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Archives: August 17, 2003

Britain: Hutton Inquiry hears damning evidence against government

America's Apartheid Detention Program

Dr. Kelly case: Step by step, piece by piece, the ugly truth reveals its

The Job Terminator (Comic Strip/Campaign Ad)

Angola throws out Russians

My grandchildren will speak 'Die Taal' again says San leader - SA

Thunder From The Left...

The Olympian: Shoddy software may cloud Calif. vote ... BBV and the Recall

Massive military contractor's media mess

Military Update: Debate heats up over strained forces

Dowd-Batteries Not Included

Socialist candidate demands full investigation about blackout (WSWS)

Former Mayor (Byrne) Blasts (Chicago Mayor) Daley...

Why I'm Supporting Howard Dean (The View of an American Muslim)

RICO! Prosecuting the bushies for racketeering

Iowans weeding out the Presidential contenders

Bob Herbert's 8/18 NYT column, "Staying in the Dark"

A witness to war - Prime Minister Trudeau's son

Ahnuld, Ken Lay, George Bush, Dick Cheney and Gray Davis ..good read

In South Carolina, Job Losses Crack Solid Support for Bush

Why are Republicans happy about Arnold

An Industry Trapped by a Theory

Author of Bush's brain apologizes for voting for him

America sees breakdown in civility | KC Star

Bill Press: Republicans out to steal another election

Factories Move Abroad, as Does U.S. Power

The United States is now God -- Monbiot

New Rhode Island for Dean website released

Tell Congress to investigate Tom DeLay &Westar

I just don't get it? Why, How is the PNAC run Administration...

VooDoo Thoughts --* action doll

My grandma.......

Spoiler Alert: We're discussing the *ENDING* of "Oryx and Crake"

Any scientific explanations for this?

Astrology note for those interested :

The rise of discount dial-up service

Walmart lets the community down - Blackout Heroes vs. Goats

Groups question USDA's mad cow decision

Cut-price 'Little Smart' wireless a big hit in China

My thoughts on carrying capacity, resource depletion, and overpopulation.

What Has Happened to the US Army in Iraq?

"Revealed: how Israel helped Amin to take power"

How Aids kills Africa's battered women

Private security companies are acting like real cops

My wife used a gun this weekend...

Virginia State Police escalate the armament race

Cop loses assault rifle and magazines

Do you need a certain amount of posts before voting in polls?

What are the "mark" and mark "all" buttons?

When is a LBN story not a LBN story?

Oh yeah, pesty question right here. Feast.

Question and a concern

Thread titles like this are nothing more than doing Rove's job for him

Help! GD Needs Existing Rules Enforced

Trouble accessing the DU1 archive.

Israeli army sets up 2 new outposts in Palestinian area of Hebron

Israeli Scheme to Tip Demographical Scale Threatens 60 Houses

Israeli Center Opened In Baghdad

Researchers: Israel second most likely target of major terrorist attack

Igla makers suspect foul play (more on US missile "sting")

9/11 Truth and Justice Catches Fire in Latest Breaking News Forum

Trial skills count at impeachment

N.C.Bankers miss senator's attention

John Edwards/Making of a President

BFLO NEWS: Dean, in Buffalo, courts Young Democrats

Ueberroth Sees Himself as a Problem-Solver

Major Candidates Vague on Solving State's Fiscal Woes

Kerry, Lieberman, Gephardt, Dean, & Clark

Officially supporting John Kerry for President

S.D. Congressman Involved in Fatal Crash

Are the U.S. Casualties in Iraq a political issue?

Iowans weeding the Democratic presidential field

Could Dean run for VT Governor again?

The McCain of Vermont (Short Interview w/Dean)

Hungry for Leadership?

Swiss Cheese Steaks - a message for Dean supporters

Politics -- only theater?

Will the Davis-Bustamante feud do both of them in?

Does VP choice really matter?

Will Clark declare on Labor Day? Is the DLC supporting him?

MeetupTracker 2004

Kucinich packed the house in Minnesota

Moseley Braun on the Confederate Flag: A Rebuttal to Saletan and Jacobs

John Edwards / Making of a candidate

Why Kerry Is The Heavyweight Champ of Foreign Policy

I've come begging for help...

Nike sweatshop in Vietnam. Good or bad? What's your opinion?

I changed my avatar to Wesley Clark and I am damned pleased.

The blackout shows how incredibly open we are to more deadly terrorism.

Our troops on foreign soil..

Hey hey hey--got my bat signed by Dean

Cia vs. Army: from a friend who remains nameless.

Can Hispanics "Take" California BACK???!!!--for Our Beloved Dem Pary

Book Review - All The Shah's Men....

US evacuates Saddam out of Baghdad

Arms and the Man

Here's something you don't see every day --an editorial defending polygamy

On the 10 O'clock news, Today in Iraq

Wanna buy a kidney?

"Bush Toy Not Much Fun" refund?? -Superb KC Star editorial

FEATURE-How "Stockholm syndrome" entered public psyche

a good anti-war site with tons of links re: iraq war and political issues

What is George Will Saying here... ????

Talking Points

We Have Bush Down--Now Dems Need to Wise Up

Will Dean's 5'7 height hurt him nationally?

From a email I recieved: Dualism

I've finally surrender to the Connecticut Gnome

Rev. Jackson's statement on the Recall and Proposition 54

Who supports raising minimum wage to $10.00 per hour?

Shoddy software may cloud Calif. recall vote

Military Bomb Disposal ?-Is this a stupid way to dispose of cluster bomb?

Hypocratic oath or Presidential Oath?

Question on the Civil War

Ann Coulter humiliates herself on "Real Time" with Bill Maher

Bush* Science

Fox now calling Bush the "Top Gun?"

Ashcroft strikes again -- going after group for taking medicine into Iraq

What if Davis resigns before the recall?

Mazen Dana irony

(repug) Radio ad featuring accent upsetting Dems, Valleyites

'Poor People's' activists arrested, Salisbury, NC

'Zsa Zsa Saddam 'To Taunt Regime Loyalists??

Latest Exec. Order 13313 states the WH intends to withhold information...

Opinions please...

New World Order! New World Order!

"one in four U.S. workers earns $8.70 an hour or less"

Bush a 'very weak' man

68% of the UK public think the government was dishonest about the war

How to Fight the Religious Right

President Barf & Fox Spews

flashback--THE PRESIDENT: We found the weapons of mass destruction.

what is the difference between neo-liberalism and paleo-conservatism?

What is unacceptable in a candidate?

Who selected Bustamante to run for the Dems?

Clark on CNN at noon EST

SAIU Corp botches Iraq media project...will certify Voting Machines!?!

Perot to Run? Humanity to be saved?

Green Party Happy to 'Spoil' Democratic Presidential Run in 2004

Why isn't BFEE in Cali?

Any new news on the RIAA witch hunt?

Omaha firm's machines will help in recall-ES&S to "help" California

Could Clark win Arkansas?

Is anyone else coming to D.C. on Saturday for the rally?

would a flabby face, 5-5 height and shrub a$$ kissing, hurt a candidate ?

Pat ourselves on the back thread

Wesley Clark on CNN now 12:55 EDT

Friendly fire deaths are not being counted as combat deaths in Iraq

Will Bush* debate in '04 campaign?

Those Popes are something else

You have to see this New Mexico indymedia

Daily U.S. Casualties 8/17/2003

US tried to plant WMDs, failed: whistleblower

can you please stop these stupid south **** envy posts

On C-SPAN now 3:18 EST Military Families Speak Out - Bring them home

F@ck Al From.

Children Protest Republican Booth. Republicans vow revenge.

lets launch a tourism boycott of Florida and Texas

What happens to all the money...

Jeb to get Tom Luce from TX to review FCAT test......he is a lawyer?

What's the problem here ?

Judd Gregg

What is with all the New England bashing?

CNN keeps on insulting those who endured the black-outs.

Curious, one can only post a poll if you donate money?

WIRED NEWS: Experts Warned of Weak Power Grid

For all of you who went without lights. Time for action!

Got an Email from GOD.... SHE is pissed off as Hell. It goes like this:

Make a big issue of gas prices

who will be the 08 GOP nominee? Whether or not Bush is beat in 04?

Bob Graham campaign stumbling

This is why I am here at DU on GD ...

Finally a little mainstream truth, essay in today's Chicago Trib

WAR on Hate, Ignorance, Greed, Selfishness, Deciet, Dualism, etc

'Bush " Pioneer" Caused the Blackout!!!!!!'

Let's hear some comparrisons of health plans by candidates.

Whatever happened to the WMD news?

Look quick! It's the Liberal Media!

Repugs ,ready to blame Clinton for blackouts !

Please, Please Don't Start Public Plonking

It's No Wonder Polls Show Americans Are Losing Esteem For Canada!

Empty flightsuit was on press passes! MTP talked about

The fucking rules were stifling

Who rebuilds the Grid?

I need quick help from John F. Kennedy fans

I'm Not In The Lounge

Alabama's Riley discusses his tax plan

Cut an Artery? To Fix it, Cut Another One!

What is the best reason to be a democrat?

Ann Richards Interview on Larry King tonight - Wesley Clark today - 8/17

Sunday (8/17) Talk Show Line-up

Bring back the post rules! please

i don't need the ignore function, i'm never offended

How is the relationship between Turkey and the Iraqi population?

Bush has problems- starting with Veterans. Check this:

what would have happened if the blackout was during the GOP convention?

"we'll raise our glasses against evil forces""

Breaking News... Canadians Admit Shutdown of America

Perspective from a Border State...

Grassroots report, Dean, nomination race, etc.

One more rant before bed: why is everyone so afraid?

The south issue has been settled - lets talk B - B - Q and not beef PORK

Just finishing Eric Alterman's "What Liberal Media"

Cool Toons

Pair set to launch world first in mobile phone gaming

The secret to obtaining 1000 posts to this thread

On the trail with Gephardt

Blue State Blues

Profits v. Security & Reliability: Which Electric System Do We Want?

Kucinich fought power company that caused back out....

A serenade for Bush

I just got the picture of Arnold with the naked woman on his shoulders

Jason vs Freddie, so who won??

Why the south sucks

Well Bush. Money Talks And BullShit Walks. You Will Be Dealing With

Flame me, but can't we raise the level of discourse here?

Kucinich fought the same power company that caused black outs!

America is so Religious, it's SCARY!

What's a harder job? SACEUR or Gov. of Vermont?

Some useful Definitions for Political Discussion

Council member's 'dirty bomb' remarks spark outrage

Constitutional Amendment to Allow Foreign-Born Citizens to be President

Politics is becoming a big circle jerk....Eloriel is correct.

Arnold's Red Ink

Watch the Draft Clark TV Ad...if you want to.

Would someone please explain the Civil War revival on DU?!

What does "redneck" mean to you?

Quesiton for Tennessee duers

Black Leadership

Standing Against The Fear

TBTM Radio #6: 'Fair & Balanced Blackout'

Help...need pics of dead and dying soldiers in Iraq

Immigration Policy, 400 million in US by 2100!

Wingnut "Dr" Laura "Connecting" to Xtian Fundies (via Bartcop)

Why I'm an "anti-Catholic bigot"

George W. Bush* is "Snake-Bit"

County Fair-Good News

So, how much are you paying for gas this weekend?

"If Elected I Will Find The Pentagon's Missing $3 Trillion "

Better Numbers in the Red States


Yikes! The sex object in person. Ain't he dreamy?

Has the recall Chimpy thing got going yet?

Does VP choice really matter?

Why is there so much hatred of Dean on DU?

Some Impressive Info About General Wesley Clark

What is the most annoying topic?

An email from an AlphaGeek.

Stand Up for Muslim Neighbours

Bush "Pioneer" Caused The Blackout

U.S. tightens noose on Osama, Saddam ...

Why do you people hate Ann Coulter so much?

Charlie Crystle (Dem PA Senate Candidate) called me

Finding the right word...

What future role will Albert Gore Jr. play on the national scene?

I'm So Offended!

History of the KKK on History Channel...

May. 29, 2003 Federal money bails out Texas-Why no California bail out?

Karl Rove is on CSPAN now-lyin his A$$ off

A new Prez Preferece poll

I will say this once...WE DON'T NEED THE FUCKING SOUTH

Clark supporters: Could you tell me why he isn't a "Spoiler."

For Catholics and non-Catholics alike

Time to Drop Kick Governor Davis outta office!

talk to me about public education

Would Bush have invaded Iraq without the UK going along with it?

I've Been in the Dark - What's the Scoop on the Blackout?

Take the PEPSI/COKE Challenge - make them send the troops LIQUIDS!

So how do we stop the Federal Marriage Amendment?

Talking point - Stories You May Not Have Read About Howard Dean

In South Carolina, Job Losses Crack Solid Support for Bush

US Must "Turn Up the Heat" on Syria, Iran: top Republican (DeLay)

Reuters Cameraman Shot Dead in Iraq

Ninety lashes for adultery - UAE - let's attack and kill this evil regime!

Democrats recognize a good line

[European] Hostages in Mali freed: report

Former US diplomat says Rumsfeld led Bush to war

Study Raises Concerns as States Rush to Buy Electronic Voting Machines

At last 9/11 Truth Gets a Day in Court

US troops shoot Iraq photographer (update)

Hoon: Kelly death will end career

Lieberman's positions veer from his party's

Dems continue to parade their new mascot (Giant Head - "Job Terminator")

World Press: Bush is cause of the chaos which led to blackout

ELCA votes to not delay decision on blessing same-sex marriages

When Best Laid Plans Are Bested (*'s vacation ruined)

Blast Hits Baghdad Water Supply; U.S. Soldiers Shot

Ontario told to slash electricity use by 50%

Mortar attack kills six Iraqi prisoners

Rare Alliance Between Shiite, Sunni Could Bolster Resistance

Inmates Are Free to Practice Black Supremacist Religion, Judge Rules

U.S. to Send Signal to North Koreans in Naval Exercise

(Texas) Senate's prized civility under fire | Austin American-Statesman

WP: Davis Turns on a Charm Offensive

US notches world's highest incarceration rate


Bush Backs (3 year) Delay of Transmission Standard

Jordan MPs seek extradition of Iraqi politician (Ahmad Chalabi)

EPA Nominee's Balancing Act Has Its Critics | L A Times

Authority Scraps Plans for Iraq Oil Advisory Board

Troubles Temper Triumphs in Iraq

Many Governors Sympathetic to Davis

Calif. Gov. Davis Says He Would Sign Bill for Domestic Partners

Republican Congressman Janklow kills motorcyclist while driving...

The teen, an alderman and Ten Commandments

"Zsa Zsa Saddam" to taunt Iraqi regime loyalists

Porn, Drugs, Weapons Hit Baghdad Streets

Simon baits Schwarzenegger on issues

HUTTON MUDBATH,Scotsman (NewWMD evidence??) New WMW

Schwarzenegger worth $100 million, experts say

Danish soldier, two Iraqis killed in southern Iraq

22 die in major Afghanistan raid

Danish Soldier Killed in Battle with Iraqi Looters

America's War on Drugs Leaves Poor Bolivian Farmers Hungry and Desperate

US forces free four Egyptians arrested in Baghdad church

Doubts over FBI arrest of Hendon's 'Arthur Daley'

Dems: 'What Country Do I Live In?'

Missile Sting Praised

Bustamante says he's a positive choice for Democrats

The Case Against the Generals:...War Criminals and Torturers (In US)

Fifteen die in rebel massacre - Uganda

Hispanic Groups Urge Bush to Stop California Recall

Minnesotan killed in accident involving S.D. congressman (R - Minn)

Kerry slams Bush on economy

Second blaze hits crucial Iraq oil export pipeline

Poll Shows Dissatisfaction With Democrats, Republicans

Charges expected in fatal R.I. fire

W.Va. Residents Fear Possible Sniper

Pakistani Mourners Torch U.S. Fast Food Outlet - KFC

Italy's old suffer in heat, deaths up 20 percent

France braces for storms - hail and violent winds

John Edwards / Making of a candidate

Danish Soldier Killed in Iraq

Bafokeng king spends R10m on his coronation

Pentagon Killed Liberia Report Seeking Early US Intervention.

Prisoners urge jail term review - Bahrain

Honasan 'offered to kill' Estrada, Arroyo - Philippines

UAE reaffirms support to Council - Iraq

Iraq seeks international donations for rebuilding

Iraq export pipeline repairs to take 10-14 days

UN vehicle blown up by mine in DR Congo

Wildfires Force Evacuations in Montana

'Deal struck' over Cuba Britons

Vatican told bishops to cover up sex abuse

(400) Afghan Insurgents Fight Police; 22 Killed

Saboteurs Attack Major Iraq Oil Pipeline

Howard Dean Courts Young Democrats (Bush and the race card)

N. Korea's Brides of Despair | LA Times

Revealed: last-minute changes to Iraq dossier

Bustamante campaign: Gov. Davis is sabotaging Democrats' hopes

All my favorite bands broke up while I was in grade school

computer question cdrw problem

Any HomeStarRunner lovers in the house?

A fine article on the G5 and Panther (OSX)

For Sale: Young man to satisfy your most perverse pleasures

Techies any tips for my interview on Tuesday?

Don't you wish sometimes you had a snooze button on life?

Question about DU2 PM system

I rolled my ankle. Ask me anything!

Which Heinlein Book Should You Have Been A Character In? quiz

Anyone have experience living out of a cardboard box?

I'm very, very bored...ask me anything DIRTY!!

Counting Crows opened for who????

What are all the - -- -- -- --- , ask me anything post all about?

Slashers Freddy and Jason Top Box Office

I know that this isn't an earth-shaking observation...

happy anecdotal story...

Update on my robbery: Continued bank indifference and incompetence

Invitation to a Sunday drive through the country -- scenic photos inside

it must be ulta -right wing programs on

A question (with no answer)

Judge me by me sneakers!

The unofficial okra poll...


Anybody else only smoke when you drink???

Idea: How about starting an employment network area on DU?

Winged Migration - The Movie....a question

I'm very, very dirty.. ask me anything BORING!!

Monk is on at 2:00p.m. on USA

I'm a 36-year-old virgin. Ask me anything.


Who believes that when we die, our mind, and "soul" simply cease to exist?

Atlanta Falcons fans had one hell of a horrible Sat.

Anyone seen preview for "Texas Chainsaw Mascara"?

Eagle Bay on Lake Erie

eMpTyV officially hits bottom of the barrel



My Uncle John


Most heinous playground assault?

Great movie: "Inherit the Wind"...

ROTFLMAO @ "Enter Fair & Balanced Discussion Boards"!

Gringo Swansong Part II

Why torture when there are drugs like this?

he just keeps on lying...and lying...and lying.....



My Favorite Southern food


Records That Changed Your Life: Minutemen's "Double Nickels On The Dime"

What's that sound that squirrels make called?

Who is the hottest Angel?

New junta nickname I just coined by accident in GD: Fool and the Gang

I am going to a Hank Jr. concert tonight..If I am not back by 11 PM send

What happens to folks after they die?

I'm uncircumcised. Ask me anything!

What is up with the God posts?

I'm an indie rocker. ask me anything.

Who here was born in another country besides the US

I'm watching Heaven's Gate. Ask me anything

Did anyone NOT delete msblast and survive?

neighbors partying, should I call the cops?

CREMATION: Trendy? Necessary? Miserly? Sensible? Gross? Unthinkable?

The Scariest Movie You've Never Seen.....

Please, Please Don't Start Public Plonking

I'm a donating member ask me anything?

So, I'm making some home improvements....

Bravo is having a West Wing show fest

I need help identifying some music.

i don't need the ignore function, i'm never offended

hey. it's me. that little white blob of fat in your pork and beans.

The RedSox win the series...

1957: My 100-Plus Favorite Records

I just quit taking morphine - ask me anything!

Fall Fashion Preview: TIN FOIL HATS

I'm Not In The Lounge

Whom do you think will win the PGA Championship?

After 17 years, I FINALLY walked the Golden Gate bridge

funny websites

The secret to obtaining 1000 posts to this thread

gasp...i had a pleasant debate with a rebup tonite on yahoo

News parodies..(Worth 1000 ...Like fark)

Best 70's "jiggle" show

Be careful where you click, it can cascade into a nightmare

I believe in a friggin afterlife. Ask me anything.

Lazy guide to net culture

Going to Bed - Don't ask me anything!

Does the world need vicious beast things like Ann Coulter?

Jason vs. Freddie

How would YOU cast the Dumbya Movie?

Anyone familiar with Homestarrunner?

Jokerman dance to the nightingale tune

I Feel Like" Tim The Tool Time Taylor." I Bought A New Lawn Mower And

The Daily Show guests

Who is your favorite wingnut moran? Not counting McSausage Bunnypants

In this thread, I will award cool points

Jason vs Freddie, so who won??


Whoa-oh, Black Betty, bam-a-lam!

Now I know who I'm supporting for CA governor: Mary Carey!!

So How Was The Boston Evil DUer Fest?

Anyone have any experience living out of a ship?

Fuck all those silly ass LIBERALS, They jus don know what the hell

I'm on the market for a new computer. Any ideas?

It's my birthday today(August 18th): I'm 19 years young.

Matcom's ass posed for a photo at the Boston DU gathering.

Freepers discuss new Dinosaur find in India.

The Best Reason to Love the South.

Enduring 'The Sound of Music'

Was anybody besides me watching the X-Games?

I masturbate at least 7 times a week. Ask me anything!

Well, the good news and the bad news.....

Laura Bush --- A Fashion Disaster

Most movies stink....

TIME Person of the Year?

Take this inkblot test

More Vanity Plate Decissions

Which vanity plates -- BYEBYEW or DEFEATW?

What's happening to Tiger?

I just donated to DU

I post ask me anything questions in the DU Lounge. Ask me anything!

My Challenge to ALL DU Members who contribute montly!!!

Anyone had experience living out of a car?

Wifey's BDSM needs are out of control

Judge me by my concert attendance list!

The Eagles are the worst band ever

ARGHH! The Byrds' "Turn Turn Turn" is now being used in....

why I'm an anti-cream cheese bagel

Any adults with ADD or ADHD here?

For pet lovers

Hey! It's True! It was on the internet! Pteradactyl shot 1858

The Cankered Cantaloupe of all CAPTIONS!! (Warning: X-Rated.)

The Curdled Creamery of all CAPTIONS!! (Wear goggles!)

Okay, now I'm going to be ill, the Dubya Action Figure

Anyone have any experience living out of a tank?

I was a bad bad girl in the 60's ask me anything about reform school

My poor guitarist friend

HELP! I'm riding the horns of a dilemma (and it ain't fun)...

Anyone have experience living out of a van, down by the river?

Moogles vs. Chocobos

Life sucks!

Here's why I used to hate computers

I heard a very funny song and need info:

Moonanites!!! (Adult Swim)

I have to start preseason tomorrow! Ask me ANYTHING!

It is time for some fun. }>

Anyone have experience living out of their means...?

I'm a naughty Democrat! ask me anything! (part2)

String Cheese Incident Vs. Ticketmaster


As if anyone missed me, I am back from the beach...

I hates the South

Have you donated to DU today?

Madonna Hawking Gap Jeans?

Why men shouldn't drink beer (sad but true)

Ohio DU gathering September 14th in Columbus Ohio