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Archives: August 13, 2003

A prayer to afflict the comfortable

eWeek Magazine: Trustworthy Voting (nice BBV slam)

Mill's Classic (On Liberty) in

Arnold Twists Adam Smith

"This isn't a re-call, it's an Escher Drawing".

Bush and King Henry: Similar Birds of Different Feathers

8000 Physicians for a National Health Program& AMSA are forNational Health

Excerpts from Dr. Dills Voter Verification Newsletter

Polling Freepers Families: Luntz-the-Puntz in IOWA

A Webmaster's 25th Hour

"Fox outwitted on this one" -- Chicago Sun-Times

It's the Media, Stupid

Conason: West Coast Farce No Laughing Matter

Democrats Feud as Bush Falters by Sam Parry

Michael Albert: Election Plan (Green strategic voting, Shadow Cabinet)

Gene Lyons: "Gore might not run, but he can still campaign"

Signorile-A gay bishop is Smeared, Jeered, Cheered

The End of Ground Zero

Wives led fight to bring 'Ninja Squirrels' home from Iraq

Slate- Pickering A Fight

Dispatch from Baghdad

Wash Post poll interpretation laughable

Third time's a charm - my Letter to the Editor is printed!

Bigger, Badder Sequel to Iran-Conta

Salon: Larry Flynt, a Smut Peddler Who Cares

Could the Next Election Could Be Stolen at the Ballot Box?

Senators Should Ask Ken Lay about Arnold Schwarzenegger

Herbert: No Work, No Homes (* Fiscal Policy Worst in 200 Years - Akerlof)

A Texas Turnoff (pro Killer-Ds editorial from WP) A Texas Turnoff

What A Classy Guy.... (G.W. and the "P-word")

"Love me, I'm (not really) a liberal", Ted Rall on Howard Dean

Al Gore attacks Bush on Iraq War

Gay people are under attack in America

Ralph Nader : Make the Recall Count

Kansas City River Clean Up - September 13th


Randall Terry (yuck-pttuuiiee!) in Savannah, GA. Counter rally Sat. (8/16)

On the Daily Show

CNN's Jack Cafferty gets fined $250 for a hit-and-run

Al Franken and the Fox Lawsuit/ What are the Real Motives?

FOX News - A FOXymoron

O'Reilly Lobbied For Lawsuit. . .

Read this whopper of a letter to the editor

Who feels like a good laugh in times of gloom?

Republicans Introduce Economic Equality Bill For Fun Of Shooting It Down

Windfall Publicity for Al Franken's Book

What others are saying about Ahhhnold.. Maybe we can "mine" their data:)

Yet another fun Rush lie......

The Hyppocracy of Conservatism

How can President Bush II and Congress go on vacation with troops in iraq

Face of Nefertiti ‘recreated’

Tolkien trilogy director rings up record $20m to remake King Kong

War is a Racket-Gen. Smedley Butler-reissued!

Uncertain future for tribe a tycoon saved

Hey! How about a SoCalifornia get together?

Ashcroft Planning Trip to Defend Patriot Act

Judge Ends Mo. School Desegregation Plan

I found it! (VOTING for Canadian Alliance to BRING ABOUT GAY MARRIAGE?!)

White Supremacist Group in Eagle, Colo., "Don't have sex with blacks"

2 Questions about DU members (past?) & present

Why are some Women republican

Stallman on corporations and computer technology

Dispatches from the Next Newspaper War

A living wage in North Carolina

energy deregulation, California, and Enron

Switzerland Hits New Record Of 107F - Northern Europe May Cool

Study: Creatine improves memory and intelligence

Portugal - 117.1F; France - 108.8F: North Cooler, South Still Baking

Kerry vs. Corporate Hog Farms

Arctic Ice Shrank 7.4 Percent In Last 25 Years - Warming Link

Would you like to bomb Iran?

Rep. Dennis Moore (D-KS) "rethinks" No Child Left Behind.

When the Health Inspector Drops By, The Mop Brigade Stands at Attention

High Road, No; Gutter, Yes....

The real Soulution to Gun Violance

"ID chips pressed into laundered clothes". Also guns?

Woman Shot While Jogging

Portland gets gun violence reduction grant

Intruder killed by Columbia club owner

I thought it took the whole village to raise a child!

"The real casualties of war"

what does the Second Amendment mean?

Teacher Charged With Having Gun On Campus

Gun in Oven Shoots Woman

Teen playing with gun accidentally shoots boy

Since my robbery, everyone's telling me to buy a gun, should I?

Another Freeper

Do you plan to endorse a candidate in the primaries?

Obviously, the time has come

Kudos on the "Fair and Balanced" Message Board!

What is "Kick"?

Who's YOUR worst artist in music history?

Kamov-IAI said 'on track' to sell helicopters to Turkish army

Palestinians say ceasefire holds

Anyone who doubt's AIPAC's influence need only look at

Israel shows restraint

Did the Bush Gang poison New York City?

Sleep, soldier, sleep.

A Visual of The Candidates On The Political Compass

Dean urges Vt. nurses to organize a union

Are you better off since Bush became president?

Kerry and John Bolton ("Human Scum"), John Poindexter (Terrorism Gambling)

Dean proposal would porhibit Packer ownership of live stock

Al Gore's Clear Thinking - Letters to the W Post

New ABC/WP Poll Bush leads generic Dem 48-40

Anyone want to predict what Lieberman's fundraising total will be by end

I'm nervous about that Iowa caucus group

Any "stealthy" issues for the 2004 general election?

Should get involved in thwarting the California recall?

Dean's blog today

Some photoshop fun from the lads at

I saw Sen. Clinton in Kansas City yesterday evening...

Democrats Debate How to Hit Bush

Graham invited to appear on the Prairie Home Companion "Rhubarb Tour"

The candidates...

Why can't we win the NRA vote? (A new prespective on gun control)

LA Times: Arnold reshuffles team/Dems will tie Arnold to Wilson

John Kerry Is A Big Chicken

Kucinich online store up and running

The Wellstone-Kerry Campaign Finance Reform

Which candidates support Instant Runoff Voting


Schwarzenegger Hires Warren Buffett as Campaign Adviser

Let's let anti-candidate posts die a quick death

Dean fans flog blog, rip Kerry to threads

AWD campaign announcement

Clark TV Ad Aired on Hardball

MN: Republicans Pursue Charges Against Rep. Rebecca Otto (D-52b)

Dean backs ethanol mandate

Cruz Bustamante Candidate Ballot Statement

Where was Clinton in the Polls in Augist, 1991:

Dean Responds to President Bush’s Economic Report

Inez Tannenbaum (D) running for Senate (South Carolina)

Who else has positive things to say about MULTIPLE candidates?

Howard Dean names state coordinator on eve of visit (Michigan)

Kerry Betrays His Brahmin Roots

Steak Raises Stakes for Kerry in Philly

Kerry's Letter Home

Kerry To Kite Board On Aaron Brown Right Now?

Judy Martz (R) won't run for governor

Is there a site that lists all the Dem candidate's positions?

DEAN (Aug 13th):The Great American Restoration- Preserving the Family Farm

Kerry talks jobs, hog lots in Iowa visit

Third Major Republican Passes on WA Gov Race

That old Debil electability rears its ugly head again:

Here's a good argument against the proposed Department of Peace

Of Tinfoil Hats, Rovian Trojan Horses And Bears, Oh My!

20,000 Voices

Bush down to 55 percent in CBS poll

Wolfie's poll gets back to reality. Kobe is so last week.

Any Bush voters or former Republicans here?

can the President force the VP to resign?

Arianna to give press conference tomorrow attacking Arh-nuld

ABC NEWS: No global warming, eh, guys?

I'm confused...why is Buffett helping Arnold? Buffet is a democrat.

Dean profiled in Business Week

Opinions about pre-war lack of support from other leaders ................

The Washington Post thinks 56% pro- war is a "solid majority"


Why this "popular wartime president" ratings are just Rovian crap..

Suppose we win the House

Camejo is as much of a liar as Nader

Date-Line 2015..... a week later

T or F: If Dems Attack Bush's Mendacity, They Will All Go "Off the Cliff"?

Pull your collective heads out of your collective *ss*s!

"Bring Them Home Now" Website

Let's Get the Whole BBVoting issue on Coast-to-Coast

How many soldiers have to be killed before America starts to revolt?

If Ohio buys Diebold, Diebold will build machines there.....

Stars & Stripes letters to editor. 'Iraq War Is against all Army Values'

Interesting MSN Poll

CNN Video: Soldiers learn to deal with loss of limbs

Latino Affirm.Action NAVARRETTE Likes Ahhnuld (surprise)

North America's Natural Gas Outlook

ShomosexuaI (sic): Is Gay the new Black?

Okay, short toot: Dan Wallach (Hopkins study) / Bev Harris on Amy Goodman

Will Bush turn the economy around by election time?

Be the first one on your block To have your boy come home in a box.

Good thing Bush Admitted China to WTO....... it's doing wonders for us.

Question for those who thought the "highjack this" announcements on the

Now on C-Span (web link): Military Families speak out (just started)

war bracelets return, a la Vietnam era

Officer in Korea arrested, after throwing woman's body from bridge

NO FLAMES>> Will The People demand that the UN take over Iraq?

Got this in an email from a friend of mine Re: Bob Graham

Bush Crime Family Motto

Question about HAVA (help america vote act 2002)

Canada wins softwood lumber..kind of.

Apocalypse Bush... Is this TRUE?

I'm sick of all the Dean v. Kerry v. Kucinich v. Gephardt etc. crap!

"War sucks big time" "more body bags & amputees will be coming home"

Cspan-BBC will have story about right wing thinking

Dean Supporters Attack Kerry's Blog

Does R-Neb Hagel getting 83% of vote (inc black vote) mean he cheated?

Since the California Coup (recall) was started 6 WEEKS after the election

When did "Our Nation" become "The Homeland"?????

History repeats - casualties Aug 13, 1967

I want to hear bush/cheney 2004 campaign ads

WTF is up with Chimpy? He looks worse than usual.

Watch ABC News tonight, RE: GIs wounded in Iraq (Shocking!)

Jesus is coming look busy DHS

drudge reports o'reilly behind lawsuit

Has anyone else gotten this in the mail?

Military Families Speaking Out on c-span ..right now!

need help trying to find news article........

are there any sites counting US casualties in Afghanistan?

Clark's letter in NYT today- The WH didn't call him after 911?

Clark to Announce his Candidacy on Labor Day?

Ok....this is the 3rd case just today! (Re. the 10 Commandments)


Dennis Kucinich webcast from Minnesota!

AWD campaign announcement

Did ABC News just debunk the hand-held missile story?

Berkley Professor warns of California's Nader(s)...

No Flames >> Which Canidate Will Push For U.N. Take Over in Iraq?

MFSO, Military Families Speak Out, on C-Span again at 9:30PM!

Why does the press seem to like Bush?

Why Bush, GOP can block all inquiries...(aka, why we are screwed)

more layoffs..........500...50......163,365

White Plains NY Dean Meetup

Young Liberals, Long Term We May Be Screwed, You Must Infiltrate

NOW! listen to Military families on WEB's press

No Flames >> What now in Iraq?

Eyes Wide Shut on Global Warming

idiot repukes create anti-recall parody site

Discovery Time channel featuring Bill Clinton as CiC right now.

march to war! march to war!

Texas Republicans at it AGAIN!!!!

Drudge - o'reilly pushed for franken lawsuit

Does anyone remember when the whole recall issue started?

Bring'em Home! ----------------------------------------- FLASH

Identical election margins

Poor Widdle Poindexter.."He's misunderstood"

My husband lost his job today via certified mail

Herr Generalfieldmarshall Von Rumdumb's urge to purge!

Lieberman strategy

Black Box: On Point Radio Pre-empts Again! for SAMissile Non-Story

Is Judaism Un-American ?

Schwarzenegger=a perfect diversion for Rove and policy...

Whoa! Get a load of Ken Starr on C-Span...

Hey Bev Harris! At least Larry Flynt gets it...

Have You Read The DLC's Plan For Smart Driver's Licenses?

How is the invasion of iraq any different than hitler's invasion of europe

War Crimes Being Pinned on our Troops?

"Franken is more vitriolic than Coulter" says Repub friend....

Dumbest thread ever?

Shrub and Reagan have this in common....Raygun acted in

The Lies Have Died

Bush's Iraqi exiles buddies ready to tell US to 'screw you'

God Shows His Sincere Appreciation...

"Carrboro goes a swastika too far "

Why Did 9-11 Financier Gen. Ahmad Meet US Intel Comm Chairs on 9-11 am?

The Dean strategy! By the RNC

Thank You DU for the Laugh!

Pat Robertson & Gary Aldrich On The Left Wing

The George Bush Show

An alternative to the BUSH RECALL MOVEMENT?

Anyone else feel the missile sting is totally manufactured?

Federal takeover of voting machine industry

Two questions about Howard Dean, MD

Lies = Bush from Crawford Texas about jobs this a.m.

On the whole Nader pie in the face thing

Bad News from Baghdad: Salam Pax in the Guardian, and Xymphora

Hartmann: i.e. America's Radio Network - liberal talk radio Launches TV Ads in Primary States

The "Meaning" of Gore's Speech

What happens if Gray Davis RESIGNS ???

Kettle (Fox) calling pot (Franken) black - St. Paul paper

As of May 12, California soldiers made up almost a THIRD of the KIA

Mission Accomplished!!!

Can Antone Help????????

Ha, Al Franken just hit #1 at Amazon

Clinton visits Shea Stadium

Is anyone surprised they're not coming home?

The Official California Recall site (interesting names)


Is satire protected from trademark laws?

should schools send notices to parents that their kids are fat?

On Nader, Camejo, and 'drawing liberal votes away'

Washington Post has an excellent Audio/video war archive

"...I'm being very generous today"

BRING THEM HOME and con people on CNN

The Jerry Falwell Museum --- NO JOKE

Where's Laura Bush?

Deleted message

'Log Cabin' Jews?

Dems election strategy.

Intruder killed by Columbia club owner

Study of Bush's Psyche Touches a Nerve

$600 BILLION TO REBUILD IRAQ and the USofA cannot keep its schools open.

Anyone who doubt's AIPAC's influence need only look at

I'm Bothered by all the Recall Threads

I am in Europe and I just watched Dubya on CNN-International

I think in response to faux's law suite, Al Franken should change

Any lawyers out there?

I kicked some right wing radio ass!!!

Two Attorney Generals are asking questions

what a horrible story..

Is Lieberman Right About God And Politics?

Bring Them Home Now !!! Is on now again

Online Journal has some great new articles


Can dems compete with single issue creation?

Heads Up: Daily Show Guests: Big Name Democrats!

Democracy Now discusses possible theft of next election

War is Hell, So the PNAC WH oil stooge takes a month vacation

Homelessness up in all categories...Now 41% are families..23% are children

Bush* is an honest, down-to-earth, God-fearing, war hero.

Any "stealthy" issues for the 2004 general election?

Martha Stewart need our help in her time of need

Reccorded conversation between Dr. Kelly and BBC correspondent

Minimum wounded count 1,283 so far. Approx 7/ day for last 30 days

HELP!! Looking For Media Ownership List

A question about

C-SPAN Washington Journal: James Fallows on Rupert Murdoch

Dean and / or Dean Defence Force people...

ATTN: Military Families Speak Out on C-Span LIVE at 10:00AM today!

Amazing Waxman quote....

I Don't Care Where.. Who.. When.. Nobody Can Out-Talk Al Sharpton.

Huge 9/11 Revelation???

Don't Spank The Donkey Al. Instead Kick Some Elephant ASS.

Nader fundraiser

Going on a lark: "What's up, doc?"


William Pitt, you asked, so here you go. mp3 of your wonderful speech :-)

Frustrated -- how can we MAKE the media be honest about Iraq casualties?

Help us count the wounded. If you see a news story send info

ads for The West Wing on Bravo heard on Limpbaugh

The spin on Iraq from the regime is getting downright humorous.

ENRON and the Taliban had an oil deal - and covered up 9/11 threat?

Rove says Florida will be 'ground zero' in next Boosh coup d'etat

Nadar supporters, A question!

FBI plots arms sales --- FBI foils arms sales ---- Good Going G-men

Two news items bring questions

What should the Dems do about judges if we win in 2004?

Polling Freepers Families: Luntz-the-Puntz in IOWA

Technical question about the Policy Analysis Market

"What's wrong with the Fabricator endorsing the Terminator"?

had gore won, would he have been impeached by this time?

Deleted message

Federal harassment? False tip prompts FBI raid (Paris, Ill.)

Eyes Wide Shut on Global Warming

Black Box: Chuck Hagel suddenly "finds" disclosure document

Found at Last! ... and Bush Knew!

Back from Iraq

$20,000 bonus to official who agreed on nuke claim

Introducing myself

How can President Bush II/Congress go on vacation with troops in Iraq


'50 worst artists in music history': Blender must suck, what a stupid list

would Lieberman vs Bush turn into a referrendum on whose God is better?

An atheist's voting intentions

The new Iraq

Al Franken strikes back..

Issues site

Hillary's Autobiography Sells Like Hot Cakes in China

C Crane Radio ads heard during break between Weiner and Limbaugh

yet another new Savage Weiner sponsor, Sears Home Services

NAFTA .......we were sold out.........plain and simple.

I think Arnold is going down over Proposition 187.

Kansas City DUers, contact these local hate radio sponsors

Why is "Living History" 40% off at Amazon?

Baskin Robins running ads on Savage Weiner

another new Savage Weiner sponsor, Sears Auto Center

The cancellation of democracy

Bush is a pioneer...

A&E - MI5

missing 727 airplane

A prayer to afflict the comfortable

U.S. May Send More Marines to Liberia

"Tin Foil Hat's" -- This "worm virus" ..effective...brings internet down

Public Opinion On Bush Stabilizes ..... poll. Give me a break

This letter writer will probably vote for Bush in 2004


Arnold Schwarzenegger the shill?

Dateline 2015 - Ralph Nader Discovered Alive in Home

I just watched the movie "Dave".....WOW!

It's so true - radical Republicans don't get it

Of Ideology, Compromise, Evolution, Devolution and Revolution

Need Help---Friend doubts truthfulness of Symbolman's Flash Video--HELP!!!

Kucinich is pro-life?---- ?????what????

Why would a Jewish man and a guy from the UK supply SAM's to terrorists?

The working class and the employing class have nothing in common

Wesley Clark's centrism is exaggerated

Connecticut DUers, why is Lie(ber)man so popular in your state?

OLD Issues of Star & Enquirer needed about Arnold's Gay lifestyle

MSNBC: 3 GIs killed in ‘Sunni triangle', 5 wounded

"Free Trade Rewards Workers" - Post Editorial

We Brits are sooooooo wacky!

WOW: ABC NEWS reports missile story STAGED

Mark Dayton(DFL MN) : * Admin – Operates in Evidence Free Zones

Help me find info on the candidates?

BBV: Television exposure in Georgia

Must -See CSPAN TV: Military Families and Dem Health Care Forum

What's causing the division in the Democratic party?

Difference between Lieberman and Dean campaigns

MSNBC: Is Bush getting apocalyptic advice?

Okay! Southern Bashers! Stan Goff....Raleigh, NC..Making his Case!

WOW!! Oklahoma loves Dean!

You have got to be kidding me!?!?!?

Wesley Clark on Aaron Brown CNN at 10:00 pm EST

Death Toll 08/12 - 08/13/03

Action for Verifiable Paper Ballot Voting and Pulling Together

the DU-approved GW Bush action figure

Could families sue * for wrongful deaths in Iraq?

Robert Reich..."Four Weeks Vacation!"

C-Span NOW! Horrible conditions of US troops in Iraq: Families Speak!

more re: Wes Clark's phone call on 9-11

performance issues on DU

RECALL BUSH bumper stickers from buzzflash

U.N. Official: Iraqis Ready to Turn on U.S. Troops

I voted Gore in 2k and i'm sick of the blame Nader Mantra!!!


Mike Malloy on NOW

Bev Harris on Democracy Now! 4:00 PM PST

Is it possible to be "pro-life" and "pro-choice" at the same time ?

IF the Florida Voter Purge hadn't happened....

Nightline coming up at 11:30pm ET - staged missile story

Voyages of the Starship ENRON's Prize w/ Capt. Shrub (Cartoon)

Must See TV for DUers - Erich Blum's DLC-TV flash

Bush/Hinckley connection (straight from Freepers by way of Bartcop)

CNN-Nader Blames Dems For Pie Attack

Will losing in '04 destroy the dems completely?

Wesley Clark: Too good to be true?

It's the Plaidder Primary Beauty Contest! Enter now to win!

I'm Back and Need Help with Something Before I Leave Again

Jeb Bush Mocks Gary Coleman's Size

Woman says ‘family man’ Schwarzenegger sexually harassed her

Say NO to Prosecution of Human Shields

How much do you hate Ralph Nader?

Dean says N.H. floods to test FEMA

Soldiers' families protest war in Iraq

N. Korea's hard stance could widen divisions on U.S. policy

Texas Legislature Carries on Without Dems

Dead Journalist's Family Denounces U.S. Iraq Report

CNN BREAKING - British Airways suspends flights to Saudi

Texas Repubs vote for fines against runaway Dems

La Crosse will appeal Ten Commandments ruling

135 names certified on CA recall ballot

Bush Says Schwarzenegger Not Only Good Candidate

Faith-Based Prison Program's Success Questioned

Republican Party Head Calls on Dean to Open Records

Study of Bush's Psyche Touches a Nerve - MUST READ!!!

Cessna decides to cut 300 more positions after all (Wichita)

Since 1999: CIA ignored Warnings by German Intelligence

Hungry Liberians storm port...Mass looting in Liberia port

Forget chads, inspect electronic voting - Charlotte Observer

Karl Rove Says Florida Will Be 'ground Zero' in 2004 Election

US tried to plant WMDs, failed: whistleblower

Soldier who survived 9/11 attack on Pentagon dies in Iraq

Report: Global warming shrinking Arctic ice

Wolfowitz Admits Iraq War Planned Two Days After 9-11

Canada Reports 2nd SARS Death in 3 Days (Not NEW Cases!!)

Bush on economy: ‘We’re upbeat’

Bush Ratings Sink to a Post-9-11 Low;

Court refuses to review ruling striking down VMI prayers

Congress to restrict use of Special Ops

Entergy Corp. plans 1,000 job cuts; Cooper Tire to trim 115

al-Qaida Blamed in Afghan Bus Explosion

Iraq Starts Pumping Oil Again

Uzbekistan defies West by upholding death sentence

Campaign Wants Troops Home From Iraq - Yahoo/AP - Rate This!

'A free-for-all' in Liberian capital


Moore To Announce Monument Decision Thursday (Falwell & Keyes Too)

Pentagon May Send 200 Troops to Liberia

Davis eyes reversing car-fee rise

Military Families press conference on C-Span

MSNBC: Is Bush getting apocalyptic advice?

Bush to gather advisers in Texas to focus on economy

Americans support Bush on Iraq, skeptical on economy: poll

Two Named in Missile Smuggling Plot Appear in Court

Saudi prisoner told Canadian officials about torture

Iraqi boy killed, four wounded in clash with US forces in Baghdad

Two reporters, one story: Campbell sexed up the dossier

Draft Clark Group to Air TV Ad!

Iraqi Guerrillas Kill 2 U.S. Soldiers

Salvadoran troops deployed for Iraq aid mission

Iraq Begins Pumping Oil to Turkey

Human shields face 12 years' jail for visiting Iraq

Report: DeLay's office sought intervention in Texas politics

Iraqi Guerrillas Kill 2 U.S. Soldiers 8/13/03 10:15 AM EST

Bus Bomb kills 15 in Afghanistan

Outrage as Jeddah Hospital Dumps 57-Year-Old AIDS Patient in Street

Another American soldier killed, one injured

Nader Hit With Pie During Calif. Event

Basra boils over; British troops battle fuel riots

Wise not running for re-election (WV Governor)

Davis campaign strategy is to run outside recall circus

Nearly 8,000 Doctors Call for National Health Insurance

CANF officer quits amid flap over President Bush's policy

Dupe. Sorry. US military families push to bring Iraq troops home

Colorado compatriots to pay renegade Texas lawmakers a visit

Franken Makes Light of Fox Slogan Lawsuit

Back To School With Big Brother

Dow Jones: Schwarzenegger signs Buffet as his economic advisor.

Bush Asserts Sluggish Economy Is on Road to Recovery

Argentine lower house repeals impunity laws

Russia says Moscow and Beijing could provide North Korea with security gua

Koizumi: Bush ties built upon candor

U.S. baseball defeat a birthday present for Castro

US safer if Gore in charge: Albright

Schwarzenegger Outcome Could Affect Bush in 2004

Yahoo/AP Pics from Bring Troops Home prs conf-RATETHIS!!

U.S. abandons plan for greater U.N. role in Iraq

Analysts Say Missile Sting More Effective as PR Event Than as Serious Blow

Ashcroft's Justice Department lies to Congress in Texas Legislature matter

Unions urge customers to abandon Verizon

U.S. Soldiers Fire Into Baghdad Crowd

Davis cranks out judicial appointments since recall election certified

TODAY, Aug 13: Over 50 Die in Day of Afghan Violence

Governor Dean Responds to President Bush’s Economic Report

Governor says he'll call as many special sessions as it takes

Democrats say they will never pay fines

Sen Reid criticizes Bush's foreign missteps,'bad economic policy'

Less Than Meets the Eye? U.S. Gvt. Sting Operation Criticized as Set up

VA official defends limit on enrollees

latest poll- bush beats dem by only 8%

Florida Lawmakers Approve Medical Malpractice Plan

U.S. Abandons Idea of Bigger U.N. Role in Iraq Occupation

U.S. troops face fresh attacks in Iraq..(our care package guys)

Spanish troops in Iraq to wear Christian badge

US forced to rewrite Security Council resolution on Iraq government

Lieberman Cites War Support In Pitch For Oklahoma Votes (Gets Boos)

Alright, everybody, what's your take on "Manscaping"

So my first girlfriend died

Are Aries men truly the pimps of the zodiac?


"Wag the Dog" on Bravo at 8pm EST

OK "SaveNow" (popups) Are Invading My Very Spinal Column

Before I log off...

OK, Who's the BEST music artist/group in history???

Gigli fan club!

Who's YOUR worst artist in music history?

Recipe thread-Post your favorite

Trying to Identify A Piece of Music

What Snack Food Goes Best With Beer?

Mary Carey for Governor - and you thought Arnold was interesting:

What's the LONGEST word you know?

Only 22 Days, 4 Hours and 16 minutes

The DU Body Art thread

Giving up on windows, looking for Linux advice

Looking for something...

Sean Hannity call your lawyer

Abbott & Costello - the computer version

I Loved The "Tilt-A-Whirl" Ride When I Was A Child...

the most left wing record ever

I Find Out in a Few Hours if I Have to Be Hospitalized

If you see ONE MORE Nader/Green/Dem flame-fest thread, you will...

W. Clark coming up on CNN NOW :38 after this commercial break

"Roger! Al Hurt My Feelings, Can we Sue Him!!!!!", little Billy screamed.

A Bay Area shot in the dark(Anyone record the MFSO cspan)

WEBMASTERS - add scroling DU headlines to your site ;-)

My first love in back in town...

Top 10 reasons why I hate Republicans-

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to economic recovery

After 2 days, I am finally back on line.

I gagged when I balanced my fair yak

I can see the Red Planet from my window!

I gagged when I went to the bank today...

Yaks don't seem to like me

1961: My 100 Favorite Records

If you were an evil shit

HAHAHA -- MWO offers own version of Dubya Doll

My cat scratches mirrors...


Need techie-person help

Hello, Mary Lou

Why are you not an ignorant person?



What makes you sit back and think - "I'm happy"

So, what are your plans for the evening?

Who's done local Dem volunteer stuff?

Any other DU Knitters?

anyone remember Al Franken's sitcom "Lateline"

does anyone know what the plural of "oasis" is?

DU mechanics

KICK THIS---An audio TRIBUTE to Arnold's Gubanatorial Run!!!

There's a time for feeling quiet

It's a done deal.

How early to begin birthday drunk?

Hey! Anyone from the Denver/Aurora area in the 70's?

This chick ROCKS!

Hey guys what is this about too weird

Man`s best friend trying to switch sides?

It`s that time again!

Critique my shrub character, part II

I Gagged When I Read These Threads

Excellent Famliy Guy Coming Up!!!!!!

One of the sickest South Park's EVER starting NOW! Comedy Central!

"QUEER Eye for the STRAIGHT Guy:" Who loves it? Who Loathes?

a thread about cool guys named Al



"God" is so formal and menacing...can't we try a different name?

I don't want to have to read another thread about

Why do freepers think Franken almost got SNL cancelled?

Sex Bomb........

Mozilla Firebird

I gave DU a plug at my Dean for CT organizers meeting tonight.

Your best bosses?

Then and now

Asshole paintballers shoot wrong people......get lead back in return....

What does it take to be a good Freeper?

Man I Feel Like An Asshole Right Now

CAPTION W training for his next job

Anyone notice we're now the "Fair and Balanced" discussion board

I just watched Scanners while on mushrooms. Ask me anything

Vote for your "favorite" farked up Ahnold Strong campaign poster :-)

George W. Bush Leader of the Free World

The Statue of Liberty..the most ironic tourist destination

YAY ME! One year and 2500 posts on DU!

Al Franken is my HERO

What Mellows YOUR YakThongLadenASSOut??

Freepers are so damn stupid


anti-Chimp T-shirt spotting in Dallas

Question about a property line/tree issue

I have been seeing so many "I Support President Bush and Our Troops" signs

A Creepy PLace

Microsoft is pulling a Bush*

Amarillo Talk Radio: The Bush Economic Team Meets Tomorrow

CAPTION the economic dumpster team

The insanity at work continues!

Don't virus-clean your computers just yet!

The DU's new mascot. The YAK

The OFFICIAL "2003: Year of the Yak" thread

Which members of Congress ought to be DUers?

Why is SE Johnson a "family company"?

Most overrated rock song and band

Is your cat FAIR & BALANCED?

Places to visit in Miami?

CAPTION clueless

CAPTION the d**k's press conference

Ten Years Gone

CAPTIONS Happen during Vacation

Indigestion in America CAPTIONS

Back from Iraq

Am I The Only Person Who Thought "Diebold" Was Pronounced "Die Bold"...

Is it worth it to go to law school?


Cancer patient sues doctors who removed genitals


Ever have one of those days.....?

utterly shameless sig image plug (my new all-time all-madden fav)


iPod help please I get this message that says Do not disconnect

My favorite gal "Trailer Park Sally" strikes again

The Fox suit has me laughing at Franken for the first time. (flame bait!)

I never saw anybody use THIS avatar before...

Predator is on FX again tonight.

Are the scales of justice Fair and Balanced?

Info-mercials On The History Channel??

I used to like Robert Conrad

photo of the week - Moscow Times

Sailing from Barrow Alaska to the Ross Sea Antarctica - Bye!

Dell Support Bites

Say hello to our newest member: RICHARD NIXON

Who's more fair and balanced?

Favourite Southpark insult and / or quote......


Anyone here Bair and Falanced?

Need Mondo Good Job Karma This Morning

Jesus, seems like everybody's getting the damn worm.

William Rivers Pitt, you're on my bad list!

Was W's Segway personal transport FAIR AND BALANCED?

SOOOOO, I took out this WANT AD......

So Will, will you finish up the Mad Libs at the Boston Gathering?

Hummer Dinger

Fair and Balanced message board???

Whom do you think is the most FAIR AND BALANCED?

Where's Arnold? (Poll)

Help, needed for person with no health insurance...

Can we get a Will Pitt appearance in NE Ohio???


Would you go to a concert w/ a stranger?

Why would anyone want to be a Democrat?

'50 worst artists in music history': Blender must suck, what a stupid list

Scary criminal neighbors and foreclosure: advice?

I've had more stuff stolen in the past 3 years

Taunt me into making my 1000th post!

ahahaha, best banner ad ever

Anyone Here Ever Use An Oju...An Oja...An Oje...A Wee Jee Board?

Just put on a temporary tatoo, ask me anything

How many yaks does it take for DU to be called "Fair and Balanced?"

What should I do with Will Pitt's firstborn child that he offered me?

Need computer help.

Time for a "Fair and Balanced" Freeper Joke Thread

DU is NOT Bair and Falanced!

Another classic from The Onion

A colleague of mine looks just like Condi Rice

Anyone read the article about Franken's response to Faux?

If quizzes are quizzical, what are tests?

World's First Underwater Hotel-- Open by 2006 (Awesome!)

Is your Balanced Fair and Yak?

Why are some people critical of Our Great Dictator President?!

Looking for new ISP (boo to MSN, AOL) - Any w/ free trial?

How are your New Year's resolutions going?

Is Your Yak Fair and Balanced?

The Weather's Fair and Balanced Here Today. Ask Me Anything.

G*&^%$ Windows Virus

Yer in America, at least make the effort

Anyone Listening to Thom Hartman?

Morbid, morbid, morbid: The Death Clock

What's Fair-Market Cost these days for a no-frills website?

I can't "manscape", so I named my chest hairs

More Republican "family" values...

On Bravo Tonight: Wag the Dog

sometimes . . . it . . . just . . . seems . . . so . . . surreal . . .

I missed the whole fucking thing

New DU TERM: A "booJoe"

Had the strangest dream last night about Civil Unrest

Four whores and seven beers ago... (The California Recall)

Does anyone still hate people who tormented you in your youth?

Another tech question (not blasterworm related)

Bush resume--new version

Aug.13th Today is.....NATIONAL UNDERWEAR DAY!!!!

Nader gets a pie in da face!

Upon seeing Mr. Pitt speak for the first time

What if Gray Davis gets a sex-change operation?

That little redhead at CNN

Donate to DU and get the greatest GWB action figure ever!

Nader Pie Face Pics, 2 small ones anyway


Help with History Presentation

I'm going on a fair and balanced vacation

Something to check for all Du readers of the MN Strib

As long as we're attempting to identify attractive news personalities...

Reflections on a life that was far too short.

Man Fails Alcohol Test But His Dog Passes

The "Bare and Phallused" thread

Call me shallow...but one of the best feelings in the world imo

I am wearing a "Fair and Balanced" THONG!

I'm Enjoying a Fair and Balanced Cup of Coffee Right Now....

HOLY SHITE!! 2 DIEBOLD vans parked outside my office right now!



Groovy pic from Spymac about Iraq

Jerry Falwell is a @#&!% spammer!

A new twist to Mapquest...

My oh MY! What a lovely, fair and balanced morning! And how are WE

CD Review- Mary Fahl- 'The Other Side of Time'- 4.5 on a 1 to 10 scale

"Subliminimal" TV

Not YOURvydas not MYvydas but OURvydas Sabonis out of the NBA

This proves it! I'm a junkie!

Introducing myself

woken at 3:40AM by a sales pitch

Sour Grapes?? or has Oprah "jumped the shark"??

Secular charities and organizations

Is Bush in Los Angeles? There was a motorcade w SS troops @ 7pm

Know your Schitt

I Am Going With An Actress. Who Is You #1 Actress That You Like. Me

Who all here is running for Governor of California?

Can you imagine being referred to as a PUKE???

Government funded study attacks Repug psyche....Links Limbaugh/Hitler

Yet again the DesNews posted my letter.

Bush's I.Q. - Can anyone vouch for the accuracy of this document?

neat website for "retrophiles" . . .

Mask of Anarchy.

Jack Van Impe Ministries contacted to brief W.H. on Apocalypse.

Hey - Arnold didn't vote for Bush! Or anyone else in 5 out of 11 elections

Seems Bob Boudelang took a trip to Ontario this week...

1962: My 100 Favorite Records

Help!! What's The Quintessential Gay "Theme Song"??

Get The Feeling This Girl's Father is a Refrigerator Repairman

What instrument should I learn to play?

The best rock band and album you've probably never heard of

Ahnold PORNO...proof or link please...

Just out of curiosity...

What if...

The Religious Car

So vast it cannot be named.

Has anyone else experienced Depression or an escalation