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Archives: August 12, 2003

Notice the names not on California's candidate list (A. Schwarzernegger)

Losing Control

UK Guardian: Midsummer madness

Iraq has wrecked our case for humanitarian wars

After the poll betrayal, United States owes Liberians a better deal

Doonesbury makes an important point...

Somaliland has case for independence

Ghostly turn in trial - SA

noam chomsky..."the supreme crime"

CIA disclosure is dangerous (Cancer in the Bush Administration)

"I Would have done anything to get ?elected"/"Would that include Murder?"

It's Arnold Day

Dubya Jeopardy!

Stepping Off the Platform (Reaganite-Neocons leading Repub Partry Astray)

Republican leaders serve Idaho poorly | Spokane Spokesman-Review

KRUGMAN: Thanks for the M.R.E.'s

General gets earful from Okinawa governor

Col. David Hackworth: Fire the Losers Before the Army Goes Down

Salon: George Bush*s Terminator Problem

Gore's Speech - The Record (NJ)

Molly Ivins: Credulity crunch

Significance of Al Gore's speech--HistoryNews

Guardian: Salam Pax, Baghdad Blogger (MUST READ!)

(Guardian) A war fought under false pretences

Gore Puts Needed Spotlight on Bush's Deceit : Marie Cocco

"The Story". I see I'm not the only one who thinks this is BIG.

E.J. Dionne: Having Dished It Out

It's time to vote in pursuit of our own best interests

Study of Bush's psyche touches a nerve

Guardian: We Brits are so wacky (MUST READ!)

George F. Will: California to recall and ruin

Officer in Korea arrested after allegedly throwing woman's body off bridge

People-Powered Howard Sleepless Summer Tour (DC Area)

A big College Dem. Thank you to Team Kerry, Team Dean,...

Dennis Kucinch in Oakland CA this Sunday...

Registering Democrats as Easy as Living!!

March on Washington -- August 23rd

Cong Ed Markey (D-Mass) says "homeland security my ___" he needs

Chicago protest Saturday, 8/23/03 at noon at Federal Plaza

Bush Visits Portland Aug 21- info here

BBC Newsnight is on CSPAN 1 NOW...discussing the dossier and

The Most Important Court case of the Decade

WTF is going on at MSNBC

How to tell your 17 yr old daughter about Shrub's* lies

President orders air strikes against jackass with leaf blower next door

Bring it On!!! This for for all you Freeper's Lurking in DU Land!!

Man armed with beercan killed by Tuscon deputies and SS at presidential

A letter to our Comanader in Chief

String, and Knot, Theory of Inca Writing | New York Times

I've got to get out of my House! Gremlins are living under the floor!

Gay Bishop Receives Home Town Welcome

Gay man joins California governor's race

Court Asked To Overturn 17-Year Prison Sentence Of Bi Teen

South Carolina Considers Banning Gay Adoption

Lutherans to present homosexuality report

Alliance to force early same-sex vote

Christian Group Plans Release of Disney Gay Days Video

Desperate job hunters face cattle calls - Seattle Times

Reform NAFTA? How?

New oil field meets 17% of SA's needs

Winemaker in Napa Goes Solar!

Big flap over 'senseless murder' of chicken

We Need Population Control Laws

U.S. formally announces permission for Phalcon sale to India

'Is Syria next?'

15 gunmen ambush cash van - SA

Kopassus cooperation 'limited': Downer...

'Saddam bodyguard caught, soldiers die in sleep'

Spanish troops in Iraq to wear Christian badge

Blair Weapons Dossier 'Damned Again'

Brain drain hits Zimbabwe's health service

Foot and mouth disease outbreak in Limpopo - SA

Men suffer image problems too

Anorexia striking young kids

Brain tumour in skeleton

HIV-positive Ohio man will be allowed to coach

Fla. Sags As Retirement Choice

'Breakthrough in UK stem cell research'

15 gunmen ambush cash van - SA

HR 2038 Or S 1034?

I'd like participation of pro-gun people in this thread

Applications pile up

I guess they'll have to settle for shoulder fire missles in Contra Costa

Foreigners caught trying to smuggle shoulder fired missle into US

CA Cops Break Out The Big Guns

The Ban Against Public Safety

That's a huge arsenal for Australia

No Open Carrying Of Guns In Colorado Springs City Hall

When do I get my little star thingee?

You guys have done a really great job on DU2. My hat is off to all of you

OH NO! My star's gone!

DU tech question

Hey Skinner, Mods, heads up!!!!!!

California Recall Election

Thanks for Raul Groom.

Heads up on new member

Did the layout of the "Latest" page change today

Can you guys answer questions about other aspects of DU?

Suicide Bombing in Israel Wounds at Least 6

"Israel's Secret Weapon" - worldlinktv

Explosion heard in Central Israel. CNN Reporting.

Terror returns with twin attacks: Two dead, dozen wounded

EDITORIAL: Two-tongued diplomacy

National Institute of Standards and Techno gives up truss theory!

9/11 Report: Discrepancies between the Report and reality?

anyone watching the halliburton shill

Depleted Uranium Makes U.S. Troops, Iraquis and Afghans Sick

Is Nicolas_J being honest? How do you define honesty?

How Edwards (or Lieberman or Graham) Could Win

How Dean could win

How Kerry could win

Howard Dean: he has 1/4 million people signed up for his campaign!

Edwards describes Bush as out of touch

On the Philadelphia town hall meeting

Dean hits Bush on California Recall

Muslims Get Out The Vote

The progressive case for supporting Dean...

At the moment I support...

Arnold Schwarzenegger the shill?

Don't hold a group of supporters responsible for each member

How Gephardt could muscle in and win

Clark is a Krugman on Defense/Foreign Policy

Interesting Campaign debate sparring - from ABCNote

Democrats join town meeting (Kerry and Dean pre-forum)

Kerry Health Policy Chat

Latest from Kerry blog...Alexandra Pelosi filming "Journeys with John"

KUCINICH: how he plans to make it work

Need help with Iowa Democratic Candidate Forums!

Howard Dean is the Enforcer who will hold Bush accountable

Vince4Congress press release out tonight -- It's official!

Dean's manager sees Illinois as key | Chicago Sun-Times

Did Mayor Street of Philadelphia endorse Dean?

Howard Dean: Anti War?

The Primaries: To Fight, To Not Fight. Is It War?

Study: Winning Democrats appeal to rich and poor alike

Janeane Garofalo: NewsMax Picking on Howard Dean

The Man from Vermont is Not Green: Counterpunch

Could the reason that Dean inspires such loyalty from his supporters

Is the reason why Dean bashers start threads due to jealousy?

A modest proposal:

WV Governor unfaithful, not seeking reelection

American changes 1976 to 2000


Who will Clark hurt the most?

Media coverage, Dean vs. Kucinich

Clark to announce bid on Labor Day!

MD Gov 06: Duncan Tries to Raise Profile for 2006

Anyone Else Find "Dean Will Win" and "Kerry Will Win" Threads Tedious?

Dean Is The New McCain/Carter/Goldwater/McGovern/Reagan

Joe Lieberman, you're a GD disgrace

Philly: "Why I Supported The IWR." (Not Flamebait.)

Debunking the Gore endorses Kerry theory

Kerry supporters- your blog needs you!

Lets just settle this topic now: Phili Rally

KUCINICH: Doctors support single-payer health insurance proposal

Kerry is terrified of Dean

How is Joe too Repuke?

Ann Richards is IMPRESSED by Howard Dean and his campaign

Dean's policy would uproot megafarming (AP)

Hardball should be called the dean show tonight


Flamebait: Why is Dean willing to put innocent people to death?

Actor has poor voting record

Should Gray Davis Resign

What you talkin about Willis

How fitting that the people will elect a Teutonic Knight in California.

Does anyone remember hearing about Shrub

Question for DU airline pilots

Anyone Else Watching West Wing On Bravo?

Reason No. 1 to defeat Arnold:

Dean supporters: Are we at the mercy of the DNC and DLC?

'Noah's Ark: Why it's a load of old cobblers'

Hey, Will Pitt is on CSPAN 3!

The Progressive Case for Howard Dean

If Dean is the "DLC Poster Boy",

franken book sales increase 440% after suit

How would you rate the candidates' Progressiveness on a scale 1-10?

If the media is now Liberal

Pardon me DU, is that the BushCo Fascist Choo Choo?

Has everyone ever noticed

Col Hackworth: Secretary of Defense is an "asshole"

Why do we hate the Bush Administration? Let us count the ways ...

Doctors Push National Health Insurance

Black Box: SAIC report to remain a secret (Wired News)

Who will stand up for the families of 911 victims?

Salon's Conason:Arnold met with KEN LAY in 2001!

Recall the recall right now!!

Here's an early reminder on upcoming Daily Show guests...

Reform NAFTA? How?

Dennis Kucinich meetup in NYC

This whole "CMB" thing


There's No Such Thing As A Jobless Recovery

White House Sues Self In Order to Screw Environmentalists!!

In Theory, Dean COULD Raise As Much Money As Bush

Where have all the Freepers gone?????

Did IRAQ switch their Oil Currency back to the $$ from the Euro.......?

Time Magazine caught twisting the facts for Rove


Symbolman TBTM to be on CNN Lou Dobbs show tonight at 6-6:30 EST

how many freepers showed up at Hillary's appearance in Kansas City?

CNN & Arnold, like arsenic and old lace.

Sizzling Parisians getting naked

Greenhouse gasses - question re: right winger theory

Freeper demons whining and crying cause they say they were "beat up" being sold on ebay

A Call for DUer's to invade Usenet forums....

Why is Warren Buffett supporting Arnold??

Buried in a Post article about the Bush Aviator Doll...

I found out why Bob Boudelang didn't have a DU article this week!

Extremists Help GOP Muscle In On The Golden State

For those who may have blinked and missed Symbolman on CNN...

Traditional Values Coalition don't want Arnold as Governor.

David Kay is a lying,bush loving scumbag (claims he found WMD)

bartcop has worm virus

I just caught mid-day repeat of Dem Debate.....Observation

BBV: TechTV to interview Avi Rubin

Ralph Nader will endorse Green Party recall candidate Camejo in San Fran

Homelessness in major cities escalating as more laid-off workers

Do you think this is why more Blacks are in prison for drugs???

Lt Col Attacks GI George Doll

Is it real or satire?

Who would be a better vp- Clark or Graham?

Would you join the European Union?

My county's sheriff is stepping down.

What exactly is the Drudge Report?

Tinfoil hat conspiracy re: Blair and his imminent removal from power

Franken/O'Reilly comparisons

Please Read about Homeless Vet that lives on the State Street Bridge

Wired News E-Vote Machines Face Audit

Who's getting the rebuilding contracts?

Can someone recommend a good firewall?

Arnold Rides In With His Own Brand Of Machine

Sick Iraq War Veteran Has to Fight for Medical Treatment

Here's an email I just sent to Al Franken about his Fox case...

Does Davis actually think he can win?

307 troops dead during Iraq war.

Hey Democrats! Get your free Bush in a flight suit action figure HERE!

Is * the anti-Christ?

The Right just brought up Clark

Calif. deals with 247 filings for recall

Saving California and getting extra Senate seats.

My exchange with a real live media whore!

Catch 22: Rumsferatu hires Milo Minderbinder to supply troops...

I need help on California budget increased under Reaganf and

The Top Ten Conservative Idiots (No. 121) #9 Pat Snyder

Top Story of the Day: Court Rules on Texas Democrats

Fair & Balanced is that the same as Toys R Us?

Guardian writer: Apacolypse, Pretty Soon

Here's some grass roots activism to try

California's economy not fault of Gray Davis. Guess who ?

Dean supporters: Who is your second choice?

US forces freeze out regional & local Iraq businessmen

The Kingdom of Moronica

Is Al Franken's new book available yet?

dates for al franken's book tour

Heads up: e-voting issue on WBUR tonight

Neo-conned: Ron Paul speech on the House floor, July 10th

Help America Vote Act . . . ? Who's helping Who?

do the schools in your area give condoms?

US military downgrades amputees as "not seriously injured"

An Army of One

I think that it is very important to have a better name for the BFEE.

Bush Vacation Update: Totally Non-Urgent.

.."How do Americans feel about losing their jobs?.."

If nominated, would you vote for Lieberman?

Poll question: If nominated, would you vote for LaRouche?

Why do some many people have $3,500.00...

Dubya is a terrorist as defined by

The South: Lost Cause

Have you seen the ballot yet ?? !!

National Referendums

I need a link to Gore's

"I Would have done anything to get ?elected"/"Would that include Murder?"

huge explosions rocked a US military base in Ramadi (Mon nite)

CNN Findlaw says Bush knew on 911 or CIA told everyone but Bush

WHats Al Franken think of this lame law suite?

The only legit WMD discovery David Kay could announce...

Arnold Schwarzenegger the shill?

Does FAUX News own "Fair and Balanced?"

Those Other Dwarfs Are Making Me Look Bad

Eight replies to a thread on American dead/twenty one on peterose

British soldiers face wrath of Iraqis as hatred festers

Rush just defended the the use of a "California constitutional provision"

A family member phoned from Iraq yesterday

Did you hear Arnold Schwarzenegger is running for Governor of CA

I don't hear much talk about over-representation in the Electoral College.

Was Clinton an Iran/Contra Coke Head punk...

From the Wilderness

Postwar Costs Alone May Hit $600 Billion

FBI? CIA? NSA? NRO? Who needs 'em when you've got Jack Van Impe!

peace in the M.E? bout' we stop selling both sides weapons?

How much footage of Arnold do you think there is?

New media spin: "Job-loss" recovery.

A Good Story to Remember...

Does Character really matter to Republicans?

"Eating is not cheating."

1 Soldier Killed - 2 Wounded - Iraq

Well, look-ee here. Frank Lutz Repug pollster.

Did anybody catch McCafferty on CNN this AM

Penguin Books spokeswoman calls News Corp "un-American"....

Question to Kerry supporters re: his stance on the Iraq war

Take the "California Recall" test:

Beyond freeper, there's this

allergy sufferers

DU this poll

Madness is KING. Madness RULEs

Is the Washington Times A Legitimate News Source?

About polls. :) poll needs UNfreeping BIGTIME

How relative do you feel that political ideology is?

Timeline Of Bush Administration's Nuclear Statements

The troops fired warning shots towards AP reporters today in Iraq

Schwarzenegger - Mapplethorpe

Young Conservatives of Texas: Muslims should undergo more scruntiny

thank god for faux news billboard up

Why is this company still in business?

Todays CNN poll, re 62 year old protestor fined.

MSNBC: "Black list" of fed security agents who talk to press

A Villager Attacks U.S. Troops, but Why?

anyone know where i can get a listing

DNA specific bio-weapons?

Faux Sues Humorist Al Franken Over Slogan

U.S. Cost of Iraq War & Rebuilding Could Top $600 Billion

Why do we need to "rebuild Iraq".....serious answers only please

Why isn't Halliburton et al paying millions in fines for the same thing?

Bill Press said we just learned this weekend.....

Rush now plugging CLR

Wow, turns out that cats really are good for something!

The war is over

how many colleges have rules like these?

Why do we spend more time knocking down

How come welfare reform isn't saving us a fortune??

If JackSwift were nominated, would you vote for him


US bases attacked after US forces strike at suspected guerrillas

do you know anyone who will vote for * now because

ads for some laxitive now running on savage weiner

America Should have a Prime Minister

William Lipinski in Illinois

Photos from the Road: 4,000 Rally in Philadelphia to support Gov. Dean

GW is the luckiest man alive...

do you know anyone who is going to register to vote just to vote for

Even if the Dems lose a few seats in the Senate, does it matter?

Why DU women are the BESTEST people on the face of the earth

For all the chest pounding, leg slapping, head knocking sexist DU women.

Liberals form $75,000,000 fund to defeat Resident Evil

Has Poindexter resigned yet?

Hope no dupe, didn't see it. MSNBC ragging on FAUX bigtime...

Black Box: Updates on Georgia, California official records requests

A short history of "fair and balanced"

Missle Smuggling farce - fake?

BIG!!!! 'bushville' tent city is coming to DC mall ! National March

Is making money from the labor of others wrong?

The Pentagon Budget...Leading Dem candidates don't see this as a problem

Nader Takes a Pie in the Face in California

has Lieberman endorsed Schwarzenneger yet?

Relaxation break: Get out your primary crystal balls

School Based Webcams - Good Idea?

Honest question - what is a "fiscal conservative"?

Rush Limbaugh Lies About CA "Alphabet Lottery": Imagines "Liberal Plot"

Lies Across America...

Freeper thread just trashing 9/11 families

Mondragˇn Corporacion Collectiva: This should happen more often!

Where can I watch the Franken-O'Reilly debate?

HEADS UP ... tomorrow morning on CSPAN at 10:00 am ET

Question concerning airline captains / pilots who told passengers how to

The other gay Bravo show

Lieberman booed tonight in Oklahoma

Is Dean the next Harry Truman?

Reject the Recall, California!

Will Clark jump in?

This is one hot file, Big pieces of ENRON, BCCI, IRAQ, BFEE

It will cost $627,000 to keep the TX 11 in New Mexico

Conspiracy Theory Questionnaire


What if THIS happens in the California recall?

Dean rally August 26th @ Bryant Park in NYC

New Poll: Did the Republicans launch a pro-Dean media juggernaut?

Woo-Hoo, Al Franken's NUMBER 1 killing Anthrax

Camejo is the only one who can fix California

does Joe Lieberman understand how the primaries work?

Is Howard Dean the Crypto-Republican Candidate?

Why do liberals watch Fox News??????

Have most US wars and foreign interventions been justified?

And at the Oklahoma forum, Dean got a standing ovation

Did Arnold only do prison time for his AWOL from Austrian Army?

Quick questions from Eloriel

Should property taxes be abolished?

Transcript of an interesting exchange on CNN today

Now that we're seeing the real Lieberman, what does that say about Gore

Why Don't Democrats Speak out Against ILLEGAL "Immigration"??

wow--freeper e-mailed me an apology! has turned around!

Take the Political Party matchmaking quiz

Will Lieberman win SC Primary?

The new face of tyranny

Received one of those anti-Clinton emails from a friend a work today.

We Had a Democracy Once, But You Crushed It

Seven Democratic hopefuls make pitch in Oklahoma tonight

"Congress shall make no law regarding an establishment of religion..."

The FOP has endorsed Mayor Street (D) in Phila

Fundie Tom McClintock to be give air time on Faux News

Poll suggests public worried over economy--AP, 11:14 PM DEFICIT!!

State rankings, Democratic vote percentages 2000

Al Franken now up to #3 at Amazon....

Letter to the editor and my response...

We have finally lost WWII

Arnold's Films Likely to Be Kept Off Air

I just saw Hillary in Kansas City!

left vrs. right traits

High Road, No; Gutter, Yes....

Sierra Blanca Redux...or "Dean dumped waste on me..."

WoooHOOOOOO!! Look who Dean hires for OKLAHOMA

The list of 'Fair & Balanced' blogs grows!!

Intellectual Elitism, or are people just really stupid?

Will Pitt Replay on CSPAN2 Now (10:20PM)


Fantastic talk by William Rivers Pitt

Report Details GOP Bids For U.S. Aid in Texas Redistricting Fray

Postal ID plan creates privacy fears

Hollywood Moguls Voting a Split Ticket

DEAN on Buchanan & Press

Big 3 Networks to Mark 9/11 with Harder Stance


The Bush Administration Influenced 9/11 EPA Report

Noisy protest marks's Bush's appearance

'Human shield' refuses to pay $10,000 in fines for visiting Iraq

A Look at U.S. Daily Casualties in Iraq

Russian Colleague Doubts Kelly Committed Suicide

For Bustamante, tribal gaming may be ace in the hole | Sacramento Bee

The Return Of Pete Rose.

MSBlast{lovescan} virus: Get your computers updated asap!

$20,000 bonus to official who agreed on nuke claim

U.S. Probe: Iraq Hotel Shooting Justified (Killed Reporters)

Brit. citizen arrested at Newark airport for trying to smuggle missile

U.S. Says Hawk Bolton Won't Go to N.Korea Talks

Gary Coleman: What You Talkin' About Gov. Bush?

House Judiciary to Investigate Judges

Dewhurst plans to fine missing Democrats (Texass Lt. Gov.)

Saudi forces, militants trade fire

Dykes Sue Over Parade

Applied Materials posts loss

Actor (Arnold) has poor voting record | S F Chronicle

Ottawa pledges (Canadian) $1 billion to back Kyoto | CBC

George Bush action figure coming to a toy store near you (GI George)

Automakers Drop Suits Over Clean-Air Regulation - (NYT)

Witness: UK Expert Believed Iraq Had Few Weapons

US base (in Iraq) rocked by (six) powerful explosions (plus sm. arms fire)

Lawyers Eye Military Tribunal Rules

Fox Sues Humor Writer (Frankin) for Using 'Signature' Slogan

Near emptied pond - Woman/dog possibly have anthrax skin lesion

Kerry Campaign Holding Health Policy Chat

India rejects Musharraf's proposal of ceasefire | Times of India

New Fighting in Liberia After Ex-President Goes Into Exile | NY Times

U.S. troops capture Saddam bodyguard

5 indicted in escrow scam ($80 million) | Chicago Tribune

Boston Church Paid at Least $21.2 Million in Abuse Settlements | NY Times

Controversial Pentagon Office Gets A Makeover (OSP)

Flames Shooting From Iraqi Oil Pipeline

Homelessness grows as more live check-to-check

GOP still looking for a candidate (for WA gov) | Seattle P-I

Is Iraqi Intel Still Being Manipulated?

US soldier detained in South Korea after woman's body found

Report suggests overhaul of terror-warning system

Hatred festers on streets

Police: Rape suspect used church youth group to meet victims

Visiting Priest Arrested In LA On Molestation Charges

Greens denounce Utah governor, Bush's pick to run EPA

U.S. Ends Latest Search in Iraq; No Sign of Saddam

US says it doesn't know how many detainees in Cuba

Justice Kennedy Speaks Out - NYT

Quad City priests condemn gay bishop

Germany rules out troops to Iraq

Gilligan stands by Iraq dossier report

Inspector finds FBI made calls in hunt for Democrats

Deputy Attorney General Latest Departure From Justice Dept.

Iraq - 1 Soldier Killed, 2 Wounded

Biggest Issue: Unseating the Current Prez

Ashcroft Plans MultiCity Tour

New Fighting Erupts in Liberia with Taylor Gone

Camera's first catch gets felony drug charge

Kelly believed Iraq had few weapons

DUPE- Sorry - Flames Shooting From Iraqi Oil Pipeline

Bush Picks Utah Governor to Head EPA ...

Liberian rebels reject new president

Zambian lawmakers mull impeachment of Mwanawasa

Probe into marquee collapse not Mbeki's idea

Journalist thrown out of coalition centre in Iraq

Bashir blames CIA for Indonesian blasts

Guerrillas Wound 3 GIs in Northern Iraq

Blair's dossier is damned again

Iraq: U.S. Working For New UN Resolution Recognizing Governing Council

California, automakers make deal

Legislators say Cuba letter may get results

City Engineer Resigns For Military Duty in Iraq (volunteering)

Explosion heard in Central Israel. CNN Reporting.

eBay Reverses Ban on Axis of Weasels Cards

RIAA (Recording Ind.) Suffers a Setback in Piracy Battle

Parkinson's Drug Side-Effect -- Gambling?

Few Details from Schwarzenegger

Wise says he will not seek re-election in 2004 (WV Governor)

Poindexter Resigns but Defends Programs

Schwarzenegger films would trigger FCC equal time rule

Bremer: Iraqis Should Relish Freedoms

Bomb Attack Kills U.S. Soldier West of Baghdad 8/12/03 11:49 AM EST

Islamic Militants Said to Infiltrate Iraq to Battle the US Occupiers

California's Embattled Governor Gets a New Advisor: Bill Clinton

US soldier dies in sleep (3rd in a week)

Five reported dead in fighting in Saudi capital

Clark seen planning Democratic nomination bid (Labor Day Announce)

Marine dies hours after returning home from Iraq

(Nader Gets) Pie in Face, (Willie Brown) Calls to God in CA Gov. Race


BREAKING BBC------------------Assassination plot to kill Bush foiled

Va. GOP Chief Quits Over Eavesdropping

Va. GOP Chairman Pleads (Guilty) in Eavesdropping Case | Washington Post

Pastors for Peace Caravan Challenges Cuba Blockade for Fourteenth Time

U.S. Weighs Reward if North Korea Scraps Nuclear Arms

Two GI's Killed In South Korea Plane Crash

Ventura speaks out on recall

Courtney: Legislature 'disgrace,' budget plan dead (Oregon)

Why Bush, Republicans can block all inquiries

Republican State Senators Vote To Fine Walkout Democrats

Hijacking trial for six men opens in Cuban courtroom

Dispatch from Baghdad

Sanchez: Troops in Iraq to Serve 1 Year

Postal ID plan creates privacy fears

Congress to consider banning gay unions

Bush to Sidestep Muslim Groups, Senate on Scholar

Bungling Boaters Breach JFK

ASIO warns of 'catastrophic' attack (in Australia) | ABC (Australia)

Bush is coy, White House cautious in Calif recall strategy

Lieberman meets Oklahoma oil, gas producers

Rocker Ted Nugent takes aim at Illinois 'wimps' | Chicago Tribune

No dilution of same-sex marriage plans: Chr├ętien | Globe and Mail

Western vice - Iraq's new tyrant

Bush Plans to Sidestep Senate on Mideast Scholar appt.

Jail Threat for Using Racist Word - Word="Paki", as used by Cheney...

Web Worm Attacks Windows, Spreads Fast, Experts Say

'Global warming killing Great Barrier Reef'

TV Plans Low-Key Observance of Sept. 11

I Just Got Fired

Man! I hate driving in Boston!


If you've got the new virus/worm, look here before requesting aid

We need more female lead singers in hard rock

Post your bad puns and riddles here...

Have the Microsoft worm

What is your all-time favorite photo or graphic to appear on DU (I & II)?


Looking for article about telling your daughter about Bush* Lies

Still true after all these years.,...John Prine...Flag Decal

Most Offensive Odor?

Hey I just noticed I am out of the 700 club!!!!

Has any ex ever written to remind you that you're still through?

Worst Tasting Food Of All Time

Will Arnold do to Cally what he has done to Maria?

Who else uses a paper towel to open a public bathroom door?

Can someone recommend a good firewall?


I just watched Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network Two. Ask me anything

how come all girls were cleopatra in a previous life?

Anybody know of a good place to get rare-ish rock t-shirts?

We got our tax check yesterday...

I've taken up golf....Does that make me an asshole?


NICEST song ever


Franken is at #2 on Amazon!

Has America lost it soul though capitalism

Ok, this is funny! (cartoon)

Who would Live in a Commune?

What's your worst fear?

Prog Rock: was 'Song For America' THE tune?

My husband has poison oak/ivy...from carrying cut wood this weekend.


Show me your pro-choice bumper stickers. I'm in the market.

The Religious Car

Need advice. My aged parents want to buy their first computer.

When reading reviews, what do you like the rating style to be?

A car question

HELP!!! Question about the Worm, DSL, outdated Anti-Virus and Firewall

If I, and mama salin, were to travel to SF/Bay Area in the fall

A Target Wedding

need help with a t-shirt source . . .

DU hasn't had a Haiku thread in a while

Seattle lock your doors!! I'm heading your way!!!

Aaaaarhhgghhh!!!! (Looks like a job for computer pros)

Is it legal , ethical or even fair to buy out images in the public domain?


Saw Springsteen in Philadelphia 8/12

Broken Freedom Song

Need Help. What's a dmg file?

I am getting a doggie, I am getting a doggie


Breyers LACTOSE FREE Ice Cream- do you like it?

So what have you poor deprived people done all day

Report: Ted Williams' Body Decapitated

Congratulations Paragon! 1649 posts

Tornado coming!!

How to resign?

Am I the only one who thinks Ahhhnold and Maria look frighteningly similar

Has anyone ever had a pet or known of a pet killed at a grooming

Pardon me DU, is that the BushCo Fascist Choo Choo?

That's it! I'm leaving the country!!!

I just want to say thank you DUers. I was a mess this morning and

Serious Question On The GD Gender Wars...

I'm thinking of changing my sigline pic. Vote for your favorite.

What's your favorite candy bar?

Will Pitt - Invitation in Seattle

Dennis Kucinch in Oakland CA this Sunday...

I know why the Bush Bunch tends to be so grumpy

Great week for the SysAdmin to be on vacation....

My logo is no longer lame!

Mac emulator for Linux or Windows?

What is your favorite Bert Bacharach/Hal David Song?

What's for Dinner?

Hardhead's How-to-Dance Primer for White Boys


Trivia question

Do You Envy Bill Gates, Or Just Hate Him?

Who has the Gallery ?

MNac emulator for Linux or Windows?

If you're on the Atkins diet, DON'T CHEAT

"Best Little Whore House In Texas"

anyone know how much Gore/Lieberman raised/spent during the 2000 campaign?

This is too good, what my counselor said to me today!

Check this link out, I thought it was crazy funny.

CARTOONS - We haven't had any in a while

Okay,.. I downloaded Zone Alarm, but can't go online unless it's off

GNU bites back

Finally, spam I actually like!

Migraine sufferers: How do you treat your headaches?

You knew it was coming: Ahh-nuld Spam!

Does anybody here enjoy John Grisham novels?

I need more cowbell.

How do men (and women) define masculinity?

How do you (and womyn) define Wessonality?

Techies, I need help. My computer is taking over.

So I am thinking of getting a scooter

I got the LoveSan, Blaster, or MSBlaster virus

In All My Years Of Personal Computing... Ever Since My Apple IIe

I Loved Frogger.. I Loved Pac-Man.. But The Old-School Game I Really

Still Cable News Free... Mental State Much Improved.

Just read on the Dean blog..

Please help me before I have no skin left on my legs.. .

What's up with David Horsey?

Health Insurance Rant!

Atari fans:

My Next Door Neighbor Is So Adorable!! I Love Watching Him Mow His Lawn...


Ewww, There's A Dead Squirrel In My Backyard

Hey! Congratulate me! I have over 5 posts!!!!!!!

How do women (and men) define femininity?

I've been unemployed for three years

Why must they be like that, why must they chase the cat?

MORE cowbell!!!

I think I got an 'A' in my speech class


Welcome to our newest member, "Get A Brain Morans"

Didn't Schwarzenegghead star in "Total Recall"?

Prescription problem/question - headaches vs. depression

Still got the worm?? This'll do the trick.

Meme of the day - synchronicity or conspiracy

Reckless endangerment?

To show my love I am thinking of giving my wife a DUTCH OVEN tonight

I just got this inspiring e-mail, written by George Carlin! Enjoy.

What should I give my partner?

WindowsUpdate.Com Says I Need SIXTEEN Updates... Sixteen?

I'm Giving My Partner Some DUTCH LOVEN Tonight

Is anti-bacterial soap a hazard to humanity?

I'm going out on a DUTCH TREAT tonight

In very few instances, the DP should be enforced, this is one of them!

I need some XP help.

I'm giving myself some DUTCH COURAGE tonight

Let's put our heads together and CAPTION

Crate training a dog advice?

Looking for DU Link: Hall Hath started a RECALL BUSH thread.....

OMG!!! Too frickin' funny!

urgent!!! need recent pics of ann coulter!!

Welcome our newest member!!!

Those who live by the sword...

Feckless Endearment

Do Not Call List.......Please Read....

I just added 256 MB RAM to my computer

French translation

I got to go one on with a media 'ho!

1963: My 100 Favorite Records

More Ted Rall genius

Health Care

Communist Party USA 2004 presidential platform

Just got back results of fantasy football draft - thoughts?

Unabomber Wants His Bomb Back

And then there's this "in your face" pic

Need advice on Windows

Fruit allergies?

BREAKING: Pete Rose will NOT return to baseball in 2004

What we need here, is more...concrete

I just did a photoshop image I want to post here on DU



Al Franken's book just cracked Top 20


I Just Bought a Bumper Sticker from the anti-Fox site

FYI: Please update your antivirus scanners now (BBC)

Heatwave Claims Frostbite Victim

just sit right back & you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip...

Primus is back!!!

America Should Have A Prime Minister

Can anyone tell me what........

How muggy are you?

Fox News: "Waaah! Waaah! Those Mean Old Liberals are Picking on Us!"

Whats the BIGGEST BUG you ever encountered!?!

Who are your top 10 musical acts?

9/11-"One Day's Pay"

what song has been stuck in your head lately?

Today's letters to the editor.

Cat-In-The-Hat Sent Home by U.N. Copyright Body

DU Fantasty Football League Members - Draft is August 15th around noon

You Don't Know Jack Sh*****t!! (great animation)

Bob Marley lyrics reminding me of pro-NAFTA "Democrats"

Which of these things do you use a paper towel to protect against germs?

Bad mood rising...

Computer Vulnerability - W 32 Blaster & RPC

In need of a Windows XP whizz.

I Want The World! - Hilarious * / Wonka parody

If you had a twin that lived inside your head and

The ultimate game site.. (not pc games )..regular games

I've Got The Attention Span Of A Gnat! Recently I Have Difficulty...

So - who is sober tonight?

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu

Lindsay Lohan is 17, yes!

All right, can someone explain California to me?

stop reading dirty magazines in the dr.'s waiting room

Yay! I got my insurance card yesterday!


Pseudo-serious Constitutional Admendment.

So how many got the msblast virus?

What do you choose to believe in?

Wow, turns out that cats really are good for something!

Do we have a American Airstocracy

dada non-thread

Assembly of God questions.

Why do I find myself defending DU/myself to an asshole almost nightly?

Midnight Poetry Thread

hey - I'm tired and want to sleep - would you please shut up!!!?

The After Midnight Poetry Thread

This GD thread will be locked in....

A big College Democrat Thank you To Team Kerry and Team Dean!

I found two new shows I really like

I've got Asscroft wallpaper.

MacGyver Fans...Legend of the Holy Rose is on now!!!

mozilla firebird browser users...

It's easy

Getting ready to wear my INTERNATIONAL TERRORIST t-shirt


How long will this stay on EBAY

Could it get any worse? I just broke down crying (& I am not a crier)