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Archives: August 16, 2003

Habla usted Espanol -- (or any other language?

Critics wrong about Clinton again

In Search of WM(S)D (Exactly what kind of trouble is the president in?)

Where do you stand in the religious debate?

Experts Warned of Weak Power Grid

Bush "Pioneer" Caused the Power Blackout!!!!!

Post-9/11 disaster training pays off

Warming Up to ‘Mayor Mike’ - NY

Ashcroft's Power Grows In Terrorist Witch Hunt - Helen Thomas

The Marriage Cure

PART I: Delays, politics, underfunding stymie struggle against nuclear...

Howard Dean, Webhead

UK Observer: Lessons in how to lie about Iraq

Marc Cooper: It's Democracy, Stupid

Michael Jansen: 'The occupation is a shambles'

California Governor Race: will the gloryhounds please shut up?

Divided Loyalties? (Frank Gaffney)

Marketing the invasion of Iraq...Bush Admin's use of PR firms to sell war

Parents mourn children killed during protests

Boycot BUSH!

need any info re: Congresswoman Kay Granger (R-TX)

OK Dem Forum to be edited upon airing!!!

Marketing the invasion of Iraq

OK Dem Forum to be edited upon airing on local channels!!

If Hannity is this dumb, how thick are his listeners?

U.S. Casualties 08/16/2003

quick: What was the first religion on earth?

Web Bots predict poweroutage ?

Why are underdeveloped countries typically referred to as "Third World"

Prank phone calls made easy!

Gamers, I just got a great deal!

Is sleep a true physiological necessity? Or is it just an evolutionary

Starlight News: Trickle Down Thuggery

astrologers: what think you of cruz bustamente's chances?

I have a weird theory about the power outage.....

Feeling of impending doom

Feeling of Impending Peace

Tutu shocks Kenyan churches - Gay is OK

Voting Rights Act of 1965 May Delay CA's Oct. 7 Recall

Detroit Neighborhood Copes With Blackout

Malawi to earn $156m from tobacco exports

World Bank changing its mind about privatization?

Bush Signs Bill to Protect Farmers

Power Restored; Blackouts Still Possible

Before/After: Blackout Satellite Photos

"Marsh Arabs reclaim paradise"

An Industry Trapped by a Theory - NYTimes op-ed

Deregulation by Bush-daddy in 1992, Source of Current Problems

Iscor accused of hiding facts in pollution scandal - SA

The End of the Industrial Interval

Iran and the pitfalls of the "nuclear" temptation

Stark message of the mutiny

Iraq's weapons of mass destruction in Lebanon?

Mysterious virus sweeps B.C. care facility - Canada

New approach to unclogging arteries

James Kilgore's sentencing delayed - SLA

Bowling for Columbine out on DVD Tuesday, read this

Heads up on late night registrations

Getting dizzy coming back and going

How much $ must someone donate to receive a Star?

Uploading images

Land that was haven fears for the future

Bush to Make Recess Appointment to Peace Institute (Pipes)

Palestinians hail Israeli handover

Report: "Thirsting for Justice - violations of the human right to water in

PA Minister Sha'ath hardens line on refugee return to Israel

Philosopher Ted Honderich Hit with "Anti-Semitism" Slur

IOF Destroys Two Houses, Injures One Citizen and Arrests Four

9/11/2003 protest in New York City is organizing NOW!

Dick Eastman at

Kerry's Blood Is Boiling

MS Gov: Haley Barbour (R) Courts Black Vote

Clark on the Tax Cuts

Eating Tips For John Kerry

Eleanor Clift suggests Dean might win AFL-CIO endorsement

Why are folks disrupting threads because they don't like the candidate?

Wesley Clark -- a recent interview - MSNBC

Poll Places Bustamante In Lead to Succeed Davis

CA Sen: (Assemblyman Tony) Strickland May Run Against Boxer

AR-3: John Boozman (R) To Seek Re-Election In 2004

Field Poll: More educated more likely to vote for Cruz over Arnold

OK, Let's Get The Kerry-Dean "Misled" Issue Resolved

Unity Challenge - say something nice about all 9 candidates

Dean/Edwards or vice versa?

Is Dean a chickenhawk

Do you think it is to late for Clark to enter the race?

Crystle & Meetup for everyone in Pennsylvania

Kerry Fans: Great New Pics from S.C. in Photo Gallery Link below.

FUCK | Dan Wofford not running in PA-6

Dean seems like the kind of guy who'd run as an Independent if he doesn't

Edwards seems like the kind of guy who'd quit the race in favor of Bush

Conservative Greed and Hate Destroyed our Free Press

Media Spin about "Black Out" Starting to Get on My Nerves! Sheeple!

"The debate has been much too polite," Nobel prize-winning economist

National Convention and DU

BBV: WFLD 32 (Fox Chicago) ran a story

House 2004: Do we have any chance of winning?

Betcha', betcha'

please...any help on info re: kay granger (r-tx)...

My geographic analysis of the recall

Were our Forefathers child molesters, thieves, bigots, and murderers?

For North Carolinians Power Outages have become Common and We Sympathize..

Scott Speicher, RIP

Mullets for Chandler

Does anyone have Sirius Satellite Radio?

southerners are....

They want to send my son overseas

The South is many things.

Some pictures that will make you think of the good ole'days!

ATTENTION: Crazy Gymnast Parent Special REPLAYING NEXT on CNN

Idi Amin, Charles Taylor and Saddam Hussein.

Bill O'reilly's latest syndicated column defends Franken law-suit

The South Is Not The Only Reliable Area For The Republicans In

Justice Anthony Kennedy on C-SPAN

C_SPAN universal health care proposal--physicians report--4:45 pm ET

Randi Rhodes online poll on democratic presidential preference

Dennis Kucinich wants Blackout stories

Perhaps we should complain to the administrators that we want them to

Paul Wellstone Memorial


Latest dittohead rationale for war dead

Democrats Feud as Bush Falters

Spoiled Americans: so much waste during the blackout!

Tit for tat

Do presidents really affect the economy?

if grey davis resigned......

Could Roosevelt have Stopped the Bombing of Pearl Harbor?

Republican calls for the death of federal judge who may delay recall

With cash pouring in, Dean backs away from spending limits pledge

Once difference between Arnold and Jesse

Are we really different? Thoughts on the Meaning of "Liberal"

My power is back on - finally!

Six ways for Democrats to fight!

Hey Diebold: With no paper trail, how do we recount the votes?

Software predicted * would be drunk at time of power blackout

Minnesota DUers checkkk in!

why did people riot during the 77 blackouts but not the 65 blackouts?

Remnder: MIT starts own Total Information Awareness for voters

Latest U.S. Casualties

My anti-recall letter was published!!!

Has anyone ever said.......

There is more at stake in the CA recall than the governorship

WTF!@? Bustamante Leading in Field Poll

US gov knew of blackout before it happened. Brit Co owns grid.

"Word 'oil' absent from Condoleezza's op-ed piece"

WHY the photos of bush with a shovel on the ranch?

Washington Journal - Military Families Speak Out (Discussion)

DU the NRCC poll!

FL deputy barged into home, shot man who only had a stick of wood.

Today a jackbooted Freeper was...

Ahnold LOVES beer and nicotine!

Wingnut Sex Fiends Ted OLSON & Ken STARR on C-Span

new bush uniform

Republicans run the show in Ohio

Why I am glad I live in a Democratic state...price gouging in Detroit.

Transcript of Republican thug Cliff May caught rewriting history on CNN

has anyone blamed the blackout on Clinton yet?

Who will you vote for CA Governor?

The Blackout -- Lessons Not Learned

Encyclopedia of the Bush Disinformation Age..

The Big Blackout:Political Winners and Losers

If Cruz Bustamante is leading over Arnold....

who IS that man shaking george bush's hand....?

Info on Bustamante(I think that's how you spell it)

MMMmmmm.... DUers taste GOOD........

US Gov knew of black out before it happend. Brit Gov did it.

Unspoken DU Kucinich Meme?

for the armchair generals and other assorted chickenhawks

Oh-oh, here it comes

Tthe current dissatisfaction of military/vets/families with bush/repubs...

Fresno council member wrote of using 'dirty bomb' to kill liberals.

What is the single worst act Bush has committed in office?

There is NO BUTs, but, but, but, but, but.................................

Where's my thread?

Must Read: Stan Goff interview: "September 11th was a neo-con wet dream".

Freepers on Howard Dean (they are so looney)

why did people riot during the 77 blackouts but not the 65 blackouts?

The important thing is to have an excuse...

Can anybody tell me why Rob Lowe & Warren Buffett...

Deregulation and Privatization: Kill the Umpire!

How did Freudenthal win in Wyoming?

The Dems just droped the ball big time, on this blackout issue!

Tom DeLay ordered NY blackout

If you dislike Bush do this to send a powerful message:

Alabama legal officials Rebel against Judge Roy Moore

Like a Rock

We mite be missing the real point, and that is...

AU: Alabama judge a political demagogue.

Bush "Pioneer" Caused the Power Blackout!!!!!

Has another Trifecta happened for the bushgang?

CNN Poll: "Would you pay higher taxes for the Electrical Grid?"

Edward Kennedy to run for CA Governor


We had "Vietnamization" of Viet Nam War...When is "Iraqization" of Iraq ?

The man behind the "rolling" blackouts

The Scapegoat Society

I'm baaaaack.....I think

STARS AND STRIPES. ... Bring Them Home Now

Ursa Minors take on Dennis Kucinich!

By God, I'm from Mississippi and I'm ready to take all of you on.

If Dems want to win, they should learn to speak

why did power riot during the 77 blackouts but not the 65 blackouts?

If Bustamante is running neck and neck with Arnold, the recall will fail

are one know any Jr Chickenhawks or Alex Keaton wannabees?

Bush's "bring it on" comment was absolutely brilliant, IMO...

Ten Commandments on federal property?

Czech troops may be pulled from Iraq

Deleted message

A couple of rants

New TV Show: America's Dumbest Presidents!

Still not interested in civilian casualties in Iraq

Hey David Cross, when are you going to be on Bill Maher's show?

"President Crybaby"

let's not forget colin powell's greatest moment at the UN (pic)

What democratic candidate deals with issues of pay eq??

Total Recall

I'm extremely disappointed in Southern California DUers!

It's 3:20 AM! Only an hour to go...

DU as microcosm of the Left

My nephew just joined the army

How can I best help our cause in the three-ring recall in Cali?

Bush Cabal planning to invade Mars?

I hope Arianna drops out if it looks like she will be a spoiler

Met a genuine, certifiable knuckle-dragging Okie a bit ago. Went down

the ugly truth: Arnold only wins with votes from Democrats

Yankee incompetence blew the circuit breaker?

Alabama DU'ers, attention please

Okay, I give up. What the hell is a "mullet", other than a fish that is

A crazy idea on how to improve this forum

DUers, Please, is this a good legal argument to stop the recall?

Europe buying US energy companies - Time article

Best two articles on the Blackout

Are Conservatives Evil? How about Bush?

Support a floundering progressive Co-Op Radio Station!

Have You Learned Your "California" Lesson Yet??

A couple of questions about the "dump the south" threads.

So is there any Democrat you won't vote for against Bush?

Hey Californians: recall report

Newsweek : Bush made his fortune off Killing Jews in Nazi Germany!

Told you so...Cruz now leads Arnold.

Why isn't Robert Novak in jail?

Kerry Record Emphasizes Foreign Affairs & Investigations (NYT)

My meeting with Howard Dean

White House said blackout "not their problem"

Why is gas almost two bucks a gallon?


Did it bother anyone else that Bill Maher called Ann Coulter one of his

Altered Statesman - Unsolved History on The Discovery Channel

Has Bush lost the veterans' support?

Dear Southerners

DU: Read this BBC explanation of Iraqi resistance...interesting.

Is (Accenture) still doing Convention Voting for the DNC?

Man overheard saying Kucinich should be president of the Soviet Union

On 10/24/01, Bush said: "I Do Not Have Anthrax" three times ....

What's so great about Wesley Clark?

Attn: DU researchers/news hounds: Need help with list of articles

A journalist went undercover as a mortician during Operation Desert Storm

Google of "Power Grid Energy Deception"

DU: Read this economic op-ed and tell me what you think...

How long can the Texas Democrats hold out?

Ann Coulter on Larry King

Ann Coulter last night said Europeans & liberals are joyless lovers

If you vote no to recall can you then vote for another candidate


Patriot act in action! Abstract suddenly becomes concrete.

OFFICIAL! Guy James Show starting NOW!!!!! 3pm Saturday....Need help

Today's Guy James Show archive posted...

Die Quietly: How AIDS kills Africa's battered women

Robert Duval pissed off at Canada

Katha Likes Dean

Is there any point in liberal Southerners sticking around DU?

Looking for a real good US History book...

John Conyers showed up and spoke @ Dean's Ypsilanti event

AWOL Force Aviator George W. Bush US (A Must see!)

Election Math

does anyone know what the status of the investigation into wilson's wife's

Deleted message

Deleted message

An Open Letter to Gov. Gray Davis from a Cal Dem Activist

Michael Moore on Donahue (SNL) pretty funny.....22:55 CDT

The Bush Cabal: The Gang that Couldn't Loot Straight

an "Answer" from Ebay...and my response...

A Bush photo in need of a caption

I used to live in North Dakota

Arnold is going DOWN

why wouldnt Davis just hold a press conference/go on TV

I don't like it but, a Clark / Kerry ticket blows w out of the whitehouse

Is this true what I'm reading about Kucinich?

biggest poseur SUV

I saw somebody with a swastika tatoo today

Fake Drug checkpoints??? what BULLs****

The South, for all you STUPID BASTARDS

Why I will support Dean (sorta long, but its important that I explain)

Dean Makes Unprecedented Use of Internet

Revealed: last-minute changes to Iraq dossier

Assassinating Amin considered - UK

Iran praises U.S. closure of dissident group's offices as positive move

Bush taps GOP lawyer for federal judgeship in NJ

Indian troops amassing near Kargil

Northeast blackout probably caused by failure of three Ohio power lines

Guantanamo Britons in plea bargain deal - paper

FirstEnergy Scrutinized in Outage Probe

Mugabe plots to quit without standing trial for crimes

Saudi Police Arrest Suspected Militants

Alabama Rally for Roy Moore--American Family Association's article

WorldCom holders go after Citigroup

Iceland's whale fleet sails into storm of protest

BBV: ES&S to rent three CA counties optical scanners for recall election

BBC man arrested on undercover job as police recruit

Malaysia Says Don't Cook, Wash in Toilets

Mortgage lender abruptly shuts down (Capitol Commerce )

Saboteurs Blow Up Iraqi Oil Pipeline, Halting Flow to Turkey

Massive military contractor's media mess (SAIC)

Rep. Davis: Bush turning blind eye to ailing economy

MSNBC: "Power outage could serve as terrorism ‘dry run’ scenario"

Momentum growing against Patriot Act

Judicial panel reprimands Washington (State) Supreme Court justice

Microsoft Braces for New Internet Attack

Retired Gen. Wesley Clark is going to be a guest on CNN's "Late Edition"

Iran Praises U.S. Closure of Dissident Group's Offices as Positive Move

US Oil Well Fire Crew in Colombia Face Rebel Threat as They Fight Huge Fir

Philippine Coup Hearings Enthrall Viewers

Bomb halts Turkey pipeline for days-Iraq oil chief - Update

Colombia cops sold informants to drug lords-report

US Gov knew of black out before it happend. Brit Gov did it.

Sizemore Guilty of Fleiss Abuse

Riots in Baghdad over affront to flag - US Military Apologizes

U.S. losing hearts and minds of Baghdad Shi'ites

Local Republicans write Bush urging new Cuba policy

Army delays destruction of VX nerve agent at Newport

Recall vote being postponed! (MSNBC)

Idi Amin, ex-dictator of Uganda, dies

THE RECALL CAMPAIGN, Judge Is No Stranger to Controversy

As Pittsburgh city workers learn of layoffs, talk of ousting mayor begins

Powell calls Pakistan's Musharraf over shooting (More apologies)

Incident Shines Light on Stalled Energy Upgrade

Northeast Struggles As Power Returns

Ugandan Dictator Amin Dies in Saudi Hospital

Federal judge overturns Mainer's conviction (selling equipment to India)

Iraq's key oil pipeline to Turkey hit by fire: US army

US troops hit north of Baghdad as capital's Shiites warn them to keep out

Police suspect single shooter in three West Virginia killings

Texas senator urges migration laws reform

U.S. agents say (Seattle) detainee on no-fly list isn't a threat

Europe buying US energy companies - Time article

Castro draws a crowd in Paraguay as he blasts the United States

Alabama Tied in Knots by Tax Vote

Crowd Supports 'Ten Commandments' Judge Moore (10,000)

US doctors demand health care for 40m without private insurance

The Advocate: Costa Rica lawyer fights for marriage license

Pillowtex workers owe $5 to $6 mill to doctors

Citadel drops pre-meal prayer

Texas company to evaluate Florida schools

Major Bush Campaign Contributor FirstEnergy Scrutinized in Blackout Probe

Out of the doghouse: Bush returning to Washington State

German Police Detain 71 at Neo-Nazi March

Blair tried to protect Kelly, says Campbell

Iraqi oil stoppage highlights challenges to economic revival

Underwater Energy Cable in N.Y. Unused During Blackout

The Tax Protesters' Refrain Works for Once

Amin son plans rebellion from Congo -brigadier

Mandela Calls Bush in Step Toward Mending Fences

Blackout pinned on three failed transmission lines in Ohi

HOT! Poll Places Bustamante In Lead to Succeed Davis (AND ARNOLD)

Iraqi Clerics' Ties Worry U.S.

US troops risk being "like Israelis" -Iraqi royal

Bush to Back Delay of Plan On Power Grid

U.S. officials requested use of Kensington Palace for embassy

US army stops patrols in Baghdad's powderkeg Shiite suburb

British utility owns failed power grid

DUPE! Queen Rejects US Request to Use Kensington Palace as Embassy

Dems blast Bush on blackout

Boston DUers are wicked cool!

The SHOCKING truth about yaks.....

I am Ducky, hear me roar

My neighbors are insane

Wild hair up my ass. I want to buy an old fire lookout tower.


RationalRose is a drunken swine

Boston DU Gathering Was Most Excellent!

Hurry, Hurry, get your Dubya cardboard standup!

"Rosemary's Baby" is on AMC

Ok, how long before Disney sues Marilyn Manson?

Beth Orton???

Which one of you will say "I don't believe in God?"

I won't let the door hit me in the tail....

Bad news for Atlanta Fans: M .Vick out 6-10 weeks

Jesus loves you BUT

Do You Want To See The Bible In Legos?

Job search, your advice needed...

Equal time: Buddha loves you too

Any Frisbeetarians on DU?

Lee Harvey Oswald humor

What's your favorite airline?

mmmMMMMMM...succulent blackened piranha tonight.....

Am I the only one who doesn't know who's gay and who's not?

For All You Believers in Kharma - Jack Tatum & Darryl Stingley

Speaking of Southerners and Mullets....

The First Rule Of Fight Club....

I Just saw a Nude man in the parking lot

Just started playing Fallout this week, figured I should start practicing

Does Will Pitt pahk his cah in Hahvahd Yahd?

Porn Star/CA candidate for Governor Carey will have "dinner" with you...

When I see a car I like, I want to go up to it and push "Triangle"

Jesus loves you!

August 16, 1962

Ted Koppel phone pranked on-air live during blackout -AUDIO-VIDEO

August 16, 1938


Ok Will, it's Wash vs N England

Who used to push one of these around???

DU Fantasy Footballers - The Draft is DONE

I am the biggest militant feminist lesbian on DU ( so there)


Specially for matcom

I am looking for Great Karma and

Okay, I give up. What the hell is a "mullet", other than a fish that is

In response to all the religious posts today...

Activist friend with technical troubles-any geeks out there who can help?

What is the worst airline...EVER?

salin's public service: bash me (1 hour only)... ask me anything

Some help on a story I'm writing


26 years on.....Elvis has left the building


Thank You Women For Being Part 2.....

ack! I just saw an ad for Ann Coulter's latest novel!



I'm an agnostic. Ask me anything.

Do you use a laptop?

Why do people wear underwear?

Song Lyric Question: "The Joker" -- "Pompitous of love?"

Which of these two books should I buy?

Japanese tonight!!!

where is the cheapest place to get boxes for packing?

Womens pro beach Volleyball is Awesome!

CAPTION scenes from Leavenworth

CAPTIONS are just a sniff away

The Vertigo of Existence of all CAPTIONS!!!

Unbelievable Quotes

CAPTION the Nobel Cartographer

can't see the forest for the CAPTIONS

Is anyone watching the Little League World Series playoffs?

Echelon: The Most Secret Spy System

We've got POWER in Detroit!!!!! Got it this morning.

Mmm, Sauna

YOU... Ready For This!

What do you think DU will look like a year from now?

AWOL's back in his "Crawfish Hole"

North Korea Offers To Help Repair American Nuclear Power Plants

Ah-nold's first debate

In case you missed it on GD : Ahnold LOVES beer and nicotine!

MEOW MIX : the official Lions-Bengals thread

A little Photoshop for UGRR and all you New York DUers!!!

The perils of anarchy?

Lots of Saturday Night Live reruns on Comedy Central today!!!!!!!!

If airlines sold paint.

How To Be Truly Happy In This Old Crazy World!

which one of you will say "I don't believe in Zeus"?

I just want to say

Poll: Who was Jesus?

1958: My 100 Favorite Records

How clean do you keep your car?

Anybody seen this RW nonsense

Should I go to the manager and complain?

Computer Advice, Pretty Please

Coca-Cola freeps Burger King?

FOWL FRENZY: the official Falcons-Ravens thread...

I'm going on vacation for a while...

Alright, who else enjoyed Freddy vs. Jason?

Sex Pistols or Ramones?

Have you ever come up with a PERFECT comment to a thread...

Anne Coulter,Michael Issa and a horse walk into a bar

Tom DeLay ordered NY blackout

HELP! How do I post a picture on my hard drive?

Well isn't that interesting!

Leaving For The Boston Gathering In An Hour -- Ask Me Anything!

Jesus was a liberal murdered by Roman conservatives, 'nuff said


Ask Mr. Grumpy anything for the next few minutes

I'm baaaaack.....I think

T-minus 2 hours, 30 minutes and counting

There was no Jesus, and Rome was

Silly Robert Duvall hates Canada, but can't stay away............

I hope to see everyone at the DU gathering in Columbus tommorow

So I like The White Stripes now....

I'm bigger than Jesus.

Prediction of 107 degrees today, I’ m headed to the beach.

If not for the South, we wouldn't be having all these Southern flame wars!

Terminator for Governor T-Shirts

This power outage has me thinking about something

Looking for the most offensive Bush photoshop ever!

I just asked someone something. Ask me anything.

Which person sounds more like he needs psychiatric help:

Two buddies from Alabama go hunting

I dreamed last night of the Big Dog

New TV Show: America's Dumbest Presidents!

My first car was an American car

I am Jesus' friend. What do you want to know?

Horror Movie from 1955-63

Lights Out, Lights On

golf gods lurking - got a birdie out of season

I have ESPn ask me everything!

I needed a wingman!!!

It was 3:20 AM! Only an hour to go

Who is walking over there

Another new member = "Right Winger"

Welcome newest member ...

Poll: Evolution or Virgin Birth?

Need photo help. what *was* that

Someone said run Clark as a Republican

Computer question: Burning DVD's


Entertainment Posts.....where should we post them?

Words that sound funny when said 5 times fast

People you like at work - why?

Who's up for a quick game of questions?

MUSIC THREAD. Your favorite bands at this moment.

The Answer Thread

Fun with etymology..this is great...!!!

Hey, let's bitch about lousy airlines...

Good night everyone

Good night!

Fun with entomology..this is great...!!!

Happiness Is?

Pick My Next Movie

I just wanted to say thanks for the EIDE tech advice last night :-)

It's An Entirely Different Kind Of Flying Altogether.

"some shit"

Should I go to bed?

Jen6, SoCalDem, "These dogs don't hunt" is up at Bartcop today!

NC DUers - wanna get together for ice cream 8/23?

petition to get the little flippy-off emoticon back.

Anyone seen preview for "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" remake?

To anyone who hates the South: Try living in Nebraska, you feebs

Apparently you liberals have only had "joyless sex" (according to Coulter)

Wanna see a picture of my Boobie?

Who believes in a burning hell where the wicked are punished after death?

I feel like stealing a thread.

How can 40 year old music sound BETTER than today's music?

What kind of DUer are you??

I passed 5000 posts this week


Goodbye for ~two weeks

Celebrating! My "son" is on the way home from Iraq!


I just want to say thank you, DU - useful two years

The south issue has been settled - lets talk B - B - Q and not beef PORK

OK - how many have eaten daylily roots?

gay and proud

Quintessential 80s "teen movie" song?

A new Democrat makes her debut


So what's everyone's take on Evanescence?

Anyone else remember....

Do you like your job?

Just cracked open a bottle of Merlot (a product of France)

BBV: Email virus possibly hitting us?

My Wisdom Teeth are coming out in 3 days!!!

Prank phone calls made easy!

when does the soul begin?

Smile! Cthulu loathes you

George W Bush.. Just a sweaty "man of the people"

I, Jitterbug, passed 8000 posts

Hi, I'm PopSixSquish and I am an Insane Tampa Bay Buccanneers Fan

Vets , any one anyone??? My son might be sent overseas..

origin of term "to get fired"



Are our souls immortal?

Attention Seattle Duers We have two farflung members coming

Recall NSMA as Biggest Militant Feminist Lesbian on DU!!!

Anyone Watching "Sid and Nancy" on IFC???


Maple Jelly... doesn't that sound yummy.? Who orders catalog food?

Du-er's, watch out for this internet email fraud

Some Day Some One Is Going To Sell Their Soul On Ebay. I Can Feel

Things That Cost To Much. Video Games.. Medical Care.. Hair Cuts..

Please help me with this.. I'm confused!

I think my new computer repair business is gonna make it!

Something for us 80's teens


The best Sunny Day Real Estate album is

What's with all the freaking okra bashing in GD..?

How many of you now boycott threads with "yak" in the title?

I don't care what you say -- OKRA IS REPULSIVE

Will you tell the manager, or seeth in silence?

"Urban Cowboy": A Short Review

I am an atheist. What do you want to know?

Looking for Fark's Fox News of the ages pics

HOW SHOCKING!!! NSMA HITS 21,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Anti-Rush