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Archives: August 2, 2003

America Is a Religion

Supporting the Troops (Duplicate thread)

Bush press conference highlights government crisis

Maureen Dowd: The sheep turn on Wolfie

Dowd: Butch, Butch Bush!

Supporting the Troops - American lives or ‘SportsCenter’?

Potato-firing bazooka lands German in trouble

Violation of privacy? Court says no, it's just good citizenship.

Georgia DUers! Want to help out the state ACLU?

"anybody but bush" updated

Lets play Spitball Chris Matthews; whore extrodinaire

What are the unasked questions?

Bill Clinton Reviews Pirates of the Carribean

Chris Matthews wimps out again

U.S. casualties number 248

Republicans for Sharpton--holy moly, that's tacky!

How come Stephen Hawking's mechanical voice doesn't have a British accent?

August! What's fun to do this month? Fun Stuff "On the Cheap"......

has anyone ever "met" someone else in the meeting room?

Portraits of look-a-likes

Laughter...It's good for the soul

Astrologers: IRACHNID, from Starlight News

Appeals Court to Hear Fetus-Guardian Debate (Florida)

Adding more outside directors may worsen corporate fraud | UFla

Attacks on U.S. troops 'will get much worse'

Afghanistan: Report documents violence and repression by US-backed warlord

Wolfowitz on Iraq: “Murky intelligence” suffices for pre-emptive wars

Uh oh, is worried about Iraq too

Guatemala: Ex-Dictator's Presidential Bid Churns Up Old Bitterness

Sri Lankan government's muddied Tiger policy

Car Bomb Kills Hizbollah Member in Beirut

China slams Pentagon report on missile threat

88,000 Mosques, One Sermon

"Capitol Hill Cross-Fire"

Problem with the Hate Mail bag

Dahlan: Rice did not discuss dismantling groups with me

A New 'New Mideast'

IDF disperses violent protest at security fence near Tulkarm

Tear down Israel's wall

Prisoners' Fate Key to Mideast Talks

Al-Aqsa opts out of Mideast truce

Arafat Detention of Militants Threatens Ceasefire

Israeli Pianist Barenboim Plays West Bank

Is it a Fence? Is it a Wall? No, it's a Separation Barrier

The Stage Is Set For Ethnic Cleansing

A Place For Our Dream...

Attacks on U.S. troops 'will get much worse'


GWB: A More Welcominger Jim Crow

CA Recall Election - 296 Candidates!!!!!

Poll: Kerry has N.H. edge: Dems see senator as `electable'

Governor's Races 2006 (One way we can win back the nation)

Armed with poll, DLC states its case for steering party

Who's pro-choice here?

I love the Bashing threads!

Does supporting Dean equal this:

Not supporting Dean means you support Karl Rove!

The doctor is in – in your face!

Kucinich on Iraq, campaigns, electability, and more:

When will bush drop out?

Joe Biden for VP?

Howard Dean's secret weapons.....

Invesments on the Candidates market

rigor mortis article, funny

Still in the Running

Wyoming graphics editors for Dean, and my response

Some fear Dean’s success helps Bush

President's Tax Agenda Is Met With Lukewarm Support

Are Voters in the Mood for an Angry Democrat?

Peer-to-Peer Politics

It's National Security, Stupid!

The doctor is in–in your face!

How Bill Richardson is the future of the Democratic Party

Nothing But 'Net

GOP builds Dean dossier

It's time to expose Karl Rove - NOW before the campaigns in full swing:

Candidates Debate Health Care

Would you support a Gore/Clark ticket against Bush/Cheney?

Prediction: A Gephardt-Dean ticket

WTF...Bush Announces "Bold" New Job Plan for India:

Kucinich - This Is The Moment... The Time is Now! What do you think?

What strawman issue will Dubya shove down our throats this fall?

Is being a vegetarian being a hypocrite??

Best Hope for Dems: More Shrub Press Conferences!

Log Cabin Republicans....why?

NYT puts W very close to Saudis hijackers friends:

Jello Biafra.....America: The New Soviet Union?

Gore is making telephone calls, so says Al Hunt (Capital Gang)

One Party State?

To Bev Harris and the Black Box warriors

How many of you are homosexual and think heterosexuals are your equal?

Who Are Your Favorite Political Philosophers

Is their an independent liberal publication in your area?

Didn't Pepperbelly say that Wesley Clark doesn't fool around?

What Are Your Thoughts on Paul Krugman?

As an artist myself, I think Gibson's detractors are way out of line...

Did they find WMD or evidence of a program yet?

Remember Greens: KKKers, Nazi skinheads will all be voting for BUSH

Bill Richardson, Candidate for Vice President?

for Dean supporters who've been in for the long haul...

Can you support a candidate and not agree with all issues?

only MY candidate can beat bush

Rebecca Mercouri ejected from elections meeting

Diebold President: "Still working out kinks in Touchscreens"

What corporations are known for supporting the Democrats?

Deleted message

Where are the results from Bush's Mental Exam?

Estimated 2004 election results

Dean Supporters: A Quick Report from the CDC Convention

Is Howard Dean Electable?

Guess I am kinda slow anyone else pissed about this?

Fleetwood Mac Praises Bill Clinton!

could Hispanics become swing voters?

Verizon Workers on Strike..........Support Appreciated

Bob Graham.....Democratic point man for VP?

Pirates of the Arabian Sea - The Curse of Black Oil

If North Korea invaded South Korea, the US would...

Official U6 unemployment rate for July (not seasonally adjusted): 10.5%

The $400.00 Child tax credit check is a fraud....

'Righteous Murder'

U.S. casualties number 248

Man loves Fox News, buys billboards thanking God for it

Question for Greens regarding Bush/Gore

Wow!! Didn't Realize the "History" of Rove---and a few other slime......

Exported jobs....

Two must see Daily Show clips....

Willie Nelson Ads for Kucinich to Start Airing ...Beginning this week

Hillary - Sunday - 4:45 Eastern

Anyone undecided on the candidates?

Is the government too big?

The pads mean David Kelly was murdered

Is Dean the Anti-Gore?

How about Tom Vilsack for Vice President?

Are you willing to move to beat Bush?

A call to all Kansas Dems

why do most people married with children vote repub?

9/11, David Schippers and FBI foreknowledge

Poll: do you know a single woman...

Deleted message

I think the overtime pay cutting may be our best weapon against *

Could it be that the man who would be Thursday is really OK?

Bush’s “good ole boy” image, is he really like you and me?

More from Plubius

Fifth columns

What do the dem. candidates think of the drug war?

Bush off to his ranch again for DETOX

An example of why we do not stand a chance in Iraq

The Guy James Show coming on at 3:05pm EST! Listen !!! Call!!

Bill Clinton defending Bush......why?

D.U.ers please help: Top 3 news sources

I will be writing to the new Total Inforamtion Asshole

The Canadian federal government should spend more money on. Poll

"Hurricane Hillary" followed by "Hurricane Saddam".

Evan Bayh on tv again knocking anti-war dem candidates-he's a dem &

DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe must go!

Kucinich speaking to members of Natural Law Party???

Upcoming countercultural backlash?

Is this the best they can do for a California Gov

Alright, who's NOT going to move to Canada...

Watch Jesse Jackson's show on the Word Channel at 10pm

Were you a Kucinich fan when he was pro-life?

Sincere Question

There is no media-Mike Hersh

Patriot Act II - where can I read up on this?

Now I know for a fact there will never be WMD found

Why would Democrats even *think* about running Clark?

What month will be the bloodiest for our poor US troops in Iraq

Who would be an even worse president than George W. Bush?


Mort Kondrake is a total CHODE

Too Much Diversity -Too Little Unity?

Bush revising history. First "trifecta," now "weapons programs."

Letter to Atlanta Paper

Funny facts about the California Recall

Shouldn't 9-11 familes be Calling for Bush's Political Head as a Traitor??

And RFK JR on CSpan1 NOW!!!

industries that give heavily to repukes,avoid when possible(if not at all)

Let's not become "Cheap Labor Liberals"

Freepers and Dean--such intrigue!

Hate Mailbag - Don't miss it!

Attention Conservative Democrats: Republcians Will Never Respect You!

Help me solve my political dilemma

Why is Atlanta such a big city?

Trading terrorism futures - a good idea?

Another CA atrocity in the works

is Michael Moore a Left Wing Limpbaugh?

Larry Sabato: Democrat or Republican?

Another Rall masterpiece

Did Alec Baldwin shout at the black woman after Bill Maher?

Hate Mail

What are OUR Brands?

Has Bush been to any elementary schools since 911?

Dean to get in Bush's face: will run ads only in Texas


Mind control device - your monitor


They buried Husseins 14 year old grandson with Odai and Qusai as martyrs

VIRUS WARNING! Pay attention kids....

Campaign help anyone?

How Many People in Total Will Run for Governor in California?

remember Rush Rooms

what will you do with your portion of Bush's blood money ($400)?

A serious, non-bashing question for Clark supporters

Dean backers...

Petition drives underway to oust Texas Republicans Perry, DeLay

Saddam: Trial in Iraq - judged by Iraqis?

Has this group been discussed here?

are soccer moms for censorship of music and video games?

Greg Palast: WAMY! Harken! Why Bush had FBI layoff al Qaeda, Saudis..

Why is Bush protecting Saudi Terrorists?

August! What's fun to do this month? Fun Stuff "On the Cheap"......

BFEE: 9-11 Saudi Connection is Off Limits …

"the good economy is due to the hard work of the American people"

who does ELF endorse?

What has become of the Color-Coded Terror Alert System

Question about the California recall

Man marries horse! Film at eleven....

Why I Love the California Recall Effort

Evidence shows Repubs are more immoral than Democrats

Quote from * ? Help please.

The Flip Side: Why Wouldn't Democrats Think About Running Clark?

Daily Bob Graham Thread

any ex dittobots here?

US bartering arms for soldiers for Iraq

Download these political comedy clips from Lewis Black

did some union members buy *s good ol boy image?

Any estimates on how many Californians will vote in the recall?

do Childless couples vote Dem or Repub?

Irony alert- Joe Scarborough talking about Gary Condit and Chandra Levy

My web site comments greatly appreciated

Is the CA recall a plan to get Feinstein out of the Senate?

I have my doubts!

What do you think of the Constitution?...

Alan Colmes

(AP) Aide: Saddam Did Get Rid of Iraq WMD -No imminent threat?

C-Span Re-Run of Wolfowitz Ass-Whipp'en by Sen.

What Would Foucault Say About Gay Marriage?

Three days in recent US history.

CNN's "The Hunt for Saddam"

North Korea Non-Aggression Policy

Who died and made Bush Pope?

Georgia DUers: Has Max Clelland always been that tough and aware?

C-SPAN LA Times Reporter-"Karl Rove involved in Nixon dirty

Cops called on topless 3-year-old girl at pool

Homeland Security people working in Iraq - really!

Kilgore Wants Child Molester Committed

Stephen Hadley: From Iran-Contra to NigerSOTUUraniumYellowCakeGate

"The New Jargon" (an oldie & longish but worth a read if you missed it)

Question for the Draft Gore folks:

25 minutes of call in on C-Span this AM....

Know thine enemy: Karl Rove bio

The "Bush Blame" Thread

Americans Stupid? Media to Blame?

Are there any gay folks that don't feel comfortable ...

Jack Nelson on C-SPAN

professional anti-choice protesters

boycott NBC News

Hillary Clinton.

Kobe Bryant Free-for-All Obscures a Serious Debate

The Right-wing agenda

Rose-colored BS and Reality

Now Poodle starts taking lonnnnggggg summer vacations too.

So, let me get this straight...

what time was Limpbaugh's TV show on in your area?

todays CNN pole...

CiC (Chimp in Charge) at play

Things may be looking up....

Jerry Brown On MSNBC Soon

Dueling quotes

If Bush could change the name Saudi Arabia to Iraq in 911 report

Secretary Chao will you sign my boobs? Anybody see this on C-Span?

Would anyone here seriously consider enlisting or re-upping ?

Patent for manipulation of nervous system thru TV/Internet

I thought Gen. Clark was great on "Crossfire"

"Politically correct" Pearl Jam slammed in Parade Magazine

Ideas for DU or other website. Thoughts?

Local DJ Has GREAT Nicknames for Hannity & Limbaugh!

saw a *2004 sticker for the first time last night

Who is the strongest democratic candidate -- on the economy/job loss?

Foes join Battle against Patriot Act

WIRED News: Data Dump Required Before Flights

why not open a counter Gipper or a counter* library

Get Over the Slipup on Abortion By Clark on "Crossfire"

UN Security Council Resolutions Currently Being Violated (other than Iraq)

Wake Up - Corporatism + Bush = Jobs to India

Question for other heterosexuals here...

Found this letter in Newsday

Carfax. Nexium, GM Goodwrench ads heard on Hannity

Jack Nelson on C-span Watergate reporter

Alec Baldwin for President?

Thank You, Mod's

Have you questioned your Supervisor of Elections about voting machines?

Ann Coulter should watch what she says about superior liberals

There's Talk of Riordan Running as a Democrat

Sanctity of life? Sanctity of marriage? PLEASE.

A BEAUTIFUL Way To Start The Day....

I enjoying watching the GOP and Dems squirm over Dean!

Now with Bill Moyers

Grrrrr No DEAN but TWO gore banners in Hillsborough County Democratic Exec

Sean Gorman & DHS

Another teeterer.

Ohoh. Could this new story be the planted WMD??

Could Segregationists Have Built A Sucessful Third Party?

For Koko and others interested in serious consideration...

Why all this Victor Ashe stuff suddenly?

Hitler's 2 and a half inch penis for sale

If you want a good laugh, download these clips

Incredible! Freeps post "Being There" review and NO ONE GETS IT!

A view on same-sex marriage from Taiwan...

Annoying what is the current # of lost jobs? I hear diff #'s all the time

Freepers attacking, who is

The rational way to vote in the CA recall election

Ignore this post - really

I don't get the Gore as Deus Ex Machina phenomenon

NYT op ed piece -- another Bush farce

Why is the California recall considered undemocratic by many here?

Some GOP Politicians See Uncertain Job Prospects (LAT)

Doctors say Bush is in excellent health

US anti-war activists hit by secret airport ban

Americans killed near Baghdad...Is this a NEW report????

Manila investigates report of plan to assasinate Arroyo

Verizon faces strike (possible 80,000 off work)

Employment Picture Still Gloomy ("jobless recovery")

Racist poem appearson Web site for GOP

'Al Qaeda' tape warns US over Cuba prisoners

RSF Deplores the ‘Worsening Attitude’ of US Troops Toward Journalists in I

Democratic Unity Behind Davis Unravels (Maxine Waters)

FBI Says San Diego Blaze Likely 'Domestic Terror' (ELF)

VP's prewar role drawing attention; some allege misuse of Iraq intelligenc

Seized Bars: Iraq's "Gold" Mostly Copper

Russian Suicide Attack Toll Rises to 41

America silences Niger leaders in Iraq nuclear row

North Korea says will hold talks, but not with ("psycho..")Bolton

Iraqis Struggle to Retrieve Goods from GIs

(Ruth Bader) Ginsburg: Int'l Law Shaped Court Rulings

Daschle will post diary on his Senate Web site

Blair Tells Bush*: We Don't Want Guantanamo Britons

Report: We havent even begun ;Al Qaeda

Bush policies worsen state finances-Democrats

Keeping heavy tax burden on poor called immoral

Poll: Hispanic Voters Undecided on Bush

WP: As Governor, Dean Was Fiscal Conservative

Possible Voter Backlash Feared on Drug Benefit Measure

Britney Fit for Daisy Dukes' Shorts?

Afghan Political Violence on the Rise – Attacks on U.S.-Led Allies

Getting a piece of terror pie

Davis Signs $100 Billion Budget for California

Soldiers Attacked As Saddam's Sons Buried (two injured)

Stray bullet kills US soldier in Iraq

British Intelligence Official to Retire

Kucinich gets Green support

Bush Gets Physical Ahead of Texas Holiday

Pioneering Army Unit to Debut in Iraq (Stryker brigade)

Kerry camp split on issue of Dean

Bigamy blitz on Mormons

Menino [Boston Mayor] OK's new voting machines [Optical Scan!!]

U.S. Cool To New U.N.Vote: Unfettered Role In Iraq Preferred

Palo Alto seeks answers (concern about 2 cops beat black motorist)

U.S. Readies Policy Shift in Afghanistan

Bush Says Policies Are Affecting Economy

Elusive great white shark captured

Man Files Lawsuit Against Socialite D. Rich (re Hillary donation)

pillowtex laying off 6,000

Liberia's Taylor agrees to cede power

More than 100 US soldiers in Iraq struck with pneumonia

Missing Girl Hoax Suspect Gave FBI Tips

Hollings Dashes Hopes That He'll Bail Out Party

At Funeral for Hussein's Sons, a Call for "Death to America"

West African envoys: Taylor agrees to cede power on Aug. 11

Aide: Saddam Did Get Rid of Iraq WMD

U.S. forces shoot Iraqi woman after bomb attack

Tab on recall election doubles to $67 million

Pep Boys closes 33 stores, lays off 860

US soldier killed (3 wounded) in attack north of Baghdad-8/01 10:30pm

US said to ease demand for Abbas to curb militants

Iran holds No. 3 al Qaeda leader

Iraqi rebel attacks cut into calm(8 attt. in W.Iq/ 24 hrs ending Fr night)

Unemployment, jobs both decline

Bush*s Aide (Rove) Pays His D.C. Taxes Late


Dog farts

Nearly fail-proof way to kill a fly indoors

Timely "Dead Kennedys" Lyrics!!

I'm back from my colloquy, ask me anything

I just found out that Cowboy Curtis

Boston or Key West?

a blatant post about indelicacy and those who are 'messy, perverted'

A subtle post about inclusion and those who are 'mousy, introverted'

"The Process" 80s Gothic Webcast...

So what's up with the psycho guy on Comedy Central? 9pm

The Somewhat Dull, but Polite Conversation Thread

Should Terwilliger be allowed to post polls?

Will Pitt needs to get his ass to Houston...

OK..I've asked some dumb questions in my life and...

Calling SoCal Duers

Network techies, I'm in a brainfart - please help!

I'm hoping to see "Whale Rider" tonight this a good pick?

Who'd be interested in WilliamPitt sharingsome tips on writing/publishing

My anniversary present

Most listy list ever listed? Most ranky rank ever ranked?

Chicago DUers: Any eye witnesses?

Ever seen a "UFO?"

Philly evil DUers

"I call my phone..."

Who owns a Classic car? 1960's or earlier.


There's no place like home

Check it out, check it out, check it out -- I just turned 18.

If Bush wins in 04, the following day you will...

And for my 1000 post I would like to post all my subversive art. Critics?

SAN DIEGO/LA DUers: I'm speaking in Carlsbad tomorrow night

What is the worst movie ever made...?

Haven't seen before - What is your sexual orientation?

*Tighty Righties*

Bush* Going On Vacation Today. So, what are YOU doing for the month?

Poor Tony Blair

Happy Anniversary, Ed & Connie Zitkus

What is it with the government and peoples bedrooms?

My kitty Peewee passed away tonight

What is the most quintessential "Old South" state?

The Subliminal Simian of all CAPTIONS

which cinema science fiction dystopia are we closest to?

Darth Kitten almost brush with the Rich and Famous!!!!!!!!

My best friend died today...

The #%&!* Red Sox

an embarrassment to Yankees fans

NPR Bush Joke

My car is getting 31.143 miles per gallon, what is yours getting ?

Song lyrics requested...

Computer monitor info - please

I live in fear of misspelling Public on appraisal reports...

Why do people feel the personal lives of others are any of their business?

What is the best movie that had the worst soundtrack starring a...

Let's Go Back To The Seventies!

I LOVE This Picture!

Any techie know of an easy way to track down a memory leak?

Best Swedish Pop Band? (Focus on the 90's)

The Navy woke me up

My boss is getting fired next week!

Left Coast Alert! Must See TV! The Three's Company MOW

Anyone remember Super Chicken?

Real Media alternatives?


Why have I never seen "I Claudius" before now?

Britney Fit for Daisy Dukes' Shorts?

The Saturday Night/Sunday Morning Chat-Me-Up

All right Orioles way to go guys

After A Couple Of Women I Saw Today.... I Would Like To Thank ALL's time for preseason football....

The Salma Hayek Appreciation Thread

If you pull a fly's wings off


The High Colonic of all Captions

Whos awe are you most in post of, intellectionally speaking

The proctoloogy exam of all CAPTIONS!!!!

The King-Bee of all CAPTIONS!!! (No disrespect to B.B King.)

Saddam Wanted poster...with disguises

Why is it that some people only know how to use force as an option?

Congrats DU on 30,000 members

some good Bush photoshops

Man marries horse! Film at eleven....

Whose posts are you most in awe of, intellectually speaking?

Hey, do we have a chat room?

Ritalin should be sold over-the-counter

Long distance providers?

do i or don't i

I declare a thumb war!!!

Just checking in

A message from Daring Dick

I have a sig line query, need technical help

How many DUers work more than one job and why?

Went to Spec's last night

Discuss Guy James live today as it happens.

Would it be self-serving if I used dating services to seek out only

What was the last band you saw live?

Seeing the Dead at The Gorge (Wash.): Q's on venue, camping

Queer Eye has made the cover of "Entertainment Weekly".

ATTN music traders: How to Tell if the RIAA Wants You

Your highest Blood Alcohol Level ever

Something I was Pondering this Morning


Solar-Powered Games -- Source?

Attention all fans of music made with guitars

strangest album in your collection?

A public service message from your computer technician friends...

Re-Released Boomer Tunes

My Video Saturday

2004 presidential contenders on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

Saw Dean at a local fundraiser last night

I just got back from Dave Matthews, ask me anything.

The way Europeans see Shrub*

Lindbergh fathered 3 kids with German [in Germany]

Any orchid care-givers on-board?

Am I an asshole and a hypocrite for considering buying a foreign car?

Will you survive? The Bush Recovery

Who gets this song?

Looking for a business quote and who said it.

BYE ALL! Back in 9 days........

Went fishin for Marlin today, Instead got 3 trigger fish and 1 wrasse

A Poem For The Lonely Man

Will someone please start a new music thread?

The Catchiest Song You've Never Heard

I can't help it , I love John Denver

Extreme sports for the truly jaded: bungee sky-diving!

If you want a good laugh, download these clips

What is Bush's relationship to Victor Ashe?

Oh - Harvey, Harvey, Harvey the Wonder Hamster...

Sometimes, the voices get SO LOUD inside me...

Unitarian Universalism: Cool religion?

Funny Video on forklifter safety