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Archives: August 15, 2003

'It was punishment without trial'

Les Coleman-Lockerbie bombing expose

The Bush Administration Adopts a Worse-than-Nixonian Tactic:

An article by Carole Smith

A REALLY FUNNY Bush Video is out there on the web

We should welcome signs of a shrinking population

Genetically Engineered Trees

Today's "Stripes" headlines: Troops in Iraq face cut in special pays

Stripes: Landstuhl blood drive tries to fill emptying coffers

Bush registers record disapproval rating in latest Fox poll

My letter in today's Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Dean leads Poll of Dem candidates

A pattern of aggression

Iraqis Offer Tips Over U.S. Blackout

Peter Frampton A Reluctant Supporter Of Arnold Schwarzenegger For Governor

No one escaped unscathed in week of dramatic twists and turns

World Oil Markets and the Invasion of Iraq

Iraqis’ 10 tips to beat blackout heat

Darkness Visible

Saudis to interrogate 12,000 suspects

Firm that backed Edison sours on privatization

How to prevent future blackouts

"Dubya Indemnity" -- Executive order 13303

"Can't Stand the Heat?" - WP Editorial Will PISS YOU OFF - please email

Gay bishop story shows media biases

Palast-Power Outge Traced to Dim Bulb in White House

Imperial Musings in Washington

Paul Krugman: Twilight Zone Economics

Tom Teepen: With Science, Bushies Play Fast and Loose

More Missing Intelligence

John Dean- The Bush Administration Adopts a Worse-than-Nixonian Tactic

Republicans to Stress DIVERSITY at their convention!

Inside the resistance (in Iraq)


Freepers target Dean

Please Vote In Poll - re: new law Pledge To Be Said In All CO School

NO on the Recall and Vote for Bustamante Web Page

Is Depleted Uranium Creating a New Nuclear Danger in Iraq?

Don't miss this Atlanta DUers!

Hilarious interview w/ Pete Courtney Oregon Senate (NPR-5 minutes)

Bush promises "full investigation"

Ted Nugent Concert

Is Bush a conservative ???

need advice: best way to sell (near-new) bike ?

Has anyone heard of Pityriasis Rosea?

Need time of exact power outage

I just finished reading Oryx and Crake

Should I be worried about this?

Has anyone heard of irisitis

Astrologers! The power outage

You might be a redneck pagan if...

Left Wing Commie Pinko Cookbook

The Official DU self-improvement (aka exercise group) thread!

Astrology: Can Gray Davis Trip the "Running Man"?

'Get black tour guides - or else' - SA

Church lowers flag to protest gay bishop

When income taxes rise on the rich do the consumers/poor pay the bill OR

Robber Barons

Solution to the antiquated energy grid

Red Cross Responds as Blackout Continues

10 Nuke Plants Tripped (NERC Early Bulletin)

NYSEG and NiMo may institute rolling blackouts today

Power System Struggles With New Problems

Australia to get Hambali access

Iraq democracy a dream, Bush told...

The making of an Iraqi guerrilla: one man's tale

Actuaries tell Congress that they prefer Senate Presciption Drug Bill

Americans Aren't Moving - Exercise

Blackout's Emotional Toll

The NRA Amicus Brief on Silveira/Lockyer is here!

Girl, 14, killed by shot near middle school

Widow Says She Killed Lane

Colorado police tactics

And neither should've this guy...

Police Chief Shot & Killed (Grant, Alabama)

A gun saves the day!

This Guy Shouldn't Have Had a Gun, Either

Interesting gun lock video

This guy shouldn't have had a gun

Possible problem re: gun politics related...

Scholars dispute numbers of `defensive gun uses' in U.S.

I've made my decision re: my "should I buy a gun" dilemma.

Hey Admin

Just curious why times are so off on posts

weird duplication...

Bookmark question

Increase in membership

Why was this thread locked?

Which of these is a personal attack?

Palestinian Right to Water

A Separation Wall Through the Heart

Israel Agrees to Hand Over Four West Bank Towns

Iran threat requires multilateral response

In the Beginning, There Was Terror

What Happened to Your Promises Mr. Sharon?

5 Reasons to Stop US Military Aid to Israel

Cartoonist sacked after being accused of anti-Semitism

Israel pays young couples to move to settlements

9/11 "Researcher": Hillary Clinton mastermind of 9/11, Simpson murders????

Seperation of Church and State

Let's take up a collection for the Texas Democrats -

I'll show mine if you show yours - SA funding sources

New Tactic In Dash For Cash

Pataki is a putz

Al and Tipper Gore Coming to Wilmington (N.C.) Area Next Week

Great Dennis Kucinich meeting tonite in my town

where can you find congressional district maps

Dean: Bush's Environmental Record a Failure

(IL)GOP told to diversify, quickly (by White House-get minorities!)

Teenie Deanies/online Dean gear store

I went to my first Kucinich meeting tonight

Who would Kerry give his delegates to if he left the race?

Did you notice a Boom in Clark posts and supporters on here?

Upcoming Wesley Clark TV Appearances

Great Kucinich rallies in San Diego and Irvine

Is Dean a polarizing figure?

Kucinich supporters keep heart, good things happens to those who wait

Iowa Health Forum - Edwards was star

White House Visiting Draft Clark Website

Mark Shields: only twice have Dems nominated the early front-runner

Iowa Candidate Forum Cedar Rapids- 6 of 9 Dem Candidates there

Edwards already at do-or-die stage of presidential campaign

Dean Makes Unprecedented Use of Internet

Deans health insurance "Band-aid Plan" is KRAP

Kerry Gores Dean and loses me.

Kerry rails against Bush on soldiers' pay cut

Dean Backs Away from Spending Limits

Why I think Dennis Kucinich's Supposed Weaknesses May Be Strengths

Question/suggestion about voting 2004

Schwarzenegger advisor Buffet suggests Ca. property taxes too low

DUOSRDE2K4DCCMS Afficianados, listen up:

Go see the movie "Dirty Pretty Things"

Ashcrofts terrorist friends have been deemed to be terrorists again

Republicans and the 'Moral Card'

Bush Knew, Campaign funds Grew, while Fuses Blew

Word in Georgia: Jimmy Carter backs Dean

George W. Bush--Action Figure--Elite Force Aviator

a song: "Dead Iraqis"

Jeb's Florida....over 800 FCAT scores STILL lost. Sent to wrong state?

My day at Howard Dean's HQ

DU this Poll on Dean

Who is your enemy?

Howard Dean just impressed me!

And that's what I like about the South

How Many Past Presidential Campaigns Have you WORKED in?

Kerry Fans: Help Send W. Back to Crawford for a Permanent Vacation!

Lake Erie Grid and the upcoming calls for public investment

Deleted message

I don't know where Gringo is from but, I know it stinks.


On MSNBC's front page there is a slide show called

dead French people, and other stuff

Greg Palast on Fox News Now

Greg Palast is on O'Reilly

I am the Infamous HiggsBoson

Right Wing Media Rant!!

If you read only one thing today - read Greg Palast!!

Can someone explain in detail Dan Rather's tough interview w/Bush sr.?

Republicans, Florida recounts and the $2000 fine (as opposed to $450,000)

Calling all Buffalo area Kucinich supporters...

I've been thinking about Jimmy Carter today. . .


Bush registers record disapproval rating in latest Fox poll

Wolf Blitzer Poll

Message of hope from the heartland -- Cool pic

A word about racism and the South

"The Deadly Serious Crime Of Naming CIA Operatives"

Get yer NY Black out commemorative postcards here, folks

What was the deal with the 9/11 put options?

Freeper demons whining and crying about Ahnold....LOL

CBS news tonight

Fair 'und' Balanced (funny picture)

Iraqi Top 10 ways to Beat the Blackout..(MSNBC website)

Did Bush really say yesterday that it was "just a domestic problem"?

Willian Pitt now on c-span

How about a bomb thread #2.

Why does Bush keep using the term "Wakeup call"

Bush is going down quicker than Monica...

Does anyone need a good laugh?

Blackout '03 and the ENERGY Admin.

I report - you decide: Bush was fairly unable to balance


AmericanStranger -- Blah3 made Salon!!!!!

Bush's speech last night.

Believe It, or Not - By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF

Recall Election Suggestion...

squatter protest report

I don't think having a GOP Calif. gov. will necessarily help W in 2004

Davis should stick it to the Repubs!!

Wes Clark should run as a Republican

Roundtable Guests for Real Time With Bill Maher 8/15

DEAN SUPPORTERS: Quick question (not a flame)

Ten commandments judge coming up on MSNBC 8/15 6:37 PM EST


New California Poll: By 57-38 Recall Favored

(Stunning) Here is The Actual Fox Lawsuit Papers !

Anyone seen this anti-Kucinich website?

Abrahams Report on Electric Transmission System

Back from the Blackout in Detroit

In Illinois, Republicans can't even keep it up

Deregulating the Power Outage 2003

Every Campaign Has Supporters Doing It So Let's Stop The Drama...

Where's Cheney?

Please vote in this poll...

If Davis had taken cues from FDR, he wouldn't be getting recalled.

Bush Admin Suing Voice in the Wilderness

Arnold met Ken Lay re: Energy deregulation crisis....

E-bay should be alterted!

Whom do you think will be the next Cabinet secretary to resign?

Old News Story: US SOLDIER arrested for attempting to BLOWUP Powerplant!

I guess this is Kerry being Presidential

Did Bush Engineer the Blackout?


MSNBC just let Ashleigh Banfield out of the dog house

What part did "Homeland Security" play in the blackout ?

There goes lunch all over the screen. Pickles for "2nd Harvest."

Paul Begal on Crossfire:

Texas GOP Senators Fine Absent Democrats -- Do they have the authority? will sell any LIBERAL or PROGRESSIVE wares

Why a Flat-tax isn't "fair".

Californians, can US Congressmen be recalled?

eBay does it again, this time to a DUer!

Why aren't more candidates confronting the Computerized Voting problem?

How much military spending is enough for these people?

Black Wind /Blackout? A Terrorist Threat or just more HOT AIR?

bush invites campbell brown to crawford

Does Inez Tenenbaum have a website yet?

Just heard on "Today" London Co. spikes 10 X average on power surge

The Republican honesty deficit

Judge clears jail space for possible protesters arrests in Indy/Gov Meet

Are the Republicans the REAL terrorist threat in this country?

Bush Coup motorcade drivers flip bird to anti-smirk protesters

For my 1000th post a prediction: Dean will win the nomination

Where did Dubya earn his electrical engineering degree?

Status of Electricity

This morning Termite said....

"Rolling blackouts"

SOME Republican women must be bad mothers..

What a difference a day makes

A Liberal's Trip to a Military University...

Schwarzenegger and the celebrity factor

Driver Licenses for Illegals- up is down / black is white

Bush seemed drunk last night

Sign the Petition to Stop Ashcroft

Check Out the Angry Responses on the Al Franken Message Board!

WOW! Sherman Skolnick listen to the Aug 8th episode

Blatent example of media excess

John Dean says ChimpCo "adopts a worse than Nixononian tactic!!

Chimp disapproval above preinvasion levels, by Fox!

Missile Hoax!

Lovely....Falwell & Buchanan Both Have New Anti-Gay Marriage Eds This Week

Arnold finally answers a question...

Fat Children

Will Pitt must be CLONED!!!


Where is Spencer Abraham ? Isn't he the Secretary of Energy ?

Can't Gray Davis Resign???

Payments for Perle

Some Bu$h/GOP lowlights 2001-2002 - Don't Forget!

The funny thing about Bob Boudelang

Wanna hear something REALLY scary?

Bush is coming to Palm Beach!!?!? What balls!

why don't blackouts ever hit repuke areas?

Wonder if the power grid was mentioned at Cheneys secret energy meetings?

"Helping Hand Democrats"- who considers themselves this?

Will Bush dare show his face in New Hampshire pre-primary?

Did the blackout of 2003 boost Gray Davis?

U.S. Policy Towards Iraq: Unraveling the Web of People, Think Tanks, Etc

Why is Ken Lay not in prison?

I paid $1.97/gallon for gas this morning! @#*(&^#$!!!!!

it's 2 yrs. since bush attacked N.Y., will he ever be brought to justice?

Let's talk about the pros and cons for the California recall

"Can't Stand The Heat?" - WP Editorial Will PISS YOU OFF - please email

Slashdot: The grid is overloaded due to deregulation, not demand

When is a crime not a crime? Adventures of "AWOL in Wonderland".

NYT: power failures caused by enron/bush policies....

what if the LIHOP people do another blackout and then a terror strike?

Okay Did anyone else hear:MSNBC

here's an interesting photo of ann coulter

But , But ~ Freepers say Actors have NO place in politics.

Found some video of Arnold's response to Arianna

U.S. Power Grid: Are we vulnerable? MSNBC poll

EMP caught on NOAA weather radar? — CHECK THIS OUT . . .

while OUR soldiers DIE, Pentagon employees go on VACATION

Need help!

Need Help from Weather Enthusiasts RE 24 hr Radar Loops and Blackout

Why/how did Hannity stay on the air?

Guitar Center ads back on Rush

hi--I need the link to BevHarris' site re: public relations info

Alabama Justice won't remove Ten Commandments

Will Pitt on again, C-Span at 10:16 est. Speech to Veterans for Peace!

Power Outage was a Threat from the criminal bushgang

Indict bu$h/cheney

MSNBC: Congress had the opportunity to improve power grid, but didn't...

Tell me again why we don't know what caused this blackout?

Taking Bets on Who will jump first on Blackout....Dems or Bushies?

Anyone have a link to the Bush quote blaming blackout on Democrats?

PNAC wanted a "9/11" - Cheney/Rumsfeld put plan into action

So where was Cheney last night?

I have a fever right now but..

Prank call on CNN around 6:20 am

Tips for blackout conditions

Democratic Strategists

Does energy policy now become a huge issue in 2004?

How I know the blackout wasn't a terrorist act.....

McDermott & Pitt at Veterans for Peace--C-SPAN repeat, starts 10am ET

Are there any DUer's that you can't stand?

G. Palast Nails Blackout Culprit -- ENRON!

i'm glad i'm a country boy

Blackout was predicted on July 2 this year

Repubs: Blackout Clinton's Fault

post your favourite quote

Why * is not concerned about the power outage

The Other War: A Debate - How the media weasels out of telling the truth

Out of the mouths of babes...

Today's doonesbury Fair and balanced

List of Blogs that have changed sites to use Fair & Balanced....

Favorite Political Quotes

Computer Artists: We need a Fair & Balanced banner for our web sites

Richard Perle Quotes from this week

A Happy, Fair and Balanced Friday to all!!!

No Child Left Behind question

Is it possible the Microsoft LovSan Worm caused blackout?

Will the blackout be Bush's excuse if the economy doesn't pick up?

Who Is The Beast ( The 666 Guy)?????

In honor of Fair & Balanced Friday: let's sue Faux for false advertising!

Okay My Power Just Came Back On...Is Bush Still President?

Good Morning America 8/15 7:00 AM ET Hour

OMFG, Paula (Mediawhore) Zahn is HIDEOUS without makeup!

Police RAID progressive bookstore in Indianapolis tonight!

Bush aviator doll made in China

Is this blackout why gas prices spiked up today?

A REALLY FUNNY Bush Video is out there on the web

Odd, blackout hits when NYSE closes for the day

I wish I lived in Washington state

the White House will say the blackout was a Terrorist attack in a year

Link and pics from today's protest in San Diego

8 million without power, looting in Detroit . . .

a priest, a rabi, and clinton's penis walk in to a bar

Anyone Have Info On How Much Money Republicans Received

there's something real dirty about Schultz-Schwarzenegger

Bush and the half-year gap

hehe, this picture speaks a thousand words

Gov. Gary Coleman, How does that Sound?

watch Conan, new special blackout episode

Gov. Pataki (R-NY) Says Bush* Came Through for NY After 9/11

It strikes me...

3 diatribes

Gringo is an anti-southern bigot

Best Thing About the South

Michael Moore praises Wesley Clark're IT.. to the tune of $15 BILLION

Any economists/accountants here?

Kerry has just disappointed me - Big Time! (Walt Starr was right!)

Jananne Garafalo on Crossfire next week all week

It's nearly time to cut Davis loose

Open Season on the Chimp Because of the Blackout?

Deep Throat, could it have been George Bush Sr???

Fabulous propaganda posters

How do you feel about the following subjects?

Lincoln should have never attacked the South

Are we now a "Kinder, Gentler Nation?"

Bush said NO in 2001 to $350mm Power Grid upgrade ( 2 days of Iraq cost )

Ever hear Bush mention the Grid?????

Yall I think Seattle, Chicago and...

Believe it or not....turn on FOX

Which one of the freedoms that has been lost to the Patriot Act

America's Ten Most Segregated Cities

Hannity: There must be no criticism of the president during the blackout

Use the blackout as an excuse to shout ENRON any chance you get!

Has anyone called the California recall a "political lynching"?

Question to Californians

New Newsweek Article: Clark on the Issues, Including Defense Spending

DLC's head in the sand plan – not working. (Recall)

WilliamPitt was excellent on Cspan today

Most Despised Administration Figure? (and why?)

Anyone having trouble getting in on ie america (Malloy)????

Bill Maher in ten minutes, Arianna Huffington will be on

Be carefully blaming Blackout-03 on Deregulation - the consequences

What's So Funny Bout Peace Love And Understanding?

More grim news on French heat wave deaths

Do you consider yourself a role model?

Ten Commandments Judge, Editorial From Tuscaloosa News

"Rolling Blackout" *Bushes Freudian slip?

The unconstitutionality of Property tax and chuch.

Hardball: Nachman rants against Dems

OMFG, Dornan actually criticized W on hardball! Ice water in hell today.

Peace Activism Grows in Fayetteville, NC (Ft. Bragg) !

OK, let's make some generalizations about the North....

To see Will Pitt Go here...

Bush says grid outdated, where was he during the California crisis?

Kerry just keeps getting better

Dana Rohrabacher just said ( on bill maher)

How difficult would it have been for BushCo to have triggered the blackout

Dean speech in Real Audio

NY Blackout: Enronomics bites the country in the ass...AGAIN

Juniors little "wake up call" may cost taxpayers $30 billion bucks a day

Living in a Blue State Means ...

The Myth of the Welfare Queen

Sobering commentary on the new "Guy James Show" website.

Arnold will be Governor

You want tinfoil? I got tinfoil. (re: the blackout, damned interesting)

Have the FirstEnergy-Bush connections been discussed yet?


Man, this power blackout story is growing some HMF legs!

Mild and friendly suggestion to Kucinich people on DU

Black Box: Goofy voting machine news of the day

Steep Spike in Power Protection Co. Stock – 4 HOURS BEFORE BLACKOUT!

Windows Update flaw 'left PCs open' to MSBlast

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger a son of a former Nazi commendant?


Southerners and women and gays and Catholics all suck

A call for assistance at the National Guvs Conference in Indy

Why do neo-Confederate morons call the Civil War...

WAKE UP and Kiss Democracy -- AND the 2004 election -- goodbye

I own an SUV

Ten Commandments Fight May Head to D.C.

Activists blast Bush's Clear Skies plan (NH repugs agree)

Cheers in New York City, but Subways Are Idle

A Look at U.S. Daily Casualties in Iraq

E-voting brings new potential to Swiss elections

Three Fatally Shot in West Virginia

The High Cost Of War

Cleveland Faces Worst-Ever Water Crisis

Afghan Taliban Denies Deadly Bus Attack

Iran Denies Ever Holding Bin Laden's Son, Top Lieutenants

Edwards To Announce Candidacy For President In Robbins, North Carolina

Two people shot by sniper in West Virginia at gas station

Yeah, Yeah - Judge Issues Pledge Of Allegiance Injunction Colorado School

Cause of Blackout Is Not Yet Known

Bush calls for upgrading US electricity grid

Greg Palast on Fox News Now

Critics Pan Nuke Plant Safety as Industry Revival Looms

Colombian Rebels Show Hostages to Reporter

(Scotland) Nuke Plant Breached Safety Regulations

Archbishop of Canterbury re-ignites row (Gay Christians Should Be Embraced

Israeli warplanes fly over Syrian leader's house-TV


Ethics Probe Opened on Interior Dept. Lawyer

Louisiana GOP seeks input from Top White House strategist Karl Rove

2001: Bush, Delay nix $350m for Grid & Palast on why this is Bush' fault!!

Pro-gay Scout troop loses charter

Actor Rob Lowe Likely to Aid Schwarzenegger

Bush Says Electrical Grid Is Outdated

Energy Secretary Overseas During Blackout

The Making of an Iraqi Guerrilla: One Man's Tale

Warner (Gov. Va.) Blasts Bush Administration


Medical pot a political ploy, Bush drug czar says

Bush gag is his only acknowledgment of recall (Bush sees protest & signs)

The Terror Question -- Possibility Not Ruled Out

Case against conscientious objector stands

Inside the resistance

U.S. won't turn to U.N. for help in Iraq


World Sympathy And Wisecracks for U.S. Blackout

Heat apparent cause of soldier’s death

Intelligence chief was also 'troubled' by Iraq dossier

Democrats favored by casino interests in California recall

Sen. Clinton criticizes Bush, encourages involvement in Buffalo visit

Air Controllers Clash With White House (WP)

Cuban-Americans Warn Bush of Possible Loss of Support in 2004

Air Controllers Clash With White House

Poor supplies hurt soldiers

Davis' ratings dip to new depths: Democrats losing faith, Field Poll finds

Dem Presidential Candidates Oppose Recall

FBI attacks BBC over terrorism story

Internet withstands US blackout, say analysts

NPR: Oil Refinery On Fire, Blackout Preventing Water Pressure

GOP presses actor's rivals to quit

No work, no home: policies that sow destitution

Clerics Urge U.S. to Quit Iraq

Hillary Clinton hopes to rally Young Democrats of America

Ethics of GOP Benefit Questioned

Democrats Warn Texas Redistricting Plans Orchestrated at White House

FBI Says It Is Fixing Security Problems

Oil Prices Up As Blackout Shuts U.S. Refineries

Saudi Arabia to Question '12,000 Citizens'

CNet: IBM to up India headcount to 10,000?

Pentagon reverses course, won't cut troop's pay

Afghan violence poses tough questions for NATO, US

Two U.S. Soldiers Wounded, Iraqis Flock to Flashpoint

It was punishment without trial (detentions in Iraq)

Students fined R100 each for demonstration - SA

Texas Democratic Lawmakers Continue Exile

Qantas announces massive cost cutting

Teacher Shortage Eases With Economy

Dean plans to take on Bush during ‘Sleepless Tour’

Host of Candidates Poses a Challenge for California Republicans

Saudi Diplomat Expelled from UK

Dems' leader says Redistricting may strip road funds (Texas)

Judge could delay Calif. recall vote

GOP ponders tactic: No map, no primaries (TX)


South may not back Bush -- support for Iraq war slides

Blackout: No light on cause (news from South Africa)

Bush Doesn't Let Blackout Upset Lunch With Troops

Guantanamo Detainee Attempts Suicide (30th)

Fake checkpoints OKed in hunt for motorists' illegal drugs

Bush* Cites a Region Unfamiliar to Locals ("up East???")

Iraqis Offer Tips Over U.S. Blackout

Two days of armed struggles in Afghanistan leaves 115 dead

Aides Say Bush* Waited for Facts Before Commenting on Blackout

Military to Conduct Bio-Terror Exercise

Episcopal Bishops Target Of Anti-Gay Hate Mail Campaign

(Federal) Judge Blocks Colo. Pledge of Allegiance

Federal Judge Says He May Delay California's Oct. 7 Recall

US army rejects call to stop patrols in Baghad's powder keg Sadr City

Shiite Group Plans Militia to Protect Holy Sites From G.I.'s

US forces attacked west, north of Baghdad

Schwarzenegger Adviser's Criticism of Low Property Taxes Draws Rebukes

Bush: Past tax cuts enough to aid economy

Ohio holds on voting machine purchase (SAIC to also test)

Cash Pouring In, Dean Backs Off Thrift

Power Outage


U.S. Closes Offices, Freezes Assets of Iranian Opposition Group

Scientists Had Warned of Weak Power Grid (Bush was warned in November)

To Christian Right, Arnie's a devil with biceps

Election officials stand behind voting machines

Fresno council member wrote of using 'dirty bomb' to kill liberals

Warren Buffet (Arnold) Wants Higher Property Taxes in California

AP: Power Outage May Have Started in Ohio

British utility owns failed power grid

45-minute claim on Iraq was hearsay (UK)

Around the World, Schwarzenegger Gets a "Thumbs Down"

Texas Republicans vote to suspend privileges of exiled Democrats

Radioactive Nests of Hanford Wasps are Science Fact

If you need a good Croatian acupuncturist in Chicago

Hairstyles of the Rich & Famous.. The "Don'ts"

Karma strikes Dallas Hummer dealership


Whooo!!! Chicago-Home of the FIRST PLACE CHICAGO CUBS!!!!

don't forget--Leno getting Queer Eye makeover tonight!

What's the worst comic strip not counting Mallard Fillmore?

My co-workers think I'm hetero yet they didn't notice me...

Why was this locked?

Ann Coulter is on Bill Maher

Am I being picked on?

Go see the movie "Dirty Pretty Things"

Okay, somebody tell me what "Motel Hell" is doing on AMC!!!

I think it is time for a DU group HUG! Dang it we deserve it.

How else has beverage alcohol affected the South?

You have to see this picture

I love Chicago....the city not the band....Sweet Home Chicago...

Is my new sig line super cool or super creepy?

How many think there will be a NE Babyboom?

What happens if there is a blackout during '04 in certain pivotal

Any one else notice gas prices going up?

my parents during the blackout (funny story)

I just watched "An American President"...again.

Wow! 9:15p on Friday night, and no sex threads in the Lounge

What's up with the Daily show last night?


I am gonna be leaving soon for the beach

"I'm just a mouth on legs"

Watching CHICAGO on PBS .... Man... what a flashback ....

Ohio DUers, I offer my regrets....

Whale Flatulence Stuns Scientists

I Just Read "Green Eggs And Ham" By Dr. Seuss.

CanuckAmok -- I hope this makes you feel better

I need more fulfilling in life! Ewan McColl.

In The UK... Is The Word "Hospital" A Verb?

Electrical engineers in the audience?

Which James Bond movie would you most recommend to people...

Howard Dean playing harmonica

If you are looking for a place to host pictures, I found a neat one

A funny joke. :)

CAPTION W doing whatever he is doing with what looks like a cat

Have some fun..

SOUND OFF: Who will I be seeing in Boston tomorrow?

When will Kobe go O.J. with.................

OH MY!!! Lookie what I found!!

1959: My 100 Favorite Records

Beer Drinking Old Fart! - No Help Required!

Bumpersticker spotting in ritzy Highland Park (Dallas) today:

More problems with Columbia House

THE HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND THREAD (new tradition, maybe?)

The Catalyptic Abyss of all CAPTIONS!!!

Shipping to Canada

I, a self-proclaimed socialist, have something to admit:

Public schools stink!

A personal statement : article in paper

ENTERPRISE fans: T'Pol's new look

Can someone explain the power grid to me?,,,,this makes no sense,

Attention Ohio Evil Duers

movement for a new DU nickname for bush

PGA Championship : Mickelson imploding, Tiger going nowhere

Question about the South -- Do gas and alcohol really mix?

DUers in LynneSin's fantasty football How do I set my draft up

Hooray 4 PJM Interconnections for saving the midatlantic from blackout

Who dropped out of the DU fantasy football league?

Smells Like Mary Jane (great spoiler-ish SPIDER-MAN 2 set pic)

ATTN Boston DUers! I WILL Have my Digital Camera Tomorrow!!

Is the east coast going to get "californiaed" or "enronized"

i'm glad i'm a country boy

Please help - Whois this, don't know what to make of this

Time To Bash The South...............................South Canada That Is!

You Can't Hide From Pryin' Eyes

The Hayseed in Halcyon of all CAPTIONS!!! (Hip-deep in clover.)

"Bob Boudelang And His George W dolly" on page one

CAPTION W face to face with the LAMPS as they have turned against him

I Just Got Back From "Freddy v. Jason" - Here's My Review

you all need to go to this website

OKAY Who REALLY started the blackout?

Made my puppy puke today.

George Bush's America (parody song)

My democracy is going to hell and I have to work

Which dietary fiber do you use to stay fair and balanced?

Democrats only focus now - Cali Recall

Matcom Bites Catwoman's Cat

Getaway to the Mountains or Ocean?

Homestar Runner

i need to drive to philly from new england today... is that a good idea?


CatWoman bites Matcom while making love

anyone here know about monolithic domes?

OK so the cookbook did noy fly

Man Bites Off Girlfriend's Nose but Keeps Her Love

Man Cuts Off Own Penis to Cure Sex Addiction

I Have Wa-a-a-ay Too Many Hotel Soaps and Mini-Shampoo Bottles...

Naming dogs and kids....

We have all heard about Freddy vs Jason but.........

ADVICE NEEDED: Anti-Photo (Super Reflective / Prism) License Plate Covers

Flash: Italy vs. EU

A DU recipe book as a fund raiser?

Does anyone know what happened to Cappurr?

WillPitt is a yak butter fetishist!

Get your Yak t-shirt here!

Coffee Coyote's Flatulence is "fair and balanced".

CAPTION if you like, but Yahoo beat you to it...

GOPisEvil flatulence stuns whales

So I tried to watch Leno last night to see the Fab 5 from Queer Eye....

Just Checking :)

And the winner for Best Thread Title EVER is.....

Anyone Here Read "Prey" By Michael Crighton?

post your favourite quote

The desert heat is on vacation!

Any present or former Amiga Users here?

Dean said, "YOU HAVE THE POWER!"

Which avatar should I use?

who knows the "rules of the playground" as told to Bart by Homer?

I'm more fair and balanced than you are!!!!!

Looking for new website feedback - new political forum (excuse the typos)

Journalist pictures -- need help

They Keep Saying A Blackout Can't Happen Here in Colorado....

Your favorite Bush photo?

Ooh ooh ooh Mistah Kottaaaair I have a CAPTION

Noticing this more and more

anyone here ever work on a cruise ship?

Scenario: Eminem uses the word "nig*a" to address one of his black friends


one.... two... Freddy's coming for you.... three.... four...

Shocked this morning by upside-down flag!

TRY THIS TRICK... (Suitable For Home Or Office)

I have a fever right now but..

Wuddayaknow! There IS a God

Rob Lowe hooks up with Arnold!

Being evil means it can be Christmas every day! *gigglesnort*

Bad Religion plan short club tour

I'm at over 6000 posts. Thanks!

LOL!...Out of the mouth of Babes....

Good (FRIDAY!!!) Morning DU!!

Hope this isn't a dupe post

Heart Broken and down in the dumps, love is a dangerous thing

If someone wants to edit their post...

The last night's blackout Fair and Balanced?

Are any major news organizations Fair and Balanced?

Is it Fair and Balanced to call Dems good and Repukes bad?

What is up with Bartcop's hex on Tiger Woods

a priest, a rabi, and clinton's penis walk in to a bar

piss off your "cubemates" wallpaper

OK DU Owners - where's the "Fair and Balanced" Avatar

A letter to Ann Coulter - very odd, but very amusing.......

Ben Affleck Tries To Deflect Gigli Fallout By Restarting Gay Rumors

Ebay: Fair and Balanced...

LOL! LOL! I got an email from Vincent Taylor, Chuck Taylor's brother

Police pull over man riding motorized bar stool (NO NOT ME)

Live from New York

A REALLY FUNNY Bush Video is out there on the web

Paula Zahn - And An Old Chestnut of a 'Cello Joke

Who would win in this fantasy debate?

Statue of Liberty cam

boy o boy

it's so dark out & somebody just grabbed my butt!

Tech question re: EIDE Hard Drives and Macs (revision D iMac)

Throw out your TV

Has anyone had a good experience with gallbladder surgery?

I must be regressing. Just made myself a Fluffernutter

Republican mascot is destructive force

any fans of Freifofer's chocolate-chip cookies here?

Very bizarre picture of Schwartzehooplah.......very odd indeed...

All these new DU loves... makes me wonder...

Is anyone else still having computer problems?

Please help me start my new business

What's your favorite Elvis Costello album?

I've been out for a week - Did I miss anything?

Are any of you just computer-literate but not a hacker geek???

If You Could Choose Another DU Screen Name, What Would It Be?

You got the phone call..."they" are on the way to your house..

I'm taking a trip to Arizona.. what should I pack?

who does the best "Killing me softly (with his song)?"

Rob Lowe joins Ahhh-Nold's campaign

What are gas prices in Minnesota?

Gerry (19?? - 2003) :(


If you could clone just one thing, animal, insect, human, etc.

I will never give a dime to Sierra Club again!!

Muffins or cupcakes?

Just saw "I am sam" With Sean Penn

Tell me something about Tucson, AZ

WOW! the Southern Bashers/Women/CHILDREN BASHERs....are really out on DU

Name a Horror/Sci-fi Film That You Think No One Else Has Seen That's Good


Diary of a Viagra Housewife

Just Returned from Canada

TV shows that lasted waaaaaay too long

Shhhhh! Ever so stealthily, a_random_joel has hit 1500 posts.

I hate computers...I really really do...

NC Internet Subcribers Alert: I'm getting rid of my Earthlink AccounT

The Silliest Looking After-Market Auto Add-On Is...

good zinger

OMFG! I'm in the 700 Club!

What Was Your First Job....And How Much Did It Suck?

Most unfortunate name for a restaurant -- Would you change it?

I am just friggin bored. Ask me anything

Political apathy

Man Cuts Off Own Penis to Cure Sex Addiction

The mom in the "Family Circus" comic strip is a real...

What should I use for a sig line

Worst name to name your kid?

Name some new bands you dig

Red Sox v. Seattle on ESPN, 10:00pm ET tonight

Birthday Wishes For Our Sffreeways August 15, 2003

Question for all DU guitarists...


I love all you guys!

You learn something new everyday (Kucinich isnt all Croatian)

toilet seat courtesy...the battle rages on....

So - do you share a domicile with someone that is obsessed with something?

What should we do to the person that made the Blaster worm?

Let's say you're a cowboy in the old west

anybody know the scoop on Smirking Chimp? Been off line all day........

Interesting pictures of New York City at Yahoo! News

Please answer this

So, the blackout was all part of their master plan....

Hey there all you lovers out there!

My trip to Philly - inane post.

Yes or no?

"Some People Like Cupcakes Better.

Theater Tickets Are So Expensive Around Here...

I'm done re-watching "May"..Anyone Seen "Das Experiment"?

Which Extinct Comic Strips Do You Miss??

Long Haired Freaky People Need Not Apply

I just *got* the "Evil DUer" thing!

Tequila Drinking Teenager - Help!

Fellow DUer's please help me welcome our newest member:

Referencing the Simpsons in every day life.....

Please continue this story . . .

I have found the perfect party to run California

Am I still the only one who has seen "MAY"?