: Signatures invalid, so probably no referendum this year

Moron judge Moore on CNN now saying will appeal to the USSC...??????

The Mideast crisis

Survey Shows Most Americans Oppose School Vouchers


Republican party to rip apart Dems' old offices (Texas)

UN building in Iraq now being destroyed (deliberately)...

California congressional Dems endorse Bustamante

Powell seeks Arafat aid on terror, warns of 'cliff'

This 'Citizen' has plenty to say

US soldier dies after Afghan attack

Hamas calls for Abu Mazen to resign and leave Palestinian territory.

DC police investigate transgender killings (WP)


Kelly predicted death in woods

Democrats start group to "recall" Bush

Deadline Passes for Commandments Monument

Gay couple files discrimination suit against UPS

Four 9/11 Moms Battle Bush

Factions Name New Leader for War-Broken Liberia

Did Philippines gvmt bomb its own people with CIA help?

US helicopter fires on civilian vehicle in Afghanistan, three injured

Latest CA repug strategy?

Kelly had told UN man "I will be found dead in the woods," if Iraq attacke

US Ambassador John Negroponte Asked UN to Send Help to Iraq

CNet: Microsoft warns of critical IE flaws

U.S. Soldier Slightly Hurt by Bomb in Afghan South

Iraq Guerrillas Target 'Traitors' Working for U.S.

Preparing for the WTO Cancún trade round

Son of former congressman injured in stabbing incident

UN work a lifeline for Iraqis and US forces alike

Israel, U.S. Sign Loan Guarantee Accord Clouded by Plans for West Bank Sec

Iraq Weapons Expert Predicted 'Death in Woods'

Bush's support in California falling steadily, poll shows

IBM lays off 15,000, HP 1300

Argentine Senate annuls amnesty laws on human rights violations

CNet: ISPs: Sobig's the biggest virus so far

Kelly 'not distressed' during grilling

The New Hampshire Poll (Dean 28% Kerry 21%)

Cop's Appearance on 'Queer Eye' Questioned

Blair, Hoon to testify next week before Iraq inquiry

U.S. Soldier Dies in Baghdad Attack - U.S. Military

U.S. Asks Allies for Iraq Occupation Help (France and Germany)

Wildfires reroute Bush Oregon forest visit (Deschutes County Fairgrounds)

Bush May Face Environment Protests in Northwest

University Games Warned of Chemical Terror Alert

Powell and Annan at the UN...

Schwarzenegger's financial advisors

Battle continues for veteran home from war (Homless Iraq Vet)

Weekly Jobless Claims Drop to Lowest Level Since Feb.

British Government Curbed Iraq Expert Testimony

Blast will reverberate in campaign

Poland to withdraw troops from 'high-risk area' near capital

Wired News: Software Exec Eyes Senate Seat

Sharpton accussed of ripping off travel agency

Another W. Va. Shooting Reported

Some California Republicans Echo Gov. Davis

Japan may delay Iraq force

Argentine Senate Gives Final Approval to Scrapping 1980s Amnesty Laws

Iraq Guerrillas Target 'Traitors' Working for U.S.

Islamic charities accused of supporting terror

Gasoline pipeline from Los Angeles to Phoenix down

Rumsfeld, Rice to attend VFW convention about health care

Janklow denies newspaper report that he hired private eye

Cuban Airmen Indicted in Civilian Deaths

Tampa's crowd-scanning software misses crooks (and being removed)

House Members Propose Longer Office Terms

Obituary backs 'removal of Bush' - Woman 'thought he was a liar'

Ever been dumped, rejected or laughed at?

What type of threads do you find more annoying ?

Describe your favorite

Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

What percent of male DU'ers wear a thong?

Are we kid-friendly?

Should I get AIM, MS Chat, or ICQ?

Former Red Sox broadcaster Ken Coleman dead at 78

How are you feeling?

Taco Bell "poll"

Pics from the Boston Gathering Aug 16

name ALL the unidentifiedbassplayers....

I'm going to be on TV!

Win a T-Shirt! Guess how many donations we bring in by midnight Sunday!

Bitch, bitch, bitch. It's the PMS thread!

Least deserving of an Oscar

It's DISCO THURSDAY at Chez Night Train!!!


Newyawker99: you're so supportive of newbies. Thanks!

CAPTION the FINA pump boy

Should I let my 15 year old daughter post on DU?

Dubya vs. Reagan

America used to be Elvis. Now it is Col. Tom Parker.

Best Coen Brothers Film?

How about a backhanded CAPTION?

Question for XP Home users

Update on my health, my life

102 Y.O. Man Seeking Wife For 'Good Times'

CAPTIONS to thin-out forests by

Best Alfred Hitchcock Film

Greatest Actor of the Classic era of films (30's-mid 50's)

Greatest Actress of the Classic Era of films (30's thru mid 50s)

10 o'clock and all's well. And the Grotto's open.

Worst "classic rock" band?

Best Nicholson Film?

Have you ever met a David Duke supporter?



All time best "classic" comedian

Which kind of CHEATING is worse?

Best Kubrick Film?

"moonbat commie from the Democratic Underground. How would you kill him?"

How was your high school experience?

A question for the....La-dies(with my best Barry White inflection)

Anyone else gonna BOYCOTT Rob Lowe's new show?

I smell the stench of conservatism on my Political Science professor

Other Than DISCO... What Reminds You Of The SEVENTIES?

Soap Opera Fans... Please Explain NBC's "Passions" To Me

Aurora tonight!

Anyone have DSI

Football Question

Been a while since I've been here .....

Unlikeliest Personal Hits

Which pop culture phenomenon disturbed you most?

Wandering around the state fair today

What fresh hell is this?

When is the last time you looked down, and

I'm a dagnab Mexican, if you need answers, I'm taking requests.

New Yorkers infesting Quahog on Family Guy now!!!

Never Ending Thread


I got Franken's book yesterday.

Who here likes the Beatles?

Should it really be called: Queer Eye for the White Guy?

Does anyone else wish Ashton Kutcher would just go away?

Question about child abuse

Best President in History

Some encouragement for the newly-and long-term unemployed

I'm a Miami Dolphin fan, ...Ask me anything!

OMG, freepers destroy Sesame Street!

Boys and their Toys

Jon Stewart Poking fun at Admistration Action Figures

Cool, half the power in my apartment just went out!

This is why I love "For Better or For Worse"

Baseball fans: It's a LOG JAM in the AL Central.

10: 00 and the mud hole is open! who here hates water...

Another great example of Freeper spelling

Article about young DUer's political activities

Lynda Carter rocks! Wants to make * tell truth

Malloy fixed now....trying to get back to normal after the break ...

Anyone here see "Freddy Vs. Jason" yet?

Expose yourself here if you dare

Are there any American shows which are anti-establishment?

Has anyone ever declared bankruptcy? Anybody a financial wiz?

Who needs CAPTIONS when we have

If I Was The Current President of the USA

This show makes a posthumous statement about the music industry?


Am I being a brat?? I am not thrilled about going to Tahiti...

My vote for worst ad of the week: WalMart tie-in with LOTR: Two Towers

Is Bill Shatner a Democrat? Is Captain Kirk liberal or conservative?

"You really should work on that negative attitude thing"

SweetZombieJesus' "What Fresh Hell Is This" thread inspired me.

I think Mars is calling me home...

'Star Wars Kid' phenomenon goes mainstream

Top Brit Comedian Traps Todger in Zipper on board Plane...

WTF? Kiddie Car Shopping Carts???

Billy Connolly Gets Penis Caught in Zipper on a Flight from New Zealand

Hey! I just hit post # 404

Amazing Race - what a great way to end it !!! (No Spoilers)

ahhhh....back in college

Should I let my yak post on DU???

Here's something everybody can bitch about, it's the constipation thread!

Unofficial DU Poll: Favorite condiment?

Best Tom Hanks movie?

I've had a ROTTEN, MISERABLE DAY!!!!!!!





Best Tom Cruise Film

It's not the heat - it's the BITCHINESS

If you need a resume and/or cover letter, I'm your gal!

What "coming attraction"/film are you looking forward to

ATI Sucks


I picked up Al Franken's book!

Best Busey Film

The Joy of Rail Travel (joke)

anyone know of a good e-commerce hosting company?

Okay - De Niro or Pacino?

Any DUers with RLS?

Lady Freedom start ringing her bell?

The Truth Behind the Power Outages Across Eastern North America

Don't think I'm stupid, but who is Anita Bryant?

Need a laugh. Check out last paragraph of this story

Best Dylan Album?

Favorite Running Motif in the Lounge

Bumper Sticker sighting... (good one)

What I like about the South

Best De Niro Film

msn messenger

Some questions about Chief Justice Moore...

Pro-Outsourcing VP at my company was Canned!

Progressive Punk Rock!

Oh Boyssssss!! Heres a PinUp for your afternoon delight

Best Kevin Costner Movie!

Best Val Kilmer Movie???

Montessori Schools....question

Experiment in posting photo

YAY! "Eeyorish" is now an actual word! (and Muppet too) (ODE)

Best Pacino Film

I'm doing better

Eddie Izzard I LOVE HIM!

OK- Fess Up. Who's been watching VH1's I Love the 70's this week ?

So...Who Is The STRAIGHT GUY On "Boy Meets Boy"??

Best Oliver Stone Film?

Just saw the BEST Photoshoped Sean Hannity Pic!

Who is goofing off at work right now? Come hither...

Why is it that the only time...

Best Toilet Paper commercial?

So my mother in law smashed my husband's new truck.

Best Nicholson film? The Shining

Can someone help me with my email server DSI

My life goal: become a greeter at Walmart in Goderich, Ontario.

Two thought-provoking movies: Pleasantville & Powder

Kid freaksout on IRC and gets gunned down.

Are we yak-friendly?

Is this NASA satellite photo of the black out authentic?

CatWoman, the movie????


Letterman Top 10 things overheard during Bush's Vacation

Who wants to pay me a nickel to see my nasty broken foot?

Kipling on Religion

Best Thread about people's best films-

Me Love You Long Time

Who put all those bombs in GD?

is there a decent freeware video editor out there?

This is why I try to stay away from the lounge before bedtime

What you learn when you get older

Is this the DUMBEST corporate promotion EVER???

Isn't sexual "preference" kind of stupid?

Breaking News...... Al Franken agrees to change title of book.

Circle Jerks, anyone?

I feel like photoshopping something, I need ideas

Doesn't it look like Pickles is afraid

'War of the naked'

Computer Techs I need some help.


My boss just brought me a cookie... ask me anything.

I know it's bad form to criticize spelling but...


Music Snobs: Why isn't Husker Du considered super-cool?

Rolling Stones appreciation post.......

Pregnant women and mildew sensitivity... who knew?

Confessions of an American


GABBA GABBA. Hey or Nay?

How do you go without bottom teeth for 8 weeks? (I am a girl)

SWAT Hand Signals ...

The food-biz insanity is spreading, seen in Mass

Al Franken fights back

Ah, the little pleasures of life...

I just started my very own blog...ask me anything!

Me so Horny

Underpants. Will you be performing in this play?

Be Jealous - lounge lizards - be jealous!


Psychic Gary Spivey!! What A CLOWN!!

Finally updated the greeting on my homepage

ABBA. Yay or Nay?

Jean Luc Picard is my he yours? TNG discussion.

You're all a bunch of lazy slobs!

A bird in the hand is worth more than a Bush

WAGGA WAGGA. Yay or Nay.

Grrr.....I hate it when people act so elitist.

Carmen Electra thinks about sex every 20 seconds

So who is going to the NYC Dean rally Tuesday?

Calling all CA women

Chemical Ali captured...

gabbo Gabbo GABBO!!!

Phish's Mike Gordon Arrested

When/where is Boy meets Boy on in the Pacific Northwest

Good morning everybody!

Good (Thursday) Morning DU!

The freeper and the vasectomy

When somebody says that they don't like "Labels" they:

Lets make a Date for a 10 percenter party

What Internet Shorthand Do You Use Most?

My friend needs a kidney transplant :(

I just wanted to tell all of you....

So I've Been Ignoring Yahoo Messengers "Time-To-Update" Alert...

Ok. When Will The Show Lesbian For The Straight Man Be On. Well

how convenient: US get a kill before UN request

Mac OSX/Safari Crash Question!



Thank heavens George W. Bush is a ‘Compassionate Conservative.'


Mr Pointy nose - a story

The State Is Called "The Sunshine State" But Where Is The Friggin Sun.

Today is day 1 of my 10-day vacation!!!!!!

Computer advice sought: Is Anybody using DriveCrypt? Experiences?

Who's got Al's new book?

Who wanted state magnets in Canada?

Grrr!!! Sobig virus is inundating my e-mail!!!!

Friday!! National SLACKER DAY!

Man With Ear Ache Gets Vasectomy INSTEAD!


With the possible exception of Crewleader, The Magistrate is...

Man pleading insanity moons jury during trial (WASN'T ME!!)

Is anyone else getting a lot of spam about "termination of service"?

A Pic of me NAKED

The wisdom of Gord;

Is ebay down?

any dream analysts on DU?

How come KGO is so hard to log in to?

Nobody seems interested in my thread in GD

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.......

We kick ass!! (please brag here thread)

OK, does anyone else watch Stargate SG-1

James Bond

Best Movie of ALL TIME

I just did a miserable job of playing a Hendrix song

* Warning * This Poll Contains Explicit Material.....

Austin and Texas DUers...I think it's time for a gathering!!!