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Archives: August 18, 2003

Martz fails to strut her 'star' stuff | Billings Gazette

Review of Biases in Kelly (UK Scientist) Inquiry Reporting - UK Guardian

Bush's War on Parks & Forests

Lessons in How to Lie About Iraq - Brian Eno

Amin elevated buffoonery to new levels of farce and bloodshed

How the pirates became saviours of the record industry

When Wal-Mart comes to town

Lord almighty! Salon's picture of W with a penis out his nose!

Big Daddy (Idi Amin) was good, then terrible to Uganda | Monitor (Kampala)

Lesson in Amin's passing | Monitor (Kampala)

The Press Has Gone Wimpy Again

War to get rid of villain seldom ends problem

The Defanging of a Radical Epithet

Old Shots May Stop Smallpox

Salon: Conason's "Big Lies" – First Installment

Bush waging a war on parks, forests

Jason Leopold: A must read for Calif voters ( Arnold,Lay,Bush,etc)

Who's a leftist now? It depends on where you stand

Paul Newman Is Still HUD

UK Guardian: With friends like Bush...

Spinsanity: Friend or Foe?

Paul Krugman (NYT): The Road to Ruin

South Carolina's 'pregnancy police'

Guardian: American voters have two choices: Bush or Bush-lite

Democratic Socialists of America

Palast/Hightower in NYC tomorrow

Remembering Paul & Sheila - Making a joyful noise!

USPS Breast Cancer Stamps

Is US Media unable to find Iraq War DEAD totals each night? 284 US DEAD

Bill O'Reilly is as dumb and cowardly as Ann Coulter.

So, about Garofalo on Crossfire...

The Neoconservative Persuasion - by Irving Kristol

Victory! FOX News calls 2004 presidential election for Bush

Where's Bobby?

college football pool!

Bush's natal chart and his life screw ups

Lutherans vote to consider gay clergy in 2005

Gay officials resign in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Governor Davis commits to sweeping DP bill

Personal Bankruptcies Continue to Surge - NY Times

Question about fuel economy/union stance

Is the stock market experiencing another bubble?

Coral Reefs' Decline Actually Began Centuries Ago, New Research Shows

Sierra Club Response to Blackouts

Would You Eat A Cloned Cow?

Heatwave Closes Mont Blanc As Peaks Disintegrate

'Talking' Chimp Baffles Scientists

Brutality shows Swazi police's 'true colours'

France wants to renegotiate settlement with Libya

Israel's Red Flag on Iran

Anger over cameraman killing

Palestinian cameraman Mazen Dana killed in Baghdad

Why We Are Losing The War On Terror/Terrosim/Whatever It Is Today

Michigan man seeks patent on new condom design

Poor children are being destroyed in a manufactured crisis in education.

Newsmaker: Bryan Miller / Gun opponent has a personal stake in his mission

Example of gunphobia?

Sounds like the black market in arms is going...

Trouble accessing the DU1 archive.

Could you maybe add an avatar?

So, I have a suggestion.

I have donated and many others seem to be doing the same.

New Avatars

Is it just me or have no Mods or Admins responded...

Head's up again

Question about donations via Money Order.

88?????? warning?

I've hit alert but

Could someone lock this fucking thread, please?

The Fund Drive graphic isn't advancing!

What are the shared goals of DU'ers?

Senior Saudi Clerics Condemn Terrorists

Torture in Israel has again become routine

Palestinian cameraman Mazen Dana killed in Baghdad

Occupation Army Erect Outposts in Hebron, Impose Curfew on Silwad, Bureen

Who Will Save Abu-Mazen?

Abbas agrees Arafat's undermining him

Israel Claims 'Lost Property' In Arab Countries

Revealed: how Israel helped Amin to take power

IOF Wounds Several Palestinians in Badras Village, Demolishes Houses ....

IOF Wounds Six Civilians in Nablus, Arrests Two in Qalqilia ...

Israel to withdraw from four cities

Haaretz Editorial: There is no right of return

Israel to deport Scot who tried to stop soldiers demolishing house news - Dueling right of return compensation claims

‘Christian Zionists’ Resist Bush on Mideast Peace

The Roadmap is Finished, Mr. Secretary

The Pentagon Thread Part 2

Tom Toles puts it all in perspective

At Iowa's State Fair, A Political Circus | Washington Post

HOT RACE: Gay candidate faces off against anti-gay leader

Kucinich interviewed by Alternet

Graham rocks the Rhubarb Tour in New Hampshire (Garrison Keillor)

LA: Kyle enters new race; in turn, Perkins quits

Clark is the MAN - he HAMMERS Tom Delay

Clark is back in 3rd for MeetUp members--both WC and DK nearing 9,000

Edwards on issues

POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Lieberman postpones Arizona tour

Should Primaries be eliminated and let the state pick the candidate?

Is political experience necessary to run for a major office

Clark Being Drawn Into Politics (Yahoo)


ABC's "The Note" on Dean's campaign financing

Two Black Presidential Candidates

Clark campaign admits to eating spam

Unveiling the Goobergunch Political Report's presidential predictions!

Dean campaign admits to using spam


U.S. Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva (AZ) Endorses Howard Dean

Support Lieberman, Lose the Green Vote

Poll shows gay rights backlash

Edwards work ethic grew in mill town

Who Is The Best Candidate For The Mid-East Peace Process?

Kucinich takes First Energy on.......again

Why are all the French dying, it is not that hot?

I hates the South

Is Voteclark really Ann Coulter ?

North Korea is next on Bush's hit list.

Political hate and love fest in Seattle this weekend!

Palast on Malloy Right Now

Find yourself defending Evolution?

1-week Anniversary of Sweet Tea Democrats: Bush Losing Support in South

They've gone totally, absolutely, insane.....

Jim Hightower on Daily Show NOW!

I have said this is a losing issue for Dems

Gen. Clark is ok in my book...and yes I'm a Dean guy

Are those terrorist training camp videos a hoax?

Russ Feingold for AG: Who would you like to see in a Dem cabinet?

Clark on MSGOP Now!

Looks like we need anti-recall activists on DU 24/7 to combat propaganda

State has its own potential actor/politician (NJ-Willis) PUKE ALERT

Joe Conason on Hardball

Do you think it's possible to form a progressive movement

Rice compared to Joan of Arc? A young woman's view of "feminism"

CIA REPORT..Global Trends 2015

Is Your State Next???

Crude Politics: How Bush's Oil Cronies Hijacked the War on Terrorism (Book

Dean Vs. Clark: Someone do a poll on the two.

Dean vs. Bush

DeLay: Texas Dems violating Texas Constitution to Support US Constitution

Bush: No 2004 coup for you; Gray Davis is a GREAT governor..

California, the fate of this nation may be in your hands..

How do we break the back of the right wing monolith?

How to Demoralize the Right Wing?

The Democratic Message....check out '92 (something I saved....)

Help my campaign webpage???

Malloy starting NOW -- 8 p.m. Monday -- Palast on in second hour

Was It "Courageous" For Dean To Oppose The Iraq War?

Blackout:First Energy of Ohio Well guess who they have SERIOUS ties to

DU Fundraising Drive

we've learned to accept ANY outrage, & then we let it fade away

Has any one heard about Oprah supporting Schwarzenegger?

Scripps Howard poll has Bush approval at 52%.

Another Soldier Killed In Bush's Imperial Adventure

Williamsburg Virginia !!!! The Poor People's March is coming....

Do The Famous Walk Among DU?

Where is Daschle?

oh my God...that Reuters cameraman that was killed...

OMG! California's next Governor (Quicktime Movie)

$5 million to be spent on Iraq's election

4000 more prison beds planned for Florida.

Would You Consider Yourself A Liberal, Moderate or Conservative DUer?

Wesley Clark on the rise?

Olbermann goes after FOX again

About that online preference poll here last night.

Mazen Dana, picture of a real hero

PRUNEFACE: The Big Greasy Turd Hero of the GOP is a Devolutionary.

Heee's Baack!! Pete Wilson: CA's Electric Price Gouger-in-Chief

What is an echosystem?

In two years, the Democrats will control...

Mike Malloy should be back on his show tonight...

Welding supply in Tulsa blows up, starts many fires. Important because

Any DUers plan on attending

Bill Richardson for VP?

War is Haliburton? Doonesbury takes on warmonger Haliburton


Man covers statue of David in his yard ..

Freepers joke on Roseanne's illness/hysterectomy

Impeach Supreme Court Anti-Gay Activist Demands...

Guess who?


Vote Arnold or Cruz...fucking ballonheads...

Energy secretary: Power rates to go up by $50 BILLION

Anyone following the Dotson story?

"Appearance of Impropriety"

I used to think this was a great progressive site.

ABC News: Energy First

The Death of Decent Medical Care in America.

new banking contract for iraq

The Democratic "wedge issue from heaven" :

Janeanne was better than Carville

Will Rove upstage a Clark canidacy announcement?

Ken Lay will never face prosecution

Deleted message

GO GAROFALO!!!! She said exactly what I felt

Ask Bush what time of day it is

The Press Has Gone Wimpy Again

Could Military life be compared to socialism?

Tinfoil Alert: Text of VICTORY Act Leaks

new Hannity sponsors

WP: Bremer provides jobs, food, money to fix electricity, a short

Jerry Brown Re: CA Recall -No On 1... Bustamante on 2

A Political Fantasy

Liberals strike back!

NY TImes Bashing: Murdoch / Church Bashing: Vouchers

Vatican told bishops to cover up sex abuse

Possibly a smoking gun: Tony Blair's involvement in sexing up the dossier?

Do yourself a favor: BUY CONASON'S BOOK

Two Questions: First, why are the French dropping like flies in the heat..

So, is the Saudi/Bush/9-11 Connection A Dead Issue Now?

College course; "Bush Against the World"

Why would any public school teacher vote Republican???


Why the hell is Bustamante sabotaging Davis, Labor & the 2004 Elections?

Somebody please tell me why I shouldn't move to Canada.

Microsoft stepping up to the plate with goods: Office for Mac

FOX called Gray Davis "Chickenlips" this morning

9/11-style attack predicted in next year

What will be the theme for September's new product rollout?

Corporate America still hyping stocks as insiders sell

One more convert.

What is the socialist view on corporate regulation?

Janeanne Garofalo on Crossfire CNN now.

The GI Rights Hotline

Anyone know about Shoreham nuclear power plant?

Download a stencil ONE-TERM PRESIDENT

For folks who haven't heard a full length speech by Dean. This is good.

Worm vs Worm - new worm hunts Lovsan

Update...and a little help, please...

California Du'ers. We have until September 22 to register voters

Anti-Bush 2004 Bumper Stickers

Clark's riposte of DeLay via Josh Marshall

Military, media meet off battlefield to debate war coverage

letter to editor; Bush recall

A poll question

Shouldn’t the only issue we consider in a nominee be electability?

Monsonto bullying tiny family dairy farm

Stop in, say hello, and tell us WHY YOU DONATED to DU....

pessimists vs. optimists....which are you?

Guess Who's Now an Anti-Globalist. Phyllis SCHLAFLY

Man denied Liver Transplant on shaky grounds.

It might be hot in Europe, but in Japan

Ted Rall: The Hero of Halliburton Hill. "Halliburton Baghdad"

How to fix our urban schools

A rundown of reviews for Conason's "Big Lies"

So WAS the blackout caused by terrorist or WASN'T it???????

(((((Breaking News))))) Gray Davis Admits to Brief Affair With

My latest rant

How many times has O'Reilly railed against "frivolous lawsuits"?

Are you better off than 4 years ago?

Occupation Watch Center Update

How the GOP Undercut Clinton's Efforts To Fight Terrorism

What if we win and nothing changes?

For those concerned about Clark's political affiliation

Check out these polls about the next Congressional elections

Funny: Hitler leads latest Democratic Presidential poll

What Is The REAL State Of The California Recall?

Some useful info

Who here really thinks the Dem nominee will choose another primary. . .

More on Franken vs Fox from the Authors' Guild

The White House is trying to 'destabilize California'?

Things Aren't Looking Good For Blair Based On This Editorial Round-Up

Virginia touch screen voting machines criticized by Scientists.

Why does Jack(Hit and run) Cafferty still work at CNN?

Why people Won't be coming to america

Seriously - What are the differences b/t Dean and Clark on POLICIES?

How the pirates became saviours of the record industry

Mother With Money Problems Walks Into Lake With Two Children

Why are Arnold photo's from Playboy soft core porn "RIO" not published?

Arizona DUers: Tell us more about the gas shortages

Does the younger generation read books?

Bush's last press conference was staged....and manipulated

DLC Democrat Bill Clinton explains difference between parties

Help With Social Security Email

Who is voting our 401K money

"Do the Democrats Have a Prayer?"

What in the hell is a "Morning Devotional"?

MSNBC Poll Blackout 2003: Was the official response adequate?

Where Were Our Other Candidates?

Getting Our Act Together

What do you guys think about Alabama's Repub Governor?

Good Morning America really smacking First Energy

Howard Dean for Surgeon General!

Logic Argument: If someone disagrees with you they are a Freeper

Pathological!! Its the only explanation for the Pubs.....

From the Village voice, answers to a question.

spent last week in NYC, got out just in time

News on Michael Moore's new film taken down on website!

Is the Dean Campaign Spamming?

Does anyone know who writes Washington Post editorials?

Playing politics with security = MUST READ

Naval spending:I'm sorry...what do you mean...SUCESSOR to the SEAWOLF!?!!?

Private Jet Business Picks Up - MSNBC

And for #1000, here is a test of where you stand politically

what month do the schools in your state do standardized testing?

I'm off the fence and will be backing Dean......


what issues are important to young voters?

FAKE SECURITY: On Saturday I Took Visitors To The Smithsonian...

2 Brits & recent NE power outage .. Greg Palast

Looks like the "SOLID SOUTH" isn't so solid afterall

Deleted message

Food as politics: A peek into our future?

NOooooo soccer starts in an hour!

I think this is a good sign, anyone else?

Wrong Graham running?

do the schools in your area do drug testing?

Moseley-Braun and Lieberman: Are There Any Supporters still on DU?

know anyone who voted for * because Clinton cheated in his marriage

Why do people make decisions here based on the GOP???

fyi, ... "Afghan Massacre" on WordlinkTV - Tues & Weds.


Clark and Dean have an advantage on internet polls?

Now That's what I call a Govenor!

Bill Simon attacks Arnold

Beyond Bush: How to Win Back America

Is this the storm before the calm ?

Figured it might be a nice time

Holy Joe is ___% liberal

BBV: Special Message to

Dear Beloved DU,

A lot of people here seem worried about 'Dean Worship'

Palast and Hightower in NYC on Tuesday 8/19

To DUers who aren't big Clark fans, here's a way to end some Clark threads

Black Box: Gov Perdue Orders Inquiry Into BBV in Georgia!!!

New Edwards ad up in S. Carolina; It's incredible!! Here's link

Bush approval graph updated today at pollkatz

I'm tired of all the Texas slamming around here

I got to ask Gov. Perdue on C-SPAN

New idea for DU

Civil Rights, BBV and Max Cleland

This is Rove's issue and it scares me (civil unions)

Something has gone badly wrong with DU.

Al Franken's book coming out early

"So what if Bush lied about WMD, would you prefer Saddam back in power?"

Anybody Else Catch Jerry Springer On C-Span ??? One Hell Of A Speech !!!

CA's - Can you explain Warren Buffet's property taxes?

Garafalo vs. Carlson on Crossfire 8/18/03

If Clark enters the race, Dean will lose support

Tell me about the Democratic Candidates

The Myth of social liberals, fiscal conservatives

A foreigner's view on Wesley Clark (long)

Death Toll 08/14 - 08/18/03

Jim Hightower on Daily Show

Does DU need more structure?

A take of the ten commandments

Black Box: Election for sale on E-Bay

Ariana Huffington is a LIAR

Talk to me about the "Texas Miracle"....

Blackout 2003- MIHOP or just one of those wacky things that happen

Dean vs. Kucinich vs. Clark

It's sad how jealous Ann Coulter is of the great JFK

30,000+ DUers - Is there a Lieberman pusher here?????

marxism 2003

Just saw the light about the blackout


Bartcop destroys some of the 9/11 Conspirac y Idiocy

Freepers HATE Clark!!

What Would You Do(WWYD)??

Did anybody hear John Kerry on NPR this morning?

So, did we or didn't we?

Draft Gore... would we fight more or less if he were in the race?

So are we heading for a Clark-Dean fight for the nomination?

Clark Supporters - Give Them Credit

need some research help on poverty issues

To anyone who questions whether or not Clark is a Democrat read this

Click here. Now. Read this. All of it. And then pray that God is just....

About the candidate bashing threads.

Try to catch "War Photography" C-span2 tonight

"Republicans for Dean" blog

WOW. Bill O'Reilly STILL is fuming about Al Franken

"Beat Dubya at All Costs!" The scariest thing I keep seeing here.

'I am returning my George W. Bush 'action figure''

Ideas wanted: What should my sign say for Chicago protest on Saturday?

about that "should we have dropped the A-Bomb" discussion.

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore: George Wallace in a robe

How stewpid can they get?

Clark V Dean

do you know anyone wants vouchers

Black Box: Happy little visitors to and .org include:

Do you have friends who are Republicans?

Federal Standards for Utilities Face Partisan Hurdles(GOP STOPS BILL)

WP: Ex-Prisoners Allege Rights Abuses by US Military

Public Inquiry Call After U.S. Troops Kill Cameraman

BBC - - Russia plans Mars nuclear station

FirstEnergy linked to the worst blackout in America loses power

22 die as Rebels Attack Police Facility in Afghanistan

Candidate Schwarzenegger Says to Debate Rivals

Highway Patrol: Days before Janklow crash report ready

Gov. Locke (Wa.) lashes Bush on environment, energy, education

Justice Minister Cauchon says Canada must make same-sex marriages equal

Lab Reflects Mirror Technology

Judge to Decide by Midweek on Bid to Delay Recall

Washington: Powder not anthrax

Chief Of Staff To FCC's Powell Resigns

TV Looks to Low-Key 9/11 (ABC to examine war on terrorism)

ABC WNT(re: the BLACKOUT) First Energy of Ohio and ties to W&Co.

Raiders of the night find the pickings are slim (US troops in Iraq)

Not national, but nasty local breaking, welding supply co. on fire Tulsa

Bustamante claims sabotage by Davis | Sacramento Bee

Vatican told bishops to cover up sex abuse

IBM Lays off 500 Workers at Vermont Plant

Blair adviser: 'PM involved in discussions about naming Kelly'

Bush Makes Re-Election Effort on Internet

'Qaeda' Tape Urges Iraqi Attacks

Baghdad Welcome Going Sour for U.S. Soldiers

Foes of gay marriage renew push for a ban

Clark talks like candidate, bashes Bush (And DeLay)

High hopes for (unmanned) Euro Moon mission | BBC

Detroit Mayor Shines in Blackout (33-year old Kwame Kilpatrick)

Prop 54 funding is questioned


'We were sold as sex slaves by our brother' - SA

Iraq pipeline guards doubled

Canada: Why Weren't We Told? - Grid problems

French heat toll 'could top 5,000'

S. Korea Fires Warning Shots at Boat | LA Times

Iraqi Women struggle to be heard

Top Blair Aide Doubted Level of Iraq Threat

Judge bans cameras at Peterson hearing | SJ Mercury News

DeLay: Senators violating Constitution

Kidnap me, says Uganda leader | BBC

SARS-like illness dwindles in B.C. | Globe and Mail

Britain to Ask Security Council to End Libya Sanctions | New York Times

US shifting focus, agents from Kabul to Baghdad

OMG! "Zsa-Zsa Saddam"

Muslim charity leader sentenced to 11 years | Chicago Tribune

Max Factor heir must pay $19m for rape

Tales of U.S.-trained tiger cats terrify Afghan villagers

9/11-Style Attack Predicted in Next Year

Blair and Campbell involved

Yellowstone's gurgles nothing to fear | Bozeman (MT) Chronicle

Virus link to breast cancer

Iraq Group Starts Exhuming War Casualties

Politicians pledge power grid fix

More oil comes to the U.S. from Latin America than from any other region

Bush faces "litmus test" on Chinese textile dilemma

Horseman Rides to Texas to Talk Hunger with *Bush

Ahnuld, Ken Lay, George Bush, Dick Cheney and Gray Davis ..good read

Zim rations cash

Zim's Moyo accuses 'coward Howard' of racism

Baby stabbed, thrown in pit toilet - SA

5.6 Million in U.S. Have Prison Experience

27 missing after mine blast - China

Chalabi Should Be in Prison

The US should wash its hands clean from Israel!

Violence leaves 10 dead in Nigerian oil city

JINSA/PNAC Zionist Extremists are to blame...

3 Israelis suspected of selling weapons in Central America

Skeeter Alert

Rafi Eitan Plotting New 9/11?

DUPE-Suspected Taliban Attack Police Station

America's War on Drugs Leaves Poor Bolivian Farmers Hungry and Desperate

US pushes Bangladesh to export gas

US unveils new secret weapon (transvestite Saddam)

UK Soldiers Save Baby in Bullet Box (Iraq)

Intelligence officer's 'unease' at Straw's Iraq claims

Oregon House sounds off on federal judiciary

Anti-Arnold Adds Ready to Roll

Suspected Taliban Attack Police Station

Emails Show Gilligan's Frustration at No. 10

Report: U.S. likely target of another major terrorist attack

Janklow's driving record scrutinized after crash (12 tickets/4 years)

Extinct tiger could be alive - Australia

Bush* Revises Views on "Combat" in Iraq

Planned Bush visit stirs police, protesters (Portland, Oregon)

Schwarzenegger holds dual citizenship

U.S. Soldier Killed by Explosive in Iraq (Aug. 18)

Rumsfeld Rebuffs Criticism on Postwar Iraq

Another U.S. war crime? Iraqi cities 'hot' with depleted uranium

Israelis spot business opportunities in post-Saddam Iraq

New poll shows Obama gaining among Dems in Senate race (Illinois)

Lieberman Rejects Strategy of Running to the Left

Fellow Journalists Accuse U.S. Soldiers of Negligence in Shooting of Camer

Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility For Power Blackout In U.S.

Gov Perdue Calls For BBV Inquiry In Georgia

FCC (Powell!) to Probe Media Ownership Concentration

Bush* Tries to Deflect Blackout Criticism

High radiation readings cause concern (old Uranium mines) | Missoulian

Iraq Victory Fails to Oil World Economy

Icelandic Whalers Make First Kill

'Deal struck' over Cuba Britons (Guantanamo Bay)

Blair's office "substantially" altered Iraq dossier, British probe hears

Phoenix Running On Empty

Researchers find DNA can power computers

Bush signs bill to defer student loan payments for active-duty troops

(Republic of) Georgia in complete blackout | BBC

Jail(ed) Britons reject Saudi '£1m hush money offer'...

Missing Texas Senators Ask Mercy For Staff

Ridge Tells Governors They Passed First Test But Must Do More

US Soldiers thought camera was a grenade launcher

Saudis in Iraq 'preparing for a holy war'...

Justice Dept clears the Oct 7 election. (MSNBC)

BBC newsnight reports on high degree of sophistication of Iraqi sabotage

WP: For Right, a Wrong Direction – Many in Calif. Wary Of Schwarzenegger

US Troops in Liberia Until October 1

Bush Sees U.S. Marines Out of Liberia by Oct. 1

FCC chairman warns of more regulation

Ashcroft Mounting Defense of Patriot Act

Back-to-school lesson No. 1: How to recite the Texas Pledge | Houst Chron

White House Won't Back Down on Oil Drilling in Energy Bill

Iran Warns Israel on Nuclear Reactors

fighting, fighting, everywhere.....

An accent joke

I'm a PhD, ask me anything...

Best metal album of all time?

I just finished editing a script about TCP/IP protocols, ask me anything

HEY, Knock it off!

The Doctor is OUT of the loop! And where is Zomby Woof???

I got married and didn't tell my parents until a week later! Don't ask!

1956: My 100-Plus Favorite Records

How do you find out who someone is by their ISP number?

Hey, I spent $25 on a Bocephus baseball hat for my husband...just so

Tongue-tied and twisted, just an earth-bound misfit, I. Ask me anything.

This was a rough day.

Skinny Dipping

2 JOKES - Rated R

Raw Is Bore: It's like a clown car wreck, I can't look away

I like conforming to Lounge posting fads. Ask me anything.

I just donated to DU for the first time and I feel PUMPED UP!!!

No hablo español. Pregúnteme cualquier cosa.

Leaving to teach English in Japan. Don't ask me if I speak Japanese.

Anyone ever have to take the drug Depakote before?

BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE rentable tomorrow (8/19/03)!!!!!!!

I have a serious question

I like to rebel against Lounge posting fads. Stuff your fucking questions

I missed seeing Dean at the YD convention! Wah!

"SHE" is on

Yup, Comcast is not alone - you'll love who's sniffing me now!

Way to Support our Troops.....again

Michael Franti & Spearhead. DAMN!

I'm the Sun God. Screw that Jesus feller!

I'm a republican moron. Please don't ask me anything.

Allllright!!! I hit 1,714 posts!!!

Dropping the God Bomb 2.0 chapters 1 and 2. Flame me with anything!

Palast on Malloy tonight!

Whew.... 2 days in GD. I need a break....

Hey Vampires! Check this out.


Anyone else here love Allison Janney?

I just shaved my head. Ask me about my lacerations!

Why does Microsoft Services & Controller App want to access the net?!

I'm a bachelor for the next 3 nights... ask me anything

William Butler Yeats

I am the reincarnation of Cleopatra - Asp me anything

So this guy asks his wife what she wants for her birthday ...

I just read one of MATCOM'S threads. Ass me anything.

Have you seen the planet Mars?

Stop in, say hello, and tell us WHY YOU DONATED to DU....


I CANNOT believe I did this....


Even more rodent humor!

Or if you prefer something more "Hampster" in humor...

I Just Ate a 3 Musketeers Bar - Ask Me Anything

I just spent $5000.00 on a dinner date

Go Bucs!

Need a good laugh?

I might eat dinner later. Don't ask me anything.

I have about 15 minutes left on the battery, ask me anything.

Is there any way to correct an overdose of thyme

I'm thinking of going to live in the woods....ask me anything

I'm a dogmatic, unimaginative simpleton. Ask me anything...

Should our fund drive target be raised?

I know nothing! Don't ask me a damn thing!!!!

I just had my Metimusical colon cleanser, ask me fast!

California, here I come!

Funny Bush Quotes...........


I'm so desperate, I'll go to a bar! Ask me ANYTHING!!!

I got my gold star!

101-degrees F in Dallas at 5:05 pm.

I'm in a Kipling mood, ask me anything.


Can't knock off yet; what to do?


Help, please, please. I am trying to get representatives from all the

White House Photo Reveals Bush' s* Inner Thoughts

210 DONORS BY 3:15pm!!!!

I'm A Poet And Don't Know It. Ask Me Anything

Any DUers in Santa Monica?

Hey Tarkus

Am I nuts or do other people behave like this?

Any fans of traditional "applehead" siamese cats?

Faulty President Bush Action Figure Faces National Recall

Denver DUers

The Creamy Center of all CAPTIONS!! (Not for the faint of heart.)

The Back-to-School Special of all CAPTIONS!! (Seek high ground immediately

I'm the God of the Moon. Ask Me anything!

I survived Hank Williams Jr.

Would you move cross-country for someone?

Arnold's misguided campaign slogan:

Made my first donation


A funny email my friends daughter sent me.

Repukes make fun of their own

I had joyless sex last night. Ask me anything!

Help...DVD Ripper for OS X....?

Anyone here subscribe to "Real Simple" magazine? I just bought

Request to Ladyhawke

Top 10 Reasons to Donate To DU

*sigh* 7 new messages in my inbox

Family dinner blowup

Vanity post-count threads?

just reached 1000+ posts and don't like it

Music question mainly for people age 25 and younger.

Teevee technical questions. HELP! I sold 2 teevees to a friend and

I almost donated one time

"Deception Dollar" - Any other good ones?

Poll: Is it time to start calling him "Tabby" Woods?

Wow ... The contribution drive is going fast: ... I predict ...

NYC area cat lovers! Two females want to wind around your legs...

Who is the most brazen commercial "artist"?

GalleryGod & Nightnurse 7 Years of Marital Bliss!

It's my birthday today (August 18th), I'm 20 years young.

I'm in Arizona, ask me anything??

My thread got hijacked, ask me anything.

Monday afternoon sex? Who makes you glad you are playing for your team?


Monday Morning Sex ?: Who makes you think about "switching teams?"

My thread got hi-yak-ed, ask me Nothing.

Whether you're a fan of Enterprise or not, tales of Trek that never were..

Serial Killer news confrence at 2:30 in West By GAWD!

Lookee! I have a gold star!

NOooooo soccer starts in an hour!

How the Power Grid Works

My lawnmower is Evil. Ask me anything.

My friends are hurting

Anyone here into hot sweaty Appliantology?

This is Monday right?

Buy Jesus Now

Thanks - I received my Bumper Sticker today

Isn't it ironic that I am losing my job to India, but....

More "Classic" Simpsons quotes...

When the lights went we were at Dr's: Wife's dsg change 1/2 done

You've all read of the new GW Bush Doll, Well, here is another one

Is drinking warm beer


I just made a root beer float, ask me anything

Write this SImpsons Episode: Mayor Quimby to be recalled as Mayor

I Just Paid $350 To Have My Brakes Done...Was I Ripped Off?

Confession: I saw "Freaky Friday" and thought it was pretty good.

I Don't Start My New Job Until 9/8, What to Do?


We are OFFICIALLY landowners in Canada.

(joke) The so LAPD, the FBI and the CIA are all trying to prove

Barna surveys on evangelical Christians

Any Vampire Lestat fans here?

Come on Folks - We can hit 200 donors by the 8pm tonight!!!

Swedish Army To ONLY Work 9-5

Nate's push button world.

Do You Remember Your Dreams?

Filing for unemployment?

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y Robert Redford!!!!!

got new HVAC -- $5K did I get ripped off

Good (MONDAY) Morning DU!!

Weekly World News: WMDs found: Jurassic Park dinosaurs

Is "Gigli" one of the signs of the impending Appocalypse?

Favorite way to refer to the Junior Senator from Connecticut

Man Shoots Six at His Own Surprise Party

Communes, anyone here lived on one? Reccomend them?

Dumbya Plans Invasion of Moon

I'm going to bed, ask me anything

Is a Progressive gonna "lose it"?

Doritos Used To Coax Bighorn Sheep

The Gigantic New York Skyline Mural (Photograph) In The Smithsonian's

Deleted message

They can change that 00

I have a really weird cat--ask me anything

My correspondence from a member of the Clinton Family...

Janeen Garafolo (sp?) / Crossfire

Bad Goddess! Bad Bad!!! Go to bed!

its 3 a.m and I wanna go to beeeeddddd....

concert vs. show

I am sick of all the WAGGA WAGGA bashing on DU

I just made a Venetian Blind, ask me anything


^%$&#(%$ Clouds!

I'm not answering anybody tonight - Ask me anything!!

Shot in the dark, is anyone in the music industry?

Renewal of Purpose, R and R, gonna go fly a kite, all that...

OK, so I watched the "Nefertiti" thing on Discovery tonight....

Who's your favorite Veitian Sompson?

Dean-style fund raising and I AM DRUNK

Exercise your free speech with some cardboard, a marker, and tape

(((((Breaking News))))) Gray Davis Admits to Brief Affair With

Rhiannon would like to thank all on DU on the occasion of her 3000th post!

I just spent $278.00 on books! Wish it had been a dinner date!

HEY! You've Got A REPUTATION Around Here...


I'm on the road again, folks

Who's your favorite artist?

I'd like to introduce everyone to our newest family member!

can someone explain "goth" to this old fart.

What's your "Dealbreaker" when it comes to new relationships

the colored state icons, where do people get them?

poll: how many bands in my record collection have you heard of?

I'm a plaid snake. Ask me anything!

ohmygod great news about blueberry

A Blonde GUY Joke

Young liberal needs assitance

I'm the Son of God. Ask Me anything!

This post is a duplicate of

Weird cat behavior......

I won't be eating a Big Mac again...not anytime soon...not ever...

Texans suck!

Best Bowie album?

I love Maddona and Missy Elliott!

I just recovered from Shark Week on The Discovery Channel, as me anything!

Joe Jackson's "Look Sharp!" LP is 25 years old!!

Tell me your juvenile system in your state

I just spent $600 on a dinner date. Ask me anything.

Congrats patdem!!! 2428 posts

I'm the reincarnation of Anne Boleyn.....ask me anything.

I spent $98,000 on a car. Bite me if you don't like it.

Best Motorhead LP:

Other "theories" I will no longer "believe" in:

Who was Jack the Ripper?

What would your mom think? RANT

Lester Holt did a (sorta funny) Freudian slip on M$NBC a bit ago...

I'm watching "Fear Factor", please ask me why!!!

Best "Guitar" Album

What's More Likely To Really Exist?

?Anything Me Ask, Dyslexic Am I

I spent $98,000 on a new car to compensate for my penis & bragged about it

I just bought S. Africa vs England World Cup Tickets...Ask me about rugby

Yah! We get HBO now so i can watch Bill Maher

I want to help people go to college: ask me anything

Woman Topples Domino Record

I've just registered as a Repub, ask me anything!

OK... an oldie but a goodie. Pig joke....

Help me choose my new user name!

Shared An IMPORTANT Date With My "FRIENDS", Got FLAMED! Ask Me Anything!!

What's Your Bedtime?

Scrambled eggs and cottage cheese

i'm a cryptozoologist. ask me anything.

Poll: Insulting names for Republicans

I am the walrus. Ask me anything!

Is there ANYTHING that's good that has "Republican" in the title?!!

I am a dirty old man

Are you guilty of DUUI?

I Haven't Had Sex In Over A Year...Ask Me Out ..uh..I Mean Anything

Stupid Cali Goes Ballistic Arnold Is Atrocius...


Great comeback line...

I created a new thread to parody one I obviously haven't read.

Why is there so much smoking intolerance in the "dealbreaker" thread?

This Futurama episode contains the funniest thing ever

Leaving for the UAE Wednesday-- Ask me Anything

Good Job DUers!! six days left and over half the goal met!!

Whats scarier about the modern right? the social policy, or the economics?


This is the anger and resentment thread

More Kipling; this dedicated to veterans

Can you believe it? Newyawker99 has 46,000 posts!