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Archives: August 14, 2003

Sleep Well, Thomas; It Was a Pack of Lies - Ex-CIA Ray McGovern

Class, race and the social problems in Benton Harbor: interviews . . .

UK Guardian on the joys of Californication

Stalin's dreaded 'block councils' return, but this time by popular demand

Army of Extreme Thinkers (DARPA)

Novak: Bush's Terminator (Claims Arnold found Riordan feeble)

Molly Ivins: Bully Pulpit (partly on Franken vs. O'Reilly)

Salon: The big wedding

Mild-mannered mom comes out swinging in Japanese political punch-up

The Dems: Is This It? - CBS Meyer

Salon/Tina Brown: Arnold and the boys

Some Say Black Lesbian's Killing Ignored

"U.S. Abandons Idea of Bigger U.N. Role in Iraq" Soldiers screwed!

NYT Ed: White House Fantasies on Iraq

California Democrats must recall that they reap what they sow

Ann Coulter's latest

Orlando Sentinel - Fox News sues, chokes on its words

Troop in Iraq face pay cuts

Recruiting Liberia's child soldiers

Report: U.S. proposes time to move Yongsan Garrison, 2nd ID in S. Korea

NY Times: Bob Herbert's No Work, No homes

WP Op-Ed: The Bush Deceit

Stars and Stripes: Vets, soldier families rip Bush on Iraq

Dean's List - To beat Bush, just speak the truth ... LOUDLY

SF Examiner: America's war criminals

Defusing the smoking gun How did Colin Powell get so much wrong about Iraq

Big Apple Subway Miracle

Bill O'Reilly

A/I Petition against stoning to death of Amina Lawal, northern Nigeria

Afghan Massacre:: Convoy of Death (film) in Chicago 8/14 and 8/15

MN DUers--Anybody going to hear Kucinich?

A Call for 20,000 Voices (Voices in the Wilderness)

Austin Tx rally pics from last weekend right here

Freezerbox magazine... a nifty lefty online their poll

Dr. Laura loses her religion

Media can't get casualties # -328 US/Brit Dead, 1289 wounded,10,446 Iraqi

What Al Franken should do

Quick question re:O'Reilly

Media study: Conservatives more biased (duh)

Conservatives Obbsession with other peoples Sex Lives

The Law And The Right thing to do and Conservitives

The Crystals Of Rapanah - a parable

Need help with intelligent rebuttal

who would be interested in a weekly college football pick em pool

Does anyone have Arnold's birth info.........????


CARTOONS! The "Absolutely Arnold-Free" Edition

Race and the Kobe Bryant Trial

Gay activists back Street in Philadelphia mayoral race

Need some information, or websites for abortion providers

Vicious Circle Of Trade

BMW: Theft threatens 10 000 - SA

Vicious Circle Of Trade - WPost op-ed

Experts: Titanic wreckage disintegrating rapidly

"The New Renaissance" on population and a sustainable future.

Zim wildlife pillage continues

We predicted this (cascading power failure): energy expert

Saudi Arabia, Russia to Expand Oil Cooperation

Bali verdict: a political show trial based on unconstitutional law

The Bush Deceit - WPost op-ed

HIV-positive Nevada man files complaint after being barred from pool

What did you think of the Dem. Health Forum in IA?

Rats spread Hong Kong's Sars - Epidemiologist says

Depression hits schoolchildren - SA

Republicans will turn America into a Police State

Police Lose Automatic Rifle While Driving Between Calls

Gun Control Debate Gets Muzzled

I/P post locked for nitpicky reason

Freeper alert in this thread

Just a little whine about the Dem primaries/candidates discussion:

Why was my post deleted here??????

I don't mean to be picky....

Can something from a blog site be deemed Late Breaking News

So... Is DU Gonna Participate?

What's the most popular selling T-shirt for the site?

I think we need a clearer definition of "Late Breaking News"

I have donated a couple times and got the DU bumper sticker and letter.

Crying smilie

LBN thread moved, second time recently, I don't know why

are violent fanatasies against other DUers now humor?

I found this odd little might want to stash it away

Can we have a Lisa Simpson avatar?

How about a hammer and sickle avatar?

Feature request that could ease load.

My heart stopped! First log on attempt said I lost my privleges

P.A. Again Encouraging Suicide Bombings

Single mother's trek inspires Israeli protesters...

Argentina orders 8 Iranians arrested for 1994 bomb...

Terrorism Casts Pall on 'Road Map' - LATimes op-ed

What gas is Israel using?

Jihad says killing of group's leader in Hebron risking hudna

Soldiers kill Hebron's Islamic Jihad leader; revenge promised

Arab sermons: O God, destroy the Zionist and American enemies of Islam

IOF Brutally Beat up a Palestinian for Protesting Women Search

Enlightening old DU thread on massive explosions in WTC 1 basements

If we were to stage a protest on 9/11/03, what would our demand be?

Fighting dirty and risky campain idea in 2004 might win Congress back

Can we really expect to win with leaders like Hillary Clinton, Durbin, and

Wesley Clark meeting set for Monday

Camp Edwards: intense world of a presidential campaign headquarters

An interesting take on Dean and his campaign

InsiderAdvantage Poll: Dean Leads Democrats for '04 Elections

Appraising Arnold

Maryland Dean Supporters (Eastern Shore area)

Howard Dean's Youth Machine

If Davis resigns, is the recall moot?

Does it take money to get votes? - SA

Anybody know when Arianna's

On Howard Dean (common dreams)

Is Wesley Clark really "pro gays in the military"?

: Kerry Addresses Grassroots Supporters

Edwards pressed for decision

Understanding the Philly Cheesesteak/Kerry Incident

Dean On Bush's Decision Not To Give UN Greater Role In Iraq Reconstruction

Which way for the Democratic Party?

Watch the Wesley Clark Commercial

For all you Deaniacs

The Supreme Allied Commander gets fired and...

Kerry Addresses Grassroots Supporters

Introducing...the Candidate's Wife blog...

Pay Military for Imminent Danger Even If We Cut Our Own Pay-Graham

Kucinich to speak in St. Paul

It's On! Kerry and Dean To Decide Race In Winner-Take-All Guitar Jam Out

Selling Dean Short (The Nation)

The Kerry Doctrine - A Lighter Shade of Pink

A relative unknown throws his hat into the primary ring

Kerry hints at reform for Social Security

Maybe Dean Is Too Conservative...

Kerry on Bush/Benefits for Troops

WI-5/Jim Sensenbrenner Research Thread

Amarillo Talk Radio: The Bush Economic Team Meets Tomorrow

Rising up - virtual vs physical

The man who put Jesse Ventura in office is now working for

Bush wants to cut soldiers' hazard pay

The Bush Fear Factory

Love those New Yorkers! Partying with candles and "spirits" in the dark,

Dean Takes the Lead in National Polls

Taxpayers May Foot $60,000 Bill For Election Training (Ohio)

it can't go on like this, we've reached the crisis level

Newbie Intro

Looks like the Daily Show is a repeat (no Hillary)

Major propaganda piece on Arnold.

Another poor show from the Master of the Universe

Really, when was the last time you think Junior had a drink ?

Debate Sponsors issue invites to some Cal Gov Wantobes

George W. Bush TNG Action Figure Doll on sale...

Does Anyone Really Think It Was Lighting

Why wont Chimp Boy speak live?

Hillary on Larry King

If you lived in California (or if you do) who would you vote in the recall

Blackout and the DOW - Frightday the 15th?

About 40minutes after Power Outage, Kudlow on CNBC Says: This is why we

Hilarity (and paranoia) ensues with Freepers about power failure

ATTN: Phoenician DUers, major weather alerts going on here,

STILL FUNDRAISING! Glad power outage didn't stop Bush!

We have nothing to Fear, but Fear itself

Anyone here from Tennessee or Maryland or Nebraska? Urgent!!

Joe Conason makes no sense!!

Looking for help. I have 20 + pics from the Austin rally but I don't know

Bush will get Energy bill pass now

Miners can't get out of some mineshafts without power

Curfews in Detroit area

To: Grey Davis, remember Truth Is All. You will win easily if.....

Yikes! Even the Bushbots think * is pathetic today

The End of the World (for those in darkness) READ!

I gotta admit, seeing the video of NYC, noo yawkers are being cool!

I trust Ted Rall more than I do Howard Dean.

Let's go a bit easier on the FReepers please...

Davis getting good exposure on Larry King....

CNN: Gen. Wesley Clark: Iraq war based on 'misjudgment'

Niagara power denies lightning strikes!

Bush responds to the black out !

Remember the *Bush "Aviator" doll?

313 dead because Bush would NOT let UN inspectors do their job

America is psychologically damaged...

Ronnie Raygun took the solar panels off of the whitehouse

Why Do Threads Get Locked

This picture really bothers me. Is it just me?

Koppel Reports: Bush says this is a "Domestic Problem/Doesn't Require

Mike Malloy tonight... repeat of last night.

Check in Thread

GOP Virg. Chairman Resigns after Pleading Guilty to Wiretapping DEMs

DAMN CNN... They cut Arianna off !!!

What's happening with the people that were on Elevators?

Are Bush Boy's low approval ratings a threat to

baby boom in 9 months in outage areas

CBS really pushed the fact that Bush was at a big fund-raiser.

"Happiness is a President with character."

Bush Doll Made in China...

How long before conservatives blame Bill Clinton for the blackout?

So guess what Arnold is doing to neutralize the Prop.187problem?

Chimpy To Speak at aprox. 8:30 pm Eastern

* is Culpable for the Blackout - Cheney must release papers

Will the power outage affect Hillary being on The Daily Show?

*Bush in Portland next Thursday, A21, Seattle A22-3

Foiled Mission to Plant WMDs?

Do we have DU Folks from ALL the OTHER CITIES? Whore Media Not Reporting!

Healthcare and Kucinich campaign!

Greetings from New York City!

It's time for a war on weather!

What a difference an Arnold Makes

This power outage is the sole fault of NAFTA and deregulation

BBC: US blackout weakens dollar

CNN Interviews Bill Richardson-Clinton's Energy secretary

Worm virus to blame for East Coast blackout?

All Major News website sites up to date - except FOX! 6:02 EST

Most of the "Bring The Troops Home" families are Republicans

OK ! When can we get back to Arnold and Kobe ?!

so when will they start blame hillary

Some Jerk was just on ABC with Ted Koppel

I'm betting the power is out because of the computer worm!

Freeper says SERBS responsible for power outage.

Question for Clark Supporters

Hillary being interviewed by John King/CNN! Says, we have to get to Bottom

Without over reacting wouldn't this count as a national emergency

The 2004 Dem candidates need to go to the NE.

Carl Jung Sez...

power's back in my neighborhood . . .

has a map been made of the areas without electricity?

Public Health Forum -- 2:30 PM ET LIVE (Thur) -- CSPAN -- Demo Candidates

U.S. Army Artillary in downtown San Diego!

Two BBV Questions

Ten Nuclear Plants are Offline......and they will be brough back slowly

Will we hear "Blackout Bloomberg" like we hear "Grayout Davis?"

It is clear the blackout is the responsibility of the corrup Iranian

Ugh! the reason this is a national emergency is b/c of the VULNERABILITY

Aaron Brown spilled the beans on Wes Clark -- a Democrat!

Heirloom tomatoes

At 5:20 p.m. (est) CNN Announces on Scroll..President Bush/Been Informed!

I have the perfect protest sign for the convention

Where's BUSH? Why aren't they having a press conference right now?

Did CNN let Arianna's comments about Arnold air? Or just website?

I hope they don't Hire the Same Crew They Got In Iraq

Today's Doonesbury just about says it all....

Rikers Island & the Jails in NY, Detroit, Cleveland, Are the doors open?

Black fighter jets are going over the city of Chicago right now

VRWC Strikes the NY Power Grid!

Bloomberg press conference coming up

The East Coast is thrown into darkness, the West Coast is in shambles

The power outage is not just Toronta, it's the entire Ontario Province

(((((BREAKING NEWS))))) -Power Outages in NY, Detroit, Toronto, and

New ARG poll Bush down to 53% approval among registered voters

Go to the Networks.....forget MSNBC/CNN they are Bush controlled!

why has god not stricken our president down for his evil deeds?

Stay calm, NY Mayor tells citizens....


All anyone needs to know about the CA recall..

Dean Supporters: Whose campaign do you fear the most?

Should I attend Tx Conf for Women or stage a protest?

Why Bush is in serious trouble.

Roy Moore = Bush's next judicial appointment?

how much will * numbers go up?

It's a mass power outage Freeper fantasy!

NPR LIES for Bush again

Holy rolling moron in Alabama refuses to remove

Scare, Scare, and Elect

Gibson knuckles under and "softens" Jesus movie

I love it when people draw their own conclusions, then blame me.

Get your arnold news here, well sort of

Breaking: New TOONS Posted/Bush Ridiculed Again

A complete list of candidates for the California Gubernatorial race

Updated List of US War Dead - 8/14/03 - 8 new families notified.

Are Congressional Repubs evil creatures without souls or just ignorant?

Tomorrow is "Fair and Balanced" Day!

Al Queda operative caught in Asia

Is Rep Jim McDermott correct about the "Fear Factor"?

* playing dressup again

A Republican plan for the Texas Senate Democrats

Arianna, anyone? Transcript, video?, MP3, MR. WONK?!

Republican Party Reported to use Call Center in India To Raise Funds

The ignore function here is really great!

Kerry on CSPAN Live Now

Ben Franklin Quote

$2.7 Bil from Libya -- what could WTC victims have gotten from

Veterans ready to 'roll' in support of VA hospital(CrawFord.....)

Promise Keepers Rallies Now Going On In Prisons

What do you see Howard Dean doing if he doesn't get the nominee?

Greens, how many campaigns?

DU Vets: I think I need a wake up call!

To Steve Peace, California Financial Director

FReeper response to heat related deaths in France

Will Bilderberg remain a mystery forever? Book cancelled.

What about Dean and rural areas?

Bush To Speak To Troops Thur -- 3:30 PM ET

Kucinich for minority leader!

Who is more "liberal" ? Arnold or Gray Davis ?

The Bohemian Grove (where the bushgang parties 2 wks. every yr.)

Limbaugh Lies Again

Texas GOP calls for investigation into fly-away Dems

We never heard about Melissa Valles..

Wow! "Lone Gunmen" from exactly 2 months before 9/11...

Divorce Should Be Criminalized

Al Franken RULES!!! Info inside, plus I need help!

Honolulu "chalks" one up for free speech

ABC WNT actually did a report on the "injured" soldiers last night

Schwarzenegger Keeps Bust of V.I. Lenin In Office

A man dressed in a U.S. Army uniform joins protestors

I can't decide if this is a joke or not...

My uneasiness about Clark

DU this poll, Do you share President Bush's optimism over the economy?

Did Faux report this poll?

Why Iraq was a war for oil (and why it failed)

What is the "Straw" that will break/make you?

Why did they schedule Bush for California today ??

this is one of the best "politicalstrikes".... yet

HOT ! MSNBC hoodwinked by Repub pollster Frank Luntz !

Civil War In Iraq Is Just Over The Horizon

Soldiers in Iraq to get Their Salaries Cut

Please link- of troops who lost their lives with pics

Dr Kelly and the BBC - Is the fix in?

Do you share President Bush's optimism over the economy? CNN poll

Screwing the people of New York City

Further Proof I Need to Leave Texas

Smirk gives DOW a medal for inventing genocide Agent Orange

lawyer says we can get the gang with RICO

Nancy Skinner on FOX-TV tomorrow - Linda Vester's show

Smirk doll made in China

Create a candidate

50TH Anniversary

Black Box Voting: Is this hard to understand?

Is NPR Flat-Out Lying about Helicopter/Flag Baghdad Story. Please Help

Last evening, a young man posted............

A defense of Michael Moore and "Bowling for Columbine"

california recall debates?!?!

Lying, or Incompetence and the Justification for War in Iraq

Point about Arnold and his economic advisors

Bush Admin set to screw troops, again.

Whats the latest on "Hunting of the President"film?

"The War Room" - WATCH IT if you haven't lately...

When did Schwarzenegger become an American citizen? Anyone know?

AP: Shiites Demand U.S. Troops Leave Baghdad

The Mystery Men Behind the Ca. Recall

In The World Of Rev. Schenck: Atheists Can't Stop Murders From Happening

Phony Baloney

Zimmerman: The Bush Deceit

The Myth of Preemptive Self-Defense

Don't Let Cheney Off the Hook!!

GWB's* FEAR Factory

Which Candidate For Higher Office Said This About Gay Sex?

Injustice!!: Human Shields, not Halliburton, Cited for Trading with Iraq

Hasn't David Beckwith (Texas/GOP) said other racially insensitive things

My God!I Forgot How Good the movie "Wag The Dog" was!

Wash Post Poll: Only 37% support Civil Unions for homosexuals

ARG: Bush's Job Approval Rating Continues to Slip From Post-war High

Isn't it about time the media stop "protecting" this dangerous person?

Black Box: Kim Alexander on CNNfn (Thur. 10:45 AM)

$20,000 bonus to official who agreed on nuke claim!

803 to 867 american dead in Afghanistan

Pastor Deacon Fred of Landover Baptist Sermon

Is Ahnold the anti-Lieberman?

F*cking CNN!

Now they are manipulating DOL's unemployment numbers

Teen to get up to 15 years and $1000 for robbery in Vermont

The list of 135

Let's Plaster this all over Conservative boards:

Is Wesley Clark even a democrat?

Reminder: Wesley Clark on GMA this morning

"NIXON" movie on TNT - it's deja vu all over again!

local tv said 3000 people died in France heatwave. ?!?

Terminating Event : Why Arnold will lose

Rating the issues in order of importance (to me)

the pres. doesn't obey the 10 commandments., why should we?

Donate to Take Back the Media and see the flash animation advert

"To fawn at the feet of Mammon"

Who will profit from the latest bogus scare (handheld missile launchers?)

Freeper compares Wesley Clark to Benedict Arnold.

hey europe, how do ya like that global warming huh?

Is James Baker's former law firm still representing the Saudis in

I got an email from a freeper

Oreck Vaccum ads heard on Hannity and Limpbaugh

The Prgressive case for Dean: Commondreams

Doonesbury on diversity in our armed forces -- nice one!

I have nothing against Black people, but tell me why

Sylvia on Congress's self-service -- hot one.

Ex-Envoy Says 9/11 Suit Against Saudis Could Hurt Relations

President Bush arrives in California today .......

The New Bush Doll, Puts The 'W' in AWOL

The real question

Halliburton sold "war heads" to John Q. Public.....? No recourse.....WTF

feeling lucky?

A question for any government employees

a real successful freep

It's raining in Germany

Colace Laxitives ads running on Savage Weiner, plus more

yet more corporate censorship

Here is a fair poll from the TX GOP website!

Are you a Bigot??

My cat is STILL sucking my ear!

What Does Pro-War and Anti-War Mean?

Parent and Vet Group receiving Emails & Support for "Bring Em

Has Rick Perry committed impeachable offenses?

What does Iraq have in common with Iran-Contra? Poindexter & Ledeen -

DUers: Stan Goff is the MAN...

Confirmation of Casualty Lies--eyewitness

Self-Hating Leftists

party politics is what's wrong here

Bush is toast. CSPAN now. Veterans and fathers of soldiers telling

When are we gonna go after another Axis-Of-Evil?

Which is More Threatening to the Ruling Class: Gore's Speech or CA Recall?

Where we are: To NOT Impeach * is TREASON....

pResident Doofus again blames media "March to War" for economy woes

C-SPAN replay now of military families speaking out about the war.


"Behavior Modification Operations"

Death on the Range (BSE in the US)

The Ueberroth factor

Same sex marriage going to Costa Rica's Constitutional Court

We need to protest in NYC on 9/11/03

How Soon Before We Hear "See We Need to Privatize Electricity"

Creepiest photo of Chimp ever, guaranteed!

Why are we scared of a third party?

US military pioneers death ray bomb (for real)

Bring Them Home Now !: Stars and Stripes is gonna toast Bush!

I accidently listened to Rush today!

Black Box: URGENT! Need activists for quick POWERFUL easy project

So, what are our "shared goals"?

What's the "straw" that will break/make you?

Kucinich should run for the US Senate instead

This did happen to the Western states

Arianna's Federal Income Tax: $771 for the last 2 years!

NY Skyline at dusk.. actually very serene

Washington Post Hits ROCK BOTTOM

Petition to stop the CA recall

A new form of government - given that the current model is outdated

Bu$h speech live on CNN. At Miramar MCAS

Privatized "soldiers"??...creeeeeepy

Help. I just had a horrible nightmare! Mommy!

What Caused the Blackout?

How do we know this was not a terrorist attack?

Davis needs to stop apologizing and go on the attack....

HILLARY just shreaded ENRON on ABC

Is Lieberman much more courageous than we give him credit for?

Worse than Iran-Contra, the Sequel

Dean Supporters Fear Gen Clark

Someone please explain the DUers who don't trust Arianna

Question for our mental health professionals!

For the Nader love/hate-ers (and all you "moderates" too)

OReilly can't buy a break

Is progress linear?

Why is Arnold a Republican?

Cheney on Vacation? Isn't Bush on Vacation too?

I just saw a clip of Bush's remarks to reporters

don't ask why, but tonight i'm more convinced than ever of LIHOP

Why the blackout might just save us...

New California Website: "No On Recall... Yes On Bustamante"

Austin Tx rally pics from last weekend right here

The Dumbing Down of America

Oh, God, No! Chimp is coming to my hood on Friday (Thousand Oaks, CA)

Why Are Al Sharpton and Gary Coleman Immediately Dismissed

Help! Nebraska, Virginia, Indiana and Kentucky, also North Carolina

Privatising Iraq will have dire results...Gulf News---All Bush's buddies!

PLEASE, ..NO MORE Clinton's Penis ONE-LINERS!!

Bush can't even get the black out straight...

11PM CBC reports nuclear power plant on fire in Pennsylvania, true?????

Chimp at 52% approval, lowest yet!

The investigation of the blackout will start IMMEDIATELY

Power bigwig just said on CNN--RULES WERE BROKEN!!!!!

What chance is there that the Old American Republic is GONE FOREVER

*Tin foil Hat* on BBV

Troops in Iraq face pay cut

I've been at work all night and have a question about the blackout:

I am starting to get very nervous.

PamAm 103 victim's father: daughter's dead because of U.S. foreign policy

Just got in mail cheesy survey from Dean campaign asking for money...

Does Holy Joe play a musical instrument ?

Bush should have Johnny on the spot when the power failed.

I wish some savvy reporter would ask Bush if his Crawford home is off

UPI: Why the Democrats Need Dean

Ok..Where is the "Terrah-ists R Us" warehouse???

It's not just the Saudi secret that's being kept in those 28 blank pages

Niagara-Mohawk Power Grid Information..(and deregulation)

What about that "other" war we "won"??

Would'nt there be clear evidence if it was terrorism?

HELLO, FASCISM ....California Recall: The Coup Inside a Circus

Is there really any question at this point? Diebold ain't Kosher.

Age of Nader/Greenies please

Clear Channel radio station just bashed Henry Waxman

Blackout Conspiracy thread

Arms race fear over America's gamma ray bomb

BUSINESS, I want to open a business that will attract political lefties?

How many DUers actually read the freeper forums?

"Cell Phones could not have worked on the highjacked airliners" True?

Should Truman have dropped the bomb?

New Texas Pledge Law to Cost School Districts (Texas Pledge required)

Families of US troops in Iraq launch campaign for their return

Table of casualties in Iraq(Corrected for wounded soldiers who died later)

British Soldier Killed In Basra - 2 wounded in attack on ambulance

Sept. 17 debate set for top California gubernatorial candidates


US troops provoke anger, fear in Afghan villages

Karzai acts to squelch pro-Taliban insurgency

Heat Wave Kills About 3,000 in France

Up to 3,000 Die in France Heat

MSNBC gives Jesse Ventura weekly show

Chimpy speaking live on CBS NOW

Democrats push health care plans in Iowa

Bush on now

Blackout shuts down nuclear plants...

aWol is NOT going on live! 7:45 central

Superiors warned Kelly against talking to BBC


CNN: State of Emergency declared in New York State

Idaho mayor pulls gays from city festival

US tried to plant WMDs, failed: whistleblower

Republican Party Outsources Call Center Jobs

Probe Faults FBI in Double Agent Case


Bloomberg press conference on now

Bloomberg Says Power Coming Back


S. Carolina education superintendent running to replace Hollings


CNN: Lawsuit challenges (NYC) gay high school

Plan To Get HIV Names Attacked

Global Warming is Choking the Life Out of Lake Tanganyika

Nader Enters Ring in Oakhurst Corner (Monsanto vs. Maine Dairy)

Rumsfeld Says US Has No Ready Answer to Growing Problem of Opium in Afghan

Original headline was "Is Bush jealous of Calif. recall publicity?"

Democracy Might Be Impossible, US Was Told

French Heat Deaths Up To 3,000 - BBC

Bush fails consumer credit test, critics say

Lawyers: Enron, Worldcom chiefs may never face prosecution

Government warns of late-summer gasoline price surge

KC schools released from court control | Kansas City Star

Saudis reject U.S., UK alerts as political ploy

Appeals court rejects challenge to Ten Commandments plaque (Philadelphia)

Voting machines passed tests (according to LWV - Sarasota)

FBI: Suspected Dealer Sought 50 Missiles

Missile Bust A Missed Opportunity?

BBC - British soldier killed in Basra

UK employment figures reach 19-year high

Troops in Iraq face pay cut

Shiites Demand U.S. Troops Leave Baghdad

Germany to extradite U.S. man who ran away with British schoolgirl

FEC Approves corporate and union donations to lawmaker defense funds

'Joe's Jobs Tours' brings Lieberman to Bellevue (Hosted By Bush '04 Repub)

(Powell) U.S. Seeks New Relationship With N. Korea

Supercuts agrees to pay $3.2 million to settle race case

Military Says 677 Rebels Killed in Aceh (1400 Alleged Captures)

Hoon 'ordered Kelly to face MPs'

Gem Dealer Is Said to Aid Scheme on Terrorist Funds

Less Than Meets the Eye? U.S. Govt. Sting Operation Criticized as Set Up

Many States Fall in Fiscal Free Fall

U.S. May Ease Tribunal Rules

Swazi cops shoot at democracy protesters

Embedded, now media gagged

Bush Tries to Stay Out of California Recall Fray

Up to 5 US soldiers in Iraq have died due to heat

Six Killed When Bridge Blown Up in India

Foreigners Among Those Injured in Greek Quake

British inquiry hears tape of dead Iraq weapons expert

City's aquarium loses its accreditation (Boston)

$2.7bn Lockerbie compensation deal (so that Libya oil will flow)

N.Y. Times Reporter, Photographer Cited (Kennedy Air Port Security)

Pillowtex fall puts focus on China

Israel Kills Senior Islamic Militant, Truce at Risk

US army apologises to Shiite clerics over clash

WorldCom plan may have avoided state taxes

ZDNet: Will {Internet Explorer} verdict {against Microsoft} snare others?

Dean Unveils Rural Development Plan

Nigeria refuses to hand over Taylor

Kenyan women in rape protest

Heat-related death estimate soars (France)

`Human shields' activists facing fines from U.S.

President dips a toe into California fracas

(Gay) Newlyweds in Canadian border battle

Florida Elections Commission fines Palm Beach commissioner $2,000

US military pioneers death ray bomb

Broad Effort Emerges to Help Democrats Cope With Loss of 'soft Money'

Montana Governor Won't Run For Re-Election

Oil 'emergency' off Karachi coast | BBC

Study of Bush's psyche touches a nerve

Amin needs a kidney donor | Monitor (Kampala)

State (Colorado) Dems ride off to support Texans | Denver Post

Libya agrees Lockerbie deal | BBC

Views On Economy Worsen - CBS Poll 60% say it's Bad

Senators Want to Block Spending on Terrorist Initiatives

County likely to waive tax against Intel (Hillsboro, OR) | Oregonian

Bush nominates Martinez as federal judge for Western Washington

Two Pakistani men taken into custody at Sea-Tac | Seattle P-I

MSNBC Bush to Speak tonight

Cloning Yields Human-Rabbit Hybrid Embryo

Austrian Archives Reveal Nazi Military Role of Actor's Father

Child Molestor Clown Wins Right to Perform...

Canada says U.S. nuclear plant caused outage

Kentucky Gubernatorial Race Is Test for Bush on Economy

In DC: 1 Killed, 13 Wounded in 5 Overnight Shootings (WP)

Candidate condemns cut in soldiers pay

Huffington Paid Little Income Tax

George Shultz Joins Schwarzenegger Campaign

Idi Amin seeks kidney donor...

No Pay Cut for Troops in Iraq, Afghanistan-Pentagon


Dead Scientist Probe Snares UK's Blair

US apologises for sparking Baghdad protest

Troops in Iraq face pay cut

Gen. Wesley Clark: Iraq war based on 'misjudgment'

Jerry Brown mulls bid for California attorney general

Scientists Say Unreliable Software Exposes California Recall to Fraud

Australia plans to police South Pacific

Military Rescinds Iraq Media-Access Order

Perkins (R-LA) to take helm of Christian group (Family Research Council)

Dean says UN needs greater role in reconstruction

Removal of Muslim Flag Leads to Large Anti-American Demonstrations in Iraq

Retiree Sues Citigroup After Losing $2 Million Life Savings on MCI Stock

Moore refuses to move monument!

Huffington blasts Schwarzenegger as Bush Republican

Daughter of N.J. Poet, Friend, Killed

Organized Labor may be backing away from Davis

Stair-Climbing Wheelchair Gets FDA's OK

Gov. Dean Borrows Page from Clinton, Plays Blues

Paris Threatens to Veto Lockerbie Deal - U.S. Officials

U.S. Says 'Hambali' Suspected in Bali Bombing Caught

CBS Poll: Was Iraq War Worth It?


Latin American Leaders Gather in Paraguay Ahead of Pres. Inaugurati

UN Blasts Israeli Marriage Law

i'm ANGRY, very, very ANGRY

1960: My 100 Favorite Records

ugh, i just tried pepsi vanilla!

My cat is STILL sucking my ear!

"Hercubush" - oldie but goodie

God I LOVE the MC-5

SEE IT HERE FIRST!!!! Matcom's new Tattoo!!!!

I need some prayers, karma or whatever...

Poll: Columbo or Murder She Wrote?

Seattle DUers - any good places to park?

Aaargh! I hate those damed pop-ups.

Guys starting tommorow night I will be on vacation

In the name of Dob...I declare war on this forum!!!

Christmas will be here before we know it

If the DU is struck by a 'GOP Terrorist' attack what is our emergency plan

Requesting SoCalDem's permission......

No Malloy?? Here's a bunch of alternatives for tonight!! (with links)

I'm Moving. Ask me anything.

I just found a pair of Coca-Cola jeans in my closet!!

First Sunshine Market, now Produce Plus (Nashville).

MST3K Moon over Athens...

"Hi, Brad. You know how cute I always thought you were."

Touch of Evil is on TCM (Turner Classic Movies) right now

NYC, Detroit, Toronto, Buffalo, Ottawa, and Ohio DUers, check in please!

Am I the last remaining Blues lover?

Ack! Underwear Gnomes

Thoughts for the day

From Canada with love...

Are ya readddddy for some fooooootballll?? NO !

Florida's Mickey Mouse Gov, meets Minnie

FOX News: Something WACK is happening...

speaking of babies... what's up with SeattleDem?

Fox says Clinton’s Fault – reruns old Monica tapes

My sister needs a date, help me hook her up

Learn anything?

Bank Robbers Turn off power?

A new way to get rid of the brush from our hurricane...

New baby in the house!

Nickel and Dimed should be required reading.

Tin Hat Alert!

So how long before Darryl Worley and Toby Keith write a song about....

I used to think that the concept of immortality is cool

What were you doing when the power went out?

I'm Calling In Sick Tomorrow - What Should My Excuse Be?

Is the "Gay Agenda" a conspiracy to turn me into a lesbian??

Souvenirs? Historic Site? Wall Still Splits Berlin

Greetings from NY

If disgruntled mean you're UNHAPPY.

I'm straight and I watch WILL & GRACE

Falwell Blames East Coast Power Outage on Gays, ACLU

How long will the major networks squeeze the power outage story

Boston DUers: power on? We are getting mixed reports on the blackout

For the day shift---A musical tribute to Ah'nold!!!

Howard Dean's neck caused outage. Breaking on CNN

Breaking: Microsoft Worm responsible for power outage

NYC stations now off the air- Directv

WTF is up with SCO

One more piece of my world ruined!

If you ran the Acronym Agencies for a day...

Separated at birth? (Warning: GROSS!)

DU Gives People Headaches

God damn, stupid motherf*cking printer!

CAPTION the wannabe X-Men's not so secret hand signal

"Saddam's WMD - Killer Dinosaurs!"

Wow..another new DU baby

Am I the last remaining Blues hater?

When/where is Queer Eye on in the Pacific Northwest

Will Bush be singing "Blame Canada" tomorrow?

My instant yak went yadda all over Geniph!

I'm gonna leave for a 2 wk cruise to Alaska tomorrow..


The Auto Train

Ok, who forgot to pay the electric bill????!!!!

I need someone to tell me that I'm right.

Update on my encounter with my first real love...

i'm going to new york city. what should i do there?

Who watches Reno 911 on Comedy Central?

Now look, let's not get all excited let's just CAPTION

Look at this picture I found from a recent Freeper Rally

I just bought a Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Mean Streak

You know what power outages on the east coast mean right?

It’s a funny thing about cheesesteaks.

Do you want this baseball back or will you settle for a CAPTION?

The X-Rated Motel of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Premade PB&J Sandwiches- ARE WE THAT LAZY NOW?

I don't identify with Democrats anymore

sold my house in austin yesterday....


It's a funny thing about cheesecakes.

I Don't Identify With Yak's Anymore

7 days with out DU

So I have this friend (no really, not me)


i identify as "turtle"

Name the unidentified bass

I don't identify with thongs anymore

Has anyone here particpated in a flash mob

Fox News is a big, fat idiot

I am in a horrible, horrible mood...


How do we find out about Bush's upcoming fundraising appearances?

name the unidentifiedbassplayer, 2.11

"My name is Tom Donovan and I'm here to play phonograph records"

As if I had time on my hands, I created a blog...

I saw this over in GD

I'm fed up and may vote for GARY COLEMAN!!!

Do you actually shop for clothes?

I will vote for Ah-nold IF...

Remember the GWB dolly?


OK, I got too damn curious and downloaded a Mary Carey clip from Kazaa....

Tenacious D sing-a-long!!!

For 2004 Draft Klink!

President Bartlett wants the US to be Policeman of the world

Letterman Top Ten lists from the 2000 campaign

I bought myself a Mac and

Marvin the paperweight and printer-cat

Yet another msblast worm question

What would you like your Great Grandchildren to know about you?

When's Will Pitt coming to Houston?

Over-the-top rudeness on the road

hello Columbia !

The grossest most disturbing movie trailer ever. You were warned.

Law School Starts Tomorrow! (expect to see much less

If You Put "Ignore" On Every DUer, What Would DU Look Like?

Dammit.... I have work to do

I Got Hired!

91 Year Old Man Arrested For Bank Robbery

Help me access CNN on my stupid computer.

Welcome our newest member georgebushisgreat

Jeb actually attended Noelle's graduation this past week

A Dear John for Bill Gates

I've been banned. . .

Is Everyone Having a "Fair and Balanced" Day Today?????

Poetry Suggestions for the FLASHES


coolest website you've ever seen . . .

Report: Pay-up or (Ted)Williams body will be de-iced

40 million people in the U.S. are said to be sexually involved w/ Internet

I'm utterly, completely fucked.

1000+ posts! WOO HOO!!!!

Spontaneous capital punishment question

For all of you worm victims

Good (Thursday) Morning DU!

Unbelievably Fantastic Chewing Gum Remover

Using The Internet May Harm, Not Help, People Find A Job

The 2004 Ann Coulter centerfold Calender

Holiday Gift List 2003

And TSA (airport screeners) here?

A new get rich quick scheme?

Question for computer photo specialists.

we need some photoshops of Franken vs.O'Reilly!

LOVE the new search function..Did you KNOW???

Dick's looking a bit glum

Overheard on NPR this morning

Is there a way to make Real Audio NOT the default player?

Has anyone had this problem when removing the worm?

Doonesbury takes a swipe at the chickenhawks


Best Administration Bogeyman

So the freekin Ford ad with the Journey song is over Friday.

Christ all mighty my O's can take the Bosox 3 out of 4 then get swept by

FDR is one f'ing pimp!

Odd picture, suitable for photoshopping

"Faith Based" volcanoes

When did r and b begin to morph into funk

West coasters.. what's up.. No Nightline tonight??

Just another day of bliss at the Pig Farm

YUKK!! I had a cockroach climbing on my neck

Porn Code Question...

Ok Steph you were telling me

From the KC Star: There's a new 12-inch stud in town

Personal at risk of own boredom

I saw a bumper sticker today


I have nothing against depressed gay yaks, as long as they

Baby (my YorkyPoodle Mix) is dreaming about Bush

Do You Have a Whore/Madonna Complex?

Worms Shouldn't Break Windows

This sounds wild and unbelievable. However…

how do you get rid of a backyard skunk?

anyone want to be my personal trainer?

Judge me by my CD collection

Kabbalah, the new Scientology?

It's just a freaking power outage!

My brother leaves Saturday... I'm not taking it well.

How would you make the best of a blackout?

Our plant manager got canned

Any older Brit DUers remember the cartoonist 'Giles?'

Does Colin Quinn piss you off?


I just got back from biking half way across Missouri -- Ask me anything!

The ignore function here is really great!

I'm going to meet the love of my life this weekend ... ask me anything

American (US) orthography and pronunciation question

Zodiac sound off!

OMFG, Paula (Mediawhore) Zahn is HIDEOUS without makeup!

Favorite name of a geographic place-

An Al Gore pic you've GOT to see

And Now for Something Completely Different

More sullied and tarnished legacy: Aerosmith or the Rolling Stones...

Anyone heard a good conspiracy theory lately?

Spanish for Politicians

A letter to Dr. Laura

"a somewhat-befouled mash-up of punk rock and country music"

Update on Me

Your basic "In praise of DU thread"

How vain are you?

New forms of child abuse that should be against the law

Canada...yay or nay

Recall NY, NJ, CN, OH, MI Governors

It's Bush's fault I can't get my birthday cake!~

I had a realy bad dream at about 2:00 this morning and

Our buddhamama hits 4000 wonderful posts!!!

Who else would like to be where there is a blackout?

newyawker 99, soleft and our other NY DUers'

What's the nerdiest thing you do/ have done?

How romantic are you?

I have nothing against liberals, but tell me why ...


Madonna stands on one leg. So?

Real Psychic Taking Questions

CAPTION the AWOLed bomber jacket

Hoorah for me - 2000 of my finest British posts.......

Okay Fess Up, did you hit Ralph with that pie?